You may have heard of the term, fashion, not once but at least a million times. But have ever wondered what it means. Have you ever thought?


  • Why is fashion so important?
  • What makes people more fashionable?
  • Why is fashion the most trending topic everywhere?


If you have ever thought about what fashion is, we can help you.

Fashion is the unique style that individuals portray through their choices of clothing, hair, accessories, personality, makeup, and dressing up. Fashion lets you flaunt your personality and the more fashionable you are the stronger or more confident you appear to other people.



What factors contribute to fashion?

There is not one but many factors involved that define fashion as a whole. In this article, we will tell you what they are.


Fashion is an expression of your personality.

The way you style yourself that appears to the people around you is your personal fashion choice. It will portray the type of personality you have and defines your character. Through little choices, you can not only up to your game but make people look at you differently. Fashion defines your personality to the people who know you and those who don’t.


Make statement choices.

While choosing a simple dress, ensure that it is a fashionable choice that will make you stand out in the crowd. Make a statement through your clothing, accessories, bags, and general attire. It will help you in looking great!


Look at your body language.

Apart from the way you dress up, you can appear more fashionable by the way that your body language conveys messages to people. Having a droopy stance will make you appear lazy or slacking while an upright posture will show off confidence and vigor.



Fashion defines who you are as a person. It is easier to appear more fashionable than you are. Having great confidence is key to appearing more fashionable and stylish.