Whether you love it or hate it, fashion is a part of many people’s lives. The fashion industry is 1.5 trillion US dollars. Yes, that is quite a lot of money. And no wonder. Multiple clothing brands are opening and selling a new market to diverse audiences. It is without a doubt how much fashion has impacted our world. 



Some fashion tips for those wanting to look more polished

Monochromatic colours

Everyone saw that in 2020 that many people were a fan of wearing monochromatic outfits. It became one of the latest trends. It consists of wearing one colour in your entire ensemble. However, it includes wearing different shades of one colour. So, if you choose black as your base, you can add in the colour grey, as it is one of the colour’s shades. A monochromatic outfit gives off a more luxurious and polished look. 



Who said sweatpants can be worn at home or when working out at the gym? Sweatpants are an ideal choice of outfit for those who would like to look casual yet dressy. Yes, you can make a pair of sweatpants formal.


And here is how. Since sweatpants can be super casual, try pairing them with a relatively dressier top. It can be more fitted as well to show off your shape as sweatpants tend to hang looser. And this outfit is super comfortable yet decent! 



Nowadays, trendy trainers are all the rage. Your best bet would be to invest in a pair of high-quality trainers, the colour of your choice. However, white and black can always go with more outfits. Include wearing them with jeans, sweatpants, or whatever you would like! 



As discussed, these are some of the best fashion tips of 2021. And ones that you can keep up with.