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Purim 2003, 

the beginning of 

"The killing of the Goyim"



Photo story: Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist
Nigel Parry and Arjan El Fassed, The Electronic Intifada, 16 March 2003

An ISM volunteer holds up Rachel Corrie's US passport as another peace activist sits in shock, Al-Najjar Hospital, Rafah, Occupied Gaza. Rachel was killed by an Israeli bulldozer driver while protesting the demolition of a Palestinian home. (Mohammad Al-Moghair)

On 16 March 2003 in Rafah, occupied Gaza, 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie from Olympia, Washington, was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver. Rachel was in Gaza opposing the bulldozing of a Palestinian home as a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement.

An e-mailed report from the Palestine Monitor stated:
Rachel Corrie (ISM Handout)
The girl, Rachel Corey [sic], 23 years old from the state of Washington, was killed while she was trying to prevent Israeli army bulldozers from destroying a Palestinian home. Other foreigners who were with her said the driver of the bulldozer was aware that Rachel was there, and continued to destroy the house. Initially he dropped sand and other heavy debris on her, then the bulldozer pushed her to the ground where it proceeded to drive over her, fracturing both of her arms, legs and skull. She was transferred to hospital, where she later died. Another foreigner was also injured in the attack and has been hospitalized - at this stage his nationality is unknown.(15 March 2003)
A press release from the International Solidarity Movement stated that:
Rachel had been staying in Palestinian homes threatened with illegal demolition, and today Rachel was standing with other non-violent international activists in front of a home scheduled for illegal demolition. According to witnesses, Rachel was run over twice by the Israeli military bulldozer in its process of demolishing the Palestinian home. Witnesses say that Rachel was clearly visible to the bulldozer driver, and was doing nothing to provoke an attack. (15 March 2003)
The photos below clearly show that Rachel was well marked, had a megaphone, and posed no threat to the bulldozer driver.

Rachel Corrie confronts the bulldozer driver. (ISM Handout)

A clearly marked Rachel Corrie, holding a megaphone, confronts an Israeli bulldozer driver attempting to demolish a Palestinian home, Rafah, Occupied Gaza, 16 March 2003. (ISM Handout)
Other peace activists tend to Rachel after being injured by the Israeli bulldozer driver, Rafah, Occupied Gaza, 16 March 2003. (ISM Handout)

Rachel Corrie lies on the ground fatally injured by the Israeli bulldozer, Rafah, Occupied Gaza, 16 March 2003. (ISM Handout)
Rachel in Najjar hostpital, Rafah, Occupied Gaza. Ha'aretz newspaper reported that Dr. Ali Musa, a doctor at Al-Najjar, stated that the cause of death was "skull and chest fractures". (Mohammad Al-Moghair)

A later report from ISM Media Coordinator Michael Shaikh in Beit Sahour offered more details about the events:
The confrontation between the ISM and the Israeli Army had been under way for two hours when Rachel was run over. Rachel and the other activists had clearly identified themselves as unarmed international peace activists throughout the confrontation.

The Israeli Army are attempting to dishonour her memory by claiming that Rachel was killed accidentally when she ran in front of the bulldozer. Eye-witnesses to the murder insist that this is totally untrue. Rachel was sitting in the path of the bulldozer as it advanced towards her. When the bulldozer refused to stop or turn aside she climbed up onto the mound of dirt and rubble being gathered in front of it wearing a fluorescent jacket to look directly at the driver who kept on advancing. The bulldozer continued to advance so that she was pulled under the pile of dirt and rubble. After she had disappeared from view the driver kept advancing until the bulldozer was completely on top of her. The driver did not lift the bulldozer blade and so she was crushed beneath it. Then the driver backed off and the seven other ISM activists taking part in the action rushed to dig out her body. An ambulance rushed her to A-Najar hospital where she died.

Colleagues of Rachel comfort each other in Najjar hostpital, Rafah, Occupied Gaza. Ha'aretz newspaper reported that a second activist was also injured at the same location. (Mohammad Al-Moghair)
"This is a regrettable accident," Israeli Defence Forces [sic] spokesman Captain Jacob Dallal was reported as saying in Ha'aretz newspaper. "We are dealing with a group of protesters who were acting very irresponsibly, putting everyone in danger."

Members of the Israeli army and associated Israeli settler paramilitary units have been responsible for the killing of 2,181 Palestinians and the injuring of another 22,218 between 29 September 2000 and 14 March 2003.

In addition to the killing of Rachel Corrie by the bulldozer driver, Israeli troops have shot and killed several other internationals in different incidents during the Intifada: German doctor Harald Fischer, Italian cameraman Rafaeli Ciriello, and British United Nations worker Iain Hook.

Activist's Memorial Service Disrupted
By Chris McGreal in Jerusalem
The Guardian - UK

The Whore of Babylonget out you sons of bitches in heaT
Israeli forces fired teargas and stun grenades yesterday in an attempt to break up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist killed by an army bulldozer in Gaza on Sunday.
Witnesses including several dozen foreigners and Palestinian supporters say Israeli armoured vehicles tried to disperse the gathering at the spot in Rafah refugee camp where Ms Corrie was crushed to death.
The 23 year-old activist with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was trying to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes by the Israelis when she was hit by the bulldozer.
Joe Smith, a young activist from Kansas City, said about 100 people were gathered to lay carnations and erect a small memorial when the first armoured personnel carrier appeared.
"They started firing teargas and blowing smoke, then they fired sound grenades. After a while it got hectic so we sat down. Then the tank came over and shot in the air," he said. "It scared a lot of Palestinians, especially the shooting made a lot of them run and the teargas freaked people out. But most of us stayed."
Another witness said the army failed to break up the service.
"People were laying carnations at the spot where Rachel was killed when a tank came and fired teargas right on them. Then a core group of the peace activists took an ISM cloth banner to the fence and pinned it up.
"The tank chased after them trying to stop them with teargas but the wind was against the army," she said.
Tensions rose further when a convoy of vehicles, including the bulldozer that killed Ms Corrie, passed the area.
"I don't think it was deliberate but it was pretty insensitive," said Mr Smith.
"I think they had been destroying some buildings elsewhere and had to pass by to get back to their base."
The army said it was investigating the incident.,2763,917178,00.html

so please, be sure to tell the Scofield Jesus when you get "Secretly Evacuated"




Purim 2003, the wars of their g-d hashem (Baal), the Olam Ha Ba and the mere man g-d in the order of the Babylonian Mystery


all while you say......In......ah  the name....ahha.....of.....Jaysus......let's kale all of thaem...ah Arab Bastards...ah...ha



Level: Basic

Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination.

The story of Purim is told in the (inserted Apocgryphal) Biblical book of Esther. The heroes of the story are Esther, a beautiful young Jewish woman living in Persia, and her cousin Mordecai, who raised her as if she were his daughter. Esther was taken to the house of Ahasuerus, King of Persia, to become part of his harem. King Ahasuerus loved Esther more than his other women and made Esther queen, but the king did not know that Esther was a Jew, because Mordecai told her not to reveal her nationality.

The villain of the story is Haman, an arrogant, egotistical advisor to the king. Haman hated Mordecai because Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman, so Haman plotted to destroy the Jewish people. In a speech that is all too familiar to Jews, Haman told the king, "There is a certain people scatteed abroad and dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of your realm. Their laws are different from those of every other people's, and they do not observe the king's laws; therefore it is not befitting the king to tolerate them." Esther 3:8. The king gave the fate of the Jewish people to Haman, to do as he pleased to them. Haman planned to exterminate all of the Jews.

Mordecai persuaded Esther to speak to the king on behalf of the Jewish people. This was a dangerous thing for Esther to do, because anyone who came into the king's presence without being summoned could be put to death, and she had not been summoned. Esther fasted for three days to prepare herself, then went into the king. He welcomed her. Later, she told him of Haman's plot against her people. The Jewish people were saved, and Haman was hanged on the gallows that had been prepaed for Mordecai.

The book of Esther is unusual in that it is the only book of the Bible that does not contain the name of God. In fact, it includes virtually no reference to God. Mordecai makes a vague reference to the fact that the Jews will be saved by someone else, if not by Esther, but that is the closest the book comes to mentioning God. 

Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of Adar, which is usually in March. The 13th of Adar is the day that Haman chose for the extermination of the Talmudic Jews.

 On the day afterwards, the 14th, they celebrated their survival. In leap years, when there are two months of Adar, Purim is celebrated in the second month of Adar, so it is always one month before Passover. In cities that were walled in the time of Joshua, Purim is celebrated on the 15th of the month, because the book of Esther says that in Shushan (a walled city), deliverance from the massacre was not complete until the next day.

The word "Purim" means "lots" and refers to the lottery that Haman used to choose the date for the massacre.

The Purim holiday is preceded by a minor fast, the Fast of Esther, which commemorates Esther's three days of fasting in preparation for her meeting with the king.

The primary commandment related to Purim is to hear the reading of the book of Esther.(Blood Lust) The book of Esther is commonly known as the Megillah, which means scroll. Although there are five books of Jewish scripture that are properly reffered to as megillahs (Esther, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations), this is the one people usually mean when the speak of The Megillah. It is customary to boo, hiss, stamp feet and rattle gragers (noisemakers; see illustration) whenever the name of Haman is mentioned in the service. The purpose of this custom is to "blot out the name of Haman."

Of course this works in conjunction with their blotting out the name of Jesus Christ

We (Talmudic Jews) are also commanded to eat, drink and be merry. According to the Talmud, a person is requied to drink until he cannot tell the difference between "cursed be Haman" and "blessed be Mordecai," though opinions differ as to exactly how drunk that is. A person certainly should not become so drunk that he might violate other commandments or get seriously ill. In addition, recovering alcoholics or others who might suffer serious harm from alcohol are exempt from this obligation.

Therefore America must strike the enemy of the Talmudic Jews while they are themselves in a drunkin stupor?


In addition, we are commanded to send out gifts of food or drink, and to make gifts to charity. The sending of gifts of food and drink is reffered to as shalach manos (lit. sending out portions). Among Ashkenazic Jews, a common treat at this time of year is hamentaschen (lit. Haman's pockets). These triangular fruit-filled cookies are supposed to represent Haman's three-corneed hat. My recipe is included below.

cakes to the queen of Heaven

It is customary to hold carnival-like celebrations on Purim, to perform plays and parodies, and to hold beauty contests. I have heard that the usual prohibitions against cross-dressing are lifted during this holiday, but I am not certain about that. Americans sometimes refer to Purim as the Jewish Mardi Gras.

Have fun Mayor Julianno

Purim is not subject to the sabbath-like restrictions on work that some other holidays are; however, some sources indicate that we should not go about our ordinary business on Purim out of respect for the holiday.

Traditional fillings are poppy seed and prune, but apricot is my favorite. Apple butter, pineapple preserves, and cherry pie filling all work quite well.

List of Dates

Purim will occur on the following days on the American calendar:

Bush-ka will announce the wars of their Babylonian god 3-17-2003 Purim Eve, live on national Television, tune in for the Olam Ha Ba, New World Order.


Purim 5763

Monday - Wednesday
13-15 Adar II, 5763
March 17-19, 2003

Purim Eve
Monday Night
March 17
14 Adar II

The Rebbe Writes

18 Adar II, 5738 [1978]

To All Students of Hebrew Schools, Boys as well as Girls

G-d bless you all

Greeting and Blessing:

I trust you have heard about the special appeal on Purim to students of all Hebrew schools - Yeshiva, Day School and Talmud Torah [afternoon Hebrew school] (including those attending public school), especially pre-Bar Mitzvah boys and pre-Bas Mitzvah girls, urging them to follow the example of the Jewish children who helped bring about the Miracle of Purim in the days of Mordechai and Esther.

The message calls for two practical actions:

One - to make an additional effort in Torah study, and this is also in two ways: (1) to devote some additional time to Torah study - over and above your regular studies, and (2) to improve the quality of the Torah study, namely, with greater enthusiasm and greater concentration. The additional Torah studies could be chosen in the weekly Sidra [Torah portion], Books of the Prophets and Scriptures, Mishnah and Gemara [Talmud], etc.

Second - to make a special effort in the matter of Tzedoko [charity], one of the highest forms of which is Gemilus Chasodim - to help friends and others who could do with a [interest] free loan. This means that every one of you, in your classroom or school, should join together to create a Gemilus Chesed (Free Loan) Fund - out of your pocket money. And if such a Fund is already in operation - to expand it by additional contributions and by making it available to a greater number of people that can benefit from it.

The idea behind this urgent suggestion is that Torah and Tzedoko - especially when studied and practiced by young children - go a long way to help our Jewish people in difficult times - and now is a difficult time. And just as Jewish children helped bring about the deliverance of our people in the time of Mordechai and Esther, so now, too, Jewish children have it in their power - through Torah and Tzedoko - to help bring closer the True and Complete Geulo (deliverance) of our people through our Righteous Moshiach.


In the 1990s, Americans began to speak of “the end of history,” but are these the End of Days?

In 1991, even mainstream organizations like the Orthodox Union and Young Israel were caught up in the excitement, distributing an hour-long video to hundreds of North American synagogues for study sessions on how to see God’s fingerprints on everything from the seemingly messianic “ingathering of exiles” — from Russia and Ethiopia — to a war that saw Iraqi missiles fall harmlessly into Israel.

That the first Gulf War ended on Purim (Feb. 28, 1991) made the whole thing seem like a mystical masquerade, a children’s holiday, with Americans and Israelis as unscathed as Esther. And now one of the deadlines for Iraq is said to be March 17, which happens to be Purim.

“We’re already in the endgame. Part of that will include a terrible time of catastrophe, which many see as the Holocaust, followed by a return of the Jews to Israel, followed by a return to Jerusalem, all of which has happened. And remember,” said Rabbi Blech, “the messianic story is rooted in a return to the Garden of Eden. That’s the ideal state. Kicked out, we strive to return. And the Garden of Eden is in Iraq,” situated near the Tigress and Euphrates rivers. “We have the coincidence of time [Purim] and place [the Garden].”

It is, at least in the Young Israel Viewpoint magazine. Even as he was speaking to The Jewish Week on the phone, he said was holding a commentary by Rabbi Chananya Berzon for an upcoming Viewpoint, which states that Moshiach “will appear very soon. ... The world is sitting on a powder keg; at any moment it can frantically detonate, and we can fear cataclysmic events. But great miracles will occur,” the redemption itself.

Manufacturing the Prophecy of Baal's Prophets to usher in their Olam Ha Ba and their mere man god, Moshiach ben Perdition, O'Lucifer the son of the morning...and the Judeo-Churchi-zionians who did not believe the truth in righteousness have fallen for their fables. No, the Talmudic Mystical Untermyer/Scofield Great escape will not happen, and them who fell for the fables of the Jews, will also fall for the great hoax and will reject Jesus Christ too, as a fable. In order to discredit Jesus's Prophecies, they had to manufacture the prophecies of Baal and make them happen exactly as the Pharisaic Chabad have orchestrated in order to have no opposition to their New World Order without Christ Jesus. The rest of us? Many will be slain for the testimony we hold for our Lord Jesus Christ, and blessed are they who wait the literal seventy weeks of the temple building and the 1290 days when this imposter will show himself to be the Messiah. Blessed are they who come to and wait unto the 1335 days.


Before the Messiah comes, says Rabbi Shmuel Butman, director of Lubavitch Youth Organization, the nations of the entire world are supposed to be at odds, a scenario taking place at the United Nations, (Bogey Super Government)  “and a prophecy that can only be fulfilled with a UN bringing everyone together.” This war is clearly a continuation of the 1991 war, says Rabbi Butman, when the rebbe connected the messianic dots. He recalled the rebbe’s citation of the famous Baal HaTurim commentary that says Ishmael, Abraham’s son who is the prototype for Arabs and Islam, “will fall in the End of Days.”


and those days my friends are the Great and terrible Day of the Lord Jesus Christ and not by the hand of them seeking to establish their vision of Lucifer their god on the Throne of Jesus Christ

“We usually think our ultimate enemy is Esau,” says Rabbi Butman of the metaphorical representative of Christianity. “Here, we see it is Ishmael. Esau — the president and the Christian right (Judeo-Churchi-zionist) — support us and Ishmael is the culprit we’re going to break now.”

Then they will seek to destroy the metaphorical Esau "Christianity" True followers of Christ Jesus who stood firm for the Lord and gave witness for him, the ONE true Alpha and the Omega.

And they laugh all the way to Olam Ha Ba, "One World Order" with the help of Judeo-Churchi-zionist


Bush speaks of the Judaic Talmudic Moshiach, their counterfeit, the false Christ.

In fact, no one has so openly cast this war in religious terms more than “Esau.” It was President Bush’s repeated use of the word “evil,” with its biblical connotations, that has driven the debate out of the public square and into the pews. The president, who easily speaks of “God’s plan,” refers often to the “power of prayer,” of God’s hand guiding his own, of the “spiritual shield that protects the country.” Newsweek, in a recent cover story on “Bush and God,” speaks of war “in a land once called Babylon,” words lifted, it seems, from the mouths of Jewish messianists. The president proposes a wartime mission as messianic as Israel’s own — to bring God’s liberty to “every human being in the world.”
Jewish religious conservatives aren’t nervous, they’re delighted. Radio talk show host, Dennis Prager, writing for Jewish World Review, an Orthodox online magazine, says, “To the extent that one is ever able to see the hand of God in history… I believe that either divine intervention or good luck on the magnitude of a lottery win explains George W. Bush’s rise to the position of president.”

Hahahahahehehehehohohohhahahahe Olam Ha Ba Hum Bug


The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin


Bush is “remarkable,” Rabbi Fund tells The Jewish Week, “the ultimate Shabbos goy. He’s a goyish Menachem Begin, with God on his lips all the time.(Righteous Noachide Goyim) How can it be bad? He speaks of God more than Tommy Lapid,” leader of Shinui, “that’s for sure. More than any Israeli leader, Bush is removing a Haman from the Jewish neck.”


Make a loud Noise Mr. Bushka

To relive the miraculous events of Purim, listen to the reading of the Megillah (the Scroll of Esther) twice: once on Purim eve, Monday March 17, 2003 and again on Purim day, March 18, 2003.

It is crucial to hear every single word of the Megillah!

At certain points in the reading where Haman's name is mentioned, it is customary to twirl graggers (Purim noisemakers) and stamp one's feet to "drown out" his evil name. Tell the children Purim is the only time when it's a mitzvah to make noise!

March 17  (Purim Eve) President Bush gave up on winning U.N. support for war against Iraq on Monday and prepared to warn Saddam Hussein that he had 48 hours to go into exile or face war, a White House source told NBC News.


       THE PRESIDENT was to lay down the deadline in an address to the nation at 8 p.m. ET. Saddam, the president of Iraq since 1979, has vowed not to leave, and fearing the possibility of reprisals, the Homeland Security Department planned to raise the terror threat assessment to “orange,” or high, shortly after Bush’s speech.
       The White House source confirmed a report by The Associated Press, which cited three senior administration officials as saying Bush would give Saddam only two days to flee Iraq.

While principally Josephus simply rephrases the biblical book of Esther, there are interesting differences that reflect a combination of at least two written versions of the story circulating in Josephus' time, and which also include certain interpretive additions, unknown in any of our surviving sources, which could represent the opinions of Rabbis of the time or Josephus himself.  Some of these survived to be included in the Rabbinic commentary on the Book of Esther, the Talmud volume called Tractate Megillah.

There are two versions of Esther we know of: the original Hebrew and a later Greek translation. The first (the Megillah) is found in the canonical Hebrew Bible. The Greek translation of the Bible, the Septuagint, was composed in Egypt c. 270 BCE (as told in Antiquities 12.2.7 57; 12.2.12 101-109), and contains a variation of the book of Esther, called today the Apocryphal Esther. This Greek version has six additions to the Hebrew, labeled by the letters A through E,  which serve to increase its air of authenticity and, more significantly, to correct a serious lapse in the story: there is no religious teaching, and the Hebrew Book of Esther is the only book of the Bible which does not contain the Holy Name.  (The Apocryphal Esther is available in English in Catholic bibles and in translations such as the New Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha.)



Are you ready for WWIII?


then Moshiach's ordo ab chao?

If Only I Were A Dictator -
By George W. Bush

A BUZZFLASH News Analysis

Yes, George W. Bush has stated he'd prefer to be a dictator at least three times, according to
"You don't get everything you want. A dictatorship would be a lot easier." Describing what it's like to be governor of Texas.
(Governing Magazine 7/98)
-- From Paul Begala's "Is Our Children Learning?"
"I told all four that there are going to be some times where we don't agree with each other, but that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator," Bush joked.
--, December 18, 2000
"A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it, " [Bush] said.
-- Business Week, July 30, 2001 thanks a loyal reader for compiling this chronology.
October 29, 2002


Stop Ashcroft's 'Himmler
II' Bill - While You Still Can
By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

(EIRNS) -- LaRouche in 2004, the campaign of the Democratic Party Presidential candidate, today started printing and circulating a million leaflets to with the following text. Leaflets may be downloaded from
The United States' war-machine invades Iraq. Baghdad is bombed simultaneously with thousands of cruise missiles. Violent anti-American demonstrations break out around the world. Bloody rioting threatens to topple several Middle Eastern governments. Then, a series of terrorist incidents hit U.S. facilities and personnel abroad. Television screens around the world brutalize the eyes of viewers with images of dead children in Baghdad. Around the world, the unrest and rioting builds up.
What will happen next? Imagine!
Attorney General John Ashcroft is on television to announce that the FBI has foiled a major terrorist plot inside the United States, a plot which he alleges would have killed thousands of Americans. He paints a picture of something on a scale equal to the Sept. 11, 2001 events. Ashcroft declares that U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies require strengthened powers to prevent terrorist attacks under these wartime conditions. Today the President will submit new emergency anti-terrorism legislation to Congress for immediate passage.
That evening, President Bush will address the nation, to demand that Congress immediately pass the "Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003," or members of Congress will be held accountable for the deaths of thousands of Americans, in attacks which he says terrorists are now planning on U.S. soil.
Panicked members of Congress will rush through the new anti-terrorist legislation. Only a handful of dissenting votes will resist. Most members have been too terrified to read the bill that they just passed. The new law gives sweeping new powers to the Justice Department and FBI, the same kinds of powers which Carl Schmitt's "Notverordnung" doctrine delivered to Adolf Hitler on February 28, 1933. After that, the members of the Congress will never vote against any bill which Ashcroft demands.
The connection is not accidental. Attorney General Ashcroft was indoctrinated in this by disciples of Chicago University professor Leo Strauss, who owed his own career to that same Carl Schmitt. Ashcroft, like Vice President Dick Cheney, uses the exact same, Leo Strauss-copied arguments of Carl Schmitt, the same arguments which transformed Hitler into a dictator on February 28, 1933. With the passage of that Act, the United States would have given rebirth to Nazi Heinrich Himmler's police-state/concentration-camp system inside the U.S.A. itself.
491C Freud & Interpretation
The Messiah "will come only on the day after his arrival..." (Franz Kafka)
As we approach the 21st century, questions of "new age" religions, messianism and millenarianism are being revisited by contemporary theorists such as Harold Bloom, Jacques Derrida, Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi and others. The course provides a survey of some new apocalyptic thinking against the background of traditional early modern debates on religion in Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Martin Buber, Franz Kafka, Primo Levi, Arnaldo Momigliano, Franz Rosenzweig, and Gershom Scholem, among others. Contrasts are drawn among different historical, literary, philosophical, psychoanalytic and deconstructive approaches to the problems of memory and mourning, and temporality and deferment as posed by Judaeo-derived religion. Special attention is given to the friendship and letters of Benjamin and Scholem and to the letters between Scholem and his mother, Betty. A close study is also made of the illuminating writings of Leo Strauss and Arthur Hertzberg and of the tragic work of Sarah Kofman, and Gilliam Rose. 
None of the above is fiction; it is real, and ready to go. For months, staffers in John Ashcroft's Justice Department have been drafting and putting the finishing touches on a sequel to the 2001 "USA/Patriot Act"--which has become known as "Patriot II, " better named "Heinrich Himmler II." When members of the Senate Judiciary Committee inquired as to rumors that a new anti-terrorism bill was being drafted, the Justice Department lied, denying that any such legislation was in preparation.
Don't be surprised! In January 2001, during the fight to block the confirmation of John Ashcroft as U.S. Attorney General, Lyndon LaRouche warned that, under crisis conditions, Ashcroft would be used to force through dictatorial measures comparable to the 1933 Nazi emergency laws in Germany--the infamous {Notverordnungen}. LaRouche warned that it was not simply Ashcroft's role as head of the Justice Department that would be so dangerous, but his role as a leading member of a crisis-management team in the Administration as a whole.
That has been borne out, by, for example, Ashcroft's role in crafting the Pentagon's "enemy combatant" justification for holding terrorist suspects--including U.S. citizens--incommunicado in military custody, removing them from the jurisdiction of the civilian courts. Likewise, Ashcroft's role in the unwarranted spreading of panic and hysteria by the new Department of Homeland Security, as in Nazi Germany.
Ashcroft is aiming at you.
Don't think for a moment that the new powers being sought by Ashcroft are only aimed at foreign terrorists and immigrants. While the first, post-9/11 round of dragnets and secret detentions chiefly targetted Arabs and Muslims in the United States, the proposed "Patriot II" would give the Justice Department the power to wield those same powers against all U.S. citizens. For example:
1. It loosens the present requirements of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) pertaining to "national security" wiretaps and break-ins. Currently it is required that the target be shown to be an agent of a "foreign power" or organization. In the new bill, the definition of "foreign power" can include unaffiliated individuals who are {not} shown to be acting on behalf of a foreign government or international organization.
2. Individuals could be subject to FISA surveillance simply if they are suspected of gathering information for a foreign power; the existing requirement that the activities potentially violate Federal law, is eliminated.
3. Purely domestic activity could be the subject of secret "national security" investigation. A new category of domestic security, or domestic intelligence-gathering, is created, which allows secret surveillance; this includes "conspiratorial activities threatening the national security interest"--a category so incredibly broad that political activity could be easily fall under it.
4. The standards for "pen registers" (obtaining a record of phone numbers called by an individual, and records of Internet-mail addresses used or web-sites visited by an individual) are enormously loosened, so that the target need not have any connection to terrorism. All that is necessary is that it be used "to obtain foreign intelligence information."
5. An American citizen could be stripped of his citizenship and expatriated, if the Justice Department "infers" from his conduct that he is giving material support to an organization designated as "terrorist" by the government--even though the person believed he was supporting legitimate activity.
The "Patriot II" bill would also wipe out some traditional due-process guarantees, invade personal privacy, and further throw a blanket of secrecy over legal proceedings:
1. The use of secret arrests and detentions, and the exemption of records of arrests and detentions from public disclosure, will be expanded.
2. In cases involving classified information, the use of "ex parte" and "in camera" proceedings--in which prosecutors can secretly submit information to the court--is allowed upon a prosecutor's request. Thus, an accused person or his lawyer is unable to challenge the goverment's information, because it is given to the judge in a closed, back-room proceeding.
3. The use of so-called "Administrative Subpoenas" and "national security letters," allowing the government to obtain financial and other types of records without a court order, will be expanded, and disclosure of such a non-court subpoena is prohibited.
4. Presently, a person receiving a grand jury subpoena and testifying before a grand jury is permitted to publicly discuss the fact that he has been subpoenaed and what happened in the grand jury. The new bill would gag such witnesses, and prohibit them from responding to false information or smears leaked to the press by prosecutors--a common occurrence. A witness could not talk to his family, friends, news media, or even his Congressman.
5. The new law will instantaneously wipe out a number of court orders limiting spying and surveillance of political activity, which were the result of lawsuits arising out of unconstitutional, "Cointelpro"-type police and FBI programs in the 1960s and '70s.
Do you wish to see into the strange mind of Attorney General Ashcroft? What ticks there? Look at the late Chicago University's leading fascist ideologue, Ashcroft's Professor Leo Strauss.
The state-of-mind behind such proposals, is indicated by the following background, here presented only in bare outline. (For more background, see articles recently posted on and
Recent news stories in Germany and the U.S.A. named John Ashcroft as one of a number of prominent protégés of the late philosopher Leo Strauss. Others named were: now-Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz (a leading advocate of war against Iraq for the past 12 years), Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, neo-conservative warhawk William Kristol of the Weekly Standard, former Secretary of Education William Bennett, and National Review publisher William Buckley.
Although Strauss was nominally a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, he was actually one of a network of Frankfurt School Jews, such as Theodor Adorno and Hannah Arendt, who, lacking the prerequisites of a Nazi Party card, left to spread their decadent philosophy against the United States which they hated as "The New Weimar." Strauss came to the United States in the 1930s under the personal sponsorship of Carl Schmitt, the "Crown Jurist of the Third Reich," who provided the legal rationales for the devolution of Weimar Germany into the dictatorial Nazi state.
Strauss, in his long academic career in the United States, never abandoned his fealty to the three most notorious shapers of the Nazi philosophy: Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Schmitt. Carl Schmitt, in his 1932 book {The Concept of the Political}, contended, as do the Straussians today, that it is essential to define an "enemy" for the population to fight; only a belief in a mortal enemy can unify the population, and invest the regime with meaning. Today, for John Ashcroft, not only do the "terrorists" constitute that required enemy, but also, those who complain about his police-state methods. Recall Ashcroft's statement during a Senate hearing in December 2001:
"To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve. They give ammunition to America's enemies...."
Ashcroft's "Himmler II" legislation would give draconian, Gestapo-type powers to the Justice Department, to deal with those whom the Attorney General defines as giving aid to terrorists, by opposing the Administration's war drive, or by complaining of "lost liberty."
While you are still a citizen, make the Congress stop him, now!




The Protocols of the Order of Nimrodic Babylonian Illuminated Pharisaic Elders of false-Zion Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet sons of the synagogue of Satan, O" Lucifer son of the morning



Confirmation From A Jew "The United Nations is Zionism. It is the super government mentioned many times in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, promulgated between 1897 and 1905." Henry Klein, New York, Jewish Lawyer, in Zionism Rules the World, 1948.


Uncanny Note Of Prophecy "Whence come this uncanny note of prophecy, prophecy in part fulfilled, in parts far gone in the way of fulfillment? Have we been struggling these tragic years to ... extirpate the secret organization of German world dominion only to find underneath it, another, more dangerous because more secret? Have we ... escaped a Pax Germanica only to fall into a Pax Judaeica? The Times, London, May 8th, 1920


"Upon that much-vexed subject the authenticity of ... The Protocols of Zion we shall not enter, except to say that if the document is a forgery, as alleged, then it is one of the most remarkable in the history of literature." The Spectator, London, October 16th, 1920


"Those who feel libeled by the Protocols have the most obvious remedy in the world; all they have to do is to ruse and denounce the policy of them, instead of denying the authorship ... But when you come to read them how can any reason- able man deny the truth of what is contained in them?? Norman Jaques, M.P., in Canadian House of Commons, July 9th, 1943


"On the one hand, the authenticity of this document cannot be proved; on the other hand, the efforts made by some writers, principally Jewish, to show it to be a forgery do not carry conviction to many serious minds." The Rev. Denny Fahey, C.S.Sp., B.A., D.D., 1939


Too Terribly Real For Fiction "Whosoever was the mind that conceived them possessed a knowledge of human nature, of history, and of statecraft which is dazzling in its brilliant completeness, and terrible in the objects to which it turns its power. It is too terribly real for fiction, too well sustained for speculation, to deep in its knowledge of the secret springs of life for forgery." The Dearborn Independent, July 10th, 1920.


They Fit It Now "The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now. Henry Ford in the New York World, February 17th, 1921


"In the desires of a terrible and formidable sect, you have only reached the first stages of the plans it has formed for that general Revo- lution which is to overthrow all thrones, all altars, annihilate all property, efface all law, and end by dissolving all society." The Abbe Barruel (1797) writing on the Anti-Christian Conspiracy.


"Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately it is bound to spread in one form or another all over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality and whose object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things." British Government White Paper, Russia No. 1 (1919)


"There is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews; communications are passing between the leaders in America, France, Russia and England, with a view to concerted action." Directorate of Intelligence, Home Office, Scotland Yard, London, in a Monthly Report to Foreign Embassies, 16th July, 1919.


"This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus- Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution [reconstruction] of society on the basis of arrested devel- opment, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing." Winston Churchill in Illustrated Sunday Herald, 8th February, 1920.


Undisputed Prophecy of Our Lord Jesus Christ



The name 'Chabad' is a Hebrew acronym for the expression 'Chokmah,' 'Binah" and 'Da'at' -- Wisdom, Intelligence and Knowledge. These Kabbalistic terms are central to the distinctive intellectual theology of the movement... The name Lubavitch refers to a town in Lithuania that was the centre of the movement for a brief period during the nineteenth century... Chabad Hasidism continued to be a major force among Russian and Lithuanian Jews from its inception...

Daniel's Vision of the Last Days


2: And now will I shew thee the truth.  Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.
Sadam Hussein

3: And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
4: And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.
Bush-LubavitchElection Coup D'Etat 2000
The Chabad Lubavitch AIPAC, Cheney, Fleisher-Wolfowitz-Lie-Berman- Sofiet Bolshevik Babylonian Man of Dan Alliance have taken the government of the United States of America
Welcome to the OLAM HA BA....New World Government

Jesus said


Matthew 24

Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
4: And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5: For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.


They will even declare that Jesus is the Christ, but they will deceive many

6: And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.


Not Yet

7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.



Illuminated Elders of the Pharisaic Money Changers control food chain

innoculation of the masses by the Illuminated of Lucifer

Earthquakes manufactured by the Illuminated Tesla Howitzers and HARP

8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.
9: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.


Do not be deceived these are not the Jews who reject Jesus Christ and call him a bastard and the son of a whore and a Roman soldier, but them who trust in his name the Name above all names

10: And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.


check your family

11: And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.




12: And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.


Worship of the un-named Judeo-Churchian Talmudic g-d of Babylon

13: But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.


Those who believe and Know that Jesus is the Only IAM

14: And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.


The angel at the sixth trumpet. Has nothing to do with the crouch babylonian Network

15: When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)


Moshiach ben Perdition

16: Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:


Them who hear Jesus

17: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:
18: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
19: And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
20: But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
21: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.


The Great and terrible Day of the Lord's wrath is nigh

22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.


Blessed are they who cometh and wait unto the 1335 days
23: Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
25: Behold, I have told you before.
26: Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.


He who is anointed by the apostate Talmudic Jews in the secret chamber of Hewn stone is not Christ Jesus

27: For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Every knee shall bend and EVERY EYE shall see him, and trust the Lord, it will not be a secret, and those who lied will mourn Jesus Christ

28: For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.


For the Great wedding supper of the Lor'd wrath

29: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:


And who are these wearing white robes? These are they who came out of Great Tribulation who stood firm for the testimony that they held for Jesus Christ and were beheaded for their witness.

30: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
31: And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


And the dead IN CHRIST JESUS shall rise first then them who are remaining, blessed are they who waited unto the 1335 days 

32: Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

The figs are sprouting

33: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
34: Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
35: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
36: But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

And the Father the Word and the Holy Ghost are ONE

37: But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
38: For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
39: And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

And they were lulled to sleep by the sons of the synagogue of Satan

40: Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
41: Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
42: Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
43: But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.


But they were watching for a Talmudic Peace treaty and a "Secret Rapture" not knowing that it was a ruse by Satan to make them complacent and apostate

44: Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.
45: Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?
46: Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

Standing firm for the testimony of Jesus in complete defiance of the New World Order and the Universal Talmudic Noachide Laws and giving witness of Jesus Christ the Way and the Light
47: Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.
48: But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming;
49: And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;
50: The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of,
51: And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Are you still a righteous goyim obedient Noachide unto their un-named g-d hashem of the Babylonian Olam Ha Ba? Repent now!





The scattering of the saints of Jesus Christ has begun with their wars of theChabad Lubavitch-Bushka, un-named g-d Hashem and their incoming scuds of Talmudism



For all of you "Judeo-Christians" who are no Christian but are Judeo, for the two are irreconcilable and you are not reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ. The blood of the people of the earth is own your hands, and you are not...I repeat, are not going to see Scofield Heaven and the Great Escape manufactured by your Judeo masters

WHO WAS JESUS - according to Hassidic Chabad-Lubavitcher Jews

I hope the Christians who've posted here and have proclaimed themselves to be Noahides will take the time to think about what's written here about Jesus Christ and re-think the path they're on.

Who Was Jesus? (according to Hassidic Chabad-Lubavitcher Jews)

The Bible gave a warning about a dangerous, false prophet who would arise to test our faith in G-d. In Deuteronomy 13, G-d describes this false prophet as a member of the Jewish people (v. 2, 7) who would tell true prophecies and would have the power of miracles. G-d Himself would give this false prophet the power to perform miracles and reveal prophecy, but the false prophet would try to seduce the people away from G-d's Law and towards strange gods unknown to Judaism. The purpose would be to test whether we are truly committed to living under the Law, or whether we will be dazzled and fall for the temptation to join a false path to salvation (v. 3-6, 7-8, 11). In this Biblical passage, G-d repeatedly commands the Jews to kill this false prophet, lest the evil spread and destroy many souls.

To be accepted by the people, the false prophet would sometimes pretend to be a righteous Jew who fulfills the Law, but at key moments he would turn against certain details of the Law in order to make the breach (v. 6, 7). This is the reason that verse 1 commands us not to add or subtract any details from the Law, and verse 5 warns us to remain steadfast with all the traditions of the Law.

B.C.E. - relating to a system of historical dating of events; specifically, Before the Common Era; that is, before the birth of Jesus. The latter is known in Jewish tradition as "Yeshu HaNotzri," Jesus of Nazareth, the founder of Christianity. This term corresponds to B.C.. Compare to C.E., which is in the Common Era.


Fill in the blanks in the following statement: "It does not matter at all if the physical pulse is active or not, and if various phenomena associated with physical life as we recognize them exist, the physical life of ———— never operated in the manner familiar to us, and that true physical life continues with precisely the same force as before. More than this: ... ———— is the 'master of the house' with respect to all that happens to him and all that happens in the world. Without his agreement, no event can take place, and if it is his will, he can bring about anything, and who can tell him what to do? It follows that if he wills it, he can at any moment cause his physical sense to act in a manner familiar to us, and his failure to do so is solely the result of the fact that it is not his will to do so."

The answer, surely, is clear: the missing word in the above statement must be "Jesus." Perhaps it is a Christian statement, or possibly a Jews for Jesus tract?

Guess again. The correct answer is "Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson," the Rebbe, who died in 1994. The quote is from Rabbi Levi Yitzchack Ginsberg, a mashpia (religious mentor) at a yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, the major Lubavitch center in Israel. It was published in a 1996 catechism in Safed, Israel, designed to provide answers about the Messiah and Redemption. (The source of the quote, according to the citation, was Ginsberg's book Mashiah Akhshav, volume IV, published before the Rebbe's death.) Ginsberg's point needs little clarification: the Rebbe is the Messiah.

Distribution Of "Jesus" Video Called Offensive


(CHARISMA) -- Mailbox missionary efforts are coming under increasing fire from religious leaders who object to blanket distribution of an evangelistic video. They say that sending an unsolicited film of the life of Christ to every home in their communities is intrusive and insensitive.

About 10 million copies of "Jesus," based on Luke's gospel and ending with an invitation for the viewer to pray to become a Christian, have been distributed to homes across the country since 1992. Originally hand delivering them, local church networks that have taken part in the program have more recently paid to have them sent out by the U.S. Postal Service.

The mailing idea first hit trouble in May, when 400,000 copies were distributed in Palm Beach County, Fla., which has a sizeable Jewish community. Some recipients were so angry about the unrequested video that they bundled bricks with tape to increase the return shipping charges after they refused delivery. One postal worker said she had never known so many complaints in more than 20 years service.

Now the outreach has run into opposition in California and Kansas. About 1.1 million homes in San Juan Capistrano and Canyon Lake, Calif., are due to receive a copy of the video before Christmas. Rabbi David Eliezrie of Congregation Beth Meir HaCohen-Chabad Center in Westminster told "The Los Angeles Times": "While I respect the right of freedom of religion, I resent the effort of certain Christian groups to evangelize the Jewish community. And I'd prefer that they focus on their own religious brethren."

What is Christians for Moses?

We are a fellowship of former Christians who through study of the Tanach (The so called "Old" Testament or Hebrew Bible) have come to realize that the only true word of G-d was that which was given to Moses at Mt.Sinai & all other additions to the Bible such as the so called "New" Testament are false man made doctrines & not the authentic word of G-d Almighty.

The L-rd G-d creator of the universe enstrusted the Jewish people at Mt.Sinai to teach the entire world his truth & we as G-d fearing Gentiles learn the Almighthy's eternal truth exclusively from Orthodox Rabbis & we came to understand from learning Tanach from those that know it & understand it best namely Orthodox Jews who have an unbroken chain from Moses's time that deifying a human being or saying that there is a triune deity is sheer blasphemy as it is belittling our Creator to say that he would lower himself to become a lowly human or sacrifice the life of a human being.

The Jewish people were given 613 commandments in the Torah which is the 5 books of Moses & earlier than that G-d Almighty gave Noah 7 commandments which are the only laws in the Bible binding on Gentiles & are still in effect today!!!!

The 7 Noahide Laws are:
1.Do not blaspheme G-d.
2.Do not worship idols(Jesus & the crucifix are idols)
3.Do not commit immoral sexual acts(homosexuality,bestiality,incest)
4.Do not Murder.
5.Do not steal.
6.Do not eat the the limbs of a living animal while it is still alive.
7.Establish courts of law to enforce these laws.

If you are a friend of a Christian who needs help or are a Christian yourself, you have come to the right place. Within this site you will find the necessary steps that can help you or someone you love free themselves from the mental enslavement of this terrible disease. To better understand who we are & what we believe please click here & see why we reject Jesus


Why Don't Jews Believe In Jesus-

The Resurrected Rebbe

For Christians, of course, the messiah decidedly could die in the midst of his redemptive mission. Indeed, Jewish denial of this proposition became one of the central points of contention in the millennial debate between the two religions. Thus, in the most famous of medieval disputations, the Jewish representative, Moses Ben Nahman (Nahmanides), asserted that he could not believe in Jesus' messiahship because the biblical prophecies of universal peace and knowledge of God had gone unfulfilled.

Incredibly, however, over the course of the last seven years, Orthodox Judaism has effectively declared that, with respect to this fundamental issue of principle, Christians were correct all along and Jews profoundly, mistaken. I stress “effectively”: no one has pronounced these exact words, and the identification of Jesus of Nazareth as the messiah remains anathma. Nevertheless, this conclusion fo1lows from two interlocking considerations.

First, a large segment-almost certainly a substantial majority-of a highly significant Orthodox move-ment called Lubavitch, or Chabad, Hasidism affirms that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who was laid to rest in June 1994, initiated the authentic messianic mission and will soon return to complete the redemption in his capacity as the messiah.


Chavurath B'nei Noach- About B'nei Noach- Moshiach

The idea of Messiah is not foreign to B'nei Noach.


Considering that the overwhelming majority of B'nei Noach have emerged from Christianity, it is quite certain that the idea of a messiah, or savior, was central in our belief system. Is it possible for those of us who have emerged from Christianity to reconcile our formerly-believed Christian concept of messiah with the Jewish concept, which predates Christianity by several centuries?

Even within ka'al B'nei Noach we find individuals who still struggle to keep their belief in Jesus intact. Instead of believing in the Gentiles' Jesus, they now believe in a Jewish Jesus - and they now call him Yeshua Ha Moshiach (Yeshua the Messiah). They strip away the Christian's Anglo-Saxon garments of Jesus and redress him in a more ethnic Jewish costume. Now Yeshua is introduced as an Orthodox rabbi, complete with tzitzits, tallit, and tefillin. And by doing this to Jesus, they erroneously believe they have rectified the Church's whitewashing of a Jewish Yeshua into a figure called Jesus, and that they have restored the truth to the world.

But have they bothered to ask, "Who is the messiah that the Jews have been looking for?" No. In their struggle to keep their Jesus/Yeshua belief system intact, they have neglected to study Moshiach from the purely Jewish viewpoint. They, in fact, have long forgotten that the idea of Moshiach is an original Jewish concept. Therefore, only the remnant of Torah-observant Jews can make clear to us who Moshiach is, what his responsibilities are, where and when he will ascend the throne of kingship, why he will be crowned King Moshiach, and how all of this will come to pass.

Although the concept of Messiah has always been a part of Judaism, we find greater definition of who the Messiah is, and what the Messianic era is, from the hasidim who are part of the Chabad Lubavitch. Rebbe Menachem Schneerson stressed to the hasidim that we are the generation who will witness the Ultimate Redemption. Examining the Messiah according to Hasidic (Chassidic) thought is a robust challenge, and a storehouse of information is available on the Internet and the World Wide Web. Much, much more can be said regarding Moshiach than what we could ever hope to accomplish on this web page. Therefore, we will be recommending the reader to select certain web links in order to examine the concept of Messiah from a Jewish perspective and gain a greater understanding of the Hasidic concept of Moshiach. You can go to the Study Resources page for these links, or go directly to Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace. And on this page we will recommend books concerning Moshiach and the Ultimate Redemption for B'nei Noach to study.

LEARNING - Chabad Lubavitch of Iowa

To the Christians, Halachah was (and still is) anathema. The 'letter' of the law as pitted against its 'spirit', with Paul arguing that in fact the law was the very source of sin. Instead of following Halachah, one need only believe, feel, and be reborn of the spirit -- to follow not the discipline of a burdensome law, but the illuminations of one's inner heart. And it wasn't long before the small group of Jews associated with Jesus had completely severed themselves from Judaism, taking along with them some fundamental Jewish concepts, but adapting them so successfully to the philosophy and culture of the pagan world, that the Judaic element became an empty shell, filled with anti-Jewish beliefs.


Messianic Jews Under Fire

Messianic Jews are often products of marriages between Jews and Christians, or themselves in mixed marriages. All insist they are fully Jewish, but mainstream Jewish leaders say Jesus and Judaism don't mix. "It's as impossible as kosher pork," said Rabbi Ben-Tzion Kravitz, head of Jews for Judaism, a counseling program in Los Angeles to keep young Jews out of cults and Messianic mission groups.

"I would call it a bastard," said Rabbi Schlomo Schwartz, who heads Chabad's West Coast anti-Missionary efforts. "It's an illegal child of an incestuous, adulterous relationship."

Talmud Bavli

Kallah 51a."The elders were once sitting in the gate when two young lads
:by; one covered his head and the other uncovered his head. Of him who
:his head Rabbi Eliezer remarked that he is a bastard. Rabbi Joshua remarked
:that he is the son of a niddah (a child conceived during a woman's menstrual
:period). Rabbi Akiba said that he is both a bastard and a son of a niddah.




The Talmud also accused Jesus of a variety of sexual indiscretions and that he had been condemned by God to boil for eternity in "boiling excrement." Jewish religious texts also enjoined pious Jews to burn whatever New Testament volumes they came across. (Israel Shahak notes that this was publicly performed in Israel in 1980 by a Jewish religious organization, Yad Le'alchim). [SHAHAK, p. 21]

    A Chabad-sponsored Internet web site notes that

     "The Talmud (Babylonian edition) records other sins of 'Jesus of Nazarene':
     1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray
       into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the
       purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a).
     2) He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned),
       was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent
       (Sanhedrin 107b, Sotah 47a).
     3) He learned witchcraft in Egypt and, to perform miracles, used procedures
       that involved cutting his flesh -- which is also explicitly banned in the Bible
       (Shabbos 104b).
       The false, rebellious message of Jesus has been thoroughly rejected by the
       vast majority of the Jewish people, as G-d commanded. Unfortunately,
       however, this same message has brought a terrible darkness upon the
       world; today, over 1.5 billion gentiles believe in Jesus. Those lost souls
       mistakingly think they have found salvation in Jesus; tragically, they are
       in for a rude awakening." [NOAH'S COVENANT WEB SITE, 2001]



RE- Orthodox Jews and the Messianic Redemption

Even if I became the Pope I would
>still be a Jew. Recently, I have been talking with an orthodox rabbi, Shraga
>Simmons, at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem. Initially he told me that I was no
>longer a Jew but was now a Christian. I argued with him for months and he
>finally said, okay Stephen you are still a Jew but you are still going to
>spend eternity in hell in boiling excrement for believing in Jesus.

    Looks like he is wrong on this issue based upon what is written
in the Torah and the prophets. It is also a contradiction based upon
the Orthodox teaching that "All Jews have a place in the World to

>That is
>exactly what the Talmud says is the fate of Jesus- in Hell in burning
>excrement(b.Gittin 56b-57a).

Bush's Jesus Day declaration makes some Jews squirm (July 21, ...

Bush's Jesus Day declaration makes some Jews squirm


Washington Jewish Week

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush is again coming under criticism for the role that his religious faith might play in his presidency.

The Texan governor signed a proclamation calling June 10, 2000, Jesus Day in the Lone Star State. The American Jewish Congress said the proclamation violates the "spirit and intention of the First Amendment of the Constitution."

Bush has previously been criticized for his remarks that only Christians go to heaven and for naming Jesus as the political philosopher with whom he most identified.

The principal problem with declaring Jesus Day "is not that it acknowledges the important civic contributions of a particular faith, but that it assumes the profound regard in which the teachings and person of Jesus Christ are held by the Christian community are the norm," said Phil Baum, executive director for the AJCongress.

AJCongress notes that while such proclamations have become "customary and routine" -- saying that Congress and many states have, for instance, issued proclamations commemorating the life and teachings of the late Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem Schneerson -- "all such statements are offensive and erode the protection afforded minority beliefs" by the First Amendment.

A spokesperson for Bush's office provided a number of examples of other recent

A Call to the Nations of the World, Religious Leaders, and the ...


By the grace of G-d

A Call to the Nations of the World,
Religious Leaders, and the Head of the Catholic Church,
Pope John Paul II

The year 2000 in the Christian calendar has sparked renewed interest amongst the general public in the subject of eschatology and the messianic future. This, together with the occasion of the papal visit to Israel next week, has prompted Rabbi Ginsburgh to compose and issue the following statement. If you wish to endorse this statement, please see the form at the end.

We all believe that Divine Providence directs every detail of each and every one of our lives. (Here is not the place to discuss how this does not contradict the principle of free choice inherent to the human soul.) Even when a person chooses to follow a certain course of action for his own reasons, it is G-d that is directing his steps from on high for His own purposes. In most cases, this direction remains entirely hidden from man. In the words of King David, the Sweet Singer of Israel, "Man's steps are established by G-d, and He desires his path" (Psalms 37:23).

True for every detail of every private person's life, this becomes immensely more significant for those whose lives have proven to be of crucial influence on the overall history of mankind. Here, too, there is both the individual's revealed, conscious intention and the hidden dimension, which is revealed only to G-d, as He wondrously directs the fate of the world that He created for His glory.

Maimonides (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings, chapter 11) writes that Jesus of Nazareth imagined that he was the messiah. He tried to actualize this, but failed. Instead of redeeming Israel and the entire world, he caused Israel to be slain by the sword, their remnant to be scattered and humiliated, the Torah to be altered, and the majority of the world to be deceived and serve a god other than G-d.

Aryeh Kaplan's Kabbalistic books are his trademark and area of expertise. A list of these may be found at . A very significant work called, "The Real Messiah?" was written by Kaplan as a Jewish response to the "missionary challenge." A review of this book found on and dated August 1997 provides these critical insights.

"Nevertheless, the intent of the Creator of the world is not within the power of man to comprehend, for [to paraphrase Yeshayahu 55:8] His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. [Ultimately,] all the deeds of Jesus of Nazareth and that Ishmaelite [i.e. Mohammed] who arose after him will only serve to pave the way for the coming of Mashiach and for the improvement of the entire world, [motivating the nations] to serve G-d together, as it is written [Zephaniah 3:9], "I will make the peoples pure of speech so that they will all call upon the Name of G-d and serve Him with one purpose."


Who Was Jesus?

The Bible gave a warning about a dangerous, false prophet who would arise to test our faith in G-d. In Deuteronomy 13, G-d describes this false prophet as a member of the Jewish people (v. 2, 7) who would tell true prophecies and would have the power of miracles. G-d Himself would give this false prophet the power to perform miracles and reveal prophecy, but the false prophet would try to seduce the people away from G-d's Law and towards strange gods unknown to Judaism. The purpose would be to test whether we are truly committed to living under the Law, or whether we will be dazzled and fall for the temptation to join a false path to salvation (v. 3-6, 7-8, 11). In this Biblical passage, G-d repeatedly commands the Jews to kill this false prophet, lest the evil spread and destroy many souls.

Jn:7:1: After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

These sick and perverted Rabbi's the Illuminated of the synagogue of Satan are about to usher in their mere man Moshiach and are discrediting Jesus Christ the Lord and are turning the Holy Writ upside down according to Talmud Bavli the oral tradition of their god.

To be accepted by the people, the false prophet would sometimes pretend to be a righteous Jew who fulfills the Law, but at key moments he would turn against certain details of the Law in order to make the breach (v. 6, 7). This is the reason that verse 1 commands us not to add or subtract any details from the Law, and verse 5 warns us to remain steadfast with all the traditions of the Law.

Mt:5:17: Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
Mt:5:18: For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Mt:23:23: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

Acts:13:39: And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

Acts:22:25: And as they bound him with thongs, Paul said unto the centurion that stood by, Is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman, and uncondemned?

Rom:2:12: For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;

Rom:2:14: For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:

They broke all of the laws of God by their oral tradition of Talmud Bavli which makes null the WORD and the Laws of God the Most High

and they continue on with their damnable blasphemy against the WORD

In Deuteronomy 17, this false prophet is also described as someone who would rebel against the authority of the judges of the Jewish people, and who should be put to death for his rebelliousness (v. 8-13, esp. v. 12). Who are the judges? The highest court in Israel was the Sanhedrin, which was established by Moses (Exodus 18:13-26; Numbers 11:16-29), and which lasted more than 15 centuries. The members of the Sanhedrin were the rabbis known as "Pharisees" (Pirushim, "those with the explanation"). G-d gave permanent authority to these judges to interpret the Law and G-d's Word, and it is a commandment to follow their decisions without turning even slightly to the right or the left (Deut. 17:11). But the false prophet would challenge the authority of the Sanhedrin, thus revealing himself to be an evil man.

And these Pharisees of the synagogue of Satan who sit upon the seat of Moses...

Ezekiel 8:6-10

6: He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations. 
7: And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall.
8: Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.
9: And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.
10: So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about.

and these evil Chabad Lubavitchers of Lucifer of Talmud Bavli are continuing to convince many apostate Judeo-Churchizionians


In the book of the prophet Daniel, this false prophet is described as a king (the eleventh horn on a terrible beast) who would wage war against the Jews (the "holy ones"; see Deut. 14:2 on this term) and would change the Law — including the calendar and the holidays (Daniel 7:8, 20-25). Elsewhere, this false prophet is described as a king who would disregard the G-d of his fathers, exalting himself as a god and giving honor to this new god-head (Daniel 11:36-39).


Daniel's Vision of the Last Days and their Talmudic Moshiach ben Perdition

The man known today as "Jesus" fulfilled all these prophecies. He became a "king" (over the Christian church) who changed the original Law, doing away with the Hebrew calendar and the Biblical holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkos — the Festival of Tabernacles, Passover, etc.). He disregarded the one, infinite G-d of the Hebrew Bible in favor of a new "trinity" that included himself. And he repeatedly broke the Law by committing terrible sins, while openly challenging the G-d-given authority of the rabbis of the Sanhedrin.


For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

The Trinity was manufactured by their false church of Simon the Magus who was a Pharisee of the Order of Nimrod the Pontifex Maximus, to deceive you now, do not be deceived


Naturally, Jesus did sometimes pretend to respect the Law, but whenever he thought he could get away with it, he turned right around and broke that same Law. In Matthew 5:17-19, he declared that he came to fulfill the Law, and in Matthew 23:1-3 he defended the authority of the rabbis. But the rest of the time, he rebelled against the Law — thus showing that his occasional words of piety were meant only to hide his evil agenda. The following sins of Jesus are recorded in the "New Testament":

Jesus hated the evil that the Pharisees who made null the Law and the Prophets and his Word by their evil oral tradition of Talmud Bavli Mishnah

1) Jesus repudiated the laws of kosher food (Mark 7:18-19). [Compare this to the prophet Daniel's strict adherence to kashrus, in Daniel chapter 1.]

God has made nothing unclean. It is not what goes into the body but what filth comes out of the mouth, as here with the Chabad Lubavitch sons of Lucifer their un-named g-d

2) He repudiated the laws of honoring one's parents, and called on his followers to hate their parents; he also dishonored his own mother (Matthew 10:34-36; Matthew 12:46-50; Luke 14:26).

Read the scripture your self and see how they deceive, Jesus said they must Love him more than anything thing created

3) He violated the Sabbath by picking grain, and incited his disciples to do the same (Matthew 12:1-8; Mark 2:23-26).

But the money changing Pharisees did their cows out of the mud on the sabbath. What more than a man who is in need of food that the creator created and if the creator created doesn't he also make the sabbath?

4) He again violated the Sabbath by healing a man's arm, which was not a matter of saving a life, and he openly defied the rabbis in his total repudiation of the Sabbath (Matthew 12:9-13; Mark 3:1-5). [Compare this to G-d's view of violating the Sabbath, in Numbers 15:32-36, Nehemiah 10:30-32, and dozens of other places throughout the Bible.]

And Jesus said is it easier to say your sins are forgiven you or saying rise and take up your bed and walk?

5) Jesus brazenly defied and disobeyed the rabbis of the Sanhedrin, repudiating their authority (This is recorded in many places throughout the New Testament, but look especially at Matthew 23:13-39 and John 8:44-45).

The Talmud (Babylonian edition) records other sins of "Jesus the Nazarene":

Can you people see the evil that they do?

1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a).

Oral tradition of Mishnah Talmud Bavli

2) He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).

Oral tradition of Mishnah Talmud Bavli


3) He learned witchcraft in Egypt and, to perform miracles, used procedures that involved cutting his flesh — which is also explicitly banned in the Bible (Shabbos 104b).

The false, rebellious message of Jesus has been thoroughly rejected by the vast majority of the Jewish people, as G-d commanded. Unfortunately, however, this same message has brought a terrible darkness upon the world; today, over 1.5 billion gentiles believe in Jesus. These lost souls mistakenly think they have found salvation in Jesus; tragically, they are in for a rude awakening. Truth and eternal life are found directly from G-d, through performing His Law. Any "mediator" only separates man from G-d:

Jesus is the WORD the WORD hath created everything which hath been created, the WORD was made Flesh to fulfill the Lamb Provided. The Lamb was crucified and Rose as to the Prophecies of the Prophets whom these evil Pharisees slew

1) "G-d is not a man, who can lie, nor the son of man, who relents.… He has not beheld iniquity in Jacob, nor has He seen perverseness in Israel" (Numbers 23:19).


2) Speaking prophetically of the Christian church, Moses declared, "For their 'rock' is not like our Rock.… Where is their god, in whom they trusted?" (Deut. 32:31, 37).

And they shall say " Where is your God now? And Jesus said he would never forsake you" and Jesus said they would be cast into outter darkness

3) "'See now that I, only I, am He, and there is no god with Me. I kill, and I bring to life; I wound, and I heal, and there is none who can rescue from My Hand.'… Sing songs of joy, gentiles, with His people, for He will avenge the blood of His servants, and will take vengeance on His enemies, and will forgive His land and His people" (Deut. 32:39, 43).



New World Order Killer Children
- What Have We Wrought?
By Judith Moriarty

No, inhumanity is not a cartoon, not a rush of machismo,an adventure for a day, bombs bursting in air, parades, drumming, laughter down life's highways, a debate with intellectuals. Few today have any inkling as to just what is this "man's inhumanity to man"? It's barbarism, savagery, brutality, contempt, indifference, arrogance, ripping, crushing, slashing, beating, stomping, gassing, vaporizing, shredding, incinerating.
We are indeed, dear people, trapped in a back lot, two-bit carnival; where the clowns and freaks have gone mad and are rampaging up the mid-way, with manical, demonic laughter. The stuffed bears and Big Bird animals have loosed their fragile tethers; raging through the fun house, the miniature golf course, the picnic lawns, with clubs on shields-M-16s-bulldozers and tanks. Hatred, unbridled hatred, seethes toward the other. Where we see diversity, freedoms, liberties-, humanity denied, in human society; a cloned sameness dominates.
Such a society that turns one against the other, in propagandized hysteria and venom, I fear, is a society that has become totally unstable. Brutal murder becomes a cartoon in a school newspaper. War becomes a sterile TV mini-series; minus the shredded babies, withered milkless breasts, terrified screaming children, trembling gnarled hands reaching into the nothingness of promised peace and insane postured liberation amidst the rubble of their lives.
All this shallow, superficial veneer, double-speak, news speak of love of children; protect the children, save the children, feed the children, zero tolerance, mandated stupidity......all of it is a colossal, stupefying lie . The children? The youth? What of them? What have we, the people who have walked amidst the stars, hiked majestic mountain peaks; made laws in alabaster halls, walked amber fields of grain given the children? What?
A legacy of a poisoned, toxified, plundered earth of nuclear waste, oil fields, pipe-lines, defoliants, depleted uranium, mountains of waste, spewing stacks of chemicals, gas, mushroom clouds, vaporizing fire storms, flesh shredding cluster bombs, micro-wave weapons and satellite directed missiles. What have we wrought? What? Sausage fingered bejeweled men in gilded board and war rooms playing at World Conquest, sneer in climatic loathing, at the scenes of the children they've created for their own ends.
Children, who will mindlessly do the bidding of religious, patriotic, nationalistic, cultural mantras, slogans and orders to maim and kill one another. Bulldoze under, stomp to death, strap bombs on innocence etc., all in the name of God-Country-Freedom-Peace-pablum nothingness!
Several pictures of young people this past week exemplify what we have indeed come to. A young peace activist bulldozed under as so much garbage. Another young man humiliated and stomped to death, and a mocking-indifferent product of Super-Nation, draws a cartoon of it all. The perpetuators of these crimes against innocent youth? Other young people, deadened of conscience, devoid of all humanity. Killer-Kids. This is what we have wrought in this carvival of the mad. See pictures below of our New World Order of youth.
....My dear, is it too late for peace, too late
For men to gather at the wells to drink
The sweet water; too late for fellowship
And laughter at the forge; too late for us
To say, 'let us be good to one another"?
The lamps go singly out; the valley sleeps;
I tend the last light shining on the farms
And keep for you the thought of love alive,
--Saul Kunitz..age 97
Please see below:

What your blind eyes are seeing on national TV, the War...of Bushka-Lubavitch II of their un-named g-d hashem, the wars of the coming Olam Ha Ba, is only covering their true agenda.....

US offers Israel billions in aid
Israeli models pose in front of US Patriot missiles
US military aid is a fashion accessory in Tel Aviv
The US has offered $10bn (£6.4bn) to Israel, to bail it out of the worst economic crisis in its history.

Israel's Finance Ministry said the package consisted of $1bn (£640,000m) in direct military aid and $9bn in loan guarantees.

The 30-month-long Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation and the global economic slowdown have plunged the country into its third year of recession.

Israel - the biggest recipient of US aid worldwide - initially asked for $4bn (£2.5bn) in military aid and $8bn in loan guarantees.

The US will deduct from the loan guarantees any Israeli expenditure on settlement activities in Palestinian areas.

The package, which is part of President George W Bush's war budget, still needs approval by the US Congress.

Economic troubles

US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice pledged the aid to Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

"Rice told Netanyahu that the (Bush) administration decided to raise the amount of the guarantees by $1bn over what had been planned because the Americans were impressed by the economic plan that has been presented to the government," Israel's finance ministry said in a statement.

Israel's economy contracted by 1% in 2002 after a 0.9% fall in 2001 and the budget deficit is running at 6%, twice the forecast for 2003.

Mr Netanyahu on Monday announced government spending cuts and reductions in the public sector wage to rein in the budget deficit.

Israel already receives $3bn a year from the US, mostly as military aid.

What's in Yore Wallet?


'Decapitation "

strike' was aimed at Saddam

Thursday, March 20, 2003 Posted: 3:51 AM EST (0851 GMT)
Thursday, March 20, 2003 Posted: 3:51 AM EST (0851 GMT)
Thursday, March 20, 2003 Posted: 3:51 AM EST (0851 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The decision to launch a "decapitation strike" aimed at Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was made by President Bush during an urgently called meeting Wednesday evening in which the CIA director voiced concern that a prime opportunity could be lost, U.S. officials said.

One U.S. official said the attack was launched on the basis of fresh intelligence on the location of "very senior Iraqi leadership," including Saddam Hussein. One of the targets was in Baghdad and another south of the capital, the sources said.


Do you still believe it is about the Bush oil cartel?


Hahahahehehehohohhum Olam ha ba hum bug!


resistance is will be assimilated



Ronald dums-feld

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has approved a request for a Shliach to open a Chabad House in Baghdad as soon as the war is over.

SNS has learned that the Shliach appointed for this historic new frontier is none other then Rabbi Yankel Chazan of Crown Heights.

Commenting on his appointment Chazan said “I am really looking forward to go back on Shlichus. One of my first projects will be to establish a weekly magazine in Arabic heralding the coming of Moshiach.”

In the Iraq Jewish community, albeit assimilated, the women dress Tznius and although the sisterhood has fifty women, the Shliach is not expected to see any of their faces EVER!



Orthodox Panel of Rabbi's considering
overturning Biblical ban on Ribis
From the Peeksville Gazette.

In light of the current economy, a group of orthodox rabbis are considering allowing Jews to loan money and charge interest. "The economy is such, that it has become almost impossible to make a living without "bending some ancient rules," noted a distinguished rabbi at a recent din torah.

Norton Helfrusher, a one time multi-millionaire who lost most of his wealth recently (in Las Vegas), while seeking a loan from his Jewish neighbor was emphatically told that it has become permissible to be charged interest. After blowing a gasket, he also blew the whistle and went public with his story.

It must be mentioned that after interviewing rabbi's nationwide it seems that, to the horror of borrowers, many rabbi's actually like the idea. In fact, some of them have recently traded their "rabbi" title for "licensed loan officer" business cards.

We will keep you posted on this developing story


Word has come in, that just moments ago, Levi Hodakov, CEO of Shmais News Service & was named Assistant White House Press Secretary.

The announcement came during the daily press briefing to reporters by White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer.

In making the announcement Fleischer said "IM very pleased to inform you all, that earlier today, the President gave his approval to have Levi Hodakov serve as assistant White House Press Secretary. Mr. Hodakov is coming to the White House with nearly seven years of experience first and foremost as CEO of Shmais News Service &"

When Fleischer finished his briefing he invited Mr. Hodakov to the podium.

A nervous Hodakov then briefly addressed the reporters thanking the President & Ari for the great privilege to serve as Assistant White House Press Secretary.

As soon as Hodakov left the podium his cell phone rang. It was Levi Shemtov, calling to wish him Mazel Tov and welcome him to Washington.

PS. Effective immediately, Zalman Shmotkin formerly of Lubavitch News Service will be taking over the day to day operations of SHMAIS. 


NYC Mayor Bloomberg donating 7.5 million to Museum
APB — NYC Mayor, Mr. Michael R. Bloomberg, who has recently been rated #72 on the Forbes billionaire list, with $4.8 billion, has announced that he will be donating $7.5 million this year to the Tzivos Hashem Jewish Children's Museum, which is currently being erected in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

Mr. Bloomberg is known for being extremely charitable, especially concerning Jewish causes. He has in the past been among the sponsors of the rebuilding of the Crown Heights Matza Bakery, as well as the refurbishment of the world renowned Chomas Anash, which has recently been vandalized and for which charges are pending.

Bloomberg's only condition for his gigantic donation is that he be allowed to have a billboard on the side of the museum advertising

Comments from the building management of the museum will be publicized as they become available.




If you are awakened, and you are seeking understanding, and you have thirsted and hungered, and you see the Truth, that this war is no war for oil, but is the Talmudic Satanic War of the Ultra Zionist Illuminated Elders of Zion, their wars of their un-named g-d hashem, to usher in their Olam Ha Ba of their Moshiach, to restore their land of the broken Abrahamic Covenant regarding that land from the Nile to the Euphrates and consumes Syria, the Egyptian Peninsula, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. These are the seven nations of old that they seek to either destroy or make to become obedient servants of their "Chosen" Master Race, the Jew.


heshbon HaNefesh Of The Chayalei Beis Dovid
Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Volpe, who received countless directives and guidance from the Rebbe regarding shleimus ha’Aretz, makes a cheshbon ha’nefesh on this issue and calls upon us to make corrections
where necessary.

In a number of sichos, the Rebbe said that the battle for shleimus ha’Aretz (The Land of Abraham) is part of the milchamos Hashem (wars of G-d) waged by Moshiach. (George W. Bush-Fleisher-Wolfowitz-Card-Dumsfeld?)Indeed, we all saw how the Rebbe threw himself into this battle with all his strength in farbrengens, letters, and personal conversations.

Since the revelation of Moshiach vadai (the definite Moshiach) begins with "v’yinatzeiach" (and he is victorious), and only after that "and he builds the Mikdash in its place (The Temple on the mount) and gathers the outcasts of Israel," we are obviously at the critical stage the Jewish people has waited for during its 2,000 years of exile


"Either you are with us, or you are against us"...George W. Bush after Sept.11


On one side stands the Rebbe MH"M at the head of his army, the "soldiers of the house of Dovid," and on the other side stand all those who lead the Jewish people in the opposite direction, and who impede Moshiach’s victory in battle, which is also a war to eradicate the Arab seed of Amalek in our generation.  

In the sicha of Parshas Chayei Sara 5752, the Rebbe declared that the Rambam’s (Mamonaides) statement, "A king will arise from the house of Dovid...and he will wage the wars of Hashem," were fulfilled. Not only that, but "in a number of areas, he has already been victorious."  


see  King George


At the time, many people wondered which wars the Rebbe had already won. We can easily see at least one example, in that in the Heavenly war which the Rebbe waged for decades against the mighty empire which prevented Jews from observing Judaism, the Rebbe won in an entirely supernatural manner. Whatever the Rebbe promised over the course of those decades came to fruition in a most incredible manner. (The Rebbe referred to this war too as one of Hashem’s wars waged by Moshiach - see the sicha of Vav Tishrei 5727). The Rebbe fought this war through his loyal soldiers in "that country," who lived with mesirus nefesh and didn’t submit to the prevailing philosophy.

But what about Moshiach’s main battle for shleimus ha’Aretz? Here we have a terrible retreat. Just at the time that we have the unprecedented ability to instill the Rebbe’s message within all segments of the population, just at the time that we see that if we, Chabad Chassidim, would proclaim the Rebbe’s view about not giving an inch of land to the Arabs, and the prohibition to enter into negotiations with them (which would have an enormous effect on all those who dwell in Tzion, who await the truth after all else has failed) - now of all times, we changed direction and forgot our role as commanders and soldiers in the "wars of the house of Dovid."  


 land for peace talks

Not only did we not take advantage of recent events to prove to everybody that the Rebbe MH"M was right in all his warnings, but for some reason, in recent years, we have taken on the strange idea that what is "good for the Jews" is not to be found in the Rebbe’s sichos but in the opinions of those on the Right, on Arutz Sheva (Israel Broadcasting Company), etc.  


Yet another aspect to our strategy is not to fight an elected Israeli government, even if the Rebbe stands and screams that the government endangers the lives of millions of Jews. Worse yet, we suddenly see a need to be partners in Zionist activities and to take part in electing the prime minister. This is without taking into consideration whether his views are in accordance with the Rebbe’s views, or the opposite.  

The Rebbe MH"M made it very clear that he will fight whoever thinks about talking to the Arabs about giving up land, since the very speaking about it endangers life. 


The reason Arik Sheinerman (Ariel Sharon) was sent to stir up the Palestinians on the Temple Mount


The Rebbe actually miraculously brought down the prime minister from the Right who continued talking about autonomy, saying that it would be better if gentiles ruled over the Holy Land than a Jew who believes in the sanctity of the land and signs an agreement to give it away.  


Netanyahu replaced


Barak replaced

Now we have a prime minister who was elected in order to protect the citizens of the holy land, who announces that if it’s quiet and the terrorist acts cease, he and his government will give the Arabs more land, in what is euphemistically called territorial continuity. This means that if there are still corners of Yehuda, Shomron and the Jordan Valley from which terrorists cannot shoot at Jews, now they will surround all the settlements and all the roads. They will also be able to flee with impunity through the attached areas which will be free from I.D.F. blockades from Jenin to Sh’chem, from Sh’chem to Yericho, from Yericho to Chevron, and perhaps even from Chevron to Gaza. All this would take place as part of an interim agreement, not a permanent peace agreement.  


It had to be stopped

Now if we ask ourselves what we can do to prevent the prime minister from carrying this out, the answer is simple. As he said, "There will be no negotiations under fire." In other words, the only way to prevent him from giving away more land to terrorists is if the shooting continues, r’l, for then there will be no negotiations! Indeed, this is why the shooting continues and has even intensified.  

It is the Illuminated Chabad Sofiet Lubavitch Bolshevik sons of the synagogue of Satan who control Israel and the entire world. They are responsible for Israel's Terrorism, and they as much as directly say it.


Some say that at least when it comes to fighting against terror, the prime minister from the Right will be better than his predecessors. Yet even when it comes to his war against attackers there are restrictions we are told we must understand. For example, when traveling to Washington, the blockade cannot continue because that wouldn’t be humanitarian, to punish tens of thousands of citizens, when all they do is demonstrate against Israel and declare "death to the Jews" (after all, there’s freedom of speech and demonstrating is a privilege in a democracy), educate their children from infancy to murder Jews (after all, it is their religion they are teaching), and they only throw stones at cars (they don’t all use live ammunition), and all they want to do is come and work to earn their bread (and only "by the way" do they spy, plant bombs, and steal cars).

And you’ve got to consider the Arab summit meeting, and not anger them at that time. And then there was Earth Day. That was the best reason not to rile them up and to coolly accept attacks on Jews as a Heavenly decree.  

Yet this Ribbeye of Sick'os does not tell you about the hundreds, the thousands of innocen Palestinian women and children slain. Nor has he explained how this false Zion was created by the bloodshed of the people who inhabited the land, how they were ran from their homes, starved and boycotted.

Senior officers know how to talk to us after every attack. They say, "it is impossible to hermetically seal the borders," and that it’s "only because of pressure from the police in the City Center that the terrorists are forced to attack the suburban areas." As though it really makes a difference where precisely they put the bombs, whether on Rechov Yaffo or in Mei’a She’arim.

They still restrict the soldiers and have them use rubber bullets, among other restrictions. (See the mind of the pious ribbeye of the synagogue of Satan?) Just like the earlier governments. If not for the open miracles which the Jewish people see day in and day out, the terrorists would manage, r’l, to carry out all their plots (and not just some of them, due to our many sins). For the borders are open, and terrorists can do what they please.  


Soon the building of the Wall and Street

Even now, with a prime minister who promised the world, and with a domestic defense minister who’s as Right as they come, a Jew still cannot safely travel the roads or freely visit Kever Rochel and the Me’aras HaMachpela. Babies are still killed, r’l, in the Avrohom Avinu section of Chevron as well as yeshiva boys on their way to learn, and the security officers stationed in the settlements have become Arafat’s terrorists’ targets. Every day bombs are (miraculously) discovered, and Netzarim and its environs are still being shelled. The situation is only getting worse.  


As it will in deception of your g-d ribbeye, for you are thieves and robbers of widows houses

Israeli planes attack Force 17 targets in Ramalla and Gaza, but everybody knows that in the past, too, Barak didn’t manage to accomplish anything by attacking Arafat’s headquarters, and the violence continued. Why? Because the action was taken against empty buildings and not against terrorists!

Yes, the army spokesman took pride in the fact that the government didn’t inform Arafat ahead of time, yet no terrorists were there because the bombing took place late at night, and primarily because they certainly sent them prior warning albeit via unofficial channels. Anybody who says otherwise is merely pulling the wool over the eyes of the public.  


Murderous contempt is what Chabad ribbeyes of satan of Talmud Bavli breethe

What were the results? The terrorists got additional confirmation for what they already knew, that Jews are "merciful people, the children of merciful people," including mercy for the cruel. And that the murder of babies and young people will not bring on retribution. What do the terrorists care if their headquarters gets bombed? It will only motivate the Arab countries to increase their donations to the P.L.O.  

and put a damper on the wars of Hashem O Ribbeye? Put a damper of the pimp the USA of the Whore, Lubavitch on Capitol Hill's fighting your wars against Ishmael?

[Editor’s note: although this article was written before the Israeli takeover in Gaza, even that action supports the author’s point, as we saw Israel pull out within 24 hours (after announcing they would be there for days, weeks, and months) when America voiced its displeasure.]  


Before September 11,2001 when five Israeli Mossad was taken under arrest for videotaping the WTC disaster while giving high fives and cheering?

Before you turned the tide by attacking America, your allies? Your Two minute hate?

How dense the Israeli government is! Everybody knows that even during a seger (border closing), thousands of Palestinians use side roads and roundabout routes to get into the country. Even when there is no seger, and they can use the main highways, thousands of Palestinians prefer to circumvent the army roadblocks, either because they don’t have work permits, or they don’t have time to wait in line, or because they intend to plant bombs!  


Thousand's dear rabid ribbeye?

Some people testified throughout the media that they pointed out to the army the traffic of Arabs traversing the fields a few dozen meters away from the blockade, and the soldiers laughed in their faces. At the attack on the roadside rest area at the Kalkilia junction, a distinguished Jew testified that he had pointed out the suicide bomber to the soldiers and the police, because the man looked very suspicious, and had said, "I am sure he’s a terrorist," but nothing was done to stop him.  


So now, murder them all as in the above murder? Rabid reebe?


How ridiculous it sounded to hear the domestic defense minister, Mr. Uzi Landau, calling upon citizens to be alert and to report any suspicious person, car, or object. The police and the army allow thousands of suspected terrorists to pass the blockades every day, and nobody checks them or their belongings.  


Would you like us to send you Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft Reb?


Here’s my idea that can solve or drastically limit the terrorists’ infiltration. The government should make it clear that anybody caught trying to enter the country through roundabout means will be shot, no questions asked. Of course this would be a legitimate course to take even if there weren’t daily attacks, for what country allows aliens to enter illegally, and especially when citizens are killed daily as a result of allowing this irresponsible behavior.  


Your pimp the Zionist USA, of course, ribby


I am absolutely certain that if terrorists knew they could get a bullet in their heads by an Israeli sniper the moment they tried entering illegally, they would stay home and look for less dangerous work, or commit suicide in Gaza and not in the heart of Tel Aviv.  


And starve o" massah ribbeye of bigotry and apartheid?

This is only a suggestion for dealing with terrorism within the Green Line. As far as attacks on the roads of Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza, what we can do is immediately establish a new settlement on the spot following any attack and then Arafat would know that it isn’t worthwhile.  


Exactly what you are doing now, o"Chosen" one?



Of course this is in addition to taking action against the headquarters of all the terrorist organizations, action that is taken during the daytime when all the terrorists are present, and with the intent to kill.  


Exactly what your new man the Bolshevik communist Arik Sheinerman is doing, O' Reprobate

Why isn’t there a chance that the government will implement these suggestions? Not because the government isn’t as smart as the one suggesting them, because nothing could be simpler, but because it doesn’t want to cut off the chance for peace.

Mr. Shimon Peres, foreign minister in Sharon’s government, announced right after the attack against P.L.O. headquarters that "Arafat is still our peace partner, but he’s a partner who makes mistakes, and we have to show him the error of his ways." So how could the government lose a partner like that?

Sometimes you stand and think: How could "a wise and understanding nation" descend to such a level? Like the official announcement that said the time wasn’t right for a military reaction "because of the Arab conference." Even if this is the reason, and even if the reason was justified, there is nothing more stupid than officially announcing that we are afraid of an Arab conference. Aside from the shame involved, it just isn’t smart because every time Arafat attacks and is afraid of a reaction, he’ll convene a few foreign ministers and frighten Sharon and Peres.

Likewise the foolish announcement that we have to wait with a reaction until after Earth Day (and "only because of public outrage after the incident at the Kalkilia junction, there was no choice"). This is saying that not only are we afraid of Arabs from outside, but the government trembles because of the Arab citizens within the State of Israel.  


You should be in Amerika and the Zionist within the Whitehouse O'Whited one


We see the results of these policies even in the court which is examining the role of the police in the Intifada the Arabs made back in Tishrei. The very establishment of such a committee is an embarrassment to the government, a tremendous victory for the Arabs, and a betrayal of the police and their commanders who stood with mesirus nefesh against the rampaging Arabs.

More importantly, this bodes ill for the future, because every soldier and policeman will be afraid of protecting Jews from Arabs, for perhaps they will have to stand trial and will be penalized in court! Who knows whether policemen won’t pay with their jobs, or by sitting in jail for years for daring to defend the State of Israel from the bloodthirsty Arab mob.  


So will they be made immune as your zionist buddies have done in law enforcement of the new Amerika?


All this is being done in the government headed by the "exalted general" Mr. Ariel Sharon, along with all the members of Likud, and even Rechavam Zevi and Benny Alon, and of course the religious parties (whose voice is never heard on these topics, as though the Torah has nothing to say about it).  


But of course Talmud Bavli the oral tradition of the Illuminated Elders have the say, ribbeye

It’s all coming from one point, the ultimate goal of renewing the peace talks with Arafat. Any action taken to defend Israeli citizens is seen with this goal in mind, and with the question of whether this will stop the peace talks. This approach is against the Shulchan Aruch, for the Shulchan Aruch establishes that "you go out against them with weapons [even on Shabbos]." This does not take any political considerations into account, not Earth Day nor Heaven Day either. Just simply, "If somebody arises to kill you, get up and kill him."

It’s not only "if somebody arises to kill you," but even if he comes for hay and straw, if his entering the place is likely to weaken your security in the future, you should immediately make a seger and stand around the roadblocks with weapons. Of course, areas that are destined for trouble should be conquered, like Abu Sanina in Chevron, from which a Palestinian sniper shot a baby in the head (may Hashem avenge her blood). If the "Investigative Committee for the Incidents in October" might weaken the position of the police in the future, it should be immediately abolished, and all the Arabs responsible for it punished. This is the G-dly command in the Shulchan Aruch which we heard from the Nasi HaDor.  


May the Lord Jesus forgive us all, reebe, not for you to murder 1000 Palestinian babies in retaliation.

Who was supposed to fight against all this in the Rebbe’s name? Does the Rebbe have soldiers other than ourselves, the Tmimim and Anash? Does he have other representatives to serve as his mouthpiece other than the shluchim led by the rabbanim? How is it then that not one of the Chabad rabbanim, askanim, Chassidim, or Tmimim got up and put on sackcloth and ashes and cried murder, and told his honor Prime Minister Sharon: "You are personally responsible for the terrible security situation and the blood that has been spilled. For in addition to the destruction you brought in the past, now too, with your declarations here and in Washington about your desire to continue to give land to Arabs, and by refraining from an official announcement abolishing the Oslo Accords once and for all, you encourage the attacks and open the entire country to them."

I came across issue #207 of Beis Moshiach from VaYishlach 5759, p. 82, which has a list of "resolutions of the emergency protest meeting of Chabad Chassidim in Eretz Yisroel, headed by rabbanei Chabad in Eretz Yisroel shlita." Among the resolutions it says, "We hereby declare that in retrospect, the campaign "tov la’Yehudim" [Ed., on Netanyahu’s behalf] was utterly mistaken, since it was based on errors and being misled. It has become clear to all that veering from the Rebbeholy directives that it is forbidden for the Chabad movement to get involved in politics is what blinded us to the errors and deception which resulted. In light of this, the Chabad movement, with all its organizations and institutions, must return to its loyalty to the Rebbe and his holy directives, and utterly disconnect from anything to do with politics."

[Editor’s note: Rabbi L.Y. Ginsberg publicized in the pages of Beis Moshiach replies he received answers via the Igros Kodesh, which clearly encouraged him and others to campaign for Netanyahu despite their misgivings.]

The resolutions went on to denigrate the approach of "lesser evil" and the meeting announced in the name of the rabbanim that "these views are invalid and must be altogether eschewed." This is because "the danger in returning land and the halacha in Shulchan Aruch are not measured in parts, and there’s no room for half, third, or quarter compromises." Rabbi Moshe Landau said in the name of Rabbi Eliyahu that "promoting the approach of the lesser evil is literally heresy."

So we had new elections recently and already prior to the elections, the prime minister announced that he wouldn’t allow new settlements (which is to say 1) the one in charge in Yehuda, Shomron, and Aza is Arafat; and 2) all options about returning land are open, so we don’t want to impede future withdrawals by creating new settlements). The prime minister said back then that he would honor the Oslo Accords (since "they were legally signed by an elected government") and that he would establish a unity government with the perpetrators of those accords. He also sent out trial balloons via various journalists regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state, and "high-placed sources" gave the media maps of his withdrawal within the framework of "intermediate accords in the long range." The only chiddush in his campaign was that "he would force Arafat to come to the negotiating table." What he and Peres and Arafat will do at that table I leave to your imagination.

Only two years have passed since the rabbanim completely negated the heretical view of choosing the lesser evil, and once again thousands of fired-up Chassidim went and voted for someone who declared that he would raise his hand against Hashem (as the Rebbe put it on Yud-Tes Kislev 5742), fight against the Rebbe MH"M, and do things which will cause (according to Shulchan Aruch) the bloodshed of Jews, r’l.

Chassidim haven’t forgotten that Sharon is the one who uprooted the settlements in Sinai. He was directly responsible for the disaster of the Peace in Galilee war by leaving all the terrorists alive and not responding to the Rebbe’s pleas. He was involved in returning Chevron and for the terrible Wye Accords, and this is despite his written commitment to the rabbanei Chabad that he wouldn’t give anything back. Yet people say, "You’re right, he’s bad, but the other guy is worse."

The concept of gilui panim ba’Torah she’lo ka’halacha (using Torah sources to oppose halacha) was fully realized by publicizing the Rebbe’s letters from the past about the necessity to participate in elections. This was taken to such an extreme by the well-greased Chabad "Right" propaganda machine, that young Tmimim went out election morning with simcha shel mitzva after immersing in the mikva "to fulfill the Rebbe’s will" by placing a yellow paper with the name of a man about whom the Rebbe said explicitly in the sicha of 3 Tammuz 5742 that it is forbidden to vote for him or his disciples, since he can only speak on behalf of the Arabs and not the Jews.

Yes, the Rebbe always said to participate in elections and not to stand aloof, but what is the connection between the directive to choose the "most religious party" and the election of a prime minister who opposes Hashem and His Torah?

We heard (Chol HaMoed Pesach 5750) from the Rebbe that anyone who supports a party that talks to Arabs about returning land becomes an accomplice to bloodshed. Who allowed us to become accomplices to bloodshed, r’l?

In the newspapers it said that in discussions about coalition agreements between Likud and Labor, members of Likud put the platform Labor had promoted in earlier elections on the table, and asked them to base their coalition on that platform. So who won the elections, the "Right" or the "Left?" And who did the elected ones become partners with, "shleimus ha’Aretz" or with Shimon Peres, who through his emissaries negotiates with Arafat with the prime minister’s knowledge!

Some people will say that even the most religious party isn’t perfect, yet the Rebbe said to vote for it. And that’s right. But by voting for it, did we become accomplices to bloodshed? The main reason for voting for Agudas Yisroel or Poalei Agudas Yisroel was to support Torah and Yiddishkeit, and we had an obligation to do so even if their approach was not 100% in accordance with the Rebbe’s views. What comparison is there between that and voting for a man who bears the responsibility for all actions taken by the government which are against the Torah, one who bears the personal responsibility for bloodshed as a result of his policies and the policies of his coalition members.

More serious people will point out that all the gedolei ha’Torah said to vote for him, so if it was wrong, they couldn’t have said that. Yet this is not valid because all the gedolei ha’Torah allowed a religious person to be "religion minister" when the Rebbe MH"M forbade this (and called it a derivation of avoda zara).

All the gedolei ha’Torah allowed a religious person to enter the coalition even though the Rebbe negated this. Unfortunately, all the gedolei ha’Torah haven’t yet come to see the prohibition in returning land as a problem with murder, yet the Rebbe’s view is known. 19 years ago the Rebbe said it was forbidden to vote for those two who were responsible for not completing Peace in the Galilee, and one of those two people is the current prime minister.

Of course some will complain about bringing up old arguments that are no longer relevant now that it’s after the elections, but the debate here is not about elections but about the approach of ignoring the Rebbe’s directives and mixing in false views from the Right about the lesser evil from the beis midrash of the "wise men" of the "ischalta d’Geula," and sowing confusion in the minds of Anash and Tmimim.

Primarily, it’s because this very approach continues to operate right now, and because of it, Chabad refrains from attacking the Prime Minister and his declarations about returning land to the Arabs, and about his preventing the army from finally taking care of the terrorists, who suck our blood.

Other symptoms of this approach that have caused us to lose our self-respect and not protect the Rebbe’s honor: On Yud-Shvat 5752, President Moshe Katzav heard the Rebbe talk for 18 minutes against giving away an inch of land even under autonomy. Katzav publicly mocked this and continues to do so even now. At every opportunity he makes announcements about "our responsibility towards peace," and about the necessity of making painful compromises, etc. (including such painful things as three crippled children, orphans without father or mother or both, the loss of a ten-month-old baby, etc. and pain in Netanya, Chadera, and nearly in Mei’a She’arim and Beis Yisroel).

Nevertheless, we are honored to bring groups of bar mitzva children to him to have their photographs taken with him, and then put those photos in our publications. By doing so, we are telling the children on their special day to go in the ways of this person who laughs at the directives he personally received from the Rebbe, and who is ready to abandon Jewish lives on the altar of peace agreements.

Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, for whom the Rebbe had given the directives to Katzav, publicly stated after that sicha that the Rebbe did not understand what autonomy is and that it wasn’t at all dangerous, etc. He kept on in this vein until the Rebbe fulfilled his promise and fought to bring down his government.

It was Shamir who caused Oslo to happen, and the Rebbe knew it back then (Chaf-Zayin Adar I 5752 proves it). Exactly nine years after that Yud Shvat, Shamir was invited to be interviewed and discuss his views of the political scene and about Chabad and the Rebbe, and what he said about the Rebbe graces the Seifer HaYovel, r’l. (Imagine if someone caused pain to the Gerrer Rebbe for example, would HaModia dare to interview him and honor him?)

About the prime minister who was "good for the Jews," about whom Rabbi Ashkenazi said at the protest rally on Yud Shvat 5759: "Netanyahu came to us like Yaakov and revealed himself as Eisav. It turns out that Netanyahu intended to begin with to lie to the rabbanei Chabad when he signed the letter of commitment...and I warn every single Chassid not to do anything that can be interpreted as identifying with Netanyahu." Two years after this warning, he appeared as the guest of honor at Chabad events around the world, was interviewed in a weekly Chabad publication, and stars in an official Chabad video. He is received royally wherever he goes and nobody mentions to him anything about his lying to the Chabad rabbanim, and about the churban he brought upon us.

Our sons and daughters who see the publicity for these events, read the interview and watch the video, absorb the fact that someone who fought against Hashem and is directly responsible for all the attacks and deaths in Chevron and the other areas of withdrawal and the one who the Chabad rabbanim forbade us from identifying with in any way, is the very one who honors Chabad with his presence, and is the guest speaker in Lubavitch on Yud Shvat!

The negative lesson to be learned from this regarding hiskashrus is enormous. The positive lesson from this about whom we should esteem and admire is awesome. The doors were opened, "the lesser evil" won big time, and soldiers of the house of Dovid search in broken cisterns that contain no water but only snakes and scorpions.

We must thank Hashem that through open miracles Netanyahu was prevented from being a contender, for if he had run in the elections, r’l, the same story would have repeated itself. Who am I and what am I to say the following words, but who knows whether the Messianic fervor with which so many put their souls into electing Netanyahu a few months after Gimmel Tammuz 5754, and 5,000 Chassidim singing "U’l’Binyamin Amar" on Gimmel Tammuz 5755, didn’t prevent the hisgalus of Moshiach. Moshiach won’t come until they ask for his reign, and when there’s a substitute that people are so excited about even though he announces ahead of time that he will continue the Oslo Accords - in other words, he will fight the Rebbe, Hashem, and His Torah - isn’t this "they despised the malchus of Beis Dovid," r’l?

It’s not pleasant to say all this but the point is to correct it. We have to remove ourselves entirely from identifying with those who fight the Rebbe MH"M. The Rebbe’s pure, clear, and extreme view must be heard throughout the media, via posters, flyers, radio stations, and in all the pamphlets distributed in shuls. It must be said not as a political view but as the directive of Melech HaMoshiach himself.

Let’s not leave the work to a few Chassidim who prove by their very deeds that the "official" Chabad is not behind them. Each one of us is the Rebbe’s soldier, every director of a Chabad House is a commander, national Chabad organizations are higher officers, and the rabbanim at our head are the Kohen mashuach ha’milchama, with the Rebbe above them all.

If we didn’t have the ability to fight this war, the Rebbe wouldn’t have started it to begin with. It’s much easier to win over public opinion in Eretz Yisroel than in the mighty Soviet Union. We have many more soldiers here - in the thousands and tens of thousands, may they increase - than the handful of Chassidim through whom the Rebbe waged and won the war in the former Soviet Union. So we certainly can fight and win here.

Our role is to make sure in the hundredth year that the Rebbe is the ruler of Eretz Yisroel. We should not allow any new mivtzaim, as holy as they might be, to confuse and distract us from the real war.

Let us stand at all the junctions, enlist all of Anash, the men, women, and children. Let’s tell people what the Rebbe said. This is not a national war and not a war of the Right. It’s not for any candidate. It’s a proclamation which should resound throughout the world: We have a king. He has spoken, and so shall it be; he has commanded, and so shall it stand. No talks with Arabs. All agreements are off. This is a war to eradicate the seed of Amalek and to save Am Yisroel!

Then, like in the story in the Midrash about the Tanna who wanted to bring a huge stone to Yerushalayim, if we just start the work with our little finger, angels will come help us, and the Rebbe will be revealed, the king of the House of Dovid himself, and he will wage the wars of Hashem and be victorious, and the kingdom will be Hashem’s



The Narrow Path to an Age of Peace: Counting the Cost

The Great Turning is taking place as we watch.  Americans are not
only turning away from war, but they will soon turn from those who
make war.  And they are beginning to look for those whom they should
blame.  This turning about is at first ponderous, like that of an
ocean-going liner.  But once started, it will be unstoppable. 
Gathering momentum, it will crash through anything in its path, even
icebergs of ignorance.  The strange and diverse anti-war movement is
only a symptom of awakening of a much greater slumbering mass of
human energy soon to be brought to bear. 

What are the signs of The Great Turning?  Cities are passing
resolutions opposing the so-called war, more correctly slaughter, of
Iraqis.  On Friday Feb 21st The Los Angeles City Council passed a
resolution for peace by a 9-4 vote after rejecting a similar
resolution a week before.  LA is the largest of 120 or more cities to
do so, a sure sign of The Great Turning.

More signs of turning come from media sources themselves, who are not
normally critical of past slaughters, and are for the most part
historically pro-Israeli patriots.  One of these is former Marine Dan
Rather, whose interview of Saddam Hussein made the ruler seem human,
rather than demonic.  And Dan Rather made a rare mention of the real
reason for devouring Iraq -- the oil and the water.  Americans are
accustomed to hearing talk of stealing Iraq's oil, but this is the
first time a national figure has suggested that someone west of Iraq
is after its huge water reserves.  That "someone" Rather eluded to
but did not name can only be Israel.  Dan Rather never recited the
forbidden words: "ISRAEL IS BEHIND OUR WAR ON IRAQ."  But he planted
the idea of a war for water, not a war to get rid of a person named
Sadam Hussein. By legitimizing the connection of a war for resources,
Dan Rather has helped American understand that it was the new war
that triggered rip off at the gas pump.  It is now costing every SUV
owner in America about an additional $15.00 every time he or she
fills the tank.  A very high "war tax."

Another, surprising sign of the Great Turning came from Public
Broadcasting's Bill Moyers, who also broke ground by criticizing
President Bush and Vice President Cheney for hiding their war agenda
behind the American lapel flag while they spoke word to make war. 
Moyers on PBS NOW, went so far as to pin on a flag of his own lapel,
passionately stating, "IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK THE FLAG!"  To
emphasize the hypocrisy of the two, he showed the presidential pair
with their American flag pins on their lapels as they demanded the
destruction of Iraq.  Moyers' rare  harsh criticism, delivered with
genuine emotion, demonstrated in the clearest way that he thinks the
President is hiding behind his sacred flag while lying about the
war!  This too is a sign of The Great Turning. 

Ted Turner, himself a media mogul, was hammered by his own media
bosses for making an obviously fair statements about Arabs, who were
not even Iraqis.  Ted Turner no longer runs CNN as was plainly shown
when he was forced to apologize for saying that while he did not
approve of "suicide bombings" and that Muslims who go on these never
to return missions are anything but cowards.  Up to this time most
people did not know Mr. Turner did bit run CNN.  We learned the Ted
Turner also has a boss! But who is it?

Another sign of turning came in the words of former President Jimmy
Carter on Sunday, March 9, in the New York Times, "JUST WAR -- OR A
JUST WAR?"  Mr. Carter summarized his own story as follows:


Mr. Carter, like this author, a former Baptist Deacon, exposed the
roll of certain Christian evangelicals who are enabling or
facilitating this war, cruel and evil.

The administration has announced it is operating under a plan about
which the press claimed it was not informed.  On the March 5th ABC
Nightline show, a host of former Republican administration
appointees, led by a grinning William Kristol, told viewers that
there was a private war plan in place that was authored three years
before there was a President George W. Bush.  Nightline's anchor, Ted
Koppel stated, quote:

the push to eliminate Saddam Hussein is "LINKED TO A WILLINGNESS TO
IN 2003, US POLICY." -end quote Koppel.

Koppel is telling us those who run the Administration's war plan.  A
cabal, it seems, dreamed up that policy before the President was even
a candidate and that they plan to take over Iraq.  The obvious
question this raises is, who is running whom?  Perhaps we should ask,
who is the appointer and who is the appointed?  Why would ABC's
Nightline make this amazing disclosure to the American people on the
very eve of war?  The answer is ABC is forced to do so by foreign
media and Internet competition, which are both a part of The Great

This author, as Director of WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS, stated that Mr.
Bush would be a puppet President before he was ever elected. Now Ted
Koppel is telling us the same thing and many more will now listen to
us.  Here I quote a passage written by me two full years before Ted
Koppel's amazing revelations, which should be no surprise to you:


CANDIDACY" by Charles E. Carlson
( We are told it is bad
taste to quote oneself, but we don't know anyone else who said it
better until Ted Koppel came along!


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Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

Noahide News

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