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The basics of a wardrobe

The basis of a wardrobe should be the result of good planning. It is true that some women can afford to wear clothes from great designers for a tenth of the price of the clothes. Because these women don’t plan their purchases and buy in a hurry. Their colors, fabrics and accessories are not as coordinated as they could be. Their wardrobe is not carefully chosen for their lifestyle and is therefore not appropriate for their social and/or professional situation.


How to keep busy?
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Detangle your hair before washing

It’s a stupid trick, and yet it makes all the difference. Before jumping in the shower, remember to comb through your hair. This will prevent breakage when shampooing, and will allow you to use less conditioner than usual to detangle it. By avoiding overloading your hair with product, your hair will be less likely to become heavy and will not re-grease as quickly. Double the benefits!


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Understanding – What is fashion all about?

Understanding – What is fashion all about?

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