Section 20-B " The Beast Has Risen"





complete health care with the Melilot Trefoil trinity symbol of Babylon



Haworth Logo



Delta’s logo 10-2000

Delta’s much more refined Logo



Driving a car?




Pontiac’s  Logo








Even Local Companies have accepted this new Mark system, Dean Mcrary, Mobile, Al.


Movie Watcher?


Stargate SG 1



New summer 2001 Disney movie, includes all new Ba'al idol viewing, just for your children


Buying Furniture?


Federal Government Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission


Commission Seal

Neat little Pyramid with the Eye of Horus, but used here to

Revelation 13:16-18

And he causeth All…. Both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive A mark, in their right hand, or in their foreheads.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the


Or the

Name of the Beast

Or the

Number of HIS NAME


Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of……A……Man:

And his number is Six hundred three score and six.






Alert !

Insert 12-11-2000


We have all known or held great suspicion regarding the computer generated Universal Product Code. This UPC has long been held an integral part of the Beast Mark system. I believe my research will with no doubts, clarify this UPC marking system now integrated with the Mark of Babylon. The Pyramid. This has been created by…….

The UCC / (Cute little Eye of Horus)


UCC and Rosettanet announce "Econcert Readiness Day" initiative to develop a standard global business language for supply chain e-commerce by February 2, 2000.



UCC announces creation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Auto ID Research Center, with seed funding provided by the UCC, Procter & Gamble and the Gillette Company.


We already know about Procter & Gamble’s age old denial of the Luciferian markings.


UCC’s Focus

Their Focus: Food- Beverage-Grocery-Convenient Stores- Government- General Merchandise – Rosettanet- Publishing- Music- Healthcare- Pharmeceutical- Medical/ Surgical- Retail Healthcare- Industrial- Commercial- Paper Trade



Is this the new Universal Product Code symbol? The Luciferic Trinity with the All seeing eye of Satan?



And Lo and behold what I found 5-2001, bank stamp, pyramid with eye of Horus, on the right



Revelation 13:17

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the Mark, or the name of the beast (Rothschild) or the number of his name (666)


and again Lo and behold what I found 8-3-2001 from an entirely different bank and their bank stamps.

I penned it so that it would scan. We had better be wise and understand that it may not be necessary to go to a cashless society. It looks as though if all of these company's survive an economic catastrophe they will have all the control needed.



Look at the bank stamp on the other side of this bill. Scary isn't it?



Who led thee through that great and terrible wilderness, wherein were fiery serpents, and scorpions, and drought, where there was no water; who brought thee forth water out of the rock of flint;


And now whereas my father did lade you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke: my father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.


And spake to them after the counsel of the young men, saying, My father made your yoke heavy, and I will add to your yoke: my father also chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.


For whereas my father put a heavy yoke upon you, I will put more to your yoke: my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.


And answered them after the advice of the young men, saying, My father made your yoke heavy, but I will add thereto: my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.


And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.



Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.



And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

I believe we would be wise to see what my wife has just told me. " Of course we will go to a cashless system, if you believe in Jesus and do not accept this mark you will absolutely be "Cashless"


International Banking

Revelation 14:11

And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever: and they have no rest day or night; who worship the beast and his image (portrait or stone engraved)




Acacia sphinx



How many men do you know who has gotten their name from a Mark, especially a Babylonian mystical magical mark? Rothschild the European worldwide Banking Magnate who developed the Federal Reserve whom we serve!







Mexican Bank Pyramids


Air Academy National Bank, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado



Truck Finance Scheme

India Bank



AHB Logo




altamira title








logoscan.JPG (15388 bytes)



American National Bank








Anglo-American Bank

Anglo-American Bank




Just Like Apollo the so-called god, but was one the fallen angels





Broken Arrow Oklahoma Neighborhood Banking Since 1905








Yugoslavian National Bank












Bank of Thailand


Bank & Trust Company

Bank & Trust Company




Which is strikingly similar to the Masonic Baphomet or Goats head at the leading Satanic site of Anton Levay

Gulf International Bank




Welcome to CUES

Credit Union Executives Society


The Summit National Bank





Capital Bank & Trust




Central Pacific Banks Hexagram




Charter Bank


Who We Are



Citizens Bank of Canada




The Citzens Bank



Welcome To Citizens Community Bank



City National Bank



Community Bank Logo

Community Bank Group


Community Bank








Click to Visit


ColorLogo.gif (3589 bytes)


Factory Point National Bank










Here is what the People at UCC have to say:

"Just how big will the marketplace for B2B e-commerce be in the next few years? With researchers making predictions of a worldwide value ranging between $1.2 trillion and $10 trillion by 2003, the only thing we can say for sure is that it´s going to be big – darn big. By the end of 2000, only 37 percent of all U.S. businesses will be involved in some kind of online commerce. By the end of 2002, the percentage is expected to nearly double to 72 percent."* "The UCC´s system for global supply chain trade efficiencies enables businesses to immediately capitalize on these huge growth opportunities. "INITIAL CONTACT BETWEEN PARTIES. The buyer and seller must make contact and set up a business understanding before trade can proceed. This is a prerequisite to all of the other steps. This initial contact can be made in many different ways.


Where is the EAN Corporate International Offices, Yes you guessed it


Belgium, The home of the Beast computer system.


And Belgium is in the Homeland of the Risen Roman Empire, The European Union. Where the Whore which has her seat upon the beast is located on the currency.

Jeremiah 51:7

Babylon hath been a golden cup in the Lord's hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine: therefore the nations are mad.

The Scarlet Clothed Whore sitting upon the Beast, Europe.


And at the helm of the worldwide church, complete with the dis-figured and bent cross of their delusion of a defeated Jesus, this one world false prophet will call down fire from heaven in the site of men and will cause all to worship the image of the beast of Babylon.

Note: Pope John Paul wearing the Babylonian fish god Dagon  head dress or mitre. This god was the Babylonian god, Dagon. This god was supposed to have survived the great flood or deluge of Noah, and survived. ( research of Dagon derived from the book " The Two Babylons" Remember Nimrod the great man-god of the sun was the grandson of Shem, Noah's son and he was a mighty hunter before the Lord.



The Uniform Code Council (UCC) administers the EAN·UCC System for the USA and the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) administers the EAN·UCC System for Canada: EAN International in collaboration with its Member Organisations manages the EAN·UCC System for 97 countries around the world.



Arial view of 666, Temple of Lucifer, Giza, Egypt, Pyramid Cheops



Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. Man-Man-Man





May God be with you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.







Beware ! 

Another Pyramid Network?


Will you be watching? Do you understand?

Do you see that they will not force the mark upon you?

Do you understand that without knowing you may readily accept this mark because we have fallen into the Whore of Babylon?

Open our eyes O Lord and prepare us for the time is at hand.

Understand this




even though he will have an anti-Christ spirit of Satan.

Addendum 1-18-2001

Now it’s George W. Bushes Turn

As you may be aware George w. Bush WON the election by the influence of certain members of the world elite, including his prepping from Henry Kissinger. It is most interesting to put the following information together and watch the unfolding of the beast system and his continuance of the Global Government agenda. Mr. Bush called for economic forums at the news of the media’s newly created economic recession coming as soon as Bill Clinton leaves office. I expect the bad news will become worse on January 20, 2001 immediately after inauguration, of course this is not intended to slander the power that Clinton held with the media, but to carefully point out the coming planned global economic disasters and wars which have been planned, for several thousand years by the master planner himself.

Following you will see how all of the world elite group intertwines much like the double pyramids of the Magan David star.



George W. Bush Economic Forum attendees


Jim Barksdale / Manufacturing Plant in Reichelsheim Germany


Craig Barret

Uncompleted Circle / remember Turkey is the last and after United States the symbolic snake 

circle is complete

Keep your eyes open and you will also see the symbolic snake symbol on hundreds of companies, such as microsoft and many others. It is also known as the ring of fire. 


Carol Bartz / Auto Desk Inc.

Pre-production took a month in order to find the right design for the body and head of the mummies. It took a further two months of production for the special effects (image synthesis and integration of the different elements with combustion, effect, and paint). The results are spectacular with mummies and egyptian statues dancing furiously while drinking Perrier in a temple which has been transformed into a discotheque.

The Perrier advert was filmed in the Arpajon studios in France and used real actors, with the exception of statues of Horus, Bastet, and the three dancing cats, which were all completely modeled using 3d studio max®.

Jean-Jacques Annaud filmed the 20 actors dancing and then Now Futur superimposed the images created of the mummies and matched their movements to the comical gestures of the dancers.


John Chambers / Cisco Systems



Dick Egan / EMC Corporation / Worked at Intel

Yes. We’d decided to make a second offering of stock because by then, EMC had grown to 400 people and ran multiple factories. When you grow rapidly, you constantly need money. And market conditions seemed right. We received SEC approval and asked for $22 a share. Our quarterly meeting was actually underway, and I was dying to tell the employees that EMC had just put another $30 million in the bank. Paul Fitzgerald (EMC’s CFO) and I were running from the podium to the phone to negotiate. We accepted Wall Street’s offer of $21.50 a share on that Thursday afternoon. The market crashed on Friday and plummeted on Monday. EMC stock fell to $16. But we’d sold it for $21.50 and looked like geniuses.


This worldwide company, Floyd Kavamme/ Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers/ and look what they own.









Note: Cute little hidden eye on top pyramid on left


















Or could it mean…..



















And Shiva is…..





also spelled SIWA, OR SHIVA, one of the main deities of Hinduism, worshiped as the paramount lord by the Saiva (Shaivite) sects of India (see Saivism). Siva (Sanskrit: "Auspicious One") is one of the most complex gods of India, embodying seemingly contradictory qualities. He is both the destroyer and the restorer, the great ascetic and the symbol of sensuality, the benevolent herdsman of souls and the wrathful avenger. Though some of the combinations of roles may be explained by Siva's identification with earlier mythological figures, they also arise from a tendency in Hinduism to combine complementary qualities in a single ambiguous figure.

Siva's female consort is known under various manifestations as Uma, Sati, Parvati, Durga, and Kali (Siva is also sometimes paired with the supreme goddess, Sakti). The divine couple, together with their sons--the six-headed Skanda and the elephant-headed Ganesa--are said to dwell on Mount Kailasa in the Himalayas. Siva's mount and animal image is the bull Nandi; a sculpture of Nandi sits opposite the main sanctuary of every Siva temple. In temples and in private shrines Siva is worshiped in his fundamental form of the or phallus.

Siva is usually depicted in painting and sculpture as white or ash-coloured, with a blue neck (from holding in his throat the poison thrown up at the churning of the cosmic ocean, which threatened to destroy humankind), his hair arranged in a coil of matted locks (jatamakuta) and adorned with the crescent moon and the Ganges (according to legend he brought the Ganges River to earth by allowing her to trickle through his hair, thus breaking her fall). He has three eyes, the third eye bestowing inward vision but capable of burning destruction when focused outward. He wears a garland of skulls and a serpent around his neck and carries in his two (sometimes four) hands a deerskin, a trident, a small hand drum, or a club with a skull at the end.

Siva is represented in a variety of forms: in a pacific mood with his consort Parvati and son Skanda, as the cosmic dancer (Nataraja), as a naked ascetic, as a mendicant beggar, as a yogin, and as the androgynous union of Siva and his consort in one body, half-male and half-female (Ardhanarisvara). Among his common epithets are Sambhu ("Benignant"), Sankara ("Beneficent"), Pasupati ("Lord of Beasts"), Mahesa ("Great Lord"), and Mahadeva ("Great God").




``The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. [...] [T]he capacity to assert social and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date, complete files, containing even most personal information about the health or personal behavior of the citizen in addition to more customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.''
-Zbigniew Brzezinski, protegé of David Rockefeller, cofounder of the Trilateral Commission, and NSA to Jimmy Carter, from his 1971 book Between Two Ages










And the……..

Bruce Koviner / Founder and Chairman of Caxton Corporation

JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, SEC ANNOUNCE THAT STEINHARDT AND CAXTON WILL PAY $76 MILLION TO SETTLE ANTITRUST AND SECURITIES CHARGES WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Two of the country's leading investment fund managers, Steinhardt Management Company Inc. and Caxton Corporation, have agreed to pay $76 million to settle antitrust and securities charges filed today by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission in U.S. District Court in New York City. Anne K. Bingaman, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department's Antitrust Division, and William McLucas, Director of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission, announced the settlement today at a press conference in Washington. Along with the settlement filed today, the Department filed a civil complaint charging that Steinhardt and Caxton conspired to limit the supply of, or to "squeeze," the Two-Year Treasury note issued in April 1991. As a result of the conspiracy, investors who wanted to purchase or borrow such securities had to pay inflated prices. The Department's proposed consent decree, if approved by the court, would settle the antitrust suit. "Steinhardt and Caxton joined to corner the market and to inflate the price of securities in the largest and most important securities market in the world. The health of this market is critical to the nation's economy and to financing the national debt," said Bingaman. The Department said that Steinhardt and Caxton purchased a combined position of almost $20 billion in the April Two-Year Note, or 160 percent of the $12 billion issue. The two firms agreed to coordinate their trading of the issue in a way to withhold it from the market, forcing investors to pay inflated prices to buy or borrow the security. The conspiracy lasted for several months in the spring and summer of 1991. "From the Commission's perspective, this case stands for the proposition that parties cannot engage in fraud and manipulation in the market for U.S. Treasury securities. This case reflects the Commission's commitment to protecting the integrity of that market," said McLucas.



And Sun Microsystems offers services from

None other than the chief Demon himself Osiris Ra The Sun God



And applied material chief / Jim Morgan

Nothing surprising here except one board member is none other than Jack Kemp / Secretary of Housing/ Congress/ Vice president candidate, Go Figure Mr. George W. Bush

The oracle was the voice for the god Ba'al



Gregory Slayton / Bush appointee Dept. of Commerce Transition Board


And Now for George Bush’s Economic Meeting executives



Kodak CEO/ Daniel Carp

In addition to the TWAIN data sources, we provide ISIS® drivers for each of our low and


Isis the Goddess and wife who gave the virgin birth to Horus. She was also know as the Queen of Heaven




And don’t forget Mr. Phillip Condit who supplied the NASA Delta 2 (Delta = Triangle) for the Isis II Mission January 29, 1969


Richard Davidson of / Union Pacific who owns

The Egyptian Bird of the Land of the Dead



Steve Forbes

Who ran for president in 1996 and spent 35 million dollars of his own money, now come on people, figure this out.



Raymond Gilmartin / Merck

Licensing extends Merck research reach

Here are some of the key licensing agreements Merck has made in the past decade.

Name of Third Party Therapeutic Area Aurora Screening and Miniaturization Technology Axys Osteoporosis Biogen Asthma Celltech Asthma CSL Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Wistar Institute Rotavirus Vaccine ISIS Antiviral 

(the Virgin Mother of Horus in Egyptian god worship) Isis also known as the Queen of Heaven


John Hennessy / Chairman

Who for some reason found it necessary to carry the following Reuters News report on their website

By Andrew Quinn SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Massive earthquakes may have been to blame for the disappearance of two ancient Egyptian cities whose remarkably preserved ruins were found sunken in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this year, scientists said on Sunday. Announcement of the discovery of the cities of Menouthis and Herakleion -- submerged near the coast of Alexandria more than 1,000 years ago -- sparked wonder among marine archeologists, who said the two sites offered an invaluable glimpse into the world of antiquity. Scientists meeting for the American Geophysical Union here on Sunday said new research into the cities indicated that huge earthquakes were the likely cause of their destruction, possibly indicating a new major seismic fault line which could threaten the bustling modern city of Alexandria. "This is an amazing project, probably second to none," said Amos Nur, a Stanford University geophysicist who has studied the site in the Bay of Aboukir, about 15 miles (25 km) from Alexandria. Franck Goddio, the French marine archeologist who in June announced the discovery to the world, said the pattern of destruction in the cities could well indicate that they were hit with destructive earthquakes. Rows of columns were found to have fallen all in the same direction -- a clear hint of a seismic shift -- and everyday artifacts, including a wealth of gold coins and jewelry, were found scattered in a way that indicated a sudden, catastrophic event may have plunged the cities beneath the sea near the end of the 8th Century A.D. PROBE LAUNCHED IN 1996 The Egyptian discoveries capped an investigation launched in 1996 which involved both marine archeologists and geophysicists scanning the silty floor of the Bay of Aboukir for traces of the lost cities. Using seismic reflection monitors to obtain a profile of the sea floor beneath the silt, the research team eventually hit upon debris fields left from the cities -- with divers pulling up such artifacts such as an intricately carved five foot(1.5-metre) black granite statue of Isis from the treasure trove below. The investigation is now centering on what happened to the cities, which were renowned in early historical record as rich gateways to trade between Egypt, Greece and the rest of the early Mediterranean. Nur said there were clear indications that major earthquakes, possibly followed by tidal waves, struck the area in around 365 A.D., and again at the end of the 8th Century when the cities were thought to have vanished for good. "There is clearly something tectonic here, some major action," Nur said. But while Alexandria itself is known to have suffered from a number of calamitous earthquakes, most notably in 1303, it has not been established as a major seismic fault zone. And the ground in the bay, which scientists say dropped by as much as 25 feet (eight meters) to create the current bay, remains difficult to explain. FLOODING A MYSTERY Nur believes that the flooding of the area may be due to earthquake-induced liquefaction of the sea floor, by tidal waves, or by widespread "slumping" or collapse of the sea bed due to earthquakes occurring farther away. The Smithsonian Institution's Daniel Stanley, a specialist on the geology of the Nile River Delta, suggested that this may have been abetted by the sudden 25-mile (40 km) shift in the course of the Canopic branch of the Nile documented at the end of the first millennium, which could have caused widespread flooding in the area. The research team is now examining one deep crack in the ocean floor found amid the ruins -- a deep trench which bears some of the hallmarks of an exposed seismic fissure. If that is indeed found to be the case, Nur said, evidence would build to support the theory that another, hitherto unknown but potentially devastating fault line could stretch all the way from the Gulf of Suez through Egypt and into the Mediterranean. "Because the historical and archeological information in this region is sparse and incomplete, it is not possible as yet to identify the earthquake faults," Nur said, adding continued study of the area could reveal the hidden threats. ((Andrew Quinn in San Francisco bureau, 415-677-2541,



Nancy Lazar / International strategy & investments

She speaks and writes regularly on bankruptcy issues, and has held numerous positions in international, national, state, and local bar association organizations and committees. She was a member of the U.S. State Department's working group on cross- border insolvency issues and has served as an official observer to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

Please, people do not Dub me anti-republican, heck I thought I was until I have learned what Satan's plan I am just plain blood bought generic lamb chops. 


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