The Chabad Satanic False Christ Moshiach Phoenix has Risen from the ashes of Chaos. Iniquity abounds......

Head Master to the Illuminated angel of darkness

The Phoenix

It was 22 years ago, when the widow of Jacques Lifschitz, the renowned sculptor, had come for a private audience with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, shortly after her husband's sudden passing.

In the course of her meeting with the Rebbe, she mentioned that when her husband died, he was nearing completion of a massive sculpture of a phoenix in abstract, a work commissioned by Hadassah Women's Organization for the Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus, in Jerusalem.

As an artist and sculptor in her own right, she said that she would have liked to complete her husband's work, but, she told the Rebbe, she had been advised by Jewish leaders that the phoenix is a non-Jewish symbol. How could that be placed, in Jerusalem -- no less!

I was standing near the door to the Rebbe's (rabbi Mendel Menachem Schneerson) office that night, when he called for me and asked that I bring him the book of Job, from his bookshelf, which I did.

The Rebbe turned to Chapter 29, verse 18, "I shall multiply my days like the Chol."

And then the Rebbe proceeded to explain to Mrs. Lifschitz the Midrashic commentary on this verse which describes the Chol as a bird that lives for a thousand years, then dies, and is later resurrected from its ashes.

Clearly then, a Jewish symbol.

Mrs. Lifschitz was absolutely delighted and the project was completed soon thereafter.

True to his nature, the Rebbe discerned the positive where conventional wisdom saw only negativism.

How fitting, retrospectively, this beautiful metaphor of life returning from the ashes. In his own divinely inspired way, the Rebbe had brought new hope to this broken widow. And in the recurring theme of his life, he did the same for the spirit of the Jewish people, which he raised from the ashes of the Holocaust to new, invigorated life.

Told by Rabbi Yehudah Krinsky shortly after the Rebbe's passing in 1994. Rabbi Krinsky served as a secretary to the Lubavitcher Rebbe for more than 40 years.


The "Chosen" Master Race, are ye gods"

In mid-November, First Sorcereress Laura Bush sent official Christmas cards to the Republican faithful in Texas.  This Christmas card contained the official White House seal inside and well wishes from Mrs. Bush.  However, the color picture inside was shocking!  Inside the card contained a picture of what looked like a wall inside the Bush home.  Hanging on the wall was a very large Phoenix Bird !  Note that this Phoenix Bird is facing to the right, which is the "good" side in the occult.  Since President Bush is the leader of the "Christian Right", so we should expect this Phoenix Bird to look right.

For those of you who are not familiar with what the Phoenix Bird is, or why it is so Satanic, and what it means, we offer the information, below. 

According to the Egyptian Satanic Mysteries, the Phoenix Bird lives for hundreds of years, and then deliberately kills itself; its body immediately catches fire and is burned to a heap of ashes. Immediately, a new Phoenix Bird arises out of the ashes to live again.

Did you know that the Guiding Spirits of our occultic Founding Fathers insisted to them that America's national bird was to be a Phoenix Bird?  The first drawings these Founding Fathers produced were of the occult Phoenix Bird.  However, they later changed the symbol to an American Bald Eagle, afraid that the public would recognize the Phoenix as the Satanic symbol it truly was -- and is! 

America was established in 1776, a year that adds to a '21', to begin her national life, at the conclusion of which she was to physically return to ashes. Out of these ashes the new Phoenix was to arise, producing the final form of government, the global New World Order.

As you can see from these depictions, the Phoenix Bird may face either to the right or the left.  Bear this fact in mind, for it will most be most important shortly.


Moshiach ben Bushka? Who is fighting the wars of Hashem against the Amalekites? The Man of Dan of the 33rd degree of Solomon, of the Iron Triangle and the thousand points of light, the Fourth Reicht of the New HomeLand SS? The man who drank blood from a human skull while at Yale and in the Babylonian Order of the Skull and Bones? Naw! aint no way. He is such a good Churchian patriotic president even if his first business partner was Salim ben Laden. What a wonderful partnership, Moshiach ben Buska and Osama ben Laden.

The Phoenix Bird of Ancient Egypt is pure legend, but that does not keep Satanists from believing in its existence.  Let us allow Masonic author, Manly P. Hall, 33 Degree, tell us about the legendary Phoenix Bird, a representative of the coming King Moshiach !

"Among the ancients a fabulous bird called the Phoenix is described by early writers such as Clement, Herodotus, and Pliny; in size and shape it resembled the eagle, but with certain differences.  The body of the Phoenix is one covered with glossy purple feathers and the plumes in its tail are alternately blue and red.  The head of the bird is light in color, and about its neck is a circlet of golden plumage.  At the back of its back the Phoenix has a crest of feathers of brilliant color.  Only one of these birds was supposed to live at a time, with its home in the distant parts of Arabia, in a nest of frankincense and myrrh. The Phoenix, it is said, lives for 500 years, and at its death its body opens and the new born Phoenix emerges.  Because of this symbolism, the Phoenix is generally regarded as representing immortality and resurrection." [Manly P. Hall, The Secret Destiny of America , 1958, p. 176-77; Emphasis added]

This Messianic parallel is the reason the Masters of the Illuminati (Chabad Lubavitchers Rabbis of the synagogue of Satan) seized upon the Phoenix Bird as one of their symbols of the coming New World Order of Antichrist .  Do not ever forget that this goal is paramount for the New World Order.  They plan on staging the False Christ, whom we will know is Antichrist.  The symbol of the Phoenix Bird perfectly fulfills their plan and can perfectly serve as the symbol of that Man of Perdition.


Harry Potter, the Obedient Goyim Pagan Noahide, whom the Phoenix, Moshiach Ben False-Christ, will give Salvation in the Olam Ha Ba.


Association of Jewish Libraries
South Florida Chapter

Harry Potter's Adventures Teach Jewish ValuesThis article appeared in the Jewish Star Times on November 14, 2001. It quotes SF AJL President Heidi Estrin several times.


There's nothing Jewish about Elian Gonzalez, The Sopranos or Harry Potter, but chances are, if it's current, the Jewish community will be all over it.

With the long-awaited movie version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone coming to theaters Nov. 16, the bespectacled boy wizard -- adored by children and adults everywhere -- is all the buzz again.

The bestseller's greatest value, say parents and teachers, is that it offers fantasy-filled entertainment that gets kids excited about reading and learning. In addition, some Jewish educators say there is a Jewish connection.

``It's a classic story of good and evil, which naturally ties into derech eretz -- doing the right thing,'' said Heidi Estrin, librarian at Congregation B'nai Israel's Feldman Children's Library in Boca Raton. ``Harry has to choose between right and wrong; to choose to be a mensch. Harry is a good example of derech eretz. He uses his judgment and doesn't follow rules blindly. He looks at the situation and decides what is right. Even when he is breaking the rules, he doesn't do it just to break the rules. He puts thought into it.''

While there is nothing particularly Jewish about Harry donning an invisibility cloak, attending Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, or playing quidditch (sort of a polo game that uses broomsticks instead of ponies), many of the boy's actions reflect Jewish teachings.

The universal messages are not exclusively Jewish, but the book does include Jewish principles, such as the importance of social justice and honoring one's parents; subplots that relate to Torah parshat; and survival in the face of evil.

As Mark Baranek, director of education and youth of Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach, talks about Harry Potter, he -- like Estrin -- can't help but use Jewish references to describe the young hero and his relationships. He playfully calls Harry's value system ``Pirkei Potter,'' which refers to Pirkei Avot, a tractate of the Talmud, which is generally translated as ``ethics of our fathers.''

``The friendship between Harry and Ron teaches kids about havarim (friends) and what qualities make a friend -- trust, loyalty, understanding,'' said Baranek, who attended this summer's annual Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education, where educators discussed using the Harry Potter books to teach Judaic values.

Last week, Baranek challenged students to relate the story to Judaism when he initiated a discussion among children and their parents.

``Harry's act of courage teach ometz lev -- courage or bravery of the heart. You must live your life not only courageously, but courageously within,'' Baranek said.

Marion Pincus, a teacher and librarian at David Posnack Hebrew Day School in Davie, hopes Harry -- whether in book or movie form -- will be a positive influence on kids and inspire them to want to read more. She organized a Harry Potter Club, where elementary-age students discuss the story and its author, J.K. Rowling. They also listen to the audio-book while playing Harry Potter card games, sharing magic tricks and coloring scenes from the story.

``Kids also learn Jewish values by seeing the way not to act,'' said Pincus, who plans to take club members to see the Harry Potter movie as a group. ``You can't treat people the way the Dursleys treat Harry.''

After the death of his parents, Harry's Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley reluctantly take their nephew in and treat him with less dignity and affection than a family pet. While the couple spoil their own son, Harry is denied simple things such as birthday gifts (he gets only discarded and broken hand-me-downs) or a decent place to sleep.

In contrast, Baranek cited the Torah portion in which Abraham and Sarah welcome into their tent three wanderers who turn out to be angels.

``We talked about honoring one another, ohev zeh et zeh and what makes people love one another. What's makes Harry love and honor his mother, even though she is not there. I asked them, `How do you show love? How do you act?' . . . . Using Harry Potter to teach Jewish values is a great example of what's current that kids can relate to.''

A year and a half ago, Emily Rosenstein of Miami Beach started reading Harry Potter with her two older children, Mitchell, 9, and Erica, 11. Now she has read all four books.

``There are good values in the story that can be applied to anything,'' Rosenstein said. ``They are not Jewish values per se. It sends the message that when you do a mitzvah, good things happen. When you are bad and dishonest, it doesn't matter how much money you make, bad things will happen. It reinforces the values you would expect to find in any good moral person. Just because Harry's aunt and uncle adopt him, it's not a mitzvah because they aren't doing it with their hearts. A mitzvah can be tiny or big, but it must be done with heart.''

For the first 10 years of his life, Harry accepts his misery. Once he begins to stand up for his rights, everything else falls into place. It's another religious message, she said.

``God will only help you if you do something to help yourself. Until Harry starts fighting for himself, nothing good happens to him. If you sit back and say, `God will save me,' it will never happen,'' she said.

Because of its use of witchcraft, Harry Potter has been called controversial. In Duval County, a parent asked that the book be removed from school libraries. This month, a committee of teachers, librarians and parents recommended to the North Florida county's superintendent of schools that Harry Potter remain on school library bookshelves. Until a decision is made, children in Jacksonville and surrounding cities must get permission from their parents before checking out the book.

B'nai Israel's Estrin, who used to work in the Broward County public library system, has read all four books in J.K. Rowling's Harry series. She is not surprised by the attempt to censor the book, but believes it is an ignorant response.

``A lot of the best works of literature create controversy. Stirring literature is not all sugar and tea parties. I wonder if those complaining have actually read the book. If you really read it, you will see that Harry uses magic for good. The story contains bad wizards and witches who use witchcraft for evil, but they are clearly presented as bad guys. The good guys only use magic in positive ways and don't want to hurt anyway. Anyone who says the book is teaching children witchcraft is missing the point of the story,'' she said.

While Rowling's characters possess supernatural abilities, Rabbi Yonason Goldson said the book does not advocate the use of witchcraft.

``Universal, ethical values are portrayed beautifully throughout the series,'' said Goldson, a St. Louis rabbi, teacher and fan of the Harry series. ``Most of the values that we take for granted today are based in Judaism.''







Yes, Chabad Satan's Phoenix is rising, the Occult of Lucifer, Iniquity abounds


This is the reason the Masters of the Cahabad Illuminati seized upon the Phoenix Bird as one of their symbols of the coming New World Order of Antichrist.  Do not ever forget that this goal is paramount for the New World Order.  They plan on staging the False Christ, whom we will know is Antichrist.  Thus, the symbol of the Phoenix Bird perfectly fulfills their plan and can perfectly serve as the symbol of that Man of Perdition.




Maj. General John K. Singlaub
Formerly of the OSS (forerunner of the CIA), Former Deputy Chief CIA in Korea (Moon's homeland), and also at the Chinese desk of the CIA(2), Head of the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force, and was with the American Security council. Singlaub denies association with Operation Phoenix, though his Task Force was in charge of it. Operation Phoenix was an assassination organization that was responsible for the death of many thousands of Vietnamese civilians. Chief of Staff of the U.N. Command in Korea, forced to retire under Jimmy Carter. He founded the U.S. Council of World Freedom, which is very tightly associated with Rev. Moon's World Anti-Communist League.
His Council has been a breeding ground for Moon's WACL organization. He met repeatedly with William Casey of the CIA, Elliot Abrams of the State Department, and Oliver North of the NSC between 1980 and 1986, all of which were involved in the "drugs for guns" debacle in Honduras and Nicaragua. He was head of the USCWF, Chairman of Moon's WACL (World Anti-Communist League), Refugee Relief International, board member of Tim Lahaye's Council of National Policy (Singlaub raised at least $100,000 for Moon's WACL from Tim Lahaye's CNP group during just 1 fundraiser. Singlaub has been with Western Goals (a group dedicated to surveillance of American "subversives"), and the British arm of Western Goals.
In an interview for CBS's "60 Minutes" Mike Wallace asked him, "Singlaub has become Ronald Reagan's secret weapon to sidestep a congress that will not permit him to act in the areas where he believes that our (national) security interests are at stake· True?" Singlaub responded "True". His associations with these groups were to effect the toppling and restructuring of governments. He did this largely through LaHaye's CNP and the Council of 56 Religious Roundtable. He has admitted that the Defense Department organized the private aid, which largely included Moon's NFF, WACL, Heritage Foundation, And Tim LaHaye's CNP and The Religious Roundtable.
These men were behind the scenes planning and carrying out the dirty work since the Nixon administration, and their efforts have been untiring. If it can be said that the agenda of the United States is the bringing in of the N.W.O. then it can certainly be said that these men have all been instrumental in it's shaping. Just 1 decade from the time Lahaye formed the ACTV (another conservative religious activist organization) and much less than a decade from the time he helped found the CNP, he teamed with Jenkins to begin the left behind series.
Could this be the reason that when Jenkins was faced with this statement, "It is not my assertion that one with the mark would be lost, it is God's", his reply was "I disagree"?



The next year Project Phoenix was born. It is the same as today's Contact Operation. It was run by DOS (at the beginning, and funded with AGENCY money.) An operations fund of $400,000 was granted to Project Phoenix by the DIA. That's when it changed hands.

Contact/Phoenix books and newspapers contain subliminal type of programs designed to keep the programmed "sleepers" walking the Company line, years after the programming was put in.

The Jonestown experiment was one that had gone sour and had to be terminated. However, enough was learned from the Jonestown experiment to use on other "cults" around the world. Waco was one that was successful, so successful in fact that they were just about to carry out their programmed "terrorist" act, when the government sent in a Delta Force team to neutralize seven "sleepers" who were part of the Branch Davidian Church and had been accidently "triggered".

Somehow, the NWO part of the FBI and BATF decided that they were going to take over the operation and use it to teach America some lessons. The rest of the Waco story is history now.

The cult in Japan was financed by the same NWO part of the CIA that experimented with Jonestown. The Temple of the Solar Order in Switzerland and Canada were also terrorist sleepers who were programmed to release biological and chemical weapons in targeted cities.

Programmed terrorists are used by the NWO governments around the world to cause the citizens to give up their freedom and demand a police state to keep them safe. Once the police state is in place, the lessons learned from experiments like Jonestown can be used to program and re-educate the population in concentration camps, or as they will be called "Re-education and Training Camps". This is part of the "school to work" legislation that is being rammed through Congress. Those people who have not been indoctrinated in the schools of today, will not be allowed to get a job unless they go back for re-education. The techniques used in Jonestown-like mind control experiments will quickly shape and mold people into good little NWO robots.

If they don't agree to enter one of these re-education camps, they will not be able to get a job, therefore, they will not be able to support themselves or buy food or shelter. If they become homeless they will be forced to enter a homeless camp in which they will be "taught" skills. All the forests and wild lands will have become part of the world's biospheres, there will be no place for dissenting citizens to run.

Those citizens who cannot be reprogrammed will "disappear".

Children will be separated from parents, and husbands from wives. You will be sent to whatever area of the country that your skill is needed. Old and useless people will be sent to "nursing" homes, and will "disappear". Families will be split asunder, and as a result of the programming, no one will even notice that they no longer have their loved ones around them. No one will ever be missed.

Jonestown may have been a failure, but what they learned from it has been incorporated into the plan for the One World Government. 1984 should be must reading for everyone these days, because Big Brother is upon us.

Gunther Russbacher was Source for this information



HJR 104 Public Law 102-14

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'. (Enrolled as Agreed to or Passed by Both House and Senate)



One Hundred Second Congress of the United States of America


Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January,

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

Joint Resolution

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe', this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving', the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it


Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Vice President of the United States and

President of the Senate


One Problem with these Laws if you stand firm for the Testimony of Jesus Christ, whom these Illuminated rabbi's of Chabad hold to their oral tradition of Talmud Bavli, Mishnah Torah, as a bastard and the son of a whore and a Roman Soldier

Melakhim, ch. 9, 10). One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws

subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation (Sanh. 57a).



And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.



 And in the Satanic Noahide Testing Grounds for this New Order of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, where they would enforce HJR 104 Public Law 102-14 as a testing ground 



Are you a " Christian Terrorist"


        2.    Freemasonry
". . . [priests] after the Order of Melchizedek . . .were the immortals to whom the term 'phoenix' was applied and their symbol was the mysterious two-headed bird now called an eagle, a familiar and little understood Masonic emblem." [Hall, p. 108]


Coinciding with, Setting the stage for Christian "Terrorist"


Russell Turpin wrote: > > > Eric Rudolf > > > and others who bomb abortion clinics should be > > > referred to as "Christian terrorists." > > > > That would be both fair and accurate, wouldn't it? > > > > jb > > It could be fair and accurate without being useful. This isn't about science, > it's about using language as a tool to shape events. Well then, I'm in favor of using the "Christian terrorist" label to do so. ;-)





"A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second
  Coming of Christ; who frequently attends Bible studies; who has a high
  level of financial giving to a Christian cause; who home schools for
  their children; who has accumulated survival foods and has a strong belief
  in the Second Amendment; and who distrusts big government.  Any of these
  may qualify a person as a cultist but certainly more than one of these
  would cause us to look at this person as a threat and his family as
  being in a risk situation that qualifies for government interference."

  -Janet Reno, Attny. General of the United States during an Interview on
  CBS "60 Minutes" on June 26, 1999.




And in Phoenix, Maricopa County

Pope accepts Phoenix bishop's resignation

Clergyman faces felony charges in fatal hit-and-run accident

Wednesday, June 18, 2003 Posted: 8:03 AM EDT (1203 GMT)
Wednesday, June 18, 2003 Posted: 8:03 AM EDT (1203 GMT)
Wednesday, June 18, 2003 Posted: 8:03 AM EDT (1203 GMT)

PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) -- Pope John Paul II has accepted the resignation of Bishop Thomas O'Brien of Phoenix, Arizona, who faces charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident, CNN confirmed Wednesday.


And the "Protocols of the Illuminated "Masters of Chabad Satan, said..


The goal of "The Protocols" was to convince Russians that the liberal reformers and social revolutionaries threatening the power of the Russian aristocracy would destroy Russia. That is why we find that the Protocols includes statements like this one:

[Start Quote from "Protocols" on 'Mystical Autocracy']

"The principal guarantee of stability of rule is to confirm the aureole of power, and this aureole is attained only by such a majestic inflexibility of might as shall carry on its face the emblems of inviolability [derived] from mystical causes- from the choice of God. Such was, until recent times, the Russian autocracy, the one and only serious foe we had in the world, without counting the papacy."





The Tarot Card "Phoenix" Killer



Symbolism of the Death Tarot

Skeleton: Symbol of death and rebirth

Death of freedom, birth of the Olam Ha Ba "New World Order"

Scythe: Cutting away the old

Installing the new system of Terror

Lily Plant: Rebirth; resurrection

Olam Ha Ba, the world to come under Moshiach ben Satan

Fish: New life; swiftness of change

Coming soon to a terrified America nearest you

Scorpion: Willingly submitting to change, despite danger or harm.

Becoming Obedient Noachides under the authority of the "Homeland Security Agency"

Snake: Symbolic of death and rebirth; of progression.

The Serpent by the wayside

Phoenix: Birth of the new. This is the third and highest aspect of transformation.

The symbol of the "Bushka New World Order"

Are you a man or a moose?


Well I'll be...just today 6-18-2003

Police Chief Who Led Sniper Probe Resigns

Wed Jun 18, 1:47 PM ET
Add U.S. National - AP to My Yahoo!

ROCKVILLE, Md. - The police chief who led team investigating the Washington-area sniper shootings has resigned, a Montgomery County police spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Chief Charles Moose has resigned, said Joyce Utter, the police spokeswoman, but she had no other details. Utter referred all questions to the office of County Executive Douglas Duncan



Now, there can be no doubt. That the Illuminated Schneerson and the Babylonian Skull and Bones man of Dan are working for the same goal....Satan's plan..Temporary it be...

Heru-ra-ha Lodge, O.T.O. was chartered January 7, 1978 E.V. by Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha, 777, IX°, X° (Grady Louis McMurtry). It is the first Local Lodge to be established under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of the United States (at that time, Thelema Grand Lodge, Berkeley California) and has operated continuously under the same mastership since its inception. Heru-ra-ha's Lodge Master and Lodge Mistress are both chartered by the National Grand Master Sabazius, X°, to conduct initiations of the M M M degrees of Ordo Templi Orientis from 0° (Minerval) through K.R.E. (Knight of the Red Eagle).

Extremely active in our first fifteen years (over 500 degree initiations, E.G.C. Masses, bi-weekly magick classes, Rites of Eleusis), the last four years have been mercifully quieter. Because Man of Earth degree initiations are now available in many other locations in Southern California, Heru-ra-ha now focuses primarily on degree work of the higher triads, classes, seminars, and publishing projects.

If you are a member of the U.S. O.T.O. in the Degree of Knight of the East and West and have received sanction from the U.S. Electoral College to be invited to receive your Fifth Degree, or if you are an International member of the Degree of Prince of Jerusalem or Knight of the East and West, you are encouraged to contact the MWS of Heru-ra-ha Chapter Rose-Croix at either of the addresses below.


The Rebbe’s Revolution In 5762

Ten years passed. On the one hand, world-wide terror increased. On the other hand, the world continued to progress towards the time of the Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson's revelation. Somehow, the Rebbe arranged it so that Bush’s son would become president too and complete what his father left unfinished.

By Rabbi Naftali Estulin



Behold, the Phoenix has rose......only to be put to eternal damnation by Christ Jesus, the Lord of Lords



August 25, 2002

Flight of the Phoenix:
From Vietnam to Homeland Security

An Open Letter to Maj. Gen. Bruce Lawlor

by Douglas Valentine

"The implication or latent threat of force alone was sufficient to insure that the people would comply..."

William Colby, RIP

Imagine my surprise to learn that the Bruce Lawlor is serving as the Office of Homeland Security's Senior Director for Protection and Prevention!

I say this in a blatantly exclamatory fashion because I interviewed Lawlor for my book, The Phoenix Program, back in 1988, when he was just a small town lawyer in Vermont. Poor Bruce. He's always had big ambitions, and he'd run for attorney general of Vermont in 1984. But, as he told me with abiding bitterness, his political opponents exploited his self-proclaimed participation in the CIA's Phoenix Program in Vietnam. The bastards had used that awful fact to launch a successful smear campaign against him. And yes, he'd lost the primary election as a result.

Nearly 20 years later Lawlor is still licking his wounds, and there's no doubt that he holds a major general's grudge against the pacifists and peaceniks who smeared him with Phoenix. So now I'm wondering, what's he got in store for people like me?

Here We Go Again

Having former CIA Phoenix officers in important government positions is nothing new in America. I refer you to Congressman Rob Simmons, a friend of Lawlor's, whom Lawlor describes as a "liberal". Simmons, good liberal Episcopalian that he is, ran a CIA Province Interrogation Center in Vietnam. (See The Spook Who Would be a Congressman.)

Having potential war criminals in positions of power is nothing new, but I'm one of those people who believe that all former CIA officers--especially those involved in "extra-legal" counter-terror programs like Phoenix--should not be allowed to hold public office. I believe this, because the CIA is antithetical to democratic institutions. And that's why I was so surprised to see, that the guy I knew as "Bruce", is now Major General Lawlor, and a top-ranking official in the ominous Office of Homeland Security. By which I mean, he's someone who has access to Ashcroft's political blacklist, and he has control over the covert action teams that can be used to neutralize those dissidents.

To get right to the point, I have a sneaking suspicion that Lawlor, like Simmons, is still working for the CIA, and thus poses a major threat to democracy in America.

One of the reasons I have this crazy feeling, is that nowhere in any of Lawlor's official looking, on-line biographies is there any mention of his CIA service. It's like his biographers are deliberately trying to hide his CIA connection from us.

For example, The Executive Session on Domestic Preparedness, "a standing task force of leading practitioners and academic specialists concerned with terrorism and emergency management" (sponsored by Harvard's JFK School of Government, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice), posted an official biography of Major General Bruce M. Lawlor. They mention that he was the "first" commanding general of the Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) located at Fort Monroe. This is extremely important, because the JTF-CS was formed specifically to provide "command and control over Department of Defense consequence management forces in support of a civilian Lead Federal Agency (the CIA?) following a weapon of mass destruction incident in the United States, its territories or possessions (italics added)."

This sounds an awful lot like a prelude to the terror attacks of 11 September, and I'll raise the subject of the JTF-CS in a bit, but for now I'd like to point out that nowhere do Lawlor's friends from Harvard (he's a graduate of Harvard's National Security Fellows Program) or the Departments of Defense and Justice, say that Lawlor was once a CIA officer. (Please see

Likewise, in an earlier biography posted on the Internet, Lawlor was said to be "assigned as the Deputy Director, Operations, Readiness and Mobilization within the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans in May 1998. As Deputy Director he monitors Army operations worldwide and oversees National Guard and Reserve Forces Integration efforts."

This too is incredibly important, and relates directly to the terror attacks of 11 September, in so far as the National Guard and Reserves are integral parts of Northcom, the military component of the forthcoming Department of Homeland Security, which will manage the "pacification" of the American people. But before we get into that, let's proceed with the problem of Lawlor's official biographies. In this particular biography, which was posted in November 2000, it says "The General's military service began in 1967. After service in Vietnam from 1971 to 1973, he received a Direct Commission in 1974 as an Intelligence Officer."

Once again, and rather conspicuously, there is no mention that Lawlor was a CIA officer in Vietnam. In fact, you get the feeling that he was in the military. You might go so far as to say that the folks at Homeland Security are dissembling, in order to hide the fact that one of their most senior officers probably still is a CIA officer!

Why would Lawlor consent to this subterfuge, if, in fact, he is an honorable man?

The Phoenix Program

I first read about Lawlor in Everything We Had by Al Santoli. I was researching the Phoenix Program at the time, and Santoli's interview with Lawlor was in a section titled "The Phoenix". Santoli identified Lawlor as having been a CIA case officer in I Corps, from November 1971-December 1973, and he quoted Lawlor as saying that in order to win the Vietnam War, "what we had to do was get in and eliminate the ability of the VC to control or influence the people. That's what pacification was all about. The buzzword was "root out." We tried to go in and neutralize their political structure."

For those who are unfamiliar with Phoenix and its jargon, "neutralize" meant to assassinate, imprison, or turn someone into a defector or double agent.

Lawlor apparently made some very provocative statements to Santoli, including this one: "We permitted the Vietnamese to corrupt the system and we did it because we basically were corrupt ourselves." Lawlor's position about Phoenix seemed to be that it was "an extermination program" that was "used to settle old scores."

In an effort to find out if this was Lawlor's position, I wrote to him and requested an interview. Lawlor agreed, and we did taped interviews, portions of which I included in my book, The Phoenix Program, between pages 407-411.

What Lawlor told me basically confirmed everything Santoli had attributed to him. Except there were some additional, startling details. To begin with, Lawlor told me that he joined the CIA in 1967, while he was getting his BA at George Washington University. The CIA hired him to work the night shift, and after he graduated, he was given the chance to become a regular CIA staff officer. He took the paramilitary course, which included instruction in weapons and military tactics, but he was also trained as a foreign intelligence officer, the kind who manages secret agents. After that he was assigned to the Vietnam Desk at Langley headquarters, where he received specialized training in agent operations in Vietnam, and took a language course in Vietnamese. During this time, Lawlor formed a rapport with the Vietnam Desk officer, Al Seal, and when Seal was assigned as the base chief in Danang, he asked that Lawlor accompany him. Lawlor, notably, was just as gung-ho about fighting the Viet Cong as John Kerrey. (See Bob Kerrey, the CIA and War Crimes.)

Lawlor arrived in Vietnam in November 1971 and was assigned as an undercover staff officer at the US Embassy's translation section. He arrived in Danang a few weeks later, at the beginning of 1972, and was assigned to regional headquarters, in the counter-intelligence office. He worked at that job through the Easter Offensive of 1972, but then things changed dramatically. Lawlor became the Police Special Branch advisor in Quang Nam Province, in which capacity, in the summer of 1972, he did what Rob Simmons had done in nearby Quang Ngai Province; he organized the most aggressive Special Branch officers into a paramilitary Special Intelligence Force Unit that hunted members of the Viet Cong Infrastructure in the hamlets and villages. As advisor to the Special Branch, Lawlor also ran the Quang Nam Province Interrogation Center, and there got to know the CIA's regional PRU advisor, Patry Loomis. Bored with merely filing reports, Lawlor jumped at the chance, when Loomis asked him if he'd like to out on some PRU operations. That's when Lawlor started dressing in tiger fatigues and going out on ambushes, and traditional PRU "snuff and snatch" operations.

For those unfamiliar with Phoenix lexicon, the PRU--Provincial Reconnaissance Unit--Program was a unilateral CIA operation, formed by the CIA, paid by the CIA, and staffed by mercenary Vietnamese who worked for the CIA, often against the interests of their own government. The PRU were originally called "counter-terror teams" and, according to Nelson Brickham (the man who created the Phoenix program) their job was to go into VC areas "to do to them what they were doing to us." Which means mutilating people, sticking their heads on poles after they were killed, killing the families of suspected VC terrorists or political chiefs, and other unconventional CIA terror tactics.

After the 1972 Easter Offensive the PRU were ostensibly placed under the jurisdiction of the Special Branch, and were renamed Special Reconnaissance Units. At this point the CIA still controlled the PRU purse strings, but it wasn't providing as much money and as a result, it lost a certain amount of control over the PRU leadership. The top ranking Vietnamese PRU officers turned to graft, drug dealing, and shakedowns to make up the differential. Very bad things started happening. On one unforgettable occasion Lawlor walked into the Hoi An Interrogation Center and saw that a woman, who knew about the regional PRU chief's dirty dealings, had been raped and murdered. Her body was stretched over a table. "All of a sudden," Lawlor told me, "Mr. (Phan Van) Liem (the PRU chief) wants me to go on a mission with him, and the other PRU guys are telling me, 'Don't go!'"

This may seem a minor detail to the people at Homeland Security, or then again, it may be one reason why Lawlor's resume is so lacking in CIA information. You see, all CIA Province Interrogation Center advisors were obligated to report any incidents of torture, murder, or abuse they witnessed. So, where's Lawlor's report?

I believe Lawlor probably filed a report. Back in those rough and tumble Phoenix fighting days he was a man of conscience. For example, when Seal was replaced as the CIA's Regional Officer in Charge (ROIC) of I Corps, the new ROIC, Tom Flores, brought in a new staff. Having worked in the region's counter-intelligence office, Lawlor knew that an NVA spy ring still existed in the area, and that one of these NVA agents was the girl friend of Flores' operations chief. When Lawlor reported this to Flores, he was accused of having "gone native." So Lawlor told the CIA's security chief in Saigon, at which point his office furniture was confiscated and he was handed a ticket home.

"After that I became disillusioned," Lawlor confessed. He tendered his resignation to Ted Shackley in 1974. "The agency betrayed us," he said. "To go after the VCI, we had to believe it was okay. But we were too young to understand what happens when idealism cracks up against reality. We risked our lives to get information on the VCI, information we were told the President was going to read. Then guys who didn't care gave it to superiors more interested in booze and broads."

That's what Bruce Lawlor said to me back in 1988. He was definitely embittered, but there's something weird about him that makes him keep going back for more. When former Director of Central Intelligence William Colby heard that the Phoenix smear campaign had cost Lawlor the 1984 election in Vermont, he offered Lawlor his moral (as it was) support. Lawlor was summoned to Langley and interviewed for a job in the freewheeling Special Operations Division, which was then breaking every international law in places like Nicaragua and Afghanistan. But details of the "gone native" incident surfaced, and Lawlor was not, to his immense disappointment, rehired by the CIA.

Reprisal is the Name of the
Homeland Security Game

People look for vindication in many different ways. Take, for example, the reaction of the right wing to America's humiliating defeat at the hands of the Vietnamese. Phoenix creator Nelson Brickham compared that reaction to the frustration and bitterness of the German nation after the First World War. As we all know, that frustration and bitterness enabled Hitler to do his thing.

Since the terror attacks of 11 September, we've seen the same phenomena here in America. Symbolically, that traumatic event wiped the slate clean. As a result, all the moral and psychological prohibitions on the reactionary right have been lifted, and all the anger and frustrations it cultivated during the Vietnam War, and the Carter and Clinton Administrations, is poised to be unleashed under the aegis of counter-terrorism, not only on the usual suspects--foreign enemies sitting on vast oil reserves, suspected terrorists, and domestic dissidents--but on the unwitting, flag-waving American public as well.

I happen to believe that Bruce Lawlor is one of those frustrated, bitter people. And I believe that he subscribes to the fascist theories of Michael Ledeen. A former counter-terror expert in the corrupt Reagan Regime's State Department and National Security Council, Ledeen in a 1 October 2001 article for the National Review blamed the terror attacks of 11 September on Bill Clinton, "for failing to properly organize our nation's security apparatus."

According to Ledeen, Clinton's sneering lack of respect for security took "a terrible toll on the system, and (Tom) Ridge will not find it easy to instill a proper respect for proper secrecy, even in his own offices. It takes quite a while to stamp out corrupt habits of mind and action."

Leeden's solution to the problem of domestic terrorism is ideological. It is "to stamp out" the "corrupt habits of mind (italics added)" that are still lingering around, somewhere. In other words, the reactionary right wing, as represented by the fascist Bush Regime, with its ambitions for a military dictatorship, must impose its "proper" ideology through the institution of an official Thought Police--the current Office of Homeland Security and the forthcoming Department of Homeland Security. Stamping out, or pacification, is what is required to create the politically correct, security conscious, uniform American citizenry, marching in lockstep with their fellow flag waving TIPsters, that is necessary to win the tough eternal war on terror that lies ahead. It's a matter of will power.

"This is time for the old motto, "kill them all, let God sort 'em out." New times require new people with new standards," Ledeen asserts. "The entire political world will understand it and applaud it. And it will give Tom Ridge a chance to succeed, and us to prevail."

It's obvious that many people with an axe to grind are jumping on the Homeland Security bandwagon. Knowing this, and fearing that Bruce Lawlor is of the Ledeen "reprisal" persuasion, I immediately tried to get an interview with him. I called his office at 202-456-5687 and spoke with his secretary. She said he would call me back, but he hasn't responded.

I know he was angry with me after The Phoenix Program was published. He did not like how I portrayed the CIA, or him, personally. He was so upset he helped a CIA-nik write a rebuttal to my book. So I'm a little concerned, not just for myself, but for anyone who opposed the Vietnam War, and now opposes the Bush Regime's blatantly fascist policies at home and abroad. So I'm writing this as an open letter to General Lawlor.

As far as I know, General Lawlor, we still live in a democracy. Although the Bush regime seems hell bent on using the uninvestigated terror attacks of 11 September as a pretext to turn America into a military dictatorship, we are not yet (as far as I know) under martial law. Public officials, like you, still have a responsibility to respond to our concerns. So speaking on behalf of people concerned by the gaping window of opportunity for the abuse of human rights and civil liberties presented by the corrupt Bush Regime, through its Homeland Security apparatus, here are the main questions that need to be answered:

Questions for Major General Bruce Lawlor

1) What happened in July 1995 to make you leave your law practice and go to the Army War College? Did the CIA have a role in that decision?

2) How did your education at the War College pave the way for your assignment as Special Assistant to the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, from June to October 1996? CIA officers often go by the term "Special Assistant." Were you serving as the CIA's liaison to the Supreme Commander?

3) In May 1998 you got the very important job as Deputy Director of Readiness and Mobilization within the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans. Your job was managing the National Guard and Reserves around the world. Did the CIA help you get this job? How were you involved with the CIA in this position?

4) You were the first commander of the Joint Task Force, Civil Support at Fort Monroe. Your job was to work with civilians. Was this a CIA assignment? How were you involved with the CIA in this position? Was this assignment based in any way upon your Phoenix-related experiences as a CIA officer in Vietnam, and was it precisely that "Phoenix" sensibility that you brought, as your main qualification, to the job? What are your other qualifications? Who else bid for the job? Isn't this where General Wayne Downing was assigned after 11 September, and if so, what was and is your relationship with him, and the CIA, in terms of formulating Homeland Security policy?

5) In a 24 March 2000 statement to Congress, you seemed to be preparing for the Homeland Security job you have now. In a way you predicted the calamitous events of 11 September. Did you, in fact, have any foreknowledge of those attacks?

6) In your statement to Congress you said that as Commanding General of the JTF-CS, you created Civil Support Teams to assist in case of a weapon of mass destruction incident. Formerly known as Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection (RAID) teams, CSTs, you said, "are National Guard assets, and thus can function under state or federal authority. They are equipped with sophisticated communications systems that will enable local first responders to talk with neighboring jurisdictions or link up with federal centers of expertise. CSTs are also being equipped with state of the art detection equipment that will enable them to help local first responders quickly identify potential WMD agents." That's what you told Congress. Would you now please tell us what role the CIA plays in CST operations? It sounds like a great CIA cover outfit to me. Are they? Is there a Civil Support team near me? Will you allow me to observe how it functions?

7) In your role as Senior Director for Protection and Prevention at the Office of Homeland Security, what is your relationship with Northcom and the CIA? In fact, what is it that you do? Is it true that the Office of Homeland Security will be strategy-making part of the Homeland Security apparatus, and that the forthcoming Department of Homeland Security will be the tactical and operational part? What is the function of the Homeland Security Council, and what is your relationship with it? Can we have organization charts of these entities, including ones that show where the CIA is hiding it covert assets?

8) Last but not least, please explain the conspicuous absence of any reference to your CIA background in your official biographies. This seems to suggest that you are still CIA. Are you? And tell us, please, if you and others like intend to use your power to seek revenge against your political opponents?

Lingering Doubts

From mid 1972 through 1973 Bruce Lawlor ran the same sort of anti-terror programs that are now in vogue. The CIA has already launched a worldwide Phoenix Program. Is that why he got the Homeland Security job? Is that why the CIA finally let him back inside the fold? Did he promise to allow the CIA to use his Homeland Security programs as a cover to repress political dissent in America? Will he become one of those corrupt officials he hated in Vietnam, and use his power to take revenge on his personal enemies? Is that what Homeland Security is really all about?

Like most Americans, those of us who oppose the Bush Regime's fascist policies are willing to participate in our own defense, if there is in fact a threat, and if in fact the CIA didn't manufacture the threat. We just want honest forthright leaders whose first responsibility is to defend the liberties we cherish, and not to subvert them under the aegis of Homeland Security.

Douglas Valentine is the author of The Hotel Tacloban, The Phoenix Program, and TDY, all of which are available through For information about Mr. Valentine and his books and articles, please visit his website at



The Department of Homeland Security: When The Phoenix Comes Home To Roost

Information management is key in the Bush Regime’s effort to make terror the organizing principle in American society, while at the same time making its homeland security apparatus appear to be legal, moral, and most importantly, popular. And the way that is done is through a concerted psychological warfare campaign.
By Douglas Valentine
"The implication or latent threat of terror was sufficient to insure that the people would comply.” William Colby, RIP
On 12 December 1970, the big American brains running the Vietnam War issued a report titled, Internal Security in South Vietnam-Phoenix. The report was significant at the time insofar as it recognized that, "the contest with the Communists has shifted to a new level." Main force operations had given way to political proselytizing, terrorism, and penetrations into the Government of South Vietnam, all of which were managed by the Viet Cong Infrastructure, or VCI. The report described the VCI as, "the political and administrative organization through which the Communists control or seek to control the people of South Vietnam."
According to the report, defense against the new VCI strategy would depend on the ability of the CIA's Phoenix Program to provide the corrupt Government of South Vietnam (GVN) with internal security. Phoenix did this first by coordinating all US and GVN agencies that contributed to the identification and neutralization of the VCI. ("Neutralization" meant to kill, capture or make to defect, and the CIA went about this in typical corporate fashion: it imposed an 1800-per-month neutralization quota on its men in the field.) Secondly, and more importantly, Phoenix provided the GVN with Internal Security by compiling a computerized blacklist of political opponents, which included anyone espousing peace. Those who found their names on the Phoenix blacklist could be assassinated, or kidnapped, detained, and tortured indefinitely on the false accusation of one anonymous informant.
Granted, the "war on terror" is unlike the Vietnam War, but based on his innate illegitimacy, Bush is obsessed with internal security, and has created the Department of Homeland Security under former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge to pacify the American people. It is the largest reorganization of the US government in 50 years, and according to Lawrence Korb at the Brookings Institute, might, "bankrupt the country." But at a cost of $50 billion in taxpayer’s money, it will provide Bush with the "internal security" apparatus he needs to assure the continuity of political power in his hands, indefinitely, at the expense of our democracy and liberty.
And it brings the Phoenix Program home to roost.
Phoenix As The Conceptual Precedent For Homeland Security
The Phoenix "concept" is that terror is an organizing principle of society. This includes every type of terror, from the A-Bomb that incinerated Hiroshima, to the "collective punishments" Israel uses to deny Palestinians jobs, health, education, pride. It’s National Guardsmen patrolling airports, and hooded policemen armed with automatic rifles, searching cars without probable cause. It is color-coded warnings of terror attacks that never occur, and unsubstantiated reports brought to you by Network News.
The concept also includes selective terror, which was perfected by the Viet Minh and involved the murder and mutilation of French colonial officials and their Vietnamese suppletifs. The Viet Minh, like the Palestinians, were so incredibly out-gunned they had to choose between submission, annihilation in an open rebellion, or selective terror - including suicide bombers. The purpose of selective terror was to psychologically isolate the oppressor, while demonstrating the ability to strike small blows for freedom, until a general uprising was possible.
In 1964 the CIA concluded that in order to win the Vietnam War, it had to neutralize the VCI through selective terror, so it set in place the foundation stones upon which Phoenix was built: 1) Counter Terror Teams; 2) the Province Interrogation Center (PIC) Program, which consisted of a US engineering firm building an interrogation center in each of South Vietnam’s 44 provinces, one of which was managed in 1972 by Representative Rob Simmons (CT-R): and 3) the Hamlet Informant Program (HIP), designed to identify VCI suspects at the grass roots level of society. The similarities are between HIP and Attorney General John Ashcroft’s short-lived Operation TIPS (the Terrorism Information and Prevention System) are obvious.
These programs worked in tandem. On the basis of a false accusation made by a single anonymous HIP informant, a Counter Terror team would "snatch or snuff (assassinate)" a VCI suspect. If snatched, the suspect was detained indefinitely under "administrative detention" laws in a PIC, or one of the hundreds of detention centers the CIA constructed across South Vietnam. VCI suspects were shuffled back and forth between PICs, detention centers, and squalid jails until they died or defected. Otherwise they were sent for "disposition" to a military tribunal or a CIA-advised Security Committee. Disposition meant imprisonment on Con Son Island, 90 miles off the southern tip of South Vietnam. Referred to as Ho Chi Minh University, Con Son Prison was the Phoenix version of Bush’s hideous detention camp in Cuba.
Administrative detention, detention centers, and military tribunals are principal Phoenix-derived elements of the illegitimate Bush Regime’s homeland security apparatus.
In June 1967 these CIA programs were combined to form the Phoenix Program, which coordinated all the existing US intelligence, police advisory, and military units in the attack on the VCI. Phoenix ostensibly had no operational units of its own, but as is true of homeland security personnel, Phoenix advisors organized and participated in terror missions, even in countries outside South Vietnam.
Phoenix employed every weapon of terror available to it, including assassins who performed what Israeli euphemistically refers to as "targeted kills", military cordon and search operations like the one that generated the My Lai massacre, massive round-ups of civilians, and indiscriminate air and artillery strikes like the ones in Afghanistan.
Under Phoenix, due process was non-existent, and corrupt US and Vietnamese officials used the Phoenix blacklist to extort innocent civilians as well as VCI. It was the greatest blackmail scheme ever invented: if you didn’t do what the President and his clique wanted, your name appeared on the blacklist - and you were as good as dead.
Be forewarned: the Bush Regime is already compiling its blacklists: the INS-State Department TIPOFF blacklist; the "No-Fly" blacklist of peace activists, which is distributed to airlines by the FBI and the Transportation Security Administration; and local blacklists like the one kept by the Denver police department.
The Method In Their Madness
After the uninvestigated terror attacks of September 11, Bush’s rationale for "eternal war on terror" evolved, and on 20 September 2002, it was set in stone with the promulgation of "The National Security Strategy of the United States," through which Bush conferred upon himself the right to launch preemptive attacks on any nation he can characterize as a terrorist threat. This First Degree Murder strategy makes Americans feel safer, but it has a sinister, unstated purpose: by generating more human misery and terrorists around the world, Manifesto Bush will generate more domestic dissidents, and provide Bush with the pretext he needs to impose the internal security apparatus that will terrorize and repress Americans, and allow his Regime to maintain its dominance.
Manifesto Bush is a function of Bush’s paranoid belief - based on his innate illegitimacy - that the American people must be pacified to ensure their support for his eternal war on terror. In fact, homeland security is the lynchpin in the Bush Regime’s plan for world domination, for without political "internal security," it cannot wage the eternal war on terror abroad (with all the economic benefits to Bush and his clique that entails). There is no other need for the Department of Homeland Security; it is a Trojan Horse through which Bush will unleash his ideological storm troopers on America, and exploit his ill-gotten power to achieve personal and political gain.
The Bush Regime is creating this fascist police state through the Big Lie. Case in point: the Homeland Security website says that the threat of terrorism, "is a permanent condition," that "requires our country to design a new homeland security structure."8 In "Metaphoric Entrapment In Time," sociologist Anthony Judge tells how terror is the key to creating the new homeland "security structure." "Personal violence is for the amateur in dominance," but, "structural violence is the tool of the professional. The amateur who wants to dominate uses guns; the professional uses social structure. The legal criminality of the social system and its institutions, of government, and of individuals at the interpersonal level is tacit violence. Structural violence is a structure of exploitation and social injustice."
Now that the Department of Internal Security has been voted into law, Bush has laid the groundwork for America’s new "legally criminal" social structure. And the Phoenix has landed in our midst.
Phoenix As The Organizational Model For Homeland Security
Upon its creation in 1967, Phoenix was managed by a committee of five senior CIA and military officers. The Phoenix Committee functioned like Bush’s Homeland Security Council; as a board of directors that advised the chairman and formulated policy.
Directly under the committee was a Directorate, which the CIA hid in the Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) component of the Military Assistance Command/Vietnam (MACV). A senior CIA officer served as Phoenix Director, and was assisted by a staff of CIA and military personnel. The Directorate planned and conducted anti-VCI operations, managed the judicial processing of 200,000 Vietnamese civilians caught in the Phoenix dragnet, and made sure that CORDS and its six divisions (for defectors, security, refugees, public safety, civil affairs, and psychological warfare) stayed focused on anti-VCI operations.
CORDS is the organizational model for the Department of Homeland Security, which consists of directorates for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection, Science and Technology, Border and Transportation Security, and Emergency Preparedness and Response. The critical Office of Intelligence, which will include 1000 analysts from dozens of contributing agencies, is hidden within the Directorate of Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection. Former CIA officer John Gannon will head this Office, which, insofar as it will coordinate the other directorates in terror operations, is the homeland security equivalent of the Phoenix Directorate.
Phoenix personnel were assigned at national, regional, province, and district levels. A province in Vietnam is the equivalent of a state in the US, and the Province Coordinator was the main man in the Phoenix chain of command. He managed the CIA’s Counter Terror teams, and its interrogation and informant programs. And just like the Phoenix Directorate eclipsed CORDS, the CIA managed DHS Intelligence Office unit will wag the homeland security dog - by coordinating intelligence, sending warnings to state, local, and private sector officials, and managing terror operations. The DHS will employ close to 170,000 people and operate at an annual budget of about $50 billion, but, as Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) has said, "(I)f we don’t create a very strong coordinator and analyzer of intelligence, we have not completed our work."
Employees from the CIA’s Counter-Terror Center will fill the most important positions within the DHS Intelligence Office. The Counter-Terror Center has also posted officers within terrorism task forces in 56 US localities, to "plan daily operations." These 56 CIA officers serve the same function as the 44 Province Phoenix Coordinators.
The involvement of CIA officers in domestic law enforcement means the suspension of our civil liberties, for in their search for opponents of the Bush Regime, the CIA will reach into every corner of society, including our homes, workplaces, public facilities and computers.
But worse abuses than blanket surveillance will occur. The problem of internal security is tactical - sniffing out terrorists and launching preemptive attacks that kill them before they strike. That is what the Phoenix Directorate did, and the Department of Homeland Security ostensibly will do. But just as the Phoenix Committee managed the strategic "internal security" function in Vietnam, Bush’s Homeland Security Council will wage political warfare against its domestic opposition in America, and this operation will not appear on any organizational chart.
Phoenix As The Prototype Of Political Warfare
The greatest danger facing America is the Bush Regime’s secret political warfare program within its internal security structure. The precedent is the Phoenix Program.
In 1968, through the Phoenix Program, South Vietnam's President Nguyen Van Thieu sabotaged peace negotiations with the North because, like Bush, he had stolen his office and thus preferred political "internal security" over a settlement that would allow for majority rule. Thieu’s actions led to Congressional investigations, which in 1970 revealed that the CIA had used Phoenix as, "an instrument of mass political murder," to "neutralize" politicians and activists who opposed Thieu or espoused peace.
"By analogy," said Representative Ogden Reid (D-NY), "if the Union had had a Phoenix program during the Civil War, it targets would have been civilians like Jefferson Davis or the mayor of Macon, Georgia." Nowadays such "neutralizations" are made to look like accidents, as in the Senator Paul Wellstone and Missouri Governor Carnahans plane crashes. Like the anthrax letters mailed to Democratic senators, it takes only a few such black propaganda operations to silence Bush’s political opposition.
The Bush Regime policy of using terror as an organizing principle of society was clearly summarized by right wing pundit Michael Ledeen when he said, "New times require new people with new standards." These new people will have the will power to, "stamp out," the, "corrupt habits of mind," manifest in the thoughts or actions of anyone who opposes Bush Regime aggression. According to Ledeen, "The entire political world will understand it and applaud it. And it will give Tom Ridge a chance to succeed, and us (the fascists) to prevail."
This is the maximum danger of homeland security, and it happened here before, when Oliver North established his infamous "off the shelf" Counter-Terror network to side step Congress and wage the illegal Contra War, and enable Reagan to sell missiles to Iran without notifying Congress. This Counter Terror network evolved into the CIA’s Counter Terror Center, which will staff the DHS Intelligence Office, and, in liaison with 56 terror task forces, will provide the Bush Regime with the same political "internal security" it has provided right wing regimes since Eisenhower. Blackmail is the key, and hundreds of businesses and institutions across the country have already been placed on the CIA’s homeland security "Watch List." According to Bob Woodward, one Bush official said that merely being on the list "could destroy the livelihood of all those organizations…without a bomb being thrown or a spore of anthrax being released."
According to Elizabeth Becker of the New York Times, "the leaders of many federal departments and agencies have been scrambling to figure out… how they can influence the outcome (of the impending Department of Homeland Security) without appearing disloyal."
According to James Bamford, "pressure has been building on the intelligence agencies to deliberately slant estimates to fit a political agenda," and "a growing number of military officers, intelligence professionals and diplomats …charge that the administration squelches dissenting views..." What this boils down to is mandatory self-censorship: no one will probe Bush’s relations with the bin Laden family, or ask why he whisked them and members of the Saudi Royal family out of the country in the wake of September 11. And no one will ask about Israeli spy rings in the US, and their "false flag" relationship with the people who flew the planes into the Twin Towers.
Phoenix As Psychological Warfare Precedent for Homeland Security
Information management is key in the Bush Regime’s effort to make terror the organizing principle in American society, while at the same time making its homeland security apparatus appear to be legal, moral, and most importantly, popular. And the way that is done is through a concerted psychological warfare campaign. The first step is organizing a political cadre to spread the word, and again we look to Phoenix as a model. The soldiers slated to participate in Phoenix were trained at a CIA-managed Special Forces motivational indoctrination school at Fort Bragg. These Phoenix advisors were the first political cadres to infiltrate the American military. In return for adopting the right wing party line, a successful career was guaranteed. Several former Phoenix officers now enjoy important internal security posts, like Major General Bruce Lawlor, Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security.
At Fort Bragg, CIA unconventional warfare experts instructed Phoenix advisors in using Armed Propaganda to wage political warfare. A training manual on the subject was reprinted in the early 1980s by a former Phoenix operator involved in the Reagan Regime’s illegal Contra War. Titled "Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare," it states that, "the human being should be considered the priority objective in a political war. And conceived as the military target of guerrilla war, the human being has his most critical point in his mind. Once his mind has been reached, the "political animal" has been defeated, without necessarily receiving bullets."
Homeland security personnel will pass through the same political and motivational indoctrination courses before they go to work. Critical Infrastructure personnel will spy on colleagues who may inadvertently or maliciously serve as "terrorist surrogates," by publicly or privately revealing information on infrastructure vulnerabilities. They will "covertly identify" and watch these people, until it becomes necessary to expose them in the media as being under investigation. No one will want to be identified, even falsely, as "inadvertent" or "malicious terrorist surrogates," knowing that once they have been defined in these terms they are subject to being "stamped out," as right wing pundit Michael Ledeen has suggested.
The Bush Regime already has its political cadre, Ledeen’s "new people" who have been defeated by implicit threat and have embraced the fascist principles they were subliminally indoctrinated with for years through the corporate propaganda machine. These "new people" are fast joining "front" organizations like the Freedom Corps, the Citizen Corps, Community Emergency Response Teams (which will train kids at school to prepare for the disasters the illegitimate Bush regime and its Timmy McVeighs will surely visit upon America); the Neighborhood Watch Program that will allow the Bush Regime to detain its drunk and disorderly political opponents as terrorist surrogates; and the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), through which overpaid doctors will monitor patients within the faltering health care system.
Within these front groups, as stated in the Guerrilla Warfare manual, are the cadre trained "in techniques of persuasion over control of target groups" to support the Bush Regime. In a national emergency, including the preordained war on Iraq and economic depression, the cadre will be mobilized; they will attend mass meetings, carry placards, shout slogans, and if necessary grab guns and ropes and form lynch mobs.
As in Vietnam, only five percent of the people need to be organized in this fashion in order to wield control over the indifferent ninety percent, and defeat the five percent that form the resistance.
Again, we look to Phoenix for what’s to come. In 1969 Phoenix became a massive screening operation, and generating defectors became its main objective through the Popular Information Program. Under the banner of, "Protecting the People From Terrorism," Phoenix psychological warfare teams crisscrossed the countryside, Michael Savage-style radio shows, leaflets, posters, and movies to appeal to peoples’ cultural beliefs to get them to denounce Communism and accept the corrupt Government of Vietnam. CIA officers taught Vietnamese district chiefs how to teach classes on government ideology: "problem individuals" were given a motivational indoctrination course, and everywhere "the populace was encouraged to report the activities of the VCI by dropping a note addressed to the police in local mailboxes." This method accounted for 40% of the information used in Phoenix operations in one province.
Psychological operations in support of the Phoenix attack against the VCI were so effective that in 1970, the Pentagon’s Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities described Phoenix as, "the number one MACV PSYOPS priority."20 Likewise, when Bush publicly his proposed legislation for the Department of Homeland Security on 6 June 2002, he stressed that the organization’s primary mission was to "mobilize and focus… the American people "to accomplish the mission of attacking the enemy where he hides and plans." By which he means the enemy within.
Phoenix As The Model For Maximum Abuses
In a national emergency, the CIA will form "special units" within the 56 terror task forces around the country. And it will form hit teams within the special units for political "internal security" operations, just like Phoenix Coordinators formed hit teams under cover of the security forces at their disposal.
Phoenix psyops also included "compromise and discreditation" operations, like the one the FBI used against Martin Luther King before they killed him. Information about his personal life was leaked to discredit him; he was blackmailed about extramarital affairs; and he was sent a message with the suggestion that he should commit suicide. "There is only one way out for you," the forged document read. "You better take it before your filthy, abnormal, fraudulent self is bared to the nation."
Forged documents like the one used against King are an important facet of internal security. One political opponent jailed by Thieu through the Phoenix Program revealed the existence of, "a systematic campaign of vilification by use of forged documents." Forged documents used to justify false arrests or conceal illegal operations often emerged as "captured documents." Aides to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigating Phoenix in 1970 wryly reported that "There seems to be captured documents to prove any point or to support, retrospectively, almost any conclusion."
Forged documents and "compromise and discreditation" operations will become a tool of the Bush Regime’s homeland security apparatus, just as they are in the eternal war on terror overseas. We have already seen Network News broadcast "edited" videotapes of Osama bin Laden, and in the Afghanistan war, captured documents were routinely used as a form of black propaganda to justify military actions that resulted in "collateral" damage.
We can also expect a slew of false rumors from the homeland security cadre, designed to ruin the reputations of politically incorrect families in their villages and towns, especially environmentalists who pose a threat to critical infrastructure corporations. The paranoia that currently infects the Arab-American community will spread nationwide, until no one is sure who is a spy for the Thought Police. Midnight arrests and disappearances into "administrative detention centers" will become commonplace, as the definition of a "terrorist surrogate" achieves political connotations, and, as happened in Vietnam, the definition is expanded to include people deemed dangerous to the "public order." As Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker wrote in 1972, this "means that virtually any person arrested…can now be held on criminal instead of political charges."
No specific charge will be required; a homeland security cadre will simply accuse someone of disturbing the public order. The definition of sedition will grow to include disseminating information about government corruption, or undermining the will of the State (as Ashcroft is fond of saying) by challenging its authority. Calling for civil disobedience will be equated with threatening homeland tranquility. Cadre in the Office of Cyberspace Security will expose you as a terrorist surrogate for sending sarcastic or satirical emails. How can you prove you were only joking when you blamed Bush for the terror attacks on the World Trade Center, and said that Cheney’s refusal to investigate the attacks proves that Bush did it?
A Final Word Of Warning
Already we passively permit paramilitary policemen in hoods to search our cars, without probable cause, for snipers who may or may not be connected to Al Qaeda. These policemen are helping us, right? They would never turn their guns on us, right? As stated in the CIA’s terror manual, and as is known to the homeland security cadre like Michael Ledeen, "Implicit terror always accompanies weapons, since the people are internally "aware" that they can be used against them."
Knowing this, every town will form a Homeland Security Committee, chaired by the Bush Regime’s local political cadre, who will process "confidential" reports from concerned citizens about the activities of terrorist suspects. These reports will pass through an ideological filter as they work their way up to the DHS Intelligence Office, where motivationally indoctrinated CIA officers will gleefully pull the plug on peace activists, environmentalists, people espousing national health care, and anyone else posing a challenge to the reactionary right wing and the internal security forces that are firmly in its grip.
What makes this possible is that Ashcroft has vowed to "arrest and detain any suspected terrorist who has violated the law," but he has yet to define what a suspected terrorist is. This is what happened in Vietnam too. There was never any consensus about the definition of a VCI sympathizer. Four years after the Phoenix Program was initiated, the New York Times revealed that 26,843 VCI and VCI sympathizers had been "neutralized" in the previous 14-month period. During Congressman Hearings that were being held at the time, Representative Ogden Reid (D-NY) asked William Colby, "Are you certain that we know a loyal member of the VCI from a loyal member of the South Vietnamese citizenry?" Colby said, "No."
So the definition of a terrorist suspect or surrogate is deliberately left open, paving the way for political repression through institutionalized terror. The anti-terror legislation passed by Congress and signed by Bush allows for secret searches of the homes of people who meet the nebulous criteria of "suspected terrorist." No doubt these secret searches violate the Fourth Amendment, so Ashcroft, again lifting a page from the Phoenix playbook, has vowed to "employ new tools that ease administrative burdens."
Ashcroft was laying his meaning between the lines, but what he meant was that the Bush Regime’s political police will be empowered to detain US citizens without probably cause. When four Congresspersons charged that the administrative detention laws under the Phoenix Program violated that part of the Geneva Conventions guaranteeing protection to civilians in time of war, CIA legal experts argued that Article 3 applied, "only to sentencing for crimes, and does not prohibit a state from interning civilians or subjecting them to emergency detention when such measures are necessary for the security or safety of the state."
In this way indefinite detention, torture, and summary execution, all carried out without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, were perfectly legal, because they were the result of "administrative procedures" and did not involve a "criminal sentence."
This is Phoenix, and it’s what the Bush clique of crazies has in store for America.


    "Douglas Valentine, who has written extensively on the Phoenix program, says that the Bush Administration has begun to set up a 'counter-terrorist' organization similar to the Phoenix program that operated in Vietnam. It will operate as an integral part of Governor Tom Ridge's 'Office of Homeland Security' (OHS). If that is true, than God help us all.
    "Valentine says that while the OHS appeared immediately after the tragic events of 11 September, 'like a rabbit pulled from a magician's star-spangled hat,' it's important to understand that it has been at least four years in the making. Based on studies and predictions that a catastrophic terror attack was inevitable, the U.S. Commission on National Security in the 21st Century (co-chaired by former Senators Gary Hart and Warren Rudman) had proposed an OHS-type entity patterned after Phoenix in January of 2001.
    "The Phoenix Program originated out of the turmoil and confusion of the Vietnam War. Valentine says that the CIA believed that in order to win the war, it had to destroy the Viet Cong's political and administrative organization and root out its supporters throughout the country - kind of like the way the 'War on Terror' is doing now to the Taliban in Afghanistan. The CIA based this belief on the assumption that opposing ideological factions were battling for the loyalty of the 'complacent masses,' and that the VC were winning the war for the hearts and minds of the 'masses' through the use of propaganda and 'selective terror,' meaning the cold-blooded murder and mutilation of government officials.
    "In response, according to Valentine, the CIA created its own counter-terror program - Phoenix. As part of this effort, the CIA began constructing a massive 'gulag archipelago' of secret interrogation centers throughout South Vietnam's 44 provinces. Four regional centers were also built, and an existing National Interrogation Center (NIC) was modernized in Saigon. I visited the NIC on 'intelligence matters' on many different occasions when I was in Saigon.
    "Phoenix was run essentially by a cadre of 'secret police' advised by the CIA and American military intelligence officers. Informants were recruited in every district, village, and hamlet in Vietnam. On the basis of an accusation made by a single anonymous informant, a VC suspect or sympathizer could be arrested and detained indefinitely. They were held until they confessed (often under torture); and then they were sent to Stalinist internal security tribunals (like the ones Bush is proposing) for 'further disposition.'
    "This is exactly what the OHS is proposing to set up in this country, and America has a lot of experience in such matters; the CIA has been operating Phoenix-like programs throughout its system of 'client states' for years now, so operating one now in the United States would be a cinch - we reap what we sow eventually. This is called 'blowback.' Valentine says that like the Phoenix program in Vietnam, the OHS will establish field offices in the 50 states and all of America's major cities. In order to achieve its elusive goal of 'internal security,' the OHS, like Phoenix, will need to extend its informants nets throughout the country. Inevitably, every town will probably be required to form an OHS Committee which will be comprised of citizens that the OHS has deemed politically suitable. The job of these committees will be to process reports by 'concerned citizens' (i.e., informants) about the activities of 'suspected citizens.' Perhaps once a week these reports will be forwarded to the OHS Committee at the county level. The country committee will review the reports and send the most urgent ones to the state committee. At each level, the reports will be filtered through an ideological filter.
    "What makes such a system especially dangerous is that Attorney General John Ashcroft has vowed to 'arrest and detain any suspected terrorist who has violated the law,' and has further promised 'airtight surveillance' of them - but has yet to define what a 'suspected terrorist' is. This is what happened in Vietnam too. There was never any consensus about the definition of a VC sympathizer; at best, it was tacitly understood by the ideologues, and the security forces under their control, that a person was either 'for us' or 'against us.' Moreover, it wasn't enough to be just 'for us' in a passive sense; one had to be actively 'against them.'
    "So the definition of a terrorist suspect is deliberately left open, paving the way for political repression. The anti-terror legislation passed by Congress and signed by Bush allows for secret searches of the homes of people who meet the nebulous criteria of 'suspected terrorist.'" - 385

"March 17) You will be happy to learn that the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov, has been hired as a consultant by the US Department of Homeland Security. Do you think he will share his expertise in 'security' to prepare US citizens for domestic internal passports under the pretense of fighting the never-ending "War on Terrorism"?...
    "And it's not only Primakov, who was, by the way the last general of the KGB, before the KGB was changed to RFSS. Look who else was hired. There's General Primakov. Then there's General Karpov, former KGB station chief of their Washington station at their embassy and the first director of the Russian Federal Security Service.
    "You could call this the 'Sovietization of America.' Primakov said he can't wait to get on the payroll (he called it the 'pay corps,' referring to the
Heritage Foundation, the PNAC and all the other right wing foundations in the United States) He can't get over how many ex-KGB generals and colonels still want to come over to the United States and become consultants to get on the pay corps.
    "It has been reported that Nikita Krushchev Jr works for the Heritage Foundation. Another right wing foundation has Elena Stalin. The Old Soviet
Brand names are all coming to Washington to get on the gravy train and teach the Bush administration how to further restrict the rights of the
American people." - 798

See: Rise of the Fourth Reich: New Crimes Defined as “Terrorism”*
Another Jesus Revolution? Antipas' Phoenix/CIA Connections*



Tribulation: Christians will be betrayed to intelligence organizations by friends and family. The intelligence organizations will assist the military in the persecution of God's people. Persecution of Christians will be conducted by a global military force. The Phoenix Project conducted by the CIA in Viet Nam was a precedent for similar projects in Latin America and future operations in the United States through the 'Office of Homeland Security'. The OHS was established by Pres. George W. Bush, a member of the Merovingian Vere bloodline. (Dan.7:21, 11:33, 13:7)


Noahide Goyim Roundup Concentration camp Guillotine time, just aroun the bend for them who do not submit to the "SAYERS"?



Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

For these dogs who live by the sword shall die by the sword


Military Tyranny of Olam Ha Ba, and their g-d Moshiach


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Strengthening Hometown Security

Since September 11, 2001, America's cities and towns have been working to ensure hometown security by reviewing and revising their emergency preparedness plans, conducting training sessions and drills, participating in regional and statewide planning sessions, and restoring confidence in the American way of life.

In January 2002, NLC President Karen Anderson appointed a special Working Group on Homeland Security to serve a NLC's front line resource on this new responsibility.  That group has guided NLC's work in preparing resources to help city officials in carrying out their new roles as the front line of hometown defense.

This updated section of the NLC website reflects the committee's work on behalf of America's Cities and Towns.  A summary of Lessons Learned from the September 11 Terrorist Attack was developed from a series of briefings with first line responders in New York City in July 2002. 



And they have set up their county by county Noahide enforcement agencies....just waiting for the word....from the dead dogs who cannot bark and who will be visited and twice the evil and misery they inflict, will be inflicted upon them for eternity

Seven Things You Can Do for America
by Mendy Hecht

September 11, 2001: Terrorists tear serenity from America’s soul. Our sense of safety and security is gone. Our towering twin symbols of superiority are gone. And over four thousand moms and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, among them our finest and bravest, are gone.

We feel shock. Pain. Rage. A thirst for revenge, a ventless anguish. And maddening powerlessness.

What can we do? What direction do we take? Where do we put our passion?

We all want to take action. We all want to do something — anything — to strike back. Something real. Something powerful. Here’s seven ways to guarantee that good has the last laugh:

1. Have Faith in G-d
“In G-d We Trust” is right on the money.  It’s in our courthouses, our Congress.  And it’s in our blood.  From George Washington to George Dubya, faith is what has made America great. Let’s keep it going. Let’s show the world what faith is all about.  We need to have faith, live faith, teach our kids faith — faith in the One Indivisible G-d discovered by Abraham, father of monotheism, over 4,000 years ago. Now, today, and every day. It’s the healthiest thing we can do. And the firmest response to the destroyers of faith.

2. Don’t Lose Trust
Why do bad things happen to good people? But if we trust G-d, we trust G-d. We trust there’s a plan. Even when it hurts. Even when we don’t understand. On that dark day, September 11, 2001, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani asked for strength from G-d. President Bush expressed trust in G-d. Congress sang “G-d Bless America.” Join them. Talk to Him. Speak your mind. Open your heart. Pour out your pain. Tell Him where it hurts and why. Request serenity, courage, willpower — whatever you need. He’s always there, and He always knows what He’s doing. Even when it seems senseless. Never let go of your trust in G-d.

3. Be Humane
We all know the rule: never take life except in self-defense. It’s absolute. But every murder and massacre begins with one thought: I write the rules. Our new enemies deserve death, but they teach us a lesson about life: thought leads to action. Let’s make sure our thoughts are leading us in the right direction. There’s never been a better time to search our souls and reenergize our regard for human rights. There’s never been a better time to entrench this absolute value in society. Permanently. Because if we don’t, we’re no better than they are.

4. Build a Good Family
Your values: many came from outside you. From the media, from pop culture, from books, from teachers and friends. But Mom and Dad gave you more. They were your role models.

Now it’s your turn.

We’re not talking about traditional family values. We’re not talking about American values. We’re talking about a family with values.

We’re talking about doing the right thing. And having kids to teach to do the right thing. If you live alone or lead an alternative lifestyle, you can choose your values. But if you die alone, your lifestyle and values die with you. That’s why the family is the brick that builds society.

So take a stand. Make a statement. Make a family.

A child is forever. A family perpetuates values. Your child, and your family, perpetuates your values forever. Show your kids the right way, just like your parents and grandparents showed you. We need it now more than ever.

5. Respect the Property of Others
Almost as infuriating as the attack itself were reports of volunteers making off with victim’s wallets, looters ransacking abandoned businesses, and citizens at their worst scamming citizens at their best. September 11, 2001 turned most of us into angels. But some of us turned into animals, following our basest instincts.

It’s a blunt reminder of the choices we face every day. Snatching office supplies, or getting something for free when we know we should pay, is infinitely less outrageous than taking advantage of a donor’s patriotism via internet emergency donation scams. But it’s no less wrong. Stealing anything, no matter how small or insignificant, is just plain wrong. In the days and years ahead, let’s never forget it.

6.  Be a Good Citizen
As the horrible news spread, good citizens in the thousands turned out across the city and country, doing everything they could to maintain law and order. They’re still out there. But the wave of good citizenship that overtook America did not rise from a flat sea. It built up from small things like courtesy, concern and looking in on neighbors; and larger things like community service, political activism, civic duty and speaking up for justice. It sprung from a sense of obeying the law at all times. From respect for police officers and court decisions. From taking a role in the democratic process at all levels.

Good citizenship is a 24/7 commitment. Law and order, justice and freedom are for the people… and by the people. They are everyone’s responsibility. Their future is in our hands.

Here’s where you can make the biggest difference. Get active, write, call. March. Vote. Volunteer. The greatest things happen when ordinary people like you take action.

7. Respect the value of all life
Believe it or not, animals have a big part in this. Character is measured by what you do away from people. Someone who shoots BB’s at birds for kicks, who cruelly chases cats or hunts deer with a blood lust doesn’t have an animal problem — he’s got a people problem. Someone who hunts and fishes responsibly, takes animal life humanely, and is never reduced to dismembering a live animal maintains the dignity not just of animal life, but of human life too. Respect for life that cannot fight back is the measure of respect for life that can.

* * *

You have just read the Noahide Code—the oldest set of rules known to man. Older than the Bible – older than Ancient Anything.

These laws have been the bedrock of civilization since the dawn of time.

Societies that protected them flourished. Societies that flouted them fell: historical fact.

“But can I really make a difference? Do I make a difference?” Look to New York City’s skyline for the answer: one man named Osama did that. And if one human being, just one, can do so much evil, then one human being—just one—can do equal good.

Imagine the power.

Now stop imagining. That one human being is you.

Osama wasn’t born yesterday. It takes a village to raise a child. But if the villagers are maniacs, that child is lost. And when he grows up… you get the picture.

We all live in the global village now. We all create that world of justice and good around each other. So get caught doing the right thing more often. Your one act may just be a child’s lifetime inspiration.

Pass it on.

It won’t be the same without you.

* * *

The Noahide Code is the Jewish message to the universe.  For more information, contact your local branch of Chabad, the biggest Jewish outreach organization in the universe, via


I wonder if Hillary-ious wrote this?




And on and on and on......Hitler, the Nasi of the Generation, pulled his Enabling Act off virtually the same way 


Offering a $5,000.00 Dollar Reward for any credible proof that any of the above are shipping Guillotines

Contact this web site with proof.


The Phoenix rising from the ashes, Ordo ab Chao, a thousand points of life, a "New World Order.... Prepare in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords who will destroy them who deny his name and worship this beast...amen

In the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord, amen

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