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Jan. 9, 2005 

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.


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I watched the Manchurian Candidate Saturday Night, Jan. 8, 2005. Amazed at how much spin of truth they managed to install into sleeping "Amaraka's mind, most thinking this is Pulp Fiction, when in fact what is actually occurring is one million more times destructive to humanity. The actors them selves would self destruct if they only knew that they are part of the sorcery and blasphemy being unleashed upon the world. Denzel Washington is only playing a Part, but for the saints of Jesus the Christ, the scene is absolute reality, here, happening now, while all mankind has been lulled in to a stupor of Complacency. If you attempt to tell them, then their minds go to the propaganda, that you are become a "Conspiracy Nut" thus they reject the Truth.

Your leaders are treasonous Hoodlums of satan, delivering you from the "Wolves" they must build a high fence to save the sheeple...........then they themselves will slaughter them, after they have fatted them in the illusion of their green pastors.........go figure, why the sheep do not hear the True Shepherd.

OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast 

After nearly a decade, shocking, suppressed evidence emerges 

By Pat Shannan


Only moments after an enormous blast blew away most of the facade and a full quarter of the eastern end of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) began to release evidence implicating two men, and two men only, who they claimed were solely responsible. The evidence later showed that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols had confessed to the impossible.

At first, several independent investigators came forward to complain that there was an obvious cover-up. Now they call it the “ongoing cover-up of the cover-up.” And now, even the new OKC museum contradicts the official theory of what happened on April 19.

Officials in charge at the time still refuse to discuss anything other than the manufactured spin: McVeigh and Nichols, as convicted by the courts, mixed up a large batch of ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO—a mild explosive used by farmers to blow out stumps) and demolished several square blocks of downtown Oklahoma City with a devastating blast that could be heard miles away.

In reality, the ANFO story was born only 10 minutes after the blast when a high-ranking BATF official by the name of Harry Everhart witnessed the blast from nearby and called the BATF office in Dallas to excitedly announce, “Someone has just blown up the federal building in Oklahoma City with a truckload of ANFO!”

Some reporters and investigators, who have looked objectively at the bombing, now argue that neither Everhart nor anyone else could have correctly deduced in such a short time exactly what caused the explosion.

According to government documents released later, Ever hart was experienced in loading large amounts of ammonium nitrate fertilizer into a vehicle for use as a terrorist truck bomb, and his presence in the midst of the second worst terrorist attack in U.S. history looms suspicious to this day.

Records indicate that this ANFO explosives expert and his associates had destroyed at least eight vehicles in “test bombing experiments” at a secret range in the New Mexico desert in the 12 months prior to the OKC bombing.

Everhart and his fellow specialists even photographed and videotaped these truck bombs as they detonated.

Far from an anti government militia member, the vehicle bomb expert was Special Agent Everhart, an employee of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. And, according to federal government records obtained later, Everhart had been instrumental in obtaining the government funding to perform the ANFO bombing tests.

Everhart served on the National Response Team (NRT), a group of experienced bomb and arson investigators who respond to major bombing crime scenes throughout the United States.

He also served on a secret government project in 1994 that conducted tests using ANFO and C-4 to blow up cars and vans in a classified U.S. government experiment known as “Project Dipole Might.”

According to files, reports and photographs obtained from the Department of the Treasury through a Freedom of Information Act request, the U.S. government initiated a “comprehensive ANFO and C-4 vehicle bomb testing program” about a year before the OKC bombing. Records show the project was supervised and administered by the BATF, but was actually funded through a National Security Council (NSC) directive.

The Department of Treasury has confirmed the project was initiated under President Bill Clinton’s NSC staff shortly after he took office in 1993.

The intent of the Dipole Might experiments in 1994 includes making videos and computer models to “be displayed in a courtroom to aid in the prosecution of defendants” in vehicle bomb cases, according to government documents. The exact precedent and purpose of this activity is unclear. BATF agents started blowing up vans and cars in the spring of 1994 at the White Sands Missile Range in order to collect test data for post-blast forensics computer software packages to be issued out to National Response Team personnel when they respond to truck bombings.

Why the NSC would fund such a BATF project—despite the rarity of the crime—has not been explained.

Nor has it been explained as to what specific threat-assessment information the government had when it decided to engage in such a project, just a few months before officials claimed a Ryder truck laden with ammonium nitrate fertilizer exploded in front of the Murrah building.

The only major ANFO vehicle bombing in U.S. history, prior to OKC, occurred in August 1970 at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wis.

Contrary to media reports, the World Trade Center bomb of February 1993 was composed of urea nitrate, not ANFO, according to the FBI.

Despite only one known case in almost 25 years, why did Clinton’s NSC anticipate a need for detailed information regarding ANFO vehicle bomb attacks a few months prior to the Oklahoma City blast?

Treasury’s own official documents reveal the intensity of interest. In fact, a brief summary of “Project Dipole Might” is featured in BATF’s 1994 Annual Report to Congress.

There were enough clandestine characters hanging around Oklahoma City to fill a James Bond movie during the days prior to the crime.

BATF’s paid informant Carol Howe had provided information that the Murrah building was one of three potential targets.

On April 6, Cary Gagan gave U.S. marshals in Denver the information that “a federal building would be blown up in either Denver or Oklahoma City within two weeks.” He had not only personally delivered timers and blasting caps to a Middle Eastern group, but had sat in on a meeting where the blueprints of the Murrah Building were on display.

Then, 38 minutes before the blasts on April 19, the Department of Justice in Washington received an anonymous telephone call warning that the Murrah Building was about to be blown up but took no action.

After a morning of reporting that “multiple bombs” had been found in the Murrah debris—a report publicly confirmed by the Gov. Frank Keating—and that rescue operations had been halted for two hours while these unexploded bombs were removed, news people suddenly began to spin the government yarn about an ANFO bomb being responsible for the enormous damage.

One of the problems with that theory was the fact that the columns remained standing directly across the sidewalk from the truck as opposed to those that had collapsed more than 50 feet away. A retired air force brigadier general with 30 years experience compiled an irrefutable report on this subject, which showed exactly where the charges were placed inside the building.

It was so irrefutable that the prosecution refused to allow him to testify at the Denver trial as it would have destroyed any ANFO theory that the government had already sold to the American people.

On May 23, 1995, only 34 days after the explosions, the federal government stonewalled all attempts to examine the building’s remaining structure and carried out an ordered demolition, destroying and burying forever what many believed contained the evidence of many explosions.


In its issue of Oct. 11, 19, as well as other issues, the now defunct weekly Spotlight newspaper fully covered the Oklahoma City incident and conclusively proved the accuracy of reporter Shannan’s above story. The bombing was definitely a federal government operation; just why Nichols and McVeigh confessed is a mystery that forbids the closure of the case.





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They are playing their AKT to the fulfillment never understanding that it is the Lord who is the Orchestrator in Charge. They replace the Creator in their shemgod hooldlum haha

Job 40:

15: Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
16: Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly.
17: He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
18: His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.
19: He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him.
20: Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play.
21: He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens.
22: The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about.
23: Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.
24: He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares.


Beware Pharisaic Hasidim, for the Moses you spew forth of your Talmudic Blasphemy, has already told you what will befall you. Many will come from the east and the west to sup with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Moses and Elijah while yourselves are cast out



For I know that after my death ye will utterly corrupt yourselves, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days; because ye will do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger through the work of your hands.

New Pentagon Vision
Transforms War Agenda

By Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Space
Newsletter 16 - Winter 2005
Pentagon transformation is well underway. The U.S. military is increasingly being converted into a global oil protection service. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld has a "strategy guy" whose job is to teach this new way of warfare to high-level military officers from all branches of services and to top level CIA operatives. Thomas Barnett is a professor at the Navy War College in Rhode Island. He is author of the controversial book The Pentagon's New Map that identifies a "non-integrating gap" in the world that is resisting corporate globalization. Barnett defines the gap as parts of Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia all of which are key oil-producing regions of the world.
In what Barnett calls a "Grand March of History" he claims that the U.S. military must be transformed in order to preemptively take control of the gap, so the U.S. can "manage" the global distribution of resources, people, energy, and money. (It has long predicted that the gap between rich and poor around the world will continue to widen and that the Pentagon will be used to keep the boot on the necks of the people of the third world to the benefit of corporate globalization.)
Barnett predicts that U.S. unilateralism will lead to the "inevitability
of war." Referring to Hitler in a recent presentation, Barnett reminded his military audience that the Nazi leader never asked for permission before invading other countries. Thus, the end to multi-lateralism.
Barnett argues that the days of arms talks and international treaties are over. "There is no secret where we are going," he says as he calls for a "new ordering principle" at the Department of Defense (DoD). Barnett maintains that as jobs move out of the U.S. the primary export product of the nation will be "security." Global energy demand will necessitate U.S. control of the oil producing regions. "We will be fighting in Central Africa in 20 years," Barnett predicts.
In order to implement this new military vision," Barnett maintains that the U.S. military must move away from its often-competing mix of Air Force-Navy-Army-Marines toward two basic military services. One he names Leviathan
, which he defines as the kick ass, wage war, special ops, and not under the purview of the international criminal court. Give us your angry, video game-playing 18-19 year olds, for the Leviathan force, Barnett says. Once a country is conquered by Leviathan, Barnett says the U.S. will have to have a second military force that he calls Systems Administration. This force he describes as the "proconsul" of the empire, boots on the ground, the police force to control the local populations. This group, Barnett says, "will never come home."
Barnett1s plan is essentially underway today. New fast, flexible, and efficient projection forces with "lily pad" bases are now being developed for control of the gap. Over the next decade, the military will abandon 35% of the Cold War-era bases it uses abroad as it seeks to expand the network of bare-bones sites in the gap. The planned changes, once completed, will result in the most profound "reordering" of U.S. military forces overseas since the current global arrangements were set 50 years ago.
According to Michael Klare, professor of Peace Studies at Hampshire College, "American troops are now risking their lives on a daily basis to protect the flow of petroleum. In Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of Georgia, U.S. personnel are spending their days and nights protecting pipelines and refineries, or supervising the local forces assigned to this mission."
Klare continues, "The DoD has stepped up its arms deliveries to military forces in Angola and Nigeria, and is helping to train their officers and enlisted personnel; meanwhile, Pentagon officials have begun to look for permanent bases in the area, focusing on Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Uganda and Kenya." The Wall Street Journal has reported that "a key mission for U.S. forces (in Africa) would be to ensure that Nigeria1s oil fields, which in the future could account for as much as 25% of all U.S. oil imports, are secure."
National Guard units across the U.S. are now being assigned the task of developing on-going basing relationships with each nation on the African continent.
Role of Space Technology
The Bush administration is also exploring the possibility of expanding the emerging missile defense system into Eastern Europe as an element in the strategic containment of Russia, China and the Middle East. The Pentagon has been negotiating with Hungary, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic about one or more of them hosting new missile defense bases. Oil-rich Iran is to be encircled by missile defense posts in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
In order to pull all of this together the Pentagon claims it will need "a God's-eye view" of the world. A new "internet in the sky" is now being built for the wars of the future. Costing well over $200 billion, the new web would give war machines and military forces a common language, instantly emitting an encyclopedia of lethal information about all enemies.
According to Art Cebrowski, director of the Pentagon's Office of Force Transformation, "What we are really talking about is a new theory of war." The military wants to know "everything of interest to us, all the time," says one Pentagon insider. Military intelligence including secret satellite surveillance covering most of the Earth will be posted on the war net and shared with troops. "The essence of net-centric warfare is our ability to deploy a war-fighting force anywhere, anytime. Information technology is the key to that."
Thus U.S. military and economic control of the gap will be dependent on a system of networked computers. Fusing weapons, secret intelligence and soldiers in a global network what the military calls net-centric warfare will, they say, change the military in a way the Internet changed business and culture.
Bruce K. Gagnon
GN Coordinator
Brunswick, MaineBruce K. Gagnon
GN Coordinator
Brunswick, Maine
Who can Do Battle against the Beast?
Jesus has, and will "Finish" soon
and the beast is destroyed since the foundation of the world, sealed at Calvary 


Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg says he knows in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. 

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed."


Issues 2003 —  As George W. Bush looks at the Middle East, powerful voices in and around his administration tell him the status quo is unsalvageable. They say Arabs are just waiting for a visionary American president to clear away the corruption and dictatorship that curse the region, starting with Saddam Hussein. Apocalyptic optimists like Joshua Muravchik at the American Enterprise Institute suggest the invasion of Iraq will “unleash a tsunami across the Islamic world,” a tidal wave of democracy and modernization.


First Tsunami-Making Bomb
Developed In WWII
Top secret wartime experiments were conducted off the New Zealand coast to perfect a tidal wave bomb believed to be potentially as effective as the atom bomb, a report said yesterday citing declassified files.
Auckland University professor Thomas Leech set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa, just north of Auckland, in 1944 and 1945, the New Zealand Herald reported.
His work was considered so significant that US defense chiefs said if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.
Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Papers stamped "top secret" show the US and British military were eager for Seal to be developed in the post-war years too. They even considered sending Leech to Bikini Atoll to view the US nuclear tests and see if they had any application to his work.
He did not make the visit, although a member of the US board of assessors of atomic tests, Dr. Karl Compton, was sent to New Zealand.
"Dr. Compton is impressed with Professor Leech's deductions on the Seal project and is prepared to recommend to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that all technical data from the test relevant to the Seal project should be made available to the New Zealand Government for further study by Professor Leech," said a July 1946 letter from Washington to Wellington.
Leech, who died in his native Australia in 1973, was the university's dean of engineering from 1940 until 1950.
News of his being awarded a CBE in 1947 for research on a weapon led to speculation in newspapers around the world about what was being developed.
Though high-ranking New Zealand and US officers spoke out in support of the research, no details of it were released because the work was on-going.
A former colleague of Leech, Neil Kirton, told the New Zealand Herald that the experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to create a tsunami.
Small-scale explosions were carried out in the Pacific and off Whangaparaoa, which at the time was controlled by the army.
It is unclear what happened to Project Seal once the final report was forwarded to Wellington Defense Headquarters late in the 1940s.
The bomb was never tested full scale, and Kirton doubts the public would have noticed the trials.
"Whether it could ever be resurrected ... Under some circumstances I think it could be devastating," he said.

Do you need me to tell you what happened to the Talmudic Tsunami Noahide Project against Ishmael then the saints of Jesus the Christ?

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg says he knows in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. 

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not — they will be killed."


Coup of "Amaraka" "Mission Accomplished" saith Bushkevik

US To Overhaul Beleaguered
Forces In Iraq
By Rupert Cornwell in Washington
The Independent - UK
The Pentagon is sending a retired four-star general to review the military operation in Iraq, amid growing fears among officials that the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have stretched the existing US force structure almost to breaking point.
The mission of General Gary Luck, a former commander of American forces in South Korea, follows a stream of alarming news about the effects of the military deployment in Iraq, where no end of the occupation is in sight and US casualties relentlessly increase.
The deaths of nine servicemen on Thursday - seven of them in one roadside bombing in Baghdad - bring the total of US forces killed since the invasion of March 2003 to more than 1,350. A further 10,000 have been wounded, many of them maimed by such bombs. Even more worrying for Pentagon planners, however, are manpower strains that have led to reserve and National Guard units having to serve extended tours in Iraq. These account for 40 per cent of the US force in the country, increased to 150,000 in an attempt to improve security ahead of the 30 January elections.
The extra demands already amount to what critics call a "backdoor draft" of so-called "citizen-soldiers" who never imagined having to spend long periods in the field but now find themselves in key positions. If anything, the burden on them looks set to increase.
According to The Washington Post yesterday, the army wants to change Pentagon policy to enable even heavier reliance on some reserve units. They would be subject to an unlimited number of call-ups that could last for up to 24 months apiece.
In all, the Army Reserve consists of 200,000 men. But in a leaked memo to Pentagon chiefs, written just before Christmas, General James Helmly, the reserve's commander, warned that his men were "degenerating into a broken force" that would be unable to meet commitments if other emergencies arose. As for the National Guard, an official told the Post that its 15 main combat units were "close to tapped out". The strains have not only depressed morale but led to a sharp fall in recruiting by both the reserve and the National Guard. It now looks likely that the 30,000 increase in active duty troops to cope with Iraq will have to be made permanent, at the cost of $3bn (£1.6bn) a year to the army budget.
Apart from American troop levels, General Luck will also focus on the shortcomings of the home-trained Iraqi forces, who US commanders had hoped would be able to provide security for the elections, but have signally failed to do so.
Despite everything, President Bush remains defiantly optimistic, insisting not only that the elections will go ahead as scheduled, but would be "such a credibly hopeful experience for the Iraqi people". Speaking to reporters yesterday, he took strong issue with a bleak assessment this week by Brent Scowcroft, his father's national security adviser, of developments in Iraq - that the elections risked "deepening the conflict" and worsening tensions between the Shia and Sunni populations.
"Quite the opposite," Mr Bush declared.
Equally gloomy was Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser under President Jimmy Carter. "If [the US mission] cannot be changed drastically, it should be terminated," he warned at the same meeting addressed by Mr Scowcroft. It would require 500,000 troops, $500bn and a return of the draft.
The Pentagon is already starting to reshape its $400bn budget to cope with the new demands.
©2005 Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd.


People you were warned, and you are warned again, Repent in the Only Creator, Christ Jesus the IAMHE or perish both the first death and the second eternal death of Damnation


of a Lesser God

By Israel Shamir

Kinder eines unbedeutenderen Gottes
Enfants d’un Dieu Subalterne
Hijos de un Dios menor

Your Excellencies, this conference is indeed an extremely important, historic event, to be compared with Constantine’s Edict of Milan or with Nicene Council of the Church. I am not sure that all of you fully understand what you did, what is the meaning of the code-words ‘Struggle against anti-Semitism’.



You accepted your second-class status of children of lesser god, when you tried publishers of Norman Finkelstein's Holocaust Industry and allowed agents of ADL to march streets of Berlin with Israeli flags and portraits of Bomber Harris. You agreed that your blood is cheap. Do not be surprised if it will flow after the supply of Palestinians will dry up.

Let us say first what it is NOT. Your ‘struggle against anti-Semitism’ is not a defence for a persecuted small nation; if it were, you would defend the besieged Palestinians. It is not a struggle against racism, for you support racist apartheid in Palestine. It is not a struggle against anti-Jewish discrimination, for there is none, and from Moscow to Paris to New York, Jews occupy the very pinnacle of power.

It is not defence of Jewish life, for the only Jew wounded of late in Europe cut himself with his own kitchen knife in an attempt to incriminate a Muslim. It is not defence of Jewish property, for Jews are the only people on earth who have regained every piece of property their ancestors ever claimed from Berlin to Baghdad. Your ‘struggle against anti-Semitism’ has nothing to do with long-dead historic anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish racial theory. There are Semites and descendents of Jews on both sides of the battle. TOP

Your ‘struggle against anti-Semitism’, theological in concept, relates to the centuries-old dilemma: “Are all people born equal, equally important and equally close to God? Or are Jews a cut above, special in God's eyes, designating the rest of humanity as the children of a lesser God?” The first alternative was affirmed by St Paul. The second choice was the banner of Caiaphas. St Paul was ‘antisemite’ in eyes of Caiaphas for he denied Jewish superiority.

Today, Excellencies, you made your choice, and as Pontius Pilate in his time, you preferred to stand by Caiaphas. It does not matter that the Palestinians are being immured alive behind the 25-foot concrete wall; that the olive groves are erased and wells demolished; what is important that “Israel or its leaders should not be demonized or villainized” in words of your colleague Colin Powell. It is not a question of policy anymore, but of theology, for belief in Jewish superiority is the official faith of Pax Americana, like Christianity was that of the Roman Empire in the days of Constantine the Great. To stress the point, you forbade using Nazi symbols in conjecture with Israeli policies, but allowed superimposing Swastika of Hitler onto the Cross of Christ. TOP


You submitted to the new religion brought over to Europe from across the ocean, with American tanks and dollars and movies, to the neo-Judaic religion of a Chosen few, of man-made landscapes, of economic freedom; of alienation and uprooting, of denying solidarity and sacrality to non-Chosen. You proclaimed today that the Judaic ideas and values are the foundations of the New World Order you are committed to uphold rather than the Christian ideal of solidarity and equality. You brought Europe back into Arian heresy defeated at Nicaea, and demeaned Christ. Your excessive and abnormal care for the wellbeing of Jews is a symbol of your submission. 

Probably you consider yourselves ‘realists and pragmatists’ who care little for this religious mumbo-jumbo. If you were realists and pragmatists, you would consider what this acceptance of Jewish superiority means for YOU, if you do not care for Palestinians or Iraqis. I open the Jerusalem Post of 22.04.04, and read the words of your new superiors:

“My problem is not only with Germany. It is with everything German, anywhere. I neither argue nor get upset. I have simply wiped Germany and its people off my globe”, - writes Matti Golan, the former editor-in-chief of the leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz and of the Globes, the paper for the Jewish economic elites. Matti Golan is not a firebrand; he is not one of Jewish religious fanatics who deny goyim even descent from Adam. Indeed, I could fill hundreds of pages with similar – and worse – quotes from Khabbad books or Cabbala wizards. But Golan is not a Cabbalist and extremist but one of the sane, non-religious mainstream influential Jewish intellectuals. When this article was discussed on in the internet, a typical Jewish response was this: “Matti Golan is a prominent journalist and columnist. He represents ideas held by the vast majority of Israeli Jews in this subject. My opinion included.” If I were a German, I would have second thoughts before providing Matti Golan’s country with nuclear-capable submarines lest he will ‘simply wipe Germany and its people off our globe’. TOP

Rau: "Anti-Semitism is behind criticism of the Israeli government's politics over the last decades"

In my view, Golan sounded a call for racist hatred and genocide. You could discuss it; but you would rather condemn Mahathir, or a peace activist who fights for equality in Palestine.  Your colleague German President Johannes Rau said: “Everyone knows that massive anti-Semitism is behind criticism of the Israeli government's politics over the last decades”. He said it a week after a four-year-old Asma suffocated of Israeli tear gas inside her room in Gaza on 23.04.04, a year after Rachel Corrie was crushed by Israeli bulldozer. Thus, whoever says ‘antisemitism’ agrees with murder of Asma and Rachel.

You cause contempt, and it is dangerous for you. In a mass-circulation Israeli daily Maariv (24.04.04), Dan Margalit, a superstar of Israeli journalism, writes of the man who tried to warn you of the grave danger of Israeli nuclear potential:

“Vanunu posed himself as suffering Mel Gibson, a new Jesus, who suffers in jail for his conversion to Christianity. I must admit he was discriminated on the religious grounds, but positively discriminated. Vanunu remained alive for his treason, spying and baptism notwithstanding, Israel treated him as a Jew. Everyone knows what the Israeli Mossad would do to him if he were a German nuclear technician on a service of an Arab state - The names of those sorts are carved on gravestones in the cemeteries of Europe.” (Do not look for this sentence on the Maariv English-language website: it is sanitised.)

Its message is clear: blood of a goy, especially of a German goy, is of less value than blood of a Jew. And you brought it upon yourselves. TOP

Israel boasted that her assassins murdered German technicians and scientists – but Germany never complained. A brave and noble American Jew, John Sack, published a book on Jewish atrocities committed against innocent ethnic Germans in late 1940s – but Germany did not investigate the grave accusations, did not demand the trial of the criminals; even the book of Sack was not published in Germany. Jews admitted mass poisoning of German POWs and an attempt to murder millions of German civilians – Germany did not investigate it, but transferred more money and military hardware to Israel.

You accepted your second-class status of children of lesser god. Not today – when you elevated Auschwitz and disdained the fiery holocaust of Dresden. When you bewept deportations of Jews and ignored deportations of ethnic Germans by Zionist-ridden governments of Poland and Czechoslovakia. When you pushed for disarmament of Iraq and supplied nuclear equipment to Dimona. When you locked up and extradited Palestinian fighters and did not demand extradition of an Israeli citizen Solomon Morel who tortured and killed thousands of Germans. When you tried publishers of Norman Finkelstein’s Holocaust Industry and allowed agents of ADL to march streets of Berlin with Israeli flags and portraits of Bomber Harris. You agreed that your blood is cheap. Do not be surprised if it will flow after the supply of Palestinians will dry up.

Personally, I am rather grateful for what you did. Until now, the struggle for equality in Palestine was hindered by well-meaning women and men who did not question the Jewish supremacy in Europe and the US but were horrified by the genocide of Palestinians. While fighting against the Wall, or against devastation of Gaza, they were worried by accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’. They thought the argument against Israeli apartheid is legitimate in the New World Order. Now you have removed this obstacle by proving that whatever happens in Palestine is not a local aberration but the foundation stone of Pax Americana. TOP

Let them both fall together: the local and the global scheme of Judaic supremacy, so Jews and Gentiles will be able once again live like equals in Palestine and elsewhere.

Israel Shamir, Jaffa

The new religion brought over to Europe from across the ocean, with American tanks and dollars and movies, the neo-Judaic religion of a Chosen few, of man-made landscapes, of economic freedom; of alienation and uprooting, of denying solidarity and sacrality to non-Chosen. The Judaic ideas and values are the foundations of the New World Order.

1) Miriam Reik to Powell


I read with interest about your trip to Berlin to discuss racism against Jews.  Of course, it made me remember that, some years ago, you refused to travel to South Africa to discuss racism against other folks, like Blacks. It certainly made me scratch my head.

I seem to have a different fix on these things than our government does. I think that the real problem these days is not anti-Semitism but philo-semitism. If we were not so darned attached to the Israelis, in particular, we would obviously not be in Iraq now, which we know has nothing to do with WMD, or 9-11, or even President Bush's feelings about his dad. It has to do with the fact that Israel has long wished for the destruction of the country (at least after Egypt had been neutralized) that poses the greatest geopolitical challenge to it.  It's nice to do favors for friends and allies, of course, but all that blood and treasure--that was taking it a bit far.

If we didn't have such a bad case of philo-Semitism, too, we wouldn't tolerate having our reputation irremediably ruined as a democratic country that cares about international law by continuing to support Israeli ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.  It's true, of course, we tolerated the ethnic cleansing of the Tutsis by the Hutus, who aren't even remotely Jewish, but the situations aren't comparable.  The whole world ignored that carnage whereas most of the world understands that the Palestinians have been royally betrayed and international law sabotaged by US support of Israeli colonialism.  Moreover, when we let the Tutsis hang in the wind, we didn't alienate 1.3 billion other Tutsis throughout the world, whereas we have certainly alienated 1.3 billion Muslims--the guys with the oil--with our support of Israel. This is in our national interest?  I think not--I think our infatuation with Israel has made us leave our senses.

No doubt, Mr. Secretary, by now you are thinking that I am one of those people who you went to Berlin to talk about--but I'm not.  I'm a Jew who has learned the true lesson of the Holocaust (which my parents narrowly escaped), which is that thinking that any people is superior and is therefore above international law is the ultimate foreign policy sin because it is an idea that will come back to bite us. I think our administration thinks that about the Israelis and that is why it tolerates Jim Crow in Jerusalem whereas it (and certainly you) would be horrified by it in Washington.  Please, Sir, remember where you come from when wearing your diplomatic uniform.

Miriam M. Reik, PhD
New York, NY TOP
From: Elias Davidsson
to: Mr. Ambassador
German Embassy in Iceland

Your Excellency, Mr. Ambassador,

I just read remarks by the German President during a Conference held in Berlin under the auspices of OSCE dedicated to the theme of antisemitism. I wish to express some of my concerns regarding his position and that of the German government towards the subject in question.

My late parents were German Jews who were forced to leave Germany under the
Nazis. I was born and brought up in Palestine, a part of which became Israel. I settled in Iceland in 1962 where I have been living since. The theme of the conference is therefore a subject I am very familiar with and concerns me and my family in Israel.

Having said that, I wish to share with you my concern about the focus on antisemism as a specific form of racism. The very term is misleading in that most Jews are not semites in any sense while semitic peoples include Arabs, Ethiopians and others. International legal instruments do not distinguish - rightly so - between the various types of racism. The very term "racism" is understood as extending to any impermissible distinction based on race, colour, ethnicity, nationality etc. Furthermore there exists no particular urgency in dealing with anti-Jewish sentiment. Far more Turks and Arabs have been mistreated and even killed in recent years for racist motives in Europe and by Europeans than Jews. Jews occupy a privileged position in European political, economic and cultural life, far exceeding their proportion in society. It is a joke to read that the most privileged community in Europe (and the United States) laments about being persecuted. Nothing can better reinforce the myth of the Protocols of the Wise of Zion than observing European governments bowing to pressure by Jewish leaders in this respect.

Furthermore, I wish to point out that Jewish communities have themselves contributed to the perception that Jews and Zionism is one and the same. They do so by showing more loyalty to Israel than to any other subject of social or national concern, whether universal human rights, European political integration, or the fight against world hunger. There is nothing wrong with attributing to Jewish communities some blame for the unlawful and criminal Israeli policies against the Palestinians. This does not mean, obviously, that Jews, or anyone else, should be discriminated against, let alone physically abused. Criminal law is, however, fully adequate to deal with attacks on persons, Jews or others, for whatever motive such attacks are carried out. Equating Israeli policies with those of the Nazis is hardly a sign of anti-Jewish feeling. On the contrary, many Jews who oppose Israeli policies, have actually made this equivalence in order to highlight the brutality and racism of Israeli policies. Among them is the great German poet Erich Fried. The equivalence is also made by Israeli fascists who actually and consciously emulate Nazi methods they read about and brag about it. TOP

Finally, I wish to point out that the most grievous form of racism is racial discrimination. Jews in Europe enjoy full freedoms, of religion, expression, association and others. Thanks to the principles of Enlightment, Jews are no more discriminated in Europe. No European state pursues policies of racial discrimination. On the other hand the State of Israel not only pursues blatant policies of racial discrimination (as defined in international human rights treaties) but is actually based on the concept of racial discrimination. You may not know that on the eve of the establishment of the Jewish State in 14 May 1948, a meeting was held by the future leadership of the State, led by David Ben Gurion, to prepare the Declaration of the Establishment of the incumbent state. At that meeting the representative of the then Communist Party (Maki) proposed that the new state be declared a "sovereign and independent" state. This proposition was defeated as it would have implied equal rights for all inhabitants of the state, including non-Jews (Arabs). Instead the majority adopted the definition of Israel as "the Jewish state in Palestine" representing the world's Jews (essentially defined biologically and extra-territorially). The definition of Israel as a Jewish state pervades most Basic Laws of the state, though the mechanism of discrimination is garbed in a veil, so as not to draw too much attention of the Western world. The details of the mechanism, including the citation of the Protocol of the meeting I mentioned above, are found in the seminal work by Israeli scholar Dr. Uri Davis (Israel, an Apartheid State, Zed Books, London). The Jewish state continues to discriminate, legally, against all non-Jews, with some categories of non-Jews subjected to harsher discrimination than others. The most discriminated category are the Palestinian refugees, living either in Israel proper, in the occupied territories or outside these areas, who have been dispossessed and rendered stateless by the Jewish state.

I urge the German government to act against all forms of racism, stop giving VIP treatment to a particular form of racism, and denounce the racist policies and nature of the State of Israel, which lies at the root of the lethal conflict in the Middle East. By doing so, the German government would demonstrate its true compassion for both Jews and Arabs.

I am to your disposal for any further clarifications, if needed.

Sincerely yours,

Composer and expert in international law TOP


sent by Jason Guenther

Jason wrote:

Dude, we just got the very first 'formal' revealing of anitichrist by the establishment of the sanhedrin. Those 50 vipers in Tiberias were ordained exclusively by the Anichrist according to talmudic law....

“There is a special mitzvah [commandment], not connected to time, but tied to our presence in Israel, to establish a Sanhedrin,” Rabbi Meir HaLevi, one of the 71 members of the new Sanhedrin, told Israel National Radio’s Weekend Edition. “The Rambam [12th-century Torah scholar Maimonides] describes the process exactly in the Mishna Torah [his seminal work codifying Jewish Law]. When he wrote it, there was no Sanhedrin, and he therefore outlines the steps necessary to establish one. When there is a majority of rabbis, in Israel, ++++++who authorize one person to be a samuch, , an authority, he can then reestablish the Sanhedrin.”+++++

Jason wrote:

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha check this out........

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin

Folio 17a

R. Johanan said: None are to be appointed members of the Sanhedrin, but men of stature, wisdom, good appearance, mature age, +++++with a knowledge of sorcery++++++,38  and who are conversant with all the seventy languages of mankind,39  in order that the court should have no need of an interpreter. Rab Judah said in Rab's name: +++++++None is to be given a seat on the Sanhedrin unless he is able to prove the cleanness of a reptile from Biblical texts++++++.40  Rab said: 'I shall put forward an argument to prove its cleanness.


Jerusalem Council, Obedient useful Goyim Noahide Yid-diots

Freemasonry in Israel 


Jerusalem, Israel


And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.


The ancient Masons who built in Jerusalem the Temple of Solomon, King of Israel, were traditionally the first Freemasons and mark the birth of Freemasonry.

The Brethren of the Jerusalem Lodges welcome any and all Brethren, from any recognized constitution by the GL of the State of Israel, who will be visiting Jerusalem, both individual Masons and Masonic groups.

We would like to do our best, to help in making your visit to Jerusalem a pleasant and enjoyable one. We would like your visit here to be a Masonic highlight and an unforgettable experience.

Lodges all over the world will be celebrating their Jubilee or other important Masonic dates. May we suggest them to consider holding their celebration in Jerusalem, the cradle of Freemasonry.

The following are some of the possibilities we suggest:

  • Visits to regular meetings of Jerusalem Lodges.
  • Arranging special meetings during your planned visit to Jerusalem.
  • Home hospitality, such as spending an evening at a Jerusalem Brother's home.
  • Helping to plan your Jerusalem visit.
  • Visit to King Solomon's Quarries, where the stones for the Temple were quarried.
    Degree work in the Quarries (especially the Mark Degree) for Masonic groups.
    A minimum of three months advance notification is necessary.
  • Any other request you may have, which we have the possibilities of helping you with.

Preparing for the Final Temple of zionist DOOM

Please note:

  1. The earlier you contact us, the easier it will be to fulfill your request.
  2. All Brethren should have with them a valid document showing them to be in good standing in their Lodge.
  3. During our High Holidays around September, we will not be able to offer our welcome services, but will examine special requests and try to do our best.
  4. The usual language in most of our Lodges in Jerusalem is Hebrew, while in three Lodges the languages are English, Arabic, and French.
    We will do our best efforts to arrange special meetings for Masonic groups during your planned visit to Jerusalem, in English, French, Arabic, and German.
    For meetings in other languages, we may arrange the opening and closing of the Lodge by us, and enable you to do the ritual in your mother language.
    Meetings in Spanish may be arranged by the help of Brethren from Tel Aviv.


IIntelligence about Jesus faulty Pilate admits

(AP) Jerusalem -- After months of insisting that specially trained cohorts roaming the hill country in and around Galilee would soon turn up conclusive proof that Jesus of Nazareth posed "a unique and urgent threat" to "Amarakan" hegemony in the Near East and menaced the interests of "friends and allies alike," George Bush has finally yielded to intense pressure and admitted today that such claims were based upon "faulty intelligence" provided to him by the Sanhedrin, among other organizations.

He also said he is still considering whether to appear before a special Good Friday Commission appointed to investigate the intelligence lapse.

Jesus of Nazareth, the itinerant preacher who enraged some leaders of the Temple in Jerusalem while unsettling "Amarakan"/Roman authorities with his pronouncements that he was "the Son of Man"  was executed on Bush's orders last year in the midst of the Jewish feast of Passover. Among charges leveled against him was a particularly damning claim that, operating out of a heretofore unidentified kingdom called "Peace" in which he was Prince, he was assembling a huge army of potential martyrs. Efforts to locate Peace, however, have to date proved futile, sources close to the "Amarakan"/Roman Provincial Authority in Jerusalem now concede. 

Despite that failure and despite the embarrassment the episode has caused Bush and, indeed, the entire Pax "Amaraka"/Romana, Bush went on to say that he still has "complete and total faith in the Sanhedrin and, in particular, its director the High Priest Schneerson."

"I got good intelligence," Bush said. "And I acted on it in good faith"'

But even in admitting that "intelligence mistakes were made," Bush continued to insist that his decision to order the scourging and crucifixion was still justified.

"In an age like this when we can never know when the next terrorist attack by Sicarii or Zealots might occur, we can't afford the luxury of having our fears confirmed by a pillar of smoke rising above our cities and towns," Bush said. "I've said it before and I'll say it again: Jesus was a madman. He posed a danger to the peace and stability of the entire world -- at least the part of it that's known. It's my job to keep the "Amarakan/Roman Empire safe and that's what I'm going to do. I can't just wash my hands of my responsibilities."

Meanwhile, another investigation into the source of the leak that identified Jesus of Nazareth to Sanhedrin guards who came to arrest him in the Garden of Gethsemane, has stalled over what some investigators say is a lack of cooperation on the part of the offices of the CFR and of the Temple. Asked whether he expected arrests to be made in that case, Bush said only that "Tracking down leaks is a tricky business. We may never know who fingered Jesus."

It's hard, it is very hard work, it is hard work... you know.....hard work


A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.- Bertrand de Juvenal



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