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Part 947

11-2-2011- 2007 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Cheshvan 5, 5772 

of Mystery Babylon Talmudic

their celebration of their Dragon New Year unto Satan the Talmudic Judaic gods a wannabe

 Perpetual Talmudic Jewish Global PURIM MURDER



their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5772

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

Christ believers, the anti-Christ attack is now on all fronts....beware and prepare

Hi friends and Family,
I do not know if you as individual God given souls have been discerning these times, but great prophetic things are happening, and boy, they are escalating rapidly. It is very difficult for most to make out what is occurring for they are being attacked on all fronts. Without a firm foundation they are lost and cannot understand what is happening.
Keep in mind that we fight not against flesh and bones, but against powers and principalities of evil in high places, led by none other that that old devil the Dragon and Satan.
You all know by now that the treasonous US Congress in 1991 superceded the Constitution and the Declaration of Rights by stealth. By HJR 104, PL 102-14, making the Satanic anti-Christ Noahide Laws the Law of apostate America, and that since the Great Falling away is in leaps and bounds, many who once professed faith in Jesus are falling away and many Millions of so called "Zionist" Christians call for blood and murder daily for the Muslim Nations, and do it in the name of Jesus, who warned them as is the Commandments of God to slay NO MAN, woman or child, but to turn the other cheek.
title:'THOMAS - Search Bill Summary and Status - 102nd Congress', link:'http://;c=102' }. Search Bill Text ...
further search....type in "Schneerson", where this law was disguised and hidden
1. [102nd] H.J.RES.104 : To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A.".
Rep Michel, Robert H. [IL-18] (introduced 1/31/1991)      Cosponsors
Committees: House Post Office and Civil Service
Latest Major Action: 3/20/1991 Became Public Law No: 102-14.
click on RES 104 to read the text

Aslo see......


Once you grasp the implications, understand why the WTC destruction and the ram-rodding in of the Patriot Act and the WARS which has anihilated millions.
And why trillions of Dollars both US and foreign are being robbed from the Humans of the earth and now being transferred to Israel, for their coming false Utopia.
Understand it is possible what the Mystery Babylon, Talmud Bavli (Babylon Talmud) their books of filth and perversion says about the penalty of believing that Jesus Christ is Deity, GOD Almighty..... who in the Book of John "Refused to walk in Jewry, for the Jews sought to kill him".
"After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in jewry, because the jews sought to kill him."
Then see this filth, the so called "Holy Books of the Jews". which are not the WORD of GOD, but their oral traditition which makes the WORD of GOD of none effect....Keeping in mind that Jesus warned to call no man "Rabbi"

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin


Folio 57a

for it is written, The earth also was corrupt before God;  and a Tanna of the School of R. Ishmael taught: Wherever corruption is mentioned, it must refer to immorality and idolatry.  'Immorality.' as it is written, for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.  'Idolatry,' for it is written, Lest ye corrupt yourselves and make you a graven image, etc.  And the other teacher [who deduces this from the verse, and the Lord God commanded etc.]?  He maintains that this verse [sc. the earth also etc.] merely describes their way of living.  'Bloodshed', as it is written, Whoso sheddeth man's blood, etc.  And the other?  — This verse [he will maintain] merely teaches the manner of execution.  Robbery, for it is written, As the wild herbs have I given you all things;10  upon which R. Levi commented: as the wild herbs, but not as the cultivated herbs.11  And the other?12  — He will hold that this verse is written to permit animal flesh,13  [but not to prohibit robbery]. Flesh cut from the living animal, as it is written, But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.14  And the other?15  — He may hold that this verse teaches that flesh cut from live reptiles is permitted.16  Emasculation, for it is written, Bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.17  And the other?18  — He may regard this merely as a blessing.19  Forbidden mixture, as it is said, Of fowls after their kind.20  And the other?21  — He will maintain that this was merely for the sake of mating.22

R. Joseph said, The scholars23  stated: A heathen is executed for the violation of three precepts — Mnemonic G Sh R—24 viz., adultery, bloodshed, and blasphemy. R. Shesheth objected: Now bloodshed is rightly included, since it is written, Whoso sheddeth the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed;25  but whence do we know the others? If they are derived from bloodshed,26  the other four should also be included; whilst if their inclusion is taught by the extending phrase any man,27  should not idolatry too be included?28  But R. Shesheth said thus: The scholars stated, A heathen is executed for the violation of four precepts [including idolatry]. But is a heathen executed for idolatry? Surely it has been taught: With respect to idolatry, such acts for which a Jewish court decrees sentence of death [on Jewish delinquents] are forbidden to the heathen. This implies that they are merely forbidden, but their


their view of your worshipping Jesus is of course Blasphemy. In this filth they brag about Crucifying Jesus because he said he is the Son of GOD. Also note what the Revelation of Jesus to John his servant warned......

  • Revelation 20:4 I saw thrones on which were seated those who had ...

    And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony ... and I
    saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the ...
    You may also recall that the Catholic Church and "Vatican II" now seeks totally to reconcile with the same Pharisaic Talmudic jews who boldly still brag that it was them who crucified Jesus Christ the Messiah, and are now promoting the Noahide Laws.
    Jewish-Catholic Commission Meeting Report

    "Moral Relativism Poses a Serious Threat to Humanity"

    ROME, MARCH 20, 2007 ( Here is the text of the conclusions from the bilateral commission meeting of the Catholic and Jewish delegations dedicated to improving relations between the two religions.

    * * *

    The Delegation of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's Delegation for Relations with the Catholic Church -- Bilateral Commission Meeting,

    Jerusalem, March 11-13, 2007; Adar 21-23, 5767

    1. At the seventh meeting of the above commission, held in Jerusalem, the chairmen Cardinal Jorge Mejía and Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen noted the significance of the number seven within the biblical tradition as indicating fullness and maturity. They expressed the hope that the fullness of the relationship between the Catholic and the Jewish members of this commission will be a source of blessing to both faith communities and the world at large.

    Cardinal Mejía also noted the recent passing of Cardinal Johannes Willebrands former president of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and a central figure in the historic transformation in Catholic-Jewish relations. May his memory always be for us a blessing.

    2. The subject of the meeting was the "Freedom of Religion and Conscience and its Limits." The human capacity to choose is a manifestation of the divine image in which all people are created (cf. Gen 1:26-27) and is foundational for the biblical concept of human responsibility and divine justice (cf. Deut 30:19).

    3. God has created the human person as a social being which, by definition, places limits on individual human freedom. Moreover freedom of choice is derived from God and therefore is not absolute, but must reflect divine will and law. Accordingly human beings are called to freely obey the divine will as manifested in Creation and in his revealed word.

    Jewish tradition emphasizes the Noachide Covenant (cf. Gen 9:9-12) as containing the universal moral code which is incumbent on all humanity. This idea is reflected in Christian scripture in the book of Acts 15:28-29.
    which is totally contrary to what the Apostle Paul Taught, but Paul taught that by Faith alone and not by their laws which make the WORD of God of none effect, Paul like all the messengers (Prophets of GOD) and disciples of Jesus, was ridiculed and then slain, by these jews and their noahide proselytes of Satan of the SynaGoG of Satan

    Russia, China, France, Germany, England and Canada and American governments have all embraced these Laws which state that if you do not reject and deny Jesus you will be put to death by decapitation, see their filthy perverted books of Jewry, Babylon Talmud, Mystery Babylon.
    So today, after UNESCO invited the occupied, murdered and robbed Palestinians to be full members, the Talmudic Jews also made their global move to appoint their Noahide Judges in the International Criminal Court at the Hague. These will govern the Beast Court to bring global anti-Christ Satan worship. For them who refuse to deny Jesus........well, I should hope that by now you know, and understand your reward if you stand fast. For if you do not stand fast in the Testimony of Jesus Christ and the TEN Commandments of GOD, your only reward will be everlasting and eternal Damnation. 
    See News Report, November 2nd, 2011.
    Shalom Abramowitz
    5 Cheshvan 5772 (02.11.2011)
    As the world watches in horror the happennings at the United Nations, where light and darkness switched places, ruthless terrorists receive recognition as statesmen and honorable leaders receive treatment as terrorists, something different happened in those halls.

    Two Chabad-run Noahide organizations 7for70 directed by Rabbi Boaz Kali from Israel and directed by Rabbi Yaakov Cohen have received official recognition from the United Nations, and are authorized to work in the UN. This was the conclusion of a five-year process undertaken by Rabbi Cohen to push the organizations thru.

    Their first official visit to the UN included participation in selecting the new judges for the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Rabbi Cohen asked the judges if the plan on judging with the fear of heaven, thus fulfilling one of the Seven Noahide laws.

    The organizations are in the process of finding a permanent Shliach to the UN who will represent their organizations.

    Now, Friends and Family, because you know me, and you may think to yourselves, but don't we know Robert, isn't he just like us, a lowly sinner, why we know him and all of his short failings, how then can he tell us anything about GOD? Good question......and you are right, I am just like you, because all men fall short of the Glory of God and all are sinners...But I only ask you to consider, that I love the Lord even unto my flesh death, and only seek to serve the LORD, for He is the ONLY way, this wretched flesh will enter His KINGDOM in Heaven..........So, I do hope to see you there. or those who deny...........Well what can I say, but beg you to repent and Obey the LORD and FEAR NOT them who can slay the flesh, but FEAR HIM who can destroy the flesh and the SOUL for eternity, and cast you into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth forever, if you deny the LIVING LORD GOD the WORD.
    Robert Pickle


    Operation Plan: Purim Parsa

    I have steadfastly warned for almost a decade, that when the USA and her whore Itsreallyhell attacks Persia, Parsa...IRAN, for the world to prepare for your destruction, as it is written. For that Great Day of the Lord's wrath is at hand for all them who thought to rob the kingdom from the Heir of God, his SON...all who bedded with the Great WHORE...beware and repent , or be damned forever.........

    Report: UK Preparing for Iran Strike

    Britain is preparing for the possibility of military action against Iran, the Guardian reported Wednesday. The UK’s government is reportedly ready to help the U.S. in a strike on Iran, even if its support will be controversial at home.

    Sources quoted by the Guardian said a military strike is being more seriously considered due to Iran’s belligerence and to new intelligence information


    They Prepare as per the WORD of GOD, yet they think they will have their flesh Utopia, Olam Ha ba of HELL

    Israel Successfully Tests ‘Ballistic Missile’

    Israel successfully tests the Jericho missile, which foreign reports say can strike Iran carrying a nuclear payload.
    By Gavriel Queenann
    First Publish: 11/2/2011, 5:23 PM

    Israel successfully test-fired a  "ballistic missile" that could be used to strike Iran, Israel Radio reported Wednesday.

    Further information about the test was censored by the military. Foreign reports, however, said the military test-fired a long-range missile – capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran.

    Development of the multi-staged missile was begun in 2008 using the operational Jericho III missile as a base, which defense officials said at the time would be capable of carrying "conventional or unconventional payloads."

    A US Congressional report on the Jericho initiative in 2004 estimated Israel's plans to develop a ballsitic missile would give Israel the ability to deliver a payload of 1,000-1,300 kilograms to anywhere in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and most of North America.  

    An Israeli defense official told the Associated Press that the military tested a "rocket propulsion system" in an exercise planned long ago.

    The Jericho test comes amid a frenzy of speculation in Israel's media about whether senior officials - namely prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and defense minister Ehud Barak - are pushing for a military strike on Tehran's nuclear program.

    But senior ministers in Netanyahu's cabinet slammed the media with foreign minister Avigdor Leiberman saying 99% of the speculation was "false."

    The reports caused unease in Tehran, where senior military officials responded by threatening both the Israel and the US with a counter-strike should the Jewish state strike its nuclear facilities.  It would strike Israel in "a surprising way," it said.


    They will have their ERETZ ITSREALHELL or "they" Sanhedrin will bring MAD upon the earth to bring their Moshiach ben Satan, False Christ

    White House: US vexed by Israeli settlement move

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration on Wednesday sharply criticized Israel's decision to accelerate settlement construction in east Jerusalem and the West Bank in retaliation for the Palestinians winning membership from the United Nation's cultural organization.

    White House spokesman Jay Carney said the Obama administration was "deeply disappointed" in the settlement decision.

    "Unilateral actions work against efforts to resume direct negotiations, and they do not advance the goal of a reasonable and necessary agreement between the two parties," Carney said. "And that is the only way to achieve the two-state solution that both sides have as their goal."

    Israel is accelerating housing construction in both east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians as their capital, and the nearby West Bank.

    The U.S. opposes Israeli settlement activity as well as the Palestinians' bid for membership in U.N. organizations.

    Carney said that "any action that either side takes that makes it harder rather than easier for the two parties to come together in direct negotiations is something that we oppose, and that would be the case here."

    State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the Palestinian achievement of full membership in UNESCO Tuesday and the Israeli response of new settlements have created an environment that hinders the peace process. The U.S. and other mediators have been unable to convince the two sides to return to direct talks in more than a year, and there is little optimism in a new plan they've been promoting to reach a comprehensive peace agreement by the end of 2012.

    The mediators are hoping that "rather than engaging in provocative action," the Israelis and Palestinians will "start working on narrowing the differences" on issues such as borders and security, Nuland said.

    Because they've opted for provocation, she said, the "fundamental consequence for both sides is that we're not getting closer to two states living side by side in peace and security


    And so then the Jewish ran privately owned Rothschild of Satan Federal RESERVE will destroy the global economy and the Nations Grow angry

    Don't you remember when they asked for the Jewish Banker bailout scheme to be paid for by the American Taxpayer and promised the problem would be repaired? Bwah haw haw haw haw haw, they fooled ya at Falujah, planet Earth

    Fed lowers GDP forecast, holds policy steady

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks at a news conference following a two-day policy session in Washington, November 2, 2011. REUTERS/Jason Reed
    WASHINGTON | Wed Nov 2, 2011 2:47pm EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve on Wednesday slashed its forecast for economic growth, raised projections for unemployment, and suggested Europe's debt crisis posed big downside risks to the U.S. economy.

    However, it took note of a strengthening of the U.S. economy in the third quarter and held monetary policy steady.

    While the U.S. central bank offered no direct hints it was considering fresh steps to help the economy in a post-meeting statement, one official pushed for action. In the end, the Fed mustered a 9-1 vote for a steady course.

    "Economic growth strengthened somewhat in the third quarter," the central bank said in a post-meeting statement. "Nonetheless, recent indicators point to continuing weakness in overall labor market conditions, and the unemployment rate remains elevated."

    "There are significant downside risks to the economic outlook, including strains in global financial markets," it warned.

    In fresh quarterly projections, the Fed lowered forecasts for growth and raised forecasts for unemployment for this year, 2012 and 2013. Policymakers did not see the jobless rate falling to a level they consider consistent with full employment even at the outer edge of their forecasting horizon, the final quarter of 2014.

    Officials now expect the world's largest economy to expand by a tepid 2.5 percent to 2.9 percent next year, down from the rosier 3.3 percent to 3.7 percent they were expecting in June.

    They saw the unemployment rate going no lower than 8.5 percent to 8.7 percent by the end of 2012, up from the more sanguine 7.8 percent to 8.2 percent range envisioned in June.

    Fed officials believe the economy will have reached full employment when the jobless rate drops to between 5.2 percent and 6 percent. In their forecast, the unemployment rate would still be at 6.8 percent to 7.7 percent at the end of 2014.


    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has called the lofty levels of U.S. unemployment a national crisis, and some officials at the central bank have urged new steps to foster stronger growth.

    Charles Evans, president of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, dissented on Wednesday because he wanted the central bank to ease policy at this meeting, while three officials who had voted against an easing in September supported the consensus.

    The Fed was silent on whether it was considering the possibility of further bond purchases and provided no insight into the status of discussions on overhauling its communications policies. Officials had been debating both courses of action in the lead up to the meeting.

    The central bank simply kept its options open, reiterating that it was prepared to adjust its balance sheet as needed to foster recovery.

    U.S. stocks held earlier gains after the statement was released, while prices for 10-year Treasury notes slipped.

    "All eyes are quickly going to jump across the Atlantic to the south of France and the G20 comments on what is happening in Europe," said Karl Mills, president of Jurika, Mills & Keifer Investment Partners in Oakland, California, referring to a summit of leaders from the Group of 20 nations this week which will focus on taming Europe's debt crisis.

    The U.S. central bank's debate over the course of policy comes against a troubled global backdrop and with the U.S. economy far from full health.

    Greece's call for a referendum on the latest euro zone debt deal dashed hopes Europe had finally come to grips with its debt crisis, sending global equity markets into a tailspin.

    The U.S. recovery, for its part, remains anemic and could be knocked off course if Europe fails to quell its crisis, a concern the Fed alluded to.

    The economy grew at a 2.5 percent annual pace in the third quarter, a significant improvement over the second quarter's 1.3 percent increase but still too soft to put a dent in the nation's 9.1 percent unemployment rate.

    Faced with a still-weak recovery, the Fed in September embarked on a program to sell $400 billion in short-term Treasuries and invest the money in longer-dated bonds, an effort to keep long-term rates down.

    It also dipped back into the mortgage market by reinvesting proceeds of its real estate bond holdings back into MBS.

    Those actions followed an already aggressive series of steps to try to lift the economy. The central bank slashed benchmark interest rates to effectively zero in December 2008 and expanded its balance sheet to a record $2.8 trillion.

    More recently, some officials have raised the possibility of expanding the central bank's presence in the mortgage market. It has already bought some $1.25 trillion in MBS

    YOU are sold out to Satan, "Maraka"


    Does anyone like "little Johnny" jokes?

    Then get a load of Little Johnny Hagee and his 70 Million Telly Tubby Talmudic Tinky Winky TBN, Televangelist, Noahide Anti-Christ "I'll fly away ole Glory" proselyte Noahide site of MURDER and Mayhem, Goofi site in the Name of Jesus

    Defenders of Israel

    But what I would like to know, where in the entire Scripture of God, unless of course you read from the Rothschild, Untermier, Scofield Babble, where it states that if you bless physical flesh Itsreaylhell you will be blessed?

    Now of course we in Christ Jesus know that Abraham was a Chaldean from UR and his grandson flesh Jacob was not even born, and but of course there were no choose at that time either. Ah but the fallen away is in full high gear. And they cry out.....Keel em all, in ah ha theyah name ah ha of Jaysoose....and Hagee says" Do ah heah aeean ameean, brutha's aeean sistahs? But what will you say when they come to slay you as well?


    They promote Itsreallyhell to continue in her MURDERS and thefts of mankind, after all the choose are the Master race,,7340,L-4141689,00.html

    US fears uncoordinated Israeli strike on Iran

    Washington concerned Israel will mount military operation against Islamic Republic, State Department official says. US consequently putting greater pressure on Security Council to impose harsher sanctions on Iran

    Fearing an uncoordinated Israeli attack against Iran, (Do you hear) the United States is working on several levels to pressure the UN's Security Council into imposing harsher sanctions on Iran, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

    A senior US State Department official said there was growing concern among Obama administration officials ahead of an IAEA report set to be published in November indicating considerable progress in Tehran's development of its military nuclear program.

    The US is concerned that the report may trigger Israeli actions against the Islamic Republic which may not necessarily be in line with US interests in the region.

    the hilarious thing is the IAEA is controlled by none other guessed...ITSREALLYHELL


    Netanyahu and Barak. Planning attack? (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry)
    Netanyahu and Barak. Planning attack? (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry)

    NOTE Netanyahu's ties with the Anti-Christ Tel-e-vangelist TEA Partiers of HELL....the "Tinky Winkiers


    The official said that Washington's reevaluation of an Israeli strike in Iran is based on various maneuvers Israel has performed in the past few years.

    The US administration is now bent on exercising more pressure on Tehran in order to dissuade Israel from this path, the source said.

    Washington is therefore pressing China and Russia who are currently opposed to the publication of the IAEA report. The report may cause embarrassment to both countries who are strongly against harsher sanctions on Iran.

    should I even bother to chuckle at this statement? 

    According to the US official, it is possible that the report, coupled with the exposure of the US evaluation of Israeli potential to strike Iran, will encourage Russia and China to support the US initiative to aggravate penal measures against Tehran.

    read that again, brain dead masses.......while you have your silly little Protocol of Zion Bolshevik revolution induced Occupy Wall Street rallies, they are shifting the real problems upon America.........YOU HAD BEST Behead the Serpent, starting with every Chabad institute, all of their Congressional Treasonous proselytes, move to APAC, ADL off this continent, then the WORLD had better move rapidly to rid itself of Sanhedrin in ITSREALLYHELL, Taking Net and yahoo along for the ride to oblivion .......But the world cannot, and I really do not incite it, even if it were possible, for it is WRITTEN and Authored by the LIVING LORD GOD......BUT Damn all of their wretched Murderous souls forever...and do I hear an Amen?


    Pressing UN

    US concern over an Israeli move is so great, the official said, that Washington is working on several levels to pressure the Security Council.

    And promote the Noahide Laws at the ICC

    This includes appealing to the Security Council to condemn Iran for its attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

    another USA CIA, Itsreallyhell Mossad manufactured Ruse

    Last week, it was reported that many Israelis are concerned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak decided on an attack on Iran's nuclear reactors. The US is naturally also concerned over such plans which may (WILL)  send the entire region into a whirlwind.

    On Saturday, the New York Times (Chew York)  reported that the United States plans to bolster its military presence in the Gulf after the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq.

    Citing unnamed officials and diplomats,
    (Cowardly treasonous hiding dogs which cannot bark)
    the newspaper said the repositioning could include new combat forces in Kuwait able to respond to a collapse of security in Iraq or a military confrontation with Iran


    And they manufacture more Lies of WEAPONS of MASS Destruction, why they themselves are the worlds destroyers, Ah, but you cannot object "Maraka" for they are attacking you from every side to SHUT YOU UP for their MURDERS and THEFTS, giving you little sham fights of empty eloquences, but Damn your souls for all you had to do was have faith in Jesus Christ the LORD GOD

    Remember Iraq, Afghanistan and LIBYA.......OH and REMEMBER the ALOMO

    Iran's nuclear activity under scrutiny as evidence of weapons threat emerges

    Atomic agency report uncovers Iranian nuclear experiments experts claim could only be used for development of warhead

    A report by the UN's nuclear watchdog due to be circulated around the world next week will provide fresh evidence of a possible Iranian nuclear weapons programme, bringing the Middle East a step closer to a devastating new conflict, say diplomats.

    The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the latest of a series of quarterly bulletins on Iran's activities, but this one will contain an unprecedented level of detail on research and experiments carried out in Iran in recent years, which western officials allege could only be for the design and development of a nuclear warhead. "This will be a game-changer in the Iranian nuclear dossier," a western official predicted. "It is going to be hard for even Moscow or Beijing to downplay its significance."

    Of course "Maraka" they do not care what you may have to say in your voices against the schemes of MURDER, for this nation is a colony of the choose of ITSREALLHELL and they are now foreclosing upon you forever and will slay your sons and daughters for your ignorance

    The key passage of the "safeguards report" will be a summary of all the evidence collected over the years by UN weapons inspectors, including a substantial amount of hitherto unpublished data pointing to work in the past seven years.

    Western officials say Iranian work up to 2003 involved research and engineering, including the production of some prototype components of a warhead. From 2004, alarmed by the invasion of neighbouring Iraq, those officials say Iranian technicians pursued only design work and computer modelling to reduce the chances of being detected.


    SEE the EVIL, and look at your self, are you a Judeo-Churchian of the zionist and Sin-hedrin Ilk?

    <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="360"></embed></object>



    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are trying to muster a majority in the cabinet in favor of military action against Iran, a senior Israeli official has said. According to the official, there is a “small advantage” in the cabinet for the opponents of such an attack.

    Netanyahu and Barak recently persuaded Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who previously objected to attacking Iran, to support such a move.

    Benjamin Netanyahu speaking during the weekly cabinet meeting in the northern town of Safed October 30, 2011.

    Although more than a million Israelis have had to seek shelter during a week of rockets raining down on the south, political leaders have diverted their attention to arguing over a possible war with Iran. Leading ministers were publicly dropping hints on Tuesday that Israeli could attack Iran, although a member of the forum of eight senior ministers said no such decision had been taken.

    Senior ministers and diplomats said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report, due to be released on November 8, will have a decisive effect on the decisions Israel makes.

    The commotion regarding Iran was sparked by journalist Nahum Barnea’s column in Yedioth Ahronoth last Friday. Barnea’s concerned tone and his editors’ decision to run the column under the main headline (“Atomic Pressure” ) repositioned the debate on Iran from closed rooms to the media’s front pages.

    Reporters could suddenly ask the prime minister and defense minister whether they intend to attack Iran in the near future and the political scene went haywire.

    Western intelligence officials agree that Iran is forging ahead with its nuclear program. Intelligence services now say it will take Iran two or three years to get the bomb once it decides to (it hasn’t made the decision yet ).

    According to Western experts’ analyses, an attack on Iran in winter is almost impossible, because the thick clouds would obstruct the Israel Air Force’s performance.

    Netanyahu did not rule out the possibility of the need for a military action on Iran this week. During his Knesset address on Monday, Netanyahu warned of Iran’s increased power and influence. “One of those regional powers is Iran, which is continuing its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran would constitute a grave threat to the Middle East and the entire world, and of course it is a direct and grave threat on us,” he said.

    Barak said Israel should not be intimidated but did not rule out the possibility that Israel would launch a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. “I object to intimidation and saying Israel could be destroyed by Iran,” he said.

    “We’re not hiding our thoughts. However there are issues we don’t discuss in public … We have to act in every way possible and no options should be taken off the table … I believe diplomatic pressure and sanctions must be brought to bear against Iran,” he said.

    Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon said he preferred an American military attack on Iran to an Israeli one. “A military move is the last resort,” he said.

    Interior Minister Eli Yishai has not made his mind up yet on the issue. In a speech to Shas activists in the north on Monday Yishai said “this is a complicated time and it’s better not to talk about how complicated it is. This possible action is keeping me awake at night. Imagine we’re [attacked] from the north, south and center. They have short-range and long-range missiles – we believe they have about 100,000 rockets and missiles.”

    Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister Dan Meridor said he supports an American move against Iran. In an interview to the Walla! website some two weeks ago Meridor said “It’s clear to all that a nuclear Iran is a grave danger and the whole world, led by the United States, must make constant efforts to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The Iranians already have more than four tons of 3-4 percent enriched uranium and 70 kgs. of 20 percent enriched uranium. It’s clear to us they are continuing to make missiles. Iran’s nuclearization is not only a threat to Israel but to several other Western states, and the international interest must unite here.”

    Former Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said he feared a “horror scenario” in which Netanyahu and Barak decide to attack Iran. He warned of a “rash act” and said he hoped “common sense will prevail.”

    On Tuesday, Barak said at the Knesset’s Finance Committee that the state budget must be increased by NIS 7-8 a year for five years to fulfill Israel’s security needs and answer the social protest. “The situation requires expanding the budget to enable us to act in a responsible way regarding the defense budget considering the challenges, as well as fulfill some of the demands coming from the Trajtenberg committee,” he said.

    All lies to promote Global Noahide Law to Satan, with ITSREALLYHELL at the helm of TERROR


    Slumber, O' ye apostate and dead

    Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony

     by Dr Lasha Darkmoon 

    note–This article has just appeared on and a number of other websites WITHOUT the author’s knowledge or prior consent. Dr Darkmoon did not submit the article to any of these sites. Someone else did. Here is the author’s own version, complete with pictures and embedded links, that we would like people to read and other websites to duplicate if they wish to republish it.

    —  John Scott Montecristo, Editor-in-Chief

     “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” — Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

    “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008.  “I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    Mr Stein’s reckless candor in admitting that the Jews ran America was to cost him his job at the LA Times.

    If Americans have lost their country to organized Jewry, they lost it slowly and imperceptibly. Indeed, most Americans remain unaware that their country no longer belongs to them. They fervently believe they still live in a democracy. This was a takeover not without precedent, however. It had happened to Germany. It had happened to Russia. It has now happened to America.

    Take Germany and Russia.

    Germany, a mere shadow of what it might have been, is now a defeated and demoralized nation, thoroughly browbeaten by Jewry and terrified of their masters in Israel. Without stretching it too far, one could say that Germany has become Israel’s cash cow.

    There is nothing particularly controversial about this observation. It had occurred to Eustace Mullins over twenty years ago:

    To finance the State of Israel, which was created as a direct result of the Jewish victory over the Christian nations in World War II, Jews…now imposed enormous “reparations” demands on the conquered German people. To date, they have extorted more than thirty-five billion dollars from German workers, money which has been collected at the points of bayonets, not Jewish bayonets but the bayonets of the American Army, which has been maintained as an occupying force in West Germany for nearly four decades, solely to provide military power behind the puppet German Government which has as its primary function the furnishing of money for the parasitic state of Israel. (See here)

    In December 2009, the Israelis demanded another billion euros from Germany ($1.4 billion). The survivors of the Holocaust, surprisingly, seem to increase in number with time. This prompted Norman Finkelstein’s mother to ask somewhat cynically, after she had been cheated out of her reparations money by the rabbis who administered the Holocaust Fund: “If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?”

    Mullins is not exaggerating when he says that the American troops foisted on Germany after World War II were in fact an “occupying force”: an army moreover acting on behalf, and at the behest, of organized Jewry.

    It was the Morgenthau Plan, specifically designed by the vengeful Henry Morgenthau as a collective punishment against the German people for the crimes of Hitler, that was to turn post-water Germany into “the largest concentration camp on earth.”

    As late as 1991, German chancellors were still being forced, like enslaved vassals under the Roman Empire, to sign an “act of submission” to their Allied conquerors.

    “The Jew Morgenthau wants to turn Germany into a giant potato patch,” Goebbels complained bitterly. He was right. Anti-Semites sometimes are.

    Russia too, like Germany, was to fall under Jewish domination.

    According to Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago, 66 million Russian Christians were put to death on the orders of the Cheka or Russian secret police. Those devising the tortures, and giving the orders to rape and kill ethnic Russians, were mostly Jews. Yuri Slezkine’s candid quote from historian Leonard Shapiro is too well known to be casually dismissed: “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.”

    Out of 388 members of the new revolutionary government in Russia, only sixteen were real Russians.  “Apart from one negro,” we are told, “the rest were Jews.”

    These revolutionaries did their best to hide their Jewish identities by taking new names. Lenin was originally Ulyanov, Trotsky was Bronstein, Zinoviev was Apfelbaum, Sverdlov was Solomon, Zinoviev was Radomyslsky, Radek was Sobelsohn, Litvonov was Wallach, Kamenev was Rosenfeld, Parvus was Helphand, Martov was Zederbaum, Bohrin was Nathanson. Not one of these Jewish revolutionaries was prepared to go under his own name or be identified as a Jew. Under Stalin, merely to draw attention to the fact that unpopular officials were Jewish was to incur the death penalty.

    Another interesting titbit of information that court historians prefer not to mention is this: many of the Jews propping up the new Bolshevik government, happy to issue instructions for the torture and execution of Russian Christians, were actually Jews who had been shipped in from the East Side of New York. No surprise here. After all, the man who helped to finance the Russian Revolution from his base in Wall Street—to the tune of $20 million—was Jewish American banker Jacob Schiff.

    A well-known French journal, L’Illustration, had this to say in its edition of September 14, 1918:

    When one comes in contact with the functionaries serving in the Bolshevik Government, one feature strikes the attention: almost all of them are Jews. I am not at all anti-Semitic, but I must state what strikes the eye. Everywhere—in Petrograd, in Moscow, in provincial districts, in commissariats, in district offices, in Smolny, in the Soviets—I have met nothing but Jews and again Jews. (See here)

    Germany…Russia…America. They all fell under Jewish hegemony. They had their hour in the sun, and then they had their eclipse.

    It’s now America’s turn.

    President George W. Bush and his Jewish entourage

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

    Israel, America’s albatross

    In Part 1 of my article, Goodbye, America, I discussed the problems facing America today and suggested that they are far more serious than those facing National Socialist Germany in the 1930s. Of the seven problems I listed, the four most intractable ones are these:

    (1)     The nuclear-armed state of Israel and its Samson Option, neither of which  existed as threats to peace before the establishment of the Zionist state in the wake of  WW-2.

    (2)     The presence of 60 million Christian Zionists in America who are hand in glove with our new Masters, aiding and abetting them in their violation of international law and the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

    (3)     The existence of a tentacular network of Jewish organizations in America, such as the ADL and AIPAC, holding the entire country to ransom; specifically, its mercenary and morally bankrupt politicans.

    (4)       The lethal weapon of multiculturalism, a weapon unavailable for use against either Germany or Russia but now deployed to devastating effect against America’s Euro-American majority. “Global elites view the White Western world as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government,” Pat Buchanan is widely reported to have said in a 2004 speech. “Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization.”

    Given that the Jews managed to achieve almost complete control of Germany and Russia even before the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948, it must surely be obvious that their executive power has increased exponentially with the acquisition of a military base in the Middle East, armed to the teeth with the deadliest nuclear warheads, many of these aimed at European capitals and some of them probably at the United States. It would be foolish to think that a country that killed Americans in cold blood in the USS Liberty attack of 1967, would have any scruples about doing so on a much vaster scale if ever America became the object of their hatred.

    It is important at his point to consider the hidden facts surrounding the foundation of the state of Israel, if only because this will help us to get a better perspective of the Jewish problem.

    The Jews were given Israel on the tacit understanding that most of them would go and live there, leaving the rest of the world Judenfrei or Jew-free. They reneged on their collective promise however—made implicitly on their behalf by their then leaders Theodor Hertzl and Chaim Weizmann—and they prefer now to regard Israel as a second home and place of refuge if things get too hot for them elsewhere.

    Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, wrote in his memoirs:

    Whenever the quantity of Jews in any country reaches the saturation point, that country reacts against them. [This] reaction…cannot be looked upon as anti-Semitism in the ordinary or vulgar sense of that word; it is a universal social and economic concomitant of Jewish immigration, and we cannot shake it off. —  Chaim Weizmann, Trial and Error (1949). Quoted in Albert S. Lindemann’s The Jew Accused, 1991 (p. 277).

    Herzl himself had made the same point much earlier. Anti-Semitism, he wrote, is “an understandable reaction to Jewish defects.” And in his diary he added: “I find the anti-Semites are fully within their rights.” (See here)

    Having been given a homeland on the tacit understanding that they had to go and live there, the Jews were clearly under an obligation to do so. The object of the exercise is otherwise defeated. So why is it that 58 percent of the world’s 14 million Jews now live in America and Europe and only 37 percent in Israel? It certainly needs to be asked: why were the Palestinians expelled from their own country in order to accommodate another people who mostly choose to live elsewhere?

    A Palestinian woman being attacked by Jewish settlers

    “Nothing here in America compares to the horrors of Palestine….Women are raped by Israeli military officials….Palestinian children are doused with gasoline and set on fire for the amusement of the IDF.”
    — Jonathan Azaziah, Mizrahi American Jew

    It is almost universally believed, thanks to Jewish ownership of the mass media, that the UN created Israel and that everyone was delighted when this happened. This is demonstrably false. Even the US government—or 99 percent of it—was adamantly opposed to the foundation of Israel. Indeed, former Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson was one of many who raised strenuous objections to America recognizing the Jewish state, predicting that “the West would pay a high price for Israel.” In spite of all these misgivings, the Jews got their state.

    In reality [Alison Weir notes] while the UN General Assembly recommended the creation of a Jewish state in part of Palestine, that recommendation was non-binding and never implemented by the Security Council.

    Second, the General Assembly passed that recommendation only after Israel proponents threatened and bribed numerous countries in order to gain a required two-thirds of votes.

    Third, the US administration supported the recommendation out of domestic electoral considerations, and took this position over the strenuous objections of the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon.

    Despite the shallow patina of legality its partisans extracted from the General Assembly, Israel was born over the opposition of American experts and of  governments around the world, who opposed it on both pragmatic and moral grounds.

    (Emphasis added)

    Why the Zionist landgrabbers should now be held in such high esteem in America and elsewhere, and their Palestinian victims spat upon and spurned at every opportunity, can be easily explained.

    Apart from the Jewish-owned mass media which has managed to glamorize and cast a rose-tinted glow over its Frankenstein monster, the answer lies in one word: Holocaust. The Zionists have managed to convince the world that they are the moral legatees of the victims of the Holocaust. As such, they remain the Ultimate Victims.

    Like Finkelstein, we are entitled to express concern over the cheap exploitation of Jewish suffering. It is an undeniable fact that the Holocaust is a major industry and that it is used as moral blackmail and carte blanche for monstrous crimes.

    Israeli writer Ari Shavit summed it up neatly when he said: “We may murder with impunity, because the Holocaust museum is on our side”.

    The Enemy Within

    It can be convincingly argued, with a wealth of supportive quotations, that the presence of Jews in large numbers in any given country has always had catastrophic consequences for that country. (See Weizmann and Herzl quotes above). Organized Jewry has now spread its influence far and wide via the internet, newspapers, magazines and books. Hollywood, its most effective hasbara agent, spreads its poisonous propaganda all over the world, offering the ill-educated masses its lies and distortions and its laissez-faire Freudian sexual morality. Meanwhile the porn industry, dominated by Jews, promotes the demoralization of countless millions, creating sex addicts even out of children and driving many of its victims to despair and suicide.

    With the triumph of Jewry comes the subjugation and enslavement of the entire non-Jewish world. Christianity becomes the first casualty, the family unit the second. Homosexuality and radical feminism become more strident in their attitudes and more extreme in their demands, opening up a Pandora’s box of evils: the push to normalize pedophilia, for example, and the systematic corruption of children through the promotion of child porn in the classroom.

    We are in a critical situation. It was never Palestine on its own that organized Jewry wanted. Palestine was simply to be their base of operations for the conquest of the rest of the world.  According to Israel Shamir:

    Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews; the world is.  Palestine is just the place for world state headquarters…..The Jews intend to turn Jerusalem into the supreme capital of the world, and its rebuilt temple into the focal point of the Spirit on Earth. Christianity will die, the spirit will depart from the nations in our part of the world, and our present dubious democracy will be supplanted by a vast theocratic state. De-spiritualized and uprooted, homeless and lonely, yesterday’s Masters of the World [WASPs] will become slaves in all but name….The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others.  In the US, as Jewish influence has grown steadily since 1968, the lives of ordinary people have worsened. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.

    The runes are easy enough to read. From the domination of Germany and Russia, the Jews contrived to leapfrog to the domination of America.

    We see through a glass darkly, but what we see through the gathering gloom is the grim specter of an American dystopia: a Third World country hardly worth living in for its rapidly diminishing Euro-American majority.

    It costs the American taxpayer $12 million an hour just to keep US troops in Afghanistan, a country America decided to invade on a rollercoaster of neoconservative lies. “The neocons,” Gilad Azmon comments cuttingly in a recent book, “transform the American army into an Israeli mission force.”

    Incredibly, America’s closest ally, Israel, has yet to contribute a single soldier to Washington’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor are American Jews particularly noted for their presence, let alone their heroism, in the fighting forces. And yet they fight with their pens most valiantly, far from the din of battle. It is they who beat the war drums the loudest, who profit most from the wanton slaughter of innocents, and who “get others to fight and die for them.”

    The days of wine and roses are over. The American Dream is dead. Like Germany and Russia before it, America lies vanquished.


    “The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave.” — Rabbi Emmanuel Rabbinovich, speech delivered at a special conference of European rabbis in Budapest, January 12, 1952

    Ruled by a Jewish elite and their Shabbat goy underlings, beyond the reach of international law and hated throughout the world, America is now an Israeli colony in all but name.

    Continued in Part 2: America under Jewish Rule


    Cowards and Liberal Bolshevik fools and Tea Partying, Alice and Wonderland Apostates, behold your benevolent benefactors of HELL, the "Choose"



    IF you oppose the Choose online, the Masters of Satan have commanded the "Lesser" choose to sue the GOYIM" in Noahide Freemason Courts in "Maraka" the Apostate... I SAY GET THESE VIPERS OUT of your Country NOW, even as had over 100 Countries in the History of Man in the last 2,000 years AD of our Lord and Savior did.

    FREEDOM of Speech slain by the choose

    Las Vegas copyright infringement lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC’s financial problems grew Tuesday when the federal court in Las Vegas commanded the U.S. Marshals Service to seize more than $63,000 in Righthaven assets to satisfy a creditor’s judgment and costs.

    Lance Wilson, clerk of the court, signed a writ of execution requested by attorneys for Wayne Hoehn, who was sued for copyright infringement by Righthaven — but then defeated Righthaven in court when his case was dismissed this summer.

    Righthaven since March 2010 has filed 275 lawsuits against websites, bloggers and message board posters claiming they infringed on material from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post by posting their content online without authorization.

    Then there will be no documented evidence against them who seek to enslave mankind, let these Judges be exiled to ITSREALLYHELL forever

    The company’s litigation campaign stalled this summer after three suits were thrown out on fair use grounds and five judges in Nevada and Colorado ruled Righthaven lacked standing to sue because it didn’t control the newspaper copyrights it claimed to own.

    Hoehn, a Kentucky message board poster, had posted a Review-Journal column on a sports betting website.

    Righthaven said the no-warning suits against Hoehn and the other defendants were needed to deter rampant infringement of news content, but Hoehn’s attorneys said the suit against him was aimed at chilling Hoehn’s free speech rights.

    After U.S. District Judge Philip Pro in Las Vegas dismissed Righthaven’s suit against Hoehn this summer on both fair use and standing grounds, he also ordered Righthaven to pay his $34,045.50 in legal fees to Randazza Legal Group of Las Vegas.

    Righthaven has refused to pay and has said it faces bankruptcy if a creditor like Hoehn tries to seize its assets. The company has said it’s low on cash because the problems with its litigation campaign have reduced lawsuit settlement revenue. But even as the company has refused to pay Hoehn, it has continued paying attorneys to litigate other cases in Nevada, Colorado and South Carolina.

    It’s appealing to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals both the dismissal of its suit against Hoehn as well as the award for his attorney’s fees — one of several attorney’s fee awards Righthaven has been hit with or is likely to be hit with.

    The writ of execution signed Tuesday covers not only the original $34,045 in fees, but nearly $30,000 more in fees racked up by Randazza Legal Group in trying to get Righthaven to pay the first $34,045.

    The entire writ, which includes a small amount of interest, is for $63,720.80.

    A message for comment was placed with Righthaven on the writ.

    Based on its past practice, Righthaven is likely to fight execution of the writ with another court appeal — though it hasn’t taken the bankruptcy option off the table.

    The writ was issued after Randazza Legal Group attorneys asked the court to issue it Saturday, one day after Righthaven missed a deadline to either pay the original $34,045 or post a bond guaranteeing payment while it appealed the fee award.

    "Righthaven has exhausted any benefit of the doubt that it could be afforded, and it is time for it to pay the consequences for its actions — starting with Hoehn’s lawful judgment plus the accrued costs and fees expended in the (so far) futile attempts to compel Righthaven to take this court’s orders seriously,’’ Randazza attorneys wrote in Saturday’s request.


    They will Sue you, in their Freemason Noahide anti-God courts if you oppose their global reign of Terror, their treasonous Freemason Judges are at their sickening Talmudic disposal

    Therefore the communities must form their internal unified leadership in every land and state and not to restrain themselves in the face of persecution as if it didn’t occur. One should conduct proper recording and documentation of the events, and it is proper to force the local authorities, and the state of Israel and international Jewish organizations to express their stance, as well as on the Jewish and Gentile elites in the state and community in question. It is important to submit exhaustive judicial claims, criminal and civil, against the oppressors. Restraint until the anger passes will not be effective in general in such cases where hatred of Israel is increasing in the world.

    Every community and every Jew is obligated to be concerned with the protection of their lives and property in means which secure maximum protection of life, property, and their value.

    The best medicine for all of this is to make aliyah to Israel. Ingathering of the exiles is the most important and eternal gathering for the Jewish nation. By means of making real the promise of the Torah, that from the ends of heaven G-d will gather in His scattered, a Jew guards his identity, the danger of assimilation amongst the nations is prevented, and he expresses his faith in his Creator, his uniqueness, and he can live as a proud Jew in the framework of a suitable community in the Land of Israel.

    And Jesus will surely gather his own to Sion and to New Jersualem that beautiful white and non Bloody Bride of Christ, while this nation is cast into outer darkness and wailing when they see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob feast with the saints of the LIVING GOD



    DO NOT Be deceived, the Sharia Law is none other then Noahide anti-Christ global Law promoted by Satan's Sanhedrin, not by Koran 

    Joint Halachic-Shariah Court

    From The Sanhedrin - en

    A joint "Bnei Noah" court between a Jewish Rabbinical Court and an Islamic Shaaria Court to allow an opportunity for Israeli-Palestinian grievances to be verified and ruled upon according to religious law. This idea is only in its initial stages, and not well understood. We said in a previous statement[1], "lies and misinformation" are a key part in the campaign against Israel, and we feel this is due in significant part because there is no credible court that Muslims and Jews can turn to, the secular courts having failed us in resolving Palestinian-Israeli grievances.


    and now for the wretchedness news of Chabad Lubavitch, the sin-a-Gog of Satan.....


    More Organ Harvest by God's Chosen, for God's Chosen, and let them live forever amen....How many Goyim Noahide's care to step up for Chabad's benevolent quest?

    Brooklyn Man Pleads Guilty in First Ever Federal Conviction for Brokering Illegal Kidney Transplants for Profit



    Defendant Admits Orchestrating Three Completed Transplants from Israeli Donors for New Jersey Residents

    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    October 27, 2011
    District of New Jersey(973) 645-2700

    TRENTON, NJ—An Israeli citizen living in Brooklyn, N.Y., admitted today to brokering three illegal kidney transplants for payments of $120,000 or more before he was caught conspiring to organize another black market sale, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

    Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, a/k/a “Isaac Rosenbaum,” 60, pleaded guilty today to an information charging him with three counts of acquiring, receiving, and otherwise transferring human organs for valuable consideration for use in human transplantation; and one count of conspiracy to do the same. Rosenbaum was originally charged with the conspiracy by Complaint in July 2009.

    The defendant entered his guilty plea before U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson in Trenton federal court. Rosenbaum’s convictions are the first under the federal statute involving the black market sales of kidneys from paid donors.

    “Rosenbaum admitted he was not new to the human kidney business when he was caught brokering what he thought was a black market deal,” U.S. Attorney Fishman said. “A black market in human organs is not only a grave threat to public health, it reserves lifesaving treatment for those who can best afford it at the expense of those who cannot. We will not tolerate such an affront to human dignity.”

    According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

    Rosenbaum admitted that from January 2006 through February 2009, he conspired with others to provide a service, in exchange for large payments, to individuals seeking kidney transplants by obtaining kidneys from paid donors. Specifically, Rosenbaum admitted to arranging three transplants on behalf of New Jersey residents that took place in December 2006, September 2008 and February 2009. Rosenbaum admitted that he was paid approximately $120,000, $150,000 and $140,000, respectively on behalf of these three recipients.

    Rosenbaum’s kidney business was exposed through the use of cooperating criminal defendant Solomon Dwek and an undercover FBI agent (the “UC”) who was posing as an employee of Dwek and who represented to Rosenbaum that her uncle was in need of a kidney transplant. Dwek and the UC first met with Rosenbaum in mid-February 2008 at which time Rosenbaum informed them that “[i]t’s illegal to buy and sell organs,” but assured them that “I’m doing this a long time.” Rosenbaum explained to Dwek and the UC that he would help the recipient and the donor concoct a fictitious story to make it appear that the transplant was the product of a genuine donation and that he would be in charge of babysitting the donor upon the donor’s arrival from overseas. Rosenbaum also informed Dwek and the CW that he would charge $150,000 to arrange the transplant, explaining that the high price was due in part to payments that would be made to individuals in Israel for their assistance in locating the donor.

    Rosenbaum met with Dwek and the UC again in August 2008, at which time Rosenbaum required that a blood sample be taken from the UC’s uncle to ensure a donor with the appropriate blood type was located. Rosenbaum related that he had an associate he paid in cash who would take the blood sample, and reiterated that he would help coordinate the cover story between the recipient and donor, assuring them that “so far I’ve never had a failure.” During the meeting, Rosenbaum informed Dwek and the UC that the price had risen to $160,000. He also accepted four blank checks totaling $10,000 from Dwek as a down payment and informed Dwek that the checks would be made payable to a charitable organization, the name of which Rosenbaum would fill in on the checks before depositing them.

    At a July 2009 meeting, Rosenbaum informed the UC that he had been arranging kidney transplants like the one to be done on behalf of her uncle for a period of 10 years, the most recent only two weeks earlier.

    During his guilty plea, Rosenbaum admitted he had informed the FBI agent and the three kidney recipients that he could locate individuals who were willing to donate their kidneys in exchange for money. Rosenbaum admitted he typically located individuals in Israel willing to be paid for giving up their kidneys and that he would be responsible for arranging the paid donors’ travel to the United States as well as their accommodations in the United States before and after the transplant surgery. Rosenbaum admitted that he arranged for blood samples to be drawn from the potential recipients so that appropriate donors could be located. He also acknowledged that he assisted each paid donor and recipient with fabricating cover stories in order to fool hospital employees into believing that the transplant in question was the product of a genuine donation.

    Each of the charges to which Rosenbaum pleaded guilty carries a maximum statutory penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine or twice the gross gain or loss from the offense. Rosenbaum also agreed to forfeit approximately $420,000 by the date of sentencing—consisting of the $410,000 he accepted for brokering the transplants and the $10,000 down payment he accepted from Dwek.

    Judge Thompson continued Rosenbaum’s release on bail pending sentencing, and he remains under house arrest with electronic monitoring. Sentencing is currently scheduled for Feb. 2, 2012.

    U.S. Attorney Fishman credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Michael B. Ward, and IRS – Criminal Investigation, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Victor W. Lessoff, with the investigation leading to the guilty plea.

    The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark McCarren of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Special Prosecutions Division in Newark.

    What this report neglects to tell you is that this sick Viper is Chabad Lubavitch


    More MURDER GAZA...DO AH Heah aeean Amean Brutha's aeean sistah's ? In ah ha name of ah ha Judeo-Jaysoose....foah the "Chosen" of course

    Here we go again–IDF has “green light” for Gaza invasion



    Government authorized IDF to take all necessary steps to stop Gaza rocket fire, including ground operation, military official tells AP. Offensive to be ordered only after massive rocket fire. Egypt envoy: ‘We saved Gaza from destruction’

    ed note–the ONLY thing surprising or out of character with this is that it has taken 2 years for them to do it. Israel and serial wars against gentiles is like “water” and “wet”–can’t have the one without the other. Until the world comes to understand that the electrical current powering the behavior of the Jewish state is the Jewish religion, the basis of which is its anti-Gentile character, the wolves will continue to be free to shed innocent blood at will.

    Israel has authorized its military to take all necessary steps to stop rocket fire from Gaza, including a ground operation, an Israeli military official said Tuesday, as Egypt worked on a truce and said Israel had agreed to delay stepping up its response.

    The Israeli government decision stopped well short of ordering tanks to roll into Gaza, and it appeared unlikely that would happen, as rocket fire all but stopped over the past day.

    The official said the decision authorized the military to act in accordance with the severity of Palestinian attacks, meaning that a ground offensive would be ordered only after massive rocket fire. He spoke on condition of anonymity because no statement was made.

    Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar and local council heads decided to open schools again on Wednesday after three days of suspension. However, shortly thereafter a Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. 

    Egypt’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority said Tuesday that Egypt obtained an Israeli pledge to hold its fire while efforts were under way to persuade Palestinian militants to stop the rocket barrages.

    The sudden spike in violence began when militants in Gaza started firing salvos at Israel late last week, and Israeli retaliated with airstrikes. One Israeli civilian and at least Palestinian 10 terrorists were killed in the worst violence on that front in months.

    “In the past few hours, Egypt saved Gaza from severe destruction and succeeded in securing Israeli restraint to give Egyptians time to reach a cease-fire agreement with Palestinian factions,” Egypt’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Othman, told The Associated Press Tuesday.

    On Monday, Netanyahu warned from the podium of the Israeli parliament that Israel would operate “vigorously and resolutely” against those who would threaten its security.

    “A security philosophy cannot rely on defense alone,” Netanyahu said. “It must also include offensive capabilities, the very foundation of deterrence.”

    Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Israel’s position has not changed.

    The military said there have been no Israeli airstrikes since around midnight Monday. Two rockets were fired from Gaza during that time. The relative calm prevailed through Tuesday afternoon.

    The rocket attacks have disrupted life in southern Israel, forcing schools to close. About 1 million Israelis live within range of rockets from Gaza.

    The Islamic Jihad faction was behind the initial rocket attacks. On Sunday the militant faction agreed to stop the violence if Israel also did. Rocket fire that drew retaliatory Israeli airstrikes persisted afterward, but it was claimed by a different militant group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

    Israel holds Hamas responsible for all violence from the territory

    Occupied Palestine, by Satan's Sin-a-GOG, notice how un-semitic these White Bolshevik Hassidic Vipers appear



    The Battle Of Beit Shemesh

    At 8am, little girls carrying backpacks stuffed with books and lunchboxes greet each other with giggles and whispers as they wait for the security guard to unlock the school gates. All are dressed in compliance with the school's regulations: skirt to the knee or below; sleeves at least to the elbow. The youngest are six, the oldest 12: the age of innocence. But this has not protected these children from being called "prostitutes" and "whores" by haredim who have also threatened to harm them, and the little girls require police protect to get to and from school.

    Haredi Shtreiml finger point cop

    The battle of Bet Shemesh
    Harriet Sherwood •

    At 8am, little girls carrying backpacks stuffed with books and lunchboxes greet each other with giggles and whispers as they wait for the security guard to unlock the school gates. All are dressed in compliance with the school's regulations: skirt to the knee or below; sleeves at least to the elbow.

    The youngest are six, the oldest 12: the age of innocence. But this has not protected these children from becoming the focus of a cultural, religious and territorial struggle between Jews in the city of Bet Shemesh, which many say reflects a wider battle across the country as the ultra-orthodox, or Haredim, grow in number and influence.

    Since the state-funded religious-nationalist school of Orot Girls opened in new premises in September, groups of extreme Haredi men regularly gather at the gates, screaming "whore" and "slut" at the girls and their mothers. The demonstrators say they are dressed "immodestly"; that even girls as young as six should cover their flesh. When staff and pupils returned after recent holidays, they found a stink bomb had been hurled through a glass window, its stench of excrement and rotting fish putting a classroom out of use.

    Women joggers have been spat at and verbally abused. A few days ago, a canvasser in her 60s, wearing shirt and trousers, was physically barred from entering an apartment block and called a whore. Signs pasted to apartment blocks near the school, occupied by Haredi families, read: "Women who pass through our neighbourhood are required to appear in modest dress."

    But it is the school that has become the pivot of tensions between the religious-nationalist (Jews who are orthodox and committed Zionists) and secular communities in Bet Shemesh and their Haredi neighbours. Until this year, the school was in a decrepit downtown area; the city council agreed to relocate it next to Orot Boys and close to two mixed Jewish neighbourhoods. There was an immediate backlash from the Haredim next door.

    The campaign is being driven by a small group, say parents and activists who label their opponents kanaim – loosely translated as extremist, fanatic, zealot, fundamentalist. What they do is described as "terrorism". "They instil fear, they use terror tactics," Michal Glatt, the mother of a 10-year-old pupil, says. "Screaming at little girls? What other word is there but terrorism?"

    The Haredim are not interested in explaining their grievances or justifying their tactics to the media. But when community activist Rabbi Dov Lipman asked one protester why they were focusing on the way small girls dress, he was told "even an eight-year-old draws my eyes".

    Some of the girls have been traumatised by the demonstrations; there has been a spike in bedwetting and nightmares. Debbie Rosen-Solow, the mother of two daughters at the school, says the Haredi protests had "definitely put a lot of stress on the children". Her six-year-old embarked on her school career believing it was normal to have police cars outside the gates. "You saw the terror on their faces," she says.

    Many in the religious-nationalist and secular communities of Bet Shemesh believe the issue of "modesty" masks the crux of the campaign: to drive non-Haredim out of the area. Lipman says the drive to turn Bet Shemesh into a Haredi city could succeed: "After all, who wants their child to be assaulted verbally on a daily basis?"

    According to city councillor Shalom Lerner, there were no Haredim in Bet Shemesh 20 years ago. Now they make up 40% of the population, pushed out from Jerusalem by a shortage of affordable housing, and increasing their numbers by their high birth rate. Perhaps 50 or 60 families are militant, he says: "They are a tiny number but have great influence."

    The battle in Bet Shemesh is echoed in other towns and cities in Israel, as elements of the growing Haredim population attempt to impose their mores on other Jewish communities. As well as dress codes, they insist on strict observance of the Sabbath, including a ban on driving and the use of electricity, and the separation of men and women in public places, some even demanding different checkout queues in supermarkets.

    Many moderate Haredim fear the extremists are tarnishing the reputation of the entire community. "They have very little understanding of the tolerance required to live in a modern society with people of mixed views," says Jonathan Rosenblum, a Haredi columnist for the Jerusalem Post, opposed to the "vandalism, taunts and threats" employed in Bet Shemesh.

    He and others are critical of Moshe Abutbul, the Haredi mayor of Bet Shemesh, and other Haredim leaders, for failing to take a stand against the "zealots". Some Haredim women in the city, appalled at the actions of the extremists, distributed flowers to the pupils of Orot Girls, telling them "sister to sister" that they were beautiful.

    Lipman sees the events at Orot Girls as "a microcosm of what could happen in this country. At some point they will become a majority; it's a demographic fact. We can embrace the moderates or let the extremists run wild. We have to come down on [the extremists] hard, not let them have control.

    "This is definitely a battle and we need to view it that way. It's not just about the school, but the future of Bet Shemesh and the future of the state of Israel."

    Sanhedrins Best


    to be called Rabbi.....

    Rabbi Mordechai Elon Indicted For Sex Assault

    A criminal indictment was served today against Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, one of the most prominent rabbis in Israel's Orthodox Zionist movement, for two counts of indecent and sexual assault against two minor boys, one of whom was his student at the time of the alleged assault. Elon, who broke an agreement he made with an Orthodox Zionist ethics committee not to teach boys or work around or with boys, denies the allegations against him saying his actions have been "misunderstood.'

    Now you know where the Catholicos was trained

    Rabbi Mordechai Elon
    Rabbi Mordechai Elon

    Prominent Zionist rabbi indicted on two counts of sexual assault of minors
    Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, a leader of the religious Zionist movement, indicted for assaulting two 17-year olds, including one of his students; Elon says his actions misunderstood.
    By Tomer Zarchin and Oz Rosenberg • Ha’aretz

    An indictment was served Wednesday against Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, one of the most prominent rabbis in the religious Zionist movement, for two counts of indecent and sexual assault against two minors, one of whom was his student.

    According to the indictment, served to a Jerusalem court, the incidents took place in 2003 and 2005. Rabbi Elon was head of the Hakotel Yeshiva in Jerusalem’s old city at the time.

    In 2003, Rabbi Elon assaulted B., who joined the Yeshiva as a student in December 2002. B. was seventeen years old at the time of the incident, and according to the indictment, he saw Rabbi Elon as someone to look up to. The incident took place following a death in B.’s family.

    In 2005, Rabbi Elon assaulted A., also seventeen years old, who was not one of his students. According to the indictment, A. approached the Rabbi for advice after going through an emotional crisis, on the recommendation of a friend.

    During hearings at the State Attorney’s office, Rabbi Elon has claimed that he did not break the law, and that his actions were misunderstood. He said his actions stemmed from the love of a teacher for a student, and that they were in no way sexual abuse. The State Attorney’s office did not accept this version of events.

    Police recommended that Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon be indicted on charges of sexual crimes in August 2010. Police suspect Elon of forcibly committing indecent acts on two minors.

    Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and State Prosecutor Moshe Lador closely followed the case while the police were still investigating Elon.

    In February 2010, Weinstein instructed the police to examine complaints about Elon that had been made public by Takana, a forum that fights sexual abuse in the Orthodox community.

    Suspicions against Elon came to the attention of Takana in 2006. The forum demanded that Elon cease his educational activities, and placed various restrictions on him. With no explanation to his students and followers, Elon, who was popular with students, left his post as head of Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem, and moved with his family to Migdal on the Kinneret.

    In 2006, Takana informed then attorney general Menachem Mazuz of the complaints against Elon. Mazuz conveyed the information to the police, but decided not to order an investigation against Elon.

    Takana said they decided to go public with the allegations at the time because Elon "did not follow the restrictions imposed on him."

    The Jerusalem Post's report notes that Elon was first offered a plea bargain. When he turned it down, he was indicted.

    Ynet describes the assaults this way:

    The indictment alleges that Elon made unwelcome advances at the teenagers, touched them inappropriately and fondled them, all the while claiming it would help their emotional problems.
    "These acts were perpetrated for the sole purpose of the defendant's sexual gratification," the prosecution stated.

    And Ynet explains Elon's refusal to accept a sweetheart plea deal:

    The prosecution offered Rabbi Elon a plea bargain, under which he would have had to enter a guilty plea but would have been spared jail time, but he reportedly refused it. The defense claimed that under no circumstance would the rabbi admit to a crime [he says] he did not commit.…

    "I never did anything with my students for sexual stimulation. I won't confess to such a thing."

    [Elon] added, "My behavior is apparently being construed in a different way to what actually happened. I never harassed anyone, let alone committed indecent acts. The indictment is baseless to the core and I shall prove my claims in court."

    What Elon and Ynet do not address is that Takana, the Zionist Orthodox rabbinic ethics committee, found Elon guilty of sexually assaulting boys in 2006, and Elon only escaped prosecution then because Takana refused to fully cooperate with police and Israel's Attorney General, Menahem Mazuz, chose not to prosecute – a decision Mazuz frequently made when the alleged criminals were prominent people, and wespecially when the crimes were sexual in nature.

    Elon made a deal with Takana that included moving out of Jerusalem and stopping teaching.

    But Elon quickly broke the agreement and when Takana found out, it began cooperating with police, which eventually, after about two years of investigation by police (and a new Attorney General), led to today's indictment.


    The Alleged Extortion Of Rabbi Baruch Lebovits

    'Was the convicted child sex abuser extorted by another haredi rabbi?

    Baruch Lebovits Looks Over Shoulder
    Rabbi Baruch Lebovits

    The Forward has a report on the status of the case against convicted child sex abuser Rabbi Baruch Lebovitz and the case against the man who allegedly tried to extort him.

    Although the article doesn't mention it, there is afiled response from the DA to Lebovits's claims.

    I hope to have more on that soon.


    Aholah and Aholibah hate one another, and it is a good thing, for a house divided......

    The War For Jerusalem

    is Jerusalem's secular mayor fighting the leader of the battle against haredi extremism?

    Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat, right, and Jerusalem city council member Rachel Azaria, left

    The war for Jerusalem
    Op-ed: Why is secular Jerusalem mayor fighting leader of battle against religious extremism?
    Bambi Sheleg • Ynet

    Rachel Azaria is precisely the kind of young woman Israel’s majority has been desperately seeking in recent years: A Zionist subscribing to moderate religious views. She took action while most people have only been whining for long years. As a Jerusalemite who wishes to continue to live in Israel’s capital, she formed a few years ago a movement called "Jerusalemites" that ran for the local council. Her movement, in cooperation with another promising young movement, "Revival", won two local council seats. A nice achievement by all means.

    Azaria enlisted to the cause of improving the state of the capital with all her might. She joined the coalition established by Mayor Nir Barkat and was entrusted with two portfolios: Community Councils and early childhood. She is considered a conscientious, prominent councilwoman, and for that reason in there were discussions on appointing her as deputy mayor in recent months.

    However, the diligent councilwoman has a powerful group of foes. The municipal coalition established by Barkat did not make do with the secular and Zionist-religious public that granted him his post. Barkat chose to bring the ultra-Orthodox factions and their agendas into the coalition as well.
    And so, when over the recent Sukkot holiday residents of the Mea Shearim neighborhood decided the time has come to segregate women and men in neighborhood streets, Azaria petitioned the High Court of Justice. However, this logical civilian move, which is embraced by every Jerusalemite who voted for Barkat in the elections, prompted the opposite response from the mayor.

    Barkat deprived Azaria of her portfolios on the grounds that a council member cannot petition against its own city hall.
    Women are human beings

    The fight for Israel’s public sphere in general and for Jerusalem’s public sphere in particular has taken off in the past decade. This is a battle where the large Israeli majority (which also has many silent partners within the ultra-Orthodox community) is being pushed against the wall by zealous forces that have no interest in any compromise whatsoever. Just look at the segregated buses that made their way into many communities nationwide, where women are forced to sit at the back on alleged “modesty” grounds.
    One could expect Barkat, who was elected by a secular and Zionist-religious constituency, to consider his voters’ agenda; after all, it is thanks to them that he is currently the mayor of Israel’s capital. It’s unimaginable that Barkat, who was elected thanks to his "secular" views, is in practice implementing the policy of radical haredim in Jerusalem in order to secure calm or anything else which the general public is unaware of.
    When our leaders do not have the political will to fight for the core values of Israeli society, extremism takes over. The honor of women in Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular is such value. Women should not be walking in separate streets; they should not be sitting at the back of buses; they can and should sing in military ceremonies or anywhere else they wish to.
    Women are not sexual objects. First and foremost, they’re human beings. Yet this value must be fought for. It is a pity that Barkat failed to realize it, but it’s still not too late to change it.


    Even the Jews hate the Choose...go figure

    Toward Separation Of Synagogue And State

    Israel is in danger of no longer being governed by the people; this danger does not come from the multitudes surrounding us who seek our destruction, but rather from those who wish for rabbinic fiat and Torah law to rule supreme.


    The question of Israel as a Jewish democracy
    Israel is in danger of no longer being governed by the people; this danger does not come from the multitudes surrounding us who seek our destruction, but rather from those who wish for rabbinic fiat and Torah law to rule supreme.
    By Ilan Ben Zion • Ha’aretz

    The Israel that Herzl envisioned was a bastion of democracy and a haven for all Jews against the evils of anti-Semitism. This is the Israel I grew up on, and the Israel I had hoped to move to; a country based upon Jewish values and liberal ideals.

    But this island of democracy in a despotic sea is in danger of no longer being governed by the people. This danger does not come from the multitudes surrounding us who seek our destruction, but rather from those who wish for rabbinic fiat and Torah law to rule supreme.

    This faction of Israeli society is multiplying far faster than those who advocate egalitarian democracy, and in the past thirty years has benefitted from an unprecedented and disproportionate increase in religious party power.

    What if the Masoretic mullahs of Mea Shearim succeed in the coming decades and take over, turning Israel into a Jewish Iran? Is half the Zionist vision good enough?

    Sixty years ago, fearful that Israeli democracy would be overthrown in the future, Professor Yehuda Leo Kohn asserted it would be foolhardy for Israelis to delude themselves into believing that “nothing like [the fall of German democracy] could happen in Israel”.

    Having witnessed firsthand the downfall of many European democracies in the thirty years prior to Israel’s founding, Kohn recognized Israel’s need for a constitution that enshrines civil liberties, prevents perfidious government action, and safeguards the rights of the individual.

    There are measures that can and must be taken to prevent our fragile, imperfect democracy from crumbling beneath the demographic weight of black hats and coats; Israel needs a constitution.

    Ben Gurion and his contemporaries balked at the daunting task of constitution building while struggling to establish the state, instead leaving it for generations to come. Today’s Israel does not have that luxury.

    If Israel is to properly protect its citizens’ rights, it must finally reach a national consensus –however difficult and daunting it may be - on what laws are above the state and the people.

    We the people must ratify a constitution that guarantees individual freedoms, minority rights, separation of religion and government, and a clear system of checks and balances.

    With secular Jews and non-Jews together constituting a majority of the country’s population, the time has come for Israeli identity to be divested of its religious trappings.

    How can a large portion of Israel’s population uphold the current state if they do not identify
    with the religious Judeo-nationalism it promotes? And what if this ultra-Orthodox perversion over the law only intensifies with time?

    An Israeli constitution needs to separate Israel from its Jewish religious trappings, and make the state impartial to the religious identities of its citizens.

    If this does not happen, many Israelis my find themselves forced out of this Mediterranean sanctuary, preferring to live a free Jew in another country than shackled by injustice in a Jewish one.

    Ilan Ben Zion is an active blogger currently living in Be’er Sheva; he is a graduate of Tel Aviv University with a Masters in Diplomacy.

    Ah, Aholibah, you had your comes the benevolent Aholah Dan Sanhedrin of Satan's Anti-Christ, the shemaGog of Satan and all Maraka says...amen and amen


    Bwah haw haw haw haw haw....and........

    Now you can wail for Tammuz, O Tribe of Dan

    The Talmud Wasn't Accepted

    For several hundred years after the Babylonian Talmud's supposed acceptance by all Jewish communities as binding, its rulings were routinely ignored by rabbis. Why?

    Talmud page
    A page of the Babylonia Talmud

    Lawrence Grossman review's Talyia Fishman's new book, Becoming the People of the Talmud: Oral Torah as Written Tradition in Medieval Jewish Cultures (University of Pennsylvania Press, 424 pages, $65) for the Forward. And he notes the following:

    …[Fishman] demonstrates not only that even when written copies existed, the Talmud in Mesopotamian, North African and Iberian Jewish communities of the early Middle Ages was still primarily transmitted by word of mouth, but also that authoritative pronouncements on Jewish law often diverged from that Talmud. It was only in 11th- and 12th-century France and Germany [300 years after the Babylonian Talmud was codified] — the Ashkenazic heartland — that Jews began to experience Talmud “as readers studying a book,” and that book came to be viewed as the paramount guide to practice, a process similar to the shift going on at the same time among non-Jews, as Northern European Christianity moved to a text-based culture from a custom-based one.


    Mk:7:9: And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

    Mk:7:13: Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

    The work of the 11th-century French scholar known as Rashi facilitated the treatment of Talmud as one long book by preparing the authoritative running commentary still in use today. The next step, accomplished by several generations of scholars beginning with Rashi’s grandsons — collectively known as the Tosafists — was to identify and seek to reconcile the multiple contradictions in the book, a problem that had rarely surfaced when the Talmud was an oral tradition. By the 13th century, this focus on the intricacies of the written text had spread across the Pyrenees [mountains] to scholars in Spain and then elsewhere, quickly establishing itself as the normative form of Jewish learning.

    As the medium transforms the message, two key substantive changes in Judaism wrought by textualization are discussed in “Becoming the People of the Talmud.” (Of Satan) Clearly, the newly constituted “text” is more rigid than oral tradition, reducing the flexibility of the religious authority to reinterpret past wisdom in light of new reality in a way that does not disrupt the consciousness of a seamless tradition. Thus, Fishman notes, the Tosafists were often perplexed when they saw that customary religious practices that had evolved naturally differed from those prescribed in the talmudic texts, and so they exerted remarkable casuistic energy in attempts to reconcile them.…

    CONFUSION....and see also Judeo Churchinsanity of their proselytes of Hell

    What's interesting here is that if you set the date of the Talmud's 'universal' adoption as a rigid source of Jewish law at the mid-1300s instead of the rabbinic back formation that sets it in the mid-8th century CE, it makes the behavior of so-called questionable Jewish communities like the Beta Israel of Ethiopia and the Bene Israel of India in clearer context.

    Many of the binding legal decisions of the talmud these communities supposedly ignored or inexplicably did not know about are thrown into a completely new light when it becomes clear that the Talmud itself wasn't really binding until much later than the rabbis have claimed.

    It is also helps demonstrate that rabbis who do not know history and related sciences like archeology can easily make mistakes in judgement, just like rabbi who do not know medical science or physics make errors of judgement.

    In both those cases, these rabbis rely on the Talmud as if it existed, pristine and perfect, in a vacuum.

    But it does not now and it never did exist in that way.

    Perhaps one day, rabbis and their yeshivas will acknowledge that


    Noahide News Part 948






    look Back


    Romans 10:4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

    5: For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.
    6: But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:) Romans 10:4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

    Hasidim and their Moshiach, that son of Perdition

    7: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)
    8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
    9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    Not maybe

    10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
    11: For the scripture saith, 

    Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
    13: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    14: How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? 

    and how shall they hear without a preacher?

    15: And how shall they preach, except they be sent? 

    not ordained by a state sanctioned 501 C3 institution of Satan's religion, BUT SENT BY THE FATHER

    as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
    16: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
    17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
    18: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.
    19: But I say, 

    Did not Israel know? 

    First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.
    20: But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.
    21: But to Israel he saith, 

    All day long I have stretched forth my hands 

    unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

    Romans 10:9

    9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


    11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
    12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

    The Last Deception

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    Noahide News Part 77

    Noahide News Part 78

    Noahide News Part 79

    Noahide News Part 80

    Noahide News Part 81

    Noahide News Part 82

    Noahide News Part 83 ALERT ALERT ALERT

    Noahide News Part 84

    Noahide News Part 85

    Noahide News Part 86

    Noahide News Part 87

    Noahide News Part 88

    Noahide News Part 89

    Noahide News part 90

    Noahide News Part 91

    Noahide News Part 92

    Noahide News Part 93

    Noahide News Part 94

    Noahide News Part 95

    Noahide News Part 96

    Noahide News Part 97

    Noahide News Part 98

    Noahide News Part 99

    Noahide News Part 100

    Noahide News Part 101

    Noahide News Part 102

    Noahide News Part 103

    Noahide News Part 104

    Noahide News Part 105

    Noahide News Part 106

    Noahide News Part 107

    Noahide News Part 108

    Noahide News Part 109

    Noahide News Part 110

    Noahide News Part 111

    Noahide News Part 112

    Noahide News Part 113

    Noahide News Part 114

    Noahide Naws Part 115

    Noahide News Part 116

    Noahide News Part 117

    Noahide News Part 118

    Noahide News Part 119

    Noahide News Part 120

    Noahide News Part 121

    Noahide News Part 122

    Noahide News Part 123

    Noahide News Part 124

    Noahide News part 125

    Noahide News Part 126

    Noahide News Part 127

    Noahide News Part 128

    Noahide News Part 129

    The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

    Noahide News Part 130

    Noahide news Part 131

    Noahide News Part 132

    Noahide News Part 133

    Noahide News Part 134

    Noahide News Part 135

    Noahide news Part 136

    Noahide News Part 137

    Noahide News Part 138

    Noahide News Part 139

    Noahide News Part 140

    Noahide News Part 141

    Noahide News Part 142

    Noahide News Part 143 THE JEWISH RELIGION Its InfluenceToday

    Noahide News Part 144

    Noahide News Part 145

    Noahide News Part 146

    Noahide news Part 147

    Noahide News Part 148

    Noahide News Part 149

    Noahide News Part 150

    Noahide News Part 151

    Noahide News Part 152

    Noahide News Part 153

    Noahide News Part 154

    NoahideNews Part 155

    Noahide News Part 156

    Noahide News Part 157

    Noahide News Part 158

    Noahide News Part 159

    Noahide News Part 160

    Noahide News Part 161

    Noahide News Part 162

    Noahide News Part 163

    Noahide News Part 164

    Noahide News Part 165

    Noahide News part 166

    Noahide News Part 167

    Noahide News Part 168

    Alert ! Noahide News Part 169 Alert ! Alert ! false Elijah cometh?

    Noahide News Part 170

    Noahide News Part 171

    Noahide News Part 172

    Noahide News Part 173

    Noahide News Part 174 

    Noahide News Part 175

    Noahide News Part 176

    Noahide News Part 177

    Noahide News Part 178

    Noahide News Part 179

    Noahide News Part 180

    Noahide News Part 181

    Noahide News Part 182

    Noahide News Part 183

    Noahide News Part 184

    Noahide News Part 185

    Noahide News part 186

    Noahide News Part 187

    Noahide News Part 188

    Noahide News Part 189

    Noahide News Part 190 Alert ! Alert! Alert!

    Noahide News part 191

    Noahide News part 192

    Noahide News Part 193

    Noahide News Part 194

    Noahide News Part 195

    Noahide News Part 196

    Noahide News Part 197 Alert Alert Alert !

    Noahide News part 198

    Noahide News Part 199

    Noahide News Part 200

    Noahide News Part 201

    Noahide News Part 202

    Noahide News Part 203Alert Alert Alert !

    Noahide News Part 204 Alert ! Alert ! Alert!

    Noahide News Part 205

    Noahide news Part 206

    Noahide News Part 207

    Noahide News Part 208

    Noahide News Part 209

    Noahide News Part 210

    Noahide News Part 211

    Noahide News Part 212

    Noahide News Part 213

    Noahide News Part 214

    Noahide News Part 215

    Noahide News Part 216

    Noahide News Part 217

    Noahide News Part 218

    Noahide News Part 219

    Noahide News Part 220 Alert ! Alert!

    Noahide News Part 221

    Noahide News Part 222 Alert ! Alert!

    Noahide News Part 223

    Noahide News Part 224 Alert! Alert!

    Noahide News part 225

    Noahide News Part 226

    Noahide News Part 227

    Noahide News Part 228 Alert! Alert! Alert!

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    Noahide News Part 230 Alert ! Alert!

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    Noahide News Part 232

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    Noahide News Part 234

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    Noahide News Part 236

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    Noahide News Part 238

    Noahide News Part 239

    Noahide News Part 240

    Noahide News Part 241 Alert ! Alert ! Alert!

    Noahide News Part 242

    Noahide News Part 243

    Noahide News Part 244

    Noahide News Part 245

    Noahide News Part 246

    Noahide News Part 247

    Noahide News Part 248

    Noahide News Part 249

    "Left Behind"

    Noahide News Part 250

    Noahide News Part 251

    Noahide News Part 252

    Noahide News Part 253

    Noahide News Part 254

    Noahide News Part 255

    Noahide News Part 256

    Noahide News part 257

    Noahide News Part 258

    Noahide News Part 259

    Noahide News Part 260

    Noahide News Part 261

    Noahide News Part 262

    Noahide News Part 263

    Noahide News Part 264

    Noahide News Part 265

    Noahide News Part 266

    Noahide News Part 267

    Noahide News Part 268

    Noahide News Part 269

    Noahide News Part 270

    Noahide News Part 271

    Noahide News Part 272

    Noahide News Part 273

    Noahide News Part 274

    Noahide News Part 275

    Noahide News Part 276

    Noahide News Part 277

    Noahide News Part 278

    Noahide News Part 279

    Noahide News Part 280

    Noahide News Part 281

    Noahide News Part 282

    Noahide News Part 283

    Noahide News Part 284

    Noahide News Part 285

    Saints of the Living God

    Noahide News Part 286

    Noahhide News Part 287

    Noahide News Part 288

    Noahide News Part 289 Terminated page

    Noahide News Part 290

    Noahide News Part 291

    Noahide News Part 292

    Noahide News Part 293

    Noahide News Part 294

    Noahide News Part 295 Alert ! Alert!

    Noahide News Part 296

    Noahide News Part 297

    Noahide News Part 298

    Noahide News Part 299

    Noahide News Part 300

    Noahide News Part 301

    Noahide News Part 302

    Noahide News Part 303  

    Noahide News Part 304

    Noahide News Part 305

    Noahide News Part 306

    Noahide News Part 307

    Noahide News Part 308

    Noahide News Part 309

    Noahide News Part 310

    Noahide News Part 311

    Noahide News Part 312

    The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

    Noahide News part 313

    Noahide News Part 314

    Noahide News part 315

    Noahide News Part 316

    Noahide News Part 317

    Noahide News Part 318

    Noahide News Part 319

    Noahide News Part 320

    Noahide News Part 321 Sanhedrin Alert !

    Noahide News Part 322

    Noahide News Part 323

    Noahide News Part 324

    Noahide News Part 325

    Noahide News Part 326

    Noahide News Part 327

    Noahide News Part 328

    Noahide News Part 329

    Noahide News Part 330

    Noahide News Part 331

    Noahide News Part 332

    Noahide News Part 333

    Noahide News Part 334

    Noahide News Part 335

    Noahide News Pat 336

    Noahide News Part 337

    Noahide News Part 338

    Noahide News Part 339

    Noahide News Part 340

    Noahide News Part 341

    Noahide News Part 342

    Noahide News Part 343

    Noahide News Part 344

    Noahide News Part 345

    Noahide News Part 346

    Noahide News Part 347

    Noahide News Part 348

    Noahide News Part 349

    Noahide News Part 350

    Noahide News Part 351

    Jesus said No to Noahide

    Noahide News Part 352

    Noahide News Part 353

    Noahide News Part 354

    Noahide News Part 355

    Noahide News Part 356

    Noahide News Part 357

    Noahide News Part 358

    Noahide News Part 359

    Noahide News Part 360

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    Noahide News Part 362

    Noahide News Part 363

    Noahide News Part 364

    Noahide News Part 365

    Noahide News Part 366

    Noahide News Part 367

    Noahide News Part 368

    Noahide News Part 369

    Noahide News Part 370

    Noahide News Part 371

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    Noahide News Part 374

    Noahide News Part 375

    Noahide News Part 376

    Noahide News Part 377

    Noahide News Part 378

    Noahide News Part 379

    Noahide News Part 380

    Noahide News Part 381

    Noahide News Part 382

    Noahide News Part 383

    Noahide News Part 384

    Noahide News Part 385

    Noahide News Part 386

    Noahide News Part 387

    Noahide News Part 388

    Noahide News Part 389

    Noahide News Part 390

    Noahide News Part 391

    Noahide News Part 392

    Noahide News Part 393

    Noahide News Part 394

    Noahide News Part 395

    Noahide News Part 396

    Noahide News Part 397

    Noahide News Part 398

    Noahide News Part 399

    Noahide News Part 400

    Noahide News Part 401

    Noahide News Part 402

    Noahide News Part 403

    Noahide News Part 404

    Noahide News Part 405

    Noahide News Part 406

    Noahide News Part 407

    Noahide News Part 408

    Noahide News Part 409

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    Noahide News Part 411

    Noahide News Part 412

    Noahide News Part 413

    Noahide News Part 414

    Noahide News Part 415

    Noahide News Part 416

    Noahide News Part 417

    Noahide News Part 418

    Noahide News Part 419

    Noahide News Part 420

    Noahide News Part 421

    Noahide News Part 422

    Noahide News Part 423

    Noahide News Part 424

    Noahide News Part 425

    Noahide News Part 426

    Noahide News Part 427

    Noahide News Part 428

    Noahide News Part 429

    Noahide News Part 430

    Noahide News Part 431

    Noahide News Part 432

    Noahide News Part 433

    Noahide News Part 434

    Noahide News Part 435

    Noahide News Part 436

    Noahide News Part 438

          Noahide News Part 439     

     Noahide News Part 440

    Noahide News Part 441

    Noahide News Part 442

    Noahide News Part 443

    Noahide News Part 444

    Noahide News Part 445

    Noahide News Part 446

    Noahide News Part 447

    Noahide News Part 448

    Noahide News Part 449

    Noahide News Part 450

    Noahide News Part 451

     Noahide News Part 452

    Noahide News Part 453

    Noahide News Part 454

    Noahide News Part 455

    Noahide News Part 456

    Noahide News Part 457

    Noahide News Part 458

    Noahide News Part 459

    Noahide News Part 460

    Noahide News Part 461

    Noahide News Part 462

    Noahide News Part 463

    Noahide News Part 464

    Noahide News Part 465

    Noahide News Part 466

    Noahide News Part 467

    Noahide News Part 468

    Noahide News Part 469

    Noahide News Part 470

    Noahide News Part 471

    Noahide News Part 472

    Noahide News Part 473

    Noahide News Part 474

    Noahide News Part 475

    Noahide News Part 476

    Noahide News Part 477

    Noahide News Part 478

    Noahide News Part 479

    Noahide News Part 480

    Noahide News Part 481

    Noahide News Part 482

    Noahide News Part 483

    Noahide News Part 484

    Noahide News Part 485

    Noahide News Part 486

    Noahide News Part 487

    Noahide News Part 488

    Noahide News Part 489

    Noahide News Part 490

    Noahide News Part 491

    Noahide News Part 492

    Noahide News Part 493

    Noahide News Part 494

    Noahide News Part 495

    Noahide News Part 496

    Noahide News Part 497

    Noahide News Part 498

    Noahide News Part 499

    Noahide News Part 500

    Noahide News Part 501

    Noahide News Part 502

    Noahide News Part 503

    Noahide News Part 504

    Noahide News Part 505

    Noahide News Part 506

    Noahide News Part 507

    Noahide News Part 508

    Noahide News Part 509

    Noahide News Part 510

    Noahide News Part 511

    Noahide News Part 512

    Noahide News Part 513

    Noahide News Part 514

    Noahide News Part 515

    Noahide News Part 516

    Noahide News Part 517

    Noahide News Part 518

    Noahide News Part 519

    Noahide News Part 520

    Noahide News Part 521

    Noahide News Part 522

    Noahide News Part 523

    Noahide News Part 524

    Noahide News Part 525

    Noahide News Part 526

    Noahide News Part 527

    Noahide News Part 528

    Noahide News Part 529

    Noahide News Part 530

    Noahide News Part 531

    Noahide News Part 532

    Noahide News Part 533

    Noahide News Part 534

    Noahide News Part 535

    Noahide News Part 536

    Noahide News Part 537

    Noahide News Part 538

    Noahide News Part 539

    Noahide News Part 540

    Noahide News Part 541

    Noahide News Part 542

    Noahide News Part 543

    Noahide News Part 544

    Noahide News Part 545

    Noahide News Part 546

    Noahide News Part 547

    Noahide News Part 548

    Noahide News Part 549

    Noahide News Part 550

    Noahide News Part 551

    Noahide News Part 552

    Noahide News Part 553

    Noahide News Part 554

    Noahide News Part 555

    Noahide News Part 556

    Noahide News Part 557

    Noahide News Part 558

    Noahide News Part 559

    Noahide News Part 560

    Noahide News Part 561

    Noahide News Part 562

    Noahide News Part 563

    Noahide News Part 564

    Noahide News Part 565

    Noahide News Part 566

    Noahide News Part 567

    Noahide News Part 568

    Noahide News Part 569

    Noahide News Part 570

    Noahide News Part 571

    Noahide News Part 572

    Noahide News Part 573

    Noahide News Part 574

    Noahide News Part 575

    Noahide News Part 576

    Noahide News Part 577

    Noahide News Part 578

    Noahide News Part 579

    Noahide News Part 580

    Noahide News Part 581

    Noahide News Part 582

    Noahide News Part 583

    Noahide News Part 584

    Noahide News Part 585

    Noahide News Part 586

    Noahide News Part 587

    Noahide News Part 588

    Noahide News Part 589

    Noahide News Part 590

    Noahide News Part 591

    Noahide News Part 592

    Noahide News Part 593

    Noahide News Part 594

    Noahide News Part 595

    Noahide News Part 596

    Noahide News Part 597

    Noahide News Part 598

    Noahide News Part 599

    Noahide News Part 600

    Noahide News part 601

    Noahide News Part 602

    Noahide News Part 603

    Noahide News Part 604

    Noahide News Part 605

    Noahide News Part 606 RED Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Noahide News Part 607

    Noahide News Part 608

    Noahide News Part 609

    Noahide News Part 610

    Noahide News Part 611

    Noahide News Part 612

    Noahide News Part 613

    Noahide News Part 614

    Noahide News Part 615

    Noahide News Part 616

    Noahide News part 617

    Noahide News Part 618

    Noahide News part 619

    Noahide News Part 620

    Noahide News Part 621

    Noahide News Part 622

    Noahide News Part 623

    Noahide News Part 624

    Noahide News Part 625

    Noahide News Part 626

    Noahide News Part 627

    Noahide News Part 628

    Noahide News Part 629

    Noahide News Part 630

    Noahide News Part 631

    Noahide News Part 632

    Noahide News Part 633

    Noahide News Part 634

    Noahide News Part 635

    Noahide News Part 636

    Noahide News Part 637

    Noahide News Part 638

    Noahide News Part 639

    Noahide News Part 640

    Noahide News Part 641

    Noahide News Part 642

    Noahide News Part 643

    Noahide News Part 644

    Noahide News Part 645

    Noahide News Part 646

    Noahide News Part 647

    Noahide News Part 647 updated

    Noahide News Part 648

    Noahide News Part 649

    Noahide News Part 650

    Noahide News Part 651

    Noahide News Part 652

    Noahide News Part 653

    Noahide News Part 654

    Noahide News Part 655

    Noahide News Part 656

    Noahide News Part 657

    Noahide News Part 658

    Noahide News Part 659

    Noahide News Part 660

    Noahide News Part 661

    Noahide News Part 662

    Noahide News Part 663

    Noahide News Part 664

    Noahide News Part 665

    Noahide News Part 666

    Noahide News Part 667

    Noahide News part 668

    Noahide News Part 669

    Noahide News Part 670

    Noahide News Part 671

    Noahide News Part 672

    Noahide News Part 673

    Noahide News Part 674

    Noahide News Part 675

    Noahide News Part 676

    Noahide News Part 677

    Noahide News Part 678

    Noahide News Part 679

    Noahide News Part 680

    Noahide News Part 681

    Noahide News Part 682

    Noahide News Part 683

    Noahide News Part 684

    Noahide News Part 685

    Noahide News Part 686

    Noahide News Part 687

    Noahide News Part 688

    Noahide News Part 689

    Noahide News Part 690

    Noahide News Part 691

    Noahide News Part 692

    Noahide News Part 693

    Noahide News Part 694

    Noahide News Part 695

    Noahide News Part 696

    Noahide News Part 697

    Noahide News Part 698

    Noahide News Part 699

    Noahide News Part 700

    Noahide News Part 701

    Noahide News Part 702

    Noahide News Part 703

    Noahide News Part 704

    Noahide News Part 705

    Noahide News Part 706

    Noahide News Part 707

    Noahide News Part 708

    Noahide News Part 709

    Noahide News Part 710

    Noahide News Part 711

    Noahide News Part 712

    Noahide News Part 713

    Noahide News Part 714

    Noahide News Part 715

    Noahide News part 716

    Noahide News Part 717

    Noahide News Part 718

    Noahide News Part 719

    Noahide News Part 720

    Noahide News Part 721

    Noahide News Part 722

    Noahide News Part 723

    Noahide News Part 724

    Noahide News Part 725

    Noahide News Part 726

    Noahide News Part 727

    Noahide News Part 728

    Noahide News Part 729

    Noahide News Part 730

    Noahide News Part 731

    Noahide News Part 732

    Noahide News Part 733

    Noahide News Part 734

    Noahide News Part 735

    Noahide News Part 736

    Noahide News Part 737

    Noahide News Part 738

    Noahide News Part 739

    Noahide News Part 740

    Noahide News Part 741

    Noahide News Part 742

    Noahide News Part 743

    NoahideNews Part 744

    Noahide News Part 745

    Noahide News Part 746

    Noahide News Part 747

    Noahide News Part 748

    Noahide News Part 749

    Noahide News Part 750

    Noahidenews Part 751

    Noahide News Part 752

    Noahide News Part 753

    Noahide News Part 754

    Noahide News Part 755

    Noahide News Part 756

    Noahide News Part 757

    Noahide News Part 758

    Noahide News Part 759

    Noahide News Part 760

    Noahide News Part 761

    Noahide News Part 762

    Noahide News Part 763

    Noahide News Part 764

    Noahide News Part 765

    Noahide News part 766

    Noahide News Part 767

    Noahide News Part 768

    Noahide News Part 769

    Noahide News Part 770

    Noahide News Part 771

    Noahide News Part 772

    Noahide News Part 773

    Noahide News Part 774

    Noahide News Part 775

    Noahide News Part 776

    Noahide News Part 777

    Noahide News Part 778

    Noahide News Part 779

    Noahide News Part 780

    Noahide News Part 781

    Noahide News Part 782

    Noahide News Part 783

    Noahide News Part 784

    Noahide News Part 785

    Noahide News Part 786

    Noahide News Part 787

    Noahide News Part 788

    Noahide News Part 789

    Noahide News Part 790

    Noahide News Part 791

    Noahide News Part 792

    Noahide News Part 793

    Noahide News Part 794

    Noahide News Part 795

    Noahide News Part 796

    Noahide News Part 797

    Noahide News Part 798

    Noahide News Part 799

    Noahide News Part 800

    Noahide News Part 801

    Noahide News Part 802

    Noahide News Part 803

    Noahide News Part 804

    Noahide News Part 805

    Noahide News Part 806

    Noahide News Part 807

    Noahide News Part 808

    Noahide News Part 809

    Noahide News Part 810

    Noahide News Part 811

    Noahide News Part 812

    Noahide News Part 813

    Noahide News Part 814

    Noahide News Part 815

    Noahide News Part 816

    Noahide News Part 817

    Noahide News Part 818

    Noahide News Part 819

    Noahide News Part 820

    Noahide News Part 821

    Noahide News Part 822

    Noahide News Part 823

    Noahide News Part 824

    Noahide News Part 825

    Noahide News Part 826

    Noahide News Part 827

    Noahide News Part 828

    Noahide News Part 829

    Noahide News Part 830

    Noahide News Part 831

    Noahide News Part 832

    Noahide News Part 833

    Noahide News Part 834

    Noahide News Part 835

    Noahide News Part 836

    Noahide News Part 837

    Noahide News Part 838

    Noahide News Part 839

    Noahide News Part 840

    Noahide News Part 841

    Noahide News Part 842

    Noahide News Part 843

    Noahide News Part 844

    Noahide News Part 845

    Noahide News Part 846

    Noahide News Part 847

    Noahide News Part 848

    Noahide News Part 849

    Noahide News Part 850

    Noahide News Part 851

    Noahide News Part 852

    Noahide News Part 853

    Noahide News Part 854

    Noahide News Part 855

    Noahide News Part 856

    Noahide News Part 857

    Noahide News Part 858

    Noahide News Part 859

    Noahide News Part 860

    Noahide News Part 861

    Noahide News Part 862

    Noahide News Part 863

    Noahide News Part 864

    Noahide News Part 865

    Noahide News Part 866

    Noahide News Part 867

    Noahide News Part 868

    Noahide News Part 869

    Noahide News Part 870

    Noahide News Part 871

    Noahide News Part 872

    Noahide News Part 873

    Noahide News Part 874

    Noahide News Part 875

    Noahide News Part 876

    Noahide News Part 877

    Noahide News Part 878

    Noahide News Part 879

    Noahide News Part 880

    Noahide News Part 881

    Noahide News Part 882

    Noahide News Part 883

    Noahide News Part 884

    Noahide News Part 885

    Noahide News Part 886

    Noahide News Part 887

    Noahide News Part 888

    Noahide News Part 889

    Noahide News Part 890

    Noahide News Part 891

    Noahide News Part 892

    Noahide News Part 893

    Noahide News Part 894

    A look Back

    Noahide News Part 895   The Mark of the Beast, It is here !

    Noahide News Part 896

    Looking Back to 2004, Prophecy unfolding

    Noahide News Part 897

    Noahide News Part 898

    Noahide News Part 899 antichrist

    Noahide News Part 900

    Noahide News Part 901

    Noahide News Part 902

    Noahide News Part 903

     Noahide News Part 904

    Noahide News Part 905

    Noahide News Part 906

    Noahide News Part 907

    Noahide News Part 908

    Noahide News Part 909

    Noahide News Part 910

    Noahide News Part 911

    Noahide News Part 912

    Noahide News Part 913

    Noahide News Part 914

    Noahide News Part 915

    Noahide News Part 916

    Noahide News Part 917

    Noahide News Part 918

    Noahide News Part 919

    Noahide News Part 920

    Noahide News Part 921

    Noahide News Part 922

    Noahide News Part 923

    Noahide News Part 924

    Noahide News Part 925

    Noahide News Part 926

    Noahide News Part 927

    Noahide News Part 928

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