WEST POINT, NY [CHI] — During Sukkot the United States Military Academy at West Point hosted a Bris ceremony performed by Rabbi Levi Heber.

Chaplain (Major) Rabbi Shmuel Felzenberg, a career officer and Chabad Student, is curently serving as Jewish Chaplain at West Point. He was approached by David Abramson and his wife, both currently stationed at West Point. David, a Military medic who served fifteen months in Iraq, said 'I am a Cohen and I want a Kosher Bris for my newborn son.

Rabbi Felzenberg and his wife Dina arranged the event and prepared the meal for the Bris, which was served in the Sukkah at the Chapel. All present performed a blessing on the Lulav and Esrog - some for the first time ever!

“At the Military Chapel” - said Rabbi Felzenberg - “we are accustomed to gather for events that are less then joyous. However, to gather for a bris especially on this Holiday of Sukkot, is an experience that brings joy and pride to us all”.