SDEROT, Israel [CHI] — Rabbi Josef Aronov, Director of Chabad in Israel, has announced that following Chanukah, Shluchim in Israel, with the help of a broad cadre of volunteers, will be continuing their assistance to Israel Defense Forces soldiers on the front lines of the Gaza War.

Utilizing the resources of the 230 Chabad Houses throughout the length and breadth of Israel, Tzeirei Chabad in Israel representatives will be visiting the soldiers on a continual basis, putting on Teffilin, bringing nourishing food packages and essential moral and spiritual support to the troops.

The goal is to ensure that the soldiers, who are putting their lives on the line to defend the Jewish homeland, know that the united Jewish world stands behind them in their heroic efforts. We want them to understand that their courage and bravery are so very deeply appreciated and that the thoughts and prayers of Jews worldwide are with them during this difficult and dangerous time.

Chabad in Israel will also be aiding and assisting the families of the soldiers, those who are in range of the rocket attacks, the families of those killed and injured, and all Israelis across the country.

Chabad in Israel has mobilized a broad-based, vastly increased cadre of representatives and volunteers to bring aid and comfort to the soldiers, their families, and all Israelis as they face the terror and the danger of war.

The goal of Chabad in Israel is to tend to both the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Israel as they face the ceaseless pounding onslaught of rockets from Gaza and the dangers of the Gaza War.

This is a time for all of us worldwide to stand together in strong solidarity with Israel and her people, a time for all of us to do everything we possibly can for the Jewish homeland