ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — An Israeli intelligence source has reported on Saturday that India has sought Isralei help and support in operational and intelligence planning to conduct Commando attacks on three to five Pakistani targets.

According to a report the Indian leaders “showed the outline of this plan to US secretary of State Condoleezza Rice when she visited New Delhi last week.

Oh but she didn't mention it was Israel, did she?

“She commented guardedly that the United States was strongly opposed to a full-scale war between India and Pakistan but not averse to limited counter-terror operations” the Debka (Mossad)  intelligence report claimed.

The report filed on Saturday evening added that “Israel is willing to help the Indians carry out punitive forays into Pakistan because it has its own scores to settle for the brutal murder of six Israelis in Mumbai’s Chabad Center.

The report claimed that four Pakistani locations are to be targeted including suspected training sites in Azad Kashmir as well as probably near Lahore and Multan and near Gwadar close to Iranian border.

Reckon how many civilians will perish "Collateral Damage Collective Punishment"?

It is surprising to note that the Israeli claim came within hours of a report in Washington Post that “The United States turned up the pressure on Pakistan”.

Rice’s visit to Pakistan followed a trip to India on Wednesday and came after a visit to Pakistan by Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

U.S. media reports also warned that next 48 hours were “very crucial” and suggested that Pakistan should take “urgent moves” to arrest those named. It was also reported that Indian wanted former ISI chief detained and investigated.

A senior Pakistani official commenting on Israeli report warned that “any mis-adventure would have very very serious consequences for the whole region.” He also warned that Pakistan “will not be caught by surprise” and added “we are constantly monitoring the situation and considering to take all option in case any attack is carried out by foreign forces be it India or its allies”.

Finger on Nuke button

Reliable sources told Pakistan Observer that Pakistan has already notified its “friends and allies” that any irresponsible action from India would be responded with “full force”. It may also be noted that Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Tariq Majid held an important meeting with Chinese Ambassador in Islamabad Saturday and discussed the “current situation” in the region.

I smell global conflict, do you? Naw, it ain't gonna happen

According to a reliable report a group of Israeli commandoes arrived in India on Saturday night and were dispatched to an unknown destination. Meanwhile a defence source added that Islamabad was closely monitoring the situation and was aware of air and naval movements in the region.

Sources also fear that missiles may also be fired from sub-marines off the Indian Ocean or Arabian Sea. Meanwhile a former Chief of Army Staff has expressed fear that India might launch “surgical attacks” inside Pakistan.

Regional defence watchers warned that “taking advantage of the rising tension Israeli may also launch a series of air attack on Iranian suspected nuclear sites.”

The mention of Gwadar and areas close to Iranian border by the Israeli intelligence source was somewhat surprising.