BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — This morning New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly joined Israel's Foreign Minster Tzipi Livni on the steps of Cong. Binei Avarham in Brooklyn Heights, where last week a swastika was found spray-painted just days before Sukkos.

The rabbi of the Shul, Chabad Shliach Rabbi Ari Raskin took the opportunity to do Mivtza Lulav with Tzipi Livni on site where the swastika once was.

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“When Anti-Semitism raises its ugly head, we need a quick and strong answer,” said Livni, while addressing the press. “This is the right message to those who try to exploit tolerance and values.”

"WE" coming from an ISRAELI jewess?

A number of politicians turned out including Brooklyn Borough President Marty Morkowitz and the Israeli counsel.

Commissioner Kelly announced that a special task force has been put together to find the person responsible for the hate messages that were painted in a number of locations and scratched onto cars in Brooklyn Heights. He also announced that a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.

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"we will not tolerate, anti-Christ intolerance"