Over 300 Shluchim from across the globe played the new game ‘Escape from Golus,’ produced by the International Moshiach Campaign. From Argentina to Australia, Poland to Belgium, and in many of the states across the U.S., the game proved to be a tremendous success.

With just a few easy steps, the Shluchim were able to download the beautifully designed game right in time for Tisha B’Av. The rules of the game were pretty simple. After a short learning class about Moshiach, the campers had to obtain a passport and acquire the necessary paperwork to leave Golus. In order to do so, the campers had to explain to the officials on duty why they so desperately needed to leave the exile.

All this had to be done without being caught by the ‘Golus Agents.’ One Shliach was amazed at what he overheard from a camper with little background: “I want to leave Golus so that my Grandmother will get better.” Another camper tried his luck with: “There’s gonna be unlimited candy! Why else?!” It was clear to all that each camper walked away with a greater understanding of what Golus and Geula are about.

Several camps reported that 'Escape from Golus' was the best game their campers ever played. Gan Yisroel of Argentina even had the game translated into Spanish. Rabbi Baruch Hecht, Shliach in California, and Vaad member of the Moshiach Campaign said,

”This is a wonderful example of what we are trying to accomplish.

Moshiach themed programs that will be both creative and informative for the young and old alike.”

Moshiach Campaign Director, Rabbi Chaim Hershkowitz said “My mailbox is full of compliments and encouragement from Shluchim worldwide. The Rebbe gave us a mission to accomplish and it’s up to us to complete it.”