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Part 707

4-10- 2007 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Nisan 22, of Talmudic

 Perpetual PURIM   5767 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5767

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

The Son of Perdition "Revealed" ?

O Lucifer son of the morning.

Is this the man who caused the nations to tremble?

Brought low to the pit?

You, must admit that that email from Lucifer is exactly right. The murderers who whine and whine and whine are too lazy to simply make it happen, they all whine and war and murder and slay and rob and blaspheme God, yet at the last moment they do not have the B%$ls to make their sick perverted fantasy of their False Christ Happen.

They hide in the ditch, until dark night to pounce on the Traveler, when the head lights hit amalek, he jumps back into the Ditch. For they fear to do their lust in the daylight. Soon though their father the murderer will give them their Moshiach, and then they will freely murder in both dark and day.

 The only way it will happen is that God the Father, makes it happen for them and that HE GOD lets this "Moshiach be Revealed", even against the will of the minions of hell, who in fact want it to happen, But are cowards and refuse to allow their false Christ to evolve from that abyss of hell.

They know who they serve, they want him, they need him and all the time even they do not trust that wannabe god they serve, for even their wretched souls, knows that he will devour them when he comes, they know it in the lowestroom's of their souls.
Is this deep? Is it really deep? This one from Satan, knows exactly what he says, he knows his own.................
I tell you , this was sent to me for a very real reason, for even I know that what this slime ball says is accurate, for the depths of Hell are uncovered, and his servants are exactly what he says they are, they are brash to come in the middle of the night to slay and rob and murder, but fearful and dog cowards when exposed in the LIGHT of Truth, and they lay in wait in the ditches praying for their opportunity to slay and murder and rob in the middle of the night.
But once this "Son of Perdition" is "revealed" then they no longer will find the need to cover over their murdering sick perverted hearts, for then they will serve their master wonderfully, and this world will become the Killing Fields of the lust of their father whom they all serve. It is natural in the hearts of unbelieving mankind.
The sick and perverted "New World Odor type Christian who has been Judaized to his rotten and wretched soul, they who cry in the name of their false God, to slay others "Keel em all" so hep me gawd.....Do Ah heah aeean "ALL-MAN" will be along side their masters of murder and Blasphemy, and they will foment death at the voice of their false Shepherd............of their flesh rein of terror. That is why they so yearn for their Temple of doom to be built in ITSREALHELL, for they too lust for their wretched flesh kingdom  of their flesh false God, who is not HE WHO Reins in SION God's Holy Mountain in Heaven accompanied by a company of innumerable angels in Precious LIGHT, forever.
And Even I, ask them what they wait for? For it is in their souls to serve their father who is the murderer from the beginning, I ask the rabid rib-eyes of Sanhedrin, What is it you wait for? Make your murderer your father now, do it with fanfare, Usher him in before the kings of the earth, pronounce him theirs and your master, it is he you lust for, why do you hesitate?
I know what they do, as even the saints of God know. Fear? why do we fear? For he is not our Father. Our father is Light and eternal Life. This minion of hell and Sanhedrin can only bring death, but not to us who have the eternal everlasting Covenant of Life.
Yes let them fear, and rightly so, let them hide in the lowestroom's in abject terror, for there is no where to hide  for them and their proselyte anti-Christ Nohides.
Why will we hide? We will not Hide from he who can only slay the flesh, Oh but we fear him who will slay both the flesh and the SOUL..................
I hope that you see and understand..........................................................
Listen to the filthy guile and lucre which is always the case with Satan
As for me and My house I shall serve the LORD.
So cry cowards and dogs, cry for your Moshiach now !, Cry for your master !......................and Let it be so, for it is WRITTEN from the Foundation of the WORLD 


Beware of Lowestroom Filthy Lucre and sick perverted language. I leave this intact.

My new Saying : "We will not tolerate intolerance"


e mail received 4-10-2007

From:  Jevon den Ridder <> Add to Address Book
Date:  2007/04/09 Mon PM 09:51:25 EST
Subject:  Advent of Moshiach
Hello. For those seeking Moshiach, I have devised
Moshiach's Judgement Day/Yom Kippur test that lasts
seven holy days. The test is whether anyone can
stomach the entire post I am about to link. The first
post at the top is the primary one. They must read the
entire post to get to the bottom of it, all the way to
the end where the comments/links/etc are, and get back
to me, or not. If they pass the test, Moshiach will be
revealed to them. I bring a gift of End Times. A
thousand backs have turned to me. Will a thousand more
do the same?

The URL is:

Enjoy. Shalom.

Jevon den Ridder

Friday, March 09, 2007




This test contains offensive material and is for everyone of Moses. You must all pass in order to understand. The entire post (scroll) must be read in its entirety to pass (until you get to the date/comments/etc.). You must look into the Ark to pass. You must face the seven angels to pass. You must gaze into the Abyss to pass. Be forewarned that it's very intense. No calculators allowed and raise your hand if you have any questions. When the High Priest is found, they must send me the name of HaShem (in an email that is legible and clearly titled please, and backed up with evidence). If it is correct, I shall send a song and ten commandments in return. The High Priest must think, feel, go through catharsis, perform teshuvah, and forgive, then use wisdom to create HaShem's new Halakha to live by, so that life can be lived in freedom and without guilt. Do what must be done. Read the rest of the journal posts after you're done to derive wisdom from them. If you are weak, lazy, presumptuous, foolish, stupid, stubborn, blind or impatient and give up, I have no need of you and you fail. If you cheat, you ruin it for yourself forever and fail. I am disheartened and pissed off to see that most people would rather have a Poseidon Adventure with champagne glasses in hand; blind eyes and smiling faces on their way to Hell. This world is crazy. To the truly wise and insightful, all the answers you seek await you. If there is not one amongst you who can see, then this planet fails. To me the greatest puzzle is why people would reject Heaven in favor of Hell.

"(The nations) will all proclaim the name of Hashem, to worship Him with a united resolve"
(Zephaniah 3:9)



"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-Thomas Jefferson


Jimi Hendrix • The Star Spangled Banner (Live) ]

"Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem. How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition, is yet to be developed."
-Abraham Lincoln (March 9 1832)


[ The Beatles • Magical Mystery Tour ]


Before we begin, for the record, I am a dirty-blond, a genetically modified pig, the Anti-Machiavelli, a Simpson! (by which I mean somewhere in between Aryan Merlin (the Druid who created the Stone Henge astronomical Spirit-Station in the motherfucking Stone Age) and Half-White Thomas Edison (the inventor who invented a hundred things in a world you're surrounded by). Our genes skipped a beat (Kefka) and we are astigmatic. Just so you know.

Now let us begin: My prognosis is that there seems to be a nasty case of Master Race-Itis going around. Take off your clothes and let me take a look. If you have no sense of humor, go for Medicaid.

The Mad Capsule Markets • Chaos Step ]

First the fools. In a village like this, everyone's the idiot! 50 billion blue-eyed dumb J-ws can't be wrong! I have made a cast of characters of this whole idiotic culture, based on the clones I see around me every day. Which category do you fit into? Find out below! :D


Ministry • Stigmata ]
Nasty Jewish Boy isn't very nice. Fresh out of the action-figure package and born yesterday, he is the angry young acolytic zealot who knows how to push it to the extremes. He is right the moment his father's sperm so much as caresses his mother's egg. With an evil stare and teeth exposed, he will rebound logic and reason with an ability that puts a bullet hitting thin air to shame, and present a rebuttal of "eye" or "three" or something of equal capacity. Nasty Jewish Boy came up with 'cutting throats' as lingo and spends his time making frightening looking eye and teeth stickers on Photoshop to put up on the London Underground walls and university toilets (aka tagging). His mind is so useless on a human scale that it -really is- just the choice between 'love' and 'eye', which to him comes down to whether he likes marmite or not. Fear is his only weakness: he's scared to death of his mother and does as she says with obedience. Watch out fellas: this one bites!!! He is the graffiti sprayer, drummer boy and cheerleader of this Jew York Empire (Version 14.63 or something now. Keep trying guys!). Have you ever heard a fox screaming? That's the goddamn noise you little fellas make. When his weak, shallow world comes crashing down around him, ever the slut, he will turn coats and pretend everything is alright. He has a simple mind and worships fire apparently. You're like a pack of Chattering Cenobites, except you don't have the advantage of having your face covered by your loose upper lip.

FACT: Did you know? When he sometimes does remember that he's human for a minute or two a month and will interract as such with another human, he'll tell you "IQ." But what he doesn't know in a system of circular logic, is that his race actually possesses a core of a human brain, small and ignorant with none of the trimmings, almost zero degrees weight and without a natural inbuilt-superego. The only way he can EVER learn what everyone else was born with, is through the soul of what mankind has created, because unlike most everyone else, his brain doesn't absorb things around him by itself like a sponge. He just has to focus hard, but instead he plays Halo on his consoul. If you have a high IQ, show it! PLEASE! You're like a little cricket to me.

PS: The young of Israel are intermixing with the Arab underclass and Ethopian immigrants, and will continue to do so exponentially, presumably whilst dancing in a circle or something (you can check your own precious statistics on that one). Here's a tip for the future you may want to consider: what happens when you have overpopulation, a Zionist drive towards a theocracy, a retraction of international money, a shortage of water and hostile borders? The Israeli Civil War. (All the cool nations have had one). "Eye made this." Stop while you still have your freedom. You really only have two choices: cancel, or be canceled in a wake of corpses. Shalom.


Mr. Bungle • Platypus ]
Mole man is a curiosity. He's short, wears ill-matching clothes and thick glasses, and almost always has a wife who's the exact female equivalent of him in every way possible. When he's not trying to contain some strange spastic rage in blinking Tourette's bumbling down the high street, he's usually espousing the oratory of the great movement. Topics will include "we" having given away the A-bomb to the boyscouts or King Arthur's Court; an actual ideology made up of pigs, foxes, rabbits, ducks, geese, spiders, and the rest of the animal kingdom, and more! Who you gonna call? Ghost busters! What a dweeb. For the same reason that crash helmets were invented for crash test dummies, so were dunce caps invented for the mole people. This is for him and his long line of genetic wonders. Long may they hail!


Huey Lewis & The News • Hip to be Square ]
Once Were Boreriers. This "ten-penny" pro knows all the tricks in the book (wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink), and don't his dazzling smarts and fashionably combed forward hair make him just the dandy of the town! With all the insipidity of the universe at his disposal, he has whittled down millennia of civilisation and philosophy to catchy by-words like 'instinct' and 'so?' (His bizarro version would use lingo such as 'I think' and 'so?') He loves the game! He's only making money! After the halcyon days of Wall Street and his flirtation with internet startups, he's decided to join the ever-growing media world. He's on the frontlines of the Great Metaphwar, painting everything the greyest shade of grey. He is Cyberdyne's T-100 (this model is made of straw). He's a dick in a suit, and uses the stairs now to get to his grey office because his fin kept getting stuck in the elevator doors because his (Dorian) grey bulk of a gut under his suspenders of disbelief kept him from fitting in. He is a duelist, but his handicap is that he'll be beaten to death with a nine iron. En Midgard! Whore in one! Every single thing he creates has a lie-span and half-lie of a single minute. He patented e-motion. Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to finding a word to describe Media Whore there's no contest: T.W.A.T.! [ Fear Factory • Corporate Cloning ]

So? It's natural. Faster. Money.


Dillinger Escape Plan • The Mullet Burden ]
Thick and fast, this natural-born tit is the reason ethnic cleansing was invented, and with good cause! His species originated from a primordial kebab vomit puddle in the center of Hell, and has crawled its ways to the far reaches of Earth, a colonisation that puts that of the British Empire to shame! After shaving in the morning with his own shit as shaving cream and eating a breakfast of lard, he drives around in a white van with Asbo & Sons written on the side, and you can be assured that if there's enough of this motley gang on one road, you're inside an Aphex Twin video. With a cross-eyed, unshaven hyena gaze and lice-entious grin, he tells you "It's just a bit of a laugh," while he downs his nineteenth pint of the afternoon. He has devised a special trick of cutting holes in his copy of the Daily Sport so he can spy on everything without anyone noticing. It's curious, because on the one hand he's good at milking his carpenter under-the-table fee, but on the other hand he can't stay inside the lines when coloring in. The White Van Driver shall inherit the Earth! I know it's a taboo to call them animals, but guess what? They're scum with a capital $. Live with it. Don't feel alone. Race provides animall.

FACT: Did you know? SA shirts were first tailor-made to suit these people in the 1920s, the same color brown as the shit inside their useless narrow skulls. He is the same racial mix as: Media Whore and Cyb0r0man (see below), though they seem to be unaware of this, or perhaps in denial.

He most likely tortured and killed animals as a young teen.


Beck • The New Pollution ]
The reason I call this archetype a cow is because she's as dim as one, but is completely unaware of it. A cow is comfortable with itself, and compared to all it knows, is quite content that it's relatively intelligent. Sacred Cow spends her time inventing Holocaust horror stories such as baby face rape, mucus holiday burn-smoking and penile parent seperation even though she's only 64 years old, milking it for all it's worth. Her race is Jewish, and therefore because of this, as with everything they do, to the bemusement of everybody else, she feels the pointless need to hike up the number of Jews killed in the Nazi genocide to six million, and to invent horror stories. There is no point to this. It is self-defeating. You turn a real-life human tragedy into a farce and fuck the memory of the deaths of your own people in the ass! You can only see the power in the number of deaths. I guess to you and your Oscar Swindler there's just no business like Shoah business. Abhorrent trash. "They're adult children," she explains with a righteous Ashke-Nazi smile. She lives permanently in Golders Green but sometimes comes out of the woodwork to give her opinion about Ken Livingston and other such occurences. "You'd better watch what you say!" Sacred Cow is still convinced that anyone finding out about her precious New World will unleash a Kristallnacht, so every measure taken by the leaders she is in agreement with (including their own Kristallnachts...) She goes to Temple with her grandson and passes down her received wisdom to him. There we go, I just removed your makeup (white #1). Lighten up. I don't mean to Russia, but I, Moscow. Stop stallin' ;|

Has family living in Tel Aviv.

Is pretty stupid.


Carter Burwell • Technopop ]
This descendant of the spiv spends most of his time trying to figure out how best to define himself: at the moment he has decided that he is the iPod of the races, which he put up on his site in no certain metaphorical terms, to a chorus of "Yeah, we're the iPods!" He is the existential nihilist alien hunter-agent, and he's burning up the reentry! He was actually born inside of the internet as a virus that he himself wrote. Fuck your dyslexic codes: I give you a C+. He is the version 3.0 white because in all his pervasive, glorious, staggering knowledge and wisdom knows that all the previous incarnations are obsolete and don't do anything anyway. His ego has grown large because he knows that without him covering backs everything falls apart. In all likelihood, after a handful of years on the job, he considers himself the New Jew now, to a chorus of "Yeah,
when our dads are in Israel, we'll take over!" With a penchant for charging into battle with leather armor on, he's got the breadth, width and depth of eighties electropop/handheld digital video and damn, don't he just let the WHOLE FUCKING PLANET KNOW IT!? He works at the ROFL-Factory (aka his laptop) where he is as an overlord amongst men, until he has to go out for grocery shopping without the anonymous mask of his cyberscreen. He once read about Darwinism on wikipedia and read some abridged cliffnote Nietszche which formed his world view. He is the only one in the history of Earth who has an instinct for killing, and this is what the purpose of his race kill...... You're not invited, dumbshit. His theme tunes are the internal-double agent theme tunes for the Spades who turned around and said "Fuck you." But Cyb0r0man is too dim to get this, and so he listens to these songs on his headphones in blissful ignorance. They're all laughing at you because you're a fucking moron, chump, and you repeatedly fail to realise this. While we're on the subject of your race, let me tell you: you are self-destructive, and have no super-ego boundary. You grind yourself in a blender into pulp. This is your racial trait, so I believe congratulations and accolades are in order. (In the likely case you didn't get that one: survival of the fittest). I hope, if you didn't already progressively hate yourself, that you do now. Wrists were meant to bleed. I'll gladly send you razor blades via e-mail. 1337 4ax0r 10$+ n00b.

Is too dumb to realize Nasty Jewish Boy looks down at him. Is too dumb to comprehend that his race is the subject of divide and conquer.

Can be found maintaining some cheap, shitty knockoff with pwnitics and fifty banners, because hey, you're just that good aren't you?


Rammstein • Moskau ]
Not to be confused with the American type of Rachel, this one is nonetheless called Rachel also because they are all called Rachel. She is a teacher or newspaper writer who at no indefinite amount of time, with bright, lively glare in her beady eyes and a happy smile will propagate with real energy about "freedom" and...erm..."freedom". She is only surviving! There must be a whole text-book section in the dictionary for her particular absence of a mind. But to her credit she's technically able. When a dumb blond walks past, she just has to give you the 'knowing' look. See? If only her Tetris-world was really that simple and easy to live in. She breeds children not particularly for love, but to continue her people's existence. She is incapable of producing anything noteworthy, whether it be print or film. The extent of her ability is that of only a very simple, colorless, basic construct, weak and poorly designed. She is a simple robot, a walking, talking meme woman that has existed since the dawn of time. Lifting your left hand at the 'bad parts' isn't gonna cut it, missy. Take a look in the mirror, Rachel. See?



Joel Diamond • Klezmer in Brooklyn ]
And now we get to one of General Cannibal's kernels walking the streets of Brooklyn (or in any other capital city) with a rye smile on his face. He invented lying. He remembers Cony Island, the old days, the business and the bagels! "Look around: it's our land now." "Those schwarzes will come in handy too :)" "They're like mint when they mix with vanilla :)" His cane is in his left hand as he walks the streets. The world is his goyster! He is so old hat that he, as any other old person, still espouses early-mid 20th Century propaganda/ideology, not realising that everyone around and opposed to him has already moved into the next century. That's right, his role now is only as decorative capacity. He's still got it though, because as Napoleon and Hitler both knew so well, heart attacks are the means to the End. Perhaps if he read some history for once, instead of only rewriting it, he'd grasp the basics. He will die happy knowing that they are one step closer. He is the one who ordered the murders of JFK and Marilyn Monroe, as well as John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and others (who were going to expose the whole thing). He also killed a little boy many hundreds of years ago and went on a pleasant boat ride :) And erm....Israeli scientists created AIDS. I'm lion', but see where I'm going with this? The reason Old Yid began this whole empire way back when he still had his tan in the first place, and continues to work on it to this day, is because Jews have racially-inbuilt horse blinders. If Orienal, Asiatic and Aryan races are mixed together in the capacity that they have, somewhere east a long time ago, forming this race, racial aspects counterract eachother. With high IQ's, speed and agile minds also comes nature's balance of a drain of the other parts. The reason he creates this impossible, small-minded empire in the first place, and fails (and can only ultimately fail at all times), is because his blinders do not allow him to see out of the curved tunnel he is in. He cannot see around the corner, to his right or left, and cannot see the walls in front of him blocking his path, so he crashes into them, this silver surfer speeding on his hover boardroom. Zoom the camera out and the tunnel is actually the barrel of a gun (in this last case double-barrel buckshot). This is why he never stops, because he is under the racially-bound delusion that he stands a chance. Everybody else on the planet can see this, including Sub-Saharan Africans and Australian Aborigines (aka your "guard dogs", you ignorant, arrogant fool: [ Dizzie Rascal • Jus' a Rascal ] [ Wu-Tang Clan • Shimmy Shimmy Ya ). He built the Ghetto. His brain is the smallest, and therefore Impossible, and there's nothing that can be done about it: it's China Town. Apart from an influence of intellectualism, it seems that his race's human purpose on this planet is to indadvertantly unite the world. This is coming from one who racially possesses the largest mind on the planet to one to racially possesses the smallest mind on the planet. Straight from the Ruddy's Star's mouth. Happy now?


Bif Naked • Vampire ]
Yarrr maties, ships ahoy, thar be pirates abound!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah Grrrl has a skull and crossbones on her tank top and dark eye shadow on. She listens to punk or acid drum and bass, or better yet, obscure seventies funk and country songs. "Aww, the poor pigs are almost gone lol," "Because we want to lol!" and just plain "olol" are her trademark phrases. She doesn't actually realize that her brains are made of plastic, so better not tell her or she'll give you the prerequisite surprised look in her eyes that exposes her innate innocence and youth which she masks with all this shit. I give you an F on your report card, honey pie-rat. Yarrr. "Christmas care?lol."

'Yeah Yeah Yeah Grrrl' used to be 'putting circles instead of dots on the letter i when writing girl' when she was little. If she has a few extra brain cells she could age into a Sarah Silverman, with a trying-way-too-hard basic black humor that I would have found funny when I was 14. The difference between Yeah Yeah Yeah Grrrl and the Sarah Silverman cutesey nasty archetype is that Yeah Yeah Yeah Grrrl isn't in her late twenties/early thirties (wink). Get ready to do lots of faux crying in the witness box!


Howard Shore • Shelob's Lair ]
Purple Lotus is the quiet nurse, careworker or clerk who likes to twist again like we did last summer. She reads a mix of by-the-stack romance and Stephen King books to fill the loneliness. When her face isn't stoic and unexpressive (but her eyes glinting darkly), it's the epitome of a fake smile, the kind your aunt used to make. She's careful, especially with her bank account! She has no power, except to pass on information. When scholars of the future look at all the spirituality and philosophy of mankind's history, they will have no other choice but to look at Purple Lotus' grandiose throwing away of her meaningless life and build her a plump statue.

Hobbies include going into your house to move around items. Yikes!


the most boring indie song in the universe ]
El Jew Libra, conquistador del Earth! Nice Jewish Boy actually, with genuine sincerity, calls himself a "nice Jewish boy" in conversation, which is on equal terms with Dutch people feeling the need to tell the whole world "Yeah, I'm Dutch lol!" at every available opportunity, as if anyone cares. I cannot decide which is more annoying. Nice Jewish Boy is ambiguously left or right and as such doesn't belong in the Dramatis Personae per se, but it doesn't matter because he has absolutely no effect on anything in the world around him except to breathe air and take up annoying space. He is so incredibly boring and predictable that it defies even expectation. He will rationalize the differences in humans and his own short-comings by the centimeter and with a shrug and dismissal or a joke. He likes reading abridged cliff-notes books on philosophers and writers to use in conversation with women he's picking up at a Covent Garden cafe. He's really funny they think! One thing: stop goddamnfucken apologizing for the actions of your race, whether meant or as a ploy. Don't you have any pride, integrity or self-respect? Please grow a spine of some capacity and stop being so pathetic.

He's the inventor of metaphors and phenomena such as 'Dutch/German/Swedish/Australian' and 'Shhh'. I got a better one for you: Israeli.

Hobbies include: fighting the temptation of having children with white women. Might counter-balance this by going the whole hog and actively seeking out an Indian or black woman to have children with.

Will probably make the following joke: "I don't know what I'm missing, but I'm still looking around for it. Let me know if you find it." Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please!


hero_qin_army_2 golem 

[ Static-X • I Want to Fucking Break It ]
Static-X • Dirthouse ]
Static-X • Otsego Amigo ]

These are the subjects; the dim armies of Jew York Reich. The greatest lie ever perpetrated by the Jews is that they're clever. As you can see from the image above, they will die for this cause because their sense of honor and duty demands it. If your Enemy is propagated into cattle, children and things, they become cattle, children and things in the eyes of your people. Since there is no wisdom, once you have absolutely no respect or recognition of your enemy, you lose your grip. The 'irony' is that Christianity might be your only mercy. In fact, you guys seem to be completely immune to the infinite ironies that permeate your existence. They all say 'Bye'. The funniest thing is seeing freshly parent-taught youngsters charge into a world they know nothing about, being completely unaware that it's the end. When everything is blocked only the last (credit) cards will be left, thick and faster than you can say "OOM." When your global Samurai brigade are asked "Are you prepared?" most will say "Yes, I am ;)" (But there's always humankind's Wiesenthals [which in my own personal fantasy look like Cyber Punk-Mad Max 2-Tremor Brothers-AI bounty hunters, but that's just how I would like it to look]).

Above are these three golems, the kings of Jew York Reich. They have no power, except for the power that is given to them by their internation of subjects. Who runs the show? They are fed pieces of paper with the word 'goy' written on them. They are their subjects' slaves, and they are unaware of this. What you actually own of this world is a string-theory paper-thin dimension of it. As racially-relevant and interesting as that is, for all Intents and Purposes it can be vacuumed with a Dyson. All of you cannot comprehend what you take on - it doesn't matter whether you think or not: you can never know by vice of your brains. You do not possess the spirit that you seek to destroy. It's the end of Raiders of the Last Ark. The only control you have is whether or not to jump out the window or take three special seats of dishonor, Messrs. Snap, Crackle and Pop. The alternative you have is to kill yourselves in your skyscraper prison cells, escaping your fate and thus being branded cowards in the annals of history.....forever. [ The Weather Girls • It's Raining Men ]

"...And all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh." -Book of Revelation. What'll it come down to in terms of exponential bluff(?) threats at the very end? NUKES? (Maybe it's time to get three new leaders, hint hint hint put them to bed). You fucked yourselves since day one. You turned your dream into your shightmare: it went from Gone with the Wind to Virtual Complicity produced by Moshe "Pit" Goldsilverbronzecoppersteelironzinc. It lacks Star quality. You have a death wish and you don't even realize it, you insatiable morons! Therefore, I bonk you on your heads with my stick to signify that you are: fucktards. I then play bongos on your (Pearl) necklace of skulls whilst tapdancing and moaning, and then we can all robot dance and slap eachother in the face like the Three Stooges. If you still persist, then I roll up a copy of FHM, turn the spine outward, and smack it onto your head. For the sole reason that you are simple people, you willingly became the sociopaths that Mr. Meme the Lonely wanted you to be. And because you are gullible, you believe everything he feeds you. You are so naive and blind that it's almost shocking. Instead of a Book Burning, I'll have a Book Throwing, in the hope that at least one hardcover which hits one of your heads might get read (I'm talking about real books here, not the endless parade of shit you playmobils pump out like last night's curry).


Your empire is so great that if people find out about it it collapses. Wow. So what's left of this so-called master plan? You all show sentimental hysterical emotion that's as see-through as glass, and just as bemusing? You bring out some old thick as shit crone to play kind old Grandmama? (All your acting is shit you bunch of hams). You all wear stars on your coats and Judaist shawls? What then, becoming an Adam Diamond (LA movie producer) from the ashes? All becoming Christians? Building a colony on the Moon? Whatever you do, you'll pathetically do it all together, unaware that each of you will remain a unit of a collective, not feeling the shame of your own devaluation without consciousness. As I explained earlier, you cannot resurrect. You're shit out of phoenixes: it is only a blind fool's hope. Simple robot workers still mediate their weak and paper-weight pseudo-propaganda, without stopping, or realizing anything, in the hopeless hope that they'll end up "free", whatever that means, in last panic breaths of desperation, putting on student theater acts of enlargement and ferocity. They tell eachother that they're clever and cunning, even though they traded in their lives for the greatest Nothing in history, and can never repent to the point of evolution. You created a system whereby Jews get an instant leg up in the world. This means they are inexperienced and soft, and when push comes to shove, they are ill-prepared. You have microscopic minds, therefore you cannot comphrehend the impossible, that you are micro-managing an indefusable time-bomb. You are provincially myopic, and there is no cure for you. From where I'm standing, I am a man looking down at the concrete, watching an ant colony (because of my Aryan meta-brain forehead, a great white scope diametrically opposed to yours). You united the world, now your role is over. What's it like being racially juvenile and childish? I wouldn't know. The maybees still continue on their (golf) course, but there is only an "IF" when pigs fly, and being a flying pig (by virtue of my pig's eye view spherical wide-world forehead) I shall give you my objective consultant's assessment, free of charge: Nah. But you won't listen, since you are one-track ponies wearing swimming goggles in a single lane of a swimming pool. Here's some more free advice: have a thought, get a life, stop being such losers, read books, find love, evolve, do something productive for once. By the way, if you want to know what else my forehead is useful for, come over and ask me on the street, and I'll give you a demonstration! Anyone within the military or other such institutions expected to fuck things up, won't, because they will be afraid of the many defrag programs running. At the end, Mr. Egotist can throw a dose of heart-attacks all round as bitter endgame vengeance, but then he'd fuck you all for a thousand years. The problem is that you lack innate critical thinking ability. After reading this, you will all continue, as you always will, as lego men in a stop motion movie. You're too dumb to stop charging into a brick wall cracking your heads over and over and over and over. Jews will be Jews. You are just incapable of understanding anything.

"That is why you fail." -Yoda

You took on the USA and pissed on the soul of something great (the last episode of your cycle), which I cannot believe since it's a superpower built on revolution. You're addicted to your own crack in the Liberty Bell. It seems you're very brave and very stupid. It would be beautiful if you ended where the Mayan calender stops. You're a dragon? Then I am your Knight of Broken Glass, in that I'll smash my fist into your face and break your thick glasses. Mazel Tof! Why Knight? It's my name, and I was born in Leiden, Netherlands [Orange County]). Make sure the 'd' in 'den' is lower-case, or you'll unleash my furor. Your little rat-fuck London gauleiter started this when he or she sentenced me to tourture as judge of his or her Crow(n) Court (gauleiter, your days are numbered on one of those kitten-calenders, mark my words you vicious swine). By the way, you guys don't understand what Honor is. Since you're honorless dogs, curs of the dirt, your backs are marked for axing. Also: the paper any post-modernism text is printed on is worth about as much as a wheel-barrow of post-Depression Deutsche Marks to buy a loaf of bread with. Smoking (mind reading) eats you from inside until you wish you'd just die. Good luck with that. Here's a nifty title for a Brit rom-com starring Hugh Grant: "Three Executions and a Scattering of Pussy-Garbage." [ Metallica • Ride the Lightning ]. It's a nice start.

If you tell him that he can't take it with you, he'll tell you, "Oh really? Watch me." Therefore, glass of water.

There's a reason religious leaders of the past forbade the eating of pork, fuckos. "And they doesn't taste very nice does they, Precious?" I "woke up" my two highly intellectual Mexican brothers, and ask you how they would say 'why' in Spanish. They dwarf you with a shrug. They are about as Mexican as I am (Pennsylvania) Dutch. You wouldn't last a fucking nano-second if this was Vandal Country. Here's your lemon. Enjoy the lime in your eyes, nothings. Anything you useless, hollow-skulled untermenschen "set on fire" becomes the might of self-immolation.

(Completely self-taught from [GM pork] scratch ["most I can learn is records that you burn."]) Author's Note: This isn't a stop sign, fear assault or yet another boring propaganda mouth, and I'm not going to 'namedrop' any names to make you feel 'included'; sort your own fucking stupidity out. My left arm is sick to death of your eternal bullshit. Old McDonald's had a farm, CI CI A (FUCKEN-A), so reap what you sow, animals. I pray for Him to open the sky (you know of whom I speak). I'd like to see this retarded Ratscatpyre come to a crushing end, with a fitting Oscar lifetime achievement tribute to the Rosenburgs, coming to you live from Philadelphia Stadium! (The Oscar Buzz is already on the E! channel). I want to see a televised Blood Eagle while I eat my breakfast of Eggs Benedict. I want to see the sacking of Jew York Anihilnation and the end of HAL 9000. And no, you can't keep it. You will hand it all over solely as repentance for the sin of being gormless fuckwits all your collective useless lives. God says you are too dim to be forgiven. And there shall be no fade out. At the very end, we will remove your veneer of sugar-coated shit to let the world breathe. We will overturn a century of bullshit lies in the blink of an eye. We will also reclaim the number three itself and toss out all your jazz hands. Don't even DARE blame anyone other than yourselves. If you had any kind of working mind you'd stop making it even worse for tomorrow. FUCK OFF. MY WATCH CAN'T GO FAST ENOUGH!

Jev-n's Final Thought

1) Put yourself in the shoes of the dumbest person on Earth. Imagine being him or her. Then realize that this person would scoff at the idea of being the dumbest person on Earth, and would call you dumb for even suggesting such a thing. So now you have a context in which to place yourself. 2) The egg came first, as it takes but an infinitely small period of time for something to be categorized as having evolved within the Darwinian system. The slightest difference between this chicken in this egg and what laid the egg is the crux. Tourniquet your arm. 3) Is shit kosher or not kosher? What if it used to be kosher food? To avoid this flying over your head, I will hint at duality. Food for thought.

I hope you enjoyed my breath.

Product of Svνnland

A nice, big, pasty white, ruddy-faced, flame-haired PIG for a flag centerpiece. Ahh, hits the spot!

The Man with the Red Face • Laurence Garnier ]




The spirit of Philadelphia is UNBREAKABLE. The Constitution of the United States of America created our world. A cacophony of shit-fruits revel in its destruction for its own sake, blindly. Therefore, Fathers Time and their entire automated Liberty Tree, we shall build your statues with hands on our hearts. I don't know whether the two Fathers are dead or alive. I think one of them was murdered, but don't quote me on that. To the animals it ain't no big deal, to them they just popped a knee cap. But read that again and see where your mistake lies. And think about the reaction of a popped knee cap. In any case, it's an irrelevance (see the picture above). This only turns them into legendary spirit statues, stronger than ever before. Untouchable. This is yet another testament to the inability of anyone inside Jew York Reich to perceive or comphrehend...anything. One day we will all watch the two Daves' movie "33" on D(a)V(i)D. That day is almost upon us. I salute you long and hard, standing on fire in the September Sun. "And the world stood still." Type O Negative • She Burned Me Down ]

And there shall be no tasteful and solemn "Lest We Forget" memorial. Instead, there shall be built two of the biggest fucking statues you'll ever see, on either side of the White House or Capitol Hill. They will be remembered forever.

Don't wait until CGI becomes as real as that loser-raisin Al "Benedick" Arnold Gore [Batman DVD ch. 5, 0:45 sec - 0:57 sec] (who I'd like to punch in his doughy, disgusting hanging frog throat for preventing the Third World from industrialization, the obviously only small-minded, limited result of that whole Crusade) because then everyone will truly be in a double-edged new level of a world of shit starring Super-Sheilah, Rodkney King, Jr., and Jesus II: Jesus Harder, something nobody will be able to stomach. Truly a culmination of what Jew York Reich is.

And don't let the USA turn into a horrible Christian pseudo-republic. It's E Pluribus Unum, not In God We Trust. Or to herald a new dawn, Out of Many, The Tree of Liberty Grows. While we're at it, get rid of Presidents Day and make days for the greatest ones. Fuck it, I'll do it all myself.





I am Messiah. Read on.

There's one CUNT whose name I think is Michael. Whether it is or not, he's the one who put the "I" in "Eye". He then put the "I" in "Hell". And now he's the 'sea' in 'cold'. He's not insane you simpletons, but I'll bet that his favorite play is "Caligula" by Albert Camus. When was the last time you went for a walk in Central Park? Hang on a sec, I'm just gonna pop out for some fresh air. Back. Where was I? Oh yeah: Enjoy the rot inside your skyraper hell-cell before the fall of your Berlin Wallet. Furthermore, there are two other ass-slings and an army of shit-crumbs standing in My vey. I don't care about the other two of the three (you don't count), I want the main one, the one who shares my misery of odors. The stink is and always was in the mirror, sniffing idiots. We are two sides of a mirrored shoe-horn, in that we differ in our reaction to people bearing their soles :((: (keep 'em coming!) We are standing on a mirrored lake, connected at the soul. Want to call it Fate? I'll call it as good as it gets, so you'll do. And please, throw everything you've got at me. It all falls into my hands like the shooting of a deck of cards in reverse. You are a Bald Vulture laughing all the way to the plank. If you're pissing yourself, save it, because it's the only way drinking water can be certified to be pure. Rest well tonight. Do you understand now, finally? It took a flying Double-Dutchman clever clogs to put on your lobster bib for you because you couldn't have ever figured it out for yourself. OR. You took inspiration from Oppenheimer, took his quote, and decided to destroy all life. We want what we want. My idea is superior, and therefore you have spent your life in service to me. Well done, but unfortunately now you're fired. You'll receive a gold watch in the post and a redundancy check. Retirement is always hard, so I recommend you go to Waterstone's for some reading material. Clear your desk and get the fuck off my planet, because in your quest, there's irreversible damage that could have been avoided, if that was what it was. I have only logic and pieces of information, as well as many shocks to go on (which, if correct, mean that you are history's greatest monster. I cried for days over you-know-what, if it's true). I don't aim for the groin unnecessarily, but if you choose to persist then I will tell you this: the answer you are looking for is contained within my mistakes in the post entitled 'Visions of a Future Past'. Dimmu Borgir • Puritania ]

"You are the first, the Nihil of Nihils, and I am the last, the Holy of Holies, mirrored purity akin. But Sephiroth is Sephiroth. We are two opposed mirrors in a hotel corridor of infinity. If the reader can't figure out who is standing in the middle, then he/she fails."


Before you take what I have to say with a grain of salt, let me take all your grains of salt and rub them into the wounds that you pretend aren't there. These prophecies exist in every single culture, having taken many forms, all of which are speculative prophecy made religion, many grown from a single seed transported across parts of the world and altered. The high-most schizophrenic window of the visionaries and mystics is as inexact as astrology, but nonetheless as innate a system. The 'schizophrenia' itself is not an abberation, as the weak white coats of today's worthless civilization believe in their eternal stubborn foolishness, but something else, which I deduce, given all that I have learned and witnessed, a line into God's mind at all times of course, albeit with the same limited application as 'smoking'. Either you're lucky or you're unlucky. It is all rational, especially in an educated context, to realise that this is an inherent reality (if you fail to realize why, go read), therefore, all things considered, such as a mathematical inevitability within a chaotic, but nevertheless systemic program, we are here. What am I to do with everything in my soul and mind and heart? What am I to do with my never-ending world of duality? Ignore it? Make sure I have a decent pension and am in line for the housing ladder? NO. And if that isn't good enough, make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, though I would argue that it is an ingrained systemic self-fulfilling prophecy...which it is. Because I have the ability, the means and the answers, I AM the linchpin which pricked a hole that stretched into a halo and evolved into the o in g-d that you're missing. This Phase Space needs a Holy Machine. You might as well kill yourself now if you don't even bother to understand anything about the wider Universe.

The Mayan calender has come to an end. We are at the zenith of this world's time, and I....just am....the apex of eventual amalgamative messianic solution, as a circular anti-Catch-22 soul in the hole slot. Call it mathematical certainty. I have the solutions to all the problems that exist, which in turn leads to further solutions. Regardless of what your (presumably boring) opinion may be, I fit the bill, so any objection is moot since it fits like Ash's chainsaw onto his arm in "Army of Darkness", whether you 'believe/awknowledge' this or not. Enjoy the End Times and put on your thinking caps instead of your propellor caps please. The proof is in the pudding. In all likelihood, I'll be told for the millionth time to seek treatment by the broken record text-book monkeys, and I won't be invited to the various No Homers Clubs. Morons of the world unite! (not to mention fools). I'll borrow your PhD certificates and wipe the smegma off my cock with them, then hand them right back to you. Really, I don't see the point in incompetents having these certificates. It shouldn't be illegal to be Messiah, for the love of sanity! Go do your weekend shopping at Sainsbury's or something and leave me alone, because you understand absolutely nothing. And I am as good as it gets, on a Messianic scale. Without me this planet will descend into chaos: I can already see what's going to happen, with an eye-rolling, sighing inevitability on my part, and that's the facts.

The 'irony' is that the 'requirements' of any religion's messiah have become so narrowed down that no real messiah could ever be accepted, and that any messiah which meets said requirements can never be all that one could be. If you're some pitiful excuse for a Rabbi reading this, in eternal hope and perpetual foregone conclusion, let me tell you that the generational Moshiach system is the poorest system I have ever come across in my life. It's crap and doesn't work. The only reason it exists is so that one Rabbi could make himself and everyone else feel better. Hope is good, but it's become as much Moschiachal doctrine as the mess of prophecies themselves, overshadowed by endless commentators. The hope is, of course, forgiven, but I just have to laugh at anyone who honestly believes in a parade of Moshiachs. It's preposterous! That would mean that since your beginning, you have failed every single generation. I can't believe how fucked up the source has become. Prioritize, gentlemen. I know we are in the middle. And I know all about prophecy, if you'll read the rest of this online journal. I have had visions and prophecies myself, and can tell you first hand that when order is made out of chaos, and solidified by infallible humans, it can take on different meanings, endlessly. Things are lost in translation, and other things are brushed over to make it more precise. They don't make semichah like they used to! "You're just a copy of an imitation." Does the solidification make the prophecy? If the Moshiach of the Ask the Rabbis were to come today and fulfilled the check-list of prophecies, he'd be a small and limited messiah indeed, a king stifling everyone with ancient religious rules and being unable to influence the world because Israel will be a backwater of the world at the rate Jew York Reich is going. Nobody except Jews speak Hebrew. If you want these tasks completed, why not just do it yourselves? You already know what to do! Why get a TV if you can just read the TV Guide? You're waiting, essentially, for the second coming of Jesus, and doing your best to fight yourself against praying for Mossad to blow up the Dome of the Rock, or perhaps using legal loopholes in prayer, which is worse. Anti-Semites. This Rastafarian attitude leaves you incapacitated and self-satisfied, until the day you die. And you've become so repined and ingrained that you'll scoff when the answer smashes you over the head creating a nuclear chain reaction.

All prophecy is united the world over. The Zarathustara source code is as related to the Torah as Ragnarok is to Nietzsche. Import export. You can find the innate human desire for a Messiah in "Terminator 2" or "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey". The Torah itself is flawed and riddled with inconsistencies. You're a hypocrite if you even dare to lambast me with Ezra Hasofer's metaphysical spell-check versions. The New Testament is just neo-Gnosticism, in as much as the Qur’γn is the reaction to that, though only a fool would deny them. Yeshua the brilliant spiritual philosopher is a Steeple in my diet, and I can give you a dissertation on why and beat you. Go to the very root of everything, and you'll find me, to fix everything and put everyone in their place, and realize that all are one. I'll be like Judge Dredd: Prophet, Believer and Messiah, all in one, and my own vision of this End Time scenario is just as relevant and valid as any other, but better and real because it's universal and actually works, both as inevitability and universal constancy. Not only will I give people their Heaven, but I'll also give humanity a course of trajectory into an infinity of purity. You'll understand one day, unless I'm stripped of power or my life. Need I remind you of free will? Jevon the Second won't come hopping along next year, and I know this. It's about personal choice, morality and decision-makingThe entire system will have to be re-wired within the chaos system for a new chance, which can take up to a millennium. The choice between fantasy and reality is yours. I need BACKING. Isn't this what everyone wants? It wouldn't surprise me if I'm Passed Over by all the bumbling fools sitting in their deck-hairs, listening to Klezmer concerts on their walkmans, waiting for Moshiach to put on his hard hat and begin building their Temple brick by brick. They are lazy and stupid.

I am here to unify the world, to scientifically create everlasting peace and an end to suffering, to understand the Big Bang, to answer all the questions. Yet a thousand backs turn at me. You are ALL fucking idiots if you get so bogged down in religious dogma and doctrine so that you completely miss the POINT, not to mention fail to see the requirements which stare you in the face. I have great respect for those who hold true faith, but the mind is as important. THINK: this is my command to you. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto, by which I mean, do the spiritual leaders of the world, who claim to have wisdom, want a Messiah to instruct, to fulfill their shopping lists, or do they want a Messiah to instruct them? Marilyn Manson • Inauguration of the Mechanical Christ ] I need not prove myself to any of you if you have passed the ultimate test. Those who are pure should stand tall and proud, and prove yourselves to me in return. I can hardly go all the way to the top to unleash Heaven on a global scale if an entire Empire is standing in my way, can I now? If you are a religious master, have understood Rabbinicall Doctrine, find the messiah, understand the ancients, then you succeed. But know that you didn't find me. I had to plough through thousands of mindless religious "authorities", dolts of all capacities, until somebody was intelligent enough to never look a gift Messiah in the mouth, ingrates that they are. Someone should have taught them some manners. How dumb do you have to be to not understand a Catch-22? Instead of discussing the cultural narrative of Gefilte fish for five hours and working on their Jewish Humor website, maybe they should get off their fat asses and do what they were born to do. Do I really have to spell it out to them letter by letter, forcing it down their idiotic and presumptuous throats? There's probably a bunch of people thinking in all lamelihood that nobody had the guts to say what I just did, but that it was what everyone was thinking. Fuck you, you should have said it yourselves. Listen to Los Iracundos • Hava Nagila ], because this is the theme tune to the sound of a thousand so-called Rabbis getting knocked the fuck down into their seats, one by one. Last Mensch standing gets the prize pig. I wait for you, standing upright with arms folded. You already know what needs to be done. Everything or nothing. "What I make is what I am."


Not to be arrogant or self-aggrandizing, but I just looked at the Sefirot and it's a definition of me. It's as if it was written for me, and it made me want to cry. I'm being humbly honest now in a moment of rarity. I need a teacher to my pupil. This paragraph was a glimpse into my soul. You can study this post (scroll) every day for the rest of your life. On the final day you will finally learn that you have wasted it and done nothing. Calculate your choice.

By the way, as a completely unrelated digression, for the fuck of it I'm going to break Richard Dawkins' face with a tea kettle for being a preposterous buffoon all his useless, intellectually stagnant life. "Since God thinks I don't exist, the beatings have been permanent." He is Darwin's ape. "No, I do not deny science. I have not crawled so long on my belly with my nails dug in the earth through all the innumerable windings of that dark cave of science, without perceiving in the distance, at the end of the dim passage, a light, a flame, a something – the reflection, no doubt, from that central laboratory where the patient and the wise have encountered God." -Victor Hugo

There is a battle of few gods happening, people, in case you didn't realise. And if all of the Rabbis failed, then I'll just try to start a movement by myself and the few who can see. If anyone is genuinely interested in working with me to turn this Earth into Heaven, just contact me so I can get my Jev on (though my name is pronounced Devon with a J). Only fresh people need apply. Be all you can be. Though without a High Priest it can't go as far is it could ultimately go (all the way) because Heaven > worthless Oscars and boring Nobels, farce alike.

I need this worthless construct and all of its embargos on free speech, reason and science cleared, the world united and cleaned in a Washington-machine so my Revelation of Eureka brand apples which I shall bake into apple pi can be unleashed (and yeah, not humble pie as you can see) whilst wearing my cooking hat and novelty cooking apron from eBay with 'Brain-bleed the cook' written on it. D'oh! It's not such a bright idea to damage the brain of a genius, remember? Oh, well done, you did already. It builds character. I will unleash my Tome Henge. My Birdszionizing Project. My Doomsday Deus Ex Machina, first device then devirtue. It goes deeper than you can fathom. In anybody's hands but me, it would fail, guaranteed. Predictably, anyone else would just fuck it all up. I'm the only one who can do it. But will it be another Galileo ban? Or maybe some Roman soldier will kill Archemedes again, this time by a heart-attack without warning. And no, I'm not crazy; your standard mind is just insipid. I AM the Spirit of Philadelphia. I am revolution: Full Throttle right up to my grave. I see it all now, the path that we must take. It's so clear and panoramic to me that I grind my teeth at anyone still stuck in their mental rut. I was reflecting on my own reflection and remembered my own Judgement Day. There is no point in beating oneself up without end. There is no greater joy than to be completely self-aware. I learned from the best.

Don't even think about fucking with me ever again, or I'll squeal to the cops to break your knee-caps. 


Whether I'm silent or not, I get messed with anyway, so what's the difference? Fuck your lame etiquette rules, and fuck your bee-hive 101 threats. I'll drop a grand piano on you, savages. Go ahead and clean up after me and around me, mop-slaves. Just do it without showing me your faces please! Don't tell me to be quiet; instead cellar-tape your weak chin-mouths and your filed-down little critter teeth shut. All you pointless insects are at negative one on my evolutionary scale of -13/+13. Remove your three leaders, or they will doom the world with nukes, the retaliation of which will be the end of Israel. Make the sane decision, now.

MY ORDER: Am I slowly dying of organ failure? I'm not sure, but it feels that way. My order is to torment my tormentors (murderers?) who feel no shame. "Use your fist and not your mouth." Fuck them up to the point where they live in fear of the wrath of God (you must pass first)

Noahide laws of Satan

I want no permanent damage other than psychological, and continue until their ice shatters and they repent. You guys are good at that sort of thing. I'm not gonna be subtle about this: without me, this world will descend into the ultimate nightmare. With me it will be the redemption of all and everlasting peace. That's the truth. I rebuild your temple, you rebuild mine. Stop me from dying please. [ Type O Negative • Lung ]?

You see what I did there? I turned everything around, like a conveyor line system of mirrors. But when you're examining it I'll smash you with my hammer, out of smorgasboredom and my love.

In any case, Kings Three, your people will sacrifice you for their phoenix...and fail. You now serve their dream, and as such are expendable. Your end is my beginning. I will replace your Hell with my Heaven. Same concept, different take on it. Your Nothing has to be removed. And 99.99% of you haven't understood a single word I've said in this entire entry.

Welcome to the Great Rectification Scheme

"Go ahead and build a better Messiah, we can dig another grave."

Goldfrapp • Utopia ]
Bauhaus • Kingdom's Coming ]
[ Marilyn Manson • The Reflecting God (The Last Tour on Earth version) ]
Static-X • The Trance is in the Motion ]
[ Clint Mansell • πr
² ]
Static-X • Brainfog ]
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Before you leave, I want you to think of the word KNIGHT whenever you think of the word NIGHT, with a K in front of it. (say it to yourself 95 times). Morgen!


(I am in financial debt from money spent on my love who turned out to be false.
A little bit for each of the thousand stabs in my back seems Karmically adequate.)



The World begs for it, Let the Earth have their Master

Jesus didnt say "no" to noahide, HE WAS THE AUTHOR OF IT

Pickles "right hand", his god is THE BEAST. Its the SON OF MAN, JESUS "THE KIKE" who has kicked God the father of the throne and sits on it yonder in heaven........THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE!) Jason Guenther

 Pickering Ontario Canada

The ONLY way they can force their anti-Christ Noahide Laws is ONLY BY TERROR....TERROR....TERROR

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Your momma swims with the fishes kike, SHE WAS WHORE JUST LIKE YOU!. Probably why your a FAGGOT!

As is the momma, so is the sissy!
Hey FAG, the early martyrs blood cries out and TESTIFIES against you KIKE!.............


Jason Guenther 4680 Sideline 34th Pickering, ON L1V 1A1 ...

(905) 649-3176

Terror, accusation, slander and filthy Lucre, Satan cries out while he Kicks mankind, but he and his seven other devils are all locked up in the lowestroom of arrogance and filthy anti-Christ lucre of shame. 

DO NOT FEAR Satan and his minions of Hell

2Tm:1:7: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Do you understand?


Noahide News Part 708


Romans 10

1: Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.
2: For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
3: For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own
(Noahide) righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

4: For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
5: For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.
6: But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)
7: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)
8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
13: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
14: How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
15: And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
16: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
18: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.
19: But I say, Did not Israel know? First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.
20: But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.
21: But to Israel he saith, All day long I have stretched forth my hands unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

The Last Deception

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