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11-9-06 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Cheshvan 18,   5767 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5767

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

Absolute Knee slapping, tear dropping uncontrollable Laughter of today, Quote of severe backtracking and coverup


Here, take a look at what Forrest Kike wrote while he had a break from mounting the sheep out back in the woods.......

Forever the same lucre and filthy inuendo

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:19 pm Post subject:

No I doubt the Lord was with John. The reason why I doubt so is because then God would be shewing RESPECT OF PERSONS. If God were to be electing FROM the womb then there wouldnt be free will, thus there would at the end be no need for salvation as a 'fall' would not have happened according to free will but by ROBOTOCISM. Hohn was chosen by election after he came from the womb, but as a man, he was EQUAL as all the rest of us. He was not concieved "special" in any way other than the rest of us.

Hahahahahahahaha, kikes are all the same. almost everything this quiff writes he twists, edits, changes thinking he does God good service. He foments his damnable kikery OPENLY, but it only shows no one listens to him. If your openly twisting things, it means no one is paying attention as anyone with half a brain can see this kind of doo doo........


Baw haw haw let us take that I out of his original typo

No  doubt the Lord was with John. The reason why I doubt so is because then God would be shewing RESPECT OF PERSONS.

Now let us correct the typo he is attempting to hide

No  I doubt the Lord was with John. The reason why I doubt so is because then God would be shewing RESPECT OF PERSONS.

as usual...........baw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw, then as usual throw in some word of God for personal gain, and make a narration...booooooooooohooooooohawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

all locked up without a key

Watch out Alethia


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:09 pm    Post subject:

ok..... think about it. If life (life in the flesh) begins with conception then what is the difference between 10 minutes before delivery and 10 minutes after?? Remember that the womb is just flesh.... a wonderfully protective environment in which a child grows and develops until ready to more fully live in the world outside. A child can be thrust out from the protection of the womb early for all sorts of reasons and I have cared for these little ones. It seems to me that birth is a wonderful moment but not necessarily the spiritual moment when the wicked become the wicked or the Lord gives of his spirit. It truly makes no difference in my view whether the Lord was with John while yet in his mothers womb or after he emerged. To strain at this seems again to be focussing too much on flesh when we are talking about matters of spirit.

As Lordsecret has pointed out, God is soverign ,......and John still only prepared the way for those who would enter. Being chosen, as prophesied, from the time of his conception.....and having the Lords presence with him guiding him , calling him to fulfill that which was prophesied of him doesnt to me make him like Jesus or even Elijah reincarnate. I do understand how one might be tripped up here and find validity for a false view.

Whether the Lord called John and gave of his spirit to him IN the womb or OUT...... makes no difference from my perspective. He still had to continue in the Lord , he still had to be obedient, ....he still had to die to self and allow the Lord to increase.

As a final point...
prior to the pouring out of the Lords spirit on all flesh, we already know that the Lord did choose individuals and give of his spirit to them. Each of these.....the prophets....David...and others were a part of God's plan. Whatever point the Lord chose or annointed them does not seem important. They all had choices....they all continued on....or they lost what the Lord had given them (like saul).

2. I flat out reject the ideology of a last days outpouring of Gods spirit (Acts 2:16-17), and deny all constructs of modern day SIGN GIFTS (1 Cor.13:10-11).

Chuckle...chuckle...knee slap...teary eyes

7. I flat out deny and reject both DISPENSATIONALISM (Heb.1:2) and PRETERISM.(2 Pet.3:4)

Come now Lil Lord pee Pee, which is it, which mind are you in now?


There, Ive stated it and am confident in that standing that its the CORRECT one. That being said, I dont hold to the "ultra-preterist" view. That view claims that.........ALL PROPHECY.........was fulfilled 2000 years ago. I believe that view is incorrect and the reason why is prophecy is related in scripture in two wavelengths, "physical precasting" and "SPIRITUAL". Being firm in my belief that the THE PROMISES ARE FULFILLED and that "ALL" prophecies dealing with "physical" historical events ARE FULFILLED, that does not mean that ALL PROPHECY is fulfilled. Prophecy dealing with the "realm of the heavenlies', the SPIRITUAL.......HAS NOT BEEN FULFILLED AS YET. As people can still be born again and be regenerated and TRANSLATED, then prophecy dealing with that realm has NOT been fulfilled in "real time" with those involved, although they are DONE in heaven!!!. However, in the spiritual realm TIME IS NO MORE and prophecy continues to be fullfilled in a SPIRITUAL WAVELENGTH and I believe much of the prophecies in the bible dealing with things THE FLESH DOES NOT UNDERSTAND are being "fulfilled" even now. I this hard to understand??? The prophets and apostles claimed that WICKEDNESS and evil would continue. Those are SPIRITUAL dynamics. Jesus claimed it was easier for heaven and earth to pass away then for the law. THAT IS A SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC. I see the majority of the book of revelation being fulfilled STILL in "SPIRITUAL DYNAMICS". As far as the dispenSATANalist interpretation of PHYSICAL fulfillment still to happen, THERE OUT TO LUNCH suffering from "dementia" and that to only confirms my belief in SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT still taking place as eveidenced by their "falling away" and BLINDNESS and being turned into the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN whose lust is a TOWER OF BABEL (zionism)which seems to be "increasing". Anyhow, 2 Peter.......


Jms:1:8: A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Jms:4:8: Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.


Now folks here is some serious news. The sanhedrin beast of the anti-Christ of all the earth, the Mother of all Harlot religion, has done exactly what I warned the homosexuals about. "It is Good anti-Christ, whited Spulcher-V Bad anti-Christ Homosexual" to throw and cast the misdirection from them. Homosexual, Repent in the Mighty Name of Christ Jesus the Lord, stop your abomination and be forgiven through the Redeemer of the earth, for they will stop at nothing, until all mankind submits to their Law. These Hassidic Dragon worshipping "Illuminati" are attempting to make the Gay Parade of that spiritual Sodom and Egypt the Abomination which causes desolation, when in fact they make themselves self righteous, and pious, all the while they serve the murderer from the beginning and seek to set their mere man up for the seat of their flesh world, their Moshiach ben satan the son of perdition as their messiah, beware.............. 

Keep in mind, that God Almighty warned of this abomination.

Legal decision concerning police officers who are called to perform their duties for the "Parade of Abomination"

The Special Court
For Matters Concerning The Nation and the State
  sponsored by the Sanhedrin
( functioning autonomously )

Translation from Hebrew of the 17 Cheshvon 5767 decision

The case was brought before this court of a number of police officers who were called to perform their duties for the "Parade of Abomination" (Gay Pride & Awareness Parade in Jerusalem), as to whether they may participate in the security arrangements for the parade on Friday, 10th November.

Legal Decision

G-d-fearing individuals should refuse the order!

On Friday, 10th of November, 2006, a large demonstration of gays and lesbians, publicized as the “Parade of Pride,” is planned for Jerusalem
the Holy City (Spiritual Sodom and Egypt)  and location of the Holy Temple.  

The Third temple of Abomination, they seek to make a house in their corrupted flesh plane of existence for God the Spirit

The participants of this event have established for themselves a lifestyle that contradicts the Torah (Biblical) teachings handed down to the Jewish people.

All the while their Mishnah Torah the tradition of the Babylonian Talmud, their oral tradition makes the WORD of GOD of none effect. O Ye hypocrites and Vipers, who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

 In the Torah it is clearly written that "a man shall not sleep with a man, as with a woman; it is an abomination." (Leviticus 18:22) 

These hassidic danaites of the dragon only refers to the BOOK of GOD as "It is written" to make themselves self righteous and pious to hide their Murders and their thefts and their worship of the Dragon that Old Devil and satan....Beware

It is also written "neither shall there be a sodomite (homosexual) among the sons of Israel." (Deuteronomy 23:18)  [It is a very serious offense, such that] any Jew who commits this particular violation is, under certain circumstances, liable for capital punishment according to Jewish Law.

Because of a deep-seated realization that sodomy downgrades man to the level of animality, [rather than admit that these feelings are the natural result of their actions, they mistakenly blame social pressure] and therefore need to have a parade, to help them overcome their own personal shame and feelings of guilt they are plagued with.

They must self exalt them selves as the Chosen who when the chooser came rejected him and chose the Robber, now the Robber was a murderer....these are these Pharisaic Vipers who have exalted themselves to god wannabe status

Therefore, every police officer that assists this demonstration in any way, breaks the law in several instances, as follows:

Breaks the secular law of the King of the south if they do not do their Jobs

  1. Providing assistance to those who commit a legal offense, as the law says "Thou shalt not ... put a stumbling-block before the blind" (Leviticus 19:14)and these blind lead the blind to the abyss, REPENT from your abomination Whore city of the earth

  2. Anyone who sees the demonstration but does not object, breaks the law "neither shall there be a sodomite (homosexual) among the sons of Israel." (Deuteronomy 23:18) Neither a Christ deny-er, for your house is left desolate

  3. Police officers who prevents the public from protesting or holding a counter-demonstration, is preventing the public from upholding the law "thou shalt surely rebuke thy neighbor"(Leviticus 18:17). Although not punishable by a court of law, this offense is said to have spiritual ramifications (Maimonides, Hilchos Teshuva 4:1) Mammon-eye of Talmud Bavli the anti-Christ of all the earth make their accusation, yet they stand condemned themselves in their unbelief

  4. A police officer who hits an individual who has come to protest this event commits a criminal act, as the law says "All who raises their a hand on his friend (who did not commit a crime) is called wicked (commits a crime).'' (Sefer Chinuch para. 595)Thus all of that spirtual Sodom and Egypt has become Thieves and Hypocrites and Blasphemers and sorcerers and Murderers

  5. A police officer who participates in securing the parade, [commits a crime not punishable by the courts but which can indirectly] bring G-d forbid exile to the Jewish people as the law says "After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do... That the land not throw you out." (Leviticus 18:3,28)
    And indeed, you are cast out from the TRUE Vine never to be grafted back in unless you repent of your 'Replacement Theology" unto a strange God
  6. Police officers who leave their positions in crime-ridden districts in order to participate in the security operations for this parade break the law "Thou shall not stand idly by the blood of thy fellow man." (Leviticus 19:16) All the While spilling the blood of the earths masses who refuse to submit to the Dragon anti-Christ Noahide Law of Satan

  7. Those responsible for cleaning up after the demonstration intend to continue their work well into the Sabbath. This large scale desecration of the sanctity of the Sabbath is also a criminal act and therefore, every police officer who participates in the demonstration with his own hands is leading to desecration of the Sabbath, concerning which there is a law "He who desecrates the Sabbath will fall under the death sentence" (Exodus 31:14)Mt:12:8: For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.

  8. A police officer who helps, even in the smallest and indirect way, to staging of this parade is humiliating the religious leaders of the Jewish people who have called upon all Jews to protest this parade. About which it is said that "Anyone that humiliates a scholar, has no place in the world to come." (Maimonides, Hilchos Shabbos, 3:14)Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.
In consideration of the above, any police officer that participates in the security operations for the parade is committing a criminal act, breaking Jewish law and assisting those who would commit a crime.  This is a very serious offense [and although the Jewish courts cannot enforce the law at this time] he or she will need to face judgment in the supernal court at the throne of the Almighty. (And Indeed Sanhedrin, you will)

Every police officer who reveres the word of the L-rd should refuse orders and not participate in any manner or fashion in the security operations of those who commit to acts of abomination under the law.

It is signed:

Chief Justice R' Yisrael Ariel

Justice R' Yehuda Edery

Justice R' Hillel Weiss

Speaker of the Sanhedrin: Rabbi Prof. Hillel Weiss +972 (54) 534-3545

BS"D, 9th Cheshvan, 5767
October 31, 2006

Bet Din of Sanhedrin Announcement: Gay Pride Parade


Unanimous decision, beginning today, as follows:

A. Petition to all Jews

B. Petition to the Government, Knesset, Police Force

  1. The Sanhedrin is calling all synagogues to shut their doors on the Sabbath of the weekly reading Lech Lecha and pray outside the synagogue, on the streets. This is an indication of insult, warning, and begging to cancel the parade of abomination. There cannot be a continuation of regular daily activities when the Police Force, together with the backup of the Courts, are forcing on millions of Jews a parade of abomination in Jerusalem. It is against the religion of Judaism. (And Judaism is against Jesus the Redeemer from the beginning) 
  2.  It debasing act against the Jews (and all others) who believe in the holiness of the city (That Spiritual Sodom and Egypt)  and the commands of the Torah (Bible).(Talmud Babbly)  One must pray on the holy streets of Jerusalem, Monday and Thursday till the decree is annulled.

  3. The Sanhedrin, in its capacity of a legal council – the highest national council of the Jews calls on the government of Israel and the Knesset to immediately legislate a law against the existence of the degrading parade or announce the decision to cancel the parade.

  4. We are calling on the Israeli Police Force not to provide a permit to this parade, to avoid violence. The manpower the police will invest to validate the parade, together with additional security, will paralyze thwarting attacks. If the parade will not be canceled, there will be a great need to create an investigation committee to investigate the attacks and violence. The results will pale in comparison to the Lebanon War II.

  5. If the announcement of the cancellation of this parade is forthcoming, there is need to gather at the Western Wall in a prayer of gratitude on its cancellation.
Click here for the original Hebrew decision



And of course the Hassidic Sanhedrin will tout their "Miracle" unto their strange god wannabe

Gay Pride event to be held at Hebrew U.
Following deliberations within the haredi community concerning a compromise proposal offered by the gay community on Thursday, it was decided that the gay parade will not take place in its original format.

Parade organizers announced that the parade was officially cancelled, and pending final logistical arrangements the gay pride event will no longer consist of a march through Jerusalem's streets, rather a closed event at the stadium at Hebrew University's Givat Ram campus.

Given the new location, police announced on Thursday that they will secure the event will 3,000 officers, instead of the 10,000 that was originally allocated.

Police also said that the current high alert will remain in place throughout the weekend due to a significant number of terror warnings.

Earlier on Thrusday Police had said that due to some 80 terror warnings as a result of the errant IDF shelling of Beit Hanun a day before, the parade may have to be postponed.

But of course

The gay community rejected the police claim as "an easy way out," and offered the compromise instead.

No no no "its a Miracle"

Gay parade's future up in the air
Experts warn of health risks in burning trash cans
Rabbis: Anti-gay protests detrimental to youth

Meanwhile, religious opponents of the parade were holding what they have called a "March of Beasts" on Thursday afternoon.

all the while planning to set up the Real anti-Christ  Beast of the beast Sanhedrin, Moshiach ben NOTHING that son of perdition....However REPENT Homosexuals...REPENT in Jesus the Christ the LORD GOD of ISRAEL

The protesters were leading cows and horses along the route plotted for the gay parade, Army Radio reported. The High Court of Justice denied four petitions asking to ban the so-called march of beasts.]

Homosexuals.....Can you not Understand? REPENT in Jesus the Redeemer, Quit your abomination. These Pharisee Hypocrites will surely slay you all, then not only is your wretched flesh slain, But after that eternal Damnation. Do not bow to these anti-Christ of All the earth, but BOW NOW before the Creator the WORD of God the Lam the KING, Jesus, and find Life more abundantly. 

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch on Wednesday appealed to the leaders of the mostly haredi opponents of Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade to preach against violence if the court decided to reject four petitions calling on the police to prohibit the parade.

A panel of three justices (Beit Din, see Talmudic Three Judge Beit Dins accross Amaraka) headed by Beinisch and including Deputy President Eliezer Rivlin and Ayala Procaccia heard the petitions and said they would hand down their ruling on Thursday.

The courts ruling, however, is apparently no longer needed to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, regardless of the court's decision, the parade may not have been held this week because of a high alert that has been declared by security forces following the killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians by IDF artillery early Wednesday morning in Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip. In response, Palestinian terrorist organizations have called for an end to the moratorium on terror attacks inside Israel. Police reported Thursday morning receiving some 80 terror warnings.

"If the state of alert forces us to take away a large number of policemen from the parade, we may have to postpone it," the state's representative Eran Ettinger told the court.

Convenient move for the "Miracle"

According to the head of the Jerusalem District police, Cmdr. Ilan Franco, about 9,000 policemen will be deployed to protect the marchers on Friday, if the court allows the parade.

Although the formal decision was postponed until tomorrow, it seems a foregone conclusion that the court will accept the state's position that the parade should be held according to its new format, far the city center.


Gay Pride event to be held at Hebrew U.

In response to the petitioners warnings that there would be violence and possibly bloodshed if the court allowed the parade, Procaccia said, "The question of violence must be dropped because there is no question of finding a balance [between freedom of speech and] violence. The police will not give into it and the court will not give in to it."

According to a compromise between the police and the Jerusalem Open House, the organizers of the parade, the march will start near the Israel Museum, proceed towards the science museum and double back to the university stadium.

Franco, who appeared in person at the hearing, told the court the new route was "relatively safe, but it will not necessarily block all danger." However, Franco added that he believed the police would be better able to control the threats along the parade's new route.

Meanwhile, the Chief Rabbi of Rehovot, Rabbi Simha Kook, appealed to the court to prevent the march, saying he spoke not for himself but for "the entire Jewish people and all of humanity." He warned that allowing homosexuals to march in Jerusalem would "reduce our honor to dust. Jerusalem is at the center of the world because everyone knows it is a holy city."

Rv:11:8: And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Kook began to cry as he recited the verse, "If I forget thee oh Jerusalem, let my right hand lose its cunning...What kind of Torah is emanating from Jerusalem! A Torah of filth."

Eli Yishai, the minister of trade and industry, told the court that people had asked him to do everything possible to prevent the parade.

"I ask you in the name of most Israeli citizens, I ask you as a private citizen who is worried about what might happen here," Yishai said. "This is something that will split nations."

Yishai was not allowed to join the petitioners because he required the permission of the attorney-general, since he was petitioning against the government to which he belonged. Mazuz refused to grant it.

In his address to the court, attorney Yoram Sheftel, who represented petitioner Eliezer Holtzberg, described the homosexuals as "feigelech" (Yiddish derogatory term for homosexuals) In an interview with Israel Radio two days ago, he described them as perverts.

Rightly so, However they can REPENT and be forgiven


E mail from Dov Stein Secretariat of Sanhedrin's e-mail address, However I do not believe this is Dov, and the site is now gone. Someone else there is communicating to me.

From: ??
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 9:00 AM
Subject: FW: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!







From: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
To: ??
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 1:17 PM
Subject: Re: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

Yep Good anti-Christ Jew - Verses_ Bad anti-Christ Jew....the blind leads the blind and the Pharisees never change, beautiful and righteous on the out side while inwardly ravening wolves and thieves and murderers and sorcerers and blasphemous dogs who cannot bark
From: ??
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 3:44 PM
Subject: RE: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

You should contact your self to Bnei Noach. Your minds thoughts and target are full of hatred and blood. It is a pity, With such feeling your way to hell is strait. Please save your soul.
To: ??
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

Thanks, but no thanks, Why would I want to murder everyone who does not submit to the Beast sanhedrin as an obedient Christ hater?
Why would I want to slay all the Ishmaelites as do the Sanhedrin and the jews religion unto the murderer from the beginning their "father" of their talmudic oral :-"Replacement Theology"?
As for saving my soul, thanks, your fathers allowed the lamb to do that Pharisee.


From: ??
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 4:40 PM
Subject: RE: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

I suggest you to study how to be sublimated

----- Original Message -----
To: ??
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

I suggest that you and the other 70 self exalted satan worshippers REPENT in the Name of Jesus who is the ONLY Christ, before that Great and terrible day of his wrath. For who warned you to flee that wrath to come Dov Stein?





So now we see clearly why Lord Pee pee the Hassidic Preterist has constantly called me these names in false is to set up their false witness

Yo RIP, in here zhid.........




Your momma swims with the fishes kike, SHE WAS WHORE JUST LIKE YOU!. Probably why your a FAGGOT!

As is the momma, so is the sissy!

Hey FAG, the early martyrs blood cries out and TESTIFIES against you KIKE!.............


Baw hawwwwww, because there is NO Message of Salvation. If you think I baw hawwwwww hawwwwwww, you should hear My wife and Children and Grandchildren when they have read this man's lucre, "Doubt it not" he partakes with Sanhedrin the beast and that is why he tries so hard to hide their works. Whoooooeeeey, thank you my Lord and savior Jesus.

Here is just one more instance of the doubleminded Liar

7. I flat out deny and reject both DISPENSATIONALISM (Heb.1:2) and PRETERISM.(2 Pet.3:4)



There, Ive stated it and am confident in that standing that its the CORRECT one. That being said, I dont hold to the "ultra-preterist" view. That view claims that.........ALL PROPHECY.........was fulfilled 2000 years ago. I believe that view is incorrect and the reason why is prophecy is related in scripture in two wavelengths, "physical precasting" and "SPIRITUAL". Being firm in my belief that the THE PROMISES ARE FULFILLED and that "ALL" prophecies dealing with "physical" historical events ARE FULFILLED, that does not mean that ALL PROPHECY is fulfilled. Prophecy dealing with the "realm of the heavenlies', the SPIRITUAL.......HAS NOT BEEN FULFILLED AS YET. As people can still be born again and be regenerated and TRANSLATED, then prophecy dealing with that realm has NOT been fulfilled in "real time" with those involved, although they are DONE in heaven!!!. However, in the spiritual realm TIME IS NO MORE and prophecy continues to be fullfilled in a SPIRITUAL WAVELENGTH and I believe much of the prophecies in the bible dealing with things THE FLESH DOES NOT UNDERSTAND are being "fulfilled" even now. I this hard to understand??? The prophets and apostles claimed that WICKEDNESS and evil would continue. Those are SPIRITUAL dynamics. Jesus claimed it was easier for heaven and earth to pass away then for the law. THAT IS A SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC. I see the majority of the book of revelation being fulfilled STILL in "SPIRITUAL DYNAMICS". As far as the dispenSATANalist interpretation of PHYSICAL fulfillment still to happen, THERE OUT TO LUNCH suffering from "dementia" and that to only confirms my belief in SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT still taking place as eveidenced by their "falling away" and BLINDNESS and being turned into the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN whose lust is a TOWER OF BABEL (zionism)which seems to be "increasing". Anyhow, 2 Peter.......




For their Sanhedrin masters needed this to enforce their anti-Christ Noahide Law.....and you were fooled by your lechery that they themselves promoted in their Porno across the earth

And when the Gays come Marching in!
13:45 Nov 09, '06 / 18 Cheshvan 5767

  A7 Radio's "The Tovia Singer Show"


f Israel is the most gay-friendly country in the Middle East, why did international homosexual activists choose to march in Jerusalem?

Note the title


Even while the Pimp protects its Great Whore

Last update - 20:16 09/11/2006

U.S. plans to veto proposed UN resolution on Beit Hanun deaths

The U.S. is threatening to veto a proposal for a United Nations Security Council resolution regarding the deaths of 19 Palestinian citizens in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanun on Wednesday.

The Palestinian citizens were accidentally killed in an Israel Defense Forces shelling meant to destroy Qassam rocket launchers in the area.

The draft was written and distributed among Security Council members on Wednesday by Qatar, a non-permanent member of the Security Council.

The proposal calls for an "immediate investigation into the massacre that took place in Beit Hanun" and calls on Israel to "cease all violence against the civilian population in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem."

The Qatari draft also demands the deployment of UN observers in the area to oversee the implementation of the cease-fire outlined in the draft.

Sources in New York report that senior American officials have denounced the draft in its present formulation. The Qatari draft makes no mention of the Qassam rockets fired by Palestinians into Israel, nor does it mention IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who was abducted by Palestinian militants in June.

Deputy head of the Israeli delegation to the UN Danny Carmon said in response "the Palestinian citizens were killed, in all likelihood, by Israeli fire, but in fact, they fell victim to the terrorism of Hamas."

sheeeeeesh Justifying MURDER is the New Amaraka, for their hearts now wax cold

The official discussion over the draft began Thursday evening, but it is not yet clear when the vote will take place. Sources estimate the vote will be postponed until Friday, if not next week.

Arab foreign ministers to hold emergency meeting on IDF Gaza offensive

Arab foreign ministers will gather for an emergency meeting to discuss a common response to the recent IDF offensive in the Gaza Strip, the Arab League secretary-general said Thursday.

Secretary General Amr Moussa said he called for the meeting on Sunday in Cairo at the request of Palestinian and Lebanese officials to "look into practical steps and measures to deal with the Israeli ongoing and recurrent aggression on the Palestinian people, latest of which is the Beit Hanun massacre."


For they must First destroy Ishmael and Put the West against Ishmael, then according to the Prophets of satan of Zohar they will have their Hoodlum haha of hell and their Moshiach ben wannabe, that son of Perdition....BUT NOT SO Saith the LORD, for his sheep are reserved from the foundation of the World

The Opponent Ishmael

From the dawn of Jewish history, the Bible understood what it is that would make Ishmael the most persistent and dangerous rival for the Land of Israel that the Jews would ever have.

It is not Ishmael's willingness to wage all-out war. It is his refusal to do so.

The opponent, Ishmael, is not what you would normally call "passive," in the traditional sense of the word. In the Bible, he is even described as "wild." Yet, wild as he may have been, it didn't change his "passivity" as far as combat is concerned. He is passive in that his attacks, taken individually, are fleeting, without great substance.

The scripture (Paul)  is clear that the children of the flesh are of the Bondwoman Hagar. The Talmudic jews want their flesh kingdom. The children of the free woman Sarah, are only them by faith in Christ Jesus the LORD GOD of the spirit.

In the Bible, Ishmael never commits himself to take a solid stance against his more committed brother, Isaac, the future Jewish patriarch. So, his attacks lack the gravity of an existential threat. However, they prove to be bothersome enough to infringe upon Isaac's development.

Such an opponent is dangerous because if he is not dealt with early, then you will see an accumulation of damage over time. After a long period of allowing Ishmael to play his game, you will look back and find that he has impeded your progress to a surprising degree, and that you are far behind where you thought you'd be.

The difficulty in confronting Ishmael lies first in the tendency to underestimate him. Given that his attacks lack real substance, you may feel that it is not worth spending the time and energy to stop them.

Even if you do decide to take action, it cannot be a long, drawn-out donnybrook for which many people feel obliged to prepare at length whenever they anticipate conflict. The very character trait that prevents Ishmael's attacks from being lethal also prevents an elaborate, powerful counterattack from being leveled at him; by the time you establish a strong basis for launching an attack, Ishmael has already uprooted himself and moved to another area from which to renew his harassment. Ishmael's strategy, in other words, is that of guerrilla warfare.

Generally, a guerrilla war is conducted by a small, ill-equipped force against a far larger and more powerful one. The guerrilla understands, or rather believes, that he would be no match for his opponent in a face-to-face battle, so he aims to harass him instead. But this approach has serious deficiencies, which we will soon delineate.

The guerrilla strategy is predicated on the calculation that the larger opponent will never decide that it is worth committing the necessary energy to seek and destroy the guerrillas for good. This apathy will allow the guerrilla to slowly wear his larger opponent down over time, to the point where the larger opponent will come to believe he lacks the ability to stop the harassment and he will, sooner or later, give up. This guerrilla strategy requires a buffer between the guerrilla and the opponent. Face to face, the guerrilla applying his strategy will surely lose. He needs space to maneuver from target to target.

In the martial arts, for the "passive" fighter, that lack of commitment translates into distance. It means that the passive fighter, at any given time, has multiple options for an attack; and if one avenue seems too well defended, then he can immediately shift to another. Keeping distance and not taking the time to gather significant energy and substance for each blow affords him greater speed for shifting his orientation. This form of attack, this guerrilla threat, is one of restraining.

And that is the opponent Ishmael's ultimate goal. Ishmael doesn't need to defeat you with a knockout blow. Instead, he needs only to harass you and thereby keep you at bay long enough for you to see your goals pass you by. This is the major mistake people make when fighting an Ishmael-like opponent. You might feel it is not worth the effort. You might feel that fighting him is even questionable from a moral standpoint; after all, he is weaker and his attacks - you've convinced yourself - are not existentially threatening. Ishmael, on the other hand, is relying on the slow deterioration of your deterrent capacity (and in particular, your will to deter him) leading to your total defeat.

and All who are of the flesh bondwoman fit this description against the saints of Sarah the Freewoman in Jesus the Christ

Therefore, even one goal lost to this type of opponent, one harassment that goes unanswered, should be considered unacceptable.

The solution is to attack this opponent spontaneously, ferociously and continuously, with a mind toward random attacks aimed at multiple targets. Here, it is quantity that is key, with the aim of overwhelming your opponent, as apposed to more focused, surgical attacks on designated weak points. The reason being that Ishmael lacks commitment. This is his true weak point. His refusal or inability to commit, to take a stand, his lack of discipline - in other words his lack of precisely those characteristics required to repel a continuing and random barrage - is what will leave him helpless before it.

Ishmael's most prized asset, elusiveness, becomes ineffectual when he is no longer at leisure to choose the timing and ever-shifting targets of his harassing attacks so as to inflict just enough damage to avoid a severe response and to be able to retreat in time to avoid whatever response might be forthcoming. Keeping his distance allowed Ishmael to see the big picture and know when his target was too busy to respond to minor attacks or too far off in a different direction to respond in time. A nonspecific barrage of threats to multiple targets on Ishmael thereby negates his ability to calculate.

If executed with the proper amount of ferocity and consistently leveled against Ishmael with no respite, such attacks will eventually force him to scrutinize his convictions and decide whether he truly is willing to sacrifice for them. In other words, you force him to either take a stand or yield. At this point, for Ishmael to defend himself, he will have to both find the confidence to stand against you and invest what it takes to oppose you - two things he is unlikely to do.

Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

If Ishmael does yield, then you win. If, on the other hand, he takes a stand, if he somehow finds the confidence and commits the energy needed to try to oppose you, then you have destroyed the characteristics that make Ishmael who he is, along with his repetitive small scale attacks and everything else that accompanies an Ishmael opponent. You now face a different personality on the passive-aggressive scale and your strategy must adapt accordingly.

Either way, the opponent Ishmael is destroyed.

Historically, both terrorists and genuine guerrillas have employed Ishmael-like tactics. But there is a difference between the two. Terrorists specifically target noncombatants;

see Gaza and Lebanon, where the flesh bondservants murder wonderfully

 guerrillas do not. This is a night and day difference, and should be clear to any civilized and mentally fit human being. Unfortunately, today too many people get caught in the trap of feeling it is morally incorrect to apply the proper vigor to defeat terrorist opponents, and instead invest their energy in cataloging grievances and dissatisfactions that might justify the terrorists' behavior. In our view, this approach is both dangerously negligent and morally devoid of all merit.

For these Hassidic Vipers must play out their scheme they think to have devised, Never knowing GOD is in complete control, and he alone is Lord of the FREEWOMAN and her seed by faith.


Their wannabe prophecy, is playing out now

Zohar Torah portion of Va'era page 32a

...In the future, the children of Yishmael will rule over the Holy land for a long time while the land is empty, just as their circumcision is empty and without completion.  

And they will hinder the children of Israel from returning to their place, until their merit in the Holy land runs out. In the future the children of Yishmael will stir great wars in the world. And the children of Edom [the West] will gather against them, and make war with them, one on the sea, and one on the land, and one by Jerusalem; and each one will prevail over the other but the Holy land will not fall to the hands of Edom. At the same time, a nation from the end of the world will be awakened against wicked Rome.(Rome here is said to refer to the spiritual center of western civilization) and it will make war against her for three months, and many nations will gather there, and they will fall by her hand, until all the children of Edom will gather against her from all corners of the earth. And then G-d will awaken Himself against them, as it says, "a sacrificial slaughter for the Lord in Batzra", and it says, "to shake the corners of the Land". And after this, the children of Yishmael will be finished from the world. And all the supernal powers of the nations will be broken, and no power will remain above except for the power of Israel alone.


wanna beit?



And they Gloat like goats at your Fall Amaraka,7340,L-3326053,00.html

Jews take root in Capitol Hill

Published:  11.09.06, 12:52


Democrats may have conquered both houses of Congress, and so have Jewish politicians. Number of Jewish senators rises from 11 t o13 and number of Jewish representatives jumps to 30 thanks to six new faces creating all-time high of Jewish politicians in Congress. Another precedent: First Muslim elected to House

The picture isn't complete yet, but it seems that the Democrats executed a double takeover in the mid-term elections and have taken control not only in the House of Representatives, but also in the Senate. It also turns out that the number of Jews in the two houses of Congress has hit an all-time high.

Oh how they have so deceived you Amaraka, the TWO Whores are Merged into One Great Harlot of ALL the Earth, and they control Churchinsanity and ALL Bloodlust upon the earth unto the Dragon the murderer they serve...BEWARE and REPENT

An accurate count shows that the number of Jewish senators has risen from 11 to 13, with the addition of two former representatives Benjamin Cardin (Maryland-D) and Bernard Sanders (Vermont-I) who were successfully elected to the Senate.

Sander's and Cardin's departure from the House didn't lower the number of Jews there – on the contrary. The number of Jewish representatives elected to the House of Representatives also grew.

They now number 30 thanks to six new faces: Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona), Ronald Klein (Florida), John Yarmuth (Kentucky), Paul Hodes (New Hampshire), Stephen Cohen (Tennessee), and Steve Kagen (Wisconsin). They are all Democrats.

'Time for US to see a moderate Muslim voice'


At the same time, a new precedent was set with the election of the first Muslim to Capitol Hill. Keith Ellison (Minnesota) was elected to the House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket. Ellison's election is also unprecedented in that he is the first African American to be elected to Congress from Minnesota.

During his campaign tour, Ellison, 43, decidedly didn't refer to either of these issues – the color of his skin, or the religion that he adopted at the age of 20. 

He campaigned mainly on social and economic issues for advancing the middle class, and upgrading education. He was emphatic about not running as "the Muslim candidate," but as the American who wants to improve the conditions in his country. 

However, he said that he knows that his election will send a clear message to the American public and to the legislators on Capitol Hill. 

“I think it’s time for the United States to see a moderate Muslim voice, to see a face of Islam that is just like everybody else’s face,” Ellison said. “Perhaps it would be good for somebody who is Muslim to be in Congress, so that Muslims would feel like they are part of the body politic and that other Americans would know that we’re here to make a contribution to this country.”


and the anti-Christ GOPDEMNS shake on it, one big happy anti-Christ Whore family



Oh how they need WORLD War for their Satanic Kick-off, for the Harlot City, and false king


French troops almost fired at Israel jets: minister

Thu Nov 9, 2006 12:54pm ET27

By Francois Murphy

PARIS (Reuters) - French peacekeeping troops in Lebanon recently came within two seconds of firing missiles at Israeli fighter jets that approached as if to attack them, French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said.

Speaking to the lower house of parliament on Wednesday night, she said it was the latest in a string of incidents in which Israeli warplanes had "adopted a hostile attitude" to French and German forces and added it was "not tolerable".

"A catastrophe was narrowly avoided by our troops," Alliot-Marie said, according to a transcript of her comments. A foreign ministry spokesman said the events occurred on October 31.

are you one of dem lying preterist Gopdemns who say "It aint gonna happen"?

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy summoned Israel's ambassador in Paris and told him Israel should ensure such incidents did not happen again, the foreign ministry said.

slap on the hand....Now that the GOPDEMNS have merged, what suppose you would happen if France and Germany fired upon ITSREALLYHELL

Israeli F-15s descended rapidly and then rose quickly as if they were dropping bombs or firing at the French ground forces, which are part of U.N. peacekeeping force UNIFIL, she said.

"In legitimate defense, our soldiers removed the covers from the missile battery and were two seconds away from firing at the planes that were threatening them," she said.

Israeli jets have often flown over Lebanon since a 34-day war with Hezbollah guerrillas ended on August 14.

Now for the fluff

Israeli ambassador Daniel Shek said the flights were reconnaissance operations designed to counter Hezbollah efforts to rearm and re-establish itself in southern Lebanon and he denied the jets had deliberately targeted French troops

He said French troops may have misinterpreted the Israeli pilots' intentions and said coordination between Israeli forces and UNIFIL forces may have to be strengthened.

"I can't imagine any situation in which an Israeli aeroplane would seek to harm a French force in any way," he told France's RTL radio, adding that relations between France and Israel were "very good".

The Lebanese government and the U.N. force say the Israeli flights violate a U.N. ceasefire resolution. Israel says the missions are necessary to help ensure that arms are not smuggled into southern Lebanon from Syria to resupply Hezbollah.

France has repeatedly called on Israel to stop the flights.

And Itsreallyhell does not care what France and Germany the Leopard has to say 

The Israeli air force was also involved last month in two encounters with German forces.

The first concerned two planes which a German paper said had fired twice as they flew over a German navy ship. Israel denied they fired but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed regret over what he called "misunderstandings".

Olmert, the Great Apologetic Liar of the earth....along with Bushwhacker that is

An EU diplomat in Berlin from one of the key members of UNIFIL told Reuters Israel believed arms were still reaching Hezbollah and had complained to some UNIFIL participants.

He said this was almost certainly linked to the Israeli overflights that have been annoying Berlin and Paris. The German defense ministry was not immediately available for comment.~

(Additional reporting by Louis Charbonneau in Berlin and Brian Rohan in Paris)


The Treasonous anti-Christ Vipers of Chabad's Sanhedrin

spoof's today?

NY Attorney General-elect Andrew Cuomo poses with Shaul Sugar of Crown Heights on election night


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar
NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind talking to CGINY Director Rabbi Yossi Futerfas & Berel Sugar @ a fundraiser for State Sen. Carl Andrews in Sugar's house last week.
Rabbi Benny Zippel and President George W. Bush
Merkos Shluchim Bochurim present the President of the Fiji Islands with a Menorah
Rabbi Sholom Ciment and President Bush @ the National Prayer Day ceremony at the White House.

White House Photo by Eric Draper

Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov of Chabad of Northwest Indiana and Congressman Pete Viscolsky (D-IN) at a recent fundraiser for the congressman in Munster, IN.
Rabbi Benny Zippel, head Shliach in Utah and his Jewish friend at the Abbey of the holy trinity in Huntsville, UT, with tefillin & more before Pesach
Nassau County Executive & NYS Gubernatorial candidate Thomas Souzzi @ the Ohel with Rabbis Heber and Perl
President Bush's new Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten with Shluchim in the White House @ the pre-Chanukah party 5766
Canada's New Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seen with Yudi & Avremi Matusof of Alberta, Canada in this recent photograph.
Rabbi Moshe Bleich with famous personalties Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and others at a recent convention
Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov & President Bush @ the Chanukah Party in the White House.
Rabbi Moshe Feller with President Bush.

See related article

Rabbi Yossi Nemes and Rabbi Zelig Rivkin with US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff @ the White House
JLI director Rabbi Efraim Mintz and Canadian Minster of Justice and Canada’s Attorney General the Honorable Irwin Cotler @ the GA last week in Toronto.
Meir Shlomo Junik doing Mivtza Lulav with NYC Mayor Bloomberg who was in Crown Heights on Sunday to pick up an endorsement from the CH PAC.

Photo: Eli Blachman

Blue Ash, OH Mayor Rick Bryan presents Rabbi Yisroel Mangel with a proclamation proclaiming "Chabad Day" in honor of the opening of the new 3 million dollar Chabad complex.
Rabbi Levi Baumgarten, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten and Yisroel Baumgarten after a summer Shachris in the Hamptons.
Rabbi Mendy Cohen with Frank Rothman, a Holocaust survivor, who is presenting a copy of his memoirs from Auschwitz to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Rabbi Mendy Chitrik with Mr. Vecdi Gunul, defense minister of Turkey

The official EDUCATION AND SHARING DAY, U.S.A., 2005 proclamation with the seal and signature of the President.

Rabbi Levi Shemtov & Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko in Washington, DC.
Rabbi Shmuel Butman, Director, Lubavitch Youth Organization, giving  Shalach Monos to NYC Mayor Michael "Mordechai" Bloomberg.
Shluchim to California pose for a group picture on the steps of the state capitol, during their annual Kinnus held earlier this week in Sacramento.

Photo: Osher Litzman

Rabbi Cunin & Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger @ the Menorah lighting on the steps of California's State Capitol.
President Bush, and Tzvi Felzenberg watch as the Kol Zimra choir sing after lighting the Menorah in the White House. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist with Rabbi Alexander Kaller Shliach in Sunny Isles Beach, FL and Mark Zaslavsky a member of the Miami Russian Jewish Comm.
Vice President Dick Cheney smiles while posing for a picture with group of Lubavitchers who met up with the Veep in Manhattan.
Rabbis Avraham Shemtov and Yossi Groner with President Reagan in the Oval Office in the mid 80's

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder meets with Rabbi Yehuda Tiechtel, Shliach to Berlin, and Rabbi Levi shemtov of American Friends of Lubavitch at the conclusion of the OSCE Conference on anti-semitism.

Rabbi Yosef Dubrowski, Shliach in Tampa, FL talks with US President George W. Bush in the Oval Office.
CEO of Shmais News Service & Levi Hodakov with Israel's Finance Minister and former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Sunday evening in Jerusalem.


And you think the GOPDEMN anti-Christ will change Amaraka?

you have to admit, it is funny


E mail from Dov Stein 11-9-2006

From: ??
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 6:30 PM
Subject: RE: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

The Sanhedrin is a forum to discuss an analyze thoughts and ideas. accordingly there is relationship to ideas who call to destroy the Jewish nation. Such call are coming from Iran and other Islamic nations and is a part of the Islamic faith as it is declared by the Quraan the basic faith book of the Islam.The right for self defense is a basic right of a person and of a nation and of all the world on which the Islamic faith is
threaten . This threat has to bother also your interest to remain alive.
Do not be stupid your supporting the Islamic faith "rights" will bring to yourself and your country death as it brought to the twins.


From: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
To: ??
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 5:54 PM
Subject: Re: These gays are DANGEROUSLY AGGRESSIVE!

come now Dov Stein, surely you do not believe that the saints of Jesus the Christ will fall for the deception of Sanhedrin?
i recommend that you Read what the Prophet Ezekiel saw when the Lord told him to dig into the Wall. Then see the only authority
you have has been given by the god you serve and he is the murderer from the beginning and is no REDEEMER.
Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg is more determined. He knows that in the near future the Land of Israel is about to expand. He writes, "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed." (Ma'ariv, 10/6/04)
You see Dov, we will never bow to your false king of Babylon Proper, Even as the Prophet Daniel refused to do so
For our King is a Great King of Life Abundantly, and his Kingdom is not the wretched Sodom and Egypt city the Great harlot City jerusalem which is full of the blood of the Lords prophets and where the Lord was crucified
Oh no Dov, you may attempt to pin hatred to me and my Lord, But the Lord only offers you Life forever more, and I tell you about it
the saints of God will slay no man for any reason, for them who murder and kill are of their father the murderer
You see Dov, what you are of is Hagar the Bondwoman, you are no different than Ishmael, and you are not of Sarah the free woman, for she was in faith of the LORD God the spirit, free in Salvation forever more
what good will your flesh kingdom of bondage bring unto you on that day of the Lords wrath, Dov
Repent in the Name of Jesus who is Christ the Word from the Foundation of the WORLD the REDEEMER from the beginning


No different then the lil lord pee pee down in the lowerpit cesspool of filthy lies, but they can still repent of that pit of darkness, if only they would BELIEVE and Stand fast in the Testimony by faith


Noahide News Part 618




Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


11: For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


The Last Deception

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It has happened "War Declared upon and in America"

Declared section Part II


"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

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"Left Behind"

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Saints of the Living God

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Noahide News Part 289 Terminated page

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Jesus said No to Noahide

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Noahide News Part 606 RED Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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