We have seen the scooters zipping around day and night, and for the first time ever Crown Heights Shomrim Division is putting a fully marked patrol car on the road. Donated by Aron & Mirit Hershkop of Everything Automotive this is the first of two cars that have been donated, in memory of Ephraim Klein HY”D who was murdered on the streets of Crown Heights. The second car is due to hit the streets next month.

The idea behind the marked patrol car is with ‘crime prevention’ in mind. Every night there are one or two Shomrim members patrolling in their private cars keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood, while this is good for an immediate response to call's and to spot the crime as it happens, it is not as affective for preventing crime.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

Unlike the scooters, the patrol car is a passenger vehicle and residents who are willing to help and spend some of their time to improve the security of our neighborhood, can volunteer and ride along with other Shomrim Members. If you are interested, contact a member you know for more information.

Aron told CrownHeights.info that if this project works a third and fourth patrol car will be donated and placed in service as well.

Crown Heights is our neighborhood. Together we WILL make a difference.

Aron Hershkop standing next to the new patrol car