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7-7-06 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Tammuz 11,   5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

Extra Extra

When this Picture first appeared at it made NO MENTION of being a spoof. There are NO Other "Spoofs" in the Archives of Pics. It was not until Texe Marrs began broadcasting the PIC, when they were alerted, they added the "Word" Spoof, to deceive the masses. Too Late, he is REVEALED as a Talmudic Hassidic jew. I have read many denials, which state that this Photo was photoshopped from another Pic. I demand that any Man, Woman or Child, Produce the Original, or forever...."Shut Up" the Documentation is rock solid, here on this site of what they are about, I challenge any of you apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity or Talmudic Jew to Dispute the Proof. Bush is of DAN of the Talmudic RED Hassidim unto the beast Sanhedrin unto the Dragon the Murderer their father, the son's of the synagogue of Satan, and is not a man of the LIVING LORD JESUS


The Talmudic Judeo "War President", to the WORLD


Ahmadinejad: time to wrap Israel up

Those who created Israel should “wrap it up and take it away,” Iran’s president said.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched his latest broadside against Israel on Friday, criticizing Israel’s strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Noooooooooooo!, why that's anti-Shemitic coming from a Semite

Israel is a “fabricated regime” Ahmadinejad said, according to Reuters, and its strikes on Gaza “showed that it cannot last. I think the only solution would be for those who created it to wrap it up and take it away.”

He warned Israel’s “creators” that the Gaza situation could “lead to an explosion in the Islamic world. If the explosion occurs, it will not remain restricted to the limits of the region and its flames will catch whoever created, supported and encouraged it in the past 60 years.”

Israel launched its strikes last Wednesday to bring about the release of a captured soldier and end a barrage of rocket attacks on southern Israel.


But of course........

U.S. opposes resolution on Israel

The United States opposed a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on Israel to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

Qatar, one of 10 rotating members of the Security Council, circulated a draft Thursday calling on Israel to end its offensive in Gaza and release the Hamas Cabinet officials under arrest. Israel launched the strikes last Wednesday to bring about the release of an abducted soldier and end rocket attacks on southern Israel.

John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said he opposed the resolution, suggesting the United States, a permanent member, would use its veto should the resolution be considered by the council.


This space is dedicated to Kathy M

For my mistake

I apologize

and Repent of it in the name of Jesus who is Christ for posting your personal e-mail without regard for your person.




Jn:8:44: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Israelis favor killing Hamas leaders

Most Israelis favor the assassination of Hamas leaders.

The poll, published Friday in Maariv, shows 82 percent of Israelis favor such killings.

It was taken Wednesday, a week after Israel launched strikes on the Gaza Strip to bring about the release of a soldier abducted by Hamas-affiliated gunmen and end Hamas-approved rocket attacks on Israel.


Passing their Children to Molech

Maryland stem cell commission includes rabbi

Maryland’s governor appointed a rabbi to a state stem cell research commission.

Gov. Robert Ehrlich, a Republican, appointed Rabbi Joel Zaiman of the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies to the commission established this week.

Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

Jewish clerics across the board back embryonic stem cell research. Some Christians oppose it because it involves the use of embryos. Joseph Cappizzi, a professor at catholic University in Washington, is another of the newly established commission’s four members and strongly opposes embryonic stem cell research.


Teacher pleads not guilty to hate crime

A teacher accused of beating a Jewish mother pleaded not guilty.

Donna Jean Hubbard of Coarsegold, Calif. entered her plea to the hate crime charge on Wednesday. Hubbard allegedly pulled the hair of a mother of one of her students, kicked her and said she wished she burned in the Holocaust.

Police closed the case after concluding they could not establish who started the fight, but reopened it this year after discovering that Hubbard and her husband hosted a white supremacist rally


"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


Keel all em dirty Arabs and Gawd Bliss Blasphemous murderous Treasonous "Amaraka"

Pro-Israel activists conduct lobbying mission

Activists from the Zionist Organization of America lobbied legislators to take action against the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

On June 28-29, the ZOA held 180 meetings with members of Congress or their senior staff members as part of an annual lobbying action.

of jewrisdiction Itsrealhell, USA

More than 200 activists pressed Congress to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority, while urging action against Saudi Arabia for its support for terrorism and hatred of the West.

They also called for action against Iran for allegedly seeking to develop nuclear weapons that can threaten the United States and Israel

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg




Rabbi wants action, not talk

It’s time to do more than talk about religious coexistence and tolerance, a leading U.S. rabbi said.

Arthur Schneier made his comments this week at the World Religious Summit conference in Moscow attended by some 200 clergymen from 40 nations.

“We should reach out to religious seminaries and make sure that clergy is taught coexistence,” Schneier said. “If we don’t turn that around, then again each one of us will go his separate way.”

He called on participants to start implementing principles that have been proclaimed at this and similar religious meetings. At the conference, everyone “said we have to fight extremism and we have to live together. We had this talk before. We have to move from dialogue to action,” Schneier told JTA after the conference.

 "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


Maybe I ought not Tell you this....whoooooooey

Letter from Gaza: Children not Sure if International Law Can Protect Them

GAZA, July 6, 2006 (WAFA) - Khalil Abu Shammala, Director of AL-Dameer Association for Human Rights, said the children of Gaza are not sure now that the International Law and Conventions capable of protecting them.

In a letter to send to the entire world, Abu Shabala said nowadays the Gaza Strip is facing a real act of war, where the Israeli Forces is using the physiological torture against the Palestinian civilians by using the sonic bombs.

The letter's full texts:

Nesma my three years old daughter feels a lot of fear when she hears planes flying in the skies of Gaza. Whenever she hears the voice of the plains, her body shakes and starts crying because she got used to hear a sonic bomb after the voice of the planes.

Nowadays Gaza Strip is facing a real act of war, where the Israeli Forces is using the physiological torture against the Palestinian civilians by using the sonic bombs.

We the old people are suffering psychologically, not afraid on ourselves but not knowing how to calm down our children, not knowing how to explain for them these sonic bombs, is it fire works or a balloon blast!!!.

We can no longer hide the truth from them, because they figured it themselves when the infant Iman Hijo a four months old killed, when Ghalia family killed on the beach of Bait Lahia and the child Mohammed Jamal Roqa a 6 years old child killed by an Israeli strike while he was going to tell his friends that his father came back from Dubai and bought him toys and gifts.

Gawd Bliss "Amaraka" and her whore sister ITSREALHELL

Nesma the three years old child, spoke some words I didn't want to hear as a father, not even wanting my children to face such a situation, these words are "shelling, plain, tank, missile, firing, resistance and occupation".

I would have liked for Nesma and her brother Mohammed and sister Nour to live a quiet life enjoying their time like all the other children around the world, live all their life stages sure of a better, wonderful, active future and achieve all their dreams without any fear of a glimpse that could steal the life of any of them while they are on the street, or riding in the car, or even while walking on the beach.

All the children of Gaza live in fear during the day, even in this very hot summer the children of Gaza can't find any summer camps to spend the summer because the parents are afraid on their children due to the shelling.

Gaza children are inquiring, what self defense Israel speaking about while they are using this massive military machine against them, what self defense that causes the destruction of important vital structures, that prevents the patients from having their right in a proper medical care without any obstructions and that cuts the electricity power from a population 750 thousand citizen in Gaza Strip????.

Why they have only the rights the self exalted gods gives them

The children are inquiring about the position of the International Community that doesn't raise any voice to protect them. They are astonished of this silence that gives Israel the green light to commit more crimes.

The children of Gaza are not sure now that the International Law and Conventions capable of protecting them.

Will Nesma the three years old child suffer? Who will guarantee for her to live without suffering psychologically through her life time. What will the Israeli's say to Nesma, what will the International Community say to Nesma while she is living nervous shock the rest of her life?

Why, they will say "Keel all em Dirty Arabs in ah ha theyah name ah ha of Judeoooo Jaysooose, so hep me Gawd, Halel-u-Yah, caeean yuh geeave me aeeean ameeean brutha's and sistah's, aeean "SHUT that PICKLETAINE UP"

whoooooey pure wretched filth and murder


Satan's Colective Punishment

7-7 of 770

you were warned late great planet Terra

Israeli forces kill at least 24 Palestinians in a single day in attacks on the Gaza Strip

(Gaza City) Bisan Al Hisham 7 July 06

Palestinian medical sources reported that Israeli forces killed another five Palestinians, one in a moving civilian car by an air strike. The car was between Jabaliya Refugee Camp and Beit Lahia, north of Gaza City. The General Manager of Emergency in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Moawiya Hassanein said that three others were injured and transferred to the hospital.

Dr. Hassanein added that the death toll since the first hours of dawn had reached 22 at that point, with 74 Palestinians injured in the Israeli attacks.

Thursday evening in a separate air raid on the northern Strip, Israeli forces killed five Palestinians and injured four. Area residents report that Israeli forces attacked Beit Lahia with an air-to-surface missile from a military reconnaissance plane. Medical sources confirm that five bodies arrived at the hospital, along with seven injured Palestinians, three of whom are in critical condition.

Palestinian medical and security sources confirmed eyewitness accounts that in a single hour in the northern Strip yesterday, Israeli forces killed 11 Palestinians.

Security sources said that an Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft launched a single missile on a group of citizens in the northern Strip, killing seven Palestinians in a single moment while tens arrived at the hospital with injuries.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported Friday that in yesterday’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces killed 24 Palestinians and injured 82. However, a Khan Younis resident died of sustained injuries, bringing the death toll to 25 people in a single day.


Permissiblity of responding to an attack that
originates from within or near civilian population centers during wartime

Israel's Act of War is Inexcusable
Israel's Act of War is Inexcusable The brutal reaction to Corporal ... Israel's destruction of Gaza and illegal political detention of members of the ...


Statement by the Spokesman
for the Sanhedrin

Translation from Hebrew of the 24 Sivan 5766 statement:

A question concern injury to the civil population of enemy state.

The sanhedrin discusses the question if it is permissible to respond to an attack that
originates from within or near civilian population centers of an enemy state [during wartime].



Chabad Chertoff of Der Homelandt "Say" Kurity,....we want our Mammon they cry

A Jewish security expert addresses an Orthodox Union seminar on synagogue security, in the wake of Sept. 11.


Jewish groups hope they can keep
homeland security money flowing

WASHINGTON, June 28 (JTA) — Jewish groups gratefully absorbed more than half of the homeland security funds last year aimed at protecting nonprofits — and they’re campaigning to make sure the money keeps flowing.

An array of Jewish groups nationwide is just now beginning to spend the $14 million of the $25 million mandated by Congress in 2005 to secure at-risk nonprofit groups. Another $25 million mandated in the 2006 budget is mired in intergovernmental infighting.

Education and Shearing DAY USA

The United Jewish Communities, the umbrella body of the North American Jewish federation system, is lobbying to make sure the $25 million allocation survives in the Homeland Security Department’s 2007 budget, due to be referred this week to the full Senate.

The Treasonous Senate

“We believe there is a critical threat against Jewish community assets in the United States,” William Daroff, the UJC’s vice president for public policy and its top Washington lobbyist, told JTA. “It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that Jewish institutions are near the top of the terrorists’ list.”

wonder why?

The senators who sponsored the original legislation, Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), are scrambling to make sure the money survives the mark-up this week from the Appropriations Committee to the full Senate.

“We must help protect our hospitals, schools, community centers, synagogues and churches from terrorist violence,” Mikulski said in a statement to JTA. “This is a federal investment in added security to help protect organizations at risk of terrorist attacks.”

Senators are believed to generally favor the legislation, but are susceptible to lobbying by a White House that strongly favors retaining executive power in decisions such as where to spend homeland security money.

The $14 million that Jewish groups received in the 2005 budget reached 18 communities: Atlanta; Baltimore; Broward (Vote Fraud)  County, Fla.; Boston; Chicago; Dallas, the Washington metropolitan area; Houston; Los Angeles; Long Beach, Calif.; Metrowest, N.J.; Miami; New York; Philadelphia; Portland, Ore.; San Diego; San Francisco; and Seattle.

Chabad Communitarians

No organization could apply for more than $100,000, though some federations received more because they housed multiple applicants on the same campus. Most states bar the listing of individual groups for security reasons, but it’s known that New York’s Jewish community was by far the leader in receiving funds, getting about $4.5 million of $6.3 million allocated to nonprofits in the city.

The funds are an unqualified boon, Jewish leaders agree.

“It was a terrific process. It’s going to mean a lot to these programs,” said Ron Soloway, managing director of government and external relations for UJA-Federation of New York. “Even to this day, we have parents who worry about the safety of institutions” accommodating their children in pre-school, day care or school.

It has taken until now to sign the contracts for the services because of the need to ensure that contractors meet Homeland Security Department standards. The grants are limited to “target hardening,” or physical and material protections. Applications for programs or salaried employees are not considered.

Jewish organizations asked for barriers, reinforced doors, blast-proof windows, security cameras, gates and fencing.


Jewish day schools in the Chicago area, for example, installed a film on windows to prevent shattering in case of a bomb blast.

“Glass shattering is a major cause of injury and death and serious injury, especially for kids,” said Joel Carp, senior vice president of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.

The original guidelines for applicants, written when Tom Ridge was department secretary, seem tailored for Jewish groups. Criteria included nonprofits that were likely to be targeted by State Department-designated terrorist groups.

“Prior attacks within or outside the United States by international terrorist organizations against the nonprofit organizations or entities associated with or similarly situated as the nonprofit” would qualify a group for the grant.

According to those criteria, all a Jewish organization had to do — and many did, according to Jewish officials — was cite the devastating bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994, widely believed to have been carried out by Hezbollah, a designated terrorist group.

It’s not clear whether those criteria will apply to the 2007 allocation if it survives this week’s budget process. Jewish officials say a disagreement between Congress and the Bush administration has dogged the disbursement of the $25 million for 2006. Congress wants local involvement in deciding which nonprofits get the money, and wants the Homeland Security Department to consider potential threats as well as known threats.

Jewish groups say it makes sense to keep the decision making local because the federations have close relations with municipal and state decision-makers.

“We work very well with state agencies,” Carp said.

Some 23 Chicago-area Jewish groups, including four synagogues, received about half of the $3 million allocated to the city.

According to Jewish and congressional officials, Homeland Security jealously guards its discretion in how the money is spent and wants to focus on known threats from groups like Al-Qaida, rather than on groups that might only theoretically be targeted.

That approach is short-sighted in an age when “freelance” terrorists are popping up everywhere, said one Jewish official involved in requesting funds. The official cited a message found scrawled this week in the hold of a ship importing Guatemalan bananas into California that read, “This nitro is for you Mr. George W. Bush and your Jewish cronies.”

The origin of the threat, which is still under investigation, is unknown; the potential target might not appear on a list of groups known to be targeted by established terrorists.

“The problem is getting the department to shift its thinking away from known threats and to potential threats,” the official said.

Spokesmen for the Homeland Security Department did not return calls seeking comment.

Another factor in the concern over whether the money continues to flow is perceived government bias against nonprofits. Homeland Security initially sought to protect private interests and government targets.

Nonprofit officials say their crucial role in stemming the devastation of last year’s hurricane season, at times in place of a floundering government, has proved the value of protecting nonprofits. Jewish officials cite Jewish hospitals and mental health clinics that deal with post-traumatic stress as examples of nonprofits deserving protection.



Satan sides with Satan against the Saints


regarding the "First Church of satan"

Do not be confused, I was contacted by this "Order" because about four years ago I did an article where they admitted they were with the Chabad Lubavitch behind putting Bushwhacker into office. This Jason Guenther fellow pulled it from my site, and Helps Satan's minions to accuse me. It is quite funny and very typical, along with all the filthy slander, etc. The threats are most charming coming from cowards. To figure out who is saying what Frater is the one demanding that I not make reference to their participation in the Electorate process. Jason Guenther is giving his usual Bravado and assisting a four year old article against Satan...I add one or two lines by his bold red, in blue font. Absolutely Hilarious and funny. I have now been accused of everything but the assassination of JFK. Yet here I am still unwavering, and standing fast. Do anything, Just stop Pickle from exposing the Treason, Murders, sorceries, thefts of the Noahide enforcement shem sham. Kill Pickle if necessary. Whoooey

You may be amused as I am, still laughing, at the warbler's rage

Church of Azazel

Our philosophical filters


The vast majority of Satanists reject Christian theology. Therefore, nearly all theistic Satanists hold beliefs about Satan that, in one way or another, are different from the Christian view of Satan.

If you don't accept Christian theology, how do you decide who/what Satan is? Different Satanists not only have different beliefs about Satan, but also have different methods of arriving at those beliefs.

What does it mean to serve Satan?

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2004 by the Church of Azazel. All rights reserved.


  1. Above all, know yourself and be true to yourself. Satan is the ruler of what Christianity calls our "fallen nature" -- in other words, our nature, period. Because Satan rules our innermost self, we must know ourselves and be true to ourselves in order to serve Satan.
  2. Work, in some way, to diminish the power of the religions of Satan/Azazel's avowed enemies. Or, if you live in a place where such religions are not common, then work to challenge some other popular dogma.
  3. Dare to question all dogmas, not just Christianity or Islam. Even the doctrines of the Church of Azazel itself should be accepted only on a tentative, best-guess basis, and only after careful consideration. The CoAz's doctrines are subject to revision if we are presented with a sufficiently convincing argument.
  4. Be strong. Face down your fears.
  5. Be realistic and practical. Satan is the God of this world. To serve Satan, we must be in touch with the realities of this world.
  6. Work to better your material circumstances (at least to some degree) and avoid self-destructive bahaviors, both for your own sake and so that you can serve Satan/Azazel better in the future.
  7. Work to develop yourself to become ever more than you are, on all levels -- spiritual and intellectual as well as material. Satan invites us to "become as gods" -- a goal that most of us will never fully reach, but still a goal worth approaching, even if only asymptotically.
  8. Ask Satan/Azazel for guidance.
  9. Take steps to ensure that you are not deceiving yourself.

Satan may call some people to serve Him in other ways in addition to the above. Satan deals with different people in different ways.

Some may ask:  Why is "Ask Satan/Azazel for guidance" so far down on the list? Why isn't it at the top of the list? Because, to avoid deceiving ourselves about guidance we believe we have received from Satan, we must first know ourselves. Therefore, knowing ourselves and being true to ourselves is paramount.

Jason Guenther
4680 Sideline 34th
Pickering, ON L1V 1A1
(905) 649-3176

Tyndale Sheminary


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 12:15 am    Post subject: Evidence......

(First off, thanks Serge, ya that was the smart thing to do. Glad Ive got brothers who will do whats right for me when Im weak!. Good move!)

This is one of the bits of evidence of MANY ive seen that tells me Robert Pickle and those with him, are NOT who they make themselves out to be, that their is ORGANIZATION behind it, that they give off a front. Im gonna do a thorough investigation, I may get someone to do it and pay for it, to find out if Pickle is in association with something organized because I smell something way off. This is from his own website. I shouldve examonied this thoroughly when I first came accross it. This gives you an idea of what he really does. Ive got an article in the research section showing that KIKERY is organzed and stealthily integrates into things to be spys and to usurp Im gonna post. This is from Pickles site, others he has harrassed but yoiu have to see the wholesale lies and manipulations by Pickle in it. This is with freemasons, so even though the opponant is of an unsavoury nature, its nothing as unsavoury as what Pickle is doing and saying.......

Pickle in black, the engaged in blue, my highlights and input in red

e-mail received from the minions of Lucifer 7-23-2002

Sent to my computer server unsolicited by spam 7-25-2002

(I believe that statement made by the kike because he was accused of spam as you will see below)

Since this information was sent directly to my computer, there are no copyright infringements. This gentleman has voluntarily given the identification of his order.

Tell your Attorneys (Liars) to work on this frater pater. This information which you have volunteered to distribute is no copyright material and sent to my Hard drive. Now, I cannot slander you Mr. Frater, for this is your very own admissions.

(Umm, according to cyber laws, any posting of information with the intent to defame, insite or SLANDER is against the law. SLANDER is the changing of the information to suit the interests of the slanderer, i.e. LIEING)

My Domain, My e-mail, My computer, sent to me by another which Frater Pater is freely conversing with. So you see Black Order Attorneys, there are two ways to skin a nauger. That is how we get Naugerhydes (Noachides)the others which Mr. Frater Pater are contacting, that My dear occult enemies is slander and damaging. Ponder it Dear Attorneys, before you give me another unsolicited threatening call. Because when you do, you too will be intruding willfully and freely and your firm will be identified as the Black Order Satanic lackies.

(Samael has no respect for authorities or the legal rammifications and possible consequences and THAT is a sign that there may be something organzed behind Samael!)

Lawyers for the First Order of Satan are no Authority, over the saints of the Living God, Lil lord pee pee

Jesus Christ is Lord God, and in the Glory of his coming all who worship the beast and all who partake and wish them godspeed will be thrown into the lake of fire, Mr. Frater Pater.

Mr. Fraters unsolicited e-mail sent to this domain by an unidentified mailer 7-25-2002

Ms. Pickle,

(take note that Pickle and perhaps his wife in cahoots have LIED about his wifes association with Samael. She is being addressed "MS" Pickle, NOT Mrs. which either means shes NOT married to Pickle or THEY HAVE LIED!. It seems its the LATER because below this person addresses Robert as "HER BROTHER", so then pickle is LIEING all through this with LAWYERS and that is PERJURY.
(You cannot perjur lawyers on a e-mail dummy, and it was them who put the Ms. in there, hahahhah whooooooey)  Either that or "Ms.Pickle" is being impersonated by Robert, and "your brother" is really DAVID PICKLE!)
> Your brother was not threatened with lawsuits because of what he
> believes... He was threatened with lawsuits because of slander and
> copyright infringement
. That, in spite of his religious convictions, or
> yours, is still criminal and actionable in US courts. I have been advised
> by the Order's legal counsel not to contact your brother anymore due to
> the possibility of litigation and your brother's
obvious mental
> instability
. I can assure you, ma'am, that we are fully ready to pursue
> this matter if the need should ever arise. Furthermore, I do not have to
> tolerate harassment of this nature,
nor do any members of this Order. I
> would advise you cease and desist all unsolicited contact with this
> e-mail address, I'll report your harassment to your server

(See how Samael REVERSES the charge??? Hes being charged of this and he claims HES the one having it happen to!. THIS IS A KIKE TACTIC!. These people are being harrassed by e-mail and by phone and Samael kike TRYS TO REVERSE that charge because HE IS GUILTY and the one actually doing it)
(That is why I am siding with this order of Satan)

If you
> persist, you, like your brother

[color=red](there ya go, thats affirming DAVID PICKLE is in cahoots with this!
Psycho bastards!)

, will find yourself on the pointed end of
> legal action, as well. This Order is a place for beliefs that are
> NON-FUNDAMENTALIST and NON-PSYCHOTIC in nature. I assure you that you
> aren't dealing with backwards bumpkins like you're used to dealing with
> I know the law, and I know my rights within it. "Y'all" get that?
> The Constitution provides FREEDOM OF RELIGION in this country, and that
> means ALL BELIEFS, even the ones you don't like. The law further provides
> protection from overbearing, delusional psychopaths
dedicated to a
> blood-soaked religion who's time has came and went. Get that through your
> head right now.
> I have no use for your religion, and I hold no belief in your sadistic
> god or your "Satan", so don't waste my time again. Besides.... even if I
> did believe in this "god" of yours... He strung up his own son like a
> side of veal... I shudder to think what he'd do to me. Furthermore, even
> if you were somehow correct, I would still continue to do what I do,
> because the thought of spending an eternity in "Heaven" with people like
> you, frankly, makes me nauseous.
> In short, I'm not here to please your type of person. I'm here to see
> to it that people who are trying to escape from under the yolks of
> bible-black tyrants have something to call their own. And, if you think I
> can't "take the heat", try me. I guarantee the courts of this good nation
> will find in our favor.
> In The Order's Service,
> Frater A.M.B.T., XI º, R.S.E.A.E.
> Arch Priest, Magister Templi
> The Black Order of Azazel
> P.S. I fully intend to keep informing organizations that your brother
> slanders
on his website of what's been done to their good name, as well
> as the fact that he is infringing upon their copyrighted logos. That, my
> dear Ms. Pickle
, is also fully within my legal rights to do so.

(Do you see how Pickle is the one ACTUALLY DOING THE EVIL, misrepresentation....WHICH IS ILLEGAL....on the internet, as well as PERJURY in what he states to the lawyers of these people here. Also note that they can see what their dealing with just as Ive charged, PSYCHOTIC backwards backwoods hick kikes!!!)
(They did good to Hack pickle's site and place porno there)

Volunteered by Mr Frater directly to my computer, My e-mail, My Server, My Domain which I pay for on 7-19-2002, followed by a call from Mr. Paters Attorneys, Sheister, Snookem and Rookem.

No slander, no libel here just MR. Frater threatening me in his very own admission. Using his very own words and threats to me. No one has slandered Mr. Frater, because Mr. Frater has no name, but uses a code name. Now, we ask how do you slander a code name? A code of Secrecy. If it is a secret, how can it be revealed? Bunch of Rookies.

(See? Its Pickle doing the evil and JUSTIFYING IT and that ladies and gentlemen IS THE DEVIL. This is the pot calling the kettle black. Its the devil accusing other so called devils, masons!!!)

Mr. Pickle,

Harrassment (so he says) is also against the law, as is copyright infringement,
slander and libel. I've already contacted my lawyer as to this matter,
and I'm officially giving you 48 hours from the reciept of this message
to remove all mention of this Order from your website.
The next harrassing e-mail you send will be forwarded to the proper
authorities, as well to your webserver

(this was done by me as well with no effect. His servor didnt do a thing about and why? Because Samael LIED to them reversing the order, and hes also a PAYING customer so their not gonna mess with their bread and butter. Well, his server is gonna wish they had did something because THERE GONNA BE SUED, if not by anyone else of Pickles victims then myself. The lawyer I have said he wants to eat them for breakfast, so there gonna wish they got rid of this satancic kike scab!)

The choice is yours, sir; easy or
hard. Either way you slice it, our name will be removed from your
website. If you wish to waste your time and money answering this suit,
that's your business. You'll be recieving a letter from our attorney as
soon as the investigation is completed. Your e-mails are already being
added to the body of evidence already collected against you
In closing..."Hypocritical Doctrine"? Perhaps you should read the
section on Duty in Liber AL(?) before you make such statements.

(Yep, same here!. The evidence is piling up and when Samael is dragged up to the authorities, I think I will call these folks here to get on the bandwagon!)
(Yes that was about 4 years ago, but lookie the names are still there, hahahhahhahah whooeey, the LORD is God)

In The Order's Service,
Frater A.M.B.T., XI º, R.S.E.A.E.
Arch Priest, Magister Templi
The Black Order of Azazel

copied from my e-mail, my server, my website domain. copyrighted rp- 7-25-2002

Mr. Pickle,

Actually, since I've gotten into the habit for checking your website
for more infantile, fundamentalist garbage, I saw what came of your site
on Friday evening. Alas for you, I had no involvement in the hacking of
your site,

(do you see the pattern? Pickle makes the exact same charges to everyone he terrorizes even HACKING his site!!.
Its these kinds of reasons why Id rather go down there and BEAT THE DEAD CRAP OUT OF THEM rather then doing it legally!(Is that a promise?)  Its people like this why the internet is such a cess pool!. Its people like this why you have to watch your children of the internet!. Its people like this why you have to worry about viruss and spend most your time making sure your computer is safe from scum like this!. )

nor did any of my Black Order associates. From a personal
standpoint, I haven't the knowledge, nor the equipment, to do what this
person did to your site. Any attempt to pursue this matter and attempt to
blame me for it will result in an investigation that will prove your
charges false, and you will be summarily sued for wrongful prosecution

(thats why Pickles servor is gonna is going to go out of buisness real soon!!!)

On the subject of what happened, you've offended a lot of people with
your drek, Mr. Pickle. All I did was point said offenses out to effected
parties. That, good sir, is not slander
. Maybe you should look that up in
a dictionary.
Really, I'm not surprised that someone took these steps to
attack your website.
With the things you say, even against followers of
your own religion, it should be expected. Perhaps if you plan to attack
anyone and everyone,
you should consider investing in tighter security
for "your site" and "your domain".
If you don't like the way this country is run... GET OUT (
that you'd have a ball in places like Communist China, where pushing
nearly any religion, especially Christianity, can potentially get a
devotee executed. That real religious oppression, Mr. Pickle.
In closing, if you continue to harass me or any other members of this
Order, charges will be filed without prior notification
. Get lost, Mr.
I will not respond to any more of your messages or those of your
equally fanatical brother, and I promise to forward any other e-mails you
send, regardless of content, to the proper authorities
You're beneath me, and I'll waste no more time with you. I'd rather not
hear from you again.

Fr. A.M.B.T.

(absolutely and well said by this mason, YOUR BENEATH ME!)

Even though I am beneath Mr. Frater Pater he continues to want dialogue.

Now, I have not slandered this evil group at all, they have admitted themselves and sent freely their Identification. I am offering this information which was freely given and sent by public communication. This information shared no disclosure on copyright.

(see the "devil cries out when he kicks you" with Samael kike???)

Needless to say Mr. Frater is Dead wrong, religious freedom does not exist in this country as of 1991. President George H. W. Bush another order member of the order of Satan's Skull and Bones Club and the Talmudic Freemasonry in the 33rd degree Made Public Law by enactment of Congress the Babylonian Talmudic Judaism the Religion of the United States. Public Law 104-12 1991.

(blah blah blah in his psycho fantasy hes created just for himself to give hi fuel to do the evil he does.)

So you see Mr. Frater, Your people of Talmudic Mystical Qabalah have made the distinct inclusion of Religion of Baal and State as national law. By-passing the Constitution of the United States by Executive order by another order of Satan member, and infringing upon the rights of ALL True Patriotic God Fearing people. It is your worship of Satan which has threatened the American People. It is you Mr. Frater who is the threat to freedom in America and your Babylonian Talmudic New order.

Do as thou wilt, is the whole of the law, you say MR. FRATER

do as thou wilt?

You, My friend are a liar. You yourself make laws which you will not lift a finger.

The only reason you have gotten so upset my friend, is because you know, I am on the MARK.

(Yep, absolutly!. He "HAS THE MARK" of the beast and you can hear it when he speaks!)



ORDER out of Chaos Mr. Frater Potater?

(Isnt that what Pickle does??? he haraases and terrorizes to have ORDER come out of it, does he not? You betcha and like I said, SATAN IS GUILTY OF EVERYTHING HE ACCUSES WITHOUT EXCEPTION!)

another e-mail sent by an admitted International Tarot Reader to my domain 7-25-2002 instigated by Mr. Frater Tater. After he has made several threats to cause sever damage to my Domain. The Domain of God cannot be corrupted by such filthy demons, Mr. Frater. This information and all e-mails of threats and your ad
ress in the state you are in will be public, Mr. Frater if you continue to threaten me. It is as you say, recorded.

(You can be rest assured that every last statment like this on Pickels site WILL BE USED AGAINST HIM IN A COURT OF LAW. You can bet that these people are NOt e-mailing and harrasing him but responsing to harassment.)

for their murders and blasphemy and treason? You betcha Lord PEEPEE

It's still there. When do you plan to take it off? What you are saying about me is SLANDER. I do the Lord's work. Remove my picture and logo from your website NOW!

(there his LOGO thing again!. I mean, cant you see the pattern???)

Uh LORD Pee PEE knock knock, that was the Tarot card readers words

Patricia McLaine

Kindly remove my picture and name from your website unless you'd like to be involved in a lawsuit! You DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to use my picture, name or the title of my web site on your web site at

Instigated BY the High Priest Frater tater the 3rd.

Keep your religious fanaticism to yourself. Look at all the grief this type of fanaticism has brought to the world at the present time. You are hereby advised to remove my picture, name and title from your website AT ONCE! If you do not do this at once, my lawyer will be in touch with you very soon.

Patricia McLaine

I did, however remove This astrologers name and her picture. She has too, volunteered this information and again there was no disclosure attached of copyright or privacy.
The above is copied from my e-mail address.

(Oh Samael, you best be told right now that YOU REMOVE ANY AND ALL ARTICLES WRITTEN BY ME FROM YOUR SITE OR YOUR GONNA GET THE SAME FROM ME!. Your little evil anegl of the west obliged and YOU best as well PRONTO!)


Sent to Frater Pater, a son of the synagogue of Satan, 7-25-2002

Mr. Frater Pater, I will begin to take legal action against your
organization for slandering my person to third parties. Please cease

(the pattern folks, its plain as day!)

From Frater Pater 7-25-2002

Mr. Pickle,

I simply directed their attention to the site where their copyrights
were being infringed upon. You have no grounds. Do not e-mail me again.

Fr. A.M.B.T.

Admitting to the attempt to damage.

The content of this site is and has not been an intent to damage any person nor corporation, but to simply point out what is occuring globally. Whether acknowledged or innocence, the symbology is there.

( and that statement shows you that that which is under satans power HAS NO CONSCIENCE OF EVIL WHATSOEVER. They ARE those "workers of INIQUITY/LAWLESSNESS Christ spoke of and all of Gods wrath COMES ON THEM, in fact, they FILL IT UP "ALWAY". So when you hear of things like pickle or those like him being REMOVED VIOLENTLY, you shouldnt be so shocked or astonished. ITS THE LAW OF REACTION God talks about in the bible....

Job 18:18 He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world.

1Co 5:10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.

God has a immune system for getting rid of the cancer!

Jason Guenther - Administrator


Thank you Lord Jesus this has been a very Good Day for the Service of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY


Obedient Goyim anti-Christ Noahide 

figment of my imagination

Jon Voight Message To Chabad Dinner


Hollywood actor Jon Voight has spoken passionately about the “wisdom of Judaism” in a specially recorded message for Chabad House of Hendon’s annual fundraising dinner.

The Academy Award winner, who is the father of Angelina Jolie, told an audience of more 200 at the Hendon Hall Hotel that he is “in awe of everything that Judaism stands for” and is committed to fighting anti-semitism.

Voight, 68, who has starred in Coming Home and Midnight Cowboy, said: “Without the wisdom of Judaism and Torah life as we know it would cease to exist.” He added: “Judaism has always been and always will be an instruction for the world in how to exist in peace and harmony.”

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

Rabbi Gershon Overlander approached the actor to record the message following the latter’s long association with the founder of Chabad West Coat in America, which has included dancing in annual star- studded telethon.

In his message, Voight praised Chabad and said he wished he could join the guests to dance.

Speaking after last week’s event, during which Stanley Leisure PLC founder Lord Leonard Steinberg spoke about Jewish business ethic s and his work as a peer, Rabbi Overlander told TJ: “We were extremely proud and honoured to have Jon Voight send his message of support. It is hard to convey the warmth with which he spoke.”

He added: “The event was a great success from every perspective. Everyone had a fantastic, enjoyable evening and saw first hand the important work we are doing for the Jewish community in Hendon and responded accordingly.” 


Noahide News Part 523




Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11: For
the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


Please purchase a Notonoahide baseball cap to get the Word out

No to Noahide

We need help alerting the World who will listen. If you are a complacent apathetic Apostate Amarakan fence sitter, I highly recommend that you go into the Lowestroom of arrogant pride and return to the Vomit of Noahide Law, where they worship the Dragon. Are you one who comes here to understand, Day by Day, and yet you refuse to tell others? We have told you before, these hats and shirts are for one purpose and one purpose alone, and that is to get the word out regarding the Noahide Satanic laws of the Hassidim Vipers and them who agree with them the proselytes of that Old Dragon and the serpent and satan, who say that he is GOD.

If you disagree, then move on to another site which fits your fits of fancy.....................and "adios" to them who say "It aint gonna happen"r fits of fancy.....................and "adios" to them who say "It aint gonna happen"


hahahhahaahahhahahahah whooooooey


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