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6-15-06 2006 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Sivan 20,   5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766

Ps:118:24: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

mason seal

Extra Extra

When this Picture first appeared at it made NO MENTION of being a spoof. There are NO Other "Spoofs" in the Archives of Pics. It was not until Texe Marrs began broadcasting the PIC, when they were alerted, they added the "Word" Spoof, to deceive the masses. Too Late, he is REVEALED as a Talmudic Hassidic jew. I have read many denials, which state that this Photo was photoshopped from another Pic. I demand that any Man, Woman or Child, Produce the Original, or forever...."Shut Up" the Documentation is rock solid, here on this site of what they are about, I challenge any of you apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity or Talmudic Jew to Dispute the Proof. Bush is of DAN of the Talmudic RED Hassidim unto the beast Sanhedrin unto the Dragon the Murderer their father, the son's of the synagogue of Satan, and is not a man of the LIVING LORD JESUS




Lawmakers praise NATO-Israel ties

Forty members of the U.S. Congress wrote NATO’s secretary-general in support of expanding the NATO-Israel relationship.

The letter sent Monday to Jaap de Hoop Scheffer praised the increased military cooperation between NATO and Israel.

“The Israel Defense Forces are highly capable, professional and modern, and can contribute much to the Alliance in operational experience, specialized tactics and techniques, and intelligence,” said the letter, initiated by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) and signed by a bipartisan slate of lawmakers.

The letter said the relationship is a counterweight against Iran.

“With the increasing rhetorical bellicosity of Iran, a terror-sponsoring nation whose covert pursuit of nuclear weapons poses a challenge to global security, the wisdom of building stronger NATO ties with Israel is inarguable,” it said.


accepting Satan by oath to Sanhedrin

The Beis Chabad of Neuilly sur Seine, with the Shliach Rabbi Dovid Zaoui, ... A brit requires an oath . The Ancient One swore an oath to give the land of
Chabad Talk - Jewish Forum - Status of Modern Hebrew
Equating shevuah with brit , the Maharal points out that brit need not always ... God concurrently elicited an oath from the nations of the world not to be ...
1), Oath-Brit: Is the text of the oath missing, here? ... 1), Noachide Discussion: Response to Talmud from a Biblical Perspective ...


The Noahide anti-Christ "Brit"

Maimonides’ works to be reassembled

British scientists hope to reassemble fragments of Maimonides’ works using digital technology.

The Associated Press reported that the University of Manchester’s Center for Jewish Studies is putting together 300,000 fragments of the work of Maimonides, a Jewish scholar from the Middle Ages whose works are very influential in modern Jewish philosophy. His writings were obtained from a genizah — a resting place for holy writings — in a Cairo synagogue.

The Brit-ish government provided $670,000 for the digital imaging software that will help piece the documents back together, the AP reported.

After that, the images will be uploaded to the school library’s Web site.


"Spoof" for today

Marc Salem, Dennis Prager and Mendy Pellin pose for a photo after plugging the Chabad of the Conejo Benefit show MIND GAMES on Dennis Prager's radio show.

Two fold Noahide anti-Christ Child of Hell


Dennis Prager

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Dennis Prager.
Dennis Prager.

Dennis Prager (born August 2, 1948) is a politically conservative syndicated radio talk show host, columnist and public speaker in the United States.



Dennis Prager is an advocate of Judeo-Christian values and other conservative values. Prager, who describes himself as "passionate centrist" and a "JFK liberal," is a critic of contemporary liberalism, which he believes has abandoned its historic alienation from leftism, and of the Democratic party, which he believes has abandoned, among other liberal principles, its historic commitment to spreading liberty.

Prager often presents his political positions in moral terms. In his articles, broadcasts, and lectures, Prager claims that the US is now engaged in a "second civil war," a "culture war" over fundamental moral values. He asserts that this fissure is not only present within the United States, but reflects a growing global rift that divides the United States from other industrialized societies. He charges that many powerful American institutions are dominated by "the secular left" (among which he includes universities, trial lawyers, labor unions, the ACLU, and most large newspapers and television networks). These institutions, according to Prager, attack or misrepresent the greatness of the American Judeo-Christian tradition, instead promoting the "European" philosophy of secular humanism, with calamatous implications for the future of human civilization. Prager accuses Western Europe ("a civilization in decline") and Canada of suffering from "a broken moral compass." He charges that the dominance of leftist thought in those countries has turned their societies into "moral wastelands."

Prager argues for "American exceptionalism," the position that "world opinion" or the United Nations should not dictate American moral judgments and that the United States may have a better take on morality — such as its often lonely defense of Israel and Taiwan.

HJR 104, PL 102-14

 In his view, the United States has developed a unique set of Judeo-Christian values which he describes as "the finest set of values to guide the lives of both individuals and societies." 

and by this Peace they destroy wonderfully

Prager argues that most contemporary social and political crises stem from the absence of a normative system of "ethical monotheism."

to his "One" Dragon of the Universe and his demons of hell, of Talmud Bavli

 He marshalls these arguments in defense of the United States' initiative in the War in Iraq which he argues is another example of Americans dying in order to bring liberty to others — as in Korea and Europe before.

Dying while enforcing Satan the murderer's Yoke

Prager is a Jew -- 

But of course

"one of the three most interesting minds in American Jewish life" according to New York's "Jewish Week" -- who is both a leader in Jewish life and an outspoken supporter of the conservative Christian movement in the US. 

The Bloodlusting Noahide Anti-Christ proselytes of the Hassidic Pharisees of Sanhedrin the beast unto Satan their Dragon they serve of Mystery Babylon the Harlot Mother of all the earth, who say LORD, LORD, but their mammonizing hearts are far from the LORD and they say they serve the god of the jews, who say their God has no Savior Only Begotten Son of God, but do say in their Talmud bavli Mishnah Torah, that Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement............fallen away from Righteousness


In particular, he favors the ethical beliefs and worldview of the "Evangelical" Protestant community and often allies himself with "born again" Christians in political matters. While advocating Judeo-Christian values, Prager is often critical of Jewish or Christian organizations that do not share his interpretation of those values, such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the National Council of Churches. In 1993 while speaking at one of Greensboro, North Carolina's two synagogues, Prager said that "the real religion of most American Jews is liberalism."

Prager has taken up several causes to preserve references to God and the Ten Commandments in public facilities such as schools, parks, and courthouses. In 2004, he spearheaded an unsuccessful movement to protect the official seal of the County of Los Angeles from being redesigned in such a way as to remove a small Christian cross from its imagery after the ACLU complained that the cross on the official seal implied government endorsement of religion, in violation of the US Constitution.

def: he covers for HJR 104, PL 102-14 in absolute deception, and agenteur of Sanhedrin and Chabad Lubavitch, do not be deceived by this wretched man


Lectures and Writings

He has lectured in almost every Jewish community in North America, at major business conclaves, to chapters of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization) around the world, and at churches and other Christian institutions. He is a regular columnist in the Jewish magazine Moment.

Since 2002, Prager has been a columnist for, a widely-read blog.

In June, 2005, The American Jewish Press Association awarded him First Prize for Excellence in Commentary.

He is currently writing his fifth book, The Case for Judeo-Christian Values. He has devoted many of his syndicated columns in 2005 to making that case.


June 14, 2006

"After Me, The Deluge"


Ha'aretz has a long report on historian of hasidut David Assaf's new book dealing with scandals in hasidic history. In the book, Assaf cites new documentation that proves Moshe, the son of the Alter Rebbe (Baal HaTanya, the founder of Chabad) converted to Christianity. This documentation also proves the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, was either a liar of epic proportion, delusional or just plain foolish:

The biggest scoop in the book has to do with the conversion to Christianity of Moshe, the youngest son of the founder of Chabad, Shneor Zalman of Ladi. The affair was known and dealt with in a heated debate among the Maskilim (followers of the Enlightenment) and after them the academic researchers, who tried to blur and even deny the story.

Assaf's discovery should put an end to the debate. According to him, in recent years Professor Shaul Stampfer of the Hebrew University found two files of documents relating to the affair in the National Archive of Belarus. Among other things, the files contained a letter from Moshe to the priest in his town, Oula, requesting conversion, the baptism certificate that was prepared for him and letters from his two brothers to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in which they state that their brother is mentally ill and ask, in the light of this, to revoke the conversion to Christianity as a step that was taken when he was of unsound mind and that exploited his illness (a description with which Assaf agrees). [He later notes the fanciful story concocted* by the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe to cover up this episode.]

The book also deals with the apparent suicide of the Chozeh of Lublin, the apostasy of the Sadigora rebbe's brother, who was a rebbe himself and a son of the Ruzhiner Rebbe, and the violent persecution of Breslov hasidim by other hasidic groups that by far outstripped what the mitnagdim did to hasidim.

Assaf also notes this amazing fact:

Assaf cites the late researcher Dov Sadan, who visited the leftist [rabidly anti-religious] Shomer Hatzair Kibbutz Merhavia, identified many descendants of admors there and wondered about the meaning of this. He offers a varied explanation: "First of all, the admor's home is the least supervised element in a Hasidic court. The court supervises everyone's life, but the admor's children are less supervised. They were also given an education different from that of the other children of the court, and at least in Ukraine this was a more open education. A third point is that unlike other people of the court, they know it from 'inside,' not only with the aura of sanctity but also the stitching - the power struggles, the gossip - and what is most important - The admors' families are 'noble families,' often with many material assets that engender power struggles, and with struggles about who will be the heir, struggles that we have encountered just recently in the Satmar Hasidut.

"However, from a certain stage in Eastern European Hasidism a tradition emerged whereby even those who do not succeed their father in his court establish a court of their own in another town. This created tremendous pressure on the sons, even those who were not suited to the role of admor and had not necessarily been trained for this."

On the subject of the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson:

Assaf attributes the difficulty of selecting an admor "first of all to the mystic trap that the rebbe himself stuck them in, when he spoke about the 'seventh nasi' [the term used to denote the admors of Chabad, a Hebrew word that can mean president, chairman or leader - Y.S.], that is to say himself, as the last nasi. Beyond that, the rebbe himself had no descendents, and among the Hasidim there is no outstanding candidate upon whom they can agree.

"What is interesting is what the rebbe himself thought, how he thought the Hasidut would continue after him. In my opinion, he solved this question for himself by really believing that he was the Messiah, or at least that our age is a messianic age and in any case the question does not exist. Otherwise, it is hard to understand how a wise person like him thought that the Hasidut would continue."

I heard the following story from a source who heard it directly from Chana Gourary, the daughter of the Rayatz and sister-in-law of the Rebbe: Concerned about succession and afraid her father's hasidut would end, Chana approached her sister Chaya Moussia, the Rebbe's wife, in the early 1980's and asked what arrangements had been made in this regard. Moussia did not know of any plans for succession, so she asked the Rebbe what plans he had made. The Rebbe smiled at his wife and responded, "After me the Deluge." (After me the Flood.)

And so it will be.

*[Yes, it is possible the Rayatz was deceived by others or simply believed a falsehood to be true. But according to Chabad theology, a complete tzaddik is infallible and all Chabad rebbes are by their definition complete tzaddikim. So can a rebbe who believes transparent and fanciful lies be a rebbe in Chabad? No he cannot.]

Rv:17:11: And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.


They are manipulating the minds of the earths children in pure deception and leading the children unto Satan and his False Christ

Mt:19:14: But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

disguised as beneficiaries, the "brits" accept their "Doctrines" willingly

Chabad in London, UK, Leads In the Fight Against Drug Abuse
ILFORD, UK — Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Two thousand students a month, at 52 London area schools, ask their darkest questions about drug use to educators from Chabad Lubavitch Ilford Center’s Drugsline. Now the fifteen-year-old program has been selected by the National Collaboration Center for Drugs Prevention to be among seven drug education groups receiving a week of cutting-edge consultation from experts at Liverpool’s John Moores University.

Evaluating the impact of drug education is the stated goal of the conference sessions, but thousands of people helped through crises already know the benefit of ringing Drugsline. And for Chabad, managing the toll-free crisis and support line, drop-in counseling center and drug education programs has built bridges between the Jewish community and their multi-ethnic neighbors.

Most of the 1,000 calls to Drugsline each year are from parents or family members worried about a relative’s drug use. But Drugsline’s full time staff of eight, three part-time counselors and 40 volunteers are ready for anything. Recently, a 24-year-old cannabis user phoned for help off the merry-go-round of escalating need; another user experienced a flashback, reacted poorly, spent time in a mental institution and wanted help putting his life back together. As the evening wound down, the Drugsline phone rang again: a teenager professing not to be distressed by her drug use called for a boost in the right direction.

Anonymity is absolute at Drugsline so there is no real data on whether callers are Jewish. But chances are most are not. From the balcony of an Ilford hotel, a church, Hindu temple, mosque and synagogue rise into view. Of the 240,000 residents of the borough of Redbridge, where Ilford is located, only 6.2% are Jewish. Just over half the residents are Christian. Muslims comprise 12% of the population, and Hindus make up the remaining 7.8%.

Help from a Jewish group suits the traditional values of the minority groups, who tend to hesitate before seeking assistance from more mainstream services. “Drugsline breaks down barriers between one community and another,” said executive director of Drugsline UK and Chabad of Ilford Rabbi Aryeh M. Sufrin. In September, an imam from a local mosque will sit in on Drugsline’s volunteer training sessions.

Before answering one of the 1,000 yearly calls to Drugsline, volunteers undergo an intensive twelve-week training course. Listening techniques, drug information, guidance from rehab counselors and detox experts become part of the volunteers’ repertoire. Monthly in-service training sessions are ongoing to build the volunteers’ skills fielding calls.

Five years ago, when Drugsline acquired a building in the heart of Ilford, its distinct signage increased the center’s visibility and phone calls numbers have been climbing. Walk-ins to the center increased, and the counselors are now booked with clients. Traffic to the sharp, hard hitting website,, has picked up, as well. A London fundraising dinner in May brought in enough funding to begin supporting two more staff members for school visits, the core of Drugsline’s outreach.

Darren Gold and Lisa Pemberton, lead educators for Drugsline, have presented their talks at Holy Family school, Jewish Free School, Woodford Green preparatory school, Valentines High School in Ilford and scores of others. Ideally, Drugsline courses would address groups of 30, over the course of three sessions. But the demand for Drugsline educators is so high, groups are often much larger. “Every school they go to asks them to come back,” said Drugsline’s Director of Operations Christina Ball. “Kids can relate to our educators. They can talk freely to them without being judged or told off.”

On National Tackling Drugs Day, when Drugsline volunteers engineered the release of five hundred balloons to represent the latest crisis call figures, Ball asked a student if he had heard of the group. Not only did the boy recall Drugsline’s visit, but he also added the ultimate compliment. “Darren is nang,” he said, using the Anglo-slang term for "mega-cool."

As nang as Drugsline already is, Rabbi Sufrin sees the center and phone line as but the first steps in combating drug addiction. He’d like to see Drugsline hours from evenings to after-school hours and to ‘round the clock. They are looking into creating 24/7 access with instant messaging via the website and text messaging by mobile phone. Rabbi Sufrin also envisions the construction of two or more floors above the Drugsline storefront. One would hold a day rehab center. Another floor would house a high-tech Drug Education Center providing half day, full day and evening seminars for young people, their families and Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) teachers. “The idea of a Jewish organization responding to drugs is a new phenomenon in this country, and by making our work non-denominational, our impact is even greater.”


An Anonymous Email From An Airline Mechanic

For reasons you will understand as you read this I can not divulge my identity.

I am an aircraft mechanic for a major airline. I work at one of our maintenance bases located at a large airport. I have discovered some information that I think you will find important.

First, I should tell you something about the "pecking order" among mechanics. It is important to my story and to the cause to which you have dedicated yourself.

Mechanics want to work on three things. The avionics, the engines, or the flight controls. The mechanics that work on these systems are considered at the top of the "pecking order".

Next come the mechanics that work on the hydraulics and air conditioning systems. Then come the ones who work on the galley and other non-essential systems. But at the very bottom of the list are the mechanics that work on the waste disposal systems.

No mechanic wants to work on the pumps, tanks, and pipes that are used to store the waste from the lavatories. But at every airport where I have worked there are always 2 or 3 mechanics that volunteer to work on the lavatory systems.

The other mechanics are happy to let them do it. Because of this you will have only 2 or 3 mechanics that work on these systems at any one airport. No one pays much attention to these guys and no mechanic socializes with another mechanic who only works on the waste systems.

Fact is, I had never even thought much about this situation until last month. Like most airlines we have reciprocal agreements with the other airlines that fly into this airport. If they have a problem with a plane one of our mechanics will take care of it.

Likewise, if one of our planes has a problem at an airport where the other airline has a maintenance base, they will fix our plane.

One day last month I was called out from our base to work on a plane for another airline. When I got the call the dispatcher did not know what the problem was. When I got to the plane I found out that the problem was in waste disposal system. There was nothing for me to do but to crawl in and fix the problem.

When I got into the bay I realized that something was not right. There were more tanks, pumps, and pipes then should have been there. At first I assumed that the waste disposal system had been changed. It had been about 10 years since I had worked on this particular model of aircraft.

As I tried to find the problem I quickly realized the extra piping and tanks were not connected to the waste disposal system, at all. I had just discovered this when another mechanic from my company showed up. It was one of the mechanics who usually works on this particular type of plane, and I happily turned the job over to him.

As I was leaving I asked him about the extra equipment. He told me to "worry about my end of the plane and let him worry about his end!"

The next day I was on the company computer to look up a wiring schematic. While I was there I decided to look up the extra equipment I had found. To my amazement the manuals did not show any of the extra equipment I had seen with my own eyes the day before. I even tied in to the manufacturer files and still found nothing. Now I was really determined to find out what that equipment did.

The next week we had three of our planes in our main hanger for periodic inspection. There are mechanics crawling all over a plane during these inspections. I had just finished my shift and I decided to have a look at the waste system on one of our planes. With all the mechanics around I figured that no one would notice an extra one on the plane.

Sure enough, the plane I choose had the extra equipment! I began to trace the system of pipes, pumps, and tanks. I found what appeared to be the control unit for the system. It was a standard looking avionics control box but it had no markings of any kind.

I could trace the control wires from the box to the pumps and valves but there were no control circuits coming into the unit. The only wires coming into the unit was a power connection to the aircraft's main power bus.

The system had 1 large tank and 2 smaller tanks. It was hard to tell in the cramped compartment, but it looked like the large tank could hold about 50 gallons. The tanks were connected to a fill and drain valve that passed through the fuselage just behind the drain valve for the waste system.

When I had a chance to look for this connection under the plane I found it cunningly hidden behind a panel under the panel used to access the waste drain.

I began to trace the piping from the pumps. These pipes lead to a network of small pipes that ended in the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers.

If you look closely at the wings of a large airplane you will see a set of wires, about the size of your finger, extending from the trailing edge of the wing surfaces. These are the static discharge wicks. They are used to dissipate the static electric charge that builds up on a plane in flight.

I discovered that the pipes from this mystery system lead to every 1 out of 3 of these static discharge wicks. These wicks had been "hollowed out" to allow whatever flows through these pipes to be discharged through the fake wicks.

Chem Trails From Airliner It was while I was on the wing that one of the managers spotted me. He ordered me out of the hanger telling me that my shift was over and I had not been authorized any overtime.

The next couple of days were very busy and I had no time to continue my investigation. Late one afternoon, two days after my discovery, I was called to replace an engine temperature sensor on a plane due to take off in two hours. I finished the job and turned in the paperwork.

About 30 minutes later I was paged to see the General Manager. When I went in his office I found that our union rep and two others who I did not know were waiting on me. He told me that a serious problem had been discovered. He said that I was being written up and suspended for turning in false paperwork.

He handed me a disciplinary form stating that I had turned in false paperwork on the engine temperature sensor I had installed a few hours before. I was floored and began to protest. I told them that this was ridiculous and that I had done this work.

The union rep spoke up at this point and recommended that we take a look at the plane to see if we could straighten it all out. I then asked who the other two men were. The GM told me that they were airline safety inspectors but would not give me their names.

We proceeded to the plane, which should have been in the air but was parked on our maintenance ramp. We opened the engine cowling and the union rep pulled the sensor. He checked the serial number and told everyone that it was the old instrument. We then went to the parts bay and went back into the racks.

The union rep checked my report and pulled from the rack a sealed box. He opened the box and pulled out the engine temperature sensor with the serial number of the one I had installed. I was told that I was suspended for a week without pay and to leave immediately.

I sat at home the first day of my suspension wondering what the hell had happened to me. That evening I received a phone call. The voice told me "Now you know what happens to mechanics who poke around in things they shouldn't. The next time you start working on systems that are no concern of yours you will lose your job! As it is, I'm feeling generous, I believe that you'll be able to go back to work soon." CLICK.

Again, I had to pick myself from off the floor. As my mind raced, it was at this moment that I made the connection that what had happened to me must have been directly connected to my tracing the "mysterious" piping.

mechanic3 (33K) The next morning the General Manager called me. He said that due to my past excellent employment record that the suspension had been reduced to one day and that I should report back to work immediately. The only thing I could think of was "what are they trying to hide" and "who are 'THEY'"!

That day at work went by as if nothing had happened. None of the other mechanics mentioned the suspension and my union rep told me not to talk about it. That night I logged onto the Internet to try to find some answers.

I don't remember now how I got there but I came across a site that talked about chemically-laced contrails.

That's when it all came together. But the next morning at work I found a note inside my locked locker. It said, "Curiosity killed the cat. Don't be looking at Internet sites that are no concern of yours."

Well that's it. Now I know 'THEY' are watching me.

While I don't know what THEY are spraying, I can tell you how they are doing it. I figure they are using the "honey trucks". These are the trucks that empty the waste from the lavatory waste tanks.

The airports usually contract out this job and nobody goes near these trucks. Who wants to stand next a truck full of sh--. While these guys are emptying the waste tanks, it makes sense that they could easily be filling the tanks of the spray system.

They know the planes flight path so they probably program the control unit to start spraying some amount of time after the plane reaches a certain altitude. The spray nozzles in the fake static wicks are so small that no one in the plane would see a thing.

God help us all.

-- A concerned citizen

But "It ain'tgonna happen", go figure the braindead slothful hearts


Brit to Sanhedrin

Blair salutes 'true friend' Israel

Press Association
Tuesday June 13, 2006 8:13 PM


The Prime Minister has told the great and the good of Brit-ain's Jewish community that Israel would "always be a true friend" of the UK.

Tony Blair also praised the "courage and resolution" of the Jewish people at a ceremony to mark the 350th anniversary of the resettlement of Jews in England.

Mr Blair, who wore a traditional Jewish skullcap throughout the thanksgiving service at the historic Bevis Marks Synagogue in London, said that Britain's relationship with Israel had never been "better or deeper".

He said that since the misery of the Holocaust, Jewish communities that had rebuilt across Europe and the world had asserted and defended Israel's right to exist.

and help with the Ethnic cleansing of Eretz Itsrealhell Babylon Proper

He said: "It has never been easy, as you know, for the Jewish people - but what courage and resolution. So much suffering yet so much capacity to renew in the face of it. So much persecution yet so much determination to conquer it."

Never mentioning to over 60 million slain in Russia at the hands of the jews

He added: "As I said at the meeting with Israel's Prime Minister (on Monday), relations between Britain and Israel have never been better or deeper. I know this country will always be the true friend of Israel."

Guests listening to the Prime Minister's speech included fellow MPs, peers and the leaders of the Jewish community and other faith groups at the ceremony in the City of London.

Mr Blair said it was "impossible" to imagine a modern Britain without the Jewish community. He said that since the resettlement of Jews in the 17th century, all areas of British life have been "illuminated" by the names of "distinguished" Jews.

"Throughout these years since then, the community has shown how it is possible to retain a clear faith and a clear identity and, at the same time, be thoroughly British," he said. "As the oldest minority faith community in this country, you show how identity through faith can be combined with a deep loyalty to our nation."

He added that although Jewish people had "too often" been victims of hatred, they had also inspired "respect, admiration and awe".

from their proselyte  Obedient anti-Christ Noahide's of their "Brit"


If you are reading the Noahide News, and you refuse to Make your stand, and you refuse to get the Word out, then you are not a child of God, But are a partaker of their global murdering satanic scheme. There are no if's and's or but's.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


The Treasonous Murderous Blasphemous anti-Christ, House of Representatives who Represent SATAN and the son's of his shem-GOG's

Press Release from Anthony D. Weiner
July 22, 2005

Statement By Representative Anthony D. Weiner Honoring The Eleventh Anniversary Of The Passing Of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson

Mr. Speaker, Sunday July 10, 2005 (3 Tamuz, 5765), marked the eleventh anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory. When Rabbi Schneerson first became the Rebbe, or spiritual leader, of Chabad-Lubavitch, the movement had barely survived the brutality of the Holocaust. Yet, over the course of his 44 years as ``The Rebbe,'' Rabbi Schneerson turned Chabad-Lubavitch into a worldwide movement.


Under the Rebbe's leadership, Chabad-Lubavitch began to offer educational and social services to the elderly, ill, and infirm. Over time, and under Rabbi Schneerson's leadership, Chabad-Lubavitch became a global force for good-will and kindness. It is not surprising therefore, that upon Rabbi Schneerson's passing, both this House, as well as the Senate, voted unanimously to award him the Congressional Gold Medal. 


"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


It is a testament to the Rebbe's leadership that Chabad-Lubavitch's social, educational, and humanitarian efforts did not cease upon his passing. In fact, Chabad-Lubavitch presently has over four thousand emissaries operating more than three thousand institutions around the globe. Chabad-Lubavitch offers vital outreach and social services to communities in more than sixty countries on six continents. 


"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


In the wake of the devastating Tsunami in South-East Asia , Chabad-Lubavitch responded to the crisis in a manner consistent with Rabbi Schneerson's teachings and leadership. Chabad-Lubavitch of Thailand has extended a helping hand to all Tsunami victims and survivors, regardless of race or religion. 


The Revealer: King of the Jews
... Temple Mount; praying on the Mount for a tsunami-like disaster; and reinstating the group's authority to announce the arrival of the new lunar month



Chabad-Lubavitch has provided both funding and technical assistance to local relief organizations in order to support the local relief effort. Chabad-Lubavitch also provides interest free loans to Tsunami survivors in order to assist in the economic recovery of individuals and communities. Chabad-Lubavitch also participates in an ongoing effort to provide fresh food and drinking water to the villages of Koh Muk, Laem Naew, Baan Talae Nok, Ko Rah, Bak Jok, Ko Surin, and Tung Dap.


Mr. Speaker, while we continue to honor Rabbi Schneerson's memory, we must also celebrate his ongoing legacy of kindness and compassion.


Congressman Anthony D. Weiner


God Bless Amaraka? Not even close to hardly, For God of Life knows you not murdering apostate Nation

Iraq's War Porn

Iraq War 2003-2005 - 80

We believe the war would end if the media showed more images of the human horrors in Iraq, yet we turn away when they're placed in front of us. Not anymore.
Mourners grieve at the funeral of one of six Shi'ite men found slain, bound and with bullet holes in their heads, in Baghdad April 23, 2006. REUTERS/Kareem Raheen

An artist should keep a human skull on the desk as a constant reminder of death, of the need to -- in the words of a currently popular country tune -- live like you were dying. A peace activist should keep a photo in his or her wallet of a small Iraqi child torn to pieces -- a constant reminder to live like others are dying.

The trouble is that we find it almost unbearable to look at such images. We believe the war would end if the corporate media showed such images, yet we turn our faces away if they're placed in front of us; even more so, if they happen to be images of torture or of soldiers enjoying humiliating Iraqis. Worst of all are the gruesome images that soldiers have created themselves in this new digital age as war trophies.


If such images were in our wallets, we wouldn't want them to give anyone the impression that we took some sort of sick pleasure in seeing Iraqis blown apart. Yet some of those images have come to us over the Internet from U.S. soldiers who evidently found exactly that pleasure in taking and posting them. As hard as we find it to look at the images, we find it a hundred times harder to try to think our way inside the minds that could do such a thing. We're afraid that, once there, we couldn't freely leave.

We know, of course, that the parents of a murdered child will never be free of the horror, that the soldiers who did it will never forget, and that the people those soldiers live with when they come back home will not be unaffected. To properly address claims that some wars are good wars and that the worst deeds of war are performed by "bad apples," we have to have a clear picture of what war is, including the worst of it. If we leave out an understanding of the worst of war, all of our thinking must be distorted.

Therefore, look at this picture.

Did you look? Those are children who, as likely as not, were running and playing in the months before our government launched a war on the basis of lies. I don't know how those particular children died, but most of the deaths in this war, like all modern wars, are civilian ones, many the result of bombing. This is what "collateral damage" (Collective punishment)  looks like.

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not -- they will be killed." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

Now look at this image.

These are mild images. I'm going very easy on you. This child is alive, but wounded --quite probably wounded psychologically as well. Does the woman holding this child look grateful and liberated? Does she look like she will have an easy time forgiving the people who did this? Why do I write "the people who did this"? Why can't I be honest and write "us"? The United States government launched this war, making us responsible for everything that happens in it.

Not so, for they have abolished "We the People"

This image is far more powerful than Edvard Munch's "The Scream."

I don't know what happened, but I know that this is a picture of unbearable rage. I've looked at many images like this one in which, even if I have no way of learning the details, war is presented far more powerfully than could be done in words.

Here's someone with enough years ahead of him to forget and forgive.

But think how hard it will be for him to do so. Then think how easily we will forgive ourselves for not having done more to prevent this war or end it sooner. Who will have the easier time, and should it be that way?

There are stories in our media now about U.S. troops killing civilians -- men, women, and children in cold blood. Sometimes these killings are described as motivated by revenge for Iraqi hostility and ingratitude. But who told our soldiers that the Iraqis would be grateful for being invaded, shock-and-awed, and occupied? Who spread that lie? Not the Iraqis.

And who told our soldiers that it was acceptable to kill the "hadji" (the term they appropriated in a racist way for Iraqis)? Who taught our young men and women to place bags over Iraqi heads?

These people have faces. The bags take away the stories those faces might tell.

To defend the United States, our soldiers have been sent by the Bush administration to "handle" people who never threatened us and who live in a nation that never threatened us by:

pinning them to the ground;

holding guns to their heads;

parading them naked;

leaving them handcuffed in the dirt, creating scenes that concentration camp guards from Nazi Germany would have flinched at far less than the rest of us;

surely the "hadjis" are not human if we can treat them this way, if their limbs can be found lying about in the street like fruit off a tree;

if piles of their corpses present logistical rather than legal problems.

But to say that our soldiers, or some of our soldiers anyway, do not see the Iraqis as humans is not to suggest that they see them simply as objects. Rather, they surely see them as enemies, as "evildoers," as "insurgents," as "terrorists." Such creatures are almost by definition, beyond sympathy, entirely alien, and not just to be randomly harmed, but abused.

Here is a U.S. soldier posing with two Iraqi boys. They are all giving a thumbs-up signal, and one of the boys is holding a sign he is surely incapable of understanding that says: "Lcpl Boudreaux killed my dad then he knocked up my sister!" With some images from this war, we cannot know if, or to what extent, they were posed. This one, however, is clearly a performance and we are the audience. We are supposed to laugh.

And, in a sense, the sign in this photo is certainly true. At least some U.S. soldiers have evidently become so accustomed to killing and torturing that it dominates their thinking. What dominates your thinking, what concerns you, often comes out in humor. It is quite likely that the soldier in this photo has not murdered or raped anyone, but perhaps he has seen such things done by others. Given the nature of our war in Iraq, though, it is entirely possible that he has committed such acts.

Think about the images from Abu Ghraib. Here's one to remind you, one you may not have seen before.

The question we should ask ourselves is not just why our soldiers tortured this man, but why someone took a photo of it. How had such acts become behavior to take pride in, to record as keepsakes? And are a few bad apples really capable of creating such conditions?

A photograph presupposes an audience, someone to enjoy or appreciate it. Here's an image of a young female prisoner in Abu Ghraib raising her shirt as she was certainly forced to do.

Someone expects us to enjoy that as pornography. Instead, it offers a glimpse of a world of unfathomable humiliation and abuse, the very same world that produced the image above of the bleeding man.

If you go to this collection of image galleries and scroll down to the very bottom, you will see a couple of folders labeled "War Trophy Photos." I must leave it to your judgment whether you want to see them or not. I trust you to want to see them for the right reasons. These are images of corpses and body parts mutilated and displayed, in close-up, laid out on a platter for cannibals. These are images that no one should find it easy to view, not even surgeons. But they are part of the true story of what this war is about and what all wars are about.

Many of these images were sent by American soldiers to a website that marketed pornography. Presumably, these were viewed as war pornography. Presumably, they were created by people who have come to love war. And I don't mean people who avoid going to wars and then send other people's children to fight and die or be turned into people who could do this. I don't think Dick Cheney and George Bush flip through these photos in the evening, but I think they have a duty to do so until they can't stand it anymore and bring our troops home.

By "people who have come to love war," I mean soldiers who signed up for college money or adventure and were trained as sociopathic killers.

Recently, in Newsweek, I read a comment from an American soldier in Iraq who mentioned that one of his buddies had run over a family with his tank. Personally, I don't want to live in a society with that in our magazines, but as long as it's happening, I want it printed on the front page, and I want photos with it.

Update: On June 9, soon after I wrote that, I got my wish. The U.S. military killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, took a photo of his dead head, blew it up to enormous proportions, and displayed it in a frame at a press conference. From the way it was framed, the head could have been connected to a body or not. Presumably this was meant to be not only proof of his death, but a kind of revenge for al-Zarqawi's beheading of Americans. The image would fit perfectly in a collection of war trophy photos. Is there any mystery about where rank and file soldiers learn to behave this way?



Even more propaganda for the shemwar unto desolation

Iran would 'use nuclear defense' if threatened

Iran's defense minister on Thursday vowed that his country would "use nuclear defense as a potential" if "threatened by any power."

Speaking following a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Hassan Ali Turkmani in Teheran on Thursday, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar emphasized that Iran "should be ready for confronting all kinds of threats."

Teheran has denied accusations by the US and its allies that Iran was seeking uranium enrichment technologies in order to develop nuclear weapons, saying its program was only meant to generate electricity.

Meanwhile, Turkmani told reporters that Syria and Iran's "policy is the policy of strengthening resistance and tackling the threats of United States and Israel."

He added that he wouldn't give details of joint defense plans against Israel, although the plans were "not secret."

Answering a question regarding a newly-developed Shahab 4 missile, Najjar said that research activities were underway. Iran would continue production of "different missiles and research," Najjar declared.

The most recent Iranian missile was the Shahab 3, and Iran recently claimed to have followed it up with the development of the Shahab 4.,7340,L-3263354,00.html

US circumcisers allowed to suck again


Year-and-half ban on oral suction of baby's penis during circumcision lifted, after rabbis agree to adopt new hygiene rules
Haim Levinson

Controversy resolved: New York ultra-Orthodox rabbis signed an agreement with the State's health commissioner allowing them to perform the traditional oral suction ritual during circumcisions. This puts an end to a year-and-a-half long strife over a ban on performing this ritual, imposed due to severe health hazards. 

In the haredi Judaism, it is customary for the mohel (circumciser) to suck the blood from the baby's penis immediately after the bris

(circumcision). In more modern communities, the mohel sucks the blood using a straw. 

About a year-and-a-half ago, health authorities in the United States prohibited circumcisers from sucking the blood with their mouth, following seven cases in which babies contracted herpes as a result of the ritual. One baby passed away, and another one sustained brain damage. 

During the last five months, American rabbis and Commissioner of Health for the State of New York Antonia Novello, have been involved in intense negotiations, in the course of which "they learned a lot about science, and I studied some Talmud," Novello said. 

Israel authorities prefer use of straw 

According to the new regulations stipulated in the agreement, circumcisers will have to exercise the hygiene rules enforced on surgeons: They will have to remove all jewelries before performing the suction, clean their nails and wash their hands with an alcohol-based solution under running water for six minutes. In addition, they will have to wash their mouth with a disinfectant solution that contains 25 percent alcohol for 30 seconds. 

Mohels will also have to report if they have herpes, and any circumciser infected with the disease will have his license revoked. 

It's not the best solution, but it's better than the way it was before, Novello concluded. 

Meanwhile in Israel, the Health Ministry recommends that parents opt for suction through a straw over oral suction. "Every mohel is required to inform the parents if he plans to perform oral suction or use the preferred alternative – a tube," the Ministry reported. 

(06.15.06, 14:58)

Noahide News Part 504



Romans 10:9

9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11: For
the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


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If you disagree, then move on to another site which fits your fits of fancy.....................and "adios" to them who say "It aint gonna happen"r fits of fancy.....................and "adios" to them who say "It aint gonna happen"


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