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Part 332

November 18 , 2005 AD of Our LORD Jesus the Christ the Creator

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar  Cheshvan 16, 5766 ,   their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5766


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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"Amaraka", Just yesterday Itsrealhell announced they have patented this device. Today in  Noahide Amaraka, they bring it by deception. You are all now "Goyim" Criminals, unless proven to be an obedient Noahide who worships the beast unto the dragon. You can no longer deny that the last days are now here. If you have not been Raptured, I highly recommend that you do so now. For you will indeed worship the dragon for you did not believe the TRUTH in Righteousness.


Lie detectors may be next step in airline security

By Reuters
Published: November 17, 2005, 12:10 PM PST

A new walk-through airport lie detector made in Israel may prove to be the toughest challenge yet for potential hijackers or drug smugglers.

Tested in Russia, the two-stage GK-1 voice analyzer requires that passengers don headphones at a console and answer "yes" or "no" into a microphone to questions about whether they are planning something illicit.


The software will almost always pick up uncontrollable tremors in the voice that give away liars or those with something to hide, say its designers at Israeli firm Nemesysco.

Kick every door in Amaraka down, ask them if they believe that Jesus is GOD, if they Tremble then decapitate them for ITSREALHELLS Shemborg

"In our trial, 500 passengers went through the test, and then each was subjected to full traditional searches," said Chief Executive Officer Amir Liberman. "The one person found to be planning something illegal was the one who failed our test."

The GK-1 is expected to cost between $10,000-$30,000 when marketed. A spokesman for Moscow's Domodyedevo airport, which is using a prototype, said "the tester (lie detector) has proved to be effective and we are in principle ready to use it."

The September 11, 2001 hijacking attacks have led to a slew of innovations designed to boost airline security. Liberman said several countries had expressed interest in the GK-1.

Especially Nasi Amaraka

"Unlike conventional lie detectors such as the polygraph, this is minimally invasive, requiring hardly any physical contact," Liberman said, adding that the first stage of the test takes between 30-75 seconds.

Those that fail are taken aside for more intensive questioning and, if necessary, searches. Liberman said around 12 percent of passengers tend to show stress even when they have nothing to hide.

False Witness

"Some may feel nervous because they have used drugs, while having no intention to smuggle drugs," he said. "The whole thing is performed in a low-key manner to avoid causing anxiety."

Guillotine behind left shoulder?


Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

SEND her to Gulag Siberia, says Noahide Freemason Talmudic proselyte satanic Judge

Woman sentenced to spend night at Lake Metropark

Judge makes ruling to show suspect what it was like for the kittens she abandoned

Michelle Murray will now have the opportunity to experience what the dozens of kittens felt the night she abandoned them at two Lake Metroparks in September.
Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti on Thursday sentenced Murray, 25, of Painesville Township, to jail time.
But he added a stipulation to ensure that Murray "suffer the same consequences as those kittens."
"You can listen to the coyotes, hear the raccoons in the dark of night," said Cicconetti, who grew increasingly annoyed at Murray's apology attempts in court.
On the night before Thanksgiving, when Murray reports to the Lake County Jail in Painesville, she will be forced to spend a night alone in a remote area of a Lake County Metropark, according to Cicconetti sentence.
Being allowed only water, she will not be provided with food, beverage or shelter. Murray must remain in that location until "the light of dawn on Nov. 24," according to the sentence.

In freezing temperatures without shelter

Ranger Chief Mike Burko said he has not yet chosen the Metropark, but will provide her with a walkie-talkie in case of emergency.
Cicconetti, known for his unusual sentences, gave Murray the maximum sentence of 90 days in jail.
But the judge suspended 60 days and allowed 15 days to be served under house arrest.
After returning from the wild on Thanksgiving, she will serve 14 days in the Lake County Jail.
The suspended jail time hinges on two conditions:
 Murray may not own or care for any animals in the next three years.
 She must pay $3,200 to the Lake County Humane Society and $500 to the Metropark rangers for costs they incurred due to her actions.
"I'm sorry. I truly am sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen," Murray told the judge before the sentence.
She said she tried to contact the Lake County Humane Society, but eventually panicked after three cages of cats were dropped off at her home.
"It doesn't make any difference," the judge
"People panic and commit crimes, they use drugs, they commit domestic violence. But this wasn't one incident. You did it again the next day."
Murray admitted to using another alias on a Web site to try to adopt out another stray cat since she pleaded guilty to abandoning domestic animals on Oct. 13.
She said she used the fake name because nobody would take a cat from her if she used her own name. That cat was eventually adopted by the Humane Society, but was so ill, it was euthanized the day it came in.
Candace Hertzel, executive director of the Lake County Humane Society, said 15 of the kittens that were rescued had been adopted; 12 still remain without homes.
"We're very pleasantly surprised by the sentence. It's a small piece of justice suffered for some of these already deceased kittens," Hertzel said outside the courtroom following the sentence.

Gawd Bliss Amaraka, Kill another Arab for the shemborg.

Prosecutor Russ Meraglio said he was pleased as well. He had recommended jail time for the second-degree misdemeanor.
Sharon Moten, who gave a mother cat and four kittens to Murray 10 days prior to her abandoning the animals, still felt the guilt of not knowing the fate of all of her cats.
"I told her to call me if she couldn't handle them," Moten said.
She hoped the sentence would prompt donations to the Humane Society.
"It's one of the only ways I can feel better about what happened," she said.

The source for this JUDGE of the shemborg of satan's shame

Talmudic Law unto the Dragon who will never free his prisoners

Prohibition Against Cruelty to Animals

Judaism places great stress on proper treatment of animals. Unnecessary cruelty to animals is strictly forbidden, and in many cases, animals are accorded the same sensitivity as human beings. This concern for the welfare of animals is unusual in Western civilization. Most civilized nations did not accept this principle until quite recently; cruelty to animals was not outlawed until the 1800s.

Judaism expresses no definitive opinion as to whether animals are capable of experiencing physical or psychological pain as humans do; however, Judaism has always recognized the link between the way a person treats animals and the way a person treats human beings. A person who is cruel to a defenseless animal will undoubtedly be cruel to defenseless people, and a person who cares for the lowest of creatures will certainly care for his fellow man.

"The inclusion of heathens, to whom blasphemy is prohibited just as to Israelites, and they are executed by decapitation; for every death penalty decreed for the sons of Noah is only by decapitation." Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 57a

Jacob, Moses and David were all shepherds, people who cared for animals. The Talmud specifically states that Moses was chosen for his mission because of his skill in caring for animals. 


Moses Believed the WORD of GOD and wrote about Jesus the Christ the Creator. The Moses they refer is of the Fables and tradition of the anti-Christ talmudic Hassidic Pharisees who now are in complete temporary control of all the kings of the earth who are drunken with the whores cup of iniquity


"The Holy One, Blessed Be He, said 'Since you are merciful to the flock of a human being, you shall be the shepherd of My flock, Israel.'" Likewise Rebecca was chosen as a wife for Isaac because of her kindness to animals. When Abraham's servant asked for water for himself, she volunteered to water his camels as well, and thereby proved herself a worthy wife.

Therefore send her into the Wilderness without food or shelter 

On the other hand, the two hunters in the Bible, Nimrod and Esau, are both depicted as villains. 

Deer Hunters of "Amaraka" you are evil....OFF with your heads. Besides the deer belong to the "kingy"

A great rabbi who was insensitive to the fear of a calf being led to slaughter was punished with years of pain.

Congradulations, Vegetarians of Amaraka

In the Torah, humanity is given dominion over animals, and has the right to use animals for legitimate needs. Animal flesh can be consumed for food; animal skins can be used for clothing; the Torah itself must be written on parchment, that is, animal hides.

or Naugerhydes

However, we are permitted to use animals in this way only when there is a genuine, legitimate need, and we must do so in the manner that causes the animal the least suffering. Kosher slaughtering is designed to be as fast and painless as possible,

Therefore all Meat must be Kosher Certified and all the people Taxed by shems-borg collective of Blasphemy and TREASON and slavery

 and if anything occurs that might cause pain (such as a nick in the slaughtering knife or a delay in the cutting), the flesh may not be consumed. Hunting for sport is strictly prohibited, and hunting and trapping for legitimate needs is permissible only when it is done in the least painful way possible.

The laws regarding treatment of animals are referred to as Tzar Baalei Chayim, prevention of cruelty to animals.

Czar of Baal

Under Jewish law, animals have some of the same rights as humans do. Animals rest on Shabbat, as humans do. We are forbidden to muzzle an ox while it is working in the field, just as we must allow human workers to eat from the produce they are harvesting.

Several commandments demonstrate concern for the physical or psychological suffering of animals. We may not plow a field using animals of different species, because this would be a hardship to the animals. We are required to relieve an animal of its burden, even if we do not know its owner, or even if it is ownerless. We are not permitted to kill an animal in the same day as its young, and are specifically commanded to send away a mother bird when taking the eggs, because of the psychological distress this would cause the animal. In fact, the Torah specifically says that a person who sends away the mother bird will be rewarded with long life, precisely the same reward that is given for honoring mother and father. This should give some indication of the importance of this law.

We are permitted to violate Shabbat to some extent to rescue an animal in pain or at risk of death.

In the Talmud, the rabbis further dictated that a person may not purchase an animal unless he has made provisions to feed it, and a person must feed his animals before he feeds himself.


Jewish law does not prohibit keeping pets, and indeed many observant Jews have dogs, cats or other household pets.

and "Goyim"

As with all animals, we are required to feed our pets before ourselves, and make arrangements for feeding our pets before we obtain them. Also, like all animals, household pets are entitled to Sabbath rest, thus you cannot have your dog retrieve the paper for you on Shabbat, etc.

roll over rover

Pets are considered to be muktzeh, within the category of objects that cannot be handled on Shabbat. I haven't been able to get a clear idea of what exactly is and is not permitted with an animal on Shabbat. I have seen several sources say that walking a dog is permitted, but if an animal runs away on Shabbat, it is not permitted to trap the animal.

It is permissible to feed non-kosher food to pets, as long as you do not consume it yourself. This falls under the general rule that it is permissible to use products of non-kosher animals as long as you don't eat them; for example, it is permissible to use a toothpaste that contains non-kosher ingredients as long as the toothpaste is not fit for human consumption. However, it is not permissible to derive any benefit from a mixture of meat and dairy; therefore, any food you feed your pet cannot contain both meat and dairy. Similarly, during Pesach, it is impermissible to have any chametz (leavened grain products) in your home, or to derive any benefit from chametz, thus you cannot use chametz to feed your pets. You must either feed your pet something that contains no chametz (such as 100% beef dog food, kosher for Passover table scraps, or matzah meal to feed fish or rodents) or temporarily sell the pets to a non-Jew, as you temporarily sell your pots and pans to a non-Jew during the holiday.

It is a violation of Jewish law to neuter a pet. The Torah prohibits castrating males of any species. Although this law does not apply to neutering female pets, neutering of females is prohibited by general laws relating to unnecessary cruelty to animals.

It is a violation of the general prohibition against cruelty to animals to have your pet physically altered in any way without a genuine, legitimate need. For example, declawing cats and docking the ears or tails of dogs are forbidden.

Mt:23:4: For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers


Amaraka, even as I warned you over a year ago, the Dan Hassidim of Sanhedrin the beast of the dragon and his Chabad Lubavitch are now putting George Bush in the corner to insure that he attacks Iran and Syria for their Eretz ITSREALHELL and worship of their soon to be REVEALED son of perdition, Moshiach false Christ.......Prepare for your destruction, for the LORD God's wrath is Great for you apostasy and your murders and Blasphemies and your thefts.

The Prophets of Baa'l propagate the final war unto desolation.

You have been warned 

Repent in the Creator GOD, Jesus the Redeemer from the Beginning or Perish forever.


Ellsberg Of The
American Resistance

By Ted Lang
I asked Dr. Daniel Ellsberg this question on Tuesday, November 15th, after he had just completed his lecture to instructors, professors, students and members of the public that were in attendance to hear him speak at William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey: Dr. Ellsberg, which bomb do you think will go off first - Fitzgerald bringing another indictment, or the military attack on Syria and Iran? His answer was frightening - he offered that the war would probably come first, initiated in all likelihood as an engineered distraction to negate the effect of the expected upcoming indictments.
Daniel Ellsberg is an American achiever and a TRUE patriot akin to the Spirit of '76 inculcated into our national psyche by the writings and documents of our Founding Fathers. Ellsberg achieved national notoriety when he exposed the "Pentagon Papers" to The New York Times in 1971. Ellsberg is yet another high-credentialed achiever and newsmaker that summarily ignores any and all obstacles thrown in his way to block his getting the truth out to the American people. He is the latest in a growing number of high profile members of the American Resistance, forced to inform the American people by going around the mainstream media.
First, some background on Dan Ellsberg. Ellsberg served in the US Marine Corps, worked in the US Department of Defense and the Department of State, the latter positions focusing on issues relating to Vietnam. He then joined the RAND Corporation in 1967. He was almost immediately assigned to a special project authorized by then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. The project was a top secret study detailing the decision-making processes that got US involved in the Vietnam War.
Has all the signs of a devils plant
Just as on an ever-increasing basis today, certain leaders and people-in-the-know back then were becoming increasingly outraged and frustrated over the war in Vietnam. A similar outrage is increasing today on a virtually a daily basis concerning Bush's bloodthirsty war-mongering and the horrific carnage he is causing in Iraq. This immoral war has seriously damaged both the American economy and our personal freedoms. The outrage is becoming increasingly intolerable as Bush and his cohorts lie and propagandize day after day after day.
Hey do not forget the Judeo-Churchinsanity chinese dimestore flag Patriots in the Name of Judeo-Jaysooose who Backed the Bushitler Hassidic Regime.
Ellsberg's project became known as the "Pentagon Papers." It exposed the ploy utilized by former President Lyndon Baines Johnson in reporting that US Navy destroyers had been attacked by elements of the North Vietnamese Air Force in the Gulf of Tonkin. That revelation was a bald-faced lie! Congress gave Johnson war-making powers and the Vietnam War was fully underway!
How does this differ from "weapons of mass destruction" today? And Bush didn't even need to prove Iraq and Saddam's involvement. There was, we now know, absolutely no involvement by either Iraq or Saddam in 9-11. There was, we now know, no Gulf of Tonkin attack either!
There was Emanuel Goldstein, lob those missiles at them thar Proles
It was the frustration on the part of patriot Ellsberg that motivated him to risk everything, even incarceration for life. It was this growing anger within him listening to the lies of Johnson, McNamara and Westmoreland that finally caused him to break. He photocopied 7,000 pages of data and presented them to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As usual, the Congress was asleep at the switch and not the least bit interested. But back then, also, there was still some vestige of a "free and independent press."
Ellsberg released the 7,000-page copied study to The New York Times, Washington Post and 17 other newspapers. The American public became aware of the criminal activities planned and executed by Washington, and the contempt our politicians exhibited for human lives and other people's national sovereignty. It exposed our government's lust for wreaking mass murder and destruction upon the people of foreign lands for no real justifiable reason. To spread his message comparing the similarity between then and now, Ellsberg organized his observations and analogies and decided to hit the lecture circuit to initiate public awareness of the never-ceasing and ever-increasing criminality of the American political State.
Before commenting on Dr. Ellsberg's efforts and lecture points, it is worth noting the similarities that should serve as a standard in terms of American citizens and voters relating to their government of, by and for the people. At this time, recall the frustration of former Alabama Governor, George C. Wallace, indicating that there wasn't "a dime's worth of difference" between Democrats and Republicans. That observation obviates the necessity of voting, as both parties are just different sides of the same coin. And observe how that held true in the life and times of Wallace, LBJ, Nixon and Watergate.
The Vietnam War was launched in full by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson's lies concerning a non-existent attack by the Vietnamese Air Force. Consider as well the irony of LBJ and McNamara setting up the American people and Congress citing this phony attack, when a real attack upon our Navy by Israel actually took place in 1967 against the USS Liberty! If Johnson wanted to pick a fight with some nation to generate a profitable war, why didn't he just honestly report the real attack and inform the American people of such? It is obvious that even back then, Israel had total control of American politicians. Israel's excuses that it was a mistake are pure unadulterated nonsense; and this was yet another criminal cover-up by our anti-American pro-Israel Zionist-owned and controlled press.
But I warn you, saints of the Most High, DO NOT MAKE Israel your stumbling Block. Do not Cry out for her blood. For that Day of the LORD's Wrath upon her and all the apostate Blasphemous earth is reserved. Beware.
Yet, there is still another anomaly. Democrat Johnson started the war, yet it was the Republican Nixon administration that was doing its best to silence Ellsberg from blowing the whistle on a Democratic administration, and also making monumental efforts to cover it up! This certainly lends a lot of credibility to the no "dime's worth of difference" observation. It also emphasizes the futility of voting.
Dr. Ellsworth's sobering opening remark set the tone for his briefing: "This is the first case [The Pentagon Papers] where the United States Government sought an injunction against the American press to silence criticism of government operations." He points out that the Nixon administration did their best to intimidate and threaten American newspapers into total silence. Remembering that Ellsworth first took his complaints to the Senate, where that branch of government showed additional complicity along with a rogue Republican administration covering for a rogue Democratic administration, Ellsworth felt he had no other choice but to try airing the criminal government conspiracies in the press.
The same TREASONOUS Congress who has made the Universal Noahide laws of Satan the Law of Apostate Amaraka
Rv:13:8: And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
He offers that Nixon's Attorney General, John N. Mitchell, was shocked over the "wave of civil disobedience exhibited by the American press." The Nixon White House first threatened the newspapers directly, and then targeted the media corporate conglomerates with anti-trust lawsuits. Ellsberg offers that the Nixon White House developed a paranoia offering that "everyone was committing treason against America and the administration." And this statement meant to include even the law firms representing the media!
and now you have the Hassidims Nasi of Amaraka, Bushitler, running the sick Blasphemous shemborg show
Does this all sound familiar? Do the paranoiac smears of "unpatriotic," or "cut and run cowards," or outright charges that accusations against the administration are coming from "traitors" to the United States ring a bell? Isn't the same thing going on right now? Isn't anyone not supporting Bush considered a "traitor?"
"I support the Troops who do not support Bush" rgp
It would seem that the Bush administration and its sycophants seem to think so. Every time I hear a Rush Limbaugh or a Bill O'Reilly (Talmudic jews)  offer that the prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are terrorists and therefore deserve to be tortured and murdered, the latter inhumanity suggested specifically by FOXNews' O'Reilly, I am amazed at their total lack of knowledge about these hapless victims of political human trafficking. Many were simply civilians arbitrarily rounded up; others among them were simply captured by a political opposition force and then SOLD for bounty to American forces manning these prisons.
What legal protections were afforded these prisoners as prescribed by American law? Obviously Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, Falwell, Robertson and all the legions of Bush sycophants are ignorant of both due process of law under the United States Constitution, as well as both the foundations and principles of the Geneva Conventions, the latter as old as our Constitution. 
This writer is just another ignorant "Goy" who has not even made a yap about the Noahide Laws HJR 104, PL 102-14
Who are the accusers? Where and what evidence exists as to their combat or non-combat status? Can they face their accusers? Can they cross-examine them? What specifically are the charges against them? Can they have legal counsel? What about a speedy trial? What ever happened to "name, rank and serial number?" What about Miranda and "the right to remain silent?"
Gone by way of the TREASONOUS Blasphemous 102nd Congress and Every CONGRESS since. NOT even ONE is exempt from Contempt unto GOD
None of these protections of basic human rights mean anything to Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and the rest of the Bush media propaganda gang. And where now is there that spirit of the "free and independent press" that existed in 1971? Judith Miller was cited by Ellsberg as an example of government bullying of the press; more to the point, however, is the use by the Bush White House of Miller to splatter the front pages of The New York Times with the falsehoods regarding Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. This isn't reporting from the "newspaper of record" - it is criminal propaganda that resulted in dead American soldiers and tens of thousands of dead and maimed innocent civilians of an innocent nation.
Ellsberg pointed to similarities between the manufactured and poorly-forged "intelligence documents" related to Niger yellowcake to efforts by E. Howard Hunt to forge false and incriminating documents to be used against Democrats. He headed the effort to break into DNC headquarters in order to photocopy "evidence" to be used for blackmail. Nixon gangsters were looking beyond the Pentagon Papers, and sought to discredit Ellsberg in the same way; via blackmail and character assassination. When all those efforts failed, American government used its trump card: "the law."
Federal prosecutors from the "Justice Department" charged Ellsberg with 12 felony counts, whereupon a guilty verdict carried a possible prison term of 115 years! After the Supreme Court failed to come through for Nixon and found the administration's injunction against 19 newspapers unconstitutional, the Nixon gangsters then resorted to the law and its threat of violence, force and incarceration. In today's "Bush-Über-Alles" environment, Ellsberg might be classified as an "enemy combatant" according to "laws" favored by Limbaugh and O'Reilly. Today, he wouldn't even be allowed to defend himself legally or to be represented by counsel.
Although Ellsberg did not draw an analogy to the media support now available to Bush, support that wasn't available to Nixon, he did note the major difference in terms of the party of opposition having the majority and thereby launching the Nixon impeachment proceedings. He did, however, point to a possible change in political environment coming on the heels of the 2006 Mid-Term elections.
Ellsberg pointed out that the Vietnam War couldn't be won; he offers the same conclusion today with respect to Iraq. He faults himself for waiting to long during the Vietnam War for blowing the whistle that led to the anti-war movement that finally ended the bloody conflict. He is trying to make up for that delay by speaking out actively today.
He decries the lack of Democratic opposition to Bush's imperial war-mongering - and he is especially critical of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., not only for supporting the war, but for demanding that the conflict be intensified by sending in even more American troops.
Hillarious Esther Clinton a shemborg lackey of Aholibah, TREASONOUS Viperess 
Ellsberg opined: "I think it will be a long time before we get out of Iraq, very long, with Democrats or Republicans." This quote was from the same lecture given a couple of days earlier at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, and covered by Sarah N. Lynch of the Morris County Daily Record on Sunday, November 13th. Lynch continues to quote Ellsberg: "The [D]emocratic base would be glad to see us out, as I would. That does not mean we are going to get [D]emocratic leaders who are going to give up those bases in Iraq in the midst of those oil fields."
Quoted in the Lynch article and repeated again at the WPU lecture hall, Ellsberg continued: "If there's a terrorist attack, I think the president will get what he wants, and here's what I think he wants. This is my belief. I believe that what he wants is a new Patriot Act that's already been drafted, I feel sure, that will make this Patriot Act look like the Bill of Rights."

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Lynch in her article, "Vietnam critic sees new war, same lies," goes on to say, "Other possible goals that Ellsberg believes are in the minds of the administration could also include resorting to military rule on our own soil, imposing a draft on men and women and launching attacks on Syria and Iran."
Offering his opinion on the future of a "free and independent press," Ellsberg related that he foresees a future where the ruthless suppression of journalistic expression will be undertaken in any case where criticism of the administration is even suspected. He offered that presently, there is no "official secrets act." Ellsberg even touched upon Title 18 USC 793 and 794, and identified these as the "Espionage Acts" enacted by the Wilson administration during World War I. He avoided explaining the penalties of Section 794 during wartime.
But Ellsberg pointed out that three categories of criminal acts addressing "leaks" and revelations by the press will soon be invoked to greatly increase prosecutions of reporters for doing what was done when the press exposed the Plame-CIA scandal: the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, a narrower interpretation of privileged communications revelations, and virtually anything concerning nuclear information.
Ellsberg continually reiterated the need for action. "What I and Richard Clark did wrong, is that we waited too long," he laments. Considering the lack of Democratic leadership, increasing evidence of a one party system, an ineffectual media combined with an effective and powerful neoconservative propaganda machine led by Limbaugh and O'Reilly, and the intended ruthlessness and planned suppression of human rights in America, an American Resistance is indeed our only hope. But we may yet luck out - Patrick J. Fitzgerald may be the match that will really ignite the Resistance.
© 2005 All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.


Operation "Noahide Venezuela"

The Pentgon's Plans
To Invade Venezuela
By Noelio Tiuna
AIN Special Service
The United States has military contingency plans aimed against Venezuela, contrary to the UN Charter and the document guiding relations between members of the Organizations of American States (OAS).
A recent article in the Washington Post - which has not been refuted by the Pentagon - affirms that the Defense Department has prepared a plan to create a potential conflict with the South American nation, considered a threat to US strategic security by the White House.
William M. Arkin, in a column published November 2, said that Venezuela was identified as a "threat" in this year's Pentagon analysis and is foreseen to remain so for the period 2008-2013.
The fifth greatest oil exporter in the world and among the principal exporters of crude to the US, Venezuela is included on the list of states which pose the most danger to the US, sharing that position with the North Korea and Iran, both considered by the Bush administration as nuclear threats.
According to the daily, the White House sees President Hugo Chavez as promoting revolutions in Latin America and accuses him of financing rebels in Colombia - where there are US military advisors are participating in a long-term domestic conflict.
false witness for yet another coup d'etet
Venezuela has suffered from the instability of the situation in Colombia, particularly that country's use of paramilitary forces paid for by the interests behind the failed coup attempt against the Venezuelan leader.
But when we look into what the Pentagon has planed in the land of Bolivar, we cannot forget the history that explains the hostile escalation of actions by the current Republican administration against the Bolivarian Revolution.
The participation of both the CIA and the former US military mission in Caracas in the short-lived coup attempt headed by Pedro Carmona is not conjectural journalism.
The government of George W. Bush never condemned the coup attempt, despite the US being a signatory of the Democratic Letter of the OAS. On the contrary, they welcomed, encouraged and participated in the coup.
Nor is it a coincidence that military interests behind the coup which are responsible for planting bombs at the Colombian and Spanish diplomatic missions in Caracas are protected in the US, despite their being terrorists.
In Boca Raton, Florida lives Venezuelan business executive Nelson Mezarhane - a banker and stockholder of the opposition daily El Globo. He is wanted by the Venezuelan justice system for having participated in the assassination of Judge Danilo Anderson, who was bringing to trial those individuals who were implicated in the April 2002 coup attempt.
We must also mention the fact that terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, another fugitive of Venezuelan law, is a "guest" of the US immigration service, which has refused to extradite Posada Carriles to Caracas.
Yet they will certainly deport and deniers of the HolyCost to the shemborg shamcourts of shamed Noahide proselyte Blasphemous freemason judges
With such information, it should not come as a surprise that the Pentagon has included Venezuela in its plans for future "preventive wars," despite President Chavez' prediction that if this were to ever occur, Latin America would explode in a ball of fire.

Gawd Bliss Amaraka, the Home of the Cowardly Hassidic brave


Fresh in from ITSREALHELL

RE: Documents regarding invasion plan in Venezuela

By Yuri Pimentel

17.11.05 | Below copy of communication purportedly sent by Yuri Pimentel to Ted Koppel regarding the invasion plan that the USA has for Venezuela.

11 November 2005


Attn: Ted Koppel
c/o Melinda Arons
ABC Nightline
Washington, DC


RE: Documents regarding invasion plan in Venezuela [part I]

Dear Mr. Koppel:

Per your conversation with President Hugo Chávez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during his visit to New York in September 2005, enclosed you will find a part of the documentation regarding a proposed military operation against our country. We are sending you documents from the Plan Balboa, which was an invasion plan against Venezuela used as a military exercise in early 2001 by NATO nations, just one year before the coup d'etat was executed by factions of Venezuelan society supported by the Bush Administration.

As you will see in the documents, Venezuela is the target nation of the invasion, particularly the western part of the country where the oil industry is most developed. The satellite images involved in the plan that demonstrate the zone of operations (Puerto Rico, Panamá, Colombia and Venezuela) are real images taken from a United States institution.

The nations involved in the operation are not referred to in the documents by name, but rather by color, but the coordinates involved in the operation refer to real airports and places in Venezuela.

We are happy to discuss with you in detail the important parts of the documents and to help place them into a context that evidences their threatening nature.

Please feel free to contact us directly through our Department of International Media at the Ministry of Communication and Information. 0058-212-5053349.


Yuri Pimentel

Minister of Communication and Information Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Documents attached:

1) 1Operación Balboa

2) ANEX-A-2001

3) ANEX-B-mapa-2001

4) ANEX-C-INTEL-2001

5) Apéndice 1 al ANEXO B

6) ROE00_1.DOC (Definiciones y Significados) Apéndice 1 ANEXO D

7) ROE00_2.DOC (Acto Hostil e Intento Hostil) Apéndice 2 ANEXO D

8) ROE00_3.DOC (ROE Para Operaciones Aéreas) Apéndice 3 ANEXO D-1

9) ROE00_4.DOC (Modelos de Mensajes) Apéndice 4 ANEXO D

10) ROES.DOC (Generalidades) ANEXO D

Editor's note: The following message was written by Venezuelan diplomat Adolfo R. Taylhardat. According to Mr. Taylhardat the 'evidence' sent to Ted Koppel, already in the public domain, pertains to information which can be accessed by any interested party. He concludes by saying that a) the information furnished to Ted Koppel by Venezuela's Information Minister is nothing but copies of public documents of an exercise that was part of a course given by Spain's Air Force military academy back in 2001; b) that Hugo Chavez lied to the American public by making false statements in Koppel's Nightline; and c) that Venezuelans and the world at large have been made believe by Hugo Chavez that a plan detailing a sinister conspiration against Venezuela existed, when in fact evidence to the contrary demonstrates that Plan Balboa is, quite simply, a military simulation exercise. Even the fake RESOLUCIÓN 1580 from the UN is included in the document entitled "1Operación Balboa" sent to Koppel. Apologies to the language impaired.


Want some ocean front property on the Red Planet?


Chavez - Bush Is 'An
Assassin...A Crazy Man'
CARACAS -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, extending his war of words with Washington, on Thursday called US President George W Bush "an assassin" and accused the United States of meddling in his country's affairs.
Chavez said: "The people of the US are governed by an assassin ... a crazy man! I think the people of the US are more aware of this situation every day."
Relations between Chavez and Washington had become increasingly strained, though the US remained the top buyer of Venezuelan oil.
Illegal narcotics
Chavez had repeatedly clashed with the US government and accused Washington of seeking to oust him - a claim US officials had denied.
The Bush administration, in turn, had expressed concerns over the health of Venezuela's democracy (Non-Noahide, non Judaised) and criticised the South American nation for not doing enough to block shipments of illegal narcotics to the US and Europe.
Yet Bushitler has his Afghanistan Poppy Fields
During a late-night speech to Venezuelan officials and Brazilian business leaders at Miraflores Presidential Palace on Thursday, Chavez praised Americans who stood up to their "imperialist" government.
'Aggression against Venezuela'
He said: "Welcome, those who oppose the war and aggression against Iraq, who oppose the aggression against Venezuela."
Chavez, who had close ties with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, encouraged leftist governments in Latin American to resist American hegemony in the region.
He said: "This is a time of resistance ... and you can be sure, that if we fail, our children and our grandchildren will be here resisting."
US ambassador William Brownfield said this week that Venezuelan officials had wrongly accused Washington of a range of conspiracies ranging from planning alleged assassination plots to causing floods brought on by global warming.,,2-10-1462_1836589,00.html



U.S.: Iran threat a disqualifier

Iran’s threat to destroy Israel disqualifies it from achieving nuclear-weapons capability, a senior U.S. official said.


“A country that threatens ‘death’ to other countries must be denied the most deadly of weapons,” Gregory Schulte, the U.S. envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, said Thursday in Vienna.


Israel, Europe and the United States want the IAEA to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council next week for possible sanctions for covering up its suspected nuclear-weapons program.



After all, anti-Shematism is necessary to make the "Lesser brethren" "Come to Pharaoh" ben Moshiach

Anti-Semitism on rise in Scotland

A study of religion in Glasgow found “a perceptible increase in anti-Jewishness” in the city.

The report, carried out by sociologists at Edinburgh University and commissioned by the Glasgow City Council, noted that Jews in Scotland’s second-largest city encountered “significant” levels of religious intolerance, leading in some cases to verbal and physical abuse.

The Jewish community felt the need for greater security and had to employ guards to protect schools and other Jewish institutions, the report said. Jewish respondents to the survey cited hostility toward Israel, frequently expressed in the local media, as a key aggravating factor. The report also discovered that Glaswegian Jews have a high level of engagement with religious networking bodies and the political process in general.

According to a 2001 census, there are 1,083 Jews in Glasgow, mostly on the city’s south side.



Shame for the Wheiners

Embassy blasts Palestinian week

The Israeli Embassy in Ireland complained to Trinity College in Dublin about a “Palestinian Awareness Week” on campus.

The letter charges that this week’s events, which include public meetings, films and a protest outside the offices of a construction firm that does business in Israel, are “less concerned with raising Palestinian awareness than with anti-Israel activity.” The embassy was particularly concerned about a scheduled debate on a proposed academic boycott of Israel.

“Palestinian Awareness Week” was held Monday through Friday at Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university, and was organized by the Trinity One World Society. The schedule of speakers did not include anyone representing an Israeli point of view, even from the left.

Shut them up cries them who are contrary unto all mankind


The Shemborg Propaganda grows

Iran nears uranium enrichment

Defying the world, Iran revealed Friday it has begun converting a second batch of uranium into gas, a step that brings it closer to producing the enriched uranium used in either nuclear reactors or bombs.

The European Union, with US support, has been calling on Iran to halt conversion since August, when Britain, France and Germany (Lion and the Leopard)  broke off negotiations with the country after it announced it had re-started converting uranium "yellowcake" into gas, a process necessary for actual enrichment.

Next Thursday, the UN nuclear watchdog is to consider whether to refer Iran to the Security Council for possible sanctions. Member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency are expected to review Iran's conduct since September, when the body passed a resolution that called on the country to halt conversion and placed it one step from referral to the Security Council.



3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

4. The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings: the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.


Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, was asked by state TV whether the country had started converting into gas a second batch of uranium, as it had planned to do at its Isfahan nuclear facility.

"This job is done and the plant is continuing its activity," Larijani said in an interview recorded late Thursday and broadcast Friday. He added Iran had informed the IAEA of the development.

Larijani also said Iran had refused IAEA inspectors access to a military site at Lavisan, on the northeastern outskirts of Tehran, during their visit in late October.

"To visit some places, the inspectors' wish is not sufficient. They cannot force Iran to allow a visit to any place, particularly in military areas," Larijani said.

Last month, Iran allowed IAEA inspectors to visit a military site at Parchin, southeast of Tehran. Larijani did not explain why Parchin could be visited but not Lavisan.

What about Nuclear facilities in ITSREALHELL?

Critics of Iran's nuclear program, such as the United States, suspect the military has played a role in the country's nuclear development as part of a covert plan to produce nuclear bombs. Iran denies such ambitions, saying its nuclear program is strictly for the generation of electricity.

Remember Purim Iraq?

A report of the International Atomic Energy Agency, that was prepared for next week's meeting, says Iran has improved its cooperation with the world body, but there "remain issues to be resolved" concerning the Iranian military's role in the nuclear program and the country's secret enrichment activities between 1995 and 2002.

Oh from the joos

The confidential report, which The Associated Press in Vienna saw Friday, said inspectors had been refused entry to Lavisan. It also said greater Iranian transparency was "indispensable and overdue" as the agency tried to determine whether the military had run a secret nuclear program parallel to the civilian one.

The Associated Shemborg Collective media....says

Larijani reiterated in the TV interview that Iran was ready to resume negotiations with its three European counterparts.

"Iran's position was positive, but Europe stopped the negotiations," he said. Britain, France and Germany have insisted on Iran's freezing conversion before negotiations resume.

The Noahide Nasi Masters of all of the EU


Prepare for the Sanhedrins planned revenge of Aholibah and Aholah, ordo ab chao to bring their Moshiach, that man of sin. Stand Firm and Testify of the Everlasting Father Almighty GOD, Jesus who is the Only REDEEMER unto them who have faith. The rest of you...shhhhhhh, go back to sleep in your Judeo-apostasy of illuminated dreams

U.S. Leaders' Pressure Said to Endanger Israel
13:06 Nov 18, '05 / 16 Cheshvan 5766
By Hillel Fendel

  A letter-writing campaign is underway to U.S. President Bush and Sec'y of State Condoleezza Rice. The gist is that they are gravely endangering Israel by allowing the PA to control the Gaza border.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

The background of the letter is this week's Rafah agreement, forged under strong pressure by Secretary Rice. The agreement deals with the Rafah Crossing along the Philadelphi Route between Egypt and Gaza, which for years has been a favored spot for terrorists to smuggle in terrorists, weapons and drugs. Under the terms of the newly signed arrangements, Israel foregoes almost all control in the area, becoming vulnerable to terrorist threats from Sinai, Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Fear propaganda for the shemborg Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch who conntrol Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London and washington....temporarily

A sample letter can be seen here.

The campaign is being undertaken on the backdrop of the signing of the agreement that all Israeli security bodies consider dangerous. It also takes into account the U.S. insistence that Israel do nothing to prevent Hamas terrorists from taking part in the upcoming Palestinian Authority election.

Because DOV Stein of sanhedrin admitted that the Sanhedrin Controls the Hamas to do their "TERROR" in an e-mail to me in the last six months

Similar campaigns in the past have concentrated not only on letter-writing protests to public officials, but also on writing letters to newspaper editors, calling radio programs, and other methods of "getting the word out."

by the Talmudic controlled media of sorcery, lies and TREASON

The sample letter accuses Bush and Rice, by pressuring Israel to allow Palestinian travel between Gaza and Hebron, of "establishing a pathway for violence," of "putting Israel at grave risk," and of "siding with our terrorist enemies." It also criticizes the agreement for "permitting the construction of a seaport in Gaza," and for not insisting on the cessation of terror.

The Terror proceeds from them and they cry "Terror" Terror" and the Devil cries out while he snares unbelieving mankind who worships the beast and their mammon of hell

"By not taking a stand against Hamas running in the Palestinian elections," the sample letter continues, "you are forcing Israel into dangerous compromises with the Palestinians and are guaranteeing more terror in the Middle East. These untenable policies are an outrage and are counter-productive to our efforts in Iraq."

and the war to seat their wannabe kings upon the throne of David, rages between the Dan Hassidim of the North, Aholah and the secular zion of the south, Judah the whore sister Aholibah........


Last update - 08:55 18/11/2005

Rare seal bearing Jesus image found in Tiberias

A rare seal bearing a picture of Jesus on one side was discovered at an archeological dig in the old city of Tiberias on Thursday.

The other side of the seal, which dates from the sixth century, depicts a cross and bears the inscription "Christos."

The seal was discovered by two volunteers, employees of the American and British embassies.

Prof. Yizhar Hirschfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who is directing the dig, said the seal apparently belonged to a high-ranking church official, and indicated that the church in Tiberias "was stronger than we had thought."

Rest assured the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS is a MIGHTY GOD


the Dan-ite "Sayers" bribe the Sexcretary of state, Bushitlers Condo Sleezy. But you heard nothing from the Goy TV of the Talmudic US media

N.Y. Jewish leaders lobbied Rice on Gaza border deal

NEW YORK - New York Jewish leaders encouraged U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to intervene aggressively in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute over the Gaza border crossings, telling her this would gain the support of American Jews, according to sources affiliated with the community's liberal wing.

In particular, the sources said,
they urged her to take a tough line against Israel, especially on issues such as a settlement freeze and dismantling illegal settlement outposts. The sources said several leading New York Jews held talks with Rice recently at which these issues, as well as the impasse over the border crossings, were discussed.


However, they also urged her to press the Palestinian Authority to meet its commitment to fight terror.

Sharansky/Bushitler/Chabad Noahide enforcement

Among others, Rice met in Washington earlier this month with the heads of the left-wing Israel Policy Forum, who expressed their views on various aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Following the meeting, the forum also sent her a policy paper in which it urged the U.S. to take "aggressive" action on three issues.

"The U.S. should embark on these steps immediately and vigorously. The three steps are interrelated. The success or failure of one will impact on the success or failure of the others. The program
presented will allow the United States to help build and reinforce the first section of the bridge that began with this summer's disengagement and must end with the viable and realistic two-state solution," according to the IPF policy paper entitled "Building a Bridge from Disengagement to Two States."

Forcing "Terror"

"The three steps that should be implemented in tandem, rather than in sequence, are as follows: Unambiguous and effective efforts by the PA to control terror and prevent attacks on Israelis; an Israeli freeze on extending existing settlements, including roads and other associated infrastructure, and removal of unauthorized settlement outposts; and efforts to help grow the Palestinian economy so the Palestinian Authority can provide jobs and basic services for Palestinians. This effort would help strengthen the PA's position among the various Palestinian factions, including Hamas."

IPF President Seymour Reich, who participated in the meeting with Rice, told Haaretz, "We don't presume to say that it was because of our conversation with the secretary of state, or the political paper we sent her, that she acted so aggressively to achieve the border crossing agreement." However, he added, "I have no doubt that we bolstered Rice's instinct and strengthened her opinion that aggressive American involvement was needed to achieve practical results."

The Chabad Lubavitch are attempting to create Chaos in Aholah

Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, said it was not uncommon for Jewish organizations to
lobby the administration to exert pressure on Israel. Foxman himself opposes such activity, but said the IPF, Americans for Peace Now and sometimes the Reform Movement all engage in it.

for they "Say" they are jews but are not and are Liars, and are the sons of the shemmyGoG of satan. IN Christ Jesus, there is no difference in jew or greek but one Blood, One nation one FOLD


Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Cabinet Votes to Not Demolish Gaza Synagogues

by @ 14:04 EDT+07:00. Filed under News Stories

Cabinet votes to leave Gaza synagogues intact
Herb Keinon and Jpost staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 7, 2005

The cabinet voted Sunday to leave about two dozen synagogues in the Gaza Strip intact, leaving the fate of the houses of worship in the hands of the Palestinians. The cabinet voted 14-2 against razing the structures, even though a year ago the same ministers approved the demolitions. Critics said last-minute considerations - including a desire to win the support of leading rabbis ahead of general elections - prompted several Cabinet members to change their minds. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told his cabinet ministers Sunday morning that he opposed the demolition of the synagogues in the Gaza Strip as part of Israel’s withdrawal from the territory, a participant in the meeting said. During Sunday’s meeting, the government also voted to officially approve the end of Israel’s 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip. Sharon’s announcement supporting the preservation of the synagogues reversed a position he articulated just two weeks ago. 

Sharon has double crossed the Bushitler Admenstruation. The Hassidim are now rergaining the confidence of Sharon and dumping Bush, unless he strikes Syria and Iran. Bush knows he is in between Iraq and a hard place

Political sources said that Sharon’s change of mind had to do with internal Likud politics, and his desire to avoid another political battle inside the Likud over an issue as emotionally charged as the destruction of synagogues by an Israeli government.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told Army Radio on Sunday morning that he wanted to ask international bodies to take responsibility for the religious structures.

Opponents of the plan to destroy the synagogues received a major boost Saturday as six ministers voiced their opposition to the idea.

According to Army Radio, six of the cabinet’s 21 ministers – Education Minister Limor Livnat, Health Minister Dan Naveh, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, Minister-without-Portfolio Tzahi Hanegbi, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and Labor’s National Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer – said they would vote against the demolition plan.

Three other ministers also expressed their intentions to vote against: Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz, Environment Minister Shalom Simhon, and Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra.

They know the Sanhedrin is in Power now

Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz and Minister-without-Portfolio Haim Ramon voted to destroy the buildings. Communications Minister Dalia Itzik abstained.

Since the cabinet did vote to keep Gaza’s synagogues standing, the pullout of IDF troops from Gaza – dubbed Operation Ashmoret Aharonah (Last Watch) – was set to begin late Sunday night and finish early Monday, bringing to a close 38 years of an Israeli presence in the area.

The Double cross

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

One government official said that if the decision was made to keep the synagogues in place, they might be sealed with cement to prevent desecration.

Pressure by high-profile rabbis to keep the synagogue structures intact – the content of the synagogues have been removed – has apparently had an impact on Sharon, with the prime minister not wanting to be perceived in the Likud as doing anything that could be construed as “lacking consideration toward religion.”

Two weeks ago at the cabinet, when the question was raised and the chief rabbis came to argue against destroying the synagogues, Sharon said he feared desecration of the synagogues; he recalled going to Hebron soon after the Six Day War in 1967 and seeing a synagogue dating back to the 1600s turned into a latrine and sheep pen.

During that meeting, Sharon rejected the argument that dismantling the synagogues would give countries around the world with abandoned synagogues an excuse to destroy them as well, saying it was impossible to compare situations in other countries, where there is law and order, to the situation with the Palestinian Authority.

Now, however, a source close to Sharon said that leaving the synagogues would be a test for the PA.

“The contents have all been removed, and all that is left is the structures,” one official said. “This would be a challenge for the PA because if the buildings were desecrated or destroyed, they would suffer from bad publicity. The last thing they now need is for the world to tell them that they are disrespectful of religious beliefs.”

PA official Saeb Erekat was quoted as saying that leaving the synagogues intact would put the PA in an unfair position.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

“We maintain the highest respect for Judaism,” he said. “We do not want to be put in a situation that we are demolishing synagogues in front of the world, or some of our people may do something that we don’t want them to do.”

Political sources said that while Sharon was “still contemplating” his vote Saturday night, he was leaning toward voting against their destruction.

The double cross of the Palestinians, the Road Map to hell

The original cabinet resolution of June 6, 2004, that approved disengagement said that synagogues would not remain in Gaza.

They will be forced to yield to Sanhedrin

On Thursday, the High Court of Justice gave the government a green light to destroy those synagogues that could not be moved, ruling against a request to hold a new hearing on their petition against demolishing the synagogues.

“The fate of the synagogues is, indeed, a complex and multifaceted issue,” the ruling read. “The government is the body directly responsible for that question.”

After that decision, Mofaz – opposed to destroying the structures – asked Sharon to delay implementing the court decision and to hold another discussion in the cabinet on the matter.

“As a Jew and the defense minister in the State of Israel and as someone who grew up in a religious traditional home and believes in the Torah of Israel and the sacred sites of Israel, it is difficult for me to instruct the IDF to destroy and blow up synagogues,” Mofaz said Friday.

He believes the anti-Christ Mishnah Torah, Talmud Bavli of the dragon

He added, however, that if the government decided to demolish the synagogues, he would instruct the army to do so despite his own feelings.

Following Sharon’s decision to postpone the demolitions and bring the issue back to the cabinet, Shas party leader Eli Yishai and its spiritual mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef took advantage of the delay to consolidate support for leaving the synagogues standing.

Yosef spoke with Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres on Friday afternoon to try to convince him to vote against, and also held a conversation with Mofaz, Army Radio reported. Yosef, according to Shas officials, burst into tears during his talk with Mofaz.

Foreign Minister Shalom said over the last few days he has received numerous appeals from Jewish communities abroad warning that the destruction of the synagogues by Israel could be a “dangerous precedent” that that could be used by governments around the world as an excuse to destroy Jewish holy sites.

after all anti-Shematism is necessary

“Jews don’t destroy synagogues,” Shalom said. “As someone with a strong tie to Jewish tradition, and who himself has built a synagogue, I have come to the conclusion that despite the risk of damage that might be caused to the synagogues after the IDF leaves Gaza, it is prohibited for the government of Israel to take such a decision [to demolish the synagogues].”

Shalom said he hoped the PA would not allow “barbarism and vandalism” to prevail, but that if it would, the world would know with whom Israel was dealing.

You can bet they will  use Hamas black flag ops to blame it on the Palestinians

President Moshe Katsav has also made clear that he was opposed to destroying the synagogues.

The IDF has been preparing a set of responses to correspond to possible Palestinian terror attacks following the withdrawal. Different responses will be structured according to the security environment as defined by the government. Thus, should the environment be “limited terror,” the IDF could automatically stage a preemptive strike at, say a Kassam rocket squad detected as they prepared a strike from inside Gaza City.

Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts.  The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

The IDF knows this exposes the civilians to dangers and has recommended to the government to “react after every incident.” This reaction will not necessarily be physical. It could be economic or political.

Theoretically if the terror environment deteriorated, the gate that Kochavi is expected to shut Monday could be brutally and unflinchingly reopened with columns of armor-backed forces pouring in to the Palestinian areas to reconquer large chunks of the Gaza Strip and seek out and destroy weapons caches and terrorists. Response could also come from the air, either from warplanes, or possibly artillery.

The IDF has no qualms about destroying their fortified bases and buildings in the Gaza Strip. They were anachronistic, leftovers from a fortress mentality. Speaking to commanders in the Gaza area, many veterans of the Lebanon skirmishes with Hizbullah, there is a sense that the new reality being created returns to them the advantage of a mobile army with the initiative on their side.

No longer burdened by the need to defend settlements and roads, the IDF can devote its energies into blocking Palestinian terror.

“Is two brigades too much for a 60-kilometer border? Good question. No one knows what will be. We don’t know what motivation there will by 1.4 million Palestinians to break out,” said one senior officer.

For the moment, the environment is a tense calm and coordination. How long this lasts remains to be seen.

Margot Dudkevitch and AP contributed to this report.


Fitzgerald to Bush, Strike Syria and Iran or I am telling on you

Fitzgerald sees new grand jury proceedings

Nov 18, 12:09 PM (ET)

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald during a news conference in Chicago November 17, 2005....

By Adam Entous

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said in court filings that the ongoing CIA leak investigation will involve proceedings before a new grand jury, a possible sign he could seek new charges in the case.

In filings obtained by Reuters on Friday, Fitzgerald said "the investigation is continuing" and that "the investigation will involve proceedings before a different grand jury than the grand jury which returned the indictment" against Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Fitzgerald did not elaborate in the document. For two years he has been investigating the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. The grand jury that indicted Libby expired after the charges were filed late last month.

President George W. Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, was not indicted along with Libby. But lawyers involved in the case said Rove remained under investigation and may still be charged.

The blackmail

Earlier this week Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward disclosed that he testified under oath to Fitzgerald that a senior Bush administration official had casually told him in mid-June 2003 about CIA operative Valerie Plame's position at the agency.

Fitzgerald's comments about bringing proceedings before a different grand jury were contained in court filings in which he backed off seeking a blanket order to keep all documents in the CIA leak case secret.



AGADAH: The Gemara cites the verse in Shir ha'Shirim (3:7-8) that states, "Behold, it is the bed of Shlomo, surrounded by sixty Giborim (mighty men) of the mighty men of Israel. They all grasp the sword and are trained in warfare; each man with his sword upon his thigh, [protecting] against the dread of the nights." The Chachamim derive from this verse that a Dayan, when issuing a ruling, should be as fearful as though a sword is placed beneath him between his legs and Gehinom is below him.

According to the Gemara's Derashah, who are the "sixty" men mentioned in the verse?

(a) RASHI explains that the mighty men are the Talmidei Chachamim who comprise the Sanhedrin, who are fearful as though a sword is placed beneath them etc. However, we know that the Sanhedrin was comprised of *seventy* Dayanim, and not just sixty. Where are the other ten?

Rashi in Sanhedrin (7b) says that according to this Derashah, the number sixty in the verse is indeed not an exact figure. The point of the verse is to emphasize that Talmidei Chachamim should be adequately prepared when they issue rulings.

The MAHARSHA (in Sanhedrin) brings support for Rashi's interpretation of who the mighty men of the verse are from a Midrash Rabah (Bamidbar 11:7) which explains that the sixty men are Dayanim.

(b) TOSFOS argues and says that "Giborim" refers to the sixty myriads (600,000) of the Jewish people. (This also has its source in the Midrash, ibid. and Yalkut Shimoni 2:986.) It seems that according to Tosfos, the verse is saying that Shlomo ha'Melech, the Dayan, is surrounded by the Jewish people who come to him to judge their cases, and he and his associates must be afraid of Gehinom.

The ROKE'ACH (on Shir ha'Shirim) brings support for this from a Gematria: "Shishim Giborim" is equal in numerical value to "Eleh Shishim Rivo."

(c) THE VILNA GA'ON (ibid.) supports Rashi's interpretation. He explains that when Sanhedrin sat, ten (of the most important members) sat in the middle of the group, and they were surrounded by the other sixty. These are the "sixty mighty men *around* the bed of Shlomo. (The ten in the middle correspond to the seven "Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech" and three "Shomrei ha'Saf," who are closest to the king, in a king's court -- and in the king of king's court -- see Megilah 23a. The verse in II Melachem 25:19, which associates these authoritative members of the king's court with sixty other men, is discussing the members of the Sanhedrin.

the seven of the ten who give the beast their power

A minimum quorum of 23 Sanhedrin members is necessary for a vote to take place.
At Monday's meeting, those present chose seven names from a list of nominees to represent the Sanhedrin to the Jewish world and to spiritual leaders.

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) received the most votes of confidence in his ability to lead the Sanhedrin through the next stage of its development.

The six others who were chosen by the Sanhedrin were:

Rabbi Nachman Kahane - Rabbi of the Young Israel of Jerusalem's Old City and head of the Institute for Talmudic Commentaries, which is involved in the study of the Temple rituals and ceremonies, as well as cataloging of all known kohanim (priests) in Israel. He is the brother of murdered JDL leader and ex-Knesset Member Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel - a former Yeshiva head and founder of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, which has produced many of the vessels to be used in the Third Temple.
He was one of the paratroopers who took part in the 1967 liberation of the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Yoel Shwartz - Founder and rabbi of the "Nachal Hareidi" IDF unit specifically designed to enable the hareidi-religious public to join the IDF. He is a teacher at Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim and author of approximately 200 books on Jewish law and theology, including influential guides for gentiles seeking to serve G-d and observe the Seven Laws of Noah.

Rabbi Dov Stein - A pioneer in the Sanhedrin's renewal for the last 20 years, he has been secretary of the Sanhedrin since its inception, dealing with logistical aspects as well as interacting with recognized Torah scholars and inviting rabbis to join the body. He manages the web site.

Rabbi Yehuda Edri - A prime initiator of the re-establishment of the Sanhedrin, an accomplished author and leader of the Movement for the Rebuilding of the Temple.

Rabbi Dov Levanoni - An elder Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi and expert on the Holy Temple.


The source for his explanation is the Shir ha'Shirim Raba (3:13) and Yerushalmi Sanhedrin (1:2), which associates the verse about Shlomo's bed with the verses about the Ro'ei Pnei ha'Melech and the sixty others, just as the Vilna Gaon explains.


Rv:17:12: And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

and the beast is their false Christ Moshiach, that son of perdition to be Revealed

But it ain't gonna happen says "j-lo" and the Judaizers, who worship the beast ascended out of the bottomless pit



"Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." - Adolf Hitler


Alert !

The Vote to murder wonderfully in the name of Noahide peace, or "Terror" from Sanhedrin of the treasonous Blasphemous Congress of Eretz Itsrealhell, jewrisdiction District of Columbia Isis

GOP Pulls Fast One...
Tells Dems: Pull Troops Now? Okay, then let's vote!!!!!
Tonight. 7 p.m.
Ultimate showdown


The "right" the Neo Conmen of the Hassidim, the freemason Judeo-Churchinsanity proselytes of Sanhedrin and the Doctrine of devils, Aholah of Dan of the North

wage war against, Judah, the "Left" Demoncrats, Aholibah, secular zion

in Washington, Tonight 11-18-2005

and the Doublespeak Demoncrazies will obediently back down. 

The shemwars will continue even unto desolation

Republicans seek vote on Iraq withdrawal proposal



Friday, November 18, 2005; Posted: 3:29 p.m. EST (20:29 GMT)


Comments by Rep. John Murtha, a hawkish Democrat, against the Iraq war surprised his colleagues.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Republicans sought a showdown Friday with Democrats on a proposal by one of their most senior members to force an end to the U.S. deployment of troops in Iraq.

Rep. John Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, offered the resolution demanding a pullout. The GOP-run House was expected to reject it -- and make a prominent statement about where Congress stands on Iraq -- as the chamber scurried toward a Thanksgiving break.

"We'll let the members debate it and then let them vote on it," said Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, the acting majority leader.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's office had no immediate comment.

Murtha, a well-respected Vietnam veteran who voted for the Iraq war, called for the immediate withdrawal of troops Thursday, intensifying the already red-hot debate on Capitol Hill over President Bush's war policies. 

Murtha's resolution would force the president to withdrawal the nearly 160,000 troops in Iraq "at the earliest predictable date."

Most Republicans oppose Murtha's plan, and even some Democrats have been reluctant to back his position. Republicans were seeking to force Democrats to stand with the respected 30-year congressman or go on the record against his proposal.

Some members of the House and Senate, looking ahead to off-year elections next November, are publicly worrying about a quagmire there. They have been staking out new positions on the war that has grown increasingly unpopular with the American public, resulted in more than 2,000 U.S. military deaths and cost more than $200 billion.

The House move comes just days after the GOP-controlled Senate defeated a Democratic push for Bush to lay out a timetable for withdrawal. Spotlighting mushrooming questions from both parties about the war, though, the chamber then approved a statement that 2006 should be a significant year in which conditions are created for the phased withdrawal of U.S. forces.

"Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency," Murtha, a longtime hawk on foreign and military affairs issues, said Thursday. "They are united against U.S. forces and we have become a catalyst for violence. The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion."

A day after his comments, a U.S. field commander in Iraq countered the position of the usually pro-military congressman.

"Here on the ground, our job (pimping for that whore city) is not done," said Col. James Brown, commander of the 56th Brigade Combat Team, when asked about Murtha's comments during a weekly briefing that American field commanders routinely give to Pentagon reporters.

Speaking from a U.S. logistics base at Balad, north of Baghdad, two days before his scheduled return to Texas, Brown said: "We have to finish the job that we began here. It's important for the security of this nation."

For if they do not.....TERROR will be sent from Sanhedrin unto Amaraka the apostate

Republicans pounced, chastising Murtha for advocating what they called a strategy of surrender and abandonment, and Democrats defended Murtha as a patriot, even as they declined to back his view.

"I won't stand for the swift-boating of Jack Murtha," Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, responded Friday. Also a Vietnam veteran, Kerry was dogged during the campaign by a group called the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that challenged his war record.

"There is no sterner stuff than the backbone and courage that defines Jack Murtha's character and conscience," Kerry said.

For his part, Kerry has proposed a phased exit from Iraq, starting with the withdrawal of 20,000 troops after December elections in Iraq. A Kerry spokesman said "he has his own plan" when asked if Kerry agreed with immediate withdrawal.

As a Vietnam veteran and top Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee with close ties to many military officers, Murtha carries more credibility with his colleagues on the issue than a number of other Democrats who have opposed the war from the start.

Bush administration officials have been cautious in responding to Murtha.

"We have nothing but respect for Congressman Murtha's service to his country," White House communications director Nicolle Wallace told NBC's "Today" show Friday. "And I think he spoke from the heart yesterday. We happen to have a real serious policy disagreement with him."

Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas, a 29-year Air Force veteran who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for nearly seven years, called Murtha's position unconscionable and irresponsible. "We've got to support our troops to the hilt and see this mission through," he said.

I support the Troops who do not support Bush and Treason

With a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts, Murtha retired from the Marine Corps reserves as a colonel in 1990 after 37 years as a Marine, only a few years longer than he's been in Congress. Elected in 1974, Murtha has become known as an authority on national security whose advice was sought out by Republican and Democratic administrations alike.

Do you support the Bushitler Bloodlust of the murderer from the beginning? If you do, I assure you you are no Christ believer, but are become a proselyte two fold child of hell of the leaven of the hassidic Pharisees, and I assure you, you will not be "raptured" as per your Tellytubby Talmudic Televangelist of the in need of seed greed creed.

So wave your chinese made dimestore patriotic Flag, for your false king is nigh, he is your very own personal beast redeemer.


In ah ha the name ah ha Judeo-Jaysooooose


gawd bliss amaraka the apostate

the land of the murdering hep me gawd

do you hate me yet, apostate "Amaraka"?

no surprise, for you hate the LIFEGIVER who is my Master.



Ex-CIA chief: Cheney 'VP for torture'



Friday, November 18, 2005; Posted: 10:03 a.m. EST (15:03 GMT)

LONDON, England -- Former CIA director Stansfield Turner has labeled Dick Cheney a "vice president for torture."

In an interview with Britain's ITV news Thursday, Turner said the U.S. vice president was damaging America's reputation by overseeing torture policies of possible terrorist suspects, the UK's Press Association reported.

"I'm embarrassed the United States has a vice president for torture," Turner said, according to ITV's Web site. "He condones torture, what else is he?"

Turner said he did not believe U.S. President George W. Bush's statements that the United States does not use torture.

Turner ran the Central Intelligence Agency from 1977 to 1981 under former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

"We have crossed the line into dangerous territory," PA quoted Turner as saying. "I think it is just reprehensible."

Referring to Cheney, Turner said: "I just don't understand how a man in that position can take such a stance."

In Washington, Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, is leading a campaign to ban cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody. 

The administration says the legislation could tie the president's hands, and Cheney has pressed lawmakers to exempt the CIA, according to The Associated Press.

While international law and treaty obligations forbid torture and inhumane treatment, classified memos have given the government ways to extract intelligence from detainees "consistent with the law," (Noahide Law)  administration officials say.



Saints of Jesus the Christ

all others need not read

All Constitutional Law is now nullified. There is no "Bill of rights". By House Joint Resolution 104, PL 102 14 of the 102nd Congress of Treason of these United States, these Laws are forever abolished.

Therefore, The Laws which regulate Tax is therefore nullified.

Your Property rights are abolished

Your right to citizenship is forfeited.

Your right to worship your God is made a criminal act.

So, There is no president of the United States

There is no Congress

There is no Judicial

There is no LAW

Unless they openly admit the courts are Noahide Courts

Or the Congress of the United States, rescinds this treasonous Public Law and restores the Government of the People by the People and For the People.

It is time to Make your final Stand unto the Coming of the LORD, Jesus the Creator.

All others, I advise you to finds rocks and caves and lowestrooms and Hide. For Candles which cannot burn are hid under the bed.


Searching for One Man or Woman, who has the Funds, and who seeks and Hungers for Righteousness, to Finance a Full Page Ad in the New York Times, about the Treasonous Blasphemous House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14, "restoring" this Nation to the Talmudic anti-Christ Noahide Laws of the beast Sanhedrin. 

All of Congress, All the staff of the executive, all Judicial are indicted to answer this call to summons.

If they refuse to accept this Ad, we will sue them in their own Noahide Courts.

Are you a saint of the Living God? Will you help me to get this word out?


Contact me:

no you will not get rich on mammon if you send any money for this Advertisement

This cannot be written off on Taxes, we are no IRS, 501 C-3 organization.

Send a Check or Money Order for any amount to:

Robert G. Pickle

P.O Box 489

Bay Minette AL 36507-0489

This is not a request for Seed of Greed creed need. If you are in the lowestroom hiding, you may not want to partake in this Stand against the workers of iniquity.


Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Saints of Jesus the Christ it is time to bring their cowardly shemsham into the open. It is time that they stop their cowardly antics of coming out in the middle of the night and Taking the Lord's Chosen. Let satan be Exposed. Let satan's workers be Exposed, forever.


Noahide News Part 333



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