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September 17, 2005

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Elul, 13 their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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TREASON, murder and Blasphemy


Republican Jewish Coalition Applauds Senator Santorum for Urging UN Response to Anti-Semitism

Contact: Press Secretary Sabrina Schaeffer
Friday, September 16, 2005

On September 15th, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution by Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) urging the United Nations to take action against anti-Semitism.

“The RJC praises Senator Santorum for his leadership in orchestrating this very important resolution” said Matt Brooks, Republican Jewish Executive Director. “It is incredibly significant that the Senate acknowledged and condemned

 specific instances of anti-Semitism in the United Nations and addressed the fact that Israel continues to be denied a rotating seat on the Security Council."

The resolution, introduced by Sen. Santorum with the

 encouragement of the RJC, had 15 cosponsors, including 

Sen. George Allen (VA), Sen. Sam Brownback (KS), Sen.

 Jim Bunning (KY), Sen. Richard Burr (NC), Sen. Tom 

Coburn (OK), Sen. Norm Coleman (MN), Sen. Susan 

Collins (ME), Sen. Mike DeWine (OH), Sen. Smith 

Gordon (OR), Sen. Mel Martinez (FL), Sen. David Vitter 

(LA), and Sen. George Voinovich (OH). A similar 

resolution introduced by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 

(R-FL) passed the House of Representatives in June by a vote of 409-2.

In addition to listing specific examples of anti-Semitism, the resolution welcomes recent U.N. efforts to reform the international body. The resolution suggests holding member states accountable for anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric and encourages the implementation of education awareness programs about the Holocaust.

“The resolution makes it clear that the United States Senate is committed to opposing anti-Semitism,” Sen. Santorum said on the floor of the Senate. The Senate, he said, “is committed to opposing anti-Semitism and calls on the U.N. to officially and publicly condemn anti-Semitic statements.”


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From: namaste publishing
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Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 9:35 PM

Dear Select Few!!

Click on the above link and down load the hidden files from our website on to your desktop. Drag and drop.

Please DO NOT  pass this link on, as this webpage is hidden for good reason!! I will only leave the files up there for a couple of days - till this coming Sunday, then I will take it down, so hurry. You must watch this video. A friend, who KNOWS much about MIND CONTROL, gave it to us (some of you know them). This interview was on for just a couple of days, then disappeared. We have seen it,  the contents may shock some of you, but for those who REALLY know the bigger picture, it will not come as a suprise! What you will see is, we believe, the tip of the iceberg and we feel this is GENUINE! - see for yourself.



E-mail 9-16-2005

Thanks Marshall

 Pam Schuffert
Fri Sep 16, 2005 15:23


(Before you read this report, let it be understood that I have worked among Jews for years. Whether in summer camps with precious Jewish children, or taking care of elderly Jewish nannies as a nurse's aide to the day they died, or fellowshipping with Messianic Jews in mutual worship of God and Jesus Christ, I have personally deeply enjoyed my contacts with the Jewish communities across America.

I cherish my Jewish friends. I lament deeply the previous HOLOCAUST and have even made several pilgrimages to DACHAU to mourn over Jewish lives destroyed during it.

I have often come to the defense of Jews, including when B'NAI B'RITH was attacked in Washington DC some years ago. I called that number during a Black Muslim terrorist seige of the B'NAI B'RITH and begged the Muslims not to hurt the Jews they held captive.

As a child, I protected a young Jewish boy being stoned at school as his fellow classmates jeered, "JEW! JEW!" His name was Phillip ROTHSCHILD. (Yes, even a ROTHSCHILD.) My deep love for the Jews was birthed at an early age, and continues to this day. IT is a love that has led many of them to their Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ.

But as an honest journalist uncovering the coming NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA/TAKEOVER of our nation, I am finally compelled by sheer honesty to tell the truth I have been slowly and painfully becoming aware of.

So let it be fully understood that WHAT IS CONTAINED IN THIS MESSAGE has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with anything that can be labeled "ANTISEMITISM."
It is simply the painful and heartbreaking truth. A truth I never wanted to admit.)

-Pam Schuffert


Last summer, I visited my mother in Tulsa,OK. While there, I attended a Messianic Jewish synagogue. A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE is one composed of both Jewish and Gentile BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST. They invited me to lecture to their congregation on THE COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

there is no difference in jew or greek in Christ Jesus, beware. Jewry is the religion and is no race in particular. Jewry and Christ are contrary. When in Christ Jesus, they are converted and no longer in Jewry


Jn:7:1: After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him

And while I lectured there, something fascinating happened.

A Sephardic Messianic Jew, Saida (pronounced "Saheeda"), began nodding as I talked about FUTURE CONCENTRATION CAMPS and GUILLOTINES and BOXCARS AND SHACKLES and how THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA WERE THEIR MAJOR TARGET FOR DESTRUCTION, among others.

Puzzled, I asked her HOW SHE KNEW.

And she fully admitted in front of all the members I was lecturing to, THAT SHE KNEW...BECAUSE HER JEWISH RELATIVES THEMSELVES WERE WARNING HER!

They are NOT Believers in Messiah, as she is. These particular Jewish relatives were from New York City.


She admitted to me and the Messianic congregation that SHE KNEW ALL ABOUT THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND MARTIAL LAW ACTIVITIES TO COME, because of what her Jewish relatives told her.

And SHE KNEW that THIS COMING PERSECUTION would be directed PRIMARILY AGAINST CHRISTIANS..again because of what her Jewish relatives admitted to her.

And Saida admitted, in front of her entire Messianic congregation, that her Jewish relatives were joining with OTHER Jews of the Jewish community in their eagerness to have THE CHRISTIANS ARRESTED AND KILLED IN THE CAMPS UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

perceived Christian persecution of the Jews. MANY Jews in the USA know about coming MARTIAL LAW and the dark purposes behind it. I discovered this while working among them.

And if THIS is the case, WHY then do you think that THERE IS AN EASTERN EUROPEAN JEW, Michael Chertoff, in the role of HOMELAND SECURITY DIRECTOR???

Could it be that he was made director, because, as a Jew, he is in perfect agreement with the Jewish perspective on the coming MARTIAL LAW AGENDA??? And in perfect agreement with the PLANNED round up and termination of the Christians of this nation as well???

Noahide Enforcement to their dragon the devil

In Michael Chertof's mind, is MARTIAL LAW going to be used as the tool of "PAYBACK TIME FOR THE CHRISTIANS" by the Jews in power in Washington DC???

( By the way, in Russian, "CHERT" when spelled with the Russian "E" accntuated with the "YOH" markings over it, means "DEVIL."

"CHERTOF" actually means in Russian: "SON OF THE DEVIL.")


WHY do you think that certain Jews in Washington DC such as WOLFOWITZ and RICHARD PERLE (who worked with WA Senator "Scoop" Jackson when HE ORDERED THE 20,000 PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES FROM CHINA as a part of the NWO MARTIAL LAW AGENDA) and many OTHERS such as LIEBERMAN...why do you think THEY ARE SO RABID IN THEIR SUPPORT OF THE COMING NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA FOR "AMERIKA"???

Could it indeed be because they join with the other Jews in America in lusting for the hour of PAYBACK TIME FOR THE CHRISTIANS??? Sadly, I now firmly believe that it is.

Couple all this with the revelation that the militant Orthodox Jewish organization,
LUBAVITCH CHABAD (based in NYC) is fully BEHIND the importation of the several MILLION GUILLOTINES (I have documented are now in America,) tied in with their Christian-persecuting "NOAHIDE LAWS" that will authorize EXECUTION BY BEHEADING for the "crime of blasphemy against God" or DECLARING JESUS CHRIST IS DIVINE AND THE SON OF GOD...and it is not difficult to see the various elements of Jewish involvement in the coming PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH IN AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW/NWO.

New York City is the headquarters of LUBAVITCH-CHABAD, a militant Orthodoc Jewish organization that is violently anti-missionary/anti-Christian.

Lubavitch frequently persecuted me and other Christians in NYC as we sought to spread the Gospel among the Jews in NYC. Militant Orthodox Jews threatened me with firebombing while living and witnessing in their Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

I was followed constantly by LUBAVITCHER intelligence (spies) everywhere I went. Bulletins were posted in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood where I lived (Coney Island Avenue and Avenue J in Brooklyn) inviting Jews to attend seminars by JEWS FOR JUDAISM and Rabbi Kravitz entitled "COMBATTING THE MISSIONARIES."

My fellow Christian missionaries were attacked, beaten, their literature on Jesus the Messiah torn up and thrown into the air.

Jews who dared to convert to Christianity or Messianic Judaism were often kidnapped by JEWISH DEPROGRAMMING TEAMS, including those operated by LUBAVITCH. Jewish neighborhoods such as BORO PARK were used to forcibly deprogram Jews from their new-found faith in Jesus the Messiah.

I would frequently walk into Jewish religious bookstores in NYC, often to find in their books EXPLICITLY ANTICHRISTIAN HATE MESSAGES declaring the CHRISTIANS TO BE THE COMMON FOE THAT JEWS MUST STAND UNITED AGAINST...even in childrens' books.

Few American Christians comprehend this deeply rooted Jewish distrust and very real hatred in many cases for THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA AND WORLDWIDE. It is not openly discussed by Jews in non-Jewish circles. But I discovered through years of interacting with the Jews in America, that it is all quite real.

More and more of my research sadly links certain elements of the Jewish community (certainly NOT ALL) with the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and future persecution/martyrdom of the Church in America.


And in America, it will truly take a strange twist! THIS time around, during an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, you will find MANY OF THE FUTURE PERSECUTORS UNDER MARTIAL LAW TO BE JEWS...and many of THE VICTIMS SENT OFF TO CONCENTRATION be CHRISTIANS.

How fiendishly clever of them.


Wouldn't you call that betrayal of a friendship at the highest levels???

I admit, that pain fills my heart with every word I have written in this report.

But I am finally compelled to admit the truth on this subject. And so often, the truth hurts.

-Pam Schuffert


It is about time Pam, welcome to the camp of the saints of the Great Iamhe


e-mail thanks CF


CASTEL GANDOLFO, ITALY - Israel's two chief rabbis Thursday asked Pope Benedict XVI to condemn all forms of anti-Semitism and invited the head of Catholicism to Jerusalem during a meeting at the pontiff's summer residence.

The meeting at Castel Gandolfo, a lake-side town near Rome, was described as "very friendly" by Israel's Ashkenazi chief rabbi, Yona Metzger, and the Sephardic chief rabbi, Shlomo Moshe Amar.

The two religious leaders said they had asked the pope to speak out against the destruction of synagogues in the Gaza Strip and called on the Roman Catholic Church to set aside a special date in which Catholics would be invited to condemn all forms of anti- Semitism.

Thursday's meeting was part of celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of a historic document with which the Vatican put an end to long-standing anti-Jewish prejudices within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Nostra Aetate declaration, approved by an assembly of bishops on October 28, 1965, called on the Church to stop blaming Jews for the death of Jesus Christ and invited Catholics not to discriminate others on the basis of race or religion.

to become obedient Goyin Noahide Ger Tosah slaves enslaved to the Devil that old Dragon of the Jews anti-Christ Religion of Talmud Bavli the Mystery Babylon risen

The Vatican did not provide any details of the meeting and did not immediately comment on the papal invitation to Israel. Israel's Ambassador to the Holy See, Oded Ben Hur,(shembolism)  would neither confirm nor deny suggestions that the papal trip could take place within the year.

The rabbi's invite follows a similar one made on July 6 by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Relations between Israel and the Vatican had suffered a brief setback days later when the pope failed to include Israel on a list of countries that had fallen victim of terrorism. Ambassador Ben Hur has since said Israel was ready to move on.

Pope Benedict has made inter-religious dialogue one of the priorities of his pontificate and in August made a historically- charged visit to Cologne's synagogue during a trip to his homeland of Germany.

Catholicos Benedict Arnold


E mail from Babe n suckling ex "Chabad LOOBAVITCH"

----- Original Message -----
From: Will Yanokitoff
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 1:00 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:

I lived in Is-real-hell for two miserable years. I associated with many Israelis and know their violence and hatred towards all other nations. I know how they exploit the goy and arabs and look down upon non-Israeli jews. They are a hardened, vengeful and rebellious house. They have been raised from the cradle to murder and steal. They have been brainwashed with the holocaust eternal martyr victim mentality "the whole world is against us because we are G-d's (satan, actually) chosen people so we are persecuted by the goy who are jealous of us." They see poor little tiny Israel as "a little lamb of a nation surrounded by ravening wolf nations (arabs)"
I will have to think more on this one Brother Robert, but my first impression is that you are talking to a child a hell-judeos. (Tamar) He has been brought up to hate Jesus Christ, so they are trained to instantly dismiss ANYTHING from the New Testament. I don't think he will understand your words in blue about the treachery of his religious leaders. Nor will he understand the principles of the Protocols that "anti-semitism is necessary for the management of our lessor brethren" and that the suicide bombers on busses and Hamas style murder raids are used by their own leaders against their own people to intensify the conflict so that anti-semitism will increase at unprecendented speed. Tamar will not understand that the dialectic process is used with "terrorism" to control the "debate" as well as the outcome. He will not understand that he is a pawn, a dupe for his Jewish overlords in bringing about "ordo ab chao" the NWO by acting out his desire for "revenge." As you said all murder is of the murderer.
You gave him some STRONG MEAT brother, (which I loved) but dunno if he can handle it's strength. He ain't even on milk yet! HE AIN'T EVEN BEEN BORN (ANEW) YET UNTO JESUS CHRIST. It is very difficult speaking with those who are dead in tresspass...
You did your job as an excellent witness and "preached the word instantly in season" Whether it penetrates his hardened heart is up to the Holy Spirit. See how he responds to what you wrote. Who knows, maybe he will be that "one more'!!
I will ruminate more on this and ask God to help me with it. I have been very "introspective" regarding life and death lately as I could have easily been killed the other night if the monster who hit me (with brass knuckles actually, 12 stitches, not 6 on the bridge of my nose) had hit me in the temple, I woulda most likely been dead.
I THANK YOU again Brother, for YOU are the only one with which I can have these types of discussions. No one else I know understands this stuff.
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:

I read your message to Tamar over and it is high level "spiritual stuff". For apparantly THE LORD wrote the scriptures in a dialect such that only his "Chosen" disciples would understand them. The LORD spoke in parables for this reason, but also so that the Pharisees and non-beleivers WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND!
It is impossible to tell any in their own words...IT must be the WORD of God or it is a lie
But as I read Tamer's (his/her?) letter something tells me it may be a fake. But I see it would be important to answer giving 'em the "benefit of the doubt."
I thought it was maybe a set up for extradition, by their new laws and the Talmudic Laws of Washington DC about to be enforced, BUT I do not fear them, I fear my KING
For I know horrible it is to unknowingly be an apostate heretical jew, thinking you are making God happy by doing fake man-made "mitzvahs." Woe be unto the lessor jew! Greater woe unto the wicked "ubermensch" rabbinic priesthood!! 
Babe, they know what they do, they know who they serve, they know they slew the Noblemans son and said "Let us Rob his inheritance"
Where can an anti-Christ judeo go for consolation, advice and peace? Since they beleive not in JESUS CHRIST they must turn to: a fake "mental healer" jew psychiatrist shrink, or a satan worshipping rabbi!! The shrink will give 'em pharmakeia and the rabbi will doom his soul to hell. Woe unto Tamar if he/she asks a rabbid for advice! The rabbid will encourage horrible torture, revenge and murder.
But for those of us true "chosen and called" there is the THE LORD who will consoles us through ALL tribulation and hardship (from your letter to Tamar....
6: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Hey somewhere in your "personal statement" section article you wrote about satan being cast in chains under jagged stones in Dudael - the alien place. Do you know where this info is? Maybe the section on Raelians?
man, i cannot remember what I ate yesterday and you ask me that. Just do a Google on samliquidation and Dudael
Feel free to share any other letters with me that people send you and your replies. For I learn so much from your replies...A big part of my walk with the LORD has been how to handle/rebuke the: scoffers, deniers, blasphemers, apostates, atheists, heathens, witches, mockers, sodomites and their enablers, revilers, haters, the profane and vulgar, and all manner of foolish non-beleivers.  "For a fool sayeth in his heart, there is no God."
They flee from the WORD of GOD written in the heart
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 2:35 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:

NN 282 amazing brother. Jeremiah 33:3 - Call unto me and I will show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.
When I was in the viper's nest (chabad) I actually met that pervert/liar Shmeuly Boteach. He was doing his lecture circuit for his book of jew porno called "Kosher Sex." Anyway, since Shmeuly is a "big shot" and is "famous" and is "rich" you shoulda seen the sycophant rabbids fawning and sucking up to him, and bending waaaaaayyyyy over for him.  Disgusting. A rabbid, for some reason, introduced Shmuely to me. Dunno why. Sure 'nuf the pipsqueek (Shmuely is about 5 feet tall) gave me the most condescending supercilious look I'd ever received. Like "what's this traif lessor Jew got for me??" I got very used that look from being around chabad, but Shmeuly Bitchteach took the "cake" for the  most smug arrogant haughty look I'd ever received from a kike.
Proverb 6:16 - There are six things the LORD hates, yes, seven are an abomination to him;
17 - Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood;
18 - A heart that plots wicked schemes, feet that run swiftly to evil,
19 - The false witness who utters lies, and he who sows discord among brothers.

Chabad rabbis GUILTY of ALL 7 ABOMINATIONS!!!!

To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: Question

Hey I noticed in your message to Tamar you mentioned the "Tanackh" (or however it's spelled) Now I know what the talmud, zohar and kabbalah are, but what is this one?
Babe, the Tenakah is the Laws of God given to Moses, whom they denied and twisted and perverted and  made them camels for to swallow in their Tradition they put to pen the oral tradition which makes the Word of God of none effect, Mishnah Torah Talmud Bavli
Is it the rabbids re-written, bastardized version of the Old Testament?
No IT is the OLD Testament five Books
of Moses they perverted
I remember seeing this book at the kennel (chabad house) but couldn't read or understand it. Again I gotta go to my goy buddy Robert Pickle to get the facts about judaism.
Did you ever see drooly Shmeuly's web site?? Be sure to have a barf bag ready...
Yeah, I have quoted that slither hither vermin many times
Thanks. Hey so while we're on the subject of the's another question...Do you think or know at what point in an "insider' chabad Jew's or rabbids "career" do the overlords tell 'em what Judaism REALLY IS?  When do they start praticing the "illicit sex acts" and "acts of murder" of their kaballah? I'm sure that the rabbids I knew have participated in ritual murder. See I know from their cradle these beasts have been indoctrinated in profoundly deep hatred, but when do they start to murder (in secret), literally?? For it is a big mitzvah to kill goy, the more agonizing the death, the more they please their g-d Satan. These monsters look forward to their day of "liberation" when they will be free of all moral restrictions in their olam ha ba when they will be able to rape, torture and murder freely amongst their 2800 goy slaves. (Sheeesh man this stuff is worse than the grissliest of sci-fi horror!!)
And they say anti-semitism is a BAD thing??
Hey I'm reading  NN 284 now about the old lady accused of looting sausages. Check this out: last week when I had my head cracked open, the freemason cop who arrived on the scene was interogating/accusing ME like "what did I do to provoke the attack?" I was covered in blood and being very cooperative but cop told me to stop being a "smartass".  This is what Noachide justice looks like - guilty until proven innocent, no due process, criminals and murderers making the new "laws", punishment based not on facts and truth but if da judge doesn't like the way you look....
As I mentioned before I did much thinking on persecution, affliction and sufffering this week...just found this below and will share it with you 'cuz it applies to any TRUE BELEIVER:



Proverbs 20:22     New American Standard Bible


22Do not say, “I will repay evil”; wait for the LORD, and He will save you.


The chosen of God have faced unfair and evil situations since he made covenant with Abraham that his descendants would be the Sons of God.


Certainly life is filled with difficulties for everyone, but the attack against God’s people is beyond the normal problems that everyone faces. Our history is filled with documented attacks against those who dare to live uprightly before God.

We are constantly confronted with unfair accusations and hardships simply because we are His chosen people.


Life isn’t fair! How true! But, we need to be aware that God never said it would be fair.  Jesus said; “If the world hates you, know that it hated me before it hated you”. (John 15:18) He goes on to say that they hate me because of the good works that I do.  His very presence and his miraculous works convicted them of sin. Those in the world who attack us for our faith and righteous standards are really rebelling against the righteousness of God that they see in us.


We are often tempted to take things into our own hands. We want to return evil for evil. This is not the way of Jesus, our Lord and Redeemer. He says “to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44 .)


This is a hard saying.  Our natural instinct is to strike back, to “get even”. We may feel that we are being a “wimp” or “weakling” if we do not immediately repel the offenses thrown at us. This may be true according to the standards of the world, but the Sons of God have a higher calling.


God has a higher standard.  He is a just and righteous God and perfect in judgment. He keeps an accurate record of all our deeds, both righteous and unrighteous.  He has declared that if we will wait upon him, (have patient faith) he will save those who trust in him.


God uses our suffering in righteousness, to reveal the evil and ungodliness of those who rebel against serving him. We have been given the glorious privilege of suffering with Christ. (Romans 8:17)(1 Peter 2:19-23) (Acts 5:21 )


Be comforted in knowledge. God keeps good records. He will preserve us in our trials and justify us through righteous judgment upon those who have persecuted us. Their time of judgment is sure to come. We can trust Him to remember our sufferings. Wait for the Lord and he will save us!


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Please help me to endure the persecutions that may befall me. Keep me from bitterness and revenge. I trust you to bring your judgment upon those who abuse me. Use me, like David , to defeat my enemies. Help me to be patient. I know that you defend and strengthen your own. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.



People, last night I watched the opening of the series "Threshold". It is blatant and outright that we have been invaded by the Talmudic Devils of the Dragon. It is time that I only communicate with the Saints of Jesus the Christ. If you are not a saint, and you do not think you will stand firm even to your first death, but have decided that Jesus the Christ is your adversary, then I will no longer communicate with you. IF you know in your heart that the Lord has testified of you, and you will stand firm unto the end, feel free to e-mail me. For the separation of the sheep from the goats is about complete.



Power crews diverted
Restoring pipeline came first

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina roared through South Mississippi knocking out electricity and communication systems, the White House ordered power restored to a pipeline that sends fuel to the Northeast.

That order - to restart two power substations in Collins that serve Colonial Pipeline Co. - delayed efforts by at least 24 hours to restore power to two rural hospitals and a number of water systems in the Pine Belt.

At the time, gasoline was in short supply across the country because of Katrina. Prices increased dramatically and lines formed at pumps across the South.

"I considered it a presidential directive to get those pipelines operating," said Jim Compton, general manager of the South Mississippi Electric Power Association - which distributes power that rural electric cooperatives sell to consumers and businesses.

"I reluctantly agreed to pull half our transmission line crews off other projects and made getting the transmission lines to the Collins substations a priority," Compton said. "Our people were told to work until it was done.

"They did it in 16 hours, and I consider the effort unprecedented."

Katrina slammed into South Mississippi and Southeast Louisiana on Aug. 29, causing widespread devastation and plunging most of the area - including regional medical centers and rural hospitals - into darkness.

The storm also knocked out two power substations in Collins, just north of Hattiesburg. The substations were crucial to Atlanta-based Colonial Pipeline, which moves gasoline and diesel fuel from Texas, through Louisiana and Mississippi and up to the Northeast.

"We were led to believe a national emergency was created when the pipelines were shut down," Compton said.

White House call

Dan Jordan, manager of Southern Pines Electric Power Association, said Vice President Dick Cheney's office called and left voice mails twice shortly after the storm struck, saying the Collins substations needed power restored immediately.

Jordan dated the first call the night of Aug. 30 and the second call the morning of Aug. 31. Southern Pines supplies electricity to the substation that powers the Colonial pipeline.

Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Mike Callahan said the U.S. Department of Energy called him on Aug. 31. Callahan said department officials said opening the fuel line was a national priority.

Cheney's office referred calls about the pipeline to the Department of Homeland Security. Calls there were referred to Kirk Whitworth, who would not take a telephone message and required questions in the form of an e-mail.

Susan Castiglione, senior manager of corporate and public affairs with Colonial Pipeline, did not return phone calls.

Compton said workers who were trying to restore substations that power two rural hospitals - Stone County Hospital in Wiggins and George County Hospital in Lucedale - worked instead on the Colonial Pipeline project.

The move caused power to be restored at least 24 hours later than planned.

Mindy Osborn, emergency room coordinator at Stone County Hospital, said the power was not restored until six days after the storm on Sept. 4. She didn't have the number of patients who were hospitalized during the week after the storm.

"Oh, yes, 24 hours earlier would have been a help," Osborn said.

Compton said workers who were trying to restore power to some rural water systems also were taken off their jobs and placed on the Colonial Pipeline project. Compton did not name specific water systems affected.

Callahan's visit

Callahan is one of three elected public service commissioners who oversee most public utilities in the state. Commissioners, however, have no authority over rural electric power cooperatives.

Nevertheless, Callahan said he drove to Compton's office on U.S. 49 North in Hattiesburg to tell him about the call from the Department of Energy. Callahan said he would support whatever decision Compton made.

Callahan said energy officials told him gasoline and diesel fuel needed to flow through the pipeline to avert a national crisis from the inability to meet fuel needs in the Northeast.

Callahan said the process of getting the pipelines flowing would be difficult and that there was a chance the voltage required to do so would knock out the system - including power to Wesley Medical Center in Hattiesburg.

With Forrest General Hospital operating on generators, Wesley was the only hospital operating with full electric power in the Pine Belt in the days following Katrina.

"Our concern was that if Wesley went down, it would be a national crisis for Mississippi," Callahan said. "We knew it would take three to four days to get Forrest General Hospital's power restored and we did not want to lose Wesley."

Compton, though, followed the White House's directive.

Nathan Brown, manager of power supply for the electric association, was responsible for overseeing the delicate operation of starting the 5,000-horsepower pumps at the pipeline.

Engineers with Southern Co., the parent company of Mississippi Power Co., did a dual analysis of what it would take to restore power and Brown worked with Southern Co. engineers on the best and quickest way to restore power.

Work began at 10 a.m. Sept. 1 and power was restored at 2 a.m. Sept. 2 - a 16-hour job.

Night work

A good bit of the work took place at night.

Line foreman Matt Ready was in charge of one of the teams that worked to power the substations and the pipeline. Ready's shift started at 6 a.m. Sept. 1; he received word about the job four hours later and saw it to completion.

"We were told to stay with it until we got power restored," Ready said. "We had real safety issues because there were fires in the trees on the lines and broken power poles."

Ready described working on the lines in the dark like attempting to clear fallen trees out of a yard with a flashlight and a chain saw.

"Everything was dangerous," he said.

Ready said the crew members did not learn they were restoring power to pipelines until after the job was done.

How did they feel about that?

"Is this on the record?" Ready asked. "Well, then, we are all glad we were able to help out."

Compton said he was happy to support the national effort. But he said it was a difficult decision to make because of the potential impact in the region had the plan not worked and the area's power restoration was set back days.

"It was my decision to balance what was most important to people in South Mississippi with this all-of-a-sudden national crisis of not enough gas or diesel fuel," Compton said.

"In the future, the federal government needs to give us guidelines if this is such a national emergency so that I can work that in my plans."


You must remember the SSSanhedrins Dov Stein's words to me by e-mail

e-mail from the Hassidic anti-Christ Pharisaic Chabad Lovtobitch (Lubavitch) Sanhedrin of the Dragon....rabid rib-eye Dov Stein

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

-----Original Message-----
From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:06 PM
To: Dov

Dov SSStein
IT is not chamas who you control who you worry about....IT IS JESUS the Christ GOD and his Father you so tremble.
Very soon your Moshiach and Sanhedrin and your dragon is cast into the pit with death and hell the Covenant you have made to yourselves

His Reply

We authentic Jews will treat CHAMAS (Hamas)  wonderful when we get rid from your christian influence during 2000 years of murdering and thethts. Soon the CHAMAS will treat you christians as it did 11/9


-----Original Message-----
From: Southern American Marketing, Inc. []
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 12:38 AM
To: Dov

the lust of your father the murderer from the beginning you do.
after all it is necessary the anti-SHEMA-tism, for their management....right?
The beast Sanhedrin will be destroyed and all your hassidim of death and hell the covenant you have made unto your selves
Schneerson of HaBushitler is already in the Pit
and all the Dragons Chabad LOV-to-Bitchers are cast in with you and your Moshiach and the dragon
YOU were warned from the beginning
But the Father has put it in your hearts to fulfill his WORD
And Jesus the LORD IAM comes Quickly on that Great and Terrible Day of his wrath
all them who worship your beast, via your Universal Noahide anti-Christ law the snare of the Assyrian will taste the second death
In Jesus the Christ Mighty Name

rabid ribeye Dov Stein's reply

You IW (Idol Worker, I prefer ISREALHELL Warner) look how much hatred is within you because you are IW



For all of you who do not believe, I assure you their plan is TERROR in apostate "Amaraka" which will make 9-11-2001 look like child's play.

They have already made their Hamas their obedient Noahides who do their bidding and their false flag operation of "TERROR" in Gaza and ISREALHELL to manage the apostate of the earth. When the blood shed escalated it will be only to destroy the Palestinain people, Iran and Syria. It will usher in their false king despot of all the earth, that son of perdition, Moshiach ben Satan false Christ.

You are warned "Amaraka" Repent Now

You are warned ISREALHELL, REPENT in Jesus the Christ the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for your destruction is NIGH

You who are in Judea, who hear, Do you understand? 


National Security Official: Israel Working with Hamas
21:54 Sep 17, '05 / 13 Elul 5765
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

  The retiring deputy head of Israel’s National Security Agency said that Hamas terrorists and Israeli authorities are cooperating in the Hamas-run city of Kalkilya, next to Kfar Saba.

Ofir Dekel, speaking at a conference on terrorism, said that Hamas has changed its strategy, such as revealing the identities of its terrorist chiefs in the Gaza region. "For Hamas, which is a conspiratorial [and] secret [group], such a move is dramatic. It shows the direction it seeks to take," which is to exercise influence in the political arena, Dekel said.

The idea of Hamas terrorists and Israel cooperating with each other is a twist similar to another development that Dekel noted. The Palestinian Authority (PA) recruits terrorists into its police forces to keep down terrorism. "You want to prevent a terror attack, recruit the terrorist. That is how [PA chairman] Abu Mazen acts," he said.

The Sanhedrin will use Hamas to enforce the "TERROR" for the Noahide obedience

Israel's cooperation with Hamas terrorist leaders is on local matters in the Kalkilya area, which Dekel did not describe in further detail. However, Israeli authorities' cooperation with Hamas terrorists on administrative matters could strengthen Hamas politically elsewhere in Judea and Samaria and weaken the PA.

Hamas won all the council seats in Kalkilya municipal elections earlier this year. The city is highly significant because it is on the list of urban centers which the PA is slated to control according to the Sharm el-Sheik accords negotiated in February. Israel has delayed transferring full responsibility for the city until the PA halts terrorist attacks. Kalkilya also is located strategically on the 1949 border, often referred to as the Green Line which marked Israel's borders before the 1967 Six-Day War.

Dekel said that Hamas "still believes the entire land ... belongs to the Islamic Wakf (trust), and that death for Allah is the most sublime thing," but that its leaders do not want to become martyrs.

He explained that Hamas commanders cannot assume that they are secure in Gaza, where Dekel estimated that Hamas will increase its administrative control. He reminded his audience that the PA suffers from chaos and corruption, whereas the Hamas terror organization is well-run, organized and effective.

Dekel predicted that attacks from Gaza will decrease but that terrorism will escalate from Judea and Samaria, where it is sending terrorists who know how to build rockets. Hamas "is aware of the dramatic effect of such a (rocket) attack," which can reach major Israeli cities, industries and power stations, he said.

Lobbing the missiles on the "Lesser brethren" the jews for their Sanhedrin

He estimated that there will be very little terrorism prior to the scheduled January PA legislative elections.

Dekel also said that terrorist attacks will be less effective because Israel's intelligence system has improved. He added that terrorist groups such as Fatah's Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades "can be bought," unlike the Islamic Jihad.


The Temple Mount: Getting Serious

News from Palestinian sources protest Jews taking up residence near the Al-Aksa Mosque. Not a new story. Only weeks go, media expert Michael Widlanski reported that Voice of Palestine radio broke into its regular programming to announce that Israeli troops and Jewish extremists were invading Islamic holy places on the Temple Mount.

Following that, came a report that Jordan's Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Marouf Bakhit, had rushed to declare to officials at the Israeli Foreign Ministry that his country was outraged over the "provocative act" of a group of Jews who had the insolence to visit the Temple Mount in commemoration of Jerusalem Day. The official Jordanian news agency declared this "a provocative act that could stir up confrontation and evoke outrage of Muslims around the world."

It has been well documented that in September 2000 the Palestinian Authority used Ariel Sharon's visit to the Mount as a pretense for starting the Intifada they already had planned. This current incitement is bad news. Seems they're revving up the crowds again.

to Bring in the Hoodlum haha of the Dragon and Noahide slavery to all mankind whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life

It is time, I suggest, for us to start thinking seriously about the Temple Mount and our relationship to it as Jews. This is not an issue simply for those advocating building of a Third Temple on the Mount. I advocate nothing of the sort; yet, I see that it affects us all.

It is, after all, the Temple Mount and not the Kotel (Western Wall) that is Judaism's holiest site. The Kotel is a retaining wall that helped to shore up the Mount on which the Temple stood, and so reflects the holiness of the place. 

The wall is the Roman Jupiter wall  and has nothing to do with the Creator, Jesus who is Christ

But it is the Mount that is not only the site of the two Temples, but traditionally the site of many other momentous events in our history as well. It is identified as Mt. Moriyah, where the akeida (the sacrifice of Isaac) took place.

and they want the fional temple of Abomination to place the son of perdition the false Christ, their Moshaich ben Satan there wanna be king

I am well aware that many think that this is "simply" ancient history and of no particular relevance to modern sensibilities. But this is not so. There is, first, the centrality of this place to our heritage. A people with pride does not lightly dismiss this. And then there is the sanctity that adheres: this is where the Holy of Holies stood, the sacred space the High Priest entered once a year. This is the place where the Jewish people communed with the Sh'khinah - the presence of the Almighty. The sanctity adheres.

BEFORE GOD the CREATOR destroyed them in their Abomination to their "Robber" they choose, and now all apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity are with them


Understand, the Sanhedrin who is Chabad Lubavitch controlled, red Sofiet Talmudic sons of Satan also control Bush. They have admitted the Hamas is in their control also. Aholibah, Judah the secular zion they are all against is opposed to the Chabad Lubavitch control of Dan of the North, Aholah the whore sister's rule..........BEWARE

U.S. voices disapproval of PM's warnings on Hamas

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent (New York), Haaretz Service and Agencies

The United States announced Saturday that it disapproves of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's statement that Israel will not allow Palestinian elections to take place in the West Bank if Hamas participates in them.

Earlier, Sharon told journalists in New York that Israel does not intend to allow the January elections with Hamas participation, unless the group disarms and revokes its call for the destruction of the state of Israel.

"I don't think they can hold elections without our assistance, and we will make all possible efforts not to aid them if Hamas participates," Sharon said. He cited leaving army roaddblocks in place in the West Bank and Jerusalem as a means of making it impossible for Palestinians to reach voting stations.

Bushitler needs Hamas, for the "All Engulfing Terror" which proceeds from the Hassidim Lubavitch of Sanhedrin, the anti-Christ of the earth


Military Treasonous Blasphemous Noahide Enslavement Talmudic Rule of Bushitlers Hassidim of nasal whining panty waisted purple lipped goober slurping anti-Christ Chabad Lubavitch RED Sofiet jews of their Dragon that ole Devil. WE KNEW IT WAS COMING, there is no reason to whine now. Suck it up and Stand Firm saints of the Living God

Military May Play Bigger Relief Role
Sep 17 2:59 PM US/Eastern



President Bush's push to give the military a bigger role in responding to major disasters like Hurricane Katrina could lead to a loosening of legal limits on the use of federal troops on U.S. soil.

Pentagon officials are reviewing that possibility, and some in Congress agree it needs to be considered.

for they are Treasonous Vipers of HELL and they are anti-Christ through and through.  If my Lord would have said, at that time slay them all, O how this wretched flesh would have rejoiced, But no, this is not the Patience of His saints.......turn the other cheek even as did the Lord God of the LIVING

Bush did not define the wider role he envisions for the military. But in his speech to the nation from New Orleans on Thursday, he alluded to the unmatched ability of federal troops to provide supplies, equipment, communications, transportation and other assets the military lumps under the label of "logistics."

The president called the military "the institution of our government most capable of massive logistical operations on a moment's notice."

At question, however, is how far to push the military role, which by law may not include actions that can be defined as law enforcement _ stopping traffic, searching people, seizing property or making arrests. 

or rounding up the saints of Jesus the Christ those "Hater" anti-SHEMITES 

That prohibition is spelled out in the Posse Comitatus Act of enacted after the Civil War mainly to prevent federal troops from supervising elections in former Confederate states.

Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. John Warner, R-Va., chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said, "I believe the time has come that we reflect on the Posse Comitatus Act." He advocated giving the president and the secretary of defense "correct standby authorities" to manage disasters.

"Mission Accomplished HaBushitler...Mission accomplished son of the satan's shema-GoG. ALL of you who are "WITH" HaBushitler and ALL of Congress, are with his Dragon the DEVIL, there is no if's, but's and in betweens

Presidents have long been reluctant to deploy U.S. troops domestically, leery of the image of federal troops patrolling in their own country or of embarrassing state and local officials.

The active-duty elements that Bush did send to Louisiana and Mississippi included some Army and Marine Corps helicopters and their crews, plus Navy ships. The main federal ground forces, led by troops of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., arrived late Saturday, five days after Katrina struck.

They helped with evacuations and performed search-and-rescue missions in flooded portions of New Orleans but did not join in law enforcement operations.

The federal troops were led by Lt. Gen. Russel Honore. The governors commanded their National Guard soldiers, sent from dozens of states.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is reviewing a wide range of possible changes in the way the military could be used in domestic emergencies, spokesman Lawrence Di Rita said Friday. He said these included possible changes in the relationship between federal and state military authorities.

Under the existing relationship, a state's governor is chiefly responsible for disaster preparedness and response.

Governors can request assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. If federal armed forces are brought in to help, they do so in support of FEMA, through the U.S. Northern Command, which was established in 2002 as part of a military reorganization after the 9/11 attacks.

Di Rita said Rumsfeld has not made recommendations to Bush, but among the issues he is examining is the viability of the Posse Comitatus Act. Di Rita called it one of the "very archaic laws" from a different era in U.S. history that limits the Pentagon's flexibility in responding to 21st century domestic crises.

Another such law, Di Rita said, is the Civil War-era Insurrection Act, which Bush could have invoked to waive the law enforcement restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act. That would have enabled him to use either National Guard soldiers or active-duty troops _ or both _ to quell the looting and other lawlessness that broke out in New Orleans.

The Insurrection Act lets the president call troops into federal action inside the United States whenever "unlawful obstructions, combinations or assemblages _ or rebellion against the authority of the United States _ make it impracticable to enforce the laws" in any state.

The political problem in Katrina was that Bush would have had to impose federal command over the wishes of two governors _ Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana and Haley Barbour of Mississippi _ who made it clear they wanted to retain state control.

The last time the Insurrection Act was invoked was in 1992 when it was requested by California Gov. Pete Wilson after the outbreak of race riots in Los Angeles. President George H.W. Bush dispatched about 4,000 soldiers and Marines.

Di Rita cautioned against expecting quick answers to tough questions like whether Congress should define when to trigger the president's authority to send federal troops to take charge of an emergency, regardless of whether a governor agreed.

"Is there a way to define a threshold, or an anticipated threshold, above which a different set of relationships would kick in?" Di Rita asked. "That's a good question. It's only been two weeks, so don't expect us to have the answers. But those are the kinds of questions we need to be asking."


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