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August 17, 2005  

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Av 12 their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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e-mail from the Hassidic anti-Christ Pharisaic Chabad Lovtobitch (Lubavitch) Sanhedrin of the Dragon....rabid rib-eye Dov Stein

דואר אלקטרוני          אתר אינטרנט

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To: Dov

Dov SSStein
IT is not chamas who you control who you worry about....IT IS JESUS the Christ GOD and his Father you so tremble.
Very soon your Moshiach and Sanhedrin and your dragon is cast into the pit with death and hell the Covenant you have made to yourselves

His Reply

We authentic Jews will treat CHAMAS (Hamas)  wonderful when we get rid from your christian influence during 2000 years of murdering and thethts. Soon the CHAMAS will treat you christians as it did 11/9


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the lust of your father the murderer from the beginning you do.
after all it is necessary the anti-SHEMA-tism, for their management....right?
The beast Sanhedrin will be destroyed and all your hassidim of death and hell the covenant you have made unto your selves
Schneerson of HaBushitler is already in the Pit
and all the Dragons Chabad LOV-to-Bitchers are cast in with you and your Moshiach and the dragon
YOU were warned from the beginning
But the Father has put it in your hearts to fulfill his WORD
And Jesus the LORD IAM comes Quickly on that Great and Terrible Day of his wrath
all them who worship your beast, via your Universal Noahide anti-Christ law the snare of the Assyrian will taste the second death
In Jesus the Christ Mighty Name

rabid ribeye Dov Stein's reply

You IW (Idol Worker, I prefer ISREALHELL Warner) look how much hatred is within you because you are IW



For all of you who do not believe, I assure you their plan is TERROR in apostate "Amaraka" which will make 9-11-2001 look like child's play.

They have already made their Hamas their obedient Noahides who do their bidding and their false flag operation of "TERROR" in Gaza and ISREALHELL to manage the apostate of the earth. When the blood shed escalated it will be only to destroy the Palestinain people, Iran and Syria. It will usher in their false king despot of all the earth, that son of perdition, Moshiach ben Satan false Christ.

You are warned "Amaraka" Repent Now

You are warned ISREALHELL, REPENT in Jesus the Christ the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for your destruction is NIGH

You who are in Judea, who hear, Do you understand? 


The disengagement is a shem scheme devised by the Hassidim who control the Bushitler ad-menstruation. They know exactly what they do. The "Road Map" leads straight to HELL for all who follow. BEWARE


The two whores fight once again to control the earth

Last update - 17:37 17/08/2005

Chabad men in Neveh Dekalim demand forces wear tefillin

By Haaretz Service and Agencies

Israel Defense Forces officials were hammering out a deal with Neveh Dekalim settlement leaders Wednesday, as clashes between protesters and troops continued. The forced evacuation of the settlement is expected to continue into the night.

Members of the Chabad movement who had infiltrated Neveh Dekalim and entrenched themselves Wednesday in the bomb shelter of a girl's seminary demanded that the evacuating forces wrap themselves in tefillin (Jewish prayer phylacteries).

They also demanded that the IDF release Avi Bieber, the soldier who last month was arrested when he refused to follow orders to demolish houses for the disengagement.

The IDF passed responsibility for negotiations with the barricaded Chabad members to Colonel Amos Ben Avraham.

Around 2 P.M., Labor MK Matan Vilnai was hit on his head by an egg thrown by a pullout opponent while he was visiting Neveh Dekalim.

Earlier in the day, security forces encountered violent resistance from settlers and pullout opponents who had infiltrated the Gaza Strip.

Police arrested about 60 protesters, most of whom do not live in Gush Katif, and sent them out of Neveh Dekalim, the largest Gaza settlement, on buses.

Hundreds of troops grabbed settlers and pushed them into buses. Police scuffled with a large crowd, as the smoke from burning garbage rose into the air. Protesters fought with police officers and threw eggs and water bottles at them. One family pushed soldiers out of their home and began breaking down the house with a hammer.

One young woman shouted, "I don't want to, I don't want to," as she was carried out of a house in Neveh Dekalim.

However, students of the Torat Haim yeshiva in Neveh Dekalim, which had been expected to be a center of opposition to security forces, were packing when the troops arrived. About 210 of the 470 families in Neveh Dekalim had already left by midnight Tuesday.

The more than 15,000 police officers and soldiers deployed in Gush Katif also marched into the Gaza settlements of Ganei Tal, Bedolah and Tel Katifa to begin the forced evacuation.

Security forces entered the settlement of Bedolah in the morning and made their way into the synagogue, where residents had barricaded themselves. By noon, all the residents except one woman had left on their own.

Ganei Tal residents were trying to convince security forces Wednesday not to implement the evacuation, but they have all agreed to leave the area on their own between 1 P.M. and 3 P.M. Wednesday.

Tel Katifa residents apparently reached an agreement with the army to leave the settlement in an orderly convoy, the army said.

The army is allowing those settlers who don't clash with the security forces to leave the settlements in their own cars.

PM aide: Settlements could be evacuated within 48 hours
A senior aide to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said early Wednesday that all or nearly all of the 21 Gaza Strip settlements could be evacuated within 48 hours, declaring that the opposition to the disengagement has failed.

The IDF Southern Command and the Disengagement Administration said that more than half the settlers in Gaza - 832 families out of the 1,550 registered as residents - had left their homes by midnight Tuesday, the deadline after which the IDF has announced it will use force against those who refuse to leave.

Asked if pullout officials now believed the overall evacuation could be complete within two days, Eival Giladi, Prime Minister's Office chief of coordination and strategy, told Army Radio:

"It is a feasible assessment. It is not an an accessment that we have accepted as a formal accessment. I don't want to fix a certain time. Our approach is that there is time."

According to Giladi, apparently referring to prior predictions that resistance to evacuation would be accompanied by spasms of violence, "The greatest success of the leaders of the opposition is that the opposition has failed.

"In the future, I believe that the fact that the opposition reached a certain level and then flagged, will be seen as a success and not a failure."

Several settlements have been totally or nearly totally evacuated. Bedolah and Pe'at Sadeh have emptied out, and there are only a few families left in Slav, Rafiah Yam, Kfar Yam and Gadid.

Of the three northern Gaza settlements, there are 15 (out of an original 74) families still in Elei Sinai, and Nisanit and Dugit have been totally evacuated, according to the Disengagement Administration. The IDF does not plan to exert much effort to complete the evacuation of Elei Sinai.

A Chabad Sanhedrin Show to get the sympathy of the World for the "Chosen" who chooses the "Robber" of the DRAGON


The Bloodshed has begun, and will soon spread upon all the earth. Soon the "Hamas" controlled by Sanhedrin will stage the Attack which will trigger the Judeo-Apostate Churchinsanity Bloodlust wholesale against ISHMAEL, there after Bushitler will strine Tehran then will totally destroy the head of the Serpents desire, Syria. And all the while this once great nation is seduced into the whore's Iniquity. DO YOU HEAR saints of the Living God? Do you hear?

Israeli troops begin forced Gaza evictions

Woman sets self afire in protest

From Guy Raz and Paula Hancocks

Wednesday, August 17, 2005; Posted: 10:50 a.m. EDT (14:50 GMT)

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli troops Wednesday entered the largest Jewish settlement in Gaza, Neveh Dekalim, to evacuate as many as 4,000 people, many of whom had barricaded themselves inside a synagogue.

In protest against the evacuations, a 54-year-old woman in the Israeli city of Netivot set herself on fire Wednesday, police said. She was taken to a Beer Sheva hospital in serious condition. A protest was being held at a junction nearby, authorities said.

In Neveh Dekalim, unarmed Israeli soldiers led or carried away settlers or protesters who had infiltrated the settlements. Some of them were angry and tearful. Buses full of troops and policemen were brought in to transport them.

"I don't want to, I don't want to," screamed one woman as she was carried away, The Associated Press reported.

Officials said four troops would be brought in for every person refusing to leave. The buses transported settlers to temporary housing.

Israel Defense Forces Southern Command said that 60 percent of settlers had left Gaza by Wednesday afternoon.

3 killed on West Bank

On the West Bank on Wednesday, a Jewish settler grabbed a gun from an Israeli guard and opened fire on Palestinian workers in an industrial area of the Shilo settlement, killing three Palestinians, Israeli police said. Two Palestinians were wounded.

The settler, from the nearby Shvut Rahel settlement, was arrested.

It was not immediately known if the shooting was related to the evacuations. The two West Bank settlements involved are not among those to be evacuated.

The withdrawal is part of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to remove settlers from Gaza and four small areas of the West Bank, along with the Israeli troops who guard them, in hopes of reinvigorating the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The World Applauses

During televised remarks Wednesday, Sharon said, "There are difficult incidents ... largely because of the actions of youngsters, teenagers" who have infiltrated the settlements. "They are making what is happening more difficult."

Some settlers don't wish to leave because they believe Gaza is part of the traditional Jewish homeland. 

Part of Eretz ITSREALHELL, Babylonia Proper


Other secular Israelis say they believe the move rewards terrorists and will lead to more attacks from Palestinian militant groups.

The air in Neveh Dekalim was thick with smoke from fires set by protesters. Troops were attempting to extinguish the blazes. Demonstrators also threw bottles and eggs at Israeli soldiers.

People were arrested during the evacuations, although the exact number was not available.

Neveh Dekalim was among six to eight settlements set to be evacuated Wednesday as part of Israeli efforts to evacuate about 9,000 settlers from Gaza.

There are 21 settlements in Gaza, and the deadline for the settlers to voluntarily leave passed Monday, although they were given a 48-hour grace period.

In addition to Nevah Dekalim, IDF and Israeli police forces had entered the settlements of Ganei Tal, Tel Katifa and Kerem Atzmona, according to an IDF statement, and the evacuation of Tel Katifa was complete.

Also completed, were evacuations of Bedolah, Morag, Slav, Rufiah Yam, Gadid and Peat Sadeh settlements, Israeli police said.

According to IDF and Israeli police on Wednesday afternoon, 583 houses and public buildings had been evacuated of the 2,206 houses and public buildings in Gaza's Israeli communities.

About half of Neveh Dekalim's residents have left, but many of those remaining had said they were prepared to resist the Israeli pullout from Gaza. The settlement has 2,600 permanent residents, but that number has increased because of hundreds of protesters.

At least 1,000 people had shut themselves inside a synagogue, which could prove difficult for Israeli troops to evacuate.

"You should be ashamed at what you are doing," a woman who was pushing a baby stroller, told soldiers, according to AP.

Pictures from inside the building showed it was jammed with people, many of them sobbing.

The streets of the settlement were almost completely deserted, as other settlers shut themselves inside their homes.

An agreement was being negotiated that would allow Neveh Dekalim residents to hold a formal ceremony before leaving voluntarily at about 4 p.m. (9 a.m. ET).

'It's a painful process'

In Morag, a bulldozer broke through a makeshift barricade constructed of trash containers. Troops were also evacuating those who had barricaded themselves in a synagogue there, although those inside were leaving without force.

"They are paying a really painful price," Gideon Meir, a senior Israeli Foreign Ministry official, said, referring to those who are refusing to leave. "It's a painful process."

But, he added, "we are doing it as part of Israel's willingness and wish to live in peace with our Palestinian neighbors."

The first priority, he said: "We're going to heal from our wounds."

Sharon praised the Palestinian Authority for their efforts to prevent militant violence during the pullout, while Palestinian officials hailed the withdrawal.

"It's a step in the right direction," Ghassan Khatib, planning minister for the Palestinian Authority, said Wednesday. "The illegal presence of those settlers in a land that belonged to Palestinians was a major cause of the ongoing conflict and confrontations. So correcting this injustice by removing those settlers and bringing back the land to its natural and legal owners is going to contribute, hopefully, to the prospects of peace between the two sides."

Gaza, a 140-square-mile area of coastal land between Israel and the Mediterranean, also is home to about 1.3 million Palestinians.

In the largest peacetime operation in its history, the Israeli army expects to take three weeks to complete the removal of settlers from Gaza. A month later, Israel is to hand over to Palestinian control the area it has occupied since the 1967 Six-Day War.

Under an agreement made with the Palestinians, the structures built by the settlers will be bulldozed before that handover occurs.

All the while "the Babylonian Network" of telly tubby televangelist are praising their Hassidim Chosen rib-eyes and leading their congregation of the north to HELL in their "assisted Suicide" of the Goyim


Sharon: Attack in Shfaram aimed at halting the disengagement plan

Eden Natan Zada's terror attack in Shfaram Thursday was designed to harm Arab-Jewish relations and "prevent the disengagement plan," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told the cabinet Sunday.

Sharon opened the cabinet meeting, overshadowed by the vote authorizing the evacuation of the first batch of Gaza settlements (Chabad Hassidim) and by Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's surprise resignation, by discussing what he termed the "awful" attack in Shfaram.

"It is very important, both in general and during the difficult days that we are facing, to make every effort to enhance relations between Jews and Arabs, and this is how I intend to act," Sharon said. "Everything must be done so that such events do not recur."

Sharon said "it is impossible to ignore the fact that there is awful incitement and a concomitant danger that such events will recur.



Dov SSStein
IT is not chamas who you control who you worry about....IT IS JESUS the Christ GOD and his Father you so tremble.
Very soon your Moshiach and Sanhedrin and your dragon is cast into the pit with death and hell the Covenant you have made to yourselves

His Reply

We authentic Jews will treat CHAMAS (Hamas)  wonderful when we get rid from your christian influence during 2000 years of murdering and thethts. Soon the CHAMAS will treat you christians as it did 11/9


He called on all those involved in the investigation of the attack - the Israel Police, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF - to speed up the investigation and "take all necessary steps so that such events do not recur. We must continue to live with the Arab population here as always and we must create a network of relations that will enable us to live together."

Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin, whose organization - along with the IDF - was criticized over the weekend for not apprehending Zada despite all the warning signs, said the level of coordination between the various security branches needed to be upgraded.

Interior Minister Ophir Paz-Pines called for a government committee of inquiry to investigate the events in Shfaram, similar to the one set up after the October 2000 riots where 13 Israeli Arabs were killed.

Sharon said a decision regarding a committee of inquiry would only be made after the army, police and Shin Bet concluded their investigations.

The question of whether or not administrative detentions should be used more liberally against Jewish extremists was raised, with some Labor ministers such as Construction and Housing Minister Isaac Herzog and Communications Minister Dalia Itzik saying that the state must be able to protect itself, and a number of Likud ministers arguing against.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said law enforcement must be based on evidence, and warned that "calling for administrative detentions today need to know that tomorrow administrative detention may be used against them by another government."

Shalom also called on the police to investigate the "lynching" of Zada, saying that "law enforcement agents cannot allow themselves to ignore cases where private citizens take the law into their own hands."


Dan:8:17: So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision. 

Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


Talmudic Courts of Noahide shem sham "Justice'


Monday, August 15, 2005



NYS Legislature Concurs---No Oath, No Office; Amends Law

    The verdict is in.

   Town justices across the state were indeed illegally performing judicial duties including sending people to jail without having legal title to the office.

  No oath, no office.

  The Empire Journal and NYS Oaths Project have been successful in forcing the state Legislature and Office of Court Administration to admit that judges and justices across the state were in gross non-compliance of the law, prompting the Legislature to address the issue with new legislation to try and stave off a rash of litigation of challenges to decisions made by black robed imposters.

TREa-son-ous BLASPHEMER Freemason Vipers of Hell

  But it was all done very hush-hush.

  A year ago this week, very quietly the New York State Legislature validated the work of the New York State Oaths Project, confirming not only that state law requires town and village justices to file their oaths of office and undertakings in three locations as the Oaths Project has advocated since 2003, but that if they hadn’t done so not only did they vacate their office but that their actions performed before filing their official oath and/or undertaking were invalid.

   If the justices were not in office legally, they were not entitled to collect a salary and benefits from the taxpayers.

   It’s not just a technicality as many had claimed.

   On Aug. 17, 2004, Gov. George Pataki signed into law Chapter 406 of the Laws of 2004, legitimizing the work of the New York State Oaths Project which had exposed  an epidemic of non-compliance in the state court system resulting in illegal judges and justices sitting in the state’s courts, from the town courts all the way to the Court of Claims and Court of Appeals which gives serious doubt to the validity of their decisions.

   In fact, it was found that even members of the judiciary who were members of the state’s judicial watchdog agency, the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, were illegally in office, having vacated the position by operation of law for failing to comply with the state Constitution and statutes in not properly filing their oath and bond.

   June Maxam, Oaths Project coordinator and co-publisher of The Empire Journal, was assisted in the project surveying the 62 counties of the state by Ginger Berlin, TEJ co-publisher; Geneice Hovak and Thomas Chandler of the NYS Tyranny Response Team. and

  In June, 2004, TEJ, TRT and the NYS Constitution Party sponsored the Rally to Rein in the Judges on the steps of the Capitol in Albany.  Maxam and Berlin also presented a Platform of Judicial Reform to Helene E. Weinstein, chairwoman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and John A. DeFranciso, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

   Earlier in 2004, Maxam, Berlin and Hovak hand delivered a 400-page report on the findings of the Oaths Project to the office of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

  The survey revealed that over 90% of the state’s judiciary were illegally in office, illegally plucking a paycheck and benefits from the taxpayers of New York totally without lawful authority with absolutely no jurisdiction to sit in judgment of individuals charged in violating the law, to send people to jail and make decisions that forever impacts the lives of others.

   In fact, with the action taken a year ago by Pataki and the State Legislature, it has now been confirmed as advocated by the Oaths Project that prior to Aug. 17, 2004, official acts performed by judges and justices who had failed to file their official oath and/or undertaking were invalid as without proper title to the office, they could not claim to be de facto officers. One must first be a de jure officer before he can claim to be a de facto officer.

   Maxam found that alarmingly most town and village justices in the state were acting unlawfully themselves, having failed to take and file both their oaths of office with the clerk of their county and in many cases, so are the county sheriffs and district attorneys as well as other public officers.

   State law is very emphatic that public officers which include all town and village justices, city court judges and county judges must file their oaths of office and their surety bonds with the county clerk within 30 days of the commencement of their term or they have vacated their office.  No hearing is required, no judicial proceeding is necessary, the office is automatically vacant due to the officer’s neglect or refusal to file. No excuses are accepted—no oath, no office.

   The work of the Oaths Project was validated by the state Office of Court Administration when they issued memorandums in June and December, 2003, advising all town and village justices statewide that they had to file their oath of office and bond in the county clerk’s office or else they would vacate their office.  Most justices had failed to do so in violation of the Uniform Justice Court Act.

   The Uniform Justice Court Act requires that a town and village justice, as well as their court clerks, must file their original oath and bond in the county clerk’s office with copies of their oath filed with their municipal clerk (town or village clerk) and the Office of Court Administration.

   Many of the justices and towns which they served insisted that filing their oath in the office of their municipal clerk and with OCA was sufficient.

   Not so, said the state Legislature.

   Public Officers Law 30 is emphatic that an office becomes vacant by operation of law if a public officer, including a judge, fails to file his properly file his oath and bond in the requisite places within 30 days of the beginning of his or her term.

   Chapter 406 clarified the procedure for filing a town and village justice’s oath and undertaking, affirming the Oaths Project’s position that town justice must file in three places—the town or village clerk (Town Law 25); the county clerk (UJCA 104) and OCA (POL 3).

   The new law left untouched the provisions of Public Officers Law 30 which provides for a vacancy in office after 30 days if the oath and undertaking are not properly filed.

   Chapter 406 also clarified the common practice of municipalities procuring blanket bonds, also known as undertakings, as it pertains to town justices.  New language was added to Town Law 25 stating that as of Aug. 17, 2004, town justices do not need to obtain an additional or separate undertaking where the town board has procured a blanket undertaking .  If the town board does not procure a blanket undertaking---which the Oaths Project found was the case in many towns in the state, then each justice must procure their own undertakings which must then be properly filed in accordance with all three statutes---Town Law, UJCA and POL. 

   This position by the State Legislature again reaffirmed and supported the position of the Oaths Project.

   The new law also amended Public Officers Law Section 15 “to validate a town justice’s official acts performed before filing the official oath and/or undertaking”.

   The new law, Chapter 406, Laws of New York, 2004, which took effect Aug. 17, 2004, is as follows:

   AN ACT to amend the town law and the public officers law, in relation to the duty of public officers to file an oath of office

  Section 1. Section 25 of the town law, as amended by chapter 424 of the laws of 1994, amended to read as follows:

   Section 25. Oaths of office and undertaking. Before he or she enters on the duties of the office, and within thirty days after the commencement of the term of office for which he or she is chosen, every town officer shall take and subscribe before an officer authorized by law to administer oaths in his or her county, the constitutional oath of office and such other oath as may be required by law, which shall be administered and certified by the officer taking the same without compensation, and such oath shall be filed in the office of the town clerk.  Each town justice shall also file such oath of office as provided pursuant to section one hundred four of the uniform justice court act with the county clerk and the office of court administration.

   Each supervisor, town clerk, collector, receiver of taxes and assessments, town superintendent of highways, and such other officers and employees as the town board may require, before entering upon the duties of his or her office, and within thirty days after commencement of the term for which he or she is chosen, shall execute and file in the office of the clerk of the town, an official undertaking, conditioned for the faithful performance of his or her duties, in such form, in such sum and with such sureties as the town board shall direct and approve and such approval shall be indicated upon such undertaking. Unless the town board of his or her town has procured a blanket undertaking pursuant to subdivision two of section eleven of public officers law that covers him or her, each town justice shall also file such undertaking as provided by section one hundred four of the uniform justice court act with the county clerk.

   Such undertaking shall not be recorded unless the town board of the town shall adopt a resolution so requiring and shall indicate such requirement upon such undertaking.  The undertaking of the supervisor shall be further conditioned that he or she will  and truly keep, pay over and account for all moneys and property, including any special district funds and the local school fund, if any, belonging to his town and coming into his or her hands as such supervisor.  The undertaking of the receiver of taxes and assessments shall be further conditioned that he or she will well and truly keep, pay over and account for all moneys and property coming into his or her hands as such receiver of taxes and assessments, including all school district taxes, and such undertaking shall be in lieu of any other bond or undertaking otherwise required by law in the collection of such school district taxes and the proper accounting therefore, except the undertaking required by sections twenty-five hundred six and twenty five hundred twenty-seven of the education law, and the trustees of every school district for which such receiver of taxes and assessments shall act as collector shall have and may exercise the same powers and remedies with respect to the official bond of the collector by the provisions of article forth-three of the education law or by the provisions of any other general or special law.  The town board at any time may require any such officer or employee to file a new official undertaking for such sum and with such sureties as the board shall approve.  In addition, the town board may require any town officer depositing funds or moneys of the town to file a depository bond indemnifying the town against any loss thereof.  The town board may be resolution determine that any such undertaking or bond shall be executed by a surety company authorized to transact business in the state of New York and the expense thereof shall be a charge against the town.  The filing of such oath and undertaking, when required, shall be deemed an acceptance of the office. The town clerk shall notify the town board in writing of the expiration of any undertaking or bond filed in his or her office pursuant to this section, at least thirty and not more than sixty days prior to the date of expiration thereof.

   A neglect or an omission to take and file such oath, or to execute and file such undertaking within the time prescribed herein, except in the case of town justices (of the peace), shall be deemed a refusal to serve and the office may be filled as in case of vacancy. The undertaking of a town officer provided by this section shall be in addition to any undertaking otherwise required by law.  (EDITOR’S NOTE: Town justices who fail to take and file their oath and/or bond within 30 days of the beginning of their term are governed by POL 30 and vacate their office by operation of law)

   Chapter 2, Section 15 of the public officers law, as amended by chapter 680 of the laws of 1967, is amended to read as follows:

   Section 15. Validation of official acts performed before filing official oath or undertaking.  If a public officer, duly chosen, has heretofore entered, or shall hereafter enter on the performance of the duties of his or her office, without taking or filing an official oath, or executing or filing an official undertaking, as required by the constitution, section ten of this article, section twenty-five of the town law or section one hundred four of the uniform justice court act, or by any general or special law, his or her acts as such officer, so performed, shall be as valid and of as full force and effect as if such oath had been duly taken and filed, and as if such undertaking had been duly executed and filed, notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law declaring any such office vacant, or authorizing it to be declared vacant, or to be filled as in the case of vacancy, or imposing any other forfeiture or penalty for omission to take or file any such oath, or to execute or file any such undertaking; but this section shall not otherwise affect any provision of any general or special law; declaring any such office vacant, or authorizing it t be declared vacant, or to be filled as in case of vacancy, or imposing any other forfeiture or penalty, by reason of the failure to take or file any such oath or to execute or file any such undertaking and this section shall not relieve any such officer from criminal liability for entering on the discharge of his or her official duties without taking or filing such oath or executing or filing such undertaking in accordance with such provisions



Woe unto to you apostate "Amaraka"

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being “Guarded” by Israel

Submitted by a reader...

 U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being “Guarded” by Israel

American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems—owned in part
by the government of Israel—is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage
facilities in the United States.

The largest perimeter security company in the world, Magal started out as a division of Israeli Aircraft Industries
(IAI)—which was owned in part by the government of Israel. In recent years, however, Magal evolved into a
publicly-traded company, although IAI (and thus the government of Israel) still holds a substantial share in the highly
successful firm.

What all of this means is that the government of Israel will actually have control over the security of America’s nuclear

Supporters of Israel say that this is a splendid idea, since Israel is said to be perhaps America’s closest ally on the
face of the planet. However, there are some critics who question the propriety of America’s super-sensitive nuclear
security being in the hands of any foreign nation, particularly Israel which, even today, officially denies that it is
engaged in the production of nuclear arms.

Be that as it may, however, Magal’s global interests are quite broad-ranging. Having secured 90 percent of Israel’s
borders through a wide-ranging array of super-modern “space age” technology, Magal has now branched out
internationally. Not only does Magal provide security for American nuclear facilities, but it also does likewise for most
major nuclear facilities in Western Europe and Asia.

In addition, the Israeli firm also provides security for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and, for the last fifteen years, has kept
watch on the Queen of England’s famed Buckingham Palace in London. What’s more, Magal provides security for
90% of the American prisons that utilize electronic systems.

Magal brags that its other clients around the globe include: borders, airports, industrial sites, communication centers,
military installations, correctional facilities, government agencies, VIP estates and residences, commercial buildings
and storage yards. There is hardly a major country or major enterprise that does not have Magal’s security specialists
keeping a close watch on their activities.

Clearly, Magal is no small enterprise. While 27% of its total sales are in the Israeli market, its largest market is in
North America, which currently accounts for 35% of its sales.

However, Magal’s American outreach is expected to increase substantially, especially now that firm has set up a
Washington, D.C. office which will promote its products to federal agencies and to the members of Congress who
provide funding for federally-supervised security projects across the country at all levels: local, state and national.


And with current U.S. Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, not only a strong supporter of Israel but also the son
of a woman who has strong Israeli ties—even including service with El Al, the national airline of Israel—Magal, owned
in party by Israeli Aircraft Industries—will be a clear-cut favorite in the eyes of the power brokers in official Washington
who have the power to grant lucrative security contracts.

At the moment, Magal has four U.S.-based subsidiaries: two in California, Stellar Security Products, Inc. and Perimeter
Products Inc., as well as the New York-based Smart Interactive Systems, Inc., and the Virginia-based Dominion
Wireless, Inc.

All told, the Israeli company holds a 40% share in the worldwide market in perimeter intrusion detection systems and
is working to expand its business in the protection of oil pipelines.

Magal is also said to be quite interested in guarding water lines around the globe, particularly in the United States. In
fact, Magal may have an inside shot at getting a monopoly in guarding America’s water supplies. On July 19, the Bush
administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a “partnership” with the Israeli Ministry of National
Infrastructures to improve what they called “water supply system security in the United States and Israel.” Since Magal
is so highly respected in Israel, it’s an even bet that Magal will soon be guarding the U.S. water supply.

Goodbye saints of Jesus the Christ, see ya in Sion


Jesus is the Christ the LIFE Giver. The Talmudic Judeo-Churchinsanist Catholicos who have served the Hassidim murderers from the beginning do the Lust of their father the murderer. The Move is now on to slay the LORD's saints

Christians - The Most
Ruthless Killers In History?

"Christians are the ruthless savage killers!" ??? (It has been asserted in several articles and guests on the program the Christians/Christianity represents the greatest killers in world history. The following data is offered in rebuttal to such statements and claims)
1. Stalin, Lenin, The Bolshevik - all Jews.- 45 million dead, most, if not all were Christians.
2. Communist China -- In the encyclopedia for the greatest mass killing 125 million, many Christian
3. Ethiopia, Sudan, Rawanda and other parts of Africa are Communist. Ethiopian dictator was said by Texe Marrs to admire Lenin and so he starved his people like Lenin did. Millions died and are dying in Africa. Christians are being slaughtered in Africa!
"The Black Book of Communism" details that more people died in the 20th century at the hands of thier own government than by all the wars combined. This book doesn't include the Zionist controled system of abortion worldwide
U.S.S.R.          45,000,000
China            125,000,000
WW I              25,000,000
WW II             50,000,000
Abortion          50,000,000 in U.S. alone


Since 1900   245,000,000 Christian deaths
per year     2,355,770 Christian deaths
per month    196,315 Christian deaths
per day      538 Christian deaths
per hour     23 Christian deaths


Israeli sets self on fire

An Israeli woman set herself on fire to protest the Gaza Strip withdrawal.

The West Bank settler, said to be in her 60s, doused herself with gasoline and ignited herself at a police checkpoint in southern Israel on Wednesday. A police spokesman said she was admitted to a hospital with 60 percent of her body burned and described the incident as a politically motivated suicide attempt.

In a related development, a woman stabbed an Israeli soldier with an IV needle near a synagogue in the settlement of Morag, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported.


Welcome the Catholicos of Sanhedrin

German Jews to welcome pope

Jews in Cologne, Germany, are preparing to welcome the pope.

On Friday, Pope Benedict XVI is slated to be a guest of the Cologne Synagogue during the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day celebrations in that city. Local Jewish leaders see the historic visit of the German-born (Nasi)  pope as proof of his commitment to interfaith relations (Noahide Enslavement to the Dragon ) and say they’re not troubled by recent tensions over his failure to deplore terrorism against Israel.

“This disharmony between Rome and Jerusalem doesn’t overshadow the visit,” the Cologne Jewish community board member Abraham Lehrer told JTA.

Because the Hiss-a-dom hate the whore and Sharons secular zion


“We are very happy and proud that he is coming.” The pope will pause at the synagogue’s Holocaust memorial before joining Rabbi Natanael Teitelbaum on the dais. Their chairs — made especially for this occasion — will be auctioned off afterward, with 30 percent of the proceeds going to benefit the Jewish community.


Separating the little Hiss-a-dom serpents from the Goyim

Aliza Karp

Rabbi Shmuly Gutnick, left, of Brooklyn, drills a rams horn to make it into a Shofar as Noah Magen, of Anchorage, holds it still, at a Tzivos Hashem program during the Boy Scout Jamboree on July 31 in Bowling Green, Va.


Jewish values mesh with Scout ideals
in Shul Tent at National Scout Jamboree

August 10, 2005

BOWLING GREEN, Va., Aug 10 (JTA) — When Boy Scout troop 711 from Alaska lost four of its leaders in a freak electrical accident on the first day of the recent National Scout Jamboree here, the one Jewish Scout in the Alaska contingent was left in a quandary.

On the Sunday morning of the gathering, when jamboree activities were suspended for a few hours, all of Noah Magen’s troop mates were headed to religious services for their respective faiths. But what does a Jewish Scout do on Sunday?

worship the Dragon? Papa snake?


For Noah, the answer was the Shul Tent, where daily services and special programming were provided for Jewish Scouts.

The Boy Scout Jamboree, which is held every four years at Fort A.P. Hill, near Fredericksburg, brought together more than 35,000 Boy Scouts and another 8,000 volunteer staff for the July 25 to Aug. 3 gathering — the largest jamboree since 1964.

For the fourth time, Tzivos Hashem, a Jewish children’s organization within the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, (but of course) provided special programming for the estimated 1,000 Jewish Scouts who attended this year’s jamboree. In addition to hundreds of Scouts who are members of nonsectarian troops, there were also Scouts from all-Jewish troops at the 10-day event.

Some 100 observant Scouts and leaders of the Shomer Shabbat, or Sabbath observant, contingent — made up of Jewish Scouts from across North America — prayed together daily.

Although all the Scouts may not belong to Shomer Shabbat troops in their hometowns, the Shomer Shabbat contingent allows Jewish Scouts at the jamboree to be as observant as they choose, providing kosher food and scheduling daily prayers and Sabbath services. On the jamboree’s Friday night, the Shul Tent and the adjacent Chapel Tent were overflowing with 500 Scouts for Shabbat services.

Scout Patrick Matson, the sole Jew in Troop 271 from Ocean Springs, Miss., wanted to attend the Friday night services. In order to abide by the buddy system required at the camp, he brought a Catholic friend with him.

Matson found the service, filled with Hebrew songs and English prayers, spirited and fun. “My friend said the service was amazing,” he said.

now a converted little semi-serpent the Catholicos

After the services, a non-Jewish Scout in his late teens went to Rabbi Pinny Gniwisch, the chaplain for the Northwest Region of the Boy Scouts of America, and told him in a strong Southern accent, “I don’t think I ever met a Jew before, but if it is always like this, sign me up!”

saith little vermin viper Noahide of fiction

Each jamboree participant was required to visit the Religious Relationships Booth representing his particular religion. The Jewish booth was a constant buzz of activity. Ben Shreibman of Troop 41 from Cleveland put on tefillin for the first time in his life.

“It felt weird,” he admitted. Andrew Foster of Troop 1704 from Dallas was with a Jewish friend, who put on tefillin. “I never saw anything like it before,” Foster said. “It’s pretty cool.”

Six Jewish Boy Scouts were called to the pulpit in the Shul Tent to recite blessings over the Torah for the first time in their lives, stimulating interest by the local Fredericksburg, Va., newspaper, the Free Lance-Star, which featured a full page of pictures from the mini bar mitzvah ceremonies in its July 29th edition.

The Tzivos Hashem program in the Shul Tent drew close to 1,000 Boy Scouts. The event, which opened with brief greetings from Boy Scout dignitaries, included a play staged by the Shomer Shabbat contingent, a juggling display, and a lively audience-participation singing session led by Rabbi Shmuly Gutnick from the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. The jamboree Web site dubbed him “The Reggae Rabbi.”

The Scouts then went to various booths in the Shul Tent, where they crafted their own shofars, braided their own Havdalah candles, had their pictures taken in front of a panorama display of the Western Wall in Jerusalem while wearing tefillin, and wrote private letters to God that would be mailed to Israel to be placed in the Wall.

the god of jupiters wall which is not the WORD the Creator, Christ Jesus

Participating in these activities allowed many of the Scouts to complete the requirements for the Jewish Boy Scout award, the Ner Tamid Award.

When he ran out of the patches given for this award, Bruce Baker, the vice chairman of the Connecticut Yankee Council of the Jewish Committee on Scouting, saw it as a good sign.

“That says so much that Jewish scouting is alive and well,” he said.

soon homosexual scout leaders will be accepted

Jay Lenrow, the chairman of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting, attended his first jamboree in 1964 with his father, who was also his scoutmaster. When he returned in 2001, Lenrow was a scoutmaster and his son was a Scout.

“What we want to do is create a strong Jewish connection to link the generations by combining the love of the outdoors and camping achievements, coupled with growth and development of Jewish knowledge and observance,” Lenrow said. “Scouting can do that.”

Howard Spielman of Sharon, Mass., is the modest, soft-spoken, powerhouse who initiated the current surge in programming that allows Orthodox youth to benefit from the Boy Scouts.

Spielman brought a small Shomer Shabbat contingent to the jamboree in 1993. At that time, he brought his own 20-by-20 tent and an extension cord so he could have two light bulbs shining for evening services.

In 1997, he brought a 20-by-40 tent to house his growing contingent. By 2001, Boy Scouts officials provided an even larger tent. And this year, the Shomer Shabbat contingent was supplied with one 44-by-66 tent; one 20-by-40 side tent; five 20-amp circuits, and 32 outlets.

the little serpents are segregated from the semi-serpents

“What is most satisfying,” Spielman said, “is seeing the impact on the Shomer Shabbat boys and the other Jewish Scouts who come to jamboree. They benefit from the opportunity to grow in their Jewishness through scouting programs.”

On Sunday afternoon, the Shul Tent hosted a meeting of Chabad rabbis from Virginia and Maryland and officials from the Boy Scouts of America.

“We stand ready to support any organization that shares Scout values” said David Richardson, the national director of Religious Relationships of the Boy Scouts.

Mother you had best take your sons out now


"Give us the "Robber" now they cry....crucify the saints of Jesus the Christ" !

Hashem Yerachem: Expulsion Has Begun


The expulsion forces massed in Gush Katif have already begun their task of forcibly expelling the residents from their homes.

MOSHIACH NOW!!! FOREVER AND EVER. The Shluchim in Gush Katif are standing strong ready for the Malchus of the REBBE MELECH HAMOSHIACH to be revealed L'EINEI KOL HO'AMIM BCHESED UVRACHAMIM Teikef UMIYAD MAMOSH NOW!!!! The reward for all settlers and the punishment for all expulsion activist is on the way!


Thanks Diane

Oreo Cookies, Campbell's Vegetable Soup, and Canadian Jewish Congress Criminality
Paul Martin   Letter 24   17-Aug-2005

"I stood before the man who had certified 100-percent kosher the Oreo cookie (and all its ingredients), the man behind the historic certification of Campbell's vegetable soup." — Frederick Kaufman speaking of Rabbi Manachem Genack

17 August 2005

The Right Honourable Paul Martin
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON    K1A 0A2

RE:  Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) File 20031527, Canadian Jewish Congress v Ukrainian Archive (CJC v UKAR) at

ATTENTION:  The instant 17-Aug-2005 Lubomyr Prytulak letter to Paul Martin is copied to Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) Chief Commissioner Mary M Gusella, and to CHRC Investigations Manager John J CHAMBERLIN, as a Prytulak submission to the CHRC in the matter of CJC v UKAR and in support of the Prytulak argument that the Canadian Jewish Congress kosher-certification business is a criminal conspiracy under the Canadian Competition Code § 45(1)(b), and that one of the reasons that the CJC wishes to suppress UKAR is that UKAR discloses this CJC criminal conspiracy to public view.

Mr Prime Minister:

Frederick Kaufman's Harper's Magazine article, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, though intended not as an exposé but only as a narrative of how the author got to witness a kosher inspection of a manufacturing plant, nevertheless supplies evidence supporting the conclusion that the Canadian Jewish Congress kosher business is in fact a criminal conspiracy under the Canadian Competition Act § 45(1)(b) as explained in the 19-Jun-2004 Prytulak-to-Martin letter at

Frederick Kaufman Supplements The Evidence Of Kosher-Business Metastasis

The Prytulak-to-Martin letter above alleges that the kosher business has infiltrated every corner of the supermarket, stating that "an average non-kosher-observant household may contain a hundred different kosher-certified products."  Kaufman lends support to this allegation with the following information:

The Orthodox Union has certified kosher more than a quarter of a million products and ingredients from nearly 6,000 factories located in sixty-eight countries.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 75.

At Kosherfest 2003, at the Javits Center Moga International (a kosher-ingredient purveyor) informed me that 60 percent of all products in American supermarkets have been certified kosher.  Such a miraculous statistic had to be investigated.  "It's been a domino effect," agreed Mordechai Levin, executive director of the Kashruth Council of Canada.  "In the last twenty years, the business has exploded."  The vast aisles of Kosherfest brimmed with kosher dog and cat food, kosher toothpaste, kosher salsa, kosher sushi, kosher burritos, kosher biscotti, kosher Portobello mushroom soup, and kosher paper bags for carrying it all.  Public relations guys sauntered among the booths, spewing endless factoids about "the kosherization of America."  Today Wal-Mart sells kosher products, along with Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and FreshDirect and A&P and Safeway.  In fact, the average American supermarket carries 13,000 kosher products.  The uncanny ubiquity of kosher duck sauce and kosher bottled water and all the hoopla at the Javits Center made it clear that the ancient kosher gods and the new market gods could exist happily side by side.  [...]

And in the land of ascorbic acid, dextrose, and ethyl vanillin, the market saturation of products certified kosher reaches even more gargantuan proportions, an overwhelming 80 percent.  If you take into consideration that some ingredients will never be kosher, no matter what (essence of fried pork rind, say), that 80 percent figure, in real terms, means that nearly 100 percent of the food substance in America that can be kosher is, in fact, kosher.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 77.

Kaufman emphasizes that the kosher business has not only blanketed the United States and Canada, but is making headway toward blanketing the globe:

Every day the tally of rootless cosmopolitan kosher certifiers grows: Shimon Freudlich, a Chabad rabbi, now lives in Beijing.  Shalom Greenberg has moved to Shanghai.  Moshe Gutnick works out of Australia, Yosef Kantor from Thailand.  And then there are the hundreds of professional kosher certifiers who are always on the move, jetting from pickle manufacturers in Bangalore to edible-oil plants in Sumatra to yogurt factories in outer Mongolia.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 77.

One assignment led him to a medieval Japanese farmhouse, where he certified kosher an ancient process of producing soy sauce.  [...]

Late into the winter night Meyer told me of his journeys to mushroom factories in distant parts of China, to cod-liver-oil factories on the islands along the fjords of northern Norway, of coconut plants in the Philippines and cookie works in the farthest reaches of the Dolomites.

Describing Rabbi Dr. Avraham Meyer of the Manhattan-based Orthodox Union, Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 81

Frederick Kaufman Confirms The Mechanism Behind Kosher-Business Metastasis

The Prytulak-to-Martin letter alleged that the explosive growth of the kosher business was attributable to the following mechanism:

Thus, if a single candidate for kosher certification needed to persuade 20 suppliers to themselves become kosher, and each of these 20 then needed to persuade the 20 that supply him, then 400 are in need of persuasion (in addition to the original 20); and if these 400 each has to persuade 20 suppliers in turn, then 8,000 are going to need persuading (in addition to the earlier 420); and so on exponentially — all triggered by a single kosher-certification candidacy.

In confirmation of the above hypothesized mechanism, Kaufman writes:

Morrison lifted one of the piles and flipped through it, a flurry of lists and graphs meaningless to the uninitiated.  "Information on a new product," he explained.  "A flavor.  Made up of fifteen ingredients."  He looked at me.  "This is information on one of those ingredients."

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 76.

One level beneath the retail kosher product lurks the wholesale kosher ingredient.  And beneath the ingredient lies the infinitely recursive level of the ingredients of the ingredients, the sub-substance of the substances, which are themselves combinations of even more basic substances.  [...]

The tiniest particle of disodium phosphate floating around in that box of Berry Blue Jell-O must nonetheless pass the essential test of kosher certification.  Now, consider that a single bite of a Frito-Lay brand certified-kosher barbecued potato chip delivers dehydrated starch from Idaho, dehydrated onions from China, dehydrated garlic from India, and a bit of paprika from Spain, all of which must be certified kosher.  "A simple product has ten, twenty ingredients," explained one of the throng of rabbis milling about the Orthodox Union's Kosherfest booth.  "Twenty certificates behind the certification, you see?"

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 77.

By reason of the whore's costliness


In order for the packaged yogurt or marinade to be certified kosher, all its ingredients must be certified kosher; likewise, in order for the ingredients to be certified kosher, the enzymes that have mediated the creation of said ingredients must also be certified kosher.  And in order for an enzyme to be certified kosher, that enzyme must keep kosher.  [...]

In order for an enzyme to be certified kosher, the feed media for that enzyme must be "kosherish."

And what about the feed media for the feed media?  It is a food chain of microscopic yet divine reticulation, leading back to the mother-of-all proteins, keeping kosherish in an aerated flask.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 80.

Kaufman refers to the metastasis as a "domino effect" [p. 77], which falls short of recognizing its rate of growth.  That is, a domino knocks down a single other domino, which in turn knocks down another single domino, and so on.  To mirror kosher certification, however, the first domino would have to knock down 20 other dominoes, and each of those would have to knock down 20 dominoes, and so on, a better description of which is "exponential" growth because as the exponent of 20, say, counts off the stages of kosher certification 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., the number of new ingredients needing to be certified at each stage goes 1, 20, 400, 8000, 160000, ..., as shown below:

200 = 1 A single new product needing to be certified
201 = 20 may have 20 ingredients, each needing to be certified.
202 = 400 Each of the above 20 ingredients may itself have 20 ingredients,
making for an additional 400 ingredients needing to be certified,
203 = 8,000 and so on to 8,000 more needing to be certified at the next stage,
204 = 160,000 and so on impressively.

This exponential growth can be understood not by imagining that kosher certification is purchased in order to sell to kosher-observant Jews who make up one-tenth of one percent of the population, but only by realizing that kosher certification buys access to a cartel, purchases relaxation of a restraint of trade, and ultimately opens the door to the 99.9% of all US-Canadian consumers who are not kosher-observant Jews:

At first Knudsen had believed that making sure the enzymes were kosher was a nuisance, "doing all these things for a few Jewish customers."  But he has since changed his mind.  "Now I see the need for it.  The rules may be annoying, but there are good reasons.  We have to be a part of the kosher supply chain.  It is the key to the U.S. market."

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 78.

Frederick Kaufman Documents Why A Kosher Inspection Of A Manufacturing Plant Is Likely To Be A Sham

Journalist Frederick Kaufman accompanies kosher inspector Dr. Avraham Meyer of the Manhattan-based Orthodox Union on Meyer's annual inspection of Danish-based Novozymes, the world's largest producer of food-grade enzymes:

On the streets of Brooklyn, Meyer would have been instantly recognizable and totally unremarkable — yet another ultra-orthodox — but here in Denmark, Jews are scarce; no one would have guessed that he had come to warrant and certify kosher every last one of Novozymes' mass-produced, genetically modified food-grade enzymes.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 78.

What stands out about Kaufman's account is that Meyer asked not a single question during his inspection tour, an incongruity that is explained by supposing that Meyer was conscious of his lack of understanding of what he was seeing, and recognized that any question that he asked, or any comment that he made, was likely to reveal his ignorance and the pointlessness of his inspection tour:

Kosher inspector Dr. Avraham Meyer in Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 75.

We passed through more hallways of corrugated metal and came to a colossal edifice of whirring, steaming fermenters.  There in the corner sat rows of what looked like big metal dairy buckets.  Each conical container, locally known as a "Sputnik," flashed a red label that read KOSHER.  Dr. Meyer stopped and stared.  Jes Knudsen sucked in his breath.

The fermentation chemist, our Fuglebakken tour guide, was named Lars.  "Any questions?" Lars asked.

"No," said Dr. Meyer.

Next we entered an armory of huge, roaring, shaking tanks.  Meyer glanced at the tumult and turned to leave.  [...]

We plodded past more pallets of chemicals, hiked up and down endless flights of metal stairs.  Meyer led us through rooms that sprayed jets of blood-red mist, depots stuffed with nothing but vacuum pumps, compartments wound with rubber tubing, chambers that dripped, and entire factory floors that smelled really, really bad.  "Any questions?" asked Lars.  "Any questions?  Any questions?"

Meyer stopped to blow his nose.  He smiled at the machines.  But he had no questions.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 80.

When Meyer does open his mouth on a rare occasion, it is only to make some irrelevant comment, as for example:

We donned our raiments and entered the control center, a glass-walled room packed with floor-to-ceiling computers, wall-sized flow-charts, and video screens.  Here the technicians monitored jet-cooking and gelatinization, steam pressures, temperatures, and pH values.  A tiny radio blared Danish rap.  Dr. Meyer did not say a word.  Almost as soon as he entered, he turned to leave, but just outside the door he swiveled and everyone halted.  Meyer was gazing at the exterior of the control room, which someone had painted to resemble one of those horribly quaint Danish thatched huts.

"The only decorated fermentation facility I have ever been in," said Meyer.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 80.

A total of two questions were asked during the kosher-inspection tour, both of them by journalist Kaufman: his first question was met with silence, and his second question by a refusal to answer:

"What does Freshzyme do?" I asked.

Jes Knudsen said nothing.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 79.

In fact, no one except Lars had said much of anything for quite some time, so I figured I might as well.  "Excuse me," I said.  "How many cubic meters does that tank hold."

"No, no," said Knudsen, shaking his head at Lars.  "Don't answer that."

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 80.

This kosher-inspection tour, in other words, was a sham.  It was a pro forma ritual whose purpose was to bolster the image of the kosher business as religion-based when in fact it nourishes itself from fees charged for managing the gateway into an exclusionary cartel.

serpent Gangsters

Frederick Kaufman Notices That The Kosher Business Is Secretive

In his attempt to get information from the Orthodox Union kosher-certification business, Frederick Kaufman admits to repeatedly encountering firewalls:

Genack looked me in the eye and said, "Everything we know is confidential."  [p. 75]

I walked a dozen more offices down to meet Morrison, whose desk was piled with stacks of paper that he pulled protectively to his side of the table.  "Unfortunately, I cannot let you look too closely," he said.  "This is highly confidential."  [p. 76]

"I want to see exactly how it happens."  But Rabbi Morrison shook his head.  "The procedures are highly proprietary."  [p. 76]

"What we have to figure out," Adler said, "is how we can help you without hurting ourselves."  [p. 76]

Rabbi Genack and Rabbi Morrison and Rabbi Adler and Eva Louise Hold Petersen and Jes Knudsen and Lars — they had all been right.  Kosher supervision was top secret and should remain so.  [p. 81]

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81.

However, there are two other ways in which the kosher business can be said to be secretive, neither of which Kaufman acknowledges.

Another way in which the kosher business can be said to be secretive is that the symbols it uses to identify kosher products are almost invariably small and hidden, and in any case are meaningless to the vast majority of consumers, as Lubomyr Prytulak has discussed in his essay, Hidden Supermarket Tax: What I Found In My Pantry at

And a third type of secrecy connected with the kosher business is a manufacturer concealing or denying the kosher certification that he has purchased, as discussed immediately below.

Kosher Certification Causes Consumer Aversion and Manufacturer Shame

Kosher certification is represented as consumer driven.  A common justification of kosher certification is that it is consumer-driven, which is to say that consumers intentionally buy kosher-certified products because, for one reason or another, they prefer them.  That is the view offered by defenders of kosher certification, and it is the view offered by Frederick Kaufman:

Indeed, whenever a company takes a food line kosher, it sees a jump in market share.  And for Nestlé or Nabisco or Best Foods or General Mills, even a fraction of a percentage point may translate into millions of dollars.  Because it's not only observant Jews who eat kosher — it's Muslims and Seventh-Day Adventists, throngs of the lactose intolerant, vegetarians and the health conscious, and even those who believe kosher adds a little ethnic excitement to the table.  According to U.S. News & World Report, 28 percent of Americans say they have knowingly purchased a kosher product in the past year; and only 8 percent of those did so for religious reasons.  Kosher may be a myth, but it's our kind of myth.  A myth that increases sales.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, pp. 76-77.

However, Frederick Kaufman's statement above can be faulted on several grounds.  In the first place, it is possible to measure the effect of a weak cause only in a formal experiment, which is impossible to implement in the area of consumer purchasing.  Anyone who imagines that a food manufacturer or retailer, or a kosher certifier, has measured increased sales amounting to a fraction of a percentage point is uneducated in the field of behavioral research.  In fact, no such measurement is possible, and no such measurement has ever been made.  Claims that kosher certification produces any such increase are unfounded, any who repeat such claims are either naive or duplicitous, as has been explained in Lubomyr Prytulak's discussion of the US blanketing Canada with the neurotoxin MMT, titled Canadian guinea pigs in an American experiment, at

Second, public-opinion polling rests on no methodological or theoretical or mathematical foundation, and cannot be trusted.  In fact, a pollster can get any result that he wants, and most particularly has it within his power to manufacture whatever results are expected by whoever commissioned the poll.  This has been discussed in the 20-Oct-2003 Lubomyr Prytulak letter to Faron Ellis titled Can Public Opinion Polling Subvert Democracy? at

Also, it is an impossibility for any but the most peculiar and unrepresentative person — perhaps some totally self-sufficient hermit living high on a mountain-top or deep within a cave — to avoid purchasing many kosher products over the course of a year, which follows rather strongly from the Prytulak estimate that the average household has one hundred kosher products sitting on its shelves.  Therefore, if "28 percent of Americans say they have knowingly purchased a kosher product in the past year," then it follows that the remaining 72 percent purchased kosher products unknowingly.  But if the vast majority of consumers unknowingly purchase kosher products, this constitutes a rather strong refutation of the theory that kosher sales are consumer-driven.

But the most damning consideration that discredits the theory that kosher certification is consumer-driven is that manufacturers who have paid for kosher certification commonly go to considerable lengths to hide it from consumers.  They act as if they were aware that disclosure of kosher certification would occasion consumer repugnance and loss of sales.  They act as if they were ashamed of having purchased kosher certification.

Jewish sources claim that Oreo cookies and Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable Soup have been kosher-certified.  Consider, for example, the two products for whose kosher certification Frederick Kaufman credits Rabbi Manachem Genack, rabbinic administrator of the Orthodox Union's (OU's) Kashrut Division:

I stood before the man who had certified 100-percent kosher the Oreo cookie (and all its ingredients), the man behind the historic certification of Campbell's vegetable soup.

Frederick Kaufman, The secret ingredient: Keeping the world kosher, Harper's Magazine, January 2005, pp. 75-81, p. 75.

By way of confirmation that Oreo cookies really have been kosher certified, can be found an Orthodox Union statement which begins with the following paragraph:


keeping kosher just got easier

No need to stare with envy at packages of and while shopping at your local supermarket.  In a step that is sure to send joyous shock waves throughout the kosher snack food industry, America’s favorite sandwich and chocolate chip cookies now carry the OU — the world’s foremost kashruth supervision symbol.

Orthodox Union at

The Orthodox Union similarly declares the certification of Campbell's Vegetable Soup — the Vegetarian variety, it turns out — beginning with the following paragraph:

September 16, 2003

The Kosher World Expands Its Horizons As Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable Soup Receives OU Certification

In a major development in the ever-expanding universe of kosher food, the Orthodox Union and the Campbell Soup Company jointly announced today that Campbell’s condensed Vegetarian Vegetable Soup is now certified kosher by the OU, the world’s best-known kosher trademark.

Orthodox Union at

However, neither product displays kosher identification on its packaging.  If kosher purchasing were consumer-driven, then, it would be expected that the above two products would display kosher identification on their packaging — most probably either the circle with a "U" inside it standing for "Orthodox Union," which though American-based is seen in Canada, or more likely the circle with "COR" and number inside it standing for the Canadian-Jewish-Congress-owned "Council of Orthodox Rabbis."  Or if manufacturers wished to openly advertise to a broad range of consumers which products had been kosher-certified, they could display the word "kosher," and perhaps along with the Mogen David hexagram.  Such identification would then be able to attract not only kosher-observant Jews, but also the "Muslims and Seventh-Day Adventists, throngs of the lactose intolerant, vegetarians and the health conscious, and even those who believe kosher adds a little ethnic excitement to the table" whom Frederick Kaufman imagines are among the consumers attracted to kosher products.

In fact, however, neither Oreo cookies nor Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable Soup displays any kosher symbol or acknowledgment, not on the portion of their packaging shown opposite, and not anywhere else on their packaging, as Lubomyr Prytulak has concluded following a meticulous inspection.  Visible in the case of Oreo toward the right is "® MD" which stands for registered trade mark in English and French, respectively, MD standing for Marque Déposée, the same two symbols appearing toward the bottom of the Christie triangle.  In the case of the soup, the RML might have aroused some interest had it contained a K, because that K might be supposed to stand for Kosher — but RML does not contain a K.  A Google search for first "RML" and later "RML kosher" (always without quotation marks) turns up nothing helpful in the foremost Google positions.  The circle containing a "15" invites interest, but does not seem to be claimed by any kosher-certification agency as its mark.  More will be said about this circle below.  Neither can any kosher symbol be found on the obverse of the soup label, which happens to be covered with recipes and educational-credit information.

Neither product acknowledges kosher certification on its web site.  Furthermore, if there is any acknowledgement of kosher certification on the Oreo cookie web site, it is expertly hidden:  A Google search of the entire Nabisco web site for the word "kosher" by means of "kosher" (without the quotation marks) indicates that the site identifies not a single Nabisco product as kosher, although the FAQ page invites telephoning Nabisco to obtain kosher information.

The American and Canadian Campbell's Soup web sites at and similarly fail to identify any Campbell's product that has been kosher-certified.  The Google searches "kosher" and "kosher" (without the quotation marks) indicate that the word "kosher" never appears on either site.

Oreo denies kosher certification over the telephone. 
Appendix A below presents the audio file with transcript of the Lubomyr Prytulak attempt to determine the kosher status of Oreo cookies by means of a telephone call to "Mr. Christie Cares," and where can be both heard and read not only the manufacturer's great resistance at disclosing kosher information, but ultimately the manufacturer's denial that Oreo cookies are kosher.

What to make of Oreo's failing to acknowledge kosher certification in three out of three opportunities: product label, web site, and telephone representative?  The most plausible explanation may be that kosher certification was purchased for Oreo cookies so as to permit them to be sold to the kosher cartel.  Under the expectation that the public is averse to buying kosher products, however, this certification is concealed and even denied.  In the case of Oreo cookies, then, kosher certification does not appear to be consumer-driven; rather, it can be hypothesized to be cartel-membership driven or escape-from-restraint-of-trade driven.  If consumers were permitted any control on this question, they might be expected to drive the manufacturer toward kosher decertification.

Campbell's Soup does admit kosher certification over the telephone. 
Appendix B below presents the audio file with transcript of the Lubomyr Prytulak attempt to determine the kosher status of Campbell's Vegetable Soup.  Although the Campbell's telephone representative readily admitted that Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable Soup is kosher-certified, her denying that the regular Campbell's Vegetable Soup was kosher-certified permitted a conclusion to be drawn from a comparison of the respective labels.  That is, both the regular and the vegetarian Campbell's Vegetable Soup labels have a circle with a number inside: the vegetarian number is 15 and the regular number is 27.  At the time of the telephone call, this regular soup label was the only one that Prytulak had seen, and he asked the representative whether the circle-27 could be a kosher label.  The representative replied that it could not be.  From this, it seems to follow that the circle-15 which appears on the Vegetarian Vegetable Soup cannot be a kosher symbol either.  Unless the RML on the Vegetarian Vegetable Soup is a kosher symbol, it would have to be concluded that the Vegetarian Vegetable Soup comes with no kosher symbol.  And if RML is a kosher symbol, then it is truly cryptic and esoteric.  In either alternative, Campbell's seems to be going out of its way to have its packaging conceal any kosher certification that may have been purchased.

One interpretation of the Campbell's-related data, then, is that Campbell's effectively denies consumers the information that its Vegetarian Vegetable Soup is kosher-certified — this by displaying no kosher symbol on its packaging and by providing no kosher information on its web site.  Only the rare consumer who telephones is given the information.  This Campbell's practice is incompatible with the theory that Campbell's views kosher certification as attracting buyers.  It is compatible with the theory that consumers avoid kosher products which they are able to identify, but as few consumers are able to identify kosher products, Campbell's is able to enjoy cartel membership and to largely avoid consumer aversion at the same time.

An alternative interpretation is that both varieties of Campbell's Vegetable Soup (the vegetarian and the regular) are kosher-certified, that the circle-number is the acknowledgement of their certification, that the circle-number is a contraction of the Council of Orthodox Rabbis' conventional circle-COR-number, rendered even more cryptic so as to give it further protection from recognition.  The telephone statements of the Campbell representative carry no weight, as she obviously knew little about kosher certification, and as manufacturers seem ready to lie to conceal the extent of the kosher certification which they have purchased.  The Orthodox Union claiming only Vegetarian Vegetable Soup certification in the US is not strongly relevant, as it may be only the Council of Orthodox Rabbis that has purchased certification for the regular Campbell's Vegetable Soup in Canada in addition to certification for the vegetarian variety.  Were food manufacturers more forthcoming and more truthful concerning their kosher activities, such consideration of alternative theories would be unnecessary.

Your Government's Action On This Matter Is Urgent

One reason that the kosher certification business, as it is practiced today, must be stopped is because it is a criminal activity that restrains trade and that sucks vast sums of money out of the economy, money that would be better spent in shortening waiting times for surgery, or in giving small towns safe drinking water, or in raising teacher salaries, or in filling highway potholes.

Another reason that the kosher certification business must be stopped is that its vast revenues can be expected to be invested in still other criminal activities, in corrupting the political process, and in suppressing freedom of speech and of the press.

Given that an Israeli citizen occupies the post of Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Canadians expect that either your firing him, or your government being defeated at the polls, will need to precede amelioration of the present dark and menacing situation.

Lubomyr Prytulak


Irving ABELLA, National Honourary President, CJC, Department of History, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto ON  M3J 1P3
John J CHAMBERLIN, Manager Investigations, CHRC, 344 Slater Street, Ottawa ON  K1A 1E1
Hon. Irwin COTLER, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 284 Wellington Street, Ottawa ON  K1A 0H8
Mary M GUSELLA, Chief Commissioner, CHRC, 344 Slater Street, Ottawa ON  K1A 1E1
Ed MORGAN, National President, Canadian Jewish Congress, 100 Sparks Street, Ottawa ON  K1P 5B7

Appendix A:   Telephone call to "Mr Christie Cares" to confirm the kosher status of Oreo cookies.  The audio file which corresponds to the transcript below can be heard at  This telephone call was placed after Prytulak had examined Oreo cookie packaging at a supermarket, but before he had returned to the supermarket to purchase it, and before he had consulted the Oreo cookie web page.  If two copies of your web browser are opened simultaneously, it will be possible to read the transcript below on one copy (which has been placed on top) while listening to the audio on the other (which has been placed below or minimized).

[RECORDING]  Thank you for calling the Kraft Canada Consumer Center.  To continue in English, press "1".  To continue in Fre...  [BEEP]  Your call is very important to us.  As a part of our committment to quality, this call may be monitored or recorded.

[HEATHER]:  You're calling cross Canada.  My name is Heather.  How may I help you?

[PRYTULAK]:  I wonder if you could tell me if Oreo cookies are kosher certified?

[HEATHER]:  There should be a marking on it, sir, if it is.

[PRYTULAK]:  I just went to my local Safeway, and I very carefully examined the entire package, and I can't find anything to that effect.

[HEATHER]:  OK, then I would assume that it's not.

[PRYTULAK]:  Well, I do have an article in Harper's, January 2005, which says that they are, an article by Frederick Kaufman, on Kosher certification, and it says, "I stood before the man who had certified 100-percent kosher the Oreo cookie (and all its ingredients)".


[PRYTULAK]:  So, what are we to make of this?

[HEATHER]:  Well, ...

[PRYTULAK]:  Do you know, do you have your own information, because you're telling me, essentially, to go get my own information, but don't you know?

[HEATHER]:  I don't know off-hand, sir.

[PRYTULAK]:  Can you find out?

[HEATHER]:  I'm going to try.


[HEATHER]:  Can I have your first and last name before you go, please?

[PRYTULAK]:  You're going to call me back, are you?

[HEATHER]:  No, I won't, but I'll see if I can find the information for you.

[PRYTULAK]:  OK.  My first name is Lubomyr, L-U-B-O-M-Y-R.

[HEATHER]:  OK, now...

[PRYTULAK]:  The last name is Prytulak, P-R-Y-T-U-L-A-K.

[HEATHER]:  OK.  And could you give me the bar code for the product, please?

[PRYTULAK]:  I don't have it, I didn't buy it, I just went to the supermarket.

[HEATHER]:  Oh, OK.  Sorry.

[PRYTULAK]:  It's Oreo cookies.

[HEATHER]:  Right.  Just the ordinary Oreo cookies?


[HEATHER]:  No particular kind?



It just says, "We apologize, but we currently do not have a list of our kosher products.  Since our product brands are constantly growing and changing, it's very difficult to keep an accurate list of kosher products.  We suggest checking our product labels for the appropriate kosher symbol."

So, if it was a kosher product, sir, it would be on the label.

[PRYTULAK]:  It says that you aren't able to keep an accurate list, but I don't want an accurate list, I just want to know this one product, and surely the things that were kosher-certified, you would have a list of things that were definitely kosher-certified, even though the list is expanding for other products.

[HEATHER]:  We don't have that list in the United States, sir?

[PRYTULAK]:  You're in Canada, or the US?

[HEATHER]:  Canada.

[PRYTULAK]:  Right!  Do you have it for Canada?

[HEATHER]:  Yes, we do!

[PRYTULAK]:  You have a list of kosher-certified products?

[HEATHER]:  Yes, in Canada, but they're not transferrable to the States, sir.

[PRYTULAK]:  Well, I am in Canada.

[HEATHER]:  OK.  All right.

[PRYTULAK]:  So, can you find out from that list?

[HEATHER]:  I'll send you the list, a copy of the list.

[PRYTULAK]:  You mean by mail?

[HEATHER]:  Yes, by mail.

[PRYTULAK]:  Well, why can't you do it over the telephone, because I'd like it now.

[HEATHER]:  Because I don't have the information.  It's a long list, and I can mail it to you.

[PRYTULAK]:  And you can't glance at it yourself to see if Oreo cookies are on that list?

[HEATHER]:  I'll just check right now.  [LONG PAUSE]

[HEATHER]:  It doesn't look like I've got cookies on the list.

[PRYTULAK]:  So, this information must be wrong, then, in the Harper's magazine.

[HEATHER]:  No, I don't have cookies in the list.  I have cereals and desserts.

[PRYTULAK]:  And the list you're looking at is quite long, is it?

[HEATHER]:  Yes, it is, yeah.  It's about eight pages.

[PRYTULAK]:  I see.  OK, then, thank you very much.

[HEATHER]:  OK, I'm sorry, sir.

[PRYTULAK]:  OK.  Bye, bye.

[HEATHER]:  OK, bye.

Transcript of telephone conversation between Lubomyr Prytulak and "Mr Christie Cares" representative, "Heather," contacted on 12-Aug-2005 at the 1-800-668-2253 telophone number that is displayed on Oreo packaging.

Appendix B:   Telephone call to Campbell's Soup.  At the time of the call, Prytulak had read in Harper's that Campbell's Vegetable Soup was kosher certified, and had inspected a can at his local Safeway supermarket, buy had not yet discovered on the Campbell's soup web site that it was the Vegetarian variety of Vegetable soup for which kosher certification was being claimed.  The audio file which corresponds to the transcript below can be heard at  If two copies of your web browser are opened simultaneously, it will be possible to read the transcript below on one copy (which has been placed on top) while listening to the audio on the other (which has been placed below or minimized).

[RECORDING]:  Thank you for calling the Campbell Company of Canada.  To continue in English, press "1".  [BEEP]  You know, it's always a pleasure to hear from customers about our products, and we appreciate your call, and when you talk to one of us, your call may be monitored or recorded.

Our Power to Cook cooking program offers some exciting new cooking methods that allow you to prepare quick and delicious meals every evening.  We'll be happy to tell you more if you press "1".  If you'd like to find out how you can earn free educational equipment for your school through our labels for education program, just press "2".  Or, for help reading the date code on the package, press "3".  And of course, we'll be happy to talk with you about any question you might have.  All you need to do to talk with one of our customer service people is press "4".

We're gonna ask you to hold on for just a moment.  Thanks!  [MUSIC]

[COLLEEN]:  Thank you for calling Campbell's.  This is Colleen.  How may I help you?

[PRYTULAK]:  Could you tell me if Campbell's Vegetable Soup is kosher certified?

[COLLEEN]:  OK, that's a good question, and I appreciate your taking the time to call and ask so that I can definitely look it up for you.

[PRYTULAK]:  Thank you.

[COLLEEN]:  Sure, just to start off, though, can I ask for your name, please?

[PRYTULAK]:  Yeah, Lubomyr, L-U-B-O-M-Y-R.

[COLLEEN]:  L-U-B as in boy O-M-Y-R?

[PRYTULAK]:  That's right.

[COLLEEN]:  Is that your first name, ...

[PRYTULAK]:  That's right, first name.

[COLLEEN]:  ... or your last name?  And your last name, please.

[PRYTULAK]:  Prytulak, P-R-Y



[COLLEEN]:  T as in Tom U?

[PRYTULAK]:  Right.  L-A-K.


[PRYTULAK]:  Right.

[COLLEEN]:  And it's pronounced "Prytulak"?

[PRYTULAK]:  Yeah, uh-hum.

[COLLEEN]:  Oh, OK, thank you.  Mr. Prytulak, do you happen to have the container of soup in front of you?

[PRYTULAK]:  No, I don't.  No, I was just checking it at the grocery store.

[COLLEEN]:  OK.  Let's see here.  This is just the small can of vegetable soup, regular vegetable soup?

[PRYTULAK]:  That's right, yes.

[COLLEEN]:  OK, let's see here.  OK.  Well I'm just looking up my products information, and I have here...  OK.  OK, the vegetarian vegetable soup ...

[PRYTULAK]:  This was just ...

[COLLEEN]:  ... is kosher, the regular vegetable has a beef broth base.

[PRYTULAK]:  Oh, I see.  So, the vegetarian is, but the regular isn't, is that right?

[COLLEEN]:  Exactly!

[PRYTULAK]:  OK, I think I was looking at the regular vegetable soup — but it has a circle, with a "27" inside it.  Would you know what that means?

[COLLEEN]:  Uh, unfortunately, I don't.  I know that the kosher products have either a "K" or a "U" symbol for ah ...

[PRYTULAK]:  In Canada, they would have — oh, is that right? — oh well in Canada I think they tend to have the C-O-R?  You don't have that information?

[COLLEEN]:  No, I just have here that it's "K" or "U".

[PRYTULAK]:  Right.  I thought it would be ...  You're in Canada, are you?

[COLLEEN]:  I'm actually in the US [unintelligible] specifically on Canadian products.

[PRYTULAK]:  I see.  OK.  OK, then.  Thank you very much.

[COLLEEN]:  Oh, no problem.  And actually just to document the call today, Mr. Prytulak, can I just ask for your postal code, please?


[COLLEEN]:  Um-hm.

[PRYTULAK]:  2-L-5

[COLLEEN]:  OK, thank you.

[PRYTULAK]:  Right.

[COLLEEN]:  Well, that's great.  [unintelligible] there is anything else I can do for you today, Mr. Prytulak.  Thanks for taking the time to call Campbell's.

[PRYTULAK]:  Thank you.

[COLLEEN]:  Bye-bye.

[PRYTULAK]:  Bye-bye.

Transcript of telephone conversation between Lubomyr Prytulak and Campbell Canada representative, "Colleen," contacted on 12-Aug-2005 at the 1-800-410-7687 telephone number that is displayed on Campbell's soup cans.


The Dragon Kosher world



Shut those anti-shemborg collective opponents UP !!!!!!!

Canadian lawyer slammed over Jewish conspiracy claims

By Sheldon Gordon

MONTREAL - The Quebec Bar Association is mulling disciplinary action against a prominent lawyer who argued before the country's Supreme Court that Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler was part of a Jewish conspiracy to have his client deported.

Guy Bertrand, a lawyer in Quebec City, was representing a Rwandan political exile, Leon Mugesera, whom the Canadian government had been trying for 10 years to deport for alleged incitement of Hutu extremists during the Rwandan genocide. In November 2004, Bertrand filed a brief with the court alleging that Cotler had colluded with the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) to prevent an unbiased and impartial ruling in Mugesera's case.

Last month, the court upheld Mugesera's deportation and issued a rare condemnation of the lawyer's tactics. The justices said Bertrand's arguments "include anti-Semitic sentiment and views that most might have thought had disappeared from Canadian society, and even more so from legal debate in Canada."

anti-Christ Canada

The Supreme Court's rebuke seems to have left Bertrand feeling offended rather than chastened.
"I was crucified in public," he told a news conference. He added, "I am not going to hide the truth because an ethnic group is powerful. There are people who have maneuvered to get Mr. Mugesera deported, and it appears that they are Jews. This has nothing to do with their ethnicity. It's their behavior that I condemn."

The Bar Association is expected to decide this month whether to hold disciplinary hearings on the matter, said its spokeswoman, Sylvie Berthiaume.

Casper Bloom, vice president of the executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Quebec Region, said he would like the Quebec Bar Association to suspend Bertrand "for a matter of months, more for the message it would send than for the damage" to his livelihood. Bloom, who is a former president of the Montreal Bar Association, said that Bertrand's tactics "were an outrage to the Jewish community and to our profession at the same time."

shem's shame....the devil cries out while he is Kicking mankind

In the controversial brief, Bertrand accused Cotler of conspiring with the Canadian Jewish Congress to appoint Judge Rosalie Abella to the top court in August 2004. Bertrand contended that Cotler, a former president of the CJC, had supported the deportation as a private citizen and that the Congress lobbied for it. The brief also alleged that Cotler has close ties with the judge's husband, historian Irving Abella, also a past president of the CJC.

Bertrand said in his brief that Cotler's failure to recuse himself from the judicial appointment process "can only lead a well-informed observer to conclude that unfortunately, when you are powerful, rich and influential like the Congress, for example, you can infiltrate the court through political and judicial lobbying." The lawyer alleged that Cotler deliberately "worked behind [Mugesera's] back to have him returned to Rwanda, all of this so that the minister can use the court to serve his interests and those of his friends."

Although Abella withdrew from the Mugesera appeal in September 2004, Bertrand contended that the "dice are loaded" against his client and that the Supreme Court could not be impartial in the case.

In its ruling last month, the court said that Bertrand's motion to end proceedings against his client was "unprofessional and unacceptable," and said it was "scandalous" to allege that "influential members of the Jewish community manipulated the Canadian political system and the country's highest court for the sole purpose of having Mugesera deported."

The high court noted that when the federal government sought leave to appeal the Mugesera case, Cotler had not yet been named justice minister. "The only abuse of process lies at the feet of the respondent Mugesera and Mr. Bertrand," the court said.

Bertrand is a well-known, albeit unpredictable, lawyer with a reputation as a defender of freedom of speech. A former advocate of political independence for Quebec, he jumped ship and argued successfully before the Quebec Court of Appeal against Quebec's right to secede from Canada.

While this change of heart made him something of a hero to those who want Quebec to remain within Canada, this positive perception has been damaged by his claims of a Jewish conspiracy against his client. The fact that this was believed to be the first time he has employed anti-Semitic rhetoric has led some observers to speculate that his comments may have been a lawyer's tactic rather than an expression of his personal views.

"I can't even fathom why he wouldn't know what he was doing was unacceptable," the CJC's Bloom said. "Even if it were intended only as a tactic, he could not have been unaware of the reaction it would provoke."

Cotler has declined to comment on the case.

Maybe he has hear the call of the Shepherd



Next up, Sanhedrin Controlled Hamas "Terror" from them the All engulfing terror proceeds, then they will send in Bushitler. Are you prepared in Judea? Do you hear?

Say What -
Israeli Television?!

By Ted Lang
Now look - I'll admit to not ever having been a "professional" journalist or reporter, know what I mean? I'm not a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, nor am I in the running for replacing Ted Koppel anytime soon. Sure, I've written columns for my town and county newspaper, but when I offered an 800-word essay on the Downing Street Memo to the number one newspaper in New Jersey, a Zionist venture, I was summarily turned down. Bush's loyalty to Israel knows no bounds, so the Zionist press is not about to endanger Israel's number one military and funding asset.
I was real shaky writing about what seemed to be bogus numbers coming from the Pentagon relative to the real number of our war dead resulting from Bush's personal vendetta against Saddam and Iraq; fortunately, I had an out: two separate sources for the information. Two is the magic number when it comes to sources - reporters [which I am not] should always back up their information with at least two independent sources before they write a news story.
Another former fellow Republican, Paul Craig Roberts, who has also been progressively losing it with the criminal Bush administration, has himself, just like me, gone completely "over the top" with these war-mongering criminal bastards. I was shocked at the emotion in Roberts' latest piece. But let's face it - if Cindy Sheehan and Patrick Fitzgerald don't get to these dangerous criminals soon, it will indeed be the scenario painted by Roberts: World War III!
Inadvertently, MSM trashers and boneheads Limbaugh and O'Reilly have done their country a great service due to their unswerving loyalty to the Gangsters of Politics. Instead of loyalty to America's founding, historically and lawfully conveyed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the latter's Bill of Rights, these dumbos, devoid of any and all gray matter, have given Cindy Sheehan precisely the public exposure she needed to say what the American people most needed to hear: "You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." Now isn't that amazing - one ordinary citizen, a non-politician, able to bring peace to the world via one simple sentence!
Then this brilliant, courageous woman tells US how to grab our corrupt, mass-murdering police state by the throat, and strangle it to death - a tax strike! If only Americans could be so organized to jointly boycott Bush and the heavily-armed gangsters of the IRS! Turn off the funding source for Israel and Israel's Jewish Pentagon, and perhaps then, world peace!
No longer a "Dittohead" or Rush Limbaugh fan for at least three years, I continue to enjoy this simpleton's assessment which offers that those who oppose Bush's international terrorism are "liberals" and lefties." Really? Roberts and I are "lefties?" I don't think so, but whatever floats this noxious and obnoxious gas bag's drug-inspired hallucinations is A-OK with me!
Not only did Roberts mention Bush's cozy chat via satellite with an Israeli TV reporter for Israeli television originating from Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch, but now Yahoo News confirms it: Bush is now a star on Israeli Television! Was this yet another Jeff Gannon clone, or a legitimate Israeli reporter? Poor Helen Thomas, the grand dame of American journalism inside the beltway; she is now relegated to the back row at Bush "press conferences" with the still-wet-behind-the-ears cub reporters. And poor Judith Miller is rotting in jail for Bush, Cheney and Rove's crimes against the CIA in violation of our national security laws. Israeli reporter?
That's right folks; while he has time to ride his bicycle like a good little boy, and he has time to interview with Israeli reporters right from his home, Bush has absolutely no time to meet with Cindy Sheehan! When queried on this, Rush Limbaugh's favorite president had this to say: "I think it's also important for me to go on with my life, to keep a balanced life." A "balanced life," huh? Well, kind of - at least this time he didn't fall off his stupid bicycle!
Since Bush likes to ride bicycles and stay in shape, and lie quite naturally while stumbling over his words giving the appearance of the common man saddled with a great burden, this appeal to the simple-minded masses is probably just what's needed for Israeli television. Think of Bush in a starring role; perhaps, "CSI -Tel-Aviv!" Or how about an Israeli version of "Jeopardy"? No? I've got it... Israel needs: "The Mid East Wing"


the whining Lovtobitchers

Barricaded Chabad Group Threaten Suicide

The mostly American Chabad group barricaded in a bomb shelter in Neve Dekalim, Gaza are threatening mass suicide:

Members of a New York-based ultra-Orthodox Jewish movement were threatening to commit mass suicide on Wednesday in protest at the Gaza Strip pull-out, security sources and associates said.

The members of the Lubavitch movement had barricaded themselves inside a communal bomb shelter at the main Gaza Strip settlement of Neve Dekalim with gas cylinders, said their local leader, Rabbi Yigal Kirshenzaft.

"There are about 20 of them shut inside a bomb shelter and say they have gas there," he said.

An AFP correspondent said border police officers and two rabbis were trying to negotiate through air vents with the group, mostly Americans, inside.

One security source put the number inside at about a dozen, but said it had not been confirmed that the group also had gas canisters.

The group are followers of the late Rabbi Menacham Mendel Schneerson, who headed the ultra-Orthodox Lubavitch movement until his death 11 years ago.

Chabadniks Infiltrate Settlement, Refuse To Leave

Chabad activists have infiltrated Neve Dekalim and have barricaded themselves in the bomb shelter of a girls school. According to Ha'aretz, the Chabadniks have demands:

… [M]embers of the Chabad movement who had infiltrated Neveh Dekalim and entrenched themselves in the bomb shelter of a girl's seminary demanded that the evacuating forces wrap themselves with tefillin (Jewish prayer phylacteries).

They also demanded that the IDF release Avi Bieber, the soldier who was arrested last month when he refused to follow orders to demolish buildings in preparation for the disengagement. The IDF passed responsibility for negotiations with the barricaded Chabad members to Colonel Amos Ben Avraham.…


remember earlier, US media reported just simply right wing jews



Noahide News Part 262




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"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

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National Identification Card

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A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

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The Seed of God or the Seed of Satan, Your choice by faith

Pledge of Allegiance Part Two

I AM, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

King of the Noachides

"Beware the Mark"

"Beware the Mark" part two

"Beware the Mark" Part 3

"Beware the Mark" Part Four

"Beware the Mark" Part Five

 Harvest of Fear

"Harvest of Fear" Part Two

"Harvest of Fear" Part Three

National Organization Against Hasidic International Talmudic Enforcement

Where's Da Plane Boss, wheres da plane?

The Tarot Card Killer of Olam Ha Ba

The "Lessor Jew"

Temporary Coup d' Etat

The Federal Reserve, Fed up with the Fed?

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !

Protocols Today Part Two

Letter to a friend "It's not the Jews Dummy"

Identity of the Illuminati

The "Son's of the Synagogue of Satan"Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Satan Part 1A

Chabad Satan Part 2

Chabad Satan Part 2A

Chabad Satan Part 2B

Chabad Satan Part 3

Chabad Satan Part 3A

Chabad Satan Part 4

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Chabad Satan Part 5

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Chabad Satan Part 6

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Chabad Satan Part 7

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Chabad Satan Part 8

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Chabad Satan Part 8D

Chabad Satan Part 9

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Chabad Satan Part 9C

Chabad Satan Part 9D

Chabad Satan Part 10

Chabad Satan Part 10A

Chabad Satan Part 10B

Chabad Satan Part 10C

Chabad Satan Part 10D

Chabad Satan Part 11

The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

Chabad Wall Part 2

Chabad Wall Part 3

Chabad Wall Part 4

The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

OWR Part 3

OWR Part 4

One World Religion Part 5

One World Religion Part 6

One World Religion Part 7 Religion Part 7

Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws

The Leaven of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidim Pharisees

Exod-U.S the coming Geula 


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

Noahide News

Noahide News 2

Noahide News Part 3

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Noahide News Part 5

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Letter to Bob Jones and President Bush and all televangelist

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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Noahide News Part 143 THE JEWISH RELIGION Its InfluenceToday

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"Left Behind"

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