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Part 235

July 18, 2005  

Talmudic Dragon Moon Calendar Tammuz 8,  their Babylonian times of their  Babylonian Sumerian Doctrine and laws 5765


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The war unto desolation

Dan:9:26: And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, 

and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

From an Interview with the kabbalist, Harav Yitzchak Kaduri, shlita (world renounced saint, scholar and kabbalist, date of interview unknown)

Harav Kaduri: "These are the days of the Moshiach. Hashem has mercy on the Jewish people and sends them a pure spirit to repent. When there will be many ba'alei teshuvah, salvation will be granted for Israel, when they will do proper teshuvah."

What was the power of Khomeini?
A hard klipa; his name contains the letters of Haman, a hard kipa.

Was Ben Gurion a harmful klipa, too?
Since he is a Jew, there is in him a certain spark.

Isa:50:11: Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow.

Both a klipa and a spark...?
Yes, the people who govern today are the souls of the mixed multitude who came out from Egypt. Naturally they have in them a certain holiness. They come before the coming of the Moshiach.

When will Moshiach come?
In few years.

How many?
In the coming years, we expect him any day....Until the coming of the Moshiach there will be troubles, there will be a war.

Between whom and whom?
Jews against Jews. What else? Who will overpower them? After all, the current government will not be bent by itself.

Jews will bring down the current government and then the Moshiach will come?

Yes, the Ten Tribes will appear and they will make war. 

There are also two Moshiachs -- Moshiach ben Yosef will make war, and Moshiach ben Dovid will triumph over the goyim. Through the spirit of his words, the atom will burn itself out.

Will this State exist until the coming of the Moshiach?
The Arabs must be vacated from a number of places.

Is there a danger that the government will topple?
It won't topple.

WIll there be a state until the coming of the Moshiach?
Yes, but they will suffer a few misfortunes.

The Rabbi spoke of the Ten Tribes, where is the Sambatyon?
Hakadosh Baruch Hu concealed them so that they would not suffer from the yoke of the Goyim. Sometimes, they are revealed...they are settled securely in their country until the coming of Moshiach. Increasing the study of [pnimiyus haTorah] is the medicine, we learned this from the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai



Dedicated to my son-in-law, Lance, who says "Bush" and apostate Amaraka", has saved the Iraqi's, "Gawd Bliss Amaraka" unto his Judeo-Jaysoose, who is not the Lord God Almight Jesus the Creator, the life giver, but a counterfeit Jaysoose of Murder and bloodlust of the Proselytizer's of Judaic Hell and Death, and the lust of their father they do.


July 18, 2005


"Mission Accomplished"

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

IRAQ is slipping into all-out civil war, a Shia leader declared yesterday, as a devastating onslaught of suicide bombers slaughtered more than 150 people, most of them Shias, around the capital at the weekend.

Ishmael is stirred up against the West, by the Hand of the Talmudic Shenborg of the Chabad Lubavitch of the beast Sanhedrin and their about to be "REVEALED" Moshiach ben Dragon that son of perdition of the Dragon, who has given him his seat and authority

One bomber killed almost 100 people when he blew up a fuel tanker south of Baghdad, an attack aimed at snapping Shia patience and triggering the full-blown sectarian war that al-Qaeda has been trying to foment for almost two years.

Good job heil Bushkevik and Hassidim, well done unto your gods of Talmud Bavli the anti-Christ religion unto the Dragon. Now all you need do is slay the anti-Shems of Jesus the Christ the Head anti-shemborg collective of wanna be your satanic laws of the snare of the Assyrian Sumerian Doctrine of the Devil and Sanhedrin

Iraq’s security forces have been overwhelmed by the scale of the suicide bombings — 11 on Friday alone and many more over the weekend — ordered by the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

“What is truly happening, and what shall happen, is clear: a war against the Shias,” Sheikh Jalal al-Din al-Saghir, a prominent Shia cleric and MP, told the Iraqi parliament.

Sheikh al-Saghir is close to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the supreme Shia spiritual leader and moderate who has so far managed to restrain powerful Shia militias from undertaking any outright attack on Sunni insurgents. His warning suggests that the Shia leadership may be losing its grip over Shias who in private often call for an armed backlash against their Sunni assailants.

The sheikh also cautioned Sunni clerics supporting the insurgency against American forces and the Shia-Kurdish Government elected in January. “I am very keen to preserve the Sunni blood that would be shed due to the irrational acts of some of their leaders, who do not see that they are leading the country into civil war,” he told the national assembly.

On the streets of Baghdad, al-Zarqawi’s al-Qaeda organisation in Iraq unleashed one suicide bomber after another and promised no respite.

But where is the CIA operative Usama Ben laden?


“The Hassan Ibrahim al-Zaidi attack continues for the second day in a row, with rigged cars, martyrdom attacks and clashes,” an al-Qaeda internet statement said. “We warn the enemies of God of more to come.” One of the suicide bombers, a Libyan, was arrested at the mass funerals of 32 Shia children killed last week by a car bomber.

My God is bigger than your god, my god slays better then your's...... oor's oor's oor's, a murderous god which is NOT the Life Giver

But the worst attack occurred in the mixed town of Musaib, in the area south of Baghdad known as the Triangle of Death, when a fuel tanker blew up in a crowded market near a mosque on Saturday evening. The death toll rose to 98 yesterday, making it one the deadliest attacks yet.

Like the Hassidic Pyrmamid

Relatives searched the shattered market for the body parts of missing loved ones. “I saw a lot of burnt bodies after the explosion and many people throwing their children from the windows and balconies because the buildings were on fire,” Ammar al-Qaragouli said.

Well done Apostate "Amaraka" you have saved Iraq

Iraqi soldiers have set up checkpoints to try to rein in the bombers, only to become sitting ducks. Two dozen more people died yesterday in four suicide bombings targeting US and Iraqi security forces.

At least one desperate parliamentarian called for the population to form local militias to defend their neighbourhoods — a move that many see as prelude to a sectarian war.

“The plans of the Interior and Defence ministries to impose security in Iraq have failed to stop the terrorists. We need to bring back popular security committees,” Khudair al-Khuzai, a senior parliamentarian who claimed that 50 fellow MPs supported him, said. But with the streets of Baghdad seething with fear, anger and rumours of impending conflict, confidence in anything that the Government says has plummeted. 

Heil Bushkeviks and Hassidim companies, Noahide Demonicrazy

A poll in the state-sponsored al-Sabah newspaper indicated that 51 per cent of Iraqis see the Government’s performance as weak, while only 32 per cent approved. Fuelling the sectarian tension, leaflets are being distributed in southern Baghdad threatening named Shia “collaborators” with execution. Increasingly hardline Shia militias, such as the outlawed Mahdi Army of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, are patrolling large parts of Baghdad, often rounding up suspected Sunni insurgents and imprisoning or even killing them. With the country in turmoil, much of the Government, including Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Shia Prime Minister, was on a landmark trip to try to repair relations with Iran, where President Khatami hailed a “turning point” in relations between the neighbours. He promised that his country would do all in its power to rebuild Iraq. But closer ties with Iran’s Shia theo- cracy has alarmed Iraqi Sunnis, who accuse Iran of interfering.

You have succeeded to alliance the Two hated countries, in order to plunge the earth into World War, Her DeBushkevik, well done, good and faithful servant unto the Skull and Bones Dragon and his Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of San hedrin the anti-Christ of the earth. Where will you hide? Will you hide in the den of rocks and caves on the Great and terrible Day of the Lord's Wrath? Where will you hide rich men of the earth? 


John Reid, the British Defence Secretary, told CNN yesterday that Britain could start to reduce its troop levels in Iraq over the next 12 months. He said that neither Britain nor America had any imperialist ambitions and were anxious that Iraqi forces should assume responsibility for security



sons of the shema-GOG of satan, Heil Bushkevik and his Hassidim of Hell. Monitor this, Treasonous Vipers !
FBI Monitored Web Sites for 2004 Protests
Groups Criticize Agency's Surveillance for Terror Unit

By Michael Dobbs
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 18, 2005; A03

FBI agents monitored Web sites calling for protests against the 2004 political conventions in New York and Boston on behalf of the bureau's counterterrorism unit, according to FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The American Civil Liberties Union pointed to the documents as evidence that the Bush administration has reacted to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States by blurring the distinction between terrorism and political protest. FBI officials defended the involvement of counterterrorism agents in providing security for the Republican and Democratic conventions as an administrative convenience.

The documents were released by the FBI in response to a lawsuit filed by a coalition of civil rights, animal rights and environmental groups that say they have been subjected to scrutiny by task forces set up to combat terrorism. The FBI has denied targeting the groups because of their political views.

"It's increasingly clear that the government is involved in political surveillance of organizations that are involved in nothing more than lawful First Amendment activities," said Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU. "It raises very serious questions about whether the FBI is back to its old tricks."

A Sept. 4, 2003, document addressed to the FBI counterterrorism unit described plans by a group calling itself RNC Not Welcome to "disrupt" the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. It also described Internet postings from an umbrella organization known as United for Peace and Justice, which was coordinating worldwide protests against the convention.

"It's one thing to monitor protests and protest organizers, but quite another thing to refer them to your counterterrorism unit," said Leslie Cagan, national coordinator for United for Peace and Justice.

Another document, addressed to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which coordinates anti-terrorist activities by the FBI and local police forces, described threats to disrupt the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Responding to the lawsuit filed in May in U.S. District Court in Washington, the FBI said it had identified 1,173 pages of records relating to the ACLU and 2,383 pages relating to Greenpeace. The content of the records, which were generated since 2001, is not known.

FBI spokesmen declined to discuss the case on the record on the grounds that it is being adjudicated. Speaking on background, an FBI official said that many of the records were routine correspondence. He said the FBI counterterrorism unit received reports on possible threats to the 2004 political conventions because of its role in ensuring security.


France faces drought, locusts

Jul. 17, 2005 at 9:41PM

On top of a severe drought, France is fighting a plague of hundreds of thousands of locusts.
      The locusts are devouring everything from crops to window-box flowers, reported the Observer.
      "At the beginning they seem small, insignificant insects but they grow very quickly," said Aveyron region farmer Gerard Laussel. "They eat everything that is green, leaving only stalks, and when they have finished they leave some kind of scent so the cattle do not want to graze on what is left."
      The French environment ministry said drought could be felt across most of France, but it mostly impacted from the Atlantic Ocean to Paris.
      "There is nothing we can do for the 700 or 800 farmers affected," said Patrice Lemoux, an agriculture official. "The locust has no known predator and the only insecticides which might make a difference are banned."


They will offer the flesh for your soul

Will 'They' Allow
Humans To Extend
Their Lives?
From Bill Sardi
Jeff - Humans can live far longer, but will the authorities allow this? See what Leon R. Kass, MD, the President's bioethics counsel, has to say about this. -Bill Sardi
Excerpted from....
L'Chaim and Its Limits - Why Not Immortality?
By Leon R. Kass
President's Counsel On Bioethics
"....there is research into the genetic switches that control the biological processes of aging. The maximum life span for each species-roughly one hundred years for human beings-is almost certainly under genetic control. In a startling recent discovery, fruit-fly geneticists have shown that mutations in a single gene produce a 50 percent increase in the natural lifetime of the flies. Once the genes involved in regulating the human life cycle and setting the midnight hour are identified, scientists predict that they will be able to increase the human maximum age well beyond its natural limit. Quite frankly, I find some of the claims and predictions to be overblown, but it would be foolhardy to bet against scientific and technical progress along these lines.
But even if cures for aging and death are a long way off, there is a second and more fundamental reason for inquiring into the radical question of the desirability of gaining a cure for death. For truth to tell, victory over mortality is the unstated but implicit goal of modern medical science, indeed of the entire modern scientific project, to which mankind was summoned almost four hundred years ago by Francis Bacon and René Descartes. They quite consciously trumpeted the conquest of nature for the relief of man's estate, and they founded a science whose explicit purpose was to reverse the curse laid on Adam and Eve, and especially to restore the tree of life, by means of the tree of (scientific) knowledge. With medicine's increasing successes, realized mainly in the last half century, every death is increasingly regarded as premature, a failure of today's medicine that future research will prevent. In parallel with medical progress, a new moral sensibility has developed that serves precisely medicine's crusade against mortality: anything is permitted if it saves life, cures disease, prevents death. Regardless, therefore, of the imminence of anti-aging remedies, it is most worthwhile to reexamine the assumption upon which we have been operating: that everything should be done to preserve health and prolong life as much as possible, and that all other values must bow before the biomedical gods of better health, greater vigor, and longer life.
Recent proposals that we should conquer aging and death have not been without their critics. The criticism takes two forms: predictions of bad social consequences and complaints about distributive justice. Regarding the former, there are concerns about the effect on the size and age distribution of the population. How will growing numbers and percentages of people living well past one hundred affect, for example, work opportunities, retirement plans, hiring and promotion, cultural attitudes and beliefs, the structure of family life, relations between the generations, or the locus of rule and authority in government, business, and the professions? Even the most cursory examination of these matters suggests that the cumulative results of aggregated decisions for longer and more vigorous life could be highly disruptive and undesirable, even to the point that many individuals would be worse off through most of their lives, and worse off enough to offset the benefits of better health afforded them near the end of life. Indeed, several people have predicted that retardation of aging will present a classic instance of the Tragedy of the Commons, in which genuine and sought-for gains to individuals are nullified or worse, owing to the social consequences of granting them to everyone.
But other critics worry that technology's gift of long or immortal life will not be granted to everyone, especially if, as is likely, the treatments turn out to be expensive. Would it not be the ultimate injustice if only some people could afford a deathless existence, if the world were divided not only into rich and poor but into mortal and immortal?"
Leon R. Kass, M.D., is the Addie Clark Harding Professor in the Committee on Social Thought and the College at the University of Chicago and author of The Hungry Soul: Eating and the Perfection of Our Nature.


They will offer you mammon for your soul



and of course the man who prepped Heil Bushkevik, the hassidic Kissinger

Kissinger: Don't Exclude Military Action Against Iran if Negotiations Fail


Former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, in a wide-ranging discussion of foreign-policy issues, says he is disturbed at the possibility that Iran will develop nuclear weapons know-how if current negotiations to stem Tehran's nuclear program fail. In fact, he says, Iran's program is more worrisome than the crisis over North Korea's nuclear weapons.

He says that if Iran secures nuclear weapons, nonproliferation may cease to be a "meaningful policy, and then we live in a world of multiple nuclear centers. And then we'd have to ask ourselves what the world would look like if the [terrorist] bombs in London [on July 7] had been nuclear and 100,000 people had been killed." Asked if he favored military action against Iran if diplomacy failed, he says, "I'm not recommending it but, on the other hand, it is a grave step to tolerate a world of multiple nuclear weapons centers without restraint. I'm not recommending military action, but I'm recommending not excluding it."

Kissinger was interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman, consulting editor of, on July 14, 2005.


The war between the Hassidim of the North, Dan, who controls the White House, Aholibah the whore continues against the king of the south, secular zion, Judah, Aholibah the whore sister, for the seat of the Beast

Police Prevent Protestors From Arriving at Rally
17:46 Jul 18, '05 / 11 Tammuz 5765
By Hillel Fendel and Ezra HaLevi


Buses on their way to the mass rally in Netivot against the disengagement/expulsion plan have been stopped and turned back - even though the rally has been declared legal. Activists are not detered.

A police statement released shortly after noon Monday explains the reason for the reversal of an earlier decision to permit the mass rally:

"According to information that has been presented to the Israel Police Commissioner and his senior staff, the organizers and participants of the march plan to violate the law. Therefore, it has been decided to prevent the participants from reaching the area and creating a situation that will disturb the police from carrying out the evacuation."

I assure you, the more Sharon does this, the more resolve of the Hassidim to cause terror and murder in zion

Police teams set out for central locations around the country, especially in Judea and Samaria, and erected checkpoints to stop buses headed for the rally. Arutz-7's Kobi Sela reports that one of the policemen asked his commanding officer which clause he could cite to order the bus to turn around. The commander said that he should say it's an order of the IDF Commander.

The police have apparently not found a legal basis on which to turn back the buses, and have therefore decided merely to delay them, in the hope that fewer people will arrive at the planned demonstration in the Negev town of Netivot.

Police Superintendent Elisha Kogan told Arutz-7 that the police see it within their jurisdiction to prevent protesters from arriving at the legal rally due to the suspicion that they will later try to enter Gush Katif. "They intend to prevent the disengagement," Kogan said.

Police officers and border police have threatened bus drivers with the revocation of their licenses if they attempt to drive their passengers to the rally.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had announced Sunday that he expects security forces to prevent activists from reaching Gush Katif by using "the severest possible measures."

Regarding the blocking of tens of thousands of protestors from reaching the site of the demonstration, MK Dr. Uzi Landau (Likud Party) said on Monday, "I am becoming more and more convinced that Sharon is intentionally inflaming the situation; he is deliberately and purposefully inciting the citizens of Israel, the IDF, and the police against the residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, against the religious and against his political opponents. The Prime Minister maliciously wants to bring about a clash."

so the Moshiach of hell can be "REVEALED" by Sanhedrin 

Labor Party Leader MK Shimon Peres justified the police blockage of protestors from reaching the rally: "They should stop telling stories about a protest. This is not a protest. This is a disturbance of the security forces, preventing them from carrying out their duties, including protecting the residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza themselves."

Over one thousand buses are scheduled to take participants to the rally from around the country, and many have already set out on their way. Buses have been blocked in Modi'in, Petach Tikvah, Netanya, Bnei Brak, Givat Shmuel, Migdal HaEmek, Ma'alot, Haifa, Zichron Yaakov, Kiryat Shemonah, Upper Nazareth and Kfar Saba. In Jerusalem, passengers were ordered off tens of buses, some of which had already set out toward the march.

In Haifa, all of the bus passengers boarded hired cabs and private vehicles in the direction of Netivot and the Kisufim Crossing. "Not one demonstrator turned around and went home," reported Haifa Land of Israel Headquarters activist Aviad Vissouly. Chabad activists in Tzfat and Bat Yam have set out in private vehicles toward Netivot.

the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of the beast Sanhedrin who control Bush and Sharon will cause as much chaos as possible before introducing their "Illuminated Moshiach ben dragon" to the World

A group of activists from the Victims of Arab Terror organization managed to circumvent police obstructions and arrive in Netivot by 4 PM.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said, "If police stop the protestors from arriving, they will simply start walking by foot and block the traffic in that way. If the protestors can't travel, no one will be able to travel." Eldad is a strong proponent of civil disobedience against the expulsion/withdrawal plan.

The Yesha Council issued a statement condemning the move and encouraging protesters to make their way to the rally by other means. "We are calling upon all opponents of the uprooting/expulsion plan, blocked by the police by direct order from the Sharon family, to come to Netivot using every possible mode of transport, whether by car, by foot or by train,” a Council statement said. “The dictatorial manner in which the police are deployed to prevent the march will not succeed."

The Women in Green organization said the police blockage of buses to the very protest rally that they earlier approved demonstrates that "Sharon has truly become a dictator, and that he has turned Israel into a police state." The organization is calling upon activists to use private vehicles to travel directly to Gush Katif.


Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

During a closed-door meeting of the Likud Party, angry yelling was heard directed toward Prime Minister Sharon, demanding answers as to why buses were being prevented from reaching the rally.

In the city of Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv, policemen went around to the various locations from where buses were supposed to set out, and confiscated the bus drivers' licenses. Hundreds of Bat Yam residents who had planned to go to Netivot to demonstrate lawfully against the disengagement are now stranded, trying to plan their next move. One of them, Nissim, told Arutz-7, "We are hundreds of people here outside the synagogue, while the police have started a hunt for buses. We are hoping to go to Netivot by private cars, and if that doesn't work out, we plan to march by foot en masse to the Ayalon Highway."

In Jerusalem, Shifra Hoffman of the Victims of Arab Terror organization told Arutz-7 that security officials directed police officers to confiscate the drivers licenses of bus drivers, preventing her group from arriving at a special ceremony in Netivot for the terror victims. "A police officer crouched down near the tire of our bus and told the driver that he had to take the bus in to be fixed. The driver said it was a blatant lie and that he had just had the bus overhauled. I snapped a picture of the man instructing the officers to make up these stories. People must realize we are truly living in police state," Hoffman said.

LISTEN PEOPLE, LISTEN, Hear the reverse propaganda to bring the Global despot who will slay wonderfully. HEAR you in Judaea?

Another Bat Yam protester told Arutz-7 that the policeman who stopped his bus told him that he is fully aware that he was fulfilling an illegal order, but that the order does not qualify as “blatantly illegal,” as is the requirement for an order to be disobeyed.

Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was asked by the BBC Monday afternoon whether the methods being used to prevent the protest did not call Israel's status as a democracy into question. "This is not a regular legitimate protest, the government has decided to withdraw from Gaza and this demonstration goes against the decision of the absolute majority and is illegitimate," Olmert said.

Yes indeed the secular government of Aholibah is being taken by George W. Bush's Hassidim of Hell. By his hand, Moshiach ben Yosef Bushkevik she will be destroyed, then they will "Reveal" Moshiach ben David, False Christ their redeemer to hell and death the Covenant they have made unto themselves. Do not be deceived.


Today, July 18, 2005 in the USA it is Tuesday in ISREALHELL, the March escalates to bring haMoshiach ben Dragon of Sanhedrin

Massive March Planned for Tomorrow
18:23 Jul 17, '05 / 10 Tammuz 5765
By Hillel Fendel

Yesha Council heads met with Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi this afternoon, in an attempt to coordinate the massive 3-day march that will head for the entrance to Gush Katif tomorrow afternoon.

The meeting resulted in a decision to have teams representing both the organizers and the police meet and iron out the remaining issues between them. The announced goal will be to "allow the expression of legitimate popular protest, as is appropriate for a democratic country."

Noahide Demonicrazy

Yesha Council heads said, "The opening ceremony in Netivot, and the march afterwards, will be held as scheduled - with our insistence that there be absolutely no violence towards the police."

With buses and cars coming to Netivot from all over the country, the organizers hope that tens of thousands of people will take part. Following the opening ceremony in Netivot, the participants will travel by bus and car to Kfar Maimon, some ten kilometers to the west. If the police close the roads, however, the event will turn into a march, on roads and through fields. The goal is to reach Kisufim, the entrance to Gush Katif, by Wednesday. (Tuesday in US) IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Col. Dan Halutz has said that the army will not be able to stop 100,000 people.

The schedule calls for marching during the morning and late-afternoon hours on Tuesday towards the Re'im Junction, and then towards Kisufim. Participants have been advised to bring strong suntan lotion, dry food, water, a sleeping bag, and other basic equipment.

Earlier today, Southern District Police Commander Uri Bar-Lev said that the gathering outside the Baba Sali's gravesite in Netivot on Monday afternoon is "not legal, and we will not allow tens of thousands of people to congregate there." From Yesha Council headquarters it was learned that it is precisely this statement that is at the center of the ongoing meetings between the police and organizers.

Another protest/blockade is scheduled for this evening at one of the recently-established checkpoints on the way to Gush Katif. Residents from N'vei Dekalim and elsewhere will demand to travel home without producing identification; if they are not allowed through, their cars will block the road.

Similar protests and demonstrations were held on Wednesday night, after the closure was first announced, and last night. Police scattered the protestors with violence last night, resulting in the injuring of at least two citizens.

Five people were wounded in rocket attacks in N'vei Dekalim this afternoon, including two in moderate condition. The latter two were seriously hurt when a mortar shell scored a direct hit on their car. Yigal Kirshenzaft was hit in the neck, and his passenger - a visitor from California - suffered a blow to his leg. They were flown to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva, where their condition, originally moderate-to-serious, was reported to have stabilized. Several cars were also damaged, as was a house.

Kirshenzaft - Yigal ben Zahava - a tall man whose knitted-skullcap stands out in a crowd, is the official Chabad emissary in Gush Katif, a veteran of the original evacuation of Yamit and neighboring communities in 1982, and father of a large family.


"Amaraka" is Oblivious

Clash of Thousands" Feared at Gush Katif March
16:29 Jul 18, '05 / 11 Tammuz 5765
By Hillel Fendel


The IDF and police are sending 12,000 soldiers & policemen to guard today's planned march - and to prevent the marchers from making their way to Gush Katif. The feared clash will not occur today.

The three-day event begins in Netivot this afternoon with a prayer rally, and the expected thousands will then begin marching towards Kfar Maimon, some ten kilometers (6 miles) away. The marchers will continue tomorrow morning towards the southwest, with the goal of reaching Gush Katif, or at least the Kisufim Crossing entrance thereof, on Wednesday.

Police officials and representatives from the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha) met yesterday to coordinate the event, and reached an agreement on most of the issues. Abruptly last night, however, the police announced that the opening ceremony would be approved, but the march would be illegal. The Yesha Council announced in turn that the march would take place as planned, but with two conditions: No violence, and wherever the police stop them, there they sit down and encamp.

The police announced today that they would not stop the marchers on their way to Kfar Maimon. In practice, however, the police blocked thousands of cars and buses from reaching the site of the rally.

Council officials said that the police decision not to allow the march in its entirety is a "surrender to the dictates of the Sharon family." Yesha Council head Bentzy Lieberman told Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi that the opponents of the disengagement "have been left with no way of protesting legitimately, because everything we try becomes outlawed."

The 12,000 policemen and soldiers set out last night and this morning to deploy in the area. Some of them will be stationed in the fields around the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to prevent Jews from entering Gush Katif.

Leading rabbis, Knesset Members and public figures will head the march. This is in order to grant it a stature that it might not have otherwise had, and to prevent violence between the police and marchers.

Dozens of youths made their way to Netivot and Kfar Maimon this morning to prepare for the march. They will be erecting temporary structures to house and sleep the expected tens of thousands


The Sanhedrin uses propaganda to usher in bloodshed which will spill into all the earth

Police Brutality in Gush Katif
12:21 Jul 17, '05 / 10 Tammuz 5765
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Israel Police continued to use violence, Saturday night, against Gush Katif residents who refused to show identity cards. Several of the Jewish victims were taken by ambulances to the hospital.

Despite a Knesset panel protest this past week against police violence, one policeman beat up a Gush Katif resident Friday, after ordering him to turn off the motor of his car.

The driver, a resident of Ne've Dekalim, was driving to the nearby Jewish community of Netzarim in Gaza in order to bring equipment to a soldier who is a relative. Police stopped the car and demanded that the driver turn off the engine, according to Eldad Levi, who also was in the car.

He said the driver told the officer he did not want to turn off the motor because the air conditioning was running. "The policeman started hitting him even though he was sitting in the car," Levi said. "His children sitting in the back seat began to cry."

Policemen claimed the driver tried to break through a previous checkpoint, but Levi said that one policeman had made a motion to the driver that he thought was a sign to continue to travel.

According to another eyewitness, Tzvi Friedman, "Policemen approached his car…and asked, ‘Who are you and what are you?’ Suddenly he ran after the car behind us and tried to open the door. I heard the driver tell him, ‘You have no permission to open the door,’ but the policeman…opened the door and pulled the young man, sat on him...and tried to turn off the motor.

"The policeman pulled him by his clothes, and the driver tried to defend himself as he held on to the steering wheel." Friedman added that women soldiers nearby tried to calm down the policeman and stop him from continuing to beat up the man, whose daughters fled from the car.


Ha Bushkeviks Neo CON-MEN, and the Hassidim in ISREALHELL

Rightists on the road

Israeli authorities braced for a massive right-wing march on the Gaza Strip.

More than 10,000 police deployed Monday around access roads to the main Gaza settlement bloc of Gush Katif ahead of the march, slated to begin at nightfall. Settler leaders said tens of thousands of Israelis opposed to the upcoming Gaza withdrawal would set off from the southern town of Netivot, intent on breaking through an army blockade around Gush Katif.

Israel’s internal security minister vowed to rebuff them. “The marchers won’t get close to Gush Katif, or even to its access road,” Gideon Ezra said.

the war rages



The hassidim resort to the same TERROR, as from the beginning, see Europe


Bomb scare arrests

Two Israeli soldiers are under arrest on suspicion of planting a fake bomb in a bus terminal.

Police said Monday that the soldiers, members of an infantry regiment that caters to fervently Orthodox conscripts, were arrested but had not confessed to the charges. They are suspected of smuggling a gas canister into the Jerusalem Central Bus Station last week, rigging it up to look like a bomb and leaving a note denouncing Israel’s plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.


Call to shut the flow of mammon from Ishmael, by the shemborg Collective and their Treasonous Blasphemous proselytes of hell two fold

Wiener: Shut down Arab Bank

A New York congressman called on the Treasury Department to expel the Arab Bank from the United States.

At a press conference Sunday in Manhattan, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) cited the bank’s alleged ties to terrorism, noting that it handles transactions with groups such as the Holy Land Foundation, a front group for Hamas, and may work with the Global Relief Foundation, which some contend supports Al-Qaida.

I say throw all the Mammonizers of Usery out, into the Universe of void.

“What goes on in New York City is a message for the rest of the world,” Weiner said. “We do not welcome those who facilitate terrorism here in New York City.”

Then start with the Chabad Lubavitch, treasonous viper of hell and the SOS

 Arab Bank is a Jordanian institution whose single American branch is located in midtown Manhattan.


Just in time, are you certain you want to surround zion?

Drought tightens its deadly grip in Europe

Mon Jul 18, 7:43 AM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - Drought in Europe tightened its deadly grip on Monday as a forest blaze that killed 11 firefighters raged in Spain, and with weekend temperatures soaring in France, authorities scrambled to protect the elderly.

Spain and Portugal are suffering their worst droughts since records began in the 1940s, and in western France, water levels are at their lowest since the major drought of 1976.

Parched conditions now stretch from north Africa to the French capital, causing billions of euros worth of damage as crops shrivel, rivers dry up and pastures turn to dust.


President Jacques Chirac, in western France to discuss the drought with local officials, appealed for vigilance in the face of a worsening situation.

"I ask each person to make an effort to limit the excessive use of water," he said, appealing for a "culture of economizing water that is increasingly necessary for us."

As temperatures threatened to rise above 30 degrees celsius in parts of France at the weekend, Health Minister Xavier Bertrand released funds of 26 million euros ($31.39 million) under a plan to help protect elderly people from the effects of the searing heat.

The national heatwave plan was set up after 2003, when summer temperatures consistently around 40 degrees killed 15,000 mostly elderly people in France, sparking a national outcry.

Police in Spain retrieved the bodies of 11 firefighters, who died after changing winds left them trapped by one of the many forest blazes caused by tinder box conditions.

Three volunteer firefighters also died on Sunday night battling a fire at a farm in central France.

France said the number of departments where water curbs would now apply had risen to 52 from 50. More than half the country now has at least some form of water rationing.

Measures range from bans on car washing or filling domestic swimming pools to curbs on farmers, the biggest water users during the summer months. Authorities have said anyone found breaking the law would be fined 1,500 euros ($1,811).


The drought has crippled crops in Spain, Portugal and north Africa, leaving farmers demanding emergency help and authorities preparing to step up imports to feed people and livestock.


European Commission said last week cereals production in the bloc was likely to fall 10 percent, or 28 million tonnes, this year due to the dry conditions in many countries.

"The Iberian peninsula faces the worst conditions of the last 30 years and the situation appears critical," it said.

In Portugal, the national farmers' association has estimated losses in that country alone at one billion euros.

Without rain soon, the situation for late-harvested maize may get even worse, the Commission said.

"The impact of lower water reserves in some of the main productive basins of the EU -- southwest France and northern Italy -- could cause drastic reductions if there's not enough rainfall in the next weeks," it said.

In Algeria, some 2.5 million farmers are at risk and in Morroco crops have slumped by 57 percent to 3.6 million tonnes.

The need for increased imports threatens to worsen Morocco's already ailing trade balance, and the harvest fall has contributed to a downward revision of its 2005 growth forecast.

And in the south of France, the dry hot weather has spawned a new threat, more common to northern Africa -- swarms of locally-hatched locusts have invaded the department of Aveyron.

Hundreds of farms are at risk and dozens of hectares of farmland have already been attacked by the voracious insects. Local authorities have advised farmers to get their crops in from the fields as soon as possible.





Million at risk in Italy heatwave

ROME, Italy (Reuters) -- A heat wave in Italy has put the health of one million people at risk and the government has warned the situation could be even worse than the summer of 2003 when 20,000 people died due to soaring temperatures.

Authorities have asked local doctors to keep an eye on their patients above 75 years of age who are most vulnerable, hoping to avoid a repeat of the death-rate of two years ago which has just been revised up from 8,000.

"We are faced with a heat wave that is equal if not worse than in 2003 (and) around one million people are at risk," Health Minister Francesco Storace told a news conference.

Italy is bathed in hot Saharan air with temperatures forecast on Tuesday to reach 36 degrees Celsius (97 Fahrenheit), with the hottest regions in the north. In cities it can feel much hotter as asphalt roads and pavements pump the heat back up from below.

High temperatures put the vulnerable at risk of dehydration and cardio-vascular problems which can kill. Older people are particularly at risk and several people have already been reported to have died because of the heat.

Northern Italy is also facing possible water shortages due to lack of rainfall and evaporation has spiked. Farmers say there is only enough water to guarantee irrigation for two weeks.

A massive use of air conditioning caused electricity consumption to hit near-record levels on Monday. Grid operator GRTN said the country was not at danger of power shortages, despite low availability from hydro plants.

In June 2003 Italy suffered widespread blackouts as electricty demand for air conditioners caused an overload.

Copyright 2005 Reuters. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed



Er, whut I mented was: "We will fire them if they have been found Guilty in their talmudic Courts of Justice, which is above US law, and protects whut I really mented.

"Karl" Marx Rove, looking for Moshiach

Bush: CIA leaker would be fired if crime committed

Jul 18, 12:14 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Monday his administration would fire anyone found to have committed a crime in a federal investigation of the leak of a covert CIA agent's name, shifting from a broader vow to simply dismiss the leaker.

would you like the odds of that?

Bush, whose top political adviser Karl Rove has been caught up in the investigation, told reporters he did not know all the facts and urged them to wait until the inquiry was complete before "you jump to conclusions."

"I would like this to end as quickly as possible so we know the facts and if someone committed a crime they will no longer work in my administration," Bush said at a news conference with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Asked on June 10, 2004, whether he stood by his earlier pledge to fire anyone found to have leaked the officer's name, Bush replied: "Yes." He did not add the qualification that the person would have to be found to have committed a crime.

Saying there was a "serious ongoing" inquiry under way into who leaked the identity of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame, Bush, as he did last week, refused to comment on specifics of the case.

Threatened by future pretzel attack?

"I want to know all the facts," he said. "The best place for the facts to be done is by somebody who is spending time investigating it."

"Roves Treasonous peers"

Rove has been named by a Time magazine reporter as one of the sources who identified the agent to the media, before she was named in a newspaper column in July 2003.

Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, has said his client "has been repeatedly assured he is not a target of the investigation" by a special prosecutor into the leak.

The Time reporter, Matthew Cooper, said Rove was the first person to tell him that the agent, who is married to a prominent critic of the Bush administration's Iraq policy, worked for the CIA.

Cooper said he told a grand jury last week that Rove told him the woman worked at the "agency," or CIA, on weapons of mass destruction issues, and ended the call by saying "I've already said too much."

He said Rove did not disclose the woman's name, but told him information would be declassified that would cast doubt on the credibility of her husband, former diplomat Joseph Wilson, who had charged the Bush administration with exaggerating the threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction programs in making its case for war.

welcome to Heil Bushkevik's Hassidic Hoodlum haha of Jack booted Nasi Thugs


How they intentionally slip

I've already said too much, saith hassidim thugs



A Generational Leader says: Moshiach in Months, Not Years


Some new and very exciting news from the Moshiach / Geulah front. Rabbi Lazer Brody from the Lazer Beams blog writes:

Rabbi Yakov Aryeh Alter, better known as the Gerrer Rebbe (grand rabbi of Ger hassidus), one of the world's most prominent, respected, and influential rabbinical leaders joins the lineup of Tzaddikim (Jewish living saints) who expect the arrival of Moshiach in the nearest future. Expressing himself in Yiddish, the Gerrer Rebbe Shlit"a said recently, "Moshiach will come this year, or by the end of next year." The Gerrer Rebbe is known as an individual of tremendous spiritual stature, who does much and says very little...
Yesterday, I met with Rabbi Shlomo Tzvi Alter - one of the Gerrer Rebbe's sons who, along with his brothers, heard the Rebbe say emphatically before Kiddush, "Moshiach will come this year, or by the end of next year." After the Seder, the Rebbe concluded by saying in Yiddish, "We'll soon discover that the entire Golus was worth eating one little piece of meat (alluding to the korban Pesach, or Pascal lamb, which G-d willing we'll all be eating in the Holy Temple this coming Passover)," meaning that we have no idea of the value of Moshiach, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, korbonos, and the spiritual treasures that are in store for us. When one of his sons asked him to elaborate, the Rebbe refused, saying, "Ich hob schoin gezugt tzu fil," or, "I've already said too much."



[Upon seizing the reins of government,

Sharon's secular zion, Aholibah the king of the south, overthrown. The hassidim, Chabad Lubavitch have control of the US and the sanhedrin now ISREALHELL.

 the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.

Noahide Law Marshal law

  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.

so much for "disengagement" the Road Map to Hell is in

  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. 

Rove not Convicted of a goyim crime

The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country,

TREASONOUS Blasphemous Freemason proselytes who should be hanged immediately and their kangaroo courts of the Dragon shut down. But it will not happen. because all of Amaraka are apostate and worship the dragon

 and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha.... 

Jewish fables of their shemborg jack booted thuggery Hoodlum haha of shame

 ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures,

Patriot AKT II of Heil Bushkevik, enforced by the Talmudic son of Hassidim rib-eyes, Chertoff of the Dragon

 again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory]

who are soon to be cast into outer darkness for their sorceries and their Blasphemies and murders



the Chabad send me these little bitty ditties daily

Tammuz 11, 5765 * July 18, 2005


Breaking Walls
By: Sara Esther Crispe
There is no time more tragic, no period more painful, no suffering more accute, than what has befallen the Jewish people, throughout history, during the Three Weeks.

Beginning on the 17th day of the Hebrew month of Tammuz and ending with the 9th day of the month of Av, the Jewish people, as individuals and as a collective whole, mourn and commemorate the many painful attempts at our destruction which occurred in this time.

The list of tragedies associated with this time period is overwhelming. Tammuz 17, the day which starts these three weeks, is the same day when, in the year 1313 BCE, the Tablets containing the Ten Commandments were broken. [1] On that same day, some 1,382 years later, the legions of Rome breached the walls of Jerusalem after a 30-month siege. For three weeks the battle raged in Jerusalem, until the city was vanquished, the Holy Temple destroyed, and the Jewish people driven into exile. Thus we entered the state of galut (physical and spiritual displacement) in which we still find ourselves today. [2]

And yet, this was only the beginning.

Three tragic weeks later, we arrive at Tisha B'Av, the "Ninth of Av." Predominantly known as the day on which both the first and second Holy Temples were destroyed--the First Temple by the Babylonians in 423 BCE, and the Second Temple by the Romans in 69 CE--the Ninth of Av is also associated with many other horrific events, both preceding the destruction of the Temples and continuing until the present. [3]

(By a cruel irony, the day originally chosen by the Israeli government for the expulsion of thousands men, women and children from their homes in Gush Katif and the other settlements in the Gaza Strip fell within the Three Weeks. But that date was changed due to the tremendous pressure from Jews the world over, aghast that the government of Israel would add to the list of our sufferings during this tragic period.)

Jewish law mandates a series of mourning observances during the Three Weeks. Tammuz 17 and Av 9 are both fast days. For entire Three Weeks we do not hold weddings; like mourners, we refrain from cutting our hair. In the final nine days of the Three Weeks (i.e., from the 1st to the 9th of Av) we enter a period of heightened mourning: in addition to the above mourning practices, we do not eat meat or drink wine, do not listen to music, do not purchase or wear new clothes, do not bathe for pleasure, and in general refrain from any activities whose purpose is pleasure and enjoyment.

These three weeks are referred to by the prophet Jeremiah as Bein HaMetzarim, literally, "between the constrictions." The word metzar, constriction, is the root of the word mitzraim, Egypt, alluding to our days of being enslaved in our first galut. When we are constricted, we are in a state of exile--we are not able to express ourselves or be who we truly are.

                       *     *     *     *

Yet, as is true with most everything in Judaism, nothing is as simple as it appears. Our prophets prophesied that the Ninth of Av will ultimately be revealed as the greatest and most joyous of all the days of the year. 

Their prophets are not God's messengers the Prophets of the Living God they slew, but their talmudic prophets unto Baal of the Dragon of Talmud Bavli of the anti-Christ, shems of shame.


Even now, as we fast and mourn on this day, Jewish law alludes to its future status as a moed, a day of joyous celebration:

Just before being moed down, grass thrown into the fire

 it is for this reason that we omit tachanun ("supplication" prayers and confession of sins) from our daily prayers on the Ninth of Av, as we do on festivals and other joyous days in our calendar.

In the Kabbalistic work Zohar we are shown how the entire period that we consider a period of mourning, the whole Three Weeks, are actually the seed for what will become this day of celebration.

Wailing for Tammuz

The 21 days of the Bein HaMetzarim period begin on the 17th of Tammuz. The number 17 is numerically equivalent to tov, the word in Hebrew for "good." Clearly this "good" is not a revealed good, yet concealed within the darkness is the good which will be revealed. 

of their beloved chief shem of shame of shemborg collective, haha Moshiach ben Dragon

Furthermore, while we have 21 days of this mourning state, we find that throughout the Jewish calendar, there are also 21 days of festivity: Shabbat is one day; Rosh Chodesh, the celebration of the new month, is one day; Passover, the holiday marking our breaking out of slavery and into freedom, is seven days; Shavuot, the day which is considered our wedding to our Creator when we merit to receive the Torah, is one day; Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish new year, is two days; Yom Kippur is one day; Sukkot is seven days; and Shemini Atzeret (Simchat Torah) is one day. Thus: 1+1+7+1+2+1+7+1=21. Now, if these numbers seem off to you, there is a reason. The days only equal 21 if they are calculated according to how the festivals are observed in the Land of Israel, where holidays are one day shorter than they are in the Diaspora. This already is an allusion that the true way to celebrate our holy days is the way that it is done in the Land of Israel. And we know that one of the first things that will be done when we are redeemed is that all Jews will be returned to our true home, in the Holy Land of Israel.

that spiritual Sodom and Egypt, "Come to Pharaoh Moshiach" 

In the Jerusalem Talmud (Taanit 4:5) we are told that the 21 days of the Three Weeks correspond to a vision that the prophet Jeremiah had concerning the destruction of the Temple. Jeremiah saw a makel shaked, "a staff of almond wood," and heard G-d warning him that evil was imminent -- "For I will hasten (shoked) my word to perform it" (Jeremiah 1:11-12). The Talmud explains: "The almond takes 21 days from when it blossoms until it ripens. This corresponds to the 21 days between the 17th of Tammuz, when the walls of Jerusalem, and the Ninth of Av, when the Holy Temple was burned."

The famed "Gaon of Rogatchov" (Rabbi Joseph Rozen, 1858-1936) writes that inherent in G-d's warning to Jeremiah was a consolation. Almonds start off bitter and become sweet as they develop (in contrast to another kind of nut called luz that starts off sweet and becomes bitter). This is why the 21 days of Bein HaMetzarim are alluded to by the 21-day "staff of almond-wood": not only are we able to negate the bitterness of these days, but we are capable of turning their bitterness to sweetness, of transforming these days of mourning into days of rejoicing and gladness."

Another allusion to this is in the famous Talmudic statement, Mishenichnas Av m'maatin b'simchah. The basic meaning of these four words is "When Av enters we decrease in joy." However, because the original Talmudic text contains no punctuation marks, this statement can be read in two ways. On the one hand, yes, practically speaking, because of the tragedies that befell the Jewish people during the month of Av, we minimize our joy. However, now that we know that the good is only hidden and will soon be revealed, 

Their god, who was and is not and yet will come, who is not Omnipresent, but one who must hide himself from man to deceive them........

we can also read it another way: "When Av enters we decrease, in joy." How do we diminish the pain and suffering which comes when Av enters? Specifically through the simchah, through a positive outlook and a joyous approach.

And we end the three weeks with a similar reminder. On the Ninth of Av we read the Kinot ("Lamentations") a collection of poetic prayers describing the terrible events that we suffered as a people. Yet if we just turn the letters around, we have the word Tikun, rectification, showing that everything, no matter how dark or how seemingly bad, has the ability to turn around. [4]

Being that Ninth of Av is in the month of Av, we therefore must also look at the esoteric dimensions of the month itself to have an even deeper understanding of this time period. As is explained in Sefer Yetzirah (the earliest book of Kabbalah we have, and which is attributed to Abraham himself), each month of the Jewish year has a letter that represents it, and each letter can be interpreted according to its form, its shape, its numerical value and its meaning.

The letter which represents the month of Av is Tet, which is the 9th letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and its gematria (numerical value) is also 9. 

But of course, Tet = king= 9

of their Tzadik =90

who they say is their Talmudic Final Sofiet Tzadik = 900


As the first letter of the word tov, the Tet represents the concept of concealed good which is waiting to be revealed;

Moshiach ben Dragon the son of perdition who was and is not and yet will be

 it also represents the concept of pregnancy, both in its form (with its rounded, introverted section) and numerical value (alluding to the nine months of pregnancy). (see image above)

Indeed, one of the classic metaphors in Jewish thought is that pregnancy is an allusions to state of constriction, for it is during this time period that there is a state of hidden good which is concealed, and constricted within, until the time comes for it to be birthed and revealed into this world.

Birth pains


 It is vital to remember that pregnancy does not just exist on a physical level, but rather we are all--both men and women-- considered to constantly be in various stages of pregnancy, be it spiritual or emotional or intellectual. Thus the mitzvah of pru u'revu, to "be fruitful and multiply," does not just mean to physically have children, but also that we are commanded to be creative, to use our G-d-given talents to create within this world.

The state of pregnancy is thus a state of being constricted, in which we are not yet able to fully manifest our potential or the latent or hidden good that is within. But as we often find, it is the work we accomplish when enslaved and constricted that allows us to truly appreciate our freedom. Only through limitation can we understand what it means to be limitless. And so, the very key to our celebration, our redemption, can be found in this time of constrictedness.

The Ninth of Av is the Tet day of Av, the pregnant day of the pregnant month. Incredibly, the Sages teach that Moshiach will be born on the Ninth of Av (and there are different opinions as to whether this will be his physical birth or his spiritual birth). In other words, our redeemer will be revealed and bring our world to a state of revelation on the very day that during our exile has represented terrible destruction. In the midst of our destruction we have the ability for rebirth.

2 Thes. 2:

3: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;


The same is true of the day that marks the beginning of our mourning period, the 17th day of Tammuz. On this day that the walls of Jerusalem were breached, leading to the Destruction and the Exile. However, there is something positive that can result from the breaking down of walls. There is some "good" (alluded to in the number 17 = tov = good) here which can also be the seeds of a very positive process. The only way we can rebuild is when we are willing to first tear down the present structure, to break down the walls. This is certainly not only true on a physical level, but psychologically, emotionally and spiritually as well. If anything, these barriers are often harder to break than even the highest and thickest physical wall.

A wall is something that keeps others out, that protects and hides what is kept behind it. Walls are necessary, especially in an imperfect world. However, there are times that we need to let down our walls in order to truly experience and feel and grow. If our walls are always up, then no one can come in and we cannot get out; 

Isa:14:17: That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?


rather than mere protection, they become a form of escape, of separation, a barrier that becomes a prison.

This is the true work that we must do, both individually and globally. We must look within and without and start breaking down our walls. We must break our walls of fear, distrust, ignorance and hate, and we must destroy them to the ground. Then, when we are standing in the midst of the rubble, when we can finally see one another again and there is nothing blocking us, we can begin the process again, brick by brick. But this time, rather than building a wall, we will build a home, a home that can be shared by all, and where all our welcome. And through this, we will finally be able to reveal the goodness that has been concealed for so long, and bring meaning to the confusion and purpose to the apparent chaos. Then, we will no longer experience these days as days of mourning, but rather of celebration and joy, for we will truly be redeemed.

Dan:8:24: And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

- Sara Esther Crispe, a writer, inspirational speaker and mother of four, is on the editorial staff of


Thousands of Chabad chassidim from Crown Heights and the surrounding areas responded to an appeal from Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Schwei and Rabbi Avraham Osdoba to attend a huge protest rally on Sunday outside Baruch College in Manhattan. Prime Minister Sharon was speaking at the college, which is part of Yeshiva University, at the time. The Rabbanim of Crown Heights personally attended the rally, which attracted a huge number of participants. Members of Anash put on tefillin with hundreds of people and handed out material on the dangers that Sharon's withdrawal plan would pose if implemented.

The Robbers of God's people


10,000's Halted Near Kfar Maimon
22:47 Jul 18, '05 / 11 Tammuz 5765

( As negotiations between Yesha Council leaders and police commanders continue about 1.5 kilometers from Kfar Maimon, tens of thousands of anti-disengagement activists are waiting peacefully on the road which was closed some time ago.


Massive Anti-Disengagement Rally Begins, March Will Go On
20:21 Jul 18, '05 / 11 Tammuz 5765
By Ezra HaLevi


The massive anti-Disengagement protest in Netivot began Monday evening, albeit three hours late due to police efforts to prevent protesters from arriving for the rally.

The protesters began marching toward the community of Kfar Maimon, in the direction of Gush Katif, despite police refusal to authorize the march.

Former chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu arrived in Netivot by helicopter, telling Arutz-7 upon his arrival that he hopes and prays that the protest will lead the Prime Minister to “return to himself and not disengage from the nation.”

Demonstrators continue to pour into the southern development town. A massive convoy from Jerusalem led by Rabbi Avraham Shapira is making its way toward the demonstration.

The start of the rally was pushed off due to the police detainment of more than a thousand buses on their way to the rally. Almost 400 buses were stopped by police, their drivers’ licenses confiscated and passengers forced to exit the vehicles and search for other modes of transportation.

Police are still manning roadblocks on Road #25 between the Gabim Junction and Kibbutz Sa’ad. Heavy traffic has resulted.

Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra told Likud members that he had not ordered the obstruction of buses, indicating that the order came directly from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni defended the move, saying the rally signified a significant threat to Israel’s democracy.

As the evening news broadcast images of the rally, featuring dancing children and fervent prayer, police decided to back down from the decision to prevent protesters from arriving at Netivot.

The Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council announced that as a result of the delays, the march from Netivot to the next stop will begin at 9:00pm. Marchers will be sleeping over at Kfar Maimon Monday night.

Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens arrived in Netivot this afternoon to take part in the protest. Arens explained that the Jews of Gush Katif are heroes and that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza will only encourage the terrorists.

Arens said that he came to Netivot "in order to strengthen the residents and to help our heroic brethren in Gush Katif." He furthermore linked the Muslim terrorism in Europe to that in Israel, saying, "The terrorists who blow up here and in London know that through the Disengagement, they will be able to generate more terrorism."


Lob those Missiles on the Proles, blame it on Ishmael.....of course. This will bring global war and chaos, then Ordo ab chao, Moshiach ben Dragon "REVEALED"

Arabs Declare War - Sharon Retaliates Against Jews
by Moshe Ben Israel

Another five Jews were injured this afternoon in Arab mortars attacks on Gush Katif. As the Kassam rockets and bombs continue to kill Jews throughout Israel, Ariel Sharon continues with his Satanic "Disengagement" surrender plan.

Last Tuesday, Donna Gelkovich, 22, was murdered by a Kassam rocket fired by Arabs in Gaza. Dozens of mortars and rockets have been launched over recent days. The rocket that killed Gelkovich landed directly on her home in Netiv Ha'asarah, several kilometers away from Ashkelon. Tuesday, four Jews were murdered by an Arab terrorist bomb in Netanya.

If the Arabs can't control themselves now, in spite of the risk their actions might pose to the planned Israeli withdrawal, one can only imagine what awaits Israel after the retreat, once major Israeli cities fall within range of Palestinian missiles and rockets.

Do you hear the Double Talk, the Hypocrisy? How they blame the Arabs, while they themselves do the same thing they did with their Nasi Hitler to create Zion, they do once again to Bring Moshiach ben fear an terror. And the "Lesser" brethren do not even know what their Hassidic leaders are doing, causing them to err, again.

Is there an alternative to Sharon's Disengagement? Is there a way to neutralize the Arab threat from Gaza and Samaria without capitulating to Arab terror and without giving Arab terrorists land, bringing them closer to Jewish towns and cities? Is there another alternative that could, in some way, appease the international community and keep them from enforcing future sanctions against Israel, without surrendering more land to Arab terrorists? Is there a way to satisfy the Arabs and the European Nazi heirs without endangering the survival of the state of Israel?

who can make the Sun Rise....Moshiach can Moshiach can

There is a sound alternative that could achieve the creation of a security buffer zone, distance the threat of Arab terror and keep the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Jewish lands under Israeli control. As for fending off international pressure, there may be no solution to that inevitable development. However, it is more than evident that Sharon's unilateral surrender will not stifle international pressure. In the end of the day, the Arabs and George Bush will settle for nothing less than a return to the 1967 borders, including Jerusalem. The Arabs will never stop their battle and the Americans will never stop their pressuring of Israel to appease the Arab world.

The Hassidim have Bush in their pocket, they know what they do, and they know how they are double crossing the Willing HaBushkevik

What is the golden alternative to replace expulsion of the Jews and surrender after surrender of Jewish land? What is the alternative to bringing the Arab population centers closer to Tel Aviv? What is the alternative to the "security fence" hoax?

There is only one logical alternative and it is one that is supported by Jewish law. There is only one proposal left that could save Israel, and it is the "Jewish Alternative Disengagement Plan":

The annexation of "the territories", with the expulsion of all hostile Arabs who refuse to accept Jewish sovereignty to an area far beyond a security buffer zone, outside of Israel, combined with a relentless war against terror.

Noahide Law Hala Palestine or Palestinian Purim

It is probable that in the short term, American and foreign pressure against Israel would increase dramatically. The United States might even support increased United Nations sanctions against Israel for taking these basic steps to defend herself. Who knows? America might return to the days of embargoes against Israel. However, Israel will save countless Jewish lives and billions upon billions of dollars by not building fraudulent and useless security walls, and by not disengaging. Not to mention the savings of billions upon billions currently wasted on Israel's ongoing war against domestic terror, within her borders.

Of Amarakan Taxpayer dollars

The war would now be taken where it belongs, outside and far away from civilian population centers and deep inside the enemy's territory. Everything will become clear. Those who wish to fight against Israel will now have to deal with the IDF on their back and will no longer enjoy the luxury of attacking Israel's soft spot - vulnerable civilians within Israel. Nations that wish to support Israel will have the choice of supporting a viable, independent Israel that takes normal and basic measures to defend itself.

Obedient Noahide Nations unto the shemborg Collective and the beast Sanhedrin and their false king, Ha Moshiach ben Hoodlum haha

 The false notion that one can be considered an ally and a friend by helping us commit suicide will no longer be an option.

DO you Hear?

The Jews of Israel deserve the right to decide how much domestic security they are prepared to risk in the futile battle to satisfy and appease the nations of the world.

The only way to measure Israeli public opinion, once and for all, is by holding a national emergency referendum

Noahide Majority vote

The public needs to decide now, before it is too late. Israel's borders are not the private domain and inheritance of Ariel and Omri Sharon. Israel is the exclusive, divine inheritance of each and every Jew, past, present and future. To what extent Jews in Israel today wish to place their faith in God or in Bush is an issue that every Jew has a right to vote on. 

Eretz ISREALHELL, Babylon Proper of the Sumerian Doctrine of gods

Sharon does not have a mandate to surrender Jewish land and security without bringing the issue to a national and direct vote. Sharon was elected, at best, on a platform diametrically opposed to everything the Disengagement Plan represents.

If Sharon is not democratic enough to allow the people to declare their own destiny through a government-sponsored referendum, then he should know that the game is not over. He can run away from his responsibility to sponsor such a referendum; however, he will not be able to hide from the results of a referendum independently sponsored. Naturally, Sharon and Shimon Peres were petrified to sponsor a referendum. They anticipated results that would have caused a complete delegitimization of their Disengagement hoax. This is exactly why Jews who love Israel must all come together now and help sponsor the independent referendum that has already been launched by Mishalot Yisrael. (Jews worldwide can vote on


All who dwell upon the earth, whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life slain from the foundation of the World, cry "Give us a King to be Over us" Give us our Babylon Sumerian Assyrian Moshiach of Eretz ISREALHELL, Mystery Babylon

Protestors Around the World to Join Netivot Marchers
16:52 Jul 18, '05 / 11 Tammuz 5765
By Hillel Fendel

At least 24 rallies against Prime Minister Sharon's expulsion plan will be held around the world tomorrow. The Tel Aviv rally has been canceled, so as not to clash with the mass march to Gush Katif.

The Alliance for Eretz Yisrael is organizing the worldwide effort. The Alliance describes itself as a "worldwide coalition of concerned organizations and prominent individuals working to stop the dismemberment of the Land of Israel and the surrender of Israel’s government to Islamic terrorism."

Islamic terror, a very new PROXY byword

Rallies will be held almost simultaneously in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Melbourne, Montreal, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia and many other places. For a full list, and information on each rally, see ""

In New York City, the anti-disengagement rally will be held on Tuesday at Times Square from noon until 2 PM . The protest will feature Chief Rabbi of Efrat Shlomo Riskin, Jewish Gaza leader Rachel Saperstein, Israeli MKs Benny Elon and Aryeh Eldad, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, ZOA President Morton A. Klein, and other rabbis and leaders. Hassidic music stars Mordechai Ben-David and Avraham Fried will sing for the crowd.

David Romanoff, organizer of the Worldwide Solidarity Rally gatherings, says that the purpose of the mass event is "to educate people about the true details of the so-called 'disengagement plan,' why it is dangerous, and why the United States and others should not support an effort that deprives people of their G-d-endowed rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'... 

Heil Bushkevik will suddenly get a "revelation" and stop the 'Road Map to hell plan?  Or it's pretzel time....again

We hope to encourage Americans to contact the media, their lawmakers and President Bush himself and get them all to stop supporting the 'disengagement plan' and ask that Israel delay or shelve the plan entirely. 

and you too can come to Pharaoh haMoshiach

There is no excuse for America to support this plan. To quote the brilliant Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick, 'Friends don't let friends drive drunk.'"

Friends do not play "Russian" roulette with a Loaded Gun of a false friend

Another grassroots effort against the unilateral retreat from Gaza and the northern Shomron is that of on-line petitions. At least three of them expressing total opposition to the plan are currently gathering signatures on the internet. A plea to Prime Minister Sharon has received close to 1,500 signatures, and a letter to U.S. President George Bush has received almost that much. A general declaration by Women in Green against the expulsion plan, with an unknown amount of signatures, can be signed here.


July 18, 2005 and the Sanhedrin of the Dragon is silent


Roadblocks cannot stop Chassidim of the Rebbe!  This morning, following an answer of the Rebbe, R. Dovid Nachshon went through all barriers and drove a Chabad Mitzva tank into Gush Katif.  The tank waited all night outside a roadblock, and was only permitted through this morning.  The Mitzva tank was waved through minutes after receiving an amazing answer from the Rebbe through Igros Kodesh:
Continued in Full article

This is also a lesson in avoda, not to be impressed altogether from the surroundings and opposition.." 
After receiving that answer, a driver from Gush Katif was found to bring the tank into Neve Dekalim. "Indeed, this is what we did: We were not intimidated by our surroundings and B"H, despite the obstacles, the Mitzva tank made it into Gush Katif." said Shliach R. Yigal Kirshenzaft.

(Scroll down to see the page of Igros Kodesh with the amazing answer.)


Daily Vort

Just as until now, every single one of us was certain that the Rebbe will lead us to greet the righteous Moshiach, so too must we be certain now. The even which occurred (on Yud Shvat) is merely for our physical eyes, and is no more than a test. (This is one of the tests which must precede the advent of the righteous redeemer.) Its entire function is to disguise and conceal the truth. (Shabbos Terumah, 5710)



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