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Part 227

July 6, 2005  


of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Several years ago, I made mention of, when we see US troops inside Israel, know and understand that the wars unto the desolation have begun. Even though I am totally against barry Chamish's hidden Noahide affiliation, every now and then he produces information direct from ISREALHELL, no one else will relinquish.

Exclusive Photos Of
Huge US Base In Israel

By Barry Chamish
As reported in my last memo, a huge American military base is nearing completion in Israel. Reportedly, it has holding facilities for as many as 18,000 protesters.
Daniel 11:
11: And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he shall set forth a great multitude; but the multitude shall be given into his hand.
12: And when he hath taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it.
13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.
14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.

17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.
18: After this shall he turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him.
19: Then he shall turn his face toward the fort of his own land: but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found.
After visiting it yesterday, I'd say way more. This base is massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab warehouses and more were going up. At the base guard post, the American flag is waving in the wind. A sign proclaims that the project manager is one Jerry Ray.
I start taking photos of the base with a cheap camera. The guard asked what I was doing. I replied, "I'm a journalist proving that a huge American military base is being constructed on Israeli soil."
"What's wrong with that?" he asked. "Who else will protect us from the Palestinians?"
"Where are the Americans?," I probed.
"What do you mean, they're everywhere here. Everyone in charge is American."
We drove away. My friend at the wheel was even more depressed than me. "It's a concentration camp," he said.
To witness Israel's loss of sovereignty, take Route 443 to the Rosh Haayin junction. Drive ten minutes until you see Rantis Junction. The sign points to Beit Arye, and Halamish. Turn right. The base is a mile away on the left side. To salute the American flag, turn left at the entrance road.
The base is located ten minutes from Ben Gurion Airport. Luckily, a new terminal opened last year, so the Americans have the spacious old terminal to store and move whatever they're planning to import once Gush Katif and the rest of the settler vermin are rid of.
The article prompted a reporter from a large American radio network to call me. He wanted to see the base and photograph it. I met him an hour later and off we went.
First stop, the base gate. The reporter is amazed to see the American flag waving and to read on a sign that the contractor for the base is an Arab named Mustafa. He notes what a huge security fiasco hiring an Arab contractor to build an IDF base would be. Then we see busloads of Arab workers leaving the base by bus.
We continue down the road and photograph the massive buildings and underground digging.
Then we reach the checkpoint at the border of the Green Line. The base stops precisely there, the border the Americans have planned for us. We turn into the dirt road to the left and start following the circumference of the base.
The base is enormous, far huger than any other base in the country. We estimate that several tens of billions of dollars are going into the base itself but the new road surrounding the complex currently being blasted out of the rock has to add another billion dollars to the pricetag. As for the value of 50 square miles of prime Israeli real estate: more billions.
You must understand that Chamish is a proponent of the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch and the Sanhedrin for Talmudic Global Noahide enslavement, thus he is a LIAR, who denies that Jesus the Christ is Lord. If he denies Jesus the Christ, then everything he says is of the Liar.....Beware
Neither of us knows what the base will be used for so I suggest, "Let's go inside and ask someone. We reach the entrance where two guards are seated. I ask one if we can speak to someone in charge of the project and photograph inside. The guards agree to call headquarters and see. One guard calls, the other points to a path to the right and says, "Let's see if they'll let you photograph up there. You've never seen so many computers and cameras in your life."
The base construction manager agrees to talk to us. We are escorted to his trailer/office where he is sitting with three other sub-managers. The radio reporter wastes no time asking, "Are those buildings going to be used to hold evacuated settlers and protesters?"
The project manager laughs. I agree. That is not the purpose of this base.
Next question: "What is this base going to be used for?"
"A storage facility for the IDF."
I respond: "Suddenly the IDF is suffering a huge lack of warehouse space? I mean, how big is this base?"
"It will be half the area of all Tel Aviv."
"For storage? What is the American role then in this base?"
"They are building it for us. All the supervisors are American."
"What are those underground tunnels for?"
"No tunnels. It just looks that way because of the topography. Look, you came to the wrong person. I'm a simple builder from Rosh Haayin. What do I know?"
We didn't know either. We now knew the US was building this complex with an Arab chief contractor. It will not likely or primarily be for IDF use. One guess was that it will replace all the vital IDF bases in Yesha after a pullout but that wasn't satisfying. Nothing could replace men overlooking the enemy.
This is manipulated and controlled propaganda 
I received the reporter's permission to distribute the photos, six hours before I was to do a 2 hour interview of the Jeff Rense radio program. I sent him the photos and then chose a select few experts to tell me what they were of. My first two replies were:
Barry, I have seen these kind of installations when I was in the military for years I was stationed at a base where a major part of it was like this. These are not barracks of any kind. The metal facilities built up on the rocks are huge electronic facilities probably filled with CIA and extensive phone and other electronic monitoring stuff. The bunker is one just like the ones I was around at the base I was at here in California. It is a missile launch bunker. Somewhere within a mile to 5 miles are silos with the missiles in them, This kind of a facility has minimal personal but filled with covered electronics that can even be monitored from the US itself. Not one of those large buildings is for people to live in or even really work in.
This is exactly what I was told in 2001, and I quote:
"It is the intention of the U.S. administration, to ultimately turn over to the United Nations, the military base that is being considered for construction in the heart of Israel. It is the leaders of the NWO/Illuminati who will decide the appropriate time when all that will occur. The U.S. is to build the military base within Israel under the guise that it is for the use of the U.S. military. It is not. It is to be turned over to the United Nations at the appropriate time. The sole purpose of this base is for the United Nations use, not the U.S., and not Israel. This base will be a disaster to the best interests of Israel. It will be used against Israelis."
Photos 1 and 2 - Old Glory flies proudly at the base entrance (see above)
3. Road work within the base. (below story)
4-9. The massive "warehouses."
10. Lots more building on the way.
11-13. Electronics tower. Below, what appears to be an entrance to a tunnel. There is a car in the shadow. Compare it to the height of the entrance doors.
14. Border of Eastern base fence. Far in the distance are the "warehouses."
Forget Israeli sovereignty. Our precious and holy land will soon be used as a forward base for the impending New Middle East.
If anyone wants the photos to examine, I'll forward the originals to you. Also, try to listen to my two hour interview of July 5 with Jeff Rense at
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The Hour of Temptation of haMoshiach ben Dragon, False Christ



The messianic temptation

'Long live our master, our rebbe, the king messiah forever," shouted hundreds of Chabad hassidim at the end of the evening prayer in the courtyard outside Beit Menachem, the main synagogue in Kfar Chabad, the town across the road from Ben-Gurion Airport, which serves as the Lubavitch movement's Israeli headquarters.

Inside the synagogue, a bulky TV perched on a cabinet showed old videos of the movement's revered sage, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died in 1994.



Chief sponsor of the beast Universal Noahide Laws, Made US law 1991 by the 102nd Congress of Blasphemous Treason of the Sanhedrin, who the dragon has given them their seat and their authority


The enthusiastic shouts that Schneerson is the messiah sharply contrasted with the sad reality: a flickering TV screen was the closest these hassidim could come to a tangible manifestation of their belief.

Indeed, with its leader dead, and Greater Israel about to be amputated, Chabad is failing to make a clear statement concerning the disappearance of its anointed messiah, and the arguable demise of his messianic vision.

But this spring evening in Kfar Chabad has attracted Lubavitchers with less doubts and more zeal, who have come here to mark the 28th of Nissan, the pivotal day in 1991 when Schneerson transferred responsibility for ushering in the messianic era to his followers. His own work, the rebbe declared that fateful day, had been completed.

false Christ and prophets

The evening was organized by Messiah Headquarters in the Holy Land (Mateh Mashiach Be'Eretz Hakodesh), a splinter group of Chabad followers that espouses the belief that Schneerson is the messiah and never actually died.

the Dragon's headquarters in that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified

"The fact that the rebbe is not presently with us is a necessary part of the redemption process," says Rabbi Yigal Pizam, rabbi of the Chabad community in the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Shmuel, and unofficial head of a Chabad yeshiva for teenage boys. "Like the moon, the mashiach is revealed, then is concealed, and then again is revealed to be crowned by all Jews."

who was and is not and yet will be.......the beast of the Sanhedrin, their false king, False Christ, false suffering servant


Messianists, known as mashichistim, also believe that the dissemination of the idea that Schneerson is the messiah helps prepare the world for the messianic era.

by deception

"The rebbe said that learning and teaching about the days of redemption help bring it closer," says Pizam. "Understanding the concept that the rebbe is mashiach helps prepare a Jew for the messianic era, which is coming any minute now. Knowing that he is the mashiach makes the idea of redemption that much more real and, therefore, brings it closer."

One who comes in his own name, they will accept

Yet in addition to the evening's decidedly messianic message, there was another theme: "We express our protest against the government's dangerous policies in the Holy Land," read the flyer advertising the rally.

In fact, Messiah Headquarters works closely with another unofficial Chabad organization, the World Headquarters for Saving the People and the Land (WHSPL), which is dedicated solely to the struggle for maintaining Greater Israel.


Daniel 11:

14: And in those times there shall many (Hassidim Pharisees of Sanhedrin and their proselytes of Judeo Churchinsanity) stand up against the king of the south: (Sharon, Judah, Aholibah) also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


The head of the WHSPL, Rabbi Shalom Dov Halevi Wolpe, organized an anti-disengagement demonstration in March, which drew hundreds of Chabad followers to the Jerusalem Convention Center.

Wolpe and other Chabad rabbis warned of an imminent Shoah (Holocaust hoax) if the Sharon government is allowed to cede Gaza and Northern Samaria.

When their false king comes there indeed will be the "Holy Cost" of the saints of Jesus the Christ, purchased by his redeeming blood, for they will stand firm against this imposter and testify of the Lord jesus the Christ and the Commandments of God

"If we do not succeed in stopping you [Prime Minister Ariel Sharon] in your mad headlong run for the abyss, you will, God forbid, bring a Holocaust upon millions of Jews," warned a flyer passed out at the rally. "Your sheer madness and that of your government will bring a horrible catastrophe upon the Jewish people, a catastrophe that has never before been experienced in the Holy Land since the days of Titus and Nebuchadnezzar."

Thus they invoke the very one who will indeed cause the desolation unto the end, Haha moshiach ben dragon

A few days before Wolpe's rally, the Chabad Youth Organization (Tze'irei Agudat Chabad), the umbrella organization for 220 Chabad Houses throughout Israel, held its annual shlichim (emissaries) convention. Modeled after the huge convention held every year in Brooklyn for thousands of emissaries of Chabad all over the world, the organization saluted its Israeli emissaries for their outreach work.

During the convention, which was held at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, there were no shouts of "long live our master" after the evening prayer. Secular executives of major Israeli corporations, who had donned pointy felt yarmulkes for the occasion, were honored for their contributions to Chabad. Former chief rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau spoke.

Asked if the rebbe was still alive, Menahem Ofen, a young Chabad rabbi who organizes religious activities for IDF soldiers, swept his arm across the room, which was packed with about 1,200 Chabad rabbis and their supporters, and asked: "Isn't this proof he is?"

There was also very little talk of Greater Israel, although Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Hacohen Aharonov, chairman of Agudat Hassidei Chabad, did express his chagrin with disengagement in his speech.

Old videos of the rebbe were shown as well. But unlike the depressing use of the rebbe's image to keep alive the belief that he is the messiah, in the context of the convention, the footage of Schneerson repeatedly emphasizing the expansion [u'faratzta] of Jewish outreach, was inspiring, especially considering Chabad's tremendous growth since his death.

MAINSTREAM CHABAD policy differs from the mashichistim both on messianism and on Greater Israel.

Unlike the vocal and visible role it played in attacking the Oslo Accords, which were signed when the rebbe was still alive, and although Chabadniks are clearly opposed to the disengagement plan, the movement itself has refrained from spearheading a public opinion campaign against Sharon.

Daniel 11:

Olso 1

6: And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south (Judah, brings jerusalem, Aholibah the whore)  shall come to the king of the north (Dan of Hassidim Pharisee's of Sanhedrin of the Dragon, Aholah) to make an agreement: (Olso 1)  but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: (Rabin assassinated by the Hassidim)  but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times.

the talks failed, here come round two the final round....Olso two Arik Sheinerman's demise, Dan Hassidim of Sanhedrin takes jerusalem that whore city, the Great harlot of the Sumerian Doctrine of the Assyrian's yoke

Chabad leaders say they fear that too much emphasis on the theme of Greater Israel will alienate left-wing Jews, thus hurting outreach (see box). 

Eretz ISREALHELL, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and part of Egypt, as well as the USA her pimp

Concern for its detrimental effects on outreach is also a major factor in Chabad leadership's reluctance to wave the messianic banner.

For they know Schneerson is very dead in the ground with worms crawling through his wretched bones

Unlike mashichistim, mainstream Chabadniks acknowledge the death of the rebbe, although many do not rule out the possibility that he could still be the rebbe once he is resurrected. But more importantly, unlike the mashichistim, mainstream Chabadniks tend to avoid talking about Schneerson's role in end-of-days redemption unless asked directly.

Aggressive Greater Israel activism seems to go hand in hand with rigorous messianism: 

Moshiach ben Dragon of his Jackbooted Hoodlum hoo haha they call Olam Haba, their ONE World Universal Noahide slavery order


mashichistim tend to be the same men in black suits and hats blocking roads, passing out anti-disengagement flyers and attending demonstrations. The way they see it, strong messianic beliefs go together with taking the disengagement struggle to the streets.

the Dragon's Men in Black

"The rebbe made it clear he is the mashiach and told all of us to make the message known," says Pizam. "He also spoke on hundreds of occasions of the importance of maintaining Greater Israel. The rebbe warned that even talking about ceding parts of Israel to gentiles endangers the lives of Jews, let alone actually giving them. Someone who lacks the intellectual honesty to make public the rebbe's teachings on redemption, because he is afraid people will think he is crazy, is also likely to tone down his publicly expressed views on Greater Israel."

The fullness of these "Sayers" who are not the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus the Christ, Heirs to His Promise, is about to be the fullness. Then they who are spiritual ISRAEL, by faith will inherit the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, Sion God's Holy Mountain in Heaven prepared from the foundation of the world.

According to Menachem Brod, official spokesman for Chabad Institutions in Israel, the link between messianism and anti-disengagement activism is a refusal to follow Chabad's official leadership.

"Someone who is openly espousing extreme messianic messages is already rebelling against mainstream Chabad thought," says Brod, "so he is also more likely to deviate from Chabad when it comes to blatantly anti-disengagement activities."

Others in Chabad, who prefer to remain anonymous, say a large percentage of newcomers to the movement, especially non-Ashkenazim, tend to be mashichistim and virulently anti-disengagement.

Ashken-Nasi's who say they are of Abraham, But do lie and are nothing but Sofiet RED Esau of their dragon

"These people have a tremendous belief in spiritual leaders, but they have no sense of nuance," says a senior Chabad source. "I am not anti-Sephardi," he explains, "but I do see that they try to turn the rebbe into something he is not a kind of Ayatollah, God forbid."

Messiah, Jesus the Christ forbid, on that Great and terible day of his wrath

According to Israel Bartal, professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University, the vast majority of contemporary Chabadniks have no direct contact with Chabad's 230-year-long history.

Over 2,000 year long Pharisaic Hassidim history unto their dragon the murderer since the beginning

"Most of them are second generation ba'alei tshuva [newly religious Jews]," says Bartal. "A significant part of the hassidic experience is about a direct connection with the rebbe, something these people lack." Most Chabad emissaries grew up as Chabadniks and attended Chabad schools. They have a distinctive countenance that seems to convey at once both unyielding adherence to principles and friendly openness. They are pushy enough to come up to complete strangers and ask them if they want to put on tefillin, but never attempt to force religious adherence on their non-observant brethren.
Brod calls it balance.

Except by forcing their laws of their dragon upon all mankind

"It's something essential to Chabad philosophy," he says.

Chabad is unique among hassidic sects for its strong stand against territorial compromises, says Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Alfasi, former lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and author of 60 books on Hassidism, "but Schneerson's right-wing views regarding territorial compromise had nothing whatsoever to do with Zionism."

zion is a stepping stone to bring in the World Universal Noahide religion of the Sanhedrin unto the dragon

In fact, the last rebbe before Schneerson was basically anti-Zionist, says Alfasi, who is intimately familiar with Schneerson's comments on Greater Israel since the Six Day War, which mostly appear in his 750-page book Karati ve'Ein Oneh ("I Called and there was no Answer").

These Chabad Lubavitchers set back during their hired Nasi's muders of their lesser brethren, in order to create the Proxy of zion, then their coming Moshiach ben Dragon, False Christ, by the very same final tactics of the murderer from the beginning.

"He was hostile to the Religious Zionist idea that the establishment of the State of Israel marked the beginning of redemption," says Alfasi.

For they knew that zion is the secular whore Aholibah. The, Aholah doted after the Assyrian as well. Now these two whore sisters fight to place their king over all the earth, the Final despot, of their Dragon that tetragrammaton, the angel of darkness who has transformed himself into an "Illuminated" angel of light, and they are his Illuminated masters of sorcery and Blasphemy, the "Illuminati" who control the kings of the earth and the rich men.

Alfasi reckons that Schneerson's emphasis on Greater Israel has no theological origins. Rather, he believed that a Jew should never be pushed out of his home, no matter where he lived, "whether it was Gaza or Crown Heights." Alfasi was referring to Schneerson's refusal to leave Crown Heights in the 1960s, despite a sharp rise in crime and white flight that emptied the neighborhood of most of its Jews.

there goes the neighborhood

To this very day, the Chabad neighborhood is a white island in a sea of abject poverty that spreads for tens of blocks in every direction.

PREFERRED COMMUNAL LIVING of the Sofiet Communitarians

This very pragmatic view, that a Jew should not be forced to move from any place, also explains Schneerson's refusal to send his hassidim beyond the Green Line in large masses.

Chabadniks say Schneerson feared a situation in which the State of Israel would relinquish its responsibility for protecting Jewish settlements or would side with the enemy against Jewish settlers, thus forcing them to leave. Chabad followers often quote from a letter sent after 1967 to Ariel Sharon and Golda Meir in which Schneerson explains that although Chabad owns extensive property in Hebron, he would not set up a large institution there because, "if a Jewish boy and an Arab boy fight, I cannot be sure the IDF will take the side of the Jew."

sick massah race of Vipers

IT'S BEEN seven years since Rabbi Uriel Gurfinkel received a blessing from the rebbe wishing him and his wife success in their new mission as emissaries to the Jewish settlements in Northern Samaria. (Aholah) And that was four years after doctors at Manhattan's Beth Israel Medical Center had declared Gurfinkel dead.

Gurfinkel says he communicates with the rebbe by writing him letters.

"Write your request on a piece of paper that has no lines," explains Gurfinkel. Lines symbolize restriction, and the rebbe has no limitations, he has a neshema clalit, or all-encompassing soul, "so when you ask something from him, you ask for it without limitations."

"First you write, 'with God's help,' after that you write, 'to the respected and holy, our master, teacher and rebbe, the king messiah Lubavitch that he should be blessed with a long life.'

Get a Ouija Board, it works much better for communication with demons

"Then you write the initials of the words pidyon nefesh, [soul redemption] and 'please awaken compassion for...' and you add your name and the name of your mother. Then you write your request. It is better to open with good news first. Then you do a ritual washing of the hands and accept upon yourself some sort of a good deed. Then you take the note and place it randomly inside one of the books of the rebbe's letters."

The rebbe let Uriel and his wife Ortal know that they should not fear being murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. They were on a mission of God.

the non god of the Sumarian Doctrine....gods

Uriel has been shot at several times while driving around the West Bank communities of Sa-Nur, Kadim and Avnei Chefetz. In one incident, a portion of his index finger was severed. However, each time, he and his passengers were miraculously saved from death.

The rebbe also promised that Uriel's high testosterone level, which made him nearly sterile, would not prevent Ortal from bearing his child.

Sure enough, nine months after her first fertility treatment at Laniado Hospital in Netanya, the city where the two first met, Yosef Yitzhak was born.

the rebbe's child?

"In order to be an emissary of the rebbe, you have to undergo complete self-nullification [bitul]," says Uriel. "You have be nothing more than an empty vessel that is ready to be filled with the rebbe's message.

demon spirit possessed

"You have to be selflessly devoted to your mission and relentless. You have to be willing to try over and over again until you succeed. But the rebbe, the messiah king, gives you strength."

by the dragon's sorcery

Uriel, a dynamo of energy who served in an elite combat unit in the IDF and can easily bench-press his own 100 kg., is involved with many different projects. He is building a mikve (ritual bath) in Avnei Chefetz with his own money, has supplied hundreds of poor families with food and clothing for Pessah, and regularly tours Northern Samaria with Chabadniks, explaining how disengagement will endanger Jewish settlements. He has also arranged for several Chabad families to move to Sa-Nur, and he disseminates the belief that the rebbe is mashiach.

In the past few weeks, Gurfinkel has been traveling from one Chabad community to the next in an attempt to muster support for massive Chabad involvement in anti-disengagement activities, including a huge influx of Chabadniks to the four settlements slated for evacuation before the IDF and the police close-off the entire area.

Gurfinkel, 36, immigrated to Israel from Uruguay at the age of 16. He says he has always identified with the ideal of a Greater Israel. After serving in the army, Gurfinkel became close to Binyamin Kahane (who was killed by terrorists in 2001), son of Meir Kahane, and joined Kach. However, he says, he felt "a spiritual emptiness" until he discovered Chabad.

Gurfinkel began learning Chabad philosophy and eventually decided to become a Chabad emissary in Northern Samaria, where he had done basic training and military service.

"I felt comfortable there and realized I could contribute a lot in a place where many would be afraid to go."

Gurfinkel was not appointed by Chabad to be an official representative. Therefore, he is not allowed to use the Chabad name in any of his activities. He calls his headquarters a Mashiach House, Beit Mashiach, instead of a Chabad House. He does not receive support from official Chabad institutions.

"People like Gurfinkel who head a Beit Mashiach are involved in partisan activities that have nothing to do with Chabad, and are not authorized by Chabad," says Brod.

"It is a big problem. They claim the rebbe authorizes their activities. And they spread their messianic messages. We are doing everything possible to stop it. We deny them aid. And we even appeal to the authorities against them if they illegally use the word Chabad."

Rabbi Yigal Kirshenzaft is an official Chabad emissary in Neveh Dekalim, Gaza. He rejects the idea that Chabad's mission is to spread the idea that Schneerson is the messiah. He also opposes trying to forcefully stop the evacuation of Jews from Gaza.

His primary mission in Gaza, he insists, is to strengthen the spirits of settlers on the eve of the pending evacuation.

and Cause TERROR?

"People here are undergoing a major spiritual crisis," says Kirshenzaft. "Many tied their hopes to the state and now they are disillusioned. They've been hit a really hard blow.

and now they turn against the king of the south Judah, Aholibah, Sharon, to establish their vision of their universal Hoodlum haha of the Dragon and his beast Moshiach ben satan

"As a Chabadnik, I'm not experiencing what they are going through. The rebbe always fervently rejected the idea that the state signaled the beginning of the redemption, as Religious Zionists claim.

"But I do not feel vindicated, although I also don't think I should be trying to improve their connection with the state. My job is to hug them, to try to make them happy. As the rebbe told me back in 1988, 'bring some joy into their lives.'"

For a long time, Kirshenzaft did not understand what the rebbe meant, but now he does.

"These people have been through so much hardship, they need a little joy in their lives. Through the teaching of hassidic thought and organizing a farbrengen [a public gathering accompanied by words of Torah, hassidic philosophy, singing and toasting], I hope to do that. And I also want prepare them for the final redemption which will be ushered in by the arrival of the messiah."

Bring them into the Chassid Chabad Shemborg collective of wanna be gods


Noahide collective punishment of Dan Hassidim who control the White House and the Sanhedrin of Eretz ISREALHELL

US “democracy” in Iraq: death squads, torture and terror

James Cogan, WSWS

6 July 2005

On July 1, the WSWS wrote on the evidence gathered by Knight Ridder journalists that substantiated the widespread allegations that US-backed forces are carrying out the extra-judicial killing of suspected opponents of the US occupation.

A report detailing their findings was published on June 27—three days after one of the journalists, Yasser Salihee, was killed by a single shot to the head as he approached a US checkpoint. Salihee and fellow reporter Tom Lasseter documented dozens of cases in May and June of the corpses of men being dumped at morgues after they had been detained by the Wolf Brigade, the most prominent of the special police commando units operating under the authority of the Iraqi interior ministry.

The claims contained in the Knight Ridder story have now been backed by a feature in the July 3 edition of the British Observer, headlined “Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps”.

Baghdad-based investigative reporter Peter Beaumont wrote: “Six months ago, Human Rights Watch (HRW) laid out a catalogue of alleged abuses being applied to those suspected of terrorism and called for an independent complaints body in Iraq....

“To add to HRW’s allegations of
beatings, electric shocks, arbitrary arrest, forced confession and detention without trial, the Observer can add its own charges. These include the most brutal kinds of torture, with methods resurrected from the time of Saddam; of increasingly widespread extra-judicial executions;  

see ISREALHELL'S Extrajewdicial slaings of the murderers lust

and of the existence of a ‘ghost’ network of detention facilities—in parallel with those officially acknowledged—that exist beyond all accountability to international human rights monitors, NGOs and even human rights officials of the new Iraqi government.”

Beaumont stated: “If there is a centre to this horror, it is Baghdad’s Ministry of the Interior,
(Hassidim Ministry of truth) 
and the police commando units that operate from there.” The article went to make the following specific charges:

* Prisoners are being abused and tortured on the seventh floor of the interior ministry headquarters.

* Prisoners are being tortured at interior ministry-run interrogation centres at the al-Hadoud prison in the Kharkh district of Baghdad and in the basement of a clinic in the Shoula district.

* Torture has taken place at interior ministry centres at the al-Muthana airbase and the former National Security headquarters.

* The Wolf Brigade is using torture to extract information at its headquarters in Baghdad’s Nissor Square.

The Wolf Brigade of Wolfofnowitz of the Hassidim ad-menstruation in washington DC

Like the Knight Ridder journalists, Beaumont reviewed morgue evidence of men whose families allege were killed after being detained in police commando custody. He also interviewed men who claimed to have been tortured by the Wolf Brigade, and spoke with Western and Iraqi officials.

Hassan an-Ni’ami, an outspoken anti-occupation cleric, was seized by police commandos in Baghdad in late May. His hideously tortured body was dumped at a morgue 12 hours later, with police handcuffs still attached to his wrist. His chest had been burned, possibly with cigarettes. He had been whipped. His nose and one arm were broken. Horrifically, his kneecaps had been drilled through with what appeared to have been an electric drill. Finally, he had been shot multiple times in the chest and head.

The torture techniques of that piece of satanic Garbage, Alan J(d)erkowitz

Another man, Tahar Mohammed Suleiman al-Mashhadani, was detained by commandos in west Baghdad. His body was found 20 days later, “tortured almost beyond recognition” according to his family. A man calling himself “Abu Ali” told Beaumont he was detained by commandos in mid-May. He said he was beaten on his feet, hung by his arms from the ceiling and threatened with being sodomised with a bottle if he did not confess to being a “terrorist”.

Gawd Bliss "Amaraka" and gawd bliss Heil Bushkevik

Torture admitted by Iraqi government

At a press conference on July 4, following the publication of Beaumont’s exposé, Iraqi government spokesman Laith Kubba baldly admitted the veracity of the Observer report. “These things happen. We know that,” Kubba declared. “It does not happen because the government approves it or adopts it as policy. At the end of the day, I’m sorry to say that we are living in a society where the culture now accepts these violations. I’m sorry to say the culture of violence has spread.”

the Love of Most is waxed cold for Iniquity abounds

Kubba’s denial that brutality is official policy is contradicted by everything that been exposed about the
character of the US occupation of Iraq since the invasion in March 2003. 

PURIM IRAQ, March 17, 2003

From the Abu Ghraib torture revelations, to the razing of Fallujah, and the daily killings of civilians by American and government troops,(The Brave)  the Iraqi people have suffered constant repression at the hands of the US military and its local collaborators.

It is not a problem of “rogue” elements. That was underscored in June, when the head of the Iraqi government’s own human rights board, Saad Sultan, told the Los Angeles Times that up to
60 percent of the 12,000 detainees then in Iraq’s prisons had suffered abuse. “We’ve documented a lot of torture cases. There are beatings, punching, electric shocks to the body, including sensitive areas, hanging prisoners upside down and beating them and dragging them on the ground,” he said.

The Times noted: “He added that police and security forces attached to the interior ministry are responsible for most of the abuses.”

Mission accomplished saith herbushkevik

Some of abuse is not even being hidden. Alleged “terrorists”, bearing signs of torture and
who have never appeared before a court, are being paraded on a television program Terrorism in the Grip of Justice and shown making public confessions. The program has featured Wolf Brigade commander, Abul Waleed, and is run on the state-run, US-financed Al Iraqiya network.

cause it's hard wooerk "Amaraka"

The formation of the interior ministry police commandos in mid-2004 flowed directly from the decision in US ruling circles to fight the Iraqi resistance with tactics modeled on the US-run counterinsurgency operations in Central America during the 1980s. It came amid the greatest challenge to the US occupation since the invasion—the uprising in Baghdad and across southern Iraq led by Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and the failure of the US military to recapture the Sunni city of Fallujah from resistance fighters.

The turn toward the “Salvador option”—using death squads, torture and mass repression to terrorise the Iraqi population into accepting US control of the country—was signalled by the appointment of John Negroponte (the head of the US embassy in Honduras in the 1980s) as ambassador to Iraq in April 2004. Steve Casteel, a key agent in US operations in Colombia, was appointed as senior advisor to the Iraqi interior ministry. James Steele, the main US special forces advisor to El Salvadoran paramilitary squads, was put in charge of organising the Wolf Brigade.

Those whom Casteel and Steele recruited for the Wolf Brigade were former members of Saddam Hussein’s special forces and Republican Guard—veterans in mass terror against the Iraqi people. Since October 2004, they have been deployed into centres of the resistance such as Samarra, Mosul and, most recently, the suburbs of Baghdad. Reports of extra-judicial killings and other atrocities soon followed. A large number of unexplained but highly suspicious killings and abductions have also taken place, including the deaths of dozens of journalists and scores of anti-occupation clerics and academics.

The highest levels of the new Iraqi state have been accused of involvement in extra-judicial killings. In June 2004, two eyewitnesses told Australian journalist Paul McGeough that the soon-to-be-installed interim prime minister, Iyad Allawi, had murdered six prisoners at a Baghdad prison in order to make an example of how the interior ministry police should deal with alleged insurgents. The allegations were published in two Australian newspapers—the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

A year later, the charges against Allawi have never been convincingly refuted or independently investigated. The only recent reference appeared in an article last month in the Australian Sun-Herald, which cited unnamed sources claiming that Allawi’s American special forces bodyguards and several Iraqi officials had passed lie detector tests denying that any killings took place.

The same month as Allawi was accused of carrying out summary executions, outraged US National Guardsmen stormed the interior ministry headquarters after they saw prisoners being beaten in the courtyard. They disarmed the police and searched the building. An American officer, Captain Jarrell Southall, reported that dozens of detainees they found “had bruises and cuts and belt or hose marks all over. I witnessed prisoners who were barely able to walk ...” To the shock of the Guardsmen, the US command ordered them to hand the prisoners back over to the interior ministry police and leave the facility.

Claims that the US military and the US embassy in Iraq are not aware of ongoing cases of extra-judicial killings, torture and abuse is simply false. US intelligence plays the major role in gathering information on alleged insurgents. CIA and special forces operatives advise the interior ministry. The Wolf Brigade and other police commando formations work in concert with American units. Moreover, under the terms of Iraq’s interim constitution, overall operational command of all forces in the country, and therefore legal and political responsibility, resides with the US-led occupation forces.

The character of the regime being constructed by the Bush administration in Baghdad is clear to anyone with the integrity to state the truth. Far from being a “democracy”, an apparatus of terror has been set up to suppress the opposition of the Iraqi people to the takeover of their country.


The Jews of Talmud Bavli are above their laws they have made, and do not lift a finger to move them themselves

Israel won’t extradite man to Poland

Israel refused again to extradite a Polish-born Jew who allegedly was responsible for the deaths of 1,500 German prisoners after World War II.

A letter sent by Israel’s Justice Ministry said there is no reason to extradite Solomon Morel, The Associated Press reported. Polish prosecutors said the letter argued the statute of limitations on Morel had run out. Morel commanded the Communist-run Swietochlowice camp after the war. Polish prosecutors allege Morel caused the deaths of the prisoners by refusing them food and medical treatment, and by carrying out torture.


The Next Talmudic Noahide Supreme Court 'Justice" of the dragon

Religious groups call for nominee consultation

Several Jewish groups joined a coalition of religious organizations calling for bipartisan consultation in the selection of a new U.S. Supreme Court justice.

In a letter sent Monday to U.S. senators and President Bush, the 29 groups said Bush and the Senate should engage in “nonpartisan and thorough debate” on the nominees’ qualifications. The letter, organized by the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center, also asserted that faith should not play a role in the selection process. “The confirmation process must also be free of the divisive and dangerous practice of using senators’ and nominees’ faiths as a wedge,” the groups said. “An open and bipartisan consultative process is critical to ensuring that the act of nominating and confirming a Supreme Court justice is fair, legitimate, and beyond reproach.”

The coalition included some 11 Jewish groups, including the American Jewish Committee, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation and the Reform movement’s Central Committee of American Rabbis.


The JEW-Dicial Branch

Rabbis call for choice-friendly nominees

More than 250 U.S. rabbis encouraged lawmakers to consider judicial nominees who will uphold “religious freedoms” such as reproductive choice.

Religious, as long as they are of the Noahide religion unto the Dragon.....of course

The 270 rabbis expressed concern about nominees whose judicial records display an “inconsistent commitment to upholding basic constitutional rights,” they said in a letter, coordinated by the National Council of Jewish Women and sent to senators Tuesday. “It is imperative that nominees to the federal bench protect fundamental religious and personal freedoms, such as reproductive choice,” they said. “Any infringement on these rights subverts the basis upon which our nation is built.”

The NCJW’s president, Phyllis Snyder, said “the next nominee to the Supreme Court could shift its precarious balance and jeopardize many of our rights and liberties — including reproductive freedom — for generations to come.”


The Only way a Non Jew can live in ISREALHELL is to Deny Jesus the Christ, The Eversalsting Father, Almighty GOD, and worship the dragon. 

Keep in mind that in 1991 by the 102nd Congress of treason and Blasphemy, the law of apostate "Amaraka" via HJR 104, PL 102-14, this nation was given up to others, and not to our Constitutional posterity

Daniel 11:

3: And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
4: And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.



by Yehoshua Friedman

KOCHAV HASHACHAR, LIBERATED SAMARIA, Yom Shlishi (Third Day - "Tuesday"),
18 Tishri, 5760 (September 28, 1999), Root & Branch: The population of Israel today includes a Jewish majority, the Arab Christian and Muslim communities and the Druse and Circassian communities. But there are three other significant and growing groups which have no defined communal status and which could be a time-bomb for our country in years to come.

They are the non-Jewish Russian immigrants, who are Israeli citizens, the foreign workers, who are not citizens, and the smaller group of transient Christian and other
spiritually-motivated non-Jews, also non-citizens. Israel also has accepted a small number of political refugees, such as Vietnamese boat people, Iranians and others, who, if they stay, usually receive citizenship.

Israel may not have the standard of living of America or Western Europe, but compared to much of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America it looks like paradise. The temptation to find any possible means to stay here is great. The means available include forged documents from countries of origin, real or fictitious marriages to Israelis and conversions of dubious value.

For years, when the rate of aliya was low, secularists demanded equal recognition of Conservative and Reform conversions and sometimes a "cultural" definition of Jewishness in order to dethrone the Torah-observant ("Orthodox") "monopoly" on personal status according to the status quo agreement.

The whole subject is a bone in the throat of everyone.

If the Reform and Conservative movements merely wanted recognition to be able to perform marriages, divorces and conversions in Israel, they possibly could have had it as separate denominations as did the Karaite, Samaritan and Protestant communities many years ago. The fact is that this is not sufficient for them. They also want to obligate other Jews like me to recognize their actions as affecting me as part of the Jewish people. As a Jew faithful to the Torah as transmitted from Moses at Sinai I cannot do that.

The oral tradition which makes the WORD of GOD of none effect

But perhaps there is a solution for those non-Jews who wish to have a spiritual connection to Israel and the Jewish people without the total commitment to the 613 commandments?

Today there is a growing realization even in secular circles that the standards for accepting immigrants must be rigorous. The nature of the solution must take into account the needs of Jewish tradition. At the time of the founding of the State of Israel, the ruling socialist coalition led by Ben-Gurion was positive to the degree of an article of faith that the Torah-observant community was a holdover from the past and would not long endure.

Both out of the need for support from traditional Jews abroad and the need for a strong consensus of national unity at home, concessions were made to the rabbinate and the religious community. These included the institution of kosher food and cessation of activity on Shabbat in the public sphere and most important to our concern here, application of halacha (Jewish religious law) as the standard for determining personal status. Personal status includes the areas of marriage, divorce and conversion.

As time went on, the religious community and its educational system became more established and more self-confident. After the Six-Day War the national-religious community became the spearhead of the settling of communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The mantle of pioneering in Israel had passed from the non-observant ("secular") to the observant ("religious").

The massive defections to secularism predicted by Ben-Gurion and his cohorts failed to materialize. On the contrary, a significant number of Israeli Jews became more observant ("religious") than their parents, an event not seen in the Jewish world since the so-called Enlightenment two centuries before. 

It is clear that in order to satisfy the conditions of the religious community and the rabbinate there can be no relaxation of the standards for conversion. Conversion is a religious ceremony involving change of status. The rabbis would simply refuse to implement any secular political and legal change in conversion which would violate halachic standards.

you must convert to the Dragon

But what about a change in citizenship status without affecting the question of "who is a Jew?" 

When a non-Jew comes to a rabbi or rabbinical court seeking to convert, it is a requirement that the candidate have pure motives. 

To convert to Jesus the Christ, you must become a non-jew, by faith, Heir to His Promise, by the Grace of God the father

Conversions for the sake of marriage or material consideration are not acceptable, although sometimes after the fact they may be admitted. The Talmud states just for this reason that neither in the time of David and Solomon was there nor in the Messianic era to come will there be 
acceptance of converts.

to late to "cash in" on the hoodlum haha's horde and Vipers Den

This does not mean totally sealed borders, however. There is a precedent in Jewish law for the institution of the "ger toshav", the resident alien. Although this status is not in effect under present conditions, it could be a guide to a way out of our present difficulty.

The Talmud states that in addition to conversion to Judaism, a non-Jew may be accepted as an official resident in Eretz Yisrael by officially accepting the seven Noahide Laws before a court of ordained judges. 

worship their Dragon, the "Robber" they "Chose" when they denied the Chooser from the Foundation of the World

Why can we not fully institute such a status today? First of all, the ordination of rabbis today is only a recognition of their competence to decide questions of Jewish law. True ordination was in a direct line from Moses with much more rigorous qualifications. This chain was broken during the Roman persecutions following the Bar-Kochba revolt in 135 C.E.

DONE, October 13, 2004....SANHEDRIN Beast REVIVED, by the power of the Dragon who gave them their seat and their Authority

The other requirements are that the majority of the Jewish people must be living in Eretz Yisrael on their tribal lands and the institution of the Jubilee Year must be in force. These are virtually messianic-era qualifications.

Moshiach ben Dragon the Son of Perdition, the Dragon Child, false Christ

Nonetheless, just as the Temple Institute promotes the study and preparation of artifacts and plans for the Temple and Jewish traditional jurisprudence is studied for its wisdom and inspiration for secular Israeli law, we can seek out some of the spirit of the law of "ger toshav", study it and see how far it can take us in dealing with the problem, which is not new.

Israel was always a very small nation among many with its particularity and need for preservation on one hand and a universal message to be brought to mankind on the other. Such a dichotomy goes clear back to the Bible. The restricted acceptance of conversions and the permission under rigorous conditions of the resident alien is in the spirit of this tension.


A non-Jewish presence in the Jewish polity was always to be limited to those who would not be inimical to its purpose and functioning. This would exclude adversaries to the Jewishness of the state as well as criminal or nationalist elements which would be a physical threat to its peace.

The Seven Noahide Laws (Sheva Mitzvot Bnai Noach) were until just a few years ago an esoteric and totally theoretical subject.

fables of the jews

 In parallel a few Jews and a few Gentiles became inspired by these ideas. Today there are small Noahide communities scattered throughout the world and a growing cyber-community of Jews and non-Jews discussing these issues on the Internet. These Noahides are crying out for guidance in learning Torah and creating a lifestyle which is neither Christian nor Jewish, but based on the vision of the Written and Oral Torah for the non-Jewish world.


There are many non-Jews who understand and accept the concepts to a greater or lesser degree, but they all are moving forward and turning away from the ways of idolatry toward Torah. 

falling away from TRUTH, Jesus the CHRIST

There are various individuals and groups who differ in their degree of break with Christianity and their attitude toward rabbinic authority. But they are moving away from Hellenized Christianity and toward Torah.

right into the waiting jaws of Leviathan

There is a prohibition against allowing idolaters to live in the Land of Israel when Israel has the power to enforce it. When external pressure limits the authority of the government, the effective power of that prohibition is mitigated.

The king of the south Sharon of Judah must fall to the talmudic Sanhedrin the beast of the Dragon, and the hassidim of Heil Bushkevik's regime in Washington DC

 When there are opinions that certain practitioners of other religions, such as Christians, are not idolaters, there is a further reason to be lenient. The obligation to be responsible
for the welfare and livelihood of a resident non-Jew "ger toshav" will not apply according to many opinions.

for they must be forced to bow to the Sumerian gods of the dragon's beast sanhedrin

Our proposal, subject to extensive study by rabbis, jurists and public figures, would be to regularize the naturalization of non-Jews as citizens according to certain civic and spiritual criteria.

see the same topics in Bushkeviks open ger Toshav Borders.

They may not be inimical to the Jewish people and the Jewish state, such as hatemongers and terrorists. They may not be inimical to Judaism, such as Christian missionaries and proponents of cults.

Preach Jesus the Christ in ISREALHELL and go to Jail. The Judeo-Churchinsanity proselyte Evangelicals do not mind this at all, after all they say the god of the jews is their gods also. problem is their God is not the CREATOR the WORD from the Beginning..........but yet they say "LORD, LORD...they say he is the Christ, but deceive many.

They could be granted citizenship or residency (to be decided) by virtue of making a formal acceptance of the Seven Laws of Noah before a court (rabbinical, civil or composite, to be decided). 

denounce Jesus the Creator and accept the god of jewry....the Dragon

They would not receive the same material benefits as olim, thus weeding out those who come for economic advantage, chiefly from Third World countries.

sick Talmudic perverted prejudice of the "massah" race...the "Chosen" chosen for Salvation, But who have "Chose" the "Robber" and crucified the "Chooser", and now their Judeo-Churchian proselytes are with them, and they cry "Give us the Robber Too."

Being non-Jews, they would not be permitted to marry Jews and would be required to sign a legal document forbidding them to marry anyone Jewish, whether in Israel or elsewhere, on pain of forfeiting residence rights in Israel.

The DEMON Crazy Nation of the middle east

 Those presently married to Jews would be allowed to stay so by a "grandfather clause", but the personal status of their children would be regulated by Jewish law as at present. Those opting for full
conversion to Judaism would receive olim benefits only if they converted some number of years before immigrating.

admitting that judaism is a religion and no race............convert to satan the Dragon, or be born again and be converted to Jesus the Christ, there are no if's and's nor but's. So are you FIRM in the only IAM, or do you know your god by the name YWVH that tetragrammaton of Illumination of Talmud bavli and the beast the Sanhedrin....Is you gawd this yaweh gawd that Van Impe squawks constantly?

There would be a sharp curtailment of the number of Orthodox conversions performed both in Israel and in the Diaspora. Non-Orthodox conversions would be considered as being for the purpose of religious association only. The slippage in validation of Jewish identity in the world would, sadly, continue.

Nooooooooo, gawd fobid !

 This would force the Chief Rabbinate and halachically observant Jews in Israel and the diaspora to work harder to maintain records of who is halachically Jewish.

useless genealogies, the flesh profits you nothing

We pray for the coming of the righteous Messiah,

who comes in his own name they wait, Moshiach ben Dragon who is no WORD of God the father

 who will bring peace and G-dliness in the world, preceded by Elijah the Prophet, who will bring peace within the Jewish people and determine who is really a Jew after all.

the false king and his Prophet of Baa'l

Moadim L'Simcha from Kochav Hashachar,

Yehoshua Friedman


Turn to the east toward the sun and pray to the gawd  of ISREALHELL

Special prayers during holidays: It is worthwhile to pray for world peace. When saying such a prayer, one might turn toward the direction of Eretz Yisrael, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and say, "G-d of the world, give peace to the land and allow all living creatures which you created, to enjoy all of your blessings." On the Sabbath recite from the book of Psalms, chapters 102 and 104

for there is their god, for he is NOT Omipresent. These are some very sick Talmudic puppies...........


Holly-Wood Sorcery Talmudic Noahide "Law and Odor"

Ex-Sen. Thompson to Oversee Court Nominee

The Associated Press
Wednesday, July 6, 2005; 1:04 PM

GLENEAGLES, Scotland -- President Bush has named former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson to help shepherd his yet-to-be named Supreme Court nominee through the Senate, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Wednesday.

Thompson, a Republican and actor on the NBC television series "Law & Order," agreed to accept the post in a telephone conversation with the president on Monday, McClellan said.

He said Thompson would serve as an informal adviser to shepherd the nomination through the Senate.

"Senator Thompson will guide the nominee through the confirmation process," McClellan said.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor surprised Washington last Friday by announcing her retirement from the high court after 24 years, giving Bush his first opportunity to name a new justice.

Conveniently as they usher in the Moshiach and his Universal enslavement of mankind

 Court watchers were expecting such an announcement from Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who is 80 and afflicted with thyroid cancer.

Thompson, 62, retired from the Senate in 2002 to pursue an acting career. He has appeared in the movies "The Hunt for Red October," "Cape Fear," and "In the Line of Fire."

the "Hunt for Red October" included October 13, 2004 when the Sanhedrin of the talmudic Sofiet RED Esau was "REVIVED", the "October Surprise" was beached at "Cape fear" on that day and is now in the direct 'line of Fire" for that day of the Lord's wrath 

He was elected to the Senate in 1994 to serve out the term of Democrat Al Gore, and was easily re-elected in 1996. He retired in 2002. Thompson was a member of the Judiciary Committee, which will hold confirmation hearings on the eventual nominee.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said his former colleague has a "profound understanding" of judiciary matters and is known for a "no-nonsense style."

ah the sorcery of television

"Fred is a well-respected leader admired on both sides of the political aisle as someone who is fair-minded and straightforward," Frist said in a statement.

a treasonist Blasphemous Viper of HELL as is Frist

 "He is experienced in the ways of Washington and will undoubtedly provide valuable insight and counsel throughout the confirmation process."

Ed Gillespie, former Republican National Committee chairman, also will help the administration push Bush's nominee. He is expected to help with strategy, lobbying and news media relations.

cause it's hard woerk, Amaraka, I mean hard woerk


Netahyahoo the Evangelical Judeo-Churchinsanity Hassidic Favorite

Daniel 11:

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.

Likud Petition Demands Vote on Replacing Sharon
18:22 Jul 06, '05 / 29 Sivan 5765
By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz and Ernie Singer

Likud Party Central Committee members have gained enough signatures on a petition demanding that the party convene its legislative body to elect a new chairman.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is the current leader of the Likud party. The Likud Central Committee can convene to elect a new chairman if at least 20 percent the 3,000 Central Committee members sign a petition to this effect. More than 1,000 members, one-third of the committee, have, in fact, signed such a petition.

Organizers have not yet handed it to Central Committee chairman Tzachi HaNegbi, because they are waiting for Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the leading contender to wrest party leadership from Sharon, to return from abroad.

At a rally organized by the Darkecha Darkeinu (Your Way is Our Way) forum of the committee scheduled for tonight in Tel Aviv, some 500 Central Committee members are expected to urge MK Uzi Landau to run for the party leadership. Dr. Landau, who heads the faction of Knesset Members loyal to the Likud's founding principles, is not expected to declare his candidacy, but may hint that such an announcement is imminent. Hundreds of central committee members already have signed a petition calling on Landau to run.

Darkecha Darkeinu head Eli Kornfeld says, "We see Uzi as the man who should lead us now and the most fitting to challenge Sharon. We have no other leader. Uzi was fired from the cabinet and gave everything up to lead the battle against the disengagement. I didn't see any other minister do that. I still hope that Bibi leaves the government and starts doing with actions what he has thus far only said in words."


AV 9

Pin camera ready to roll on Ark of Covenant discovery

by Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press.
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Toronto-- Mark August 14, 2005 on your calendar as potentially momentous. It’s one day before Ariel Sharon’s planned removal of 8,000 settlers from the Gaza strip, a dramatic event no matter the outcome


the little Hassidic Talmudic Chabad boy "Eli"

Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses), Rachel, and the Patriarchs and Matriarchs who are buried in Chevron (Hebron) will be resurrected. This will be reported in the newspapers around the world. Eli thinks it will occur in the first few days of the month of Menachem Av 5765 (early August 2005) Eli says that, due to these developments, we won't fast on the 9th of Av (the day the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed) this year.

SELECTION A vast game of "musical chairs" will begin, "to decide who has to die before Moshiach comes and who doesn't." Those who "lose" will be taken up to shomayim (Heaven) because they are missing one thing, and there they will learn the whole Torah (but then "they will forget the second half"). They will come right back to their bodies. Those who don't have to die will then have "so much ohr (divine light)" that they will be able to bring back to life whomever they want. In what manner? "Like a spider spins its web around a fly, this is what will make the people live again." Can the people who are brought back to life then bring others back to life? No, because "then there would be too many people and the whole thing would have to start again." Their neshoma will "split" into two of the same neshomas, one of which will stay above, the other will return to the body. "They will be living on haaretz and in shomayim." The difference between "winning" and "losing" is that those who have to die will be "niftar" (deceased) before their neshoma returns, whereas the bodies of the others will be alive the whole time.


The shembology of "disengagement",  of August 14, 2005

Tisha B'Av : 9th of Av.  Origins

Tisha B'Av means "the ninth (day) of Av." usually occurs in the English Calendar during July or August. The Fast of the Ninth of Av, is a day of mourning to commemorate the many tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people, many of which coincidentally have occurred on this ninth of Av. The worst of Jewish tragedies occurred on the 9th of Av. Most notably the destruction of both Temples.


 (the first by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E.; the second by the Romans in 70 C.E.).

Although this holiday is primarily meant to commemorate the destruction of the Temple, it is appropriate to consider on this day the many other tragedies of the Jewish people. In chronological order it's source began with the sin of the spies whom spoke negatively about the land of Israel to the Jewish nation (noted in the book of Bamidbar of the Torah). That same night the Jews mourned for lack of faith. Ever since, G_d had given the nation a real reason to mourn in correction of this lack of faith. Throughout history, the Temples burned, the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, Pogroms and  World War I and II have all occurred on this momentous day. In the future this day of mourning will completely turn into a day of rejoicing as the true Moshiach will be born on this day removing the yoke of the nations around us.

Then to tragedy for ALL who dwell upon the earth

Tisha B'Av is the culmination of a three week period of increasing mourning, beginning with the fast of the 17th of Tammuz

Wailing for Tammuz

which commemorates the first breach in the walls of Jerusalem, before the First Temple was destroyed. During this three week period, weddings and other parties are not permitted, and people refrain from cutting their hair. From the first to the ninth of Av, it is customary to refrain from eating meat or drinking wine (except on the Shabbat) and from wearing new clothing.

The restrictions on Tisha B'Av are similar to those on Yom Kippur: to refrain from eating and drinking (even water); washing, bathing, shaving or wearing cosmetics; wearing leather shoes; engaging in sexual relations; and studying Torah. Work in the ordinary sense of the word is also restricted. People who are ill need not fast on this day. Many of the traditional mourning practices are observed: people refrain from smiles, laughter and idle conversation, and sit on low stools.

In synagogue, the book of Lamentations is read and mourning prayers are recited. The ark (cabinet where the Torah is kept) is draped in black.

List of Dates

Tisha B'Av will occur on the following days on the American calendar:

  • July 18, 2002 (Jewish Year 5762)
  • August 7, 2003 (Jewish Year 5763)
  • July 27, 2004 (Jewish Year 5764)
  • August 14, 2005 (Jewish Year 5765)


Shembolism of everlasting shame


The legend of destruction

The disengagement opposition movement is managing to plant in the public consciousness, certainly in the consciousness of cabinet ministers and the prime minister, the idea that the evacuation from Gaza and northern Samaria is a national disaster on the magnitude of the destruction of the Temple.

On the strength of this linkage, the security establishment is in favor of accepting Disengagement Administration head Yonatan Bassi's recommendation to postpone the withdrawal until after Tisha B'Av. Some settlers see this as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's blinking first in the face of opposition to the pullout. Others see the postponement as a sign from heaven strengthening them in the justice of their struggle to thwart disengagement, and in the religious significance they attach to settlement in the areas slated for withdrawal.

Jewish tradition determined, rather arbitrarily, that Tisha B'Av (the ninth of the Hebrew month of Av) was the day the First Temple was destroyed. In the Bible, two different dates appear as the day that Nebuzaradan, Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzer's commander in chief, set fire to the Tabernacle of the Lord: the eighth of Av (2 Kings 25:8-9) and the 10th of Av (Jeremiah 52:12-16). The date of the destruction of the Second Temple was also set arbitrarily: The sources say the Romans took control of the Temple Mount during the first part of the month of Av. The exact day the Temple was destroyed is not clear. Josephus Flavius says the destruction began on the eighth of Av, and that the Temple was set ablaze on the 10th of the month.

Other traditions appear in early rabbinic commentaries, among them one stating that the ninth of Av was determined as the day the First Temple (which had not yet been built) would be destroyed at the time of the Exodus from Egypt, because of the slanderous things that were said about the land of Canaan by the 12 men sent by Moses to spy out the land. Another commentary has it that a warning of the destruction of the Second Temple was heard 40 years before it was actually destroyed.

This is hair-splitting, of course. What counts is the tradition that became sacred over the generations pinpointing the ninth of Av as the date on which horrific calamities twice befell the Jewish people. The symbolism of the arbitrary date intensified over 2,000 years and more: Other national disasters that struck the Jewish people were ascribed to that date, either artificially, or because the various tyrants actually chose that date to issue their edicts. That is how the ninth of Av became the date on which Betar fell (the last bastion of the Bar-Kochba Revolt), the day of the expulsion of the Jews from England (in the 13th century), of the expulsion of the Jews from France (in the 14th century), of the expulsion from Spain (the end of the 15th century), of the expulsion from Austria (in the 17th century) and even some of the Nazi annihilations during the Holocaust.

And so, when disengagement's opponents link this mythological date to the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, they are seeking to give it the same significance: It, too, portends destruction; it, too, symbolizes a turn toward a major disaster in the history of the Jewish people; it, too, must be lamented and mourned as if it were the destruction of the "Third Temple" (that is, of the very renewal of the state and of the independence of the Jewish people).


Yet another Phase of the shemborg Collective, August 14, 2005

Ninth of Av - Tisha B’Av

This day is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and commemorated as a 25-hour fast from sunset of the previous evening.

Many things befell the Jewish people on this date:

1. In 1312 BCE the Jewish People “cried all night” after the 12 Spies returned from Israel and 10 of them reported negatively about the Holy Land. That night was Tisha B’Av [see Numbers 13 and 14 for a full account]. By divine decree, this date would become sealed as a crying day for the generations. Additionally, G-d decreed that the entire Jewish people would remain in the desert for 40 additional years until the generation of adults would die out.

2. Anniversary of the destruction (by Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar) of the First Temple in 422 BCE and (by the Romans under Titus) of the Second Temple in 70 CE.

3. On this day in 135 CE, the Romans captured Beitar during the Bar Kochba rebellion - the last Jewish resistance in the aftermath of the destruction of the Temple - with a terrible loss of life. Jerusalem was then uprooted and turned into the non-Jewish city of Aelia Capitolina.

4. In 1492, Av 9 was the last date by which all Jews who would not be baptized had to leave Spain. Over 300,000 chose to leave, suffering terrible privations until they found stable new places of abode. Many never made it - victims of pirates, unscrupulous ship-captains, robbers and starvation.

There was those who succumbed and converted in order to remain in Spain. However, most secretly retained their Jewish identity for generations. They were known as Marranos. But many of them were found out and caught by the Inquisition’s watchful eye, and burnt at the stake.

5. World War I began on Av 9. It uprooted large Jewish populations and threw most Jewish communities in Europe into chaos. In its wake, it brought the Russian Revolution (which systematically crushed Judaism for seventy years!), and the Cossac massacres of Jews throughout the Ukraine (1918-1921). Most notably, it was the harbinger to the conditions which gave rise to Nazism and ultimately the Holocaust, which took the lives of over 6,000,000 Jews and uprooted and almost totally decimated European Jewry.

Even though these catastrophic events took place on the ninth of Av, our Sages tell us that in the future this tragic day will be transformed into a joyous holiday. As the Talmud states, Moshiach, the redeemer of Israel, was born on Tisha B’Av. In our darkest hour, the sages explain, the spark of redemption is born. Through our efforts and our trust in G-d, the darkness will be transformed into light, hastening the revelation of the righteous Moshiach and an end to suffering for all humankind.



It does not mean this son of the dragon is actually born.........

The Birthday of Moshiach

Our Sages teach1 that Mashiach was born on Tisha b’Av. This is not merely a description of past history. On the contrary, the intent is that every year, Tisha b’Av generates a new impetus for the coming of the Redemption.

A birthday is a time when the specific constellation which was in force during a person’s birth is once again ascendent, giving him power and strength. Thus, the birthday of Mashiach is a time when he, and the Redemption with which he is associated, are granted new power. This power, in turn, hastens the advent of the day when the Redemption will become actually manifest.

1. Jerusalem Talmud, Berachos 2:4; Eichah Rabbah 1:51.


And remember when the sanhedrin announced Steinsaltz as the Nasi (head) (Nazi) of the Beast Sanhedrin, June 6 2005. He is not the  false suffering servant for thirty days have gone by and he has had no head wound


So I propose the shem sham of shame are working sorcery against the Road Map to hell of the Hassidim of the Bushkevik Admenstruation


The Talmud says that Moshiach will be born on Tisha B'Av. Physically this is true, and intellectually this is true. For, on Tisha B'Av, as we sit there on the floor (or short stools) like mourners, and recite the special liturgy composed for that day, and even avoid learning Torah (other than the sections dealing with the destruction of the Temple), we can't help but come to realize how UNIMPORTANT the Temple has become to us.

We have been in exile for so long now, and have lived without a Temple for almost two millennia, that we are used to it, so-to-speak. We have become like blind people who have adjusted so well to being blind, that we forgot how wonderfully fulfilling life is with sight, as if seeing the wonders of creation is not that important at all.

On Tisha B'Av, we come to our senses. Sometimes it takes a tragedy, G-d forbid, to wake us up to what we had, and what we lost. Tisha B'Av is that kind of a crisis. And realizing how much the Temple means to us is like "breaking ground" for the next one, the third and final Temple. This is why we can go into Tu B'Av, the fifteenth day of Av with an almost complete heart. Just like the joy we feel after Yom Kippur indicates Divine forgiveness, so too does the joy after properly mourning the loss of the Temple indicate that we have placed some important cornerstones in the foundation of the next Temple.

Three temples of doom and you are out

This is what the Talmud means when it says, "Anyone who properly mourns Jerusalem will merit to see her rebuilt." We should be so fortunate, and, who knows, maybe Moshiach is walking the face of the earth right now



For many traditional Jews, it is believed the Mashiach
(or Moshiach) meaning "annointed one," the Jewish King, will
appear on Tisha B'Av to rebuild the 3rd Temple on the location of
the present-day Temple Mount. He will be born of the Tribe of
Judah (Yehuda) whose symbol is the "lion," representing the
month of Av. "Behold, the people shall rise up as a great lion, and
lift up himself as a great lion." (12)


Yet, in sharp contrast, our Sages tell us that Moshiach is born on that auspicious day. Hope like the phoenix grows from the ashes of destruction or as the Zohar on Parshas Devarim declares, “There is no light like the light that comes from darkness!” Choose your metaphor. Oddly the 9th of Av is laced with optimism. We are to appreciate at this time, as the Talmud states that here is a case of a “movement down in order to go up”.


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