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Part 218

June 22, 2005  



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Daniel 11

13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.

Iraq, Babylon Proper, Eretz ISREALHELL

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

the king of the south is secular zion, Sharon, Judah, Aholibah the whore. Her sister Samaria, Aholah the whore sister, Dan the Hassidim Pharisees who control Bush and the whitehouse are battling minutely over the Whore city jerusalem.

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.

For the Sanhedrin who are the Hassidim of Dan already have control of the whore city, but Sharon of secular zion is desperate

16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed.

Moshiach ben satan the false king of Sanhedrin who the Dragon has given them their seat and their authority

17: He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.

'Mossad Attack Upon
The United States Imminent'
As Massive Power Struggle Erupts In Washington
Over Israeli Lasers Provided To Iraqi Insurgents
And Israel Draws Closer To China
By Sorcha Faal
What Does It
Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the United States Military Forces operating in the Iraqi War Theater have come under sophisticated bombing attacks utilizing Laser Technology known only to exist in Israel's vast arsenal of weapons, and as we can read as reported by the New York Times News Service in their article titled "Redesigned bombs pushing U.S. toll higher" and which says:
"American casualties from bomb attacks in Iraq have reached new heights in the last two months as insurgents have begun to deploy devices that leave armored vehicles increasingly vulnerable, according to military records. The surge in attacks, officials say, has coincided with the appearance of significant advancements in bomb design, including the use of "shaped" charges that concentrate the blast and give it a better chance of penetrating armored vehicles, causing higher casualties. Another change, a senior military officer said, has been the detonation of explosives by infrared lasers, an innovation aimed at bypassing electronic jammers used to block bombs from detonating."
The specific Laser Device used in these bombings has been identified as being a modified version of that produced by the vast International Arms Company named Israel Aircraft Industries for their 'Smart Bomb's, and as we can read about from their website about this bomb:
"MBT produces conversion kits for "smart bombs": the 5m-CEP Griffin LGB (Laser Guided Bomb) and the NGLGB (Next Generation Laser Guided Bomb). These weapons provide Air Forces with high precision, 12km standoff strike capability against ground targets such as bunkers, entrenched tanks, armored vehicles and other hardened targets. This capability enables to attack highly defended targets while eliminating aircraft and aircrew losses, and ensures cost effective operations, killing more targets with less ammunition. The conversion kits are compatible with the Mk-82/83/84 GP and other bombs. The kit comprises a front guidance section and a rear fins section, which are attached to a standard bomb, converting it to a "smart" bomb. MBT's smart bombs are combat proven. They can be carried by many types of fighter aircraft, and used with all available designators."
It should also be noted that the claims by the Israelis that this bomb has been 'combat tested' is indeed true as it was the primary weapon of choice for the policy of targeted assassinations of Palestinians, and which in defiance of promises made to the United States the War Criminal Sharon has begun again, and as we can read as reported by the British Times Online News Service in their article titled "Militants fire at Palestinian PM as truce with Israel unravels" and which says:
"Israel, angered by an upsurge in violence, had given the Palestinians few concessions and turned the screw further today when it confirmed it had resumed a policy of targeted assassinations of senior militants, a measure it had confined only to activists caught breaking the ceasefire declared during February's Sharm el-Sheikh summit."
Jer:6:14: They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.
1Thes:5:3: For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

As the United States also places further sanctions upon the Israeli Government for both their massive spying operations being uncovered at the highest levels of American Political, Economic and Media leaderships and the passing onto China of some of the most secret United States weapons technology, the Israeli Government has decided to abandon its support of American and switch its allegiance towards the Chinese, and as we can read as reported by the Jerusalem Post News Service in their article titled "China, Israel discuss expanding defense ties" and which says:
Revelation of Jesus the Christ 16:
13: And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
14: For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.
15: Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
16: And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. 
"Expansion of defense ties with Israel was on the agenda during talks with his Israeli counterparts this week, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said Tuesday. Li, who spoke at the start of a meeting with the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, did not go into detail about the current dispute between Israel and the US over the Israel upgrade of Chinese Harpy drones. He said that during his visit he had held talks on expanding ties in the fields of "trade, army, culture, education and tourism."
Of the greatest concern to the Americans however is what the Mossad had recently transported to the United States from Mexico under the direction of one of Israel's most known and trusted arms dealers who has been arrested in Mexico, and as we can read as reported by the Mexidata News Service in their article titled "Intrigue behind arrest of Pakistani arms dealer in Mexico" and which says:
"Convicted Pakistani arms dealer Arif Durrani was captured in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico, by a special team of agents sent from Mexico City, on June 12. And while Mexican government officials initially gave out little information on why he was detained, once the decision was reached to deport Durrani (on immigration charges), according to the Associated Press a statement was made: "Durrani faces an arrest warrant in the U.S. for trafficking in anti-aircraft missiles."
Durrani, who following his arrest was taken to Mexico City, was put on a June 15 flight that made a stop in Los Angeles, California. Upon landing in the U.S., Durrani was taken into custody by federal officials for illegally exporting military aircraft parts, according to a 1999 indictment unsealed the following day.
Yet there are other possible scenarios that could clarify the arrest: Durrani was still trafficking in illicit arms; he was organizing a Mexico-based terrorist plot against the U.S.; or he was about to go public with allegations regarding the Iran-Contra affair.
Durrani is definitely a shady character, an international arms dealer from Pakistan who once served prison time for selling arms to Iran in the Iran-Contra scandal. As well, his mere presence in Rosarito Beach, located just south of the U.S.-Mexico border from San Diego, is suspicious. During his residency in Rosarito Beach, Durrani could have been shipping contraband across the border, or even organizing a terrorist plot.
But if he was a national security threat, why did U.S. authorities allow him to openly live in Rosarito Beach for over one year? Following Durrani's release from prison and deportation from the U.S., he ultimately moved to Rosarito Beach where he operated openly. And without doubt U.S. authorities knew where he was. In fact, Durrani well may have been in Mexico with the tacit agreement of the U.S. government.
Professor Alan Block at Pennsylvania State University states, "there was a deal made with the U.S. immigration authorities that permitted him to live in Baja California. I am absolutely certain that they knew he was there." As well, Durrani was once seen in Rosarito Beach driving a Mercedes with U.S. government license plates, which he said belonged to a friend. Could the U.S. authorities have allowed a known arms trafficker to operate freely along the border for over one year? Another possibility is that U.S. officials did not consider him a threat because Durrani had worked for them. Durrani has long maintained that he worked for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and that he sold arms to Iran per instructions that came from Oliver North when the latter was with the National Security Council. Durrani's legal defense is that he was North's "fall guy" in the Iran-Contra affair."
As Russian Intelligence Analysts have previously reported on about the Iran Contra Affair, that operation was entirely organized by both the Israeli Mossad and their American Intelligence Organizations sympathizers for the purpose of blackmailing the then United States President, Ronald Reagan, over his threats to end American support to Israel, and as we can read as reported by the American Conservative Monitor News Service in their article titled "Reagan, Begin, and Israel", and which says:
"In December of 1981, the Israeli Knesset led by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, passed the "Golan Heights Law" officially annexing the territory captured by Israel from Syria in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Syria had previously used the territory to repeatedly shell Israeli civilian areas down below the Heights, and with massive public support, the Israeli government decided to solidify - in law - its determination never to return to such a situation. Till this day, there is a consensus in Israel, not to return the Golan Height to Syrian control. Reagan, angry, withdrew the "strategic relationship" offer. As a response to Reagan's previous statement about foreign countries making American policy, and his withdrawal of the "offer," Begin gave a rousing speech, reminding all who would listen that Israel is not a "Banana Republic". Israel would also not let foreign powers interfere with its pursuit of its vital security needs, such as securing the Golan Heights."
As many American Presidents have learned, and as the present one is learning now, it is a frightful process for any country to contemplate, let alone actually begin a course of confrontation with Israel. However, with that being the old way of dealing with Israel the present American President, according to Kremlin insiders, has previously stated to President Putin that, 'This problem is going to be solved once and for all."
Here come de Moshiach ben satan 
With last weeks events though and as we had previously reported on in our June 19th report titled "United States Air Force Put on Highest Alert Level After Israeli F-16s Attempt To Invade US Airspace in 'Bombing Run' Towards West Coast and Mid-West Regions of America", it remains to be seen who will actually win this Secret War between the United States and Israel.
But to whatever the outcome of these present events pulling the entire world closer to all out war, it remains a fact that the United States has indeed embarked upon a course of action to radically change the entire Middle East, even if it means the destruction of Israel, and as we can read as reported by the Australian ABC News Service in their article titled "Condoleezza Rice concedes Mid-East policy failure" and which says:
"Now to that very candid statement by America's most senior diplomat. The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has described America's foreign policy in the Middle East over the past six decades as a failure. She made the statements in a speech calling for democratic reform in the Arab world, 
Noahide Demonicrazy
at the American University in Cairo overnight. It's the first time a US official has delivered such a tough public message in the heart of the Middle East. Critics of the Bush administration are describing it as hollow but risky rhetoric, while supporters say it was a bold and necessary speech at a critical time in history for the region."
It is no secret to any Government or peoples in the world, with the exception of the American people, that the only solution to the Middle East is the changing of Israel.
and give ISREALHELL to the Sanhedrin for the soon to be "REVEALED" Global despot, the son of perdition
It is also no secret to any Government or peoples in the world that Israel is fully prepared to see the destruction of the world rather than to see its policies change.
Share the pain, war unto desolation
And the events of September 11, 2001 prove beyond anyone's guessing the massive power of Israel to do exactly what they say they are going to do, even to the destruction of the whole world.
© June 23, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.



Dan:9:26: And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; 

and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

One of two people will perish

50-50 Chance Of Nuke
Or BioChem Attack
In 5 Years

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The world faces an estimated 50 percent chance of a nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological attack over the next five years, according to national security analysts surveyed for a congressional study released Wednesday.
Using a poll of 85 nonproliferation and national security experts, the report also estimated the risk of attack by weapons of mass destruction at as high as 70 percent over the coming decade.
They propagate their war they MUST HAVE for ordo ab chao, unto the Dragon their god who is no GOD
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee surveyed analysts around the world in late 2004 and early this year to determine what they thought was the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction.
The study was commissioned by committee Chairman Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., whose nonproliferation efforts in Congress have been credited with helping the states of the former Soviet Union lessen their stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
''The bottom line is this: For the foreseeable future, the United States and other nations will face an existential threat from the intersection of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction,'' Lugar said in a statement.
coming from a German Lugar 
Committee aides sent out surveys asking respondents the percentage probability that a biological, chemical, nuclear and radiological attack would occur over the next five and 10 years.
go purchase duct tape and visqueen 
''If one compounds these answers, the odds of some type of WMD attack occurring during the next decade are extremely high,'' the report said, using the acronym for weapons of mass destruction.
say's henny penny
The study said the risks of biological or chemical attacks were comparable to or slightly higher than the risk of a nuclear attack. However, the study found a ''significantly higher'' risk of a radiological attack.
It also said:
* Three-fourths of those surveyed said one or two new countries would acquire nuclear weapons during the next five years, and as many as five new countries could have such weapons over the next 10 years.
* Four-fifths of those surveyed said their country was not spending enough money on nonproliferation efforts.
* Survey respondents also agreed that terrorists -- rather than governments -- were more likely to carry out a nuclear attack.


The Nasi Courts have ruled, and "apostate Amaraka" still sleeps, with no opposition, even as it was in Russia and Berlin. High Treason and Murderous Blasphemy of the new Talmudic SOOPreme court.

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

The Associated Press
Thursday, June 23, 2005; 11:13 AM

WASHINGTON -- A divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses against their will for private development in a decision anxiously awaited in communities where economic growth often is at war with individual property rights.

The 5-4 ruling represented a defeat for some Connecticut residents whose homes are slated for destruction to make room for an office complex. They argued that cities have no right to take their land except for projects with a clear public use, such as roads or schools, or to revitalize blighted areas.

As a result, cities now have wide power to bulldoze residences for projects such as shopping malls and hotel complexes in order to generate tax revenue.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who has been a key swing vote on many cases before the court, issued a stinging dissent. She argued that cities should not have unlimited authority to uproot families, even if they are provided compensation, simply to accommodate wealthy developers.

Connecticut residents involved in the lawsuit expressed dismay and pledged to keep fighting.

I suggest that they purchase a sword

"It's a little shocking to believe you can lose your home in this country," said resident Bill Von Winkle, who said he would refuse to leave his home, even if bulldozers showed up. "I won't be going anywhere. Not my house. This is definitely not the last word."

This will swing the "Amarakan" apostate Judeo-Churchinsanities to favor NON Disengagement of ISREALHELL......We'll show the Goyim who's boss saith the Dragon's Sanhedrin

Scott Bullock, an attorney for the Institute for Justice representing the families, added: "A narrow majority of the court simply got the law wrong today and our Constitution and country will suffer as a result."


Writing for the court, Justice John Paul Stevens said local officials, not federal judges, know best in deciding whether a development project will benefit the community. States are within their rights to pass additional laws restricting condemnations if residents are overly burdened, he said.

"The city has carefully formulated an economic development that it believes will provide appreciable benefits to the community, including _ but by no means limited to _ new jobs and increased tax revenue," Stevens wrote in an opinion joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer.

The Treasonous Blasphemous murderous Talmudic five

"It is not for the courts to oversee the choice of the boundary line nor to sit in review on the size of a particular project area," he said.

At issue was the scope of the Fifth Amendment, which allows governments to take private property through eminent domain if the land is for "public use."

Susette Kelo and several other homeowners in a working-class neighborhood in New London, Conn., filed suit after city officials announced plans to raze their homes for a riverfront hotel, health club and offices.

New London officials countered that the private development plans served a public purpose of boosting economic growth that outweighed the homeowners' property rights, even if the area wasn't blighted.

"We're pleased," attorney Edward O'Connell, who represents New London Development Corporation, said in response to the ruling.

anti-Christ of Bar Mitzvah, attorning for his king mammon


The lower courts had been divided on the issue, with many allowing a taking only if it eliminates blight.

"Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random," O'Connor wrote. "The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms."

She was joined in her opinion by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, as well as Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

Nationwide, more than 10,000 properties were threatened or condemned in recent years, according to the Institute for Justice, a Washington public interest law firm representing the New London homeowners.

Today would be a good day to die in Christ Jesus the LORD

New London, a town of less than 26,000, once was a center of the whaling industry and later became a manufacturing hub. More recently the city has suffered the kind of economic woes afflicting urban areas across the country, with losses of residents and jobs.

The New London neighborhood that will be swept away includes Victorian-era houses and small businesses that in some instances have been owned by several generations of families. Among the New London residents in the case is a couple in their 80s who have lived in the same home for more than 50 years.

City officials envision a commercial development that would attract tourists to the Thames riverfront, complementing an adjoining Pfizer Corp. research center and a proposed Coast Guard museum.

New London was backed in its appeal by the National League of Cities, which argued that a city's eminent domain power was critical to spurring urban renewal with development projects such Baltimore's Inner Harbor and Kansas City's Kansas Speedway.

Under the ruling, residents still will be entitled to "just compensation" for their homes as provided under the Fifth Amendment. However, Kelo and the other homeowners had refused to move at any price, calling it an unjustified taking of their property.

The case was one of six resolved by justices on Thursday. Still pending at the high court are cases dealing with the constitutionality of government Ten Commandments displays and the liability of Internet file-sharing services for clients' illegal swapping of copyrighted songs and movies. The Supreme Court next meets on Monday.

The case is Kelo et al v. City of New London, 04-108.



e mail to Sanhedrin 6-22-2005


the war of the two whores Aholibah and her sister rage. Yeah, Sharon will fall, and Sanhedrin of the Dragon will get the whore city jerusalem, but the war unto your desolation will be finished as to the WORD of Him you crucified, and LO, you will mourn on that Great and terrible Day of his wrath.
Yeah, you will indeed scatter the POWER of the saints of Jesus the Nazarene
But they have Testified against your murders and blasphemies, even unto their deaths, and they STAND FIRM for the Witness of the Savior and the Commandments of God, and they are washed by the Blood of HE the Living Lamb of the Father.
Very soon, your ancients the offspring of the Nephillim, the Giborim, will be Judged according to their judgments upon mankind, For ONLY the Father in Heaven has his great POWER, and he sends this evil to a fearful unbelieving ungodly mankind.
IT is all Written.
Behold your damnation for eternity is NIGH
Tell your Nasi the head Nazi, Tell your Moshiach the son of the Dragon, Here am I, By my testimony and the witness of my brothers and my sisters of my LORD KING, that they are defeated from the foundation of the World, sealed at Calvary.
Dov, you would do well, to REPENT and Fall down on your knees to the LORD God Almighty, even CHRIST Jesus the LORD


For the fear of the Talmudic Chassidic Pharisees who control the White wash House. Durbin becomes a proselyte

ADL accepts Durbin apology

The Anti-Defamation League accepted the apology of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) for a Nazi comparison.

“We’re glad that Senator Durbin has come to understand why his comments were so painful and inappropriate,” said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman in a statement Wednesday. Durbin had been under fire for comments made on the Senate floor June 14, in which he compared the conduct of U.S. troops at Guantanamo Bay with Nazi practices. 

He never said jews, but they know who they are who run the Bushkevik Ad-menstruation, the Nasi's of the generation

He issued an apology from the Senate floor Tuesday, saying that he had made a “poor choice of words” and that he was sorry if anything he had said “caused any offense or pain to those who have such bitter memories of the Holocaust, the greatest moral tragedy of our time.”

The Noahide Proxy of fear


High TREASON and blasphemy

Group converges on the Hill

The Zionist Organization of America hosted 18 members of Congress at a Capitol Hill luncheon.

ZOA delegates converged on Capitol Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday, calling on lawmakers to support such measures as the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act and oppose aid to the Palestinian Authority until the P.A. demonstrates its commitment to combat terror. At Wednesday’s luncheon, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) called for a reassessment of America’s ties with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, telling participants, to loud applause, that “we must disabuse ourselves of the notion that Saudi Arabia is our friend.”

Arieh Eldad, a member of Knesset with the National Union Party, received a standing ovation when he informed participants of his decision to move to one of the settlements slated for evacuation under Israel’s withdrawal plan

Demoncrats = secular zion, Aholibah

Repuppet-kins = Dan, Aholah of Chabad Lubavitch Hassidim


Boooooo hoooooo, shut them up !

Australian Jews want Web site changed

Australia’s central Jewish group lodged a legal complaint against a Web site for its anti-Semitic content. A search for the word “Jew” on Australia’s Google site takes surfers to, a Christian site that contains anti-Semitic tracts. The complaint was lodged by the immediate past president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Jeremy Jones, who wants the content deleted from the site. Jones has requested Google take whatever action possible to remove the site from its search pages


Noahide Allegience

We pledge allegiance

A group of children from three different religions recently participated in a unique ceremony in Argentina.

The Jewish, Catholic and Muslim children together paid homage to the Argentine flag at a Jewish school in Buenos Aires. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the country’s first lady, attended the ceremony.


Dan:11:29: At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter.

Gaza re-entry possible

Israel reserves the right to re-enter the Gaza Strip if Palestinians continue to launch attacks there, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said.

“Israel will return to Gaza after the disengagement for a few days if this is what is needed to stop the terrorism,” Shalom was quoted as saying in a briefing to foreign diplomats Wednesday. The pledge appeared to be a response to growing assessments that the Gaza pullout, scheduled to begin in mid-August, could embolden Palestinian terrorists to carry out mortar and rocket attacks.


The Freemason Noahide Courts of the Dragons shem sham, have ruled.....uh 41 years later, and now Mississippi will certainly burn.

Ex-Klansman Gets 60 Years for 1964 Murders

Jun 23, 12:23 PM (ET)



PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) - Saying "each life has value," a judge on Thursday sentenced former Ku Klux Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen to the maximum 60 years in prison for masterminding the 1964 slayings of three civil rights workers.

The frail, 80-year-old Killen, sitting in a wheelchair and dressed in a yellow jail jumpsuit, sat impassively and stared straight ahead as Circuit Judge Marcus Gordon sentenced him to 20-year terms on each of three counts of manslaughter. Gordon said the terms will run consecutively.

The sentence brings to a close one of the most horrifying chapters in the movement for racial equality in the United States.

The three men Killen was convicted of killing - black Mississippian James Chaney and white New Yorkers Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman - were beaten and shot by a gang of Klansmen, their bodies buried in an earthen dam. The killings shocked the nation and helped spur passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964; the FBI's search for evidence in the case was dramatized in the 1988 movie "Mississippi Burning."

(AP) One-time Ku Klux Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen sits in a Philadelphia, Miss., courtroom, with his...
Full Image
Killen was convicted Tuesday, 41 years
to the day after the three men were killed.


On Thursday, Killen was brought before Gordon in the wheelchair he has occupied since a March logging accident that broke both his legs. Absent was the oxygen tube he had up his nose during the reading of the verdict.

The judge said the law makes no distinction based on the defendant's age at the time of sentencing.

"I have to pass on a sentence to a person who is 80 years old. A person who has suffered a serious injury," Gordon said. "There are those of you in the courtroom that would say a sentence of 10 years would be a life sentence."

He added: "I heard the evidence of this case ... Each life has value. Each life is equally as valuable as the other life and I have taken that into consideration. The three lives should absolutely be respected and treated equally."


After the sentence was handed down, Killen's wife, Betty Jo, pushed past security to give her husband three kisses on the cheek before her husband was wheeled from the courtroom. Killen was whisked away from the courthouse in a sheriff's vehicle.

with the six pointed star emblem on the door

Attorney General Jim Hood said Killen will be taken to state prison, where his status will evaluated and he will be held in solitary confinement. Hood said Killen has expressed no remorse.

"I know at some point he'll get to that realization, you'd don't get to heaven unless you admit what you've done and ask for forgiveness," Hood said.

Killen, a sawmill operator and part-time Baptist minister, has been held in Neshoba County Jail since his conviction.

Killen is the only person who has faced state murder charges in the case. He was tried on three murder counts, but at the request of prosecutors, Gordon allowed jurors to also consider the lesser charge of manslaughter.

With a murder charge, prosecutors had to prove intent to kill and a conviction would have carried life in prison. With a manslaughter charge, prosecutors had to prove only that a victim died while another crime was being committed.

see Iraq and the Hassidim Dan Bushkevik High Crimes and High Treason

Defense attorney James McIntyre has said he will appeal, arguing that the jury should not have been allowed to consider manslaughter. Gordon will hear a motion for a new trial on Monday.

Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman, all civil rights volunteers, were intercepted by Klansmen in their station wagon on June 21, 1964, and shot to death. Killen was tried in 1967 on federal charges of violating the victims' civil rights. But the all-white jury deadlocked, with one juror saying she could not convict a preacher.

Seven others were convicted, but none served more than six years.

Killen had been convicted in 1975 of threatening a woman over the telephone, a case that Gordon himself had prosecuted. Killen served five months in prison on the charge.

Gordon, who has a reputation among attorneys as a strict judge, was able to consider a presentencing report on Killen's finances and a health report he requested from Killen's doctors.

any man who thinks he is superior in race, whether, white, Black of Talmudic jew, are the children of the Dragon. Any man who slay any Human for this evil are of the murderer from the beginning. But I tell you this man is unlawfully sentenced, By a freemason proslyte of Talmudic jewry.


The Prison Wall of the Nasi of Sanhedrin of the Dragon


Israel Admits Apartheid Wall Built to Gain Political Goals

GAZA, June 22, 2005 (IPC + Agencies) - - The Israeli government admitted that it has built the Apartheid Wall through and around the occupied Palestinian territories to achieve political gains.

The Israeli Attorney General Office, during the hearing of the Israeli Supreme Court about motions filed by human rights groups and civilians affected by the Wall, had submitted a document several days ago claiming that the
Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem is being constructed "within the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Municipality."

The document also asserted that the layout of the Wall's route was made based on political assessments and goals.

Aharon Barak, the Israeli Supreme Judge, adopted the Israeli AG's claim that the Wall was built within Jerusalem's limit, and argued that constructing the Wall there had "no political or security significance."

Barak told the submitters of the motion that "the right of the Ram residents living in the area B outside Jerusalem to appeal against the right of the State to build a Wall inside its sovereign borders."

The Apartheid Wall snakes through the town of Ram and forcefully annexes part of it to Israel.

Israel often claims to the Western countries that the construction of the Apartheid Wall came as a consequence of security and political needs, and to prevent the infiltration of Palestinian resistance activists into Israel. However, facts on the ground indicate that
the purpose of the Wall was to expropriate thousands of dunums of Palestinian lands and effectively isolating the Palestinian communities into cantons.

With a height of eight to nine meters of concrete, the 750-kilometer-long Wall annexes 58 percent of the West Bank.
It is twice as high and three times as long as the former infamous Berlin Wall.


Heil Mooshiyuck, TEAR down that WALL, ooh never mind, Jesus and his saints will do that



Apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity are you still watching your Scofield, Lindsay, Van Wimpe, failed European Union risen Roman Empire, and still wait on a peace treaty when the WORD is clear there is not peace, and a false secret Raputre because you refuse to Stand Firm for the Only Almighty God?

White House won't criticise Israel assassinations
23.06.05 4.20pm
WASHINGTON - The White House declined to criticise Israel for resuming an assassination policy against Islamic Jihad militants and called on the Palestinian leadership to do more to combat "terrorist" groups attempting to derail peace efforts.

opposition of Noahide Humiliation and slavery to the shemborg collective

In a sign that a truce with Palestinians has deteriorated significantly, Israel has now resumed the policy of "targeted assassination" of militants it shelved in February.
"There are terrorist organisations in the region that are determined to derail efforts toward the president's two-state vision of Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace and security.

there are terrorist in the Whitewash House in Washington DC who hope to enslave all mankind in their shem sham of shame

 Some of these are terrorist organisations that have direct ties to Damascus," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters when asked about Israel's decision.

"Our views on terrorist organisations are well known. They need to be dismantled. There is more that the Palestinian leadership can do to go after those who engage in violence and terrorist activity, and we encourage them to do more," McClellan added.

"Our policy (on targeted assassinations) is well known and is unchanged," McClellan said later, though officials declined to state what US policy entailed.

In the past, the US government has voiced opposition to targeted assassinations.

Resurgent violence has raised the spectre of disruption to Israel's planned August withdrawal from Gaza and dimmed hopes for "road map" peace talks afterward.

Word that the assassination policy had been dusted off came with Israeli confirmation of a failed missile strike on Tuesday while Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas were holding tense talks in Jerusalem.

"This is a very hopeful period in the Middle East," said McClellan, citing the Sharon-Abbas meeting.

"The parties are working to co-ordinate their efforts on that disengagement plan... They've indicated that they'll continue meeting and discussing how to move forward. It's important that this disengagement plan is successful."

At their summit, Sharon complained to Abbas that the moderate Palestinian leader was doing little to rein in gunmen.

Other militant groups including the most powerful, Hamas, have generally respected the truce.

The overall level of violence is much lower than during the Palestinian revolt launched in the occupied West Bank and Gaza in 2000.


From the Mouth of a Hassidic talmudic TREASONOUS Murderous Viper of Sanhedrin

June 23, 2005

Rove Criticizes Liberals on 9/11

Karl Rove (as in Karl Marx) came to the heart of Manhattan last night to rhapsodize about the decline of liberalism in politics, saying Democrats responded weakly to Sept. 11 and had placed American troops in greater danger by criticizing their actions.

One sick murderous Treasonous puppy of Talmud of the Dragon

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; 

so they falsely and Illegally attacked a country who had nothing to do with it

liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers," Mr. Rove, the senior political adviser to President Bush, said at a fund-raiser in Midtown for the Conservative Party of New York State.

someone please flush this man down the toilet

Citing calls by progressive groups to respond carefully to the attacks, Mr. Rove said to the applause of several hundred audience members, "I don't know about you, but moderation and restraint is not what I felt when I watched the twin towers crumble to the ground, a side of the Pentagon destroyed, and almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens perish in flames and rubble."

So I advised Mr. Prissydent to attack a country far disposed of the attack

Told of Mr. Rove's remarks, Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, replied: "In New York, where everyone unified after 9/11, the last thing we need is somebody who seeks to divide us for political purposes."

Mr. Rove also said American armed forces overseas were in more jeopardy as a result of remarks last week by Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, who compared American mistreatment of detainees to the acts of "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime - Pol Pot or others."

so the "ADL" made him apologize

"Has there ever been a more revealing moment this year?" Mr. Rove asked. "Let me just put this in fairly simple terms: Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words of Senator Durbin to the Mideast, certainly putting our troops in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals."

and who put them in danger in the first place with a TREASONous Illegal shem war, ROVE?

Gov. George E. Pataki of New York,

the Schneerson Chabad Lubavitch lover of the HOODLUM haha of the shemborg Collective unto the Dragon

 speaking after Mr. Rove, also touched on the Sept. 11 attacks. He promised that the proposed Freedom Tower, the new building at ground zero, would retain patriotic touches in its architecture, like a height of 1,776 feet, despite the concerns of some observers who fear that it would become a target for terrorists.

1776 of the Illuminated hassidims Freemason shem sham, I am a-shemed to be American today.

"We're going to have a Freedom Tower that soars 1,776 feet high, symbolizing our independence," 

speaking of the Talmudic shem of shame scheme unto their coming "REVEALED" Moshiach ben satan 

Mr. Pataki said. As for the memorial, he said: "No one is going to turn it into something that is a negative statement about America and our belief in freedom, so long as I am governor of this state."

someone please reflush the toilet

Speaking to reporters afterward, Mr. Pataki disclosed that he did not plan to reveal in the coming days if he will seek a fourth term, contrary to previous statements that he would make an announcement after the State Legislature adjourned today.

"I'm going to evaluate the bills that the Legislature has passed at the end of the session and then make a decision at the appropriate time, but not in the next couple of weeks," Mr. Pataki said.


and, apostate "Amaraka" does not oppose the RED Dragon







Craig Roberts
June 22, 2005

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military philosopher who is oft quoted in our military institutions, wrote “One who is not acquainted with the designs of his neighbors should not enter into alliances with them.”

This quote surfaced in my consciousness as I walked the aisles of a new Dollar-type store yesterday, picking up items and turning them over to see where they were made. I counted 20 items, of which 19 were made in “China,” and one in Pakistan. As a WWII baby boomer who grew up during the 50s and 60s, I could not help but shudder in the fact that I was holding items that were made by an avowed enemy, one that along with the former Soviet Union, forced me and my classmates in elementary school and junior high school to practice “Duck and Cover” and quick response to air raid sirens. In those post-war days we had a Civil Defense organization, were encouraged to prepare for a nuclear strike, build fallout shelters, and be ready in case Russia, China, or even Castro came over the horizon. Those days have faded away, but living through the Cold War and the ever-present threat of “the bomb” will remain with us forever.

Now there is no Civil Defense Corps, the fallout shelters are empty or used for storage, and we are told that the Soviet Union has collapsed, and the Red China is now our trading partner (and Taiwan never mentioned), and the only Barbarians at the Gate are North Korea and certain countries in the Middle East that support terrorist organizations.

However, as a student of history, and a former intelligence analyst, I see another world growing up around us. One the media ignores, the politicians refuse to recognize, and one of which the American people remain ignorant. It is a world in which we are surrounded, being infiltrated, and readied for invasion.

To understand what his happening today, one must understand certain military tenets of warfare. These include:

  • Infiltrate the enemy country with advance forces and spies.
  • Pre-position supplies close to the anticipated battleground.
  • Destroy the enemy’s will to resist.
  • Destroy the enemy population’s morals and morale.
  • Sew confusion among the enemy population.
  • Cut lines of communication.
  • Create diversions.
  • Control all information and media outlets.
  • Attack on many fronts.
  • Destroy the enemy’s capability to wage war.
  • Reduce or destroy enemy’s military bases.
  • Strike only when ready and when enemy is at his weakest.

In the intelligence world, what we do is take pieces of information, like pieces of a puzzle, and “put them on the wall and see what picture develops.” Lord Wellington of Waterloo once said “I’ve spent my entire military career wondering what the chap on the other side of the hill was doing.” In intelligence circles, information gathering is chief among tasks, followed by “okay, what are they up to?”

Let us examine some current “intelligence indicators” and see what picture forms.

Over the last few decades, ever since Nixon went to China in 1972 to open trade relations, we have seen the Communist Chinese grow from a third-rate military force whose strength lay only in numbers to a very modern and well-equipped force ready to do battle on a global scale. Unlike Russia, the Chinese have done this very quietly, trying not to draw attention to their efforts, and with one goal in mind: destroy the United States and any allies. And we have helped them toward that goal. In fact, we continue to help them every day when we buy Chinese-made products. But beyond that, let’s examine events that have strengthened China’s military endeavors while weakening ours:

Carter gave away the Panama Canal, and now China operates it—and has total control of who uses it, what ships come and go, and who disembarks from those ships in Panama (such as Chinese males of military age that disappear into the hinterlands and later surface in Mexico close to our southern border).

Bill Clinton gave China “most favored nation” trading status, opening our market to cheap slave-labor-made goods, which also destroyed many US companies and costing us jobs by underselling the market with cheap products. At the same time we turned our back on long-time ally, Nationalist China. All of this to “appease” the Red Chinese.

Under the Clinton administration, Loral and Hughes were allowed to sell China missile technology and guidance systems for “communications satellites.” Within months we were told that China now bragged about being able to deliver a nuclear warhead to Los Angeles.

Also under the Clinton watch, Chinese spies were discovered at Los Alamos and in other places, some of which stole nuclear secrets for the People’s Liberation Army. (“All warfare is based on deception. There is no place where espionage is not used. Offer the enemy bait to lure him” -- Sun Tzu)

While all of this was happening, our southern border was being invaded by illegal aliens to the point that besides Mexicans, we have many reports of Asians, Central Americans, and Middle-easterners coming unhindered into the U.S.

Couple this with COSCO, the China Ocean Shipping Company, which is the Merchant Marine arm of the Chinese Navy, taking over not only the Panama Canal, but establishing a huge transshipment center in Freeport, Bahamas, just off the Florida coast. This huge complex contains some of the biggest cranes in the world, plus hundreds upon hundreds of Sealift containers the size of semi-trucks being stored there. When I see this I can’t help but think of Diego Garcia, our forward deployment base in the Pacific.

It is well known in the military that the easiest thing to move is troops. The hardest to move is material. You can order troops to march onto a ship or airplane, but it takes forklifts, cranes and manpower to move supplies. By forward deploying your logistics you are already half a battle ahead.

And Freeport is not the only suspect position for Chinese pre-deployment stocks. Reports have surfaced about COSCO ships unloading in Mexico and Canada, plus several ports inside the US itself. A few years back we read of a shipment in a Sealift container that came into Long Beach, California, loaded with automatic AK-47s, machine guns, grenades and explosives. We were told it was intercepted, and that it was probably being smuggled in to street gangs. We may never know of how many other shipments went undetected, and are still being smuggled in and pre-positioned. And not for street gangs!

Add to all this the fact that our own troops have been over-extended, our military suffering a continuing “build down” by base closings, reducing the numbers of aircraft in our squadrons and ships in our fleets, and reduction of war stocks by expenditure without restocking, plus using up our reserves and national guard forces in extended overseas missions, and we have the recipe for disaster. In other words, there ain’t no one home watching the chickens, and the wolf is prowling the broken fence line.

There are those who say that China is being influenced by prosperity, and that they are reaping the rewards of capitalism, and because of this have no reason to use military might to forward Mao’s version of Communism. These pie-in-the-sky wishers do not understand the Chinese. What we are really doing is financing their military buildups, technology, and monetary base. Those who have forgotten history need to be reminded that we did the same thing in the 1930s when we sold scrap metal to Japan, only to reap the whirlwind when they used our metal in the ships and planes and bombs that attacked Pearl Harbor. Hitler’s Germany also prospered from “free trade” by using our technology in the petroleum industry to manufacture fuels and lubricants by synthetic means. Still, we continue to feed the Chinese dragon and think nothing of where our money goes when we buy those items “Made in China.”

While we are looking at the pieces of the puzzle, we also need to add the other pieces that match the tenets of war. Sun Tzu wrote that “Appraise war in terms of the fundamental factors. The first of these factors is moral influence”, and also “When a leader is morally weak and his discipline not strict, when there are no consistent rules…Neighboring rulers will take advantage of this.”

We can see the moral decay of this country over the last thirty years all around us. The types of TV programs, the language on radio talk shows, the “gay pride” marches in major cities, the loss of morals in our schools, attacks on Christianity, legal abortion—on—demand, laws that are totally contrary to what our founding fathers envisioned, courts that punish the victims more than the offenders, activist judges that legislate from the bench, removing mentions of God or the Ten Commandments from prayer and public property and public events, the bogus “war on drugs” that is actually putting more drugs on the street, church leaders that are afraid to preach anything that might offend someone, and on and on.

An unjust and un-moral society is one doomed to extinction. Our founding fathers knew this. History verifies it. And the Chinese study it.

who the Hassidim control

While China is ready to move on Taiwan at any time—they’ve positioned huge amphibious forces near the Straights of Formosa—and North Korea is ready to move south, the possibility also exists that an entirely different scenario will develop.

In this scenario, the forces that now surround us “come to our rescue.”

Picture this: our military, as strapped as it is, is in Iraq, Afghanistan, and maybe in the near future, Iran. We still have troops in South Korea, Germany and other places. Our national guard and reserves have been deployed overseas. Our law enforcement personnel are stretched thin. And then a major terrorist event—or a series of them—occurs. This event could be detonation of mini-nukes in major cities, release of a biological weapon starting a pandemic, or some other major media event-type attack.

Who do you call for help? Ghostbusters?

The plan is to call upon the UN to provide military, humanitarian and law enforcement relief. The only army big enough to handle a country of this size, with the means to move the personnel, is Red China (backed by Russia and the former Warsaw Pact states that we have been training for such an event at Fort Polk, Louisiana under Operation Cooperative Nugget).

Seem far-fetched? Then know this: a few years ago I had a nephew who attended the Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. When his class graduated, a general from the Pentagon flew in to give the graduation speech. When he was introduced, it was mentioned that he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations—whose mission in life is to develop a one world government (the New World Order) and who were the founders of the United Nations. 

Talmudic Hassidic Jews of the SOFIET Bolshevik Bear and RED Dragon

This particular general stated in his speech that (paraphrasing)“due to the build down or our armed forces, should we be deployed or committed on two or more fronts in the future and a major emergency occurs here, we will be forced to call upon foreign assets to police our streets.”

Foreign assets? Who could that be?

Sun Tzu also said that “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence.” With no guarded borders, and no one to guard them, and an avowed enemy who tells its military daily that “our main enemy is America,” I would have to submit that this country is set up for a major fall, and very soon.

The good news is this: The Second Amendment. The Chinese military is very frustrated in the fact that their liberal socialist lackeys in Washington have not been able to totally disarm the American people—yet. They have, by means of Fabian Socialism (creeping) legislation, reduced our firepower by outlawing “types” of firearms—specifically those that have military applications—but have not been able to register for confiscation all the guns in the country like they have in Australia, the UK and Canada. China well knows after its failed expeditions into Vietnam and India that fighting an armed population or a guerrilla type war is not winnable unless you first have the hearts and minds—and cooperation--of the population.


We also have another advantage, one not spoken off but still resident: Our combat veterans. The United States has the largest pool of combat veterans in our population of any country in the world. From our Vietnam generation (who is now in their 40s and 50s and beyond) to our Desert Storm, Somalia, and current Afghanistan and Iraq vets who are no longer serving, we have a cadre base of “trainers and leaders” second to none. When one factors this in, we have to consider that China may wait a few years for more of us to die off. But they won’t wait forever. We are a weakened giant, one that has be subverted from within and without, and one considered ripe for the picking. They have to reduce our will to resist, plus our means of resisting before they can hope to “patrol our streets.”

While the Chinese currently are reacting to Sun Tzu’s axiom “Nothing is more difficult than the art of maneuvering for advantageous positions,” I would offer another “old saying,” this one derived from India: “Beware he who rides the tiger, lest he end up inside.”


Still, we are at a very dangerous juncture. We are weakened, we have been subverted, and we are surrounded. And every time we buy something made in China, we are helping the enemy.

As the Samurai would say, often as a curse, “we are living in interesting times.”

(To view a Powerpoint presentation on this topic, go to Craig Roberts’ website,, scroll down to “articles” and select “We Are Surrounded.”)


The shemborg collective RED Sofiet Talmudic hassidim obedient Goyim Communitarium have slithered Hither, "Amaraka" you are in your dying spasms, the soon to come "Amarakan' Ghetto of Commun-ism


Russian Chemtrails

Special unit of Russian aviation uses cement particles and acids to change weather

06/23/2005 16:47

The weather in Moscow depends on the financial capacity of a client

Specialists, who study the influence of changing weather on the natural environment and people's health, have a different attitude to man's interference in the Earth's atmosphere. Moscow authorities often order sunny weather on important days, when the city holds important holidays or international summits. A group of airplanes disperses clouds above Moscow to guarantee sunshine when the black sky is not desirable at all. Ecologists say, however, that such interventions bring more bad than good. They result in the fall-out of harmful chemicals and affect weather conditions not only on the required territory, but on its outskirts too. Such an influence usually lasts for quite a long period of time. 

The so-called weather unit of the Moscow aviation uses iodic silver, frozen carbon dioxide, cement and liquid nitrogen in its weather activities. Doctor of chemical sciences, Lev Fyodorov, said that the weather-changing group of airplanes was used in Moscow during the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Victory over Nazim on May 9th, and on June 12, Russia's Day. "The entire operation has only one goal - to make a cloud rain. Rain will definitely occur, sooner or later, although people often wish to have it sooner. When airplanes fly above the clouds, they drop hard particles in the center of cloudiness. The particles attract water and it starts raining. The chemicals simply speed up the process," the specialist said.

Carbonic acid snow, or dry ice, is a form of carbonic acid, an inseparable constituent of the planet's atmosphere. Nitrogen is present in the air too: small portions of chemical reagents cannot change the gas structure of the atmosphere. The amount of cement, which is also used in cloud-dispersing reagents, is extremely small in comparison with the dirt that people walk on in streets of a city.

"When parents take their children outdoors, they subject their kids to the harmful influence of car exhausts. The smoke of the exhaust is heavy: it floats along the ground surface and children breathe the emissions in. As a matter of fact, parents do not even think about such a harmful influence. If tiny cement particles fall down on the city with rain, no one will notice it, for it will be equivalent to conventional atmospheric dust," Lev Fyodorov said.

Silver acids were used for similar purposes during the Soviet era, when Stalin or Brezhnev were at power. Silver acids condense moisture and precipitate better, although the method was not used in practice much because of the high cost.

Russian news programs often report about intentions of Moscow or St.Petersburg governments to improve weather on the threshold of an important event. Russian meteorologists say that such practice is used presumably in Russia, whereas weather services of foreign states do not send their aircrafts to bomb rainy clouds with cement and acids.

Lev Fyodorov is certain, however, that Russia is not the only state that uses weather-affecting technologies. The USA fights for sunny weather too, when the US government prefers to clear the sky above Washington, for example. "Rain can ruin holidays in the States too. When Putin or Bush step up on a tribune outdoors, it stops raining, if it was raining, of course," the expert said.

Russian meteorologists were going to change weather for defense purposes decades ago. The Central Committee of the Soviet Union Communist Party issued special decrees on the scientific research of the matter. A special institute for experimental meteorology was established in the city of Obninsk to study the objectives of using weather changes in the national defense system. Nowadays, specialists change weather with the only one goal: to clean the sky to create festive atmosphere in large cities. One may say that the weather in Moscow depends on the financial capacity of a client.


The Talmudic Hoodlum haha and the Moshiach of the Dragons Matrix exposed


Neo: That was you on my computer. How did you do that?

The Matrix Plot Summary

Thomas Anderson is known in the hacker world as Neo. He is pulled from the life he has always known and shown that in actuality it is the year 2199. Freed from his pod, Neo is brought aboard the hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar where he learns the truth of reality.



Neo: What is the Matrix?

Mankind has lost a war with their Artificial Intelligence computers. Now humanity is held unconscious, grown in pods by the computers for bio-electrical energy, and the world that Neo has lived in is simply a virtual reality, designed to keep the cultured humans viable.

Neo joins those who woke him and becomes an integral part of the resistance. Through building awareness and choice, Neo awakens his potential and is able to overcome the seemingly invincible enemy. Why build a site around this film? The film is a powerful metaphor expressing universal concepts of Judaism.

Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo, but I can only show you the door, you're the one that has to walk through it. Tank! load the jump program.... You have to let it all go, Neo, fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.


Neo: What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?

Morpheus: No Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.

This world is an illusion. Generated by a higher dimension of reality.


Tank: Here you go, buddy. Breakfast of Champions.

In Kurt Vonnegut's novel, "Breakfast of Champions," Kilgor Trout is having a drink in a bar when suddenly he feels that an awesome presence is about to enter. He begins to sweat.

In walks Kurt Vonnegut, the author, and the character finds himself face to face with his creator. Kilgor's perception of his world is changed forever. He realizes that he does not exist independently, that every moment of life requires a new stroke of the author's pen. Without the author, he ceases to exist.

He grasps that there is a higher dimension more real than the world of the novel. His entire universe is an expression of Kurt Vonnegut, who is the source of that world.

Every molecule, every detail is being created anew this moment. Nothing is static. Our entire world is an expression of a Higher Source. There is a Master Programmer, beyond the Matrix, and the universe is His program.

Olam, the Hebrew word for "world", is from the root meaning "hidden". The world is God's mask. Peel back the layer of this world and look beyond the Matrix to get a glimpse of The Programmer.


This is a sparring program, similar to the programmed reality of the Matrix.

It has the same basic rules, rules like gravity. What you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of a computer system.

Some of them can be bent. Others can be broken... How did I beat you?

Neo: You're too fast.

Morpheus: Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? You think that's air you're breathing now?

The rules of Nature are just God's software.


Gravity is part of that "matrix". It's part of the illusion. A miracle is simply over-writing the program.

Beyond the Matrix, who says fire must burn? A select few throughout history have transcended the Matrix of this world, breaking the rules and rewriting the program.

When the Jews stood at the Red Sea, they didn't have to dodge the water. They went right through it.


Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere.

It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes.

It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

If you were born in China, you'd most likely be a faithful Communist. If you were born to a traditional tribal family in Haiti, you'd be practicing Voodoo. Every society produces people who are passionately convinced that their beliefs are right, even to the extent that they are willing to die for it.

The majority of humans are products of society. Almost every religion claims that the other is wrong. One way or another at least one billion people are living in error. Maybe none of them have a monopoly on the truth, and everyone is wrong.

Wake up. Become intellectually independent of the society that formed your beliefs. Otherwise you're just a puppet of society. And society could be making some very grave errors...

Morpheus: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream. How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

Imagine your name is Jeff Korman, a lawyer from El Paso, Texas. You're walking down the street in London and you see a sign that says:

Jeff Korman
El Paso / London
Attorney at Law

An incredible coincidence! Curious to meet this guy, you knock on the door. A voice answers:

"Hello! Come on in. Who are you?"

"I'm Jeff Korman."

"Jeff Korman! What a coincidence! Where are you from? What do you do?"

"I'm a lawyer from El Paso."

"Me too, that's amazing. Tell me, where do you live?"

"10 Clark Lane."

"10 Clark Lane! Whoa! That's my address. What's your mother and father's name?"

"Alice and Jack."

"Hey - that's my parents. You're a fraud! You're assuming my identity!"

The man from London calls up the police and tells them to rush over with a straight jacket. You've got a lot of explaining to do. Because this "Jeff Korman" living in London has friends and clients who will vouch for him.

How do you know you're right? Are you sure you are you?

The police are coming and you've got to convince them. So you reach for your passport. That's good evidence: Jeff Korman, your picture, your address.

But you've lost your passport! What dreadful timing!


The man from London reaches in his pocket and pulls out a passport: Jeff Korman. His picture. Your address!

The police arrive.

"Okay, mister, can you prove you're really Jeff Korman?"

"I've got an idea!" you say. "Let's call Mom. That'll prove it!" You dial your mother's number. She answers and you put her on the speakerphone.


"Who is this?"

"Mom! It's me, Jeff! This is no time for jokes. I'm in trouble over here! Please, Mom..."

The other guy begins to speak, and she says, "Oh, hello, Jeff. Who was that other character?"

Are you still sure you're right? This has got to be a plot! Candid Camera, perhaps. But how do you know? Maybe you really flipped your lid. The police are pulling out the straight jacket.


You make one last-ditch effort. You start grilling the guy with questions:

How many rooms are there at 10 Clark Lane? Where's the kitchen? Is there a basement? How many steps? What's the name of the next door neighbor? Where's the nearest drugstore?

As your investigation progresses, the reality emerges: the guy is a fraud. He may be able to fake you out to some extent, but there's no way he could know all the details.

Life can be confusing, but the truth can be found. Search honestly and diligently - and you will discover it.

Trinity: The answer is out there, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

Noahide deception of the trinity

Ignorance is Bliss
Ignorance is Bliss

"Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged."

Morpheus (holding out two pills): Take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.... Remember, all I'm offering is the truth, nothing more....

We're faced with a similar choices. To sleep - or to wake up and go down the rabbit hole.


Cypher: I know what you're thinking, because right now I'm thinking the same thing. Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here. Why, oh why didn't I take the blue pill?... (Neo drinks and winces)

Cypher: Good stuff, huh. Dozer makes it. It's good for two things, degreasing engines and killing brain cells.

A part of us wants to kill our brain cells. It's the part that wants to keep on clinging to the pillow in the morning, that kicks us for taking the red pill.


Agent Smith: Do we have a deal, Mr. Reagan?

Cypher: You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.

Part of us loves unadulterated comfort, sheer bliss.Too much reality can be a killjoy. Who cares if the pleasure isn't real…


Yetzer HaRah
(Hebrew) The part of us that craves the physical, often identified with the body. One of life's challenges is to harness and channel this force, rather than let it run wild.

Agent Smith: Then we have a deal?

Cypher: I don't want to remember nothing. Nothing. And I want to be rich, someone important, like an actor.

Agent Smith: Whatever you want, Mr. Reagan.


The body yearns for illusion, for the counterfeit pleasures. Forget about being someone really important, the body is satisfied with the sensation of importance - as long as there is no pain. - to be famous, rich, in a world of complete illusion. Real meaning and virtue takes a lots of effort. The counterfeit version is an easy ride.

Cypher: He lied to us, Trinity. He tricked us. If you'da told us the truth, we woulda told you to shove that red pill.

Trinity: That's not true, Cypher, he set us free.

right into the arms of Moshiach

Cypher: Free? You call this free? All I do is what he tells me to do. If I had to choose between that and the Matrix, I choose the Matrix.

Trinity: The Matrix isn't real.

We all have a death wish. The body's underlying drive is suicide - the ultimate state of feeling no pain. In the meantime it'll settle for suicide in installments - just one more drink, one more hit. And anybody that tries to stop it... watch out! The body wants escape. The soul yearns for reality, for Zion.


of their flesh and No Sion Gods Holy Mountain in heaven


Free Will & Destiny
Free Will & Destiny

"I can only show you the door, you're the one that has to walk through it.

Morpheus: "Do you believe in fate, Neo?"

Neo: "No."

Morpheus: "Why not?"

Neo: "Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life"

Morpheus: "I know exactly what you mean."


Have you ever felt that something was destined to happened? Do you think you're in full control?

There are no coincidences, no random events, no casual happenings. Every event of your life is exactly what you need, part of your personalized program to complete your life's mission.

The only thing we control is our choice, and what we choose creates our world.

The tapestry of world  history is unrolling, all according to plan, yet you have complete freedom to choose how to react. There are events that will happen. History has a destiny. Your life has a destiny. But it's up to you to decide if you will embrace it, or watch from a back row seat.

If you seize the moment, you will find that unique role waiting for you.


Ancient tradition teaches: The entire world was created for you. All the world's a stage and you are in the starring role. Except it's not a movie. It's real.

Here you are placed in your own custom-designed world. It is filled with everything you need to bring yourself to perfection, and that will in turn pull the entire universe into alignment.


You are the one. There are lots of "extras" on the set so you don't get into too much of an ego trip. Lots of situations to push you to the limit and bring out your full spectrum of qualities.

Morpheus: There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.




The 120 years allotted to you on this planet are precious. 

note: it was 120 years from the time God told Noah to build the Ark until God the father destroyed mankind except for Noah and his family, who do you know who has lived 120 years, Does God Lie?


At the moment of birth, you were given the gift of forgetfulness so you could learn anew with interest and wonder. You had to learn to walk, to speak, to think and to question. And now you stand poised at the edge, awake at last, asking the right questions, driven by the very core of your soul.

Remember: There are no coincidences. Tap into your destiny and make it happen. The Ultimate Choreographer has set it up perfectly so that it is all for me too,
and for him...
and for her...
and for...
billions of interacting unique beings.

Take good care of your world!


The Nebuchadnezzar
The Nebuchadnezzar

"Come with me, see for yourself."

Morpheus: You believe it's the year 1999 when in fact it's closer to 2199. I can't tell you exactly what year it is because we honestly don't know. There's nothing I can say that will explain it for you, Neo. Come with me. See for yourself.


This is my ship, the Nebuchadnezzar. It's a hovercraft...

 of Babylon Proper Eretz ISREALHELL

The Wachowski Bros made the film. When asked about the name of the ship they replied:

The Nebuchadnezzar is indeed a Biblical reference, from the book of Daniel.

..This is the main deck. This is the core where we broadcast our pirate signal and hack into the Matrix.


Who was Nebuchadnezzar and why, of all the referrences to him in the bible, why choose Daniel?

Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of the Babylonian Empire, was the epitomy of evil. He would dine on the heart torn from a living rabbit, and it was his army that brutally destroyed Jerusalem, burned the Temple of Solomon, and exiled the surviving remnant of Jews to Babylon.

Yet, in the book of Daniel we get a different view of him. He was given a prophetic dream, that Daniel deciphered, showing all of human history. He went through one of the all time awesome morph scenes, and ultimately, came to acknowledge God's hand in his life and history.

Nebuchadnezzar's rule marked the transition from the biblical period of open miracles and prophecy to a new world where miracles are hidden and decisions are made based on intellect.

Nebuchadnezzar's life traced the path of awareness and awakening, and change. A very appropriate name for a craft whose crew is dedicated to just that, bringing an awakening to mankind.

The One

"You got the gift, but it looks like you're waiting for something."


Neo: What...what is happening to me?

Morpheus: You are the one, Neo. You see you may have spent the last few years looking for me, but I've spent my entire life looking for you.



Scene shift to our world: What is the Messiah, the One?

Moshiach ben satan of flesh zion

 (Moshiach) from the Hebrew word meaning "anointed one" - referring to the procedure for inaugurating a Jewish king. The Messiah will be a Jewish king over Israel, descended from the house of David. He will be instrumental in bringing world peace and awareness of God to humanity.

Oracle: You know why Morpheus brought you to see me?

Neo: I think so.

Oracle: So, what do you think? You think you're the One?

Neo: I don't know.

Does the Messiah (Moshiach, false messiah) know that he is the One?

Let's look at a previous redeemer. Did Moses grow up knowing that he would redeem the Jewish people?

THERE is only one Redeemer since the foundation of the World, Jesus the Christ the IAMHE. They have "Replaced him with the Dragon of Talmud Bavli

As a baby, Moses is fished out of the Nile and raised in Pharaoh's palace. He goes out to see the condition of the Jews, kills an Egyptian and flees for his life. He spends decades as a fugitive, unable to return to his people, reduced to shepherding his father-in-law's flock. Hardly an auspicious beginning.

But then Moses encounters the burning bush. God tells him, in no uncertain terms, that he is "the One." Why? "Because you turned aside" - because you turned aside while in Egypt to see the state of the Jewish People. Because you cared and chose to see their plight, instead of ignoring them and living the good life in Pharaoh's palace.

Moses wrote of the Only Redeemer, the Christ Jesus the LORD

The Messiah (Moshiach) is a regular human being, like you and me, who dedicates his life to reaching greatness. He's not born the One;

for he is not.....

Isaiah 9

6: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Jesus the Christ the Iamhe

 he becomes the One as a natural outgrowth of his unique life mission. Jewish Tradition teaches that in every generation there is a potential Messiah (Moshiach)  somewhere on Earth. He doesn't know it yet…

Oracle: But you already know what I'm going to tell you.

Neo: I'm not the One.

Oracle: Sorry kiddo. You got the gift, but it looks like you're waiting for something.

Neo: What?

Oracle: Your next life maybe, who knows? That's the way these things go.

It's not a matter of being convinced. In the end, Neo chooses to stop waiting, to stop hesitating, and becomes the One. There's a Redeemer in our midst. But he has to first earn that title before attaining it.

he must fight the wars of their dragon unto desolation, restore the temple of flesh doom, and stand as Christ, shewing he is the Christ, but he is simply a mere man imposter who the dragon has given him his power, whom GOD the Father has allowed to be sent to judge the ungodly

Neo: Morpheus. He...he almost had me convinced. But...

Morpheus: He is The One. Do you believe it now, Trinity?

Neo: Morpheus. The Oracle, she told me I'm...

Morpheus: She told you exactly what you needed to hear, that's all. Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Got your walking shoes on?

right into the arms of the king of mammon and Hell and useless flesh which profits man ZERO


 Shut them Up and Shut them Down, the TRUTH does no matter any more.

Jewish World Review June 6, 2005 / 28 Iyar, 5765

Silence in press, streets after landmark ruling against France's most distinguished paper for whipping up anti-Semitic opinion

By Tom Gross


The beauty of European enlightenment in practice | A French court just found three writers for Le Monde, as well as the newspaper's publisher, guilty of "racist defamation" against Israel and the Jewish people. In a groundbreaking decision, the Versailles court of appeal ruled that a comment piece published in Le Monde in 2002, "Israel-Palestine: The Cancer," had whipped up anti-Semitic opinion.

The Bible soon to be banned, the Gospel criminalized

The writers of the article, Edgar Morin (a well-known sociologist), Daniele Sallenave (a senior lecturer at Nanterre University) and Sami Nair (a member of the European parliament), as well as Le Monde's publisher, Jean-Marie Colombani, were ordered to pay symbolic
damages of one euro to a human-rights group and to the Franco-Israeli association. Le Monde was also ordered to publish a condemnation of the article, which it has yet to do.

It is encouraging to see a French court rule that anti-Semitism should have no place in the media — even when it is masked as an analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The ruling also makes it clear that the law in this respect applies to extremist Jews (Mr. Morin is Jewish) as much as to non-Jews.

hahahhahahhahhahhhheeeeeeeewhoooooey boy, BURN the TALMUD Bavli ? Not even hardly

Press freedom is a value to be cherished, but not exploited and abused. In general, European countries have strict laws against such abuse and Europe's mainstream media are in any case usually good at exercising self-censorship. Responsible journalists strenuously avoid libelous characterizations of entire ethnic, national or religious groups. They go out of their way, for example, to avoid suggesting that the massacres in Darfur, which are being carried out by Arab militias, in any way represent an Arab trait.

BUT they can all Blaspheme Jesus the Christ, Holy Spirit

The exception to this seems to be the coverage of Jews, particularly Israeli ones. This is particularly ironic given the fact that Europe's relatively strict freedom of speech laws (compared to those in the U.S.)
(see how they slip that in there?)
were to a large extend drafted as a reaction to the Continent's Nazi occupation. And yet, from Oslo to Athens, from London to Madrid, it has been virtually open season on them in the last few years, especially in supposedly liberal media.

"Israel-Palestine: The Cancer" was a nasty piece of work, replete with lies, slanders and myths about "the chosen people," "the Jenin massacre," describing the Jews as "a contemptuous people taking satisfaction in humiliating others," "imposing their unmerciful rule," and so on.

Yet it is was no worse than thousands of other news reports, editorials, commentaries, letters, cartoons and headlines published throughout Europe in recent years, in the guise of legitimate and reasoned discussion of Israeli policies.

The libels and distortions about Israel in some British media are by now fairly well known: the Guardian's equation of Israel and al Qaeda; the Evening Standard's equation of Israel and the Taliban; the report by the BBC's Middle East correspondent, Orla Guerin, on how "the Israelis stole Christmas." Most notorious of all is the Independent's Middle East correspondent, Robert Fisk, who specializes in such observations as his comment that, "If ever a sword was thrust into a military alliance of East and West, the Israelis wielded that dagger," and who implies that the White House has fallen into the hands of the Jews: "The Perles and the Wolfowitzes and the Cohens . . . [the] very sinister people hovering around Bush."

The invective against Israel elsewhere in Europe is less well known. In Spain, for example, on June 4, 2001 (three days after a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 21 young Israelis at a disco, and wounded over 100 others, all in the midst of a unilateral Israeli ceasefire), the liberal daily Cambio 16 published a cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (with a hook nose he does not have), wearing a skull cap (which he does not usually wear), sporting a swastika inside a star of David on his chest, and proclaiming: "At least Hitler taught me how to invade a country and destroy every living insect."

The week before, on May 23, El Pais (the "New York Times of Spain") published a cartoon of an allegorical figure carrying a small rectangular-shaped black moustache, flying through the air toward Sharon's upper lip. The caption read: "Clio, the muse of history, puts Hitler's moustache on Ariel Sharon."

Two days later, on May 25, the Catalan daily La Vanguardia published a cartoon showing an imposing building, with a sign outside reading "Museo del Holocausto Judio" (Museum of the Jewish Holocaust), and next to it another building under construction, with a large sign reading "Futuro Museo del Holocausto Palestino" (Future Museum of the Palestinian Holocaust).

Greece's largest newspaper, the leftist daily Eleftherotypia, has run several such cartoons. In April 2002, on its front cover, under the title "Holocaust II," an Israeli soldier was depicted as a Nazi officer and a Palestinian civilian as a Jewish death camp inmate. In September 2002, another cartoon in Eleftherotypia showed an Israeli soldier with a Jewish star telling a Nazi officer next to him "Arafat is not a person the Reich can talk to anymore." The Nazi officer responds "Why? Is he a Jew?"

In Italy, in October 2001, the Web site of one of the country's most respected newspapers, La Repubblica, published the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," in its entirety, without providing any historical explanation. It did suggest, however, that the work would help readers understand why the U.S. had taken military action in Afghanistan.

In April 2002, the Italian liberal daily La Stampa ran a front-page cartoon showing an Israeli tank, emblazoned with a Jewish star, pointing a large gun at the baby Jesus in a manger, while the baby pleads, "Surely they don't want to kill me again, do they?"

In Corriere Della Sera, another cartoon showed Jesus trapped in his tomb, unable to rise, because Ariel Sharon, rifle in hand, is sitting on the sepulcher.

Sweden's largest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter, ran a caricature of a Hassidic Jew accusing anyone who criticized Israel of anti-Semitism. Another leading Swedish paper, Aftonbladet, used the headline "The Crucifixion of Arafat."

If the misreporting and bias were limited to one or two newspapers or television programs in each country, it might be possible to shrug them off. But they are not. Bashing Israel even extends to local papers that don't usually cover foreign affairs, such as the double-page spread titled "Jews in jackboots" in "Luton on Sunday." (Luton is an industrial town in southern England.) Or the article in Norway's leading regional paper, Stavanger Aftenblad, equating Israel's actions against terrorists in Ramallah with the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Grotesque and utterly false comparisons such as these should have no place in reporting or commenting on the Middle East. Yet although the French court ruling — the first of its kind in Europe — is a major landmark, no one in France seems to care. The country's most distinguished newspaper, the paper of record, has been found guilty of anti-Semitism. One would have thought that such a verdict would prompt wide-ranging coverage and lead to extensive soul-searching and public debate. Instead, there has been almost complete silence, and virtually no coverage in the French press.

And few elsewhere will have heard about it. Reuters and Agence France Presse (agencies that have demonstrated particularly marked bias against Israel) ran short stories about the judgment in their French-language wires last week, but chose not to run them on their English news services. The Associated Press didn't run it at all. Instead of triggering the long overdue reassessment of Europe's attitude toward Israel, the media have chosen to ignore it



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