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Part 217

June 21, 2005 



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The Endless War
Between Christ-Haters
And Christ-Lovers

By Jack Manuelian
The posting of the article "Religious Engineering: Behind The Bible Fraud" in recently is another proof that the war between Christ-hating Jews and Christ-loving believers has not ended and that article and similar disinformation is part of this ongoing war which started after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
What is not known to the general public nowadays that there was a real "war" and competitiveness going on between the early Christians and Jews who were unable to understand the message of Jesus Christ.
Religious Jews then and before the Middle Ages were very much aggressive in proselytizing for their religion and promulgating it among the gentiles, that is converting gentiles to Judaism, to the point that every town and city of Ancient Roman empire had Jewish population and Jewish religious buildings and Rome had granted to the Jews a special privileged status. Those Jews of Roman Empire were not all from Judah and Jerusalem, the majority were gentiles converted to the Jewish religion, the most famous of those converts was emperor Nero who slaughtered the Christians in the sport arenas after accusing them of burning Rome, an act which Nero himself ordered secretly.
see Bushkevik and his chassidic Talmudic jews who control Washington DC and the Sanhedrin
 He blamed the Christians for the burning and was given a free hand in massacring and persecuting the Christians of his time. (How ironic! it looks like an early 9/11. Since Rome did not have skyscrapers, the emperor burned the city of Rome)
The war between Jews and Christians was not confined in verbal and written arguments, debates and name calling. Massacres and bloody killings were committed by both sides. And as the case is in any war, this conflict between Jews and Christians had its information/disinformation/misinformation side or department.
A true Christ believer will never murder, for the murderer has his children 
Jews who were after converts and were earnest in controlling and keeping those converts by their false propaganda about Jesus, stopped their aggressive proselytizing by/before the early Middle Ages when it was apparent that Christians had won when most countries and states in the "battle-field" had adopted Christianity as their state religion and had Christian rulers over them. Jews adopted then a different tactic, that of infiltrating secretly Christianity and destroying/weakening it from inside, some of those infiltrators were able even to become popes. After adopting this new tactic Jews put a stop to their proselytizing activities.
See Judeo Churchinsanity
Herod and the rest of the leaders who crucified Jesus (also beheaded John the Baptist and organized the persecution of the Christians) belonged to a secret organization by the name of "The Invisible Force." A careful reader of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion will notice that this "Invisible Force" is mentioned there. Where did that reference came in the Protocols? Most likely from the name of that secret organization.
Chabad Lubavitch
Habeed Loobavitch
This same secret organization through the use of Freemasonry will send the Christians of USA to the guillotines for beheading (as it is commanded them to do by their false god: cut off their heads) when a martial law and NWO takes effects in USA.
Yes, the old war is not over for them until their enemies (the Christians) are vanquished.
Hopefully, I will be able to write Part II of this article if time permits. PEACE BE TO ALL OF YOU and may His Light shine upon all of you!
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Dan Bushkevik of the North has succeeded with his Hassidic Talmudic Noahide promoter Sharansky as Head of the "Jewish Agency" to head the Zionist, over the king of the south Sharon's man.

Court Overrules Sharon on Jewish Agency Choice
15:36 Jun 22, '05 / 15 Sivan 5765

Three dramatic developments occurred today in the rapidly-unfolding drama of the elections for Jewish Agency head. In one, a court ruled the Likud's candidate will not be the one proposed by Sharon.

The election had originally been scheduled for today, but was pushed off until the end of next week. It is generally accepted that the representative of Israel's ruling party takes over the helm of the Jewish Agency and World Zionist Organization.

The official candidate of the Likud Party will be Natan Sharansky, in accordance with a party decision this past Sunday and a Jerusalem District Court ruling of this morning.

The court ruling was necessitated because two days ago, Prime Minister Sharon angered many party members by circumventing them and proposing his own candidate: Raanana Mayor Zev Bielski. To this end, he asked the Reform and Conservative movements in the World Likud Organization to support Bielski - and they answered the call.

Some World Likud members took Sharon to court, claiming he had overstepped his bounds. The court agreed, ruling this morning that Sharansky is in fact the Likud's candidate. The court did not accept the petitioners' request to order Sharon to stop promoting Bielski's candidacy.

Sharansky (pictured), who spent nine years in Soviet prison - including eight years in Siberia - for his Zionist activities, resigned as government minister last month in protest of the disengagement plan.

Candidates for the position of Jewish Agency chief must be members of the Zionist Executive. Sharansky will join the body upon outgoing chairman Salai Meridor's resignation, which will take effect next Thursday. Bielski, too, sought someone who would resign on his behalf, but no one from the Reform or Conservative movements would do so. Finally, Herut Party member Moti Ohana was convinced to quit, and Bielski will take his place.

The election, which will be a test of Sharon's strength in the World Likud body, is expected to be held next Thursday or Friday.



and of course......

Rabbi Yisroel Deren Shliach in Stamford, CT introduces Natan Sharansky to the Chabad Solidarity Group. Sharansky came to join the Chabad Mission for breakfast last week at the Plaza Hotel.

Sharansky began his talk by thanking Rabbi Deren for the white chocolate that he smuggled into the Soviet Union for him while he was in jail on a starvation diet.

He spoke movingly and passionately about Chabad and the importance of Jewish pride


Bush knows well his Road Map leads straight to Moshiach HELL

Sharansky’s galvanising insight is that all peoples want to live in free societies rather than fear societies. But this was waved away by Israel’s governing elites, which told him in effect that moshiach (the Messiah) would arrive sooner than democracy for the Arabs.


and, but of course Sharansky is a "Communitarian" of the Universal Noahide Laws of the Dragon's Talmud Bavli. And Bush is a Treasonous, Murderous, Blasphemous Talmudic Viper of Dan and his Sanhedrin Hassidim, the Chabad Lubavitch.

Apostate Amaraka you have been sold OUT to the RED Sofiets of The Talmud Bavli unto the Dragon

Sunday, March 6


Chairman: Achille Ochetto, Senator and former Secretary General of the Italian Communist Party
Panelists: Fernando H. Cardoso, former President of the Federative Republic of Brazil; Giulio Andreotti, Senator and former Prime Minister of Italy; Amitai Etzioni, Professor and Director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies, George Washington University; Enzo Ghigo, President of the Region of Piedmont, Italy; Mike Moore, former General Director of WTO; Toshiki Kaifu, former Prime Minister of Japan; Jonathan Schell, Harold Willens Peace Fellow at the Nation Institute, US.

Closing Plenary Session

Chairman: Andrei Grachev, President of the WPF’ s Scientific Committee
Panelist: Natan Sharansky, Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs





Philadelphia Mississippi will not be punished, collectively,...... anymore, for the Noahide Court has Ruled

Conviction in civil rights murder

A former Ku Klux Klan member was convicted in the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers, two of them Jewish.

Tuesday’s decision found Edgar Lee Killen guilty of three counts of manslaughter in the murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner. The three had come to Mississippi to investigate the burning of a black church.

The American Jewish Committee and Anti-Defamation League commended the decision, though the ADL called it long overdue.


Former Nazi guard deemed ‘removable’

Former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk can be deported from the United States.

U.S. judge Michael Creppy ruled late last week that Demjanjuk, 85, has until June 30 to appeal his deportation for having served as a guard at the Sobibor, Majdanek and Flossenburg camps, and having lied about his service when he applied to enter the United States in 1952.

Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian national who lives near Cleveland, was acquitted in Israel in 1993 of being “Ivan the Terrible,” one of the most notorious Nazi guards.

No, none of the jews who served their Nasi have been deported. None of the Talmudic Jews of their Noahide murders have been deported.


For fear of the Hassidic Talmudic jews of the Nasi of Chabad which rules the whorehouse in Washington DC and the Sanhedrin

Wednesday 22nd June, 2005

U.S. senator backs down on Guantanamo Bay criticism   

Big News     Wednesday 22nd June, 2005    

A Democratic senator has retracted comments he made about the Guantanmo Bay detention facility.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the Assistant Minority Leader, also known as Democratic Whip, had compared Gitmo to concentration camps run by the Nazis and Soviets, among others.

and the Chabad Lubavitchers who controlled both are angry at his accusing finger

Tuesday he was backing away and apologising for those remarks in a statement on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

a Coward Dog of TREASON and Blasphemy, backed down by the anti-Christ of Hell

“On June 14, I took the floor of the Senate to speak about genuine heartfelt concerns about the treatment of prisoners and detainees at Guantanamo and other places. I raised legitimate concerns that others have raised, including Secretary of State Colin Powell, about the policies of this administration and whether they truly do serve our needs to make America safer and more secure, whether, in fact, some of the policies might, in fact, endanger our troops, or in some ways disparage the image of America around the world,” said Senator Durbin.

“During the course of that presentation, I read an e-mail from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was discovered to exist last August, and has now been produced as part of the Freedom of Information Act. After reading the horrible details in that memo, which characterized the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo, I then, in my own words, made some characterizations about that memo. I made reference to the Nazis, Soviets and other repressive regimes.”

The senator continued, “Mr. President, I have come to understand that was a very poor choice of words. I tried to make this very clear last Friday that I understood to those analogies to the Nazis, Soviets and others were poorly chosen. I issued a release which I thought made my intentions and my inner-most feeling as clear as I possibly could.”

“Let me read to you what I said. ‘I have learned from my statement that historical parallels can be misused and misunderstood. I sincerely regret if what I said causes anybody to misunderstand my true feelings. Our soldiers around the world and their families at home deserve our respect, admiration and total support.’”

Senator Durbin said, “Mr. President, it is very clear that even though I thought I had said something that clarified the situation, to many people it was still unclear. I'm sorry if anything that I said caused any offense or pain to those who have such bitter memories of the Holocaust, the greatest moral tragedy of our time. Nothing, nothing should ever be said to demean or diminish that moral tragedy.”

Here, let me demean the perversion by the deaths of 67 million Goyim at the Hand of the jewish Bolsheviks of Talmud Bavi in the SOFIET Union. Let me Demean it by the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagisaki. Let me Demean it by the 50,000 slain in Viet Nam for the Hassidim. Take your shemborg Proxy accusations to Hell with your Treason and Blasphemy against Jesus the Christ the Chief Anti-SHEM. BUT neither will I do the lust of your father the murderer, BUT be assured on that Day of the LORD, his wrath will be Mighty against them who are responsible for All who are slain upon the earth.

“I'm also sorry if anything I said in any way cast a negative light on our fine men and women in the military. I went to Iraq just a few months ago with Senator Harry Reid and a bipartisan Senate delegation. When you look in the eyes of the soldiers you see your son and daughter. They are the best. I never, ever intended any disrespect for them,” said Durbin

WHOSE SONS and Daughters scum? Not one of you have a SON or a Daughter on the Ground fighting in IRAQ, How dare you, treasonous dogs make comment on them you send to fight and die for your TREASON

“Some may believe that my remarks crossed a line. To them, I extend my heartfelt apologies,” he added.

“There's usually a quote from Abraham Lincoln that you can turn to in moments like this. Maybe this is the right one. Lincoln said, ‘If the end brings me out right, what is said against me won't amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, 10,000 angels swearing I was right wouldn't make any difference.’”

“In the end, I don't want anything that I may have said detract from the love for my country, my respect for those who bravely risk their lives each day for our security, and this Senate which I am so honored to serve as a member,' said Senator Durbin. 'I offer my apology for those offended by my words. I promise to speak out on the issues that I think are important to the people of Illinois and to the nation.”

Cowardly dog who cannot bark


NAZI's of Chabad Lubavitch of Dan Bushkevik


The Rebbe stated several times that "the leader (Nossi) (Nassi, Nasi, NAZI) of the generation, is Moshiach of the generation" (Simchas Torah 5746--October 27, 1985).
However, the Rebbe went further, saying that the leader of this generation is actually the Moshiach who will take us out of the exile to the Redemption.
Did the Rebbe ever say about himself that he is Moshiach?
The answer : He never said the actual words "I am Moshiach."
However, in other wording that amounts to the same intention, the Rebbe spelled out clearly that he is indeed the Moshiach.
The following are some of the clearest instances:
1. a) The Rebbe often said that "the leader of the generation is the Moshiach of the generation" (see above).
b) The Rebbe left no doubt as to whom he meant with the words "the leader of the generation." The Rebbe said clearly that "we should study "Likkutei Sichos of the leader of the generation." (Shabbos Tazria-Metzora 5751--April 20, 1991.) This is in reference to the Rebbe's Likkutei Sichos of which 33 volumes to date have been published many times; no other work is known under that name!

This single quote removes, beyond any shadow of doubt, any question as to whether the Rebbe actually said that he is Moshiach .










While Bushkevik was waging Illegal wars for his shems of Shame

China advances missile program

By Bill Gertz
June 22, 2005

China has successfully flight-tested a submarine-launched missile that U.S. officials say marks a major advance in Beijing's long-range nuclear program.
    "This is a significant milestone in their effort to develop strategic weapons," said a U.S. official familiar with reports of the test.
    U.S. intelligence agencies monitored the flight test of a JL-2 missile about 10 days ago, officials said.
    The missile was launched from a Chinese submarine near the port of Qingdao and was tracked to a desert impact point in western China several thousand miles away, the officials said.
    The Air Force's National Air Intelligence Center reported that the JL-2 "will, for the first time, allow Chinese [missile submarines] to target portions of the United States from operating areas located near the Chinese coast."
    The JL-2 is estimated to have a range of up to 6,000 miles, enough to hit targets in the United States.
    A defense official said the missile test was a major step forward in China's strategic nuclear missile program and shows an improved capability to produce and launch submarine-launched missiles. "It was a successful test," this official said.
    The JL-2 is a submarine version of the DF-31 land-based missile.
    A flight test of the JL-2 last year failed, U.S. intelligence officials said.
    In December, however, China launched the first of a new class of ballistic missile submarines known as the Type 094.
    It was not known whether the JL-2 missile was launched from the new submarine or from another submarine modified for missile launch tests.
    China previously has used a modified Russian-design submarine for missile tests.


e-mail sent to Sanhedrin 6-21-2005

Hey Dov
guess you cannot comprehend the lies.
your rabid rabbioni say the seventy years are not finished.
So therefore the second temple was not of GOD
and since it is not of God but a House of Abominations
these seventy who say they are assuming the seventy of that second temple, are neither of GOD the Father.
But the DRAGON gives them their seat and their authority.
Go figure.
Wisdom is Justified in her children

To all you Judeo-Churchinsanity mammonites, where is your "SEVEN years"? It is upon you NOW. There will be no peace. Scofield led you right into the arms of your "chosen's false king



The coming Global Commun-itarian Universal Noahide shemborg Collective of the Talmudic Sofiet RED anti-Christ Sanhedrin, her beast Moshiach of the Dragon.........and they will  have their "king over them"

Sold out apostate "Amaraka" and she does not even know it.

Communitarian Law

by Niki Raapana, updated 12/10/04

Table of Contents

1. Why Study Communitarian Law?
2. What is Communitarian Law?
3. Who's Teaching It?
4. Who Supports It?
5. Communitarian Chinese Case Law
6. Noise Revisions & Other Municipal level changes
7. Whistleblowers

In April 2003 the European Union was working on its draft constitution. Their site has a glossary that defines ALL the modern terminology that has "evolved" over the past 30 years. This is the first dictionary of the legal meanings of the new terms we've seen.

Here is the global definition of "community law:" Community Acquis.

For those who don't take the link, Community acquis is:

"The Community acquis or Community patrimony is the body of common rights and obligations which bind all the Member States together within the European Union. It is constantly evolving and comprises:
· the content, principles and political objectives of the treaties;
· Community legislation and the case law of the Court of Justice;
· the declarations and resolutions adopted by the Union;
· measures relating to the common foreign and security policy;
· measures relating to justice and home affairs;
· international agreements concluded by the Community and those concluded by the Member States between themselves in the field of the Union's activities.When further countries join the European Union, full compliance with the Community acquis is one of the requisites for accession.

Community legal instruments are defined as:
"The term "Community legal instruments" refers to the instruments available to the Community institutions to carry out their tasks. The principal instruments are:
· regulations: these are binding in their entirety and directly applicable in all Member States;
· directives: these bind the Member States as to the results to be achieved; they have to be transposed into the national legal framework and thus leave a margin for manoeuvre as to the form and means of implementation;
· decisions: these are fully binding on those to whom they are addressed;
· recommendations and opinions: these are non-binding.

Why Study Communitarian Law?

New Arrivals in the Law Library... June 2004 at Indiana University Scool of Law. The founder of American communitarianism, Amitai Etzioni's, recently published From Empire to Community is on this list. BANDED CONTRACTS, MEDIATING INSTITUTIONS, AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: A NATURALIST ANALYSIS OF CONTRACTUAL THEORIES OF THE FIRM by TIMOTHY L. FORT* AND JAMES J. NOONE, Cited: 62 Law & Contemp. Probs. 163 (Summer 1999) [*pg 163] Duke Law Journal. "Part IV addresses the social contractarian approach. Combined with Part II's understanding of evolution and nature, a constructive model emerges that takes the best features of social contracting and agency contracting and blends them with a naturalist-based communitarianism."

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 16-18 November, 2005 "In the second phase of WSIS efforts are being made to put the Plan of Action into motion and working groups have been set up to find solutions and reach agreements in the fields of Internet governance and financing mechanisms."

The Politics of International Law by the Academy of European Law online."The law aims to fulfil its double task by becoming formal: by endorsing neither particular communitarian ideals nor particular sovereign policies."

Deborah Charles Publications Abstracts' Library Authors K is a nice introduction to Hegelian thinking about the law.

Communitarian Corporate Law, "Globalisation of Corporate Regulation and Corporate Citizenship."

Many people who teach, preach, and enforce communitarian law in the United States have never heard of communitarian law. (How's that for deliberately dumbed down Americans?) The world desperately needs lawyers and laymen who comprehend all facets of the new communitarian legislation and law. The European Union recognises, teaches, practices and endorses Community Law. U.N. Declarations like the Earth Charter are all communitarian documents.

Accredited American law schools that teach communitarian law in their classes, publish Communitarian Legal Readers, or host communitarian law seminars at their colleges refuse to respond or discuss communitarian law with peons like us. We've tried for years to find one American lawyer to admit communitarian law exists. We found one that ceased operations, The Wallace Institute. I worked with attorneys Margaret Boyle and Jose Vera for two years on the Dawson case and we never once discussed it, even though the Dawson lawsuit was a 4th Amendment complaint against a DOJ pilot test of communitarian law enforcement proceedures. The Dawson clients were also a human subjects research project in 1999, for the 2002 Homeland Security Agency and for the National ID database, all highly recommended in the 2004 9-11 Commission Report. Understanding communitarian law is obviously confined to elite groups who work to "Rebuild the World" under communitarian values. The people most affected by it, the ones who suffer under it, are never taught what it is. American lawyers just plain ignore it.

There is not one single American alternative "law teacher" who will discuss communitarian law. From Gerry Spence to Johnny Liberty... we don't appear to have anyone besides Dr. Kelly Ross, Ph.d., Jeri Lynn Ball, Joan Veon, Devvy Kidd, Charlotte Iserbyt, Chris Gerner, Detective Philip Worts, Berit Kjos and the occasional unknown writers like us who are willing to mention it. American law schools ignore ACL requests for a rebuttal to our manifesto against communitarian law (although some do offer us "good luck" with our "project.") No one will dispute our philisopical or historical objections either, and political sites refuse to add the Third Way communitarian agenda to their news topic lists. It's the most important and least discussed topic in the entire world. Far too many Americans think it's a conspiracy theory.

Liudvikas Bukys Weblog regarding topics of interest to me: system architecture, high performance computing, policy and law, security, software development, web applications. Bukys' weblog is like a historical overview of cybercrime developments.

The most incredible thing is, thousands of Americans are charged and sentenced to jail and prisons for violations of community law every day. All new intervention and prevention programs required under Congressional Acts (such as the Violent Crime Act, Domestic Violence Act, Patriot Act, National Intelligence Reform Act, Homeland Security Act, etc. are based in communitarian legal philosophy. Communitarian "values" justify all wars on inanimate objects too, such as the War on Terror and The Wars on Drugs, Poverty, Crime, Obesity, and any other "idea" we can be convinced to support.

The reason so many more Americans lose and go to jail now is because they are defending themselves against communitarian law with U.S. Constitutional law. Powerful communitarian laws over-rule (balance) constitutional law in every nation. The Sovereignty movement (which studies ways to return American liberty principles via offshore and foreign banking protections) faces the same predicament. No property in the world is protected from communitarian equitable distribution programs. Communitarian law is global law. Community law enforces equitable distribution of wealth (property). It will be fully implemented by 2020, and it's also called Region 2020. HUD's mapping database was called Community 2020.

Free Legal-dictionary-definition of "community"

University of South Dakota definition of "community."

A Definition of Community Service by the University of Missouri.

The ABC of Community Law by Dr Klaus-Dieter Borchardt at EUR-Lex.

The Communitarian Network Bibliography of Law and Communitarian Thinking.

A Communitarian Republic's Communitarian Code of Ordinances and Regulations.

So called communitarian law is openly taught and passed in the European Union. In the U.S. it is quietly taught in elite seminars, and widely adopted inside land management plans. The ACL library would really appreciate hardcopy donations of communitarian law books, and we have given up seeking a constitutional law firm with attorneys who have courtroom experience in defending individuals against communitarian law. Not even the so-called American Freedom Movement has a clue what it is. In fact, much of the American "alternative" research is totally duped by communitarian policies and rhetoric. Even more sad, many American "patriots" actually support communitarian programs that undermine the constitutional laws they claim to defend.

Communitarian law is the most succesful con job in the history of the modern world. The ACL may have "won" the debate against the bogus communitarian ideology, but the American people have definately lost their constitution anyway, because they missed the most important debate in the history of the United States. That's mainly because it was held quietly, in small gatherings of like-minded individuals. The citizens never write these news laws by themselves. Community police and sustainable developers teach the new law. Community change agents gather the data necessary to enforce the new law. COMPASS and Community Policing assist communitarian visionaries to implement the Community Imperial Laws.

Here's the ACL's page devoted to recent and ongoing Laws, Lawsuits & Legislation. It's very incomplete but I'm working on this one right now.

What is Communitarian Law?

Communitarian law balances national laws against the Communist Manifesto. The end result is a hodgepodge of vague, communal laws that allow government-private partnerships to confiscate and control private property. The key to communitarian crimal codes is they do not require proof of clear damages, and the actual laws are designed to "prevent crime" before it happens. In order to achieve a global communitarian system, all national governments must collect and share information about all property. Humans, and all their personal skills and abilities, as well as their mental, physical and emotional capabilities, are now global communitarian's collective property. It's called social justice. Personal information about habits and lifestyles are necessary communitarian data used to enforce communitarian laws.

The European Union and the General International Law. Case law compiled by the University of Bucharest, last updated February 2004. Includes Communitarian law and National law.

Legal in French, translated into English, posts 2002-03 Syllabus of Seminars in Communitarian Law.

The Jewish Encylopedia explains the areas of Talmudic Law that influenced the development of communitarian behavior controls (of every day life), and evolving regulatory practices that use dialectical conflicts to achieve synthesis. The process is often called a new paradigm. Unlike U.S. Constitutional law, communitarian law and Talmudic law are constantly changed and modified by the whim of the leader enforcing the rules. The U.S. Constitution is being balanced by the Talmud and communitarian ideology.

PURE TREASON and Blasphemy unto their Dragon

Communitarian Law is the new legal system used by governments affiliated with the emerging global government. This new law circumvents national law via a program of "balancing," often achieved by consensus (not voting). For Americans, the adoption of these evolving principles transports us from a constitutional system where we expect due process and legal searches to a more moral way of enforcing "social justice."

worship their dragon, deny Jesus or be decapitated

Also called Community Law (or Community Acquis), the philosophy-theory has been handed down from the United Nations to all its member countries inside national sustainable development plans. Community law is cited in all United States (and worldwide) Local Agenda 21 Plans. New local communitarian laws include: Revised Noise Ordinances, Weed and Seed community plans, landlord training acts, transit related development, mandatory health and saftey inspections, hoarding syndrome interventions, and other efforts to "create safe and livable communities." We at the ACL also think the mandatory volunteer service law is entirely communitarian based.

Who's teaching communitarian law?

The Univeristy of Virginia hosts a Universitas 21 Global Graduate Programs for Global Leaders.

Judge Calabresi Awarded Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Medal in Law, University of Virginia Law School. "In addition to addressing first year students of property and engaging in numerous informal encounters with faculty and students, Judge Calabresi delivered a public lecture on "Liberte, egalite, fraternite." Calabresi's lecture explored a fundamental problem of constitutional law, how to prevent majoritarian legislatures from interfering with individual liberties in the name of communitarian values ("fraternite")."

Phil 101: Social and Political Philosophy at University of Viginia at Wise.

Kluwer Academic Publishers-Law and Philosophy, An International Journal for Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy. I found this under "conflict theory."

Law and Community: the Case of Torts. "Cochran (Pepperdine University School of Law) and Ackerman (Pennsylvania State University's Dickinson School of Law) consider the possibilities of a communitarian tort system. In so doing they discuss communitarian principles, offer an intermediate communitarian perspective of tort law, and discuss the roles of families, religious communities, and the larger community. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ("

Social Justice (Ethics) Community. features communitarian books by Amitai Etzioni.

National Constitutions, Foreign Trade Policy and European Community Law posted by The European Journal of International Law, this is a wonderful explanation of the difference between the original U.S. system and Englands'.

II. Constitutional Law and Transnational Exercise of Individual Rights: Freedom of Transnational Trade as an Individual Right?

A. Constitutional Recognition of Supremacy of Individual Rights?
The concept of a limiting constitution grew up in England in response to the abuses of monarchical absolutism, and English constitutional traditions continue to have a bearing on constitutional laws in many countries (in particular those of the Commonwealth). But it is the US Constitution of 1789 which seems to have had the strongest influence on many liberal constitutions adopted by European, Latin American and Asian countries during the 19th century (e.g. the Swiss Constitution of 1874) and the 20th century (e.g. the German Basic Law of 1949). Unlike the English concept of `parliamentary sovereignty', the US Constitution aimed at `a government of laws, not of men' (as described in the Bill of Rights preceding the Constitution of Massachusetts of 1780) by subjecting all government powers to permanent constitutional rules with a higher legal ranking than ordinary legislation and government regulation. The chief constitutional principles - such as limited government under the rule of law, separation and only limited delegation of powers, due process and judicial protection of individual rights - were meant to limit also the powers of Congress, and many framers of the US Constitution viewed the legislature as the potentially most dangerous branch of government. Long-term constitutional limitations were designed to protect the general interests of the citizens against the short term interests of organized groups, which have a strong influence on the daily policy process. Such limitations were expected to protect the equal rights of the citizens more effectively and to give the people more control (`sovereignty') over the political order than if decisions were taken successively by constitutionally unconstrained parliaments or by governments dependent upon majority support.

Perhaps the most distinctive contribution of American constitutional law was the emphasis on the supremacy of individual rights over government powers. The fundamental rights of the people were recognized as existing prior to government, whose main task - as emphasized already in the Declaration of Independence - was to promote individual rights and provide those `public goods' that people cannot or do not provide privately. In accordance with the constitutional principles of limited government, enumerated powers, and protection of individual freedoms against government interferences, the US Bill of Rights explicitly reserves certain powers to the states and to the people.6 [emphasis added]

A rights-based approach is also characteristic of European Community law and is one of the main reasons for the success of European integration. As the European Court of Justice recognized early in its history, `Community law ... not only imposes obligations on individuals but is also intended to confer upon them rights which become part of their legal heritage',7 and thus the EEC Treaty's prohibitions on national tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers can be judicially enforced by the Community citizens themselves, often against resistance by their own governments. In addition to the individual rights derived from primary and secondary Community law, more basic human rights are also recognized as part of the Community legal order and act as legal limitations on the powers of the Community. Individual Community rights, by limiting abuses of regulatory powers through decentralized (`democratic') control and enforcement of Community law, could operate as powerful tools of integration also in the field of the foreign trade law of the EEC. But they are confronted with particular `constitutional problems'. These are, in part, due to the fact that the EEC Treaty - in view of the EC Member States' GATT membership and the comprehensive and detailed obligations which this imposes on them - regulated the foreign trade law of the EEC in only a very scanty manner (e.g. in Articles 110-116, 40, 43). Even the more precise customs union rules of the EEC Treaty (Articles 9-37) are often construed without regard to the underlying GATT obligations of the EEC.8

Indiana University School of Law has Law, Morality and Community Seminar;

Harvard's Center for Public Leadership offers Communitarian Themes in Social Policy and Institutional Leadership;

European Journal of International Law published The Politics of International Law;

The International Institute for the Sociology of Law has a workshop called The Role in Communitarian Law in Implementing Equal Rights ;

The Inter-American Conference of Trabajo published Report About Communitarian Social Policy and Social Law in the European Union;

Univeristy of Kansas posts essays relating to international communitarian law online.

Mexico's Instituto de la Judicatura Federal published an essay called LA UNIÓN EUROPEA. PROBLEMAS CONSTITUCIONALES DERIVADOS DE SU ESTRUCTURA Y FUNCIONAMIENTO INSTITUCIONAL which discusses and

"analyzes the way in which the Court of Justice has controlled the principle of the supremacy of communitarian law over domestic laws, as well as over the principle of uniformity in its application, on the basis of international intruments, common constitutional traditions and general principles of communitarian law. In addition, the author explains the role of national courts in the determination of constitutional limits to the process of integration, mainly in what concerns issues such as fundamental rights and the power to determine the jurisdiction limits of communitarian institutions. Lastly, the author stresses the need to establish a structure of the constitutional kind as a useful tool for the efficacy of the process of integration."

Order and Justice in the International Trade System by John Toye.

"Presentations on Community Associations and Related Topics," by Jimmy Winokur, includes "Servitude Regimes in Communitarian Perspective: Community Associations as Settings for Postmodern Community," to Washington State Community Associations Institute, Seattle, WA, June 9, 1992, and "Communities of Interest: Private Land Use Controls & Private Communities -- A Communitarian Perspective," to Association of American Law Schools, Property Section Teaching Conference, Spokane WA, June 6, 1992.

University of Arizona:

LAW 697O. NEW COURSE: The Corporation in Thought and Practice CORP IN THOUGHT+PRACTICE (2-3) II The seminar will place the development of corporate law and theory during the 20th century in a broad intellectual milieu. Particularly, we will attempt to discern the relationship between the development of different visions of the corporation and a variety of economic, social and political concerns. After a brief review of corporate law in the 19th century, the first part of the term will be devoted to the rise of modern corporation and the transformation of democratic theory during the turn of the 20th century (1880s-1930s). During the later part of the course, focus will be made on developments in corporate law since the 1960s. Exploring the ways in which contemporary approaches to corporate law (law and economics, critical legal studies or communitarian visions) draw on earlier paradigms. Workshop - 3. 001 (CB 19:06)

Here's a portion of the legal status under the Cartegena Agreement between Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Venezuela:

Andean Court of Justice, process 10-IP-94: "How that interrelation or complementarity between national and communitarian law must be given, is an issue that this Court wishes to deal as follows. The provision on article 144 of Decision 344, establishes what some legal writers denominate "rule of closing" (Matías Alemán), according to which, it is left to the legislation of the member countries, the legislative solution to situations not contemplated by the communitarian law, due to the fact that, it is possible that all the cases susceptible of juridical regulation have not been foreseen by it. It is necessary to point out that, in the application of this figure, the intern legislations of each country may not establish requirements, additional requisites or dictate regulations that might, in one way or another, conflict with the communitarian law or restrict essential aspects regulated by it in such a way that represent, for example, a lesser protection for the rights contemplated by the communitarian ruling. (...)"

INTRODUCTION TO LAW, CITIZENSHIP, AND JUSTICE Fall 2002 course syllabus. Their intro explains:

In this course, we will ask what makes a "just society"? Central to this question is the problem of freedom and order-how do we reconcile our twin desires to promote both individual freedom and common good. Does too much freedom lead to social chaos? Does too much order lead to repression and conformity? What is the right balance? In this course, we will examine the role of law in balancing freedom and order. We will explore the intersection of law, justice, and good citizenship.

By the end of the course, we hope you can provide informed answers to these questions: Should individuals sacrifice their own interest in service of the collective good? Should they be required by law to do so? To what extent does our contemporary liberal democracy depend on the socially responsible action of its members? What does it mean to do community service and to engage in service-learning? What does citizenship mean? Is it a right-wing term referring to the sacrifice of the self to God and Country? Or is it a left-wing term reflecting a call for citizens to pay attention to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged? Neither? Both?

Some of the course readings articulate relevant social theories drawn from sociology, psychology, political science, and legal theory, while others provide direct accounts of those engaged in community service. The hidden agenda, of course, in the grand tradition of liberal studies, is to challenge you to develop your own philosophy of law, citizenship, and justice. To make the readings and class discussions concrete, students will participate in one of two service-learning projects and use these opportunities to reflect on their role in the larger society. In one project, you will assist a defense attorney and Skidmore alumnus in a death penalty appeal. In a second project, you will participate in Skidmore's Integrity Board and evaluates its effectiveness as a campus judicial system.[emphasis added]

Forging Federal Systems Within a Matrix of Contained Conflict, New York University School Of Law, Jeanne Monnet Center.

TO PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE: A COMMUNITARIAN LEGAL READER by David E. Carney (Editor). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 1999. 324 pp. Cloth $65.00. ISBN: 0-7391-0032-7

Towards A World Domestic Policy by Erik Oddvar Eriksen ; To be published in E.O. Eriksen and J. Weigård: A Critical Introdution to Jürgen Habermas. Continuum Press (London, New York).

Policy on Social Equity in conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, Adopted by IUCN Council Meeting, February 2000.

Religion and Law; Legal Approaches to Religion, by Andrew Huxley, for a Post graduate seminar, March 2001.

West Virginia University's "Constitutional Law and Constitutional Development Syllabus, Part A: Constitutional Theory and Government Powers."

Communitarian Data Privacy.

THE PROSECUTORIAL STATE, by Charles J. Fox, Department of Political Science, Texas Tech University.

The U.S. courts used the term "anti-communitarian" in this brief written in 1984. TONY AND SUSAN ALAMO FOUNDATION, ET AL., PETITIONERS V. RAYMOND J. DONOVAN, SECRETARY OF LABOR No. 83-1935, In the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1984, On Writ Of Certiorari To The United States Court Of Appeals For The Eighth Circuit:

Brief For The Respondent
Petitioners rather vaguely assert (Br. 30) that forcing "the volunteer worker" to accept "wages in prescribed amounts" is "contrary to his religious convictions." Without explaining the significance of the comments, petitioners quote (Br. 31) two representative associates, Ann Elmore and Bill Levy, to the effect that the thought of compensation is "vexing to my soul" (J.A. 79) and that to be forced to take a wage "offends my right to worship God as I choose" (J.A. 63). /17/ Neither of these statements, however, is especially illuminating. There is nothing peculiarly religious about Elmore's sentiment. Persons may be vexed for entirely non-religious reasons by what they feel to be the anti-communitarian quality of making explicit the nexus between what they do and what they get. And Levy's statement, while making clear that the source of his objection is religious, leaves the courts entirely in the dark regarding what it is about the minimum wage laws that he finds objectionable. For amplification, it is necessary to examine these associates' other comments and actual behavior.

Who supprts communitarian law?

Communitarian law has been successfully taught in law schools across the U.S., and the new communitarian morality has the support of everyone from Harvard to the European Union. Starting out attacking relatively unsupportable behaviors like child pornography, Harvard Law hosts hot events like Harvard's symposium on communitarian law where they invited Zionist communitarian Professor Amitai Etzioni to initiate attacks on the inherent legal flaws in the outdated nationalist U.S. Constitution.

For 200 years the U.S. Constitution was considered to be the most powerful people's contract with their government in the history of the modern world, and many nations copied from it when designing their own constitutional governments. Today, even as new republics (like the anti-communitarian Czech Republic) continue to emulate the American nationalist quest for freedom, the American internationalist communitarians look to the United Nations as the more moral bastion of individual freedoms.

Here are but a few of the many places to go for more information about communitarian law, to see for yourself the hope it's already brought to an unstable world:


US Dept of Justice's website has a Keynote Address: A Retrospective on the Thirty-Year War Against Crime by The Honorable Patricia Wald, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, which in 1998 was a most thorough examination of 30 years of advancing communitarian goals.

Criminal Justice Today:Title XXVI of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 mandated establishment of a 28-member National Commission on Crime Control and Prevention. The commission, which is bipartisan and includes congressional as well as presidential appointees, is composed of law enforcement professionals, judges, mayors, prosecutors, professors, and former state attorneys general. Selected to chair the commission is Lee Fisher, a former Ohio state legislator and state Attorney General with a long anti-gun track record. Fisher is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. The Commission is expected to release its final report in late 1999. Like the findings of its predecessors, the 1967 President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, and the 1973 National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, the report of the National Commission is expected to substantially impact criminal justice activities and crime control initiatives during the first few decades of the twenty-first century. Among the Commission’s mandates are: (1) To develop a comprehensive proposal for preventing and controlling crime and violence in the United States.

Institute for Law and Justice

POLICE POWER AND THE PUBLIC TRUST: PRESCRIPTIVE ZONING THROUGH THE CONFLATION OF TWO ANCIENT DOCTRINES, by Donna Jalbert Patalans details the legal basis for community policing strategies. Her abstract explains: "The close historical affinity between the Public Trust doctrine and police power supports a more expansive view of zoning. The doctrines’ kindred public interest spirit can empower localities to adopt dynamic, proactive, prescriptive zoning ordinances that promote community character. To do so, municipalities must self-define their unique community assets and ambiance through an openly developed comprehensive plan that honestly memorializes development patterns and sets forth community goals."

Law Research: Law Enforcement

Chinese communitarian law

Chinese communitarian case law published in Law & Society Volume 37 Issue 3 Page 549 - September 2003 doi:10.1111/1540-5893.3703003, can be accessed from Blackwell Synergy. This "Confessions and Criminal Case Disposition in China" Hong Lu, Terance D. Miethe. "... examines confessions and criminal case disposition in China. It describes how wider economic reforms in China and subsequent changes in its legal system may have affected the nature and consequence of criminal confessions. Bivariate and multivariate analyses of a sample of 1,009 criminal court cases reveal that the majority of offenders confessed to their crime and that confession is associated with less severe punishments (e.g., lower risks for imprisonment, shorter sentences). Changes in the nature of confession and its impact on criminal court practices are also examined before and after legal reforms in the mid-1990s. These context-specific findings are then discussed in terms of their implications for understanding the interrelationships between legal structure, legal culture, and case disposition in communitarian-based societies."

Sino Laws, Chinese Legal Consultation Network. Includes full text of Chinese Socialist Constitution/

Chinese Citizens Economic, Cultural and Social Rights





The apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity

Mommy earth

Earth in Every Church


We want to partner with your spiritual family. We are joining together with other Fellowship, Peace, Spirituality and Sanctuary groups and organizations to create a unique project with timely implications. Starting in Colorado Springs, the National focal point for many church groups, these Non-profit organizations are endeavoring to collaborate with other co-sponsors not only to provide a Poster of Earth to each Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque and Place of Peaceful Gathering but also to reflect on how Earth touches our souls and hearts during a special prayerful celebration.

The purpose of each volunteer-driven Ceremony is to come together in the name of Peace, Goodwill and Spiritual Devotion with the hopes of helping to create more Peace on Planet Earth.

shemborg Noahide Communitarian collective

Volunteers will set up times to go to each church or group at one of their meetings to award them a Poster of Earth. This Earth Poster is to serve as a reminder of our true existence and dependence on a living breathing planet whose Nature and natural order have no human boundaries - only the life-giving swirls of water, air and earth. As a community of Crewmembers here on board this tremendous living Spaceship Earth, it is our responsibility and hope to entrust the children of future generations an example of how to live and work together in Peace for all.

These symbolic gestures can lead to positive global communitarian feelings and a patriotic way of furthering our goals of creating Peace instead of fear and terrorism. We need to seize the opportunity to come together in many more ways so that those victims whose blood has caused a new wave of peace efforts across the world will not be forgotten. The course of compassionate justice will eventually lead us to greater, nobler ends than mere victory. The American way can be one of great compassion. It is not enough to defeat enemies; we must find ways to lift them up and embrace them into a circle of friendship and global community.

Our goal over the next years is to unite the many different faiths in our area around their various efforts to peace. We offer an example of Unity through Diversity that might inspire others to do similar networking among their Church and Communitarian Organizations across the Nation and the Globe


Covenants, indeed, demonstrate the humanity of humans, whether in partnership with God whereby God limits himself to make humans His partners in yishuv ha'aretz and tikkun olam (the settlement of the earth and the reformation of the world) or through the flowering of human potential through mutual promising involved in covenanting. Thus humans must begin with covenants such as the Noahide covenant, which unites all humanity and requires them to assume a few simple but far-reaching obligations in order to effectuate their rights, and move on to more specific covenants such as the Sinai covenant with Israel describing a detailed way of life, and the covenants with Moses and Aaron which provide for even more specific behavior of leaders within the framework of the Sinai covenant.

In terms of specificity, between the Noahide and Sinai covenants we have covenants such as the U.S. Declaration of Independence which provides a set of principles by which a particular people is to live, to be followed up by constitutional covenants establishing the relationships and institutions through which those principles are to be implemented in practical ways. Thus there are foundation covenants and subsidiary ones. Each foundation covenant requires numerous subsidiary ones to translate the principles of the first into practical expressions.

Every individual human and every human community and polity lives within this network of covenants and only can find expression for rights within a network of covenants. Each covenant in turn forms a moral community. To associate in a covenant is to associate with a covenantal community and to accept the moral structure of that covenantal community. Those who do not associate with the fundamental moral communities of humanity or who violate the conditions of the covenant in effect declare themselves outlaws and can be treated as such. Thus there is no longer a possibility of claiming abstract rights to do as one pleases. In a free society most covenants will be limited and indeed those that go beyond the limitations of the founding covenants may themselves be challenged. Still, there are limits and rights do not adhere automatically but by virtue of the covenants which establish obligations from which rights are derived.

In other words, humanity is the sum of its obligations and rights, not to the state but to a transcendent and mutually accepted morality. Humans are free because only the free can be obligated to be moral and just and only by being obligated to strive to be moral and just do they find expression of their inalienable rights.

It is obvious that very few of us today would want to be bound by a maximal set of obligations that would govern every aspect of life. That is where federal liberty is flexible since one's obligations depend on the nature of the covenant to which one is bound. This is a theory of association which goes beyond the Jewish issue. There are different levels or different forms of association. What is critical is that every association should be by covenant or compact or contract. Some associations should be no more than contracts. Other associations should involve compacts and the highest associations should involve covenants. Once we get beyond contracts what we are looking for is a reasonable amount of shared moral commitment as the basis for them.

For example, in a university a moral commitment to the academic pursuit of truth with a respect for the others engaged in the enterprise is the minimum moral commitment. If you cannot have that, you cannot have a university. Now a college might go beyond that. A college might be an institution that seeks a higher level of moral commitment, even a college within a university. For example, a college of law in a university may then have certain commitments to the moral pursuit of justice as well as truth that should bind the people within it. That is why it is important to be able to have different kinds of associations and to link them in appropriate ways without making more demands than one should for any particular association. In my opinion, a person can be denied the right to teach in a university who is not prepared to make that moral commitment to the pursuit of truth and I believe that is a reasonable sanction.

Civil society does not have to force people who reject a covenant obligation into the desert or anything like that, but it can say to them, to be part of this enterprise you have to accept its covenants or compacts and that is our mutual promise to each other. That is what makes this enterprise work. Otherwise this enterprise is really not going to work because it is going to be a cover for people to do other things. Anti-democrats in democracy come and say, we are going to use the instrumentalities of freedom against themselves. I believe that there are reasonable grounds for saying to them, you have not made a moral commitment to participate in this compact according to the terms of the compact. Therefore we have reason for denying you the right to use it.

The problem is that today moral opinion runs contrary to this practical judgement. It is incumbent to have a moral basis for such practical judgements, otherwise we get into the German situation. We do anything that is practically justifiable even if it goes against our nominal morality because it is practical. That certainly is insufficient. The great thing about the modern project and the American expression of it is the effort not to divorce moral grounds from practical grounds. Our task is to relink the two on right grounds.


A Final Note on Civil Society

The lessons of premodern history suggest that commonwealth alone is not enough, that even the most well-meaning commonwealth has a tendency to be corrupted by replacing consensus and cooperation with coercion by elites for lack of competition, while the modern experience suggests that marketplace is not enough. However great its advantage is in economics, it has a tendency to degenerate quickly into dog-eat-dog competition or to transform itself into monopoly if there is no commonwealth dimension present by which it can set its compass. It is the development of an appropriate synthesis of marketplace and commonwealth that is the task of the postmodern man -- in some cases, with commonwealth developing out of the marketplace framework and in others where the marketplace is developing within a commonwealth framework. The difference will no doubt reflect antecedent developments of individualistic or communitarian social orders. Commonwealths must be democratized; marketplaces must be given their direction by democratic commonwealths, and then must keep those commonwealths competitive, open and honest.


The REDS are not coming, and.... "they is us"



Israel also would have Halachic justification to engage in war when they are

acting in self defense. Just as we define a war as obligatory when it is in self defense, the

same logic would extend authority to the state to engage in such a war. The Talmud

posits the maxim "If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first."



authority thus becomes an obligation required under the Halacha. Because self defense

applies to a group just as it would apply to an individual, then this implied authority is

granted to the state.


This is seen as an obligation rather than just a permissive action

because the Talmud regards the legitimate use of force as a communitarian



Gawd Bliss the "Chosen"

Jun. 22, 2005 7:23
Jewish rappers delight

Back in 1990, when gangster rap was still brewing, a pair of elderly Florida Jews calling themselves 2 Live Jews released a groundbreaking album called As Kosher As They Wanna Be. The group even had a crossover radio hit with "Oy! It's So Humid," bringing contemporary Jewish song parody into the rap age.

Picking up where Wanna Be left off is the Ju-Tang Clan, which has actually been around since 1997, when it formed as a high-school "Battle of the Bands" prank. In anticipation of an upcoming EP, the band's seminal album, New Testament, was recently reissued as a free download-only at

Testament is a well-written, rapid-fire barrage of Jewish cultural references and humor of the most irreverent variety. The usual self-deprecating fare ("We mix gefilte fish with collard greens") is blended with put-downs of gentile culture, off-color Arab jokes and masturbation humor (mostly concerning Natalie Portman fantasies) to make for a truly nothing-is-sacred listening experience.

In accordance with its Eastern European personae, the Ju-Tang Clan's rhymes don't necessarily flow as smoothly as Jay Z's, but from a technical perspective, the album is well produced, with backdrop sounds swiped from the big hits of Tupac, Eminem and the like.

It's not for everyone, but if you appreciate an astute pop-culture parody (and if you can stomach the irreverence), then this album will surely entertain you for at least one or two listens.

The upcoming Ju-Tang EP promises to include more venom and less schtick, so enjoy the good-natured, hardcore hutzpa while you can.

Dr. J. Money & the OJGs
Hip Hop Shabbat

Of course, as Diaspora Jews, the Original Jewish Gangsters (OJGs) are in a tight spot when it comes to Jewish identity and the US.

"Ufros Aleinu," a meditation on God's power to heal the world, is loosely based on an Aravit service blessing, and finds inspiration in "the glimmering Pacific Ocean" and the deserts of California.

On the other hand, on "Oseh Shalom," the group tell us: "I live to see the day when the evil America pays its debts to the rest of the Earth's guests."

But this is all secondary to OJG's core message: "Embrace the Eternal Shabbat."

Hailing from Oakland, California, the OJGs approaches Jewish hip hop with its tongue nowhere near its cheeks, opting instead for "liturgically correct" music with the goal of turning on members of the younger generation to their Jewish identity.

Made up of Ashkenazi Americans in their mid-20s, the OJGs has taken this concept on the road, performing at community and student centers and conducting interactive Friday night services.

The Shabbat disc (available at employs pop, dub, ragga and trip hop influences in a way that evokes ShinShinMem at its most American and Gorillaz at its most spiritual.




Oh, you are a Liar, "Everyone" know those Protocols are a "Forgery"

The Universal Noachaide Code
As stated in the  Talmud, the Universal Noachide code is a guide to general ethics and also international relations which would remedy these inadequacies:

see Supra Government of the Talmudic hassidim and their king despot of all the earth, Moshiach ben David, the son of perdition

One world Odour

The seven principles of the Universal Noachaide Code are presented below, combined with an application of these principles to a world governing body.

1. The principle of justice should rule all nations.  For only by this means, can the integrity of international judicial procedure be upheld.  The arbitration of disputes should be attempted.  Nations who recognize the Universal Code are members of the world Government, 

Bushkevik and his Hassidim of Sanhedrin Demonicrazy nation building of murder, treason and Blasphemy, unto the beast

and should unite to protect it.  World-wide education should be pursued.

Education Day USA.....HJR 104, PL 102-14 Noahide Education, No Child left behind....from the Dragon

  Majority rule would be decisive. 


 Individual procedure would be conducted with the greatest of integrity.  Every case should be brought to trial; all evidence produced; bribery prohibited. Protection would be given to minorities, aliens and weak parties.

2. The prohibition of blasphemy demands the minimum respect for the Deity who is the prime authority over the Universal Code.  As a citizen of the world created by G-d and governed by His law, man has an obligation to respect him.

The Dragon they worship, who has given the Beast Sanhedrin their authority and their seat

All oaths and treaties which refer to G-d's name must be strictly honored. 

their tetragrammaton, the "Illuminated angel of darkness, who has transformed himself and his "Illuminated" Illuminati Chassidim Pharisee masters.....has 72 names, and I assure you the g-d of the Talmudic jews is no god, but the Dragon they have "chosen" the "Robber" of the Vi-SION


 Examples are found in the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech (Genesis 21:22-32), which was respected by the children of Israel centuries later when they entered the land of Canaan (Joshua 15:63; II Samuel 24:10).  The covenant made between Joshua and the Givonim, a Canaanite tribe, although made under false pretenses, was yet considered to be completely binding (Joshua 9:14-20).

They use Scripture to deceive the masses, of UnGodly the Unbelievers of the ONLY Lord God Almighty,  they who deny Jesus the Christ the LORD

3. The idolatry of our day takes the form of the worship of man, power, pleasure and state, and increased corruption

the Hegelian Dialectics they manufactured....ordo ab chao

 When an Absolute Authority is denied, decisions are governed by self-interest. 

absolute DESPOT.........Dictator of the Dragon whom they have made their god of this world

 The right of the state to issue commands is based upon the power it possesses.  This may lead to tyranny.  Laws are based upon the projection of the state as an absolute power or the self-idolatry of the leaders.  Widespread religious education must be introduced to teach people to have respect for G-d.

Noahide Laws of Treason, Blasphemy and murder of the LORDS Saints

4. Moral corruption is undermining civilization and international discipline

see Talmudic Jewish Holly-Wood

 The "New Morality" is contributing to nihilistic tendencies, thus wakening the consciousness of an Absolute Authority.  

Invoking the devil

In certain cases even government leaders engage in inappropriate sexual behavior.

see the sayanim jewess B-lewinsky and Bill Clinton

  If national representatives lead immoral lives, how can they uphold the Universal Code as an ideal for their country?

see Sanhedrin of Perversion

"When immorality engulfs a land, it is the end of civilization."  (Gibbon)  "The land shall vomit them out".  (Lev. 18:28)  To prevent this from happening, self-discipline and acceptance of the basic sexual code, prohibiting adultery and homosexuality, is essential.

5. Murder is common.  In many places human life is no longer held sacred, despite increased education and affluence.  Mass-murder and genocide are traits of the 20th Century.  Because of the World Wars, the distinction between the killing of civilians and military forces has been weakened.


War is permitted only in self-defense or as a means to uphold the Universal Code if no other means is available.  

hahahhahhahhahhhahha by the SHEMS of Shame only

No direct cruelties are allowed.

decapitation, stoning, burning?

 Captives must be humanely treated, and life and property must be spared.  Treaties must always be respected, and the right of neutrals recognized.  Envoys must be protected.  During war each community is regarded ethically like an individual, and war becomes a collective responsibility.

6. The Universal Code prohibits theft, which the nations of the world should discourage through the realization of the brotherhood of man from the fatherhood of G-d.

Philly Phillgood words leading the masses right into the arms of the SON of Perdition, Moshiach ben Satan about to be "REVEALED"

Man has to curb his predatory instinct, which is a major source of international conflict.  He should respect the rights and possessions of individual neighbors and of neighboring nations, in action, word and thought.

see Palestinians, see Iraq, see Afghanistan

7. Cruelty to animals is still widespread and has a negative influence upon the human character.  

better to kill a baby

Cruel sports are still not prohibited in many states.  Cruelty is depicted on films, television and in literature, which has a damaging effect on the minds of the masses.

Mission accomplished

 The Universal Code demands a standard of mercy and kindness in all dealings with the animal world. Leaders in particular must be humane and merciful.

see sick Kosher slaughter, and Mohels with Herpes

Application of the Universal Code Today
Hugo Grotius and John Selden describe the Nochaide Code as the source of the International Law which they are credited with founding.  "The Noachide Code contains no creed, no theoretic statement about the nature of G-d, belief in which is the condition of salvation.  It consists of solely of such articles of practical morality as are an essential condition of civilized life.  This is reflected in the use made of it from the tenth to the seventeenth century.  In the hands of the Purists, it became one of the main elements in the foundation of the edifice of Universal International Law."  (Leon Roth)

a world of NON Believers, the saints are beheaded for they STOOD FIRM for their GOD, all the rest worship the Dragon.....sorry Rapture Cult....there are none others

The United Nations Organization is striving to fulfill many of the principles of the Universal Code.  The UN could well develop into an agency for implementing the Noachide Code, and bringing it to universal acceptance, as the basis for true harmonious International Relations.

World government based on the Universal Code of G-d could be introduced and maintained by a minimum use of force.  Since the discipline and education of such a lifestyle is basically pacifist, little or no force would be required to maintain it.

for he is their god of forces, Legion Collective


Any One want to JUST PUKE? IT will be a GLORIOUS Day on that Great and Terrible Day of the LORD, when these Blasphemers meet the Maker



Photo in the News: Ultra-Lifelike Robot Debuts in Japan

Picture: Lifelike robot in Japan

Photograph from AFP/Getty Images                                         More Photos in the News


June 10, 2005—Quick, which one is the robot?

Repliee Q1 (at left in both pictures) appeared yesterday at the 2005 World Expo in Japan, where she gestured, blinked, spoke, and even appeared to breathe. Shown with co-creator Hiroshi Ishiguru of Osaka University, the android is partially covered in skinlike silicone. Q1 is powered by a nearby air compressor, and has 31 points of articulation in its upper body.

Internal sensors allow the android to react "naturally." It can block an attempted slap, for example. But it's the little, "unconscious" movements that give the robot its eerie verisimilitude: the slight flutter of the eyelids, the subtle rising and falling of the chest, the constant, nearly imperceptible shifting so familiar to humans.

Surrounded by machines that draw portraits, swat fast-moving balls, and snake through debris, Q1 is only one of the showstoppers at the expo's Prototype Robot Exposition, which aims to showcase Japan's growing role in the robotics industry.

But given Q1's reported glitch-related "spasms" at the expo, it may be a while before androids are escorting tour groups or looking after children—which may be just as well. "When a robot looks too much like the real thing, it's creepy," Hiroshi told the Associated Press


On October 13, 2004, the EVIL was unleashed upon the Ungodly of the earth. The beast was raised from the seas, "Sanhedrin" of the Dragon, who gave them their seat and their authority.

Repent in the Mighty  name of the ONLY Iamhe, Jesus the Christ the LORD the Everlasting Father, Almighty God, for the time is short. Stand Firm for the Testimony and witness of the Life Giver, against the "Robber" and Have Life forevermore, and abundantly so for eternity.



Noahide News Part 218



The Last Deception

Section 2

  section 3   

section 4 

  section 5  

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  section 8 

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section 10  

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section 14 "The Protocols of the Illuminated Elders of Tzion"

  section 15 

      section 16 "The Beast Has Risen" 

 section 16-B

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  section 17-B  

  section 17-C   

section 17-D

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section 19-B

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section 21 

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section 23

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section 25

Daniel's Seventy Weeks

Was Peter a Jew?

The Two Witnesses

"The Whore of Babylon"

Mystery Babylon

 Are the " Ael-ians coming"

Ael-ians II

Wall Street " The Mark" is Here

Wall Street II

Wall Street III

It has happened "War Declared upon and in America"

Declared section Part II


"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

Qabalah Part II

Qabalah Part III

National Identification Card

 ADDED Material 3-25-2004 Prophecy Unfolding

A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

"Seventh Trumpet"

Compulsory Constitutional Cremation

Homeland Security, "The Police State"

"The Fourth Beast"

The Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah

The Scribes of Baal

How will they do it- " The false-christ"

False Christ Part II

The Word

Baal's food Tax

"The Changing of the Guards"

"Summation" The beginning of sorrows has begun

"Moshiach ben Lucifer"

Satan's Tales "Wagging the Global Dog"

"Satan's Plan", Protocols of Zion ( of course they will dispute it's authenticity)

I Witch, New One World Order Seal

Satan's Enforcers of Quaballah

Satan's Enforcers Part 2

Satan's Enforcers Part 3

Satan's Enforcers Part 4

The Seed of God or the Seed of Satan, Your choice by faith

Pledge of Allegiance Part Two

I AM, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

King of the Noachides

"Beware the Mark"

"Beware the Mark" part two

"Beware the Mark" Part 3

"Beware the Mark" Part Four

"Beware the Mark" Part Five

 Harvest of Fear

"Harvest of Fear" Part Two

"Harvest of Fear" Part Three

National Organization Against Hasidic International Talmudic Enforcement

Where's Da Plane Boss, wheres da plane?

The Tarot Card Killer of Olam Ha Ba

The "Lessor Jew"

Temporary Coup d' Etat

The Federal Reserve, Fed up with the Fed?

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !

Protocols Today Part Two

Letter to a friend "It's not the Jews Dummy"

Identity of the Illuminati

The "Son's of the Synagogue of Satan"Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Satan Part 1A

Chabad Satan Part 2

Chabad Satan Part 2A

Chabad Satan Part 2B

Chabad Satan Part 3

Chabad Satan Part 3A

Chabad Satan Part 4

Chabad Satan Part 4A

Chabad Satan Part 4B

Chabad Satan Part 4C

Chabad Satan Part 5

Chabad satan Part 5A

Chabad Satan Part 5B

Chabad Satan Part 5C

Chabad Satan Part 6

Chabad Satan Part 6B

Chabad Satan Part 6C

Chabad Satan Part 6D

Chabad Satan Part 7

Chabad Satan Part 7A

Chabad Satan Part 7B

Chabad Satan Part 7C

Chabad Satan Part 8

Chabad Satan Part 8A

Chabad Satan Part 8B

Chabad Satan Part 8C

Chabad Satan Part 8D

Chabad Satan Part 9

Chabad Satan Part 9A

Chabad Satan Part 9B

Chabad Satan Part 9C

Chabad Satan Part 9D

Chabad Satan Part 10

Chabad Satan Part 10A

Chabad Satan Part 10B

Chabad Satan Part 10C

Chabad Satan Part 10D

Chabad Satan Part 11

The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

Chabad Wall Part 2

Chabad Wall Part 3

Chabad Wall Part 4

The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

OWR Part 3

OWR Part 4

One World Religion Part 5

One World Religion Part 6

One World Religion Part 7

Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws

The Leaven of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidim Pharisees

Exod-U.S the coming Geula 


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

Noahide News

Noahide News 2

Noahide News Part 3

Noahide News Part 4

Noahide News Part 5

Noahide News Part 6

Noahide News Part 7

Noahide News Part 8

Noahide News Part 9

Noahide News Part 10

Noahide News Part 11

Noahide News Part 12

Noahide News Part 13

Noahide News Part 14

Noahide News Part 15

Noahide News Part 16

Noahide News Part 17

Noahide News Part 18

Noahide News Part 19

Noahide News Part 20

Noahide News Part 21

Noahide News part 22

Noahide News Part 23

Noahide News part 24

Noahide News Part 25

Noahide News Part 26

Noahide News part 27

Noahide News Part 28

Noahide News Part 29

Noahide News Part 30

Noahide News Part 31

Noahide News Part 32

Noahide News Part 33

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Noahide News Part 35

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Noahide News Part 37

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Noahide News Part 39

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Noahide News Part 45

Noahide News Part 46

Noahide News Part 47

Noahide News Part 48

Noahide News Part 49

Noahide News Part 50

Noahide News Part 51

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Noahide News Part 53

Noahide News Part 54

Noahide News Part 55

Noahide NewsPart 56

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Noahide News Part 58

Noahide News Part 59

Noahide News Part 60

Noahide News Part 61

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Noahide News Part 63

Noahide News Part 64 

Noahide News Part 65

Noahide News Part 66

Noahide News Part 67

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Noahide News Part 69

Letter to Bob Jones and President Bush and all televangelist

Noahide News Part 70

Noahide News Part 71

Noahide News Part 72

Noahide News Part 73

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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