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June 9, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Esth:8:17: And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king's commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

9: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Ethiopian Aliyah to be Financed by N. American Jewry
17:18 Jun 09, '05 / 2 Sivan 5765

The United Jewish Communities Federation of North America has pledged $100 million to facilitate the immigration of Ethiopian Falush Mura to Israel.

Falash Mura are Ethiopians of Jewish descent, who converted to Christianity during the last 100 years. It is widely believed that Falush Mura did not convert of their free will, but were forced to convert under duress.

The addition of $100 million, to be allocated towards the absorption of Falush Mura over the next five years, should help alleviate the costly burden of Ethiopian Aliyah being carried by the Israeli government.

Many of the Ethiopians who have previously immigrated to Israel have consistently remained true to their Torah culture despite the hardships faced in Ethiopia. Called Beta Yisrael, the Ethiopians who refused to convert to Christianity have already been absorbed to Israel.

While the Falush Mura, are not considered to be Jewish today, they are legally eligible for immigration to Israel. Ethiopian Jews, including Falash Mura are believed to be descendants of the tribe of Dan.

Current Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar was secretly commissioned by leading Sephardic Torah Sage, Rav Ovadia Yosef, to travel to Africa and investigate the authenticity of the Falush Mura's Jewish geneology. Then Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Rav Amar reported to Rav Ovadia, who declared the Falush Mura to be authentic Zera Yisrael, or “Descendents of Israel.”

In February 2003, based on the recommendations of Rav Ovadia, the Israeli Cabinet approved a decision to legally approve the Aliyah of Falush Mura. All Falush Mura undergo a full Orthodox conversion upon their arrival to Israel, under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate.

Currently between 18,000 and 20,000 Falush Mura are believed to be in Ethiopia.

The Israeli government has placed a limitation on the number of Ethiopians who may immigrate to Israel. Until the start of this month, only 300 Ethiopians per month were permitted to enter the Jewish homeland under Israeli law. A recent government decision doubled that number to 600 per month. It remains to be seen whether the increase will be successfully implemented.

Under the new arrangement, all of Ethiopia's Falush Mura population could be absorbed within three years. Previously, it would have taken up to six or seven years to gather all of the remaining Falush Mura.

If they are not Jews make them Jews then Take more Babylon Proper to place them....makes good sense to me, them who Deny Jesus, just bring to ISREALHELL

Conditions in Ethiopia are harsh, with frequent food shortages. Falush Mura generally suffer from high rates of unemployment.

Over 80,000 Ethiopians have already been absorbed since the founding of the State of Israel. In November 1984, mass immigration of Ethiopian Jewry began with Operation Moses. 8,000 or approximately one-third of the Beta Yisrael, were absorbed during that first mission. In May 24, 1991, an additional 14,000 Ethiopians were brought to Israel on 34 airplanes.

A joint government report by the Ministries of Absorption and Interior claims that each individual Falush Mura costs the government approximately $100,000. However, many claim that this figure may be exaggerated.

Thus they will become obedient servants of the elite gods

According to Michael Freund, Chairman of Shavei ( organization devoted to helping lost Jews immigrate to Israel, Ethiopians face many challenges upon their immigration to Israel. “In addition to learning a new language, Ethiopians must be familiarized with western society. This often takes significant financial resources. Whether it costs $100,000 per person is uncertain.”

Freund is pleased however that the North American community is ready to foot the bill for Ethiopian Aliyah.

"The government has been dragging its feet to absorb all the Falush Mura. It is a shame that it has taken this long to increase the allotment for Ethiopian Aliyah.

"Ethiopia is the only country in the world, where there is a quota on the numbers of those eligible to make Aliyah,” Freund added. If 2,000 French Jews wanted to make Aliyah one month, they would be welcomed with open arms. Only in Ethiopia do we put a limit on Aliyah to Israel.”

Freund is hopeful that similar funding will be made available for the Indian Jews of Bnei Menashe, and that Aliyah will increase from all areas of the globe.

"While I am pleased that North American Jewry is willing to fund the immigration of Falush Mura, Israel does not only belong to Jews the Jews of Asia, Africa, and Europe. I hope that American Jewry will also consider immigrating to Israel in greater numbers in the near future.

"Come to Pharaoh" deMoshiach


The False Messiah, who will gather the tares

Moshiach and the Ingathering

Regarding Moshiach's task of collecting the dispersed of Israel, R' Menachem Mendel of Rimanov asks:

"Are we to suppose that Moshiach tzidkeinu will go to all the places where Israel is dispersed, to all the corners of the earth, and collect its members like a shepherd...?"

He answers as follows:

"The Moshiach, with his eleveated state of holiness, will conentrate his thoughts on exalted meditations and awesome forms of unification of Hashem's Names.

Dan:8:23: And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

 Among the latter will be an especially petrifying and awesome form of unification which will produce the effect of gathering together all those that are born from the Jewish nation, who are dispersed over all the lands. Of their own accord they will feel compelled to come to the Holy Land. [Here he quotes Hoshea 11:11]

And he is NOT the Messiah who gathers His sheep, His Wheat

Rv:14:15: And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

"At this time, each member of Israel will experience a faintness and trembling in his heart, which will hasten him to fly and reside in the place where he will be directed. This is what will be accomplished by Moshiach with a single thought concentration and by invoking a unique holy form of unification of Hashem's Names which "no eye will have seen" or known other then Moshiach himself, whom we aspire to have in our midst speedily in our days."

From the collected teachings of the Holy Reb Menachem Mendel of Rimanov (1745-1815)
translated by Dov Levine, published by Ktav



Message from the son of perdition about to be "REVEALED"

Personal message from the Messiah- The Explanation

<Thanks to and to Lisa Bar Leib of this blog there is now an English translation of the explanation posted earlier in the Hebrew site (with some ammendments to the translation in italics) . As you know, this English site rarely gets updated...>
On Nissan 5 (April 13) we published in our site the following article:
A letter that was received from "HaSandlar" (the shoemaker) from Jerusalem, that claims that he received a personal message from MESHIAH-TZIDKENU (The Messiah), and asks to publish and distribute this letter on the net (the details are reserved in the management, date published: Nissan 5 April 13th).
"BeSiyata Deshmaya
There are two layers: a material (GASHMI) layer, and a spiritual layer.
This world is material (GASHMI), but in parallel to it, there is a spiritual world.
Everything that happens in the spiritual world, affects the material world.
There are KLIPOS ("peels"), our enemies, the "other-side" (SITRA-AH'RA), that grasps us and gives us sorrow, mentally, spiritually and materially.
Anyone with spiritual eyes sees what's happening in heavens. Those with material eyes see what's happening in this world. And the true TZADIKIM (righteous), the simple people who are aware of their own SHIFLUS, and lend a hand for every Jew no matter who, see also what's happening in the "World of KLIPOS ("peels")", down and below, due to their support identification with all Jews.
And your servant is the first to announce with great joy, with the help of HaShem, that in the low world, "KLIPOS world", down and below, in fifty gates of TUM'AA (impurity), all the roots of all the KLIPOS have been felled, and soon we will see, with the help of HaShem, the GEULA (redemption) that we are anticipating, a final GEULA (redemption) with the Messiah son of David, without any losses to any son-of-Israel wherever he is!!!
And in simple words, that arrive with the help of HaShem from a simple man as myself: "In Nissan they were delivered - and in Nissan they will be delivered" - earthquakes, volcanoes' eruptions, land being wiped out, and whole countries being left without remains, and all of this without any son-of-Israel being hurt!!!
All this will happen within a few days from publishing this letter, and all of the important enormous events mentioned will last no more than three days!
The most important MITZVA (commandment) right now, my brothers and friends, is to be rejoiced with the SIMHA of HaShem, who is delivering us now a final GEULA (redpemption), Amen !!!
The Messiah is coming! What about you?
Messiah son-of-David"
This was non-official translation of the letter (The marked phrases were marked by the source). The Hebrew message appears in the Hebrew site, click here to go there.
As is known, over the course of the entire month of Nissan, we did not see the expected events that were told about in the letter and "message". This is the explanation:

Our website "Acharit Hayamim" is in operation now more than 3 ½ years. It began operating about a week after the attack on the Twin Towers in the US, and has continued operating until this day. During this time since the creation of our website, we have tried to bring the words of g'dolei Yisrael from every generation in a way that is relevant to events happening in our time. Sometimes we bring possibilities of new commentary to old things. Sometimes we're right on target, and sometimes not so much. In the past, we predicted here at the website the precise date that the war broke out between the US and Afganistan using the prophecy of Chagai the Prophet. Likewise, we were very decisive regarding the fact that a war will erupt between the US and Iraq, in spite of the fact that during a large part of the waiting period (before the war) it was dismissed by the media commentators.

hahahhahahhahaaah they Prophesie in the name of the Dragon according to semi-plan

The g'dolei Yisrael are the ones who are saying that this period in which we are today is the period of the coming of Mashiach. Following the establishment the last Sharon government, the government of the "Erev Rav," which issues decrees "as harsh as Haman's decrees," in the words of the g'mara in Masechet Sanhedrin (one of the signs of Mashiach), nearly all of the Rabbanim in the Charedi circles expressed that it refers to the final period of clarification ("berur") before the ge'ula. Lately, vis-a-vis the expulsion tactics of the government, some of the Dati Le'umi rabbis joined in with this Charedi view, which every day that passes gets more and more backing from g'dolei Yisrael.

In any event, at our website, we've tried as much as possible to be connected to our sources and to g'dolei Yisrael, as much as we could, using new commentary, such as this last one of Daniel's prophecy (note that in the Hebrew site we put a disclaimer on our words saying: "One is not to take these words to be absolute, as there is a lack of clarity of the hidden secrets in the Book of Daniel." And, by the way, already from the outset, an opinion of the Eben Ezra was mentioned there, that things are delayed this month, such that perhaps something will still happen.)

A few weeks ago, we were approached by a tzaddik that we know, and we are not allowed to disclose his identity now, but his nickname is "Sandlar" (not related to the "sandlar" that died many years ago in Bnei Brak, nor is it referring to Harav Shalom Shmueli, shlita, whose name is associated with this context in various places). We are referring to a hidden tzaddik, with whom our first contact was (no connection whatsoever to this website) made by the initiative of another famous and renowned tzaddik who had heard about this hidden tzaddik.

Several weeks ago, the sandlar approached us and asked us to publicize on the internet this special message. Obviously, we were very excited to receive this information, and we did not doubt for one moment its accuracy, due to our familiarity with this tzaddik and our clear knowledge of his powers and knowledge of hidden secrets. We thought that this may be the very reason for our website's existence, especially since these things fit in very well in a wondrous way with what we had previously published regarding the possibility of uncovering the secrets of Daniel's prophesy. And it fit in very well with the increasing excitement that is triggering very optimistic things being said by g'dolei Yisrael recently.

We published the message, and were very careful to write with very large letters (in the Hebrew site) the disclaimer that "this site is not associated with any rabbi, yeshiva, political party whatsoever," in order that the readers will use caution when reading what we've written, without regard to our personal belief.

After publishing the "message," and after a number of days passed, and then more days, there began to arise among us doubts. The problem wasn't our personal belief, rather that these words were published on a website that has an unusual web-surfing traffic that reaches every corner of the world. When we reviewed the letter with the sandlar, he told us in no uncertain terms that the words in the "message" were accurate according to his investigations, but that things seem to be taking longer than what was at first anticipated. So we waited longer, almost to the end of Nissan, and then decided to remove the "message" from the Hebrew website.

Because they have not got their Scaler weapons in place yet?....Because their prophets prophesie to Baa'l? And are no Prophet of GOD of Sion. For the Prophecy is WRITTEN and will not go back void.

The "sandlar" still believes, and feels, and "knows" that the message is true, but it's taking longer to fulfill them. We asked another tzaddik, who is much more known than the sandlar, if he could check into whether the words of the message are true "that in the lower world, the world of 'klipot,' way down, in the fiftieth level of tum'ah, all of the roots of the klipot were severed." His answer was that there was no way for him to know. According to what we understood, this is referring to the Sitra Achra of the deep, where few tzaddikim, if any, are able to understand what exactly goes on down there. And among those that do have some understanding, even they can only reach that understanding by their "feeling" of what is happening.

In the Abyss

 We asked how long, at the very most, will it take to see the fulfillment of these things, if it actually happened in the "fiftieth level of tum'ah?" The answer was there is not sufficient definitive information. It is known that, throughout the entire history of the world, never did such a thing ever occur. The exodus from Egypt happened at the 49th level of tum'ah, and the tzaddikim say that the difference between the 49th level and the 50th level is as great as the difference between heaven and earth. (And we know, according to the Kabbalah, that this is the reason that Hashem expedited the Redemption before the end of 400 years, because had they remained in Egypt a moment longer, they would have sunk to the 50th level of tum'ah, and they would have lost all chance of being redeemed. Today, however, our sole redeeming factor is the Torah that we received, through which we can be elevated even from the 50th level of tum'ah, into which we have sunk in the last generations because of our numerous sins. Ever since the sin of Adam Harishon, we have been trying to recover the sparks of holiness that have fallen to the 50th level of tum'ah.)

The words, as they are, are being passed to you – the surfers. If you wish, you may believe that these things can happen at any moment. If you choose not to believe, then don't. We do not have a way to check into these things and to tell you in a definitive way that it is either true or false. If you have connections with true tzaddikim (emphasis on the word "true"), try to ask them if they believe something occurred at the 50th level of tum'ah.

These are the words, and this is the explanation. Our hope/belief is that it is true, and we primarily rely on the sections of the video that were published here (in the Hebrew site, click here for English version from that was given by HaRav Ovadia Yosef, shlita, the Rishon L'tziyon HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita, the Rosh Yeshivat Mekubalim, Benayahu Shmueli, shlita, Chacham Avraham Chai, shlita, and other words that we hear every day, like others who live among our community. Our belief is that in conjunction with the words of the g'dolim, if something is supposed to happen, it's not going to happen later than when the expulsion is expected to take place because two of the former chief rabbis specifically stated that the expulsion will not take place. HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu spoke about "revealed miracles" in the context of the expulsion and HaRav Ovadia Yosef spoke in a similar context that "immediately Mashiach will come."

HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu stated in another video published on another website that these days of Sfirat Ha'omer are days of ge'ula, which can still come. In another place it was publicized that the "number of days" mentioned in the "message" from the sandlar could refer to the Sfirat Ha'omer. Thus, in one way or another, we continue to wait expectantly for the ge'ula, as always, and maybe even more so, because one thing is certain: every day that passes brings us closer by another day to the coming ge'ula. Amen.

"If he shall delay, wait for him, for he will surely come and will not be late." (Havakuk, 2:3).
May you have a good and blessed month.

[Translated by Lisa Bar Leib, wife of "The Maggid of Kochav Yaakov

whoooooooooooooooooey, welcome to the Twilight zone


The New Game Plan

Pay attention: The IBN-EZRA in his commentary on Daniel says that the calculation of time should be from the begining of the last war (Gog and Magog) itself, of the "King-of- the-North" (USA) against "Egypt" (representing Arabs and Islam). If this is true, the calculation will be delayed in about a month. The first date should be about Pessach, and the second at about Shavuos.

June 13-14


Speculations about what will happen, if this interpertation is correct, are numerous, but the main speculations are: war with Iran (US-Iran war will happen no matter what, according to prophecies, the question is just a matter of time, as it was with US-Iraq war with was propehcied), a great magnitude international terrorist attack, the coming of the Messiah (Moshiach ben satan, false Christ) King, or a miracle with undeniable magnitude.

Let's hope and pray for a fast arrival of our King the Messiah, Amen.


Beware, they work their scheme of the shemsham of shame. These Vipers are smoking to much Hashem


The TREASON in the Bushkevik ad-menstruation of bloody murder

British Embassy Washington

From the Ambassador
Christopher Meyer KCMG

18 March 2002

Sir David Manning KCMG
No 10 Downing Street


1 Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, came to Sunday lunch on 17 March.

2. On Iraq I opened by sticking very closely to the script that you used with Condi Rice last week, We backed regime change, but the plan had to be clever and failure was not an option. It would be a tough sell for us domestically, and probably tougher elsewhere in Europe. The US could go it alone if it wanted to. But if it wanted to act with partners, there had to be a strategy for building support for military action against Saddam. I then went through the need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN SCRs and the critical importance of the MEPP as an integral part of the anti-Saddam strategy. If all this could be accomplished skilfully, we were fairly confident that a number of countries would come on board.

3. I said that the UK was giving serious thought to publishing a paper that would make the case against Saddam. If the UK were to join with the US in any operation against Saddam, we would have to be able to take a critical mass of parliamentary and public opinion with us. It was extraordinary how people had forgotten how bad he was.

4. Wolfowitz said that he fully agreed. He took a slightly different position from others in the Administration, who were focussed on Saddam's capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction. The WMD danger was of course crucial to the public case against Saddam, particularly the potential linkage to terrorism. 

But Wolfowitz thought it indispensable to spell out in detail Saddam's barbarism. This was well documented from what he had done during the occupation of Kuwait, the incursion into Kurdish territory, the assault on the Marsh Arabs, and to his own people. A lot of work had been done on this towards the end of the first Bush administration. Wolfowitz thought that this would go a long way to destroying any notion of moral equivalence between Iraq and Israel. I said that I had been forcefully struck, when addressing university audiences in the US how ready students were to gloss over Saddam's crimes and to blame the US and the UK for the suffering of the Iraqi people.

5. Wolfowitz said that it was absurd to deny the link between terrorism and Saddam. There might be doubt about the alleged meeting in Prague between Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker on 9/11, and Iraqi intelligence (did we, he asked, know anything more about this meeting?). But there were other substantiated cases of Saddam giving comfort to terrorists, including someone involved in the first attack on the World Trade Center (the latest New Yorker apparently has a story about links between Saddam and Al Qaeda operating in Kurdistan).

6 .I asked for Wolfowitz's take on the stuggle inside the Administration between the pro- and anti- INC lobbies (well documented in Sy Hersh's recent New Yorker piece, which I gave you). He said that he found himself between the two sides (but as the conversation developed, it became clear that Wolfowitz was far more pro-INC than not). He said that he was strongly opposed to what some were advocating: a coalition including all outside factions except the INC (INA, KDP, PUK, SCIRI). This would not work. Hostility towards the INC was in reality hostility towards Chalabi. It was true that Chalabi was not the easiest person to work with. Bute had a good record in bringing high-grade defectors out of Iraq. The CIA stubbornly refused to recognise this. They unreasonably denigrated the INC because of their fixation with Chalabi. When I mentioned that the INC was penetraded by Iraqi intelligence, Wolfowitz commented that this was probably the case with all the opposition groups: it was something we would have to live with. As to the Kurds, it was true that they were living well (another point to be made in any public dossier on Saddam) and that they feared provoking an incursion by Baghdad, But there were good people among the Kurds, including in particular Salih (?) of the PUK. Wolfowitz brushed over my reference to the absence of SUnni in the INC: there was a big difference between Iraqi and Iranian Shia. The former just wanted to be rid of Saddam.

7. Wolvowitz was pretty dismissive of the desirability of a military coup and of the defector generals in the wings. The latter had blood on their hands. The important thing was to try to have Saddam replaced by something like a functioning democracy. Though imperfect, the Kurdish model was not bad. How to achieve this, I asked? Only through a coalition of all the parties was the answer (we did not get into military planning).


Rv:13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Cash, charge or fingerprint?
Retailers experimenting with biometric payments

Three or four days a week, Darren Hiers gets lunch at a Sterling convenience store near the car dealership where he works. He grabs a chicken sandwich and a soda and heads to the checkout counter, where a little gadget scans his index finger and instantly deducts the money from his checking account.

Hiers doesn't have to pull out his wallet to buy lunch -- and if it were up to him, he'd never have to write a check or swipe a credit card again.

The finger scan used at the shop in Sterling, known as a biometric payment system and made by a Herndon firm, is just starting to be installed at convenience stores and supermarket chains around the country, another step in a revolution that is turning the human body into the ultimate identification card.

Already faces and fingerprints are used to track visitors coming into the country. Computer passwords are being replaced by thumbprints at some companies and iris scans are giving consumers in England and Germany access to their bank accounts at ATMs.

The owner of BioPay LLC, which makes the technology used at the store, predicts the finger scan soon will be ubiquitous, offering speed and convenience for consumers. But civil libertarians have raised privacy concerns, citing some recent problems. In February, ChoicePoint Inc., a background-screening company that collects personal information -- including biometric data -- said it accidentally sold more than 100,000 individual profiles to identity thieves.

For many people, a fingerprint means one thing: a police record. That association could be enough to make many average people wary. The car rental business already has had some experience with this. Toward the end of 2001, Dollar Rent a Car began fingerprinting its customers in an effort to combat theft. The experiment lasted just four months, until consumer complaints forced the firm to reverse its policy.

Biometric payment systems work by connecting images of an individual's fingerprint to his bank account. At the Sterling convenience store, a BP gas station owned by Rich Gladu, users enroll by handing the cashier a personal check (verified with a driver's license) that is scanned into the computer. Then the customer places each index finger on a tennis-ball-sized reader that captures the unique characteristics of his or her fingerprint.

‘A little easier’
The enrollment process takes about two minutes and from that point on, consumers can make purchases just by punching a 10-digit code (like a phone number) into the counter-top terminal and placing a finger on the reader. The funds are subtracted directly from the customer's checking account, as a debit transaction would be.

"It keeps me from having to carry cash or a checkbook" said Hiers, who sometimes stops by the Sterling convenience store twice a day to get lunch, fill up his gas tank and pick up rations for his hour-long commute home to Charles Town, W.Va. "It makes my life a little easier, especially if I just want to get in and get out."

That's exactly what BioPay President Tim Robinson likes to hear. His company , makes the biometric technology used at the Sterling store and says it has a database of 1.8 million customers. Most of those consumers are using BioPay's technology as an identification verification for merchants cashing their paychecks -- an application intended to cut down on fraudulent checks. So if a customer cashes a fake paycheck, the store will be able to track the culprit, because the check will be associated with the individual's fingerprint. But by this summer 150 retailers will have installed the payment system.

Lowe's Food Stores Inc. will test BioPay's system at four of its 110 supermarkets. Next spring, it plans to install the technology at the rest of its stores, most of which are in North Carolina. More than 80 Piggly Wiggly Carolina Co. grocery stores in South Carolina and Georgia already have biometric payment systems made by Pay by Touch, a San Francisco company.

"Kids growing up now can't imagine that you needed a cord to use your telephone. Soon they're going to say, 'You mean you have to carry around a piece of plastic or a piece of paper to go buy something?' " Robinson said.

Biometric technology makers say the biggest advantage their systems can offer is speed at the checkout counter. Executives of Pay by Touch say a transaction on their system can be completed in about 14 seconds, compared with the 64 seconds to process a check, and 48 seconds for a credit card.

"We're all always convinced we've gotten in the long line. . . . Any way we can improve that experience, make it quicker, make it more secure, we're interested in doing that," said Michael Sansolo, senior vice president of the Food Marketing Institute, an industry trade group.

Robinson, of BioPay, said the real motivation for retailers will be financial. Credit card companies often charge retailers a fee equal to almost 2 percent of the total purchase price for each credit transaction. So for every $30 tank of gas bought with a credit card at the Sterling BP, the store pays a fee of 60 cents or more. But BioPay charges the store a flat 15-cent fee for each transaction, regardless of the size of the purchase.

"What they're offering is a bit of relief from the transaction fees," said Gray Taylor, vice president of research at the National Association of Convenience Stores

In 2004, the biometric payment market -- which includes paycheck verification fees -- totaled $33.8 million, according to the International Biometric Group. That's just a sliver of the overall biometric market, which is dominated by security technologies and totaled $1.2 billion in 2004, but the payment market is expected to grow, according to the group.

Lee Tien, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based privacy rights group, is concerned about that trend. He worries that the technology could be compromised, exposing huge databanks of personal information. Systems can always break, he says, either because of malicious or accidental causes, but the information stored by biometric companies is in some ways far more valuable than that held by credit card firms.

"You can always get a new Social Security number, but you certainly can't get a new thumbprint. . . . If things mess up, I could be hurt much more badly by a mistake," Lee said. And week after week, headlines scream of data breaches putting thousands of individuals at risk of identity theft, a crime that can ruin personal credit and take months or years to clear up.

Robinson, of BioPay, argues that a personal check written at a grocery store passes through eight people before it is cashed, a process he considers much less secure than a biometric payment, in which the fingerprint image is connected immediately to the user's bank account.

"What can I do to hurt you if I have a picture of the tip of your finger? Not much," Robinson said, contending that associating fingerprints with legal troubles is unwarranted. BioPay does not share its biometric data with government agencies, and in fact, the full fingerprints are not stored in the system. Instead, a complex mathematical algorithm is created to represent identifying characteristics of the fingerprint, which are matched to the real thing when a user shows up at a checkout counter.

The technology has taken off slowly at the Sterling convenience store. Since it was installed in late 2003, about 300 people have enrolled at that store and two others in Leesburg owned by Gladu. Except for a couple of small BioPay stickers on the doors of the shop and an occasional ad interrupting the easy-listening music pumped into the store, Gladu isn't really pushing the technology. He's convinced biometrics will take off eventually, but for now it's mostly a novelty, Gladu says, something to set him apart from the other gas stations in town.

"It's like when you watch TV and they put their hand on the screen to open the sliding door. This is kind of the same thing -- it's science fiction come to reality," Gladu said


Esther of Perpetual Purim, Mordechai's Harlot

09/06/05 - Showbiz section

Madonna opens Hotel Kabbalah
By David Sanderson and Luke David, Evening Standard

Madonna's support for Kabbalah is growing. She has already spent £3.6million on a West End headquarters for the controversial religious sect. Now she has bought it a £1.6million Regent's Park property.

The star, who became a Kabbalah devotee in the Nineties, has purchased the five-storey Georgian house to be used as a hotel cum drop-in centre for the sect.

The teachings of Kabbalah, whose followers include Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Barbra Streisand, are based on a 4,000-year-old mystical Hebrew philosophy. Denounced by some rabbis as "crackpot", its devotees chant and meditate at meetings into the early hours.

Madonna, 46, bought the house in Conway Street, close to the £7.5million Marylebone home she shares with film director husband Guy Ritchie, on behalf of the Kabbalah Trust from retired graphic designers Peter and Julia Stillwell two weeks ago.

In the street yesterday, residents spoke of their fears about their new neighbours. Zeze el-Dib, 56, said people were wary of Kabbalah and its leaders' motives, adding: "We do not want any sect here. I do not want to interfere with anybody's religious wishes but with Kabbalah we have to be suspicious."

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: "Having a Kabbalah centre would be totally inappropriate. It is a seriously manipulative sect which is very good at getting people's money, including Madonna's."

However, Morris Conroy, a former Kabbalah member, had no objections. "This is a central London location where residents are used to people coming and going," he said. Mr Stillwell, who has moved to a farm in Tonbridge, Kent, said: "We really wanted to leave although we had wonderful memories there. But as far as I am concerned Kabbalah can do what it likes with the building.

"It hasn't got planning permission to be used as offices so we got the impression Kabbalah want to use it for people needing to stay in London overnight to save the cost of a hotel."

Worldwide interest in the sect has been growing despite claims that converts are "brain-washed" into handing over a large slice of their earnings to fund the lifestyle of its US-based leader, former insurance salesman and New York rabbi Philip Berg.

Madonna, or Esther as she's known by fellow devotees, bought the group's first London headquarters in Stratford Place and is spending several million dollars on another Kabbalah centre in New York.

She has written a series of children's books based on its teachings and featured Kabbalah images on her last tour. She is reported to have turned down a place on the Cannes Film Festival jury this year because she would have missed two Kabbalah meetings in London.

Asked yesterday if she thought her support of the group had damaged her career, the singer told NBC: "Absolutely not. I do know that there's cynicism involved but I accept it because it's different. It's something new to people and people are always guarded and suspicious of things that are new."

Mainstream rabbis disagree. Rabbi Barry Marcus of London's Central Synagogue described Kabbalah as "hell-bent on making money" while last year the Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks, said it was not recognised by religious authorities.

The centre, which it says is a not-for-profit organisation, charges £35 for a day of chanting and meditation. Red strings that followers tie around their wrists to ward off evil spirits cost up to £25 but are free in Israel.


Dan Bushkevik

TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot

By Tom Goeller

A fictional crime drama based on the premise that the Bush administration ordered the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington aired this week on German state television, prompting the Green Party chairman to call for an investigation.
    "I think absolutely nothing of the conspiracy theory that has been hawked in this series. I hope this particular TV movie will be discussed very critically at the next supervisory board meeting of ARD [state television]," said Green Party Chairman Reinhard Buetikofer, who acknowledged that he had not seen the show.

popular murder mystery that has been running on state-run ARD-German television for 35 years, revolved around a German woman and a man who was killed in her apartment.
    According to the plot, which was seen by approximately 7 million Germans, the dead man had been trained to be one of the September 11 pilots but was left behind, only to be tracked down and killed by CIA or FBI assassins.
    The woman, who says in the program that the September 11 attacks were instigated by the Bush family for oil and power, then is targeted, presumably to silence her. The drama concludes with the German detectives accepting the truth of her story as she eludes the U.S. government hit men and escapes to safety in an unnamed Arab country.
    As ludicrous as it may sound to most Americans, the tale has resonance in Germany, where fantastic conspiracy theories often are taken as fact.
    Many Germans think, for example, that the 1969 moon landing was faked, and a poll published in the weekly Die Zeit showed that 31 percent of Germans younger than 30 "think that there is a certain possibility that the U.S. government ordered the attacks of 9/11."
    In fact, three of the hijackers who seized control of commercial airlines on September 11, 2001, including the ringleader, Mohamed Atta, purportedly had ties to a Hamburg, Germany-based al Qaeda cell.
    ARD, and ARD-produced television shows, are funded by a monthly tax on German televisions. The network plays a role similar to the British Broadcasting Corp., or the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States, which is nominally independent but funded by taxpayers.
    "Tatort," which translates to "Crime Scene," is a drama with a rotating cast of actors solving mysteries in weekly episodes set throughout Germany.
    The U.S. Embassy in Berlin was not impressed with the latest episode, which seemed to use haunting Arabic music to portray Arabs and Muslims as innocent victims of American aggression.
    "Any claim or suggestion that the United States government was behind the 9/11 disaster is absolutely absurd and not worthy of further comment," said Robert A. Wood, spokesman for the embassy.
    A German diplomat in Washington said no one in Germany took the plot seriously because it was "pure fiction."
    "It was so out of line with what people really think," the diplomat said, adding that the episode does not deserve further comment.


Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz Elected to Head Sanhedrin
13:54 Jun 07, '05 / 29 Iyar 5765


As parades filled the streets of Jerusalem Monday - Jerusalem Day - the reestablished Sanhedrin convened in the city to elect a Nassi and representatives to lead it.

Nazi of Hassidic Dan Chabad and Bushkevik and his enablink AKT

The current format of the Sanhedrin is an attempt to renew the historic Sanhedrin, Judaism's highest legal-religious tribunal during Holy Temple times. The 71-man assembly convened in one of the Holy Temple chambers, and existed from several decades before the Common Era until roughly 425 C.E. The renewed body was launched last year in Tiberias, now convenes in Jerusalem, and is still struggling to gain wide acceptance and legitimacy in the Torah world.

Since its launching last October in Tiberias, where it last convened 1,600 years ago, it has met in Jerusalem on a monthly basis. In addition, various committees have met more often to discuss issues such as determining the exact location of the Holy Temple,

by astronomy and occultism

 the establishment of courts of non-Jews who accept the Seven Laws of Noah, 

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to uproot the Jewish communities of Gaza and northern Samaria, and many more.

Semicha - original rabbinic ordination as handed down from Moses - was reintroduced by the Sanhedrin recently when hundreds of Israel's greatest rabbis agreed on the worthiness of a particular rabbi to receive it. The committee who oversaw the process made every effort to fulfill the Jewish legal requirements as outlined by Maimonides, as closely as possible.

mammon-eyes of the dragons brood

Leading Sephardic and Ashkenazic spiritual leaders Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv also agreed that this rabbi was "fitting to serve."

That rabbi eventually backed down from serving as Nassi of the Sanhedrin due to pressure from a leading Hassidic rabbi, but not before granting semicha to Rabbi Dov Levanoni. At the age of 83, he is above the age limit to head the Sanhedrin. He therefore accepted the semikha only in order to ordain one who is fitting to renew the Sanhedrin. It is he who ordained Rabbi Tzvi Idan, and Rabbi Idan, as its first temporary Nassi, ordained the members of the Sanhedrin in Tiberias on October 13, 2004.

remember the prophet must be the one who ordains the NASI. Is this evil Levanoni that so called Eliahu? the False Prophet of the coming beast?


several years ago........

Chabad 5A
Or, one can view it from a Jewish perspective, as a Chabad Chassid would, ...
The False Prophet will show up just before Moshiach ben Satan is Revealed ...

The Chabad Lubavitcher son of the synagogue of Satan, the Pharisees of the ...
here they are setting up another anointed (moshiach) and their satanic Olam ...


The Joes and the Jews, and their Blasphemy and Lies and distortion against the only IAMHE

Joes = Obedient Noahide Proselyetes who deny Jesus the Christ, amde two fold the children of hell

Jews = Judah

17 Nisan, 5765        April 26, 2005
Passover newsletter of Maggid ben Yoseif
from 'somewhere' in the Rockies
© Jerusalem Torah Voice/Maggid ben Yoseif, 5765/2005
(Note copyright restrictions below)
reply/contact   c/o:

P.O. Box 352   Pueblo, CO 81002-0352        719 201-1597

1.    Rebbe Shani-Dor
2.    Petition to revived Israeli Sanhedrin re: Return of the House of Joseph
3.    Response from Sanhedrin spokesman
4.    Your opinions sought
5.    Passover BC
6.    '05 Thesis' challenges church doctrine that stands between reunion of Joes and Jews
7.    Joseph is Still Alive online manuscript
8.    Black Roads in Israel and Iraq
9.    Regional representatives sought
10. Who will be a light to the World? -- a diatribe by MbY

1.    Rebbe Shani-Dor
The Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider, good friend and spiritual mentor of Maggid ben Yoseif for the past 14 years has been named to one of the 71 posts of the Revived Sanhedrin of Israel with the smichah of a rabbi as "Rebbe Shani-Dor."
Rebbe Shani-Dor fully shares in MbY's vision of Joes and Jews with the hearts of their fathers, Joseph and Judah, reconciling Israel and becoming a Light to the World in the process.  He has spent time in the trenches praying for the reunion and reconciliation and together with MbY has appealed to the tzaddikim by praying Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun Ha-Clali at tombs throughout Israel.  Turns out, the same places the two of them prayed are now represented on the Sanhedrin!
2.      Petition to revived Israeli Sanhedrin re: Return of the House of Joseph
One of MbY's silent projects over the past year has been his petition addressing what he believes to be discriminations against the House of Joseph in exile within the body of Halachah (Jewish law).
3.    Response from Sanhedrin spokesman
In response to the petition mentioned above, the permanent overseer on the 9-member ruling council of the 71-member Sanhedrin has introduced a paper for consideration by the full Sanhedrin on the rights of the Ten Tribes to their ancestral lands.
4.     Your opinions sought
A representative of the Israeli Sanhedrin has invited MbY to meet with him in California this August to discuss the parameters by which the revived Sanhedrin will consider the Return of the House of Joseph. After reading the material on the website, MbY invites your comments to prepare him for that meeting with the opinions of Joes worldwide. Also, if subscribers to this list who live in California may welcome an opportunity to combine this landmark meeting with an opportunity to meet with MbY, please contact him at
5.    Passover BC   
Did your Passover Seder call to mind the reason for the exile into Egypt and its remedy? Did the Afikomen you ate for dessert taste anything like the Book of the Covenant Moshe read and the House of Israel broke? Read Maggid ben Yoseif's thoughts on Passover about taming the tongue and why the salt water Judah currently experiences could be related to the dipping of Joseph's garments into the blood of a goat ... in our time.
6    '05 Thesis' challenges church doctrine that stands between reunion
7.    'Joseph is Still Alive' online manuscript  
8.    Black Roads in Israel and Iraq
To understand the current Bush Administration view seeking a contiguous Palestinian state connecting Judea-Samaria and the Gaza, this article written shortly before the US elections and circulated to Israeli cabinet officials is a must read.
9.    Regional N.A. reps sought as MbY looks to Scotland
To coordinate anticipated upcoming meetings to host members of the Israeli Sanhedrin, MbY is seeking regional representatives of Beit Yoseif (the House of Joseph) to represent the East and West Coasts, the Gulf Coast, Midwest, Canada and Mexico ... in short all of North Armerica.
"I believe the message of the Return of the House of Joseph is ready to return to the Scottish Highlands, Wales, Ireland, the coast of Normandy and the Scandinavian countries as a beachhead to retrench back across Europe," MbY said. "This is in keeping with writings of the sages that when God returns the captivity of Israel, these non-Jews will return in reverse of the order in which they were scattered,"  If interested in being a part of this move of the Spirit of God, please contact MbY at
10. Who will be a Light to the World? -- a diatribe by MbY
A Jewish rabbi around whose teachings the church evolved, declared in the First Century that all in covenant with G-d/Hashem should not hide their light under a basket, but to let it shine before men. Rabbis today would agree but might want to qualify that light as emanating from Torah. But if this is the case, why have neither Christianity nor Judaism already saved the world?
This link reveals heretofore hidden and obscured dimensions of the gospel "of" Y'shua/Jesus as presented by Y'shua himself in parables and which he had hoped his followers would witness concering him.  This stands opposite the Gospel "about" him. Rather, Y'shua's gospel defines and reveals Hashem's plan to relocate, recovenant with and return the scattered exiles of Israel or "restore the Kingdom to Israel." This is the good news that is to be shared worldwide at the time of the End and ultimately manifest the Light of Hashem to the World. The prejudice of the church hierarchy against the Torah has caused it (the church) to miss the simplicity of this "good news" ... But what may be most surprising is that the leaders of Judah today should have no problem embracing the gospel "of" Y'shua, which prods Israel and Judah to reunite and become Hashem's Light to the World

ARE you sickened, saints,.... at the Global Blasphemy against Jesus the Christ, the Iamhe?


Well if not there is more


A special message about Maggid ben Yoseif

Maggid ben Yoseif  has Orthodox "smichah," from the Rebbe Shani Dor, also known as the Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.  His beloved "Rav, esteemed teacher, Nachman mysticist, travel companion, prayer conspirator and Dodi," of 13 years, was recently chosen to fill the 23rd seat in the Revived 71 Seat of Moshe known anciently as "The Sanhedrin."

MbY is also working with the Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, to whom Rebbe Shani-Dor passed his spiritual baton and blessing for the work of "bringing back Rachel's kids." R. Michael is one of the nine members of the revived Sanhedrin's ruling council and the English spokesman for that council. Due to health issues, in January of 2005, Rebbe Shani Dor instructed MbY to work with R. Michael. "We have since agreed on a framework by which it may be possible for the House of Joseph to receive formal recognition plus rights of inheritance to ancestral lands. "

Lying Noahide Proselytes of the Great Serpent, who is not great. They have fallen away from Jesus the Christ and Now Blaspheme him twofold 

Much yet remains to be sorted out, but a key meeting is scheduled in August 2005 which will involve representatives of the B'nei Noach movement. If you represent a group of Joes or Ephraimites, please contact MbY. He wants to involve your concerns and comments -- in your name -- or forward your letter to R. Michael at this most pivotal meeting. More on these ongoing emails and meetings can be found elsewhere at this site. Also see the online newsletter.

The ministry of a maggid

Maggid-O the LIAR

A maggid is a "story-teller" but also has the commission "to reprove erroneous teaching” in accord with Isaiah 45:19 to “speak the Truth and maggid (declare) what is right.” Hence, the maggid was also called mokhi’ach (one who exposes, reproves, rebukes or admonishes). – “ A Book of Jewish Concepts,” Philip Birnbaum, Hebrew Publishing Co., New York, 1964, page 323.

Maggid ben Yoseif does not take this responsibility lightly. He is not Jewish and did not complete a rabbinical yeshiva and course load of rabbinics, therefore he could not be given Orthodox smichah as a rabbi. But he has learned Halachah through study with Rav Schneider and various rabbis in Jerusalem and in the U.S. In 2001, it was arranged by Heaven for him to be enrolled in an Orthodox yeshiva in Jerusalem not as a Jew, but as a "Joe," the first time this has occurred in more than 2800 years.

a FILTHY NOAHIDE Proselyte, Two fold children of the Murderer since the beginning

Validation of ministry

His role in assisting the Revived Sanhedrin with the Return of the (halachically serious) House of Joseph has been independently validated by Rebbe Shani Dor, an elderly tzadik in Jerusalem, MbY's attorney (instrumental in securing his release from prison after three arrests), the humble wife of a rabbi who has special gifts from living as a Holocaust survivor in the home of the Baba Sali, and recently, the Biala Rebbe.

"I can't think of anything specific that would qualify me for this job. But I do have a fierce indignation toward injustice and loyalty is my strong suit," MbY said.

Career journalist turned theologian

For the record, he was a career journalist and former executive editor of The Daily Iberian in southern Louisiana, before attending the Oral Roberts University Graduate School of Theology for about three years. At ORU, he studied biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and independently researched the only existing teaching tapes of an Iraqi theologian named George Mamoshima Lamsa, whose native language was Aramaic. He did not complete the mandatory Christian systematic theologies at the seminary, however, and therefore did not complete the graduate degree program before moving to Israel in the summer of 1987. 

"At first, schedule conflicts and work conflicts kept me from pursuing these courses. But in the spring semester of 1987, when I had no conflicts, I asked God. I told him that I knew I had not been ready for these courses before then since I had never even read the Bible before I was the editor in New Iberia. But His answer surprised me. From my belly, a voice spoke, "You're not going to need any of that. Your path is Torah. Get ready, I'm sending you to Israel."

How that journey came to be is a story in itself, which he may tell later.

'Missionary' in all-Moslem West Bank village

But by the summer of 1987, he was an independent and self-supported "missionary" in the all-Moslem village of Beit Phage in the "West Bank." He preached to the village's Moslem inhabitants -- with signs following -- the "Return of Israel" with the warning to the Avihaval and Sa'ayad families, "if you resist what God is going to do, it will be like pissing against the wind."

On December 8, 1987, two days before the start of the Palestinian intifada, when some of the children of these same Moslems rolled boulders down the mountain onto vehicles of passing motorists, he was approached by two of the Moslem men who warned him to leave the mountain and the rooftop on which he had lived for the previous five months.

"I didn't know where to go, but that same day I ran into Barry Segal, who owned a publishing company  in Jerusalem and who said he had been trying to find me after a friend in Tiberias told him he needed a writer and editor for a project there."

LSU connection and fateful reports

After assisting with the first draft of Eric Morey's outdoor drama called, "The Galilee Experience," ben Yoseif was completing the editing and formatting of a book by Wendyl Stearns called, "Biblical Zionism," when Jan Karnis of Middle East Television called.

"As it turned out, Jan and I were at LSU as transfer students, he in history and I in journalism, the same two years back in the early '70s. Jan remembered some of my writing and columns as news editor and sports editor of the Daily Reveille. With Wendyl's recommendation, he hired me to be the chief news writer for Middle East Television, which was then based in Marjahoun, S. Lebanon.

I wrote the scripts for daily voice-overs about the ongoing war between Iraq and Iran. This included a report about the attempt by Saddam Hussein to renew the ancient glories of Babylon, which was widely circulated . I also reported on the fateful battle that preceded the cease fire between Iraq and Iran and which united Shi'ite and Sunni Moslems against the U.S. and specifically former CIA Director George H.W. Bush.

Transition to Jerusalem Post

METV was widely recognized as the most comprehensive and least biased English news program available in the Middle East, but for unexplained reasons the English news was discontinued by owner Evangelist Pat Robertson

Because Pat-sy knew what was coming

 and the staff was intentionally fired and disbanded. However, the same day his job ended , ben Yoseif was hired as an assistant editor of the weekly news-analysis supplements to the Jerusalem Post, "In-Jerusalem" and "Metro (Tel Aviv)."  The Post was also a volatile environment, since the paper had been sold and the new publisher immediately cut the editorial staff by 33 percent. The only non-Jew and without protection from the Israeli editorial union, ben Yoseif was the first to be laid off six months later.

Without gainful employment, the Ministry of the Interior did not renew his working visa and he returned to the U.S., where he was married to an Anusim Jewess (one whose Spanish-Mexican family had been forced to convert to Catholicism) whom he had met in Jerusalem in 1987.

A fateful cave excavation

After the birth of their son, Aharon Mateho (the rod of Aaron), they returned to Israel where ben Yoseif was re-hired at the Post under an independent contract from the same publisher who had earlier cut the editorial staff. Now a senior editor and part of the Post management, his focus was on articles that would increase the appeal of the Post to non-Jewish subscribers.  These stories and columns were primarily of a religious nature and included depth features and stories about the ongoing excavation at a cave complex north of Qumran directed by Vendyl Jones of the Institute of Judaic-Christian Research in Arlington, Texas.

ALL Liars of the Great LIE and the Lie of the dead sea scrolls, sick and perverted

On the last day of the excavation in 1988, after Jones' crew had found nothing despite months of digging in the hostile heat, ben Yoseif accidentally discovered another opening into the cave complex on its northern side.

"The description of the cave in the Copper Scroll stated that "on the way from Jericho to Secaca (believed to be an ancient name for Qumram), at the Cave of the Column which has two entrances facing east, dig at the north entrance. Vendyl's earlier excavations had been inside, over and under the two entrances facing east, especially the one northernmost. But his wife, Zahava said the scroll indicated there should be another entrance on the north. 

The discovery of the northern entrance

"The only opening into this cave from the north was a hole about the size of your head on the southern side of what appeared at the time to be an eagle's nest on the side of a cliff. I was walking along a ledge of this cliff trying to get back to my car to head back into Jerusalem before dark on the last day of the dig in 1988. The path petered out and in attempting to jump over to another ledge, a rock that had supported me gave way. Somehow, I slid on my belly feet first down the cliffside, which was shaped like a funnel, and my size 14s landed inside the eagle's nest-like opening, breaking my fall.  Not knowing how I was going to get down from that cliff, I just started yelling for help.

When help did not come right away, ben Yoseif said he threw a rock into the head-sized hole on the southern side of the eagle's nest. The rock sailed for some time before it hit bottom. I stuck an arm into the opening and noted that the temperature was at least 40 degrees cooler inside than outside and knew this was a northern entrance into a cave of some kind.

Nooooooooooooo !

After continuing to yell, Larry Borntragger of Goshen, IN., stuck his head over the top of the cliff and said, "How did you get down there," to which I replied, "Get Vendyl, a lantern and a rope. There is a cave entrance here."

Vendyl arrived with the rope and lantern and lowered himself down. He helped me dig a hole big enough and I slid on my belly into the opening which did conceal a sizeable cave with a ceiling that had collapsed several times.

20 tons of fill, one bucket at a time

"Jan and I got permission to excavate the fill at the entrance of the cave down to about 13 feet until we reached the first compaction level. We stopped digging and notified Vendyl when we found a turkish sardine tin. But the some 20 tons of fill we removed one bucket at a time provided a platform outside of the cave for Vendyl to bring up conveyors and further excavate when he returned in 1992 with another crew. Dr. Larry Banks, the former chief archaeologist of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, led the 1992 excavation which gained international notoriety for its find.

The cave yielded about 600 pounds of a substance identified by Rabbi Moshe Antelman, a chemical advisor at the Dept. of Nuclear Physics at the Weismann Institute and scientists at Bar-Ilan University, as containing the atomic footprints of 11 of the 14 ingredients contained in the pituum ha-ketoret (the holy incense used in the Jerusalem Temple). 

Significance of find re: Halachah

"This is probably the most important archaeological discovery ever made to validate the Halachah and oral tradition of Judaism.

hahahhahahhheeeeeee are they on a roll

 The written Torah only lists four ingredients, but the oral tradition 14 and the only three not located occur in minute quantities or may have been added just prior to use of the incense. Since the cave contained no evidence of occupation and the incense was found in pits cut into the bedrock at a level 37 feet below the original fill line, it appears to have been a place where the incense was mixed and/or stored. And the fact that the cave predated the compilation of the Talmud by at least 500 years validates the oral tradition later recorded in the Talmud. It is immensely important for that reason."

You don't say Noahide

Jones' claims cave contains the Ark of the Covenant and Tabernacle

The floor and walls of the same cave are believed by Jones to hide many other articles used in the First Temple. Jones recently secured the blessing of a Kabbalist to bring out the Ark of the Covenant by T'sha b'Av of this year.

"I wish Jones every success but 2 Maccabbees 2:4-8 states that the cave containing the Ark hidden by the prophet Jeremiah upon the direction of King Josiah is in Jordan in proximity of Mount Nebo and "the place shall remain unknown until God gathers His People together again and shows His ruhumah (mercy)."  This is a direct reference to the Return of the House of Joseph who God earlier judged "Not My People" and "Without Mercy." Unless the Return is embraced by the authority of the Sanhedrin by T'sha b'Av this year, I believe the Ark will remain hidden in a cave on the mountain from which Moses looked into the land of Israel."

The Speech Nobody Heard

Another column in the Post attracted ben Yoseif to the attention of several rabbis in Jerusalem including Rabbi Chaim Richman, Rav Schneider and Rabbi David bar-Chaim, who was the rosh yeshiva at Yeshivat b'nai Yishai (Yeshiva of the sons of Jesse) in Jerusalem. Part of the study at Yeshivat b'nai Yishai included a thorough reading and review of the Aramaic New Testament called the Peshita, which revealed many inconsistencies with the Torah accounts but also confirmed that most all of Y'shua's teachings were in accord with Torah.

They deceive the masses to the Proper Talmudic Judaic Jaysoose the rib-eye.............damned their souls for such Blasphemy

"I met Rabbi Richman after the Post published a column I wrote the week of the Madrid peace conference called "The Speech Nobody Heard in Madrid." It addressed the Torah portion that week which in turn specifically addressed the impasses at the conference and concluded that a proposed Palestinian state (in Judea-Samaria) was falsely raising the hopes of Palestinians. However, it was so controversial that the features editor at the Post would not allow me to sign the column as a Post staff writer. It was finally agreed that I should be identified simply as a "Noahite living in Jerusalem."

Noachite study

Rabbi Richman, who was beginning a study for Noachites in his home, had tried to contact ben Yoseif through the Post without success but the following week ben Yoseif's son, Aaron and he visited the Jerusalem Temple Institute and signed the guest book. Rabbi Richman was the director of public relations at the Institute and from the address ben Yoseif left, was able to locate him. Earlier, after METV had discontinued its English news program, ben Yoseif and Karnis began Middle East News Update. One of their five minute video features was on the work of the Temple Institute. "That segment was aired on dozens of Christian TV programs and was viewed by more than 6 million people.

"It was a real privilege and honor to sit and grasp the tzitziyot of R. Richman and learn with him for about 18 months in his home twice a week. But Israel (Rav Schneider) and I were peas in a pod, kindred spirits and best friends. He started out teaching me about the duties of a Shabbos goy (a non-Jew who can perform certain acts during the Shabbat, which are forbidden to Jews).

Obedient slave to the Talmudic gods of shemborg collective

 Our ultimate project was constructing an altar in the plains before Jericho. A anonymous friend provided us with a gold coin, which we sold to obtain the funds for the needed materials and the altar was being constructed according to Halachah in a wadi near the tent of a Bedouin friend named, Musa, who provided security. Our intent was to offer a "peace" offering on behalf of Eretz Yisrael. 

Abominable sacrifices

 However, two men who were assisting with the construction of the altar decided on their own to complete it during one Shabbat and offer an unauthorized offering on it."

Intervention of Heaven

Shortly afterward, during a study at Rabbi Richman's home, ben Yoseif said it became clear when the Seven Laws of Noach did not satisfy him spiritually, that he was part of the assimilation of the House of Joseph. As such, he would have been forbidden to construct an altar or make an offering anywhere but on the Temple Mount. "I didn't know it at the time but it seems that Heaven intervened."

Founding of Torah Voice

In the summer of 1992, while still learning with R. Richman and Rav Schneider, with the assistance and encouragement of several Jewish friends, ben Yoseif, started an underground publication, "The Jerusalem Torah Voice and Investigative Report." The first of three editions published and hawked on the streets of Jerusalem, was an expose of the illegal political extradition of Robert J. Manning and his wife, Rochelle. Pressure on the U.S. State Department by the Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC) was focusing on the Mannings. The expose revealed that a U.S. postal service employee had falsified evidence to make a case against them.

"When then-Secretary of State James Baker presented three demands to the Israeli government after the cease-fire in the Persian Gulf War, the extradition of the Mannings was No. 2 on the list for the U.S. to secure the cooperation of the Arab nations re: a Palestinian state."

Character assassination protest and voluntary dismissal

"Originally, this was an expose that was going to be published in The Jerusalem Post, however, the managing editor at the Post killed the story because Manning had been the personal body guard of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, z"l, who was assassinated in New York City in 1990. The m.e. and several reporters and editors on the Post staff had prejudiced views of Kahane and the unspoken rule was anything negative about Kahane would be published on page one and anything positive would be buried elsewhere in the paper. It was a clear case of character assasination about which I complained and complained loudly."

More political upheavals at the Post resulted in his voluntary termination to help Post publisher Yehuda Levy avoid another walkout strike, (after a personnel-sensitive evaluation ben Yoseif was ordered to write for the executive editor was stolen from his computer que and without proper authority ben Yoseif deleted the illegal copies).

Post-Post, his visa was not renewed by the Israeli government especially after he independently circulated the Manning File, which was critical of several members of the Israeli justice ministry.

Apocalypse Now and Islamic definition of peace

After the third edition of the Torah Voice was published, he was hired by a Jerusalem ministry to publish a special edition of Jerusalem Vistas Magazine:  "Apocalpyse Now: Mixing Religion and Terror," which was aimed at helping the Western world understand the tenets of radical Islam.

What a sleazy filthy beggarly man


 Specifically, ben Yoseif said he wanted the Western world to understand the Islamic definition of peace -- "making a treaty with your enemies only until you are the stronger party and then being obligated, according to the Koran, to resume the war."

such as the Mossad motto, War by deception

"This was a project I worked on with Jay Rawlings, to whom I was introduced shortly before I was terminated by the Post, after attending an intensive Hebrew ulpan during my vacation, which also was attended by Jay's wife, Meridel. Ironically, the week after "Apocalypse Now," was published in the spring of 1993, the first World Trade Center bombing occurred. 


Jay and I also attempted to begin an independent Jerusalem New Service after Saudi Arabian interests became the major shareholders of United Press International, however, we were unable to generate enough interest in the secular media in the States to make the project feasible."

Autonomous Jewish Authority in Yesha

Also in the spring of 1993, ben Yoseif was approached by right wing rabbis and Jewish settlers (Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch Pharisees) who were opposed to a Palestinian State in Judea-Samaria (and Gaza). The Autonomous Jewish Authority in Yesha was infiltrated from the start, however, by Shabach (Israeli secret police) plant, Avishai Raviv, who was later implicated in the assassination plot of former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. When the leadership of the Authority was arrested and imprisoned or placed under house arrest, ben Yoseif was on his own and began meeting with various rabbis across the U.S. hoping to stimulate interest from stateside rabbonim in non-Jewish Zionists to begin populating Judea-Samaria as an alternative to a Palestinian State in this region.

A chance meeting with a Rothschild

Need I say more

For his involvement with the Authority, ongoing writings opposed to a Palestinian State in Judea-Samaria and a chance meeting with an heir to the Rothschild family fortune -- who told ben Yoseif in 1994 that he had been approached by the U.S. State Department to help fund a "West Bank Infrastructure Development corporation," -- ben Yoseif has been persecuted by Israeli security officials who deem him and his message about the Return of the House of Joseph as a threat to national security.

Dan Hassidim and Judah, the North and the south wars, the Noahides are with Dan Hassidim

"When Rothschild told me that the State Department was behind this West Bank corporation -- which was nothing more than a political slush fund to buy off opposition to the scheme of Shimon Peres to push through this Palestinian state, I became an enemy of Peres and the special arm of the Shin-Bet (Shabach) who did his political dirty work."

Ben Yoseif was arrested and strip-searched upon re-entering Israel with his family in September 2001, arrested again after the 3 million man protest against dividing Jerusalem in which he was unwittingly cast into the limelight and again the morning after addressing Yair Davidy's Brit-Am organization at a meeting in the Jerusalem Hilton, which was apparently attended by some Shabach agents.

The King of the North Dan the Hassidim Aholah, this man represents against Aholibah secular Judah, Sharon, king of the South 

'Jews and Jerusalem:  Heart and Soul"

"At the 3 million man demonstration, I was walking through the standing room only crowd outside the Jaffa Gate when a man asked me to hold his sign while he went to the restroom. He never came back. The sign read, "Jews and Jerusalem:  Heart and soul." I suppose I was caught up in the Klezmer music and my payis were flying or I was waving the sign too wildly, but I was on the front page of newspapers around the world and in video clips of all of the networks, including CNN.  Ehud Barak was prime minister and he had placed his political future on a divided Jerusalem.

Encounter with a tzadik

Between his second and third arrests, ben Yoseif had an encounter that can only be called, "Divine."

"My attorney told me we were up against Shabach and that Shabach never lost ... that they could not lose for the sake of the security of the nation. That however innocent I was that I needed to prepare myself mentally to leave Israel; that he did not think it would be possible for me to remain there. However he said there was one woman who had much influence among some of the Knesset members who might be able to help or delay the inevitable.

She was the wife of a rabbi and unbenknowst to ben Yoseif at the time, did spiritual readings of members of the Knesset and others. 

the Witch of Endor

She had been raised in the home of the Baba Sali, a mystical giant and Kabbalist in Jerusalem after her mother had been killed in the Holocaust and her father was unable to care for her. Many people came and went in the home of the Baba Sali, including a tzadik who was now quite elderly, whose name ben Yoseif to this day says he must protect..

"This rebbetzin (wife of a rabbi), sat across the table from my attorney and me. The exchange took place in Hebrew with my attorney interpreting when I did not understand what was being asked. First, she asked my name. I told her my given name. She said, "No, you have a Hebrew name. So what is your Hebrew name." I replied that I did not  have a legal Hebrew name but that I wrote under the name "ben Yoseif."

"So she asked, "Why do you call yourself ben Yoseif?" I replied by telling her about the bat-Kol which came out of my belly in 1994, in which Hashem answered in reply to my question, "Who am I and why did I live all of those years in Israel. What do You want me to do?"

"I also told her of the Torah Codes that revealed my given name at encoded intervals that matched on three statements that involved "ben Yoseif," after which an Orthodox friend in Queens, NY advised that I begin writing under the name "ben Yoseif."

An uncomfortable question

"Then she asked me a question which I did not feel comfortable answering and told her so. Instead of being offended, she pushed her chair away from the table and began laughing uncontrollably for some time. Once she was composed, she explained to my bewildered attorney and to me the following:

"Three weeks earlier, as she was leaving the home of the elderly tzadik who had been a friend of her father and the Baba Sali, the tzadik turned to her and stated, "In exactly 21 days, you will meet a man who is obsessed with Joseph. You will ask him this question. He will be forbidden by Heaven from answering it. When this happens, let me know. I have an important message I need to give to this man." 

Ben Yoseif said he and his attorney were instructed by the rebbetzin to return in two days. When the two returned, the rebbetzin took a message written in Hebrew by the hand of the tzadik out of her purse and read it.

"It began "ben Yoseif, I have been waiting for you for a very long time. The letter proceeded to tell me about things no one could have known and knew of my interest and dedication to the Return of the House of Joseph. He validated the message in some detail and told me that I was "a pure channel for Hashem's revelation,"

a channel to deceive the masses who dwell upon the earth who will worship the beast of Noahide


 but that I had many, many klippot and he would personally do a tikkun for my soul that would take affect on my 50th birthday (I will be 53 on August 31, which was the date on which T'sha b'Av fell on the Roman calendar in 70 C.E., when the Temple was destroyed by Rome. My father, who has the same given name as me, also was born on T'sha b'Av in 1915.)


'Avoid the rabbonim!'

Among the tzadik's advice to ben Yoseif was to "avoid the rabbonim," for any help with the Return of the House of Joseph since they were on a "different spiritual plane" and according to what ben Yoseif said the tzadik told him, a "lower spiritual plane." That instead, he should wait for the advent of the Sanhedrin. The tzadik's note also stated that about 1.5 million people in the world today knew their identity as Joes but another million were "wavering between two opinions."

"He told me that I was to mobilize these Joes but that it would have to be done outside of Eretz Yisrael. "You will want to live in the Land but you will not be allowed to do so. You must mobilize outside of the land." My heart sank when he said that."

Mandatory prison

The rest of the message was of a rather personal nature but ben Yoseif said it greatly encouraged him in his work.

"But the tzadik also warned me through a second contact, that I would have to go to prison. That this was unavoidable. However, he said that he had personally been instructed to pray for me while in prison and the moment I was put into my cell, that Hashem would confirm to me that He was with me and there was no cause for fear, worry or concern. He also stated that I would be released the precise instant that Hashem chose and not a moment before."

Angels of the Bedtime Sh'ma

When I was pushed into my cell block at the Russian compound in Jerusalem, my left arm hung limp from  tendonitis aggravated by being handcuffed by Shabach agents. I could not climb the ladder to my bunk without help. At first the five other men in this cell block thought I was a rabbi because of my dress and long payis and beard. But when I told them I was not a rabbi but was told by my attorney not to talk to anyone, they understood. The five of them introduced themselves to me and helped me to an upper bunk.

Four of their names were Micha, Gavi, Uri and Raphi, which are modern nicknames for the Four Angels of the Bedtime Sh'ma. The fifth, was unable to rise from his bunk due to stomache pains associated with methodone treatments. His name:  Y'shua.

sick shembology

Split-second siren

Instead of being released on the order of cabinet-level officials, Shabach agents instead had ben Yoseif chained hands and feet to a Jordanian terrorist in the back of a prison van and transferred to the high security prison block at Ma'asiyahu near Ashdod. The warden began transferring other prisoners out of ben Yoseif's cell block and filling it instead with Islamic radicals and Palestinian nationalists from Turkey and Jordan.

"There were some tense moments. The only time I could daven was during the 30 minutes I had in the prison yard. I would put on my tallit and pray and all of the Islamics in my cell block thought I was either Jewish or crazy. Also, I refused to eat the non-Kosher food that was served. But I was not aware of any apprehensions until after this ordeal ended, except that this one Moslem prisoner from Turkey seemed way too friendly with some of the guards. I suspected that he was Shabach and he was there to see that I did not get out of my cell alive."

"For the first time, I suppose I felt a tinge of fear. But a guard coming on duty at Ma'asiyahu apparently did not know that I was not to be given telephone privileges. I was able to call my attorney on his cell phone and let him know where I was. That is when I learned that I was supposed to have been released."

Within 24 hours after that phone contact, ben Yoseif said his attorney secured his release as an administrative order at the cabinet level. 

The warden of the prison was ordered to come personally to the prison and personally oversee his release and guarantee ben Yoseif's safety even though it was the warden's day off. The split second the warden at Ma'asiyahu turned the key to his cell door to release him, ben Yoseif said the sirens sounded signaling the start of Yom Hatzma'out (Israeli Independence Day).

Educational background

MbY has a B.A. in journalism from Louisiana State University, an MBA degree in business administration from Northeast Louisiana University, attended the ORU Graduate School of Theology for three years and was studying at Yeshiva Ohr Someah in Jerusalem at the time of his second and third arrests and imprisonment.

His smichah allows him to teach Torah to non-Jews and to Jews who first understand that he is not a rabbi and may not make rulings or opinions related to Halachah.  All of his teaching is based on a very strict and often literal historical/grammatical exegesis of the Hebrew and Aramaic (New Testament) texts.

Prayer at the tombs of the righteous

MbY has been called one of the "top five biblical exegetes alive today" because of his focus on solid exegesis of the Torah in interpreting other parts of the Bible and specifically the story of the Return of the House of Joseph. He was also trained in Hebrew, Aramaic and some Greek biblical exegesis first in seminary  but also as a student of Rav Schneider, who MbY calls "the spiritual father of all Joes, because he (Rav Schneider) has spent the time in the trenches praying for the Joes and their Return."

"Rav Schneider and I davened the Tikkun Ha-Clali of Rebbe Nachman at tombs throughout Israel. Rav Schneider felt that we needed to secure the cooperation of the righteous dead (tzaddikim) who have one foot in the World to Come but another foot in this world. When we prayed to Hashem at their tombs, because we honored them, they prayed for our cause, which was to revive the Sanhedrin so that the authority from Jerusalem to Return the Joes could be manifest."

Menuhat Rachel

MbY was the leader of the first truly Josephite congregation in the United States -- Menuhat Rachel (the compassion of Rachel) in Akron-Canton Ohio from 1995-97. From the death of his mother in 1997, until returning to Israel in September 2000, a week before the "Al Aksa intifada" began, he taught Torah to two non-Jewish congregations in the Houston area and conducted more than two dozen Return of the House of Joseph seminars from coast to coast.


His knowledge of Eretz Yisrael comes from living and working there for a good part of the past 16 years, first as the chief news writer and features producer for Middle East Television in the Jerusalem bureau, and later as a senior member of the editorial staff and religion writer/editor/columnist at the Jerusalem Post. 

Media interviews

He has been active in resisting the proposed Palestinian State in Judea-Samaria since 1987 with numerous newspaper articles and columns and emails as the "shaliah" or spokesman to the non-Jewish world on behalf of the Autonomous Jewish Authority in Yesha.  That has included interviews on numerous Christian television networks including TBN,

The Babylonian Network of the Two fold proselyte children of hell the fallen away

 LeSea and PrimeTime and Christian and secular radio stations too numerous to list but including the American Freedom Radio Network, Information Radio Network and affiliates with the American Family Radio Network.

The outline of the N'zir and other insights

In 1998, on the yartzeit (anniversary of the burial) of Rachel the mother of Joseph, ben Yoseif was shown the revelation of the "outline of the man in Tzion" -- the N'zir -- described in this website, a graphic which speaks more than 10,000 words on the biblical plan for Judea-Samaria as the locale chosen of Hashem to reunite the children of Joseph and the children of Judah and therefore unsuitable as a Palestinian State.

Other of the numerous revelations he has shared with the House of Joseph include the identity of Ephraim as the "melo ha-goyim" -- the fullness of the Gentiles, which is a key to the rescue and return of ALL of the House of Israel in Romans 11. 

The fullness of the gentiles are them who say they are jews but who do lie, who are NOT the seed of Abraham, spiritual Israel, Heirs according to the Promise, by faith in Jesus the Christ. Do not be deceived, when this fullness ends, Jesus the Lord harvest his own to Sion God's Holy Mountain in Heaven to that City New Jerusalem his Bride to Come.

Also, the discovery of the prophecy in the Torah that the House of Joseph would become a GLOBAL ROV (majority) and evidence in the Torah that the same House of Joseph was to be "intermingled or grafted" into every family of the earth, the fate of the Palestinians who remain in the fields of Ephraim and the biblical justification for the transfer of the Palestinians to the Gaza and regions contiguous, once the terror ceases and the "pipe dream" goes up in smoke.

ALL who dwell upon the earth will worship the Beast of the Sanhedrin unto their Dragon

A simplified Gospel

The doctrine of Devils the Leaven of the Pharisees the Judaizers

Perhaps his greatest contribution to the understanding of Joes, however, has been how he has simplified the Gospel message and shown its roots in the Torah, Prophets and Writings.  The points of continuity that describe the TRUE mission and message of Y'shua as Hashem's remedy of the judgments against the Northern Kingdom and their means to be renewed to covenant, are liberating, life-changing and profound.

At loggerheads with the President

With the help of Houston Women in Green coordinator Rachel Maddox and her staff, ben Yoseif was the major voice organizing the Aug. 17, 2003, rally protesting the proposed Road Map to Peace in the Middle East on scriptural grounds. The protest and march held at Crawford, Texas, near the ranch of President George W. Bush, was attended by more than 150 persons, mostly Joes from his email list, attending from 10 states. The Bush Administration has yet to reply to the letter written by MbY outlining the anti-biblical foreign policy of the U.S. as it pertains to the Road Map and proposed Palestinian state in the territories of Joseph.

Defending the Shomron

Finally, Maggid ben Yosef and his House of Joseph email list have -- in the past -- evidenced their commitment to this message by actively supporting the Jewish settlers living in the inheritance of Ephraim in the village of Itamar. He and his list -- before his "mandatory vacation" from Israel -- funded the rental of a bullet-proof bus and provided defensive equipment and supplies to "put our money where our mouth is."

Illegal imprisonment

His imprisonment was illegal, without charges filed, without affording him a day in court, initially denying him legal counsel and denying him contact with the U.S. Consul in Jerusalem until he had been incarcerated a week, in violation of his personal civil rights and the treaty between Israel and the U.S. When his release was ordered by cabinet level officials in Israel, minutes after that consulate contact was allowed, the Israeli Secret Police instead transferred him to a high security prison.  In a compromise agreement with the Israeli government and Security cabinet, after an 18-hour marathon session reviewing his case, ben Yoseif agreed VOLUNTARILY -- he was not deported -- to be released from prison and take a "mandatory vacation." He will return only when invited to do so by the Security Cabinet when it is convinced the message of the Return of the House of Joseph as the biblical alternative to a Palestinian State is no longer a threat to national security.  

Attention: Prime Minister Sharon

Despite ben Yosef's hardship, the beneficial fruit was the message of the Return making it to the desk of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon himself. Israeli officials and Jewish leaders may disagree on HOW the Return will take place, but ben Yoseif made sure they know the Return is the only hope of the State of Israel in dealing with the Palestinian uprising. 

MbY Today

Today, Maggid ben Yoseif lives very humbly in exile at an undisclosed location in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with one goal in mind ... to do anything and everything to replicate and disseminate the message of the Return of the House of Joseph.

He has been instructed to speak anywhere he is invited to do so to share his abundant insight, revelation and wisdom in understanding and accommodating this move of Hashem.

To deceive wonderfully


Let's see........back to Michelle Jackson......will he be Given the oral Torah Noahide Conviction Monday 13, Shavuot?


From the superior Intellect at the Sanhedrin 6-9-2005 

----- Original Message -----
From: Dov
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 1:32 AM
Subject: RE:


My response

You do not know where from I come, nor where I go. If you knew the Father then you would know the Way.
Tell me Dov, when your ancients of the House of Israel "Reveal" the Moshiach, what do you plan for the saints of the ONE GOD, Jesus the Christ the LORD?
We already know that the leaven has saturated into the governments of Russia, China, France, Germany, Britain and the USA which has already been made a Noahide Demonicrazy.
What is the Plan for them who will never bow to your babylonian gods?


So tell me, do you believe in Moshiach?
So who is greater your Moshiach god
or your hashem gods? Male/female
Are you a shekinah trinitarian?



The Little Chabad Eli-ahu speakeths

A couple of days after telling us about the trumpet (see below), Eli said that the trumpet was being sounded by Moshiach himself. After further discussion, Eli described something he had never mentioned before at all: two Moshiachs - the "fake" Moshiach and the "real" Moshiach. "The fake Moshiach looks like the real Moshiach and has all the powers of the real Moshiach." This was a bit unsettling, as there are midrashim that speak of false Messiahs and tests of faith at the end of days! However, after further discussion with Eli, these concerns were put to rest: Eli states unequivocally that the "fake" Moshiach is completely good, as will be explained.

Will the Real Moshiach ben Perdition Please stand up.....then fall

Eli's statements on the two Moshiach's:

  • "The fake Moshiach looks like the real Moshiach and has all the powers of the real Moshiach."
  • He is leading the Jews, helping the real Moshiach.
  • "No one knows that he is fake. When he stops it looks like he's fake." He's going to stop soon.
  • In shomayim (heaven) "All Jews believe in the fake Moshiach," even the Patriarchs, Moses, etc. Down in this world, many do not.
  • It is a good thing to believe in the fake Moshiach because "otherwise the real Moshiach will have to get you himself, and it won't be fun. He'll be angry..."
  • The fake Moshiach sounds the trumpet and the Jews go towards Hashem's Heichal (palace). When they get close to the gate, the real Moshiach sounds the trumpet.
  • The fake Moshiach is in shomayim (heaven) but he does not come down into this world. Only the real Moshiach will come into this world.

Go figure

We asked Eli if he knew the "fake" Moshiach's name and he replied "his name is Moshiach, just like the real Moshiach." Then we asked him if maybe his name was ben Yosef? Eli said no. Eli indicated that he had been told about Moshiach ben Dovid and Moshiach ben Yosef, but that this was not Moshiach ben Yosef.

This was very puzzling. Perhaps this "fake" Moshiach is indeed Moshiach ben Yosef, only Eli is just not aware of it? We proceeded to research the matter, and thanks to hasgacha protis (divine providence) we came across a discourse of the Lubavitcher Rebbe from 5721 (1961) [click here to view the Hebrew original] where the Rebbe states:

...there are statements of the sages where Moshiach is called by the name "Dovid"...and there are those where he is called "ben Dovid".... When Moshiach is still not revealed and not in full strength and might, he is called "ben Dovid"; this is not the case when the matter of Moshiach is in full strength and revealed, he is called "Dovid".

This distinction seemed to fit Eli's statements, so we asked him if the "fake" Moshiach was "ben Dovid" and the "real" Moshiach was "Dovid" and he said that this might be right. He clarified that these two Moshiachs are not the same as Moshiach ben Yosef.
(Regarding Dovid and ben Dovid, see Vayikra 25:49
The Ba'al Haturim comments, "chaser vov osios ben Dovid"; The Shelah writes "v'yiskayem dodo o ben dodo yigaleinu, Dovid o ben Dovid, Amen." The gematria of "ben Dovid" is 66, a remez for 5766?)

Since we were on the topic, we asked Eli if he knew what Moshiach ben Yosef was doing now, and he told us that like the other two Moshiachs, Moshiach ben Yosef is "making treats" for the Jewish people (to be enjoyed at the redemption). We asked if Moshiach ben Yosef had come down to the world yet, and Eli said no. Then we asked if he had to come down before the "real" Moshiach and he replied "not necessarily". In fact, this is exactly what we find written about Moshiach ben Yosef in Torah sources:
  • Commenting on the Zohar, Balak 203b (4th paragraph, beginning "V'ha'hu chok..."), the Mitteler Rebbe in his Biurei Zohar explains "after the birth of Moshiach ben Dovid...Moshiach ben Yosef is still concealed..."
  • R. Saadiah Gaon (who lived approx 1000 years ago) notes that Moshiach ben Yosef will not definitely appear before Moshiach ben David, nor will the activities attributed to him or his death have to occur.
  • In his explanation of "Nevuas Hayeled", Harav Avraham ben Eliezer Halevi (who lived approx 500 years ago), writes "if Israel does proper tshuva (repentence), they won't need Moshiach ben Yosef, but rather Moshiach ben Dovid will come immediately."
(For a good overview of information regarding Moshiach ben Yosef, please see this article at by Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Schochet.)

Eli has mentioned elsewhere that Moshiach is already in the world, and can be found in large, religious Jewish communities. Also, he agrees that, based on recently published statements by Harav Hamekubal Yitzchak Kaduri, that Rav Kaduri has met Moshiach in person. Eli says that the Moshiach referred to here is the "real" Moshiach.

The Gold Trumpet is Sounding! (25 Iyar/3 June 05)
Click here for תרגום חופשי
We are excited by the latest "update" from Eli for a number of reasons. First, a bit of background. As far back as last Sukkos (Feast of Tabernacles), Eli mentioned that his great-grandfather (who passed away when Eli's father was just a baby) had a "job" in shomayim (heaven). Along with him, the Rabbi of their local Chabad House, and that Rabbi's brother also had jobs. What are these jobs? Eli said that when the time came to announce Moshiach's coming, his great-grandfather would tell the Rabbi's brother, who would in turn tell the Rabbi, and the Rabbi would then blow a trumpet to announce Moshiach's coming. (Note: This shouldn't be confused with the shofar of Moshiach, mentioned in many sources, which is blown at the completion of the Messianic period.)

Over the past half a year, we periodically asked if this sounding of the trumpet was occuring yet, but Eli consistently said no. This week, however, we were excited to hear from Eli that Moshiach's trumpet is now being sounded! What is the intent of the trumpet? Eli told us it was to announce that Moshiach is "getting near" in the way that a king is announced as he approaches.

Eli noted that it was not being blown by the Rabbi, but by Moshiach himself (we are not sure what this signifies exactly). He was asked if it was a silver trumpet or a gold trumpet, and Eli responded that it was gold. Interestingly, the trumpets mentioned in the Torah are specifically silver trumpets, which were blown by the Levites in the Holy Temple. However, in the Tosefta (ancient compendium of laws), it mentions golden trumpets being blown by the Kohanim (priests) on the day after the festival of Sukkos to call all the people to gather in the Holy Temple for Hakhel (the Torah-ordained gathering of the entire Jewish people to hear the King read from his Torah scroll). A connection was suggested to the (silver) trumpets that were blown in times of war: "If you go to war in your land against an adversary that oppresses you, you shall blow a teruah with the trumpets and be remembered before the Lord your God, and thus be saved from your enemies." (Parshas B'Haaloscha, 10:9), however we asked Eli about this, and he said a very definitive "No!"

Whether this trumpet is serving to gather Jewish souls together in the heavenly Jerusalem, or to announce the approach of Moshiach (or perhaps both), it is surely another encouraging sign among many. Some of the other encouraging indications (in English):
  • Israeli Rabbis Hint at a Miraculous Redemption!
  • Rav Kaduri: Shortly Moshiach will come...
  • Kabbalist: "Time is Right" to find Lost Ark
  • Lazer Brody's website

    For Hebrew speakers, we suggest
  • תרגום העדכון "חצוצרת הזהב של המשיח" לעברית (

George Bush, Gog, Magog, and Eli (20 Iyar/29 May 05)

Eli's Dad recently posted on the Forum page that his younger son (4½ years old) has been having dreams about Moshiach, and he told his father that he had a dream that "the yetzer hara broke Eretz Yisroel, and then Moshiach fixed it." We asked Eli what he thought about this, and he responded that it meant that "the reshaim (wicked) will destroy Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), and then Hashem will rebuild it." Upon further questioning, he said that George W. Bush would send his army to Yerushalayim to fight the reshaim (wicked), and only after that would the reshaim destroy Yerushalayim. He said that nothing would happen to the soldiers, because they were helping the Jews, and everybody who helped the Jews would be safe.

Until the Lord throws in the match to their fuel of Blasphemy

This is a particularly interesting statement, for various reasons. But one of them is the presumption being made in many circles (among those who speculate on such things) that George W. Bush has been chosen to play the role of Gog, leader of Magog. Many reasonable-sounding Torah-based support has been presented for this idea, although it remains speculation and guesswork. In the coming days, G-d-willing, we will try to present some information on Gog and Magog as discussed by traditional Torah sources, and examine how Eli's latest statements relate to it.

What happened on Pesach? (24 Nissan/2 May)
We have received numerous emails asking about Eli's predictions that Jews would "feel the geulah" at the Pesach seder. Was there a widespread phenomenon of Jews "feeling the geulah" at their Passover seders? To the best of our estimation, this was not the case.

However, before we feel disappointed, let us take note of the following: Rav Beniyahu Shmueli (Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva of the Mekubalim "Nahar Shalom" in Jerusalem) stated on 22 Nissan (the day after Pesach ended in Eretz Yisroel) that the previous week was "a very important Pesach" and that we now are "on the doorstep of the redemption." 

Perhaps there were those who did feel the geulah on seder night? Perhaps the threshold for this experience was actually higher than Eli's words would have led us to believe, and in fact for most of us it was only our neshomas (souls) which felt the light of the geulah. In any event, we do not have to rely merely the visions of a young Jewish boy. We have the authoritative voices of G-d-fearing Rabbis, men of solid reputation who are not prone to wild statements, telling us that our father in Heaven is finally ready to bring about the long-awaited redemption. If it does not unfold according to Eli's timetable, do not be discouraged, because the process is surely underway.

Similarly regarding the mysterious, unsubstantiated "Moshiach letter" (see below). While the epochal events described therein have not yet occured (massive earthquakes, volcanoes, etc), it should not be overlooked that "coincidentally" there has been a spate of articles in the last week about the danger of Super volcanoes, including a BBC documentary on the super volcano in Yellowstone Park. As the Talmud in Megillah states, "although a person doesn't hear (the heavenly voice), his soul hears." Surely, even a generation as insensitive as ours can see the "writing on the wall" and we should have a growing excitement that despite whatever "deadlines" might appear to come and go, the truth is that we are a hairsbreadth away from the ultimate revelation of Good which we call the "final redemption."

Chazak v'nischazek!


You are Cordially Invited

to the 13th annual

Hunt and Celebration

South Alabama "Naugerhyde Day" celebrated on "Education Day USA" Rabbi Mendel Menachem Schneerson's Birthday

We would like to extend invitations to all Talmudic Jews and obedient Naugerhydes (Hebrew: Noachides) to celebrate with us. And all Future Naugerhyde Hunters

Robert Pickle: (on the condition of anonymity)

In south Alabama we have many stupid ulgy little creatures that are called Naugers. These stupid ugly little creatures are sometimes referred to as blindgoytoy,or shabbos goyims by the elite class of the land.

It is, not a so far fetched a myth that these creatures are magically produced by wizardry of ancient Babylonian mysticism in secret chambers and are spreading throughout the land,  quite rapidly. It has been said by old men and women who are not yet given to Talmudic Jewish fables that many of these stupid wretched creatures were once good men and women and children of the Righteous Godly kind, until they were seductively lured from their  individual freedom and safety, into the dark and sinister clutches of these mystical Babylonian sorcerers of the old devil Satan Nauga himself for their complacency and apostasy.

We traditionally use Naugerdogs which hunt these so -called little satan idolaters. This dog is huge. He has a body that has been manipulated through many years of breedings and cross breeding and are as huge as a bull mastiff, sometimes weighing close to 300 pounds. But, this dog has a head as small as a taco bell Chihuahua. Quite a funny looking animal, he is.

 What we do, is gather a bunch of our redneck friends on Saturdays. (Judaic Babylonian Talmudic Freemason Sabbath) for this festive fun for the entire redneck family. Note; * Not to late for we must celebrate a new everlasting Covenant the next day, where we go to our brick temple and unlock God for the day.

But, the annual Naugerhyde Day is also on a famous Mystical Talmudic wanna be messiah, Rabbi's birthday. His name is Schneerson, unblessed he be. Or since his demise we should say, blessed he be, who was. 

Anyway on this day we all jump in our pick-up trucks, mostly Ford F-150's and FWD's, drink a lot of beer and iced tea and flagrantly display our much controversial B'nai Brith, ACLU, ADL. NAACP opposed Southern Rebel flags and take off to the creek banks where these powerful but dumb little creatures, nauger's, dig deep boroughs and bunkers in the banks of the creek beds. They only come out to snatch our little children at night, for their Talmudic pedophile perverted Sanhedrin sacrifice, when we are sleeping.

The most popular spot where the majority of these nasty Naugers are found are behind the southern grown Babylonian Talmudic Freemason owned, spaghetti fields, which before the civil war was for cotton growing a Favorite crop of the Babylonian Talmudic Jewish elite plantation owners. 

When this uniquely bred and special Nauger dog finds the scent of these putrid stupid little creatures, he sticks that little head deep down into their dens and using his extremely large and powerful body, he latches on to that ugly stupid  dumb nauger and the fight is on. He has a special suit of armour which protects him from the onslaught of that little but fierce Nauger. Finally after the great and final battle the naugerdog always wins, wrenching the fetid sluggish aspostate creature out of his pathetic complacent cowardly bunker, where their are always a stash of gold coins they get from the rabid rib-eyes for their services. 

We have been hunting for quite sometime for the legendary grandpaw of them all, for generations, the first evil Babylonian Talmudic Judaic mystical, Nauger, we call this one by many names such as old slewfoot, the Beast, Lucifer, some call him Satan. A new name which has cropped up by the younger men, is Ha Moshiach, chief of the family of the Nauger. This one is the son of the original of this breed of animal. They are all of his seedline after his kind.

After we collect several of these ugly ignorant and stupid creatures we skin the hides off of them with the two edged sword, and make couch covers and automobile seat covers and  then we ship this naugerhyde all over the world. They are not much use for anything but parking one's, rear self, on. These naugerhyde covers are a counterfeit Leather, acting mostly as true genuine leather but not, just a fake hydes. They do though sometimes look like the real leather, but up close it is easy to tell the difference, especially when they open their mouths, for then out comes the most abominable sounds imaginable.

  When the naugerhydes eventually deteriorate Our KING simply throws them into a great bon fire designated specially for the unworthy Naugerhydes. It has been predicted by the old men that the grandpaw Nauger, Satanauger, we call him,  himself, is to be caught soon. The story goes that the great Nauger hunter will come in the clouds and by the battle of his blood  in battles past, will catch the great grandpaw of em all and lock him up for a thousand years, because his hyde is good for nothing at all except the burning pits.

The non-Naugerhyde, the True leather gets to stay in the house of the proud Nauger owner, as an invited guest. It is he who purchased it with sweat and blood, forever. For it is the genuine leather, whom the Great Naugerhyde hunter loves. So the great legend is written forever.

We cordially invite all redblooded true American Christian Patriots to participate in this annual festival to cleanse the sorcerers and these nasty creatures the Naugers (Talmudic Noachides) from our lands. Help us make our future generations safe for at least the next thousand years.

The End



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