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June 8, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Amos:8:11: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

Absolute Blasphemy


Was Jesus Christ
really a woman?

New version of Gospels changes gender of 'Son of God' to female

Posted: June 3, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2005

A publisher is touting a new edition of the Gospels that identifies Christ as a woman named Judith Christ of Nazareth.

Not an ONLY Begotten Son a Savior the KING

LBI Institute says its version, Judith Christ of Nazareth, The Gospels of the Bible, Corrected to Reflect that Christ Was a Woman, Extracted from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, takes Thomas Jefferson's edited Gospel one step futher by "correcting" the gender of Christ and God.

Making their Shekina Plural gods/male-female duo gender of Talmud Bavli, Let them be DAMNED for Eternity

"This long-awaited revised text of the Gospels makes the moral message of Christ more accessible to many, and more illuminating to all," says Billie Shakespeare, vice president for the publisher, in a statement. 

awaited by the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitchers of satan's shemmyGoG


"It is empowering. We published this new Bible to acknowledge the rise of women in society."

Of the Feminasi

WND sought comment from the LBI Institute's Stephen Glazier, but he did not return messages.

Law and Business Institute, Washington DC

The new version, according to the publisher, revises familiar stories, tranforming the "Prodigal Son" into the "Prodigal Daughter" and the "Lord's Prayer" into the "Lady's Prayer."

A passage compiled from Luke 2, with corresponding verses at the beginning of each sentence, says: "4 And Joseph went to Bethlehem. 5 To be enrolled with Mary, his wife, who was then pregnant. 7 And she brought forth her firstborn child. 21 And her name was chosen to be Judith."

Brought to you by Judas Iscariot

A passage on the crucifixion, from John 19, says: "17 And She bearing her cross went forth. 18 There they crucified Judith."

A resurrection passage from Matthew 28 states: "1 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb. 5 But the angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Judith who was crucified." 6 "She is not here; for She is risen."

The book's foreword says, "The Jefferson Bible is faithfully followed by the present book, with the corrections in the name and gender of Christ, the gender of God, and some of the parables."

The publisher explains Jefferson used extracts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John rather than the complete books, in order to tell a "linear, complete, organized story" that emphasizes the moral teachings of Christ.

The foreword says, "Events in the Gospel that do not relate to the moral teachings of Christ are often omitted. However, the basic narrative of Christ's life, death and resurrection is maintained."

Reader reviews on the book's page included these:

  • "One star because there is nothing lower. May the Lord have mercy on the writers!"
  • "A friend with a Hebrew doctorate noted to me: 'There is no feminine form of the name Jesus (or Joshua). Judith is the feminine form of the name Juda - or Judas.' How perfectly fitting!"
  • Reading the other reviews here, I can't believe that this is being touted as being an advance for women's rights. That is just not true. God sent his only SON, not his daughter. It is also true that God loves all of us, male and female the same. He created each of us as we are. We should not strive to become something we are not. This book truly offends me. I agree with the other reviewer, those that produced this book will be held responsible for those they deceive. I pray for each of them.

    I don't

    Jer:7:16: Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee.

  • May the Lord God punish the author of this translation and its publishers if they do not withdraw this herectic bible from print Amen

Email this Talmudic Viper @

From: Steven Glazier (or My son Hawkwood is nine and the family likes to go skiing together [he is now the fastest]. We camped out for a week with the Cub Scouts and fun was had by all. My new book came out, about "e-Patent Strategies" and is selling well on The law business is good, but hectic. STEPHEN C. GLAZIER Pillsbury Madison & Sutro LLP Attorneys 1100 New York Avenue, N.W. Ninth Floor Washington D.C. 202.861.3056 fax 202.822.0944

e-mail sent 6-8-2005

Hey Talmudic Noahide Law Scumbag
The Sanhedrin is exposed
the Nassi is Exposed
Dan is Exposed
the Hassidim who control Bushkevik is Exposed
Moshiach and his prophet and all who worship after him are cast into outer darkness very soon
and your carcase will see eternal Damnation
The saints have exposed you VIPER
and ther LORD, laughs you are your brood into derision
so be it.
Robert Pickle, a servant of Jesus the Christ the LORD Almighty


Thanks to David Michael.......

How they over rode Blasphemy Laws via HJR 104, PL 102-14 by ....blaspehmy


Chapter 272 of Massachusetts ' criminal code states, for example:


Section 36. Whoever wilfully blasphemes the holy name of God by denying, cursing or contumeliously reproaching God, his creation, government or final judging of the world, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching or exposing to contempt and ridicule, the holy word of God contained in the holy scriptures shall be punished by imprisonment in jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars, and may also be bound to good behavior.


Members of Congress: Once again, in HR 3077, that age-old malady known as the "fear of the Jews" has infected the House of Representatives. Once again, as you did in 1991 when you approved the severely anti Christian Talmudic Noahide Laws (PL102-14) that have now so badly skewed our system of Jurisprudence, you have voted in "secret", fearful of the wrath of constituents, hiding your sickening votes lest they expose your fear. Once again you aid a people whose intentions are to destroy Christianity, who seek world dominion ("we shall use the guns of America, of Japan of China to quell uprisings, by universal war if necessary"), Once again, you have submitted to demands for special recognition that depletes the rights of Americans, and acquiesced in favor of the unholy demands of your in house masters of deceit!

If the Senate also follows suit, we can be assured that the words of the Jewish Prime Minister that claimed "ownership of the Congress of the United States " are confirmed! 

J.Richard Niemela

Col.USAF (Ret) 



(Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly & Petition)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,

HJR 104, PL 102-14 is Blasphemous TREASON...TREASON... TREASON

or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  (1791)


Go ahead petition them and then ungohead


Bush's Noahide Demonic-razy favorite Author seeks to head the World Zionist Organization, the "Jewish Agency" for the hasidim who control the White House, the RED Sofiet Talmudic Chabad Lubavitch of Dan the king of the North, Aholah,......... against the king of the south, Sharon, Judah, Aholibah

The WZO's executive committee will convene on June 21 to decide on the replacement.

Sharansky is expected to gain the support of the World Likud faction as the party's candidate while Bielski is hoping to win the backing of WZO Executive Committee members from other parties.

Sharansky, who headed several ministries in the past and was responsible for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, opposes the government's disengagement plan. Sharon is said to have turned down Sharansky's candidacy for chairman of the Agency because of this.

Until yesterday, Bielski was considered a sure candidate for both positions. But in the past few days, Sharansky received numerous appeals from World Likud members to run against him. The World Likud movement is headed by Jacques Kupfer, who is considered extremely right wing and an opponent of Sharon.

Talmudic Pharisaic Hassidim

The World Likud has only 18 members on the 117-member executive committee, and the remaining members are affiliated with the center and left. Bielski has not submitted his candidacy for World Likud support and will likely have to be endorsed by other parties.

Sharansky will be competing for the Likud World endorsement against former minister Gideon Patt, who headed the housing, tourism and industry and trade ministries.

Bielski issued a statement last night expressing the belief that as the candidate of the prime minister and the head of the Israeli Likud Party, he would win the confidence of executive committee members and be elected to the chairmanship of both the WZO and the Jewish Agency.

The Prime Minister's Bureau also reacted to Sharansky's announcement, saying that "Bielski's candidacy for the post will be presented to the authorized bodies in the WZO and the Jewish Agency


Thus the North and the South Battle for the seat of the throne of the earth for the dragon's son of Perdition, and the Beast Sanhedrin's Universal Noahide Yoke against Jesus the Christ


Rav Kaduri: 

"Soon Moshiach will come...he will help the government..."

From an interview with Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, shlita, by Yehoshua Meiri of Arutz-7, published electronically 10 Iyar / May 19 '05

Meiri: The Rav said that we need to rely on the Prime Minister [Ariel Sharon]?

Harav Kaduri: "The heart of kings and ministers is in the hands of Hashem" and he [Sharon] is doing His will. Hashem (Dragon of the shemsham)  will turn the Prime Minister away from bad counsel. The Prime Minister is a mighty warrior three times over.

Meiri: So the Prime Minister is good?

Harav Kaduri: Shortly the Moshiach will come, he will help the government, and Hashem will have mercy on them and make their prayers and requests successful and not turn them away empty-handed.

Meiri: But there is a big argument among Jews ["between brothers"] and there are people who say that there is danger of a civil war and that the Prime Minister is in danger.

Harav Kaduri: The people will rejoice, and the sick will be rescued. Such a thing [as civil war] will not occur.

Meiri: What will happen now?

Harav Kaduri: Hashem will have mercy on his people Israel that they will return to him and he will not turn them away empty-handed. He will nullify all the decrees instantly and peacefully. He will inspire the Prime Minister not to give all these places to the Arabs. And all the places will be for Jews. In the merit of our Holy Torah [which is learned there]. Talmud Bavli of sick perversion


The Chassidic Shemwar Scam exposed


June 8, 2005

President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair continued today to try to hide from the explosive revelations in the Downing Street Minutes.

Neither President Bush nor Prime Minister Blair denied today that the Downing Street Minutes are, in fact, the official minutes of the secret meeting that Prime Minister Blair held in London on July 23, 2002, with his top national security officials to receive a briefing from Richard Dearlove, then director of Britain 's CIA equivalent, MI-6.

Neither President Bush nor Prime Minister Blair denied today that Mr. Dearlove, in reporting on his meetings with high U.S. Government officials in Washington , stated at that meeting: “Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD [weapons of mass destruction]. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

The Prime Minister asserted that “the facts were not being fixed in any shape or form at all.”

The President claimed that “[t]here's nothing farther from the truth” with respect to Mr. Dearlove's statement that the President had decided, by July 2002, to invade Iraq, months before submitting his resolution on Iraq to the United States Congress and months before he and the Prime Minister asked the United Nations to resume its inspections for alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The American people deserve to know the truth. Mr. Dearlove's report in July 2002 directly contradicts what the President and the Prime Minister said today. Only a full congressional investigation, with subpoena power, will reveal the truth., a broad coalition of veterans groups, peace groups, and public interest organizations across this country, renews its call today for Members of Congress to introduce a Resolution of Inquiry directing the House Judiciary Committee to launch a formal investigation into whether the President of the United States has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war. This inquiry must now answer the question: Has the President engaged in a conspiracy to deceive and mislead the United States Congress and the American people about the basis for going to war against Iraq ? If the President has committed a High Crime, he must be held accountable under the United States Constitution.

David Swanson


Collective shemborg USA of ISRA-hell punishment "Operation Dan Slitherer"

gawd bliss apostate "Amaraka"

US Seals Off ‘Anah As “Punishment” In “Operation Slithering Snake”

Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice; Edited For Publication By JUS

Jun 08, 2005 - US occupation forces moved in dozens of armored vehicles and encircled the town of ‘Anah, east of al-Qa’im in western Iraq, at dawn on Monday. Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the Americans closed the roads linking the city with the outside world and prevented any of the city’s residents from entering or leaving, even on foot.

A physician in the main hospital in ‘Anah told Mafkarat al-Islam by telephone (since the correspondent could not get into the city after the Americans had blockaded it) that the
Americans had killed an entire Iraqi family of a man, his wife and their three children when they tried to get out of the city. An American sniper in the city shot and killed 80-year old al-Hajj Tayyib at-Tamimi as he stood in front of the door of his house.

US forces announced over loudspeakers that the
city was being punished for hiding and aiding the Mujahideen, whom the Americans called “Iraqi and Arab insurgents.” The Americans promised to lift their siege of the city if the local citizens inform the invader troops where the Resistance fighters are in ‘Anah. US forces, for their part, announced that the siege of ‘Anah was an operation they called “Slithering Snake” and said that it would last a set time, depending on the extent to which local people cooperate with them.


Let Apostate murderous Blasphemous treasonous "Amaraka",  in the name of their gawd of the jews have their destruction O' Lord. Let them slay me O'Lord for it is written of your saints who stand firm, For I hate the evil murder of mankind.

By Shamai Leibowitz, attorney, Tel Aviv. Graduate of Yeshivat Har Etzion
Translated by Cheryl Leibowitz-Schmidt

Ruling Over a Hostile Population

         Our  rule over three million Palestinian Arabs in the territories  has perforce put us in a position of committing a number of moral outrages. Continued rule will necessitate not only continued denial of many basic rights to Palestinians,  but will require our taking additional steps which are reprehensible, if not morally questionable. While we certainly did not set out intentionally to take drastic measures to buttress  our rule, these are  willy-nilly (protocol favorite)  consequences of such a position.  To maintain our rule we will have to continue to mete out collective punishment that  often  cruelly affects those who are not guilty.

Do you hear you sick blood lusting Judeo Churchinsanist of the Dragon, you destruction drwaeth Nigh and you Justly Deserve the Judgment of the Father who is in Heaven and His Christ, My Lord and my God, Jesus the Christ the LIFE GIVER whom you Blaspheme. DO you hear BUSH, for your Treasonous Blasphemous murderous soul will seep in torment in the pit forever. Do you hear you soldier of fortune? Do you hear O'Zionist Apostate Pastors of Prosperity Evangelism? Do you hear Freemason Judge and Bar Mitzvah LAWYERS of Hell? Do you hear Congress and all of the United States of Greater ISREALHELL Government of Treason. DO you hear in that Great harlot City jerusalem the bloody whore? Do you hear all Palestinia? Do you hear complacent apostate unbeliever ungodly Amaraka? Who will hear your cries on that Great and terrible Day of the LORD's Wrath? where will you Hide? Wake slothful and full of iniquity sick Amaraka for your Judgment is Nigh. For you have not STOOD Firm against the Dragon and his Blasphemy. Come out of that Great whore or be damned forever. You, who is reading this with you scoffing mind, yes you who has been drunken with the wine of the whore, yes you, REPENT in the Name of Jesus the Christ, and there is NO OTHER Name, or perish soon, both the First death and then the Last and Final death the death of your wretched worm

Among the steps we have taken is the enclosing of millions of humans in their cities, towns, and villages.  We often  deny  basic rights such as the right to earn a living, , to study, to move freely, to purchase basic necessities, to vote, to travel for medical care, to move sick or injured to medical facilities, etc. But most severe is that innocent civilians die. While this occurs in every violent conflict throughout the world, and throughout history,  what is happening now is more than  unintentional collateral deaths of civilians.  Ruling over millions of people who despise your rule necessitates such deaths of youngsters, women, and elderly.

Thus the Noahide Laws of the Murderer since the beginning, yet "Amaraka" the apostate sleeps oblivious to what is occurring, for they have been taught doctrines of devils and secret Raptures, and hide in their foxholes of complacency, led right into the arms of the soon to be "REVEALED" son of Perdition, For they loved not the TRUTH in Righteousness, God has sent them strong delusion so they believe the LIE. These are them who will think to do their Talmudic non god a favor, a service when they deliver the saints who stand Firm in their testimony that Only Jesus is the Only IAM, to their masters the Talmudic Pharisees of the beast Sanhedrin unto their Dragon
         The IDF, like any army, makes both avoidable and unavoidable mistakes;  but it is certainly not bloodthirsty and has no daily quota of corpses.  It is not an oxymoron to term the IDF  a humane army. Nevertheless, it  seems that a large number of the hundreds of  Palestinian civilians who die are not  killed because Israeli armed forces are acting in self-defense. The IDF maintains that these are victims of  such unavoidable actions that must be taken to quell unrest. In this respect, the IDF is correct because to put down a popular uprising   drastic measures (i.e., maiming and killing civilians)  are often needed, in addition to the enforcing of curfews,  establishment of blockades,  abrogation of civil rights, and condoning of inhumane treatment.   The governmental decision to remain in the disputed territories  leads to the viewing of most, if not all,  Palestinians as enemies and anyone who is connected to the enemy is a fair target.

Collective Punishment

shemborg Collective Noahides

Issues related to the practice of collective punishment (where this involves punishing innocents who are part of the collective) appear in a number of instances in Jewish sources.

Abraham's Refusal

One could consider our forefather Avraham as the first “conscientious objector to collective punishment  for his refusal to participate in or condone collective punishment. He was even willing to risk punishment himself in order to try to dissuade G-d (the shems say they are gods) from His intention to mete out collective punishment to  Sodom and Gemora.  His argument with G-d is described in Genesis:

GOD the Life Giver is not the non-god the murderer
Beware of the fables of the jews

“If there are fifty righteous within the city, will You indeed sweep away and not forgive the city for the fifty?…It is  far from You to do such a thing, to slay the righteous with the wicked… Shall not the Judge of all the earth do justly?” (Genesis 18:24-25).

They are justifying their Talmudic perversion in the Creators name. Abraham knew that Creator, the Life Giver and was counted unto righteousness for he believed the WORD of God, that same Word since the beginning, that same creator, who they in their "Replacement Thology" crucified, Jesus the Christ the WORD of God. And now the Judeo-Churchinsanity evangelicals share the same Replacement god, who is no GOD, and they are two fold the children of Hell in their bloodlust

          Here Avraham courageously  questions G-d and appeals His decision to destroy entire cities.  Avraham’s  questioning of  the impending collective punishment succeeded in persuading G-d, so to speak, to reconsider. The implication is that collective punishment, where it includes innocents,  is not acceptable, and only those who have sinned should be punished for their own wrongdoing.

Such as Via Bushkeviks and his 102nd Congress of TREASON  and Blasphemy will do according to the Talmudic Satanis Noahide Law unto the Dragon and his beast the Sanhedrin and its false Christ Moshiach to be "REVEALED" soon, who all who dwell upon the earth accept the saints slain by these laws, will worship. Are you one of these? REPENT in Jesus the ONLY CHRIST NOW. His name is not Yeshu-a, yaweh YWVH, tetragrammaton, or any other, BUT the name above all names, JESUS the Christ Our LORD.

         Avraham held himself  to a very high standard. He feared that he may have killed innocent people during the wars he waged (described in Genesis 14).  According to  midrash Tanhuma:

         “Avraham excoriated himself mercilessly saying, ’Perhaps among those whom I have killed there were some righteous men…’  (Tanhuma  3:14 on Gen. 15:1 )

Massacre in Nablus

This principle  of not harming innocents appears elsewhere in the Torah. Our forefather Yaakov (Jacob) severely  rebuked two of his sons, Shimon (Shem-ON) and Levi,(Pharez) when they massacred the city of Shechem (Shechem/Nablus today) as a form of revenge. 

PURIM, eye for eye

This act of reprisal, shading over to vicious vindictiveness,  was executed by the two brothers as retribution for the rape of their sister Dinah. Despite this seeming justification tendered by the brothers, Yaakov   censured his sons in one of the most caustic statements in the Bible, when he reproved them:

“Simon and Levi are brothers; weapons of violence are the means of  their livelihood.  Let my soul not be coupled with theirs; into their assembly let my glory not be united.  For in anger they slew men, and in their willfulness they continued in their destruction of cattle. Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce, and their wrath for it was cruel.” (Genesis 49:5):

Yaakov was shaken by what his sons did, and  does not mince words in his reproach.  Similar words might be said in reaction to our attempts to justify aerial bombing of Palestinian cities as retribution for attacks by terrorists.  If we do not want to be  cursed, we have to decline  to participate in these actions, even if we have to refuse to serve in the territories altogether.

The argument is made that we have no choice and that the IDF must take such steps to preserve the security of the State. I cannot be convinced that the existence of the State of Israel hangs on the killing of children in refugee camps. The rule over another nation, a  hostile population, does not strengthen our defense posture; rather it weakens us. It prolongs the necessity for curfews and blockades of millions of humans, for abrogation of their elementary rights, and for physically injuring them.

In  the case of Shimon and Levi,  they defended their action as being of deterrent value. 

noahide laws of Heil Bushkevil and his Talmudic Hassidim, Chabad Lubavitch who control the White House, Congress and the Sanhedrin beast in Tiberias

Yaakov rejects this argument because even in military conflicts there are acts that are prohibited.  This can be derived from the comments of Ramban (Nachmanides)  on the episode. He discusses  the claim  (heard today as well) that  Shimon and Levi were justified  in attacking and murdering the  men  of Nablus and sacking the city because the citizens did not bring the rapist to justice.

Nachmanides is Chassidic of Chabad Lubavitch the sofiet reds of the dragon shemmyGoG

After discussing this line of defense of Shimon and Levi, Ramban rejects it unequivocally. There is no justification for harming innocents. This is a basic tenet of justice.

innocent as long as they submit to the Talmudic anti-Christ Noahide laws

Contrast Shimon and Levi’s  headstrong cruelty with the earlier  introspection of their father. Yaakov  feared killing innocents.   When his brother Esau  approached Yaakov   with four hundred armed men for a  face-off, we are told that : 

         “Yaakov was greatly afraid and was distressed.” (Genesis 32:8)
Rashi explains the seeming redundancy (afraid and distressed) by saying that  Yaakov was afraid he might be killed,  and distressed that he might kill Esau, in the event that Esau had  innocent intentions.

Individual Responsibility - A Religious Norm
The concept of individual responsibility for wrongdoing   is encapsulated in the prohibition towards the end of the Torah:

“The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers; every man shall be put to death for his own sin.”  (Deuteronomy 24:16)

         This moral and religious norm appears elsewhere in the Tanakh. For example, the prophet Ezekial warns that:

“The soul that sins, it shall die.  The son shall not hear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself alone.” (Ezekial 18:20)

  This pertains to all Jews (and is not restricted to ‘teary-eyed left-wing liberals’).  In the territories we are violating this precept daily by destroying houses of families of terrorists, preventing  food and medical supplies from reaching villages,  and physically harming  blameless civilians --  acts that would be forbidden under the rubric of   “the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself alone.”

         This dilemma has preoccupied military officers around the world in the past as much as it baffles us today. How can you fight an enemy that intentionally blurs the lines between the military and the civilian, an enemy that  uses that very ambiguity to its own advantage?  It would be simplistic to dismiss all military operations that affect civilians  as morally indefensible, especially in the context of vicious guerilla and terrorist attacks.  This conundrum has always been with us. For example, a member of the pre-State  Jewish  Special Night Squads (that were trained to fight Arabs  by the British Major General  Orde Wingate)   observed, “The problem of punishment and.. the morality of battle was something that concerned Wingate greatly.  On the one hand, he demanded that the innocent not be harmed.  On the other hand, he knew that he faced a dilemma: Can one observe this rule in battle against gangs that receive assistance from the residents of the villages?” 
[Bierman and Smith, Fire in the Night: Wingate of Burma, Ethiopia, and Zion, p. 11, as quoted in Azure, No.10, Winter 2001, p. 46, published by the Shalem Center]

see people like Robert Pickle who Oppose them with his very life, as will all saints in Jesus the Christ whom they will slay in their satanic quest to establish their hoodlum haha for the beast sanhedrin and their Moshaich ben dragon

        I wish that I could agree with those settlers who claim  that we  can  humanely and fairly occupy and rule   those  over-the-Green-Line portions of the Land of Israel, as precious to me as it is to them.  But there ain’t no such animal as an “enlightened occupation.”   

see heil Bushkevik's Iraqi Occupation and murders of innocent civillians


The rule over 3 million antagonistic  people, stripped of their rights,  will  necessitate,  nolens  volens, cruelty  on our part. It will require us to violate normative prohibitions of Jewish law.  Therefore the refusal to participate in actions directly related to the occupation is a religious imperative.  We hope that every soldier, in the standing army and in the reserve, will ponder these dilemmas and draw conclusions himself.  

Blind Obedience  to One’s Country

see the gawd bliss Amarakans of Judeo Churchinsanity shemborg collective bloodlust......kill all em dirty arabs, apostasy and murderous hearts.

         Blind compliance  can lead to bestiality, for animals live without morality and law.

 While there is a halakhic principle of   dina  demalkhuta  dina  (the law of the land is obeyed when it does not contradict Jewish law),  obedience to the state is not an ultimate Jewish value. The Prophets riled against those regimes in the Jewish past that used their powers to the disadvantage of weak populations. They did not hesitate to call for disobedience to such wicked regimes. (E.g. see the episode over Navot’s vineyard involving Ahab  and Jezebel in  I Kings 21). Law abiding citizenship is encouraged; but obedience per se as a value is not sacrosanct.

the Declaration of Independence calls for the DUTY to go against the Tyrannical murderous Treasonous BUSH and his Talmudic cronies of the serpents DEN of HELL in Washington DC and Tiberias ISREALHELL
         Questions of immorality and  illegality waft above  the orders to serve in the territories.  We must continue to serve in the IDF, as a defence army, but not as an occupying force committing crimes against humanity.  

see the new Talmudic Imperial whore of the Bushkevik ad-menstruation of bloodiness

         We dare not become soldier robots.  We may have to suffer the consequences of refusal , which can  run the gamut from ridicule  and social ostracism to imprisonment. As soldiers we not only have to obey orders, but we also have to be aware that they may violate our most basic moral, legal, and religious norms.

the soldiers of Jesus the King of KINGS


e-mail from Dov at the Sanhedrin 6-8-2005

----- Original Message -----
From: Dov
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 12:49 PM
Subject: RE:

These are talk to talk not walk to walk.
Please clarify what are the principles of your faith. Might be I was mistake when I wrote you an Idol worker.
Are you Protestant? Catholic? Baptist?

My Response

The Catholicos is on the right side of Sanhedrin. Prostestants protest
Baptist are obedient freemasons
what do these, or the Sanhedrin have to do with the Creator God you have "Replaced" with your plural gods of Qabalah?
By your tradition you have made the WORD of God of none effect unto yourselves
Repent for your theft's, murders , blasphemy and sorceries yield you the second death
Repent in the Name above Names, Jesus the Christ, Alpha Omega, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the IAMHE

Is there any question of their quest of their vision of their hoodlum haha of their Dragon?

----- Original Message -----
From: Dov
To: Southern American Marketing, Inc.
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 1:42 PM
Subject: RE:

I see that you replace G-D by Jesus so you remain Idol worker.
The Qabala is not relaitin to several G-Ds. It is relating to one uniq G-D.


My response 6-8-2005

Yeah, a g-d who not one of your fathers has ever seen. SHOW me TWO witnesses who have SEEN this non-g-ds

I stand BY Jesus the Christ the WORD that Abraham believed and was Counted as Righteousness. I stand By that same WORD that Jacob believed, but whom Shimeon and Pharez in their Talmudic Twisted evil slew innocent people in their PURIM of your dragon of HELL, they rejected the living God for murder,...... Viper.
There is ONE God and even he is the GOD that you Crucified in that whore city that Spiritual Sodom and Egypt that Great Harlot of Babylon Eretz ISREALHELL Proper.
Your are a damned man in your flesh in the Vision you seek to establish of your Hoodlum hoo haha unto that Dragon
Let the Time come even Now, Begin your murders and your final Iniquities, for in them you have your blood and make your cakes to your Shekinah gods of Hell and death of the Covenant you have made
That Great and terrible Day of the LORDS Wrath is upon you devil and you will never enslave the saints of the Most HIGH GOD who is ONE God and is the GOD of ISRAEL and is no GOD of you, who say you are a Jew but who do lie and are of the Shema-GoG of Satan.
Repent for Damnation and eternal darkness in outer darkness is upon your soul.
Let MY WORDS Be a Testimony and Witness against you Hassidim Pharisee, For the Lord Jesus the Christ the LORD of King David is MY Only Master. Let the LORD and the Father be my two witnesses according to your law, and if not then Jesus the Christ is my witness against you and your shemborg courts of the dragon.
Come , come, come with your swords and your staves like thieves in the night as you did with Judas Iscariot, for the LORD, and seek to slay the Servants of the LORD, for as soon as you begin the slaying of his saints you have sealed the destruction of your Temple of abominations unto your false gods, and the destruction of your seventy ancients and the Destruction of your false Christ Moshaich ben DRAGON and his prophet that false Prophet who is no Eliahu...........and all who worship your beast.
you will indeed drink blood and it surely will be your own, Dov ,for your Blasphemy and sorcery and your thefts and murders.
Come, Lord Jesus the Christ repay that whore double for her murders of All who are slain upon the earth from Righteous ABEL to the messengers of the Father whom he sent early and unto the martyars of Jesus unto the Last saint of Our LORD
You are warned DOV, you are on ther LOSING side, and you have made your decision.
You think the saints of GOD will bow to your Babylonian gods who are no GOD? Do you think we love our Lives unto our deaths....Wrong we shall have eternal life while you are athirst in the pit with your Moshiach of the Dragon.
Hahahhahahha, But on that Day, when Jesus the Christ the Iamhe comes in the Clouds with Great Glory with his saints, your knee will bow before him you have pierced and your fathers shall surely be raised, unto everlasting shame.
SO be it.
Tell Moshiach that son of the Dragon, IAMHERE, And I stand Before him and I testify and I witness for Jesus the Christ and I obey the Commandments of MY GOD, and he your son of perdition will tremble before MY LORD SOON
Tell your Nazi, Nassi Idan, that I stand Firm and he is no priest but a priest unto the Dragon serpent and the LORD sees his heart
Tell your ancients of their wannabe house, they and their house is Left desolate unto they say "Blessed is he who COMES in the Name of the LORD
Tell them their cowards cannot slay the saints of Jesus the Christ.
And once again Dov, you can too have eternal Life in Jesus the Christ. Forsake your false gods and that false Messiah whom Judaism of talmud Bavli rejected Jesus the Christ, and said he is not him, Who the prophets Prophesied and KING David Spoke , for theirs, is no suffering Messiah, but a false king as was Saul.
For now you have taken up Messianism and are become the laughing stock of the world, seeking a Moshaich who will come in his own name and he will devour you, DOV
REPENT for the Lord Jesus the Christ cannot be duplicated and your folly gains you eternal damnation
You will find you are cast out of the World to Come and Abraham and Isaac and Yakov will sit with many from the east and west and they will  sup with the LORD Jesus the Creator. 
Robert Glen Pickle, SERVENT of the KING of KINGS and the KING of the JEWS  



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So you believe that he is at leasr two. Tha, the result is that you are Idol worker



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ONE GOD, for the Image of the Invisible GOD no man, no rabbi has ever seen is Jesus the Christ. GOD ONE GOD
Jn:8:24: I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.
6: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
and you are a:shem-ed, awshumed, ashamed


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6-8-2005@ 5:00 p.m. CST

Jason wrote:

Very interesting Rob for Dov confessses "he knows not whence ye are"!!!. He dont know what your faith is, hes in confusion. Hahahahahahahaha. Excellent! he says "you MAY NOT be idol worker"....hahahahahahahahahahahahah. Your throwing him for a loop and he cant figure out whence ye go or whence ye are.....the WIND LISTETH WHERE IT BLOWETH....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah




Hassidic Talmudic Sofiet RED Esau, Justification for Collective Murder, Bush's puppet masters the Chabad Lubavitch, known otherwise as a "Pretzel"

What gives a nation the right to defend itself -- if innocent civilians will be killed?


Taking note of the futility of punishment for its own sake, Jewish tradition teaches that all Divine punishment is therapeutic, and all human punishment is defensive. God's punishments are in the nature of painful operations required to remove a spiritual cancer, and the court-ordered punishments of the Torah (Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah oral perverted tradition of the rabid rib-eyes of satan's shemmyGoG) are all based on the principle of "you shall destroy the evil from your midst"

Thus by their laws, they indeed will be Judged by the Creator on that Great and terrible Day of His Wrath


This phrase is mentioned in the Torah no less than seven times, always in connection with capital punishment. Untreated evil is a festering sore that destroys healthy societies. The execution of evildoers is to be regarded as a defense mechanism.

any who are opposed to their Universal shemborg Noahide Collective of the shem sham of shame

All physical violence is rooted in spiritual evil. As Maimonides (Mammon-eyes, servant of the serpent)  explained, in a society intolerant of baseless violence inflicted on defenseless victims, Shechem would have restrained his desire to rape Dinah. When society tolerates evil people, it raises the ceiling of what is considered conceivable behavior by those prone to violence, and ultimately this tolerance translates directly into injury inflicted on the innocent.

Thus by the Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet RED Standard, Bush premeditates murder by pre-imminent war

The Torah commands us to defend ourselves against such evil by destroying it from our midst.

The Torah Mishnah of Talmud Bavli of the murderer since the beginning, thus the Lust of their Father the murderer they do....BY their version of perversion of global peace they shall destroy wonderfully, and they use their proselytes the Judeo-Churchinsanity of Amaraka to slay, for their god is become the same murderer since the beginning. All of them, Hagee, Crouch, Fall-Well, Robertson, Copeland, Lindsay, Van Impe, Schuller, Graham, Jakes....ALL, not one is exemp who cling to the whore city of flesh doom that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where Our Lord was crucified. Let them have their prosperity mammon robberies, and let them have their bloodlust, for soon the blood will be their own. If you are one of these apostate fallen away from the TRUTH "Sayers" who say LORD, LORD..........REPENT NOW in Jesus the Christ are be forever damned


All perpetrators of evil feel that their acts are justified. No doubt Shechem justified the rape of Dinah as a means of discouraging Jewish settlement. "Why should foreigners be allowed to come in and exploit the resources built up by the local population?" is a populist slogan that has been used countless times to justify atrocities.

Similarly, those who perpetrated the outrage of the Twin Towers massacre, or those who are attempting to kill with the anthrax virus, surely justify their heinous deeds on the basis of Jihad, a warped ideology that they hope will transform their violent actions into holy acts.

see Mossad of Aholibah, Judah Sharon's secular zion of the south in their battle against Dan, Aholah, Bush and his Hassidim of the North

But evil must be judged objectively. It is against God's law to slaughter innocent people who are doing no harm. And even when such slaughter can be justified under God's law, it is still wrong to punish the guilty except in the special case when such punishment amounts to self-defense.

The perpetrators of the terrorist acts against the United States were certainly not defending themselves against any form of onslaught, and therefore there is no possible way to defend their actions or to view them in any light other than pure evil.

see WTC, Shembolic war against the jackbooted Nasi's World to Come of their Moshaich false king of the beast Sanhedrin of the Dragon

In contrast, the United States is in precisely this position of needing to defend itself and its citizens against an evil onslaught.

Thus Bushkevik slays by the false pretense of peace

 Any society that tolerates the granting of martyr status to terrorists is an evil society. According to the Divine rules that apply to this world, such a society is culpable as a whole.

SICK perverted Hassidim Pharisees, Hypocrites of HELL. Chabad bad boy whut ya gonna do when the Lord comes for you?

By Jewish standards, a nation has every right -- and even moral obligation -- to impose God's laws and punish the evil-doers, even if it is impossible to separate the innocent from the wicked, and inevitably some innocent bystanders must suffer.

Do you hear them Lord Jesus, do you hear them Blaspheme and murder in you name God of Heaven?

Apostate "Amaraka" behold your chosen Master Race masters of hell and death their Covenant they have made, and now you are with them....



Every trait, without exception, has the potential to cause either a sanctification of God's Name or a desecration of God's Name depending upon the circumstances in which, and the motivation with which, it is exercised. So it is with the trait of Revenge. That Revenge can be a holy trait is clear. 

And you will find How true that is, For Jesus the Christ say's Vengeance is mine, and on that Great and Terrible Day of His wrath, remember your Blasphemies, VIPER


As the Hebrew Bible (Talmud Bavli of sick perversion) declares: "HaShem is a Zealous and Vengeful God; HaShem is Vengeful and full of Wrath; HaShem is Vengeful to His adversaries and reserves Hostility for His enemies. HaShem is slow to Anger, but He has great Power and He will not absolve [Evil]." (Nahum 1:2-3)

And Jesus the Christ is the LIFE GIVER who came once and forever and set the Record Straight of these Hassidic Pharisaic Blasphemous Murderous Vipers of HELL and their Covenants with Death and HELL they have Made. ANY man who murders in the Name of the LIVING God, Woe to be upon your damned soul. Any of you who dispute this, WOE unto your damned soul.


; and: "The righteous man shall rejoice when he sees Vengeance. He shall wash his feet in the blood of the Wicked. And Mankind shall say, 'Truly there is a reward for the Righteous. Truly there is a God Who judges on Earth.'" (Psalms 58:11-12).

ON that day of Judgment, and no you Vipers of Hell are no gods, and certainly no "Chosen"


Furthermore, as is demonstrated with respect to the foreordained Egyptian Exile, although Exodus-era Egypt is merely fulfilling a role assigned to it by the God of Israel (see Gen. 15:13-16), the Creator of Morality purposefully stiffens the resolve of Egypt's evil Pharaoh only so that He may exercise a horrific Vengeance against that nation as punishment for its enslavement of the Jewish people. As the Torah relates: "HaShem said to Moses, 'When you go to return to Egypt, see all the Wonders that I have put in your hand, and perform them before Pharaoh; but I shall strengthen his heart and he will not send out the people. You shall say to Pharaoh, "So said HaShem, 'My first-born Son is Israel. So I say to you: Send out My Son that he may serve Me, but you have refused to send him out; behold! -- I shall kill your first-born son.'"'" (Ex. 4:21-23).

Sick perverted Blasphemous Vipers of Hell, What does the Creator have to do with hahashem of shemborg Collective and satan's shemborg laws of your Collective of the Dragon and His Sanhedrin. You shall surely see that Great Day of the Vengeance of the LORD of Lord's. Yes the Lord has spoken and has given his spirit of Prophecy against you and your murders


 Moreover, God commands that Israel take revenge upon its enemies, which, by definition, also constitute God's enemies.

Their god of this corrupted flesh world, that god who is no GOD, that serpent their father the murderer they serve, their non god of murders and sorceries and blasphemies, that god who is no God who is the enemy of Christ Jesus and his saints, that anti-Christ spirit, who all the world serves and worships except for the saints of the Lord Jesus the Christ the IAMHE


 As the Torah relates: "HaShem spoke to Moses, saying, 'Take vengeance for the Children of Israel against the Midianites ...'", but: "Moses spoke to the people, saying, '... inflict HaShem's Vengeance against Midian.'" (Num. 31:2-3). 

Beware, they refer to Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah and not the WORD of God, they only use the scripture in the convenience to further dupe their two fold little murderers of Judeo Churchinsanity

In fact, God even demands that the gentile nations praise the Jewish people on account of the Vengeance to which these nations will be subjected during the End of Days. 

Here you have it, that they say in their laws they have made unto them selves a stiffnecked people, they are gods, who slew him who is GOD come in the name of the father, for they seek to enslave mankind in this vision against the Everlasting Holy Covenant the Promise. For they even say they are Chosen, whom "Chose" the Robber and crucified the "Chooser" when he came to offer that whore and her Pharisees Salvation. All of you who deny that only by faith in Jesus the Christ are ye the seed of Abraham and cling to these as your Chosen will surely see the second death, for you have given heed to their jewish fables and the leaven of these Hassidic Pharisees of HELL


As the Hebrew Bible relates: "O nations: Sing the praises of His People, for He will avenge the blood of His Servants; He will bring retribution upon His adversaries, and He will appease His Land [and] His People." (Deut. 32:43).

Yes indeed, Jesus the Christ will come on that Great and terrible Day of His Wrath soon and indeed repay double these Hassidic Vipers who have slain the sheep of the LORD, His Chosen by faith, Given freely by Grace of the Father they reject and deny and only give lip service, and who worship strange gods who are no GOD

 Finally, prophesying about the End of Days, the Prophet Isaiah, describing the Vengeance that God will wreak upon the nations who have persecuted the Jewish people, declares: "He donned Righteousness like armor and a helmet of Salvation on His Head; and He donned garments of Vengeance as His Attire and clothed Himself in Zealousness like a coat. Just as there were [previous] Retributions [against His enemies], so shall He [now] repay Wrath to His enemies, Retribution to His adversaries; He will pay Retribution [even] to the distant lands. From the West they will fear the Name of HaShem, and from the rising of the sun [they will fear] His Glory; for [their] travail will come like a river; the Spirit of HaShem will gnaw at them." (Isaiah 59:17-19).

and no it will not be the wanna be shemgods who do it......FOR the LORD comes with his Ten thousands of his saints they have beheaded, and his WRTH upon the beast and their Moshiach son of Perdition and all who dwell upon the earth who worship him will be a terrible shall slay temporarily the body, But on that Great day he you have denied will destroy for eternity the soul and the body

That being said, the issue is always one of proper discernment. A Jewish leader must be able distinguish between those situations which require mercy and forgiveness and those which require strict justice and vengeance. This is no easy task as can be seen from the vantage point of one of the most perplexing incidents in the Torah, namely, the massacre at Shechem (see Gen. 34:1-31). On the surface, Scripture -- that is to say, God -- appears to adopt a neutral, or at least ambiguous, attitude towards this incident, with Jacob stridently condemning it, and Shimon and Levi just as stridently defending it, after which the text abruptly goes on to another subject. But a closer examination reveals that such is not actually the case.

a House divided falls, so be it, for it is WRITTEN and is no oral tradition

To summarize: Shechem, son of King Chamor and Prince of the City of Shechem (the site of modern-day Nablus), kidnapped and raped Dina, Jacob's daughter. Prince Shechem then fell in love with her and persuaded his father Chamor to negotiate a marriage contract for her with Jacob. Jacob's sons, in an act of revenge, tricked all of the adult males of the City, including King Chamor and Prince Shechem, into circumcising themselves on the pretext that Dina would then become Prince Shechem's wife and the Jewish nation would thereafter freely intermarry with the Shechemites until they became one people. However, on the third day after the mass circumcision, when the Shechemites' pain was the greatest, Shimon and Levi slaughtered all of the adult men of the city and freed Dina from Prince Shechem's house. They then captured the city's women and children, confiscated all of the people's possessions, and departed. At first glance, it appears that Prince Shechem repented of his crime by offering to make Dina his Princess, and that the entire adult male population of Shechem furthered this effort by agreeing to accept circumcision, thereby entitling the city to obtain mercy and forgiveness from Jacob's family. And, at first glance, it appears that Shimon and Levi responded to this repentance by breaking God's Prohibitions against lying, murder and theft.

These are the hero's of Talmud Bavli of the murderer since the beginning. Thus the whore city in their own law will be judged

But a closer examination is in order. The text relates that: "Jacob's sons arrived from the field when they heard; the men were distressed and were fired deeply with indignation, for he [Prince Shechem] had perpetrated an outrage in Israel by lying with a daughter of Jacob - such a thing may not be done!" (Gen. 34:7). 

For they are as gods they say in their laws and all goyim are lesser than animals, Talmud Bavli of satan's Dragon and the Sanhedrin of the Hassidic Pharisees of Death and Hell their Covenant they have made

Please note the use of the phrase "outrage in Israel" when the text otherwise refers to the name "Jacob". As is known, God had changed Jacob's name to "Israel" after Jacob's confrontation with the angel on the east bank of the Jordan River. As the Torah relates: "He [the angel] said, 'No longer will it be said that your name is Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with the Divine and with Man and have overcome.'"

It was the Christ, Jesus the LORD

 (Gen. 32:29). After the massacre, God reaffirmed this transformation: "Then God said to him, 'Your name is Jacob. Your name shall not always be called Jacob, but Israel shall be your name.' Thus, He called his name Israel." (Gen. 35:10). Clearly then, Scripture is making a distinction between the individual known as Jacob, father of Dina, and the nation of Israel which is named after, and led by, Jacob. As the text thereby reveals through its employment of the phrase "outrage in Israel", in God's Eyes Prince Shechem's crime was not primarily directed against Dina or even against the Patriarch Jacob, as individuals, but rather against the embryonic Jewish nation and, by extension, against the God of Israel, as Protector of the Jewish nation.

sheeeeeesh such sickness

 This created a situation of national Chillul Hashem (desecration of God's Name) requiring the Jewish nation to take immediate revenge against the City of Shechem in order to blot out the Chillul HaShem and thereby replace it with a Kiddush HaShem (sanctification of God's Name). 

And as they will slay them who Stand Firm in the ONLY Name above all names Jesus the Christ against there non god the murderer since the beginning and his Moshiach ben satan of the Whore's iniquity unto strange gods. Do you hear you who are in JUDEA, Wake and REPENT in Jesus Mighty Name, for your leaders cause you to err.


This is similar to the later Exodus era revenge that God would order the Israelites to take against the nation of Midian, resulting in the killing of the entire population (save for prepubescent women) as punishment for luring Israel into idol worship and thereby creating a national Chillul Hashem (see Num. 25:16-18 and 31:1-20). This latter event explicitly established the principle that Israel's enemies are God's enemies, for: "HaShem spoke to Moses, saying, 'Take vengeance for the Children of Israel against the Midianites ...'", but: "Moses spoke to the people, saying, '... inflict HaShem's Vengeance against Midian.'" (Num. 31:2-3).

for these people MURDER, Always slay and blood lust is their nature for they have made a shem (Name) for them selves and their father is the murderer since the first.

Jesus the Christ the LIFE giver they slandered, the Creator from the foundation of the World came one time to set their lies straight and told them to stop their murders and their sorceries and blasphemy and be saved for he would have gathered Jerusalem under his wings as a mother hen her chicks, but they WILL NOT, and now the nations are with them and they love their murders and their sorceries and their thefts, and their Blasphemy. And Now the House of God his Church have gotten in the bed with the Harlot as well. And unless they repent of their bloodlust and murders they shall perish very soon in eternal damnation, are you one of these Haggeeites of mammon?

Upon learning of the massacre, Jacob rebuked Shimon and Levi: "You have gotten me into trouble and caused me to be repulsive to the Canaanites and Perrizites who live in the land. I am few in number, and should they band together and attack me, I will be annihilated -- I and my household." (Gen. 34:30). Please note carefully Jacob's exact words; he does not question the morality of his sons' actions, but only its practical consequences, namely, the fact that it might cause the surrounding nations to retaliate against him and his family. The censure of his sons was due to his mistaken belief that the doctrine of Pikuach Nefesh (avoidance of danger to life) excused the nation of Israel from exacting immediate revenge for the Chillul Hashem committed by Prince Shechem. But his sons' next words silenced him, and these are the last human words recorded by the Torah on the subject: "And they said, "Should anyone be permitted to treat our sister like a prostitute?" (Gen. 34:31). Jacob's silence in the face of his sons' harsh response indicated his acknowledgment that their moral position was, indeed, correct.

and a WHORE she IS

Shortly thereafter we learn that: "They [Jacob and his family] set out, and there fell a Godly terror on the surrounding cities, so that they [the inhabitants of the surrounding cities] did not pursue Jacob's sons." (Gen. 35:5). By extending His Divine Protection to Jacob's sons, God Himself had the last Word -- the brothers' attack on the Shechemites was thereby justified and sanctified (notwithstanding the fact that -- as will be later demonstrated -- the brothers' motivation was impure). But this is not the only evidence of Divine Ratification of the brothers' actions; for, generations later, the tribe of Shimon proudly displayed a picture of the city of Shechem on its tribal flag (see Num. 2:2; Bamidbar Rabbah 2:7), something that God would never have permitted if the incident was a badge of shame rather than a badge of honor, and the tribe of Levi became, among other things, the tribe which produced Moses, the tribe which was appointed as protector of the Ark of the Covenant and the tribe which became the source, through Aaron, of the priestly line.

Who are cursed forever, Until they REPENT in Jesus the Christ they Crucified

All of this, however, does not explain why the entire City of Shechem -- rather than only Prince Shechem and perhaps his father, King Chamor -- was deserving of death. 


Rambam (Maimonides),

But of course....mammon-eyes of Talmudic Prosperity

 in viewing the City of Shechem as a collection of individual citizens with individual responsibilities, opines that: "All the residents of [the City of] Shechem incurred a death sentence because [Prince] Shechem stole, and they saw and knew, yet did not put him on trial"

Thus see Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and the murders of Shem-eon and the shem borg collective of the red Sofiet Serpent of Esau , and you apostate "Amaraka was lured into the open arms of the Communitarian Noahide shemborg collective and have already accepted the Mark of their beast by Law, Sine God has sent you strong delusion so you believe the LIE you hate the saints of Jesus the Christ for his name sake. And you say LORD, LORD, but your hearts are far from the Lord you have watered down and made a past tense "Jesus the Third person of the godhead. Since when is GOD any person, he whom is no respecter of persons? Whom you say in past tense that the Everlasting Father, the Almighty GOD "was a jew" making the Creator into your image and the image of them whom you worship, the creature who are no CREATOR. But now you cling to the hem of a jews garment and say "We have heard that god is with you, let us follow you, and you are become twofold anti-Christ, for Jesus the Christ told you if you do not believe that IAMHE, surely you will die in your sins. AND I say in the Name of the LORD GOD if you do not repent your murders and ungodliness will soon be paid upon your slothful souls. No, I am not Dr. Phileo Phillgood, for if you want that just go into any mammonite cashite Freemason Temple they call church, for their you can have your ears tickled by satan.

 (Hilchot Melachim 9:14), while Ramban (Nachmanides), in viewing the city as a single social unit with a collective responsibility, opines that: "They killed the king and all the people of his city because the latter were his slaves and under his charge." (Ramban on Gen. 34:13). Both views represent the Torah concept of collective punishment -- that is, the idea that ordinary people justly suffer the Divine Consequences of their leadership's conduct.

And apostate Amaraka, the same is now being made to you, FOR I STAND FIRM against these murderers, and YOU WILL Deliver me and my brothers and my sisters the saints of Jesus the Christ to be slain by your gods soon. And then eternal damnation is your forever.

This concept of collective punishment will again be demonstrated in the Torah when God imposes upon pharaonic Egypt ten awful plagues, including the final one which strikes down all of the first-born of Egypt "...from the first-born of Pharaoh sitting on his throne to the first-born of the captive who was in the dungeon..." (Ex. 12:29). Why were the imprisoned of Egypt, of all people, morally culpable for the crimes of their jailer, Pharaoh, against the Jewish people? This was a group with negligible influence upon Pharaoh, in particular, and upon Egyptian society, in general; and it was certainly not a group which was itself responsible for the enslavement of the Hebrews. 

AS the Collective punishment of that Great and Terrible Day of Jesus Wrath, when he destroys the house of the Dragon and All who dwell upon the earth who worships him whose hands are the blood of the innocent of the earth


However, like the Shechemites before them, all of Egypt (both law abiders and prisoners) were part and parcel of a society whose leader committed great Evil against the people of Israel and, therefore, against the God of Israel.

So be it, Come Quickly Lord Jesus the Christ

 Instead of protesting or leaving (while they were still able to do so), these citizens elected to stay and enjoy the fruits of that society while supplying its leadership with the taxes, military conscripts, civilian workforce, agricultural produce, and moral support which facilitated the perpetuation of the latter's evil conduct towards the Jewish people.

NOT me and my brothers and sisters, we aint sticken around....WE are Going to Stand FIRM in JESUS Mighty name for he alone is God and his Father

 For this, and this alone, God decreed that all such individuals were subject to collective punishment, despite their wildly varying degrees of complicity (whether direct or indirect) in the sins of their leadership.

ALL who dwell upon the earth who were ashemed....a shemmed of Jesus mighty Name

However, doesn't the earlier confrontation that Jacob's grandfather, Abraham, had initiated with God over the impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah prove just the opposite, namely, that collective punishment is immoral? Abraham admonishes God: "Will You also stamp out the righteous along with the wicked? What if there should be fifty righteous people in the midst of the city? Would You still stamp it out rather than spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people within it? It would be sacrilege to You to do such a thing, to bring death upon the righteous along with the wicked; so the righteous will be like the wicked. It would be sacrilege to You! Shall the Judge of all the earth not do justice?" (Gen. 18:23-25). Abraham argues before God that collective punishment is immoral because it has the effect of treating the Righteous as if they are Wicked, thereby causing the gentile nations to perceive that God, Master of Justice, is indifferent to the plight of the Righteous. And, remarkably, God appears to immediately concede the validity of Abraham's point, by responding: "If I find in Sodom fifty righteous people in the midst of the city, then I would spare the entire place on their account." (Gen. 18:26). But, again, a closer look is in order. Although God eventually agrees that, even for the sake of a mere ten righteous citizens interspersed among the wicked population of these cities, He will spare the two cities, this major concession does not have any effect whatsoever upon God's original intentions -- the cities are still utterly destroyed. How can this be? Could not even ten righteous residents be found within all of Sodom and Gomorrah? The answer is in the negative -- and for the same reason that the "Righteous" among the Egyptians and Shechemites were not spared their respective collectively punishments. 

ALL who dwell upon the earth will worship the Beast, and ALL will be slain.....and there are no others....and you will fly nowhere apostate Amaraka of Judeo Insanity, YOUR destruction is upon you now and you cannot see for the WORD of GOD is not in your hearts


If there were some truly righteous people among the population of these doomed cities, they would have rebelled against, or at least fled from, their evil societies. By continuing to reside within -- and participate in the daily life of -- these societies, these "righteous" people passively ratified the Evil perpetrated by their leaderships and could not thereafter be considered by God to be Righteous -- that is why God's great concession to Abraham is no concession at all.

You see in Scripture we see the life giver of souls

In their Tradition of Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah they see the exact opposite......Murders of flesh


so if you cling to Talmudic Judaism of your flesh you are become children of murderers

 Although Abraham is, indeed, questioning the morality of collective punishment, God, the Great Educator, is teaching to him and to us -- his descendants -- a profound lesson, namely, that collective punishment, when warranted, is, in fact, the embodiment of Divine Justice. 

They say they are the seed of Abraham, the LORD can raise rocks to be seed of Abraham in flesh. But by faith are ye the seed of the Life Giver who is not their flesh murderer their father from the beginning. In faith alone of the ONLY Living GOD of eternal LIFE are you heirs according to HIS Promise. These who say they are the seed, but has no faith are "SAYERS" and are of the murder their father who is no God


To argue otherwise is to succumb to the false morality of the nations and to thereby rebel, in our arrogance, against God's Morality.

Thus we the saints of Jesus the Christ, anti-shem rebel and opposed and are against Bush and his Hassidic Hoodlum haha of the shemborg collective of the Hoodlum haha of the beast Sanhedrin and the Moshiach of the Universal laws of satan the Noahide against the LORD...............SO BE IT EVEN NOW, I stand FIRM, I ROBERT GLEN PICKLE, Jesus IS my God and my LORD, so help me GOD Almighty. Who will stand with the LORD against these workers of INiquity? Will you, Will you reader. If you do not the Blood is own your hands for all eternity. REPENT NOW for they have LIED to you, and the time is upon you NOW

 As the Prophet Isaiah, speaking in God's Name, declares concerning God's Morality: "For, My Thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My Ways -- the Word of HaShem. As high as the Heavens are above the Earth, so are My Ways high above your ways, and My Thoughts [high] above your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:8-9).

and their hahashem gods has No Everlasting Only Begotten SON who Isaiah the messenger of God he sent proclaimed and was sawed asunder by these Blasphemous Vipers of HELL, yet they glean his tomb for their flesh benefit to deceive the masses, their slaves of mammon

God's exemption of Lot, a resident of Sodom, from punishment is the exception that proves the rule. Lot is saved only in the merit of Abraham, because he is the latter's nephew and ward (-- "And so it was when God destroyed the cities of the plain that God remembered Abraham; so He sent Lot from amidst the upheaval when He overturned the cities in which Lot had lived." (Gen. 19:29) --), 


So they Make God the Father in heaven a Noahide Favorer LIAR in their Blasphemy. LOT BELIVED the WORD of GOD that same WORD Abraham Isaac and Jacob believd, and HE was saved


and in the merit of the future Messiah, because he will be an ancestor, via Ruth of Moab, to King David, progenitor of the Messiah 

Progenitor of Useless Genealogy of the same murderer....Moshiach of the serpents brood Sanhedrin of the Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet REDS of the Dragon,.....the Son of Perdition REVEALED


(-- "Thus, Lot's two daughters conceived from their father. The older bore a son and she called his name Moab; he is the ancestor of Moab until this day." (Gen. 19:36-37); and: "And so, Boaz took Ruth ... and she bore a son. ... They named him Obed; he was the father of Jesse, the father of David." (Ruth 4:13-17) --).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, none of this discussion is intended to either minimize the fact that Dina was the direct victim of Prince Shechem's crimes or suggest that a Chillul HaShem results only when an Evildoer harms a Jew for nationalistic reasons. On the contrary, every time that an Evildoer harms an innocent person -- whatever the motivation or lack thereof -- a Chillul HaShem is created; for, ordinary Evil and nationalistic Evil both result in a desecration of God's Name.

the desecration of the shemborg wanna be godhood collective, who say they are not fallen since Adam, But say they are righteous with out a SAVIOR who is the ONLY Righteousness, Jesus the Christ the Lamb of God the ONLY Atonement of Fallen mankind. Thus their flesh seth myth, who "REPLACED Righteous Abel whom their blood seed line Cain slew. They DENIED the ONE seed of the SEED of Abraham that SEED the Creator, Jesus the Christ the WORD Abraham Believed

 However, if Dina had not been a representative of the nascent Jewish people, then an ordinary -- rather than a national -- Chillul HaShem would have resulted, for which atonement could have been obtained by punishing only the perpetrator.

BUT the jews are the Massah Race gods, and now the apostate Church of INSANITY worship their desolate HOUSE and forsake the House that GOD Built. I warn you Preachers of AMARAKA that unless your Righteousness exceeds these hassidim Phairsees you in no wise will enter into Sion God's Holy Mountain in Heaven into NEW Jerusalem that White robed City of the saints 

 Yet, even in such circumstances, if such ordinary Evil were to be so tolerated as to become endemic to Society, as was the case with ancient Sodom, then even the ordinary Chillul HaShem which is created cannot be undone by punishing only the perpetrator -- for, in such a case, all of the members of Society constitute co-perpetrators.

Thus the Day of Jesus the Christ Great Wrath for the Murders and sorceries and Blasphemy who they who dwell on the earth will not repent

Our biblical ancestors certainly acknowledged the reality, and feared the consequences, of Divine collective punishment. For, when they mistakenly believed that the leadership of those of their number who had been granted lands on the east side of the Jordan River (namely, the tribe of Reuben, the tribe of Gad, and half of the tribe of Menasseh ) had erected an idolatrous altar, they were determined to wage war against their kinsmen in order to avoid God's Wrath against all of the people of Israel. 

As it is with the TRUE Saints of Jesus the Christ. Saints take up your swords of the WORD of GOD and PUT on the FULL Armor of the KING. For who can stand against the LORD and His Saints?

Accordingly, as a prelude to the military confrontation

Building their shemwars case

a diplomatic delegation representing the leadership of the remainder of the tribes confronted their brethren. As the Hebrew Bible relates: "They came to the Children of Reuben, the Children of Gad, and half of the tribe of Manasseh, to the land of Gilead, and they spoke with them, saying, 'Thus said the entire assembly of HaShem: "What is this treachery that you have committed against the God of Israel -- to turn away from HaShem this Day, by building for yourselves an altar for your rebellion this Day against HaShem? Is the sin of Peor not enough for us -- from which we have not become cleansed until this Day, and which resulted in the plague in the assembly of HaShem? Yet, Today, you would turn away from Hashem? If you rebel against HaShem Today, [then] Tomorrow He will be angry with the entire assembly of Israel!"'" (Joshua 22:15-18).

Throw another Virgin into the Volcano......QUICK

But, now returning to the massacre at Shechem, what should we make of Jacob's famous deathbed blessing of his sons, wherein he says of Shimon and Levi: "Shimon and Levi are brothers. Instruments of crime are their wares ... for they have killed men with anger, maimed bulls with will. Cursed be their anger for its is fierce, and their fury for it is cruel." (Gen. 49:5-7). Isn't this a condemnation of the attack on Shechem? Again, Jacob's words must be analyzed carefully. Neither the brothers nor their attack on Shechem are being cursed here;

Thus Abraham is not their father, But is Become a LIAR unto them who say they are of Abraham and of their Fathers who slew God's Prophets

 the subject of the curse is the brothers' uncontrollable anger which had almost resulted in the death of their younger brother Joseph, and had caused Jacob so many years of anguish on account thereof. As reiterated in Bamidbar Rabbah 99:6: "He [Jacob] cursed only their rage."

Unfortunately, the very same anger that had led Shimon and Levi to attack Shechem -- a Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God's Name) -- had later led them to plan the murder of Joseph -- a Chillul Hashem (desecration of God's Name). 

and Joseph is now a Blasphemer

Joseph was the recipient of special affection from Jacob and had prophetic dreams of kingship over Israel which he tactlessly shared with his family, all of which caused him to be hated by his brothers. (Gen. 37:3-11). As stated in Scripture: "They [the brothers] saw him [Joseph] from afar; and when he had not yet approached them they conspired against him to kill him. And they said to one another, 'Look! That dreamer is coming! So now come and let us kill him'..." (Gen. 37:18-19). 

Thus the murderous Tradition continues

(According to Lekach Tov on Gen. 49:23 and Tanchuma Yashan, VaYeshev 13, these conspirators were none other than Shimon and Levi). Shimon's and Levi's hatred of Joseph was induced by personal anger and jealousy that knew no bounds. The Sages condemn personal anger as a form of avodah zara (idolatry and other deviant worship), as it is said: "Whoever becomes angry falls prey to all sorts of hellish forces ... Even the Divine Presence becomes unimportant to him." (Nedarim 22a-22b). The brothers' attack on Shechem, while justified (because the City of Shechem was deserving of collective punishment), nevertheless stemmed from the brothers' personal anger and their desire for personal revenge. However, precisely because they acted out of personal motives rather than purely for the sake of Heaven, they were later wholly unable to control their Yetzer HaRah (Evil Inclination), expressed as anger and jealousy, when it came to their brother Joseph, who was certainly entitled to mercy and forgiveness (unlike the evil Shechemites).

Although most people can not help but exhibit personal anger from time to time, when a Jewish leader falls prey to this primal instinct in his dealings with the Jewish people he creates a Chillul HaShem. This can be discerned, inter alia, from a comparison between the responses of two Jewish leaders -- Moses and Phineas -- to two separate incidences of idolatry among the Jewish people, the first caused by Moses' absence from the Jewish people and the second caused by the sexual allure of Midian's women.


When God informed Moses -- then atop Mount Sinai to receive the Tablets of the Ten Commandments -- that, in his absence, the Jewish people had created, out of molten gold, a calf to worship, thereby incurring a Decree of Annihilation, Moses successfully assuaged God's Anger. As the Torah then relates: "HaShem relented regarding the Evil that He declared He would do to His People." (Ex. 32:14). However, despite the fact that "the Tablets were God's Handiwork, and the script was God's Script engraved upon the Tablets" (Ex. 32:16), and despite the fact that God -- even in the face of the Jewish people's grievous sin -- had nonetheless decided that Moses should still present to the people these holy Tablets, when Moses actually saw the calf and the revelry in the Jewish camp, then "... Moses' anger flared up ..." (Ex. 32:19), and he smashed God's Tablets. This was clearly personal anger rather than anger solely for God's Sake. What is the basis for this harsh opinion? Firstly, through Moses' intervention, God had already abated His own Anger. Secondly, God had already determined to give His Tablets -- which Moses, instead, saw fit to destroy -- to the Jewish people despite their sin.

Thus Moses put 613 laws upon a Stiffnecked Idolatrous people, and now for their shame they seek to enslave all mankind under the ASSYRIAN'S YOKE.......MOSES the ASSYRIAN


 Thirdly, after Moses smashed the Tablets: "HaShem said to Moses, 'Carve for yourself two stone Tablets like the first ones, and I shall inscribe on the Tablets the words that were on the first Tablets, which you shattered" (Ex. 34:1), thereby demonstrating that God had neither authorized nor ratified Moses' prior act of destruction (see Ex. 32:7-20; and 34:1-4).

In the face of the sin of the golden calf, why did God choose to reward the Jewish people with the Gift of the Tablets of the Ten Commandments? The answer is that this was no reward! Rather, this Gift was an immediate antidote to that very sin.

The Curse of the Law Given By Moses. Faith Comes By Christ, The Law Fulfilled. The Noahide Law is the extension of the curse of a stiff necked unbelieving ungodly people. The Yoke of the Assyrian, who God hath Purposed to Break from the Backs of Mankind by the Testimony of His Saints of Jesus the Christ the Everlasting Covenant against the YOKE

 In the absence of Moses -- the flesh-and-blood representative of omnipresent yet incorporeal God -- the Jewish people had sought a tangible representation and a substitute manifestation of God's Presence. This was the golden calf. As the Torah relates: "And Aaron saw and built an altar before it; and Aaron called out and said, 'A festival for HaShem tomorrow!'" (Ex. 32:5). Yet, this misguided attempt to honor God was a violation of the Second Commandment which prohibited the creation of such idolatrous objects (see Ex. 20:4). In order to provide His People with an appropriate manifestation of His Presence, God had created the Tablets of the Ten Commandments. In His Wisdom, God -- by creating the Tablets as the sin was being committed -- had sought to prevent the Jewish people from again falling into the sin of idolatry by removing any future need therefor. Yet, in his personal anger, Moses sought to substitute his judgment for that of His Master. In his rashness, Moses sought to prevent the Jewish people from again falling into the sin of idolatry by denying to them, as a punishment, God's holy Tablets -- this being the very antidote which God Himself had designed to accomplish that very purpose.

Yet even today they say we have our Laws, and they deny the Commandments of God. Thus they cling to the RED heifer the Golden Calf. 

 That is precisely the reason why God commanded Moses to recreate the smashed Tablets in every detail. In this way, God's original Will was effected despite Moses' ill-considered attempt to deviate therefrom.

Much later -- as His Response to the Jewish people's strident complaints to Moses concerning their thirst and, yet again, concerning their distress at being forced to come "... to this wilderness to die there ..." (Num. 20:4) instead of having been permitted to remain in the Land of Egypt -- God instructed Moses: "'Take the staff and gather together the assembly, you and Aaron your brother, and speak to the rock before their eyes that it shall give its waters; and you shall bring forth water from the rock, and give drink to the assembly and to their animals.'" (Num. 20:8). Yet, in a fit of personal anger at the Jewish people's repeated demonstrations of lack of faith in God's Power and Promises, Moses improperly substituted his own response for that of God

Thus they call Moses a Liar, as they call all Prophets of God the Father

As the Torah relates: "Moses took the staff from before HaShem, as He had commanded him. Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation before the face of the rock, and he said to them, 'Listen now, O rebels, shall we bring forth the water for you from this rock?! Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock with his staff twice; and abundant water came forth, and the assembly and their animals drank. HaShem said to Moses and to Aaron, 'Because you did not believe in Me to sanctify Me in the eyes of the Children of Israel; therefore you will not bring this congregation to the Land that I have given to them.'" (Num. 20:9-12). What is meant by God's Declaration that Moses did not "believe" in Him? For, clearly, Moses not only believed in God but actually conversed with Him on a regular basis! The Declaration meant that Moses did not "believe" that certain of God's Decisions were appropriate responses to the Jewish people's serial transgressions, and that, consequently, Moses was not able to subordinate his human emotions to God's measured Determinations. In other words, as in the earlier crisis over the golden calf and the Tablets of the Ten Commandments, Moses -- leader of the Jewish people and, as well, God's Emissary to them -- being unable to control his personal anger, thereby converted that which was supposed to be a Kiddush HaShem into a Chillul HaShem. That is precisely the reason why the Torah then continues: "They are the waters of strife, where the Children of Israel contended with HaShem, and He was sanctified through them." (Num. 20:13). In order to reconvert Chillul HaShem into Kiddush HaShem, God had to publicly punish righteous Moses for his transgressions; and He was, consequently, sanctified through His own Conduct (in punishing His Servant Moses) rather than through Moses' conduct (in improperly substituting his will for God's Will) (see Num. 20:1-13).

see Noahide Laws of shemmy's will


 This is similar to the earlier incident in which God sanctified His Name by publicly taking of the lives of Aaron's two sons -- Nadab and Abihu -- who, in their religious exuberance, had brought before Him their fire pans with an uncommanded alien fire. As the Torah relates: "Moses said to Aaron, 'Of this did HaShem speak, saying, "I will be sanctified through those who are nearest to Me, [thus] I will be honored before the entire people"'; and Aaron was silent." (Lev. 10:3).

Revenge, as a national and holy obligation, must be undertaken by a Jewish leader solely for the Sake of Heaven

The Revenge of the Seth

Denver International Airport Murals


 and must never be motivated by personal anger.

Oh great.........Mooshiyuck will not behead the saints with vengeful malice

 This lesson is finally learned by Levi's descendant (and Aaron's grandson), Phineas, who was faced with massive idolatry among the Jewish people induced by the sexual enticements of Midian's women. While the Tablets of the Ten Commandments had sufficed to prevent idolatry among the Jewish people motivated by the incorporeality of God, this antidote did not suffice to prevent idolatry among the Jewish people induced by the allure of forbidden sexual activity. Phineas responded to this crisis by ruthlessly killing Zimri, the Israelite notable, and Cozbi, the Midianite notable, in response to their very public sexual embrace in the sight of the entire congregation of Israel. Thus, Phineas selflessly undertook, on behalf of the entire nation of Israel, God's Revenge against Zimri and Cozbi for their very public Chillul HaShem, thereby stopping a deadly plague (that had already consumed 24,000 Israelites) and earning God's "Covenant of Peace" for himself and God's "Covenant of Eternal Priesthood" for himself and his offspring (see Num. 25:1-15). 

see the assassination of Rabin for the land for called sin, OLSO the hands of the same Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of the murderer 

For, whereas in the case of the violence by Moses against the Tablets of the Ten Commandments, God refrained from describing His righteous Servant's conduct as being for His Sake (-- "... the first Tablets, which you shattered." (Ex. 34:1) --), in the case of the violence by Phineas against his fellow Israelite and the latter's Midianite consort, God explicitly declared that His righteous Servant's conduct was solely for His Sake (-- "HaShem spoke to Moses, saying, 'Phineas, son of Elazar, son of Aaron the Kohen, turned back My Wrath from upon the Children of Israel, when he zealously avenged Me among them; so I did not consume the Children of Israel in My Vengeance. Therefore, [I] say, "Behold -- I give to him My Covenant of Peace." And it shall be for him and his offspring after him a Covenant of Eternal Priesthood, because he took Vengeance for his God, and he atoned for the Children of Israel.'" (Num. 25:10-13) --).

© Mark Rosenblit


And what a shemborg Collective Business of mammon they have turned their Homelandt "Say" kurity Noahide enforcement into 

Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 10:36 AM
Subject: International Homeland Security Market Share to Surpass U.S. by 2010

In contrast to common thinking, the U.S. Homeland Security (HLS) market makes up only 52% of the global HLS market in 2005.   The International market (e.g. the global market outside the U.S. ) is much stronger and more vibrant than is commonly assumed.  The International market is expected to outpace the American market growing from $22.5 Billion in 2005 to $104 Billion by 2015, an estimated average annual growth rate of 16.5%, compared with 12.1% for the U.S. This is due by and large to substantial growth in the European, Indian and Chinese markets.   

Since by 2015, the International markets will make up 58% of the total Homeland Security market, one would be wise to give serious thought to business cultivation outside the U.S.   














Middle East














Australia , Japan , Pacific Rim







PRC, India







Canada , Mexico




























2006-2015 Homeland Security & Homeland Defense Global Market (May 2005)

In over 400 pages, 194 graphs and 109 tables, Homeland Security Research Corp provides the only roadmap of this global market, which is expected to grow from $26B in 2003 to $178B in 2015. This market research provides an exclusive insight into this vibrant industry, analyzed by 6 categories:

1.       2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by End Customer – (e.g., Government Agencies, Private Sector, State & Local, Intelligence Community, Armed Forces

2.       2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by Geographical Territories (e.g., U.S. , E.U. PRC, India )

3.       2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by Mission Area – (e.g., Border & Transportation Security, Intelligence and Warnings, Domestic Counterterrorism)

4.       2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by Homeland Security and Homeland Defense Sectors

5.       2006 - 2015  Business  Opportunities by  Threats &  Vulnerabilities – (e.g., CBRN, Intelligence Community, Maritime Security, Aviation Security)

6.       Market Drivers & Inhibitors that will shape the growth opportunities in Homeland Security & Homeland Defense Markets

This pioneering research is a product of one of our most massive market research efforts to date.  It is a result of 15 researcher years, hundreds of interviews, and in-depth analysis of more than 5000 documents.  We at Homeland Security Research Corp. are proud to finally bring to light this highly anticipated & long awaited market research.

To give you a better insight of this market research, please Click HERE for Table of Contents.  Further, we are also offering a complementary printable poster-size map of the 181 U.S. federal agencies & government bodies that make up the HLS/HLD network.  Please contact to get this map sent to you.

Kind regards,

Tomer Amit

Vice President

Homeland Security Research Corporation  


601 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D.C. 20004

Tel: (202) 434-8208

Now you too can get in on the cashout, all you need do is become a Chabad Lubavitch Treasonous, Blasphemous, Sofiet Talmudic Noahide of the shemborg collective stooge jackbooted Noahide thug to turn in your neighbor.


Rangel - Bush's Iraq 'Fraud'
As Bad As The Holocaust

Top House Democrat Charles Rangel complained on Monday that the Bush administration's decision to concoct a "fraudulent" war in Iraq was as bad as "the Holocaust."
YOU anti-Shemite
"It's the biggest fraud ever committed on the people of this country," Rangel told WWRL Radio's Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter. "This is just as bad as six million Jews being killed. The whole world knew it and they were quiet about it, because it wasn't their ox that was being gored."
Talmudic Noahide term of a gentiles OX Goring a Jews OX is Guilty
The Harlem Democrat charged that top Bush officials "made up [their] mind to go into Iraq long before 9/11. And every one of the players who made this decision - they were part of this plan to do it. From Rumsfeld to Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bolton, every one of them - Perle - [they were part of the] plan to put our kids in harm's way long before 9/11."
Rangel insisted that American blacks and poor whites are dying in Iraq, while those who supported the war aren't paying any price.
Asked to clarify his Holocaust comparison, Rangel told Malzberg:
"I am saying that people's silence when they know terrible things are happening is the same thing as the Holocaust, where everyone would have me believe that no one knew those Jews were killed over there."


The Word 'Bush' In Hebrew
From Anon
In Hebrew, the word BUSH (pronounced boosh), means the following:
1) to put to shame, be ashamed, be disconcerted, be disappointed
 Root: Shem
a) (Qal)
1. to feel shame
2. to be ashamed, disconcerted, disappointed (by reason of)
b) (Piel)
to delay (in shame)
c) (Hiphil)
1. to put to shame
2. to act shamefully
3. to be ashamed
d) (Hithpolel)
to be ashamed before one another

Been shem shammed of shemborgs shame of the shem (name)


People the Hassidim Vision window is rapidly closing, they must make the final Iniquity very soon, within weeks in the least.

Monstrous Lies Are Causing
Christians And Muslims To
Kill Each Other
The Lies Must Be Exposed
By Dick Fojut,
Monstrous LIES are causing Christians & Muslims to kill each other! The lies must be exposed!
Primary is the Monstrous 9/11 LIE about "19 TERRORIST MUSLIM HIJACKERS!"
THE FOUNDATION EXCUSE, continuing to be used today by Bush and Blair to "justify" their never-to-end "WAR ON (Muslim) TERRORISM" was and is the (phoney) list of "19 TERRORIST MUSLIM HIJACKERS" with their (supposed) names and photos, presented to the entire world on TV and print media, a few days after 9/11. But most Americans have never been told that SEVEN of the FBI identified 19 Hijackers were found alive and well after 9/11. The Seven men had NOT been on the 4 airliners!
The phoney 19 Hijackers list was "conveniently" handed to our bumbling FBI just days after 9/11. (The list apparently was hastily, but sloppily, contrived by the opportunistic Intelligence Service of an anti-Muslim foreign nation).
Although our TV and print media well knew the Hijackers list was phoney (by at least 7 parts - or more), our (no longer trustworthy) American mass "news" media, (unlike some of the British media), has totally failed to report this to the American people!
By (at least) 7 parts, the 19 Hijackers list has been revealed to be a lie! Later in September, 2001 and early 2002, major British newspapers found SEVEN of the (still) accused men on our FBI's list of 19 "dead" hijackers, alive and well, making the entire hijackers list suspect!
Please never forget, the 19 Muslim hijackers list is THE foundation belief (THE lie) used to "justify" the "WAR ON TERROR."
Prove to yourself that our government's 19 Hijackers list is a lie, by going to the Google search engine and type in 911 HIJACKERS ALIVE - for multiple articles and news stories!
Especially read and look at the photos in the following...
And also read the following 3 Emails, reporting the above SEVEN FOUND ALIVE, that I personally sent years back to my (formerly trusted) Arizona Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain (which they NEVER acknowledged), with copies also sent to MANY hundreds of others in the Senate, House, local and national "news" media...
"Evidence" ISRAELI Intelligence fabricated the phoney 19 Muslim Hijackers list? That was suggested in the Scottish Sunday Herald, Nov, 2, 2003. Neil Mackay investigated... 7707
Excerpt only...
"In August, 2001, the Israelis handed over a list of terrorist suspects - on it were the names of four of the September 11 hijackers."
Bush and Blair are now disgraced about Iraq
They've been revealed to have publicly lied while they secretly planned (since July of 2002) to invade Iraq using phoney "evidence," totally ignoring expert UN Inspectors Ritter and Blix, whose teams had verified Iraq had told the truth and had NO WMD...
The Downing Street Memo - Time On Their Side
The many ADDITIONAL LIES about Iraq were fed to the UN, the American people and media, Congress and (naive?) President Bush - by his lying misadvisors; Neocons & "Likudniks" (Bush administration members loyal to Israel's Likud Party and boss Ariel Sharon), a cabal led by Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Rumsfeld and Cheney. Their lies have been exposed! Following is a recent Melbourne Age article that thoroughly details those lies that deceived America, Britain and Australia into the unjustified war and slaughter in Iraq! Please read...
IRAQ: HOW WE WERE DUPED - by Gary Hughes, "The (Melbourne) Age" - May 14,05 http://www.infor
The REAL REASON we invaded Iraq -
(and may soon do the same with Syria and Iran) - was to protect the tiny State of Israel and help Israel dominate its Muslim neighbors by installing Israel-obedient, friendly puppet governments, through forced "regime changes" using America's military power.
The ugly truth, hidden by America's (pro-Israel, mostly Zionist dominated) major "news" media, is that American soldiers (and Iraqis) have NOT been killed and maimed "PROTECTING AMERICA'S FREEDOM" from (non-existant) Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction.
In truth, the lives of ALL fighting have been wasted, sacrificed to benefit the tiny Zionist ruled State of Israel! Read the following by some Americans brave enough to state that ugly, hidden truth...
'IRAQ WAS INVADED TO SECURE ISRAEL,' says Senator Hollings, and 'Everybody Knows It.' - July 16, 2004
General Zinni further stated "I think it's the worst kept secret in Washington."
But WHY would American Presidents and Congresses, since 1948, feel "morally" OBLIGATED to provide Israel (an estimated) 3 Trillion dollars from American taxpayers - and massively arm tiny Israel so that today Israel possesses the 4th or 5th largest Nuclear stockpile in the entire world? (Capable, if truly threatened, to incinerate all its Muslim neighbors in minutes, with Israel's estimated 200 to 400 nuclear warheads.)
And WHY do our American leaders (and parroting media), if "necessary," feel compelled to sacrifice millions of Muslim and Christian lives, (as Israel-obedient Bush and his wife state) "to make Israel Safe and Secure?"
"WHY" appears to be answered by another MONSTROUS LIE - or rather, a MONSTROUS EXAGGERATION... about the 4 million Jews (falsely) believed to have died at Auschwitz.
Since World War 2, American Presidents and Congresses have been gripped with COLLECTIVE GUILT that during WW2 our American nation could have - but failed - to prevent Hitler from murdering SIX MILLION JEWS in the Nazi Extermination camps "Holocaust!" And especially have we all been persuaded to feel guilty for the FOUR MILLION JEWS supposedly killed at Auschwitz alone.
Most Non-Jewish Americans (including myself at one time) - and Jewish Americans - along with most of America's elected leaders, have come to totally believe that 4 million Jews died at Auschwitz alone, and have further been persuaded (by a 50 year barrage of print, Movies and Television) that ALL Americans somehow "owe" the descendents of Jewish "victims" and their State of Israel, our perpetual allegiance - and America's never ending protection against another Holocaust of Jews.
* Even IF that 100% allegiance to tiny Israel may result in American (and British) global war against the entire Muslim world, that Israel's (paranoid) leaders pretend to fear.
But America did NOT fail to prevent Nazi slaughter of millions of European Jews, because Four million Jews did NOT die at Auschwitz.
Therefore, the collective guilt apparently motivating Congress and other Americans, is an illusion. America truly "owes" the State of Israel and its Jewish citizens, no "debt" of any kind.
The 4 million Auschwitz dead exaggeration has successfully propagandized our (now) "Christian-Zionist" President and a self-deceived (or cowed) majority in Congress, to wage (perpetual) war against Is rael's self-perceived "enemy" Muslim neighbors, as Israel's Proxy military, to "keep Israel Safe and Secure."
Read the following and judge for yourself if the dead at AUSCHWITZ has been exaggerated. Note that the Auschwitz dead (of all nationalities and religions) has gradually been reduced from 4 million, to ("officially") 1.1 million... and even less (as per WW2 International Red Cross estimates)...
Because of common American belief that 6 million Jews died in the Nazi Holocaust (especially the 4 million at Auschwitz), the "tail" of a tiny, alien nation has been "wagging" the giant American Dog for over half a century.
Aware that the collective guilt belief of most members of Congress has moved them to feel a "moral" obligation to tiny Israel, Pat Buchanan was probably accurate when (it has been reported) he earlier asserted:
Our President's and Congress' 100% dedication to keep "Israel Safe and Secure" (dedication shared by most of our pro-Israel major "news" media who influence and "mold" American public opinion) may also explain why Ariel Sharon, in a cabinet meeting days after 9/ll, felt free to admonish Perez he should not worry about offending America, because, Sharon arrogantly boasted:
Was/Is Ariel Sharon correct?
Or is it just his "wishful thinking?"
I've not touched on the OTHER MONSTROUS LIES about the WTC Towers that compounds the above mentioned lies. Others have produced ample evidence that all THREE WTC towers were collapsed by internal demolitions, not from the external crashes of 2 airliners, which suggests possible TREASONOUS involvement by (as yet unidentified) individuals high up in our government, Intelligence and Military.


Published: Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Bylined to: Bob Chapman


Coup d’etat against George W. Bush seriously contemplated in Washington

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER editor Bob Chapman writes: Rumors have been circulating in Washington for the last year that a coup d’etat against George W. Bush and the neocons is being seriously contemplated in certain circles.

Within the military, because of the non-traditional use of the military and among high-level businessmen who see Bush as a disaster for American business ... especially in foreign trade.

  • He has been arrogant, outrageous, insulting and downright weird in addressing the military and its objectives.
  • He is going to use commercial unarmored mini vans in Iraq to transport troops to keep the collapsing auto industry happy, which, of course, will cost many more lives.

The US either goes to hyperinflation or directly into depression.

The world is forced to fuel America’s profligacy and if they do not, they go into the pit with us.

US elitists have sucked everyone into the game ... the Ponzi scheme has not only entrapped the foreigners but it has entrapped Americans in debt, from which they will never be able to extricate themselves.

Wars will increase, we will have a draft and the use of mercenaries from every country will expand.


US Military Collapsing
Under Weight Of Iraq
Wreck It And Run
By William S. Lind
Among the many unhappy developments in U.S. industry in recent decades has been the advent of "wreck it and run" management.
A small coterie of senior managers takes over a company and makes a brilliant show of short-term profits while actually driving the business into the ground. They bail out just before it crashes, cashing in their stock options as they go, and leave the employees, ordinary stockholders and customers holding an empty bag.
It is increasingly clear that under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. armed forces have also been taken over by "wreck it and run" management. When Rumsfeld leaves office, what will his successor inherit?
-- A volunteer military without volunteers. The Army missed its active-duty recruiting goal in April by almost half. Guard and Reserve recruiting are collapsing. Retention will do the same as "stop loss" orders are lifted.
The reason, obviously, is the war in Iraq. Parents don't want to be the first one on their block to have their kid come home in a box.
-- The world's largest pile of wrecked and worn-out military equipment (maybe second-largest if we remember the old Soviet Navy). I'm talking about basic stuff here: trucks, Humvees, personnel carriers, crew-served weapons, etc. This is gear the Rumsfeld Pentagon hates to spend money on, because it does not represent "transformation" to the high-tech, videogame warfare it wrongly sees as the future.
So far, deploying units have made up their deficiencies by robbing units that are not deploying, often National Guard outfits. But that stock has about run out, and some of the stripped units are now facing deployment themselves, minus their gear.
-- A military tied down in a strategically meaningless backwater, Iraq, to the point where it can't do much else. A perceptive reader recently wrote to me that "China has the luxury of the U.S. inflicting grievous wounds, economic and military, on itself from our commitment to spread 'democracy' ... Although the Iraqi insurgents may have the limited purpose of ending an occupation, other global actors can sit back and watch us bleed ourselves slowly to, at least, a weakened state. From that point of view, the last thing these other actors wish to see is either a victory or a quick defeat. Instead, events are proceeding nicely as they are." Exactly correct, and those other actors include al-Qaida.
-- Commitments to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of future weapons programs that are militarily as useful as zeppelins but less fun to watch. If the Army had its Future Combat System, a semi-portable Maginot Line that will cost more than any Navy or Air Force program of equal uselessness, in Iraq or Afghanistan today, would it make any difference? No. Maybe FCS really stands for Funnels Cash System.
-- A world wary of U.S. intentions and skeptical of any U.S. claims about anything. In business, goodwill is considered a tangible asset. In true "wreck it and run" fashion, Rumsfeld & Co. have reduced the value of that asset to near zero. A recent survey of the German public found Russia was considered a better friend than the United States.
-- Finally, the equivalent of an unfavorable ruling by a bankruptcy judge in the form of a lost war. We will be lucky if we can get out of Iraq with anything less than a total loss.
Earlier this week, I attended the funeral and burial of one of the United States' real military heroes at Arlington cemetery. Col. David Hackworth would not have sat silent, as our current senior military leadership sits, while "wreck it and run" civilian management drove America's armed forces into the ground.
Rumsfeld & Co. will bear primary responsibility for the disaster, which will no doubt disturb them greatly as they enjoy their luxurious retirements. But our senior generals and admirals are the equivalent of the board of directors, and they would have some difficulty convincing Hack that they were just the piano players in the affair.
(William S. Lind, expressing his personal opinion, is director for the Center for Cultural Conservatism for the Free Congress Foundation.)


and the nations grow angry, the problem is is is not the "Lesser jews" but their Hassidic Leaders who have "Revived" their den of serpents, Sanhedrin who are Chabad and they also control Bush


The Tempo of the war of Aholibah and her sister, Both whores,....builds

Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Rabbi Levinger May Be Imprisoned For Civil Disobedience
21:14 Jun 08, '05 / 1 Sivan 5765


Rabbi Moshe Levinger, the founder of the Jewish community in Hevron and a leader of the settlement movement since its inception, is being threatened with incarceration.

The rabbi, in his seventies, may be jailed Thursday for refusing to agree to be placed house arrest after taking part in the massive coordinated country-wide civil disobedience three weeks ago.

Rabbi Levinger was arrested, along with more than 500 other protesters across Israel on the May 16th "test run" in which 40 major intersections across the country were brought to a halt by anti-expulsion protesters. Though most of those arrested were released within 24 hours, Rabbi Levinger was kept in jail for several days at the prosecution's request.

Last week, Rabbi Levinger received an order to report to the Be'er Sheva court for another hearing, which took place Wednesday. According to Rabbi Levinger, the prosecution is demanding that he be either placed either under house arrest or incarcerated, until conclusion of the proceedings against him.

"The reason is that Rabbi Levinger's acts are not criminally motivated; rather, they are ideologically motivated, thereby making him 'dangerous to the public,'" Hevron spokesman David Wilder said.

Rabbi Levinger's attorney requested that the next hearing be delayed for a week, allowing him time to study the case and prepare a response. However, the judge refused and scheduled another hearing for Thursday at 1:00 PM. Rabbi Levinger has declared that he will not agree to being placed under "house arrest" under any circumstances, meaning that should the judge accept the prosecution's demands, he will be incarcerated.

Scores of Hevron and Kiryat Arba residents have declared that if the rabbi goes to jail, they will go with him. "When a man like Rabbi Levinger is being jailed just because people look to him for truth and guidance, you know that prison has become the refuge of the honest man," said M., a resident of Kiryat Arba. "We will fill the jails and stay there as long as it takes to bring the concept of justice back into the Land of Israel."

An appeal against the judge's refusal to allow a week's postponement is being prepared for submission to the Supreme Court, but should it be denied, a large demonstration is planned for Thursday at 1:00 PM at the Be'er Sheva courthouse.


War begins against Iran in two Days.....Just before Shavuot?

This site will not open. Why?

2 days left before war with Iran
Collective Bellaciao


The Treason GROWS

House passes bill on anti-Semitism

The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution urging the United Nations to address anti-Semitism and anti-Israel policies.

Among other provisions, the resolution, which passed Tuesday by a vote of 409-2, calls on the United Nations to condemn anti-Semitic statements in all U.N. meetings and urges U.S. government action to combat anti-Semitism, particularly anti-Semitic incitement in the Middle East. The measure was introduced by Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Talmudic shemborgs) (R-Fla.) and Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.). The bill now goes to the Senate.


Shut the anti-Shem saints of Jesus the Christ up! Use the Proxy word of the Harlot

The devil cries out while he is busy kicking mankind

Anti-Semitism meet opens

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Conference on Anti-Semitism and Other Forms of Intolerance opened in Spain.

New York Gov. George Pataki, (Talmudic Hassidim jew)  leading the U.S. delegation, warned representatives from 55 European and North American governments that “we must not allow the disease of anti-Semitism to infect another generation.” For the first time, the OSCE’s annual meeting on anti-Semitism has been merged with discussions on prejudice against other groups.

The two-day confab is being held in Cordoba, a city where Jews, Christians and Muslims coexisted during the Middle Ages.


Court sides with rabbi in zoning dispute

A U.S. court (Talmudic influenced) partially overturned a lower court’s ruling that a Florida rabbi may not conduct religious services in his home.

The original ruling against Joseph Konikov came after neighbors complained that the services caused traffic and parking problems. The Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday that the appeals court also called Orange County’s zoning code unconstitutional, saying it unfairly discriminates against religious gatherings as opposed to nonreligious gatherings like scout meetings or parties.

“In other words,” the court stated, “a group meeting with the same frequency as Konikov’s would not violate the code, so long as religion is not discussed. This is the heart of our discomfort with the enforcement of this provision.” The case will proceed to a federal court in Orlando, though the county may attempt to bring the case to the U.S. Supreme Court


Catholicos of Sanhedrin Benedict Arnold II , the obedient Noahide of talmud Bavli

Pope to meet Jewish officials

Pope Benedict XVI will meet with 25 Jewish officials.

Thursday’s meeting with the delegation from the International Jewish Committee on Inter-religious Consultations will be the new pontiff’s first official meeting with senior Jewish officials. IJCIC has been an official dialogue partner with the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews for 35 years. “We anticipate a warm meeting as many of us have worked with Benedict in the past," Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, director of interfaith affairs for the Anti-Defamation League, told JTA ahead of the meeting. “We know that he will continue and indeed build on the great strides made in Catholic-Jewish fraternity by the late John Paul II.”


Arabs warn on Temple Mount

Jordan’s king and Egypt’s president warned against attempts by Jewish extremists to enter the Jerusalem compound that houses the Al-Aksa Mosque. The warning came Monday as Abdullah and Hosni Mubarak met in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheik. On Monday, Israeli police broke up a Palestinian demonstration after two groups of Jewish tourists were allowed to tour Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, where the mosque is located. On Sunday, Israeli authorities turned down a request by the Temple Mount Faithful, a Jewish extremist group, to visit the site, the holiest spot in Judaism, as part of celebrations marking 38 years since Jerusalem was reunited in the 1967 Six-Day War.


From the Noahide Kurdish Turds...Turkish Kurds...Uh what ever

Message from Kurdistan

An Iraqi Kurdish leader hinted that his country could seek to establish ties with Israel.

“Relations with Israel are no crime, as many Arab countries have ties with the Jewish state,” Massoud Barzani, president of Iraq’s Kurdish province, told the Saudi newspaper Al-Hayat on Wednesday. 

The Bush Hassidim Goal to carve up Iraq and make small provinces is paying off

“The moment an Israeli Embassy is opened in Baghdad, I will propose opening an Israeli consulate in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan.” Post-Saddam Iraq has yet to officially rescind its state of war with Israel, but some Iraqi officials have suggested the possibility of diplomatic contacts between the two countries.

Barzani dismissed reports in the Arab press that Israeli agents are operating in Kurdish areas. “There is no Israeli presence in our parts,” he said



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