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May 27, 2005

Day 191 of 1290 of 2300



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Daniel 11

13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.

Babylon proper....300 Billion....mammon riches

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Hasidim Chabad Lubavitch, Dan Bushkevik, Evangelical Judeo Churchinsanity apostates

15: So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.
16: But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land,
which by his hand shall be consumed.


remember the dream

Monday Morning May 23, 2005...I had a clear dream, The dream is that Abbas will go to Bush on Friday 27 May 2005 and make a secret agreement to hand over the claim to Jerusalem for Gaza. 

This clearly is against what I have been saying that the disengagement will not happen.

I believe Bush of Dan of the North the Hasidim of Chabad Lubavitch and their Sanhedrin, fully intends to double-crosss both Sharon and Abbas

Once the Agreement is made....then they "REVEAL" Moshiach ben Satan


Because the Men in Black the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of Sanhedrin, are in Control

Chabad Lubavitch meeting ABBA, all  grins and smiles, one big whore family


PA Chairman Abbas meeting Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Washington D.C on Friday.(Reuters)

Last update - 16:13 29/05/2005

Bush vows to pressure Sharon if PA works to disarm militants

By Akiva Eldar and Nathan Guttman, Haaretz Correspondents

If the Palestinian Authority meets its security commitments under the road map, including its undertaking to disarm militants, the United States will demand that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dismantle all the illegal outposts in the West Bank immediately after the disengagement, U.S. President George W. Bush has promised PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

In return for Palestinian claims on East Jerusalem

The U.S. administration is refraining from pressuring Sharon with regard to the settlements out of concern that such a move would politically hamper the prime minister's efforts to implement the pullout.

Double cross, Bush's Chabad attempting to establish their vision of Global hoodlum haha unto the Dragon against the ONLY Everlasting Holy Covenant Jesus the Christ and his saints

A senior political source in Jerusalem said Saturday that the report on Thursday's Bush-Abu Mazen meeting noted that the U.S. president made it clear to the PA leader that the existence of a single administration and a single army were essential conditions for the establishment of a democratic Palestinian state.

Noahide demonicrazy

According to the report, Abu Mazen told Bush that he has no intentions of denying Hamas the right to run in the upcoming Palestinian elections, but is prepared to take immediate military action against any element planning acts of violence against Israel.

The PA leader added that such action against the militants was possible only if Israel dropped its objection to the supply of arms and additional essential equipment to the PA security mechanisms.

Israel charges that the PA is not using the means already at its disposal, and the problem lies in the fact that PA personnel are not willing to confront the militants and the individuals responsible for the firing of mortars and Qassam rockets at Israeli targets.

Meanwhile, the United States has decided to expand the powers of its Middle East security envoy, General William Ward, in keeping with requests made by Abu Mazen during his meeting last week with Bush.

U.S. sources confirmed over the weekend that, in addition to helping the Palestinians implement security reforms, Ward will now also serve as a security coordinator and mediator between the PA and Israel.

The decision is evidence of increased U.S. involvement in the process, and reflects the American administration's dissatisfaction with the lack of progress between the two sides regarding security cooperation in the field.

Making the move to Take Jerusalem by force

Speaking to U.S. reporters on Friday, at the end of his trip to Washington, Abu Mazen welcomed the decision to expand Ward's authority, saying it was an expression of America's commitment to the peace process in the region.

Until now, Israel has maintained that there is no need to expand Ward's powers, and has expressed satisfaction with his work.

When Ward was appointed to the position of security envoy some three months ago, he was entrusted only with the task of helping the Palestinians rebuild and rehabilitate their security mechanisms and place them under a single leadership.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said at the time that, in her opinion, there was no need for third-party involvement in security coordination in the field, and that such matters should be ironed out directly between Israel and the Palestinians.

However, in light of the lack of progress in this regard, coupled with fears about an outbreak of violence that could stop the process, the U.S. administration has had a change of heart, and has decided to play a more active role in security coordination between the sides. Ward will not be involved in political mediation, and will focus only on ways of upping security coordination in the field.

Since taking up his post, Ward has kept a low profile. He has refrained from admonishing the sides for failing to live up to the understandings from the Sharm el-Sheikh summit. While the Palestinians have charged that the U.S. general is not doing enough, Israeli officials have told their American interlocutors that Ward is a worthy appointment and is doing a good job, without adopting a judgmental stance toward either side.

The U.S. administration also plans to up its diplomatic involvement in the region, with a series of visits by senior U.S. officials on the cards. U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams
(Talmudic Hassidim) 
and Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch will visit Israel and the PA in the near future, with Rice expected in the region in June.

Rice's visit is slated to ensure that the disengagement plan is implemented in coordination between Israel and the PA, and will also serve to discuss ways of moving on to the road map following the pullout.

In the wake of Israeli unease after the Bush-Abu Mazen meeting on Thursday, U.S. officials made it clear over the weekend that the promises made by the U.S. president to the PA chairman did not deviate from Washington's well-known stance with regard to the Middle East. National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones said that Bush's statements to Abu Mazen reiterated the president's declarations in his June 24, 2004, speech and in his letter of guarantees to Sharon.




Shteinitz: US No Longer Supports Defensible Borders for Israel
15:37 May 27, '05 / 18 Iyar 5765


The Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee says Thursday's Bush-Abu Mazen meeting is a great blow to Israeli-U.S. relations, and proves that Sharon is deceiving the public.

The committee chairman, Likud MK Yuval Shteinitz (pictured), said today that everything Sharon has long said he was promised by U.S. President George Bush amounts to zero, because "Bush said yesterday that the basis for everything is the pre-1967 borders."

The Double cross by plan of the Hassidim. Bush in no way intends a withdrawal, the First Idea to to get Rid of Sheinerman, Take Jerusalem then Moshiach will be "REVEALED"

Prime Minister Sharon has long boasted that Bush has promised him that he would support Israel's right to retain large settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria in any final-status arrangement. However, Shteinitz said, Bush's remarks on Thursday represent "a regression even from previous American positions in favor of UN Resolution 242, which talked about 'defensible borders.'"

In fact, Bush referred not to the 1967 borders, but rather to the 1949 Armistice Lines, which are even less generous to Israel in some areas

"It is deception and misleading of the public," Shteinitz said, "when Prime Minister Sharon claimed that the United States and Bush would support the Israeli position in talks after the disengagement..."

Shteinitz further said, "Abu Mazen is doing nothing against terrorism, as the Shabak (GSS), and even Sharon himself, have said. The opposite: he is allowing Hamas and the terrorist organizations to get stronger, and even to run in the elections. And this same Abu Mazen receives compliments in Washington for his opposition to terrorism."

MK Yitzchak Levy (Religious Zionism Renewal Party) said, "The lie that Sharon has been disseminating about American commitments to maintain the settlement blocs has exploded. Once again, Sharon receives a spit in the face, and yet he still runs as if being chased to expel thousands of Jews from their homes, receiving nothing in return."

Associate Prime Minister Shimon Peres said Friday morning that the Bush "promise" regarding Israel's right to retain large settlement blocs no longer exists, for all intents and purposes. Peres explained that this is because Bush made sure to say in the press conference with Abu Mazen on Thursday that the future of the areas requires Palestinian Authority agreement.

The Bush Hasidim Chabad Lubavitch know this will stir a Revolution in ISREALHELL and deliver her and Jerusalem to them and their Sanhedrin. Once Bushkevik has control, then he too will be double crossed, by the Son of Perdition, Ha Moshiach ben satan, and it certainly will be well deserved.

Analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA notes other major gains for the PA following the White House meeting, and one minor gain for Israel. Among the PA achievements are:

* Explicit reference to Jerusalem in the phrase "Israel should not undertake any activity that... prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem."

* Acceptance of validity of a "terror" party running in the elections.
* Implicit acceptance of the PA position that the "punishment" for murdering Israelis is a day job in the PA security forces.

On the other hand, Bush showed understanding for Israel's demand to control airspace and sea ports in Gaza - at least until conditions change enough to warrant more Israeli trust of the PA. This could even include control of the Philadelphi Route on the southern Gaza border, Lerner feels


Friday, May 27, 2005

Background: "1949 Armistice Line" vs '67 Line

Background: "1949 Armistice Line" vs '67 Line

"The significance of the announcement by the Radio Damascus analyst that
Syria is demanding an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights to the 1949
armistice line, is that it renews the controversy over the demilitarized
zones which clouded Syrian-Israeli relations before the Six Day War."

"Three different lines marked the boundary between Syria and Israel before
the Six Day War: the international border from the Mandate period, the
armistice line, and the deployment of forces line on 4 June 1967, from which
the Six Day War opened. The Israeli politicians who talk about a full
withdrawal from the Golan Heights such as ministers Shimon Peres, Yossi
Sarid, and Shulamit Aloni are proposing a withdrawal to the international
border, the easternmost of the three lines, and the best for Israel. The
armistice line is the westernmost, and the most comfortable for the Syrians;
the June 4 line passes between them, and leaves in Syrian hands areas they
seized control of by force during the 1950's. "

Excerpted from "Background" by Aluf Ben
Ha'aretz 30 May 1995



The Man who defeated Bushkevik and his Hasidim....Insert Proxy here

British Elect Moslem-Backed Anti-Semite as MP
14:56 May 27, '05 / 18 Iyar 5765

London's East End voters have elected
anti-Semitic Moslem-backed George Galloway as Member of Parliament. He defeated the Jewish incumbent following an ugly and hostile campaign.

Galloway, a vociferous opponent of the war in Iraq, (Makes him against them) celebrated his victory on the shoulders of 80 Moslems who shouted, "A new god has been born." During the campaign, angry crowds threatened to burn shops whose owners displayed pictures of Galloway's opponent, Oona King, daughter of a Jewish mother and an African American father.

Of course they did

Galloway has pleaded with British soldiers to refuse to fight in Iraq, but he also has been accused of receiving money from former Iraq dictator Sadaam Hussein. The funds were marked for humanitarian needs in the oil for food program.

His election speeches against Britain's participation in the Iraq war won support from British voters whom he roused to protest loudly when he mentioned the words "Israel" or Zionist."

WHEN he WAS TELLING the TRUTH, before Ha Bushkevik and his Hasidim ad-menstruation began bloodying his name

London Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips has called Galloway "a latter-day Oswald Mosley," referring to a British Nazi of the 1930s. "[He] is the mirror image of the neo-fascists of the British National party....The Galloway victory is a symptom of the tide of irrationality and hatred which has overwhelmed our main stream culture."

After all....anti-Shemitism is necessary to bring haMoshiach and the Revenge of his seth

Galloway recently toured the United States and testified at Senate sub-committee hearings, where he denounced the American war in Iraq and accused Christian fundamentalists (Judeo-Churchinsanity apostate evangelicals of the right wing)  and Zionists of persecution.


The Reason he is labeled by Proxy

Mr. Galloway - Three
Cheers For A
Job Well Done

By Scott Ritter
The Guardian - UK
In the recent parliamentary elections, the British people, given the choice between standing for the rule of law or embracing partisan politics, chose the latter, voting with their pocketbooks, even though it meant re-electing a man who led Britain into an illegal war of aggression, based on lies and misrepresentation of fact.
Tony Blair is a man who has shown himself more subservient to an American president with empire in his eyes than to a British tradition of respect for the rule of law that dates back to the Magna Carta.
There is at least one politician, however, that the citizens of Britain can today be proud of, regardless of how one views his politics. This is a man who, back in 2002, had the courage to stand up to Blair and George Bush, calling Blair a liar and declaring that both were behaving like "wolves" towards Iraq. 
For speaking the truth, he was castigated, thrown out of the Labour party and smeared with false allegations of corruption - at the same time as the US government hid its role in enriching Saddam Hussein's government with illegal kickbacks. He has now charged back, winning a parliamentary seat previously controlled by the very party that evicted him.
And now the same man has done something that no other British politician has been brave enough to do: cross the Atlantic and confront the United States over the lies spread about the reasons for war with Iraq, the oil for food agreement and the failure of US lawmakers to do their own job when it comes to the rule of law.
FOR every single one is a Treasonous Blasphemous Viper serving their beat Sanhedrin of their beloved Chabad Lubavitch of their Dragon
George Galloway, the politician in question, stared down the US Senate subcommittee on homeland security and government affairs, and its notoriously partisan chairman Norm Coleman, and blasted as totally unfounded the committee's allegations that he had profited from oil vouchers in exchange for his anti-war stance. He emerged from the hearing victorious. If only more politicians, British and American alike, were able to display such courage in the face of the atmosphere of neoconservative (Talmudic Jews who control the White House and this nations Government) intimidation prevalent in Washington these days.
Galloway is now the darling of the American left, and has fed punch lines for late-night comics and generated headlines like the New York Post's "Brit fries senators in oil". But mainstream America still seems unable to digest the horrific reality that the MP's testimony underscored: 
BECAUSE "Amaraka" worships their beast of flesh, the "Chosen" who has delivered them to the soon to be "REVEALED" Moshiach, that son of perdition of the Great Whore
that Senator Coleman's McCarthy-like hearings are but a smoke screen for a crime of horrific proportions.
Galloway has nevertheless had the courage to stand up to unjust charges and an unjust war - and that is the only way that opinion will shift. Two years ago I wrote that the accusations of corruption against Galloway were too convenient, designed to silence one of the Iraq war's harshest critics. 
The honourable member for Bethnal Green and Bow has entered the lair of a conservative (Talmudic) American political body to confront it head-on about a war and occupation that many on both sides of the Atlantic, politicians and public alike, seem only too willing to sweep under the carpet. So, Mr Galloway, please accept from this American three cheers for a job well done.
* Scott Ritter was a senior UN weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. His new book, Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of America's Intelligence Conspiracy, will be published this summer.

Gawd bliss "Amaraka"




Dan:8:25: And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

New DREAD Weapon -
Devastating, Jam-Proof
And Silent

By David Crane
Imagine a gun with no recoil, no sound, no heat, no gunpowder, no visible firing signature (muzzle flash), and no stoppages or jams of any kind. Now imagine that this gun could fire .308 caliber and .50 caliber metal projectiles accurately at up to 8,000 fps (feet-per-second), featured an infinitely variable/programmable cyclic rate-of-fire (as high as 120,000 rounds-per-minute), and were capable of laying down a 360-degree field of fire. What if you could mount this weapon on any military Humvee (HMMWV), any helicopter/gunship, any armored personnel carrier (APC), and any other vehicle for which the technology were applicable?
That would really be something, wouldn't it? Some of you might be wondering, "how big would it be," or "how much would it weigh"? Others might want to know what it's ammunition capacity would be. These are all good questions, assuming of course that a weapon like this were actually possible.
According to its inventor, not only is it possible, it's already happened. An updated version of the weapon will be available soon. It will arrive in the form of a tactically-configured pre-production anti-personnel weapon firing .308 caliber projectiles (accurately) at 2,500-3000 fps, at a variable/programmable cyclic rate of 5,000-120,000 rpm (rounds-per-minute). The weapon's designer/inventor has informed DefRev that future versions of the weapon will be capable of achieving projectile velocities in the 5,000-8,000 fps range with no difficulty. The technology already exists.
The weapon itself is called the DREAD, or Multiple Projectile Delivery System (MPDS), and it may just be the most revolutionary infantry weapon system concept that DefenseReview has EVER come across.
DREAD: The Skinny
DREAD Weapon System
Type of Equipment:
Multiple Projectile Delivery System
Killer Features:
Fires .308 caliber and .50 caliber metal projectiles accurately at up to 8,000 fps (feet-per-second)
Features an infinitely variable/programmable cyclic rate-of-fire (as high as 120,000 rounds-per-minute)
Electrically powered and virtually silent
Capable of laying down a 360-degree field of fire
Mountable on any military vehicles, includes humvees and helicopters
Weighs only 28 pounds
Magazine capacities of at least 50,000 rounds of .308 Cal., or 10,000 rounds of .50 Cal. ammo
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Equipment Guide
The DREAD Weapon System is the brainchild of weapons designer/inventor Charles St. George. It will be 40 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 3 inches high (20 inches high with the pintel swivel mount). It will be comprised of only 30 component parts, and will have an empty weight of only 28 pounds. That's right, 28 pounds. The weapon will be capable of rotating 360 degrees and enjoy the same elevation and declination capabilities of any conventional vehicle-mounted gun/weapon.
The first generation DREAD (production version ), derived from the tactically-configured pre-production weapon, will most likely be a ground vehicle-mounted anti-personnel weapon. Military Humvees (HMMV's) and other ground vehicles (including Chevy Suburbans) equipped with the DREAD will enjoy magazine capacities of at least 50,000 rounds of .308 Cal., or 10,000 rounds of .50 Cal. ammo.
But, what is the DREAD, really? How does it work? In a sentence, the DREAD is an electrically-powered centrifuge weapon, or centrifuge "gun." So, instead of using self-contained cartridges containing powdered propellant (gunpowder), the DREAD's ammunition will be .308 and .50 caliber round metal balls (steel, tungsten, tungsten carbide, ceramic-coated tungsten, etc...) that will be literally spun out of the weapon at speeds as high as 8000 fps (give or take a few hundred feet-per-second) at rather extreme rpm's, striking their targets with overwhelming and devastating firepower. We're talking about total target saturation, here. All this, of course, makes the DREAD revolutionary in the literal sense, as well as the conceptual one.
According to the DREAD Advantages Sheet, "unlike conventional weapons that deliver a bullet to the target in intervals of about 180 feet, the DREAD's rounds will arrive only 30 thousandths of an inch apart (1/32nd of an inch apart), thereby presenting substantially more mass to the target in much less time than previously possible." This mass can be delivered to the target in 10-round bursts, or the DREAD can be programmed to deliver as many rounds as you want, per trigger-pull. Of course, the operator can just as easily set the DREAD to fire on full-auto, with no burst limiter. On that setting, the number of projectiles sent down range per trigger-pull will rely on the operator's trigger control. Even then, every round is still going right into the target. You see, the DREAD's not just accurate, it's also recoilless. No recoil. None. So, every "fired" round is going right where you aim it.
One of the ammunition types the DREAD will be delivering downrange is the "Collision Cluster Round," or "CCR," that will be used to penetrate hard targets. The Collision Cluster Round (CCR) is explained in more detail on the munitions page of the DREAD Technology White Paper (links below). The DREAD Advantages Sheet also lists all the other advantages that the DREAD Weapon System enjoys over conventional firearms.
And, all this from a weapon that doesn't jam. Remember how at the beginning of the article I wrote "no stoppages or jams"? The DREAD won't jam because, according to its inventor, it can't jam. The DREAD's operating a nd feeding mechanisms simply don't allow for stoppages or jams to occur. It thus follows that the DREAD Centrifuge Weapon will be the most reliable metallic projectile launcher/ballistic device on the planet. DefRev is not at liberty to publish exactly why the DREAD can't jam, since Mr. St. George hasn't given us permission to describe the gun's operating and feeding mechanisms in any detail.
The only thing the DREAD's operator will really have to worry about is running out of ammo, which isn't likely. Any reasonably skilled gunner (Humvee, APC, Apache attack helicopter, etc.-- doesn't matter) should be able to avoid running through all 50,000 (or more) rounds of .308 Cal. or 10,000 (or more) rounds of .50 Cal. ammo prematurely, especially when he or she can dial down the DREAD's cyclic rate to 5,000 rpm or slower, if necesssary. Even if it becomes necessary to increase the DREAD's magazine capacity to upwards of 100,000 rounds (.308 Cal.) or 20,0000 rounds (.50 Cal.), and run the weapon all day and all night for weeks on end, this will have absolutely no effect whatsoever (positive or negative) on the reliability or durability of the weapon system. The DREAD is both heatless and frictionless, and doesn't generate any high pressures. So, there's virtually no wear and tear on the system, no matter how many rounds are fired through it back-to-back, even if it's run constantly on full-auto at 120,000 rpm, the whole time. (DefRev) is an online tactical technology magazine that focuses on advanced tactical armament, tactical equipment/gear (including combat/tactical camouflage technology), and tactical training/instruction for military infantry forces. strives to provide the most up-to-date information on law enforcement (LE) SWAT/SRT and military Special Operations (infantry)/Special Warfare (SPECWAR) technology developments as quickly as we learn about them.


The Shemborg Global Collective


Rv:13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


US Wants To Be Able To
Access Britons' ID Cards
By Kim Sengupta
The Independent - UK
The United States wants Britain's proposed identity cards to have the same microchip and technology as the ones used on American documents.
The aim of getting the same microchip is to ensure compatability in screening terrorist suspects. But it will also mean that information contained in the British cards can be accessed across the Atlantic.
Michael Chertoff,(Talmudic Treasonous Viper of their covenant with death and hell)  the newly appointed US Secretary for Homeland Security, has already had talks with the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, and the Transport Secretary, Alistair Darling, to discuss the matter.
Mr Chertoff said yesterday that it was vital to seek compatibility, holding up the example of the "video war" of 25 years ago, when VHS and Betamax were in fierce competition to win the status of industry standard for video recording systems.
"I certainly hope we have the same chip... It would be very bad if we all invested huge amounts of money in biometric systems and they didn't work with each other.Hopefully, we are not going to do VHS and Betamax with our chips. I was one of the ones who bought Betamax, and that's now in the garbage," he said.
Mr Chertoff also proposed that British citizens wishing to visit the US should consider entering a "Trusted Traveller" scheme. Under this, they would forward their details to the US embassy to be vetted. If successful, they would receive a document allowing "fast- tracking" through the US immigration system.
A pilot scheme will start within a few months between the US and the Netherlands, allowing Dutch visitors to use a Trusted Traveller card to enter the US without being subjected to further questioning or screening.
Britain is one of 27 countries whose citizens do not need visas to enter the US if they intend to stay less than 90 days. The American government has said it wants 27 to issue new passports by 26 October this year containing a computer chip and a digital photograph.
Mr Chertoff said compatability and the checking system was intended purely to track down "terrorists and criminals" and the main aim was to provide a "fair and reasonable system"
a system of the BEAST
US diplomatic sources stated later that Washington did not wish to interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries.
"When we screen based on names, we're screening on the most primitive and least technological basis of identification - it's the most susceptible to misspelling, or people changing their identity, or fraud," he said.
The scheme will also, say diplomats, ease confusion over who exactly constitutes a suspect. The most high-profile case was that of Yusuf Islam, the singer formerly known as Cat Stevens, who was barred from entering the US because his activities "could be potentially linked to terrorism". The British government is insistent that Mr Islam had no such links.
However, this is the latest controversy to surround Britain's proposed combined identity card and passport due to be introduced in three years' time. Rising costs have pushed the cost up to £93 each after the overall estimated 10-year cost of the project grew from £3.1bn to £ 5.8 bn.
There have also been problems over the effectiveness of the biometric technology which is supposed to safeguard the security of the cards. There were also verification problems with 30 per cent of those whose fingerprint was taken during an enrolment trial of 10,000 volunteers.
©2005 Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd.


How the Hasidim, the Robbers of the people, have deceived apostate Judeo-Churchinsantiy. The king of the North, Aholah of Dan the serpent, the Chabad Lubavitch Sofiet RED Esau, who control the White House and Heil Bushkevik the Treasonous Blasphemous Nasi of his people is deceiving Sheinerman, Sharon of Judah, Aholibah the sister whore of the south, and soon by their Power given them by their beloved Dragon, their god of the world, and their Beast Sanhedrin and the son of satan's shema-GoG, they will have control over that spiritual city, that Sodom and Egypt, where our LORD was crucified, the Great Harlot of Babylon, and "REVEAL" their false king, that son of perdition, Moshiach ben Satan, and ALL who dwell upon the earth, whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of life, who refuse to STAND FIRM in Testimony of the ONLY Living God, Jesus the Christ, and who are decapitated by their sick murderous Talmudic Noahide Laws, will worship the beast. Are you one of these?


 for soon their is no reverse


One-Man Truth Squad: Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss!

Chabad of Topanga

Rabbi Dovid Weiss

534 Glen Trail
Topanga, CA 90290








I’ve seen him at every major Anti-War demonstration in Washington, D.C. going back to the massive protest action of Oct. 26, 2002. His name is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. On May 26, 2005, he was in front of the White House sending warm greetings to the new Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, who was meeting with President George W. Bush. Rabbi Weiss is an unrepentant foe of Zionism. He is also a one-man Truth Squad!

Of the Great Liar the Dragon


Click on image for a larger version

Torah Rabbis at White House.jpg

Talmudic jewry welcomes Abbas of the scheme to Take that city jerusalem of babylon Proper


The backdrop was the most famous address in America - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! Standing in front of the White House, on Thursday, May 26, 2005, was a man I have seen at just about at every Anti-War demonstration in our Nation’s Capital, going back to the massive protest action of Oct. 26, 2002. On May 23, 2005, he was also in front of the Washington Convention Center denouncing AIPAC and Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.

Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


Today, he was standing up for the Palestinian people and sending his greetings to the new Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas.

want some ocean front property?

 In my opinion, Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss a one-man truth squad and an unrepentant and courageous foe of the Zionist Movement. (1)

He is a Viper of his generation, and Bushkevik his partner of Talmud of the Dragon

While Abbas was inside the White House meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush and requesting direct aid for his government, Rabbi Weiss was outside, on a bright sunny afternoon, saying, “The entire land of Palestine should be under Palestinian rule and that according to Torah law, while in exile the Jewish people are forbidden to have their own state. Prior to the founding of the Zionist movement, by non-religious Jews, some 100 years ago, Jews and Muslims coexisted peacefully in Palestine,” he insisted.

What he is doing is a complete Ruse, for he knows their Moshiach is about to be revealed to deceive the nations of the earth

According to today’s Washington Post, when Abbas made the rounds on Capitol Hill yesterday, he met “resistance” in the Congress to direct funding to the Authority by the U.S. The Palestinian Foreign Minister, Nasser Kidwa, believed the blockage is coming from the powerful pro-Israeli lobby

He dared to raise this question, “Is it really allowed under American law for a foreign entity to endlessly lobby Congress to achieve certain political goals?” 


(2) It is beyond dispute that the pro-Israeli lobby has a lot of clout in this country, especially with the Congress itself, which is dominated by Zionists, like: Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA), Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT), Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), to name just a few.

TREASONOUS Blasphemous Vipers

Like other intrepid truth tellers before him, Rabbi Weiss, is mostly ignored by the Establishment press. He said, “We have rallies in NYC, at the Israeli Mission, and thousands of protesters show up and the media totally ignores us because of its fears of the Zionists. It’s the same in Jerusalem, as well, where we have had demonstrations of over 100,000 people protesting the Zionist state. Supporting Rabbi Weiss point, the Washington Post’s coverage of the Anti-AIPAC and Anti-Sharon rally, in D.C., on May 23rd, receive marginal notice in its newspaper. Instead, the Post prefers to give maximum exposure to the sordid Michael Jackson trial; that looney runaway bride, Jennifer Wilbans; the rantings of the silly gossipmonger, Tina Brown; the latest antics of actor, Burt Reynolds, and also to columnist, Art Buchwald, whom nobody really reads anymore, including, I suspect, his editor!

"Amarakan" news, and NO One has reported the Sanhedrin, the apostate Judeo-Churchinsanity are still in their illusion of Scofield that they are going to be evactuated from their own apostatsy

Despite the tremendous odds against him, Rabbi Weiss, and his delegation of Orthodox Rabbis, representing the “Anti-Zionist Jewish Community,” from Neturei Karta International, fight on. Rabbi Weiss said, “The Israeli state is illegitimate and is in violation of the Torah, God’s law.

This rib-eye is in VIOLATION and denies Jesus the Christ the LAW fulfilled

 Zionism is the biggest cause of Anti-semitism in the world. It has brought fifty years of bloodshed - one continuous stream of bloodshed and suffering, all because it won’t obey God’s law,” the Rabbi emphasized.

and Now the Hasidim who originally set up their Talmudic secular zion, have fooled and bemused all the earth and seek to destroy zion and bring in haha Moshiach and his Hoodlum haha Universal religion unto the Dragon, Noahidism...and all whose names are not written in the Lambs Book, who refused to STAND Firm in testimony of Jesus the Christ, who loved not their lives unto their deaths, for his Namesake, will worship their BEAST.....are you one of these?

REPENT NOW in Jesus the IAMHE the Name above all names, and Witness even unto the end, Overcome the Beast by the Blood of the Lamb, and recieve the WHITE ROBE of Righteousness, or forever be in Death and torment.

DO NOT FEAR that dragon and his evil, for the LORD IS Able to GIVE you Life forever More......BELIEVE

Another protester, standing outside the White House, near the Rabbis’s delegation, and waving a Palestine flag, was Eric C. Anderson. His point of view on Israel is similar to a growing contingent of Americans. A human rights activist, Anderson said that he was there, “to support the Palestinian people who have been treated terribly by the Israelis.” He continued, ”It’s hard to take Ariel Sharon seriously since settlements are being built everyday in the West Bank.”

I warn you all, Do not make Jerusalem your stumbling Block, Do not harm any man woman or Child for yours will be eternal Damnation. CRY out to the JEWS in Jesus the ONLY Messiah...Go and Tell them of the LORD.

Can you not see, they hate us the saints and they brand us with their Proxy, for they fear us and the Gospel of Christ. All nations will hate you for Jesus Namesake 

Do not fear, If only one flesh Jew is converted and Born again unto the KINGDOM of Heaven it is worth the first death.

Every Day I am called a Hater, intolerant, should be put in prison, etc......BUT the masses just cannot hear what I WARN which is UPON the Earth this very Moment......Please wake up.

It is not me who hates jews....I HATE TALMUDIC Judaism which hates My LORD and my God, and I will fight this spiritual battle until I am slain by the Mighty Name of My Lord, Jesus the Christ, according to his WILL

Will you stand with me and the KING of KINGS?

or will you get back into your foxhole in fear? and then see the second death?



 He added that, “AIPAC can bring enormous pressure on American politicians. The specific thing Israel wants us to do for them now is to invade Iran and to invade Syria.” Anderson concluded, “Israel wants America to the dirty work for it. It gets the benefits of increased security and we go to war with Syria and with Iran. We get the benefit of the expenses and coffins coming back home. It’s always a raw deal that we get when we’re dealing with the Israeli government.”

DO not be deceived....IT is Talmudic Hasidic Chabad who control these Propagators against Sharon, for these are the Robbers of his people, who seek to establish their vision unto their Dragon

Getting back to Rabbi Weiss, he said religious Jews are paying a severe price for daring to oppose the Zionist juggernaut. “We have been beaten, killed and maimed by the Zionists. They have destroyed one of our synagogues in Jerusalem. They have tear gassed us at demonstrations. We want a peaceful and speedy dismantling of the Zionist state of Israel. Readers can see the pictures for themselves of the victims at the hands of the Zionists that I’m talking about on our web site. The Press has been fearful to cover these kinds of events.”

They want to destroy the king of the south, even since 2 Kings 16, it has always been the case.....DAN the serpent is envious and wants Jerusalem for his own whoredoms....BEWARE

Rabbi Weiss underscored, “Judaism and Zionism are different and incompatible concepts diametrically opposed to each other. 

Aholibah and Aholah, both are whore sisters

Zionism and the state of of Israel are tragedies for the Jewish people, as well, of course, as they have been for the oppressed Palestinian people.”

DO NOT BE FOOLED, they seek to Force all mankind to their Talmudic Noahide Laws of Satan, they seek to get rid of zion and bring in their Sanhedrin and their false Coronated king the Final Global despot the last Nasi, who will slay both JEW and Saints........BEWARE.......


 He labeled what the Zionists have done in Occupied Palestine, “a litany of evils.” He added how the then-Chief Rabbi of Palestine, in 1948, strongly urged the U.N., not to approve the creation of the “heretic” state of Israel, because it was “against God’s law to do so.” The Chief Rabbi had prophetically (ribeyes cannot Prophecy in the Name of the ALPHA and Omega, but only to Baa'l) argued that it would bring “endless rivers of blood.” 

For that is their hope, ordo ab chao...hahaMoshiach

Rabbi Weiss said, the failure of the founders of Israel, non-religious Jews, to heed the Torah, 

to heed the Talmud Bavli and their satanic Universal Noahide Laws

God’s law, and Gods’ will, will bring “catastrophic results for the Jews of the world.”

That is 100% correctomundo

He said he prays constantly to see the day come in the Holy Land

The Un-holy spiritual Sodom and Egypt where Our Lord was crucified and the Prophets of GOD was slain and who is responsible for all slain upon the earth from Righteous Abel to the last saint of the LORD Jesus the Christ

 “where Arab and Jew can come together and dwell in peace and harmony under a rule which is entirely in accordance with the wishes of the Palestinian people.”

hahahhahahhahahahhwhoooooooey....where they will submit under the Talmud bavli's laws of their dragon and accept the beast and his false Christ, which they and all who dwell upon the earth will certainly do, who deny Jesus the ONLY Messiah the Only Savior of SION, God's Holy Mountain in heaven

Finally, the only thing I know for sure is this: Rabbi Weiss will continue, no matter what the obstacles, to bring his Torah-inspired truth, his dream of justice, his quest for a Palestine of peace and happiness, to all who will listen to him! May our good Lord bless him in all his noble works.

May his soul be with him in the Covenant with death and hell he has made unto himseld and his Lies and Hatred of the Living Lord God and His Commandments and his LAW, IF he continues to Blasphemy the HOLY Spirit, Christ Jesus


2. “Direct Aid to Palestinians Considered,” Glenn Kessler, 05/26/05, The Washington Post.

© William Hughes 2005.

William Hughes is the author of “Saying ‘No’ to the War Party” (Iuniverse, Inc.) He can be reached at: liamhughes (at)

William Hughes is an yid-iot of ID


Bush: "You Have To Keep Repeating Things To Catapult The Propaganda"

Prison Planet | May 26 2005

We were graced with a new Bushism on Tuesday this week but it seems to have conveniently slipped under the radar.

President Bush gave a talk at the Athena Performing Arts Center at Greece Athena Middle and High School Tuesday, May 24, 2005 in Rochester, NY. Bush traveled to Rochester, trying to win support for his proposed overhaul of the Social Security system.

About half way through the event Bush came out with this pearler.

"See in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."


and still not word on Sanhedrin's meeting in April and May of 2005, yes indeed they are scheming in Secrecy of their dragon


the "Shembolic" meeting


Time is short for a deal with Israel, Abbas tells Bush in symbolic meeting

By Rupert Cornwell in Washington

27 May 2005


Even after President Bush announced $50m (£26m) of direct housing aid for the Palestinians, the Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, delivered a blunt warning yesterday that time was running out for a peace settlement with Israel.

Bring in Moshiach ben satan now , meant Abbas...."REVEAL" hahaMoshiach ben destruction

"We must end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before it is too late," Mr Abbas declared during a symbolic visit to the White House.

where he secretly told Bush he would give up the claim on east Jerusalem

"Time is becoming our greatest enemy," he said, condemning Israel's continuing settlement building, and reiterating the goal of a Palestinian state "within the boundaries of 1967". His appearance in the Rose Garden came at a pivotal moment for efforts to reactivate the road map to peace.

Once the hasidim have the Whore city under their Sanhedrin Control, bye-bye Bushkevik, bye bye Sheinerman...bye bye Abbas, hello son of perdition

Israel's planned withdrawal from Gaza approaches but so do Palestinian municipal elections, set for 17 July, at which Mr Abbas - hailed in Washington as a new type of Palestinian leader - faces a tough challenge from the militant Hamas group, still classified by the US as a terrorist organisation.

Meeting Congressional leaders earlier on Capitol Hill, Mr Abbas denied West Bank reports he was seeking to have the elections pushed back to November.

The later date would be safely after the Gaza withdrawal, whose success depends not only on compliance by the displaced Israeli settlers but also on close co-operation with the Palestinian security forces.

the cat and mouse game

His US visit is the first by a Palestinian president since summer 2000, when the peace talks brokered by President Bill Clinton collapsed into violence. Six months later, the Bush administration came to office, vowing to have no dealings whatsoever with Mr Abbas' predecessor, Yasser Arafat.

Olso and Rabin

6: And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement: (Olso) but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times. (Rabin slain) 

"We want 'a clear political position' from the US regarding the implementation of the road map as well as economic aid," Mr Abbas said before the talks. But whether he got one is highly debatable.

Because Bush knows full well the Road map goes straight to hell

Mr Bush again condemned settlement expansion by Israel. But the fresh aid, earmarked for Palestinian housing in Gaza, is a fraction of the $1.2bn of aid pledged to Palestine last December, of which only $100m has been forthcoming.

With more than one eye on the domestic difficulties faced by Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister, over the Gaza pull-out, the US President again leant on Mr Abbas to do more to tackle Palestinian extremism and corruption. He repeated the familiar mantra that "both sides must meet their obligations under the road map."

Noahide demonicrazy

"Photo-ops will not provide much help," said Dennis Ross, Middle East envoy for both the first President Bush and Bill Clinton, arguing that Mr Abbas desperately needed concrete help if he was to show results and prevent more power slipping to Hamas at the forthcoming elections.

"Abbas believes in secular governance, the rule of law, non-violence and co-existence with Israel," Mr Ross wrote in the Washington Post. "If he cannot make it, if he cannot demonstrate that his way offers a future for the Palestinian people... what message does that send? Who do we think will take his place?"

Moshiach ben satan, of course



The last Time

"With Us or Against Us"
It Really is a Crusade

GARY LEUPP, CouterPunch

May 27, 2005

Days after the 9-11 attacks, George W. Bush informed Americans, "This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile." As a Yale history major, he ought to have known what the medieval Crusades were all about: Christians against Muslims, mostly for control of Palestine, fought with all the viciousness and duplicity reflected in the recent film "The Kingdom of Heaven." The explosive term was guaranteed to incite Muslim ire and alarm, and protests from everywhere (including the State Department, I'd imagine) caused Bush to drop it from his fevered rhetoric. But yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is indeed a Crusade, an anti-Muslim project conducted from a Judeo-Christian command center of a particularly unholy type. No matter how much administration officials profess their respect for Islam, denying any religious character to the war, and however they express wide-eyed amazement that Muslims might misunderstand the "war on terrorism" as an anti-Muslim war, it really is a crusading "holy war"---for the following reasons.

After 9-11 President Bush found an opportunity to attack Iraq, which as the books by Richard Clarke and Paul O'Neill attest, he had hoped and planned to do in any event. There was no connection between 9-11 and Iraq, and no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (although some may still have faith that such will be found). But the al-Qaeda operatives, most Iraqis, and most of the people in the "Greater Middle East"---that vast oil-rich strategic pivot of geopolitics---are Muslims. Up to 80% of Americans are Christians, and Bush's political base is the fundamentalist Christian right. Many Christian fundamentalists believe that Islam is an enemy, a false faith. This belief can be exploited politically.

In defiance of reason, the Bush administration insisted that an attack on weak, sanctions-bled Iraq would help prevent hate-filled Muslim minds in Baghdad from executing another 9-11 against America, whose overwhelmingly Christian people Bush said he knew were "good people." How he pandered to the self-righteousness of those who believe they're "saved"! Good versus evil. "You are either with us or against us," he warned a startled world in November 2001. Bush echoed the words of Christ in Matthew 12:30: "He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters." Thus did the preacher-man gather his own flock, which loudly bayed "amen" to his planned Crusade.

This is a faith-based war, with all the irrationality of the medieval Crusades, or the wars of religion that accompanied the Reformation. The fundamentalists are big on the Reformation of course, but downright hostile to the Enlightenment that succeeded it. Not just hostile to Diderot and Voltaire and Kant but to Thomas Jefferson who heretically declared, "Question even the existence of God, for if there be one, He will more likely pay homage to Reason than to blind faith." Hostile too to the norms of international relations prevailing in recent centuries. One can look at the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) as the midpoint between the wars of religion launched by the Reformation, and the dawn of reason in the Enlightenment. That treaty posited the sovereign state as the basic unit in world politics and promoted non-intervention in order to maintain peace. All very rational. But the Christian right, some of whose members want to chuck the constitution and impose their holy "dominion" over your life, are happy to chuck hundreds of years of international law to irrationally assault the world. All in the name of God! Their hero George Bush specifically said of his illegal invasion in 2003, "God told me to smite [Saddam Hussein], and I smote him."

So yes, this is a Crusade, led by Bush, God's chosen one, against al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi resistance---and so many others who have little in common except for the fact that they emerge from primarily Muslim societies. Syria and Iran are both targeted for "regime change." So was the Palestinian Authority, led by the late Yassir Arafat, who was obliged to appoint a U.S.-approved prime minister in order to maintain diplomatic contact with Washington and Sharon. (It was to that prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, that Bush confided his divine mission to "smite" his enemies.) It's a Crusade against Hizbollah, the most popular Muslim political party in Lebanon. A war on Hamas, which enjoys wide support among Palestinian Muslims.

It's a Crusade that brilliantly exploits ethnic and religious prejudices in the U.S. It mixes the holier-than-thou triumphalism of the End Times believers with both Jewish and Christian Zionist dreams of a Middle East transformed by U.S. power. The "for us or against us" formulation borrowing from New Testament language pits the Judeo-Christian "us" against everybody else (including Cuba, North Korea, and leftist movements) but particularly at present against the Muslim world. Those vague categories "terrorism" and the religious-sounding "evil" were deftly used to morph bid Laden into Saddam; they may be used to conflate these with the Iranian mullahs. The war on all the evil in the cosmos begins with Muslim targets but at a certain point the religious attack can be diverted back to Godless communism too.

For the time being anyway the focus is on Islam, and on aggressively promoting---demanding, really---political change in the "Greater Middle East." Supposedly this is to protect America. "We are going to build a different kind of Middle East," Condoleezza Rice told U.S. troops last March, "a different kind of broader Middle East that is going to be stable and democratic and where our children will one day not have to be worried about the kind of ideologies of hatred that led those people to fly those planes into those buildings on Sept. 11." What is it about the Middle East that breeds the "ideologies of hatred"---those identified as such by the administration including secular Baathism, al-Qaeda terrorism, and Iran's political Shiism? The only thing linking these disparate ideologies aside from a hostility to U.S. policies is their Muslim component. The subtext here is that the Muslim world, as is, is unsuitable. A danger to our kids. So we need a Crusade for the children.

Throughout the world, not merely the Muslim world, the reputation of the U.S. plummets. But especially in the Muslim countries, with 20% of the world's population. The hateful behavior of the U.S. towards Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo inevitably provokes hatred among Muslims with worldviews as diverse as you will find among Christians. One needn't embrace an "ideology of hatred" to oppose the unprovoked attack on a sovereign state, the deliberate public humiliation of its toppled leader, the Abu Ghraib tortures and humiliations. Or to respond with indignation to the arrogance and hypocrisy of it all. The occupier of Iraq demands Syria end its occupation of Lebanon or face the consequences. The power that wants to violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty to produce tactical nukes tells Iran it's not allowed to enrich uranium, which that Treaty allows it to do. It is as though the Bush administration wants to be hated. It can then turn to the American people and say: "See, those people hate us! So we have to change their governments and institutions and education systems and customs, giving them our system, to end their hate and protect ourselves from them!"

The Crusades we read of in the history books were all about Palestine, about Jerusalem. Christians (the Byzantine Empire) had lost control of the region to the Muslim Arabs in 638, but Christians had generally been tolerated under the caliphates. Indeed the Patriarch Sophronios, who surrendered the city to the Arab commander Omar, had been given written assurances that Christians would retain control of Christian holy sites and practice their faith without hindrance. Agreements with Frankish kings or Byzantine emperors had facilitated the maintenance of Christian holy places in the city and the pilgrimages of European Christians. There was a brief period of Christian persecution from 1009, but so long as local Muslim authorities permitted Christian pilgrimages, relations between Christendom and Islam were businesslike and cordial. This changed when the Seljuk Turks conquered the Arabs, taking Jerusalem in 1070, and then gobbled away at the Byzantine Empire, taking Antioch and most of Asia Minor. Christian Byzantium, while at odds with the Roman Catholic Church, appealed to the Roman Pope to aid itself and all Christendom by beating back the Turkish tide.

Pope Urban II accommodated the Byzantines by calling for a holy war. At the Council of Clermont in 1095 he called upon European Christian "men of all ranks, knights as well as foot soldiers, rich as well as poor, to hasten to exterminate this vile race from the lands of your brethren." This vile race! He referred here to the recently Islamicized Turks. "Christ commands it!" he added. So began a European campaign to reclaim for Christendom a region lost to Islamic rule four and a half centuries earlier.

But as in the current Crusade, the objective became very blurred early on. Why were Jews in the Danube valley targeted for slaughter? They had nothing to do with the Turks. Why the bloody Crusader fighting with Slavonians in 1097? The Crusaders took Jerusalem in July 1099, butchering all its inhabitants regardless of age or sex. Why? Why the siege of (Christian) Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade in 1204? The troops with the cross of Jesus emblazoned on their tunics committed horrific atrocities, not just against Muslims but against humanity in general. Perhaps it is in the nature of a Crusade to widen over time, to find new enemies, to tap the potential of religious fanaticism and viciousness.

There were seven Crusades between 1096 and 1254. The Crusaders lost, the Muslims won, in the end graciously according Christians the right to trade and to visit as pilgrims while Christian Europe went about its religious inquisitions and pogroms. The current Crusade of Bush tells Muslims they can't go about their own business---because Christ through Bush commands that they change so as not to frighten American children. While the U.S. military disdains to count civilian dead in Afghanistan or Iraq, Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, a deputy Undersecretary of Defense says, "We're a Christian nation" and "the enemy is a guy called Satan." Bush's religious mentor Franklin Graham calls Islam a "wicked, evil religion." The Graham father and son are well known for their televangelizing extravaganzas, which they call---what else?---"crusades." Born-again boys from believing communities march off to the Muslim world to respond to 9-11, as their Christian predecessors (peasants, children, knights) set forth from Europe a century ago, waywardly, many to their doom. Onward, Christian soldiers, "with the cross of Jesus going on before"

But there are of course Christians who reject the crusading mentality, now and a millennium ago. Why did Saladin, who did battle with Richard Lionheart in the late twelfth century, become so celebrated in medieval European romances? The Kurdish Muslim warrior (featured prominently in "The Kingdom of Heaven") impressed all with his rationality and magnanimity. This in the twelfth century, when the Islamic world was far more enlightened, inclusive and tolerant than Christendom. The present Islamic world may not afford an attractive alternative paradigm to the western one. But neither world is evil incarnate. To grasp that fact and accept that the world isn't simple is to fatally challenge the Crusader mentality. Let us including the good Christians among us smite that murderous mentality.

Gary Leupp is Professor of History at Tufts University, and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion. He is the author of Servants, Shophands and Laborers in in the Cities of Tokugawa Japan; Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan; and Interracial Intimacy in Japan: Western Men and Japanese Women, 1543-1900. He is also a contributor to CounterPunch's merciless chronicle of the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, Imperial Crusades.



Holocaust Survivor
Leaving US - Sees
What's Coming
By Joey Picador
Justice For
One of our neighbors is moving. I've been in this neighborhood for about six years now, but didn't really know them very well at all - just waves and nods, mostly.
So I heard the moving van pull up this morning. When I got home this evening I happened to spy my neighbor (he's like 85 years old - I don't know exactly, but he's old, talks and moves very slowly) standing on the sidewalk next to the van. I walked over and shook his hand, and we started talking. I asked him where he was moving, and he said, "Back to Germany."
I had been stationed in Germany for two years while in the military, so I lit up, and commented about how beautiful the country was, and inquired if he was going back because he missed it.
"No," he answered me. "I'm going back because I've seen this before." He then commenced to explain that when he was a kid, he watched with his family in fear as Hitler's government committed atrocity after atrocity, and no one was willing to say anything. He said the news refused to question the government, and the ones who did were not in the newspaper business much longer. He said good neighbors, people he had known all his life, turned against his family and other Jews, grabbing on to the hate and superiority "as if they were starved for it" (his words).
He said he was too old to see it happen right in front of his eyes again, and too old to do anything about it, so he was taking his family back to Europe on Thursday where they would be safe from George W. Bush and his neocons. He seemed resolute, but troubled, nonetheless, as if being too young on one end and too old on the other to fight what he saw happening was wearing on him.
I gotta tell you - it was chilling. I let him talk, and the whole time, my gut was churning, like I had mutated butterflies in my stomach. When he was finished, he shook my hand, gripping it really hard, until his knuckles turned white and he was shaking. He looked me in the eyes, hard, and said, "I will pray for your family and your country." He let go of my hand and hobbled away.
I have related this event to you in the hopes it will serve as a cautionary anecdote about the state of our Union, and to illustrate the path we Americans are being led down by a group of fanatics bent on global economic and military dominion. When a man who survived the fruits of fascism decides its time to leave THIS country because he's seeing the same patterns that led to the Holocaust and other Nazi horrors beginning to form here, it is time for us to recognize the underlying evil inherent in the actions of those who claim they work for all Americans, and for all mankind. And it is incumbent upon all Americans, Red and Blue, Republican and Democrat, to stop them.
to late


Base Closures -
Disarming America
By Charlotte Iserbyt
Nowhere in the extensive press coverage of the military base closings, and their expected negative impact on the economies of the states affected, has there been information related to the history behind base closings. Citizens are being lead to believe that the primary reason for base closings is economic, the saving of taxpayers' hard-earned money. Such reasoning is hard to swallow, considering the $300 billion plus dollars spent on the unconstitutional war in Iraq which has little to do with protecting the national security of the United States; and the presence of the U.S. military in over 100 foreign countries, defending international, not national interests. If we really wanted to save money and were concerned regarding national security, wouldn't we be bringing our military back to defend our borders and to protect us from possible attacks from abroad?
A major reason for the base closures, which our elected officials have carefully avoided discussing, requires a look into history, going back to the Kennedy Administration and the 1961 Arms Control and Disarmament Agreement, P.L. 87-297, 87th Congress, H.R. 9118, September 26, 1961; State Dept. Publication "Freedom From War: The U.S. Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World", also known as "State Department Publication No. 7277"; P.L. 101-216, a more recent vote to support its parent document, P.L. 87-297 dated October 12, 1989; and H.R. 4481, "AN ACT To provide for the closing and realigning of certain military installations during a certain period, which passed the U.S. Senate, July 14, 1988, also known as the 'Defense Savings Act of 1988'."
Here are just a few key quotes from those documents. I have emphasized words relating to base closures. The reader can verify the quotes by going on the Internet to the United States Department of State website: [Read]
(1) "'The Arms Control and Disarmament Act', Sept. 26, 1961:
"Purpose, Sec. 2. An ultimate goal of the United States is a world which is free from the scourge of war and the dangers and burdens of armaments...It is the purpose of this Act to provide impetus toward this goal by creating a new agency of peace to deal with the problem of reduction and control of armaments looking toward ultimate world disarmament.
"Definitions, Sec. 3. (a) The terms 'arms control' and 'disarmament' mean the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement including the necessary steps taken under such an agreement to establish an effective system of international control, or to create and strengthen international organizations for the maintenance of peace." Please note reference to "armaments of all kinds" which translated into simple English means your private fire arms.
Now remember.....
Zohar Torah portion of Va'era page 32a

...In the future, the children of Yishmael will rule over the Holy land for a long time while the land is empty, just as their circumcision is empty and without completion. And they will hinder the children of Israel from returning to their place, until their merit in the Holy land runs out. In the future the children of Yishmael will stir great wars in the world. And the children of Edom [the West] will gather against them, and make war with them, one on the sea, and one on the land, and one by Jerusalem; and each one will prevail over the other but the Holy land will not fall to the hands of Edom. At the same time, a nation from the end of the world will be awakened against wicked Rome.(Rome here is said to refer to the spiritual center of western civilization) and it will make war against her for three months, and many nations will gather there, and they will fall by her hand, until all the children of Edom will gather against her from all corners of the earth. And then G-d will awaken Himself against them, as it says, "a sacrificial slaughter for the Lord in Batzra", and it says, "to shake the corners of the Land". And after this, the children of Yishmael will be finished from the world. And all the supernal powers of the nations will be broken, and no power will remain above except for the power of Israel alone
2) "Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, also known as State Department Publication #7277"
Called Noahide Demonicrazy, by peace they shall destroy wonderfully, after all have been disarmed
This policy book explains Public Law 87-297 and calls for;
"(1) the disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever, other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force."
(3) "H.R. 4481 AN ACT To provide for the closing and realigning of certain military installations during a certain period", passed the U.S. Senate, July 14, 1988. "This Act may be cited as the "Defense Savings Act of 1988". This legislation is a direct result of PL 87-297 as explained in State Department Publication #7277 above which calls for:
"STAGE II, B. To Further Reduce Armed Forces and Armaments;
"(a) Levels of forces for the U.S., USSR and other militarily significant states shall be further reduced by substantial amounts to agreed levels in equitable and balanced steps;
No mention of ISREALHELL 
"(d) Agreed military bases and facilities wherever they are located shall be dismantled or converted to peaceful uses.
"STAGE II, E. To Keep the Peace: (a) The U.N. Peace Force shall be established and progressively strengthened.
"In Stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force and all international disputes would be settled according to the agreed principles of international conduct."
Universal Noahide Courts of the Dragons Un-justice administered by Sanhedrin Beast and their freemason Noahide Judges
As things presently stand, American taxpayers are funding costly military excursions abroad, including the Iraqi invasion initiated as a result of UN Resolution No.1441, November 2002, UN Security Council unanimous 14-0 vote, which gave the invasion legal status. The U.S. military is in effect serving as the "progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force" mentioned above.
It just amazes me how much these yap-yapping experts, do not know....they are fighting the shem wars,.....the Pimp of the whore 
And Secretary Rumsfeld has the nerve to tell us that the reason for the base closings is economic; that they will save us a measly $5 billion dollars a year for ten years when he has no problem accepting the cost of the Iraqi war, in terms of hundreds of billions of dollars and over 1600 dead Americans?
Thank you so much, Mr. Secretary, for what? These base closures are an insult to our intelligence. They have little to do with saving money; they have a great deal to do with the United Nations (Shemborg Collective) plan to reorganize the world by regions (international socialism) 
Talmudic Noahidism unto the Dragon of the Sofiet RED ESAU and Dan the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch
so that nations will no longer be sovereign and in control of their military. (Former President of the Soviet Union refers to the European Union as the New European Soviet!) This reorganization forces nations to depend solely on the United Nations Peace Force to protect their borders, whether they wish them protected or not.
Does all of the above not remind one of George Orwell's classic "1984" where 
"war is peace and freedom is slavery"? 
Why are so few Americans questioning the fact that this UN Peace Force, made up of primarily U.S. military forces and equipment, seems increasingly to be involved in the cleaning up of the UN's own dirty work, resulting in the waging of war? UN "peace keepers" are presently moving back into the Republic of Zaire (former Belgian Congo) to try to restore equilibrium to that chaos-ridden nation, the forty-three year chaos resulting from UN policies in the early sixties when Belgium was forced to give the Congo its independence. In what appears to be a replay of 1961 when UN forces raped nuns in Elisabethville, UN peace keepers are now reported to be sexually abusing young girls.
Did you, American voter, give the Congress permission to change our military's constitutional responsibility from protection of the United States and its citizens to protector of the world in the service of the United Nations? Are you aware that all wars in which the United States has been engaged since 1945 have been "peace actions" called for by the United Nations Security Council (known as the World Police Force)? Did you know that between 1945 and 1986 each and every United Nations Under Secretary for Political and Security Council Affairs in charge of these "peace actions" has been a Russian Communist?
At a closed-to-the-public 1992 meeting of the Bilderberger Group (internationalist/elitist movers and shakers who determine the global agenda being implemented as I write), the Group discussed the possibility of "conditioning the public to accept the idea of a UN army that could, by force, impose its will on the internal affairs of any nation." Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who attended the meeting, said: "Today, Americans would be outraged if UN forces entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow, they will be grateful." Have we arrived at "tomorrow??
yesiree indeedy dooey we have
If our elected officials truly want to save the taxpayers money, they should:
Vote ( this one's for you Carmen, hahhahahahhahahhahahhaheheeeeeeewhooooooooey) to get the United States out of the totally unconstitutional United Nations, thereby allowing all our servicemen and women to return from Iraq and around the world to perform their constitutional duty of protecting the United States of America. Such withdrawal of our country from the UN should also result in the cancellation of all UN Treaties, including the Arms Control and Disarmament Treaty, the UNFAIR Trade Agreements which are reducing our nation to third world status, and the numerous treaties affecting American education (forcing us into the disastrous No Child Left Behind legislation!) through our membership in UNESCO, the OECD and other international agencies.
The poor sap is close but does not know  who is controlling Bush and his cronies 
The savings brought about by the enactment of the above recommendation would permit the slashing of federal income taxes, allowing the private sector (not the elitist corporate fascist internationalist sector) to create jobs within the United States, income from which will fill the tax coffers, thereby allowing adequate funding of programs for those Americans who for one reason or another are temporarily or permanently unable to care for themselves and their families. And how about putting some of that money to use repairing our states' incredibly delapitated infrastructures? Would that be too much to ask of our honorable elected officials in Washington?
Our elected officials are not coming clean on this issue. They should be forced to admit that the base closures have little to do with saving money but all to do with disarming the United States (which includes your private firearms)... at the same time transferring our military, which used to defend us citizens, to the United Nations Peace Force, to be used against us and other nations when and if we step out of line.
© 2005 Charlotte T. Iserbyt - All Rights Reserved
Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! 
blowing the wrong whistle
Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America's classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross on Guam and Japan during the Korean War, and in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa.
Iserbyt is a speaker and writer, best known for her 1985 booklet Back to Basics Reform or OBE: Skinnerian International Curriculum and her 1989 pamphlet Soviets in the Classroom: America's Latest Education Fad which covered the details of the U.S.-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in effect to this day. She is a freelance writer and has had articles published in Human Events, The Washington Times, The Bangor Daily News, and included in the record of Congressional hearings. Website: E-Mail:
To order The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
700 pages pb, Call: 1-800-955-0116
'Father' Of Malaysia
Savages Bush And Blair
Mahathir Brands US A Rogue Nation Terrorising
Innocents & Stands By Claim That
Jews 'Rule The World By Proxy'
By Simon Tisdall in Kuala Lumpur
The Guardian - UK
Mahathir Mohamad, modern Malaysia's founding father and moderate Islam's self-styled champion, denounced the Bush administration yesterday as a "rogue regime" bent on terrorising innocent civilians. He also said he was disappointed that Tony Blair, who he called a "proven liar", had won re-election after joining the US invasion of Iraq.
Reflecting the rage felt across the Muslim world over abuse scandals in Afghanistan and Guant·namo Bay, and continuing violence in Palestine and Iraq, Mr Mahathir said President George Bush and other US politicians were "ignorant" people who believed might made right - a return to colonial-era "old thinking".
Speaking to the Guardian at his offices in Putrajaya, near Kuala Lumpur, Mr Mahathir also claimed that the Israeli government had been given a free hand by Washington to continue to expropriate Palestinian land and entrench its control over Jerusalem. The war on terror would not end until the Middle East conflict was justly resolved, he said.
Asked whether he regretted his statement that "Jews rule the world by proxy", which caused an international furore in 2003, Mr Mahathir said he took nothing back.
"US politicians are scared stiff of the Jews because anybody who votes against the Jews will lose elections. The Jews in America are supporting the Jews in Israel. Israel and other Jews control the most powerful nation in the world. And that is what I mean [about Jews controlling the world]. I stand by that view."
On his balcony overlooking the tower blocks, mosques, bridges and artificial lakes of Putrajaya, Malaysia's new administrative capital which he created in the 1990s, Mr Mahathir, 79, cuts a slight, almost self-effacing figure. His personal manner is reserved and courteous to a fault.
 He also denies Jesus the Christ and too is anti-Christ
Earlier in the day, he had lectured students at his Perdana Leadership Foundation on the importance of education and development in the Muslim world to defend the Islamic faith. The problem was not Islam itself, he said, but the many incorrect interpretations of the Qur'an that were exploited by extremists.
"Islam is a positive, not a negative force. Today most Muslim countries seem incapable of developing good governments, they are always fighting each other, assassinating each other and doing all the wrong things." Distortions of the Prophet's teachings had held back the peoples of many Muslim countries, he said.
But Mr Mahathir's strongest criticism was directed outwards. Even though he retired as Malaysia's longest-serving prime minister in 2003, many in the region still regard him as the country's leader and one of Asia's most influential voices.
His anger is undimmed; his rhetoric flows unstaunched.
"The US is the most powerful nation," he said. "It can ignore the world if it wants to do anything. It breaks international law. It arrests people outside their countries; it charges them under American law. It kills them.
"The US war on terror is a way of terrorising people. If you are an Iraqi and you are expecting to be bombed, aren't you terrified? If you have done nothing, if you are an innocent Iraqi citizen and you are expecting any time a rocket to fly in and blow you to pieces, aren't you terrified?
"That is terror [and] the US is as guilty of terrorism as the people who crashed their planes into the buildings ... Bush doesn't understand the rest of the world. He thinks everybody should be a neocon (Talmudic Jew)  like him."
Mr Mahathir was equally scathing about Israeli policies in Palestine. He said his visit to the West Bank last month had been deliberately disrupted by the Israeli government. Specifically, he said he was blocked from travelling to Jerusalem and Jenin, scene of some of the worst Israeli violence in 2002, where he was to open a school funded by Malaysia. Israel has denied impeding his visit.
"I suppose I was mistaken in thinking that there are parts of Palestine that are under the control of the Palestinians. But apparently the Israelis have occupied the whole of Palestine. They do anything they like there," he said.
Mr Blair had discredited himself and Britain in Muslim eyes by backing the Iraq war, Mr Mahathir said. "He was wrong and he was more wrong because he tells lies. You know, Jack Straw came to see me [on the eve of the war in January 2003] and I asked him, 'Why are you with the Americans?' He said we're trying to influence the Americans not to take that kind of action. But it seems it was the other way round.
"They [Britain] were influenced in supporting America to do something that they knew was wrong ... They knew they were being lied to, and yet they supported the Americans and today 300,000 Iraqis are dead because of these lies.
"I think a person like Blair would feel very guilty and I am disappointed that the British people would re-elect a person who obviously told lies ... We're beginning to lose faith in the present leadership of Britain." One eventual consequence, he suggested, could be Malaysia's withdrawal from the Commonwealth.
Malaysia, which is encircled by conflicts in western Indonesia, the Philippines and southern Thailand, fully supported the fight against religious and political fanaticism, he said. But the west was going about it the wrong way.
"Even if you get Bin Laden, you can't be sure there won't be another Bin Laden. You cannot get terrorists to sign a peace treaty. The only way to beat terror is to go for the basic causes.
"They don't blow themselves up for no reason, they're angry, they're frustrated. And why are they angry? Look at the Palestinian situation. Fifty years after you created the state of Israel, things are going from bad to worse.
"If you don't settle that, there will be no end to the war on terror. For how long are you going to go on examining people's shoes?"
>From GP to PM
Mahathir Mohamad, 79. GP turned politician. Malaysian prime minister, 1981-2003.
Premiership precis
Developed Malaysia into tightly-controlled democracy with moderate Islamic bent and open market economy. Achieved through emasculating the judiciary, restricting media freedoms and stifling virtually all political dissent, including jailing his deputy in 1998.
Most high-profile of many roles is adviser to national car company, Proton, one of the nation's flagship industrial enterprises. Formally eschews limelight, but still regarded as influential political heavyweight.
Most famous for
Slagging off western nations at every opportunity. Ignoring the International Monetary Fund during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. After ridiculing his policies at the time, the IMF has admitted Mr Mahathir's action proved extremely effective.
Bringing Formula One motor racing to Malaysia.
Most infamous for
Grand, often wasteful, infrastructure projects. These include the Petronas towers - until 2003 the world's tallest buildings - and Putrajaya, a, purpose-built capital city.
- John Aglionby
Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2005,12271,1493443,00.html



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