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May 25, 2005

Day 189 of 1290 of 2300



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The Force of the Talmudic laws of the beast sanhedrin, and the soon to be "REVEALED" false god in that whore city jerusalem

The Counting of the Omer

According to the Torah (Lev. 23:15), we are obligated to count the days from the second night of Passover to the day before Shavu'ot, seven full weeks. This period is known as the Counting of the Omer. An omer is a unit of measure. On the second day of Passover, in the days of the Temple, an omer of barley was cut down and brought to the Temple as an offering.

The period from Passover to Shavu'ot is a time of great anticipation. We count each of the days from the second day of Passover to the day before Shavu'ot, 49 days or 7 full weeks, hence the name of the festival. See The Counting of the Omer. Shavu'ot is also sometimes known as Pentecost, because it falls on the 50th day. The counting reminds us of the important connection between Passover and Shavu'ot: Passover freed us physically from bondage, but the giving of the Torah on Shavu'ot redeemed us spiritually from our bondage to idolatry and immorality.

Jn:8:33: They answered him, We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

It is noteworthy that the holiday is called the time of the giving of the Torah, rather than the time of the receiving of the Torah. The sages point out that we are constantly in the process of receiving the Torah, that we receive it every day, but it was first given at this time. Thus it is the giving, not the receiving, that makes this holiday significant

Jewish Year 5765: sunset June 12, 2005 - nightfall June 14, 2005


even more propaganda to start the wars unto desolation



Last update - 19:38 25/05/2005

Hezbollah: All of northern Israel in our rocket range

By News Agencies and Haaretz Service

Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah Wednesday acknowledged for first time that his Lebanese guerrilla group has more than 12,000 rockets and that all of northern Israel is within reach.

"All of the north of occupied Palestine, its settlements, airports, seaports, fields, factories and farms is under the feet and hands of the Islamic resistance," Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah also said that Hezbollah, under mounting international pressure to disarm, would fight anyone who tried to take away its weapons.

"Any hand that reaches out to our weapons is an Israeli hand that will be cut off," Nasrallah told supporters on the fifth anniversary of Israel's witdhrawal from southern Lebanon.

"If anyone, anyone, thinks of disarming the resistance we will fight them like the martyrs of Kerbala," he said, referring to a battle in Islamic history central to Shi'ites.

The largely Shi'ite Muslim residents of the southern suburbs of Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold, celebrated Nasrallah's words with fireworks and cheering, witnesses said.

Nasrallah told thousands of supporters in the town of Bint Jbeil, part of a southern strip Israel occupied for 22 years, that Hezbollah has over 12,000 rockets capable of hitting the whole of northern Israel.

But he added that Hizbollah, backed by Syria and Iran, would only use its weapons in defense of Lebanon.

"We do not want to drag the region into a war...We want to protect our country..." he said. "Any thought of disarming the resistance is madness."

A United Nations Security Council resolution adopted in September demanded that Syrian forces pull out and all militias in Lebanon disarm. Damascus withdrew its forces in April



'Justice' System
Jim Kirwan
With the open and unanimous consent of the Senate, on 5-10-05: Liberty, the key to the whole idea of America, has been captured! With the implementation of the REAL ID Card, and all its fascistic dictates: we are becoming a nation in name only. This national ID card is NOT a proposal, it has been passed and signed - and no evidence of a public voice was ever heard from - because there was no discussion. 05.DTL&nl=fix
This "card" was designed for Homeland Security by the former East German STAZI chief, Marcus Wolfe, a master of manipulation and intimidation and Primakov the former head of the KGB in the USSR. These two former spy chiefs are who really run our SECRET National Interior Spy Service. Bush employed them specifically for what they brought from their communist states - now they decide who lives and who dies in America! These men have not changed, they are who they are, and that's why Bush & the Bandits hired them for HOMELAND Security. If these men appeared for work, in the uniforms of their former States, the public would be outraged, and rightfully so! How is it that the radical right continues to decry Communism, yet they have allowed Bush to employ top communist counter-intelligence officers to oversee every facet of our lives?
Many people still think that they control their own lives, and to a degree their own deaths. But with the capture of Freedom here, all that has changed. Our lives and deaths are about to be subjected to a medieval code that predetermines the "correctness" of any and all "personal behavior." This series of edicts is contained on that strip on the back of every ID card and this will govern the actions and conditions of existence for all Americans. The only bright spot is that it has been left to the states to pay billions for it, and most of the states are broke. IF this is funded, by either the feds or the states, then this IS the end of our way of life: because this crime underpins everything now in the thoroughly corrupted Criminal-Justice System.
The NEW Crusades
When a civilization becomes cavalier about its own history, as well as how things got to be the way they are - then history will repeat itself. What happened in 1095 is a "road-map" to what is happening in 2005. Then it was a corrupt Pope who instigated The Crusades. Today it is a stealth operation whose mouthpiece is Bush and his cavalcade of criminals, monsters and privateers. Both Crusades are long-term criminal ventures and both were and are guided by greed, by arrogance and by an unnatural desire to dictate to the world those aspects of human behavior that our new dictators will never understand.
The Crusades lasted from 1096 to 1291, or nearly 200 years. The irony is that Liberty, as an American concept has lasted a bit longer, but not by much. Unilateral George & his friends have proposed a war on the world that may equal the Crusades in length. "The War on Terra," seeks to wipe out the same things, and steal or kill the very same things that the Crusaders tried to finish off so long ago.
They first version made war on culture, war on independent thought, and war on anyone that opposed them. That criminal religious tyranny allowed no one to oppose their one true (catholic) faith. There was booty to be had, for those who signed on as the mercenaries of that day, but the Cheney's and the Rothschild's of that time had to content themselves with second-hand profits as they filtered back to the mini-fiefdoms of that time. Obviously times have changed. Profits now go to the Cheney's and the tyrants first, the "knights" are completely expendable - but the goals remain the same: kill everyone that stands in the way of this new-old system of rewards, friend or foe alike. This is the paranoia of the true Outlaw and it defines what sits in those offices of ours around the world - Outlaws masquerading as government servants. Their target list now openly includes those of us who were actually the real targets all along - the dissident and outspoken Americans as well as all those people that still believe "It Can NEVER Happen Here!"(Sinclair Lewis)
Part of the key to contesting this new attack upon our civil rights as free citizens in a free land: requires that we take back the U.S. Department of Justice, which has gone berserk under the guidance from the Outlaws. Of the 2.1 million prisoners they now hold, only about 10 % are there for hard core crimes - all the rest are doing time because they have violated the New Crusaders view of right and wrong. Our laws were designed with a desire "to protect the innocent." This new System has exactly the opposite purpose in mind - arrest anyone that looks suspicious, and to hell with the damage done to the individual or to the society! (As we did in Iraq - so it is here).
In our military prisons many simply were rounded-up by private contractors ($1000 a day plus a per head fee?) who conducted raids in dead-of-the-night dragnets, despite the fact that most of those they killed or captured had nothing to do with anything criminal. This looks like a money thing, having zip to do with terrorists or crime, just a numbers racket to increase profits. Out of every 3,000 or so seized, only one or two were ever detained. When the Department of Justice announced recently, it's high profile arrest of over 10,000 of "America's Most Wanted," in a matter of days, one had to wonder how we came to have 10,000 serious criminals roaming the land, when we already have so many people in our overflowing prisons? Blame the policies of the New Crusaders, based on biblical renderings of what is right and what is wrong - US law be damned!
This choice of reasons for arrest and trial was one of the reasons for Patriot Act One, & Two: but they were never about terror; they were about controlling your money, your freedoms and your life! Now they've decided to just cut-to-the-chase and revert to a favorite, of previous fascist empires: the hated "national ID!" In this case it's plastic, but in reality, the card is a regulatory device that shackles each person, according to how the government sees compliance or resistance in any individual. Apparently the concept of "Justice Delayed IS Justice Denied" has gone the way of penny candy!
They did it this way, because if they treated Americans like they've treated Iraqi's they would be challenged by an armed and dangerous population: and this government would lose that contest. So - thanks to the cleverness of our newly employed communists: when a "suspicious person" presents his or her card, for gasoline, or tickets, or groceries - the clerk can decide, according to the instructions found at the swipe of the card, whether or not to honor the sale or service. No fuss, and each person can be contained and separated out without a public outcry. Big Brother seems to prefer this approach, at least when dealing with sheep that might actually notice an all out war against them.
For they are cowards and Blasphemous Treasonous Dogs, they are the Sanhedrins men who go out like thieves in the night with their swords and staves
How did we become so compliant, and why are we so "religious" of late? This began back in the 1950's ironically, when we were deep into the Cold War, against "Godless" communism. Some enterprising capitalists, and born-againers decided that we needed to put "In God We Trust" upon our currency to show the world the true nature of the contest between the powers during that war.
The g-d of Talmud bavli 
Apparently this was enough to convince those who limit their political interests to the headlines: that this nation was founded on "Christian principles." They are wrong of course, because the USA was founded on principles that are much older than Christianity - the United States of America was founded by eighteenth century Diests who believed in independent political and religious thought: and in a way of life unfettered by most of government or by any particular religious convictions. That's the kind of nation they wanted to create, (actually it did not turn out that way) yet what they designed had nothing to do with the NEW Christian ideology of this administration, or of its supporters. So today we are looking at a nation of New Crusaders who want to add Internal Religious Warfare to the Class Warfare that we are already fighting. If this situation persists, there may soon be backlash that many may not have foreseen
They have Inculcated the Talmudic Noahide Laws to their state of Terror
All of this is disgusting in the extreme to those who believed that because they were Americans, they could actually live and think for themselves, with minimal interference from corporate criminals or from religious bigots: those equal opportunity haters of all who dare to differ from their sacrosanct point-of-view. Without this gargantuan lie at the center of political life today - the takeover of this country would have been far more difficult. However - Freedom has been captured now - and after two weeks the public still refuses to see that anything at all has changed! This story has yet to be covered by "the Media" Goerbels would be so proud! Apparently what has been forgotten in all of this - is that freedom must be fought for, in each new generation - and the last few versions of this society here have refused to pay the outright costs of freedom: The real costs that require us to "risk everything" just to keep our freedoms!
It used to be that we prided ourselves upon our System of Justice, or at least upon lip service to "fairness," even if it did sometimes take decades to achieve. But we've moved well beyond the basics now. Today it comes down to "is there any justice in this country?" Attorney General Gonzales is the man who designed our treatment programs for detainees in the eternal Bush-War Upon the World - programs that violate all norms of human expectation, in a world that has taken hundreds of years to develop some basic rules for the conduct of war and the treatment of those captured in wars. Alberto Gonzales is the servant of torture and brutality, who gives not one damn about the citizens of this country today. The public has a chance to protest the current policies that he and this administration have designed to prevent fair and impartial trials here, with clear and open access for those unfairly or wrongly convicted of whatever has been alleged. There will be a March on Washington to demand some real changes in the Department of Justice, If the abuse shown above angers you then contact or for further information on the March in Washington D.C.


"We'll all be drinking free bubble ub and eating that "Rainbow stew"

Launch of Operation Noah and Rainbow Procession*
Churches spearheaded campaign to tackle climate change
On Saturday 9 October -

Hundreds of Christian campaigners will undertake a colourful procession through Coventry , wearing rainbow colours, on Saturday 9 October for the official launch of Operation Noah, the new Church-led Climate Change Campaign.

The day is organised by Christian Ecology Link (CEL) on behalf of the Environmental Issues Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI). It is open to people of any religious belief, or none. Both the Methodist Conference and the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church have pledged support for Operation Noah.


Internationally recognised experts in the field of climate change will speak at a morning conference and Church groups will be equipped on how to tackle this crucially important issue for the future of the whole Earth community. Christians are asked to sign a Climate Covenant calling on the UK government to lead negotiations tackling climate change; also to undertake personal lifestyle changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are being urged to create a climate of justice for the poor and future generations.

Programme for the day

Morning conference
9.45am - 12.40pm Coventry Methodist Central Hall, Bull Yard

Speakers, in programme order:

  • Sir John Houghton FRS, Chairman of the John Ray Initiative and eminent meteorologist and Christian, with an update on the latest climate change science
  • Aubrey Meyer, of the Global Commons Institute , explaining the ‘contraction and convergence’ policy which presents a response to global warming
  • John Cridland, Deputy Director-General of the CBI exploring how business can act on climate change
    Trewin Restorick, Director of Global Action Plan, presenting ideas for ways in which you can make a difference
  • Paul Bodenham, Campaign Coordinator for Operation Noah
  • Rev John Kennedy, of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland will chair the conference.

The rainbow procession
2pm Sets off from Methodist Central Hall

Procession through the streets of central
Coventry to the ruins of the old Cathedral, destroyed in World War II and preserved as a symbol of reconciliation. The title of the procession recalls God’s promise to every living creature in the rainbow covenant (Gen. 9.8-17) and reminds human society of its responsibility to care for the Earth. Participants will be dressed in rainbow colours. 


Oh how they deceive the masses in to their Noahide snare of satans Sanhedrin beast by feely feel good tickling of the flesh ear


Cathedral service
2.30pm   Coventry Cathedral

Bishop John Oliver, the retired Anglican Bishop of
Hereford is to preside. Dr David Hallman , who co-ordinates the World Council of Churches climate change programme will give a talk during the Cathedral Service. Local schoolchildren will sing songs from ‘Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo’.


Journalists and photographers welcome, but advance notice needed for recording, photography or filming in the Cathedral.
Please mention in publications.

Places at the morning conference must be booked. Call CEL on 01524 33858 or 01949 861 516 or email


Press contacts:

- Ellen Teague, on behalf of CEL, on 020 8943 6255 or 07956 317 338 (mobile)

- Anne van Staveren, CTBI’s Communications Officer, on 020 7654 7220 or 07939 139 881

See for further information about Operation Noah and the launch.  Also, information about Baptist Ed Beale’s 1,200 walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats, which set off on 12 September to raise awareness about Operation Noah.


*Advance News Notice, 22.9.2004


Rv:13:4: And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Rv:13:8: And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

How Can We Achieve World Peace?

by Rav B. Horovitz

International relations have acquired a new urgency because of the increasing destructiveness of war, the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  We have witnessed the rise of new ideologies, the decline of colonialism, and the establishment of universal organizations.  In addition, there has been increasing interdependence of nations through modern transport, communication and trade.

Inadequacies in International Relations
(a) "The basic pattern of International Relations in the twentieth century has been an aspiration for power of autonomous political units in three ways:

  • to keep one's power (status quo); 
  • to increase one's power (imperialism);
  • and to demonstrate one's power (prestige)." (Enc. Brit. S.V)
Group self-interest rules.  There is no actual sovereignty above the state, or group of states, and therefore international law is generally only respected out of self-interest.  Even where the conviction exists that reason should dictate international relations, if "Raison D'Etat" opposes, it invariably wins.  The leaders of the international system are subordinate to their role as representatives of the national self-interest.  Thus, serious abuses result from modern tyranny.

(b) Today's International Law generally operates only between states. Internal affairs of state are not subject to any universal law.  Minority groups have no authority to which they can appeal for wrongs committed.  Stateless person remain unprotected.  Wrongs done to foreign individuals are only rectified if an when their State takes up the claim.

(c) There is an absence of an absolute code of justice.  Instead, this is replaced by a relative righteousness which is often corrupted by tyrants and false environmental trends.  There is often no real freedom or equality, which is witnessed by unjust discrimination against minorities, races, classes and groups.

hahahhahaha the set up

The Universal Noachaide Code
As stated in the Bible (Genesis 9:1-7)

Not in the Scripture, they refer only to their Babyl "Babble" unto the Dragon, the tradition which Makes the WORD of God the Law fulfilled, of none effect unto them who accept these Hasidic Snares

 and Talmud, the Universal Noachide code is a guide to general ethics and also international relations which would remedy these inadequacies:

  • The recognition of a Universal, Supra-national code would replace national sovereignty.

see Protocols of zion....the Hahaforgery

  • The fulfillment of the Code would be undressed to be a collective responsibility.

shemborg Collective


  • The Universal Code would operate between individuals as well as between states.  Therefore it would apply equally to internal affairs, and under its rule, stateless and foreign individuals would be protected.

and if not acceptable they would be slain

  • Such a world government could take the form of a World Federation, a loose bi-polar system, or a wider balance of national groups.
The seven principles of the Universal Noachaide Code are presented below, combined with an application of these principles to a world governing body.

1. The principle of justice should rule all nations.  For only by this means, can the integrity of international judicial procedure be upheld.  The arbitration of disputes should be attempted.  Nations who recognize the Universal Code are members of the world Government, and should unite to protect it.  

This is exactly what Dan Bushkevik of his Hasidim Chabad Lubavitch are setting up for their Talmudic RED Sofiet Sanhedrin......Amaraka you are sold out to the Dragon and fully accept it. Your mammonite Pastors have lead you nto the open arms of the Dragon, His Mark and His number, and you have embraced it without any opposition....Wake and REPENT, In the ONLY Name and there are NO other Names, there are no Jewish Fable names...BUT ONE and that Name is the Everlasting Father the ALMIGHTY GOD, Jesus the Christ, the Creator

World-wide education should be pursued. 

EDUCATION DAY USA HJR 104, Public Law 102-14 of Universal Noahide of Talmud Bavli of satan

 Majority rule would be decisive. 

Noahide Demonicrazy by REFERENDUMS...and the APOSTATE...ALL who dwell on the earth will slay the Minority, the saints of Jesus the Christ, thinking to do their Judeo-Churchian gods a favor, a service

Individual procedure would be conducted with the greatest of integrity.  Every case should be brought to trial; all evidence produced; bribery prohibited. Protection would be given to minorities, aliens and weak parties.

But not to the Saints of Jesus the Christ who has Condemned them to eternal damnation and Everlasting Shame.....OR you with JESUS the Christ or are you with Heil Bushkevik and the synagogue of Satan

2. The prohibition of blasphemy demands the minimum respect for the Deity who is the prime authority over the Universal Code.

The Dragon

 As a citizen of the world created by G-d and governed by His law, man has an obligation to respect him.

Governed by their god of this flesh world.....the Dragon their g-d whom they called and accepted....the "Robber" of their Talmudic "REPLACEMENT Theology"

All oaths and treaties which refer to G-d's name must be strictly honored.  Examples are found in the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech (Genesis 21:22-32), which was respected by the children of Israel centuries later when they entered the land of Canaan (Joshua 15:63; II Samuel 24:10).  The covenant made between Joshua and the Givonim, a Canaanite tribe, although made under false pretenses, was yet considered to be completely binding (Joshua 9:14-20).

all but the jews who break all oaths by their KOL Nidre Vows

3. The idolatry of our day takes the form of the worship of man, power, pleasure and state, and increased corruption.  

Their whole law is their Master race Flesh hoodlum haha and has nothing to do with Sion God's Holy Mountain in HEAVEN

When an Absolute Authority is denied, decisions are governed by self-interest. 

No man Knoweth the Father but Jesus the Christ......BEWARE


 The right of the state to issue commands is based upon the power it possesses.  This may lead to tyranny.  Laws are based upon the projection of the state as an absolute power or the self-idolatry of the leaders.  Widespread religious education must be introduced to teach people to have respect for G-d.

and the jews say they are gods in their satanic laws which WAS NOT GIVEN by the WORD who is Jesus the Christ, God and His Father

4. Moral corruption is undermining civilization and international discipline.  The "New Morality" is contributing to nihilistic tendencies, thus wakening the consciousness of an Absolute Authority.  In certain cases even government leaders engage in inappropriate sexual behavior.  If national representatives lead immoral lives, how can they uphold the Universal Code as an ideal for their country?

BY TREASON and Blasphemy of course

"When immorality engulfs a land, it is the end of civilization."  (Gibbon) 

And so it is in the End of Days apostate Viper

 "The land shall vomit them out".  (Lev. 18:28)  To prevent this from happening, self-discipline and acceptance of the basic sexual code, prohibiting adultery and homosexuality, is essential.

and yet the queers run around waving their little rainbow coalition flags, never understANDING THEY TOO HAVE BEEN SET UP TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND BE revealed

5. Murder is common.  In many places human life is no longer held sacred, 

yeah see shemwars against innocent Ishmael and the saints of Jesus the Christ, and all wars which the whore is responsible, and all who are slain upon the earth

despite increased education and affluence.  Mass-murder and genocide are traits of the 20th Century.  Because of the World Wars, the distinction between the killing of civilians and military forces has been weakened.

Ordo ab chao this ribeye promotes

War is permitted only in self-defense or as a means to uphold the Universal Code if no other means is available.  

against any who oppose the shemborg sham of shem's shame

No direct cruelties are allowed.  Captives must be humanely treated, and life and property must be spared.  Treaties must always be respected, and the right of neutrals recognized.  Envoys must be protected.  During war each community is regarded ethically like an individual, and war becomes a collective responsibility.

resistance is futile, you will be assimilated or slain

6. The Universal Code prohibits theft, which the nations of the world should discourage through the realization of the brotherhood of man from the fatherhood of G-d.

Then you had better start rounding up the mammonites of the shemborg bankers

Man has to curb his predatory instinct, which is a major source of international conflict.  He should respect the rights and possessions of individual neighbors and of neighboring nations, in action, word and thought.

Yeah that is what I say

7. Cruelty to animals is still widespread and has a negative influence upon the human character.  

But kill a goyim baby save a seal

Cruel sports are still not prohibited in many states.  Cruelty is depicted on films, television and in literature, which has a damaging effect on the minds of the masses. 

Thanks JEW-wood

 The Universal Code demands a standard of mercy and kindness in all dealings with the animal world. Leaders in particular must be humane and merciful.

Application of the Universal Code Today
Hugo Grotius and John Selden describe the Nochaide Code as the source of the International Law which they are credited with founding.  "The Noachide Code contains no creed, no theoretic statement about the nature of G-d, belief in which is the condition of salvation.  It consists of solely of such articles of practical morality as are an essential condition of civilized life.  This is reflected in the use made of it from the tenth to the seventeenth century.  In the hands of the Purists, it became one of the main elements in the foundation of the edifice of Universal International Law."  (Leon Roth)

Legislated MORALITY which is no MORAL for they so Hate the Creator Jesus the Christ, and their own souls they deliver to HELL

The United Nations Organization is striving to fulfill many of the principles of the Universal Code.  The UN could well develop into an agency for implementing the Noachide Code, and bringing it to universal acceptance, as the basis for true harmonious International Relations.

World government based on the Universal Code of G-d could be introduced and maintained by a minimum use of force.  Since the discipline and education of such a lifestyle is basically pacifist, little or no force would be required to maintain it.

What better approach for universal peace?

What a better way to bring in the Son of perdition hahahahahaMoshiach ben satan, their little wanna be Christ, of their shemborg hoodlum haha unto the Dragon


The Prophets unto Baa'l

Who is the Messiah?

By Rabbi Aryeh Carmell

The Messianic Process
It is a cardinal tenet of Jewish faith that the events of history are all foreshadowed in the several layers of meaning that lie behind the surface words of our Tanach.  

Over the hill and through the dale under the trees and to the cosmo.....confusion


For Tanach is not merely a book of history or legislation on how to live our lives.  It is also a book of prophecy whose subtle messages are not only found in the formal prophetic texts, but throughout the Tanach and the Oral Tradition, which accompanies it. 

the Tradition which makes the WORD of God of None effect unto them and all who worship their beast of Sanhedrin

What of the momentous events of the end of the twentieth century: the establishment of a Jewish state, its dramatic victories and conquests, and the apparently irrevocable retreats and withdrawals that we have witnessed in recent years?  Where are these alluded to in our sacred sources? 

1. The Zohar predicts that "at the end of days G-d will return Israel to the Holyland and gather them in from the exile," emphasizing that at the same time that "the end of days" refers here not to the messianic era but to the closing years of the exile - the era which will have seen terrible and devastating blows dealt to the Jewish people.

The Word of God Prophesied that in the Last days, HE would come in the clouds with Great Glory and Harvest his seed of Abraham, who are in faith of Him, Heirs to his KINGDOM SION and New Jerusalem, according to the Promise, then DESTROY that flesh Harlot Babylon Proper Un-Holy spiritual Sodom and Egypt, Jerusalem where ou Lord was crucified

But the first to predict the rise of a secular Jewish state as prelude to the coming of the Messiah is Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague (1525-1609) known as "Maharal", in his discussion of the rise of "the Kingdom of the Messiah". 

Talmudic Sorcerer of Qabala of the Golem Myth, ancestor of John Kerry.....Moshiach is no Messiah, but false Christ

Maharal affirms that the coming of the Messiah (Moshiach)  is not, as often thought a sudden event; it is a process.  The "Holy kingdom of Israel" - Maharal's term for the reign of the Messiah will emerge from an earlier, non-holy kingdom. 

Their Moshiach ben satan will arise from the Abyss

The Midrash states: Just as Moshe, who was destined to break the power of Pharaoh, was brought up in Pharaoh's palace, so the Messiah, who is destined to settle accounts with Edom, will live with them in their city.  The ultimate failure of the empire of Edom will give rise to a new and different kingdom- the Kingdom of the Messiah... 

The Hoodlum haha of the Nasi's jackbooted temporary shemborg collective and his beast sanhedrin's Universal laws to the dragon of Noahide Blasphemy

This is why Yaacov was born holding on to the heel of Esav (Bereshit 25:26). 

indeed a bunch of Sofiet talmudic RED Esau bearshit


Now, "the kingdom of Edom" refers to the last of the four empires of the world foreseen by Daniel (chapters 4-5): Babylonia, Media, Greece, and Rome.  Rome, as world power, is long since dead and gone.  But its heritage, Western Civilization, rules the world.  Our Rabbis indicate that the kingdom of the Messiah (Moshiach) will grow up in the context of Western civilization.  Indeed, the parable of "the heel of Esav" signifies that the spiritual failure and moral bankruptcy of that civilization will be the catalyst for the coming of the Messiah. 

It is Amalek of the Talmudic Sofiet REDS of their Nasi who come against the children of God, the Everlasting Father, Almighty God, his saints by faith the TRUE Spiritual ISRAEL who these Vipers "Replaced" with their tradition of their "REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY" unto the "Robber" they "Chose"


2. So far Maharal - properly understood - has described how the kingdom of the Messiah (Moshaich of Dan)  emerges from the break down of Western civilization.

Oh how they have made their Prophecies of Baa'l in their scheming plans, never understanding that jesus is the Great Orchestrator


But this is not all.  Maharal's vision is guided by veiled hints in the Midrash: the "Kingdom of Israel" itself undergoes development.  In its immature stage it forms part of the Fourth Empire, and only when it reaches maturity does it throw off this attachment and emerge as "the holy kingdom of the Messiah".  (Kingdom is, of course synonymous with "state".) 

The Talmudic Judaic Hoodlum haha to the Dragon, Moshiach ben Satan his little wanna be king

Maharal continues: 
So long as the kingdom of the Messiah has not yet reached perfection, the kingdom of the Messiah is attached to Edom (nigar el Edom) ...The holy kingdom of Israel... must grow out of the non-holy kingdom that preceded it.

Then their beloved Moshiach ben Pharaoh will say rob them of all their gold and their silver and "Come unto Pharaoh to the Un-Holy Land of flesh Iniquity

Unto the Un-Holy spirtual Sodom and Egypt who slew the Prophets of the LORD Almighty and his Disciples and his saints and Crucified the LORD There, But he is Risen and comes very soon to destroy the WHORE of all the earth and all who drank from the cup of her iniquity

Maharal, in a telling parable, describes the relationship between the embryonic "kingdom of Israel" and its "Edomite" environment:

they refer to their secular socialist zion whore which was their steppting stone for the Whore Aholah of Dan in their Talmudic Judaic kingdom which is soon to be destroyed


 Fruit grows within a husk; when the fruit ripens the husks falls off... So it is with Israel.  Their kingdom emerges and grows from within the kingdom of the nations i.e., from the existential power of the kingdom of the nations, and from their level, it raises itself to a higher level.  And when the kingdom of Israel reaches complete maturity the kingdom of nations is removed, just as the husk is removed, and falls off when the fruit reaches its perfection. 

the Grapes are harvested and cast into the winepress of the wrath of God, for the ONLY Israel are them who by faith in Jesus the Christ, the Word from the Beginning, are the seed of Abraham, heirs to the promise, unto Sion God's Holy Mountain, HIS KINGDOM, for this flesh corruption is destroyed soon

The Messianic Revolution
The Messianic revolution will take place in the hearts and minds of the people.  The "falling off of the husk" does not refer to a political or military event, nor does "kingdom of the nations" refer to a political entity.  The husk refers to the value system of the Western world.  The falling off of the husk signifies the  victory of spirituality over materialism, faith in G-d over unbounded trust in one's own power, and awareness of divine providence over belief in blind chance. 

Beware, when a Chabad Lubavitch Hasidim opens his mouth you can be assured he is lying. ALL they want is to store for themselves in these last days is their gold and silver which will be destroyed along with them and their Moshiach ben satan

Yet it appears that the "kingdom of Israel" in its infancy (and here "kingdom" means both state and cultural entity) is still definitely "attached to Edom".  Could Maharal, from his 16th century vantage point, be referring to the reality of the State of Israel today? 

No they are referring to the USA of Greater ISREALHELL who is clinging to the god of the jews, which the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus the saints dwell and other nations

But why does the Messiah have to "sit at the gates of Rome"?  Why does the holy have to "grow out of the unholy"? 

Woe unto them who say let us do evil to bring good (paraphrase)

Maharal here touches upon a principle of universal import.  According to an idea enunciated by Rabbi E.E. Dessler, one of the foremost exponents of Mussar in the 20th century, the highest levels of holiness can be reached only as a reaction to a situation which is steeped in the very opposite of holiness. 

There you have it, their tradition which makes the WORD of GOD of None Effect

 Avraham Avinu became the spiritual pioneer that he was only because he grew up in the house of Terah the idol maker.  This spurred him to rebel against Nimrod and the ten generations of idolators who preceeded him.  Moshe Rabbenu only became the greatest of all prophets because he was brought up in the palace of Pharaoh.  His revolution against the evil he saw in the palace propelled him to heights that no other human being ever achieved. 

Thus the saints of Jesus rise to the Call and are opposed to the temporary reign of the Dragon's False Christ Moshiach ben satan


 Similarly, the Messiah grows to full stature only because he "dwells at the gates of Rome".  He must be challenged by the value system of the West, rebel against it and overcome it.  It is thus fair to say that the "Messianic Kingdom" must begin its career as part of Western civilization, 

Dan Bushkevik is advised by these hasidim

but can reach its full potential only by rejecting those aspects of that civilization which are destructive to Torah life.  This husk must fall off for the Messianic ideal to be revealed in all its purity. 

and the Veil from the eyes of the saints of Jesus the Christ will soon fall

3. But what of the fruit which is silently reaching maturity within its husk? And how does the husk eventually fall off? 
Maharal is silent on these processes. 

Because he can't say

For further enlightenment, we must turn to a passage in the Talmud, in Sanhedrin, (Perek Helek 97b-98a).  The sugya - part of a wide-ranging discussion of the coming of the Messiah consists of two beraitot. 

Berate the tots

The first beraita is relatively brief: 
The Rabbi taught: Rabbi Eliezer states that if Israel repent they will be redeemed, and if not, they will not be redeemed.

In the ONLY REDEEMER from the beginning, Jesus the Christ the ONLY Messiah ever


  Said to him Rabbi Yehoshua: And if they fail to repent, they will not be redeemed?  [Surely Jewish history must culminate in redemption?]  But the Holy One blessed be He, will raise up against them a king whose decrees will be as harsh as those of Haman [i.e. G-d forbid, the utter destruction of the Jewish nation, men, women and children] and they will repent and so He will restore them to the path of goodness. 

That is right, they raise up their false king Moshaich ben satan, and at the seventh Trumpet when they see all this Moshaich ben satan has done, Many will give Glory to the God of heaven, Alelujah, and Praise to Jesus the Everlasting Father Almighty GOD

According to this source, it appears that Rabbi Eliezer's view wins the day.  Repentance will be the outcome, even if the repentance is in a sense forced upon the people.  But the sugya continues: 

Another beraita: Rabbi Eliezer states that if Israel repent, they will be redeemed, as it says [citing a biblical verse implying this].  Rabbi Yehoshua said to him, but does it not say [citing another verse implying the opposite]? 

Three times Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua exchange verses without reaching any resolution of the dispute.  But in the fourth round Rabbi Yehoshua cites a verse in Daniel which is clearly conclusive, and in fact the beraita ends: "Rabbi Eliezer was silent."  What is the verse with which Daniel concludes the argument? 

In Daniel 12:6 the question raised: when is the end of wonders?  [i.e. when is the end of the exile?].  And the reply is given in dramatic terms in the following verse (12:7), which is the one finally cited by Rabbi Yehoshua: 

"I heard the man attired in white linen [the angel Gabriel] above the waters of the River and he raised his right hand and left hand to the heavens and swore by the Life of the World, that by a season, seasons and a half, and at the conclusion of the extension of power of the nation of holiness, all these things shall cease". 

The One in the River between the Banks of the River, the Old and the New, is of His two witnesses, John and Daniel IS JESUS the CHRIST

Rashi's Opinion
On which Rashi comments as follows (Sanhedrin 98a): 

That 'by a season, seasons':  So we see there is an "end" involved [although the precise meaning is obscure, it certainly refers to a date, and it can therefore not be dependent on repentance]?  

Here is their missing seven years of the Scofield Dispensatanalism, Ignoring the seventy years of Captivity was completed to the DAY


And at the conclusion of the extension of power of the nation of holiness.  When an end comes to their tekuma [national revival] and the power of their [military] might, which had previously spread further and further, [with] power and efficiency to advance this way and that - after their might shall end, so that they become very low - [All these things] shall cease.  All the troubles [shall cease] and the Messiah will come; as it says [Devarim 32:36]: "...and He will see their power is gone...

and Jesus the Christ, come in great Glory in the Clouds with his army, his saints

Is Rashi here reading Daniel as referring to the emergence of a Jewish state at the end of the Exile, but before the coming of the Messiah?  Certainly the "military might" and "territorial conquest," which Rashi deduces on the basis of the verse in Daniel, can be predicated only on an independent state.  Rashi also points to this as a harbinger of the Messiah: they will become "shefalah me'od" ("very low").  As  Deut. 32:36 puts it; "their power is gone". At that point their troubles will cease and the Messiah will come. 

Meaning they must destroy secular zion the whore Aholabah and bring in Dan Hasidim of Samaria Aholah of Talmud bavli of their beast Sanhedrin....BUT they shall fall in their vision against the ONLY Everlasting Holy Covenant, Jesus the Christ who is confirming it with his saints

This reading  of Rashi, on it's face, is surprising.  How do retreat and failing military might lead to the Messiah?  Are these the "husks" of Maharal - the attachment to Western values - which must fall off before the Messiah can be revealed? 

Thus the IDF turns against Sharons dis-engagement, for the hasidim plan

One cannot be certain in such matters, of course, but Rashi's reading of the verse in Daniel does suggest a fresh perspective on contemporary events.  For example, must the power and might of a secular state be deflated before G-d can reveal Himself eschatologically? 

setting up Sharon's fall the king of the south Judah to bring in the King of the North, Dan Bushkevik with his "Upright" ones, his hasidim Chabad Lubavitch of Talmud Bavli ansd Blasphemy and sorcery


Are the bitterness of withdrawal and the sense of helplessness in the face of suicide bombers an integral step in the process which Rashi calls "shefalah me'od"? 

"A Generation Either Wholly Meritorious, or Wholly Guilty"
Later on in the same folio of Sanhedrin to which we have already referred (98a) we find the well-known statement of Rabbi Yochanan: "The son of David (the Messiah) will come either in a generation, which is wholly meritorious, or in one that is wholly guilty".  Much thought has been given to the question why a wholly guilty generation should be more likely to bring the Messiah than a mediocre one. 

because they cry out for Moshiach ben satan, they asked for it, and they got it, and it ain't toyota

In fact, whatever the reason may be, we recall that Rabbi Yehoshua (in the sugya cited above) insisted that repentance is not always a necessary prerequisite for redemption to come in such circumstances. 

By pass the WORD of GOD

In the two beraitot in which his views are expressed as Rabbi Yehoshua proposes two different solutions: (1) "a king whose decrees resemble Haman's"; (2) "The end of power of the nation of holiness.  It may well be that these two solutions represent two different scenarios, which have actually occurred, or are actually occurring in our time. 

Planning an Esthercide against Goyim


Some 50-60 years ago we felt on our own flesh the cruel harshness of the "decree like Haman's", in which we lost a third of our nation including 90% of its Torah adherents. 

at the hand of the Nasi of that generation

 But neither the threat nor the execution resulted in a mass movement of teshuva on the lines of Megilat Esther (4:3) as interpreted by our Sages.  True, a few years later we encountered a new phenomenon, unique in our history.  Young Jewish people, all over the world, began searching for their roots and avidly studying Torah at yeshivot of a new type, specially created for them, and then applying what they learned to their own lives.  

The Nasi plan worked

Yet however significant and full of portent this ongoing "teshuva movement" may be, it has not taken on the proportions of a mass movement and therefore does not seem likely to fulfill the requirements of Rabbi Yehoshua. 

Thus another Nasi of Dan is needed...Dan Bushkevik

Since the potential of the first scenario does not appear to have been fully realized, the second scenario is put in operationDivine providence uses the wills and purposes of human agents to foster the rise ("tekuma") of a Jewish state.  The state operates within the framework of the "Fourth Empire" (Western civilization) and sets itself to resist the messianic, spiritual goals of the Torah.  

Mooshiyuck ben perdition

Is it this attachment to the Western civilization that Maharal considers a "husk" which must "fall off" if the true messianic "fruit" is to be revealed?  Could this be the question, which Rashi is addressing?  The "fall off" will be initiated; it seems, by a series of retreats from previous military conquests, until the state is "brought very low". 

and then the destruction of the AMARAKAN economy and whooooopey we haveth woneth and enslaveth all Goyim?

It is still not clear however how the revolutionaries' switch from Western ideology to messianic idealism will be made.  

Easy....Ordo ab chao

The old question still confronts us.  How can a generation of the guilty (even if the majority is "guilty" only as a result of biased education and media manipulation) be brought to accept, and even yearn for the messianic redemption? 


"The Lights of the Messiah"


Rabbi E.E. Dessler raises the question. He suggests that divine providence will "cause the light of the Messiah to shine before the coming of the Messiah and draw the hearts of the people towards truth".  

The TRUTH of eternal Damnation

What this means has to do with the most basic differences between Western beliefs and the Torah outlook.  The West is convinced of the randomness and undirectedness of life and history, while Torah thought recognizes the reality, however unobtrusive, of divine providence.  Sometimes events occur which cannot be explained by chance.  The odds against there being random coincidences are simply too great, and the recognition of a guiding hand becomes inevitable.  These are "the lights of the Messiah".

Bushkeviks fathers, 1000 points of light the sparks fying for haMoshiach ben Dragon his god

  We experienced hidden miracles of this sort in 1967 during the Six-Day War and in 1991 during the Gulf War.  During the latter episode 39 Scud missiles exploded in the heavily built up Tel Aviv area. 

lobbing the missiles upon their own Proles

 In the Iran-Iraq war every such explosion outside Israel cost an average of 29 lives, but in Israel there was inexplicably virtually no loss of life.  But the effects of such isolated events such as these are in most cases only transitory.  The amazement and excitement soon die down and realization takes over. 

In the case of the "lights of Messiah", 


Isa:50:11: Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow.


what may be envisaged is a series of events of such duration and intensity that it will be very difficult to deny the guiding hand behind them.  Difficult, but not impossible.  For some people it will always be (for personal reasons) preferable to believe the utterly improbable rather than to accept that there is a crack in the facade of apparently random events which seem to make up our world.  And this is all for the good.  The fact that some find it possible to accept this option gives merit to all those who opt for the logic of the situation and accept the reality of the crack.  Since nothing prevents one seeing the hand of G-d more than a sense of self-importance and self-sufficiency, it is clear why deflation of the national ego is a necessary prelude to the messianic revolution. 

the Global war for Moshiach ben satan, But The LORD is the Ultimate orchestrator

We must envisage that all this occurs at a very dramatic and perilous moment.  We must imagine ourselves at the "very low point" envisaged by Rashi.  As a result of her withdrawals Israel has become very vulnerable and her enemies are poised to strike.  It is at this critical juncture that divine providence steps in and the amazing coincidences occur which result in the salvation of Israel.

Salvation of the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus the Christ, Heirs to the Promise, who refuse the beast Moshiach ben satan

  Rashi reminds us that this whole scenario is briefly but dramatically recounted in the Song of Haazinu (Devarim 32: 36-39): 

"For He will see that the power is gone,
That there is nothing firm or sound.
And he will say...
See now: it is I - I am the one
I bring death as I bring life;
I strike, and I heal."

The words "see now: it is I..." is G-d's invitation to us to accept the reality of His intervention in history.  Once this is accepted, and the intellectual and philosophical underpinnings of Fourth Empire thought are overthrown, the rest of the messianic revolution come into being. 

Having suggested what Maharal might have meant by the falling off of the husks, we could now examine his other image: the fruit ripening slowly within the husk - fruit that is revealed when the husk is cast off.  This fruit, he claims, is the Messianic kingdom itself, first concealed and then revealed.  This requires some elucidation. 

who was and is not and yet will come

3: And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Perhaps the fruit represents those lives which are committed to avodat haShem, the service of G-d in the broadest possible sense.  They constitute the nascent Messianic period before the kingdom is revealed for all to see, for it is they who, by rejecting the values of the Fourth Empire are casting off its husks and making it possible for the Messiah to become manifest. 

Thus there are two processes advancing simultaneously.  There is our effort down here to advance the messianic goals, and there is the action of divine providence - in the guise of human political decisions - to weaken the husk... until suddenly, the "end" will be reached, the husk will fall off, the revolution will arrive and the Messiah will be revealed. 

8: And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:


What emerges from this discussion is the ripening of the Messianic fruit in our human hand.  As the fruit ripens, Divine Providence weakens the husk, and the Kingdom of G-d is poised to make its appearance on the stage of history. 

1: Zohar III. 270a 
2: Shemot Rabba 1:26 
3: Maharal: Gevurot ch.18. In our sources Esav is equated with Edom: Bereshit 25:30) 
And Edom, or rather one chieftain of Edom is equated with Rome (Bereshit Rabba 83:4 and Rashi, end of Parshat Vayishlach) and Rome with the Fourth Empire (see below). 
1: Gevorot Hashem ibid. Maharal 
2: Netzach Yisrael ch. 28 
3: Michtav Me-Eliyahu 1,159, Strive For Truth! II, 181-5.  E.g. Rabbi E.E. Dessler: Michtav Me-Eliyahu 1,159; II, 87, III, 222; IV, 135; and Strive For Truth! II, 181-5 
4: B.T. Shabbat 88a 
5: Michtav Me-Eliyahu Vol.V P.295


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