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May 5, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Even more treason in the Dan Bushkevik hassidim ad-menstruation

Senate Probes Bolton's Pro-Israel Efforts

WASHINGTON — John Bolton, President Bush's embattled choice to serve as American ambassador at the United Nations, is widely seen in Washington as a strong supporter of Israel. But recent media reports suggest that his support for the Jewish state goes further than previously believed.

Senate staffers are reportedly probing many allegations regarding Bolton's management style, including claims that Bolton took part in unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials and prevented a State Department memo accusing Israel of violating American arms-export laws from reaching the desk of then secretary of state Colin Powell.

Two weeks ago, with opposition toward Bolton mounting, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee postponed its vote on the nomination.

Bolton, the State Department's top official on arms control, is known as a strong supporter of Israel's position that Tehran is coming alarmingly close to being able to weaponize its nuclear material. He gained the respect of pro-Israel activists in 1991 when, as assistant secretary of state for international organizations, he masterminded and steered the successful initiative to repeal the U.N. resolution that equated Zionism with racism.

According to a report in U.S. News & World Report, senate staffers are investigating suspicions that Bolton, in his current position of under secretary of state for arms control, shelved the memo suggesting that Israel violated American laws with its July 23, 2000, assassination of Salah Shehada, a senior Hamas activist in Gaza City.

Israel's air force used an American-made F-16 bomber to drop a one-ton bomb on a house in a densely populated part of Gaza, where Shehada was staying. The bomb killed him, as well as 14 civilians, and injured more than 100 people. According to U.S. News, several offices of the State Department, including the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and the legal office, issued a report saying that the attack represented a violation of America's Arms Export Control Act, which prohibits American weapons from being used for nondefensive purposes.

Bolton reportedly disagreed with that judgment, and had officials draft a "split memo" for Secretary of State Colin Powell presenting both positions.

Late one evening, U.S. News reported, Bolton recalled the report, just as it was about to make its way to Powell's office, and allegedly replaced it with a new memo. That memo supposedly did not mention the assessment that Israel may have violated American laws. As a result, Powell never learned that some of his staffers disagreed with Bolton, officials told U.S. News.

Another allegation that Senate staffers are reportedly investigating is that Bolton routinely arranged meetings with officials from foreign countries without first notifying the State Department offices responsible for relations with the countries. Israel is on the shortlist, together with Russia, Britain and France.

Former State Department officials, who told The New York Times about Bolton's alleged practice, reportedly characterized it as unusual and as a violation of departmental procedures.

In Israel, Bolton reportedly met with officials of the Mossad intelligence agency without seeking "country clearance" from the State Department's Office Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.


Major WTC Insurance Company Questions Building 7 Collapse As Potential Fraud

A proposal by a small shareholder to withhold approval from the Board of Directors for failure to investigate signs of insurance fraud on 9/11 has been published on the website of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurers, in preparation for its May 4th annual meeting.

(PRWEB) May 2, 2005 -- Allianz Group published a shareholder proposal on April 20th faulting management for ignoring signs of insurance fraud on 9/11/2001. Allianz carried a significant portion of the insurance coverage on the WTC, and stands to pay a corresponding portion of the $3.5 billion payout currently being litigated in New York. In his proposal, shareholder John Leonard, a California native and a publisher of books on 9/11, pointed to reports that building WTC 7 apparently collapsed by demolition, and for no plausible reason related to the 9/11 attacks. Management replied that it relied on official US government reports which made no mention of such evidence.

The Allianz Group is incorporated in Germany and has approximately 570,000 shareholders. Under German Stock Companies law, publicly held companies are required to publish shareholder proposals that meet certain criteria.

The text of the shareholder proposal, which may also be viewed at the Allianz website,,,100646-49,00.html, is reproduced below.


Countermotion (Shareholder Proposal) to the General Meeting of Allianz AG to be held May 4th, 2005

From Shareholder:
John-Paul Leonard,
P.O. Box 126,
Joshua Tree, California 92252

Re: Agenda Item 3, Approval of the actions of the members of the Board of Management, I propose that approval not be granted.

Re: Agenda Item 4, Approval of the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board, I likewise propose that approval not be granted.


The managing and supervisory boards have taken a passive attitude toward the insurance claims and the suspicious aspects of the WTC insurance loss.

The investigation of insurance losses and insurance damage claims against the Company is naturally one of the chief duties of the management of every insurance firm.

The WTC catastrophe was doubtless one of the biggest insurance incidents in history. A significant portion of the multi-billion dollar loss is expected to be borne by Allianz.

Numerous observers and researchers find the WTC case very suspicious. For example, in a public opinion survey, 49.3% of respondents in New York City agreed that “some of our leaders knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act.” [Source:]

When this belief is so widespread among unrelated parties, haven’t the affected insurance companies ever asked whether perhaps the US Government instead of the insurers is responsible for the damages, or whether the possibility of insurance fraud has been investigated?

From reports in the media about the trial in New York between the insurers and the insured WTC leaseholder, no sign of such motions has been made public. The dispute has been mainly over the question, whether to pay out $7 billion or “only” $3 billion, whereby the shareholders are supposed to be relieved at the latter sum as a victory of the “lesser of two evils.”

Nor has there been any lack of critical and analytical voices in Germany. Several books in the last few years have posed sharp questions to the official WTC scenario. In 2003, Deutsche Welle published an article entitled, “9/11 Conspiracy Theory Books Dominate Debate at Frankfurt Book Fair.” (,1564,993523,00.html .)

Anyone who is interested can quickly obtain similar materials from the Internet free of charge, as well as continuing researches of the background of 9/11 by independent journalists.

Two German-American writers, Jim Hoffman ( and Eric Hufschmid, have contibuted greatly to the theory of the dynamiting of the Twin Towers and Building WTC-7. Hufschmid’s work was translated and published in German ( They claim that never in history has the structure of a steel building ever been destroyed by fire, and that on the contrary, the evidence points to a controlled demolition. I could find no evidence to gainsay their thesis anywhere.

WTC-7, as is well-known, was never struck by airplanes, and photographs of it show only insignificant fires ( ). Nevertheless, the 47-story building at WTC 7 suddenly collapsed at around 17:28 on 9/11/2001. This fact was not even mentioned in the report of the official 9/11 commission. ( )

How can an insurer take such an extreme case simply and casually as business as usual?

There is plenty more such evidence that would be useful in the billion-dollar lawsuit, which every citizen with an Internet connection can confirm. Why aren’t Allianz (and the other insurers) able to?

When the managing and supervisory boards take no action to join the investigation of a case as huge and notorious as the WTC, how are the shareholders to know that other cases, too, for whatever reason, are not paid out without being properly investigated?

There is already a private lawsuit against US government officials in connection with the events of 9/11, see


No Disengagement, no Olso II, No secular zion of Judah and Sharon

for the Sanhedrin of the Hassidim of Chabad Lubavitch are in Firm Control of the entire Globe unto their god of their flesh world....the Dragon, who is not god


 Israel Freezes Handover of Towns

JERUSALEM May 4, 2005 — Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Wednesday he is freezing the handover of West Bank towns to Palestinian security control because the Palestinians have failed to honor their promise to disarm militants.

the Double cross of ISREALHELL, they must stir ISHMAEL against the west. Hang on for a wild ride apostate "Amaraka"

Mofaz spoke during a meeting of Israel's Security Cabinet, and his comments were reported by participants speaking on condition of anonymity.



Air Force harassment probed

The U.S. government launched an investigation into charges of religious proselytizing at the Air Force Academy.

The Pentagon is sending investigators to look into 55 complaints in which religious discrimination was alleged, including one in which a Jewish cadet allegedly was told the Holocaust was revenge for the death of Jesus. All students and staff at the academy now are required to take a religious tolerance class following allegations of religious harassment, including anti-Semitism.

Now remember......

White House pressed on 'mission accomplished' sign


From Dana Bash
CNN Washington Bureau
Wednesday, October 29, 2003 Posted: 9:18 AM EST (1418 GMT)

President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background.

President Bush addresses the nation from aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 with the banner in the background. 

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- What was once viewed as a premier presidential photo op continues to dog President Bush six months after he landed on an aircraft carrier to declare "one victory" in the war on terrorism and an end to major combat operations in Iraq.

Attention turned Tuesday to a giant "Mission Accomplished" sign that stood behind Bush aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln when he gave the speech May 1.


the Blasphemous Treasonous Vipers in Washington DC are no longer sworn in on the Christian Bible, but on the sick perversion of Talmud bavli

Wash Jewish Week: So Sweet

Washington Jewish Week picks up on our Campaign Confidential item of last week:

A chumash for everyone
American Friends of Lubavitch's Washington office will be providing a Chumash to every Jewish member of the House and Senate after one newly elected House Democrat had trouble locating a copy of the Hebrew Bible at her swearing-in last week.

Talmud, Chumash, Tanach, Rashi
... Saperstein Edition Chumash (Torah) with Rashi commentary, Bar Ilan Responsa (CD)
... Talmud Master (CD), Gemara Tutor (CD). Artscroll Stone Chumash (CD)


Jewish scriptures are sometimes bound in a form that corresponds to the division into weekly readings (called parshiyot in Hebrew). Scriptures bound in this way are generally referred to as a chumash. The word "chumash" comes from the Hebrew word meaning five, and refers to the five books of the Torah. Sometimes, a chumash is simply refers to a collection of the five books of the Torah. But often, a chumash contains the entire first five books, divided up by the weekly parshiyot, with the haftarah portion inserted after each week's parshah



The Forward reported that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) called around to other Jewish House members after learning that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert only had copies of the Christian Bible. She finally found one in Rep. Gary Ackerman's (D-N.Y.) office.

"Now every Jewish member of the House and Senate is going to have a Chumash for the swearing-in or any other purpose they would need it for," Rabbi Levi Shemtov, director of Lubavitch's D.C. office, said on Tuesday.

Some on the Senate side, of course, already bring their own Five Books of Moses to their swearing-in ceremony. Observers say Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has been seen toting the Chumash he received as a bar mitzvah


Today at 5:05:05 am & pm the time will be 05:05:05 05/05/05....

05.05.05 comes only once in 1000 years and coinciding with Thursday (5th Day of the week) comes only once in 7000 yrs... 


Prepped to slay the Goyim opposed to the Shemborg Collective


Michael Chertoff

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michael Chertoff

Michael Chertoff (born November 28, 1953), is the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

He previously served as a United States Court of Appeals judge and former federal prosecutor, and assistant U.S. Attorney General. He was nominated as Homeland Security Secretary by President George W. Bush on January 11, 2005 to succeed Tom Ridge as Secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security. He was confirmed in this position by the U.S. Senate on February 15, 2005, in a unanimous 98-0 vote, and sworn into office the same day (although a ceremonial swearing-in presided over by Bush took place on March 3).

Early history

Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the son of a (TALMUDIC)rabbi, Chertoff went to The Pingry School in high school. He later attended Harvard University, graduating in 1975. He then graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1978, going on to clerk for appellate judge Murray Gurfein for a year before clerking for United States Supreme Court justice William Brennan from 1979 to 1980. He worked in private practice with Latham & Watkins from 1980 to 1983 before being hired as a prosecutor by Rudolph Giuliani, then the U.S. attorney for Manhattan, working on mafia and political corruption-related cases.


Public service

In 1987, Chertoff joined the office of the U.S. Attorney for the state of New Jersey; he was appointed by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 as United States Attorney for the state in 1990. Chertoff was asked to stay in his position even as the Clinton administration took office in 1993, at the request of Democratic Senator Bill Bradley; he was the only U.S. attorney not replaced in that partisan shift. Chertoff stayed with the U.S. Attorney's office until 1994, when he entered private practice, returning to Latham & Watkins as a partner.

Despite his friendly relationship with some Democrats, during the Whitewater scandal investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chertoff was special counsel for the Senate committee studying allegations against the Clintons. When Chertoff faced Senate confirmation in 2003 for a federal judgeship, Hillary Rodham Clinton, then a Senator from New York, cast the lone dissenting vote against Chertoff's confirmation, explaining that her vote was in protest of the way junior White House staffers were "very badly treated" by Chernoff's staff during the Whitewater investigation.

In 2000, Chertoff worked as special counsel to the New Jersey State Senate Judiciary Committee, investigating racial profiling in New Jersey. He also did some fundraising for George W. Bush and other Republicans during the 2000 election cycle and advised Bush's presidential campaign on criminal justice issues. From 2001 to 2003, he headed the criminal division of the Department of Justice, leading the prosecutions case against terrorist suspect Zacarias Moussaoui and against accounting firm Arthur Andersen for destroying documents relating to the Enron collapse. There, he came under fire as one of the chief architects of the Bush Administration's legal strategies in the War on Terror, particularly regarding the detainment of thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants. Chertoff was appointed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia by George W. Bush on March 5, 2003, and was confirmed by the Senate 88-1 on June 9.

Michael Chertoff is sworn-in by
Michael Chertoff is sworn-in by George W. Bush

In late 2004, after the controversial Bernard Kerik was forced to decline President Bush's offer to replace the outgoing Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, a lengthy search ensured to find a suitable replacement. Citing his experience with post-9/11 terror legislation, Bush eventually nominated Chertoff to the post.

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BEWARE of this vermin of the dragon's beast Sanhedrin


Rabbi's son is tapped to head Homeland Security Dept.

by Johanna Ginsberg
NJJN Staff Writer

President George W. Bush’s latest nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security is a New Jersey native whose father headed a Conservative synagogue in Elizabeth.

On Tuesday, Bush selected Michael Chertoff, a federal appeals court judge, to serve as secretary for homeland security, replacing Tom Ridge.

Chertoff, 51, who sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, was born in Elizabeth, the son and grandson of rabbis. His grandfather, Rabbi Paul Chertoff, was a member of the Talmud faculty at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City for over 40 years. His father, Rabbi Gershon Chertoff, led Temple B’nai Israel in Elizabeth. The Conservative synagogue merged with Congregation B’nai Israel in Millburn in 1992. His brother, Mordechai, is also a rabbi. Michael Chertoff lived in Westfield and was a member of Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield before moving to Washington, DC. Since returning to New Jersey, he has resided in Bernardsville, where he is a member of Congregation B’nai Israel.

Chertoff was honored in the early 1990s by the Anti-Defamation League, New Jersey region, on whose board his wife, Meryl, sat for many years.

“His skills will redound to the betterment of security. 

and the killing of those pesky saints of Jesus the Christ

The country will be better off for his talent,” said Jeffrey Maas, executive director of New Jersey State Association of Jewish Federations. Maas served as executive director of the ADL New Jersey region for 22 years.

Added Etzion Neurer, current executive director of ADL, NJ region: “Meryl was known among the lay people as someone very bipartisan who worked closely with people on both sides of the fence.”

Chertoff served as United States Attorney for New Jersey from 1990 to 1994, United States Special Counsel for the Whitewater Committee, and partner at the law firm Latham and Watkins, before heading the criminal division of the United States Department of Justice from 2001 to 2003. In that role, following the 9/11 attacks, he was involved both in prosecuting Zacarias Moussaoui and crafting United States anti-terrorism policy.

New Jersey Senators Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats, released statements praising the nominee. Corzine called him “one of the most able people and public servants he has ever known” and said he “will bring tremendous skills to the task ahead of him and tremendous sensitivity to the special risks the people of New Jersey face each day.” Lautenberg said Chertoff’s anti-terrorism experience will serve the country well.

anti Shemborg collective of Noahide Demonicrazy

Corzine remembered Chertoff’s work in 2000 as pro bono counsel in the New Jersey racial profiling investigation that unseated former State Attorney General Peter Verniero. “Judge Chertoff played a critical role in helping the New Jersey state legislature investigate racial profiling and understands how the pernicious practice undermines our nation’s basic constitutional commitment to equal justice under the law,” said Corzine.

hahahhahah see HJR 104, PL 102-14, also listed on none other then the "Homelandt "Say"-kurity dept. site

Chertoff has served on the Finance Committees of several Republican Senatorial candidates in New Jersey, including former acting NJ Republican Gov. Donald DiFrancesco, State Senate President John Bennett (R-Dist. 12), and NJ Senator Joseph Kyrillos (R-Dist. 13). The left-leaning Alliance for Justice, which monitors administration nominations, called Chertoff “a loyal Republican” who “has refrained from aligning himself with the right wing of the party, particularly on social issues.”

As New Jersey’s U.S. attorney from 1990 to 1994, Chertoff oversaw several high-profile prosecutions, including Jersey City Mayor Gerald McCann for bank fraud and tax evasion; New York chief judge Sol Wachtler on extortion, interstate racketeering, and blackmail charges; and the kidnappers and killers of Exxon executive Sidney Reso. Chertoff also handled the stock fraud trial of Eddie Antar, founder of the failed Crazy Eddie discount electronics chain, according to the Associated Press.

As Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division of U.S. Department of Justice in 2002, Chertoff announced the department’s successes in stripping the citizenship of U.S. residents found to have participated in the persecution of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. Chertoff called one such decision “an important victory on behalf of the victims of Nazi torture and murder in Nazi-occupied Belarus.”

are you beginning to understand this VIPER of Talmud Bavli, a "Chosen" self god?

If confirmed by the Senate, Chertoff would be the second Cabinet-level Jewish appointee; Josh Bolten heads the Office of Management and Budget. Senate Democrats are likely to focus on Chertoff’s role in the Whitewater investigations of President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), and his views on the detention of suspected terrorists.

Chertoff’s nomination follows the failed nomination of Bernard Kerik, the former New York City police commissioner who withdrew from consideration amid revelations of various improprieties.

Johanna Ginsberg can be reached at


TREASON Blasphemous Vipers

ISRAEL: Executive of the World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem

Short Form Listing of Registrant's Foreign Agents

Chertoff, Mordecai S.

Chertoff, Mordecai S. for World Zionist Organization - American Section, Inc


110 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

Executive of the World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem

The registrant participated in workshops and conferences and distributed materials to increase support for the foreign principal's educational, cultural and religious goals.

$5,576,073.00 for the six month period ending June 30,1997

JUNE 30, 2001


On behalf of the Attorney General I have the honor to report on the administration of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended, pursuant to Section 11 of the Act (22 U.S.C. 621), which requires the Attorney General to report every 6 months to the Congress concerning the administration of the Act, as well as the nature, sources and content of informational materials disseminated and distributed by agents of foreign principals registered under the Act. This report covers the administration and enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act for the 6 months ending June 30, 2001.

The text of this report lists, according to geographical area or nationality field, all agents who were registered at any time during the first 6 months of 2001, or who reported for the first time in that period activities, receipts or disbursements for the previous period. It includes the identities of the agents and their foreign principal(s), a description of the agent's activities, a total figure for monies received, a description of any informational materials disseminated, and a listing of all individual agents.

This report includes a number of improvements made possible by the ongoing conversion of the Foreign Agents Registration Act records system from a paper based filing system to a computerized filing system. This report will also be made available through the Department of Justice website on the Internet at

The principal purpose of Congress in enacting the Foreign Agents Registration Act was to ensure that the Government and the people of the United States would be informed of the identity of persons engaging in political activities for or on behalf of foreign governments, foreign political parties and other foreign principals, so that they might appraise their statements and activities in the light of their associations.

Registration under the Act does not imply recognition by the United States Government of the legitimacy of any particular foreign government, or foreign political party. Furthermore, registration does not indicate approval by the United States Government of the activities of any registered agent or the content of any informational materials they disseminate.


During the 6-month period ending June 30, 2001, the Department received 40 new registration statements and terminated 22 registrations, leaving a total of 483 active registrations, representing 631 foreign principals on file as of
June 30, 2001. Individuals acting as officials or employees or rendering assistance to a registrant for or in the interests of the latter's foreign principal filed 255 new short-form registration statements under the Act, bringing the total of active short-form registrations to 2,241 as of June 30, 2001. There were 84 new agreements with foreign principals reported by agents under the Act during this period.

Pursuant to P.L. 102-395 enacted on October 6, 1992, which authorized the Attorney General to establish fees to recover the cost of administering the Foreign Agents Registration Act, $222,035.00 in filing fees was received during the 6-month period ending June 30, 2001. A total of $4,537,950.30 has been collected since the program was initiated through
June 30, 2001.


Talmudic Jew, who believes in the sick perverted books of Mystery Babylon, that Jesus the Christ is in hell boiling in human Excrement, and any non-jew who worships him should be decapitated, put as head RED Esau Talmudic Sofiet CZAR of the HJR 104, PL 102-14 Noahide Universal Beast of the Talmudic Pharisaic Sanhedrin's Kestapo of "Homelandt" "SAY" Kurity of the Moshiach ben satan Hoodlum hoo haha of Dan Bushkevik's ad-menstruation of HELL



Michael Chertoff

Michael ChertoffBorn: 28-Nov-1953
Birthplace: Elizabeth, NJ

Gender: Male
Religion: Jewish
Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Government, Attorney

Level of fame: Niche
Executive summary: U.S. Homeland Security Czar

Michael Chertoff clerked for Justice William J. Brennan and later prosecuted consumer electronics retailer Crazy Eddie (Eddie Antar) for racketeering and fraud. Chertoff also directed the Justice Department's efforts against Zacarias Moussaoui.

President George W. Bush appointed him to the Third Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in March 2003. Ten months later, Bush tapped Judge Chertoff to head the newly-created Department of Homeland Security.

Father: (rabbi)
Mother: (gallery owner)
Wife: Meryl Justin Chertoff (2 children)
Daughter: Emily
Son: Philip

    University: BA, Harvard University (1975)
    Law School: JD, Harvard University (1978)

    U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security 2005-
    Whitewater Scandal special counsel, Senate Banking Committee investigation 1995
    Jewish Ancestry


January 23, 2005
Michael Chertoff, Homeland Nominee Aided a 911 Terrorist


As incredible as this news may seem, it has now been revealed that the nominee of President Bush for the new Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, has ties with a man suspected of financing the 911 attacks, Dr. Magdy Elamir. There is also convincing evidence that Chertoff as head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Justice Department shielded this financier of 911 from prosecution in a terrorist case.

The Record newspaper of Bergen County, New Jersey on June 20, 2000 shows that Chertoff defended Magdy Elamir who was sued by the State of New Jersey for $16.7 million dollars in losses. Over $5.7 million went “to unknown parties…by means of wire transfers to bank accounts where the beneficial owner of the account is unknown.”

Who is Elamir Magdy, Chertoff’s important client? On the NBC program, Dateline, on August 2, 2002, Rep. Ben Gilman, R-NY, of the House International Relations Committee was quoted as saying in 1998 that Magdy Elamir had “financial ties with Osama bin Laden for years.”

In fact, Elamir even had strong connections with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Magdy Elamir was one of the most important financial supporters of the Al Salam mosque. The Al Salam mosque was where Omar Abdel-Rahman preached, the Muslim extremist who was later arrested for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Former New Jersey police officer Allan Duncan said that “The Jersey City area and particularly the Al Salam mosque were allowed to continue as a major hub of terrorist activity in the United States.” During this period, 1990 to 1994, Chertoff was the U.S. Attorney for this area, the District of New Jersey. Amazingly, even after this period, Elamir later became one of Chertoff’s most important clients.

In 1999, Magdy Elamir and his brother Mohammed were named suspects in Operation Diamondback which was an FBI/ATF undercover infiltration of Pakistani arms dealers who sought to arm Osama bin Laden with conventional and nuclear weapons. According to the testimony of officer Duncan and taped transcripts with FBI informant Randy Glass, Elamir was a key player in this operation. According to Dateline NBC Mohammed Elamir tried to purchase small arms and ammunition in a recorded telephone conversation with Glass.

Dateline confirmed that Elamir and his corporation had paid at least $5000 to Egyptian arms dealer Diaa Moshen. Moshen was sentenced to 30 months for his involvement in Operation Diamondback.

Officer Allan Duncan, who was hired as an investigator by families of the September 11 attacks, said that the reason Elamir was never convicted was because he was never charged with a crime. When Operation Diamondback culminated in arrests in the summer of 2001, Michael Chertoff had become the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the criminal division of the U.S. Justice Department and Operation Diamondback was under his authority.

Chertoff blocked the indictment of his former client, Magdy Elamir.

Chertoff has also blocked the indictment of other Israeli partisans like himself with ties to 911.

In a four part investigative report on the Brit Hume, Fox News program in December of 2001 it was revealed a huge Israeli Mossad spy team of at least 100 members had been arrested by the FBI. The Fox News report revealed that the Israeli spy ring had penetrated FBI, CIA, DEA, U.S. Attorney’s Offices, Federal judges, even military bases. In addition, the Mossad, through an Israeli company was and is able to monitor all phone calls made in the United States, including those of law enforcement agencies. It is known that Israeli drug kingpins in the United States escaped prosecution because of this penetration.

It also revealed that Mossad agents had closely shadowed the 911 hijackers for months before 911. They repeatedly failed lie detector tests. Considering their close monitoring of the hijackers for months, the FBI agents are quoted as saying, “How could they not have known” the details of the 911 attacks. The report suggests that the Israeli Mossad knew the details of the attacks in advance but did not provide the information to the United States. In one of its most revealing moments, the Fox News report quotes an unnamed FBI source saying that for an agent to expose Israeli spying is “career suicide.”

Michael Chertoff freed the over 100 members of a huge Israeli spy ring apprehended in the wake of 911, including the Israeli agents who had tapped the telephones and shadowed 911 terrorist leader Mohammed Atta and many of his hijacker team for weeks before the attacks.

Chertoff also freed five Mossad agents who had been arrested and detained for months by the FBI on the day of the 911 attacks. They had been caught in New Jersey filming and cheering the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. Interestingly enough they were apprehended with large sums of cash, false passports, and boxcutters (the same devices used in the hijackings). The FBI also found self-taken photos of very happy Mossad agents grinning and flicking their lighters with the World Trade Center burning in the background. Chertoff also allowed all of the apprehended Israeli spies to return to Israel out of the reach of American investigators.

Israel and the Jewish supremacists could not afford these revelations of Israel’s spying and treachery. They had to put one of their own in position to protect their interests. They found him in Michael Chertoff.

Michael Chertoff is the son of a rabbi and a long-time radical Zionist and Jewish supremacist. After the first apprehensions of the massive Israeli spy ring occurred, this dedicated Zionist was quickly put into the position of head of the Justice Department Criminal Division. The United States State Department, Justice Department and Executive branch is honeycombed with Israeli loyalists. President Bush was and is surrounded by them. In the popular vernacular they are called Neocons, but they are simply Jewish supremacists who put the agenda and interests of Israel over that of the United States. Two of them, Wolfowitz and Perle, were the chief architects of the Iraq War, a war good for Israel but an unmitigated disaster for the people of the United States. The Zionist network has many avenues by which they can get almost any appointment in government they want. They put him in a position to quash this story of Israeli treachery, and he in fact did so.

After freeing the Israel spies involved in 911 and other espionage activities, and despite having never served in the judiciary, Chertoff was given the high position of a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals whose jurisdiction includes Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Virgin Islands. After 19 months as judge, President Bush nominated Chertoff to the position of Secretary of Homeland Security.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a government advocacy watchdog agency, has noticed Chertoff’s advancement from Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice to Secretary of Homeland Security nominee over the past four years.

“It’s an exceptional rise to power,” said Fitton.

Indeed, Chertoff’s rapid rise was exceptional, but one completely understandable with the risks of exposure presented in the Israeli spy ring and involvement in 911. Their man had to be put in very quickly.

Michael Chertoff could not afford the prosecution of Magdy Elamir because it would have revealed his own close connection to this bin Laden supporter who was one of the financiers of the 911 attacks.

In 2002, I was speaking all over America and world exposing the Israeli connections to 911 and the over 140 members of the Israeli spy ring that was then held in FBI custody. Zionists in the U.S. State Department attempted to prevent my appearance on a primetime program broadcast over the worldwide Al-Jazeera network. (Newsweek: Periscope). They failed, and the program aired to millions around the world and received a tremendous response. I was offered hundreds of invitations to speak on the matter before influential organizations, media and groups all over the world. Within 60 days of my appearance on Al Jazeera, Mr. Chertoff as head the criminal division of the U.S. Justice Department authorized prosecution against me on tax and financial matters. This is the same Michael Chertoff who freed the same Israeli spy ring that I helped to expose!

And now it turns out that Chertoff himself has aided one of the financiers of bin Laden and the 911 attack! It is also clear that he has obstructed justice in preventing this terrorist’s prosecution.

And now, our Jewish-Neocon-dominated government seeks to make a man who aided one of the 911 terrorists as head of Homeland Security.

Under control of the Jewish supremacists our nation’s government has gone insane.

hahahhahha all they their invoked Moshiach from hell. Yeah Bushkevik was born again , born to  the god of the Talmudic jews, the Dragon and his beast.


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section 14 "The Protocols of the Illuminated Elders of Tzion"

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      section 16 "The Beast Has Risen" 

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Daniel's Seventy Weeks

Was Peter a Jew?

The Two Witnesses

"The Whore of Babylon"

Mystery Babylon

 Are the " Ael-ians coming"

Ael-ians II

Wall Street " The Mark" is Here

Wall Street II

Wall Street III

It has happened "War Declared upon and in America"

Declared section Part II


"All you ever need to know about their god and Qabalah"

Qabalah Part II

Qabalah Part III

National Identification Card

 ADDED Material 3-25-2004 Prophecy Unfolding

A Sincere Request to  "Rapture" Teachers

"Seventh Trumpet"

Compulsory Constitutional Cremation

Homeland Security, "The Police State"

"The Fourth Beast"

The Babylonian Talmudic Mystical Qabalah

The Scribes of Baal

How will they do it- " The false-christ"

False Christ Part II

The Word

Baal's food Tax

"The Changing of the Guards"

"Summation" The beginning of sorrows has begun

"Moshiach ben Lucifer"

Satan's Tales "Wagging the Global Dog"

"Satan's Plan", Protocols of Zion ( of course they will dispute it's authenticity)

I Witch, New One World Order Seal

Satan's Enforcers of Quaballah

Satan's Enforcers Part 2

Satan's Enforcers Part 3

Satan's Enforcers Part 4

The Seed of God or the Seed of Satan, Your choice by faith

Pledge of Allegiance Part Two

I AM, the Revelation of Jesus Christ

King of the Noachides

"Beware the Mark"

"Beware the Mark" part two

"Beware the Mark" Part 3

"Beware the Mark" Part Four

"Beware the Mark" Part Five

 Harvest of Fear

"Harvest of Fear" Part Two

"Harvest of Fear" Part Three

National Organization Against Hasidic International Talmudic Enforcement

Where's Da Plane Boss, wheres da plane?

The Tarot Card Killer of Olam Ha Ba

The "Lessor Jew"

Temporary Coup d' Etat

The Federal Reserve, Fed up with the Fed?

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !

Protocols Today Part Two

Letter to a friend "It's not the Jews Dummy"

Identity of the Illuminati

The "Son's of the Synagogue of Satan"Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Satan Part 1A

Chabad Satan Part 2

Chabad Satan Part 2A

Chabad Satan Part 2B

Chabad Satan Part 3

Chabad Satan Part 3A

Chabad Satan Part 4

Chabad Satan Part 4A

Chabad Satan Part 4B

Chabad Satan Part 4C

Chabad Satan Part 5

Chabad satan Part 5A

Chabad Satan Part 5B

Chabad Satan Part 5C

Chabad Satan Part 6

Chabad Satan Part 6B

Chabad Satan Part 6C

Chabad Satan Part 6D

Chabad Satan Part 7

Chabad Satan Part 7A

Chabad Satan Part 7B

Chabad Satan Part 7C

Chabad Satan Part 8

Chabad Satan Part 8A

Chabad Satan Part 8B

Chabad Satan Part 8C

Chabad Satan Part 8D

Chabad Satan Part 9

Chabad Satan Part 9A

Chabad Satan Part 9B

Chabad Satan Part 9C

Chabad Satan Part 9D

Chabad Satan Part 10

Chabad Satan Part 10A

Chabad Satan Part 10B

Chabad Satan Part 10C

Chabad Satan Part 10D

Chabad Satan Part 11

The Chabad Satan Wall of Destruction

Chabad Wall Part 2

Chabad Wall Part 3

Chabad Wall Part 4

The Chabad Phoenix is Rising

Columbia "The Queen of Heaven"

Patriot Akt II, Comrad 

The Infiltration of the leaven "Jerusalem Council"

Satan's One World Religion

OWR Part 2

OWR Part 3

OWR Part 4

One World Religion Part 5

One World Religion Part 6

One World Religion Part 7

Re the god of Talmud Bavli

Perpetual Purim

"The Raiser of Taxes"

Jewish Persecution

Obedient Ishmael Kislev 19, 5764

The Final Nazi

Nazi Part 2

Nazi Part 3

Nazi Part 4

The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the Talmudic king

Changing the Time and the Laws

The Leaven of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidim Pharisees

Exod-U.S the coming Geula 


Who murdered Jesus the Christ

"Replacement Theology" of Judaic Talmudism

Eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon, underneath a Noahide Sky

the gods

"The Two Whores"

Noahide News

Noahide News 2

Noahide News Part 3

Noahide News Part 4

Noahide News Part 5

Noahide News Part 6

Noahide News Part 7

Noahide News Part 8

Noahide News Part 9

Noahide News Part 10

Noahide News Part 11

Noahide News Part 12

Noahide News Part 13

Noahide News Part 14

Noahide News Part 15

Noahide News Part 16

Noahide News Part 17

Noahide News Part 18

Noahide News Part 19

Noahide News Part 20

Noahide News Part 21

Noahide News part 22

Noahide News Part 23

Noahide News part 24

Noahide News Part 25

Noahide News Part 26

Noahide News part 27

Noahide News Part 28

Noahide News Part 29

Noahide News Part 30

Noahide News Part 31

Noahide News Part 32

Noahide News Part 33

Noahide News Part 34

Noahide News Part 35

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Noahide News Part 63

Noahide News Part 64 

Noahide News Part 65

Noahide News Part 66

Noahide News Part 67

Noahide News Part 68

Noahide News Part 69

Letter to Bob Jones and President Bush and all televangelist

Noahide News Part 70

Noahide News Part 71

Noahide News Part 72

Noahide News Part 73

Noahide News Part 74

Noahide News Part 75

Noahide News Part 76

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Noahide News Part 83 ALERT ALERT ALERT

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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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