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April 30, 2005

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Iran Threatens to Resume Sensitive Nuclear Work

Apr 30, 7:32 AM (ET)

By Paul Hughes

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran warned on Saturday it may resume uranium enrichment-related work next week after failing to reach a breakthrough in talks with the European Union over the long-term future of its disputed nuclear program.

The warning sets up a summer crisis in Iran's long-running nuclear dispute with the West and is likely to lead to renewed U.S. calls to send its case to the United Nations Security Council for possible economic sanctions.

"Iran will decide whether to resume its uranium enrichment program this week in Tehran," the official IRNA news agency quoted Tehran's chief nuclear negotiator, Hassan Rohani, as saying.

"Iran is unlikely to start enriching uranium at Natanz, but some activities might be resumed next week at Isfahan's Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) complex."

Iran, which denies trying to make nuclear weapons, froze all uranium fuel work, including activities at Isfahan and Natanz, last November as part of an agreement with the EU's big three powers Britain, Germany and France.

The EU trio and Iran failed to reach a final agreement on Iran's nuclear program at talks in London on Friday but agreed to continue the negotiations next week in New York.

"(Friday's) talks were informal with no conclusions," a British Foreign Office spokeswoman said on Saturday.

"Now both sides intend to reflect on the discussions and they intend to be in contact soon, including in New York where they will attend the NPT (non proliferation treaty) review conference."

The NPT review conference starts on Monday in New York.


But Iran, which has warned its nuclear suspension was only temporary, accused the EU of trying to drag out the talks.

"The Europeans want the negotiations to take a long time," Rohani said.

"Iran will be prepared to continue nuclear negotiations with the Europeans if it resumes part of its enrichment activities," he added.

Low-enriched uranium is used as nuclear reactor fuel while highly enriched uranium can be used in the core of an atom bomb.

The EU trio said it will back U.S. calls for Iran's nuclear case to be sent to the Security Council if it resumes enrichment.

But Rohani said that Iran would continue its talks with the EU trio and said Security Council referral was unlikely.

"I don't think the option of referring Iran's case to the Security Council is on the table," he said.

By stopping short of resuming actual enrichment of uranium, Iran hopes to avoid a showdown, a senior EU diplomat in Tehran said.

"They're calculating that just resuming work at Isfahan will be enough to show its strength and anger to us but not enough for us to send its case to the Security Council," he said.

The Isfahan facility converts raw uranium into a gas that can be injected into centrifuges at Natanz for enrichment.

Rohani said the EU trio had asked for more time to consider an Iranian proposal on how to reassure the world it is not developing nuclear weapons.

Diplomats say Tehran has proposed to continue with its nuclear fuel-cycle work, including enrichment, but in gradual phases and under close international supervision.

The European Union and Washington, however, say the only acceptable guarantee that Iran was not developing atomic bombs would be for it to completely scrap all nuclear fuel work.

"Iran is completely prepared to give assurance to the world that its program is entirely peaceful," Rohani said.

(Additional reporting by Madeline Chambers in London)


Aholah Dan the Hasidim who control the US and the Sanhedrin, are on full attact against Sharon secular zion, Judah, Aholibah the whore king of the south

Daniel 11:

14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Over 10,000 demonstrate against 'israel'
new york city
April 28, 2005

1. Over 10,000 Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protested outside the Israeli Consulate, 2nd Ave and 42nd Streets, NYC on 28 April 2005.


Bush And The Pope -
Buried Treasure

By Chris Floyd
Moscow Times
It seemed, at first, like nothing more than a novelty item in the news briefs, the kind of odd, meaningless side-fact thrown off by most major stories: "New Pope, President's Brother Had Link in Swiss Group." But a look beneath the surface of this innocuous connection reveals a vast web of sinister alliances -- and moral corruption on a world-shaking scale.
The network links a bewildering line-up of players -- the Bushes, the Vatican, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and China's Communist overlords, among others -- in a staggering array of crime and turpitude: prostitution, pedophilia, mass death and war profiteering. Yet this is not some grand "conspiracy theory," a serpent's egg hatched in Bilderberg or Bohemian Grove. It's simply the way the Bush boys do business, trawling the globe for sweetheart deals and gushers of blood money from the war and terror they foment.
At the center of this particular nexus is the unlikely figure of Neil Bush, the feckless, fraudulent brother of the current president. Neilsy, as he's known in the family, is most famous for costing American taxpayers $1 billion to bail out a savings-and-loan he had ruined with secret insider loans to his own business partners. For this massive fraud, he was fined -- by his father's administration -- the princely sum of $50,000, which was actually paid by one of his dad's political bagmen, of course.
You see, the Bushes are robber barons, not capitalists: They never risk any of their own money in the competition of the marketplace. Nor do they ever pay the price when their deals go belly-up. Just ask George W., whose first business was jump-started with secret cash from the bin Ladens, laundered through their U.S. frontman, James Bath -- who was also hired by W.'s dad, then-CIA director George Bush Sr., to set up offshore companies for shifting CIA money and aircraft between Texas and Saudi Arabia, the Texas Observer reported.
Neilsy's latest business ventures include a partnership with one of China's own influence-peddling oligarchs: Jiang Mianheng, son of former President Jiang Zemin. He's paying Bush $2 million for "advice" in a field - the semiconductor industry -- which Neilsy cheerfully confesses he knows nothing about. Bush also trousered $1 million for "introductions and advice" from the CP Group, a Bangkok conglomerate spreading bipartisan gravy around Washington. In return for supplying his paymasters with a golden conduit to the White House, Neilsy received a special perk: free prostitutes, served up fresh to his hotel room during business trips to Asia.
But between his sessions of bouncy-bouncy with trafficked women, Neilsy was also sitting down with hard-line cleric Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the former soldier for Nazi Germany now translated to glory as Pope Benedict XVI. The two men were board members of an obscure Swiss institute ostensibly devoted to "interfaith dialogue." Although the organization did have some prominent ecumenical figures on the board, none of them could say exactly why pimp-daddy Neilsy was invited to join, Newsday reported.
Perhaps there's a clue in the group's incorporation. Dunn & Bradstreet lists the supposedly nonprofit foundation as a "management trust," designed for "purposes other than education, religion, charity or research." The group's spokesman says this designation was a "mistake," and anyway, the institute is hastily being "re-launched" with a "new focus" on its religious mission. But a cynic -- i.e., anyone with the slightest acquaintance of Bush business practices -- might think that a "management trust" masquerading as a religious charity would be an excellent place to launder money or park assets away from the taxman's prying eyes.
Meanwhile, Ratzinger spent his time on the Swiss board trying to bury the Vatican's massive pedophilia scandal, the London Observer reported this week. In a secret 2001 letter, he ordered Church officials to prevent police from learning about abuse allegations -- a theological innovation more commonly known in the United States as "obstructing justice." Given this criminal high-wire act, perhaps the good cardinal thought it prudent to cultivate some personal ties with a presidential sibling.
Whatever Neilsy and Der Panzerkardinal were up to in Switzerland, Ratzinger repaid their camaraderie with a decisive intervention in brother George's 2004 election, issuing a fatwa that essentially condemned any Catholic voting for John Kerry to eternal hellfire. With the Vatican's iron hand on the scales, Bush reaped an extra six percent of the Catholic vote -- a huge boost in a tight race.
But it's Neilsy's long-time partnership with Syrian-born businessman Jamal Daniel that has provided the true mother lode: war profiteering. Daniel, also a boardmate in the Swiss adventure with Ratzinger, is a principal in New Bridge Strategies, a firm set up by top Bush insiders to steer corporate clients to the fountains of blood money flowing from George W.'s conquest of Iraq. The company makes frequent use of Neilsy's "introductions" and Middle East connections, The Financial Times reported. It also operates a profitable sideline in mercenaries.
Daniel brings his own unique connections to the regional porkfest: His family was instrumental in the creation of the Baath Party in Syria and Iraq, The Financial Times noted. And of course, the Bush Family's covert arm, the CIA -- whose headquarters bears the name of George Sr. -- assisted not one, but two, Baathist coups in Iraq, including the bloody upheaval that brought Saddam Hussein's family faction to power, historian Roger Morris reported.
Still later, the CIA would supply Osama bin Laden and his fellow extremists with weapons, money and terrorist training: a shrewd investment whose long-term consequences -- the current "war on terror" -- are still paying fat dividends for Bush coffers.
Sure, thousands die and millions suffer from these dirty deals --
but it's not a "conspiracy."
It's just business -- the Bush way.



But I though Astarte was in March.....It was, the Passover is in April or the Month of Nissan, sorry people you know not what you worship. Your cemeterian Pastors know not the IAMHE

Apr. 30, 2005 13:06  | Updated Apr. 30, 2005 16:44
Orthodox celebrate Easter in Old City

Worshippers at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem carry a wooden cross during the Orthodox Good Friday procession

A sea of flames illuminated Christianity's holiest shrine, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as thousands of pilgrims took part Saturday in the holy fire ceremony, a key event in the Orthodox Easter rituals.

The event passed peacefully despite plans by protesters to block the participation of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, Irineos I. Demonstrators, who object to the Patriarch's alleged role in a controversial land deal, were kept away by the hundreds of Israeli police who set up barricades throughout the alleys leading to the Old City holy site.

The shrine, marking the site where tradition says Jesus was crucified and buried, was filled with thousands of pilgrims. Hundreds more waited outside for the holy flames to emerge.

At the start of the ceremony, church leaders descended into the underground burial area. The faithful clutched their bundles of unlit candles and torches while waiting in the darkened church for a flame to emerge from the tomb.

Some Christians believe the flame appears spontaneously, as a message from Jesus that he has not forgotten his followers.

When church leaders, including Irineos, emerged with a lighted torch, a cheer arose, and the flames were passed around, illuminating the church within seconds.

hahahahahahahaha the priest calleth the fire down from heaven

Ahead of the ceremony, tensions were high. The Greek Orthodox Church is in turmoil over a deal in which the church reportedly leased prime property in disputed east Jerusalem to Jewish investors.

The alleged land deal is politically explosive because Israel claims all of Jerusalem, while Palestinians claim east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. Jewish land purchases in east Jerusalem are seen as bolstering Israel's claim to that section of the city.

In the past the ceremony has also been a flashpoint between different Orthodox denominations, which have argued over protocol at the ceremony.

About a dozen Greek and Armenian clergymen briefly scuffled over who would be first to emerge with the flames, but they were quickly pulled apart by police stationed inside the church.

Custody of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is shared by a number of denominations that jealously guard their responsibilities under a fragile network of agreements hammered out over the last millennia.

"Every year there is always tight security, but maybe this year it is even tighter because of the land deal," said Matthew Doll, 30, a pilgrim who waited outside the church.

Protesters had vowed to bar Irineos from the ceremony, but were kept away by the police, said Dimitri Diliani, the head of a Palestinian Christian coalition who have been spearheading the protests.

The reported deal has stirred huge anger among Palestinians who feel betrayed by the church.

At a rare news conference last month, Irineos told reporters he was unaware of the alleged transactions, and that he was not involved in any deal which was reportedly signed by Nikos Papadimas, the church financial officer who vanished three months ago.

Papadimas is wanted in Greece after Greek Orthodox Church officials in Athens accused him of absconding with € 600,000 (US$800,000) in church funds. His wife is wanted on separate charges of money laundering.

Separately, a European arrest warrant has been issued against Papadimas, Greek officials said.

But as the flames emerged from the tomb, church bells pealed and tensions melted away.

"This is one of the most beautiful and spiritual experience of my life," said Jonathan Parish,42, of Boston. "I have dreamt of being in the presence of the holy fire for a long time," he said


June -July......Iran then the Head of Damascus?

Apr. 30, 2005 19:18  | Updated Apr. 30, 2005 19:35
Syria restores diplomatic ties with Iraq

Foreign Ministers left to right: Hoshyar Zebari of Iraq, Abdullah Gul of Turkey, Ahmed Aboul Gheit of Egypt and Kamal Kharazi of Iran in Istanbul Saturday during meeting to welcome formation of Iraq's new government
Photo: AP

Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa said Saturday that his country was restoring relations with Iraq after a break of more than two-decades in ties between the two neighbors.

Speaking in a closed session at a conference in Istanbul, al-Sharaa told regional foreign ministers that measures to restore ties would be taken as soon as possible, Syria's official news agency SANA reported from Istanbul.

Syrian-Iraqi relations deteriorated after Syria sided with Iran in the 1980 Iraq-Iran war, and diplomatic relations were severed in 1982.

Al-Sharaa expressed support for Iraq's stability, unity and security "so that it can play its full role in the Arab and international arenas," SANA said.

Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the decision was "a right decision, even though it came late."

The United States accuses Syria of letting terrorists slip through the borders between the countries.

"We hope that relations would improve in all domains, including in the security domain," Zebari said, adding that terrorists should not be given "the chance to use these borders."

In September, other Arab countries decided to restore diplomatic relations with Iraq. Egypt and Jordan have already opened missions there



When the Hassidim of Chabad Lubavitch cause all the nations of the earth to surround Jerusalem, Judah, Sharon, Aholibah, the KING of the South....then the wwar unto desolation begins and ends at Megiddo

Russia, U.S. Want to Arm PA
16:04 Apr 29, '05 / 20 Nisan 5765

Both the United States and Russia want to load the Palestinian Authority (PA) with arms and ammunition. Israel replied that the PA can get weapons by disarming terrorists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said yesterday that "Russia will not do anything to harm Israel," rejected Israel objection's to his proposed gift of 50 armored vehicles and two helicopters to the (PA). He also ignored Israel's negativity towards his proposal for a Middle East summit later this year in Moscow, an idea that the United States also opposes.

Putin conferred with PA chairman Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) Friday and placed flowers at Yasser Arafat’s grave. "We will give the PA technical help by sending equipment and training people. We will give the PA helicopters and also communication equipment," Putin said at a joint press conference with Abu Mazen.

Lt. General William Ward, the U.S. security Middle East envoy, recently related to Israel the PA request for weapons, to which Israel replied, "Let them first take the weapons from the terrorists."

Israel made it clear to Putin and the Americans that it would not allow the PA to receive armored vehicles and helicopters, but PA negotiator Saeb Erakat said Friday, "I think I can say the choppers area done deal."

Abu Mazen eagerly welcomed Putin's proposal for an international summit, but American and Israeli opposition prompted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to say the media misunderstood the proposal.

"What he [Putin] offered was to think of holding in Moscow a meeting of high-level experts," explained Lavrov. Putin explicitly said earlier this week during a visit to Egypt, "We propose the convening of an international conference in Moscow next autumn with the participation of all concerned parties."

Israeli officials today (Friday) were annoyed that the Russian president visited Arafat's grave the day after Putin and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said their two countries would coordinate efforts to fight terror


Isa:17:1: The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Assad could be toppled: Israeli spy chief
Web posted at: 4/30/2005 10:55:42
Source ::: AFP

JERUSALEM: Syrian President Bashar Al Assad could be ousted from power as his regime fractures under immense political pressure, the head of Israeli military intelligence said in an interview published yesterday.

“His regime’s stability is in great danger today, more than in the past. The economic problems will get worse” following Syria’s troop pullout from Lebanon completed this week, Aharon Zeevi said in the newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth.

“He has problems with the Americans because of terrorists infiltrating from Syria into Iraq, water problems with Turkey, and an argument over territory that he should have transferred to Jordan.

“He is seen as a weak leader. I’m not sure that Bashar has the strength or talent to make a decision ... If he does not show leadership, Bashar could certainly become a victim of circumstances,” Zeevi said in the interview.

Israel is still technically at war with Syria and continues to occupy the Golan Heights, a strategic territory seized from its northern neighbour during the 1967 six-day war.

“People are already saying that perhaps Bashar is not supplying the goods, that perhaps he should be replaced,” Zeevi said, warning that Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network “does not intend to sit by and do nothing” as Syria fractures.

He named General Asaf Shaukat, head of intelligence and Assad’s brother-in-law, and the president’s brother, Maher Assad, as possible leadership contenders.

On the home front, Zeevi said Israeli intelligence services had thwarted “more than 10 terror attacks against Israeli targets abroad” in the past month, without giving further details.

In the last such attack, 34 people, including 13 Israelis, were killed in October when militants carried out bomb attacks in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula that is popular with Israeli holidaymakers


In order to declare the New Moon and the changing of Time to the Talmudic year of the month of Nissan which was April 10, 2005, the Sanhedrin Must have sanctioned it. Then to announce the reign of their false king, haha Moshiach, it must have been sanctioned as the new moon of the new year. It has been done, and soon the Sanhedrin of the Dragon, who met in March, regarding the Temple Mount and the Third Temple of doom will announce it to the world.

So far we have heard not a peep in April from them.

I believe when we do they will have decided the exact location of the temple, and they will "REVEAL" that son of perdition.

I believe the wars are in full forward motion now.

This son of perdition, anti-Christ, false King, Moshiach ben satan will arrive and will have the solution, but will deceive all mankind save they whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life slain since the foundation of the world, sealed at Calvary

Spiritual Quality Time


"God spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, 'This month for you shall be the beginning of the months, it shall be for you the first of the months of the year.'" (Exodus 12:1-2)

In his commentary on the very first verse in Genesis, Rashi states that the Torah should have begun with this passage, because this is the very first commandment addressed to the Jewish people.

Rashi is of satan and forfeited the Word of God for the Talmud Bavli of satan the Mishnah Toarh of the dead unto a god of the dead and not the GOD of the LIVING

While God did issue some prior commandments in Genesis - such as the commandment to be fruitful and multiply or the commandment to circumcise male children - these commandments are addressed to individuals. The significance of the commandment to establish the lunar month as the basis of the Jewish calendar, and to begin to count off the months of the year from the month of Nissan is that this is the first commandment in the Torah addressed to the Jewish nation as a public body. The need to create Jewish public institutions to discharge public Torah responsibilities is born out of this commandment to sanctify the lunar months.

Thus Love the Lord your God means NOTHING to them, for they have made a flesh Covenant with death and hell

One would expect that the very first public commandment would merit its position of primacy by addressing an issue of monumental importance. But what is the significance of counting the year using the lunar cycle rather than the solar cycle? Aren't the two calendar systems just different methods of locating yourself within the identical stretch of time? Isn't time the important commodity rather than the method we employ to keep a track of it?

If anything, counting off the years using the lunar cycle is relatively less efficient and certainly more inconvenient. As a result of the need to remain in tandem with the solar year, the Jewish calendar has to alternate between months that are twenty nine days long and months that are thirty days long and include seven leap years in every 19-year-cycle. The seasons follow the sun, and the Jewish Holidays follow the seasons. We may count by the moon but we must keep pace with the sun as well. There has to be some important spiritual factor to justify all this extra effort. Can we hope to find it?

Isa:1:13: Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; the new moons and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.

Isa:1:14: Your new moons and your appointed feasts
my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.




Ecclesiastes declares:

"Whatever has been is what will be, and whatever has been done is what will be done. There is nothing new under the sun!" (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

The Zohar informs us that this passage is not a statement of negation. Solomon does not intend to teach us that the universe contains no novelty; he is referring to a special sort of novelty and telling us that it cannot be found under the sun. The implication of his statement; under the sun it is not to be found, but over the sun it exists in abundance. (See Zohar, Mishpotim, 115b.) To grasp Solomon's meaning we must examine the concept of novelty in some depth.

here comes satanic deception

The search for novelty brings us right back to the months of the year. The Hebrew word for 'month' is 'chodesh,' whereas the word for 'new' in Hebrew is 'chodosh.' The two words are constructed out of identical letters and differ only in pronunciation. 



Hosea:2:11: I will also cause all her mirth to cease, her feast days, her new moons, and her sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts.

It is evident that the Jewish idea of month is related to the concept of novelty. Combining this idea with the statement of Ecclesiastes yields the following result. It is because there is no novelty beneath the sun that the Jewish people had to move over to counting off time by following the moon. Months must be associated with the sort of novelty that is not to be found under the sun.

their lies and sorcery will cause Global Famine

Selecting the moon as the reference for the passage of time serves to emphasize the association with novelty. The sun rises and sets each day without change, whereas the moon waxes and wanes, renewing itself each month. There is never a new sun, but there is a new moon every month.


God's intention in commanding the Jews to switch to a lunar calendar immediately prior to their emancipation from bondage was not to introduce a new way to measure time. He mandated the change as a means of inaugurating another dimension of time altogether. All living creatures fall under the dominance of time. But the time that dominates the rest of the world is not the same time as the one that governs the Jews:

for they are the Chosen who chose the Liar the "Robber" and Crucified the CHOOSER, AND WILL DO SO TO REVEAL THEIR MOSHAICH BEN SATAN

The Sages taught: A solar eclipse is an evil omen for the nations of the world; a lunar eclipse is an evil omen for Jews. This is because the Jewish calendar is based on the moon whereas the secular calendar is based on the sun. (Talmud, Succah 29a)

SORCERY AND BLASPHEMY, for all have sinned and all fall short of the Glory of GOD and only through his LORD Christ can mankind be reconciled to the father in Heaven

To emancipate the Jews it was necessary to unlock the door to a new dimension of time. 

To REVEAL their Son of Perdition, they CRY Moshiach NOW!!!! the Robber who says come to  PHaraoh

The novelty that originates over the sun was introduced to the world. There are actually two sorts of novelty; one sort that is part of the natural system of creation, or 'under the sun', and another sort that is symbolized by the switch to the lunar calendar; connecting to the time 'over the sun' was an essential part of the Exodus process.


Maimonides in his Book of Commandments comments on the positive Mitzvah to sanctify the lunar months:

This commandment contains one of the foundations of the faith. Only someone with deep understanding can understand or appreciate it ...

you must be a priest of Baa'l with the exclusive to their god the Dragon

 When we today in exile consult our reckoning of the Jewish calendar and declare that this day is Rosh Chodesh, [the first day of a new month], or such a day is a Yom Tov, [one of the holy days], it is not through our reckoning that this day acquires the holiness of a Yom Tov, but because the Supreme Court in Israel established it as Rosh Chodesh or Yom Tov. And it is because of their determination that it becomes such, whatever their reasons for reaching this result, as it is written (Talmud Rosh Hashana, 25a): "These are God's holidays that you declare; I have no holidays other than these." That is to say, whatever days the Supreme Court may declare even if they are coerced or mistaken ... (Mitzvah 153)

Maimonides goes on to explain that the Holy days the Jewish calendar informs us about derive their holiness from the sanctification of the Supreme Court of the Jewish nation, the Sanhedrin in Israel and not from the dates of the month on which they fall. If Jewish settlement in the land of Israel were ever to come to a total stop, the holy days would lose their holiness; the authority of the Sanhedrin, which is a product of the Jewish community in the Holy land (Spiritual Sodom and Egypt where the Lord was crucified) would evaporate and there would be no special sanctity in the dates on our calendar that we now regard as sacred.

and there is none

Contrast this with our own conception of time and the way the secular calendar works! This is like saying that January the first is only the first day of the new year if some court declares it so. We think of time as something that exists independently of us. The days pass whether we take notice of them or not. When it is three o'clock, it is three o'clock whether I consult my watch or not. This turns out to be true only about natural time, the time "under the sun." There is nothing new in time itself. The seasons unfold, the clock ticks, and life goes on. The calendar merely informs; it never creates.

GOD is the Holder of His Creation, the sun only does his bidding

This does not apply to time above the sun.

The Jewish calendar can only be renewed by the spiritual power and authority vested in the Sanhedrin sitting in the land of Israel. If the court fails to establish the calendar, the special quality possessed by the days of the lunar calendar would simply disappear. Holy days are not like natural days - they are not a part of the natural cycle of nature as created by God; they must be brought into being by the dedication of people in order to exist at all.

The 15th day of Nissan, (April 24, 2005 through to Beltane Day, May 12005 of the Sofiet REDS of Communism of Judaic Talmudism) the day we celebrate as the first day of Passover, the day on which we conduct the Seder and eat the Matzah is only a holy day if the Sanhedrin has sanctified the month of Nissan this year.


 If they had failed to sanctify the month, there would be no obligation to eat the Matzah or to conduct the Seder on the 15th of Nissan. Passover would just not happen in such a year.

On Shabbat we recite in our prayers that 'God sanctifies the Shabbat', but on a Holy day such as Passover we say that 'God sanctifies Israel and time'. Shabbat belongs to the week, and the week unfolds automatically, but Holy days fall on the calendar dates of the Jewish months, and months do not happen automatically. Months require sanctification.

Isa:1:14: Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.


On Holy days the Jewish people inhabit sanctified, man-made days, not ordinary natural days. The Sanhedrin declares and sanctifies the months, and it is through their act of dedication that the days of the months acquire sanctity. There are two kinds of days in the world, natural days and holy days.

Mt:12:5: Or have ye not read in the law, how that on the sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the sabbath, and are blameless?

Mt:12:8: For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.



The novelty "above the sun" represents the establishment of a connection to a brand new world, a sanctified world.

In the natural world, the laws of nature totally define all life's possibilities. Although the capacity of nature is infinite and although nature definitely has a spiritual aspect, it has no sanctity. Nature has no 'good' days or 'bad' days. Natural man is trapped beneath the sun and has to express all his potential within the world of nature, whether physical or spiritual.

We Jews, in contrast, were given yomim tovim, holy days, or literally "good days."

for they say in their laws they are gods, BUT the SON of GOD never said that they were. And By him comes the WORD of God, and they crucified him for HE by which the Law was given, said he is the ONLY Begotten SON of GOD, and these hassidic Vipers envied him, for their flesh lust unto the murderer since the beginning their father

A 'good day' is a window to infinite time and we can pass through this window and leave the natural world beneath the sun on such days. 

for they are as gods?

All activities of the 'good' day take place in infinite time and take on a metaphysical aspect. On such a day a Jew and a non-Jew can perform an identical act, say eat a festive holiday meal. But the non-Jew is simply having a meal, while the Jew escapes the confines of natural time and enjoys a picnic in infinity.

for they are the "Chosen Master Race who crucified the IAM....not real close to hardly

The world of nature and its rules and regulations simply do not apply in this world above the sun. The miracles of the Exodus did not take place in the natural world at all. They took place in this holy world "above the sun." Strictly speaking they weren't really miracles at all. In the world of the infinite all things are possible. The rules of nature do not apply at all. They cannot be broken because they simply do not exist.

even denying the miracles of God until the end of the world

The transition from the world under the sun to the world over the sun enabled the Exodus; it is symbolized by the introduction of the lunar calendar and powered by two events:


  1. The Passover sacrifice, and


Jesus the Christ the Passover Lamb Provided

  1. The smiting of the first born, the tenth plague.



substituting an animal abomination for the Everlasting Lamb Provided, Jesus the Christ the LORD

The Passover sacrifice is crucial to the transition process because the Zodiacal sign of the Lamb is at its most powerful in the month of Nissan.

the Goat of Lucifer of astrology and sorcery

 As we have explained, the sheep is the symbol of natural novelty and abundance. It is not by accident that the Zodiacal sign of the lamb is at its greatest point of ascendance during Nissan, the first month of spring, the season of growth.

Jesus who ascended to His Father in Heaven

 God commanded us to slaughter the lamb and eat it to celebrate Passover, the 'good' day that commemorates the Exodus to internalize the lesson that it is not a natural force that empowered the Exodus. The Exodus was empowered by the force of the Infinite; it happened above the sun.



 Thus the Sanhedrin sanctified Rosh Chodesh Nissan of their new moons and sabbaths in April 2005, Now they Must "REVEAL" their false king, Moshaich ben satan, and then build their Temple of Abomination unto their gods the Dragon, his beast and his Prophet

Haftorah - Erev Rosh Chodesh
SHMUEL1, 20:18

by Rabbi Dovid Siegel


This week we read a special Haftora portion in light of the fact that thisShabbos is Erev Rosh Chodesh. This particular segment deals with the heartbreaking separation of Yonason from his dearest and most beloved friend Dovid and Dovid's (David) secret escape from the threatening wrath of Shaul Hamelech. Shaul, (king Saul) then acting as king over Israel, had the mistaken impression that Dovid was a threat to his reign and viewed him as a rebel who deserved, according to Torah law, to be executed . Yonasan the king's son, maintained an entirely different outlook on the matter and idolized Dovid's accomplishments to the point of yearning for Dovid to assume the mantle of leadership over Israel. These diametrically opposing views finally came to a head when the king publicly denounced his son for his disgraceful attitude. Yonasan read his father's message efficiently and secretly informed Dovid to flee for his life. After an emotional scene of departure Yonasan sent Dovid away in peace and reinstated their vow that nothing would ever separate the two families from each other.

The timely reading of this particular segment and the occurrence of its events around Rosh Chodesh suggest a corrolary between the reign of Dovid Hamelech and Rosh Chodesh. Indeed we find many customs related to the new moon that reinforce this association. Our Chazal in Sanhedrin 42a instituted that we recite a blessing over the new moon each month. The nature of this Mitzvah is to recognize the orbit of the moon and its exactm and affixed progression and digression beginning from a small crescent, extending to a full moon and then decreasing and disappearing. Yet, in the midst of the recital we say with excitement, "Dovid, King over Israel is alive and enduring". This peculiar practice suggests that the moon and King Dovid's reign have much in common. Chazal (Pesikta Rabasi 15) tell us that in actuality King Dovid's reign was patterned exactly according to the moon. The moon comes to its fullest appearance on the fifteenth day,(April 24, 2005) and then begins its gradual decline until it totally disappears . Once the moon is completely out of sight it then begins its gradual re appearance. Chazal explain that the reign of the House of Dovid resembled the appearance and disappearance of the moon. Likened to the moon, the glory of Israel's reign slowly began to appear in the time of Avrohom Avinu anddeveloped to its fullest maturity fifteen generations later in the era of Shlomo Hamelech, Dovid's son. (Solomon of Molech) From that point onwards the monarchy, like the moon, began its gradual descent until its total disappearance fifteen kings later during the era of Tzidkiyahu Hamelech. The Maharsha (Sanhedrin38a) develops this thought and cites that even within the actual dynasty of King Dovid there were thirty figureheads. In fact, the household of Dovid enjoyed fifteen kings until its downfall during the reign of Tzidkiyahu Hamelech. But even after that point there existed a structure of rulership from the House of Dovid for many generations later. The Midrash concludes that when the reign of Dovid will totally disappear the time will be ripe for the gradual appearance of Moshiach.

otherwise when Jesus the Christ the Holder of the Keys to the House of David, Both he who is the ROOT and the offspring, the Creator of His House is rejected by the masses...then that Moshaich ben Satan the son of Perdition will be "REVEALED"

We conclude the prayers over the new moon with a special request that Hashem (satan the dragon)  restore the moon to its perfect brilliance and then we recite the following passage "And the Jewish People will seek Hashem and their King Dovid". 

the Robber they have "Chosen"

Once again we discover King Dovid as an integral part of our Rosh Chodesh service. Our Chazal ( see Rashi Breishis 1:15 ) teach us that the moon was originally created with the same brilliance as that of the sun. However, the light of the moon was decreased and will remain that way until the era of Moshiach

for the sun is about to be snuffed and is preparing the busrt of the last Day

In this prayer the brilliance of the moon is likened to the glorious reign of Dovid Hamelech. We entreat Hashem to restore the moon to its original brilliance and likewise to restore the reign of Dovid Hamelech to its original splendor. The insightful words of the Maharsha are quoted in completion of this thought that the numerical value (Gematria of sorcery, see Paul Crouch's Omega Codes)  of the above cited phrase "Dovid, King over Israel..." equals the exact value of the words "Rosh Chodesh".

David will have no man sit upon the Throne for it is reserved forever for the Christ Jesus Our Lord

We can now appreciate the lesson of this week's haftorah and its encouraging theme. From the view of an outsider the events of the haftorah are terribly disheartening. Dovid had continuously demonstrated remarkable strengths and leadership qualities throughout his faithful years serving as Shaul Hamelech's general. Although Yonasan had been destined to be Shaul's successor, Dovid's superb qualities convinced even Yonasan to step aside and allow Dovid to rise to power. Now, because of King Shaul's grave misunderstanding all must be forfeited and Dovid's glorious career must come to an abrupt end. Yet, Yonasan remains steadfast and is totally convinced that justice will prevail and Dovid will eventually rise to his well deserved position of authority. The moon seems to be disappearing, but Yonasan knows that it will reappear in its proper time. He, therefore reinstates his pact with Dovid (see Malbim 20:13,14) that when he rises to his position of leadership never to forget the household of Yonasan and his father. We draw our faith from these words and, as we look towards the moon, we express our total faith in Hashem. 

Children of the moon

We recognize that the disappearance of the Kingdom of Israel, like the moon, is a guaranteedi ndication of its reappearance and we entreat Hashem to restore the Kingdom of Dovid to its original glory and splendor, speedily in our days

Rv:8:12: And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.


Are you ready in the Name of Jesus the Christ and will you stand firm for the testimony of the LORD and Give witness for the Only Life Giver?


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