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April 9,  2005 

Day 140 of 1290 of 2300



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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This morning, Saturday April 9, 2005, I read the Book of Matthew again. I wailed. We could have known about these things and all the apostate masses could have known, but the Judas Goats sold us out for thirty pieces of silver, and hid the leaven of the Talmudic Pharisees from men, so they could not know the plotting of the dragon and his sons of his shema-Gog. Now after years of reading and researching the Hasidic Pharisees of the Beast Sanhedrin and their laws they have made unto themselves against the Nobelman and His Only Begotten Son, who they said "here let us slay him and rob him of his inheritance", and make unto us a name to "REPLACE" him, I see so clearly what is upon the earth, and I wail in great sorrow, not losing my Joy in the Kingdom of My Lord unto his LORD, but for all who refuse him the IAMHE, and who are fallen to the fables of the jews.

I watched Pat Robertson's news, and Oh how they praised the "Holy Father" as god, who is no god and is very dead and very in the ground in the death of the corruption of his flesh. How they went on how this Pontifex Maximas Catholicos who has united the earth in the Moral laws and principles of moral ethics, and how he and Reagan the Treasonous Viper of the Chabad Lubavitcher Schneerson, and was one of the first to recognize the Talmudic Satanic Universal Laws of Noahide the snare of all mankind to their dragon against the Everlasting Holy Covenant, Jesus the Christ.

How the evangelicals are returning to the brotherhood of the catholicos and how they embrace the "Big Brother Talmudic Judaism of Hell and the leaven of the Pharisees.

People it is here, and it is Nigh, and even at the door, Know this and stand Firm in your testimony for the WORD of God and His Commandments.

Know that your flesh is already dead, and decomposed unto death and hell, and only by faith in the LORD have you eternal Life, since the foundation of the WORLD from which he hath sent you to stand firm and testify of him the ONLY Living Word God.

Do not fear the death, the first death of this useless flesh, for it is not of the KINGDOM of the Father. For this corruption must put off, and accept incorruption in faith only by the gateway into his Fathers Kingdom, Jesus the Lamb of God the Father.

Do not fear them who can destroy this useless corrupted flesh, But fear HIM the IAM who can destroy the soul, and cast it into outer darkness away from His eternal life for which all mankind was made who believed and stood firm as many as believe that he is the IAMHE, for then you shall in no wise ever taste the second death.

Stand firm and be not found at the wedding of the KINGS son without the garments of White of the wedding, for you are invited guest to see the Groom marry his Great Bride that Great city, unblemished white and clean who is no whore who is not bloodied with the messengers of the kings blood and his disciples and him and his saints, the beautiful New Jerusalem the bride of Christ.

For if the King finds that you thought to get in to the wedding and witness his marriage, without the white robes of his testimony and witness, and He sees that you did not stand FIRM even unto the end, but sought to enter into the Kingdom another way, full of fear and a coward and who sought to escape by mystical sorceries, and come into his Kingdom, and had no white of the saints on, the robes washed in the Blood of the Iamhe the Lamb sent since the foundation of the world, sealed at Calvary, you shall be cast out into outer darkness where there will be gnashing and gnawing and grinding of teeth and torment forever.

They have set the kingdoms of the earth under the snare of the Assyrian, their laws unto his the Dragon, and soon they will cause all who are not robed in white, washed in the Lambs Blood, of white unblemished garments, who are invited guest, who are the children of the Bride Chamber, but refused to go to the wedding for they must care to their merchandises and their worries of their flesh who have made unto themselves mammon, to worship this false Messiah who comes in his own name, whom the Talmudic sorcerers of their Covenant with death and hell serve, Moshiach ben satan, the son of perdition to be "REVEALED"

I adjure, you, brethren, sisters, gather together, cry out Hossana, Blessed is he who came in the Name of the LORD and is and was and forever, in the name of the LORD, for in him alone is eternal salvation unto the Lord and his Lord our Father.

May the Grace of the Lord God Almighty the IAM be with you in the days ahead, and may many of you lead many unto righteousness, who is the ONLY Righteous, Christ Jesus the LORD, and that you shine forever as the stars in heaven. Pray for me and my wretched flesh, and my sorrow unto your Lord, that I may be faithful even unto the end. I would that the cup be taken from you all if it were possible, but the Will of the Father be done as it is written and he the LORD God hath even testified of you, that you STAND firm unto the end and have eternal life.



Rv:9:21: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Rv:18:23: And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.


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Prince Charles and the sacrifice of Dianna, his reward.... while bowing to the catholicos

Shalom’s wife offers Prince Charles gift : Prince accepts Foreign Minister’s
invitation to visit Israel, where he had been only once before to attend
Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral, by Doron Sheffer, YNet,7340,L-3069906,00.html

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom’s wife, Judy Nir Mozes Shalom, presented
Prince Charles with a gold talisman from Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri during the
pope’s funeral at the Vatican Friday. She congratulated the prince on his
planned marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles; the prince, in turn, thanked her
for the gesture, saying he was moved by it. “I had planned to give him the
talisman in advance. I visited the rabbi’s home a day before the trip to
Rome with the intention of receiving a gold talisman from him and offering
it to the prince,” Mozes Shalom told Ynet. “I told him I had given former
U.S. President Bill Clinton a similar talisman when he was in a state of
political turmoil and it helped  him.
I congratulated him and told him I was
happy he is realizing his love after so many years.” She said she and her
husband extended the prince and his future wife an invitation to visit
Israel; the prince replied that he had visited the country only once before
to attend former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral and that he would be
glad to visit again, Mozes Shalom said. “French President (Jacques) Chirac,
who saw me present the prince with the talisman, told me he was also very
touched by the gesture,” she said.


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Welcome to the Hoodlum haha of the Dragon


Pope's Will Points to Future Ties with Jews-Rabbi

Fri Apr 8, 2005 10:23 AM BST

ROME (Reuters) - Pope John Paul's decision to mention a Jew in his will was a sign (Shembolical) to his successor to continue and improve his record of opening to Judaism, Rome's former Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff has said.

leaven all Noahides, whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life slain since the foundation of the earth, those who refuse to Stand Firm and testify of the Only Living God, Jesus the Christ and his Father

Toaff, who welcomed the Pope on his ground-breaking visit to the city's synagogue in 1986, said in interviews with Italian newspapers published on Friday that he was surprised to be named along with two Roman Catholic prelates.

John Paul, the first pope to set foot in a synagogue, is seen as the pontiff who most helped heal Jewish rifts with the Christian world after the Holocaust.

"It is a very important, moving fact that I did not expect," Toaff told the daily La Repubblica. "It is a significant and profound gesture for Jews. But I think it is also an indication to the Catholic world."

Toaff said: "Pope Wojtyla wanted to indicate a road aimed at further destroying all the obstacles that have divided Jews and Christians through the centuries."

Noahide Laws unto the Dragon

Toaff, who attended the Pope's funeral on Friday, said he hoped the next pope would uphold John Paul II's legacy and "do even better ... But it is unlikely that there will be someone else like him. Even if we are optimistic, I see many difficulties in finding a successor of his stature."

John the Baptist RE the "son of a carpenter" Giovanni Battista RE ? a king?

The two other people mentioned in the will released on Thursday were the Pope's mentor, the late Polish Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, and his long-time personal secretary Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz.

Pope John Paul has been praised by Jewish leaders for his repeated condemnation of anti-Semitism and apologies for the historical mistreatment of Jews, whom he called "dearly beloved elder brothers."

for he was PRO shem and of the shemborg Noahide Collective and leads manking into the coming abysmal destruction

John Paul established full diplomatic relations with Israel in 1993, and in 2000 visited Israel's memorial to the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. He also prayed at Jerusalem's Western Wall for forgiveness for historical Christian mistreatment of Jews.

Christ Believers have never ever never slain any man, but they who do are of their father the murderer since the beginning

"The request for forgiveness was one of the greatest gestures of Pope John Paul," Toaff said.

Remembering his first meeting with the Pope, Toaff told Corriere della Sera, another Italian newspaper:

"He was ill, I went to see him. He was sleeping. I sent him my recovery and birthday wishes. The secretary came back with his eyes wide open. He had told him I should see him immediately. As soon as he saw me, he threw his arms around me."


The Beginning of the wars unto the desolation?

Apr. 8, 2005 13:23  | Updated Apr. 9, 2005 23:36
Police brace for Temple Mount violence

Bracing for possible violence, Jerusalem police will be on the highest state of alert Sunday on the Temple Mount, barring both a group of Jewish ultra-nationalists and Arab men from entering the
bitterly contested holy site due to fear that an altercation between the two sides at the compound will send the country spiraling into violence.

Over 3,000 police officers will be patrolling the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday to prevent any attempts of forced entry to the mount.

Concern over the outbreak of violence on the Temple Mount was further fueled Saturday after Israeli troops killed three Palestinian teens in Gaza after they entered an unauthorized border area, and Palestinian terror groups responded by firing more than two dozen mortar shells at Israeli settlements and army outposts in the Gaza Strip.

For the past month, police have been trying to allay mounting tensions at the Temple Mount - a flash-point and epicenter of violence in the past - after the ultra-nationalist Jewish group 'Revava' announced plans to hold a rally at Judaism's holiest site

After meeting with Palestinian officials who administer the compound, Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco said that he was barring the massive Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple Mount by a group of ultra-nationalists opposed to the planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip following multiple intelligence warnings that such an event could prompt Palestinian violence at the Jerusalem holy site.

Too late the Beast Sanhedrin has Ruled against Arik Sheinerman's secular zion

Then, after organizers of the event said that they were going ahead with the rally anyway - setting the stage for a major show-down with police outside the Jerusalem site on Sunday - and the Islamic Movement announced that it was mobilizing thousands of Arabs from around the country to take part in a mass pilgrimage to the site to counter the planned Jewish demonstration, police said Wednesday that they were completely closing off the site to all non-Muslims on Sunday.

"Under no circumstances will we allow provocations. They will not enter the Temple Mount," Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra reiterated over the weekend.


Despite subsequent conciliatory remarks by the Islamic Movement, continued concern over possible confrontation at the site led police to bar Muslim men under the age of 40 from entering the compound on Friday, restrictions which will be in force Sunday as well, police said.

The most sacred of all site for Jews as the ancient compound where the two Biblical Jewish temples once stood,

Strike three and they are out

 the Temple Mount is known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, where Muslim tradition says the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven, and is the third holiest to Islam after Mecca and Medina.

Mohammad is dead.

Palestinians officials have denounced the rally as a provocation, and have warned that such a visit could lead to a renewal of violence nationwide.

The three major Palestinian terror organizations, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades, have announced separately that they will resume terror attacks if the event goes ahead as planned.

In addition, one of the Sunni Muslim world's most respected clerics predicted on Saturday that the Middle East would explode if Jews visit the al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem, Israel Radio reported.

"Any infringement of the sanctity of the mosque will lead to the region blowing up because of its status in the eyes of Muslims," said the Sheikh of al-Azhar in Cairo, Muhammad Tantawi. He was quoted by the Egyptian state news agency MENA.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby has said that an amalgamation of intelligence information has indicated that if the group enters the mount, there was a "real possibility" that violence would break out at the site

Prepare saints, in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ, and stand firm, for the war will rapidly spread into all the earth


Returning to Sanhedrin the Beast Rule

MK Yatom Fears 'Religious Revolution'

00:12 Apr 10, '05 / 1 Nisan 5765


Danny Yatom, a Labor party Knesset member and former head of the Mossad, expressed fears that the growing number of senior religious army officers could result in a military coup.

Several Knesset members and a leading pre-military educator denounced Yatom's statements, which he made Friday during a discussion in Tel Aviv about a recent book which deals with a fictional coup. Religious soldiers have been more prominent in the IDF in recent years and several are senior officers.

"Soldiers wearing 'kippot' (skullcaps) are excellent soldiers, but their rabbis have a great influence over them," Yatom said. "They are prepared to obey a rabbi before they obey IDF officers. A few years ago, I thought this scenario was a hallucination, but since then we have seen the de-legitimization of the government and Knesset and Rabbis inciting and encourage rebellion and refusal - many soldiers consider the orders of rabbis stronger than the orders of officers. It is impossible to consider a coup d'etat as imaginary.

Yatom warned that senior military officers "can take their units and stage a coup."

About one-third of the soldiers in Army elite units and in officers courses are religious, according to Rabbi Moshe Hagar, a reserve Army colonel and head of the association of 24 pre-military academies ("mechinot").

Dismissing any possibility of a coup d'etat, Hagar said Yatom's comments were a "personal injury" to the army and to his own standings as a reserve officer. He emphasized that the pre-military academies and several leading rabbis have opposed the idea of refusing to follow army orders.

"I am sorry that MK Danny Yatom does not deal with the main issue," Hagar added. "He is part of a government that acts in an undemocratic way and tries to impose on the IDF actions that are against the conscience of the people."

Yoel Hasun, head of the Young Likud, responded with charges that Yatom's comments were incitement and called on the Knesset Ethics Committee to investigate. National Union MK Uri Ariel said Yatom spoke with unjustifiable hate against religious soldiers "whose loyalty to the army and government is unquestionable


Mt:23:15: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

Protestors Follow Sharon to Texas
00:25 Apr 10, '05 / 1 Nisan 5765

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, met by anti-disengagement protestors wherever he has appeared in Israel, will be greeted by more than 2,000 protestors when he meets with US President George W. Bush.

Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel plan to bring in more than 500 busloads of Americans to Crawford, Texas, where the Prime Minister is to meet with Bush on Monday.

Oklahoma pastor Jim Vineyard and Women in Green leader Ruth Matar are organizing the protests with the backing of the conservative Freeman Institute, which is encouraging people to appear with banners against the planned destruction of 25 Jewish communities and the expulsion of the residents living there.

Buses are scheduled to leave Colorado Sunday and arrive in Texas 16 hours later, in time for breakfast before the 2 PM rally


Nisan, April 2005...the false redemption and the "Revealing" of Moshaich ben satan"

This Month's for You, Bud
by Rabbi S. Weiss

"This month shall be for you the head of the months." So we are commanded to honor Nissan - when history began anew for us with our liberation - as the first month in the calendar. But what does "for you" mean?

We'll get there. But first, let's examine one of the thorniest problems in the Pesach story: the hardening of Pharaoh's heart. If Pharaoh did not have free will to make an independent decision, if he was forced to obstinately keep the Jews in slavery, then why should he be punished?

There are two classic responses to this issue.

Resh Lakish says that Pharaoh had numerous opportunities to repent, but rejected them all. So, at some point, HaShem said, 'You were stubborn and hardened your heart; now you must pay for your sin.' Note that after each of the first five plagues, the text says Pharaoh hardened his own heart or "Pharaoh's heart hardened." Only after the fifth plague does the Torah say that HaShem was the one who hardened Pharaoh's heart.

Sforno has another, very different approach. Had G-d not hardened Pharaoh's heart, he surely would have let the Jews go. Not from a sense of remorse or recognition of HaShem, but because of financial, societal or physical pressure. That is not teshuva! So, G-d hardened his heart to make him impervious to extraneous considerations and do what he felt he should do, thus keeping open for him the gates of repentance. The hardening of his heart thus actually becomes a vehicle to ensure free will, not prevent it.

The Sforno is telling us that G-d allows and assists us to go in the direction we truly want to go.

That is the operative idea of "this month is for you...." Whatever path we choose to take on Pesach - indeed, in all of Nissan - HaShem will give us the strength and skill to get there. We can do anything, even miracles, as Nissan (nes) implies; we just have to want it, to seek it, to pursue it. No goal is out of reach, just as the freedom from slavery - an impossible goal never before achieved under Pharaoh's rule - became a reality in Nissan.

That is why Geulah is destined to occur in Nissan, a time when all the doors, all the possibilities, are open before us. When we open the door for Eliyahu, we demonstrate that concept literally and figuratively:
Start opening doors; Moshiach may just walk right on in!


PREPARE........April 9, 2005 the beginning of the end of the World unto the beginning into eternal life for his saints

10 April 2005 (1st of Nisan, 5765)

Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the first day of the month of redemption, occurs on the same day of the week as the first day of Passover, two weeks later. It is the day when the Jews in Egypt were informed of the imminent departure and redemption from Egypt (on the 15th of the month), and thereupon received the mitzvot of the Passover Sacrifice, the matza and maror, and all other directives and details pertaining to the redemption from Egypt.

Torah designated the day of Rosh Chodesh Nisan as the "New Year for Kings and Festivals."


Worldwide Prayer Rallies on Erev Rosh Chodesh Nisan
by Betzalel Kahn

In light of the trying situation in Eretz Hakodesh and the Diaspora, maranan verabonon, the gedolei haTorah vehaChassidus have issued a call to Jews everywhere to assemble for prayer rallies to be held in Jewish communities throughout the world, and to entreat the Master of all for mercy. The rallies are scheduled for Thursday the 27th of Adar, Yom Kippur Koton of chodesh Nisan, held early because Rosh Chodesh is on Sunday.

Hashem will not reject the prayers of the many, and will accept our prayers and hearken to our outcries with compassion and grace. He will issue a spirit of purity from Above, in order to return us to Ovinu shebaShomayim. Fathers will return to their sons and sons to their fathers. Hashem will heed us, and we will not be lost. We will merit the coming of Moshiach tzidkeinu speedily, out of great mercy and kindness."



Why Purim is Greater than Yom Kippur
Jewishness must begin with our home, with our Jewish friends and with the synagogue. But it must continue in our businesses, among our non-Jewish friends and in the world. The real receiving of the Torah was in the days of Mordechai and Esther. So real - that only it will be remembered when Moshiach comes. So real - that Purim is even greater than Yom Kippur.

Perpetual Purim haGoyim begins?



Jerusalem Mandate

A proactive plan for stopping the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza District of Eretz Yisrael and preventing the establishment of a terror-state in its midst. (See the plan at



From the Manhigut Yehudit Weekly Update
27th Adar Bet 5765 (7th April 2005)

Control of the Temple Mount Means Control of the Country

This sentence by Uri Zvi Greenberg has never been shown to be more correct than now. In the face of Arabs threats the Israeli Police rushes to close the Temple Mount to visits by Jews, and we can see how loss of control over the Temple Mount and the danger of loss of control of other parts of the homeland are intertwined. We shall all join the numerous faithful Jews who next Sunday,
Rosh Hodesh Nisan, will come to the foot of the Mount with a demand to restore Israeli sovereignty over the holy place and permit Jews to pray on the Mount.

What's the plan?

We've called for a massive ascent of Jews to the Temple Mount on Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5765 (Sunday April 10, 2005) and made great efforts to coordinate this event with the Israeli authorities. We've negotiated with the police to allow groups of Jews to ascend the Temple Mount during the whole day, not just during the few hours it is normally open to Jews.

According to the plan each group is to be led by Rabbis and specially trained guides who are knowledgeable about all halachic matters involving Jewish visits to the Temple Mount. Unfortunately, at this point the police have informed us that they intend on preventing the ascent of thousands of Jews on this day. We call upon everyone to come out between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. to the foot of the Temple Mount near the Mughrabim Gate (the Rambam Gate) to make our demand for freedom of religion known.

In contrast to the mistaken information that's been published in the media, we have no intent of being dragged into any violent confrontation with the police, nor to cause any disquiet. I personally ask everyone who comes out to make a true effort to avoid any friction with the authorities. We're secure in our belief that the act of a mass gathering demanding the Temple Mount be opened to Jewish worship will influence the decision makers and bring us closer to restoring our basic right of access to our most holy place.

At 1 p.m. there will be a gathering in the Jewish Quarter where leaders of the Revava movement and the Temple Mount Rabbis will draw out the next stages of action in the plan to open the Temple Mount to Jewish worship

Cyrus Bushkevik of Dan, will give permission.......

Two thousand years ago, the Second Holy Temple was destroyed by force and violence; this time by the Romans. Even in it's ruined state, Jews made pilgrimage visits to it and for the two ensuing millenia have prayed at least three times a day for the rebuilding of the Temple

If we have no rights to the Temple Mount, we certainly have no rights in Gaza!

Land of Israel Committee Applies for Temple Mt. Permit

( The Land of Israel Committee has filed with Israel Police for a permit to hold the Reviva rally of tens of thousand of people on the Temple Mount this coming Sunday, Rosh Chodesh Nisan, corresponding with 10 April.

Organizers stress the event will be a religious, not political one, and it will be conducted in the proper decorum demanded by the holiness of the Temple Mount. Police have been informed there will be absolutely no provocation, but Arab terror groups have called the scheduling of the rally a provocation in and of itself.

Police have already indicated the permit will be denied and a large deployment of troops will be on hand to prevent Jews from making their way to the Mount.


For they Deny the True Moshiach, Messiah, Jesus the Christ

they Deny his Kingdom Sion, God's Holy Mountain in Heaven, for a flesh zion of corruption

They Deny that, clean and unblemished New Jerusalem who is no bloody whore, for that spiritual Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified, that Harlot city of all the earth, Jerusalem the apostate.

they deny the KING of Kings and Lord of Lord, and cry for the "Robber" a false king, a mere man, Moshiach, merely anointed by them who call themself, rabbi O' rabbioni..................who is not he anointed of the Father

they Deny the Only Sacrificial Lamb sent once and for all mankind, the Lamb of God for a beast sacrifice unto the non-god of the Covenant with death and hell

The Deny that the Temple of God the Father was torn down, and on the Third day risen, for yet another temple of abominations

they Deny the Temple of the Father in In his Kingdom inherited since the foundation of the World, sealed at Calvary, so their seventy ancients can perform unto their Dragon, the beast of the abyss.

They Deny that he, the WORD of God is the Only Everlasting Holy Covenant, for their tradition of the Babylonian Mystery Talmud Bavli, Mishnah Torah which makes the WORD of God of none effect unto them

they deny that Jesus the Christ the WORD of God is the vessel, the Ark of the testimony, the Ark of the Covenant which is in the Kingdom he has inherited, and they search for a manmade ark to be shown in deception

for they deny the LIVING God, the God of the Living, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for their Covenant with death and hell they have made unto themselves, and the LORD said he will not disanull their covenant of death and hell.


for all this, sudden destruction shall fall upon all whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life slain since the foundation of the world and sealed at Calvary, them who will worship the false messiah that Son of Perdition the "Robber" Moshiach ben David they wail for


REPENT, Stand Firm for the WITNESS and the Testimony of the Only Living God, the IAMHE, Christ Jesus

For verily it is even at the Door

People you worshipped Astarte as planned, a month before the Passover, and the first Day of the week, when the LORD are apostate and fallen for the fables of the jews


It is 6:00 p.m. Saturday, central standard time here in Alabama. in ISREALHELL it is approx. 4;00 a.m-5:00 a.m. At around Midnight, when apostate "Amaraka" is sleeping, the bloodshed may begin and trigger Gog MaGoG at Megiddo, Armageddon. Where is your soul, Amaraka"


Amaraka, tonight may be one of the Good old days, that we may remember

Last Updated: Friday, 8 April, 2005, 11:30 GMT 12:30 UK

Israeli police guard Temple Mount

Thousands of Israeli police have surrounded the Temple Mount in Jerusalem amid fears that Jewish extremists plan to storm the site.

The operation follows reports that extremists hope to thwart Israel's withdrawal from Gaza by inflaming tensions with Palestinians.

Palestinian militants say they will end a truce if Jewish protesters enter the al-Aqsa mosque built on Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount is known as the Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) to Muslims.

Last month, Israel's Channel Two TV station showed a video that it said showed plotters, including rabbis and far-right extremists, discussing ways to occupy the site, which is holy in both Judaism and Islam.

The meeting of representatives from 30 different groups took place at a secret location in Jerusalem's Old City, the TV station said.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei appealed to Israel to stop any action against the compound, saying it would cause the region to "explode".

Large numbers of Israeli police were deployed around the Temple Mount compound in mid-February for fear of an attack by Jewish extremists.


Opponents of the Gaza withdrawal plan have been protesting in a number of ways, including blocking traffic on major roads causing massive jams.

Israel is due to withdraw all settlers and the troops that protect them from Gaza in July this year. Israel has occupied Gaza since 1967, and will retain control of the strip's external borders, airspace and coastline.

The Temple Mount compound, in the old city in East Jerusalem, covers an area of 35 acres.

The site is holy to Jews because it is the site of the First and Second Temple in ancient times. It is known in Jewish tradition as the "abode of God's presence".

It is also of deep religious, political and national significance to Palestinians and to Muslims around the world


The New York Times  

April 10, 2005    ???????????


Cardinals Say Pope Must Be Communicator

ROME, April 9 - The Roman Catholic Cardinals will take an oath of secrecy when they enter the conclave to elect the next pope, but in the week since John Paul II's death many have been publicly dropping hints about what kind of man the church now needs.

The enormous outpouring of affection for John Paul has clearly had an impact on their thinking. 

Noahide ecumenicism

Many of the prelates said in noticeably similar language that while the next pope may have a very different style than John Paul, he must above all be an effective communicator of the faith who can sustain the grass-roots enthusiasm, especially among youth, that John Paul generated.

With all but 3 of the 117 cardinal electors selected by John Paul, it is highly unlikely that the new pope will depart from his conservatism on contraception, divorce, women as priests or the range of what the church considers to be "sanctity of life" issues, from stem cell research to abortion and euthanasia.

Before the pope's death, many cardinals and commentators said a decisive factor could be geography - whether the next pope should come from Europe, where the church is shrinking, or from Latin America, Africa or parts of Asia, where the church is experiencing rapid growth.

But since the pope's death, the cardinals have said they are looking for someone who can project universal appeal with a personal humility and pastoral presence that embodies the message of the gospel, as they say John Paul did. It is not, many cardinals said in interviews, that they must choose a great orator.

"He doesn't have to be John Paul II and have the same fingerprints," said Cardinal J. Francis Stafford, formerly the archbishop of Denver and now a high-ranking Vatican official. "He just has to be his authentic self," Cardinal Stafford added. "And if they see he's authentic, that he's honest and they will see that that's all they need. He will lead them to Christ, and that's all that's necessary."

Moshiach false Christ

Cardinal Stafford and others spoke before Saturday, when the Vatican spokesman, Joaquín Navarro-Valls, announced that the cardinals had decided unanimously at their daily meeting "to avoid interviews and contact with the media," whose members were "invited to abstain" from seeking out comment.

"The cardinals have begun a period of more intense silence and prayer in the face of the conclave," he said. The conclave begins on April 18. Two cardinals cannot attend for health reasons, bringing the total count of electors to 115, the Vatican said Saturday.

The men who will elect one of their own to be the leader of a church of more than a billion people are the most ethnically and geographically diverse college of cardinals in history, thanks to the effort by John Paul to increase the number of non-Italians. Twenty-one come from Latin America, one of the world's fastest-growing Catholic zones, giving it one more than the traditional power, Italy. The United States and Canada have 14; Africa and Asia each has 11; Europe, where in some countries the church is hemorrhaging the faithful, has 58. The youngest is 52 years old; the oldest turns 80 in June.

They fall into two groups: those who work in the Vatican curia, carrying out the business of the church, and those who serve as archbishops, tending to Catholics on the local level.

Aside from age and geography, they also have different priorities for the next pope to emphasize as he carries out his public ministry.

One is the need to continue forging closer ties with other religions and other Christian denominations.

For the daughters return to the whore mother, Mystery Babylon of Talmud Bavli the yeast of the Pharisees

Many cardinals emphasized last week the need for increased dialogue with Muslim leaders. "You don't want a clash of religions," said Cardinal Avery Dulles, a theology professor at Fordham University and a nonvoter. He identified ecumenism as one of two priorities for the next pope along with pushing forward with John Paul's effort to evangelize in the West.

Several cardinals have indicated a strong desire for someone with the pastoral qualities of cardinals who are also archbishops.

"I would hope his focus would be on local communities of faith," Cardinal Edward M. Egan of New York said. "The parish is the central unit that must be served."

More than at any past conclave - the closed door meeting in the Sistine Chapel where the cardinals will vote - this one has an unusually large number of "papabili," the Italian word to describe those with pope potential.

The cardinals are loath to mention names, but from the comments of many, the field seems to be wide open.

But by describing the qualities they desire, educated guesses can be made about serious contenders, always with the often-repeated caveat about conclaves, "go in a pope, come out a cardinal."

One man who fits many of the current criteria is Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, 71, the archbishop of Milan. He reminds many Italian Catholics of an earlier much-beloved pope, John XXIII, with his plump appearance and his warmth. He is a son of the working class, and spoke in support of antiglobalization protesters in 2001 at the meeting of major industrialized nations in Genoa, where he told the thousands of demonstrators, "One African child sick with AIDS counts more than the entire universe."

He is also a conservative intellectual, close to Opus Dei, who is said to have helped John Paul write several key encyclicals. He has published a book on bioethics, an expertise that would be crucial for the next pope.

Another whose name is often mentioned is Claudio Hummes, the archbishop of São Paulo who speaks five languages and looks much younger than his 70 years. Brazil has the largest number of Catholics of any country, but the church is facing a serious challenge from the Protestant evangelical movement. As a bishop early on, he opposed Brazil's military government and backed striking workers. Since then, he has grown more conservative and once chastised a priest for suggesting that condoms should be used to fight AIDS.

Even before the conclave, candidacies will be pushed by what are known among Vatican watchers as Grand Electors - influential cardinals who can sway votes or at the least are looked to for guidance. They tend to be prominent members of Vatican congregations where they meet other cardinals, or frequent travelers, or men who by sheer force of intellect and personality are given weight. Some of them are even papabili themselves.

The issues on the minds of Catholics who would like to see their church liberalize its position on contraception, divorce or women priests are not under discussion, the cardinals said in interviews. This does not preclude the possibility that the next pope could eventually lead the church to adopt some new interpretation on church traditions, but where the issue is considered a matter of doctrine it is highly unlikely to change.

For instance, the church's ban on artificial contraception was reinforced by Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Humanae Vitae.

A reporter asked Cardinal Francis George of Chicago in a news conference last week whether the church would consider approving the use of condoms to prevent AIDS in places like Africa.

"Your solution is to exterminate the poor?" he said, referring to the births that contraception would prevent. "The doctrine of the church isn't going to change, and so you work with it as best as you can."

Despite the growing consensus that they need a communicator, there is always a chance that other factors will significantly sway the cardinals' choice.

They may opt for an older interim figure, someone who would help the church pause for breath in the aftermath of one of history's longest and most eventful papacies. A candidate for that role would be Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who worked closely with John Paul for 24 years as the chief overseer of church theology and is deeply respected for his learning and decisiveness. He is also the dean of the cardinals, effectively their chairman and guiding force, and is one of only three cardinal electors who have ever attended a conclave.

But age may hurt. Cardinal Ratzinger turns 78 on Saturday. "This is a very strong personality, of great intelligence, faith and openness," Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski told Reuters. "The problem is his advanced age."

Perhaps a young, vigorous man would be attractive, after so many years of the world seeing an increasingly ailing John Paul.

The Viennese archbishop, Christoph Schönborn, 60, fits that bill. He is the fourth youngest of the cardinals, widely respected for being learned and articulate.

The scion of an aristocratic family with numerous clerical members over the centuries, Cardinal Schönborn is well-thought of for how he handled the sex scandals that shamed his predecessor. But some fault him for showing coldness in handling his staff and for reacting poorly to a dispute with another Austrian bishop. He belongs to the Dominican religious order.

Then there is region: should he come from a developing country? Perhaps, this line of reasoning goes, the timing would be perfect for a pope to address poverty, just as the cold war demanded a Karol Wojtyla.

"I believe the Holy Spirit will give us the pope we need at this time, like he did 26 years ago, when John Paul II was elected," Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington said.

Francis Arinze, 72, of Nigeria, who is also heavily involved in relations with Muslims, is a perennial favorite.

Cardinal Arinze has been a Vatican official for 20 years, and is head of the department regulating worship and the sacramental practice. He converted to Catholicism at the age of 9. While his spiritual credentials are strong, critics have said he lacks imagination. His language can be strong. A year ago he said that a Roman Catholic politician who supports abortion "is not fit" to receive communion, and he has criticized homosexuality as having "mocked" the family.

Perhaps none of this matters, some cardinals suggested, returning to the charisma issue.

If they ever needed proof of the power of a single figure to inspire Catholics, particularly young ones, they had it last week. The image of the crowds that came to mourn John Paul - an estimated 1.4 million filed by the pope's body among the roughly three million who descended on Rome - is prompting the cardinals to wonder how to sustain and deepen that enthusiasm and even translate it into a reinvigorated church.

"He has to be able to communicate with rich, young people in countries like the United States and France," said Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of France. "Then he needs to be able to relate to the poor when he goes to places like Brazil or Morocco or Burkina Faso. He has to be a person who can explain the Gospels to every type of audience.

"He has to really love his flock; he has to understand their sufferings, their difficulties," he said.

"John Paul II was that kind of pope."




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