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March 31,  2005 

Day 131 of 1290 of 2300



of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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Judgment: Apostate Amaraka

Amaraka Dies, Terri Lives forever

Schiavo Dies After Feeding Tube Removed

Purim Terri, One Adulterous witness, and One Judge of the Talmudic Universal Noahide Courts of satan, No Bread, No water, induced death of MORPHINE at a Jewish Controlled Hospice.

Mar 31, 10:06 AM (ET)



PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (AP) - Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman whose final years tethered to a feeding tube sparked a bitter feud over her fate that divided a family and a nation, died Thursday, her husband's attorney said.

Schiavo, 41, died quietly in a Pinellas Park hospice 13 days after her feeding tube was removed despite extraordinary intervention by Florida lawmakers, Congress and President Bush - efforts that were rebuffed at every turn by the courts.

Her death was confirmed to The Associated Press by Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, and announced to reporters outside her hospice by a family adviser.

A shy woman who avoided the spotlight, Schiavo spent her final months as the focus of a media frenzy and an epic legal battle between her husband and parents over whether she should live or die.

Protesters streamed into Pinellas Park to keep vigil outside her hospice, with many arrested as they tried to bring her food and water. The Vatican likened the removal of her feeding tube to capital punishment for an innocent woman.

Politicians repeatedly tried to intervene as her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, pleaded for their daughter's life, calling the removal of the feeding tube "judicial homicide."

"Something has to be done and has to be done quick," Bob Schindler said, a week after the tube was removed March 18, as the family's legal options dwindled. "I think the people who are anxious to see her die are getting their wish

Gawd Bliss Amaraka



Is the Final Nasi here?




* The Sanhedrin would be made up of Moshiach's 71 most trusted advisors. They would be leaders in their field and be outstanding in their wisdom, integrity and creativity. They must be able to advise Moshiach on all affairs of the kingdom. Collectively they would complement his existing qualities. The Nasi would be the closest to Moshiach. All the members of the Sanhedrin would be like friends of Moshiach.

* The members of the Sanhedrin would have to commit their whole lives to their role and responsibilities.

* The Sanhedrin must possess personal qualities of the highest order. A level temperament, great powers of concentration, and an ability to retain centeredness in the midst of severe crisis must be major characteristics of the members. They must be honest, loyal, hard working, fair and be totally committed to World Peace.


* The Sanhedrin must be comprised of people with a vast range of communication skills, i.e. many different languages able to be spoken, read and written fluently; ability to utilize modern technology; ability to translate and interpret ancient manuscripts and writings; the capacity to converse in a multitude of ways with others who they come in contact with every day.

* The Sanhedrin's members ages could range from the early thirties to the twilight years.

* The Sanhedrin's members would have to be reasonably fit and to be free of any major debilitating illnesses. A slight physical disability would not necessarily disqualify them from prospective service.

* The Sanhedrin would live and work in very close proximity to Moshiach and the Temple Mount, probably in the Old City of Jerusalem.

* The Sanhedrin would meet on the Temple Mount at appropriate times, i.e. when a suitable timetable would have been formulated and emergency measures put in place for special meetings.

* The Sanhedrin members would only be replaced upon death, permanent intellectual incapacity or if one of them committed a crime that the other members, Moshiach, and the world's peoples saw fit to punish. Laziness to the cause would not be tolerated. None of them would be allowed to "fall-asleep" at the wheel so-to-speak.

* All decisions made by the Sanhedrin would be ones of consensus reached after vigorous and spirited debate and discussion. Before a decision would be made, enormous and quality research would have to take place. Moshiach would be the guide and nurturer of nearly all of the final decisions. He would be the Executive Decision Maker. All decisions made would be open to public scrutiny !


Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin


Folio 56a


Original footnotes renumbered. See Structure of the Talmud Files

  1. The witnesses, in giving testimony, do not state that they heard the accused say, 'May He slay himself', uttering the actual divine name, but use the word 'Jose' as a substitute for the divine name. 'Jose' is chosen as a substitute, because it contains four letters, like the actual Tetragrammaton, which must have been used by the blasphemer for him to be punished. Moreover, the numerical value of 'Jose' is the same as of Elohim [81]. According to Levy, s.v. [H], the first Jose [H] stands for Jesus ([H], son), and the second is an abbreviation of [H], Joseph, the Father, by which, however, God was to be understood. The witnesses were accordingly asked whether the accused in his blasphemy had set Jesus above God. (R. Joshua b. Karha, the author of this saying, lived at a time when Christians ascribed more power to Jesus than to God.)
  2. As in the Mishnah, 'Jose strike Jose'. 'Bless' is here a euphemism for curse, and is so in the whole of the ensuing discussion.
  3. Lev. XXIV, 16. The repetition shows that the Divine Name must be cursed by the Divine Name.


Chaim Clorfene and Yakov Rogalsky

Definition of blasphemy

1. Blasphemy is the act of cursing the Creator. It is a deed so indescribably heinous that the Talmud, whenever referring to blasphemy, calls it by the euphemistic term "blessing God," to avoid directly expressing the idea of cursing God, the Father of all.

2. Blasphemy is the only means by which one transgresses the Seven Universal Commandments through the faculty of speech alone.

Thus, Stand Firm for the Witness and the Testimony of the LORD Jesus the WORD of God and the Fathers Commandments and OFF with your head !

3. Blasphemy falls into the category of revenge. When someone is harmed by a person and seeks revenge, he may shout at the person or curse him. If the harm is great, the one seeking vengeance may not be satisfied by words alone but may physically strike out at the one who harmed him. In extreme cases, the vengeful person may not be satisfied till he kills. This is between a man and his neighbor. Between man and God it is somewhat different. Man cannot kill God nor can he strike Him physically. The ultimate revenge that man can take against God is to curse Him. Therefore, blasphemy is seen as the expression of the desire to hurt God, even to erase His existence or murder Him.

4. The prohibition against blasphemy comes to teach us not to speak evil against God nor to detract from His exaltedness in any way by intentionally using words to lessen the reverence and faith that are due Him.[1]

5. As with any of the Seven Universal Commandments, before one can be tried in a court of law for having transgressed a commandment, there must be a witness to the deed who is willing to testify against the accused. This poses a problem, for how can the witness testify against the accused unless he repeats the blasphemous expression used, which would be a further transgression of this commandment?

g-d forbid

6. In the Jewish courts of law, the matter was handled in the following manner. The witnesses during the entirety of the trial were directed to use a euphemistic phrase for the actual blasphemous utterance that they heard, eliminating reference to God in the phrase.[2] 

Father or merciful One.....hahahhahheeeeewhoooooey sick perverted shems of absolute shame

Then, at the conclusion of the proceedings, the courtroom was cleared of all but those essential to the trial, and the witnesses were obliged to repeat the actual blasphemy that they heard. Upon hearing the blasphemy, the judges rent their garments as one does for the death of a parent or any other tragedy that elicits grief.

rend their robes and cast dust and heap ashes on their heads....when Babylon that spiritual Sodom and Egypt is DESTROYED, that whore city where all the kings of the earth drink of the cup of the whore's iniquity

7. Rabbi Chiya declared that after the destruction of the Second Temple, one who heard blasphemy was no longer required to rend his garments, otherwise all would be walking around with their garments in tatters.[3]

Because they ALL cried out LET HIS BLOOD BE ON OUR HANDS and our children

8. The Code of Jewish Law, which is the final word in determining the religious obligations of the Jew, states that a person who hears blasphemy is commanded to place the blasphemer under a ban of excommunication, regardless of whether the blasphemy was uttered against God's Name or any of His Divine attributes, whether in the Hebrew language or any of the other languages of the world, or whether the blasphemer was a Jew or a Gentile.[4] This ban of excommunication means that the person has no rights as a member of the community and that all are forbidden to speak to him.

Thank the LORD Jesus the Christ, for I do not want any part of their shemborg commune

9. Profaning the Lord of Hosts with one's lips, God forbid, is a transgression similar to, but worse than, idolatry. Whereas idolatry is the act of worshiping a creation and thereby denying the true existence of the Creator, blasphemy is an acknowledg­ment of His existence but a denial of His greatness or His goodness. The blasphemer denies the truth that everything comes directly from God solely for mankind's benefit and as a bestowal of goodness. Often the goodness is unrevealed, as with a person's pain and suffering. At these times, one with a coarse consciousness or without a sufficient degree of faith in God can come to verbally express dissatisfaction with his lot through blasphemy, and thus transgress the law.[5]

if they are poor, and wretched and miserable, and Lowley, and meek, and sinners

10. We see the essence of this problem in the Book of Job. Job, God's faithful servant, was struck by Satan with boils from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head. As he sat in agony from the affliction, his wife scolded him, saying, "Are you still holding fast to your integrity? Curse God, and die." But he answered her, "You speak as one who is despicable. Should we accept only the good from God and not also accept the evil? With all this, Job did not sin with his lips" (Job 2:9‑10).

see the "wise men" such as these who attempted to deceive JOB, who believed the WORD of GOD

11. Consistent with this, it is a Jewish tradition to bless God for the bad as well as for the good.[6] Even when, God forbid, one hears news of a person's death, he responds by saying, Baruch Dayan Emet (Blessed be the True Judge).[7]

12. Blasphemy as an expression of an incomplete faith in God is epitomized by the false notion that there are two powers and two kingdoms, God's and Satan's. All such theology denies that God is the Lord and Master of all.

agreed to the TRUTH, but the whole truth

13. The Book of Job shows clearly that God is the Ruler of Satan as well as of everyone and everything else, for when Satan wishes to test Job, he first petitions God for permission, whereby God sets definite boundaries for Satan, commanding him not to take Job's life, saying, "Behold, he is in thy hand, but guard his life" (Job 2:6).

14. The teaching in Christian theology that the evil force rebelled against the Lord and set up a separate kingdom is tantamount to blasphemy, for it denigrates the Creator and denies His infinite majesty.

the corruption was cast out of incorruption, and now Judgment, by the testimony of the saints unto the LIVING WORD, which seals his conviction at Calvary.

15. Some authorities state that false oaths or meaningless oaths whereby one invokes the Name of God are forbidden under the category of blasphemy.[8]

see Talmudic shem sham of Lies of their father the murderer since the beginning....Kol Nidre


 An example of a false oath would be for one to take an oath in God's Name that a tree is a rock, and a meaningless oath would be for one to swear in God's Name that a tree is a tree. There is a difference of opinion as to whether one who delays fulfilling an oath violates the law.[9]

a kettle is black

Transgressing the prohibition of blasphemy; piety

1. The prohibition of blasphemy is transgressed even if one uses another term for God, for example, an attribute or epithet such as the Merciful One, the Father, or any other descriptive term. No matter how one curses God, and no matter in what language, the one who transgresses this commandment is subject to the death penalty by a court of law.[10]

MY , OUR, Father in Heaven.............and to hell with you generation of VIPERS

2. If anyone acknowledges that an idolatry is true, even though he does not serve it, it is as if he reviles and blasphemes the mighty and exalted Name of God. Whether a person is an idolater or a blasphemer, it is the same in that both deny God.[11]

3. One who blasphemes and instantly retracts his words is nonetheless guilty if he blasphemed in front of witnesses. If he blasphemes in private and his words are heard by no one other than himself and his Creator, let him repent and God will forgive his transgression.[12]

The Creator Christ Jesus the WORD of GOD the Image of the invisible Father, who none of these Rabid Ribeyes have ever seen, for they are false witnesses unto their dragon god the Murderer, and the lust of their father they do

4. One who curses God in the name of idolatry is subject to being attacked and killed by zealots, who are, in turn, held harmless by the law.

slither hither vipers of slime

see zealots of Hassidim of Chabad Lubavitch who assassinated Rabin

 But one who is not a zealot, but seeks reprisal against a transgressor because of a desire for justice, must begin proceedings through due process of law against the accused.

       (Note: A zealot is one who serves God with a selfless, passionate love and is jealous for God's honor.

Note: a murderer is a murderer, of the murderer since the beginning, who does the lust of their father. The saints of Jesus the Christ slay no man, ever, for any reason. Better to die and gain eternal life then to be cast into that pit, with these vipers. Could you imagine having to share hell with such scum as these Talmudic Dogs of Hell?


Reacting to a desecration of God's Name, the zealot takes immediate action to stop the desecration. If one has to ponder the situation or ask the opinion of another, wiser than he in such matters, his hesitation or intellectual inquiry takes him out of the category of the zealot, and he is forbidden to take action. The scriptural source for the action of a zealot is seen in the heroics of Phineas, who stopped a plague among the Children of Israel when he slew a prince of the tribe of Simeon and the Midianite woman with whom he was having forbidden sexual relations (Num. 25:7‑8).

see sexual relations with all the women of Jacob, and all his Illegitimate sons. See how the Prophets sent by the Father they slew and put into prison, when they warned of all the whoredoms and sexual relations of shems shame.

5. It should be the goal of every one of the Children of Noah to strive to do more than the minimum that the law requires, for this is the idea of piety, and one who accepts the responsibility of fulfilling the Seven Laws of Noah is called one of the pious of the nations. Bearing this in mind, a person is well advised to withhold speaking evil about his fellow man as well as against his Creator, for in God's image was man created, and one who reviles his fellow insults God as well. If, by words alone, one destroys a favorable picture of a person in another's mind, this is considered killing him. And it matters not whether the destructive words are true or false.

SHUT them up they cry by PROXY

Jms:4:4: Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

6. Striving to go beyond, the letter of the law has no limit, for the commandments of God are as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky.[13] 

His Commandments are not the law of the abyss


Since everything in creation reflects the hand of the Creator, a truly pious person withholds himself from speaking negatively against anything. 

shut them up cry the shems of shame

There are times, however, when it is appropriate and even mandatory to speak out against someone.

Shout on the ROOFTOPS, Watchers on the wall


 For instance, when someone is engaged in wicked pursuits and it appears that others will follow his lead, then it becomes a great kindness and even an obligation to speak in condemnation of the transgressor.[14]

I beseech you Brethren

 But in the main, gossip, calumny, and tale‑bearing, even when the statements are true, will stand in the way of the individual's spiritual and moral growth.[15]

Growth to satan their dragon


Stand Firm in Testimony and witness for God's Commandments and the WORD of God, Christ Jesus, and Be slain by decapitation by the shemborg collectice of their Freemason Noahide Courts of satan's injustice.

But be of GOOD Cheer

Rev. 20:

1: And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
2: And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
3: And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.
4: And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
5: But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.
6: Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

Heb:12:22: But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

Rv:20:6: Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.


How they will do it via HJR 104, Publik Law 102-14 of Blasphemous Treason and sorcery and murder

Transgressing the prohibition of blasphemy:

The prohibition of blasphemy is transgressed even if one uses another term for G-d, for example, an attribute or epithet such as the Merciful One, the Father, or any other descriptive term. [In other words, this means that the sin of blasphemy applies no matter what term is used to refer to G-d within the blasphemous statement.]


Mt:5:16: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven

Mt:6:9: After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thus the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, under the Bushkevik Noahide Laws of the shemsham of shame are now criminal and any who Stand Firm are to be slain by the Dragons kids

The U.S. Constitution obviously protects numerous forms of blasphemous speech, as it is defined by the Noahide Laws. In the words of the Talmudic sage Rabbi Chiya: "After the destruction of the Second Temple, one who heard blasphemy was no longer required to rend his garments, otherwise all would be walking around with their garments in tatters." (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 60a)

For they all Blaspheme Jesus the Christ and His Holy Spirit, and His father they crucified by their law, which was not Given by the Father in Heaven.

For that matter, there are U.S. federal, state and local laws that protect a number of violations of the Noahide Commandments. A few of the prohibitions that are protected in all, most, or some locations come to mind immediately: idolatry, abortion, castration and homosexuality, for example. Also, our research indicates that much more could be done to establish government regulations against commerce in meat that was removed from a living animal.

At the present time, we know of no functioning Noahide courts. The most useful effort at this time seems to be in trying to influence the secular authorities of the nations to adapt laws which touch appropriately upon as many of the Seven Commandments as possible.

The main goals of the Noahide Commandments include uplifting individuals and society at large to a higher and truer spiritual level, in accordance with G-d’s Will. For example, if the U.S. started today to enforce the Noahide Commandment against forbidden sexual relations, a lot of people would start taking cold showers. That probably would indeed have a "chilling" effect on society, as you put it!

QUESTION: What do we do with insane people who are often saying all kinds of weird things, and appear to have no control over it?

ANSWER: Someone who is accused of transgressing one of the Seven Noahide Laws can be found guilty in a Noahide court only if he or she is found to be mentally competent.

QUESTION: What do you do when the person denies he or she said such a thing? Perhaps this has to do with the issue of false witnesses. How can we be sure they heard correctly? Are we to always assume the witness is always telling the truth, and accurately?

ANSWER: "The witnesses must be subjected to a thorough and systematic scrutiny to reveal any inconsistencies or other flaws in their testimony" (from Path of the Righteous Gentile, p. 109). Furthermore, the testimony of someone who is known to transgress the Seven Noahide Laws is not admissable.


Mk:13:11: But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.

QUESTION: What about circumstantial evidence (i.e. tape recordings)? Is that admissable, and how do we guard against doctoring of tapes? What about print? Or quotations from non-extanct documents? In this case the defendent will claim the quotes were taken out of context. (I have certainly seen that before!)

ANSWER: Of course it is sinful to make blasphemous statements in writing or by other non-verbal means, but a Noahide court only considers cases of verbal blasphemy. The witnesses to a verbal blasphemy must have actually heard the statement first-hand. In other types of cases, circumstantial evidence may be brought in Noahide courts, as it is in all functioning courts today, and of course that evidence must be examined to determine its validity.

circumcisional evidence in the shem sham court scam....see PeterSon

QUESTION: What happens to witnesses if we find out they gave false testimony in a Noahide court?

ANSWER: The Noahide Laws do not leave out a prohibition against bearing false witness. This prohibition is included as a detail of the general Noahide commandment to set up righteous courts of law. For more information about this, you can refer to the chapter on Courts of Law in the book "The Path of the Righteous Gentile."

The prescribed punishment for bearing false witness is quite strict. The chapter linked to above concludes with the following points:

"[Bearing] false witness ... is tantamount to conspiring against another, and this is a grave transgression. (Note: One who gives false testimony which convicts a person and causes him to be executed receives the death penalty.)"

QUESTION: It seems to me that G-d's Commandments cannot be accepted under duress (the authority of a court) because it means that the person has not intellectually accepted it (but only emotionally).

The Law was given by Moses, whom the seventy rabid rib-eyes sit upon his seat at Sanhedrin in Tiberius ISREALHELL, the Commandments they have stricken by their Talmudic Treasonous Supreme Court, are Given by the FATHER

ANSWER: G-d did not have to get our permission to create us. So He does not need our permission in order for Him to require us to observe His Commandments, which He revealed to Noah and to Moses, and which Moses recorded in the Torah.

The tradition that Makes the WORD of God of none effect to them, Talmud Bavli, Mishnah Torah.............unto the Dragon


 According to the Zohar, the Torah "preceded Creation by 2000 years" (meaning 2000 spiritual levels), and Torah is the "blueprint" for Creation. This means that if there would be no Torah or its Commandments (G-d forbid!), there would be no Creation.

and gawd forbid, you bring it upon yourselves O'Rabid Generation of Vipers of Hell

 G-d is the "King of the kings of kings," not an "elected official" who needs to worry about opinion polls (G-d forbid!). 

Gawd forbid....Jesus the Christ the KING of Kings and LORD of LORDS, Vipers

Our world's present condition of spiritual exile is a temporary aberration, like a dream, during which we can incorrectly imagine that we don't have to keep His Commandments if we don't want to. That dream will be ending very soon with the coming of Moshiach, at which time our whole desire will be in living according to G-d's will.

And Perish for eternity in your flesh desires


QUESTION: There are other places where Maimonides argues on the need for intellectual *as well as* emotional
acceptance of Torah. I feel that intellectual processes take place better in calm circumstances where the rational faculties can operate at peak efficiency.

ANSWER: Of course. That is what G-d wants and expects from us.

Mt:7:24: Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

Mt:10:16: Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.



One Hundred Second Congress of the United States of America


Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January,

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

Joint Resolution

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.'.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the

 Seven Noahide Laws;

Treason and Blasphemy of the covenant they have made with death and hell. It is upon you Apostate Amaraka, Judgment now begins in the House of the Lukewarm cashite Mammonites who blaspheme the Only IAM


Paths of the Unrighteous, who believed not the Truth inn Righteousness of Jesus the Christ

Mt:23:15: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.


Behold what the satanic Treason blasphemous Dog do, in the Constitutional Courts of America, by their scribes of Bar Mitzvah


Courts of Law
Chaim Clorfene and Yakov Rogalsky

PART ONE: Roots of the judicial system; jurisdiction of the courts; criteria for judicial decisions; standards within the court system; standards and goals for judges


1. The Children of Noah are commanded to establish courts of law that will carry out justice and maintain human righteousness and morality in accord with the Seven Universal Laws.[1] 

keep in mind, by false witness these very same Blasphemers crucified the LORD, even though it is His Own Doing for Salvation. This is the path of the saints to enter HIS KINGDOM SION and New Jerusalem


A court system that perverts justice by handing down rulings in conflict with the Seven Universal Laws is an instrument for driving God's blessings out of the world.

They already pervert the Constitutional Justice of jesus the Christ. Go down to your county courthouse and see their freemason shembology, everywhere.

 Anyone who fails to establish a court system, that is, who lives in a community or city in which there are no courts, and who does nothing to correct the situation, is punishable by death. One who establishes or maintains courts of law that operate contrary to the Seven Universal Laws is similarly liable.

see Shem-eon and Collective Purim for Dinah, unto their murderer father

In the Book of Genesis (34:25), we learn that two of Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi, slew every male in the city of Shechem. The prince of the community, Shechem, son of Hamor, had raped their sister, Dinah, and the city failed to execute justice by bringing him to a court of law. The city was therefore guilty of transgressing this seventh of the Seven Universal Laws, and every citizen was liable for punishment.

Do you hear?

2. The commandment to establish courts of law, though it might appear to be a positive commandment calling for affirmative action, is considered a prohibition. In effect, the commandment to establish courts of law is a prohibition against failing to establish courts of law, because failure to establish appropriate courts inhibits the performance of justice through­out the nations.[2]

3. The only punishment meted out by the Noahide courts of law in criminal cases is the death penalty.[3]

4. One accused of a transgression of the Seven Universal Laws and brought to trial in a Noahide court may be convicted only if he is found to be mentally competent.[4]

How many fingers am I holding up?

5. Every individual must accept a legal decision he has received. It is forbidden for an individual to render a judgment himself (vigilante justice) without going to a court of law.[5]

6.    In civil matters, that is, cases between individual parties, later authorities question whether the Noahide is commanded to follow the same principles as Jewish law and Jewish courts, or whether he is to follow rulings established by his own Noahide courts and laws.

Although the Noahide courts are responsibile for only the Seven Universal Laws, not the 613 laws of the Torah, there is an opinion that each decision of the Noahide courts must follow its counterpart in Jewish Law. The accepted opinion, however, is that Noahide judges and courts of law are to render legal decisions according to their own laws and principles of law.

see Terri Schiavo

7.    Arbitration and mediation or any other means of finding an amicable settlement or compromise, thereby avoiding a court trial, is desirable, and, more than that, it is a commandment to seek compromise.

8. Circumstantial evidence is admissible in the Noahide courts of law.

see PeterSon

9. The Children of Noah are responsible for knowledge of the Seven Universal Laws, and therefore one does not have to be warned that he is committing a transgression in order to be accused in a court of law.[6]

Amaraka you have already accepted the Beast and His Mark the six pointed star of Freemasonry's Molech of apostate Solomon

10. It is forbidden for a court to have compassion on a murderer, saying that since one person has already been killed, what purpose could there be in killing another? And the court may not delay the execution because of compassion.[7]

11. Similarly, in financial litigation, the court may not have mercy on a poor person, taking the attitude that a rich plaintiff has an obligation to support the poor, therefore finding for the poor defendant so that he will be supported with an honorable livelihood.

12. It is similarly forbidden to pay prejudicial respect to a great person. If two litigants appear in court, one a great wise man and the other a simple person, the judge may not ask about the welfare of the great one nor express pleasure at being in his presence in any way, nor give him honor in any way. Otherwise, the arguments of the simple person would be stifled. He would think, "What's the use anyway?" The judge must not favor either party until judgment is finished. And the sages warn that a judge must not think that since the litigant is so great a person, it is unseemly to embarrass him or see him in his embarrassment.

see how they smited and Beast Jesus the Christ

13. If two litigants appear in court, and one is a righteous person while the other is a wicked person, the judge should not presume that the wicked person will not tell the truth, nor presume that he will not change his ways, and therefore the judgment should go against him.[8]

by their Talmudic satanic standards

14. One should not judge unrighteously, acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent. And a judge who delays the judgment, lengthening the time of the testimony or cross-examination, in order to cause either of the litigants to suffer, falls under the ruling of judging unrighteously.[9]

see Terri Schiavo.....Judge Greer

15. One who judges haughtily, without fearing his awesome responsibility and without due deliberation, and then comes to a decision quickly before he has taken the time to carefully consider the case, is considered stupid, wicked, and coarsely egotistical.[10]

see Judge Greer

16. The courts should not establish a standard judgment by which numerous cases may be judged according to a precedent system, but should consider each case individually on its own unique merits.[11] (Note: Precedent in legal cases may be followed as guidelines, however.)

see Judge Greer

17. A case concerning a large sum of money and a case concerning a small amount of money should be given equal and individual consideration.[12]

18. It is a positive commandment to deliver a righteous judgment, treating the two claimants equally in every respect. The judge may not permit one to explain his case at great length while telling the other to keep his words brief. Nor should the judge be pleasant and smile at one while being short and gruff to the other.[13]

See Judge Greer

19. A judge is forbidden to take a bribe. Bribery will certainly corrupt any judgment. A judge who takes a bribe is obligated to return the bribe if the giver demands it.[14]

20. It is also forbidden to offer a bribe to a judge.[15] The category of bribery is not limited to money, but includes any type of gift or favor.[16]

21. Any judge who sits in judgment and attempts to magnify his importance, even in order to increase the wages of his bailiff or the court clerk, is in the category of one who leans after the wrong things. Once a judge was entering a boat to cross a river. A man who had a case in litigation before the judge was on the boat and stretched out his hand to help the judge aboard. The judge told him, "Behold, I am disqualified to judge your case."                  

* * *

(Note: The goal of justice is to function as impartially and righteously as possible, to the ultimate degree. 

see Satan Loosed upon the earth, sent in Judgment

The following section delineates some of the details of the standards of the Jewish Bet Din, the ecclesiastical court. The Noahide courts are not obligated to follow these rules, but must be acquainted with them as points of reference.)


22. Two litigants appear before a judge. One is dressed very elegantly with expensive clothing and the other is wearing the clothes of a pauper. The judge should tell the elegantly dressed one, "You should clothe the other one until he is dressed as elegantly as you are, or you should clothe yourself to appear as he does, and then you can enter judgment with him."[17]

23. The litigants should both sit or stand; it is improper for one to stand and the other to sit.

for they stand in the presence of Elohim, self made gods

 If the judge wishes to seat them both, he may do so. If they sit, they should sit side by side, neither one higher than the other, and they may so sit during the entire time that the judge is listening to the case. But when the judge's decision is being announced, then both litigants should be standing. The "decision" is the judge's announcement finding for the defendant and against the plaintiff or for the plaintiff and against the defendant. Witnesses for either side should always stand during testimony.[18]

24. If there are many cases before the judge, the case of an orphan should precede the case of a widow, and the case of a widow should precede the case of a Torah scholar, and the case of a scholar should precede the case of an unlearned man, and the case of a woman should precede the case of a man, for a woman's embarrassment is greater.[19]

25. It is forbidden for the judge to hear the plea of one of the litigants unless the other one is also present. To listen to even one word of the case itself is forbidden. And we warn the litigant that he should not allow his words to be heard before the other litigant arrives.[20]

26. The judge may not hear testimony through an interpreter or a translator, as the truth is reached only by hearing the words of the litigants themselves. He must understand the language of the litigants and hear their testimony and proofs. If the judge does not speak their language fluently, he may use an interpreter to reply to the litigants to inform them of the judgment and the reason he found for this one and against that one.[21]

27. The judge must hear the arguments of the litigants, then review the arguments in their presence to be sure that he understands them clearly. Then he righteously decides the case in his heart, and afterward he reaches the final decision.[22]

No Jewries

28. The judge should not defend the words of the litigant, but he should sit silently as each litigant says what he feels he must. And the judge should not instruct either of the litigants in his presentation of any argument.[23]

Scribes (Liars...oops, I mean Lawyers) are now Court reporters, nothing more

29. If the judge sees a favorable point in the case of either of the litigants and the litigant does not know how to bring forth the point, or gets angry and confused to the point of being unable to state his case clearly, the judge may come to his aid slightly and put him on the right track to state the beginning of his case. But the judge must be careful of how he does this so as to avoid instructing the litigant in how to present a meritorious case, for if the judge did this, he would be perverting justice.[24]

hahahahhahheeeeeewhoooey RED Sofiet Talmudic Communist, Justice..hahahha

30. Prior to the judge's hearing the case, if he feels personally threatened by either of the litigants, he may refuse to sit in judgment. But if he has already heard their words and knows which way the judgment is leaning, it is not proper for the judge to refuse to pass judgment out of fear of one of the litigants.[25]

FEAR Jesus the Christ the LORD

31. If there is more than one judge in a case, it is forbidden for any of them to say after the trial, "I judged in your merit, but my colleagues found against you and inasmuch as they were the majority, what could I do?”[26]

32. A judge is forbidden to sit in judgment with a colleague whom he knows to be a thief or a wicked person. He must not sit in judgment with another until he knows with whom he is sitting. And no one should sign a contract until he knows with whom he is signing.[27]

There are no contracts between a Judge and defendent. How do they convict you of contempt of court while they are unbiased in a court of record? For the Judge cannot by criminal contempt send you to jail without a complaint, a warrant and Due Process. If it is civil, how did he, the unbiased Judge come into contract with you ? They do this by making you a corporate person owned by the state. That is why you myust stand IAM, Sui Juris, a freeman in the LORD.

33. A judge is forbidden to judge someone he loves, even though it is less than a great abiding love. Nor can he judge one he hates, even though the person is not his enemy. Ideally, the litigants should be equal in the eyes and heart of the judge. If he recognizes neither them nor their deeds, he can render the most honest judgment possible.[28]

34. Men of learning who are contemptuous of each other should not judge a case together. The judgment is likely to be distorted, as the contempt would incline one to contradict the opinions of the other.[29]

See Talmudic Supreme Court, and confusion of Talmud bavli which these laws unto their dragon are derived

35. A judge should imagine himself with a sword resting on his neck and the Pit of Hell open below him. And he should know Who is the Judge and in front of Whom he judges, and Who will seek retribution from him if he strays from the truth.[30]

yes they should

36. If a judge feels deeply in his heart that one of the litigants is in the right, and there is no proof for it, or if the judge feels that there is deception and trickery afoot by one of the litigants or with one of the witnesses, and there is no proof for it, or if he feels he cannot rely on the words of the witnesses even if he is not able to disqualify them, or if another similar situation arises, then this judge must disqualify himself from the case and be replaced by one who can judge with a whole heart in the matter. But if the judge knows for sure that one of the witnesses is lying, he should not remove himself from the case, but judge it according to his understanding of the truth. And all these things are matters of the heart.[31]

He may also tie a Millstone to his neck and cast himself into the sea for Blasphemy and perversion and TREASON

37. If a judge errs in his decision in a financial matter, he should retract his decision, restore everything to its original status, and retry the case. If it is not possible to retract and restore, for instance, one of the litigants went to a foreign land and took the money awarded him, or the like, then the judge is held harmless from making restitution of the money. It is clear that he had no intention of causing damage.[32]

38. Every judge should possess the following seven attributes:

  • Wisdom
  • Humility
  • Fear of Heaven
  • Fear of sin
  • Contempt for money
  • Love of truth
  • Beloved by his fellow man
  • A good reputation[33]

There is not ONE


39. When is one beloved by his fellow man? When he views things in a favorable light and is humble, and he speaks and conducts business in a pleasant manner. 

Loved by the WORLD

He should be meticulous in fulfilling the commandments of God, and he should have conquered his evil inclination to the point that he is without blemish. His name should serve as an outstanding model for the generation. He should be courageous in order to exact a righteous judgment against strong‑willed wrongdoers. Money should not be precious to him so that he will not chase after it, for it is taught that if one desires to be rich, poverty will come upon him. He should not need to be exhorted to strive after truth, but should pursue truth from his own desire for it. He must love truth and despise whatever opposes truth. And he must flee from all forms of transgression.

He should be anti-Christ

40. If a judge who possesses all these noble attributes cannot be found, then one should strive to find one who meets as many of these requirements as possible.

PART TWO: Laws concerning witnesses

1. A person may be convicted in a Noahide court by the testimony of a single witness, but only if the witness is known to be righteous.[34]

a Noahide proselyte of hell, twofold

 If the character of the witness is not known, it takes two witnesses to be able to convict the accused. It is permissible for the witnesses as well as the judge to be relatives of the accused.[35]

Any who deliver to captivity, Jesus the Christ will send into captivity of the pit where death and hell and their Moshiach is cast

2. A person may testify against himself in a court of law,[36] 

hahahhahhheeeeeeewhoooooooey, I PLead the Fifth in Jesus Mighty name

but since he is the accused, his character is definitely in question, and a second witness is necessary to be able to convict him.


3. The witnesses must be subjected to a thorough and systematic scrutiny to reveal any inconsistencies or other flaws in their testimony.[37]


4. One is commanded to give truthful testimony in a court of law even if he knows the testimony will damage a friend or exonerate an enemy. And, this refers to civil litigation or criminal matters. In a criminal case, he is commanded to come forth and give testimony even if the court does not request him to do so.[38]

see Court reporters,....Liars....Lawyers

5. There are ten classifications that are disqualified as wit­nesses or as judges in a court of law:

  • Women
  • Slaves
  • Small children
  • Fools and the insane
  • The deaf and the mute
  • The blind, even if they recognize voices
  • Known transgressors
  • People who care not how they behave in public
  • Husbands of women involved in the trial
  • People who would benefit from a decision in the case[39]

6. A wicked person is disqualified as a witness. This means that the testimony of anyone who is known to transgress the Seven Universal Laws is inadmissible.[40]

They must be anti-Christ

7. The courts should not admit the testimony of anyone unless it is ascertained that this person is involved in keeping the Seven Universal Laws and does acts of kindness and conducts himself in a straight way and is honest and upright.[41]

Whoopie no more ten dollar a day Jewry duty

8. The judge who admits testimony from a witness before it is ascertained whether the witness is qualified to testify is held responsible. This judge is considered as one who perverts justice.[42]


9. Whoever disgraces himself publicly is disqualified as a witness. These are people who walk and eat in a coarse, impolite fashion in public, or who go naked in public, or who are involved in any disgusting work or activity, or anyone who feels no self‑embarrassment. All these people are considered on the level of dogs, and one cannot trust them to be stringent against giving false testimony.[43]

every body in South Alabama

10. Even if a multitude of wise, God‑fearing people tell someone that they saw such‑and‑such a person commit such­-and‑such a crime, and even though he believes it in his heart to be true, he is forbidden to testify in court unless he saw the incident with his own eyes. Anyone who testifies on the hearsay of others is considered a false witness, which is tantamount to conspiring against another, and this is a grave transgression.[44]

(Note: One who gives false testimony which convicts a person and causes him to be executed receives the death penalty.)

Go get the freemason Judge Greer..hehhehhhhahhhahhha...sheeeeesh!


Thus the Freemason Judges of the Noahide Courts, accountability begins, after "Purim Terri Schiavo

Thank You Senator Santorum

Orthodox Rabbi Avi Shafran writes: What Mr. Santorum did, put more accurately, was place homosexual and incestuous activities on the same plane, and in that he had that Sabbath's Torah-reading in his support. That weekly portion, Acharei Mot, contains a long list of forbidden unions (which list comprises as well the Torah reading for the afternoon of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year). The roster includes incestuous, bestial, and homosexual unions.

It is considered gauche these days, if not worse, to associate the latter category in any way with the former ones. But it cannot be denied that the Torah, the source of what the world has come to call morality, does precisely that. Both incestuous and homosexual unions are prohibited equally, and in no uncertain terms.

That gay groups are politically influential and gay characters are regularly featured in mass media makes it all the more important for us all to hear occasional reminders of the fact that there is a less fleeting -- in fact timeless -- source for our moral code, and that it does not allow for picking and choosing.

Senator: Schiavo judges should be 'held accountable'
Santorum says Congress ought to discuss jurists' 'snubbing' of lawmakers


Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform.  ...  Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary.  Jewish courts ... will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. 

The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha....  ....  And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

Yet another Treasonous Viper of Hell sold out to ISREALHELL's Sanhedrin beast. Do not be deceived, it all sounds so right, but it is in favor of their direction of their Noahide Courts

Posted: March 30, 2005
2:14 p.m. Eastern

© 2005

Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., (Sanitorium) contends action should be taken against two judges who ignored congressional orders in the Terri Schiavo case.


Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa.

Referring to U.S. District Judge James Whittemore's decision last week to reject a request for emergency intervention, Santorum said, "For this judge in this district to ignore that is tantamount, I believe, to an offense that should be discussed in the Congress."

Santorum was speaking with the Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity in an interview last night at the Wooside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla., where Terri Schiavo is now in the 13th day without nutrition and hydration since her feeding tube was removed by court order March 18.

The senator led an effort in Congress that resulted in a bill, signed by President Bush, intended to trigger a federal court review and a quick restoration of the feeding tube.

"What we asked for in the Congress was a new finding of fact," Santorum said. "And this judge in this district ignored it, snubbed his nose at Congress, I think against the law. I think he should be held accountable for it."

shhhesh do not be deceived, they could have sent troops if they had the power

Santorum also criticized Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer, without naming him, for ignoring subpoenas for Terri Schiavo and others issued by the U.S. House Government Reform Committee in its announced investigation into the case. A subpoenaed witness automatically is granted federal protection.

they are making a federal issue...beware

The Senate Health Committee also requested Terri and her husband Michael Schiavo appear at an official committee hearing March 28.

Terri was no longer married to Schiavo, the moment he committed adultery and had two children.....but nooooooo, Adultery is ok

Whittemore ruled that Terri Schiavo's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, had not established a "substantial likelihood of success" at trial on the merits of their arguments, contending Terri Schiavo's "life and liberty interests" had been protected by Florida courts.

Beit dens of Florida

In the "Hannity & Colmes" show interview, Santorum said he has talked to Congress members about an inquiry into the judges' actions.

Insanity Hannity interviewing Sanitorium...hahahhahahhahah

"I mean we cannot continue to expect that the laws that we pass and the intentions are clear, that are just simply ignored by the judges and have their nose, basically thumb their noses at us," the Pennsylvania senator said. "And here is a situation where the intent of Congress was clear."

Laws such as HJR 104, PL 102-14

Santorum said Congress returned for an emergency session to discuss the Schiavo case "for one reason, so the feeding tube could be reconnected and a trial, a new trial with new evidence could be presented. For this judge in this district to ignore that is tantamount, I believe, to an offense that should be discussed in the Congress."

Yeah, after PURIM Terri has died....sure...uh-huh

In a statement issued after he signed the bill, President Bush said, "In cases like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life."

THEY DO you Treasonous Viper of Hell, what do you mean Should......never mind Duh George the vipers pet dog

The emergency House vote of 203-58 came at 12:30 a.m. March 21 following a voice vote in the U.S. Senate. House Democrats stalled the vote forcing lawmakers into an emergency late-night session.

Republican supporters said the "Palm Sunday Compromise" would protect the constitutional rights of a disabled person, and denied suggestions that they viewed the case as an opportunity to shore up support among religious conservatives (Judeo-Churchians) ahead of next year's elections.

Purim Easter

But Rep. Jim Davis, D-Fla., said the congressional action was "a clear threat to our democracy." Congress, he said, was ignoring the constitutional separation of power and "is on the verge of telling states, courts, judges and juries that their opinions, deliberations and decisions do not matter."

Santorum pointed out Congress has a right to establish the jurisdiction of the federal courts, according to the Constitution, and the bill instructed a judge to look at the case and hold a fresh trial.

"That's what the court was required to do under the clear intent of the statute," he said. "There's no way that -- and he did somehow divine that Congress didn't mean for us to reconnect the feeding tube because of a colloquy on the floor of the Senate. That makes no sense, in light of the fact that we came into emergency session to do just that.

Asked if Congress can tell a judge what to do, Santorum replied: "We didn't tell him what to do. We told him that he should have jurisdiction and he did not do what we asked him to do.

and they ask....are you an obedient freemason or not?




All just in time for the shems of shame to unveil, Easter, Esther, the Queen of heaven, Mother of Purim Goyim, Isis, Ishatar, Astarte, Semiramis, Venus......Lucifer shembology

Israel unveils 'beautiful' Venus


The statue of Venus in the Israel Museum's antiquities hall
Curators say the statue represents "beauty and sanctity"
A sculpture of Venus judged as one of best-preserved of all Roman statues has gone on display in Jerusalem.

The headless statue, sculpted in the 2nd Century AD, was excavated in 1993 in the town of Beit Shean in northern Israel, where it stood for 400 years.

Experts at the Israel Museum have spent 12 years restoring Venus, the Roman goddess of love, nature and fertility.

Archaeologists believe the Venus was sculpted in Turkey, and has the best preserved colour of any Roman statue.

Although headless, the Beit Shean Venus remains hugely detailed.

Curls of hair remain on her shoulders, while her missing hands reveal private parts of the sculpture that would normally remain unseen.

Her soft skin colour is highlighted by strong lighting in the exhibition hall.

To her left, the Venus is supported by a winged sculpture of Cupid riding a dolphin.

'Tolerant rulers'

Officials at the museum unveiled the Venus as part of an exhibition entitled "Beauty and Sanctity", highlighting how works of art throughout the ages have developed sanctified status.

In publicity for the exhibition, the Israel Museum says the Venus "exemplifies the early definition of classical Western beauty.

"The presence of accents of red, blue, and yellow pigment on its surface make this beautifully modelled and preserved Venus all the more exceptional in the history of classical antiquity," the museum says.

The striking beauty of the Venus may have saved the statue from destruction in early Christian times, said Dudi Mevorach, chief curator of Roman, Byzantine and Hellenistic exhibits.

"The Christian society in ancient Beit Shean must have had tolerant rulers and administrators who chose not tear down pagan statues while their contemporaries removed them in most other places.



Noahide Druze, upsurping Lebanon sovereignity for Noahide Demonicrazy......Just like apostate "Amaraka's" and their shems of shame who benefitted most

Lebanon Is on the Brink. Syria Begins Arming its Supporters
by the Debkafiles


Druse leader Walid Jumblatt takes opposition reins from late Hariri.

Lebanon’s climate has been charged with latent violence since the assassination Monday, February 14, of Lebanese former prime minister Rafiq Hariri, and his funeral two days later. Sparks began flying when the opposition unveiled their “peaceful democratic uprising for independence” Friday, February 18, and, as revealed by DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources, Syrian forces began distributing weapons to groups supporting Damascus and the 1.4 million expatriate laborers in the country.

The resignations of president Emil Lahoude and the Karame government were forcefully demanded by the opposition leader, Walid Jumblatt, head of the Lebanese Druses who speaks for a rare multiethnic coalition made up of his own community, Christian factions endorsed by Maronite Catholic Archbishop Nasrallah Sfeir, and Sunni Muslims led by the dead billionaire’s oldest son, Bahaa Hariri, with the blessing of the Sunni Muslim Mufti of Lebanon.

Saturday, February 19, Omar Karame, who succeeded Rafiq Hariri as prime minister, accused this group of attempting a coup d’etat.

The belligerent Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned (or threatened) that “popular agitation against Syria’s grip on the country following the killing of Rafiq Hariri could plunge Lebanon into civil war again. Backed solidly from Damascus and Tehran, he exhorted the 100,000 Shiites massed in Beirut to mark the Ashura festival not to forget the real enemy. “Death to Israel!” they roared after him.

they too are of their father allah, the murderer, who has no ONLY BEGOTTEN SON the Savior of Mankind who believe

All three uprisings launched in the Middle East in five years were steeped in violence. In 1991, after the first Gulf War, Iraq’s Shiites rose up against the Saddam regime. Thousands were savagely mowed down by his tanks. Syria’s Kurdish community challenged Assad in 2003, only to lose thousands of dead and many more thrown into Syria’s prisons. The Palestinian confrontation with Israel has left 5,000 Palestinian and 1,300 Israelis dead since 2000.

The sparks will fly in earnest when government and Syrians move into aggressive mode to crush the opposition, which will become increasingly inflamed by multiplying leads to Syria and its Lebanese minions as Hariri’s assassins.

Our sources report that US, French and Israeli intelligence have already gathered solid evidence that General Rostum Ghazallah of Syrian military intelligence orchestrated the murder on orders from Damascus with the aid of Lebanese general intelligence and its chief General Jamil al-Sayad. that they could have Noahide Demonicrazy....yeah sure

The Damascus-backed government in Beirut and its masters has no intention of going quietly. Bashar Assad desperately needs the political and economic benefits he extorts from Lebanon to prop up his regime.

Monday, February 21, presidents George W. Bush and Jacques Chirac meet in Paris. With Lebanon at the forefront of their agenda, they will have to look hard at some tough questions. How to handle the situation if Assad orders his Syrian troops in Lebanon to march on Beirut in defense of his puppet government? And worse still, what if the full weight of the Syrian army is sent across the border to squash the uprising? Will the two Western leaders dispatch a joint US-French force to repulse the Syrian onslaught?

sure they will for the shem sham must  go on

If they did, it would be the most drastic event to hit the Middle East since the March 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq. 

Purim Iraq

The second American invasion of an Arab land might this time be partnered or endorsed by a European power.

To force the hands of the American and French presidents, the leaders of the Lebanese uprising are preparing a spectacular event to coincide with their summit. One proposal is for a hundreds of thousands of protesters to march through Beirut’s streets and seize the parliament building.

Other “intifada” events in the planning:

1. Giant rallies to strangle normal life in the capital.

2. A human chain from Hariri’s tomb to government headquarters on the seam-line dividing the Hizballah-dominated southern district from the Christian-controlled West that would aim to paralyze government activity

hahahhaha zohar's pitting the west against the Ishmaelites, in the name of judeo Jaysoooose....BLOOD,..... they cry

Opposition leaders have notified Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, head of the Shiite Amal, that the only session they will allow to be held is an open debate on the murder of the former prime minister that produces the formation of a state inquiry commission.

3. This commission’s mandatory guideline must be to call General Rostum Ghazallah as its first witness.

4. The mobilization of Lebanese expatriate communities in the United States and Europe for synchronized street rallies to generate broad international popular sympathy on the same lines as Ukraine’s Orange Revolution.

5. Armenian Christians in Lebanon and Western countries will be asked to join the struggle.

Noahide Judeo-Churchians

The campaign waged by this anti-Syrian coalition faces three major challenges:

First, to keep a tight rein on the uprising so that it does not run out of control and degenerate into a bloodbath and all-out civil strife.

Second, to divide the hitherto pro-Syrian Shiite community against itself.

ordo ab chao

 If parliament speaker Berri can be won over to the opposition side against the government, the Shiites will be split between Amal and Hizballah. This will sunder the entire pro-Syrian front and seriously shake the government.

DEBKAfile’s Lebanese sources report that most Karame cabinet ministers have departed Beirut to avoid the sound and fury following the assassination; the tourism minister has resigned. President Lahoud has not so far uttered a word on the crisis, no doubt waiting for his script to be written in Damascus.

Third, The opposition must prove it can get the masses out on the streets for long, sustained rallies. Its failure to muster sizeable popular backing would foredoom the intifada to failure. If the struggle peters out, Syria will tighten its grip on Lebanon and go from strength to strength, with adverse effect on America’s strategic position in the region and a setback for Israel too.

With the old Levant under their jackboots, the Syrians will quickly expand their role as main crossroads for international terrorists moving back and forth among their targeted arenas – whether into Iraq or over to the West Bank and Gaza Strip

against the terror of shemborg collective



Now the worms will crawl out of their mirey clay. The Fed's will take over the "Noahide Courts"

Bush: Millions saddened by Schiavo's death


Thursday, March 31, 2005 Posted: 4:07 PM EST (2107 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush on Thursday urged the country to honor Terri Schiavo's memory by working to "build a culture of life" (Noahide life) while House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said "the men responsible for this" will be called to account.

The Florida woman, who suffered severe brain damage after a heart attack 15 years ago, died Thursday. The feeding tube that had been keeping her alive was removed with a judge's approval on March 18.

DeLay condemned the judges who at both the state and federal level declined to order that Schiavo be kept alive artificially.

hahahahhahahhah Delay, Delayed until the moment was favorable for his criminality. What Treasonous Blasphemous scum.

"This loss happened because our legal system did not protect the people who need protection most, and that will change," the Texas Republican said. were protected by your shems of shame, Delay

"The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior, but not today. Today we grieve, we pray, and we hope to God this fate never befalls another."

Pray to their Tetragrammaton, who has no name

Speaking with reporters later in Houston, DeLay said lawmakers "will look at an arrogant and out of control judiciary that thumbs its nose at Congress and the President."

we must get their noses under our thumbs

Asked if that included the possibility of the House bringing impeachment charges against judges involved in the Schiavo case, DeLay said, "There's plenty of time to look into that."

How about looking into Delays Ethics

"I never thought I'd see the day when a U.S. judge stopped feeding a living American so that they took 14 days to die," he added.

Or slew hundreds and thousands of innocent Iraqi's

White House press secretary Scott McClellan declined to sign on to judicial criticism. "We would have preferred a different decision from the courts ... but ultimately we have to follow our laws and abide by the courts," he said.

heheheheahhahahahhahah...ultimately you will indeed.

Bush offered words of comfort and praise for Schiavo's "families" -- her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, and her husband, Michael Schiavo.

The two sides battled for years over Terri Schiavo's fate, with her parents believing she could improve and her husband (Adulterer) insisting she would not have wished to be kept alive artificially. State court-appointed doctors ruled Schiavo was in a persistent vegetative state, with no real consciousness or chance of recovery.

false witness

"I appreciate the example of grace and dignity they have displayed at a difficult time," the president said of Schiavo's relatives. "I urge all those who honor Terri Schiavo to continue to work to build a culture of life where all Americans are welcomed and valued and protected, especially those who live at the mercy of others."

at your mercy Bushkevik?

Other Washington figures who were deeply involved in the extraordinary federal intervention in Schiavo's case, particularly Republicans, also weighed in on her passing.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, said her death was a "regrettable loss of life."

so hey what about stem cells, Fristy? Are Clones more ethical then Euthanasia

House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wisconsin, called on Congress to pass the broader legislation favored by House Republicans but rejected when lawmakers and the White House compromised to focus only on Schiavo.

The earlier bill, giving jurisdiction to federal courts, would apply to any case in which there are questions about withholding food or medical treatment from an incapacitated person.

Or Decapitation

"Terri's will to live should serve as an inspiration and impetus for action," Sensenbrenner said.

Sick bastards of hell how did she have a will to live?

The White House didn't rule out support from the president for new legislation. "Obviously we would look at it if it came to our desk," McClellan said.

By contrast, in the hours immediately after Schiavo's death, Democrats -- who have treaded carefully in the case for fear of getting clobbered on the "values" issues that hurt them in last year's elections -- mostly kept a low profile.

for the fear of the Talmudic Jews

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he hoped the developments would encourage all Americans to write living wills.

Before they decapitate you

"In the difficult days ahead, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who feel the pain of this loss," he said.

Last week, Bush said he had run out of legal options to help keep Schiavo alive.

awe shucks

The weekend after Schiavo's feeding tube was removed, GOP leaders in Congress convened a rare session to pass a law handing jurisdiction over the case to the federal courts, after state courts repeatedly rejected pleas from Schiavo's parents to help prolong the woman's life.

Bush, acting in a case championed by many of those in his party's conservative base of political support, made a surprise flight back to Washington from his ranch in Crawford, Texas, so he could sign the legislation as soon as it passed in the middle of the night.


But federal courts didn't act as the lawmakers hoped. Up to the highest level, they also repeatedly rebuffed the Schindlers.

On Wednesday, Judge Stanley F. Birch, Jr., a conservative appointed by the former President Bush, wrote a rebuke of Bush and Congress.

He said the action by the White House and lawmakers was "demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers' blueprint for the governance of a free people -- our Constitution."

The high-profile intervention from Washington also drew criticism from the public, a large majority of which was shown in polls to think it was inappropriate


Apostasy and Murder of their majority children of hell. NO man has the right to slay another for any reason whatsoever.



RE cometh from the east?

Shembolism and murder now runs rampant.....Purim alah Arafat?

Vatican source: Pope given last rites

Ailing pontiff suffers from high fever with urinary tract infection

Thursday, March 31, 2005 Posted: 4:38 PM EST (2138 GMT)

VATICAN CITY (CNN) -- Pope John Paul II was given the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church late Thursday night as his health deteriorated, a Vatican source has told CNN.

The pope is suffering from a high fever caused by a urinary tract infection, the Vatican confirmed Thursday -- one day after revealing he had been put on a nasal feeding tube for nutrition

The pope is taking antibiotics, a Vatican spokesman said.

Joaquin Navarro-Valls said in a statement released Wednesday: "To improve his calorific intake and promote an efficient recovery of his strength, nutrition via the positioning of a nasal-gastric tube has begun."

The pope underwent a tracheotomy February 24 and still has a tube inserted in his windpipe to help his breathing.

Earlier Wednesday, the pope appeared at his studio window and blessed the thousands of faithful in St. Peter's Square.

He appeared alert during the four-minute appearance, which drew cheers from the crowd gathered beneath his window.

He raised his hand in blessing and made the sign of the cross as a Vatican official read greetings and prayers.

A microphone was raised to his face as he tried to speak, but the words were not clear.

The pope has spent a total of 28 days in two stints at Gemelli hospital in Rome in the past two months.

Nicola Cerbino, a spokesman at the hospital, said Wednesday that there was no plan to hospitalize the pope.

On Monday the pope skipped the post-Easter Angelus prayer for the first time in his 26-year papacy.

The 84-year-old pope suffers from a number of chronic illnesses, including crippling hip and knee ailments, and Parkinson's disease, a progressive neurological disorder that can make breathing difficult.

Throughout his various illnesses and brushes with death, even after the assassination attempt against him in 1981, the pope always said his life was in God's hands


Shembolic World Starvation cometh

Bush administration hawk and architect of the second gulf war has been elected to lead the World Bank.

Wolfowitz elected World Bank President

World Bank executive directors vote unanimously for Bush administration hawk as institution's chief.
March 31, 2005: 2:34 PM EST


Seven years the Lord told me to warn you. Six years I have neglected this life and all who depended upon me. Six years of tears and wailing late at night, day after day. These thing are come to pass, the Time is Nigh, Prepare in the Name of the Most High saints, for His name is Wonderful, Jesus the Christ our Lord.



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