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March 28,  2005 

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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"Amaraka the Apostate"

How you were sold out By the Bush Family and the Talmudic Supreme Court of High treason and Blasphemy anti-Christ of the United States of greater ISREALHELL


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Nos. 03-1500 and 03-1693


In The

Supreme Court of the United States





RICK PERRY, in his Official Capacity as Governor of Texas

and Chairman, State Preservation Board, et al.,



On Writ Of Certiorari To The United States

Court Of Appeals For The Fifth Circuit








On Writ Of Certiorari To The United States

Court Of Appeals For The Sixth Circuit









December 13, 2004


Counsel of Record




One Century Tower

P.O. Box 1832

New Haven, CT 06508-1832

(203) 498-4400

Counsel for Amici Curiae

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OR CALL COLLECT (402) 342-2831







823 United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017

(212) 490-2525


Executive Director



140 Commonwealth Avenue

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

(617) 552-6027





TABLE OF AUTHORITIES........................................


INTEREST OF AMICI CURIAE ................................


SUMMARY OF ARGUMENT .....................................




I. The Ten Commandments Are a Religious

Text, Subject to Differing Versions and In-

terpretations by Different Religions ...............


II. The Decalogue Is Not Part of a Generic

"Judeo-Christian Tradition" and Historically

Has Been a Significant Source of Tension Be-

tween These Two Faiths.................................. 11

A. The Decalogue Enjoys a Special Status

in the Jewish Tradition............................. 11

B. Christianity Rejected Jewish Law but

Continued to Venerate the Decalogue as

a Religious Text Divorced from Its Jew-

ish Origin .................................................. 12

C. Jews Responded to the Rise of Christian-

ity, in Part, by Emphasizing the Deca-

logue as Only One Aspect of Their

Larger, Unique Covenant with God ......... 14

D. Christians and Jews Used the Decalogue

as a Symbol for Judaism – but with Very

Different Meanings................................... 17

E. The Concept of the "Judeo-Christian Tra-

dition" Is a Recent Protestant Innovation

that Masks This Historic Tension, Espe-

cially with Regard to the Decalogue........... 18





III. The Texas and Kentucky Displays Exemplify

the Tensions Between the Jewish and Chris-

tian Traditions and Demonstrate How Dis-

plays of the Decalogue Violate the Establish-

ment Clause ..................................................... 21

A. The Ten Commandments Are Inherently

Religious, and by Displaying a Single

Version of Them, These Displays Send a

Religious Message..................................... 22

B. The Historical Importance of the Deca-

logue Does Not Justify the Displays that

Are Before the Court................................. 26

C. The Ten Commandments Are Not Part of

Any "Ceremonial Deism," Nor Should

They Be ..................................................... 28

CONCLUSION............................................................ 30






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The Anti-Defamation League ("ADL") was organized

in 1913 to advance good will and mutual understanding

among Americans of all races and creeds and to combat

racial and religious prejudice in the United States. 

The ADL is a un-constitutional spy agency which causes death and theivery, born of the Bnai Brith


It is

today one of the leading civil rights and human relations

organizations in the world. ADL believes that its stated

goals, as well as the general stability of our democracy, are

best served through strict separation of church and state

and commensurately strict enforcement of the Free Exer-

cise Clause. 

See House Joint Resolution 104, Public law 102-14 Inculcation of Talmud Bavli and State, by force and Treason



As an organization rooted in the Jewish

community whose mission includes advancing interfaith


Universal Noahide Laws unto satan with this Supreme Court of High Treason backing them and their Talmudic Noahide Courts of Justice, by any countries standards these would have been lined up in fron of a firing squad


ADL seeks to offer the Court a clearer under-

standing of the ineluctably religious provenance of the Ten

Commandments and establish why a government-

sponsored display of the Decalogue is not inclusive, but

rather detrimental to interfaith relations.

For Talmud Bavli states that if any Goyim studies their Talmud Bavli Mishnah Toarh they should be slain for it is their inheritance not ours, Tractate Sanhedrin



Philip A. Cunningham, Ph.D., is Executive Director of

the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning and Adjunct

Professor of Theology at Boston College. His academic

interests include biblical studies, religious education, and

Jewish-Christian relations. He is a member of the Advi-

sory Committee on Catholic-Jewish Relations for the

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and he is a

co-convener of the Catholic Biblical Association of Amer-

ica’s continuing seminar on Biblical Issues in Christian-

Jewish Relations. Dr. Cunningham’s curriculum vitae is

reproduced in the attached Appendix at 3a. His expertise

sheds light on the Decalogue’s religious history and its

continuing significance as a religious text and symbol.


We have already proven the Vatican II's relationship with the Talmudic Jews to Propagate the Talmudic Noahide Laws One World Religion


This brief concerns, and has been docketed in, both cases before

the Court on displays of the Ten Commandments, supporting petitioner

in No. 03-1500 and respondents in No. 03-1693. All parties in both

dockets have consented to the filing of this brief. No party’s counsel

authored this brief in whole or in part, and no person or entity, other

than amici curiae, their members or their counsel made a monetary

contribution to the preparation and submission of this brief.

Talmudic Friends of the Noahide Courts of Justice of Treason and Blasphemy, Enemies of the Saints of Jesus the Christ, anti-Christ


The mission of the Center for Christian-Jewish

Learning at Boston College is to encourage new relation-

ships between Christians and Jews based not merely on

tolerance but on full respect, mutual enrichment and

collaborative theological research. 

Anti-Christ promoters of the leaven of the Pharisees Noahidism


This purpose flows from

the mission of Boston College and responds to the Roman

Catholic Church’s vision as expressed by the Second

Vatican Council. 

Preparing the Noahide yoke upon all mankind, see Noahide News Part 152


Under the Center’s auspices, scholars

representing diverse Jewish and Christian perspectives

study all aspects of these related yet distinct faiths. The

Center also offers programs in the university and the

wider community in which Christians and Jews explore their

traditions together. 

Jewry is contrary unto all mankind, is anti-Christ and has no place with Christ, until it repents of it's Blasphemy in Jesus the Christ the Lord



In short, the Center uses the scholarly

resources of a Catholic university to encourage mutual

knowledge between Christians and Jews at every level.

Noahide Inclusion into the leaven of the Pharisees, the Robbers" replacement Theology, who "Replaced the Word since the beginning with the Pharisaic Hassidim tradition of Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah, which makes the WORD of God the Father of None Effect unto them and all their Judeo-Churchian Proselytes of hell


The Establishment Clause, at its core, prohibits

government from taking sides, or even appearing to take

sides, on matters of religious belief. 

Not so, see House Joint Resolution 104, Publik Law 102-14 "Education Day USA, Restoring this nation to the SEVEN Universal Laws of Talmudic Noahide unto satan the god of Judaism 


In two cases now

before the Court, government has erected or maintained a

monumental or framed display of a particular version of

the Ten Commandments, outside of a secular program of

educational or historical study or debate. Government is

proclaiming a message, not inviting a discussion. Yet, that

message is fundamentally inconsistent with government’s

role under the First Amendment.

YET none has argued the Seven Noahide Laws which was ratified by 100% of the 102nd Congress of the United States of Amaraka, signed into very real law by then president George Herbert Walker Bush Treasonous Blasphemer who sold this nation out to ISREALHELL by mammon. In fact Three of these hasidic Vipers Supreme Court Judges support that Talmudic Law, and that it is Higher law than US Constitutional Law and are TREASONOUS vipers, loyal to a foreign nation, Not only should they be stripped of their godly robes, but be imprisoned and their names tarnished forever.



Often overlooked in legal discussions of the Ten

Commandments is the theological understanding of the

Ten Commandments, as a text with deep religious mean-

ing, but also with different meanings even among the

religious traditions that accept the Decalogue’s authentic-

ity as binding rules of law. This brief supplies that theo-

logical understanding, and thereby defines the message

generally conveyed by public displays of the Decalogue to

the reasonable, knowledgeable observer. That message is

critical to a proper application of the principles enshrined

by the Establishment Clause.



Theological scholarship underscores what this Court

recognized in Stone v. Graham, 449 U.S. 39 (1980) (per

curiam), that the Ten Commandments are an inherently

religious text that no state may embrace. 

Yet only by "Oral Vote" they passed HJR 104, PL 102-14 Universal Noahide Laws of the Sanhedrin of satan


The belief of

some state officials that the Decalogue can convey merely

a secular message has no foundation in either the history

of that document in Judaism and Christianity or in the

role it still plays in both religions. This brief ’s discussion

of religious sources and scholarship underscores how the

Ten Commandments are a vital expression of religious

identity and symbolism – albeit an expression that is far

from uniform or free of doctrinal controversy. As we show

through historical events and the works of religious

scholars over the last two millennia, the Decalogue is not

symbolic of a uniform Judeo-Christian legal tradition, but is

in fact at the center of historical differences between two

different legal traditions. Thus, the notion of the Judeo-

Christian tradition – which itself was a mid-twentieth

century innovation by American Protestant thinkers – does

not provide a theological base on which to build a legal

justification for government’s display of the Decalogue.

For Jews, the Ten Commandments are part of God’s

unique covenant with the people of Israel as God’s chosen

people, and one part of a wider set of binding, biblical laws

of divine origin. For Christians, the Ten Commandments

are fundamental principles of natural law that, as restated

by Jesus, apply to all humanity. By viewing the Decalogue

in this manner, divorced from its original context at Mount

Sinai, early Christianity rejected the remainder of Jewish

law – the Law of Moses in the first five books of the Bible

(the Torah or Pentateuch) – as outmoded rules that do not

apply to the new people of God, the Christians. 


The Supreme Court has Just enforced the Talmudic Noahide Laws and have officially made the Dragon the Law of apostate "Amaraka" in their Treasonous Blasphemy




ingly, while the Ten Commandments have important

religious meaning for Christians, they also symbolize

Christianity’s rejection of other principles of Jewish law.


The apostate Proselytes made twofold the children of hell by the Pharisaic Hassidim, played right into their hands when they accepted this "Judeo-Churchian" anti-Christ garbage. And because they did not believe the Truth in righteousness, God the Father has sent them strong delusion so they believe the LIE




The Ten Commandments historically have been used as a

symbol of these religious differences. For example, Chris-

tian artwork once depicted the two tablets of the Deca-

logue as a symbol for Judaism’s decline.



Any secularized, general notion of Judeo-Christian

principles masks this historic tension between these

different religious legal traditions, while excluding alto-

gether persons of other religious faiths or with no religious

beliefs. That tension is real in the context of these cases.

Even the arrangement and wording of the Command-

ments find no common ground among these religions – yet

another example of the Decalogue as a source of theologi-

cal disagreement. 

Do not be deceived. Jesus the Christ is the WORD of God, The Word was God and the Word is with God, and the WORD was since the Beginning and the WORD was made flesh according to the Promise the messengers of God the Father Prophesied. The Word hath created everything which hath been created. The Word is Jesus the Christ the Promised Lamb of God sent by Grace according to his Promise. The Word is the Image of the Father who is invisible and who no man, no rib-eye has ever known. The Image in which he the WORD created Man in that image. Jesus the Christ the WORD who is the Alpha and Omega the First and the Last the Beginning and the END. Only through his atoning blood can we be reconciled to his Father. Jesus the Christ is God,....and his Father who no man knoweth with out the SON the ONLY Begotten Son. The Commandments of God Given at Sin-ai was the WORD the Commandments complete. Moses wrote of the WORD and Savior Jesus the Christ. Abraham believed the WORD of God and was counted as righteousness. But the seventy ancients who sit upon the seat of Moses, REPLACED the WORD of God with their tradition which make the WORD of God of None effect. They chose the ROBBER and crucified the WORD who came unto his own. They have created for themselves a REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY, for this Robber god they have Chosen. They Hate the WRITTEN Commandments of God the Father, and have replaced these commandments with their Yoke and snare of laws of strange gods. This "Supreme Court Has partaken with them in absolute Blasphemy and are damned to eternal damnation.




Jewish scholars in particular emphasize

that the "Lord your God" who speaks the Commandments

is the God who freed them from slavery in Egypt, making

clear from that theological perspective His special rela-

tionship with the people of Israel and the Decalogue’s

unique applicability to the Jews.

These People of ISRAEL were not known as Jews. These are the people who knew the WORD of God as it is written of the Prophets of the Father whom these Pharisaic Jews slew. The same Commandments written were rejected, and the Seventy ancients who the Father told Ezekiel to Dig and see the Abominations they do in the House of Israel, Hate the Commandments written for they say in their laws they are as gods....shemgods, self righteous and need no Savior. These have made their laws unto them selves and for their DRAGON and his soon to be REVEALED Son of Perdition, that Moshiach ben Satan who they are about to place upon the Throne of the WORD as the Global despot of the Sanhedrin, the Revived Beast......O' People do you hear?


Government displays of the Ten Commandments

therefore will inevitably "take sides," as no authentic

display of the Decalogue’s text can gloss over the different

words and traditions ascribed to this part of the Hebrew

scriptures while also taking account of the beliefs of

Americans with faiths (like Islam) that do no accept the

Decalogue as scripturally accurate, or of Americans with

other faiths or no religion at all. This difficulty in creating

a generic, secularized notion of the Decalogue acceptable

to those of all faiths or of no faith is evident in the record

before this Court. 

This Court is a LYING blasphemous Court Promoting the Talmudic Noahide Laws binding upon all mankind as to the Sofiet RED/ Esau, Treason of ISREALHELL and the Bush Ad-Menstruation. What they did in Russia in 1917 they now do in "Amaraka" the Apostate and the masses sleep in lukewarm apathetic hazy slumber


It is also why the Court’s precedents on

"ceremonial deism" have no place in the constitutional

jurisprudence applicable to state-sponsored displays of the

Ten Commandments’ sacred text.

The displays here do have the effect of endorsing a

religion, while not respecting others. While the designers

of the Texas monument say they sought to erect a "nonsec-

tarian" monument to God, they could do so only by endors-

ing Judaism or Christianity and ignoring all other


So this Supreme Court of Satan has reduced the Authority of the WORD and replaced it with Global One World Religion of Universal Noahidism. An act in which their souls will soon regret.



By placing Jewish symbolism alongside symbols

for Jesus as the Messiah, and elevating a Christian

translation of the Ten Commandments for special venera-

tion apart from the rest of Mosaic law, the monument

endorses a Christian religious view. The Kentucky court-

house displays make no attempt to be inclusive, instead

using a Protestant translation of the Decalogue, omitting



entirely the text that is most fundamental to the Jewish

understanding of the Ten Commandments, i.e., the open-

ing reference to the people of Israel ("I the Lord am your

God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house

of bondage . . . .").

Who are the same Children whom their leaders the seventy ancients of the House of Israel, the Sanhedrin caused them to err, who believed the Coming Messiah. The saints in Christ Jesus are the seed of Abraham, who believed the WORD of God, and was counted as Righteous. Isaac, is the seed of the Covenant, the Everlasting Covenant, and we in faith of Jesus the Christ the Lamb of God are of that seed by faith, Heirs to the Promise....Hear YE all ISRAEL.....Do not be deceived by these Blasphemous Vipers of Hell and death the Covenant they have made


Jn:8:33: They answered him, We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?


The displays in Texas and Kentucky therefore either

promote one religion’s view of the Ten Commandments,

ignoring the beliefs of others; or they homogenize the Ten

Commandments, thereby giving official sanction to mini-

mizing the divergent yet fundamentally religious beliefs of

both Jews and Christians regarding this sacred text. 

They have no Commandments but only their Traditon of satan

Mk:7:9: And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.



text of the Decalogue is no slogan that state officials can

fit onto a coin or add to a pledge.

Seven Universal Laws will fit perfectly, won't they?


 The proponents of the

Texas and Kentucky displays would undoubtedly agree

with amici curiae that the words and tablets of the Deca-

logue have not lost their religious significance and that

any judicial finding to the contrary would demean their

beliefs and those of many Americans. Indeed, it is the

invocation of the Establishment Clause in these very cases

that will best serve to protect religion from the weakening

of religious authority and belief that can come from

secular officials embracing religious practices and texts in

a homogenized, secular ceremony or display.

Are they speaking of HJR 104, PL 102-14? The rest of the "Mosaic" Laws, which are not of the Father? But of Talmud Bavli.


There is no single, generic, secular version of the Ten

Commandments. In attempting to construct a display of

that sort, government unavoidably must choose – or, to a

reasonable, knowledgeable observer, appear to choose –

among religious interpretations of the deity and His

commands. Religion, and not just the Ten Command-

ments, is undeniably of historical and cultural importance,

but that fact does not justify government displays pro-

claiming selected religious messages on capitol grounds or

courthouse walls.

Are In Congressionally Ratified Laws or Proclamations, signed into Law by the Freemason President of the United States of ISREALHELL?



As with any well-known religious prayer

of a particular sect, the display of the text of the Decalogue

conveys a religious message in this context, in which the

display is not part of any program of educational or his-

torical study. Accordingly, the displays here violate the

Establishment Clause and should be declared unlawful.

Thus they evade the Criminal element of the Universal Noahide Laws of Talmudic Jewry, for Jewry says they are not a religion but secular, thus their talmudic Un-Holy Tradition of Laws they make unto themselves in their shemborg Collective they admit have nothing to do with the Father in Heaven, and they use this argument to evade questions of Congress approving the satanic Noahide Laws, which they seek to snare all mankind in their Talmudic Noahide Demonicrazy quest, either or, death by decapitation...This Supreme Court is Party to TREASON and MURDER



Government-sponsored displays of religious subjects

make for hard cases, as this Court’s own precedents demon-


They seek to abolish Christ-Mas, yet they easily display their Menorah's in every Capital and City in this Nation and Gloat of their Destruction of Christianity and the scattering of the TRUE saints of Jesus the LORD, them who stand firm in Testimony to Him Alone, who fear not these hasidic Vipers of satans Dung heap


The current conflict before the Court makes clear

that monuments to the Ten Commandments are no excep-

tion. But to echo an observation made by Justice Brennan,

these cases are hard "not because the principles of decision

are obscure," but rather because the values expressed in the

Ten Commandments are so familiar and, ostensibly, uncon-

troversial. See Lynch v. Donnelly, 465 U.S. 668, 696 (1984)

(Brennan, J., dissenting) (commenting on difficulty of case

involving crèche). 

The Only controversy is from the anti-Christ, anti-God the Father,.. Pharisaic Hassidic Chabad Lubavitcher Vipers who control Washington DC by fear.....Beware of Pretzels


Thus, there is the temptation to view a

governmental display of the Ten Commandments as a

"nonsectarian" display of generic "Judeo-Christian" princi-

ples underlying an American secular legal tradition, rather

than as government endorsement of religion.

Their Is No such thing as Judeo-Christian for the TWO are irreconcilable. The so called Judeo-Churchian's are no believers of the LORD IAM, but have rushed to the gods of the anti-Christ Talmudic Jews, who they say in their Talmudic Tradition of Mishnah Torah, has no only Begotten SON of GOD, these are twofold the children of hell, who believe not the Truth in Righteousness

The history of the Ten Commandments squarely

contradicts this view, and, as Justice Holmes observed, "a

page of history is worth a volume of logic," New York Trust

Co. v. Eisner, 256 U.S. 345, 349 (1921), especially in

Establishment Clause jurisprudence, see Lee v. Weisman,

505 U.S. 577, 632 (1992) (Scalia, J., dissenting) (quoting

Justice Holmes). As this Court recognized in Stone v.

Graham, 449 U.S. 39 (1980) (per curiam), the Decalogue is

an inherently religious text

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin

Folio 59a

But the precept of observing social laws is
a positive one, yet it is reckoned? — It is both positive and negative.1

R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance;2  it is our inheritance, not theirs.  Then why is this not included in the Noachian laws? — On the reading morasha [an inheritance] he steals it; on the reading me'orasah [betrothed], he is guilty as one who violates a betrothed maiden, who is stoned.4  An objection is raised: R. Meir used to say. Whence do we know that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest? From the verse, [Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments:] which, if man do, he shall live in them.5  Priests, Levites, and Israelites are not mentioned, but men: hence thou mayest learn that even a heathen who studies6  the Torah is as a High Priest! — That refers to their own seven laws.7


Moreover, history reveals that

the Decalogue represents a flashpoint in a longstanding

theological conflict between Jews, who regard it as an

expression of God’s unique covenant with Israel, and

Christians, who venerate the Decalogue as the expression

of universal natural law while rejecting the rest of Mosaic

law as binding on them.

That refers to their own seven laws

hahahhahahhaha you are sold out completely, Amaraka the Judeo-Mammonite Apostate, you neither have the god of the Jews Nor the ONLY Living God, Jesus the Christ the WORD of God, but are Lukewarm, wretched and blind.

As the historical and religious references in this brief

illustrate, a government that displays a particular relig-

ion’s version of the Decalogue in the manner now before

this Court cannot avoid endorsing one religion’s viewpoint

while denigrating another’s; nor can it avoid alienating

those with no religion and adherents of other faiths, some

of which, like Islam, regard the Decalogue as an expres-

sion of a corrupted textual tradition. These displays



thereby violate the core requirement of the Establishment

Clause, which is that government may not take sides, or

even appear to do so, on these matters of faith. See County

of Allegheny v. ACLU Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, 492

U.S. 573, 593-94 (1989) ("The Establishment Clause, at

the very least, prohibits government from appearing to

take a position on questions of religious belief . . . .").


Yet if this Treasonous Talmudic Court can get away with it, and they seem to have,  they indeed will make the Talmudic RED Sofiet Atheistic Communitarian third wave Laws of Satan the Universal Law of all the Earth, accept for those whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life slain since the foundation of the world who STAND FIRM for The testimony, of  Jesus the Christ and give their witness, for the Purpose that God hath purposed is to break the Yoke of the Assyrian from the back of Mankind, to as many as believe the TRUTH

Ps:94:16: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?



The Ten Commandments Are a Religious Text,

Subject to Differing Versions and Interpreta-

tions by Different Religions.

2Pt:1:20: Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.


The scriptures of ancient Israel present the Ten

Commandments, referred to in Hebrew as asereth ha-

devarim (the "Ten Words" or the "Decalogue"), Deuteron-

omy 4:13, 10:4,


in two unnumbered lists. The first enu-

meration of the Decalogue appears in Exodus:

God spoke all these words, saying:

I the Lord am your God, who brought you

out of the land of Egypt, the house of bondage;

You shall have no other gods besides Me.

You shall not make for yourself a sculptured

image, or any likeness of what is in the heavens

above, or on the earth below, or in the waters un-

der the earth. You shall not bow down to them or

serve them. For I the Lord your God am an im-

passioned God, visiting the guilt of the parents

upon the children, upon the third and upon the

fourth generations of those who reject Me, but

showing kindness to the thousandth generation

of those who love Me and keep My command-


The same Redeemer since the Beginning the same God of the Men of Galilee the ISRAELITES, who dwelled in the Land of the Gentiles, the WORD who is the Creator Light unto the Gentiles by faith according to the Everlasting Holy Covenant made with Isaac, the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ, God and his Father the IAMHE. The same IAMHE whom these Vipers of Hell and their Hassidic Illuminated Masters and their two fold children of hell proselytes of Judeo-Churchinsanity have denied.


Biblical citations in this Section and in Section II.A refer to the

1999 Jewish Publication Society Tanakh translation found in THE JEWISH


(Adele Berlin & Marc Zvi Brettler eds., 2004). All

other biblical citations in this brief, starting with Section II.B, refer to

the Christian New Revised Standard Version found in THE NEW OXFORD


Judaizers Bibles.... Beware of the Scribes and the Pahrisees

(Bruce M. Metzger & Roland E. Murphy eds.,

1994). Both text and verse numbers (but not chapter numbers) vary

between these versions’ renditions of the Hebrew scriptures.



You shall not swear falsely by the name of

the Lord your God; for the Lord will not clear one

who swears falsely by His name.

Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy.

Six days you shall labor and do all your work,

but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your

God: you shall not do any work – you, your son or

daughter, your male or female slave, or your cat-

tle, or the stranger who is within your settle-

ments. For in six days the Lord made heaven and

earth and sea, and all that is in them, and He

rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord

blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it.

Honor your father and your mother, that you

may long endure on the land that the Lord your

God is assigning to you.

You shall not murder.

You shall not commit adultery.

You shall not steal.

You shall not bear false witness against your


You shall not covet your neighbor’s house:

you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his

male or female slave, or his ox or his ass, or any-

thing that is your neighbor’s.

Exodus 20:1-14. A second version of the Commandments

appears in Deuteronomy, following an introduction by

Moses explaining their origin:

Moses summoned all the Israelites and said to

them: Hear, O Israel, the laws and rules that I

proclaim to you this day! Study them and ob-

serve them faithfully!

The Lord our God made a covenant with us

at Horeb [Mt. Sinai]. It was not with our fathers

that the Lord made this covenant, but with us,

the living, every one of us who is here today. Face

to face the Lord spoke to you on the mountain

out of the fire . . . saying . . . .



Deuteronomy 5:1-5. There follows a similar list of the

Commandments, see id. 5:6-18, that differs from the

Exodus version in a few notable respects. While Exodus

provides that God’s people should observe the Sabbath

because God rested on that day after creating the world,

Exodus 20:11, in Deuteronomy the commandment derives

from Israel’s freedom from slavery: 

John 8:

31: Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
33: They answered him,
We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?


"Remember that you

were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God

freed you from there with a mighty hand and an out-

stretched arm; therefore the Lord your God has com-

manded you to observe the sabbath day." Deuteronomy

5:15. Further, the Deuteronomic version reinforces Exodus’

command to honor one’s parents with the added injunction

"as the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may

long endure, and that you may fare well, in the land that

the Lord your God is assigning to you." Id. 5:16.

Matthew 15:

1: Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying,
2: Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread.
3: But he answered and said unto them,
Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?
4: For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.
5: But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother,
It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me;
And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.
7: Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,
This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
9: But in vain
they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.


While both Exodus and Deuteronomy present the

Commandments in unnumbered lists, Jews and Christians

later organized them in groups of ten, as seen in the

attached Appendix at 1a. The differences in their respec-

tive groupings reflected a preference between the Exodus

and Deuteronomic versions and the different theological

emphases of the two communities. See WALTER J. HARRELSON


15-40 (rev. ed. 1997). Thus, Jews include the statement "I

am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of

Egypt, out of the house of slavery" in the First Command-

ment, to emphasize God’s special covenant with the people

of Israel. See Moshe Greenberg, The Decalogue Tradition


83, 99 (Ben-Zion Segal & Gershon

Levi eds., Engl. ed. 1990); infra Section II.A. By contrast,

Roman Catholics and some Protestants typically do not

include this statement as part of the Commandments

themselves – a practice exemplified by both the Kentucky

courthouse displays and the Texas monument. 

Because they are not Israel by faith the seed of Abraham of the One Seed, by faith in Jesus the Christ according to his Promise the Everlasting Holy Covenant which has nothing to do with Talmudic Jewry and their Catholicos Vatican II Golden Calf Bull


See ACLU of

Ky. v. McCreary County, Ky., 354 F.3d 438, 443 n.2 (6th Cir.

2003); Pet. for Cert. at 8, Van Orden v. Perry, No. 03-1500

(filed Mar. 31, 2004) (showing the statement’s inclusion in a

general heading, not as part of the First Commandment).



Similarly, Jews and many Protestants include the rule

against idolatry as a separate commandment, while

Catholics include the rule in the First Commandment or

omit it entirely. 

For they have made the Catholicos Pontifex Maximas the Holy Father, who is not the ONLY Father in Heaven, thus they omit their blasphemy and make the Pope God's intercessor, replacing Jesus the Christ the Only way to the Father in Heaven


Further, while the Jewish version of the

Decalogue proscribes "murder," many Christian transla-

tions construe the commandment more broadly to ban all


Murder is murder, no matter how you look at it


Rv:18:24: And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.


Finally, Jews and most Protestants group the

various "coveting" rules into a single commandment, while

Catholics and Lutherans break them into two separate

commandments. See Appendix at 1a. These differences

have religious significance, and government is unavoid-

ably involved in religion by selecting a version of the Ten

Commandments to present publicly.

When this Government was a Christian Government their were no arguments. When this nation was sold out to the Hassidic Pharisee's

Moreover, whatever its form, the Decalogue is scrip-

turally authoritative only for Jews and Christians. Islam

teaches that Jews and Christians have corrupted the

biblical texts and that, as a result, the Quran is the only

fully accurate revelatory text. See, e.g., HUSTON SMITH, THE RELIGIONS OF


203 (1958). The Quran contains no

counterpart to the Decalogue, although commandments

given by the Prophet (not by Allah) in 6:151-153 are

somewhat similar in form.

Who cares what the anti-Christ Ishmaelite's of Islam say, for their Talmudic Masters say they are already obedient Goyim Noahides, do not be fooled by this Supreme Hassidic Court of Hell



Asian religious traditions have

no analog whatsoever.


Those verses provide:

Say: "Come, I will tell you what your Lord has made binding

on you: that you shall serve no other gods besides Him; that

you shall show kindness to your parents; that you shall not

kill your children because you cannot support them (We

provide for you and for them); that you shall not commit lewd

acts, whether openly or in secret; and that you shall not kill –

for that is forbidden by God – except for a just cause. Thus

God exhorts you, that you may grow in wisdom."

Do not tamper with the property of orphans, but strive

to improve their lot until they reach maturity. Give just

weight and full measure; We never charge a soul with more

than it can bear. Speak for justice, even if it affects your

own kinsmen. Be true to the covenant of God. Thus He ex-

horts you, so that you may take heed.

(Continued on following page)




The Decalogue Is Not Part of a Generic "Judeo-

Christian Tradition" and Historically Has Been

a Significant Source of Tension Between These

Two Faiths.

A. The Decalogue Enjoys a Special Status in

the Jewish Tradition.

The special status of the Decalogue for Jews is evident

from the scriptures themselves: The Decalogue was directly

revealed by God. See Exodus 20:1; Deuteronomy 5:4-5. The

Bible also tells that God Himself inscribed the words of the

Decalogue directly onto stone tablets. See Exodus 24:12,

32:15-16; Deuteronomy 9:10.

Totally rejecting the Total Deity of Jesus the Christ, spitting in the face of the TRUE Believers, Un-tested by the Judeo-Churchian Proselytes of Evangelical Talmudism, who only give the LORD Lip Service, and worship mammon of the Doctrine of demon, prosperity doctrine


While the substance of some

commandments was shared by neighboring cultures, this

emphasis that the commandments issued directly from God

is largely without parallel. Among Orthodox Jews today, this

biblical stress on the divine origins of the Decalogue extends

to the entirety of the Torah, the first five scriptural books of

Bereshit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Vayiqra (Leviticus),

Bemidbar (Numbers), and Devarim (Deuteronomy). 

For they reject the Prophets of the Father who he rose early and sent, but they slew them and put them into Prison........They only have the laws MOSES made unto a hard hearted stiffnecked people and their seventy ancients who sit upon Moses seat in their abominations.




books come from prophets, sages, or kingly courts, but the

Torah comes directly from God. 

They DENY the written Word, But have clinged to the Tradition of the Pharisees, of their laws Mishnah Torah of Talmud Bavli the confusion and arguing uselessness of satan, their father the murderer since the beginning whose lust they do in their Noahide Laws of Decapitation unto their god of FORCE, of the Dragon who has given power to the beast raised out of the seas on October 13, 2004, the October Surprise......Sanhedrin of the offspring of the Nephilim, the ancients of the house of Israel, Giborim, who say in their laws that they are gods, who crucified Jesus the Mesiah, Promised, who IS the ONLY Begotten SON of GOD, for they saw the Heir to the KINGDOM and said "let us slay him and rob his inheritance" But Behold, what will the Nobleman do when he comes unto his vineyard unto those husbandmen who sit upon Moses seat? He will slay them ALL. Do you hear Blasphemous Talmudic TREASONOUS Supreme Court Vipers of Death and Hell the Covenant you have made unto yourselves?


The Ten Commandments,

therefore, are no different from, and an integral part of, a

larger religious text, all of which is sacred.

The Larger Religious Text is of Talmud Bavli's Perversions of Hell and the Universal Seven Noahide Laws signed into law by president George Herbert Walker Bush at the Command of Menachem Mendel Schneerson the head of the Satanic Hasidic Chabad Lubavitch of the Sofiet RED Esau Communist Treasonous Judaic Pharisaic Vipers den of hell


The Torah narrates several binding legal agreements

between God and human beings. In Genesis, for example,

God directs Noah, the other survivors of the great flood,

and their descendants – in other words, all of humanity at

that time – to populate the earth, not to eat living meat,

and not to shed human blood because humanity is created

in the divine image. Genesis 9:1-11. Eventually, the rabbis

referred to these commands (along with God’s commands

to Adam and Eve) as the Noahide commands, which are

This path of Mine is straight. Follow it and do not follow

other paths, for they will lead you away from Him. He thus

exhorts you, so that you may guard yourself against evil.


There you have it Apostae Judeao-Churchinsanity, you are set up to embrace Moshiach ben satan by LAW and Force.

Do you hear Saints of the LIVING LORD GOD ? Do you understand


The HJR 104, Public Law 102-14 was NOT a simple Proclamation but a very real Public Law made by the 102nd Congress of Treason of these United States and Now backed fully by the SOOPREME Court to Treason and Blasphemy of the United Stated of the Jewrisdiction of Greater ISREALHELL





6:151-53 (N.J. Dawood trans., Penguin Books 5th rev. ed.




binding on the entire human race. The Decalogue, how-

ever, is different. God presented the Decalogue as part of

His singular covenant with the Israelites, all of whom had

assembled at Mt. Sinai (Horeb). 

and Worshipped the Golden Calf of Nimrod of Babylon in the Valley of SIN. But the TEN they dismissed, and accepted the Oral Traditions of the seventy ancients who sit upon the seat of Moses, whom Moses prophesied would go a whoring after other gods



See Deuteronomy 5:1-5.

The uniqueness of the covenant is apparent in the initial

words of the Decalogue: It is the Lord God who brought

Israel out of Egypt who commands obedience, see Exodus

20:2, and the people of Israel may have no other deities

nor make any image of the divine lest they disobey the

One responsible for their very survival as a people, see id.

The People of ISRAEL who believed the WORD of God


20:3-4. After hearing the Decalogue, the people of Israel

solemnized the covenant by sprinkling blood on them-

selves and on an altar, see id. 24:3-8, and exclaiming, "All

that the Lord has spoken we will faithfully do!" Id. 24:7.

Blood Upon themselves, on their hands and their Children


For Jews, therefore, the Ten Commandments are more

than a mere summary of their legal obligations: Together

with the rest of Mosaic law in the Torah, they express

Jews’ self-understanding as a people chosen by God from

all the nations of the world to have a unique relationship

with Him and who, as a result, bear unique responsibili-


The Jews, Chosen for Salvation, when the Chooser came, they rejected him the same REDEEMER since the Beginning, the same REDEEMER Abraham believed, Whom Isaac believed, whom Jacob believed, whom Moses Believed, whom Ezekiel Believed, whom Jeremiah believed, who Moses Believed, who all of the LORDS Messengers Believed, whom the Men of Galilee of the Land of the Gentile believed, whom the disciples believed, whom his saints and elect believe.....and Chose the ROBBER, and then Crucified the Chooser, self chosen to be their own gods to snare the earth to the ROBBER, accept them who STAND FIRM IN WITNESS to Jesus the Christ the Chooser. These are the Chosen Nation a Perculier People a Royal Priesthood, Priest and Kings unto God and His Father....Do not be deceived at the "Replacement Theology" of the Seventy ancients of the House of Israel who love to stand in high places and be called of men "rabbi, O'Rabbioni


The Decalogue makes greater demands on the Jews

than the universally applicable Noahide laws, and the

terms of the Sinai Covenant, including the Decalogue, are

unique to the Jewish people.

B. Christianity Rejected Jewish Law but Con-

tinued to Venerate the Decalogue as a Reli-

gious Text Divorced from Its Jewish Origin.


We in Jesus the Christ accept the LAW Fulfilled in Christ the REDEEMER, which has cursed the flesh law of death and Hell. We have chose the Freedom in Salvation and HIS LAW is Forever and cannot be terminated by the shemgod's. He is the Fullness of the Prophets of the Father whom the seventy of the House of ISREALHELL the Prophets of Baal slew, and the Fullness of ALL the Law which are two, Love thine LORD thine GOD who is he the Image of the Invisible Father whom none of these Vipers have ever seen, lest they saw the Image of the Father whom they crucified knowingly rejecting His Kingdom in their Robbery. And Love one to another........., HIS SHEEP who hear his Voice Calling. You will find your selves cast into outer darkness where there is gnashing and gnawing of teeth forever, while many come from the east and the west and sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who knew him as the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY the WORD of GOD and never knew him as the Talmudic Oral tradition of the jews of Talmud Bavli as YWVH that tetragrammaton the angel of darkness who has transformed himself into an Illuminated angel of his Illuminated Hasidic Pharisaic "masters of Hell and Death



Christianity emerged in the first century of the

Common Era ("c.e.") as a Jewish eschatological movement

whose adherents believed that Jesus was the messiah, or

Christ, who would save the people of Israel from the

Gentile-dominated world. 


Jesus the Christ IS the ONLY Messiah. He is the same REDEEMER, who reconciled man to God. He did exactly what he Promised. It is the flesh ISREALHeLL who refused his, denied Him.

He came and healed the sick, gave sight unto the blind and raised the dead, and fulfilled all the Prophecies unto his seed the Seed of Abraham True Israel of the Living God, them who are in faith of eternal life in his Kingdom, Heirs to His Promise. These Vipers of Hell have stricken the Ten Commandments to Uphold the Talmudic Enslavement upon mankind and for all men to deny the Only Lord Almighty, by the hand of the Hassidim Pharisees. Am I stupid, am i the only man in this nation who understands? Where are the saints of Jesus the Christ?




As Christianity spread through-

out the eastern Roman Empire, however, non-Jewish

populations eventually dominated the membership of the

Church, contributing to the separation of Judaism and


Isa:11:10: And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious. 

Isa:42:1: Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.

Isa:42:6: I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles; 






Jewry of Talmud Bavli is Contrary unto all mankind. And as these Vipers have clearly shown is anti-Christ, anti-American, Bigoted and pure Hatred


(1991). This transition generated many disputes over

whether all the Laws of Moses governed non-Jewish

Christians. Following considerable debate displayed in the

pages of the New Testament,

Salvation by GRACE only of the Lamb of God Provided to as many as stand firm


Christians generally did not

follow Mosaic law, with one notable exception: the Ten

Commandments, which they embraced in modified form.

The Talmudic Jews REJECT the WORD of GOD and Make it of None Effect in their tradition of Talmud Bavli and all of it's sick perversion

Perhaps because of the biblical traditions of ancient

Israel or due to Jewish customs in the time of Jesus, early

Christians held the Ten Commandments in special regard.

For they are given by the same Creator since the Beginning. It is the Talmudic Jews who reject the Commandment of God for their tradition

Around 180 c.e., the Christian theologian Irenaeus wrote

that anyone who failed to observe the Decalogue would not

receive salvation. 



available at

irenaeus/ (last visited Dec. 9, 2004). Irenaeus justified

Christians’ veneration of the Decalogue over the other,

"Jewish" laws of Moses by identifying the Decalogue with

the "natural law" that God had written on every human

heart at creation. Id. 


Then as he promised sent the Lamb the Law Fulfilled and wrote his law upon the hearts of Mankind by Grace he sent Salvation and eternal Life on as many as believe and Stand Firm against these Vipers of Hell, and give witness of HE the Only Living WORD Life eternal



God originally intended to give only

the Decalogue to Israel and "did then demand nothing

more of them." Id. But after the Israelites worshipped the

Golden Calf, see Exodus 32:1-10, God issued the remaining

Mosaic laws to correct their waywardness: "The laws of

bondage . . . were one by one promulgated to the people by

Moses, suited for their instruction or for their punish-




For example, the Gospel of Mark advocates abolishing the Jewish

dietary laws (kashrut) on the ground that Jesus "declared all foods

clean." Mark 7:19. The Gospel of Matthew argues precisely the opposite,

portraying Jesus as instructing:

Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the

prophets, I have not come to abolish but to fulfill. . . 


Beware of these Hasidic Fables of the jews. Jesus the Christ the Fullness of the Law, by faith. The yoke of the Law, whether one or all is a Yoke in which any who reject the Fullness of the Laws will be Judged. Break one Law and you break all the 613 Mitzvah. Which one of the Jews have ever kept all the law? None for by their tradition of Talmud Bavli of Babylon they worship shekinah gods of Mysticism and strange gods who are no GOD, thus all the Law is made a curse unto them in their denial of the Creator GOD. Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees.



. There-

fore, who ever breaks one of the least of these command-

ments, and teaches others to do the same, will be called

least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does them and

teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Beware the Laws were given by Moses, But the Commandments are Given by the same God since the Beginning the WORD of God the Creator who is the Commander


Matthew 5:17, 19. Acts of the Apostles adopts a middle ground, teaching

that Christians should follow simple food laws (resembling the Noahide

commands) so that Jewish and Gentile Christians could share common

meals. Acts 15:20, 29.

Ahhh, James the Just, the Freemason of the Council of Jerusalem, the so called "Brother" of the ONLY Begotten SON of GOD. Who sent Paul and Barnabas out with the letter of these Laws, But Paul rejected the false Doctrine of James who was to undermine the Absolute Authority of the WORD, Christ Jesus, Salvation by faith given Freely by Grace. Paul was later imprisoned and slain for he rejected this doctrine of devils



Thus, Mosaic law beyond the Decalogue was not meant

for Christians but only for the sinful Jews.


Do you understand? Not only do the Talmudic Jews deny the WORD of God, but also crucified the Chooser, and Chose the Tetragrammaton the Illuminate Angel of Darkness who transformed himself unto an angel of Light, Phosphorus false Light in their Babalonian doctrine, they not only shut out heaven unto them but unto all who are deceived. This TREASONOUS Supreme Court has done exactly what I have warned about in these last six or seven years. They have followed the Scheme of the ONE World Order and the ONE World RELIGION unto the Dragon and Up Hold that the seven Noahide laws are the Burden of the non-jew.."Goyim

 In contrast, Jesus

had spoken "to all alike the words of the Decalogue; and

therefore, in like manner, do they remain permanently with

us," id. 16:4; see also Matthew 19:16-22 (quoting Jesus: "If

you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.").

Beware, the Commandments are of Him the Creator since the Beginning, In faith written in the heart are the Law Fulfilled. Jesus the LORD summed the Law into TWO, Love thy GOD, The Creator with all thine heart and soul and mind and Love thy neighbor. Who are your neighbor, HIS SHEEP, and not the worshippers of the dragon his enemy.....BEWARE



Christians were to obey the Ten Commandments not because

they were announced on Mount Sinai – which would legiti-

mate all Mosaic law – but because, as restated by Jesus, they

reflected universal natural law. 

Because the Commandments are not the Law given By Moses But are Commandments Given By the Father, Jesus the Christ the Commandment Fulfilled. The Law is dead unto flesh, the Commandments are ALIVE FOREVER by faith in the Commandment giver, Even Jesus the Christ the LORD ALMIGHTY


The third-century theologian

Origen characterized Mosaic law as an outmoded relic of the

divinely cursed Jews.

thus not only do they Reject the Commandments, and they rejected the Chooser and Chose the ROBBER, they now are by force, forcing man to accept their Talmudic Curse of their false god of forces




§ 22

(Henry Chadwick trans., Cambridge Univ. Press 1980)

("[Because of the crucifixion the] Jewish nation had to be

overthrown, and God’s invitation to blessedness transferred

to others, I mean the Christians, to whom came the teaching

about the simple and pure worship of God.

GOD alone made the flesh house of ISRAEL Desolate until they say, "Blessed is he who came in the Name of the LORD". The "Crusades were not of TRUE Believers in the Life Giver, but were of the murderers of the Sime-ON Magus Pontifex Maximas, the Catholicos of the Sanhedrin, sent to do as forever, by Proxy to put fear in to the "Lesser Jews" for their management, so that the sons of Eli which the Prophet Malachi told could Rob them of their Offerings unto the Creator with Joy and thanksgiving in the House of the LORD. These seventy ancients of the House OF Israel who refuse the WORD of GOD, as since the beginning committed their abominations therein the Temple of the Lord. They do the same now, for they are "REVIVED" at Tiberius October 13, 2004 and are in complete control of all the kings of the earth, and will very soon enslave all mankind to these abominable laws cursed and wretched, or they will slay any who oppose them and their self made godhood and their Moshiach ben satan their Son of Perdition unto the Dragon. I Advise as many as will hear to Hear and do not reject these words and this information for your soul is in danger of eternal Damnation. These Vipers of Treasonous Blasphemous Hell have already received their reward of death and Hell and the LORD has already said this covenant they have made will not be disanulled


 And they received

new laws which fit in with the order established every-

where."). Christians, not the Jews, were now the covenanted

people of God, and they did not need to obey the Jewish Law

of Moses but only the universal Law of Christ.

This linkage between the Decalogue and natural law

remains a staple of Christian thought, see, e.g., U.S. CATHOLIC


§ 2070, at 502-03 (1994) ("The Decalogue contains a privi-

leged expression of the natural law . . . .") (


15:1), and speaks to the unusual role of the Decalogue in the

history of Jewish-Christian polemics and religious belief.

C. Jews Responded to the Rise of Christianity,

in Part, by Emphasizing the Decalogue as

Only One Aspect of Their Larger, Unique

Covenant with God.

The Covenant they Broke when they whored after the Assyrian in Babylon

Before the rise of Christianity, Jews maintained the

special status of the Decalogue: The Mishnah describes (Mishnah Torah, of Talmud Bavli the Tradition of perversion and confusion, which is not the WORD of GOD and is the Anti-Christ books of satan


The belief that Jews were divinely cursed persisted until after the

Nazi Holocaust.

In which they set up their Nasi of the Generation to cause Proxy and promote the anti-Semitism necessary to manage their "Lesser brethren" to create their flesh zion and worship their own flesh. Now they, By this proxy and fear of the Jews control all the nations of the earth unto their god of this world their beloved Dragon who hate Christ Jesus and his saints and seeks to devour the saints of Jesus the LORD by these perverted un-Holy Laws that this Treasonous Blasphemous Supreme Court is promoting in their Apostasy.

Now the saints of Jesus the Christ are no longer citizen's of this Blasphemous nation, for they are of a nation of a kingdom in a far away place. These Vipers will judge us by the Might of the serpent by the way of Dan in their law. There is nothing we can do, but by faith alone, enter into our Kingdom into our mansions that Our Lord has prepared for us since the Foundation of the WORLD. Fear not what these Vipers of the Dragon can do to the flesh, But Fear HIM the same Creator since the beginning who will both destroy the flesh and cast the souls of them who have denied him into the abyss with their beast and their dragon and their false Prophets of Baa'l



the reading of the Decalogue as part of Temple morning

prayer. See Tamid V.1. But when Jews were confronted by

the natural law theories of the increasingly influential

Christian Church, they responded by moderating the

Decalogue’s preeminence. Thus, the Jerusalem Talmud

(circa 350 c.e.) states that Jews no longer recite the Ten

Commandments "[b]ecause of the ill-will of the Minim

[‘heretics’ or ‘apostates’]. 

They no longer recite the Commandments of God for they are of their father the murderer since the Beginning and the Lust of their father they do. Theirs is no god, but strange gods the ROBBER of the ROBBERS of God's Peoples of the earth


It became necessary to deny their

claim that these Ten were all that were given to Moses at

Mount Sinai." Jerusalem Talmud (Talmud Yerushalmi),

Berachot 1:5. Likewise, the Babylonian Talmud (circa 500

c.e.) states that "the practice had long been given up

because of the misrepresentations of the Minim." Babylo-

nian Talmud (Talmud Bavli), Berachot 12a. The Rabbi

Shlomo Yitzchaki (1040-1105), known as Rashi, explained

the purpose of this text as follows: "To prevent them [the

disciples of Jesus] from telling the unlearned that the rest

of the Torah is untrue; and arguing that only what God

spoke at Sinai [as opposed to what was spoken by Moses]

should be read to the people." 

They cannot recite the Commandments of the Commandment Giver for they deny the GIVER and refuse him. Thus the WORD is not in them and they hate the WORD. They not only deny the WORD and His Commandments but they want to shut the Kingdom of the same Commander unto all mankind in their quest of the flesh kingdom of their robber god



Ezra Zion Melammed, "Observe" and "Remember" Spoken in One Utterance, in THE


Changing Times and Laws


at 191, 212.

A century after Rashi, Rabbi Joseph Kimhi wrote

another defensive tract to counter the efforts of baptized

Jews to convert their former co-religionists. 

Mt:23:8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.


Here again,

the Decalogue was a focal point of contention. Rabbi Kimhi

argued that the Torah – not just the Decalogue but the

whole of Mosaic law – was God’s entire revelation, not to

be augmented with the Christian New Testament. 

The Torah Mishnah, of Talmud Bavli has nothing at all to do with the Father in Heaven, In fact in the Talmud Bavli it states in the tractate Sanhedrin, if any "Goyim calls their g-d the Father he shall have breached their Talmudic Laws of Universal Noahide they impose and "death by decapitation"


could any of the Torah’s commands be expunged:

All of Talmud Bavli of Mishnah Torah is Hereby expunged from any saint who STANDS FIRM against these Vipers in their Testimony of the ONLY IAMHE, Jesus the Christ the Image of the Invisible Father, the WORD who hath created everything created.

[The two tablets] were inscribed on both sides so

that the Gentiles and all the nations which were

to follow could not say that God had not com-

pleted His work, having left one side of the tab-

lets empty so that He might write other laws and

a new Torah. 

Thus set in the "REPLACEMENT Theology unto strange gods of the seventy ancients of the House of ISREALHELL who sit upon the seat of Moses in complete apostasy and abomination



[The writing] was engraved on the

tablets so that it could not be erased and so that

they could not say that their baptismal waters

which were to come could erase the writing in

the holy Torah of Moses. They were inscribed on



both sides in the same language and in a few

words to teach with completeness, wisdom, and


So where are these tablets, where is the Evidence, Where is your Proof. Which of any rabid rib-eye has ever seen them, ONE Witness to a GOY, by KOL Nidre is not sufficient. But I tell you this Vipers of Hell and abomination of desolation, there were five Hundred witnesses both jew and gentile, men of Good standing and honorable character who witnesses the Creator ascend to Heaven his Kingdom he Inherited of His Father



One may not add to the Torah nor

take anything away.

The Torah Mishnah of Talmud Bavli is dogs Dung of Babylon.


69-70 (Frank

Talmage trans., 1972) (second alteration in original)

(footnotes omitted). Thus, from Late Antiquity on, Jews

stressed that the Ten Commandments were not categori-

cally different from the other commandments that God

had given to Moses on Mount Sinai. All 613 mitzvot, i.e.,

religious commandments, had the same authority behind

them, and all were to be obeyed to the full extent possible.

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.


All were God’s special gift to the people of Israel and only

the people of Israel – and non-Jews were not expected to

observe them.

Acts:13:39: And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

As a result, by medieval times the Ten Command-

ments had become emblematic of the religious rivalry

between Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity – a rivalry

made all the more intense because the two traditions

defined themselves in direct opposition to each other.

Christians maintained observance of the Ten Command-

ments despite their dismissal of most of Mosaic Law,

primarily because of the Christian equation of the Deca-

logue with natural law. 

Liars of their father, setting up their talmudic fables into Law mandated by the supreme court of Elohimgods self gods, who are nothing but demon possessed Old fart Mammonites of Hell


Jews observed the Decalogue as a

distinctive, though not unique, component of the entire

Torah, given by God exclusively to the people of Israel.


Jews Observe nothing unto a non-god


Further, Jews and Christians interpreted the command-

ments differently, particularly the commandment to

observe the Sabbath and the prohibition against images of

the divine. 

Mt:12:8: For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.



Jews frowned upon Christians’ celebration of

the Sabbath on the wrong day, and saw Christian statues,

icons, and paintings as forms of idolatry – all evidence

that Christians did not, in fact, keep all Ten Command-


They refer to their Pontifex Maximas Sime-ON Magus Catholicos sent to Rome by the satanic Sanhedrin to deceive the masses to a false Gospel of freemasonry


 The Decalogue has played a singular role in the

relations between Judaism and Christianity and serves a

distinct religious role for each faith, which cannot be

secularized by government fiat or the placement of the

Decalogue among other secular symbols.

such as secular Menorah's and secular magan david stars to Molech



D. Christians and Jews Used the Decalogue as

a Symbol for Judaism – but with Very Dif-

ferent Meanings.

The iconic dimension of the Decalogue is further

evident in its use as both a Christian and Jewish symbol

for Judaism. In medieval times, Christians began to use

the two tablets as a symbol for Judaism. Around 1225 c.e.,

King Henry III required all English Jews to wear on their

chests " ‘the shape of two white tablets made either of

linen or of parchment.’ " Gad B. Sarfatti, The Tablets of the

Law as a Symbol of Judaism [hereinafter "Sarfatti"], in


383, 403 (quoting D’B




(Oxford 1738)). In 1275, his successor Edward I further

specified that all Jews were to wear " ‘a badge of yellow

cloth in the shape of two tablets, six fingers long, and

three fingers wide.’ " 

To Remind them they are Binded to the Commands of the Living God whom they strayed to the Robber gods of Babylonia


Id. (quoting TOVEY

at 202, 205). The

majority thus could identify dissenters with ease.

Similarly, a frequent motif in late medieval Christian

art was the contrast between the feminine figures of

Ecclesia (Church) and Synagoga (Synagogue). See




31-74 (John Bowden trans., 1996). Typi-

cally, Ecclesia stands proud and erect, regally crowned and

holding a Eucharistic chalice in one hand and a trium-

phant banner in the other. Synagoga, by contrast, is

slumped and defeated with a crown falling off her head,

and often blindfolded because she fails to see the truth of

the Gospel. Synagoga holds in one hand a broken staff, and

falling from her other hand is either a torn Torah scroll or

the inverted tablets of the Decalogue. See illustration, in

attached Appendix at 2a. The inverted Decalogue symbol-

ized the Jews’ displacement by the Christian church.

Now both have the ""Replacement Theology" of the Babylonian gods

In the fifteenth century, Jews began to use the Deca-

logue as a positive symbol of their own on ornate syna-

gogue Arks used to keep the Torah scrolls. This was a

natural association of the synagogue Ark with the biblical

Ark of the Covenant, which stored the actual tablets of the



Decalogue. For Jews, the tablets served both to counter

the Christian symbol of the cross and to assert the divine

origins of the Law. 

The Ark of the Covenant is the Holder of the Word who is the Word who is in the Temple which is in Heaven Gods Holy Mountain of Sion

Rv:11:19: And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.


The tablets gradually became a stan-

dard symbolic feature in synagogue ornamentation. See

Sarfatti at 417-18.

The arrangement of the Ten Commandments was also

significant. Jewish depictions usually followed the organi-

zation given in rabbinic literature, with two tablets each

containing five Commandments (the first being "I the Lord

am your God . . . ," understood to command belief in the

God who freed Israel). 

The same God today as yesterday and forever the Word which hath created everything Created, the same God who is Coming Back soon and on his vesture dipped in blood it is written the WORD of the ALMIGHTY GOD


Christians typically followed the

pattern established by Augustine, placing the first three

commandments dealing with obligations toward God on

the first tablet and the remaining seven dealing only with

human obligations on the second. 

The Commandments are Commandments


These arrangements

reflect not only different enumeration of the Command-

ments, see Appendix at 1a, but also the different theologi-

cal emphases of the two traditions. As a result, any visual

arrangement of the Decalogue will necessarily reflect: (1) a

Jewish theological construction of the Ten Commandments

in tablet form; (2) a Christian theological construction of

the same; or (3) presented in some other form, a disregard

of the distinct understandings of the Decalogue held by

Jews and Christians.

We have the WORD which testifies of the Commands, where are their Tablets they denied?

E. The Concept of the "Judeo-Christian Tradi-

tion" Is a Recent Protestant Innovation

that Masks This Historic Tension, Espe-

cially with Regard to the Decalogue.

The concept of a "Judeo-Christian tradition" often

arises in Establishment Clause cases. See, e.g., Lee v.

Weisman, 505 U.S. 577, 589 (1992) (holding that it is not

government’s task to promote nonsectarian, Judeo-

Christian prayer in context of public school graduations);


Why the Evangelical Judeo-Churchinsanist  always Lose, for they have no Foundation in their Judaism


Marsh v. Chambers, 463 U.S. 783, 793 (1983) (upholding

solemnizing legislative prayers offered "in the Judeo-

Christian tradition"). Given the history of tension between

these faiths – with Christians until the twentieth century

denying the continuing validity of Judaism, and Jews



seeking to preserve their religious convictions and prac-

tices against the rise of a Christian majority – it should

come as no surprise that the emergence of this common

"tradition" is a relatively recent development. Further, the

concept is itself a sectarian creation; rather than elevate the

status of minority Jewish and Catholic traditions, it subor-

dinates them to a generally Protestant belief system – a

phenomenon particularly evident in the context of displays

of the Ten Commandments such as those before this Court.

The Law of God is written in the Hearts of Believers, the false Monuments mean nothing. But, they will soon strike the Gospel by their Talmudic Law, and slay any who stand Firm in Testimony to Jesus the Christ the Almighty Word of God



The term "Judeo-Christian" first appeared in 1899 as

a reference to Christianity’s roots in biblical Israel. 

The saints of Jesus the Christ are Christian Israel, and has nothing to do with Judeo-Churchinsanity. The Root of the True Vine is the Father, Jesus the Christ the True Vine and we are his saints are the True Branches. The Judeo Churchians have been cast from the Vine along with them who wanted to be grafted OUT. Only By repentance in Jesus the Christ, by faith and salvation given freely of the Father can they ever hope to be grafted BACK  into the TRUE VINE of the ONLY ROOT and the OFFSPRING



Mark Silk, Notes on the Judeo-Christian Tradition in

America, 36 A


. Q. 65, 65-66 (1984). As a term used to

denote common values shared by Jews and Christians, it

became popular in the United States as a slogan against

both fascist anti-Semitism and atheistic communism.

Thus I am no Judeo Churchinsanity, But 100% Bonafide anti-Shem, as was my Lord who refused to walk in JEWRY.

Jn:7:1: After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.


Some Jews welcomed the expression as an indication of

their full participation in American life, but others warned

that the concept, however well-intentioned, threatened to

absorb Jews’ distinctive identity into a generic American

Protestant "civil religion." For similar reasons, American

Catholics did not embrace the term, and the "Judeo-

Christian tradition" remained largely a Protestant phe-

nomenon. See id. at 69-79.

Thus they have what they sought, and now they themselves are assimilated into the shemborg collective


Indeed, Protestant thinkers such as Reinhold Niebuhr

and Paul Tillich advocated a concept of the Judeo-

Christian tradition that, notwithstanding its apparent

inclusiveness, incorporated various aspects of the histori-

cal struggle between Jews and Christians and between

Protestants and Catholics. As noted above, Christians long

minimized the legal authority of the Torah. Protestant

thinkers instead emphasized the prophets as the critical

commonality between Jews and Christians, thereby con-

tinuing the Christian preference for the prophetic books of

the Old Testament as pointing to the coming of Christ.

  • The Prophets whom the seventy ancients of Israel killed and put into prison for their Prophecies against ISRAEL'S Whoredoms. The same who crucified Our Lord and will slay us his saints for we are of the Prophets and their LORD the WORD of God



This Christian preference for the prophets over the Torah (known

to Christians by its Greek name, the Pentateuch), is reflected in the

practices of those churches that use a common lectionary for readings

(Continued on following page)



Thus, Niebuhr wrote that " ‘I have, . . . as a Christian

theologian, sought to strengthen the Hebraic-prophetic

content of the Christian tradition,’ " id. at 71 (quoting

Reinhold Niebuhr, Introduction to WALDO FRANK , THE JEW


Mt:23:29: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous,


at 3, 4 (1944)), while Tillich argued that Chris-

tianity was "‘always in danger of losing her prophetic

spirit’" and therefore needed " ‘the prophetic spirit included

in the traditions of the synagogue,’" 


Rv:19:10: And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.


id. at 71-72 (quoting

unpublished Tillich manuscript quoted in A. R





(1949)). Niebuhr in particular saw the Hebrew prophets as

brothers in arms in combating the teachings of the Catho-

lic Church, which, by proclaiming the pope as the vicar of

Christ on earth, was " ‘inferior to Hebraic prophetism in

failing to observe a proper distinction between the divine

and the human.’ " Id. at 77 (quoting R



103 (1955)).

Catholics and Jews alike opposed this Protestant

construction of the "Judeo-Christian tradition." 

and Now all the daughter are rejoined to the whore


One Jesuit

theologian, John Courtney Murray, responded that Protes-

tantism, Catholicism, and Judaism were " ‘radically differ-

ent’ " religious traditions, none of which " ‘is reducible, or

perhaps even comparable, to any of the others.’ " Id. at 77


138 (1960)). Their co-existence in American society

was possible, not because of any common lineage, but

because of " ‘the articles of peace which are the religion-

clauses of the First Amendment.’ " Id. (quoting M



125). For their part, Jews concerned about maintaining

traditional teachings and practices saw the "Judeo-

Christian tradition" as another instance of Christians

supplanting the Torah, TALMUD BAVLI PERVERSION their most authoritative biblical

texts, by exalting the prophets. Thus, Jewish scholar

Bernard Heller praised Tillich’s love of " ‘the prophetic

spirit included in the tradition of the Synagogue,’ " but he

during worship. Readings from the prophetic books outnumber readings

from the Pentateuch by a margin of approximately three to one.


If you are sold out to the Dragon in Judeo Apostasy....REPENT In Jesus the Christ


On the doors of the Supreme Court, where the black robed "we are gods" sit



Looky....Looky saints in the order of Ezekiels Prophecy

Look at Washington DC's Blasphemy and TREASON

H. Res. 124

In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

March 1, 2005.

Whereas the 11th cycle of the daily learning of the 2,711 pages in the Babylonian Talmud, through the Daf Hayomi study program will culminate on March 1, 2005, the 20th day of Adar I 5765 in the Jewish calendar;

Whereas this will complete a formidable 7 1/2 year educational and daily study cycle introduced in 1923 at Agudath Israel's first International Congress in Vienna by Polish Rabbi Meir Shapiro, whose purpose was `to enhance the sense of unity of Jews worldwide';

Whereas Jews throughout the world will be celebrating joyously in honor of the celebration, including 120,000 Jews in North America, and more than 50,000 in 3 major locations in the New York area will be technologically and spiritually linked to hundreds of similar celebrations throughout the world;

Whereas the 10th Daf Yomi cycle was completed on September 28, 1997 with 26,000 people at Madison Square Garden linked by satellite to dozens of communities around the world;

Whereas the teachers and students of the Talmud have displayed the remarkable ability to take individual efforts and combine them in striving toward a common vision and goal; and

Whereas this monumental achievement in study, dedication, perseverance, and persistence is a lesson for contemporary society and for people of good will everywhere: Now, therefore, be it


    Resolved, That the House of Representatives congratulates the students and teachers of the Daf Yomi program on the occasion of their celebration of the completion of the 11th cycle of the Daf Hayomi, and wishes them well on beginning the 12th cycle.






And they already are getting their 2800 Goyim Slaves in ISREALHELL

White slave trade now earns US$1 billion annually in Israel.

A REPORT carried by the "News Israel" Hebrew website on the Internet on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 says that the total annual profits garnered from white slavery in Israel have reached the US$1 billion mark.

The website reported that the white slave trade has become a real industry in Israel.

The website noted that the figures on the industry were given today to the Speaker of the Knesset Ruby Rivlin by deputy Zahafa Galoun of the Parliamentary Investigations Committee.

The website reported that compiling the report took a period of four years during which the conditions of the white slave trade in Israel were observed. It became evident that the number of prostitutes who arrived in Israel rose from 3,000 to 5,000 women. The price of a woman in the prostitute market is between $8,000 and $10,000.

According to the report, the prostitute works from 14 to 18 hours each weak but receives only 20 shekels of the 120 shekels paid to the "owner of the lady." The report said that although there had been minor improvement in the fight against the white slave trade, and in spite of the massive efforts that the police and Zionist courts have made, the mafia running the trade continues to do so on a large scale and effectively.

The report urged Zionist courts to pass rulings that are more powerful and severe against the traffickers in white slaves, stiffening penalties for the masters and bosses in the trade.

This suggestion is exactly the same one offered by the latest report from the US State Department on the condition of women in the Zionist entity. That report said that tougher laws needed to be enacted after Israel had become the biggest center for the export of prostitutes in the world.

It is worthy of mention that the Zionist police force grants official and legal work permits to many brothels in Israel. It has become known that top officials in the Zionist police agencies own many of them


Is the Temple about to be destroyed to Make Room for the Building of the Third Temple of Doom by their soon to be REVEALED Moshiach ben satan that Son of Perdition?

Police to bar Temple Mt. gathering

Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco has decided to bar a massive Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple Mount by a group of ultra-nationalists opposed to the planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip following multiple intelligence warnings that such an event could prompt Palestinian violence at the bitterly contested holy site, police said Tuesday.

But organizers said that they were going ahead with the event, which is scheduled for April 10, setting the stage for a major show-down with police outside the Jerusalem site next month.

The ultra-nationalist organizers of the event had planned to bring up to 10,000 people to the Mount at one time, in an effort to pre-occupy police and the army, and take them away from Gaza.

Palestinians officials have denounced the campaign as a provocation, and have warned that such a visit could lead to a renewal of violence at the bitterly contested holy site.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said that an amalgamation of intelligence information has indicated that if the group enters the mount, there was a "real possibility" that violence would break out at the site.

Going to a boxing match and a Hockey game breaks out?

In response, campaign organizer David Ha'Ivri said that his group was going ahead with widely publicized plans to visit the site, and were not planning on canceling the event despite the police announcement.

Hundreds of Jewish and Christian sightseers peacefully visit the holy site on a daily basis during morning visiting hours.

Judeo-Churchians of their shemgods

But over the last six months, police and security officials have repeatedly warned of the possibility that Jewish extremists would attack the super-sensitive Jerusalem holy site as a way of sabotaging the planned summer pullout from Gaza.

The head of the domestic Shin Bet security service Avi Dichter has said that coupled with the possibility of an assassination attempt on the life of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,(see Rabin, Daniel 11)  the threat of an attack by Jewish extremists on the Temple Mount is of the highest concern among security officials, as Israel prepares to withdraw from Gaza.

In light of the threats, Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco recently ordered more patrols in and around the compound. Some 700 officers, including regular police, paramilitary border troops and undercover forces are regularly assigned to the Old City alone.

Police said Tuesday that they would further increase their forces outside the Jerusalem holy site on the day of the planned event in order to prevent any attempts of forced entry to the mount


Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall

Aholah the whore of the North Dan, the hassidim of the Bushkevik admenstruation, is attacking secular zion, Aholibah Judah, Sharons Government full force. The war in ISREALHELL will soon break out onto all the earth


Manhigut Yehudit Leader: Zionism is Over
16:09 Mar 29, '05 / 18 Adar 5765

"The era of Zionism has ended, and the State of Israel will soon be built upon Judaism." So said Moti Karpel, a leader of the Likud's Manhigut Yehudit faction, at the Jerusalem Conference on Monday.

announcing the Hoodlum haha and the Revealed Moshiach ben satan, false Christ.....but they shall fall in their vision of their Dragon

Karpel, a founder of the Manhigut movement and former editor of its bi-weekly publication, said that he notes the end of Zionism "not with joy, but rather with concern. If we don't find the way to deal with this, we are liable to deteriorate to destruction."

"Leaders are openly trampling on Zionism," he said. "They have no answers of substance... Zionism not only does not know how to deal with the problems, but it actually creates the problems. [For instance,] we don't have a real problem with the Arabs – the problem is caused only by the psychology of the Jews."

How does he view the future of the State of Israel? "In the future, the basis of the State will be Judaism. 

Talmudic Judaism

I am not referring to a religious state. I don't think that the entire nation can observe the Shulhan Arukh [the Code of Jewish Law], based on the current situation; it's not realistic. But most of the Jewish public recognizes its Jewish identity. There are certain mitzvoth [Torah commandments] that are considered 'mitzvot of identity' that obligate everyone to test the level of his Jewish identity."

To strengthen Israel's Jewish identity, Karpel said that the State of Israel must "imbue its youth with Jewish consciousness, and not to suffice merely with Zionist ideology. The basis of Zionist ideology has slipped away; it was relevant to specific conditions before and after the Holocaust

By Proxy.....we are gods saith the head shems


So see what they Do in ISREALHELL, and what they intend for all nations in their One World Odor, Hoodlum hoo haha of sanhedrin and the beasty boy Mooshiyuck

What Is A Jewish State

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Professor Paul Eidelberg

Before one can talk intelligently about a Jewish state, we need to define the modern concept of the “state” as well as the term “Jewish.”

A. Definitions 

1. The modern concept of the state originates with Machiavelli. The state is solely a product of human will. It is the supreme source of power, the power to make and execute the laws governing men. Hence the idea of the sovereign state excludes any authority above the state. But then the idea of a Jewish state is a contradiction in terms, for in Judaism God is the ultimate source of authority.

the Dragon of Talmudic Hasidic Jewry

2. Judaism rejects the notion of the sovereign state. The Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality are higher than the laws of any state. The great gentile philosopher-scientist Alfred North Whitehead said that the Jews were the first people to reject worship of the state.

instead chose the Golden Calf in the Valley of SIN

3. The highest purpose of the state – if it is democratic – is simply to maximize comfort and security. 

1Thes:5:3: For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


This, needless to say, is not the quintessential purpose of Judaism. 

Police state

The purpose of Judaism is built into its very name, Yehuda, which means to praise God. 

who say "we are as gods"

This is evident throughout the Tenach, especially in the Psalms of King David, and of course in every siddur. To praise God means to teach about His Torah, His ways, His infinite wisdom, power, and graciousness in every domain of existence. The Nation of Israel was created for this purpose.

Their Torah Mishnah of Talmud Bavli unto the "Robber" god.

The Nation of ISRAEL was indeed created for the Purpose of the WORD the Chooser, but these Jews who are not Israel chose this robber.

The Word was given unto another nation, spiritual ISRAEL who brought forth the fruits of that WORD

Those of you who are fallen away from that truth, are also of the Robber

4. Some people reject this idea. They prefer the conceptual confusion that reigns in Israel so that they can live as they please. Meanwhile, Jews are being murdered almost every day, and primarily because of this conceptual confusion. They think they live in a Jewish state. Let’s examine this state.

B. Is Israel a Jewish State?

1. According to Knesset law, “No act of legislation shall diminish the rights of the State, or impose upon it any obligation, unless explicitly stated” (Law and Administration Ordinance, 1948, Section 42, Explanatory Note). We see here that Israel is a state like any other state—sovereign. And yet Israel does not act like a sovereign state: it acts more like an American dependency? Let’s probe a little deeper.

An "Amarakan Danaaite Dependency of the Hasidim Talmudic Pharisees

a. Israel’s Knesset is all powerful—in theory. In fact, however, it is subservient to the Government. Some 40 members of the Knesset are ministers or deputy ministers in the cabinet. The ministers are party leaders who more or less determine the ranking of MKs on their party’s list. This is enough to make Knesset members subservient to the cabinet.

b. So weak is the Knesset that it has allowed the Government as well as the Supreme Court to ignore various Knesset laws. Here are some examples:

* All Government agreements with the PLO—Oslo (1993) and the Hebron and Wye Memoranda (1998)—are illegal, since the PLO is still listed in Israel’s Penal Law as a terrorist organization. Also illegal is the Sharm e-Sheikh Agreement (1999), which yielded eastern Jerusalem to the PLO despite the Knesset’s 1980 law declaring united Jerusalem Israel’s capital.

Do I hear Kol Nidre Double Cross?

* The Supreme Court ordered the Interior Ministry to recognize homosexual adoptions performed overseas, even though Israeli law does not recognize such adoptions; declared parental spanking a criminal offense, despite Knesset consensus to the contrary; nullified a law permitting the Film Censorship Board to ban pornographic movies by ruling that one man’s pornography is another man’s art.

2. What we see here is not the rule of law but the arbitrary rule of men. This is very different from the Torah. The Torah is a covenant to which G-d, as a party to this covenant, subordinates Himself. In other words, G-d subordinates Himself to the law of which He is the creator.

hahaahhahahahha the rib-eye argues with his g-d and always wins...hey I believe that, for the rib-eyes rabid, say in their laws they are gods....hahahahehhehehehhehe and surely their god they have made unto themselves is subordinate

Making the case for Sanhedrin's rule of the Hoodlum hoo haha

3. So what are we to say about the State of Israel? It is called a “Jewish state,” but this is a myth! Consider again its governing institutions:

a. The mode of electing the Knesset is not Jewish. The parliamentary electoral law makes the entire country a single district. Hence there are no multi-district or regional elections. Yet the idea of regional elections comes from the Torah. (See Deut. 1:13.)

b. Multi-party cabinet government is not Jewish. Jewish law requires that there be a single chief executive—a King or a President. (See Deut. 31:7 and Sanhedrin 8a.)

a Moshiach ben Satan

c. The Supreme Court is a self-perpetuating oligarchy that scorns the Jewish heritage by disregarding the Foundations of Law Act 1980, which was intended to make Jewish law “first among equals” vis-à-vis the various systems of jurisprudence employed by the court.

4. No one is happy with the present State of Israel. An April 2001 poll commissioned by Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg revealed that 88% of the public regards the Knesset as a mere haven for job-seekers. (To gain a more secure place on party lists, 29 MKs hopped over to rival parties before the 1999 Knesset elections!) Such a Knesset can hardly cultivate virtue and civic mindedness among Israel’s citizens.

Who has made the Father of Lies their father.

5. The State of Israel is a state of confusion.

of course for that Old devil is the author of confusion, but their plan of ordo ab chao will change nothing

 This is why it can’t solve Israel’s basic problems. As presently constituted and as construed by its Supreme Court, Israel is a multicultural society in which all ethnics groups are equal. This is why citizens of the State of Israel–­Jews as well as non-Jews­–are called “Israelis.” Indeed, Jews in this country are developing a split personality. Having been indoctrinated to believe that they, along with non-Jews, comprise the “Israeli people,” they have been psychologically deprived of the “Jewish” state. 

so by the coming head Nasi, it must be racially cleansed

see Hitler the head Nasi of that Generation to create zion

The State of Israel can only belong to the Jewish people when it derives its identity, its way of life, from the Torah. 

the perverted Tradition of Talmud Bavli Mishnah Torah

We must therefore jettison the modern concept of the state as something supreme. Logic and intellectual integrity requires us to define a Jewish state as one whose way of life is consistent with Jewish law and Jewish ethics.

Talmudic Law see US Treasonous Danaaite SUPREME COURT of Blasphemy

C. Would a Jewish State Be a Theocracy?

absolutely not, for the Robber" is no god


1. This is more a semantic (Shem-antics) than a substantive issue. If “theocracy” means a regime ruled by a church or by priests, Judaism is not theocratic. There is no church in Judaism, neither theologically, since there is no mediation between God and the individual Jew, nor institutionally, since there is no ecclesiastical hierarchy. If, however, the word “theocracy” is construed literally as the “rule of God,” then Judaism is theocratic, for God is the ultimate source of law and authority. But what does this mean operationally?


2. In Judaism no priesthood but only publicly tested scholarship can lay claim to any validity regarding the laws of the Torah. 

scribes of the Pharisees...beware


This means that the Torah belongs to every Jew, whether he is a Kohane, Levite, or Israelite. The Kohanim—the term is better translated as educators than as “priests:—never exercised any authority outside the domain of the Temple. There is no ruling class in Judaism. Who rules is based, first and foremost, on intellectual and moral qualifications: those who are most learned in the Torah and the sciences receive the highest honors.

Matthew 23:

1: Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples,
2: Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat:
3: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.
4: For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.
5: But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,
6: And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues,
7: And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.


3. Moreover, in Torah Judaism education is open to, and even required of, all members of the community. Thus, thousands of years before any democracy thought of providing education for all its citizens, all the people of Israel were being highly educated as a matter of course. (No less than Nietzsche said that the Jews brought reason to mankind.)

live long and prosper

4. In a mature Jewish community the center of gravity lies not in any ruling class but in the body of the people. Only it must be understood that the people, as Jews, have willingly subordinated themselves to the Torah, i.e., the laws of G-d. 

accepted the beast and his six pointed mark of his name Moshiach ben David and his you hear in Judea?


This is what is meant by a “kingdom of educators, and a holy nation” (Exod. 19:6)—a people wholly animated by the teachings of the Torah.

animated in Ezekiel 8, dig into the wall Ezekiel and see the abominations the seventy men who sit in Moses seat do


5. Because the Torah belongs to the people as a whole, no hierarchical power can impose any laws or policies or officials on a Jewish community without first obtaining its consent.

So "ALL the People must cry out, give us the king Robber to be over us" Crucify Jesus and let his blood be on our hands and our children" 

6. This should dispel the prejudice that a truly Jewish state would be a “theocracy,” a nation ruled by a priestly caste. In Judaism there is no “clergy” and no “laity.” Indeed, the most authentic form of Jewish leadership is that of the teacher, whose power is not political but intellectual and moral.

Nothing but flesh secularism humanism communism of Talmudism unto a non god with no PRIEST unto God and His Father

D. What Would an Authentic Jewish State Look Like?

1. Ethnicity

a. Today 25% of Israel’s Jewish population is orthodox and 55% is traditional. It should also be emphasized that that most “secularists” observe some of the national holidays. Nevertheless, it will take a generation of sound Jewish education—relating the Torah to all the sciences—before a majority of the Jews in Israel will be “religious.” By then, however, the term “religious” will be obsolete. Only in the galut is Judaism a religion.

the Lie of KOL Nidre, to beguille the unsuspecting sheep

In Israel, in another generation or two, Judaism will again be an all-embracing civilization. The Haredim—the ultra-Orthodox who have been unjustly maligned by ultra-secularists, the Hareidim who serve in hospitals that have gone on strike, the Hareidim who are the first to arrive at the bloody scene of suicide bombers to help the wounded and to collect body parts, the Hareidim, who have preserved the Jewish heritage during 2000 years of Jewish dispersion and who are now beginning to serve in the IDF—these denigrated ultra-Orthodox Jews are undergoing significant change and will be indistinguishable from other Jews in the near future. Even now a large percentage of our physicists, biologists, mathematicians, doctors, are observant Jews. However, Israel faces serious demographic dangers.


b. Only 72% of Israel’s present population is Jewish, and the Arab birthrate is twice that of Jews. Of every 100 immigrants, 75% is openly non-Jewish and many prefer to be registered as Christians. 30% of Russian Jewish immigrants marry non-Jewish Russian immigrants. At this rate, there won’t be a Jewish state in 20 years. Hence we must deal with the Arab demographic issue, which the Foundation of Constitutional Democracy has done in a separate policy paper.

Ethnic cleansing coming soon to an ISREALHELL nearest you

c. It should be obvious that a Jewish state must have an overwhelming majority of Jews. 

see USA of DAN


(How this may be accomplished was set forth in another Foundation paper.) Here we must ask what is a Jew if he doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t live according to the laws of the Torah? 

Why he is a Christ believing Goyim, what else

Contrary to widespread prejudice, 80% of Jewish law is civil and criminal law. As shown in my book Jewish Statesmanship, Jewish civil and criminal law is more rational and more humane than British, American, and Roman law. Here it should be pointed out that, in 1918, the Jewish Law Society, founded and run by secularists, advocated the adoption of Jewish law. These secular Jews understood that a state can’t be Jewish if its laws are not Jewish.

much more humane to decapitate them who do not bow to Talmudic Babylonian gods

d. Many nations have adopted various Jewish laws: severance pay; prompt payments of salaries to workers; prohibitions against slander; right to privacy laws; and the very notion of the rule of law. But these laws, in Israel, have been secularized, that is, they derive their rationale and authority not from the Torah and Talmud but from the decisions of men. In other words, G-d has been eclipsed in the supposed-to-be-Jewish state of Israel.

He was Crucified there


2. Religious Versus Secular Coercion

a. All laws involve coercion: tax laws, commercial regulations, and of course laws requiring public education till some specified age. The basic issue for thoughtful Jews is whether, in obeying these laws, they are obeying the will of men or the will of G-d.

b. If Israel is to be a Jewish state, all public officials will be required to take an oath of loyalty not to the State, as is currently done, but to Israel as a Jewish state.

c. In a Jewish “state,” yeshivot would not be compulsory, but the public school curriculum would include the basic sources of the Jewish heritage—the Torah and the Talmud—as well as Jewish history and Zionism. This would not be just another course or two in the curriculum. Judaism must be of central significance, else how can one cultivate among citizens and future leaders a sense of Jewish national pride and purpose? Youth need role models. Who can be better role models than the great men and women of the Tenach?

Jesus the Christ the LIFE Giver

d. Depending on the level of education, the Torah will be related to the sciences­–to astronomy, biology, anatomy, sociology, psychology, economics, government, etc., as is now being done by various scholars. For example, American physicists Nathan Aviezer (In the Beginning) and Gerald Shroeder (Genesis and the Big Bang) interface Torah and astronomy. Both teach in Israel. Also teaching in Israel, the South African physician, Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz (Living Inspired) applies Torah concepts to an understanding of human life. The American scholar, Nosson Slifkin (Seasons of Life), reveals an incredible harmony between the Jewish calendar and the natural cycle of the seasons and the lives of plants and animals.

e. Meanwhile, Jewish Statesmanship interfaces Torah and classical political science. It shows how to make Israel more democratic by means of Jewish principles, and how to make Israel more Jewish by means of democratic principles! 

Noahidic principles unto the Dragon

But it must be understood that Israel is first and foremost a Jewish state, not a democracy. In a Jewish state the democratic principles of freedom and equality will not be normless or morally neutral, as they are in secular democratic states. Freedom and equality will be derived from the idea of man being created in the image of God as stated in Genesis. These two principles will then have rational and ethical constraints, which they lack in secular democracies.

and will surely fail for they crucified and deny the Image of the invisible God the Father in Heaven, Jesus the Christ the image in which he made men.

3. The Structure of Government

a. Parliament. It will be bicameral. To preserve the Jewish character of the state, those who make the laws must be Jews. (The Japanese would understand this very well, for one must be an ethnic Japanese to elect and be elected to Japan’s democratic parliament.) Accordingly, the upper branch of Israel’s parliament, the Senate, will be elected by, and consist solely of, Jews. They will make the laws, which will be consistent with Jewish law adapted, as in the past, to contemporary economic and social conditions. The lower branch, the House of Representatives, will be open to Jews and non-Jews. It will exercise the function of administrative oversight, that is, it will have all the powers of the State Comptroller and will see that the laws are efficiently and honestly administered—something the present Knesset does not do. There will be no more fixed party lists, which allow MKs to ignore public opinion with impunity. Members of parliament will be individually elected by, and personally accountable to, the voters in constituency elections.

b. The Executive. A presidential system will replace multi-party cabinet government. No member of parliament will be in the cabinet.

false king Moshiach

c. The Judiciary. Judges of the Supreme Court will be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Consistent with the 1980 Foundations of Law Act, Jewish law will gradually become the law of the land. In the process the judges will become increasingly skilled in Jewish law. Eventually, there will be no need of rabbinical courts.

d. Public Administration. To promote efficient public administration, the role of cabinet ministries will be redefined. The government will give up functions better served by the private sector. Bureaucratic intrusion into the lives of citizens will be minimized, and the rights of citizens to hold administration accountable for mischief will be reinforced. Professionalism in the public service sector will be improved; high-quality staff will be added to the cabinet so that decisions can be made on the basis of research and analysis. The bureaucracy will be depoliticized. A national college will be established to train high-level managers.

here in "Amaraka" they have already achieved these laws of Talmudic Judaism

4. Jewish Economy

a. The Jewish state will acknowledge that man, endowed with reason and free will, has the right to private ownership of external goods. Accordingly, the State guarantees to pass no law attempting to abolish the right of private ownership or the general right to transfer, bequeath, and inherit property.

b. A Jewish State will recognize, however, that the right to private ownership ought to be regulated by the principles of Jewish ethics (such as that concerning honest weights and measures). Also, to protect the public, the State may limit by law the use one makes of private ownership (such as laws against monopolistic restraints on trade).

c. Just as a Jewish state diffuses political power (via a system of institutional checks and balances), so it will promote the diffusion of economic power. Today, the Government along with the Histadrut owns or controls roughly 90% of the country’s resources and assets. The worker in this statist or socialist economy is merely a wage-earner, as he is under a capitalist economy. Whether he will derive from his labor a “living wage” depends primarily on others. He can no more influence the decisions of the economic elite than of the political elite.

d. To diffuse economic power “privatization” is not enough. The predominant method of privatization today is first to select state-owned enterprises and then seek out existing investors, whether foreign or domestic, who can afford to purchase assets or shares of these enterprises. However, most people have little or no savings to invest. Privatization automatically channels most of the future ownership of divested state-owned enterprises to economically privileged groups or foreign interests. Privatization may thus replace one set of elites with another.

zionism is communism of Talmudism

e. Unless privatization is properly orchestrated, most people will still have to rely for their subsistence exclusively on wages and on other people’s income (US TAX PAYERS)  redistributed by government taxation. It so happens, however, that technological advances and the mobility of capital in an increasingly globalized economy can play havoc not only with wage-earners, but with corporations and even nations.

f. “Labor saving” technology together with lower wage markets (for example, Asia) are diminishing the relative economic value of human labor vis-à-vis capital or the means of production. Thinking computers are replacing people and millions of jobs in many industries and offices. More people are finding it difficult to gain an adequate income from wages or welfare. (One consequence of this trend, that is, of a “wage-based” economy, is that more and more mothers will have to find work outside the home to make ends meet. This is intolerable in a Jewish state.)

BUT not for the dumb GOYIM, who the Talmud Bavli says when they have their kingdom will work seven days a week as their slaves

g. Simply raising the worker’s wages is often not only impractical, but can be unjust as well. It may force a company to downsize, relocate its operations, or go out of business. To prevent the worsening gap between the rich and the poor, Israel will need to reform some of its basic economic institutions (e.g. capital credit, banking, and taxation) to promote economic empowerment and sustainable growth through broad-based capital ownership.

it ain't gona happen for mammon is the talmudic god

h. To this end the Foundation recommends the adoption, in carefully orchestrated stages, of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

Aesops fables

 By democratizing access to capital credit (to be repaid by future savings and company profits), workers could acquire ownership of income-producing assets in new or expanding or in the divestiture of state-owned or Histadrut-owned enterprises and land. Property income could then supplement income from wages. Also, faster rates of growth linked to expanded capital ownership would serve to overcome the resistance of Histadrut workers who fear that privatization will result in loss of job security, subsidized wages, and other benefits with little or nothing in exchange.

5. Personal Rights

a. The Jewish State guarantees the right of the citizens to express freely their convictions and opinions. However, the education of public opinion being a matter of such grave import to the common good, the State shall endeavor to ensure that organs of public opinion, such as television, radio, the press, the cinema, while preserving their rightful liberty of expression, including criticism of Government policy, shall not be used to undermine public order or morality or the authority of the Jewish state.

Double speak

b. The Jewish state shall guarantee the right of citizens to form associations and unions. Laws, however, may be enacted to regulate the exercise of this right in the public interest.

6. The Family

a. The Family is the heart of Judaism. It is the primary and fundamental unit group of the Jewish Nation, and as a moral institution possesses inalienable rights antecedent and superior to all positive law. The State, therefore, guarantees to protect the Family in its constitution and authority, as the necessary basis of social order and as indispensable to the welfare of the Nation.

b. The mother is the moral mainstay of the family. The State shall, therefore, endeavor to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labor to the neglect of the family.

c. The family is the primary and natural educator of the child. The State therefore guarantees to respect the inalienable right and duty of parents to provide, according to their means, for the religious and moral, intellectual, physical and social education of their children.

d. Parents shall be free to provide this education in their homes or in private schools or in schools recognized or established by the State.

e. The State shall not oblige parents in violation of their conscience and lawful preference to send their children to schools established by the State, or to any particular type of school designated by the State. The State shall, however, as guardian of the Nation, require, in view of actual conditions, that children receive a certain minimum Jewish education—moral, intellectual, social, and scientific.

f. The State shall provide for free primary education and shall endeavor to supplement and give reasonable aid to private and corporate educational initiative, and, when the public good requires it, provide other educational facilities or institutions with due regard, however, for the rights of parents, especially in the matter of religious and moral formation.


Needless to say, the preceding discussion is little more than a snapshot of a Jewish state. Such subjects as Jewish law and Jewish education require elaboration, for which purpose one may consult the author’s books on Jewish philosophy mentioned on the cover page. A basic purpose of these books is to reveal the greatness of the Jewish heritage and thereby elevate Jewish national pride, a precondition of Israel’s survival as a Jewish state.



Jerusalem Waiting for Salvation

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

In the marketplace
Museum of antiquities
The Old City in Jerusalem
Crowded with sightseers
Soothsayers, charlatans
Hypocrites and the like
I wandered through alley
Ways mingled with merchants
Drank hot honey & spice tea
In stone arched vestibules
Musty with incense
Bartered handcrafted wares
Bargain prices everywhere
Pottery, silver and gold
Icons, headscarves hued
Purples and reds,
Yellow, black and brown
White races mingled with mahogany
Chairs, tables, shelves
Overburdened with rosaries
Saints, sinners blended in nicely
In a cavalcade of languages
Uttered thoughtlessly
As a handshake among strangers
Miracles happen while waiting
For the graceful encounter
With the crescent, cross
The menorah reminder
Of the Vision of Zechariah
The light of nations
Is not by might,
Nor by power
But by God's spirit
Fish, bread and wine
Greco-Roman remnants
Traditions co-mingled
Past the Israeli soldier
Watching standing fast
Machine gun ready
With his black
Brimmed hat
Long coated
By his side
Waiting impatiently
Pale gaze fixed
On the timed
Of Jewish control
True believers
In Entitlement
Over all they survey
Though Arabic since
Ages past
Before the word
Jew was invented
Time freezes
In Jerusalem
As the millennia
Swirl past
As hell bent
David's Star
As brightly
As the Christian soldiers
Crossed the Rubicon
Marched onward
Gang up
On Jerusalem's doorstep
Sealed with Solomon's
The endless knot
Of common humanity
To exclusive
In the Words
Of the Muslim greeting
"Assalaam Alaikum"
Be on you


Stand Firm in Jesus the Christ the ONLY IAM

and death by decapitation........

An article in The Australian Jewish News says: CHRISTIANS have to make a choice - "either retain their present belief system and be antisemitic or form a partnership with the Jewish people." This is the view of Bar-Ilan University's Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, who is active in Jewish-Christian dialogue and in encouraging modern Christianity to return to its Jewish roots by observing the Seven Noahide Laws.

"As long as Christians keep Jesus as God, they will be antisemitic because that belief must lead them to believe that those who reject Jesus reject God," he told the Australian Jewish News. "That's how the process of satanising the Jews began. That belief is the root cause of 1,500 years of the Christian idolatrous antisemitism which led to the Holocaust."


By their satanic Proxy


I wanna get in on the Blue

An Exchange With a Missionary

Note: It is generally not advisable to engage in conversation with missionaries. Sometimes, it may be unavoidable...

"Jews for Jesus" Missionary: Rabbi, do you know that you will only be saved when you accept Jesus as the Messiah?

Rabbi Moss: Really? Do you really believe that I am doomed if I don't accept Jesus?

J4J: Of course. He died for our sins. If you don't accept him, your sins remain yours. And we all sin, don't we?

All flesh is corrupted

RM: Sure. So, let's say I never accept Jesus, what will happen to me?

Straight to Hell no pass go no collect heaven

J4J: You will be punished for your sins.

RM: You mean I'll go to Hell?

J4J: Well, yeah.

RM: But I assume you'll go to Heaven, because you have accepted Jesus, right?

Not only accepted Jesus, but KNOW he is the IAMHE, the First and the Last Alpha Omega beginning and Ending, the redeemer since the beginnier the WORD which hath created everything who Created Man in that Image he came the Image of the Father no man has ever seen. God and His Father who has inherited his Fathers Kingdom, that you REJECT and DENY, for a robber god whom you have chosen. The God of Abraham, the same WORD Abraham believed since the beginning the same WORD Isaac and Jacob believed for they knew not YWVH

J4J: Very good rabbi! And I'm still Jewish, too. My grandparents died in the Holocaust.

RM: Your grandparents were Jewish?

J4J: Yes.

RM: And they were killed by the Nazis?

Nasi of the generation, the theosophist student of the Qabalist Blavatsky Jewess, take from prison, financed for the anti-Shematism of the management of the "Lesser Jews", to create zion and the aliya from Europe, all by Proxy

J4J: Yes.

RM: You know, many of the Nazis were believing Christians.

J4J: Yeah, but not all Christians are...

RM: Of course, most Christians despise Nazism. But let me ask you: According to your beliefs, the Jewish victims of the Nazis - your grandparents, one million children, and millions of others - where are their souls now?

J4J: Well... they're...

RM: You can tell me, this is an open discussion.

J4J: They're in Hell.

RM: And the Nazis who murdered them, those who did believe in Jesus, where would they be now?

any who murders, for any reason what so ever is of the murderer since the beginning. For that whore city Jerusalem is the one Responsible for all who are slain upon the earth. The true Believer in Christ Jesus murders no man for any reason for we are ambassadors of LIFE Eternal, in Jesus the Christ

J4J: Well, they're in Heaven. Jesus would have forgiven them. Jesus is about love, not...

RM: Love?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but you represent an organisation that believes that vicious murderers are rewarded in Heaven and their innocent victims are punished in Hell. In your worldview, no matter how cruel and barbaric someone is in their lifetime, they'll be fine in the afterlife, as long as they say they accept Jesus. And you want to present this as a valid and respectable ideology, suitable for Jews to believe!? I think the morality is a bit twisted there.


J4J: I'll pray for you, rabbi. One day you'll see the truth. And you'll join us.

 call no man rabbi, for their is only one Master even Jesus the Christ

RM: I hope not. Hell doesn't sound so bad after all, if I'll be with your grandparents and all the other holy Jewish martyrs. And I'm not so sure I'd want to be in Heaven with guys who think like you!

and out of your own mouth it comes



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The Revelation of Jesus the Christ the LORD God and His Father

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