And but of course, Finally we get to............

Ribeye Schneeeeeeerson

In my opinion he is one of the rib-eyes in between the bears teeth who has devoured much flesh, this Bolshevik Sofiet Talmudic Wizard.


This Rabbi elaborates on the Talmud Bavli Bereshit. - MA'ASEH BERESHIT; MA'ASEH MERKABAH
... case, then, is the entire cosmogony included in the term "Ma'aseh Bereshit," but
only its more mystic aspects, nor can all the passages of the Talmud and the ...


"After I explained that the Rebbe is the leader of the entire Jewish people, and that every individual Jew’s pain is the Rebbe’s pain, he agreed to write a letter that very night." Sheinerman.

"I assumed I would be meeting a Chassidic rabbi whose only field of expertise was in the realm of Torah.
I was astounded when the Rebbe began to talk about defense issues so authoritatively one would have thought he was a general in the IDF!" Sheinerman.


Arik Sheinerman and none other than the Tzaddik Menachem Mendel Schneerson whom had the Pimp of the Whore of Satan, George H. W. Bush sign into Public Law 102-14 Obedient Goyim Noachide under the Babylonian Talmudic coming ......

Moshiach ben Satan.

Olam Ha Ba

" New World Order"

Obedient Goyim Noachides

Will Bow down to

Moshiach Ben Satan when he is revealed or be beheaded, why? because it's the Law. Either you hold firm for the testimony for the Lord of Lords Jesus Christ, in the court of truth, or you bear witness to the murderer. Your choice.

Ariel Sharon & the Rebbe MH"M
(The Rebbe’s Letters translated by Rabbi Zushe Kohn)

After 28 years of outstanding military service and 25 years in the political arena, Ariel Sharon has been elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel. * How a family tragedy led to a warm relationship and a decades-long correspondence with the Rebbe MH"M. * Sharon’s life saved by a miracle. * Exclusive to Beis Moshiach. * Part 1

Ariel Sharon is the kind of person who is always at the center of the fray. Wherever he has been he has left behind a long trail of avowed loyalists – and sworn enemies. What he has never done, however, is left people indifferent. It is doubtful if any other personality in the history of the State of Israel has aroused fewer passions, both positive and negative.

Ariel Sheinerman was born on Sept. 27, 1928 in Kfar Mala, a small agricultural moshav near Tel Aviv, where he spent his childhood like any other Mapai’nik. The Sheinerman family lived in a very modest bungalow, the sun beating down on the roof in summer and the rain seeping through the cracks in winter.

Sharon was all set to follow in his father’s footsteps and study agronomy in Rechovot (he later studied history at Hebrew University and earned a law degree from Tel Aviv University) when the War of Independence intervened. The young fighter earned many decorations as a platoon leader.

In the early 1950’s, attacks by Arab fedayeen were becoming commonplace. Terrorists were routinely infiltrating into Israel, attacking settlements and murdering innocent Jews. This is when the fabled Unit 101, an elite commando anti-terrorist squad came into being. As part of this secret military operation, Arik Sharon would track the terrorists back to their homes over the border and dispense justice. Unit 101 was a great source of pride in Eretz Yisroel, and struck fear into the hearts of the Arabs. Its exploits assumed almost mythological proportions, and raised morale throughout the country.

A few years later, Arik Sharon was appointed commander of the Golani Brigade, whose acts of reprisal eventually led to the Sinai Campaign. Sharon, as head of the army’s parachutists, led the first attack of its kind in Israeli history.

Sharon would later serve in many other important military capacities, from head of the armored corps to director of training. During the Six-Day War his name was associated with another famous encounter, the battle of Abu Agila in the Sinai Peninsula. This was the turning point that effectively opened up the path to the Suez Canal.

It was not an easily won battle. The 90 Egyptian (Russian) tanks vastly outnumbered the forces under Sharon’s command. Even before their parachutes landed, the Israelis came under heavy fire, forcing them to retreat. At that point Sharon decided to try a multi-pronged attack that would combine ground forces, armored tanks, and parachutists. It was an extremely intense and bloody encounter, but within hours the Sinai desert was controlled by the IDF. The Israelis’ maneuvers, masterminded by Ariel Sharon, are still studied by military experts around the world.

It was shortly after the Six-Day War in 1967 when a small group of Chabad Chassidim from Yerushalayim set up a t’fillin stand in front of the newly-liberated Kosel. Among the tens of thousands of Jews who would put on t’fillin, many for the first time, was Ariel Sharon, an event that was immortalized by photographers and journalists. Among those present that day was Rabbi Chaim Gutnick from Australia, who happened to be visiting in Israel. When Rabbi Gutnick had a yechidus with the Rebbe not long afterward, he told him about having seen Sharon. "Nu, and what happened next?" the Rebbe asked. Rabbi Gutnick later transcribed the entire yechidus, and copies were distributed in Kfar Chabad. One of these transcripts made its way to Rabbi Yitzchok Gansburg, who kept it on his desk as a reminder to follow up on the connection with Ariel Sharon.

Unfortunately, a terrible tragedy took place in the Sharon household only a few weeks later. Ariel Sharon was at home in Tzahala with his two sons, Omri and Gur, when all of a sudden a shot rang out, followed by a scream…

"Gur was 11 years old," his father later recalled. "Just minutes before, he had walked into my room, given me a mock salute, and announced that he was going outside to play. I was on the telephone when I heard the shot. I walked outside and found him on the ground, blood pouring from a wound over his eye. I picked him up and ran. All I could do was stand outside and wait for someone to come by and offer me a lift, as my own car wasn’t there that day. I could see that he was dying in my arms. We made it to the infirmary, and from there we went to Tel HaShomer.

"This is something a person thinks that he can never overcome, that it is impossible to ever recover from and continue on with your life. At that moment, your whole world is destroyed. I thought so, too. It was very, very difficult. In the beginning, you are reliving that moment thousands of times a minute. The pain is constant and unrelenting, and you keep asking yourself the same questions over and over again. What could I have done differently? The pain never goes away. It is always there – you carry it around on your back wherever you go. But people are tested all the time. Some people are able to withstand even the very worst trials and continue to function. I was fortunate to have the strength to do this."

When Rabbi Gansburg heard about the accident he decided to visit Sharon to be menachem avel. As he recalls:

"When I got there it was early evening. Arik’s house was filled with army generals, including Chief of Staff Yitzchok Rabin. I sat down, and a few minutes later Arik walked into the room. As soon as he saw me he called me over into a side room and asked me what I, as a religious person, thought about the tragedy.

"I said to him, ‘Look, I’m only a simple Jew. I don’t know what to tell you. The only thing I suggest is that you write to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. (The Tzaddik Rabbi Mendel Menachem Schneerson) He will give you the right answers.’

"Up until then Arik had no connection with the Rebbe, and he didn’t understand why he should suddenly write him a letter. But after I explained that the Rebbe is the leader of the entire Jewish people, and that every individual Jew’s pain is the Rebbe’s pain, he agreed to write a letter that very night. I told him I would come back the following morning to pick it up."

The next day Rabbi Gansburg arrived in Tzahala with several other Lubavitchers. This second visit to Sharon was described in a letter Rabbi Gansburg wrote to his friend Rabbi Yisroel Leibov:

"…Now we get to the reason why I am writing to you so urgently: Surely you remember Rabbi Gutnick’s yechidus in which the Rebbe mentioned Ariel Sharon, the famous military commander. Right before Rosh HaShana his son was playing with a hunting rifle when it accidentally went off and killed him. It was a terrible tragedy, even more so because Sharon’s first wife was killed in a car accident several years ago. I decided that we should pay him a consolation call as representatives of Kfar Chabad.

"We went there yesterday: Chefer, Maidanchik, Z. Levin, Peles, Meizlish, and myself. The house was full of high-ranking officers, including Mordechai Hod, General A. Yaffe, Meir Artzi, Chaim Bar Lev, and a few members of Knesset. First we davened Maariv and Sharon said Kaddish. Then he gave us his complete attention, and swallowed up everything Chefer told him. You could see that they were really connecting. He told us that his son Gur had a real Chassidic neshama. We left him a tallis and t’fillin and a small siddur. On the way out, his close friend Zev Amit walked us to the door and told us that Arik had been looking forward to our return visit. When we told him that the Rebbe had spoken about him during yechidus, he said that he had been very emotionally aroused while standing at the Kosel. Before we left he asked us to please ask the Rebbe to write him a few words of encouragement, as the tragedy had affected him to the depths of his being. So please speak to Rabbi Hodakov about this, and the sooner the better."

The Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach (presumed Moshiach before his death in 1993)sent Sharon more than just a few words. The following letter of consolation, found on page 2 of Volume 25 of the Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh, was the beginning of a decades-long correspondence:


(Free translation.)


By the Grace of G-d

13 Tishrei, 5728

Brooklyn, NY

To Mr. Ariel Sharon,

Greetings and blessing!

I was deeply grieved to read in the newspaper about the tragic loss of your tender son, may he rest in peace. We [human beings]  (Jews, Goyim excluded) cannot fathom the ways of the Creator. During a time of war and peril you were saved – indeed, you were among those who secured the victory for our nation, the Children of Israel, against our enemies, in which "the many were delivered into the hands of the few, etc." – yet, during a time of quiet and in your own home, such an immense tragedy occurred! But if it is not surprising that a small child cannot comprehend the ways of a great, venerable, and elderly sage, even though it is only a finite gulf that separates them, then it is certainly not surprising that a created being cannot comprehend the ways of the Creator, Who is infinitely transcendent.


Obviously, the aforesaid does not come to minimize the hurt and pain in any way. Despite the vast *distance between us, I wish to express my sympathies.

*Schneerson in US


At first glance it would appear that we are distant from one another not only geographically, but also – or even more so – in terms of being unfamiliar, indeed, unaware of each other, until the Six Day War, when you became famous and celebrated as a commander and defender of our holy land and its inhabitants, and as a person of powerful abilities. G-d, blessed be He, shined His countenance upon you and granted you success in your activities – indeed a victory of unexpected proportion.

But on the basis of a fundamental, deeply rooted, Jewish principle, namely, that all Jews are kindred, the fame that you received served to reveal something that existed even before, i.e., the interconnectedness of all Jews, whether of the Holy Land or of the Diaspora. It is this interconnectedness that spurred me to write the abovementioned words to you and your family.

Another factor that motivated me to write this letter is the great arousal that you affected in the hearts of many of our Jewish brethren when you put on t’fillin at the Western Wall, (Jupiter Wall) (Wailing for Tammuz) an act which merited great publicity and echoed powerfully and positively into the various stratums of our nation, both in places near and far.

An element of solace – indeed, more than just an element – is expressed in the ritual blessing, hallowed by scores of generations of Torah and tradition among our people: ‘May the Omnipresent comfort you among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.’

At first glance, the connection between the mourner to whom this blessing is directed and the mourners of Jerusalem’s destruction appears to be quite puzzling. In truth, however, they are connected, for as mentioned, the main consolation embodied by this phrase is in its inner content, namely, that just as the grief over Tzion and Yerushalayim is common to all the sons and daughters of our people, Israel, wherever they may be (although it is more palpable to those who dwell in Jerusalem and actually see the Western Wall and the ruins of our Holy Temple, ( How, when even the foundations were destroyed as according to Jesus Christ the Lord of Host)   than to those who are far away from it, nonetheless, even those who are far, experience great pain and grief over the destruction) so is the grief of a single individual Jew or Jewish family shared by the entire nation. For, as the Sages have taught, all of the Jewish people are one composite structure.

Another point and principle, expressing double consolation, is that just as G-d will most certainly rebuild the ruins of Tzion and Yerushalayim and gather the dispersed of Israel from the ends of the earth through our righteous Moshiach, so will He, without a doubt, remove the grief of the individual, fulfilling the promise [of resurrection] embodied by the verse, ‘Awaken and sing, you who repose in the dust.’ Great will be the joy, the true joy, when all [Jews, both of the present and past] will be rejoined at the time of the Resurrection of the Dead.


Jesus will gather all who held firm for his Name, His seed. The Moshiach ben Satan will be destroyed and all who worshipped after him. The seed of Israel, Isaac, and Abraham will be gathered, the tribes of Israel.


Ezek:22:20: As they gather silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave you there, and melt you.

Ezek:22:21: Yea, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst thereof.

Ezek:39:17: And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood.

Hosea:10:10: It is in my desire that I should chastise them; and the people shall be gathered against them, when they shall bind themselves in their two furrows.

Joel:3:2: I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Joel:3:11: Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye heathen, and gather yourselves together round about: thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O LORD.

Micah:1:7: And all the graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces, and all the hires thereof shall be burned with the fire, and all the idols thereof will I lay desolate: for she gathered it of the hire of an harlot, and they shall return to the hire of an harlot.

Micah:4:11: Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.

Micah:5:1: Now gather thyself in troops, O daughter of troops: he hath laid siege against us: they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek. 

Zeph:2:1: Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;

Zeph:3:8: Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the LORD, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.


Zech:12:3: And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Zech:14:2: For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city. 

Zech:14:14: And Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth of all the heathen round about shall be gathered together, gold, and silver, and apparel, in great abundance


and when they are all ingathered, the Lord Jesus Christ shall throw the match to the fuel.


Israel is not reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ until his coming. Jesus the Lord of Host has nothing to do with the Lubavitch Chabad of the Babylonian Talmud, the sons of the synagogue of Satan.

Back to letter from presumed Moshiach to wanna be Moshiach....


There is yet a third point: Just as in regard to Tzion and Yerushalayim, the Romans – and before them, the Babylonians – were given dominion only over the wood and stone, silver and gold of the Temple’s physical manifestation but not over its inner, spiritual essence, contained within the heart of each and every Jew – for the gentile nations have no dominion over this and it stands eternally – so too regarding the mourning of the individual, death dominates only the physical body and concerns of the deceased person. The soul, however, is eternal; it has merely ascended to the World of Truth. That is why any good deed [performed by the mourner] that accords with the will of the Giver of life, G-d, blessed be He & (Temporary he be) adds to the soul’s delight and merit, and to its general good.

May it be G-d’s (God) will that henceforth you and your family should know no hurt and pain, and that in your actions in defense of our Holy Land, the land which G-d’s eyes are upon from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, and in your observance of the mitzva of t’fillin – and one mitzva brings another in its wake – you will find comfort.

With esteem and blessing.

The letter was not sent directly to Sharon, but was delivered to him through Rabbi Gansburg, who received the following message from the Rebbe’s secretariat: "In answer to your letter, enclosed is a letter from Kvod K’dushas Admur shlita to Mr. Ariel (Arik) Sharon. As not many personal details are known about the addressee, exactly when and how to deliver the letter is left to your discretion. Please keep us posted, and thank you in advance."

Rabbi Gansburg returned to Sharon’s house in Tzahala for a third time, accompanied by several elder Chassidim. He gave him the Rebbe’s letter, and spent a long time discussing it with him.

This visit was described in a letter Rabbi Gansburg wrote to the Rebbe in MarCheshvan of 5728 (fall of 1967): "I received the Rebbe’s letter to Arik Sharon on Friday. After we visited him during the Shiva, Shlomo Maidanchik stayed in touch with him. On Erev Sukkos we brought him the arba minim. This past Friday, I went to him with R’ Dov Chein and brought him lekach and mashkeh. He put on t’fillin, and at the end of our conversation we invited him to Kfar Chabad for a Shabbos or at least a Motzaei Shabbos. When I received the letter from the Rebbe I told him I would give it to him when he came on Motzaei Shabbos, but as his wife was sick, he asked us to come to him instead. I made the trip with Shlomo Maidanchik. Sharon read the letter very carefully and we discussed it for an hour and a half. When we left, it was on condition that we meet again. (Incidentally, he said that we could publicize the letter if we wished.)"

From that point on, Sharon’s encounters with Chabad Chassidim became more frequent. At first Rabbi Gansburg informed the Rebbe every time they met. Later, this was taken over by Shlomo Maidanchik, with whom Sharon still enjoys a close relationship.

It was around that time that the Jewish Agency sent Sharon to the United States. When Rabbi Gansburg heard about the impending trip, he suggested to Sharon that he take the opportunity to meet the Rebbe in person.

Sharon was very emotional in describing his first yechidus when he returned to Israel. "Before I went in to the Rebbe," he told Rabbi Gansburg, "I assumed I would be meeting a Chassidic rabbi whose only field of expertise was in the realm of Torah. I was astounded when the Rebbe began to talk about defense issues so authoritatively one would have thought he was a general in the IDF!

"One of the topics that came up during the yechidus was the battle for Kalkiliya. The Rebbe asked me why eight soldiers had fallen. When I explained to the Rebbe that we had had to cross a certain wadi where the enemy had been lying in wait, the Rebbe said, ‘But why did you have to go through that wadi? Surely you could have approached the city from another direction…’ The Rebbe then drew up a diagram of how we should have gone about capturing Kilkiliya, as if he had consulted the most detailed military map of the region!

"Then the Rebbe started talking about the different kinds of weapons in use by the Israeli forces. In this area, too, I was shocked by his knowledge. The Rebbe even asked me why we were using a certain gun instead of superior model. The Rebbe was so thoroughly familiar with all our military vehicles it was as if he was receiving daily intelligence updates!"


Wonder who was giving the dear Rabbi his information? Could it have been the Mossad planted in the Pentagon?


On the 29th of Sivan 5728, the Israeli newspaper Maariv ran an article about this first encounter between the Rebbe and Sharon:

"This past Thursday, General Sharon had a very instructive meeting with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The meeting began at 1:00 a.m. and concluded at 3 in the morning. The Rebbe had invited Sharon to his yeshiva, and when Sharon’s taxi pulled up in the middle of that rainy night, it was immediately surrounded by dozens of people. At first the driver thought he was being attacked by robbers, but eventually discovered that this was a friendly greeting. The Lubavitcher Rebbe demonstrated an unusual degree of knowledge about Israel’s military, security and politics, as well as international relations, particularly the goings-on in Washington. Washington. Washington. The Rebbe also showed an extremely detailed knowledge of the battles of the Six-Day War.

"‘Our greatest mistake,’ the Rebbe told General Sharon, ‘would be to withdraw from our new borders… We must stop trying to please the gentiles. This approach has never helped and it will never help. There must be no hesitation on the part of Israel. We must uproot the exile from Eretz Yisroel.’

"The Rebbe added, ‘If the government were to decide that the newly-liberated territories should be settled, and issued a call to world Jewry to that end, I am sure that a half-million young Jews would respond to the challenge.’

"Regarding the various solutions now being put forward involving either the full or partial withdrawal of Israel, the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that these plans are liable to cause a worsening of tensions in the future. ‘These are solutions that defy the natural order,’ the Rebbe declared. In his opinion, the current borders of Israel are its natural borders.


Isa:48:22: There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked. 


"The Rebbe added painfully that everything that goes on in the Israeli government is immediately known to the world at large. ‘Why doesn’t the Israeli army state its opinion [about the borders] forcefully?’ he asked General Sharon. ‘It’s a political issue…’ Sharon replied. The Rebbe responded with a dismissive wave of the hand. ‘It is not a political issue; it is a matter of security. I believe in full faith that we can and must settle the territories.’

"By 3:00 a.m. the rain had turned into a full-fledged storm. The Rebbe bid goodbye to General Sharon, who was immediately surrounded by yeshiva students who begged him to reveal what the Rebbe had said."

In an interview with Kfar Chabad magazine, Sharon provided additional details of that first yechidus: "I was very surprised that a religious rabbi, a Rebbe, could understand military matters so well. The Rebbe looked at me with his piercing gray eyes, and I felt warm. I remember that I asked him to exert pressure on the Soviet Union. This was at a time when the Russians were trying to obtain economic support from the United States. I figured that the only ones who could do it were the Rebbe and his Chassidim. Weren’t they the only ones who had maintained the connection with Soviet Jewry after the Russian revolution?

"But the Rebbe refused my request. He told me that it wouldn’t take long until the gates of the Soviet Union were opened. 


Recon How Rabbi knew this? Could it have been because Reagan who first instituted the Public Law 102-14 which George H. W. Bush signed into a Federal Statute, told him, or could it have been the other way around?


We have to be very careful with the Russians, he said. At that time, Russia was going through a very difficult period under Brezhnev. One can never predict how the Soviets will react, the Rebbe explained. I remember thinking that what the Rebbe was saying sounded impossible. But evidently anything is possible, and the Rebbe was right as always.

"One of the most important areas in which I have been influenced by the Rebbe is his concern for Jewish education around the world. (102-14 disguised as Public Education Day) Even though I wouldn’t define myself as a religious Jew, I am a Jew, and to me that’s the most important thing. The Rebbe told me how much he worries about the Jewish people. To me, giving children a Jewish education is very, very important."

Another account of this yechidus is found in an article written by R.M. Rodnitzky in the Israeli newspaper She’arim, dated August 8, 1968 and entitled "The Admur and the General":

"The first thing General Sharon did upon returning to Israel was to visit Kfar Chabad, where he personally conveyed the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s greetings…

"The general had met with the Admur during his recent visit to New York. In order to be given an appointment for yechidus, it is often necessary to wait a long time. The Rebbe is extremely busy and rarely sleeps even three hours a night, due to the sheer number of people wishing to see him. Nonetheless, the general was given preference and allowed to enter. It is said that the two had much to talk about, and their meeting continued well into the early hours of the morning. When they parted, it was with a feeling of close friendship and strong emotion.

"When the general was in Kfar Chabad to convey the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s greetings to his Chassidim, he related an interesting anecdote. As Sharon was about to leave 770, the Rebbe had asked him not to board the plane he was supposed to take back to Israel, but to switch to an earlier flight. The general did not understand the Rebbe’s intention, but he did not wish to refuse his request and he agreed.

"A few days later, after Sharon was safely back in Israel, that same plane – the one he was originally scheduled to be on – was hijacked to Algeria. All of its Jewish passengers were taken captive, while the non-Jewish ones were allowed to leave. According to some women who were released, the Arab hijackers were looking for ‘someone important,’ and they were angry when they realized that he wasn’t aboard. As was later revealed, the entire incident was a carefully planned operation to kidnap the most reviled object of hatred of Israel’s enemies, General Ariel (Arik) Sharon, whose military exploits have long been a thorn in their side. Unaware that he had already returned to Israel, they had hoped to snatch him off the hijacked plane.


Using the CIA?


"The Chassidim of Kfar Chabad were astounded by the story, even though they are already used to hearing about the Rebbe’s miracles…"

A slightly different version of this story is recorded in issue #685 of Kfar Chabad magazine. A few days after the hijacking Rabbi Yehoshua Kling, chief rabbi of Lyons, France and later of Nice, had had a yechidus with the Rebbe. As he related to the magazine, he had asked the Rebbe why, if he had known in advance that the plane would be hijacked, he hadn’t warned everyone else to avoid the flight, too.

The Rebbe had answered that when Ariel Sharon was with him in yechidus, he did not know about any future hijacking. He had, however, noticed that Sharon kept looking at his watch, and when he asked him why, Sharon replied that he was in a hurry to get to the airport. "Is there only one plane?" the Rebbe asked him. "Why don’t you stay with me a little longer and take another flight?" The Rebbe then explained in characteristic humility to Rabbi Kling, "I was the emissary of the Holy One, Blessed be He."

The Rebbe had also added, "When a Jew is with me in yechidus, all of me is given over and connected to him. When I told Sharon to stay, I was prophesizing but did not know what I was prophesizing. During a yechidus, I say what I am told from Above to say. Thus in effect, I didn’t know why it was so important to me for Sharon not to board that flight…"

* * *

After the Six-Day War, the public debate began over what to do with the territories that were now part of Eretz Yisroel: Yehuda, Shomron, and the Gaza Strip. Leftists and rightists argued over whether or not these areas should be settled by Jews, as a means of preventing their future recapture (G-d forbid) by Israel’s enemies.

In an interview with Kfar Chabad magazine (issue #935) Sharon described a yechidus he had with the Rebbe around that time: "The Rebbe mentioned the situation in Yerushalayim, Yehuda and Shomron, and Nachalat Chabad in Chevron. I had asked the Rebbe to send his Chassidim to settle there, but the Rebbe (and Chabad in general) didn’t like mixing into things that were liable to cause tension and dissent among Jews. Aside from that, the Rebbe had recently sent me an interesting line in a letter: ‘What would happen if a fight were to break out between a Jewish boy and an Arab boy – whose side would the government take?’ You have to remember that the situation then was not the same as it is today. This was 30 years ago, right after the Six-Day War. No one imagined that we would ever arrive at our present predicament. Except for the Rebbe, who foresaw it clearly."

The letter Sharon was referring to actually covers a wide array of topics relating to Israel’s security, diplomatic relations, and internal politics. Although written 32 years ago, every word is as valid today as it was then:


(Printed in Volume 25 of the Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh, page 169)

In response to your letter: As we discussed at length when you were here [to see me], I am of one mind with you that the territories that were freed [from Arab possession during the Six-day War, must not be returned]. To my regret however, I do not agree with you that the small reaction on the part of the Israeli public against such returns will affect any change in the position of the authoritative government bodies [who maintain that they should be returned]. According to the information I’ve received – from sources that have thus far been reliable – there hasn’t been any practical change at all, in the position of the above mentioned groups. If only the small reaction on the part of the Israeli public would at least affect these groups to change their position – which although unofficial is nevertheless being implemented – on maintaining the Arab character of Yerushalayim’s Old City [by forbidding Jews from settling there]. (They explain their position by claiming that it is important to maintain the status-quo and keep this part of the city [empty of Jews], just as it had been at the time of its capture last year. To utilize the conquest to impose something upon the inhabitants, would be "unfair and unjust," they claim.) The obvious consequence of this position [is that the Old City remains uninhabited by Jews]. This state of affairs is reinforced by the government’s opinion that they are fulfilling their responsibility to the Jews, by allowing them to settle near the [Old] City.

Obviously, I write these words to you in an unofficial and personal manner, for I normally do not speak disparagingly of the Jewish people, especially not of those who are able to accomplish great things in the above-mentioned areas, but for various and bizarre reasons not only do not do so, but do quite the contrary.

It should be quite obvious that my intention in writing this letter is not to blame anyone, for that would accomplish nothing. Rather, it is to express my pain – at least in writing – to you and anyone else whom you think would benefit from being informed of the content of my words.

Now, if the government so adamantly refuses to allow Jews to settle in the holy city of Yerushalayim, how much more so is this true of Chevron, in which only Arabs live, and upon which the Holy Temple never stood, and upon which – according to reports – the Arab settlement is already firmly established, developed and orderly.

Notwithstanding all of the above, I inquired repeatedly about the possibility of establishing a yeshiva and the likes in Chevron. The government’s very clear response was that I’d be "better off" looking into establishing a yeshiva in Yerushalayim. Obviously (and despite the governments position), there are, in fact, some Chabadniks among Chevron’s Jewish settlers. (Some are there openly and others secretly.) Certainly, you are aware that the plight of these settlers is almost akin to that of prisoners. The government’s explanation for this state of affairs is once again that "we must be ‘fair and just.’" The common basis for all of these negative phenomena is the government’s fear of "what will the great big world out there say if we allow Jews to settle in the newly conquered territories?" We spoke of this when you visited me.

[In light of the aforementioned, how can I possibly encourage my followers to settle in Chevron?] What if, for example, a fight breaks out between an Israeli lad and an Arab lad, and the Jew, who would presumably be outnumbered, gets beaten up or worse, G-d forbid? On whose side would the Israeli military police stand, in your opinion? Especially if the Arab mayor (who, incidentally, I believe was involved in the Chevron riots [of 1939], may G-d spare us), comes along and makes a loud fuss about Jewish provocation, and so on!?

[My awareness of the government’s position also explains why] when you were here I asked you for an explanation as to why Jerusalem’s Old City was conquered last year in a manner which caused many of the finest Israeli soldiers to die in battle.

Incidentally – or maybe not so incidentally – you still owe me a reply (for when you were here you said that you would investigate the matter and provide me with an answer), regarding the question of whether or not my sources of information – which have been reliable thus far – were correct in stating that the order for this [inept manner of conquest] came (unchallenged), from "the top." If only this report would turn out to be untrue.

I wish to add, that I did not, G-d forbid, ask my question about this very painful subject out of curiosity, but rather to demonstrate the thinking pattern of those who gave this order. Many of them are still in charge, and to our regret and shame, their perspective has not changed in the slightest. [Last year,] when they gave this order, they knew at the outset that it would result in a greater number of casualties. The same inference (i.e., that they are aware of the dangers) can be derived regarding the current situations in Chevron, Yerushalayim, and so on.

It is self-understood that I do not despair of a change occurring in this state of affairs, but until then, the suggestion that a person of influence issue a call for Jews to make aliya and settle in Chevron, cannot possibly be considered. This is especially so regarding persons whose influence is likely to not only generate a certain thinking pattern, but to bare concrete results, actually causing people to make aliya. Were this to happen, it would clash with the above-mentioned position [of the Israeli government] and lead to sharp disagreements, as well as harsh decrees against the people making aliya. Such developments would eventually become public knowledge – not only among other Jews, but also among the gentiles. Everyone would see that the [Israeli government] is restricting (to put it mildly) the settlers and the new Jewish immigrants. This would be very degrading and encourage the hate-filled spirits of the enemies of the Jewish people.

Notwithstanding all of the above, I do not despair of a change occurring in the government’s position, but it is not the slight reaction on the part of the Israeli public that will bring it about, but rather the mistakes of the Arabs and their supporters. As we saw last year, it was the mistakes [of the enemy] that finally forced the "pursuers of peace" to agree to defend Eretz Yisroel, and consequently, to launch an offensive war. If only in the future the government would realize its erroneous perspective in a trouble-free manner – without spiritual, physical, or even financial harm befalling any of our Jewish brethren, wherever they may be.

It is amazing to what extent the term "stiff-necked people" – conferred upon the Jewish people by our holy Torah – applies even nowadays. The problem is that [the stubbornness] is being utilized in a manner that is antithetical to Torah and the vital interests of the Jewish people. Take, for example, the recent hijacking by the Algerians, of an El-Al airliner. Although the world’s reaction – even of those who are supposed to be friends of the Jewish nation – was clearly pathetic, [the Israeli leadership] nevertheless felt it necessary to thank the gentile nations for the [so-called] solution they had come up with, calling it a "moral victory" and so on. Even if it were true that [the Israeli government] had to agree to the blackmailing (in order to save lives, etc.), who forced them to credit specific individuals with being "ethical," "perfectly righteous," "role models," and so on? But then again, one cannot question the behavior of a stiff-necked people. Indeed, the stubborn insistence on clinging to this despicable faith in the beneficence of the gentile nations has become so intense (despite the forewarning of our prophets and seers, that "the kindness of the nations is sin," for as explained by the Sages, "they do kindness and charity only for their own self-glorification") that even the Czechoslovakian invasion did not weaken or budge it. Although the Czechoslovakian issue does not appear to have anything to do with this letter, it is, in fact, connected, for it demonstrates the attitude of those in charge of things in our holy land, an attitude that expresses itself in painful and regrettable actions that bode ill for the future (at least until such time as they rid themselves of their [false] perspectives).

To end on a positive note: Thank you for extending my warm regards to the people of Kfar Chabad upon your visit there. I was told that the words emanated passionately from your heart, inspiring the people and strengthening them. Everyone needs inspiration and strength, and the people of Kfar Chabad are no exception. This is especially true of these tumultuous days, and of Israel, which on the one hand is the "land that G-d’s eyes are upon from the beginning of the year to the end of the year," as our Torah states, yet on the other hand, is surrounded by enemies who day by day notice more and more points of weakness in the way the Israeli government handles them. They see that the Israeli leadership treats them with silk gloves and takes unnecessary precautions not to annoy them, to the extent that if there is an argument between an Arab and an Israeli, they react to the matter only after verifying how the various governments of the world are going to react to their decisions. This is why, every so often, the enemy takes the liberty to raise the level of rioting and disturbances, which leads to terrorism and so on.

In anticipation of the approaching new year, let me paraphrase the traditional prayer: May it be G-d’s will that the current year with all of its negative occurrences should come to a total and absolute end, and in the coming year, as in the final days of the current one, the blessings should begin, which include a major transformation in the above-mentioned position [of the Israeli government]. May such a transformation takes place before undesirable occurrences force it to do so. The [Israeli government need not be afraid to do the right thing] for they have seen the miracles that G-d Alm-ghty has wrought [on behalf of Israel] in the recent past, and He can certainly perform miracles again in the future – in a visible and revealed manner, to quote the traditional saying.

Attached, you will find 4 clippings of newspaper articles.

With honor and blessings that you and yours be inscribed and sealed for a good and sweet year.

As I mentioned above, due to the particular nature of the painful contents of this letter, I have written it as a personal letter to you. If, however, you think there might be an advantage in communicating its contents to certain people, you may do so. Let me conclude with the hope that just as my letter to you is openhearted and relatively lengthy, you will reciprocate in kind, by responding to all of the points therein in the same manner. This, in addition to replying to my abovementioned question [concerning the inept manner in which Yerushalayim was conquered last year] and my other questions regarding which you had hoped to investigate and answer upon your return to Eretz Yisroel.

In the period between the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Arik Sharon had several confrontations with Chief of Staff Chaim Bar Lev, for the simple reason that their personal military philosophies were completely antithetical. But as Bar Lev was the superior officer and Sharon the underling, Sharon’s opinions fell on deaf ears in the high command, and against his judgment the famous Bar Lev line was established.

Then one day Sharon found an order of discharge on his work desk; he was being fired, thrown out of the army! He immediately lodged an official protest and appealed to then Prime Minister Golda Meir, but she refused to intervene in what she saw as an internal military affair.

The former powerful general suddenly found himself a civilian. As elections were then approaching, Sharon decided to enter the political arena. Still wearing his uniform, he met with Menachem Begin and Yosef Sapir. As he later related in a newspaper interview:

"I was having a fundamental disagreement with the high command over how to defend the Sinai. I was utterly opposed to the Bar Lev line, which later tuned out to be a disaster. In any event, that is the reason why I was pushed out of the army and decided to go into politics.

"Around that time I had a joint meeting with Menachem Begin and Yosef Sapir. It was an election year. The meeting ended up on the front page of the newspapers, and Bar Lev got a phone call from Pinchas Sapir advising him to keep me in the army so I wouldnstick my nose into politics. They decided to keep me in."

Throughout this time the Rebbe was keeping close tabs on Sharon’s exploits, and sent him many letters of encouragement in which he spelled out, among other things, his concerns about security.

The following letter to Sharon was not included in the official Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe, no doubt because the Rebbe indicated on the rough draft that parts of it were secret. In this letter, the Rebbe implores Sharon to stay in the military "and continue in your most responsible capacity and function," and strongly criticizes what came to be known as the Bar Lev line.




By the Grace of G-d

18 Menachem Av, 5730

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessing!

I gratefully acknowledge receipt of your letter of August 16. Due to the importance and urgency of the matter I am hastening to respond, especially to the letter’s conclusion.

As we discussed when you were here, it is my opinion that your proper place is in Tzahal, and it is there that with G-d’s assistance you are successful and will continue to be so. Of course, this is in addition to the benefit derived thereby by the general public - the Jewish Nation, the Holy Nation that dwells in the Land of Israel, the Holy Land, which G-d has blessed you with the privilege of protecting by means of your exceptional abilities, effort and vigor.

For this reason - and I told you this when you were here - you must certainly continue to serve in this very important capacity and role. I strongly hope that even if someone in Tzahal is not treating you properly, he too will ultimately acknowledge that you are a sincere person with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to your mission - indeed, to the extent that it is your very life.

Based on the above-stated, one can readily appreciate my opinion, that it makes no sense at all for you to switch to a different occupation, and most certainly not in the political arena - even to become a government official - for that is not your mission, and you will not utilize your talents and experience thereby. Quite the contrary.

In addendum to the above-mentioned, if only Mr. _____ had also not left the army... The fact that he was harmed by others, who reportedly humiliated him and broke their promise to him, etc., does not make it sensible for him to harm himself. His departure from the army has harmed him, and likewise, the rest of the army which now lacks his skills and talents. This would be true even if had remained in the government; all the more so considering that he has not.

I generally do not meddle in army regulations, but I consider it very odd that when an amateur soldier, in whom only a few months of training was invested, wishes to leave the army, it is reckoned - and rightfully so - as a serious offense, yet when a general or the likes - in whom training of the highest order was invested, as well as considerable energy, money, and so on - wishes to leave, the decision is left to him, even when he explicitly states that his considerations are of a personal nature, and moreover, even when it is certain that his absence will harm the army and consequently, the general state of security.

The above-stated is intended as a parenthetical remark. With regard to you, however, I have not the slightest doubt that your mission and your success is specifically in the Army, especially at present when you fill a high-ranking position that is also vital to the security of the entire land. Of what consequence is a bit of personal discomfort or squabbling relative to the well-being and security of the general public?

All of the above is true even now, when their is no war. But, although I am not at all pessimistic, one cannot ignore the reality, i.e., the situation that will arise if things continue in their natural course. The enemy, situated on the other side of the Suez Canal, continues to strengthen and fortify itself. Despite all of Israel’s official condemnations, the enemy utilizes each and every day towards strengthening its military might, towards acquiring the most potent weapons, etc. - for there is no doubt that the Unites States is not going to enter into a war with the Soviet Union over this. As for Israel’s demand and outcry, "How dare they not abide by their promise?" (in reality, no one ever believed that the enemy would not take advantage of the ceasefire to reinforce itself, as was also stated publicly by General Chaim Hertzog in a newspaper interview, which means that by now it is clearly evident that even fools can no longer be deceived - if such fools who believed the enemy would not take advantage of the ceasefire ever existed. Most certainly, neither the members of the Israeli government nor of the U.S. government ever believed it, and the same is true of the Soviet Union and all the rest. This was also the case regarding the ceasefire of three years ago, fourteen years ago, and a number of times before that - no one ever believed that the enemy would not reinforce itself), these will continue as long as possible, and then in the end the Israeli government will resolve to maintain the status-quo, as they always do in the end. From this it is understood that in the negotiations concerning peace conditions - now that the enemy is reinforced and so on - the Israeli side will be at a disadvantage, because the state of security will have changed from one extreme to the other between the day the ceasefire was put into effect and the end of the above-mentioned negotiations.

I’m afraid - or perhaps I should say, I sort of hope - that just as they did at the beginning of the Six Day War, the enemy will again make a foolish move which will necessitate an annulment of the ceasefire agreement, and G-d will once again perform miracles and wonders, empowering Israel to mobilize all of its resources (in complete defense, rather than partial defense, as the case has been until now) immediately after the annulment of the ceasefire and the reinstitution of self-defense, the sole definition of which, in our context, is the launching of a preemptive strike. If these things would be done then there would be some hope that enemy-fire would cease permanently and peace would finally prevail - unlike the current situation in which, as mentioned above, the path being followed is one that leads directly to war, G-d forbid, with conditions much worse for the Israeli’s than they were on the day of the ceasefire agreement..

The above elaboration comes in response to your claim that what I wrote regarding the Canal is no longer relevant, for I suspect that in the not-so-distant future the matter will become relevant once again. If only this assessment of mine would turn out to be incorrect - but judging by the natural course of things this does not seem likely.

I was pleased to be informed by Mr. _____ that matters are well with you and your family. May it be G-d’s will that we should finally hear tidings of true peace in the land, which certainly will not come about by showing signs of weakness and readiness to make broad compromises and concessions, as is being done in the current negotiations, as even the newspapers are now publicizing. Quite the contrary. As the saying goes - if one truly desires peace, then he must demonstrate that he is even prepared to fight for it, with the utmost intensity and under the most advantageous conditions.

With esteem and blessing.

May we hear good news.

P.S. I didn’t want to mention it during the conversation we had when you were here - but on the other hand, I don’t see what right I have not to mention it - I strongly hope that you are careful to put on t’fillin every weekday. In your case it is not merely a matter of a single mitzva performed by a single person, but rather, a matter which concerns the well-being of the general public. Despite the fact that you are extremely busy with security matters and so on, as is well known, nevertheless - in fact even more so because of it - you should be careful to fulfill this mitzva properly. This relates to both the hand-t’fillin and the head-t’fillin. I hope you will pardon me for mentioning this.


The letter greatly influenced Sharon, as he later revealed in an interview:

"The Rebbe kept insisting that the Bar Lev line would be a terrible mistake. Even though all negotiations had been conducted in the utmost secrecy, the Rebbe apparently got hold of the information. He sent me a letter describing the disaster that would befall the Jewish people if the Bar Lev line were implemented. The letter was written several years before the Yom Kippur War, yet the Rebbe accurately foretold the terrible losses that were later sustained. The Rebbe compared the Bar Lev line to the Maginot line [a zone of French fortifications erected along the French-German border prior to World War II]. It was a difficult military decision. Then the Yom Kippur War broke out and we saw that the Rebbe was right. The discussions I had with the Rebbe always had an effect on me."

Later, when Ariel Sharon had just about left the army for good, the leaders of Mapai decided it would be better if he stayed in the military rather than become what they feared would be a formidable political opponent. Sharon returned to his former post, and a short time later, was appointed head of the southern command. In this capacity, he introduced a strong Israeli military presence into Gaza, and personally turned Gaza into a "sieve" for Arab terrorists. For many years Gaza was quiet, as the fear of Sharon had fallen on its inhabitants.

Four years later, Sharon took off his uniform for the last time and entered the world of politics. He founded the Likud party, uniting all the right-wing parties under the leadership of Menachem Begin.

When the Yom Kippur War broke out in 1973 the Israeli forces were taken unaware. Almost 3,000 Jewish soldiers died. The Egyptian army easily broke through the Bar Lev line, and hundreds of soldiers were trapped in their positions, exactly as the Rebbe had prophesied.

The State of Israel was thrown into a panic. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan started talking about an apocalypse, and Golda Meir even hinted at having to resort to nuclear weapons. Arik Sharon was quickly called back and reinstated as commander of the armored tanks.

Sharon later stated that when the existence of the Jewish people is in danger, one cannot sit around waiting for generals to make decisions.

Against this backdrop of pitifully low morale, Sharon proposed that the IDF cross over the Suez Canal and attack the Egyptians. It was a risky plan, which was not immediately authorized. However, Sharon did not wait for official permission and proceeded anyway. The operation essentially turned the tide and ultimately led to Israel’s victory. (In fact, it was only authorized after the fact!) The Egyptian army was taken by complete surprise. Sharon later stated that when the existence of the Jewish people is in danger, one cannot sit around waiting for generals to make decisions.

After the war was over Sharon returned to politics. Four years later, in 1977, Menachem Begin was elected prime minister of a right-wing government. Sharon was appointed Minister of Agriculture, and for the next few decades served in a number of different posts under several Israeli administrations. Today, after 28 years in the military and 25 years in politics, Ariel Sharon has now been elected head of the Jewish State.

The last time Arik Sharon came to the Rebbe was for Sunday dollars, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5749. The Rebbe greeted him warmly, and Sharon asked for a bracha for the security and integrity of Eretz Yisroel. The Rebbe replied with the words of the verse, "And I will give peace in your land, and you shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid." The Rebbe pointed out that the Torah doesn’t say "in the land" but "in your land," meaning that it must be obvious that the land is Jewish. The Rebbe also quoted the saying of our Sages, "Whoever refutes avoda zara (idolatry) is termed a Jew," and explained that avoda zara refers to anything that is contrary to the spirit of Yiddishkeit. In order for people to feel that the Holy Land is indeed Jewish, the observance of mitzvos must be encouraged and strengthened.


Of course the Rabbi, verifies the Babylonian Talmud and agrees that according to Baal, Jesus is a bastard and the son of a whore, and of course the prophets of Satan continue to disregard Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior, and therefore cannot see, that on the Day of the Lord and after the great wrath the Lord will pour out upon Jerusalem and all of the surrounding armies, he the Lord will gather his children, those who believed unto him and the tribes of Israel who will remain dispersed throughout the world until he reigns from the Holy Mount, with his saints.


Unfortunately, Mr. Sharon does not have an unblemished record when it comes to upholding the Rebbe’s principles and teachings. As Defense Minister under Menachem Begin, he was responsible for implementing various stipulations of the Camp David Accord, including the heart-rending forced evacuation of Yamit in the Sinai. All of the Jewish homes were destroyed, and the land was handed over to Egypt.

Sharon was also involved in implementing the Wye agreements under Netanyahu, which essentially handed Chevron over to the terrorists in 1996. This was despite his promise to a group of Chabad rabbanim before the elections that a right-wing government would never give up an inch of land to Israel’s enemies. As a result of these actions, thousands of Jews are still in acute danger in Chevron and throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

We can only hope and pray that Mr. Sharon will rededicate himself to following the Rebbe’s guidance, which will guarantee the ultimate peace and safety of the Jewish people.


Happy with White House talks, Sharon visits leaders of Congress

The Associated Press
6/11/02 12:49 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Flushed with success from his meetings with President Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited Capitol Hill Tuesday to thank members of both houses of Congress for their support for Israel and his policies.

Sharon came to Washington to ensure his views were reflected in Bush's proposals and to continue his vigorous wooing of Congress. He had coffee with Senate leaders, conferred with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, including the chairman, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., and then with members of the House.

"There is no disagreement in this country on support for Israel," said Biden, D-Del.

Hosting Sharon in the White House as Israeli troops surrounded Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's West Bank headquarters Monday, Bush said Israel has a right to defend itself and suggested conditions are not ripe for a Middle East peace conference.

Easy, let one fanatic crazed, insane human blow up a bomb, simply retaliate against innocen men, women and children with Israeli weapons of mass death. Amerika is with you all the way Arik Sheinerman.

Briefing reporters on condition of anonymity, the official said sensitive subjects, such as Israel's refusal to withdraw to its 1967 borders or U.S. dislike of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, were simply not raised during Monday's meeting in the Oval Office or the lunch that followed.

Bush said dramatic change within the Palestinian Authority is needed before progress toward peace can be made. He suggested a Middle East peace conference will not be conducted soon.

And the war on children terrorist with slingshots will continue.......Just one more disaster in America, and who knows, maybe Olam Ha Ba.

"The conditions aren't even there yet. That's because no one has confidence in the emerging Palestinian government," Bush said.

Sitting at Bush's side, Sharon insisted that violence must end totally before peace can be achieved. He said of Arafat: "At present time, we don't see yet a partner."

For their is no partner to the Babylonian Rabbis in their world conquest.

The Israeli official said Sharon was acutely aware that political relations with the United States could not be conducted through the White House alone. He cited a recent letter of support for Israel signed by 94 senators and 321 representatives as proof that Sharon's strategy was working.

Public Law 102-14

On Sunday, Sharon ruled out an Israeli pullback to the country's 1967 borders, the crucial element of a Saudi peace proposal endorsed by almost all other Arab states and by the United States.

A U.N. Security Council resolution after the 1967 Six-Day War demanded that Israel withdraw from lands captured during that war: the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and traditionally Arab east Jerusalem.

The Arabs say that means all captured territory; Israel, which has returned the Sinai peninsula to Egypt and given autonomy to Palestinians in some areas, says that is not so, citing a phrase in the same resolution which speaks of its right to "defensible borders."




Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, left, met Monday with President Bush at the White House.

The Man of Dan "Burning Bush" and Sheinerman, both of the Babylonian Olam Ha Ba

The U.S. Congress must stand in solidarity with Israel at a time when it is engaged in a battle for its own survival. The Solidarity with Israel resolution (S. Res. 247) introduced by Sens. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and Gordon Smith (R-OR), and H. Res. 392, introduced by Reps. Tom DeLay (R-TX) and Tom Lantos (D-CA) was passed on May 2 in both the Senate and the House. The resolution expresses solidarity with Israel, reaffirms Israel’s right to self-defense, supports additional defense assistance for Israel and condemns Palestinian terror. Please thank you members of Congress for voting for this resolution.

Israel's New favorite word.....terrorism

The House and Senate both recently passed the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill. The bill included $200 million for Israel, vital additional resources to help fight its war on terror and to protect its population from future conflicts in the region. Thank your members of Congress for supporting this legislation.

President Bush's $16.1 billion foreign aid request for FY 2003 includes $2.7 billion for Israel: $2.1 billion in military assistance and $600 million in economic assistance. At a time when Israel faces existential threats from terrorists and countries developing weapons of mass destruction (Wars of Hashem), this aid is critical in meeting Israel's security needs. Urge your members of Congress to support the full Israel aid request and the overall foreign aid appropriations bill that provides the necessary resources to maintain U.S. global leadership.

One big Socialist Party, Bushka, Sheinerman, Mueller, Krongart, Lie-Berman, Putin, Cheney, Sir Ashcroft, Koffitup Anan, Duke of War Rumsfeld

An incident and the next gave huge credibility to Sharon’s claim broadcast by Israel Radio on 3 October 2001. At the time Sharon was berating Foreign Minister Shimon Peres in Cabinet.
          “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”


Of course Mr. Sheinerman doesn't see any partners in Arafats Government. Especially when 2.1 Billion dollars is at stake. Come on America wake up!!!!!!!

All the while a report has just been released in which was claimed that 10 million children in the US are malnourished and in poverty.

Read your bibles. Read the Holy word, the Word, Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

And do not forget our good ole buddy, our friend of friends, before you are beheaded or bow down in their world to come 

  Ha Mashiach ben Satan

March 20, 2002:   
Russia's Putin meets Jewish leaders

MOSCOW, March 19 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin met Russian rabbis on Tuesday ahead of next week's Passover feast, and promised to stamp out anti-Semitism.

But how do you stamp out opposition to Satan?

"If we do not stop nationalism, xenophobia and religious extremism, (Belief in Jesus Christ our Lord) we will be unable to go forward as a country," Putin was shown on television telling the rabbis at the Kremlin.

A number of violent incidents against Jews and synagogues in the past few years have raised the spectre of a return of Soviet-era anti-Semitism, and many Jewish leaders have praised Putin for meeting publicly with Jewish groups.

"The anti-Semitism which was once a state policy no longer exists in Russia, although individual manifestations of anti-Semitism can be seen in everyday life," Interfax news agency quoted Head Rabbi Berl Lazar as saying after the meeting.

The Russian empire was once a centre of European Jewish culture, immortalised in the stories of Sholom Aleichem and the paintings of Marc Chagall.

Putin also congratulated Russia's Jewish community on the centenary anniversary of the birth of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the orthodox Lubavitch movement.

Also setting up the Babylonian Talmudic Noachide Laws under Judaism and the Pharisees

The movement has sent rabbis from abroad, including Italian-born Head Rabbi Lazar, to revitalise Judaism in Russia and encourage Jews to learn more about their faith.

But the Kremlin's decision under Putin to recognise the Lubavitch leadership as the community's official representatives has angered some Russian-born Jewish leaders.

Rabbi Lazar told NTV television he believed about a million Jews were left in Russia. Around one million ex-Soviet Jews emigrated to Israel since the collapse of Communism.

But of course! For the fear of the Babylonian Jews. For the fables of the Babylonian Jews.

Russian President Putin Converts to Judaism


"Laughing in the Goyim faces"

In a staggering personal decision that rocked the Russian Parliament, the American government and Jewish communities the world over, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his conversion to Judaism this Tuesday at a special session of the Duma, or parliament.

Standing at the Duma in the presence of Russian Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar, a close confidante and long-time recipient of Putin’s overtures towards Jewish religious freedom, Putin was decked out in a black fedora characteristic of the Lubavitch Hasidic movement. He smiled and said “L’chaim!” to stunned lawmakers immediately after declaring his new religious preference, then broke into a traditionally vigorous Hasidic dance, arms on Lazar’s shoulders.

“This is the most amazing development in the entire length of Russian Jewish history,” said Abraham Berkowitz, the executive director of the Federation of Jewish Communities, which Lazar heads. “I—I’m totally, totally stunned. I have no words to describe it.”

The decision to convert came after months of introspection triggered by almost constant visits to Moscow’s Jewish Community Center in recent years, where Putin regularly attended Jewish holiday celebrations and welcomed Israel’s leaders at their state visits. “Something stirred deep inside of me,” Putin said. “And besides, I like Lubavitch.”

“It [Putin’s impending conversion] was pretty obvious to me,” said Levlevayev Dnepropetrovskzaklikovsky, a long-time congregant at the Marina Roscha synagogue now part of the JCC facility. “He was coming so often.”

Putin’s circumcision, which finalized his transformation from Christian to Jew after immersion in a mikvah (ritual pool) and acceptance of the Torah (Bible) as the Word of G-d, was performed at a local hospital under the guidance of Lubavitch rabbis, said Lazar.

In honor of his “good friend Rabbi Lazar”, Putin chose the Hebrew name Berel as his new Jewish identity.

“I thought it was official already, but now it’s doubly official: Lubavitch runs Russia, literally,” said former chief rabbi Adolf Shayevich, now living in Siberia, in a telephone interview. “It’s bad enough that the Chief Rabbi is a Lubavitcher—but the President, too?! I’m packing my bags.”

Moscow Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, a long-time outspoken critic of Lazar, was uncharacteristically unresponsive to the radical development. “I have no comment,” he said sullenly.

Moments after the announcement, controversial ultra-nationalist Duma member Vladimir Zhirinovsky leaped to his feet and shouted, “This is insanity! The evil Zionist Empire has brainwashed the President!” Parliamentary security personnel immediately rushed him from the chambers to a nearby Russian Army base, where he was executed by firing squad.

The newly named Berel Putin plans to emigrate to Israel upon completion of his term, to enroll in a Jerusalem kollel, or school for married men. He later plans to run for Israeli public office.



Go to


By now you have all heard the strange story of how George Bush claimed to have seen the first plane hit the World Trade Tower on TV before going into a school room to read to some children. This is a strange story because there was no video of the first impact until a day later, when a video shot by a tourist that captured the first impact surfaced.

Still stranger was Bush's reaction on being told of the second impact by Andy Card. There was none. Bush simply went on visiting with the school children and reading a story to them. For twenty minutes. 

But far more telling than Bush's reaction is that of Mr. Card himself who, as can be seen in the above clip, steps in to inform Bush of the second impact, then immediately steps back without waiting for a reply. Bush's job is to make decisions. How does Mr. Card know that Bush will not make one then and there?

What damns the Bush administration is not what is in this video, but what SHOULD be in the video and is not. Ostensibly, Bush and Card are reacting to a surprise attack, but Bush does not act surprised, and Andy Card does not act like a man delivering an unexpected piece of news but instead is merely delivering a progress report to which he already knows Bush will not have an immediate response.



wanted, 10 more Kings?





Mr. Putin said he was familiar with both the menorah and the Chanukah holiday, because as a child his family shared their communal apartment with a Jewish family. He fondly recalled the pleasant demeanor of the various family members, as well as their attempts to preserve their traditions despite Communist reprisals for practicing religion. The Prime Minister recalled that he often saw the father of the house poring over large Talmudic tomes.

One World Religion, The Babylonian Whore!



Arafat Threatens 'Disasterous
Explosion' Unless Israel Retreats
The Jerusalem Post Staff

In a speech broadcast today, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat threatened that if Israel does not retreat from PA-ruled areas that there will be a "disastrous explosion that will impact stability of the whole world."
According to the Palestinian Authority's official news agency WAFA, in an address broadcast in Spain to an awards ceremony honoring EU Middle East envoy Miguel Moratinos, Arafat claimed that "the situation in Palestine is at the edge of explosion."
Arafat warned that if Israel does not withdraw from Palestinian held territory immediately, "enabling our people to practice their legitimate rights of establishing the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, the whole region will witness a disastrous explosion that will impact not only the region but the stability of the whole world."
Israeli Spin Exposed
From Mark Konrad
Here is what Arafat said in Spain, as opposed to what was reported by the Jerusalem Post.
Mark Konrad
President Arafat: "The situation in Palestine is at the edge of explosion."
"Peace is the only path to security and stability in the region."
GALICIA, Spain, June 8th 2002 (WAFA) - President Yasser Arafat warned yesterday, from an explosion in the entire region if the Israeli occupation forces do not withdraw from the Palestinian Occupied Lands.
H.E. addressed the celebration held in Galicia in the honoring Mr. Miguel Angel Muratinos the European envoy to the peace process, for granting him the Argowanai De Oro 9th Prize.
H.E. President Arafat also said that "if the International community stays indifferent, not fulfilling its duties of obliging Israel to withdraw according to UN Security Council's resolution 1402, 1403 and the Madrid Declaration of the Quartet Committee, and enabling our people to practice their legitimate rights of establishing the independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital, the whole region will witness a disastrous explosion that will impact not only the region but the stability of the whole world."
H.E. explained the Israeli war criminal practices of non-stop incursions, killing, destroying, demolishing, arresting and humiliating the Palestinians defying the international legitimacy and resolutions. -


Did the Government Okay the Anthrax Attacks?

by Michelle Mairesse

     Eight months after the first death from anthrax inhalation was reported in Florida, someone is finally standing up to liars in public places.

     On June 7, 2002. Judicial Watch , "the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse," issued a press release headed "Judicial Watch Wants to Know Why White House Went on Cipro Beginning September 11th: What Was Known and When?"

     "Judicial Watch represents hundreds of postal workers from the Brentwood Postal Facility in Washington, DC. Until the Brentwood facility was finally condemned by the CDC, Brentwood postal workers handled all of the mail for Washington, DC, including the ‘official mail’ that contained the anthrax-laden envelopes addressed to Senators Daschle and Leahy. While Capitol Hill workers received prompt medical care, Brentwood postal workers were ordered by USPS officials to continue working in the contaminated facility. Two Brentwood workers died from inhalation anthrax, and dozens more are suffering from a variety of ailments related to the anthrax attacks. A variety of legal actions are being planned for the disparate treatment and reckless endangerment the Brentwood postal workers faced."

     "‘The American people deserve a full accounting from the Bush administration, the FBI and other agencies concerning the anthrax attacks. The FBI’s investigation seems to have dead-ended, and frankly, that is not very reassuring given their performance with the September 11th hijackers,’ stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. ‘One doesn’t simply start taking a powerful antibiotic for no good reason. The American people are entitled to know what the White House staffers knew nine months ago,’ he added."

     Judicial Watch asks, "What Was Known and When?"

     Good question. Cipro is a new antibiotic designed to combat anthrax infection. So why did the White House go on Cipro on the very day of the World Trade Center attacks? Larry Klayman said, "We believe that the White House knew or had reason to know that an anthrax attack was imminent or underway."

     The American people heard about the first terrorist anthrax attack on October 4, 2001, not quite a month after the World Trade Center attack. On October 4, 2001, Bob Stevens, a photo editor for American Media’s tabloid Sun, lay critically ill in a Florida hospital. The doctors diagnosed inhalation anthrax, a rare disease that workers sometimes contract after exposure to infected livestock or animal hides. Even when contracted in factories that process animal hides, inhalation anthrax is a very rare disease. This was the first case reported since 1976. A Bush spin team went into action immediately.

     Stevens’s doctor pontificated that it was a case of "a rare and obviously very serious illness that has found its way into the life of one individual." ("One individual" was a sneaky way of saying terrorism was not a factor.) A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stepped up to the microphones next. "There is absolutely no indication this is tied in any way to terrorism."

     Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson’s message was meant to reassure any remaining skeptics. "We will be responding very aggressively. But I want to point out, once again, that this is an isolated case and it's not contagious."

     Florida Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan came forward with an alternative theory to terrorism. He said outdoorsman Stevens fell ill after returning from a trip to North Carolina.

     Tommy Thompson helpfully expanded on the "nature red in tooth and claw" angle. "We do know that he drank water out of a stream when he was traveling to North Carolina last week," said Thompson. "But as far as wool or other things, it's entirely possible. We haven't got all of the investigations done and we're doing a tremendous extensive job of investigating everything." He said investigators from the FBI and CDC were tracing Stevens’s steps in North Carolina.

     Only one expert contradicted the official line—the Florida state epidemiologist who noted that inhalation anthrax incubates in from six to forty-five days, a period which excluded the trip to North Carolina. The epidemiologist, having demolished the official explanation, was never heard from again.

     The spinners went to work again a day later, October 5, when Bob Stevens died of anthrax inhalation.

     Secretary Tommy Thompson reminded the nation that Stevens had probably picked up the infection in the great outdoors. He announced categorically, "There is no terrorism."

      The following months of anthrax horrors, of panic, illness, and death, proved the spinners to be dead wrong, but they never apologized.

     A few days later, another American Media employee tested positive for anthrax inhalation and received antibiotics. Spotty news reports suggested that the F.B.I. had discovered traces of the virulent Ames anthrax strain in American Media’s Boca Raton offices but considered the amounts insignificant.

     Officials at Iowa State University, which is located in Ames, Iowa, said the FBI and the CDC ordered them in early October to destroy the university’s collection of over one hundred anthrax samples. The CDC denied the assertion, but the FBI explained that the Ames strain was so widespread as to render Iowa State’s samples worthless as forensic evidence. The university followed through on October 10 and 11. Months later, after Northern Arizona State University completed a genetic analysis of a spore sample from the Daschle letter, the Ames strain from Iowa was ruled out after all.

     Meanwhile, a terrorist had been mailing anthrax spores to news organizations. During October, letters containing powdered anthrax arrived in New York at the headquarters of ABC News, CBS News, and The New York Post. Six employees and one employee’s infant all tested positive for skin anthrax and were treated. Two weeks after Iowa State University destroyed its collection, Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge affirmed that the tainted letters contained the Ames strain of anthrax.

     Around 10:15 on October 15, a member of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle’s staff opened an envelope containing a suspicious substance. The Daschle sample became airborne when the envelope was opened, and within 24 hours thirty people had tested positive. The office was quarantined and all mail from Daschle’s office was returned. Tom Ridge was unable to brush the letter aside with an offhand "not terrorist related," so he did the next best thing. He declared that the anthrax spores in Daschle’s letter were susceptible to antibiotics and had not been "weaponized," meaning they had received no treatment to prevent the particles from clumping together. This assessment later proved to be untrue, but perhaps nobody was listening to Tommy Ridge anymore.

     The army medical research at Fort Detrick examined the letter and relayed its findings to the FBI. Two days later, the FBI sent a Fort Detrick sample to Battelle, a military contractor that does secret work for the Pentagon and other government agencies. A Battelle spokesman said they did not know that the Fort Detrick laboratory, for reasons of safety, had irradiated a portion of the anthrax spores before studying them, so Battelle processed its sample in an autoclave and got a lower value for virulence and dispersal qualities. It did not rate the sample as weapons grade. Since experts like William Patrick and Ken Alibek worked for Battelle, this lame story is highly improbable.

     Once again, between federal agencies, communication broke down. Testifying before a congressional committee on Oct. 31, the commanding officer at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command at Fort Detrick said he was immediately aware of the virulence of the anthrax contained in the letter to Daschle. On the other hand, the witness testifying for the Centers for Disease Control asserted that for a week after the Daschle letter surfaced the CDC had believed the anthrax was not "weapons grade" and had advised the Postal Service on that basis.

     There may have been some confusion about the meaning of "weapons grade." Bioterrorism experts say that "weapons grade" refers to dispersal properties, not to virulence. According to Richard Spertzel, former head of the United Nations biological inspection team in Iraq, material that is readily airborne is weapons-grade. He believes that only someone with a connection to an existing or a former bioweapons program could produce aerosolized anthrax. Meanwhile, the spin patrol diverted our attention to the usual suspect: a deranged loner with a weird agenda who mixed up a batch of anthrax in a sink at home.

     On October 16, twelve senate offices closed and hundreds of staffers got anthrax tests. Within days, the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court shut down. Officials halted all incoming mail and packages addressed to Capitol Hill and diverted them to an Ohio mail irradiation facility for decontamination. On October 25, a mailroom worker in an offsite State Department facility in Virginia was hospitalized with inhalation anthrax. The facility was shut down and all mailroom employees were medicated.

     By the time the CDC traced the Daschle letter back to the Brentwood postal facility in northeast Washington and deduced that the Daschle letter had contaminated mail-sorting equipment there, New Jersey and Washington postal workers were falling ill with anthrax infections. Six postal workers contracted inhalation anthrax; two of them died, and four recovered. Three others recovered from skin anthrax, a less serious form of the disease.

     On October 18, Norma Wallace, the first postal worker in New Jersey to contract inhalation anthrax, was hospitalized. Physicians gave her a 50% chance of survival. Ms. Wallace speculated that she was infected when a Hamilton Township automated mail-sorting machine jammed. She said she went to fix the machine and found powder on the electric eye that scans bar codes on envelopes.

     On the same day, contamination discovered at the Dirksen mail room (which the Daschle letter had transited) should have sent a strong message to officials: anthrax could escape from an unopened envelope. If anyone had searched the literature, but apparently no one did, Canadian officials had already conducted tests of particle dispersal through envelopes, which proved that such dispersal was possible. On October 21, 2001, postal officials shut down the Brentwood Road Mail Processing Center in northeast Washington after two Brentwood workers died of anthrax inhalation. For the first time, health officials tested the postal workers there for infection. Later, epidemiologist Jim Hayslett explained that the CDC had been assuming postal workers would be vulnerable to skin infection but not lung infection. He said that health officials prescribed antibiotics for thousands of postal workers.

     The New Jersey State Epidemiologist announced that all the state's anthrax cases were linked to the Hamilton sorting center. "A lot of people are starting to think cross-contamination is a real possibility," he said.

     After Howard University received a batch of mail from the District of Columbia’s Brentwood Road mail processing center, investigators discovered a trace of anthrax in the university mailroom. Postal Service officials said Howard University’s contamination provided concrete evidence that cross-contamination at the Brentwood center was not restricted to government mail.

     On November 9, 2001, Postal Service officials announced that four more facilities in New Jersey tested positive for anthrax. All four of them were linked to a regional facility outside Trenton in Hamilton Township. The Hamilton facility had handled anthrax-laced letters sent to Senator Daschle, Tom Brokaw, and the New York Post. Two more facilities in Pennsylvania harbored anthrax spores, one facility in West Windsor and a second regional processing and distribution center in Bellmawr, and these, too, were linked with the Hamilton facility.

     It was clearly time for swift, coordinated action, but things went seriously wrong in Bellmawr. Jake Wagman of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported the strange events that transpired after a mail handler at the Bellmawr facility tested positive for anthrax.

     "In the nine days after the Oct. 30 announcement of the suspected skin infection, the Bellmawr mail-processing facility would be shut down, reopened for two and a half days, shut down again the next day, reopened for three days, and then closed and opened for a final time on the order of a federal judge who reversed his own day-old ruling.

     "Several government agencies converged on the facility, and the mistakes they made—from cleaning the wrong machine to miscalculating by several million pieces the amount of mail delayed by the scare—have led some to question how the country will respond to future terrorism." The local American Postal Workers Union filed a complaint in U.S. District Court, asserting their right to a safe working environment.

     Wagman reported that after a federal judge granted a restraining order sought by a union of government workers, a CDC industrial hygienist testified that he and his group were not allowed in the building while the FBI conducted its tests. "And it was later revealed that the wrong mail sorter had been decontaminated, leaving equipment identified as carrying anthrax in operation for three days. Dozens of employees used it to sort millions of pieces of mail."

     While staffers from the Supreme Court and Congress were evacuated from their buildings, postal officials, against union protests, insisted that mail facilities remain open.

     The New York Metro Area Postal Union was faring no better. The union wanted an injunction to close the Morgan facility until it was completely decontaminated. Although five sorting machines on the Morgan facility’s third floor were contaminated with anthrax, the federal government responded with a legal declaration that the site was safe and should remain open.

     On November 21, a 94-year-old woman in Connecticut died of anthrax inhalation. She was the fifth anthrax fatality since the Stevens case in October.

     In a batch of segregated, unopened mail, the FBI discovered an envelope addressed to Senator Leahy that had been removed from congressional offices. The envelope was similar to the one sent to Senator Daschle a month earlier, with the same Trenton, New Jersey postmark and inscribed with the same block letters. Postal Inspector Daniel Mihalko announced that an optical reader misconstrued the handwritten ZIP code on the Leahy letter and misrouted it to the State Department, perhaps accounting for the contamination and infections in a State Department mail facility. In other words, cross-contamination from a sealed envelope.

     A month after Robert Stevens died of anthrax inhalation in Florida, a new picture emerged. By this time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 32,000 Americans were on a Cipro regimen.

     In July 2000, Germany's Bayer AG had negotiated an unprecedented sole endorsement by the Federal Drug Administration of Cipro for anthrax, despite Cipro’s high price and largely untested status. At a cost of $700 for a sixty-day supply, Bayer made out like a bandit. Cipro sales rose by 1000%. The Bush administration sweetened the pot by awarding an exclusive Health and Human Services contract to the pharmaceutical giant.

     A controversial anthrax vaccine was already being produced by BioPort Corporation. In October of 1998, BioPort won an exclusive $29 million contract with the Department of Defense. Subsequently, the Pentagon increased the contract to $49.8 million and advanced BioPort $1.7 million to cover its outstanding debts. Oddly enough, BioPort’s major investor was Saudi entrepreneur Fuad El-Hibri, friend of the bin Laden family and former merger and acquisitions manager for Citigroup. The Carlyle Group has been named as another major shareholder.

     BioPort, as well as Battelle (which, as mentioned above, first reported a false negative for its test of the Daschle letter), works closely with American intelligence and defense officials on classified programs. Both firms have connections with the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, which admitted in December that the Army facility in the Utah desert has produced weapons-grade anthrax, although the government had supposedly ended the offensive biological weapons program in 1969.

     Barbara Hatch Rosenberg mentioned BioPort, Battelle, and Dugway in her collection of articles titled "Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks" posted on the Federation of American Scientists website in January and early February of 2002. Despite a sniping barrage by spinners, many of Dr. Rosenberg’s observations have withstood closer scrutiny. She maintains that the FBI knows that the anthrax attack was an inside job, and given the small number of persons with hands-on experience with the anthrax program over the last five years, the number of suspects is under fifty.

     Dr. Rosenberg stated that a genetic analysis conducted at Northern Arizona University excluded three academic institutions and two foreign defense laboratories, placing "the focus on USAMRID [Ft. Detrick], Dugway and Battelle as the source of the Ames strain for the letters."

     "The optimal US weaponization process is secret—Bill Patrick, its inventor, holds five secret patents on the process and says it involves a combination of chemicals . There is no evidence that any other country possesses the formula."

     "The perpetrator must have realized in advance that the anthrax attack would result in the strengthening of US defense and response capabilities. This is not likely to have been a goal of anti-American terrorists, who would also be unlikely to warn the victims in advance. Perhaps the perpetrator stood to gain in some way from increased funding and recognition for biodefense programs. Financial beneficiaries would include the BioPort Corp., the source of the US anthrax vaccine, and other potential vaccine contractors."

     "Even if the perpetrator did not make the anthrax himself, just filling the letters with it was a dangerous operation. The perpetrator therefore must have received the anthrax vaccine recently (it requires a yearly booster shot). The vaccine is in short supply and is not generally accessible, and vaccination records are undoubtedly available. The perpetrator also appears to have special expertise in evading contamination while handling weaponized anthrax."

     In an interview reported in Salon, Rosenberg stated. "This guy knows too much, and knows things the U.S. isn't very anxious to publicize. Therefore, they don't want to get too close."

     In a lecture at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, Rosenberg said, "We can draw a likely portrait of the perpetrator as a former Fort Detrick scientist who is now working for a contractor in the Washington, D.C. area. He had reason for travel to Florida, New Jersey and the United Kingdom."

     The United Kingdom? That rings a bell. Porton Down was a recipient of the same virulent anthrax strain enclosed with the anthrax letters. What has been happening in Porton Down, a biochemical research facility?

      The BBC Online reported on August 24, 2001 that Porton Down scientists at the defense center exposed 20,000 volunteers to nerve gas and other chemical and biological agents. Some volunteers believed they were helping find a cure for the common cold. Many of the volunteers now suffer from illnesses they believe were induced by their exposure to bioweapons. The police had been conducting an investigation since 1999 amid growing speculation that criminal charges would be brought. The police had discovered an unusually high death rate among the volunteers.

     Almost sadder than the story itself is the realization that the tests were conducted between 1939 and the 1960s.

     We hope that the BBC was feeling angry, ironic, or both when it reported, "Defence minister Dr Lewis Moonie told the BBC, ‘At present we are conducting a great deal of work on this subject to try to identify what went on. We are also offering medical help and assistance to anybody who feels they need it. They are welcome to contact our people.’"

     But that was England, perfidious Albion. Surely our government wouldn’t do something like that to us. Would it? Would it?


Another Step Toward Bush
Presidential Dictatorship
Orders US Citizen Held Indefinitely By The Military
By Patrick Martin

A New York-born man of Puerto Rican descent has been jailed indefinitely by the Bush administration in a military brig in South Carolina, in an unprecedented assertion of executive power. The case of Jose Padilla - or as he now calls himself, Abdullah al Muhajir - has the most ominous implications for democratic rights in the United States.
The federal government has seized a US citizen and locked him up for an unlimited period of time on the say-so of the president, without the sanction of any court and in defiance of such elementary legal principles as the presumption of innocence and the right of habeas corpus.
Attorney General John Ashcroft announced the arrest of Padilla/Muhajir June 10 at an extraordinary press conference held in Moscow, where he was engaged in a long-planned visit to meet with Russian police and security officials. Calling the arrest "a significant step forward in the war on terrorism," Ashcroft declared, "We have captured a known terrorist who was exploring a plan to build and explode a radiological dispersion device, or ëdirty bomb,' in the United States."
This statement combined gross distortions with outright lies. Muhajir was actually "captured" nearly five weeks ago, on May 8, when he arrived at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, on his way back from an extended stay in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.
While Muhajir apparently converted to a fundamentalist form of Islam several years ago, when he married an Egyptian woman, the government has not yet presented any evidence that he was a supporter of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, let alone engaged in any terrorist activity. In fact, the Bush administration arranged his transfer from the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in New York City to the US Navy brig in South Carolina so that it would not be obliged to produce such evidence. All that has been made public are the unsupported assertions of Ashcroft and other government officials, parroted obediently by the American media.
It may be that Muhajir became a political supporter of bin Laden and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, but the claims that the Bush administration has preempted a major terrorist attack on the United States are not only unproven, but thoroughly dubious.
After Ashcroft's initial and highly sensationalized presentation of the case, other administration officials were compelled to qualify his remarks. While the attorney general claimed the US government had "disrupted an unfolding terrorist plot," Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told a news conference, "There was not an actual plan. We stopped this man in the initial planning stages." Government officials subsequently acknowledged that no materials for building a "dirty bomb" had been assembled, and no actual target had been selected.
In a heavy-handed effort to stampede public opinion, Ashcroft declared that Muhajir was a key operative in an Al Qaeda plan to detonate a radiological weapon - a conventional explosive device with a wrapper of radioactive material - which could cause "mass death and injury." This statement became the basis for sensationalized media coverage, although experts in the field told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that such a device could produce serious long-term contamination, but would actually cause relatively few casualties.
Ashcroft said that Muhajir was in Pakistan "researching radiological dispersion devices," although how he could accomplish that with only a grade-school education and little knowledge of the local languages is unclear, to say the least. Previous US warnings about Al Qaeda access to nuclear technology have focused on former Soviet scientists and weapons technicians, not ex-members of city street gangs, as the likely conduits.
Even more inexplicable is the decision to arrest Muhajir as soon as he arrived in the United States. According Ashcroft and his aides, at the time they learned of Muhajir/Padilla's role as an Al Qaeda operative, he had been jailed in Pakistan for violating immigration laws. The Bush administration arranged for his release. US intelligence agencies then monitored his travel from Pakistan, through Zurich, Switzerland and Egypt to the United States. FBI agents were on board the plane during the last leg of the journey and arrested him as he was going through Customs at O'Hare.
Ashcroft was not asked an obvious question. Why, if Muhajir could be tracked from continent to continent, was he arrested as soon as he set foot on US soil? If he was such a key figure in a plot to kill thousands of Americans, why didn't the authorities continue to follow him, in order to find his collaborators and co-conspirators inside the country?
Rather than a terrorist mastermind, Muhajir is far more likely to be a low-level sympathizer of the Islamic fundamentalists - if even that - whose arrest has been seized on to boost Bush's political standing and refurbish the image of the intelligence agencies.
The announcement is suspiciously convenient in its timing, coming as the Bush administration is staggering under the impact of revelations that the CIA and FBI ignored or suppressed warnings of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Ashcroft was at pains to point to the cooperation of the two US intelligence agencies in his statement in Moscow.
A chilling legal precedent
Legal considerations were a major factor in Muhajir's transfer to military custody. He has not been charged with any crime. The government justified his arrest and incarceration by calling him a material witness in the federal investigation into September 11 - the legal ploy that has been used to detain hundreds of Muslim immigrants over the past nine months.
A federal district judge in Manhattan had scheduled a secret hearing for June 11 and seemed prepared to order the government to charge Muhajir or release him. The alternative, devised by the Justice Department in consultation with the Pentagon, was to put him out of reach, at least temporarily, of the federal court system.
This process was conducted in a secret and politically chilling fashion. President Bush issued an executive order, in his capacity as commander in chief, declaring Muhajir an "enemy combatant who poses a serious and continued threat to the American people and our national security." The prisoner was taken from his New York prison cell, put on a government plane and flown to Charleston, South Carolina to a US Navy facility. Muhajir's own lawyer, Donna Newman of New York City, was not informed of his transfer and has been denied access to him.
Justice Department officials cited two World War II-era Supreme Court decisions as the legal basis for the presidential order to place Muhajir in military custody. The two cases involved US citizens of German and Italian descent who served as saboteurs or soldiers for the Axis powers. However, these cases occurred in the context of a formal declaration of war against Germany and Japan, passed by Congress. No such constitutionally mandated declaration has been passed to authorize the present "war on terrorism." In both cases, moreover, the prisoners were placed on trial - one before a military tribunal, the other before a court martial. In the case of Muhajir, however, there is to be no adversary proceeding of any kind, but rather indefinite detention until the end of the "war on terror," which Bush administration spokesmen have said may go on for decades.
The open-ended and unilateral character of Muhajir's detention has sparked protests from civil liberties organizations, which have pointed out that the government power asserted here could be used against any American citizen.
Even the Washington Post, which has backed virtually all of the repressive measures of the Bush administration since September 11, wrote an opposing editorial, warning, "the government's actions in this latest case cut against basic elements of life under the rule of law." The Post continued: "If its positions are correct, nothing would prevent the president - even in the absence of a formal declaration of war - from designating any American as an enemy combatant. Without proving the correctness of the charge before a court, the military could then detain that person forever. And having done so, it could prevent that detainee from hiring a lawyer to argue that the government, in fact, has it all wrong. If that's the case, nobody's constitutional rights are safe."
But the Washington Post, like the rest of corporate-controlled media, fails to point out the blatant contradiction between the dictatorial measures of the Bush administration and its claim to be fighting a war in defense of "freedom." In reality, the unprecedented assault on democratic rights being carried out by the Bush administration is the domestic face of the eruption of US militarism internationally





The DREAMWORKSFOX production MINORITY REPORT depicts a future where you can be charged for future crimes you haven't yet committed.
Just Like Mr. Padilla

"The guilty are arrested before the law is broken," warns a heavy-rotation TV advert for the film, subtly placed during national and local news programs this week reporting the United States has detained, indefinitely, but has not criminally charged Jose Padilla for allegedly preparing a plan to commit terror.

"I am willing to give up some of my personal freedoms in order to stop 9/11 from ever happening again," masterdirector Steven Spielberg declares in an interview set for Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES. "But the question is, Where do you draw the line?"

"Right now, people are willing to give away a lot of their freedoms in order to feel safe. They're willing to give the FBI and the CIA far-reaching powers to, as George W. Bush often says, root out those individuals who are a danger to our way of living. I am on the president's side in this instance," Spielberg will say. [DRUDGE's Dept of Prepublication] "But How much freedom are you willing to give up? That is what my movie is about."

While Spielberg is preparing to publicly support the administration in coordination for the release of MINORITY REPORT, fellow DREAMWORKS executives reportedly pulled out their eyes in horror as the Bush administration moved the nation's law enforcement priority from enforcement of terror crimes to "prevention," the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"Is this really happening? This is our movie!!!" a top -- politically active -- DREAMWORKS executive yelled while watching a John Ashcroft press conference last week on C-SPAN, according to sources. "Mr. Ashcroft is scary 

"We set the clock [in the movie] in the 2050s, but it looks like we are already there," claimed the top DREAMWORKS executive. "Please let him say he is creating a Department of Precrime!"

As a new GALLUP poll shows 4 out of 5 Americans willing to give up some freedom for more security Spielberg and associates have launched the movie website tie-in -- which includes a dramatic public service announcement mocking a "future" government's attempt to "prevent" crimes.

"It works!" repeatedly chant citizens from all walks of life.

It opens wide next week.

 Excerpts of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zionist Babylon Talmudic Mysticism of Satan"

13. You may say that the GOYIM will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a manoeuvre of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail - the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives.


18. The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence - a matter which we shall arrange for - of their rulers, will clamor: "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders - frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts - who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives."


The GOYIM are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? ....

5. There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ....

6. It is not worth to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ....

7. For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the GOY without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning? For what, indeed, if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way what is for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road? It is this which has served as the basis for our organization of SECRET MASONRY WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO, AND AIMS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS SUSPECTED BY, THESE "GOY" CATTLE, ATTRACTED BY US INTO THE "SHOW" ARMY OF MASONIC LODGES IN ORDER TO THROW DUST IN THE EYES OF THEIR FELLOWS.


9. Only the king and the three who stood sponsor for him will know what is coming.

10. In the person of the king who with unbending will is master of himself and of humanity all will discern as it were fate with its mysterious ways. None will know what the king wishes to attain by his dispositions, and therefore none will dare to stand across an unknown path.

11. It is understood that the brain reservoir of the king must correspond in capacity to the plan of government it has to contain. It is for this reason that he will ascend the throne not otherwise than after examination of his mind by the aforesaid learned elders.

12. That the people may know and love their king, it is indispensable for him to converse in the market-places with his people. This ensures the necessary clinching of the two forces which are now divided one from another by us by the terror.

13. This terror was indispensable for us till the time comes for both these forces separately to fall under our influence.

14. The king of the Jews must not be at the mercy of his passions, and especially of sensuality: on no side of his character must he give brute instincts power over his mind. Sensuality worse than all else disorganizes the capacities of the mind and clearness of views, distracting the thoughts to the worst and most brutal side of human activity.

15. The prop of humanity in the person of the supreme lord of all the world of the holy seed of David must sacrifice to his people all personal inclinations.

16. Our supreme lord must be of an exemplary irreproachable.

Moshiach ben Satan, Temporary Blessed, he be....

Jesus the Lords Highest Cabinet

Final Cabinet

The third and final attempt to establish the Olam Ha Ba is begun. Soon the final Fuurer, the final Moshiach, of the Talmudist, the sons of the synagogue of Satan. Do not be deceived, Hitler was set up by the Mother of Harlots to act out the ruse. He was  Aske-nazi Babylonian Jew, the religion and no nationality. He served his Babylonian Talmudic god. He accomplished exactly according to plan to set up the future Olam Ha Ba with the help of that cry of anti-Semitism. The Babylonian Talmudic Papacy, the sent out Babylonian high priest Pontifex Maximas funneled billions of dollars into him and the Babylonian scheme. Presscott Bush the grandfather of "Longshanks" George W. Bush also of the Babylonian Order of Skull and Bones, too funneled millions of dollars to Hitler. George H. W. Bush who announced the Olam Ha Ba of Moshiach ben Satan the Babylonian Judaic world king, set up the laws to establish the order to Satan. Do not make the mistake to discount what I am telling you. Take heart, kneel, pay homage to the King of Kings Jesus Christ the Lord, for that is your only defense against the evil to come soon.

Jn:8:32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


As for myself personally, I believe by the Holy Word, resist not the Evil to come, for they will certainly pry your cold dead hands from your Gun Mr. Heston. You did much better trusting Jesus as Moses Mr. Heston.

In the Beginning

In the Beginning God the Most High, the Word, Jesus Created......Everything and the angels of Heaven


Satan rebelled. Satan begat his seed. His seed begat Nephilim. Nephilim begat demons. God destroyed the seed of Satan. Satan once again introduced his seed to man and intermingled with man. Man who originally was planted with the seed of God rebelled and accepted the seed of the serpent. Any man who rejects Jesus Lord God, the Word, has accepted the seed of the serpent as his own. This includes any who refuses the Word. Satan begat Nimrod of Babylon, Egypt accepted Nimrod as god, Babylonian Talmudic Judaism Pharisaic Rabbis accept Babylon. Babylon has risen. The world is accepting Babylon, under the magical influences of Kaballah, Quabalah, Quaballah, Cabala, Cabballa. The Mother of all Satanic religion is Babylon, the great whore of Babylon is Talmudic Judaism. Talmudic Judaism now influences every religion upon earth including so-called Christianity. The New World Order is set up under Babylon, the Rabbis Olam Ha Ba. Soon the Ten men of the ancient bed of Shlomo of the ancient seventy of the assembly of the Sanhedrin will anoint their Moshiach ben Dovid or Moshiach ben Satan as King over Israel and king over the world, temporary he be. The presidential Noachide laws, Public law 102-14, have gone forth to prepare for the so-called cleansing of those who have no part of Olam Ha Ba, the world to come. Any who refuses the Moshiach will be decapitated according to Satan's Talmud Bavli. This Moshiach will set himself to be God in the Temple of God, showing himself to be God. Any man who refuses him and holds firm to the testimony of Jesus Christ, God, will die the death of the Prophets and Disciples of God.


Are the innocent victims of the Talmudic Judaic mystical sons of the synagogues of Satan, the World's peoples about to find 200 missing Russian Nukes?

Pravda.RU:Top Stories:More in detail


11:14 2002-09-13


A nuke scandal is gathering steam

Pyotr Simonenko, the leader of the Ukrainian Communist Party released a sensational statement on Wednesday. In his words, there were 2400 nuclear warheads in Ukraine, although the export of only 2200 of them was officially documented. Simonenko claimed that nobody knows where 200 Soviet-era nukes in Ukraine are.

The official reaction followed the next day, but it was a rather weak one. Deputy chief of the Ukrainian Army Headquarters, Nikolay Goncharenko, declared that Simonenko’s statement regarding the disappearance of the nuclear weapons from the territory of Ukraine was absolutely groundless. The high-ranking military official stated that all weapons of the trilateral agreement concerning the execution of the contract for strategic offensive arms had been handed over to Russia. Ok, but how come the leader of Ukrainian communists counted 200 nukes? It seems that the nuke scandal will continue.

Andrey Lubensky




And you can bet, if you are a betting person, That Bushka will instigate the wars of Hashem within the next month


Pravda.RU:Top Stories:More in detail


15:22 2002-09-06

About one hundred American and British war planes (F-15 fighters among them) attacked the Iraqi central air defense system, command, and checkpoints to the west of Baghdad. According to France-Press, the attack was the largest in the past four years. The bjective of the operation was to liquidate the Iraqi air defense and create a safe air corridor for special helicopters to deliver deadly missiles, which will be dropped on innocent Iraqi residential areas.

The INA agency reports with reference to an Iraqi army spokesman that civil objects in western Baghdad were attacked during the night raid. “Hostile war planes started from a Kuwait base and delivered blows against civil and social objects in Rutba.” In response, Iraqi air defense forces opened fire against the planes which had to fly away, the Iraqi source informs.

Americans are about to start a large-scale offensive, and bombings are getting more and more frequent. Competent sources in the British government report that terms, participants, and course of military operations against Iraq should be finally settled within the next ten days. Therefore, the deadline for war is September 15, and it can be supposed quite theoretically that the offensive may start on Monday, September 16. Next week, September 9-15, is dedicated to the tragic anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. These will be days of mourning, and the USA will be very concerned with its security, and not about an offensive against Iraq.

The source in the British government mentioned that Iraq won’t be given enough time to prepare for its defense: Washington and London are currently working on fast deployment plans to deliver a sudden blow against Iraq if a decision to start an offensive is passed. The source adds that the USA and Great Britain “have all means at their disposal to immediately transfer servicemen and hardware by air and by sea to Iraq.” These are certainly wonderful conditions to guarantee the success of the operation.

A meeting between US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Anthony Blair is scheduled for Saturday at Camp David. And, next week, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and British Minister of Defense Geoffrey Hoon will meet in Washington. The parties are to discuss details of an upcoming war against Iraq.

Sergey Stefanov

Translated by Maria



Bush To Ask Congress For 'Go'
On Iraq Attack Within 48hrs
By Peter Almond
UPI International Desk


(AFP) -- President George W Bush said today he would go to US lawmakers with a resolution against Iraq in the next 48 hours, even as the UN Security Council remained deeply divided over how to confront the regime of Saddam Hussein.
The US president called Saddam "more and more a threat to world peace", after being caught flatfooted by Iraq's surprise offer earlier this week to unconditionally allow UN arms inspectors to return after a four-year stand-off.
Bush has scorned the Iraqi offer as a ploy, while Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned the US Congress that Iraq posed the most "immediate threat to the security of our people and the stability of the world".
Rumsfeld's testimony to the US House Armed Services Committee marked the opening salvo in what is expected to be a US campaign for a UN resolution authorising use of force against Iraq.
Iraq and the UN, meanwhile, were to continue talks in Vienna in October on the terms allowing arms inspectors to ensure Iraq is not developing weapons of mass destruction, in violation of the 1991 ceasefire accords which ended the Gulf War.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair appealed to big powers to "keep up the pressure" on Iraq to ensure Saddam Hussein makes good on his pledge to allow the weapons experts to pursue the disarmament effort.
"It's the pressure that has brought him (Saddam) to this position," Blair said.
Britain has been as scornful of Saddam as Bush, even after Monday's offer, while the other three permanent members of the Security Council - China, France and Russia, want Baghdad to be given a chance.
"This is an important moment for our country and for the international community to work together," Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who heads the opposition Democrats, told reporters after meeting with Bush.
The legislators face a race against the clock to hurry through a resolution before they adjourn in October to campaign for Congressional elections in November. Democrats had earlier warned it could take a long time before Congress would act.
The White House has repeatedly insisted the president has not decided whether to go to war against Saddam, and today it was still unclear how the resolution would be worded.
Washington has met Baghdad's offer on the inspectors with scorn, steadfastly sticking to its goal to remove Saddam Hussein from power in its next step in the self-declared "war on terrorism".
"It's his latest ploy, his latest attempt not to be held accountable for defying the United Nations," Bush told reporters. "He's not going to fool anybody. We've seen him before."
"We'll remind the world that, by defying resolutions, he's become more and more of a threat to world peace."
The world "must rise up and deal with this threat, and that's what we expect the Security Council to do," the president said of the need for a strict new UN resolution.
Bush's tough stance was boosted by a new opinion poll. The CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey showed that 93 per cent of respondents believed the United Nations should pass a resolution imposing a deadline on Iraq to submit to weapons inspections or face grave consequences.
Rumsfeld reeled off a list of past Iraqi aggression, and said: "What has not changed is Iraq's drive to acquire those weapons of mass destruction, and the fact that every approach that the United Nations has taken to stop Iraq's drive has failed.
"This is a critical moment for our country and for the world. Our resolve is being put to the test. It is a test unfortunately the world's free nations have failed before in recent history with unfortunate consequences," he said.
As Rumsfeld was beginning his statement, two protesters briefly disrupted the session chanting "inspections, not war" before they were led from the room.
Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri called on close ally Russia to "intervene" to prevent the adoption by the UN of a US-sponsored resolution on arms inspections in Iraq.
"Iraq wishes to see Russia and all other countries... intervene to deprive the United States of the international cover it is seeking for its aggression" against Iraq, he said.
Former UN weapons inspector, Australian Richard Butler, echoed some of Washington's scepticism today.
"'Come back to the country without conditions' sounds good, but what we really needed to hear (was that) you can inspect without conditions," said Butler, who headed the team that was pulled out in 1998 shortly before intensive US and British bombing of Iraq, whom they accused of failing to cooperate with the UN teams.
Pope John Paul II stepped into the fray and hailed the "goodwill" of Saddam and urged world leaders to listen to the Iraqi leader.
"I urge you to continue to pray to the Saviour to enlighten the leaders of nations, to support demonstrations of goodwill and lead humanity, already afflicted by so much pain, to relations free of war and violence," he said Wednesday at the Vatican.
In Germany, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, a vehement opponent of unilateral or UN-authorised strikes on Iraq, said military action was now unnecessary given the Iraqi offer.
"We must seize the opportunity. Falling back on the old positions will not help now," Schroeder told the daily General Anzeiger, in its edition to appear Thursday.
Asked if a military strike on Iraq was now "superfluous," he agreed. "That is correct."
Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was meet for the second time this week with Sabri as the top UN arms inspector prepared to brief the Security Council on practical aspects of restarting work in Iraq.
The chief UN arms inspector, Hans Blix, was to go to the Council on Thursday to speak on the practical arrangements for taking up the Iraqi offer.
AFP All Rights Reserved

Gearing up for the wars of Hashem, 

World War III.

The Gog and Magog war

The terrorist attach on the US had actually triggered the war, which according to the ancient writing that we have, is the Gog and Magog war, the same war that is mentioned by Ezekiel (38-39) and by many other prophets. This page demonstrates how the terrorist attack on the US does indicate the start of the great last war, Gog and Magog war, and also details what's supposed to happen is this war.

Midrash: Terror in a big city before Redemption
The YALKUT SHIM'ONI, which is a collection of Jewish ancient rabbis (HAZAL/RAZAL) brings in "clue 506" a commentary on the Haftarah that was read in synagogues on the exact week when the terrorist attack occurred. This is the commentary according to the old Midrash ("Pirkey Rabbi Elie'zer"):
Rabbi Ishmael says: The Ishmaelites shall make three wars of panic in the Latter Days, as it is written (Isiah 21,15): "For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword".
And then [the Moshiachh] son of [King] David shall emerge, and will show us the destruction of those and those, and will come from there to the Land of Israel, as it is written "Who is it who comes from Edom" etc.

Yes, could it be George W. Bush the Talmudic converted Jew of that secret order of Babylonian Skull and Bones and of the apostate solomonic bloodline? Will he soon, by the excuse of the Hitlerian Tactics of Homeland security and national security usher in the fourth Reicht, the wars of Terrorism the rumor and the wars of Hashem?

When HaShem (G-d) comes from Edom, the SHARET angels come before him and find his closes red as scarlet. They say (there): "Why is your apparel red". He says to them, I had a small winepress and I have trodden it, as it is said (there): "I have trodden the winepress alone". At the same time, HaShem (G-d) takes all of the sins of Israel and puts them on the evil Esau, as it is written...

manufacturing as they go the false Satanic prophecies of Baal they continue to propagate this terror and establish the wars against the Arabs, all the while the blind Judeo-Churchian God- Zionist, Jew are Baal god worshippers, shout with glee at the sense-less slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent peoples

This extraordinary Midrash, from about 2000 years ago, describes in a clear manner an amazing thing: The Islamic Terror (Ishmaelite=Arabs and Islam in Jewish tradition, "war of panic" must be terrorist attacks, not ordinary war) will eventually strike a huge city (Hebrew phrase: "KRACH"), and that will be the last war that the Ishmaelites will start, and after this war - the Messiah will be revealed, and the people of Israel shall see destruction of two great religions.

It is interesting, that about the question of what happens with the sins of the people of Israel, it is written that HaShem (G-d) is transferring all the sins of Israel to Esau, which in Jewish tradition represents Christianity. This resembles the Ben-Ish-Hay prophecy about the big blow that was transferred before Elul 25th (see Sep. 11th page).

 And yes Satan has pre documented his intentioned plans for his sons of the synagogues of Satan, the prophets of Baal, never understanding that Jesus Christ is the editor.

The Zohar: Before Redemption -
Moslems will fight against Christians  

*Zohar: Mystical Book of Satan's Qabalah

The holy Zohar (written some 2000 years ago by rabbi Shim'on Bar-Yoahi ZYA"A), prophesied the next passage (brought in the commentary on Exodus, VaEra parasha, page 32):

Jesus Christ the Lord God and His Father knew full well who the Pharisaic Babylonians of the Oral tradition of Talmud worshipped, for he told them they were of their Father the father of lies, Baal. 

And the Ishmaelites shall rule the holy land, at the time when it is empty, for a long time, as their circumcision is empty, and not whole (Moslems only remove the prepuce (ORLA). Jews have another stage for the Brith called PRIAA), and they shall prevent the Israelites from returning to their homeland (Since the beginning of Jewish immigration to Israel, Arabs used violence against the Jews, wars and terror attacks. This still prevents the majority of Jews which is in the Diaspora to make Aliyah to Israel) until that privilege of the Ishmaelites will expire.
And the Ishamelites shall ignite big wars in the world, until they will make the Edomites (which are Christians by Jewish tradition) gather to a war against them.

Propagation to establish the vision of falsechrist and of those who hate the Everlasting Covenant, Christ Jesus.

And shall make wars: one on the sea, one in land and (one) near Jerusalem. And those shall rule over those. And the holy land will not be handed over to the Edomites (Christians).
At that time, one people will be awaken from the end of the world to the big sinful city, and there he will ignite a war that will last three months. And peoples will gather there, and will fall in his hands.
Until all the Edomites (Christians) will gather on him (from all the ends of the world). Then HaShem (G-d) will be awakened on them.
This is the meaning of the writing  "For HaShem has a sacrifice in Bossrah" etc. and at the end of it, it says  "to take hold of the ends of the earth"
And shall destroy the Ishamelites from us, and will break all the armies of Above, and there shall not remain any army Above for a people of the world, except for the army of Israel exclusively.

The little god zionist vision, world rule from the world's capital, Jerusalem under Moshiach ben Satan, Lucifer the son of the morning

This is the meaning of the writing : "HaShem (G-d) is your shadow on your right hand", because the holy name is in the (spiritual) right side, and the Torah is also in the (spiritual) right side. Therefore all depends on the right side.
And we have learnt orally: He who come to pray, will put his right hand over his left hand, as it was established in Jewish Halacha.
At the Latter Days  "Deliver your right and answer me", and at that time it is written  "For then I shall turn to peoples in a clear language, all to call the name of HaShem (G-d), to worship him together". And it is written  "And HaShem (G-d) shall be the King of all the land, on that day HaShem (G-d) will be one, and his name will be one".
HaShem shall be blessed for ever, Amen and Amen.

Wrong Hashem, Jesus Christ the Creator, the Word, The IAM the ALPHA and the Omega

We definitely see here an amazing prophecy of Moslems "making troubles" to Jews in the Land of Israel, but - more important - that the Moslems will ignite a war which will bring most of the Christian nations to fight them, as we see the beginning of the process right before our eyes with the Sep. 11 attack and the war in Afghanistan. We know as a fact that bin Laden wanted to start a war with Christianity, because Islam believes that the last war will be made between "believers" (in Islam) and "Romans" (Christians).

And guess who instigated these problems? Guess who demolishes Palestinian homes. Who kill innocent children and women all in the name of superiority of race and bigotry apartheid. When Jesus gave salvation unto all men regardless of whether Jew or Greek.

The outstanding thing is, that the Zohar was written about 2000 years ago, when Christianity was only in the beginning and Mohammed wasn't even born yet...

And when Jesus Identified the sons of the synagogues of Satan.

The Zohar: The end of the war

The Zohar, at VaYera parasha, page 119 it is written how this war will end, before the appearance of the Moshiach. Pay attention that the Zohar uses the phrase "hailstones" (AVNEY- ELGAVISH), which is the same phrase used at the description of Gog and Magog war
In the 70th, on three (months?), all the kings of the worlds shall gather to the (big) city, and HaShem (G-d) shall awake on them hail and hailstones, and they will be lost from the world. And only the kings that shall not go there will remain in the world, to return for other wars.

Pre planned demise of the UN


From that time the Moshiach King will be awakened all over the world, and will gather with him few peoples and few armies from all the edges of the world.
And all of the Israelites will be gathered, in all their places.
In the fallow year wars will occur


The Babylonian Talmud talks in big extent on "Sanhedrin" about the time when the redemption will come, and the Moshiach will appear (see more details on the redemption year signs page). It is written there that on the fallow year (SHNAT SHMITA) which will be one year before the appearance of the Moshiach, there shall be wars.

The year of 5761 (2001) was a fallow year. Just at the beginning of this Hebrew year, The Arabs in the holy land started what they call "Al-Aqsa Intifada". The terrorist attack came on the last week of the year.

It's interesting to mention, that based on this prophecy of the Talmud, Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak of the Shofar organization said in a public appearance in Britain just 2 days before the attack on the US, that before the end of the Hebrew year (which was just 10 days away) a major war will emerge. A skeptic man in the crowd asked him how can he know this for certain. The Rabbi answered - "I am basing my words on Jewish writings throughout the centuries". 2 days later he proved to be right...

Yes friends and bretheren in Christ, Satan has planned, and perhaps Bushka will establish the short lived wars of Hashem and then Bushka will build the temple, and Bushkas regime will transfer to Jerusalem.

Gog and Magog begins in Tishrey
(Rabbi Daniel Zer SHLITA)
The rabbi "Hafetz-Hayim",is the author of the "Mishna Brura" (a commentary of the Shulhan Aruch, the book that summarizes Jewish Halacha), who lived at the beginning of the 20th century,

As it is known, in the holy festival of Succoth (Tishrey 15-22), according to Jewish Halacha, Jews in the synagogues read the Ezekiel 38 - the description of Gog and Magog war. The Haftarah is called "Gog" Haftarah. The Rabbi Hafetz Hayim, wrote in his commentary WHY this is what we read in Succoth:

"Because in the time to come, the Gog and Magog war will start on Tishrey"

And we all now that the war in Afghanistan broke on Tishrey 21st

Gog and Magog begins in Hosha-Na

Now What? ask the Ribeye 

After we have established by various, different sources that the year of 5762 (Sep. 17 2001 to Sep. 6 2002) is the year of the ultimate redemption, comes the clear question - what shall be done now. As it is well known, the final redemption also means the final judgement of the world by HaShem. Those who are not worthy will be severely punished, rather than delivered, as the Bible notes several times 

Beheaded for the testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord God and His Father. Bow down to Moshiach and you will have a spot in the Olam Ha Ba, New World Order, Temporary as you may be.

And the simple question is - how will we become worthy of HaShem's deliverance. The answer divides to 2 parts. An answer for non-Jews, and an answer for Jews.

And you must abide by Public Law 102-14 Noachide Laws or decapitated.

And Boy, do they ever have a plan for you

Whether you are Christian or Moslem, Hindu or Buddhist, whether you have a religion or not: You have just seven commandments (not related to the ten commandments) to keep.

That they will not lift a finger to keep themselves

Keep them - and HaShem will gladly grant you the reward of the days of the Moshiach, which is indescribable. Although the reward is less than the one that Jews are supposed to get - one should bare in mind that Jews have 613 commandments to keep, not just seven, so it is a fair deal (BTW: After the Moshiach arrives, no one will be allowed to convert to Judaism, so if you have plans, do it quickly, and be rest assured, that HaShem loves the ones who convert to Judaism more than the Jews themselves).

The commandments that non-Jews should keep are those given to Adam, and then to Noah after the flood, and they are simple:

1. Not to eat an organ from a living creature
Simple, and no one in his right mind  does this. You should not cut an organ from a living creature and eat it. You should not eat any organ of a creature if the creature is still alive.

If you did so, address HaShem and repent.


2. Not to "bless" HaShem ("bless" means here: curse)
Also simple. You must not do that, under any circumstance.

If you did so, address HaShem and repent.


3. Not to be involved in bloodshed
The simple commandment of "Thou shall not kill". To simplify things, you should not kill anyone, unless you are in a clear and present danger from someone who is going to murder you in a moment if you won't inflict wounds on him. Killing innocent people is of- course forbidden, even if you think that this will be done for HaShem. HaShem does not need your assistance if He wants to kill someone. Put it for him, and you - keep his seven commandments.

These laws are only for the Gentiles and not to abided by the Jews, they are free to murder as many Goyim as they want with no repercussions

The commandments is also valid for not killing fetus in his mother's womb.

If you did so, address HaShem and repent.
4. Incest
You should not have any sexual contact with the followings: your mother, your father's wife, any married woman, your sister (from your mother), male with male, anyone with an animal. You should also not have any sexual contact with anyone that your father had sexual contact - even if he raped here or seduced her in an unacceptable manner. Also - sexual relation between a non-Jewish male to Jewish female are forbidden according to the Bible, unless the male converted to Judaism.
5. Law system with judges
This is a commandment for the non-Jewish nations, to keep a law system with judges that will enforce these commandments and other laws that it makes for the public's benefit.
6. Stealing, Robbery etc. is forbade
Simply - You should never take what's not yours without permission, even if it is of low value.
7. Worshiping not to HaShem (G-d) is strictly forbade
You should never worship to anyone or anything but the Creator who created the earth and the heavens. Your prayers should be addressed exclusively to Him. You should never bow to anything or anyone. Not a statue, not a creature, not a human, in any form, as it is explicitly written in the Bible in the Ten Commandments (on Exodus 20,3-4 and Deuteronomy 5,7-8).

Most importantly the Talmud emphasizes, Jesus Christ whom the Rabbis of Sanhedrin deem a bastard and the son of a whore. Remember if you break any of these Noachide Laws which are as many sub-laws that they are not mentioning.....death by decapitation.

Bowing before a cross, or before a statue of a human figure, in churches or in other places, is strictly forbidden, and is an act that enrages HaShem (Satan) the most. This is a matter that was never allowed by HaShem. Even the first generations of Christians did not do that (but rather kept all Jewish commandments). (A DOG FACED LIE SEE HOLY SCRIPTURE) Only later a Roman emperor said that is ok, based on nothing. If you bow or worship for anyone, or anything besides the Creator of the earth and the heavens, which is HaShem - you will be punished severely at the judgement day that is very near.

Also, worshiping for HaShem while believing He is a trinity, which means divided to three rather than one ("Hear-o-Israel, HaShem is G-d, HaShem is ONE") that cannot be divided, might be even more angering than a Hindu who worships hundreds of statues. Because the Hindu doesn't know or believes in the Bible, but those who talks about trinity have the whole Old Testament before their eyes, and they believe it is true - so their sin is greater.

Now about Moslems - Those of you who say that Islam believes in the one G-d, but Jews worship another, are (besides making your own Quran false) in fact worshiping another G_d, since you claim that HaShem is one to be worshiped, and Al-ah is in another, which establishes that there is more than one, and you are not worshiping THE one.

They already control the Arabs


Anyone who does keep all these seven commandments, is safe, and will be granted the reward in the days of the Moshiach Those who do not keep them, are destined for indescribable punishments real soon. If you did not keep them in the past, know that HaShem still loves you: Repent, and stop doing so in the future, and trust in HaShem's mercy.

For the Jews

Make the WORD of God Void with your oral tradition


If you are Jewish, whether you are religious or not - you should repent. Repentance is not done at a single time. It is a process. But you have to make the decision, that "from now on, I am going to get closer to HaShem".

Those who are religious Jews, should repent in the "internal" matters of Judaism (TIKUN MIDOTH), such as "You shall love your neighbor as yourself"  or not to say bad things about your fellows (Lashon Ha-Ra) or "go in HaShem's ways"  which means to try to be as merciful as HaShem, as forgiving as HaShem, as loving as HaShem etc. In short, take a good book of Jewish Mussar, read it - and act by it. Also, the great rabbis have instructions Jews allover the world to read everyday Psalms 83, 130 and 142. Read it. And repent for anything you did which was against HaShem's commandments.

We should remind that the Talmud talks strongly against he who does not work to change his bad character.

Those who are not religious Jews, should get closer to HaShem by any way they can:

In short - just do anything to get close to HaShem, and repent for what you did wrong in the past. HaShem is merciful. He loves any human being, and has a special care for the people of Israel. If HaShem sees that you try good enough - you will be rewarded.



Weapons of Mass Discussion



TWO hundred nuclear warheads have gone missing in a country suspected of selling high tech arms to Iraq, it emerged last night.

The terrifying revelation will heighten fears that Saddam Hussein could be just one step away from having all the ingredients of an atomic bomb. He has threatened terrorist attacks if Britain and America confront him. The warheads, which have vanished in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, contain enough highly-radioactive plutonium to destroy every capital in Europe and North America several times over. An opposition leader in Ukraine, which has a long history of selling radioactive materials, said that allegations of missing warheads had been confirmed in an investigation by the chaotic country's parliament.

Both Iraq and Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda network are known to have tried to obtain atomic bomb components from Ukraine.

Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko said: "Out of 2,400 nuclear warheads which were on Ukrainian territory, the withdrawal of only 2,200 warheads has been verified. The fate of the remaining 200 warheads is unknown."

Ukraine was supposed to hand over to Russia all nuclear weapons that were stationed on its territory when the USSR collapsed. This should have been completed by 1997.

But Serhiy Sinchenko, head of the parliamentary investigation, admitted that some of the missiles had been "lost".

Ukraine's government said yesterday that the allegations were "unfounded" but their statement failed to answer why paperwork on the whereabouts of 200 missiles and warheads was missing.

The country's security services said they were investigating the claims.

The possibility that huge stocks of plutonium could be for sale comes as a secret tape is said to confirm Ukrainian politicians' involvement in selling high-tech weapons to Iraq.

Washington is examining secret recordings of a conversation between Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma and the head of the country's military export service, Valeriy Malev.

The tape, made by a bodyguard who has since fled Ukraine, is said to contain evidence of military sales to Iraq of Kalchuga radar equipment through shadowy Jordanian middle men. Malev cannot be questioned because he died in a mysterious road accident in March.

It is not the first time that allegations have been made of exSoviet nuclear weapons going astray.

The former head of Russia's security council, Alexander Lebed, claimed that nuclear "briefcase" bombs were also unaccounted for. Kuchma has recently boasted of his warm links with Iraq, even though his country is seeking Nato and European Union membership.

Two weeks ago he said there were "good prospects for development of our relations" with Baghdad.

Andy McClean, of Saferworld, a think tank that monitors the arms trade, said: "We have long seen former Soviet countries becoming suppliers of arms to conflict areas."

Professor Gary Milhollin, of Iraq Watch, a US think tank tracking Baghdad's weapons development, said: "It's about time there was a clampdown on Saddam's procurement network and the means he employs to finance it."

An Iraqi defector has claimed that Iraq has managed to "pirate" sophisticated German centrifuges needed to convert low quality uranium to weapons grade.

Khidir Hamza said that Iraq has developed hundreds of the machines which may have been in use since late 1998. It would take around four years of continual refining before the uranium was suitable for weapons use, meaning that Saddam could be in possession of the bomb by this Christmas.

Hamza said: "The amount of uranium Iraq already has, conservatively estimated in a German intelligence report at 10 tons of natural uranium and 1.3 tons of low-enriched uranium, is enough for three nuclear weapons.

"It's a relatively simple process once you have the plans and some experience operating one or two centrifuges."

Washington announced earlier this month the interception of a shipment to Iraq of highly refined aluminum tubes suitable for making centrifuges.

A Daily Express investigation today reveals how Saddam has used smuggled oil to pay for an illicit worldwide weapons network, breaking UN resolutions to import everything from helicopters to missile guidance systems.

Iraq is believed to have made at least £1.3billion in unaccounted funds from smuggling last year alone. Fleets of trucks cross the Jordanian and Turkish border every day, returning unchecked by UN monitors with some carrying banned arms.

Neighbour Syria has also reopened a disused pipeline in direct contravention of the UN embargo.

Israeli intelligence sources say the two former enemies have been working together on building up Saddam's Scud missile capability, possibly allowing him to strike Israel using weapons of mass destruction.


American Gov't. weapons of Mass Obstruction



The Babylonian Talmudic Chabad Lubavitch Jews of Mysticism and the Satanic Books of Zohar and Qaballah Know what they need to usher in their Hoodlum Ha Ba, Just one little nuclear exchange of say about 200 nukes would do just fine. The Zionist wars of Hashem.  The exact seven Arab nations that must be anihilated according to the Zionist dog who cannot bark, Grant Jeffries? Now Bushka and his regime cannot decide on who is the enemy. One day it is the Saudi's, then Jordon, then Syria then Lebanon.....Aha! The exact nations that the Babylonian Tamud says are the nations of Amelek. Then the Churchian Zionistitsta's could wail loudly to destroy that anti-christ Sodomy Insane, wahlah! then come marching down Mooshiach from Safet to solve the worlds ills, Ahhh! will ben Satan destroy  that dispen-satanalist churchian scofield gentile evil and be The Savior of the World? And attempt to establish his vision to be...would be king? His fourth Reicht of a thousand years?


Bali, Australia & The Mossad
By Rose Cohen
Sydney, Australia

It could be that Moslems really did the Bali bombing, but I doubt it, it's too perfect.

To be honest, I speculated that something would happen against the Australians after our PM broke the total international isolation of Bush and Blair. EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN whom I talked to, disagrees with our government - AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN including the Editorial of the Sydney Morning Herald.....this has NEVER happened before!

As ABC National Australia Radio and many Australian papers mentioned, our government practically invited such a terrible event by 'sticking our neck out' far beyond ANY international codes of behavior. As a result, we lost a one billion dollar Wheat deal with Iraq, while our 'friends' the Americans are increasing their taxes on Australian farm products!!! Outrageous? NO, Mister Rense, this is the 'normal' international code of behavior which selfish Bush and his NWO mob are trying to impose on the rest of the world.

Israel, IMHO tricked Australia, and forced our government into supporting Bush blindly in order to generate Islamic hatret towards Australia. Once this hate is established the rest is 'clear sailing' and they can use their Mossad contacts among radical Moslem groups to blow up Australians. These are CLASSIC MOSSAD PROTOCOLS. Now Bush can easily request the Indonesian government (which is in his pocket to the tune of $600 million dollars at least - and Australia trained Indonesia's military) to "join the war against terrorism". This tactic is NOT a speculation, it is written almost word for word in the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion. <> Yes, I am an Israeli-born Jew but I am NOT a Zionist. Many efforts have been made to dismiss the Protocols as a hoax...frankly, it matters not whether they are or aren't because of their astonishing reflection of reality. Read them and decide for yourself.

Israel has an advantage that NO other country has (not to mention unlimited, free American money): Israelis can SPEAK Moslem languages just as good as the local Moslems do. Mossad networks inside Moslem countries have had a lot of publicity in the past, but whatever we heard is just the tip of an iceberg. The Mossad can 'motivate' any Moslem group to become 'terrorists'...since they have all the 'spiritual' justifications for it: THE AMERICANS ARE REALLY THE BASTARDS. The Mossad does not have to work hard to convince the Moslems about the 'bad' Americans: Bush, Giulliani, Condoleezza and Fox News are doing it VERY well.

The poor, unsophisticated Moslems will never realize who is really pulling their strings. And the whole thing is, of course, being financed with unlimited American taxpayer money. Saddam got his BioChem WMD supplies and instructions from America and the Mossad is using American money to control the

US. It is all quite brilliant and few will ever figure it out. Make NO mistake about it....and if you want to sugar-coat it to quiet your it, and call it what you wish. And don't forget, Sharon is the only current head of state who was found responsible for war crime massacres (Sabra & Shatila, 3000 dead Palestinian women and children) by a commission of his own Israeli government !!!

Israel has a network of spies worldwide among Jews living in these countries too. I MEAN IN ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY WORLDWIDE. Think carefully about that. Read what an ex-Mossad agent has disclosed:

Israel has a SPY INDUSTRY which is unparallel worldwide. Israel is leading the world by its nose towards WW3 and most gentiles have no brain to realize it:

As Sharon and Bush just reaffirmed in the White House, Israel will let Bush and the US fight a war for it, removing Saddam and taking Iraq's oil. Bush said he expects Israel will retaliate if attacked by Iraq. Who knows, Israel may nuke Iraq AND the Americans in the upcoming Desert Storm II ...EXACTLY as it did with the USS Liberty.


The reason I continue to maintain that it was probably a Mossad-involved operation in Bali, is because of the perfection 'job' takes a Jew to understand the Zionist mind as reflected in the reviled 'Elders'. Without reading this officially scorned and hated book, no one can EVER understand the Mossad and/or Israel. This is why we in Israel have been always forbidden to read the Protocols and the government maintained a 50+ year campaign among Israelis to discredit the Protocols as a fraud. I had an Israeli professor as a guest in my house recently here in Sydney. He, too, was absolutely certain The Protocols are a fraud, but he readily admitted that he has NEVER read them! When I commented that whether the Protocols are legitimate or not, we Jews have actually behaved and accomplished almost 100% of what is written in them. He could not believe it. Ignorance is bless, I guess he can sleep at night. However, in the interest of fairness to the professor, I should add that in the last 45 years of my research in this subject, I have yet to meet a single Israeli who actually read the Protocols.


The Moslems are often emotional and unsophisticated...rather lousy 'material' for terrorists. They bomb and then usually declare to the whole world that they did it.



Most of what we read about al Qaeda and bin Laden is a CIA/Mossad fiction, always based on fictional 'informed sources'. Al Jazzeera is now a CIA asset (based on my research). IMHO, they are designed to funnel hatred towards bin Laden and stimulate the fictional 'terrorism' mania gripping American now.

BIN LADEN IS JEWISH, full stop. A very close friend and a MOST eminent Israeli journalist told me recently, that according to Jewish law - bin Laden is Jewish, as his mother is Jewish(!).

AND -- if that is not enough, this irrefutably honest Israeli journalist, disclosed to me personally that bin Laden's mother's family lives in Israel (I will not print here the exact address which he provided me). I knew that bin Laden was Jewish long time ago, but with the current war hysteria I never mentioned to anyone except to my husband. The fact that bin Laden is Jewish, is known in Israel, but the 'free' 'democratic' 'press' of Israel will NOT publish it, as we have to continue to promote the myth that he is a 'villain'.

Actually, I will not be surprised if bin Laden is living now in Israel, and the Mossad is 'laughing all the way to the bank' ! When Israel and Bush finally will control all world's countries, I am confident that bin Laden will be invited as an honored guest.

We (should I say they?) the Jews NEVER brag about what we are doing, and the public (here and in Israel) is totally innocent and uninformed about the amount of terror that we are manipulating and releasing on the whole world at the moment.

The strategy is simple: attemt to make our enemies suspect each other and then

fight it out. It saves us the work. Keep in mind that our enemies are ANYONE WHO IS NOT JEWISH.

The "USS Liberty" nearly happened again in the attempted bombing of the Mexican Congress some months ago and the Jewish-controlled American 'press' never even reported it. Only you Mister Rense, saved the honor of America, by being the only one in the American-English press to post it.


The Mossad was somehow involved in the 9-11 attacks...another "USS Liberty"? and NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE IT. (Even when those Mossad kids were caught dancing with glee on Manhattan roofs! What more do you want?). As usual, 'by chance', both Barak and Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Ministers, 'just happened' to be in the USA at the time. They conducted a massive speaking tour all over the USA and appeared on every TV program which agreed to accept them. THEY, NOT Bush, launched the "war on Terror"....when the WTC iron was still hot. But then, Americans never realized what was happening under their noses because they never read the Protocols!

NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE IT IF THE ZIONIST PUPPET MASTERS WOULD BE INVOLVED IN NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACK ON LOS ANGELES, PARIS OR SYDNEY....just wait. Americans will jump like lemmings off the cliff. believing every word they hear on Fox News and CNN.


As I always said, we are now in a neverending cycle of destruction, a proven recipe for world Zionist domination:

1. We are always told to trust the 'news media'.

2. The 'news media' tells us to trust the politicians.

3. The politicians are always using the old trick of saying that they base their decisions on information from the 'intelligence agencies'. IMHO, most American politicians are on the Mossad payroll or are certainly otherwise compromised by Zionist/Israeli lobbies and

power brokers.

The vote in the Congress giving Bush war powers over Iraq is INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE for those who maintain American 'representatives' are nothing more than American traitors. Consider that the few who have the integrity to discuss it admit phone calls to their offices are running about 90% against the Iraq war. One honest Congressman admitted last week that his phone calls are 99 to one AGAINST Bush's war.

4. The 'news media' NEVER tell the public that the Intelligence agencies are usually at the core of the problem as these agencies are the ones which invent such trickery as 'The Gulf of Tonkin' and the vile 'Operation Northwoods'. These treasonous acts and many

others like them are done at the behest of the NWO-Zionist-Banker-Transnational cartels.

5. Spending tremendous time on search engines, I can sense that the Mossad is spending a LOT of effort to remove much data about the Mossad from search engines and the Internet in general.

6. The Mossad is reading every single email around the world, including this one, and they can manipulate politicians and journalists to their best advantage with ease. While many joke that Bush's speeches seem to be written by Sharon and the Mossad, I am not sure that it is not actually a reality in some cases. Just look at who his closest advisors are.

7. The NSA refused to release the satellites photos of Manhattan during 9/11. If they would, I am confident we could see the dancing Israelis on the top of the Manhattan roof.

8. There are rampant accusations over the internet that the Maryland Shooter could be only a CIA or Mossad-trained, since he is so professional. AGAIN, the NSA was requested to release satellite videos of Washington DC area, and they refused. It is no secret that the NSA is monitoring that area by satellites and reviews of the tapes could show the 'White Van' and its destinations. If the NSA could read a coin on the ground from a satellite, as they boasted, they should be able to identify the White Van, too.

7. In short, events will only escalate downhill for as long as we let the fox guard the chickens.



Mister Rense,

First, let me thank you for letting me have my say. I have been holding this inside for a long time.

The most ironic part of it all is that we Jews taught the world that the Moslems are evil. This is a totally false concept. I visited many Moslem countries and they are a most gentle people...primarily because of their religion. Moslems are praying 5 times a day, they do not have time to play Pokemon, go on drive-by shootings, or watch another Jewish TV 'documentary'. ONLY when I visited Moslem countries, did I realize how massively corrupt our Western culture is.

We are now the most evil culture in the history of our civilization. Our children are little more than brainless idiots, criminals and prostitutes....... and we have the audacity to criticize the Moslem culture?

AND Bush is 'saving our civilization'? I can see the Elders bursting with laughter in their graves. My husband always said that as long as we Jews control your TV, you American dummies will believe anything!

MY CONCLUSION (as a simple housewife from Sydney):

Since it is indisputable that most politicians in most countries are lying, if we want to reverse the present decline of our society, we must administer a polygraph test to every politician worldwide once a month and take appropriate and immediate action if they

are found to be lying. Imagine the turnover!

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Keep up your wonderful work.



Rose Cohen





Syria's Assad - Millions
Would Die In Bush Iraq War


DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday there was no justification for a U.S. war on Iraq, adding it would kill millions of people and plunge the whole Middle East into uncertainty.
Assad told Reuters Editor in Chief Geert Linnebank in an interview: "What America did in Afghanistan is not applicable to Iraq. Afghanistan was a piece of cake compared with Iraq."
Expressing strong opposition to a war to topple President Saddam Hussein, Assad told Reuters: "You cannot change the regime without killing millions of Iraqis."
He said such a conflict would have huge regional impact including a flood of refugees, poverty and damage to the economies of all countries in the area.
He added: "Our concern is about entering the unknown. Even the United States does not know how a war in Iraq is going to end."
Copyright © 2002 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

Bush's Pro-Israel Advisors, Who Are They?

By Mohammed Alomari

Updated October 20, 2002

The key to seeing the level of the Israeli lobby's influence on the George Walker Bush (Bush Jr) Administration is watching the appointments of the following Israelis and pro-Israel Jewish advisors to posts in the White House or other Executive Branch Positions.

It is the war-mongering of many of these pro-Israeli advisors that is driving all the hype of wanting to go to war against Iraq. The Israeli lobby wants the United States to do Israel's dirty work by fighting its proxy war against Iraq.

The reality of the situation is that no one in Washington, whether in the Pentagon (top military brass, joint chiefs, etc) or in Congress, wants this Israeli proxy war against Iraq. Only those connected to the Israeli lobby want this war.

It is very important to know the identity of these pro-Israeli officials within the administration in order to understand who is behind this war-mongering and realizing that is serving Israeli interests, not American interests.

It is unfortunate that Bush has picked these people to these top posts. The sad fact for him is that in the instant that he decides not to go to war against Iraq, the Israeli lobby will bring him down, like they did to his father, a decade earlier.

Note: The Israeli lobby has many "thinktanks" that provide future advisors to the various administrations, both Republican and Democrat.  During the Clinton Administration, the Israeli lobby provided officials from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy like Martin Indyk. During the Bush Jr Administration, many of the officials the Israeli lobby provided are from their Republican "thinktanks," like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA).

1). Richard Perle----One of Bush's foreign policy advisors, he is the chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board.    A very likely Israeli government agent, Perle was expelled from Senator Henry Jackson's office in the 1970's after the National Security Agency (NSA) caught him passing Highly-Classified (National Security) documents to the Israeli Embassy.  He later worked for the Israeli weapons firm, Soltam. Perle came from one the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktanks, the AEI. Perle is one of the leading pro-Israeli fanatics leading this Iraq war mongering within the administration and now in the media.

2). Paul Wolfowitz----Deputy Defense Secretary, and member of Perle's Defense Policy Board, in the Pentagon. Wolfowitz is a close associate of Perle, and reportedly has close ties to the Israeli military. His sister lives in Israel. Wolfowitz came from the above mentioned Jewish thinktank, JINSA. Wolfowitz is the number two leader within the administration behind this Iraq war mongering.

3). Douglas Feith----Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon. He is a close associate of Perle and served as his Special Counsel. Like Perle and the others, Feith is a pro-Israel extremist, who has advocated anti-Arab policies in the past. He is closely associated with the extremist group, the Zionist Organization of America, which even attacks Jews that don't agree with its extremist views. Feith frequently speaks at ZOA conferences. Feith runs a small law firm, Feith and Zell, which only has one International office, in Israel. The majority of their legal work is representing Israeli interests. His firm's own website stated, prior to his appointment, that Feith "represents Israeli Armaments Manufacturer." Feith basically represents the Israeli War Machine. Feith also came from the Jewish thinktank JINSA. Feith, like Perle and Wolfowitz, are campaigning hard for this Israeli proxy war against Iraq.

4). Edward Luttwak----Member of the National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence at the Pentagon. Luttwak is reportedly an Israeli citizen and has taught in Israel. He frequently writes for Israeli and pro-Israeli newspapers and journals. Luttwak is an Israeli extremist whose main theme in many of his articles is the necessity of the U.S. waging war against Iraq.

5). Henry Kissinger-----One of many Pentagon Advisors, Kissinger sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle.  For detailed information about Kissinger's evil past, read Seymour Hersch's book (Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House).   Kissinger had a part in the Watergate crimes, Southeast Asia mass murders, Chile dictatorship, and more recently served as Serbian Dictator Slobodan Milosevic's Advisor.   He consistently advocates going to war against Iraq.  Kissinger is the Ariel Sharon of the U.S.

6). Dov Zakheim----Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Department of Defense. He is an ordained rabbi and reportedly holds Israeli citizenship. Zakheim attended attended Jew’s College in London and became an ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in 1973. He was adjunct professor at New York's Jewish Yeshiva University. Zakheim is close to the Israeli lobby.

7). Kenneth Adelman-----One of many Pentagon Advisors, Adelman also sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle, and is another extremist pro-Israel advisor, who supports going to war against Iraq. Adelman frequently is a guest on Fox News, and often expresses extremist and often ridiculus anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views. Through his hatred or stupidity, he actually called Arabs "anti-Semitic" on Fox News (11/28/2001), when he could have looked it up in the dictionary to find out that Arabs by definition are Semites.

8). I. Lewis Libby -----Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff. The chief pro-Israel Jewish advisor to Cheney, it helps explains why Cheney is so gun-ho to invade Iraq. Libby is longtime associate of Wolfowitz. Libby was also a lawyer for convicted felon and Israeli spy Mark Rich, whom Clinton pardoned, in his last days as president.

9). Robert Satloff----U.S. National Security Council Advisor, Satloff was the executive director of the Israeli lobby's "think tank," Washington Institute for Near East Policy.  Many of the Israeli lobby's "experts" come from this front group, like Martin Indyk.

10). Elliott Abrams-----National Security Council Advisor. He previously worked at Washington-based "Think Tank" Ethics and Public Policy Center. During the Reagan Adminstration, Abrams was the Assistant Secretary of State, handling, for the most part, Latin American affairs. He played an important role in the Iran-Contra Scandal, which involved illegally selling U.S. weapons to Iran to fight Iraq, and illegally funding the contra rebels fighting to overthrow Nicaragua's Sandinista government. He also actively deceived three congressional committees about his involvement and thereby faced felony charges based on his testimony. Abrams pled guilty in 1991 to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to a year's probation and 100 hours of community service. A year later, former President Bush (Senior) granted Abrams a full pardon. He was one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Reagan Administration's State Department.

11). Marc Grossman-----Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. He was Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State. Grossman is one of many of the pro-Israel Jewish officials from the Clinton Administration that Bush has promoted to higher posts.

12). Richard Haass-----Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Ambassador at large. He is also Director of National Security Programs and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He was one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the first Bush (Sr) Administration who sat on the National Security Council, and who consistently advocates going to war against Iraq. Haass is also a member of the Defense Department's National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

13). Robert Zoellick-----U.S. Trade Representative, a cabinet-level position. He is also one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Bush (Jr) Administration who advocated invading Iraq and occupying a portion of the country in order to set up setting up a Vichy-style puppet government.   He consistently advocates going to war against Iraq.

14). Ari Fleischer----Official White House Spokesman for the Bush (Jr) Administration.  Prominent in the Jewish community, some reports state that he holds Israeli citizenship.  Fleischer is closely connected to the extremist Jewish group called the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, who follow the Qabala, and hold very extremist and insulting views of non-Jews. Fleischer was the co-president of Chabad's Capitol Jewish Forum. He received the Young Leadership Award from the American Friends of Lubavitch in October, 2001.

15). James Schlesinger-----One of many Pentagon Advisors, Schlesinger also sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle and is another extremist pro-Israel advisor, who supports going to war against Iraq.   Schlesinger is also a commissioner of the Defense Department's National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

16). David Frum-----White House speechwriter behind the "Axis of Evil" label. He lumps together all the lies and accusations against Iraq for Bush to justify the war.

17). Joshua Bolten----White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Bolten was previously a banker, former legislative aide, and prominent in the Jewish community.

18). John Bolton----Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. Bolton is also a Senior Advisor to President Bush. Prior to this position, Bolton was Senior Vice President of the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktank, AEI. He recently (October 2002) accused Syria of having a nuclear program, so that they can attack Syria after Iraq. He must have forgotten that Israel has 400 nuclear warheads, some of which are thermonuclear weapons (according to a recent U.S. Air Force report).

19). David Wurmser----Special Assistant to John Bolton (above), the under-secretary for arms control and international security. Wurmser also worked at the AEI with Perle and Bolton. His wife, Meyrav Wurmser, along with Colonel Yigal Carmon, formerly of Israeli military intelligence, co-founded the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri),a Washington-based Israeli outfit which distributes articles translated from Arabic newspapers portraying Arabs in a bad light.

20). Mel Sembler-----President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. A Prominent Jewish Republican and Former National Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee. The Export-Import Bank facilitates trade relationships between U.S. businesses and foreign countries, specifically those with financial problems.

21). Michael Chertoff ----Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, at the Justice Department.

22). Steve Goldsmith----Senior Advisor to the President, and Bush's Jewish domestic policy advisor. He also serves as liaison in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI) within the Executive Office of the President.   He was the former mayor of Indianapolis. He is also friends with Israeli Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and often visits Israel to coach mayors on privatization initiatives.

23). Adam Goldman-----White House's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

24). Joseph Gildenhorn-----Bush Campaign's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.  He was the DC finance chairman for the Bush campaign, as well as campaign coordinator, and former ambassador to Switzerland.

25). Christopher Gersten-----Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS. Gersten was the former Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Husband of Labor Secretary, Linda Chavez, and reportedly very pro-Israel. Their children are being raised Jewish.

26). Mark Weinberger-----Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy.

27). Samuel Bodman-----Deputy Secretary of Commerce. He was the Chairman and CEO of Cabot Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

28). Bonnie Cohen-----Under Secretary of State for Management.

29). Ruth Davis-----Director of Foreign Service Institute, who reports to the Office of Under Secretary for Management. This Office is responsible for training all Department of State staff (including ambassadors).

30). Lincoln Bloomfield-----Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs.

31). Jay Lefkowitz-----General Counsel of the Office of Budget and Management.

32). Ken Melman-----White House Political Director.

33). Brad Blakeman------White House Director of Scheduling.

A partial list of Bush's advisors can be found on this Jewish website.

Now that Bush has hired these pro-Israel Jewish lobbyists to the highest positions in the land, they have escalated the fanatical war-mongering against Iraq, all the while they support the Israeli war-criminal Sharon in his terrorism and mass-killings of Palestinian civilians. It seems that the price of the acheiving the White House involves selling out to the Israeli lobby, much like Clinton, before him.

Despite the advice of many of the sensible leaders and advisors, like the Pentagon's military brass, the U.S. intelligence community, other groups within the federal government, as well as from America's friends and allies around the world, against this war, it seems Bush has decided to please the Israeli lobby. No one wants this war except Israel, its agents, and its lobbies around the world.

The Israeli lobby has successfully convinced Bush to launch their war for them. Have you noticed that no one is talking about the corporate scandals tied to the Bush Administration, like Enron, Haliburton, and Harken? No one is even talking about the economic recession we're still in. Just like the Monica Lewinsky scandal was used against Clinton to force him to launch "Operation Desert Fox," against Iraq in December 1998, these corporate scandals and economic problems are used to force Bush into attacking Iraq.

What Bush needs to do is use some common sense, and have some courage to stand up to these pro-Israel bullies, and act in the best interests of America, and not Israel. The first act for Bush should be to replace these pro-Israeli fanatics with patriotic Americans.

That's all for now.  Check back for more updates.

As always, God knows best.

© 2001-2002 All Rights Reserved by Mohammed Alomari


Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum


Posted By: ArtBishop
Date: Thursday, 24 October 2002, 10:47 a.m.


And NOW the WINNER of this years JINSA JACKSON award!,648,1366,1705


THE RIGHT HONORABLE Dr. Paul D. Wolfowitz Deputy
Secretary of Defense, the MAN from JINSA!

The Wolf in the White House!


Whose National Security?

Dont ask.

"America, must be ready to go to war, and many should
bePREPARED TO DIE, for the principle of NATO
EXPANSION..."declared Wolfowitz.


The US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz(a
DIEHARD Zionist) occupies the 2nd highest position in
our Defense Dept. And his pal Richard Perle
(Captain Zion) is the chairman of Pentagon's advisory
Defense Policy Board,a group of outside-the-Pentagon
military advisors to the Department ofDefense. Paul
Wolfowitz/ Richard Perle are both on Board of Advisors
of "Washington Institute For Near East Policy" which
was founded bythe most feared, most ferocious ISRAELI
Lobby AIPAC in Washington .

They both are the MOST DANGEROUS people in the world
and themost Hawkish of the Hawks according to many
reports. A letter fromJude Wanniski to Secretary of
Defense : "Richard Perle and his palPaul Wolfowitz
have been calling all their friends in the press
urging them to beat the drums for WAR WITH IRAQ. ".

There is no counterbalance to the influence of Paul
Wolfowitz in the Department of Defense, Richard Haass
in the National Security Council, or Richard Perle in
the Department of State, to name a few.

"Wolfowitz cabal" within the Pentagon and defence
establishment. The hawkishness of the cabal on Iraq is
matched only by its devotion to Israel. Wolfowitz, the
head and founding father of the cabal, is a Zionist
who has family living in Israel. A few days after the
attacks on New York and Washington last September,
Wolfowitz said that the US mission was not simply
capturing terrorists and holding them accountable, but
also "ending states that sponsor terrorism."

Wolfowitz is closely connected with Perle, a former
Israeli lobbyist who joined the defence department and
was investigated for leaking classified information to

Perle, chair of the Defence Advisory Board, which
consults with the Pentagon on policy, is credited with
arranging a briefing by a Rand Corporation associate
who called Saudi Arabia the font and sponsor of
terrorism and recommended that the US occupy its
oilfields, freeze its assets and topple its rulers.
Cheney and Rumsfeld are said to agree with

Both Wolfowitz and Perle are associated with the
right-wing Likud section of the US Zionist political
spectrum as are others in the cabal.

Read this and see why the WOLFMAN was awarded this
years wonderfuly Zionist award.

Dont worry RICHARD PERLE the JINSA will award you the
crown NEXT year!

We wish the world was in PEACE. However, as long as
the ruthless Warmongers exist in US Defense
Department,there will be NO PEACE at all. Only the
Atrocity, Repression, Puppet governments,Hegemony
exist in the world.



1. It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains: war will thus be brought on to the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give the strength of our predominance, and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international AGENTUR; which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves.

The De-mize of the Demon-Crats

7. We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists - to whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of our SOCIAL MASONRY. The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labor of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy, and strong. We are interested in just the opposite - in the diminution, the KILLING OUT OF THE GOYIM. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the aristocracy by the legal authority of kings.

13. We have demonstrated that progress will bring all the GOYIM to the sovereignty of reason. Our despotism will be precisely that; for it will know how, by wise severities, to pacificate all unrest, to cauterize liberalism out of all institutions.


The Demon-Crats must Go! say the Far right wing freemason-Hilary-ious conspirators.

The Coup must be completed.

Compiled by a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ

By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 24, 2002; Page A08

President Bush has harnessed the broad resources of the federal government to promote Republicans in next month's elections. From housing grants in South Dakota and research contracts in Florida to Air Force One rides and photos in the White House driveway, Bush has made Republican success on Nov. 5 a government-wide project.

More than 330 administration appointees, some of whom were told by White House officials that they needed to show their Republican credentials, have taken vacation time  (Taxpayer dollar time) and are being flown by the party to House and Senate campaigns in states where control of Congress will be decided. The appointees will organize volunteers, work the phones and go door to door.

Republicans see defeating Sen. Jean Carnahan (D-Mo.) as one of their best chances for retaking control of the Senate, and the White House has lavished aid on her challenger, former representative James M. Talent, including visits by Bush, his secretaries of commerce, education, housing and urban development, interior, and labor, and Small Business Administration chief Hector V. Barreto (twice).

Scholars called Bush's partisan use of the government unprecedented for a midterm election, and said the aggressiveness and thoroughness of his politicking approached that of a presidential reelection campaign. The broad orchestration of executive branch activity to benefit campaigns was moved up to the midterm elections this year because of a confluence of history: a hairsbreadth margin of control in both chambers of Congress, the huge repercussions of tiny swings in a closely divided electorate, and the dawn of new campaign finance restrictions the day after the election.

"This full-court press by the whole administration has a very different feel from most midterms," said Stephen Hess, a Brookings Institution senior fellow in governmental studies. "This is a very political presidency, and I didn't expect that. When one seat can make the difference between divided and unified government, that's a big incentive."

A recent e-mail to the 6,100 full-time headquarters employees of the Environmental Protection Agency reminded them of the provisions of the Hatch Act, which was designed to protect federal employees from political pressure. But some employees said they were surprised by its emphasis on participating in, not abstaining from, campaign activities. The memo said they "are permitted to take an active part in partisan political management and campaigns," subject to limitations, and reminded them they are free to "express support for the president and his program" when they are off-duty.

Bobby L. Harnage Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the largest union of federal workers, said he has been hearing increasing complaints about what his members consider politicization of their work, and said the effect is dampened morale. He asserted that Republicans' use of the federal government is the most aggressive he has seen in 34 years as a union official. "Bush and his administration are making no attempt to cover up what they're doing," Harnage said.

Election-year politicking has been honed through many presidencies. In 1992, top aides to Bush's father held "funnel meetings" to dispatch federal largess to states with upcoming primaries.

Nearly every Cabinet department has played a part in the campaign. Education Secretary Roderick R. Paige held a government-sponsored "No Child Left Behind" rally with Rep. C. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), who then promoted the event on the Web site of his Senate campaign. Chambliss is challenging Sen. Max Cleland (D).

Remember Public Law 102-14 "Education Day USA"

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson, Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta and Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony J. Principi have been traveling the country to announce millions of dollars in grants, program expansions and construction plans with GOP candidates at their sides. And the first regional White House Event on Increasing Minority Homeownership will be held today in the district of embattled Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa), who will appear with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel R. Martinez.

Bush expanded the White House political apparatus beyond the usual Office of Political Affairs, which has a staff of 11, by adding a seven-person Office of Strategic Initiatives, overseen by Bush senior adviser Karl C. Rove.(Lubavitcher) The office is working with political affairs director Kenneth Mehlman to promote candidates and recently sent White House employees a polling digest with the heading, "Republicans Lead in Competitive House Districts."

Another new extension of White House political activity is the 10-person Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, which has been sponsoring seminars on federal grants that have heavy attendance by black ministers. The office's director, James Towey, has appeared with endangered House Republicans and promising GOP Senate candidates, including joining Hutchinson to tour a Little Rock shelter for abused women and children.

Back in January, Bush declared himself "a proud party man," and he followed through by raising a record amount of party money for a midterm election, more than $144 million, at 67 receptions in 34 states and the District of Columbia. Vice President Cheney collected more than $22 million with 74 appearances, and Democratic officials counted 200 other fundraising events by top aides and relatives to Bush and Cheney.

Undeterred by preparations for possible war with Iraq, Bush embarks today on 12 days of barnstorming in battleground states and districts, with a break Friday and Saturday for meetings with world leaders in Texas and Mexico.

White House communications director Dan Bartlett said the administration is paying close attention to the law and is following the tradition of past administrations. "The president is the leader of the Republican Party and he's doing everything he can to help elect people who share his agenda," he said. "It's totally appropriate to allow people to participate in the political process."


© 2002 The Washington Post Company

When one seat can make the difference between divided and unified government, that's a big incentive."

Senator, family members killed in Minnesota plane crash

Friday, October 25, 2002 Posted: 2:28 PM EDT (1828 GMT)
Friday, October 25, 2002 Posted: 2:28 PM EDT (1828 GMT)
Friday, October 25, 2002 Posted: 2:28 PM EDT (1828 GMT)

Paul Wellstone
Paul Wellstone

EVELETH, Minnesota (CNN) -- Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife and a daughter died Friday in a small plane crash near Eveleth, Minnesota, Democratic sources said.

The sources said three staff members and two crew members also died in the crash.

The plane went down in a wooded area about seven miles east of Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport. Officials said bad weather was reported in the area, and the last contact with the plane was at 10:20 a.m. when the plane was about two miles from the Eveleth airport.

Wellstone held a key Democratic seat in the U.S. Senate and had been criss-crossing the state in a tough re-election campaign against former St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman.

The plane, a twin-engine turboprop King Air manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft, took off from Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, a southwestern suburb of Minneapolis. He was scheduled to attend a funeral in the northeast, followed by a campaign stop in Duluth.

Wellstone, 58, won his Senate seat in 1990, the only challenger that year to unseat an incumbent.

Politicians Scramble to Deal with Wellstone Succession

In addition to mourning the death of Paul Wellstone Friday, political leaders in Minnesota and Washington are forced to deal with more practical issues — who will replace Wellstone in the Senate and on November's ballot.

His death marks the Democrat's loss of control of the U.S. Senate, where they held control by just one vote. And with elections just 11 days away, there is a scramble to figure out how to handle the death before the election day.



1. Every republic passes through several stages. The first of these is comprised in the early days of mad raging by the blind mob, tossed hither and thither, right and left: the second is demagogy from which is born anarchy, and that leads inevitably to despotism - not any longer legal and overt, and therefore responsible despotism, but to unseen and secretly hidden, yet nevertheless sensibly felt despotism in the hands of some secret organization or other, whose acts are the more unscrupulous inasmuch as it works behind a screen, behind the backs of all sorts of agents, the changing of whom not only does not injuriously affect but actually aids the secret force by saving it, thanks to continual changes, from the necessity of expanding its resources on the rewarding of long services.

2. Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.


Was Wellstone Assassinated?
Skeptics, Conspiracy Buffs Wonder If Minnesota
Democrat Targeted For Murder

By Joe Kovacs
© 2002

In the cutthroat world of politics, there seems to be an endless supply of conspiracy theories, from the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy to the mysterious death of Vince Foster.
Now the name of Sen. Paul Wellstone can be added to the list.
With control of the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance, political junkies, talk-radio hosts, journalism professors and Internet websites are promoting wild speculation that there's more to last week's plane crash than meets the eye.
"Some Democrats and progressive Americans are asking the unthinkable about an administration they increasingly believe to be ruled by thugs and renegades," writes nationally syndicated cartoonist and commentator Ted Rall. "Did government gangsters murder the United States' most liberal legislator?"
Wellstone's plane crashed Oct. 25 in freezing rain and light snow on approach near the Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport, about 175 miles north of Minneapolis. A pilot who witnessed the incident said the twin-engine craft seemed to veer away from the usual approach to the runway.
Two years ago, just several weeks before election day, another Democratic senator, Mel Carnahan of Missouri, was killed in a small plane crash in heavy weather. His family has maintained a failed vacuum pump and manifold system are to blame.
"The fact that we're having this discussion at all is a symptom of the polarizing effect that Bush and his top dogs have had on the United States since assuming office and even more so in the hard-right free-for-all that followed the Sept. 11 attacks," writes Rall in his column:
Ronald Reagan may have been a hard-line conservative, but had Wellstone died during his watch you wouldn't have heard liberals asking whether the Gipper had had him offed. Bush is different. Asking mailmen to spy on ordinary Americans, creating military tribunals for anyone deemed an "enemy combatant," locking prisoners of war in dog cages, spending a decade's worth of savings in six months, allowing journalists to die rather than provide them with help in a war zone, smearing Democratic politicians as anti-American, invading sovereign nations without excuse - these are acts that transgress essential American reasonableness. A man capable of these things seems, by definition, capable of anything.
Talk-show hosts including unabashed liberal Mike Webb of Seattle's KIRO-AM spent Saturday on the air entertaining the possibility of an assassination, explaining his gut reaction was that the crash was no accident. At least one caller who had just returned from a local anti-war rally said she had felt the same.
Questions of an assassination plot have also reached the halls of academia, where some professors are openly discussing the possibility.
"We need to confront these rumors," says Dr. Michael Niman, professor of journalism and media studies at Buffalo State College. "What I'm looking for is closure."
In a partisan commentary entitled "Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?," Niman wrote his initial reaction to the news of the senator's death was "surprise that Wellstone had lived this long."
There is no indication today that Wellstone's death was the result of foul play. What we do know, however, is that Wellstone emerged as the most visible obstacle standing in the way of a draconian political agenda by an unelected government. And now he is conveniently gone. For our government to maintain its credibility at this time, we need an open and accountable independent investigation involving international participation into the death of Paul Wellstone. Hopefully we will find out, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this was indeed an untimely accident. For the sake of our country, we need to know this.
While Niman's comments evince an anti-Bush stance, the professor says politics is not his motive.
"It's not a left [versus] right issue," he told WorldNetDaily. "Supporters of the Bush administration should want to see this put to bed also."
He suggests asking aviation officials from Canada to investigate the crash as an independent third party in lieu of the Federal Aviation Administration.
"People aren't going to accept [the FAA] as an impartial board," said Niman.
Meanwhile, the anti-Bush website is claiming that not only is the president tied to Wellstone's death, but that it had predicted in May 2001 that another Democratic senator would soon be killed, with a plane crash as a likely scenario.
The death will appear to be either a plane "accident" or by "natural causes" - whichever is most easily accomplished. ...
If the death occurs just prior to the midterm senatorial elections, expect it to be in a state with a close race. Expect a Mel Carnahan-style hit. ...
The mission to eliminate one or more of these senators is assuredly underway this very moment. It is now the single most critical mission of the current Bush administration.
Neither the White House nor Wellstone's office returned calls for comment on the assassination theory, but the Republican National Committee calls the accusation "bizarre."
There [are] theories aliens walk among us, that UFOs fly above our heads," RNC spokesman Jim Dyke told WorldNetDaily. "To me, it takes away some of the serious advances the Internet has made."
Conspiracy theorists aren't just targeting Republicans in this matter. Some suggest that Democrats themselves could be the perpetrators, fearing Wellstone would lose Tuesday's election to Republican challenger Norm Coleman and give control of the Senate back to the GOP.
Similar questions of foul play were raised during the Clinton administration, after Commerce Secretary Ron Brown died in a plane crash in Croatia in 1996.
Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell, a medical doctor, forensic pathologist and deputy medical examiner with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, released photos and x-rays which purported to show that Brown had a gunshot wound in his head.
No autopsy was ever performed on the secretary, and as WorldNetDaily reported, Cogswell and other military officials who publicly questioned the investigation subsequently had their careers jeopardized with transfers and bad reviews.
If accusations of murder weren't enough, some Americans are now cashing in on Sen. Wellstone's death, courtesy of eBay.
The online auctioneer is posting a wide variety of Wellstone-related goods. Some include photographs of the senator with other well-known figures, campaign buttons, pins and road signs, an autographed biography, Wellstone trading cards, bar coasters, and even a program from Tuesday night's memorial service/political rally.
"I'm surprised that they would do this so soon," said Rick Frese, a government professor at Bentley College in Waltham, Mass., quoted in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
"I can see some loyal supporters wanting to save their posters or lawn signs," said Frese, himself an avid collector of political memorabilia. "But I'm a little surprised that people would try to exploit this 'instant market.'"
Joe Kovacs is executive news editor for
How Very Convenient...
By John Bottoms
Strike The Root

How very convenient. How very damned convenient. ~ L. Neil Smith, 1995
L. Neil wrote these bitterly sarcastic words in response to the 1995 bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, but they seem to resonate more strongly every day, as calamities pile up, seemingly always in the furtherance of State power. So, with the recent death of Minnesota's Senator Wellstone, it's my turn to say it:
How very convenient...
...that Democratic anti-war Senator Wellstone died, to the advantage of his Republican adversary, whose ascension to the Senate will give a majority to the Republican Party. 
...that Wellstone died right after Republicans conceded privately that he was going to win his Senate race in spite of, or maybe even because of, his anti-war vote. 
...that he died after voting against Bush's unilateral attack on Iraq, against Bush's Homeland Security Department, and in favor of an independent 9-11 investigation over Bush and Cheney's objections. 
...that he died one day before time ran out to name a replacement candidate. Running posthumously, Wellstone would surely have won, and a replacement named by Minnesota Democrats. Replacement candidate over-the-hill Mondale has less of a chance. Senator Wellstone's wife was conveniently killed also, preventing a repeat of John Ashcroft's defeat two years ago by the wife of newly deceased air crash victim Mel Carnahan. 
...that a weather radar map from the hour that the plane went down shows no precipitation anywhere in northern Minnesota, and the on-the-scene reporter said there was no indication that weather was a factor, which was confirmed by officials the day of the crash. But two days later Robert Benzon, the NTSB official in charge of the investigation describes temperatures near freezing with icy and snowy conditions at the time of the crash, and is searching for "valves and cockpit switches that could indicate whether the plane's de-icing equipment was functioning." The story takes shape. 
...that another pilot who left the same airport about an hour after the crash reported only "trace to light icing," but the NTSB investigator wouldn't speculate on whether such minimal icing was sufficient to cause the crash, although they've been happy to speculate that icing may be the cause almost from the start. 
...that Wellstone's airplane lacked the usual flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, even though FAA spokesman Paul Takemoto said that the plane was supposed to be so equipped.  
...that Carol Carmody, the acting head of the NTSB, said on the day of the crash that the plane had a cockpit voice recorder, but retracted it the next day. 
...that the first rescue party at the Senator's crash site told St. Louis County Sheriff that "the fuselage was intact, the wings were separated from the plane and the tail had broken off." But the next day, the NTSB said that "only the burned tail section was still intact, but everything else was destroyed." Acting NTSB head Carmody said that the fuselage was destroyed and the cockpit was "gone," and that "the impact destroyed the fuselage and the cockpit." 
...that "the condition of [the plane's] de-icing system...may be impossible to document because of the badly burned condition of the wreckage."  
...that the plane's poor condition prevented investigators from learning whether either of the plane's two independent de-icing systems (a set of valves, air lines and expandable boots on the wings) worked or were activated.  
...that investigators have few clues to go on "since the plane had neither a cockpit voice recorder nor a flight data recorder, issued no distress call and was mostly consumed by fire." But they're quite willing to speculate that the weather was the cause. 
...that the NTSB says they may "spend at least a year" determining the cause of the accident. That's plenty of time to start several new wars of conquest. 
...that in these days when the federal government is issuing almost daily terrorism alerts, the NTSB has apparently already rejected sabotage as a possible cause of the crash, instead focusing solely on the weather.
...that the Bush administration has had an active "Plan Wellstone" for more than a year, and recently campaigned for his opponent.  
...that "just hours after [Wellstone] perished in the fiery accident, WABC Radio's resident Democrat Richard Bey complained that he thought the Wellstone crash defied mere coincidence--then pointed out that the Bush White House had made the Minnesota liberal one of its top political targets. By the next day Bey had second thoughts, telling his audience he didn't want to encourage such bizarre speculation." Did someone get to him?  
...that Wellstone avoided an apparent assassination attempt in Colombia (where there's an active CIA presence) less than two years ago. 
...that 9 other powerful and outspoken politicians have died in often mysterious plane crashes over the last 30 years. Most convenient was the death of Mel Carnahan, John Ashcroft's Senate opponent, almost exactly two years ago. 
In the weeks and months to come, don't be surprised if the contradictions and misinformation start to pile up, so that we may someday view Senator Wellstone's death as something far more ominous than merely "convenient."
October 31, 2002
John Bottoms writes, works and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
All of this sounds feasible. Indeed, the coincidences do add up. But Bottoms failed to enter into his story the fact that within 2 hours after the crash a group of democrats, lead by the clintons, had already chosen Mondale to replace Wellstone. Or, perhaps Mondale had been chosen before the crash. Also, doesn't it seem more than odd--sickening, actually--that the little gathering in Wellstone's memory was nothing more than a well-planned political convention filled with one-liners, podium pounding, grinning and laughter-filled democrats and not a single tear to be shed, and all under the nauseating banner of "Wellstone would have wanted it that way"? I think we need to look at all possibilities in this case. It is too important an issue for us to only see the most popular possibility. History dictates that in almost every situation such as this one that which is the most obvious is never reality.







2. The words of the liberal, which are in effect the words of our masonic watchword, namely, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," will, when we come into our kingdom, be changed by us into words no longer of a watchword, but only an expression of idealism, namely, into "The right of liberty, the duty of equality, the ideal of brotherhood." That is how we shall put it, - and so we shall catch the bull by the horns ... DE FACTO we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own, although DE JURE there still remain a good many of them. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only PRO FORMA at our discretion and by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS INDISPENSABLE TO US FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR LESSER BRETHREN. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.

The 10 Commandments Monument in the Alabama Supreme Court Building.

The B'nai B'rith ACLU sues Judge Roy Moore over the display of the Ten Commandments on Public Property

Protocol 4

5. The intensified struggle for superiority and shocks delivered to economic life will create, nay, have already created, disenchanted, cold and heartless communities. Such communities will foster a strong aversion towards the higher political and towards religion. Their only guide is gain, that is Gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult, for the sake of those material delights which it can give. Then will the hour strike when, not for the sake of attaining the good, not even to win wealth, but solely out of hatred towards the privileged, the lower classes of the GOYIM will follow our lead against our rivals for power, the intellectuals of the GOYIM.


Bundesbank Owns West Point Gold!!

This report is from It is a membership only web site but worth every penny as they provide invaluable information on financial affairs. The money also helps them fight the gold cartel. The original report can be found at the West Point Gold belongs to German Bundesbank.

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

This commentary, and the following letter from Alan Greenspan, were provided by Le Metropole Cafe:

Alan Greenspan has served commentary at the Matisse Table. It is his letter to Senator Lieberman in response to the questions asked of him by The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee on December 9, 1999 in a center spread open letter in Washington's Roll Call newspaper.

A copy of this letter was sent to Alan Yonan Jr. of Dow Jones who forwarded a copy of it to me. GATA found it a bit unusual that Alan Yonan was able to comment on the letter even before we received notice of the letter from Senator Lieberman. It would appear that Chairman Greenspan wanted his side of the story out as soon as possible. Senator Lieberman wrote to Alan Greenspan on January 10th and Greenspan responded to the Senator January 19th.

Here is some analysis from our camp on the letter. It would seem that Mr. Greenspan sidestepped certain questions while agreeing with GATA that it would be inappropriate for the Federal Reserve to manipulate the gold market:

Our questions were directed as such: "Does the Federal Reserve or the Treasury Department……."

The Treasury was not mentioned once in Mr. Greenspan's response.

It was most notable that Alan Greenspan stated over and over that the Federal Reserve owns no gold so that it…..     GATA knows that the Federal Reserve does not own the U.S. gold. The Treasury does. Why does he keep making the statement?

It would seem that Alan Greenspan is acknowledging that central banks are leasing gold to hold down the price with this statement:..., given the observed willingness of some foreign central banks -not the Federal Reserve - to lease gold in response to price increases. Who are the borrowers?

Alan Greenspan does not deal with the subject that the N.Y. Federal Reserve might be managing the gold market in behalf of the Treasury's gold. He states that the Federal Reserve is not managing the Fed's gold which we all know they do not own.

GATA would still like to know if the N.Y. Fed, a quasi-private institution, is regarded differently than the "Federal Reserve System" itself and are they involved in the gold market in any manner in behalf of the Treasury or foreign central banks.

James Turk made an astute observation about paragraph 3, page 2 in which Greenspan states: "As for question 1, the Federal Reserve does not, either on its own behalf or on behalf of others, including other government agencies, lend gold or silver,…….."

James noted the phrase "but not limited to" was left out after "government agencies." In legalese that means Mr. Greenspan has not included the Treasury in his response as it is the government itself, not a government agency.

The world dissects Alan Greenspan's every word. He is known as the master of couching every thing he says. There are no mistakes in his deliveries.

Does Alan Greenspan want to get as far away as possible from the budding scandal about the manipulation of the gold market? Is this his way of saying: I know there will be a big problem some day as the gold loans are too big (10,000 tonnes?) and the bullion banks are in way over their heads? Keep me out of it!   ?????

Is he saying: I had nothing to do with the manipulation of the gold market and is saying as such in a discreet a manner as possible? Is he distancing himself from former Treasury Secretary Rubin and present Secretary Summers? Remember, it was Secretary Rubin who was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and has all the bullion bank connections.

There is much more that will be said about all of this in time. Mr. Greenspan mentioned to Senator Lieberman to let him know if he could be of any further assistance. We will request that Senator Lieberman clarify some of the points brought out above.


And right on Que with Enron and corporate earnings scandals


1. What form of administrative rule can be given to communities in which corruption has penetrated everywhere, communities where riches are attained only by the clever surprise tactics of semi-swindling tricks; where loseness reigns: where morality is maintained by penal measures and harsh laws but not by voluntarily accepted principles: (Noachide Laws)  where the feelings towards faith and country are obligated by cosmopolitan convictions? What form of rule is to be given to these communities if not that despotism which I shall describe to you later? We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the GOYIM, and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any GOYIM who oppose us by deed or word.

And yourJudeo Zionist Churchian Pastor has told you that the Papacy is the Beast. Throwing the Light off of the whore and her solomonic apostate sons of the synagogues of Satan.


4. Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbitage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. In this respect the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade. However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference.

And Wall Street will indeed fall soon


7. Capital, if it is to co-operate untrammeled, must be free to establish a monopoly of industry and trade: this is already being put in execution by an unseen hand in all quarters of the world. This freedom will give political force to those engaged in industry, and that will help to oppress the people. Nowadays it is more important to disarm the peoples than to lead them into war: more important to use for our advantage the passions which have burst into flames than to quench their fire: more important to eradicate them. THE PRINCIPLE OBJECT OF OUR DIRECTORATE CONSISTS IN THIS: TO DEBILITATE THE PUBLIC MIND BY CRITICISM; TO LEAD IT AWAY FROM SERIOUS REFLECTIONS CALCULATED TO AROUSE RESISTANCE; TO DISTRACT THE FORCES OF THE MIND TOWARDS A SHAM FIGHT OF EMPTY ELOQUENCE.

Media Expert Crisis Babblers, Media Weapons of Mass Discussion. 



11. The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the GOYIM communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. The strain which results from freedom of actions saps the forces when it meets with the freedom of another. From this collision arise grave moral shocks, disenchantments, failures. BY ALL THESE MEANS WE SHALL SO WEAR DOWN THE "GOYIM" THAT THEY WILL BE COMPELLED TO OFFER US INTERNATIONAL POWER OF A NATURE THAT BY ITS POSITION WILL ENABLE US WITHOUT ANY VIOLENCE GRADUALLY TO ABSORB ALL THE STATE FORCES OF THE WORLD AND TO FORM A SUPER-GOVERNMENT (One World Order). In place of the rulers of to-day we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super-Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world.


And the Arabs will oppose the Talmudic wars of Hashem


3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

The Talmudic Media of Chabad Lubavitch beating the war drums of Bushka


3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

George Orwell would have a smirk

5. We must compel the governments of the GOYIM to take action in the direction favored by our widely conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly promoted by us through the means of that so-called "Great Power" - THE PRESS, WHICH, WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS THAT MAY BE DISREGARDED, IS ALREADY ENTIRELY IN OUR HANDS.

The White Steed of the Council of Foreign Relations, Bushka back on the saddle again.

Holding up the two fingers to hail Lucifer


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And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.




Bush Says US Military
Preparing For Invasion Of Iraq

By Peter Spiegel in Washington

President George W. Bush said on Wednesday he has ordered the US military to prepare for an attack on Iraq, despite reports that the Pentagon's deployment of troops in the Persian Gulf region may have to slow to accommodate the re-entry of United Nations weapons inspectors.







9. Only the king and the three who stood sponsor for him will know what is coming.

10. In the person of the king who with unbending will is master of himself and of humanity all will discern as it were fate with its mysterious ways. None will know what the king wishes to attain by his dispositions, and therefore none will dare to stand across an unknown path.

11. It is understood that the brain reservoir of the king must correspond in capacity to the plan of government it has to contain. It is for this reason that he will ascend the throne not otherwise than after examination of his mind by the aforesaid learned elders.

12. That the people may know and love their king, it is indispensable for him to converse in the market-places with his people. This ensures the necessary clinching of the two forces which are now divided one from another by us by the terror.

13. This terror was indispensable for us till the time comes for both these forces separately to fall under our influence.

14. The king of the Jews must not be at the mercy of his passions, and especially of sensuality: on no side of his character must he give brute instincts power over his mind. Sensuality worse than all else disorganizes the capacities of the mind and clearness of views, distracting the thoughts to the worst and most brutal side of human activity.

15. The prop of humanity in the person of the supreme lord of all the world of the holy seed of David must sacrifice to his people all personal inclinations.

16. Our supreme lord must be of an exemplary irreproachable.

King of the Noachides


"Our adversaries, numerous and formidable, will say, and will have the right to say, that our Principe CrÇateur is identical with the Principe GÇnÇrateur of the Indians and Egyptians, and may fitly be symbolized as it was symbolized anciently, by the linage...To accept this in lieu of a personal God is to abandon Christianity and worship of Jehovah and return to wallow in the styles of Paganism." (Albert Pike, Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, New York, August 15, 1876).


The aim of ALL Secret Societies is: " a whole was, is and will always be the struggle against the Church and the Christian religion, and the struggle of those who have not against those who have...All secret societies have almost analogous initiations, from the Egyptian to the Illuminati, and most of them form a chain and give rise to others." (Les Setes et SociÇtÇs SecrÇtes, Le Couteulx de Canteleu, 1863).


"Judaism itself is a kind of Freemasonry, owing to the national solidarity of the Jews, their cosmopolitanism, which set the Jews free from all local and patriotic ties, and finally, the opposition of the Jews to Christianity." (Rev. S.J. Deschamps, Les SociÇtÇs SecrÇtes et la SociÇtÇ, p. 24).


"How often have I heard the Freemasons lament the dominance of the Jews...Ever since the Revolution the Jews have taken possession of the Masonic lodges more and more completely: and their dominance is now unquestioned. The Cabala rules as mistress in the inner lodges; and the Jewish spirit dominates the lower grades...In the mind of Satan the synagogue has an all important part to play...The great enemy counts on the Jews to govern Masonry as he counts on Masonry to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ (Christianity)." (L'Abbá Emmanuel Barbier, Infiltrations Maáoniques, quoted in Dictionaire Apologetique de la Foi Catholique, Gustave Gautherot; He was the Professor for the History of the Revolution in the Institute Catholique de Paris, and author of several works on different phases of the modern anti-Christian movement on which he is generally recognized as one of the best authorities).


It is, in fact, the Cabalistic elements in Freemasonry that act as the main driving force in the envenomed and aggressive opposition of the latter to Christianity, and its never-flagging efforts for the undermining and destruction of the Christian organization of society. (Mgr. Dillon, The War of Anti-Christ with the Church, p. 20).


"This intimate connection between the two powers (Freemasonry and Cabalistic Judaism) (writes R. Lambelin) is becoming so evident that there is no longer any attempt made to deny it. The Jewish lodges of B'nai B'rith, which originated in the English-speaking countries, have swarmed all over Europe, and even into Asia; and they assume the leadership of control in the whole Masonic organization. Under cover of Theosophy a new religion, which is specifically Jewish, though enveloped in a nebulous mist that obscures its character, is bidding fair to take the place of the traditional Christian belief which it flatters, and insensibly destroys." (Les Victoires d'Israel, pp. 211-212; Freemasonry and The Anti-Christian Movement, Edward Cahill, p. 92).


"We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money." (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., in Foreign Affairs (July/August 1995)).


These quotations, and many others like them, demonstrate clearly that this words "new world order" have been in use for decades, and did not originate with President George Bush in 1990. The "old world order" is one based on independent nation-states. The "new world order" involves the elimination of the sovereignty and independence of nation-states and some form of world government. This means the end of the United States of America, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as we now know them. Most of the new world order proposals involve the conversion of the United Nations and its agencies to a world government, complete with a world army, a world parliament, a World Court, global taxation, and numerous other agencies to control every aspect of human life (education, nutrition, health care, population, immigration, communications, transportation, commerce, agriculture, finance, the environment, etc.). The various notions of the "new world order" differ as to details and scale, but agree on the basic principle and substance.


"The new State is an authoritative State guided and limited by the principles of Christian justice, conformable to the historical and spiritual traditions of the country. The openly anti-religious and anti-Christian character of Freemasonry was, therefore, contrary to the spiritual and moral bases of the new State...It subjects its initiates to a rigid discipline, the aims and interests of which are opposed to those of the nation. The State, charged with the direction and well-being of the country, constantly struck up against mysterious obstacles difficult to surmount, which hindered the progress of national affairs. Freemasonry thus formed a State within a State, a strong occult State behind the feeble apparent State, which reduced the latter to a purely superficial role. The new Portuguese State is a strong State which cannot admit a subterranean authority contrary to its own. The hierarchic complexity of Freemasonry indicates that Freemasonry has hidden and complicated plans, aiming at international ends which override those of the National State. Freemasonry thus leads to a great international diplomatic occult action directed probably by a foreign head. Such a submission to foreign international direction is contrary to the patriotic sentiment of the country. Apart from that, the secret which Freemasonry imposes so rigorously upon its adepts allows it to be presumed that what they hide so well is neither insignificant nor beneficial..." (M. Cabral, summing up the motives which led to the passing of the law against Freemasonry, as quoted in The Trail of the Serpent, Miss Stoddard, p. 153).


"The real chiefs of this immense association of Freemasonry (the few within the innermost circles of initiation), who must not be confounded with the nominal leaders or figure-heads, are mostly Jews, and live in close and intimate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, those, namely, who are the leaders of the Cabalistic section. This älite of the Masonic association, these real chiefs, who are known to so few even of the initiated, and whom even these few know only under assumed names (noms de guerre) carry on their activities in secret dependence (which they find very lucrative for themselves) upon the Cabalistic Jews." (Le Juif, la Judaisme, et la Judaisation des Peuples ChrÇtiens (Paris, 1869), p. 340).


The following is reported to be the program for the society of the future in a secret meeting of the conspirators: "Since it is absolutely necessary to fix the social order of the future now, at this very moment, since we are at last preparing to act, to avoid future uncertainty, I put forward my own system for a new world order...I must first point out that my system is not yet completed, not yet entirely worked out. For I have got entangled in my own arguments: my final conclusion is diametrically opposed to my original idea. Although I started from the notion of unrestricted freedom, I arrived in the end at absolute despotism. I may add, however, that there can be no possible solution but mine...

Noachide Laws

Mr. Shigalâv has devoted himself too conscientiously to his task, and is also much too modest. I know his book. In it he proposes to divide mankind into two unequal parts. Only the smaller part, about a tenth of the whole, will enjoy personal freedom and unrestricted power over the other nine-tenths. These nine-tenths must entirely renounce all personality and become, so to speak, a herd, in order, through absolute obedience, by a series of regeneration, to regain their original innocence, almost like the old Garden of Eden, although, as may be remarked in passing, they will have to work. The measures proposed by the author for depriving nine-tenths of humanity of their personal will and for turning them into a herd by means of a new education during whole generations, are uncommonly remarkable, and are in addition based on the facts of nature and are highly logical...

Ashcrofts TIPS

One thing in his book is good, the idea of espionage. In his idea, every member of the society spies on the others, and is bound to inform against them when necessary. All are slaves and equal in their slavery...First of all, the level of education, science, and innate natural talents falls. A high intellectual level is possible only to superior talents; but we have no need of superior talents. Superior talents have always seized power for themselves and led to despotism. Men of talent cannot help becoming despots, they have always done more harm than good; therefore they are driven out or put to death...

Collectivism and Noachide Laws, Death by decapitation.

Slaves must be equal: without despotism there has never yet been freedom or equality; but in the herd all must be equal, that's Shigalâvism! Does that seem extraordinary to you? I am for Shigalâvism... Listen, Stavrogin, to level mountains is a fine idea, not a ridiculous one. Education is not necessary and we have enough science. Even without science, we have material enough to last for a thousand years, but first we must enforce obedience. The thirst for education is an aristocratic impulse; with family and love, you have at once the desire for property. We will destroy this desire; we will spread drunkenness, slander, espionage; we'll spread incredible demoralization: we'll murder every genius in infancy.

Shigvala Bushka

Everything will be reduced to a common denominator, complete equality will be enforced ...Only the indispensable is indispensable; henceforth that is to be the motto of the universe. But it needs shocks: we'll provide for them, we the directors. Slaves must have directors. Complete obedience, complete impersonality; occasionally, however, every thirty years or so, Shigalâv will let them have a shock, and then they will all suddenly begin to devour each other, of course only up to a certain point, for the sole purpose of preventing boredom. Boredom is an aristocratic feeling; there will be no desires under Shigalâvism. Desire and suffering for us, Shigalâvism for the slaves!...

Oh, we shall convince them that they cannot be free till they renounce their freedom in our favor and submit to us...Too well, all too well, will they know the value of submission once and for all! Men will be unhappy till they grasp this...However, the flock will collect again and submit once more, and then it will be ever, for ever. We will give them a quiet modest happiness, the happiness of feeble creatures such as they were created. Oh, we shall convince them at last that they have no right to be proud...

The saints of the Lord Jesus Christ

Yes, we will force them to work, but in their free time we will make their life like a game with songs, choruses, and innocent dances. Oh, we will even permit them to sin, for they are weak and feeble, and they will love us like children because we allow them to sin. We shall not permit or forbid them to live with wives or lovers, to have or not to have children, according to whether they have been obedient or disobedient, and they will submit to us gladly and joyfully...And they will all be happy, all the millions, except the hundred thousand who rule over them. For we alone, we who guard the mystery, we alone shall be unhappy. There will be thousands of millions of happy children and only a hundred thousand martyrs, who have taken on themselves the curse of the knowledge of good and evil." (The Possessed, Shigalâv, The Mind and Face of Bolshevism, Rene Fueloep Miller, pp. 285-287).


"Then Karolyi came and prepared the way for Bolshevism in the education of Hungary's younger generation. The mass appointment of Jewish Masonic professors and teachers; the Bolshevik reform of school books; the destruction of the souls of the children; the degradation of parental authority; the systematic destruction of moral and patriotic principles; the revelation of sexual matters; all these were the work of Karolyi's Government." (An Outlaw's Diary, Cecile de Tormay).


"The Royal Government of Hungary has, as the whole world knows, dissolved Hungarian Freemasonry because some of the members of this organization have taken part in the preparation of the October revolution and the work of systematic destruction which has taken place against the interests of the people and State of Hungary. There were, according to the investigators, among these people men who, in this country, were representatives or agents of Jewish tendencies having in view universal domination, and who have dreamed in the silence of secrecy to lull to sleep national sentiment so as to make an anti-national doctrine triumph, which is foreign to us but dear to them...Although the decision on the fate of Hungarian Masonry is the business of the Interior order, in my opinion, Your Excellency would render a great service to the country by enlightening the foreigner on this question, and another, connected with it, the Jewish question, so that the foreigner does not form erroneous ideas on the measures taken in view of the defence of the religion and morality of the people and nation." (LÇon de Poncin's book La Dictature des Puissances Occultes).


"The fact that anti-Semitism was made a criminal offense in Bolshevia does not prove philo-Semitism; on the contrary, one might reason logically thus: Jew-hatred is so rampant in the country that the authorities were compelled to put the offense in the same category as counter-revolution, which is the most severely punished crime in Soviet Russia, for otherwise they would be unable to suppress the tendency." (The Patriot).


"Among the early nations a wild enthusiasm and a sensual idolatry of nature soon superseded the simple worship of the Almighty God...The great powers and elements of nature and the vital principle of production and procreation through all generations; then the celestial spirits or heavenly host, the luminous armies of the stars, and the great Sun and mysterious, ever-changing Moon (all of which the whole ancient world regarded, not as mere globes of light or bodies of fire, but as animated living substances, potent over man's fate and destinies); next the genii and tutelar spirits, and even the souls of the dead, received divine worship..the heavens, earth, and the operations of nature were personified; the good and bad principles personified became also objects of worship." (Morals and Dogmas, Albert Pike)


"The sources of our knowledge of the kabalistic doctrines are the books of Yetzirah and Zohar, the former drawn up in the second century, and the latter a little later; but they contain materials much older than themselves...In them, as in the teachings of Zoroaster, everything that exists emanates from a source of infinite Light." (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma).


"Alexandrian Jewish Philosophers, were ardent propagandists, eager to make proselytes, and for this purpose endeavored to adapt Judaism to Hellenism, persuaded that without the law and without Israel to practice it, the world would cease to be, the world would be happy only when subject to this universal Law, that is, to the empire of the Jew." (Le Probläme Juif, Georges Batault)


"It is essential to isolate the man from his family and cause him to lose his morals...He loves the long talks of the cafe, the idleness of the shows. Entice him, draw him away, give him any kind of importance, teach him discreetly to tire of his daily work, and in this way...after having shown him how tiresome all duties are, inculcate in him the desire for another existence. Man is born a rebel. Stir up his desire for rebellion as far as the fire, but let not the conflagration burst out! It is a preparation for the great work which you must begin. When you have insinuated in several minds the distaste of family and religion, let drop certain words which will incite the desire to become affiliated to the nearest lodge. This vanity of the bourgeois to identify himself with Freemasonry has something so banal and so universal that I am ever in admiration before human stupidity..." (Letter to the Jews Nubius and Petit-Tigre or Piccolo-Tigre, dated January 18, 1822, from the superior agents of the Piedmontese Vente).


"Equality and liberty are the essential rights which man in his original and primitive perfection received from nature. The first attack upon this equality was made by property; the first attack upon liberty was made by political societies or Governments; the sole supports of property and Governments are the religious and civil laws. Therefore, to establish man in his primitive rights of equality and liberty, we must begin by destroying all religion, all civil society, and finish by abolishing property. These few lines indicate the root idea of Masonry and all secret societies; the germ is found in the symbolic grades, it is scientifically developed in the high grades, and brutally realized in the communism of the International and the anarchism of Bakunin and Socialist democracy." (Adam Weishaupt, The Trail of the Serpent, Miss Stoddard, p. 80).


"Weishaupt aimed at nothing less than the complete overthrow of authority, nationality, and the whole social system, in a word, the suppression of property...As to his principle, it was absolute and blind obedience, universal espionage, the end justifies the means. This system of conspiracy so strongly organized which would have upheaved the world, spread through Germany, where it seized almost all the Masonic Lodges. Weishaupt sent to France Joseph Balsamo, so-called Comte Cagliostro, to illuminize French Masonry. Finally he assembled a Congress at Wilhelmsbad in 1782, to which he convoked all German and foreign lodges...In 1785 the Illuminati were revealed to the Bavarian Government, who, terrified, appealed to all Governments, but the Protestant Princes showed little haste in suppressing it. Weishapt found refuge with the Prince de Saxe-Gotha. He had for the rest taken great care not to tell everything to the Princes, or even to many of his initiates; he had hidden from them the appeal to the force of the masses; he had hidden from them the Revolution." (Masonic report, l'Ordre de Nantes, April 23, 1883; Marie-Antionette et le Complot Maáonnique (1910), Louis DastÇ; The Rìle of Freemasonry in the XVIIIth Century, F ... Bruneliäre; The Trail of the Serpent, Miss Stoddard, p. 70-71).


Moshiach ben Dovid of the House of Apostate Solomon. Behold False-Christ

"Alexandria, newly built, was colonized by the Jews, who came in crowds to people the new town. The result was a mixture of men of different nations and religions, who gave rise to several philosophical and religious associations. Platonism was publicly taught by the Greeks in Alexandria, it was eagerly received by the Alexandrian Jews, who communicated it to the Jews of Judea and Palestine...In Egypt and Judea, before the commencement of Christianity the philosophy of Pythagoras and Plato had thrust deep roots among the Jews, which gave rise to the dogmas of the Essenes, Therapeuts, Sadducees, Carpocratians, Cabalistic-Gnostics, Basilideans, and Manichaeans; all these dogmatists adapted part of the doctrine of the Egyptian Magi and Priests of the above philosophy. They spread in time into Asia, Africa, and Europe. These different Jews preserved the mysteries of the Temple of Solomon with the allegory of the Grand Architect, who was the Jewish Messiah, an idea still preserved by the Jew today." (Reghellini de Schio, in 1833)


"The Kassideans or Assideans...arose either during the Captivity or soon after the restoration...The Essenians were, however, undoubtedly connected with the Temple (of Solomon), as their origin is derived by the learned Scalier, with every appearance of truth, from the Kassideans, a fraternity of Jewish devotees, who, in the language of Laurie, had associated together as 'Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem.'...From the Essenians Pythagoras derived much, if not all, of the knowledge and the ceremonies with which he clothed the esoteric school of his philosophy." (Lexicon of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackay, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council 33o for the Southern Jurisdiction).


"The Cabal is of two kinds, theoretical and practical, with the practical Cabala, which is engaged in the construction of talismans and amulets, we have nothing to do. The theoretical is divided into the lineal and dogmatic. The dogmatic is nothing more than the summary of the metaphysical doctrine taught by the Cabalist doctors. It is, in other words, the system of the Jewish philosophy." (Albert Mackay, Lexicon of Freemasonry).


And the Bush-ka's continue the quest

"To you, Mr. President (Franklin D. Roosevelt), we say: Neither you nor any of your (Jewish) Roosevelt ancestors has ever fought in any war for America, notwithstanding they have lived in and off New York City, since Colonial days, as big merchants and money-changers. We tell you we want to live and be happy, to delve, to work, to succeed, to fail, to fall, to rise, to know the uses of adversity, to 'treat the blows of circumstance,' to have our homes, however humble; to provide for our wives and children, to rear our sons, to aid and comfort our sick, poor and helpless without regard to race, creed or color, to serve Christ and country free from Europe's incessant strife, to seek the pathways of the just, to do our bit for humanity and America, and to defend our native land to the last drop of blood; but we and our posterity demand freedom from tribal wars on foreign soil and the right to have our say as to whether we die on the Rhine and become Europe's cannon fodder. We deny your right by sly parallel understandings and secret negotiations, aided by press, radio, war-mongers, fellow travelers and foreign scum, who have become our arrogant, demanding guests, to traffic in our blood, birthright and security. 'Lord, God of Hosts, be with us yet, lest we forget - lest we forget.'" (Cincinnatus, War! War! War!, p. 8)


Freemasons Open Major
Museum In Los Angeles

A Report By Norio Hayakawa

LOS ANGELES -- A huge Masonic Musem opened its doors to the public for the first time in Los Angeles on November 26, 2002 with hardly any publicity. It is located at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple at 4357 Wilshire Blvd., at the corner of Wilshire and "Lucerne"Street, south of "6th" Street and bounded on the east by Plymouth St.
The official name of the museum is The American Heritage Masonic Museum.
I had a privilege of visiting the museum on December 11, 2002.
As soon as I got there, I noticed that there was a large Eye of Horus along with the G mark, the Compass, and the Beehive, and the Double-Headed Eagle adorning the western wall on Lucerne St. I also noticed a huge statue of Albert Pike encarved on the eastern wall of the building on Plymouth St.
I had learned that the new tenant of the property, Morris Shaoulian had stated that the museum tells the tale of the Freemasons and their impact on American history.
"This museum is not just a museum", she said. "We want all people to use and appeciate the musem. Everybody has a place here". (The building had closed its doors to the public a decade ago because of zoning issues.)
The bulk of the prolific exhibits of artifacts (which include huge portraits of Albert Pike and other 33rd degree Masons) are located on the second floor. I noticed a fascinating photo of King Juan Carlos of Spain in there, as well as photos of presidents such as Harry Truman. Other items depict the Masonic affiliations of other past American presidents, from George Washington to Gerald Ford.
A large library in the second floor contains tens of thousands of volumes of rare books on Freemasonry as well as books on the New Age and the occult. I was truly impressed. One can sit in the library there and it would probably take at least a whole year just to browse through volumes and volumes of those rare books.
From what I am told, the 15,000 square-foot museum is the first increment in a planned 45,000 square-foot multi-purpose facility to be known in the near future as Wilshire International Pavilion.
I was also impressed with the 1,800-seat theater being renovated on the first floor.
The museum is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
General admission is $5, seniors 55 and older $3 and children up to 15 $2.
It was really an "illuminating" experience and perhaps some people will be "enlightened" ( hopefully not frightened ) in the museum. Some may be totally mystified with all types of occultic symbolisms everywhere in this museum. Whether one is pro or con on freemasonry, I would encourage everyone to visit this fascinating museum at least once. 
Norio Hayakawa
<>Civilian Intelligence Network


Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanation are Jewish from beginning to end." (Quoted from Gregor Shwarz Bostunitch: die Freimaurerei, 1928; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, P. 101)


There is a hidden power behind that 'Nameless Beast' (the revolutionary spirit) which is the secret of his (Jewish) amazing achievements; but it is the very power that the average Englishman refuses to take into account. There are elaborate organizations all over the country for dealing with the red peril, but which of these show a vision sufficiently clear to detect the force behind it, or if detecting, the courage to fight it? Yet so long as this question is evaded, so long will the Beast continue to march forward and triumph.

>From time immemorial the cabalistic Jews have had their great adepts, who have succeeded in their quest for hidden knowledge, and mastered certain secrets of nature; and who, having thus acquired occult powers, have used those powers for the furtherance of their own political aims. These aims were carried out in the lodges of continental masonry and other secret societies, and we have it on the authority of Disraeli himself that these Jews were found at the head of every one of these (Quoted in Patriot, June 9 and July 21, 1927).


"This reminds me of what Mentor writing in the Jewish Chronicle in the time of the Russian Revolution said on the same subject: Indeed, in effect, it was the same as what Mr. Cox now says. After showing that Bolshevism by reason of the ruthless tyranny of its adherents was a serious menace to civilization Mentor observed: 'Yet none the less, in essence it is the revolt of peoples against the social state, against the evil, the iniquities that were crowned by the cataclysm of the war under which the world groaned for four years.' And he continued: 'there is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism..." (The Ideals of Bolshevism, Jewish World, January 20, 1929, No. 2912; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 127)


"Now as we have already seen, these occult powers were undoubtedly behind the illuminised Grand Orient and the French Revolution; also behind Babeuf and his direct successors the Bolsheviks.

The existence of these powers has never been questioned on the continent: The Catholic church has always recognized the fact, and therefore, has forbidden her children under pain of excommunication, to belong to any order of freemasonry or to any other secret society. But here in England [and in America], men are apt to treat the whole thing with contempt, and remind us that, by our own showing, English masonry is a totally different thing from the continental in so far as it taboos the discussion of religion and politics in its lodges.

That is perfectly true, and no English mason is permitted to attend a lodge meeting of the Grand Orient or of any other irregular masonry. But it is none the less true that Thomas Paine, who was in Paris at the time of the revolution, and played an active part in it, returned to this country and established eight lodges of the Grand Orient and other revolutionary societies (V. Robinson, Proofs of a Conspiracy).

But that is not all. There are occult societies flourishing in England today, such as the Theosophical society, under Mrs. Besant, with its order of the Star in the East, and order of the Round Table. Both the latter are, under the leadership of Krishnamurti, vehicles for the manifestation of their Messiah, or World Teacher. These are associated with the continental masons, and claim to be under the direct influence of the grand Masters, or the great white Lodge, Jewish Cabbalists.

Co-masonry is another branch of Mrs. Besant Theosophical society, and in February 1922, the alliance between this and the Grand Orient was celebrated at the grand Temple of the Droit Humain in Paris.

Also the Steincrites 'Anthroposophical Society' which is Rosicrucian and linked with continental masonry. Both this and Mrs. Besant groups aim at the Grand Orient 'united States of Europe.'

But there is another secret society linked to Dr. Steiner's movement which claims our attention here: The Stella Matutina. This is a Rosicrucian order of masonry passing as a 'high and holy order for spiritual development and the service of humanity,' but in reality a 'Politico pseudo-religious society of occultists studying the highest practical magic.'

And who are those who belong to this Stella Matutina? English clergymen! Church dignitaries! One at least of the above named Red Clergy! Clerical members of a religious community where young men are being trained for the ministry! The English clergymen and others are doubtless themselves dupes of a directing power, unknown to them, as are its ultimate aims. The Stella Matutina had amongst its members the notorious Aleister Crowley, who, however was expelled from the London order. He is an adept and practices magic in its vilest form. He has an order the O.T.O. which is at the present time luring many to perdition. The Sunday Express and other papers have exposed this unblushing villainy.

There is another interesting fact which shows the connection between occultism and communism. In July 1889 the International Worker's Congress was held in Paris, Mrs. Besant being one of the delegates. Concurrently, the Marxistes held their International Congress and Mrs. Besant moved, amid great applause, for amalgamation with them. And yet another International Congress was then being held in Paris, to wit, that of the Spiritualist. The delegates of these occultists were the guests of the Grand Orient, whose headquarters they occupied at 16, rue Cadet. The president of the Spiritualists was Denis, and he has made it quite clear that the three congresses there came to a mutual understanding, for, in a speech which he afterwards delivered, he said: 'The occult Powers are at work among men. Spiritism is a powerful germ which will develop and bring about transformation of laws, ideas and of social forces. It will show its powerful influence on social economy and public life." (The Nameless Beast, by Chas. H. Rouse, p. 15-17, Boswell, London, 1928; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, pp. 111-112)



"When the Jew applies his thought, his whole soul to the cause of the workers and the despoiled, of the disinherited of this world, his fundamental quality is that he goes to the root of things. In Germany he becomes a Marx and a Lasalle, a Haas and an Edward Bernstein; in Austria Victor Adler, Friedrich Adler; in Russia, Trotsky. Compare for an instant the present situation in Germany and Russia: the revolution there has liberated creative forces, and admire the quantity of Jews who were there ready for active and immediate service. Revolutionaries, Socialists, Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, Majority or Minority Socialists, whatever name one assigns to them, all are Jews and one finds them as the chiefs or the workers IN ALL REVOLUTIONARY PARTIES." (Rabbi J.L. Manges, speaking in New York in 1919; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 128)


"One can say without exaggeration that the great Russian social revolution has been made by the hand of the Jews. Would the somber, oppressed masses of Russian workmen and peasants have been capable by themselves of throwing off the yoke of the bourgeoisie. No, it was especially the Jews who have led the Russian proletariat to the Dawn of the International and who have not only guided but still guide today the cause of the Soviets which they have preserved in their hands. We can sleep in peace so long as the commander-in-chief of the Red Army of Comrade Trotsky. It is true that there are now Jews in the Red Army serving as private soldiers, but the committees and Soviet organizations are Jewish. Jews bravely led to victory the masses of the Russian proletariat. It is not without reason that in the elections for all the Soviet institutions Jews are in a victorious and crushing majority...

The Jewish symbol which for centuries has struggled against Capitalism (CHRISTIAN) has become that also of the Russian Proletariat. One may see it in the adoption of the Red Five- Pointed Star which has been for long, as one knows, the symbol of Zionism and Judaism. Behind this emblem marches victory, the death of parasites and of the bourgeoisie..." (M. Cohen, in the Communist of Kharkoff, April 1919; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, pp. 128-129)


The Jew Weininger, has explained why so many Jews are communists: "Communism is not only a national belief but it implies the giving up of real property especially of landed property, and the Jews, being international, have never acquired the taste for real property. They prefer money, which is an instrument of power." (The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 137)


"Russia was the only country in the world in which the directing class opposed an organized resistance to universal Judaism. At the head of the state was an autocrat beyond the reach of parliamentary pressure; the high officials were independent, rich, and so saturated with religious (Christian) and political traditions that Jewish capital, with a few rare exceptions, had no influence on them. Jews were not admitted in the services of the state in judiciary functions or in the army. The directing class was independent of Jewish capital because it owned great riches in lands and forest. Russia possessed wheat in abundance and continually renewed her provision of gold from the mines of the Urals and Siberia. The metal supply of the state comprised four thousand million marks without including the accumulated riches of the Imperial family, of the monasteries and of private properties. In spite of her relatively little developed industry, Russia was able to live self- supporting. All these economic conditions rendered it almost impossible for Russia to be made the slave of international Jewish capital by the means which had succeeded in Western Europe.

If we add moreover that Russia was always the abode of the religious and conservative principles of the world, that, with the aid of her army she had crushed all serious revolutionary movements and that she did not permit any secret political societies on her territory, it will be understood, why world Jewry, was obliged to march to the attack of the Russian Empire." (A. Rosenbert in the Weltkampf, July 1, 1924; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 139)


"In 1923, Trotsky, and Lunatcharsky presided over a meeting in Moscow organized by the propaganda section of the Communist party to judge God. Five thousand men of the Red Army were present. The accused was found guilty of various ignominious acts and having had the audacity to fail to appear, he was condemned in default." (Ost Express, January 30, 1923. Cf. Berliner Taegeblatt May 1, 1923. See the details of the Bolshevist struggle against religion in The Assault of Heaven by A. Valentinoff (Boswell); The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 144-145)


The Talmudic Babylonian Chabad Lubavitch Zionist Skull and Bones-Nimrod-Schneerson-Bushka-Sheinerman

"New World Order" Olam Ha Ba

Homeland Security

"There is in existence a plan of world organization about which much has been said for several years past, in favor of which determined propaganda has been made among the masses, and towards which our present rulers are causing us to slide gradually and unconsciously. We mean to say the socialist collectivist organization. It is that which is the most in harmony with the character, the aptitudes and the means of action of the Jewish race; it is that which bears the signature, the trade-mark of this new reigning people; it is that which it wishes to impose on the Christian world because it is only by this means that it can dominate the latter.

Wall Street

Instead of wearing a military or political character, the dictatorship imposed by the Jewish race will be a financial industrial, commercial dictatorship. At least for a time, it will show itself as little as possible. The Jews have endowed the commercial, industrial and financial world with the Join-Stock Company, thanks to which they are able to hide their immense riches. They will endow the entire Christian world with that which they have bestowed on France: the Joint-Stock Company for the exploitation of nations called Republic, thanks to which they will be able to hide their kingship.

De-Mize of the Demon-Crats

We are moving then towards the Universal Republic because it is only thus that Jewish financial, industrial and commercial kingship can be established. But under its republican mask this kingship will be infinitely more despotic than any other. It will be exactly that which man has established over the animal. The Jewish race will maintain its hold upon us by our needs.

No more Jewish converts only Goyim Freemason Noachida

It will rely on a strongly organized and carefully chosen police so generously paid that it will be ready to do anything just as the presidents of republics, who are given twelve hundred thousand francs and who are chosen especially for the purpose, are ready to put their signature to anything. Beyond the policy, nothing but workmen on one side, and on the other engineers, directors, administrators. The workers will be all the non-Jews. The engineers, directors and administrators will, on the contrary, be Jews; we do not say the Jews and their friends; we say, the Jews; for the Jews then will have no more friends. And they will be a hundred times right, in such a situation, to rely only upon those who will be of the 'Race.' This may all seem impossible to us; and nevertheless it will come about in the most natural way in the world, because everything will have been prepared secretly, as the (French and Russian) revolution was.


In the most natural way in the world, we say, in this sense that there must always be engineers, directors and administrators so that the human flock may work and live and that, furthermore, the reorganization of the world which we shall have disorganized cannot be operated savvy by those who will have previously gathered in wealth everywhere.

Thanks to the Judeo-Churchizionist

By reason of this privileged situation, which we are allowing to become established for their benefit, the Jews alone will be in a position to direct everything. The peoples will put their hand to the wheel to bring about this state of things, they will collaborate in the destruction of all other power than that of the State as long as they are allowed to believe that the State, this State which possesses all, is themselves.

Government of the Talmudic Jews by the Talmudic Jews for the Talmudic Jews

They will not cease to work for their own servitude until the day when the Jews will say to them: 'We beg your pardon! You have not understood. The State, this State which owns everything, is not you, it is us!' The people then will wish to resist. But it will be too late to prevent it, because all moral forces having ceased to exist, all material forces will have been shattered by that same cause. Sheep do not resist the sheep-dog trained to drive them and possessing strong jaws. All that the working class could do, would be to refuse to work. The Jews are not simpletons enough not to foresee that. They will have provisions for themselves and for their watch-dogs. They will allow famine to subdue resistance. If the need should arise they would have no scruple in hurling on the people, mutinous but unarmed, their police made invincible because they will be provided with the most up to date weapons against powerless mobs. Have we not already a vision of the invincibility of organized forces against the crowd (remember Tenamin Square in China).

France has known, and she has not forgotten the rule of the Masonic Terror. She will know, and the world will know with her the rule of the Jewish terror." (Copin Albancelli, La conjuration juive contre les peuples. E. Vitte, Lyon, 1909, p. 450; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, pp. 145-147)


"Yes, certainly your Russia is dying. There no longer exists anywhere, if it has ever existed, a single class of the population for which life is harder than in our Soviet paradise...We make experiments on the living body of the people, devil take it, exactly like a first year student working on a corpse of a vagabond which he has procured in the anatomy operating-theater. Read our two constitutions carefully; it is there frankly indicated that it is not the Soviet Union nor its parts which interest us, but the struggle against world capital and the universal revolution to which we have always sacrificed everything, to which we are sacrificing the country, to which we are sacrificing ourselves. (It is evident that the sacrifice does not extend to the Zinovieffs)...

Here, in our country, where we are absolute masters, we fear no one at all. The country worn out by wars, sickness, death and famine (it is a dangerous but splendid means), no longer dares to make the slightest protest, finding itself under the perpetual menace of the Cheka and the army...

Often we are ourselves surprised by its patience which has become so well-known...there is not, one can be certain in the whole of Russia, a single household in which we have not killed in some manner or other the Father, the Mother, a Brother, a Daughter, a Son, some near relative or friend. Very well then! Felix (Djerjinsky) nevertheless walks quietly about Moscow without any guard, even at night... When we remonstrate with him for these walks he contents himself with laughing disdainfully and saying: 'What! They would never dare' psakrer, 'and he is right. They do not dare. What a strange country!" (Letter from Bukharin to Britain, La Revue universelle, March 1, 1928; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 149)


Thank you John Hagee

"During the winter of 1920 the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics comprised 52 governments with 52 Extraordinary Commissions (Cheka), 52 special sections and 52 revolutionary tribunals, Moreover numberless 'Este-Chekas,' Chekas for transport systems, Chekas for railways, tribunals for troops for internal security, flying tribunals sent for mass executions on the spot. To this list of torture chambers the special sections must be added, 16 army and divisional tribunals. In all a thousand chambers of torture must be reckoned, and if we take into consideration that there existed at this time cantonal Chekas, we must add even more.

Since then the number of Soviet Governments has grown: Siberia, the Crimea, the Far East, have been conquered. The number of Chekas has grown in geometrical proportion.

According to direct data (in 1920, when the Terror had not diminished and information on the subject had not been reduced) it was possible to arrive at a daily average figure for each tribunal: the curve of executions rises from one to fifty (the latter figure in the big centers) and up to one hundred in regions recently conquered by the Red Army. The crises of Terror were periodical, then they ceased, so that it is possible to establish the (modes) figure of five victims a day which multiplied by the number of one thousand tribunals give five thousand, and about a million and a half per annum!" (S.P. Melgounov, p. 104; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, p. 151)


"How to Achieve The New World Order" (Title of book excerpt by Henry Kissinger, in Time magazine (March 1994)).


"Let us recall that on July 17, 1918 at Ekaterinenburg, and on the order of the Cheka (order given by the Jew Sverdloff from Moscow) the commission of execution commanded by the Jew Yourowsky, assassinated by shooting or by bayoneting the Czar, Czarina, Czarevitch, the four Grand Duchesses, Dr. Botkin, the man-servant, the woman-servant, the cook and the dog. The members of the imperial family in closest succession to the throne were assassinated in the following night. The Grand Dukes Mikhailovitch, Constantinovitch, Vladimir Paley and the Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna were thrown down a well at Alapaievsk, in Siberia. The Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch was assassinated at Perm with his suite.

Dostoiewsky was not right when he said: 'An odd fancy sometimes comes into my head: What would happen in Russia if instead of three million Jews which are there, there were three million Russians and eighty million Jews? What would have happened to these Russians among the Jews and how would they have been treated? Would they have been placed on an equal footing with them? Would they have permitted them to pray freely? Would they not have simply made them slaves, or even worse: would they not have simply flayed the skin from them? Would they not have massacred them until completely destroyed, as they did with other peoples of antiquity in the times of their olden history?" (Nicholas Sokoloff, L'enquete judiciaire sur l'Assassinat de la famille imperiale. Payot, 1924; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, pp. 153-154


Rabbi Julius T. Loeb a Jewish Zionist leader in Washington was reported in "Who's Who in the Nation's Capital," 1929-1930, as referring to Jerusalem as "The Head Capital of the United States of the World."


Babylonian Talmudic Sofiet Bolshevik Judaism of the Order of Nimrod the mere man god, the Laws of the Rabbis of Satan and their obedient Noachida of Apostate Solomon

"As for the final result of the Messianic revolution it will always be the same...the nations will be converted to Judaism and will obey the law, or else they will be destroyed, and the Jews will be the masters of the world." (G. Batault, Le probleme juif, p. 135; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, pp. 203-204)



And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.


The idea of God, the image of God, such as it is reflected in the Bible, goes through three distinct phases. The first stage is the Higher Being, thirsty for blood, jealous, terrible, war-like. The intercourse between the Hebrew and his God is that of an inferior with s superior whom he fears and seeks to appease.

The second phase the conditions are becoming more equal. The pact concluded between God and Abraham develops its consequences, and the intercourse becomes, so to speak, according to stipulation. In the Talmudic Hagada, the Patriarchs engage in controversies and judicial arguments with the Lord. The Tora and the Bible enter into these debate and their intervention is preponderant. God pleading against Israel sometimes loses the lawsuit. The equality of the contracting parties is asserted. Finally the third phase the subjectively divine character of God is lost. God becomes a kind of fictitious Being. These very legends, one of which we have just quoted, for those who know the keen minds of the authors, give the impression, that they, like their readers, of their listeners, look upon God in the manner of a fictitious being and divinity, at heart, from the angle of a personification, of a symbol of the race [This religion has a code: The Talmud]." (Kadmi Cohen, Nomades, p. 138; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, 197-198)


And they fell for the g-d of the Talmudic Jews:


"An energetic, lively and extremely haughty people, considering itself superior to all other nations, the Jewish race wished to be a Power. It had an instinctive taste for domination, since, by its origin, by its religion, by its quality of a chosen people which it had always attributed to itself [since the Babylonian Captivity], it believed itself placed above all others. To exercise this sort of authority the Jews had not a choice of means, gold gave them a power which all political and religious laws refuse them, and it was the only power which they could hope for. By holding this gold they became the masters of their masters, they dominated them and this was the only way of finding an outlet for their energy and their activity...The emancipated Jews entered into the nations as strangers...They entered into modern societies not as guests but as conquerors. They had been like a fenced-in herd. Suddenly the barriers fell and they rushed into the field which was opened to them. But they were not warriors...They made the only conquest for which they were armed, that economic conquest for which they had been preparing themselves for so many years...The Jew is the living testimony to the disappearance of the state which had as its basis theological principles, a State which anti-Semitic Christians dream of reconstructing. The day when a Jew occupied an administrative post the Christian State was in danger: that is true and the anti-smites who say that the Jew has destroyed the idea of the state could more justly say that the entry of Jews into society has symbolized the destruction of the state, that is to say the Christian State." (Bernard Lazare, L'Antisemitisme, pp. 223, 361; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, pp. 221-222)


These who Jesus warned of...

Pharisaism became Talmudism...But the spirit of the Ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew...studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies. From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia and eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered..." (The Pharisees, by Louis Finkelstein, Foreword, Vol. 1).



Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:


"The Babylonian Talmud derives its authority from the position held by the ancient (Pharisee) academies. The teachers of those academies, both of Babylonia and of Palestine, were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin...At the present time, the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any decision regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the Talmud as the final resume of the teaching of those authorities when they existed." (The Jews - Their History, Culture, and Religion, by Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, Vol. 4, p. 1332, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1949)


"The Talmud: Heart's Blood of the Jewish Faith..." (November 11, 1959, New York Herald Tribune, based on The Talmud, by Herman Wouk).


The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

King of the Jews?


Lord Over All 

May Jesus Christ be with you all.

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