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March 4,  2005 

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of Iniquity unto desolation for them who Deny the Christ, Jesus the Lord.

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The TEN Commandments of the Creator God must go, for the Noahide laws of satan the Dragon must be enforced by his Moshaich ben satan

Supreme Court Considers Ten Commandments Displays

By James Vicini

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites) questioned on Wednesday whether a Ten Commandments display on public property represented an unconstitutional endorsement of religion or an acceptable historical symbol of law.

Stepping into a politically charged U.S. debate over religion and government, the high court considered two cases involving the Ten Commandments and focused on whether the context of the displays could make them allowable.

The court questioned whether a huge Ten Commandments monument can be displayed on a state Capitol grounds, or whether a framed copy can be put up in courthouses, and if other historical documents must be included to establish a secular message.

The Supreme Court's own courtroom contains a depiction of Moses with a tablet representing the Ten Commandments.

An attorney who opposed the displays at issue drew a challenge from Justice Anthony Kennedy , who suggested there may be an "obsessive concern" over any mention of religion. People could simply look away, Kennedy said.

Justice David Souter , however, seemed skeptical of the argument that including other historical documents would sufficiently mask the religious nature of the Ten Commandments.

"It would be crazy law from this court that said you can engage in religious endorsement ... so long as you hide the ball well enough," he said.

Justice Antonin Scalia  dismissed an argument that the Ten Commandments provided the basis for the U.S. Declaration of Independence. "That's idiotic," he said. "You can't get the Declaration of Independence out of the Ten Commandments."

The Supreme Court last ruled on the issue in 1980, when it struck down a Kentucky law that required schools to post copies of the Ten Commandments.

The debate over the Ten Commandments is reminiscent of the dispute the court heard a year ago over the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance recited by schoolchildren. The court avoided the constitutional issue by ruling that California atheist Michael Newdow could not bring the case.

A number of legal battles have taken place around the country in recent years on whether the Ten Commandments can be displayed on government property, dividing the public and producing conflicting rulings by U.S. appeals courts.

The cultural battle behind the debate also was a major issue in last year's presidential campaign, which President Bush  won with the strong support of conservative Christians.

The Bush administration defended the displays during Wednesday's arguments. Ten Commandments played an important secular role in the development of U.S. law and culture, it said.

Opponents said the displays conveyed an unconstitutional message of government-sponsored promotion of religion and must be removed.


Acting Solicitor General Paul Clement, the Bush administration's chief advocate before the Supreme Court, argued that the displays, on the Texas Capitol grounds and in Kentucky courthouses, are constitutional.

"The Ten Commandments have an undeniable religious significance, but they also have secular significance as a source of the law, a code of law and a well-recognized historical symbol of the law," he said.

Several justices drew a distinction between the displays at issue, and the image of Moses in the Supreme Court. Souter said the marble frieze included a number of famous lawgivers besides Moses, and the tablet does not have the actual text of the Ten Commandments.

Justice John Paul Stevens  several times asked why the state does not simply include a disclaimer that it is not endorsing a religious message.

When Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott replied that a disclaimer would ensure that the display was constitutional, Scalia interjected, "Why don't you do it....Then we wouldn't have this case."

A ruling is due by the end of June.

(additional reporting by Patricia Wilson)


And why are they doing it ?

Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin


Folio 59a

But the precept of observing social laws is
a positive one, yet it is reckoned? — It is both positive and negative.1

R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah (Talmud Bavli) deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance;2  it is our inheritance, not theirs.  Then why is this not included in the Noachian laws? — On the reading morasha [an inheritance] he steals it; on the reading me'orasah [betrothed], he is guilty as one who violates a betrothed maiden, who is stoned.4  An objection is raised: R. Meir used to say. Whence do we know that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest? From the verse, [Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments:] which, if man do, he shall live in them.5  Priests, Levites, and Israelites are not mentioned, but men: hence thou mayest learn that even a heathen who studies6  the Torah is as a High Priest! — That refers to their own seven laws.7


Amaraka you are now officially sold out to satan by sorcery and blasphemy and HIGH TREASON, and they care not who are slain as long as it is them who Rulemankind along with their soon to be "REVEALED" Moshiach that son of Perition


So they move along unopposed by the apostate Judaeo-Churchinsanity in their little global vision of their jackbooted Red Esau Sofiet Talmudic third wave Communitarian scheme of the shem sham of shame

Bush demands Syria withdraw from Lebanon by May

Syrian President Bashar Assad is expected to announce a troop pullback to eastern Lebanon near the Syrian border - but not a full withdrawal - in a speech Saturday to parliament, Lebanese and Syrian officials said Friday - a move which would fall short of intensifying US and Lebanese demands.

In the speech to the People's Assembly in Damascus, "we expect President Assad to announce a redeployment to the Bekaa region" in eastern Lebanon, said Murad - a member of the pro-Syrian government in Beirut. He answered "No" when asked whether the redeployment meant a full withdrawal.

Key Arab powerhouses Saudi Arabia and Egypt also want Assad to start quickly on removing all his 15,000 troops from Lebanon, where Damascus has held sway for more than a decade but where popular opposition to its control has mounted after the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Which of course once more benefits...ISREALHELL

US President George W. Bush said he wants all Syrian forces out by May, when Lebanon holds parliamentary elections - stepping up previous calls in which he set no deadline.

For even more obedient goyim to become humiliated Noahides

"I don't mean just the troops out of Lebanon, I mean all of them out of Lebanon, particularly the secret service out of Lebanon - the intelligence services," he told the New York Post in an interview published Friday.

"This is nonnegotiable. It is time to get out," he said. "I don't think you can have fair elections with Syrian troops there." Bush told the paper there was no threat of military action.
"There's no half-measures allowed," Bush said regarding Syria's suggestion of a partial pullout, speaking in New Jersey Friday.

Good bye Lebanon...hello Eretz ISREALHELL

Lebanese Defense Minister Abdul-Rahim Murad suggested Syria wants to keep some troops in the country on a long-term basis, saying a complete removal of the troops would have to be negotiated between Syria and Lebanon's governments - as called for in an 1989 agreement.

Under the Taif Accord, he said, the two governments will "discuss the number of troops required to stay and outline the areas where they would be stationed until the (Arab-Israeli) issue is settled."

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem said Syrian and Lebanese leaders have agreed on an action plan for carrying out the Taif Accord, but he would not comment on a timetable or give further details. "You will hear details of this plan soon," he said during a visit to Moscow.
Asked by the AP whether Assad would announce the troop pullback Saturday, Mouallem replied, "I think so."

Syria has said in behind-the-scenes diplomacy with Arab nations this week that it wants to keep 3,000 troops and early-warning stations in Lebanon, according to an Arab diplomat in Cairo. The Syrian army already operates radar stations in Dahr el-Baidar, on mountain tops bordering Syria. Israeli warplanes have attacked the sites in the past.

It was not clear whether Assad would set a date for the pullback in Saturday's speech. But a commitment from the president before the People's Assembly would strengthen promises by Syrian officials last month that Damascus would carry out the redeployment.

Syria has redeployed its troops toward the border several times since 2000, and each time some numbers of Syrian troops have left Lebanon completely. Troop levels dropped in recent years from 35,000 to the current level of about 15,000. The last pullback into eastern Lebanon took place in September, but Syrian troops remain in central Lebanese mountains overlooking Beirut.

Arab leaders are worried that Syrian refusal to leave completely will prompt tougher action by the United States or the international community to force it to do so. Syria has fallen into deeper isolation, with even traditional allies France and Russia joining the United States and United Nations in calling for a full withdrawal



Mubarak for fear of the jews, obediently declares a Noahide Demonicrazy for Greater Isrealhell by demand of her Pim the Good ole USA of Dan hassidim Chabad Lubavitch

Democracy on the Nile?

The surprise decision by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to propose a constitutional amendment that would allow direct and competitive presidential elections may be a giant step for democracy in Egypt and the Arab World. Westerners used to pluralistic democracy may find it hard to understand what a potentially huge shift this will be in a country accustomed to military rule for over 50 years.

Under the current system, Egyptian citizens can only show up on the day of a presidential referendum every six years and say yes or no to the single name that appears on the presidential ballot. This explains why someone like Mubarak always received over 90% of the vote, albeit amid indifferent turnout.

Syrian and Iraqi strongmen have done even better with this system, no doubt because they demanded that the names and addresses of voters be put at the bottom of each ballot.

Many people have long argued that democratization in the Middle East will not get far until Egypt becomes fully engaged in the process. Egypt could not truly set out on a path of democratization without first amending its constitution – to downsize the pharaonic powers of its president and set limits on his term in office. Mubarak, after all, is already in his 24th year as president. So the announcement that he wants competitive presidential elections is an important first step. The regime may assume that it will be able to use the process to its own advantage, but events may not be that easy to control once people begin to feel empowered. The democratic genie is out of the bottle.

In any case, Egypt is not the only country in this troubled region now embarking on the road of democracy. Turkey at one end of the Middle East and Morocco at the other are already well on their way. The real groundswell this time seems to have come from the close timing and positive outcomes of recent elections in Iraq, Palestine, and to a lesser degree in Saudi Arabia.

The unprecedented demonstrations against Syria's occupation of Lebanon following the assassination of its former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, show no signs of abating. Egyptian opposition groups, too, have staged increasingly bold marches and other forms of civil disobedience in the past few weeks.

The catalyst for their anger was the arrest and detention of ailing opposition leader Ayman Nour at the end of January. The government's heavy-handed behavior reinvigorated the homegrown "Kifaya" (Enough) movement, which has demanded an end to the Mubarak regime.

Suddenly the popular wisdom that Egyptians are passive and afraid to act did not seem to be holding up. An alliance of local, regional, and international forces is uniting against tyranny-as-usual on the banks of the Nile.

None are uniting in apostate "Amaraka"

The recent wave of popular pressure appears to have shaken the regime. Only a month ago, Mubarak dismissed demands for constitutional reform as "futile." But, whatever combination of events brought about his change of heart, the election initiative should be welcomed. It is a necessary – but insufficient – first step for overhauling Egypt's stagnant political system.

Egyptians are already wary of token reforms la Tunisia, where longstanding President Zine El Abidine Bin Ali created a caricature of a constitutional amendment that appeared to open the door to competitive presidential elections, but then staged a sham contest with a few hand-picked "opponents."

In previous Tunisian presidential referenda, Bin Ali routinely received 99% of the vote; he now received 96%. Let us hope Mubarak is more serious about electoral reform. As a measure of sincerity he needs to order the immediate release of Ayman Nour and take steps to terminate the 24-year-long state of emergency, which effectively prevents political campaigning from taking place.



1: Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him.

Jesus the Creator stood for Darius the Mede where ? Babylon, and they have it back

2: And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.

And they stirred up all of Ishmael against the west

3: And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
4: And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.

So they installed their man, whose father  financed their Nasi of the generation, which cause the TERRORS and created their Proxy wars upon mankind and gave them their flesh whore.....Greater ISREALHELL, George H. W. Bush, who in TREASON and Blasphemy gave this Nation to his shemgods via, HJR 104, PL 102-14

5: And the king of the south shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he shall be strong above him, and have dominion; his dominion shall be a great dominion.


6: And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement: but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times.

So Rabin came to the USA of Dan, Aholah the whore sister to make an agreement at "Camp David" the Olso accord Disengagement, just as Sharon is doing, but the Hassidim Chabad Lubavitch of RED Esau of Dan who controls the whitehouse Pimp slew Rabin, and Jerusalem that spiritual Sodom and Egypt where Our Lord was crucified was not given up

7: But out of a branch of her roots shall one stand up in his estate, which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north, and shall deal against them, and shall prevail: 

So Arik Sheinerman was installed in Aholibah, Judah and he came against Aholah Dan USA and struck the shembolic twin towars of their stronghold and took the riches from Amaraka the apostate

8: And shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods, with their princes, and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold; and he shall continue more years than the king of the north.
9: So the king of the south shall come into his kingdom, and shall return into his own land. 
10: But his sons shall be stirred up, and shall assemble a multitude of great forces: and one shall certainly come, and overflow, and pass through: then
shall he return, and be stirred up, even to his fortress. 

Saddam and the Palestinians

11: And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he shall set forth a great multitude; but the multitude shall be given into his hand.

so they slay Ishmael wonderfully by their hoodlum hoo haha of the bloodlust of their father the murderer since the beginning, for they are bot whores of Babylon of the Assyrian, now they lust after Syria for their Eretz ISREALHELL to see who will place the Abomination which causes the desolation of all them who are fallen for the fables of the Talmudic jewry

12: And when he hath taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it.
13: For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches.

and by 200 billion dollars we are taking their coveted land of babylon the Great the Harlot Mother of all the earth for their vision against Jesus the Christ the Everlasting Holy Covenant

Dan:11:14: And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


So Netan-Yahoo the glory of Judeao-Churchinsanity that the Evangelicals just love, who is of the Hassidim of the Chabad Lubavitch controlled by the shema-GoG of satan, the REVIVED beast out of the seas on Oct. 13, 2004 the Sanhedrin at Tiberius who crucified the LORD and who are back, and who are about to anoint their false Christ Moshiach ben Satan that son of perdition and use Dan Bushkevik to enforce his satanic yoke of the curse of his laws of the Dragon, is opposing Sharon-Sheinerman to establish their vision, but they shall fall. Then Jesus the Christ will Come in the Clouds with Great and terrible wrath and vengeance upon all they who denied that he is the ONLY IAMHE and they all will be slain when that last saint "Stands Firm and is decapitated for the witness of the ONLY LORD ALMIGHTY Jesus the Christ the LORD

Jer:6:14: They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

Likud: Sharon was Jeered, Netanyahu was Applauded
14:45 Mar 04, '05 / 23 Adar 5765

The main speakers at last night's overwhelming Likud party vote for a referendum were PM Sharon, Finance Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Shalom, and former Minister Uzi Landau.

The Likud party voted overwhelmingly last night to support a Knesset initiative for a referendum on Sharon's plan to quit Gaza and northern Samaria and uproot the Jewish residents from their homes.

First to speak was Landau (pictured above), the leader of the anti-disengagement camp within the Likud: "The old Sharon would have fought for a referendum. I refuse to believe that our Prime Minister will not ratify that which Arik Sharon fought for... The debate is not for or against the disengagement, but rather over another step in the struggle for democracy and Likud unity."

Noahide Demonicrazy

Netanyahu, the leading contender to succeed Sharon as head of the party, was greeted with warm applause. He admitted that the Likud had betrayed its voters: "Let's come and tell the truth: We went to elections last time with a different banner."

Netanyahu further said that any issue of territorial withdrawal should be put up for national vote. 

And all the people cried "Let his Blood be on our hands and our children"


He said that he even considered doing so before implementing the Wye Agreement [which was in fact never implemented – ed.], even though it involved no uprooting of Jews from their homes.

"This process is very very very difficult," the Finance Minister stated. "You take a child and remove him from his house. You take his father and grandfather and remove them... You take life and uproot.... The only way to do such a dramatic act, such a difficult act, is by going to the public and letting it decide."

Using the Old Proxy scheme all over again....Holocaust....evil anti-shemites....the haters....blah...blah, yes indeed they know how to get what they want by the terror they have put on the earth for the whore is responsible for all who were slain upon the earth by the LIAR the murderer since the beginning.

But this time is the last time, strike three and you are out satan and your minions who have made a Covenant with death and hell and deny the LIFE GIVER Jesus the Christ

Netanyahu called upon the disengagement opponents to withdraw their threat to vote against the budget.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, a long-time supporter of a referendum and a lukewarm opponent of the disengagement itself, said, "I'm not calling for a referendum against the prime minister, but rather for unity in the nation and in the Likud." He said the entire referendum need take no longer than 60 days, and that Shas could be persuaded to support the idea.

Last to speak was Prime Minister Sharon, who was roundly booed almost throughout the speech. Many in the audience called upon him to resign, and others held up signs reading, "Sharon, go home!"

They can do what they desire through their global controlled media. Now they no longer need Sharon and he will be dismissed to make room for Bush's Chabad Lubavitch Hassidim Pharisees coming Moshiach the false king, false Christ, and all the earth sleeps. Bush knows it is the "Road map to hell" and was destined to doom. And Bush has double crossed the Palestinians.

Sharon did not show weakness, however. He said that he has never given in to threats and does not plan to begin now: "Whoever visits in the Knesset cannot help but see the pressure exerted on the MKs and sense the atmosphere of threats... The government and Knesset have made decisions, and these decisions will be implemented."

He spoke empathetically of the Gush Katif and northern Shomron residents, in keeping with his new strategy: "In every generation, there was always a small group that led the way. In the past generation, you have led by establishing a tremendous settlement enterprise... I feel your pain."

Sharon related to those who object to his plan – i.e., the overwhelming majority of his party, as evidenced by last night's vote – as "fringe extremist elements." He said more than once last night, "I will not allow the extremist margins to dictate our path."

The prime minister also scolded the Likud MKs who are threatening to vote against the budget. He said that it was the right-wing that brought down previous Likud governments headed by Yitzchak Shamir and Binyamin Netanyahu, and that a vote against the budget would accomplish the same thing. Some in the audience cheered at this prospect


London Mayor: Sharon 'War Criminal'
14:40 Mar 04, '05 / 23 Adar 5765

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has rekindled his running feud with British Jewry in a provocative attack on Prime Minster Ariel Sharon, whom the mayor said should be put in jail for war crimes.

He also said Israel is distorting racism in Europe in order to falsely show Jews suffer more than others from discrimination.

Livingstone made the remarks this week to the Board of Deputies of British Jews just two weeks after he refused to apologize for a comment that compared a news reporter to a guard in a German death camp.

"The [Israeli] government continues seizures of Palestinian land for settlements, military incursions into surrounding countries and denial of the right" of return of Arabs expelled for terrorism, according to the mayor, quoted in London's respected Guardian newspaper. He added, "Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister is a war criminal, guilty of who should be in prison, not in office." The Livingstone accused Sharon of "ethnic cleansing" in using "systematic violence and terror" to drive out "Palestinians who had lived in that land for centuries."

The mayor defended his remarks by charging that Israel fuels anger and violence in the world. "For a mayor of London not to speak out against such injustice would ignore the threat it poses to the security of all Londoners."

Livingstone already is the brunt of criticism from many British Jewish leaders for his refusal to retract a denigrating remark he made to a Jewish reporter last month. In a brief conversation between the two, the mayor asked the reporter if he had been a German war criminal. The reporter responded that he was Jewish and was offended by the question. The mayor retorted, "Arr right [sic], well you might be, but actually you are just like a concentration camp guard. You are just doing it because you are paid, aren't you?"

After a round of criticism from Jews and non-Jews, Livingstone two weeks ago said he did not mean any harm and would not apologize.

Zvi Heifetz, Israel ambassador to Britain, demanded an apology from the mayor's for insulting "the memories of all those Jews who survived the concentration camps [and] the thousands of British troops who died fighting the Nazis."

Livingstone added fuel to the fire this week when he stated that "the great bulk of the racist attacks in Europe today are on black people, Asians and Muslims." He accused Israel of presenting a distorted picture to "convey the impression that Jews suffer most discrimination."

Figures released last month showed that Manchester Jews suffered more than 400 anti-Semitic attacks last year and that anti-Semitic abuse in the country rose 42 per cent.

Winston Churchill, one of England's greatest leaders, also wouldn't have agreed with Mayor Livingstone. Churchill noted in 1939 that Arabs poured into the Land of Israel in the wake of Jewish settlement there: "Far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied until their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population."

Backing up this claim are remarks by Arab leaders, including an official regional Syrian governor who said in 1934, "In the last few months, from 30,000 to 60,000 Hauranese [Syrian] had entered Palestine and settled there."

The quotes are cited by Joan Peters in her work From Time Immemorial, p. 230.

London's Board of Deputies member Henry Grunwald, replying to Mayor Livingstone's latest broadside on Israel, said that the mayor "has let us down" and must apologize. The Board has called on the Standards Board of England to investigate whether the mayor violated the country's moral code


If there is civil war in Jerusalem, there will be war in all the world, and the "Masters of Ordo ab chao know it, and hope for it.


Possibility of civil war becomes a reality


By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

March 4th, 2005


JERUSALEM - Events this week indicated the threat of a civil war over Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s "disengagement" plan might be more of a reality than many Israelis care to acknowledge.

A media circus earlier in the week over a false claim that rabbis had granted permission to open fire on non-Jewish evacuators led Wednesday to a very real religious ruling allowing Arab soldiers to kill resisting Gaza residents.

It was reported last week that the government plans to send special units made up of Arabs and anti-settler leftists to carry out the expulsion of Gaza’s Jews.

Whooooooooooooooey it ain't never gonna happen

A right-wing MK accused Sharon of purposely encouraging the situation in an effort to demonize the settler movement prior to what is certain to be an emotion-filled evacuation.

Aryeh Eldad said he believed the ongoing provocation would ultimately create an atmosphere where having soldiers open fire on Jewish settlers would no longer be publicly unacceptable.

I can assure you the Hassdidim of Chabad in the US will surely make the BUSH ad-menstruation convene, and that will give them ther was by sea and one by land and one in Jerusalem

Journalists Wednesday admitted to fulfilling their role in this fiasco by inciting against disengagements opponents in order to keep their editors happy.

False claim of incitement

A Druze combat soldier serving in the Gaza Strip asked Defense Minister Sha’ul Mofaz Tuesday if Jewish settlers slated for forced evacuation would be permitted to open fire on non-Jewish soldiers and police officers taking part in the evacuation.

a Druze Noahide

The young man had reportedly been concerned over rumors that certain rabbis had issued a religious ruling authorizing live fire on Druze and Bedouin security forces sent to rip Jews from their homes.

The alleged religious ruling had been the topic of banner headlines in Israel’s mainstream leftist media earlier in the week.

But not one word heard On Entertainment USA Today "starring" Kay Couric and Matt Lauer

A legal advisor for the General Security Services told the Knesset Constitution Committee Tuesday that no such religious ruling existed.

Dangerous religious ruling

The mere thought that such an edict could be made, however, prompted a prominent Bedouin religious figure to issue his own ruling Wednesday allowing Arab soldiers to kill any Jew who attempted to harm them during the disengagement.

sounds fishy....propaganda of Chabad

"Whoever attempts to harm Bedouin soldiers…shouldn't think they would just stand there and do nothing," Channel Two News quoted Sheikh Kamal Abu Nadi as saying.

Abu Nadi, who himself served in the IDF for 11 years, is a respected cleric whose rulings are followed by a large number of Bedouin families.

Explosive situation

Reports last month indicated the Sharon government was putting together special units made up of Arabs and anti-settler leftists to carry out the evacuation.

right has become left and left has been left out

"I know the army is developing units like that," Likud member Moshe Feiglin told WorldNetDaily. "They will not outright advertise that only Arabs and leftists will be acceptable, but in order to be accepted to such a unit you have to agree to take part in a unit created specifically for a political act. So it will be ensured those in such a unit agree."

Assembling such units would eliminate the possibility of sending soldiers who have a moral problem with uprooting Jews, and who may respond by refusing orders.

It also greatly increases the possibility of an outbreak of violence, however.

The media is playing its part

Several mainstream journalists participating in an open discussion on Israel Radio Wednesday admitted the media had been played its part in fomenting a dangerous atmosphere by "seriously exaggerating" acts of incitement against Sharon’s plan.

The participants said heavy pressure to keep their editors happy with "scoops" had led to the irresponsible coverage.

Preparing the nation for civil war

Eldad told Ynet Wednesday reporters had no shortage of inflammatory stories because the Sharon government itself was making them up.

"Sharon needs the provocation," Eldad said. " In my opinion this is just the beginning."

The National Union MK explained that Sharon "needed to transform those [he] once called ‘pioneers’ into enemies of the state" in order to implement his controversial plan.

Earlier in the day, Eldad spoke at a conference protesting the scheduled retreat.

He warned of an escalation in efforts to demonize the settlers in order to create an atmosphere where it will be acceptable for soldiers to open fire on those refusing to be evacuated.

Eldad believes that on the day the disengagement gets underway, the security forces will stage an explosion or other false attack supposedly targeting them in order to justify using force against the Jewish settlers.


And you were warned Planet Earth, yes you were warned and it is written 



Saturday March 5, 2005....preparing to "Reveal" the solution......Moshiach ben satan the son of perdition and the king of the Revived anti-Christ Sanhedrin

Nuclear row: Iran warns of oil crisis

Iran's top nuclear official has warned the US and Europe of the danger of an oil crisis if Tehran is sent before the UN Security Council over its nuclear programme.

Tehran has argued that it wants to enrich uranium to generate atomic energy purely for civilian use, and argues such work is authorised by the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Hasan Rowhani , Iran' s chief nuclear negotiator whose country is the second largest oil producer in Opec, said: "The first to suffer will be Europe and the United States themselves, this would cause problems for the regional energy market, for the European economy and even more so for the United States ."


Iran reiterated it intended to use enriched uranium only in power stations, but Washington insists Tehran is making fuel for atomic warheads.

"If the Americans succeed in referring Iran 's case to the Security Council, Iran will immediately suspend all its voluntary confidence-building measures," Rowhani said.


"If US pressure doesn't prevent it, I think we will manage to reach an agreement with the Europeans because they don't want to deprive the Iranian people of their right and will try to act fairly," Rowhani said.

Economic incentives


EU states are encouraging Iran to drop its fuel programme in return for economic incentives.

Rowhani, who visited the German and French capitals for talks on the issue at the end of February, has however refused to put an end to uranium enrichment.


"We cannot have and we will not have negotiations with the Europeans if what they want is an end" to uranium enrichment," he said.


"We will not continue the talks for one single minute, we have made it very clear to Paris and Berlin.  Parliamentarians may even come up with a harder decision."

Many conservative parliamentarians have called for Iran to pull out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


Snap inspections


In the shorter term they have threatened that Iran will not ratify the Additional Protocol to the NPT, which permits snap UN inspections of nuclear sites.


"The security and stability of the region would become a problem," Rohani who is secretary-general of Iran 's Supreme National Security Council, said.


"This would be a particular problem for the United States because it has a lot of troops and equipment in the region and is in fact our imposed neighbour."



Iran has often said that it feels besieged by the United States , which has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and has conducted military exercises in the Caspian Sea .

Objective guarantee 


But Rowhani still held out hope that talks with Europeans could pay dividends, saying Iran had given the Europeans "an objective guarantee" that it was not seeking arms.


"The ball is in the Europeans' court right now," he said, adding Iran would make the terms of its guarantee public if the Europeans rejected it.


He said any European position asking for an end to the fuel cycle - enriching uranium to make nuclear fuel - as an objective guarantee, was unacceptable.


"My feeling is that Berlin and Paris have accepted the middle-of-the-road approach," he continued.


Iran-EU talks continue in Geneva next week

The destruction of the US economy by Bush and associates of Treason continues



For the fear of the jews many became obedient goyim humiliated slave Noahides and accepted the beast and his mark and his name, and his Sanhedrin

Suddenly, democracies are poppin' up all over

Israel isn't at all sure whether upheavals in the dictatorships in neighboring Arab countries will be such a boon to peace.

The Lebanese uprising against the Syrian occupation, which led to the resignation of the government in Beirut this week, was the most prominent manifestation of the changes that the region has been undergoing in wake of the Iraq war and the democratization initiative of U.S. President George W. Bush. In Eastern Europe the fall of the communist regimes in the Eastern Bloc countries preceded the collapse of the Soviet Union itself. For Israelis, who have grown accustomed to seeing a collection of dictatorships around them, the scenes from Beirut looked almost apocalyptic.

Uri Lubrani, an adviser to the defense minister and the former coordinator of Israeli government activity in southern Lebanon, can already envision a change in Syria, too, in which the rule of the minority Alawi sect is challenged. He also longs for the day in which flags will fly in Tehran and a moderate regime that is friendly to the West will replace the ayatollahs. Lubrani's Lebanese acquaintances have told him about their expectations of American pressure aimed at pushing the Syrians out of the Land of Cedars. They're afraid that the U.S. will stop short of that, and they want Israel to encourage the Americans not to relent until Lebanese independence is reestablished.

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The flag-wavers in Lebanon surprised the decision makers in Jerusalem who, since the withdrawal from their northern neighbor in 2000, haven't paid much attention to Beirut politics. No one anticipated that such a change would occur in occupied, downtrodden Lebanon. 

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For some years now, the Lebanese state has been perceived in Israel as an empty shell, as an insignificant part of the "northern axis," whose key components are Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Nor did the declaration of the Lebanese "uprising for independence" stir up much interest on the Israeli side. Only when signs of its success became apparent was there talk in Jerusalem of how the liberation of Lebanon is also an Israeli interest.

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This attitude is not self-evident. Israel tacitly consented to Syria's takeover of Lebanon in 1976 and the deployment of its army north of the agreed-upon "red line." The diplomatic-military establishment in Israel preferred for the Syrian army to split up its forces and for its troops to rot in the muck of Lebanese corruption and drugs, rather than to concentrate on preparing for an assault on the Israel Defense Forces in the Golan Heights. The Syrian presence was perceived as a stabilizing factor in violent and divided Lebanon. The peace talks that Israel held with the previous Syrian president, Hafez Assad, rested on the assumption that the Syrians were primarily interested in perpetuating their political, military and economic control in Lebanon. At the Shepherdstown summit in January 2000, the Israeli delegation was going to propose a partition of a small buffer state into two arenas of influence:
the Syrians, to the north, and Israel, to the south.

Shalom's initiative

The first to question the old consensus was Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, who a year ago issued a surprising public call for the end of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. Shalom encouraged his staff to come up with "diplomatic operations" that would promote Israeli interests. A team headed by then-Foreign Ministry director general Yoav Biran presented a detailed working paper about how to get the Syrians out of Lebanon. The paper quoted a UN Security Council resolution (Number 520) that called for the departure of "all foreign forces." Israel fulfilled its part, and now it was the Syrians' turn. Biran and the members of his team figured that the initiative would create a basis for improving relations with France, and also help Israel on the tactical level.

Shalom was very enthusiastic about it. "On the strategic level, we wanted Lebanon to be free, and on the tactical level, it was a way to heighten the pressure on Syria," he said this week.

In August 2004, Shalom visited his French counterpart, Michel Barnier, who had just assumed his post. As expected, Barnier expressed his dismay with the Israeli occupation in the territories. Shalom replied: "You're always talking to us about occupation. There is a sovereign state in the region that has been under occupation since 1976 and we never hear a word about that." Barnier: "We've always said this." Shalom: "Only we didn't hear it. The time has come to act. Beirut used to be `Little Paris.'"

A few days later, the Syrians decided to extend the term of their puppet president in Beirut, Emile Lahoud. The French were furious and persuaded the Americans to sponsor UN Security Council Resolution 1559, which is behind the current effort to get the Syrians out of Lebanon. From Shalom's perspective, the timing was perfect. Meanwhile, Giora Eiland, the chief of Israel's National Security Council, proposed that a careful assessment be made of whether the Syrians' departure from Lebanon would be good for Israel. In a paper he submitted to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Eiland wrote that Israel's primary interest in Lebanon is the dismantling of Hezbollah and the removal of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Don't get involved

Ever the realist, Sharon sat on the fence. At a press conference three months ago, he repeated his demands that Syria disarm Hezbollah and permit the Lebanese army to deploy in the south. He did not speak about an independent Beirut. This week, there was a different tone coming from his bureau: "How can anyone argue that Syria's departure from Lebanon will be a problem? What could be worse than the situation today?
Syria is the worst of our enemies. It is the last remaining confrontation state. We have no doubt that the process of building an independent Lebanon will eradicate Hezbollah as a threatening element. If not for Syrian support, they would have been gone a long time ago."

Will an independent Lebanon seek peace with Israel? "We have a relationship with some Lebanese," say people in Sharon's bureau. "And none of them can understand why Hezbollah is operating against Israel. The Shaba Farms area [which Lebanon and Hezbollah are demanding that Israel leave] is not their home. [The Lebanese] have no territorial issues with us. They're not a party to the conflict, and they're sick of the Syrians."

Lubrani also believes that Lebanon has no "open" problems with Israel, but he doesn't think that peace negotiations will resume quickly. He recommends that Israel take care to avoid any appearance of involvement in Lebanese affairs, which would only serve those elements that are hostile to Israel.

Shimon Peres, who was defense minister at the time of the Syrian invasion, said this week that the world has changed since then.

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"We're in favor of an independent and democratic Lebanon, with which we will want to live in peace, without getting involved in its politics, without being thirsty for its water or hungry for its territory. When the Syrians entered Lebanon, the thought was that it was good that their army would be split up. But the generals have gotten old, the weapons have, too, and the northern front has been broken. There has been a fundamental change. Instead of clashing with Syria," says Peres, "let's encourage Lebanon. Let's say that we have no demands of it, that all we want is for it to go back to being an independent country."

Using oath of Kol Nidre of the Liar since the beginning

Nevertheless, it appears that Israel will have a hard time adjusting to a democratic Arab world, in which public opinion rather than centralized rulers determine policy. At a lecture in Tel Aviv last week, eminent Israeli political scientist Prof. Yehezkel Dror described the Israeli establishment's viewpoint. "We're all for democracy, but let us imagine democracy in Egypt or Jordan. Will it strengthen their peace with Israel? Of course not. The ruling elites understand the need for peace, but the public on the street, the masses in the markets, surely do not. Public opinion surveys in Egypt clearly show that the public does not support peace."

Dror also said that throughout history, the masses have always been more anti-Semitic than the rulers, who needed the Jews

 because all the kings of the earth are in bed with Babylon the Great Harlot of the earth


Iran Says It Won't Halt Uranium Enrichment

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran said Saturday it will never agree to a permanent halt on enriching uranium and warned that a more unstable Middle East would result from a U.S.-backed effort to haul Tehran before the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.

Any effort by Washington to bring Tehran's suspended uranium enrichment program under Security Council scrutiny is a dangerous path, warned Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Hasan Rowhani.

Speaking during a two-day international conference on nuclear technology, Rowhani said Iran will halt negotiations and resume uranium enrichment "without any hesitation" if European negotiators insist Iran make its temporary suspension of uranium enrichment permanent.

"Americans and Europeans will be the first to lose in that case," he told more than 50 nuclear scientists and experts attending the Tehran conference. "It will cause problems for regional energy and for the European economy.


"And it will cause additional problems for America. Therefore, no one will benefit from this. It's playing with fire."

Iran suspended its uranium enrichment activities last year to create confidence in its negotiations and avoid Security Council referral. But Tehran says the voluntary freeze depends on progress in ongoing talks with the European Union.

Rowhani said Tehran will call off the talks entirely if it sees no signs of progress by the time a committee of Iranian and European negotiators meets March 17-18.

"If there is no tangible progress, we won't continue the talks," he said.

Britain, France and Germany are trying to secure an Iranian commitment to scrap enrichment plans in exchange for economic aid, technical support and backing for Tehran's efforts to join mainstream international organizations.

Iran has suspended enrichment-related activities during those talks, which both sides have said were difficult, but insists the freeze will be brief.

The Talmudic Propaganda against Oceana, I mean Eurasia, Uh Irania, or is that Syria......But I though it was Iraqia and Ben Laden

Washington accuses Tehran of covertly trying to build a nuclear bomb, which Iran denies.

Rowhani suggested that if EU negotiators succumb to U.S. pressure for a harder line, the negotiations will fail. Europe's prowess as an intermediary in international crises will suffer, he said.

"If there is no U.S. pressure, we will reach a compromise with Europeans in the near future," Rowhani said. "Europeans are not seeking a permanent halt to our peaceful nuclear program and denying the Iranian nation of its rights."

Bush has recently expressed support for the European efforts. But documents circulated among board members of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency last week indicated Washington would try to increase pressure on Tehran by the next agency board meeting in June should the European talks fail


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