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Hey Obedient Goyim Freemason Judeo-Churchizioian, have you fallen for the TBN (The Babylonian Network's zionist prophecies ?

Joint Prophecies of Rick Joyner & Rabbi Cohen

at Messiah'99 


Colossians 1:17-19

"And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. And He is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence. For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fulness dwell.


Hashivenu.org is a Messianic Jewish organization located on the campus of Fuller Theological Seminary. Its president, Stuart Dauermann, a doctoral student and teacher at Fuller, was also a past speaker at the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). The first "'Core Principle of Hashivenu" states: "Messianic Judaism is a Judaism, and not a cosmetically altered 'Jewish-style' version of what is extant in the wider Christian community."  Among Hashivenu's "Favorite Links" is listed The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).

In July of 1999, the MJAA sponsored Messiah'99, a conference held in conjunction with the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance and the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues. The Messiah '99 Brochure announced that conference speakers would include Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries, Stephen Strang, editor of ‘Charisma’ Magazine and Stephen Katz, a recruiter for Jews for Jesus.  These speakers were presented as being among "Over sixty of Messianic Judaism's most respected teachers conducting Workshops, Panels, Teaching, Preaching. . ." 

In a joint presentation to Messiah '99, MJAA President Rabbi Robert Cohen and Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries laid out a prophetic vision for the Messianic Jewish Movement. Highlights of the Prophecies given by Rick Joyner and Rabbi Cohen are as follows:

  • The 1970s, when Jerusalem returned to Jewish hands, was the end of the Gentile Age.
  • The 1990s are moving on the spirit of revival that began with the Jesus Movement, which was the source of the Messianic movement.
  • The Messianic people are a prophetic righteous remnant, "that are calling the Church back to their Jewish roots" and "they are back to become a prophetic call to the nation of Israel."
  • Messianic people are, "THE HEAD," meaning, of the Body of Christ and the First Fruits.
  • Whole communities will come to Y’eshua because of their witness.
  • Jews and Gentiles will be looking to the Messianics to explain the Word of God.
  • Joyner expressed a concern that Messianics: ". . .would not be corrupted by too many relationships with the Church" and that they are not supposed to be like the Church nor the Church like them as that would, "mess everything up."
  • Racism is one of the ultimate enemies.
  • There is a revolution going on in the Church.
  • Reconciliation happens when there is restitution, and there’s going to be a lot of restitution for the Messianic people as Jews.
  • Messianic people will have a better ability to witness, heal, discern and utilize spiritual gifts than others.
  • Messianics are going to help us (the Church) restore our foundations to where they belong -- and we won’t get where we’re supposed to be without their help.

Rick Joyner, whom Rabbi Cohen considers a friend and a "righteous Gentile," was informed that he was the first Gentile ever to speak at their conference.  Joyner, who is also a Knight of the Order of Malta,1 a Masonic Order, associates with other modern prophets like James Ryle of Promise Keepers (pastor of Bill McCartney), Andrew Strom, Jack Deere, Francis Frangipane, Dudley Hall, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, Paul Cain and others who were involved with the original "Kansas City Prophets", the Vineyard, and the Charismatic movement. The End Time Prophetic Visions website provides a current listing of modern prophets which includes all of the above along with Messianic and Catholic prophetic organizations.

The term "righteous gentile" is used by Jews to describe those that have accepted the Noahide Laws and have attained certain other requirements. According to the "Kabbalah and Modern Life -- Jews and Non-Jews: The Seven Principles of Divine Service for Righteous Gentiles," the following describes some of those requirements.

"Though the Torah does not require that all non-Jews convert fully to Judaism, it does require that they undergo a semi-conversion in order to become "righteous gentiles." Non-Jews must accept the seven Noahide laws conveyed to mankind by Moses, the servant of G-d, in the Torah. They thereby become transformed, and acquire a greater level of free will...With regard to the righteous gentile, the Torah states: "and he shall live with you." He may live in the land of Israel, and it is incumbent on the People of Israel to provide for his welfare." http://www.inner.org/noahide/noach8.htm

One of the themes of Messiah '99 was "Messianic Unity in Diversity." Reflections on the fruit of this conference reveal the ecumenical agenda of the MJAA:

"Truly the Lord is opening up the doors for greater unity between Jew and Christian more than ever before. For many of those 'jaded' veterans of 15 to 20 conferences, Messiah '99  was the best yet. Mark those calendars now for MESSIAH 2000, which will be July 2-8, 2000."

Sadly the attitude that this is even felt necessary is a total lack of understanding about such Scriptures as Ephesians 2:13-20:

"But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;
Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby: And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh. For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.
Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; "

It should be noted that Rick Joyner announced in 1997 that modern prophets are not required to be 100% accurate in their prophecies for the following reasons: (1) prophecy is a learning experience and (2) the Church isn't mature enough to know and handle the truth.

"Bob [Jones] was told that the general level of prophetic revelation in the church was about 65% accurate at this time. Some are only about 10% accurate, a very few of the most mature prophets are approaching 85% to 95% accuracy. Prophecy is increasing in purity, but there is still a long way to go for those who walk in this ministry. This is actually grace for the church now, because 100% accuracy in this ministry will bring a level of accountability to the church, which she is too immature to bear at this time; it would result in too many 'Ananias and Sapphiras.' That so many the (sic) prophetic ministries are still missing so much is also meant to work humility and wisdom in them so that they will be able to handle the authority and power coming in the near future." 2.

However, help is on the way -- from Messianic Jewish organizations whose calling, Joyner prophesied at Messiah '99, is to restore the Church:

"And you know I believe one of your ultimate callings, I personally believe and I may be saying this jealously, your ultimate calling is to the Church. To help us. To help us. We’re not going to get there without what you’ve got. And to be honest with you, I don’t think you really know what you’ve got yet. I really don’t. I don’t think it’s clear to you yet. I believe it’s getting clear. But we’re not going to get where we’re supposed to be without you." 

We need to ask, what is it that these people have that others do not? Every Believer has the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and we are complete in him. It is Christ who is our Head. 

Colossians 1:18:

"And He is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence.

Colossians 2:4-12:

4 And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words.
5 For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the stedfastness of your faith in Christ.
6 As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him:
7 Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.
8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
9 For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.
10 And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:
11 In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ:
12 Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead.

Ephesians 4:4-6: 

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;
One Lord, one faith, one baptism,
One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Rabbi Robert Cohen  & Rick Joyner 

Edited transcript of Audio tape from

"The Opening Night" of Messiah’99

July 4-10,1999

Sponsored by

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Young Messianic Jewish Alliance
International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues


Rabbi Robert Cohen 

Turn with me in your Scriptures to the book of Proverbs, the book of Proverbs chapter 29 verse 18. I want to talk to you tonight about where I believe the movement is going in the years ahead. I believe as a movement in the 1970's when we were birthed and then Jerusalem came back to Jewish hands. . .according to the prophecy in Luke that Y'eshua said "when you see Jerusalem back in Jewish hands you'll know that my coming is near." And it was the end of the Gentile Age. . .and we have been in this transition for a long time and this revival has gone through many different stages in the early we've seen the rise of Messianic Jewish Synagogues, we've seen the rise of Messianic Jewish revivals in Russia. . . God is doing something.

And so in this movement and through the seventies and up until now the 90’s we been moving on that spirit of revival, that came in, in what we call the Jesus Movement or the Y’eshua movement. . .God is afoot. God is about to break loose prophetically upon our Jewish people but this movement and it says here in proverbs in 29:18 without a prophetic vision the actual Hebrew word literally says without the prophetic word, the, the people throw out all restraint but he who keeps Torah or instruction is happy. . Prophetic definition—He tells us its about to happen before it happens—that’s prophecy—that’s the prophetic word. And. . .tell you something new –YOU—the messianic Jewish movement is a prophetic word… Ezekiel 36-37. . .speaks of a movement of God as Israel comes back into the land. The Torah. . .Deuteronomy chapter 30:4-6 talks about God circumcising our hearts. . ., bringing us back home, bringing us into a Spiritual relationship with Him through the Messiah Y’eshua.

The book of Romans tells us in the 11th chapter. And elsewhere that we are the righteous remnant even now saved by grace. We are the prophetic inheritance that what God is about to do is true. . .we need to rise up to the bar and believe what God says about us. . .We’ve been moving in revival but God wants us now to transition us to prophetic revival. Now what do I mean. We are Prophesied in the Word of God. Does Gods word come back void? Does it come back null? Does it accomplish what He set it out to do? You are a prophetic people.

The reason you are here this week. . .you were drawn here. . .to receive a prophetic vision that this revival of Israel that you and I are a part of was prophesied in the Word of God and that God’s Word stands behind this movement and we have been birthed as the first fruits out of this movement to see the prophetic to happen to our Jewish people. It’s been centuries since the Jewish people have seen a prophet. I believe this movement has been called of God to walk in a new office, the office of Prophet to Israel and to the Body of Messiah. And that this movement is about to receive a prophetic mantle. That’s what God wants to do. That’s what He wants us to do with the rabbis tonight. 

We’ve been operating in a vision in a way that we have seen ourselves kind of in between two intense poles. The body of Messiah says you can’t be Jewish and believe in Y’eshua and keep your Jewish identity. Many. And then we have our Jewish community on the other hand saying, You’re no longer Jews. And we have a new wrinkle on that and that is that the Jewish community tells the Christian community, "Don’t accept them as Jews." That happened in Jubilee and that happened in Standing in the Gap. The rabbis came to Raleigh Washington,. . .to Jonathan Burness?? The leaders said ‘Hey, we don’t want you to accept them as Jews," because that means you’re legitimate, that means you have authority. 

We are not illegitimate. . .We are THE HEAD. We are? Oh man. We are the Head and not the tail. We are the ones who God has put in our spirit the. . .first fruits of this great revival amongst our Jewish people. We are the prophetic rendered by grace that Rabbi Shaul of the book of Romans talks about. We are that prophetic voice to speak into the nation of Israel, to speak to our Jewish people. But we’ve been afraid because we haven’t had the mantle. We haven’t had the authority and the empowerment to do it.

That’s what’s going to fall in the years ahead. And God says to us that He’s going to do certain things. . .Ezekiel 36. . .God has a vision, see our vision is not based rabbinical Judaism, it’s not based on Christianity, it’s based out of the Word of God. This is a revival movement that is prophetic. Coming into it’s prophetic calling, to the nation of Israel. . .Ezekiel 36. . .verse 22 . . .Now Ezekiel 34, 35, 36,37  and 38 work in tandem, they’re kind of sequential. . .modern day Judaism is rationalistic. . . I come from a Reform background so we had Sunday School at Hebrew Union College. . .We as a Jewish people have exchanged revelation for rationalization. We are a people of revelation. And here God is saying because, and because of the dispersion, we have profaned His name in all the nations where He sent us. But God says here, I have concern for my Holy Name. And not only does He have concern but He says I'm going to sanctify my Name.

We as a Jewish people have exchanged revelation for rationalization. We are a people of revelation. . .Every thing that God is going to do through this movement is based on the holiness of His Name. And his concern that what He’s about to do, here in Ezekiel 36 happens because his name rests upon it. . .verse 24. . .(to 27) and ye shall keep my Torah [changes judgments to Torah]. . .chapter 37. . .dry bones. . .what Ezekiel saw was the Holocaust. . .there are healing services, spiritual retreats going on in mainline synagogues in, in conservative and reform and orthodox synagogues.

There is a hunger for spirituality. In the last couple of years. . .there’s a hunger being birthed by God in our people for spiritual things. And they’re looking in all the wrong places. But that’s where the prophetic vision comes in. And God says here in Ezekiel 37 and elsewhere, Hosea, where it says that they will seek David their King in the end of days. In Revelation 12 verse 17, it says that the adversary will wage war upon the woman, that was Israel, and her offspring. . .describes as her offspring, Jewish believers, who have the testimony of Y’eshua, filled with the Spirit, and who keep the commandments. He’s talking about us. And the adversary's great desire is to stop the prophetic Word of God before it goes out. It says that he is literally at that point in Revelation, he’s literally filled with rage and hatred. Rabbis, that’s why it’s so tough. 

We are arrayed against forces we don’t even know about. And you know what, God is gracious and merciful to us that we don’t know about it, because if we did, I think we’d just put up a for sale sign.

And so we’re a prophetic people. We have a prophetic mission. And again at the end of 37, he says the same thing, he says in 36. But I just want to close with this passage without a prophetic vision. I want to read the top of 37, because I believe this is what God wants to do to us as a prophetic people. You see we have two callings. We’re a prophetic voice to Israel, to speak the living Word. You see I believe that what Ezekiel 36 Ezekiel 37 is talking about is us in the 50’s and 60’s, you know my first conference in 1974, you could have fitted into half of the lunch room. Half of the lunch room.

In the 50’s and 60’s you could put all the Jewish believers in the world into one room. And now there are hundreds of thousands. I know that we haven’t seen anything. This is going to be a mighty prophetic wave that’s going to sweep over the earth. And it’s going to change Israel. It’s going to change us, because we’re going to see in the coming years whole communities receiving Y’eshua.

We’re not going to see the ones and the twos. We’re going to see communities coming to know Y’eshua. And Ezekiel 36 and 37 says MY PEOPLE.  You see the next move of God, see we came out of what was known as the Jesus Movement. But the next moves going to happen from within the Jewish community. . .just like the Ethiopian eunuch. They’re going to say. "Do you know what this means?  Do you know what this means?" And we’re going to explain to ‘em, it’s Isaiah, he’s talking about Y'eshua. We’re going to see Nicodemus.’ We’re going to see Jewish leaders come to us in the night and saying you know I’ve had a revelation. 

We shouldn’t be surprised. Joel 2:28-32 says. Before the great day, the terrible day of the Lord, what’s going to happen. Signs and wonders. I’ll talk about that in a second. Just remind me. Your old men will what? . . .God’s a God of revelation. We’re going to begin to see that happen. And don’t miss signs. When we think of signs we think of huge things. Don’t’ forget the small prophetic things that God does. Remember it was in a small town in Bethlehem, that the Omah {sp?} gave birth to the Messiah. That was a small sign. It was a big sign in God’s eyes, but it was a small sign. We think of signs and wonders as big displays. Don’t miss the small signs. It’s going to happen. You’re going to see whole communities come to know Y’eshua. It’s going to happen in their synagogues, and they’re going to need someone to explain to them what is happening.

Let me close with the first section of 37 because I believe this is what God wants to do. God took the prophet Ezekiel, and he said to the prophet Ezekiel, "Zeke, want you to walk around these bones." Ezekiel was in Babylon. And he begins to walk and he says, "These are many bones Lord. Oh Sovereign Lord you know about these bones." And then He said to him, "prophecy to these bones". "Hear the word of the Lord. This is what the sovereign Lord says. . ."I will make breath to enter into you and I will . . .Notice what he did. God told him what to say, he empowered him to say.

He gave him the prophetic mantle to say it. And as he gave him the prophetic mantle to say it. And he prophesied it. . .and it  began to happen. You see I believe this is what God wants for this movement. We have a prophetic word to our people. We have a prophetic word to the Body of Messiah. And we have a prophetic mantle. Elijah said to Elisha, if you’re there when you see me when I go up, you’ll receive it. I believe that God is calling this movement to operate in the prophetic office. But we need to receive the mantle. We need to receive the empowerment and the authority that the mantle brings to speak these declarative statements to the nation of Israel. "Bones Live!" "Spirit Come Into Our Jewish People", {yelling} "COME" "COME". Resurrection Power. Resurrection Power. We do not need to be afraid of that message.

So I want to pray tonight. First for all the Messianic Rabbis {stand}. . .What I’m going to pray is the mantle. The prophets had a mantle. And I want to pray that mantle and the authority that goes with that mantle. That you and I would be able to be empowered to speak the prophetic word, that breaks all bonds. The prophetic word that shatters strongholds. The prophetic word that goes right to the hearts. . .no longer arguing with people into the kingdom of God. . .but cuts right through it. . . . closest rabbi to ‘ya, reach out.

{Prays} "Father, I know that you’re moving this movement into a prophetic revival that will change the world. The nations will know. Israel will know. Lord, you are going to save our people. You’re going to increase us. You’re going to do great and mighty things. Our people are going to come in like a flood. Communities. Synagogues. And Lord you’re looking for a prophetic people. A prophetic remnant. 

And Lord and I include myself that these leaders who are standing, in that prophetic movement would now receive the mantle of a prophet. That this whole Messianic Jewish movement {starting to raise voice} would receive that prophetic mantle. From this night. And that we’d be empowered by. . .the Holy Spirit and commanded to speak the Word when you speak. And to see the bones come alive. To see breath come into our people. To speak to the realm of the spirit. To see things happen. Lord I pray for that mantle and the authority and the empowerment to fulfill that office. For each one standing here. You’re going to. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. . .

Father I pray for the rest of us tonight. That we would receive that prophetic call as well. Now I’d like to introduce a friend of ours. Rick Joyner. . .[much applause] 

In Israel when you go to. . .after it you come upon a street you come up on to a street called the "Street of the Righteous Gentiles." And in this movement, for the 20 odd years, thirty years this movement’s been in existence we haven’t had a whole lot of friends who want to stand up for us in the believing realm. Believer’s realm. Right? You know that in your own experiences. But in the last five years God has begun to do something. He’s raising up a prophetic righteous remnant, that are calling the Church back to their Jewish roots, back to become a prophetic call to the nation of Israel to. . .to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy. And to say to the Church you have Messianic Jewish brethren we need to connect with. You know I got a book by Peter Wagner that has an Acts Chapter 2 or 3 that says, "The Messianic Jews."

I’ve been in this movement over 20 years. Who would hear a theological work positive about Messianic Jews? This man right here, in several books, The Harvest, The Call, The Final Quest, spoke of this revival. Spoke of his love for Israel. He’s given thousands to Israel. He’s supported the Messianic Jewish movement. Every time I’ve been at a conference, one of the first things they do is pray for Israel, the Jewish people. They have such a love for Israel, for the Jewish people that he and many like him are our righteous Gentiles. We need to honor that. They’re making bridges for us in the community of believers. Let's honor Rick. . .

Rick Joyner

Thank You. . .they told me backstage. You know, you’re the first Gentile we’ve let into this pulpit. . ."

I appreciate hospitality. Because that is a fundamental gift required of anyone who would be in leadership. Paul required it of all leaders. They had to be given to hospitality and you know that the Lord loves healing and very fundamental to healing is hospitality. The very word hospital comes from it. And I believe it is a special gift. And I believe that if there’s anything prophetic that. . .I was praying with Rabbi Cohen that  that mantle would be imparted upon you. That prophetic mantle. And . . . if there is anything prophetic, I believe that it’s joined to hospitality. 

You know it’s when they saw Jesus break the bread, that their eyes were opened. And, I believe it’s when we see Jesus as the one who breaks our bread that our eyes are open. When it’s not just our favorite author or teacher or whatever, but when we’re not just hearing the words of the Lord but the Word Himself. Then our eyes are opened. But it was when he was performing the task of being the host and that’s been my prayer for you during this conference. 

That Jesus would really be the host and break bread for you and that you wouldn’t just receive it from certain speakers but you would really hear his voice. And his call. And I believe I was hearing it. I’ve already heard it tonight and I. . .I believe you are going to hear it over this week. I believe there’s going to be a manifestation of His glory. There’s going to be some manifestation of the Lord’s glory. 

But I. . .I’m here as a friend of the Messianic Movement and. . .I hope I am a friend to all Jewish people. You know the Lord said that the Jewish people, I mean He said the sons of Abraham, the children of Abraham, would be blessings to all the families on the face of the earth and I believe the Jewish people have blessed all of the families on the face of the earth. I believe that has been fulfilled. Not only have we received our Messiah through the Jewish people but I believe the Jewish people in every community where they’ve been, they’ve been a blessing. They haven’t always been blessed, in return, but the Jewish people have certainly blessed all of the families on the face of the earth. And I am personally very thankful for all of the Jewish people in our community. I’m also thankful that there is again an Israel of God with an identity and I’m thankful for this movement. And I believe there is some kind of graduation. 

I’m going to be speaking prophetically to you. ". . .I believe that’s my part. Hope you understand. . .my style is just conversation. . .if I say something prophetic you’ll know it. . .I’m just sharing some of the things I believe I’ve seen spiritually, especially about this movement. You’re coming of age now. There’s a certain graduation, a certain maturity. . .compared to other movements it may not be very large. I think that you’re exceptionally large, when you think of what you’ve had to endure to get to this stage. . .it’s quality that is the point, it’s the anointing that really matters. . .a people almost without a country. . .being rejected by. . .your own relatives to be a part of the Messianic and then the Church doesn’t know what to do with you either. . .I can’t personally comprehend how difficult it has been for you to get where you have got and I’ve watched for a long time. . .

You’re an enigma but a remarkable one. . .I’ve been asking for clarity. One thing. . .I’m here speaking I think as a representative. I don’t represent the whole Church, by far. . .Our movements a tiny little slice, we have relationships with much of the church including the old established institutions of the church and many new movement's. God's given us grace to cover a lot of boundaries and all. . .what He’s doing right here in your movement is of extraordinary importance and I believe it is little understood. And to be honest with you, I believe it is just beginning to be understood by you. I don’t believe you have the clarity that you’re about to get and that you really need about your purpose. And I’m sharing from my perspective . . . even if I’m speaking prophetically, I only see in part. We prophesy in part.

So you’re going to have to take the little part that I share and put it together with the other parts to get the whole picture. But I want to share my part and understand that it’s coming from a perspective but what I believe the perspective of some within the church…and I more than that sought to come with God’s perspective. And I hope during this time you hear a little bit of that. That you know is His voice for you. . .

How many remember that book a few years ago on co-dependence? Most of you. I’ve never read it so, I don’t know if it’s any good or not but I’ve read the cover. . .I believe that what it was saying -- just having read the cover -- was a very important issue.

I believe it was a truth and as I understood it the point was that the ultimate in human relations is interdependence. But most people live in a state of codependence. But to get from the state of codependence to interdependence you need to go through the stage of independence. . .most teenagers are struggling with that stage. They have to got through the stage of being independent before they can truly have an identity so that they can be interdependent and I don’t believe we can truly be interdependent or fit in our place until we really know who we are. . .I personally believe that God’s ministry in the New Covenant is a team ministry.

I don’t believe that there’s a prophet on the face of the earth, a genuine prophet who can be who he’s called to be unless he fits with the rest of the team. Unless he’s properly related with the pastors, the teachers, the evangelists, the apostolic ministries. . .believe there has to be that interdependence. God is doing something in a team. . .you cannot be a part of that team unless you know what you play. . .The Lord has given me opportunity to be around a lot of successful people and I studied them. . .I’ve studied those who’ve accomplished their purpose, their goal. To me in every case those who accomplish their purpose were those who had a clear specific purpose. The more general the vision the least less likely that person is to accomplish their purpose. . .The more clear and specific the vision the more likely we are to accomplish it and that’s one of the things I believe God is going to do for this movement and I believe it starts at this conference.

I believe there’s some real clarity coming, a specific purpose, a nature. Not just through me. I believe it’s coming and I don’t know how it’s going to come but I know here it’s just going to begin to come. . .You needed to go through the independent stage. I personally prayed for many years that you would not be corrupted by too many relationships with the Church. . .I believe your ultimate purpose, I believe it fits together. . .the way I become one with my wife is not by making her into a man. You’re not supposed to be like the church in many ways. The Church is not supposed to be like you. That would mess everything up.

I know for many years we’ve had a desire -- and we believe one of our specific enemies, personal enemies of the movement is -- to battle racism. I believe racism is one of the ultimate enemies of the human heart. It’s founded on two of the ultimate strongholds of the enemy. Fear and pride. We’re racists either because we think we’re better than others or because we’re afraid of those who are different from us. And when Jesus said one of the signs of the end, when He was asked about the signs, one of the first things he said was nation would rise against nation, and you guys know what that world nation was. Ethnos. From where we derive our English word from ‘Ethnic’. He’s talking about ethnic conflict being the ultimate issues of the end.

I believe what happened in Germany was the dress rehearsal for something coming upon the whole earth. If we don’t confront that stronghold, if we don’t understand it and are able to confront it with prophetic power, with the light that casts out darkness, it will come upon us here. I believe it can happen right here. I believe it can be stopped anywhere, also. I believe there are havens. Light is more powerful than darkness. Truth is more powerful than any lie. But one of the ultimate issues that we’re going to be dealing with at the end is the battle of racism.

Look at all the conflicts in the world today. Aren’t they ethnic? God has given you, He has forced upon you I believe some of the answers to some of the ultimate human problems. We’ve got to have these answers. Did He not call us as believers to be the light of the world? That to me says that we are supposed to have the answers to the ultimate human problems. God’s given you a purpose and a destiny, I believe as a movement, to battle such things as racism, also. But I wanna talk a little bit more practically. . .want to share with you some of the things I hear. I have tried to get several other Christian leaders, you know we took up an offering for Israel, we’ve taken up a number for the Jewish believers in Israel. And I had a number of other Christian leaders who have much larger movements or influence in the church and they say, "You know, we should have done that." And I say, "Well, why don’t you do it, now." And some of the same things keep coming up.

I believe that you as a movement are mature enough to hear these things. I’m just going to share them with ya.  I’m not saying they’re right or wrong. But I’m saying some of the reasons that are separating us in ways we don’t need to be separated. I believe what God wants to do with us now is start building bridges of trust. You know all human relationships are built on trust. You can have love, but if you don’t have trust you don’t really have a relationship. You can forgive somebody but if you don’t, if trust is not reestablished you don’t really have a relationship. And I believe the degree to which the weight can be carried across that bridge is to be determined by the strength of that bridge of trust. And it takes time. And it takes patience to establish trust.

Now I do believe you’re about to enter a time of clear identity. Where you know who you are, you know where you’re going. You know why God has raised you up as a movement. You know your part, in His place and in His plan. And I do believe some of that clarity [turned tape over]. . .such as the atonement, no, but there are other issues that I believe for us to understand the place of the Messianic movement, the place of Israel, and all there does need to be some changes in our theologies. . .I do preach that the church, our root and our foundation was meant to be in Jerusalem. But it is more in Rome than it is in Jerusalem. Much more in Rome. (much applause) We’re not going to get where we’re supposed to go, I believe as the Church. Which I do believe and I’m talking about the Bride of the Messiah. We’re all a part of that. That He’s coming back for.

Somehow we fit together. And we must learn how to fit together, but without compromising our identities in who we are. I know for years, I haven’t, you know, ahh, you know, preached and written many things about racism – we do not have any black leaders on our leadership team, in our movement. And we prayed for them, for years. And we determined we’re not going to put tokens. Cause what we’re waiting for with those and we have a special relationship to inner city ministries and all, we said we want leaders who are so confident in who they are and who God has called them to be, we don’t want them turning white on us.

We want black worship leaders. We want black worship leaders who don’t turn white. We need the influence, and I believe if you become like the Church something is lost. Listen, there’s a whole lot that the Church, believe me, I really believe there must be a revolution. I don’t believe the Church is anything close to what we’re called to be either. I’m speaking as a member of the Church. I believe I have the right to say that.

I believe there has to be a radical and profound change in our very foundations. Who should be more creative than those who know the Creator. You know we should be the most creative people on the face of the earth. Where does this pressure to conform come from? The Lord made very snowflake different. He made every one of us different and unique. He obviously loves diversity. Where does this pressure to conform come from? Religion. And I believe it is something we must get free of. . .the only way you can get free of these pressures is you’ve got to know who you are and where you are going. And the only way we’re going to do that is that we’ve got to see the Lord. We’ve got to behold His glory with an unveiled face. It’s not just beholding His glory that changes us, but it’s by beholding His glory with an unveiled face.

The facades must be stripped away. The facades must be removed. We’ve got to be who we’re called to be. We don’t have to conform to each other’s image. We don’t have to conform to anybody else’s image. Paul said, " If I was still seeking to please men, I would not be a bond servant of Christ." I believe the degree to which the fear of man works in our life that is the degree to which we have departed from true service to the Lord. True ministry to Him. How could we fear men, once we beheld who He is and where He sits. We’re really seeing Him. Who are presidents, who are kings? Yet there is this pressure within us to conform. I tell you we must be delivered. And I believe you are about to be delivered. Of something. You don’t have to conform. Don’t conform. Believe me. You don’t want to. You don’t want to.

You’re not there yet either. Did you figure that out. But I believe you’re coming to a place of maturity, I believe, of clarity, of identity. Why is it…that the church tries to implement business principles that the business world started 20 years ago? Why does our music run 20 years or 30 years behind the world and it’s not as good as theirs? Let’s face it, a lot of our music is, I have to apologize to people for boring them so terribly. I’m talking about Christian music. This is awful. This is awful. Not saying we’re doing any better. But listen. Who should be more creative than those who know the creator? There’s a yoke we’ve got to throw off. There’s a yoke we’ve got to throw off.

Who should be more confident and more bold than those who are of the household of the King of Kings?  Who have seen Him, beheld Him. Are born again of His Spirit. I believe there’s an identity coming.  I believe there’s a clarity coming to you.  So, I believe that it’s coming to the Church too. There is a revolution going on in the Church too. Believe me something awesome is taking place. There are rumblings going on. I mean there’s one thing to have a revival and that’s wonderful. But we‘re talking about a revolution.

We’re talking about the Reformation isn’t over. The Reforming. I believe it’s just beginning in many ways. And you know what? We can look and say it took 500 years for the Reformation to do this much and that isn’t much. How long is it going to be? But you know with the Lord a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day. He can do in us in one day what we think is going to take a thousand years. He can do in you in one day what you think would take years. And years and years.  We’ve got to believe Him. We’ve got to see Him. True faith is not a faith in your faith. True faith is seeing Him. It’s beholding Him. It’s living in the light of who He is, not appearances.

There’s a radical, bold move going on. I believe there is something prophetic. I believe if there’s anything to the essence of the prophetic that God wants to impart with you. It’s what Elijah said, when he started his ministry with "Behold as the God of Israel lives before whom I stand." He was standing in front of his King. And he was saying by that I believe "Ahab, you’re just a man. You’re just a king. I’m not standing here in front of you. I don’t live my life before men, I live my life before God. He’s the one I stand before. " And there are going to be a people who live, who stand before the living God, they live their lives before Him, not men. Remember what Paul said, If I were still seeking to please men I would not be a bond servant of Christ.

One other thing I believe is going to happen to you. It can happen quickly. You’re about to get healed of all your wounds. And it has to happen. You cannot be who you’re called to be, while you’re carrying around unhealed wounds. (much applause)

I can stand up here I’ve studied, I’ve written, about. . .all the abuses and atrocities. I believe the greatest atrocities in the history in the world were perpetrated by those who did them in the name of Christ. I know what the Church has done. I studied, I wrote about what happened in the Crusades. What was done in the name of Christ. And I can stand up here and apologize, and I really am sorry for it, I am sorry. And I do believe we have the responsibility to repent for the sins of our fathers. Just as sin is carried on generation to generation. But it says the children are not being punished for what the fathers did. That’s not the point. It’s whenever there’s a sin there’s a wound. And until somebody repents that wound is perpetuated. Time never heals wounds. That’s a lie. That is a lie. Wounds must be dressed. They must be closed.

I believe repenting, saying we’re sorry, can start that process. I believe there’s a whole lot more to it. I really appreciate the Reconciliation Movements that are going on around the world…All the kinds of ways, the whites and blacks. But you know I’ve talked to a lot of black pastors who are just so tired of forgiving these white guys in every meeting. They say, "Man you’re forgiven. You’re wearing me out." They know it’s for us anyway, it’s not for them, you know. We keep feeling. But, you know, there is something to that. David had to repent for the sins of Saul. …David had to go and make restitution for what Saul had done. And that’s the part when I believe reconciliation is really happening, when there’s restitution.

Believe it or not, these big salaries these athletes are getting are part of God’s restitution. And He would much rather do that through the church. . .These teachers don’t even make as much as some of my friends are making in a single game. And these teachers have the greatest influence over our kids. . .The Lord said, I’m doing it, I’m behind it. That really shocked me. And I searched it out. You know when Israel came out of Egypt and carried all the treasures that was pay to the penny for the 400 years of slavery. The Lord says He will repay and He will. He will repay the oppressed.

Who’s getting most of that? Who are? The athletes getting most of that because of our worship of sports. It’s right. Now. . . God does say He will repay the oppressed and He’s doing it. . .there are better ways to do it. . .if we were more in tune with God He could be doing it through us. And that’s His highest. But He’s going to do it anyway He can. Anyway He can. But that’s when I believe reconciliation’s really take place.

Friend of mine had a revelation. We do conferences in Switzerland almost every year. A few years ago a friend of mine who hosts our conferences over there had this word in a meeting, That judgment was about to come on Switzerland if they did not give up all of the gold that was owed, that belonged to the Jewish people. . .He had this long thing in one of our meetings. And every one of us was going, What in the world is he talking about? And it was in great detail, concerning the atrocities and everything else, the blood money and ah, it was the next year when the revelation came about the gold in Switzerland that was owed to the Jewish people. And you know as soon as the Jewish people said this is enough, we’ll take this amount, it was wiped clean. Now listen you let ‘em off cheap. They had a lot more of your gold. But, you need to forgive and forget… forgive Switzerland. . .a whole lot more restitution coming. A whole lot more restitution. . .The wounds have to be healed.

I don’t believe any people have been more mistreated, more wrongly treated than the Jewish people, in history, okay. By Christians, mostly. Not entirely, but mostly. You’re called to help heal the Church. Not just the Church. But you’re called to bring healing and the gift of healing to the world. You know it’s by the Lord’s stripes that we’re healed. The very place where He was wounded, He received authority for healing. And you know in the very place where you were wounded you can receive authority for healing once you’ve been healed. You’ve got to be healed. I believe this is a very practical application. I believe someone’s suffered abuse. Any kind of abuse, sexual abuse or any kind. Once you’ve been healed of that you can receive authority for healing others of abuse. You’re sensitive to it, you recognize it right away, you have discernment, ‘cause you have compassion. And all true discernment is founded on compassion.

That’s why Jesus when He felt compassion for the sheep He became their Shepherd. All true authority is founded on compassion. All true spiritual authority is founded on compassion. When He has compassion with those who were in darkness, He became their Teacher.  I believe through these wounds, once they’re healed and they have to be healed, because none of us will walk in our calling with unhealed wounds. Wasn’t that one of the requirements for the priests, in the Old Testament? They could not have scabs. What is a scab? It’s an unhealed wound. If someone has scabs, if someone has unhealed wounds, you can’t touch them. You can’t get close to them. I don’t believe anyone, I don’t believe anyone in this world has more of a reason to be bitter, to be resentful, because. . .I don’t believe any people group has been more wounded than the Jewish people since the Lord  walked the earth. That’s a terrible and tragic wrong. But I believe it gives you the ultimate opportunity to bring healing.

Who could show greater mercy than you? Who could show greater compassion, than you? I tell you there’s an extraordinary gift of healing coming upon you. It’s coming upon this movement. I believe it’s going to be physical healing. I believe gifts of healing are going to a whole new level. The Lord doesn’t want any sick among you. The Lord came to destroy the works of the devil. He said as He was sent, He was sending us, that same purpose. He’s called us. He’s sending us, to destroy the works of the devil. He’s given us divinely powerful weapons for that purpose. Every single one of us should have notches on our belt for all the strongholds we’ve brought down. God wants to give you some of that. He wants to give you victories. He wants His victories to set people free. Set people free. But you’ve got to get free. You’ve got to get over it.

You know that one of the most tale tell signs of bias, is sarcasm. You know when someone writes sarcastically, you know right away they’re against something or you know,. . .there is bias. I believe one of the telltale signs of when we’ve been healed is when we can laugh at our selves. We don’t take ourselves so seriously. . .There are times when there are offensive things that I don’t’ believe we should ever do or say about other people groups. I believe there are ultimate deceptions that are perpetrated by some of the jokes that are told on other people groups. I don’t believe as believers that we should ever participate in some of those things. But you know when you don’t take things seriously I believe that is a sign of our healing. When we don’t take things too seriously. When we can’t be wounded, so easily. When people can touch us. Even touch us in places where we were wounded. And we don’t repel.

Do you hear what I’m saying? There are ways when we’re supposed to be the ultimate in sensitivity. There are ways when we don’t need to be that sensitive. We need to let, we, love covers a multitude of sins. And sooner or later we’re going to have to all love each other. Sooner or later that’s going to happen. Sooner or later there’s going to be a body of believers somewhere that really loves each other. Didn’t He say that His disciples would be known by their love? 

What would happen if that ever really started happening? That would shock the whole world, wouldn’t it? It’s going to happen. Now why not you? Where’s the place you could show the greatest love but in the very place where you’ve been wounded. . .to the very people who’ve wounded you. Isn’t that what the Lord did? I mean even when He’s on the cross suffering the most terrible of deaths, of tortures. Being the Lord of glory, and these same ones spit on Him, slap Him, and then He says the ultimate in forgiveness. He says, "Father forgive them." 

You know I think we forgive a lot of times, but we’re secretly in our hearts saying, Lord, you need to get ‘em. They really deserve to be gotten. But when we even want the Lord to forgive them, we don’t want Him to get even, that’s the ultimate in forgiveness. Father, you forgive them. We don’t want you to get even. We want you to forgive them. You know faith works by love. And it takes faith to please God. And it takes faith to do the works of God. We even prophecy according to our faith.

Sooner or later, it’s going to take love. And I don’t know about you, but it’s going to take an awful lot of grace for us to love each other. And uh,. I remember years ago when we were ah, just having friends, uhh, just become aware of the Messianic movement, ahh, we had an occasion to be offended. I’m too thick skinned. I didn’t even know we had been offended. But I was told, you should be offended at this. So I started feeling some offense. Trying to. And, uh, went home and immediately I was amazed at how people came at me trying to show me Replacement theology. It was like they swarmed. . .Have you ever wondered why Satan was called the Lord of the flies? If you get wounded where are the flies going to be attracted? You want to get rid of Satan in your life, his harassment, his swarming?

Get healed. Get healed. I was a pretty young Christian and I was able to to. . .by the grace of God, recognize that their was something wrong with this theology. And I never really bought into it. But, ah, . .the church and the church leaders that I’ve talked to about, I believe our responsibility and I believe our obligation to support the Messianic movement. You know when Agabus prophesied that a famine was coming upon the whole earth, the way they responded to that, they didn’t hoard, they took up an offering. And I believe they took up an offering for a very specific people group because that’s important. You bless Israel, those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel, will be cursed. They took up an offering for the brethren in Judea and I was just trying to encourage some of these other Christian leaders, this was a responsibility we have.

There’s some things coming upon the whole earth. If we’re really going to really be ready for them, it’s not going to be about hoarding food and everything else. We need to start supporting the brethren in Judea. And Israel. And some of my very good friends embrace replacement theology. The reason they do is because they are overreacting to what they have perceived within the Messianic movement to be what I call, for lack of any other definition that any other definition that I know of, and that is replacement, replacement theology. Where the Jews totally replace the Church. That’s not it either. Somehow there is going to be one New Man. The Scripture is clear about it. There’s going to be unity but I don’t believe it comes at the cost of compromising.

I see in  the book of Acts that the Jewish believers were required to be different. We're required to be unique. And different. And I believe we as the Church, I’ve been trying to help people to understand, you know there must be a messianic movement that does not just get absorbed into the Church and lose it’s identity. And I’ve been saying for years that they’re going to help us restore our foundations where they belong. We’re not going to get there without them. I have been preaching that for years. There’s wounding on that side.

There’s wounding all over the place. And I believe the Lord of the Flies is taking a great advantage of it. He’s swarms to the wounds. If we’re going to be the priests that we’re all called to be, we’ve got to get over it. And I don’t believe it takes years of navel gazing. I don’t believe we’re going to do that by digging up the old man to get him healed. I believe it’s simple forgiveness. Isn’t that basic, basic to our faith? We forgive because we’ve been forgiven. Listen. None of us are going to get there, except by the grace of God. That’s more than a cliché. That is much more than a cliché. That is a profound Biblical truth. And if we’re going to receive grace, we had better learn to sow grace every opportunity we get. Because we’re going to reap what we’re sowing.

If we want to receive mercy, we need to learn to sow mercy every opportunity that we get. Have you ever wondered why the Lord sent Peter to the Jews and Paul to the Gentiles? And doesn’t it look like He got that mixed up? Messed up a little? I mean of all things Paul could identify with the Jews a lot better than Peter could. Peter was on a fence to the very ones he was sent to. These untrained, these unlearned men. Paul could have related to them. He fit in. He was a Pharisee of Pharisees. And Paul was an offence to the ones he was sent to. He even told the Galatians, "I know my flesh was a trial to you." And he was a trial. He was an offence everywhere he went.

You know what. I believe one of the reasons why we tend to most miss the purpose of God in our life. We want to minister to those that we feel comfortable with. Who are like us. You know, we’re so afraid of getting out of our comfort zone. Psychologists call it the tyranny of the familiar. I believe it’s one of the strongest yokes in humanity. On humanity. You know Paul was cast in a place where the only way he could accomplish his purpose was he was utterly dependent on the anointing. He was utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit. His flesh was an offense to the very ones he was called to. Peter was an offense to the ones he was called to. The only way he could accomplish it was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit. And you know I believe one of your ultimate callings, I personally believe and I may be saying this jealously, your ultimate calling is to the Church. To help us. To help us. 

We’re not going to get there without what you’ve got. And to be honest with you, I don’t think you really know what you’ve got yet. I really don’t. I don’t think it’s clear to you yet. I believe it’s getting clear.  But we’re not going to get where we’re supposed to be without you. You’re not going to get where you’re supposed to be, without us. You know the whole reason for all of this, we see in Ephesians. Do you know the ultimate, the first thing that was lost by the fall was intimacy with God. Was that relationship with Him. And by the way, if you’re going to be prophetic, the essence of true prophetic ministry is one simple thing. Getting so close to God that He doesn’t want to do anything without  showing it to you. Because you’re His friend and you’re so close to Him. (much applause)

When He said he would not do anything unless He revealed His secret counsel to His servants the prophets. He wasn’t saying that just to obligate Himself. He was saying it because these are His friends and He doesn’t want to do anything without His friends. And Abraham was His best friend. And He wouldn’t do it without showing him. But you know, the ultimate, the first and the ultimate thing that was lost by the fall was that intimacy with God. That fellowship with Him. And that was His ultimate purpose of all redemption. Of all restoration. And I believe if there’s any way of which we can measure true spiritual maturity, it is by that one simple thing, Are we closer to God? Are we getting closer to Him? 

He’s going to restore His dwelling place among men. And you know in this whole discourse where he talked about, it starts in Ephesians by talking about that which is the ultimate purpose, when he said He has made known to us the mystery of His will according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times. That is, the summing up of all things. In Christ. Things in the heavens and things upon the earth. That is the ultimate purpose of God. That all things would be summed up in His Son. And you know if you don’t keep your attention upon the ultimate purpose of God, you will be continually distracted by the lesser purposes. And so much of what we major on are the lesser purposes.

His ultimate purpose is that all things be summed up in His Son. His ultimate purpose for everyone of us is that we become like Him. And that we do the works that He did. That’s the calling on everyone of us. One of the profound things that Paul Cain shared with us once that I’ve heard said was, he said, "You know everyone of us are as close to God as we want to be."  The veil's been rent. There is no reason why any one of you can not be as close to God as anyone in this book was. Anyone of you. You don’t have to be a rabbi. You don’t have to be a pastor. All of us are as close to God as we want to be. He promises if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. I believe that is the best promise in the Scripture. But it requires us drawing near to Him.

He’s going to restore His dwelling place. Have you ever wondered why in Acts 15 you know of all the dwelling places of God in Scripture which were all models of what He’s seeking to destro. . .to restore in man. Of all of them, the only one He says He’s going to rebuild is the tabernacle of David. Isn’t that right?

Read the next verse. In Acts 15:16 . I’m just going to read this and I’m going to close. I could go on, I feel like, for hours. But he says, "After these things I will return and I will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen and will rebuild its ruins and will restore it." Why? In the next verse. "In order that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord. And all the Gentiles who are called by my name, says the Lord, who makes these things known from old."

God has given you a special place in His purpose. He hasn’t given any of us a place because we deserved it. It’s all by grace. All by His grace. When we really understand grace we understand it only comes by humility. God resists the proud. I don’t know about you, but I think it’d be better to have all the demons in hell chasing us, then have God resisting us. God resists the proud, and gives His grace to the humble. Now I want to share one little prophetic experience as I close.

How many of you understand baseball? This was a friend's prophetic experience, okay? He had an experience and some of these experiences I don’t understand them, but they’re like you’re really there. And yet they are prophetic experiences like Ezekiel being caught up, shown Jerusalem in a -- I don’t know, it seems real. But he got caught up in this experience and was taken to a baseball game with the Lord.

The Lord took him to a baseball game in heaven. And it was the Lord’s team playing Satan’s team. It was the bottom of the ninth inning. The score was still tied, still knotted up. This whole game. And I believe the score seems like through the ages through the entire age of our faith, it’s come down to the end. And we’re still all knotted up.

But he said, the Lord’s team was at bat. The bottom of the ninth inning. And he said there were two outs. And uh, he said, "the Lord looked at him and said, "Now Bob, I’m going to show you what I’m about to do." And he said, uh, " Love stepped up to the plate. The batter, he had Love written across his chest." And he said, "Satan wound up and threw the first pitch, smack, single, because Love never fails." "Man on". He said, "Then another batter got up to the plate. His name was Faith. Satan wound up and threw the next pitch, smack, single, because Faith works with Love." He said, "Then a third batter got up. His name was Godly Wisdom."

He said, "Satan wound up, threw the first pitch, Godly Wisdom looked it over, let it pass. Because Godly Wisdom doesn’t swing at Satan’s pitches."  (much applause) "Three more, ball four, he walked him, bases loaded." He said, "Then the Lord turned to him and said, "Now Bob, this is my star player. This is the one I’ve been waiting to reveal. The one at the end that I’ve been waiting to reveal. He’s now coming to the plate." He said, "And Grace stepped up to the plate, and he didn’t look like much." He said, "He looked so scrawny, Satan’s whole team relaxed. Said, well we’ve got ‘em now." He said, "Satan wound up, threw that pitch, and he had never seen a ball hit that hard." He said, "But Satan still wasn’t worried, ‘cause his center fielder, the prince of the air just didn’t let ‘em get by." He said, "That center fielder went up to catch that ball." He said, "It went right through his glove, hit him right in the head, sent him crashing to the ground. Kept on going right over for a grand slam. (much applause)

And he said, "The Lord turned to him then and said, "Bob, do you know why I [allowed?] Love, Faith and Wisdom to get on base? They couldn’t win the game? Your Love, your faith, your wisdom will get you on base, but only my Grace can bring you home. (much applause)"

It’s going to be grace. It doesn’t look like much, we don’t give much attention to grace, but that’s my prayer for you. And listen I really appreciate your hospitality and you interest. I think I’ve gone past my time. (much applause)

1 Corinthians 3:10-11

According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

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Rick Joyner "Joiner" Leading the Judeo-Churchizionian Church to the Beast....are you following?


Or will you follow the Pontifex Maximas, Giovanni Batista RA of Is-Ra-EL the false Prophet of the coming false King?



2002 Annual Seminarians and Rabbinical Students Institute

The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding (CCJU) of Sacred Heart University sponsored its third annual Institute for Seminarians and Rabbinical Students on June 3-5, 2002. The event took place on the University’s Fairfield campus and gathered 30 future religious leaders from the Jewish and Christian faiths to study and discuss the advances made in Christian-Jewish dialogue over the last 35-40 years, and to explore possibilities for future progress.

Rabbi Joseph H. Ehrenkranz, executive director of the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding, said that the Institute was a great success. “This was our largest group to date and an excellent opportunity for Jewish and Christian seminarians to study with and learn from each other. With all that is going on in the world this is a great sign of hope,” he said.

David L. Coppola, Ph.D., director of programs and publications for the CCJU, who facilitated the Institute, said that the conference was “a very positive experience of interreligious dialogue and understanding. “Now they can build on this experience and rely on each another in their work and ministry,” he said.

The Institute was
inspired by the Catholic Church’s vision presented in the 1965 Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate, which repudiated historic Christian teachings of contempt towards Jews and positively asserted the ongoing validity and common spiritual heritage that Christians and Jews share. The CCJU offers this Institute as one vehicle to promote interreligious dialogue, education and understanding among future religious leaders. All costs for meals and overnight accommodations, speakers, books, articles and materials for the Institute were underwritten by the Joseph Roxe Foundation, Leo Van Munching Jr., and the CCJU.

Participants attending the Institute came from Catholic University of America, Theological College, Washington, DC (Steven Moore); First Congregational United Church of Christ, Gloversville, New York (Rev. Tomi Jacobs); Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles, California (Michael Lotker); Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, New York (Jonathan Crane, Kerith S. Shapiro, Steven Wise, Jessica Zimmerman); Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, New York (Jill Jacobs, Laura Gold, Lauren Kurland, Melinda Levinson, William Plevan); Maple Ridge Bruderhof, Bruderhof International, Ulster Park, New York (Martin & Burgel Johnson, Nathan Zumpe); Rabbi Jack Shechter Academy for Jewish Religion, Los Angeles, California (Alica Magal); Sacred Heart School of Theology, Holes Corners, Wisconsin (John O’Kane); Saint Mary’s Seminary and University, Baltimore, Maryland, (Richard Bay, Patrick Besel, Fr. Martin Burnham, Shane Mathew); Saint John’s Seminary, Brighton, Massachusetts (John Archadinha); Saint Joseph’s Seminary, Yonkers, New York (Nicholas Callaghan, Eric Cruz); SML/ Mundelein Seminary, Mundelein, Illinois, (James Bromwich, John Chrzan); and Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, California (Jacqueline Redner, Alana Suskin).

Presenters at the Institute included Reverend Canon Leonard Badia and Mrs. Patricia Curran of the Catholic-Jewish Relations Council of Northeast Queens, New York; Dr. Mary C. Boys, Professor at Union Theological Seminary, New York; Dr. Anthony J. Cernera, president of Sacred Heart University; Dr. David L. Coppola; Rabbi Joseph H. Ehrenkranz; Reverend Joseph G. Farias, pastor of St. Bernard Parish, Mount Hope, New Jersey; Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg, president of CHAverlim kol yisrael/Jewish Life Network, New York; and Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, Professor at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee.

Conference Summary

Day I
The Institute began with welcoming remarks by Anthony J. Cernera, Ph.D., president of Sacred Heart University, who spoke of the importance of interreligious dialogue and the students’ important role in shaping the future. He said, “The work done by the CCJU is one of the best things we do as a University, and I believe these next few days will give you a new perspective.” He continued, “This dialogue has brought me to a deeper understanding of my own faith as well as that of my Jewish brothers and sisters. But the only way that was possible was because the dialogue that I have been privileged to share has been rooted in trust and love. Friendship will always find a way—even in the midst of crisis or misunderstanding—friendship will find a way. For me, your presence is a profound sign of hope. Rabbi Ehrenkranz, Dr. Coppola and I hope you will be better Jews and better Christians when you leave.”

The keynote address was delivered by Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg, president of CHAverlim kol yisrael/Jewish Life Network of New York City. He asserted that a solid starting point in interreligious dialogue is acknowledging that all people are created in the image of God and each person has a deep responsibility to others because there has never been “so much freedom and communication in the history of the world. God has become increasingly more subtle with freedom which allows us to love more freely. Renewal of covenants is common in the Jewish tradition and each person and each generation must make choices for life.”

Rabbi Greenberg spoke on the theme, “The Triumph of Life,” as told by each tradition and how the power of story is found when one discovers his or her place in it. He said, “The story of the Triumph of Life as told by Jews and Christians and Muslims is from chaos to order (creation); from non-life to life (covenant); and from being less to being more like God (redemption). The world is changing, constantly moving towards God. Life is becoming more and more like God.”

He continued, “As religious people we are called to be on the side of life and participate with this. There is no neutral position. The Torah is presented as a tree of life. God is life and life’s source. God is inviting humans into a partnership not only with the Divine but also with other humans. . . .
The Noahide covenant is for all humanity, not only Jews. The realization that we are all in this together collapses any notions—as well as the systems that support them—of ‘otherness’ or ‘insiders-outsiders.’”

Discussion followed Rabbi Greenberg’s talk and focused on rituals, the common heritage of humanity, Christianity’s journey to overcome the teaching of contempt, the role of religious leaders to perfect the world and being authentic to one’s beliefs. Speaking to the last point, Rabbi Greenberg said, “to love one’s tradition allows one to demand that it do better. God adores uniqueness and variety, yet we must also probe the depths of diversity and not feel compelled to dilute our beliefs.”

Yes the Dopey Noahide Pope is about to make an exit for the RA Profit...er..... Prophet


The Man of Dan, your Judeo-Churchizionian President of the Noahide Nations, fell for the fables of the jews for the fear of the jews


Jewish World Review / Dec. 23, 1998 / 4 Teves, 5759

Eric Fingerhut

Bush clarifies his
stand on Jews, heaven



(JWR) ---- (http://www.jewishworldreview.com) TEXAS GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH has clarified remarks he made in 1993 which seemed to indicate that he believed only Christians had a place in heaven.

Bush, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, first caused controversy when he told a story about his religious faith in an interview published in The Houston Post during his 1994 campaign for governor, and he recounted that story in a New York Times Magazine profile this September.

Bush said he was visiting his parents in the White House and, having at that time recently recommitted to religion, began to discuss “who goes to heaven” with his mother, Barbara. Bush pointed to a passage in the Christian Bible which said that “only Christians had a place in heaven.”

Barbara disagreed, saying, “Surely, God will accept others,” but Bush said, “Mom, here’s what the New Testament says.” So Barbara called Billy Graham, and, said Bush, “Billy said, ‘From a personal perspective, I agree with what George is saying, the New Testament has been my guide. But I want to caution you both. Don’t play God. Who are you two to be God?’ ”

While to some the story may indicate someone grappling with how to reconcile one’s religious faith with the world around him (and Bush himself said, in the Houston Post article, that the lesson he learned was “listen to the New Testament, but don’t be harshly judgmental”), others found the statement troubling. A fund-raising letter for Garry Mauro, Bush’s Democratic opponent in the 1998 gubernatorial election, was circulated this fall which mentioned “George W. Bush’s views about the chances of Jewish people in the hereafter” — signed by National Jewish Democratic Council chairman Monte Friedkin, fomer Texas governor Ann Richards and Texas businessman Bernard Rapoport.

The issue once again appeared on the radar screen when Bush announced at the November Republican Governors Association meeting that he would be making a National Jewish Coalition-sponsored trip to Israel. When asked by the same Texas reporter who intially relayed his view on heaven what he was going to say to Israeli Jews, Bush, obviously joking, said the first thing he would tell them is that they were all “going to hell.”

Anti-Defamation League national president Abraham Foxman asked Bush, in a letter, to clarify his remarks, and Bush responded last week.

“I am troubled that some people were hurt by my remarks,” he wrote. “I never intended to make judgments about the faith of others.”

Bush continued: “Judgments about heaven do not belong in the realm of politics or this world; they belong to a Higher Authority. In discussing my own personal faith as a Christian, I in no way meant to imply any disrespect or to denigrate any other religion. During my four years as governor, I have set a positive tone that indicates my respect for individuals from all faiths, all backgrounds and all walks of life.”

Foxman, in a statement, declared that the matter is “now behind us.” He said the ADL welcomes “the governor’s sensitivity and demonstration of respect for religions other than his own and his commitment to tolerance, diversity and the principles of religious freedom.”

But are a politician’s religious views an issue for discussion? And were Bush’s views unusual? Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, said that the theology of Evangelical Christians has an “exclusivist” nature to it — believing in the “centrality of Jesus” in order to obtain salvation — which runs counter to many other religions, and even other denominations of Christianity. For example, Eckstein notes that in Judaism, one can be considered a good person without being Jewish by observing the Noahide laws outlined in Genesis.

But, Eckstein said, there is a difference between “theological intolerance” — the fundamental belief of Evangelicals that they have the ultimate truth — and “practical intolerance” — for instance, denying Jews the right to pray.

“It shouldn’t come to the point that everyone who believes they have the ultimate truth is a bogeyman. I don’t believe Billy Graham is an intolerant person,” Eckstein said, even though Graham, while telling Bush not to play God, did not disagree with the passage Bush read about heaven. Eckstein emphasized that the important issue is whether that theology is carried into society, and whether a politician draws up public policy based on that belief. In the case of Bush, Eckstein said that “it is legitimate to ask” for a clarification of his views, and “it sounds like he explained satisfactorily.”

Rev. Dr. Clark Lobenstine, executive director of the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, said that he and those he works with wrestle with such issues all the time. “Part of the challenge of interreligious dialogue is that because we come as people of faith, it’s hard to imagine how everyone doesn’t want to reflect our faith. But we also know people of other faiths whose experience of God is very evident,” he said.

Lobenstine said he supports Bush’s letter clarifying his earlier comments and “encourages his respect for our diversity.”

The issue is unlikely to have any effect on future political plans for Bush, although Stephen Silberfarb, deputy executive director and general counsel for the National Jewish Democratic Council, did raise some questions. Silberfarb said the most important test is whether a politician’s religious beliefs have an effect on his policies, which so far, Silberfarb said, hasn’t been an issue. But to win the Republican nomination for president, Silberfarb stated that Bush would have to court the Christian Coalition, whose “power is considerable.”

“It remains to be seen whether he will be able to stand by that letter in the future,” Silberfarb said.

Matt Brooks, executive director of the National Jewish Coalition, said the book on this matter should be closed. “Bush has taken some time to learn and reflect. Foxman’s letter and Bush’s letter speak for themselves.” 



The United States of Amaraka Now a Jurisdiction of Greater Is-real- Hell, by Public Law 102-14 


 Global Research Fellows Forum, Spring 2004


Activities of the Hauser Global Law School

Global Research Fellows Forum, Spring 2004

Jean Monnet Center at NYU School of Law

rabid rabbi Gidon Rothstein

Forum Paper Title: Involuntary Particularism: The Noahide Laws, Citizenship, and Alienage

Abstract of Forum Paper:

"Involuntary Particularism" argues that the code of law known as the Noahides, which the Talmud assumed applied to all non-Jews but especially to those living in a Jewish commonwealth, can shed light on how to shape United States policy towards lawful permanent residents. The paper argues that Noahide law, commonly taken to be a universal law or a minimal political law, actually required non-Jews, particularly those who wished to live in a Jewish commonwealth, to adopt a nonintuitive Jewish perspective of several central topics. In an important twist, we show that the Jews who articulated Noahide law quite possibly thought of themselves as espousing universally intuitive truths. Their necessary particularism, their legal statements necessarily reflecting their view of the world, gives an example of a fact Robert Cover and others have noted before, that legal systems are nomoi, are expressions of a worldview. That example suggests that the United States would profit by engaging in a careful discussion and decision process about which ideals are truly fundamental to the project of this country. Doing so would, as a first step, improve citizenship and the bonds of this society, making clearer to Americans the ideals that bind them into one whole. In addition, though, it would clarify the role of the Lawful Permanent Resident. Some scholars have argued that all such people should be made citizens, since there is no meaningful difference between the two. Noting that current law does not require those applying to be resident aliens to commit to the ideals of the country (just to live according to the Constitution and the laws), the paper uses the Noahide example to suggest that there be an ideological component to admitting people for Lawful Permanent Residence. 

See Bushkavik Regime flouting Immigration Laws

Since they are not going to become citizens, however, they need not commit to all of the country's ideals. Instead, using Michael Walzer's notion of a "thick" and "thin" version of a worldview, we suggest that a thinner form be produced, to which LPRs would need to commit. We then apply the idea that LPRs need to commit to partial citizenship to several currently troubling issues about their status. We suggest that there should be three tiers of benefits, those given to all human beings who happen to be on American soil, those given to full citizens, and an in-between set for those who are willing to commit to this country partially but not fully. Stressing the existence of a particularly American worldview promotes retaining the language requirement, since language is so essential to how people construct their world. Dual citizenship, in our model, can be allowed with countries whose ideals are reasonably similar to those of the US, but not with those whose ideals fundamentally differ from ours. Our model also argues for producing a faster track to citizenship than the five years currently required, for those who are already willing to commit to the thicker version of the American ideal.

and become obedient goyim noahides to the shem sham scam


Thus, Amaraka, Jurisdiction of Greater Is-Real Hell is become a free for all obedient Goyim Nation with one way borders.


Prominent US Jews, Israel
Blamed For Start Of Iraq War

By Nathan Guttman
Haaretz Correspondent
WASHINGTON - As the argument in the United States over the necessity of the war in Iraq and the manner in which it was waged intensifies, and as the presidential election date draws nearer, those who have tried to accuse Israel or the U.S. Jews of pushing the administration into battle are once again sounding their voices.
In the American Jewish community, they warn it could get worse.
The most blatant example in recent weeks was an article written by veteran Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings (Dem.-South Carolina), who charged in an article published in a Charleston newspaper at the beginning of the month that behind the decision to go to war was "President Bush's policy to secure Israel."
In his article, Hollings mentions the names of three prominent Jews, from the neoconservative (Talmudic jewry)  stream in the administration, as those responsible for pushing for the decision to go to war in Iraq.
Two weeks later, Hollings stepped up to the podium in the Senate and delivered an emotional address in which he defended his statements, attacking the Jewish establishment and repeating the main thrust of his claims.
Hollings has been the most outspoken U.S. official against the alleged Israeli-Jewish connection to the war; but a week ago, the issue was also picked up by retired general Anthony Zinni, a well-known and esteemed figure from the center of the American political spectrum.
In an interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," Zinni, who, with Tom Clancy, is about to publish a book in which he harshly criticizes the war and Bush's team, said there were a number of neoconservatives who had promoted the idea of the war in Iraq with the purpose, among others, of "strengthening the position of Israel."
Keep in mind the "Raiser of Taxes" Kerry (Daniel) 
Zinni mentioned the names of five representatives of the neoconservative stream - all of them Jewish. (Chassidim, Chabad Lubavitcher's) He did say, however, that the religious or ethnic affiliations of the members of the administration were of no bearing on the matter.
hahahahahhehehehehehhhoooooooey !!!!!
Despite the significant difference between the statements of Zinni and those of Hollings, certain members of the U.S. Jewish community are beginning to feel a little uncomfortable.
"The fact is that this claim is out there," says the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, on the charge that the Jews and supporters of Israel were the ones who pushed the U.S. into the war. "We were pointed out at the beginning, and it's easier to blame us when things go bad," he adds.
The claims about the Jewish-Israeli link to the war were raised even before they were voiced by extreme right-wing spokespersons such as Pat Buchanan and Democratic Congressman Jim Moran, who found himself having to apologize for saying that without the Jewish community's strong support, the U.S. would not have gone to war in Iraq.
Foxman says the charges are being voiced anew because the argument over the war is heating up. "We knew that if things went wrong, they will look for someone to blame," he says. "The more protest, the more politicizing of the issue, people will be sloppier and will not be careful in what they say."
But the link between Israel and the war in Iraq espoused by Hollings is not the only one. More voices are making the connection from a different direction, charging that the only solution to the embroilment in Iraq is a more intensive approach toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Last week, in an article by Nicolas Kristof in the New York Times, Zinni was reported to have said that he had been surprised to hear from members of the administration that the advantage of the war in Iraq is that "the road to Jerusalem leads through Baghdad."
According to Zinni, "The opposite is true; the road to Baghdad leads through Jerusalem. If you were to solve the Middle East peace process, you'd be surprised what kind of other things work out."
Such as "Look who comes from Basra with bloodied Garments....Moshiach ben satan
Similar sentiments were expressed by Anthony Cordesman, one of the most highly regarded academics on the Iraq issue, in an article in the Baltimore Sun a week ago. The first step toward fixing America's status in the Arab world must be "steady and visible U.S. pressure ... on [the Israeli and Palestinian] governments," Cordesman wrote, while urging the U.S. administration to make a concerted effort to stop Israeli settlement activity.
Must have obedient goyim Noahide Nations
Senator Ernest Hollings charged that 'President Bush's policy to secure Israel' was behind the decision to go to war. (AP/Archives)



Auschwitz Museum Director
Reveals 'Gas Chamber' Hoax

By P. Samuel Foner
The Spotlight
Volume XIX, Number 2
In a dramatic and unprecedented videotaped interview, Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum admitted on camera that 'Krema 1,' the alleged 'homicidal gas chamber' shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, was, in fact, fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union -apparently on the direct orders of Josef Stalin.
Uncle Joe of Marxist/ Blavatsky/Hitler Quabalah One World Odour Talmudic bent
What Piper said - in effect and on camera - was that the explosive 1988 Leuchter Report was correct: no homicidal gassings took place in the buildings designated as 'homicidal gas chambers' at Auschwitz.
With this admission by none other than the respected head of the Auschwitz State Museum, one of the most sacred 'facts' of history has been destroyed. This 'gas chamber' is the major historical 'fact' on which much of the foreign and domestic policies of all Western nations since WWII are based.
It is the basis for the $100+ billion in foreign aid the United States has poured into the state of Israel since its inception in 1948 - amounting to $16,500 for every man, woman and child in the Jewish state and billions more paid by Germany in 'reparations' - not to mention the constructing of Israel's national telephone, electrical and rail systems...all gifts of the German people. It is the basis for the $10 billion 'loan' (read 'gift') made to Israel for housing its immigrants in the occupied territories...while Americans sleep on the streets and businesses are bankrupted by the thousands. (Note - As of 2004, not a single 'loan' of US tax money made to the state of Israel by Washington has ever been paid back. -ed)
Germany is paying 'reparations' - the the United States is making major contributions - to atone for the 'gassings at Auschwitz' and elsewhere. If the 'homicidal gas chambers' were postwar creations of the Soviets, (Talmudic Sofiets)  in which no one was gassed regardless of race, creed, color or country of national origin, then these 'reparations' were unnecessary, and were based on fraud.
The videotape on which Dr. Piper makes his revelations was made in mid-1992 by a young Jewish investigator, David Cole and follows 12 years of intensive investigation by dozens of historians, journalists and scientists who have tried to get to the bottom of what really happened at Auschwitz.
Like most Americans, since his youth, Cole had been instructed in the 'irrefutable fact' that mass homicidal gassings had taken place at Auschwitz. The number of those executed - also declared irrefutable - was 4.1 million.
Then came the Leuchter Report in 1988 which was followed with an official 're-evaluation' of the total deaths at Auschwitz (down to 1.1 million). As a budding historian - and a Jew - Cole was intrigued.
Previous to 1992, anyone who publicly doubted or questioned the official 4.1 millon 'gassing' deaths at Auschwitz was labeled an anti-semite, (opposed to the shem god sham) neo-nazi skinhead at the very least. Quietly, because of revisionist findings, the official figure was lowered to 1.1 million. No mention was made of the missing 3 million.
The Cole videotape interview proves that the people who run the Auschwitz State Museum had made a practice of fabricating 'proofs' of homicidal gassings. Keep in mind that over the years millions of tourists have been told that 'Krema 1' is in its original state, while officials knew that 'original state' is a ie.
The political, religious, fiancial and historical ramifications of this proof of no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz cannot be measured. Coupled with the Leuchter Report, the Cole interview with Dr. Piper on videotape proves that what Western governments have taught about the Auschwitz gas chamber since WWII is a lie. It proves that what televangelists such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have been telling their flocks is simply not true.
The Scofield Dispen-satan-alist Judeo Churchizionian's of the Scofield/Untermier/Rothschild vision of their New World order of Talmud Bavli's Universal Noahide Religion unto satan the chief Illuminated One....
No one, regardless of race, creed, color or country of national origin was gassed to death in any building so designated at Auschwitz. And without 'homicidal gas chambers' at Auschwitz, where is the reasoning for the special treatment of the state of Israel?
Well they are the chosenites....aren't they?
Note - This is excerpted from the orginal, much longer article by P. Samuel Foner.
A Few 'Highlights' From
Bush's Speech To AIPAC

From Amy Smithson
White House.gov
Hi Jeff...
Thought you might want a few comments on a very small piece of the pandering, disgusting boot-licking 'speech' our 'president' recently delivered to AIPAC.
"By defending the freedom and prosperity and security of Israel, you're also serving the cause of America."
[as if there was any doubt...]
"And we're both countries founded on certain basic beliefs: that God watches over the affairs of men, and values every life."
[gee, isn't God a little ticked at all the 'valuable' Palestinian lives that Israel has snuffed out?]
"These ties have made us natural allies, and these ties will never be broken."
[at least not as long as Israel is blackmailing us]
"Again and again, Israel has defended itself with skill and heroism."
[yup, takes a lot of skill for an IDF sniper to put a bullet in the head of a child at more than 150 yards]
"And as a result of the courage of the Israeli people, Israel has earned the respect of the American people."
[speak for yourself and your neoncon Zionist handlers]
"Not all terrorist networks answer to the same orders and same leaders, but all terrorists burn with the same hatred."
[is that similar to the hatred Zionists have for the Arabs?]
"They hate all who reject their grim vision of tyranny."
[of course, genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians has nothing to do with tyranny]
"They hate people who love freedom."
[and just how 'free' is America now, Georgie?]
"They kill without mercy."
[just like those who kill Palestinian children... and Iraqi women and children in Fallujah, etc, etc]
"They kill without shame."
[just like those who kill Palestinian children...]
"And they count their victories in the death of the innocent."
[just like those who kill Palestinian children.]
I could go on through the whole speech like that. It's hideously nauseating. Warning! Don't read it right after you've eaten.


Obedient goyim or Ethnic destruction continues.

IDF Demolishes 20 More
Palestinian Homes In Gaza

By Arnon Regular
Haaretz Correspondent
Israel Defense Forces troops razed some 20 Palestinian houses adjacent to the Phildelphi route in the southern Gaza Strip in a pre-dawn raid along the Israeli-Egyptian border Sunday, Palestinian sources said.
Residents of the demolished homes joined hundreds of other refugees living in makeshift tents, schools and mosques in Rafah in south Gaza.
The IDF spokesman confirmed that it demolished some houses but refused to give details, saying only, "The IDF destroyed several houses in Rafah."
Since the beginning of this month's IDF Operation Rainbow aimed at uncovering arms-smuggling tunnels in south Gaza, a total of some 80 houses have been demolished in the Tel Sultan and Brazil neighborhoods of the Rafah refugee camp.
Operation Noahide Rainbow Talmud Bavli Universal Noahide
Dozens of IDF tanks, armored personnel carriers and bulldozers, aided by helicopters, entered an area of the refugee camp known as Block G (Goyim) after 2 A.M. Sunday, Palestinian sources said. The sources said some of the demolished homes were one-story buildings and some were several stories high.
The homes were apparently demolished after residents ran away from gunfire in the area, allowing the army to say it was destroying vacant houses used for terrorist purposes.
© Copyright 2004 Haaretz. All rights reserved http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/433163.html


and of course the chassidic Chabad Lubavitch pressure to hold all of eretz Is Real Hell continues

Sharon puts Gaza pullout on hold

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has delayed pulling out of Gaza due to a divided Cabinet, and avoided a showdown that could have shattered his government.

the king of the south, Judah Sheinerman shall outlast the king of the north, Dan....Bushkevik...... 

After threatening to dismiss rebellious ministers opposed to the plan endorsed by Washington but rejected by his own Likud (Chassidim)  party on Sunday, Sharon adjourned the meeting until next week without taking any action or vote.
Justice Minister Yosef Lapid of the centrist Shinui party presented a compromise proposal aimed at settling differences between Sharon and his strongest political rival, Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who opposes the plan.

Netan-yahoo of Judeo-Churchizionian fame, for the master race rabbi's of Illumination and Scofield's dispen-satan-alist mammonite, in ah ha name ah ha Jaysoose,  herd......

Sharon had intended to ask the Cabinet to approve the evacuation of all 21 Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and four of the 120 in the West Bank, but Israeli media reports said he lacked a majority.

a demoni-crazy
Lapid told Israel Radio that under his compromise formula, the cabinet would vote on the removal - in principle - of only three Gaza settlements and "note" Sharon's original plan.
"I think that the gaps are neither very wide nor substantial," Lapid said. "I don't see why we cannot
bridge the differences, even if there are personal rivalries." 
Elusive majority

Earlier, the Israeli PM had threatened to fire rebellious cabinet ministers - a sign he still had no majority in the 23-member forum for unilateral "disengagement" from occupied Gaza. 


Netanyahu has led the fight
against Sharon's plan

Israeli media said 11 ministers - six from Likud and five from the centrist Shinui party - were in favour of the plan and 12 - eight from Likud, two from the National Religious Party and two from the ultra-rightist National Union - were opposed. 

Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has led the resistance in the right-wing Likud party and in the cabinet to the proposal to remove Gaza settlers by the end of 2005. Likud members rejected the plan in a 2 May referendum. 

Netan-Yahoo major Illuminated Master of Hoodlum haha. Favorite of the Babylonian Network....TBN

"He [Sharo] is looking into the possibility of sacking two ministers from the National Union and even ministers from Likud, including Netanyahu," said a source close to Sharon. 

Sharon says there is no more strategic or economic value in preserving 21 tiny Gaza enclaves with 7500 settlers ringed by 1.3 million Palestinians and prone to constant attacks. 

Critics of a unilateral withdrawal, which Sharon changed from a one-step to a four-stage pullout after losing the Likud vote, say quitting Gaza and four small West Bank settlements would only embolden Palestinian resistance fighters. Sharon's plan is backed both by most Israelis in opinion polls and by the United States.

Then they will rebel against "Operation Rainbow" of Universal Noahidism

Looming turmoil

"I don't believe that the answer to terror and to terrorism is to show them that they have ... (uprooted) Jews," Tourism Minister Benny Elon of the National Union party told reporters. 

Meaning: they cannot believe they are not Obedient Goyim Noahides opposed to the shem god's plan

Senior political sources said a cabinet vote would be held by 6 June  at the latest. "The plan will enable us to preserve national and security interests and extract Israel from the dangerous diplomatic deadlock," Sharon said in broadcast remarks at the meeting. 

Political turmoil looms whichever way the cabinet votes. If Sharon won, nationalist party allies would probably bolt the coalition, bringing it down and precipitating early elections or a Netanyahu attempt to replace Sharon with the support of hardliners dominating Likud's parliamentary faction. 

Continuous regime changes of their Noahide Demonicrazy

"If the government will decide to uproot settlements ... I cannot stay in the government because of my commitment to my constituency, my platform and to my faith," Elon said. 

a chassidim of Talmud Bavli

If he lost, Sharon, who first took office in 2001, could reshape his cabinet or go to elections - in each case inviting the centre-left Labour party into a "unity" bloc to carry out territorial withdrawals. 

Marxism and Bundism

Uphill political battle

Israeli analysts say they have little reason to be optimistic over the plan. Even if it does get a majority vote, implementing it without protest from the settlers is a separate challenge in and of itself.

Jewish settlers are a challenge
to the proposed Gaza pullout

ex-sofiets, converted to Talmudism of the massah race of the shem sham upon the world

"Sharon is in trouble," said Hebrew University Political Science professor Ira Sharkansky.   

"Even if he passes something close or far from his original proposal, he's still far from implementation. Imagine the commotion the settlers and their supporters can mount," Sharkansky told Aljazeera.net 

armed with Uzi's

"The days of this government are numbered one way or another, whether it's passed or not," concurred Israeli political analyst Yossi Alpher. 

Alpher says the plan is Sharon's attempt to avoid widening the political vacuum between the Israelis and Palestinians that he helped create.  

On the temple mount in 2001

"Otherwise it will be filled by more demanding pressures for greater territorial concessions," said Alpher.  

the fulfilled Promise way back their at Abraham who believed the WORD of God

Mixed reaction

Some Palestinians have welcomed the prospect of Israeli withdrawal from land occupied in the 1967 Middle East war but have called for talks to coordinate any pullout. 

"We will fully be responsible for the Gaza Strip or any place where the Israelis leave from. I am talking about security responsibility, economic responsibility ... educational, health responsibility," Palestinian cabinet minister Saib Uraiqat said. 

But other Palestinians are very critical of the plan. "This is merely a token withdrawal," said Usama al-Kurd, director of the Islamic Benevolence Society in the Gaza Strip. 

"Even if they withdraw from all of the Gaza Strip as they say, the sea, the air, and the borders will remain in their control.  It won't change the reality on the ground. Gaza will remain under siege from all sides."

Meanwhile, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Mahir denied there had been a change in the Egyptian position towards the issue of taking on security responsibilities in the Gaza Strip.

Mahir told Aljazeera that Egypt would not participate in maintaining security in the Gaza Strip, but was ready to train Palestinian cadres to undertake this mission.  

So the quest for the holy grail hoodlum haha continues


news on the wars and rumors of wars....rumsplestiltskin

Rumsfeld Says 'War On
Terror' Just Beginning

By Larry Fine
WEST POINT, New York (Reuters) -- The United States' declared war on terror is closer to the beginning than the end, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told graduates of the U.S. Military Academy on Saturday.
stated with his usual glee 
Rumsfeld told the 2004 graduating class of 935 cadets that in the three years since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America, the U.S.-led coalition had "overthrown two vicious regimes and liberated 50 million people, disrupted terrorist cells across the globe and thwarted many terrorist attacks."
and unilaterally destroyed Amaraka
"Yet despite our successes, we are closer to the beginning of this struggle with global insurgency than to its end," he said.
saith Emmanual Goldstein 
Rumsfeld addressed the graduates, who wore full dress uniforms at West Point's Michie Stadium football field, before heading back for Washington for the dedication of the World War II Memorial.
Rumsfeld said the world "has changed dramatically" since the Sept. 11 attacks when hijackers flew commercial airplanes into buildings in New York and Washington, killing nearly 3,000.
Just after Bush choked on a pretzel
He said on the latest front, in Iraq where the Bush administration is facing continued fighting that is undermining efforts to end the U.S. occupation, "We are facing a test of wills, with an enemy that seeks to derail the Iraqi people's path to self-governance."
what self will, the goyim's have none, remember? 
"The extremists know the rise of a free, self-governing Iraq, respectful of all religions - (Noahide Stew) would deal the terrorists a decisive blow," Rumsfeld said. "Its success depends on encouraging friends and allies with whom we are so interdependent to not be terrorized by threats or isolated by fear."
Copyright © 2004 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.


and the vision 

against the Everlasting Holy Covenant Jesus the Christ continues for their vision of Hoodlum haba of the master race, "Sayers"
Zionist Jews Attack
Mexican Heritage In LA County
Threaten Litigation Over Spanish Cross On County Seal
By Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan
CA's Largest Circulation Spanish Newspaper
(ACN) - Those nefarious Zionist Jews are at it again! The same clique of Talmudic Jews who want to remove "One Nation Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance now have targeted the Spanish Cross that is part of the "Official Seal of the County of Los Angeles." The Jewess Ramona Riptson, wife of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge that voted to remove God from the pledge, and who is also Director of the Jewish ACLU of Southern California has just given the County Board of Supervisors an ultimatum to "REMOVE" the cross from its seal or face a massive suit in the Jewish dominated judicial system of California.
The ACLU which has its headquarters in Jewish New York is now out of control. Not many people know that its Board of Directors are pretty much entirely Zionist Jewish with a few token gentiles and lackeys here and there to cover up who really controls this vile and Godless organization. The US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who successfully pushed to legalize sodomy recently, is also a former national head of the Lucerferian ACLU. ( Talmudic Judge pushing Universal Noahidism upon American Peoples) The Jewish ACLU has led the attack against Christianity in the USA and has been the prime organization behind the sodomite agenda in the country.
This time they have picked on the majority Mexican and Mexican-American population of Los Angeles County through attacking our history and our heritage in the region. The sad truth is that they may succeed for they have pretty much every politician in the area in their pocket. In addition, they have Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles busy covering his butt in court because of the rape of numerous altar boys by pedophile sodomite priests.
(See Protocol's of the shem sham) 
Zionist Jews monopolize the California US Senate delegation, the Los Angeles City Council, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the second largest school district in the nation, the Los Angeles Unified School District through their total control of the school board. They also now control the Los Angeles Police Department through the recently hired police chief from New York City. Chief Bratton is married to a prominent Jewish attorney and has deep connections with New York Jewery. Through their political control in the region they have been able to siphon billions of taxpayers dollars. One example is the scam involving a multi-million dollar high school in downtown Los Angeles that never got completed. A host of Jewish scammers milked the project, the Belmont Learning Center, to death causing great harm to thousands of Latino school children in downtown Los Angeles.
No Child Left behind "Education USA" of the Bushkevik's plan for Hoodlum haha
These nefarious Talmudic Jews who want to remove the Spanish Cross from the Los Angeles County Seal count on the services of their elected Chicano lackeys. One of these is a former candidate for mayor of Los Angeles named Tony Villargairosa. Villargairosa is presently a city councilman in the service of the West LA Jews. Villargairosa started his political career working for Ramona Ripston as an official of the ACLU of Southern California. The Mexican-American community can not count on his leadership to combat this ACLU anti-Christian and anti-Mexican action that proposes to remove the cross from the seal. As the Speaker of the California State Assembly, Villargairosa once boasted of putting together over $18 million of taxpayers dollars for the Jewish Wiesenthal Center of Los Angeles, yet no one knows of $1 dollar he put together for the very needy Mexicans of his district.
If the Jews are successful in forcing the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to remove the Christian Cross from the county seal, a consortium of Jewish businesses are already at the ready to profit from it. It will take millions of dollars to change the stationary, business cards, the logos on buildings and vehicles and on many other items. They will be ready to siphon even more dollars from unsuspecting taxpayers. This is one reason why people around the world are becoming increasingly impatient with the Jews and probably one reason why Adolf Hitler acted the way he did.
Note: Hitler was a theosophy student of the Sofiet Blavatsky of Talmud Bavli Quabalah, hired to do what he did, create zion for his Illuminated Masters, this is a stupid accusation....
La Voz de Aztlan
Great Seal of Los Angeles County







Lawyers blast PATRIOT Act

Homelandt "Say" Kurities Patriot Akt I and Akt II

INN World Report -May 7

“Americans have a fearsome new enemy since 9/11, and that enemy is their own government. All Americans, not just terrorists, are potential victims of the USA Patriot.”

Those were the sentiments of a panel of prominent defense lawyers at a seminar last Friday in Cuyahoga County Ohio. The group included a former assistant US attorney and the Former president of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
The lawyers argued that Congress and the Bush administration are behaving in the most un-American ways under the guise of national security.

Among legal changes targeted specifically at the event were:

The FBI can now issue "National Security Letters" to order businesses to disclose sensitive data on anyone. No warrant or judicial oversight is needed, and a gag order protects the FBI from disclosure.

Delayed Notice Searches are new forms of warrants that allow authorities to enter homes or businesses and copy computer or paper files without notification.

The sharing of warrant-less eavesdropping on electronic communication with state and federal law-enforcement agencies by the National Security agencies.

One panel member Gerald (Emmanuel)  Goldstein noted.
"Hitler did not impose his will on an unsuspecting public," "The Third Reich arose on a groundswell of popular support."


Bulldozers Crush Gaza
Children's Dreams,
Build Martyrs
Young Made Homeless As Israel Widens Its Buffer Zone
By Lindsey Hilsum
The Observer - UK

No Child Left Behind

GAZA -- Ahmed was only 12, but he wanted to be a militant. A skinny kid with a ready giggle, he hung out with the masked men in the labyrinthine alleyways of Rafah refugee camp, trying to impress them by posing with a metal tube, pretending it was a shoulder-launched missile.
He and his friend Mohammed played shooting games and then went on the streets to do the real thing, fashioning home-made hand-grenades from nails, sulphur, sugar and charcoal to lob at Israeli soldiers and settlers.
Najla, 16, a white headscarf framing her round face, was studying hard, dreaming of becoming a lawyer 'so I can give justice to people'.
Six of her young relatives had been killed during her life, as Israeli troops periodically swept through Rafah. 'They all died sad,' she said.
That was last year, when Ahmed and Najla featured in the documentary Death in Gaza, shown on Channel 4 last Tuesday, about children living under Israeli occupation. In the last few weeks, as Israel launched its biggest operation in Rafah for decades, both children have endured a new trauma: being made homeless.
Operation Rainbow Noahide Stew
As the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tries to push through his plan for a phased withdrawal from the 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza, he first sent the Israeli Defence Force to Rafah to capture Palestinian militants, find smuggling tunnels and widen a buffer zone along the border with Egypt, which Israel will control even after pulling back from the settlements.
and slay innocent rock throwing children
Ahmed and Najla are among the estimated 2,000 Palestinians who lost their homes in the course of Israel's Operation Rainbow. United Nations staff say the Israeli force has demolished 167 houses so far this month.
Ahmed's family now sleeps in a school; Najla is staying with her uncle. Everything in their recent experience has reinforced the propaganda messages of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the groups which send suicide bombers into Israel. 'The Jews love destruction and killing people,' said Najla.
 whose father is the murderer since the beginning the "Robber" they "Chose", yet Gaza you are in err...
add three cities.
Judg:1:18: Also Judah took Gaza with the coast thereof, and Askelon with the coast thereof, and Ekron with the coast thereof.
Jer:47:5: Baldness is come upon Gaza; Ashkelon is cut off with the remnant of their valley: how long wilt thou cut thyself?
Amos:1:6: Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they carried away captive the whole captivity, to deliver them up to Edom: 

Amos:1:7: But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza, which shall devour the palaces thereof:

Zeph:2:4: For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.

Zech:9:5: Ashkelon shall see it, and fear; Gaza also shall see it, and be very sorrowful, and Ekron; for her expectation shall be ashamed; and the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited.
In the film, Ahmed was inseparable from his friend Mohammed, but now they have been parted. 'I don't know where Mohammed's family went. Their house was destroyed. They might have gone to Brazil camp or Sultan, where their relatives are,' said Ahmed, sitting in the rubble of Block O, the neighbourhood where they used to live.
Ahmed shows little attachment to material possessions. 'There were many things I couldn't get out,' he said, describing how bulldozers came to his home in the middle of the night. 'My video game, my books, my exercise books, my photographs.'
His concern was for his family. 'I had to struggle to get my brothers out. We went to bed at midnight. They were fast asleep, and it was me who had to wake them all up.'
Ahmed has absorbed the militants' language. All Palestinians who die are shahid (martyrs); all Israelis are Yehuda (Jews); all Jews are the enemy.
 Judah Jews...Judean's....jewry which is not Israel
In this culture of death, children rush to gather pieces of flesh when Israel assassinates militants in missile attacks. Boys cluster round the body at the daily funerals, 12-year-olds aspire to die for Palestine.
Two of Ahmed's friends have been 'martyred' - one in front of him, as they threw stones at a tank.
The ruined streets of Rafah are plastered with badly produced posters of young men and boys carrying weapons, standing next to the golden dome of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem - 'martyrs'. Graffiti proclaims murderous triumphs: 'The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade celebrates the al-Quds bombing. We killed seven Jews.'
 and they do err. For vengeance belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ on that Day of his terrible wrath
Amnesty International says Palestinian militants killed 21 Israeli children last year, while Israeli troops killed more than 100 Palestinian youngsters. Doctors in Rafah say 12 children were killed in Operation Rainbow.
any who murder is the seed of the murderer since the beginning
Ahmed says he no longer acts as a lookout for the militants, but they are still his heroes. During the making of the film he grew close to its director, James Miller. But on 2 May last year, as the TV man emerged from Najla's house, Miller was shot dead by an Israeli soldier.
A year later, Ahmed said: 'I think about James a lot. He came here to defend us. He used to film me in the street and we played football.' After Miller's death, Ahmed decided that, rather than be a militant, he would like to be a cameraman when he grows up. Now, he's not so sure.
'After seeing all this damage I can't think what to be. Maybe a doctor. But I keep telling myself I could get killed tomorrow. All the brothers want to be martyrs.'
Martyr's of a strange god
These days Najla, too, wishes to be a martyr, and sometimes wears not just a headscarf but a black cloth leaving only slits for her light brown eyes.
and too, will probably die for the wrong God 
Her family abandoned their home when they heard rumours the bulldozers were on their way - and returned next day to find it was rubble. At first they slept in a tent in her uncle's olive groves, but as Operation Rainbow continued Israeli tanks and bulldozers began to tear down the olive trees, so they moved into her uncle's house.
A tank is now parked opposite and others move threateningly up and down the road. Najla worries that her uncle's house will be demolished next. She has lost her schoolbooks, finds it hard to concentrate and missed three school exams, but she still dreams of becoming a lawyer.
'It's because of all the things the Jews do,' she said. 'They lie on TV by saying there are resistance fighters shooting at them when there are no fighters. They destroy houses on the pretext there are tunnels, but there are no tunnels. They kill children. They never tell the truth.'
There is little anyone can say to Najla to counter her feelings. The demolition of her home has made her mourn afresh for her cousins, shot in a series of incidents involving Israeli soldiers. 'I miss the courtyard in front of the house where I used to play with my cousins,' she said. 'I always liked going there because it brought back memories of them. We lived together, but they were martyred.'
Like Ahmed, she has absorbed the militants' language. 'I wish to become a martyr,' she said. 'This is not a life and they've stolen our childhood. The Jews have planted hatred in our hearts since we were little.
'What is there to live for? Our houses have been destroyed, and they took our land. They took everything beautiful in our life. What's the point of living?'
 suffer not the children to come to me...said the Only Lord Almighty
Israeli helicopter missiles hit a motorcycle in Gaza City early today, killing three people, including a senior Hamas commander and his assistant, witnesses said. Seven others were wounded in the attack in the city's Zeitoun district.
- Lindsey Hilsum is International Editor of Channel 4 News
Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2004 
Israeli Movers In Sub
Base Security Scare Freed

The two Israeli men in a moving van who tried to get past security officials at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base without proper identification last Friday will soon be released, the MadCowMorningNews has learned, if they haven't been already.
But of course, they are being released, for their hoodlum haba Illuminated masters have allowed it 
The arrest of the two Israelis, Tamir David Sasson, 24, and Daniel Henry Levy, 23, prompted a security scare that shut down the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia, home port for 10 of the nation's 18 submarines armed with nuclear missiles.
Moreover it marked the second time in two weeks that Israelis in moving vans have been apprehended under suspicious circumstances near U.S. nuclear facilities. The other reported incident also occurred near a U.S. Navy nuclear facility, this time in Mars Hill, NC., which the local Sheriff explained is "the nation's sole provider of fuel for the Navy's nuclear subs."
see five moassad Isrealhelli's in WTC moving van epiosode, giving high five's while filming the triggure of hoodlum haba of Moshiach ben Perdition
If authorities discerned a pattern, they weren't saying.
Full story at:
The MadCowMorningNews
The drafting of your youth for satan's little kingdom of flesh...the "SAYERS" shem sham Hoodlum haha haba

U.S. Military

Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005
By Action Alert
May 27, 2004, 14:50

The Draft will Start in June 2005

There is pending legislation in the House and Senate (twin bills: S 89 and HR 163) which will time the program's initiation so the draft can begin at early as Spring 2005 -- just after the 2004 presidential election. The administration is quietly trying to get these bills passed now, while the public's attention is on the elections, so our action on this is needed immediately.

$28 million has been added to the 2004 Selective Service System (SSS) (the symbol of the simeon shem sham covenant with death and hell of Is Real Hell)  budget to prepare for a military draft that could start as early as June 15, 2005. Selective Service must report to Bush on March 31, 2005 that the system, which has lain dormant for decades, is ready for activation. Please see website: www.sss.gov/perfplan_fy2004.html to view the sss annual performance plan - fiscal year 2004.

The pentagon has quietly begun a public campaign to fill all 10,350 draft board positions and 11,070 appeals board slots nationwide.. Though this is an unpopular election year topic, military experts and influential members of congress are suggesting that if Rumsfeld's prediction of a "long, hard slog" in Iraq and Afghanistan [and a permanent state of war on "terrorism"] proves accurate, the U.S. may have no choice but to draft.

and train to murder the saints of Jesus the Christ, for the shem wars


Congress brought twin bills, S. 89 and HR 163 forward this year, http://www.hslda.org/legislation/na...s89/default.asp entitled the Universal National Service Act of 2003,

of the Universal Noahide Laws against any who oppose the shem gods


 "to provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons [age 18--26] in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes." These active bills currently sit in the committee on armed services.

"Perpetual Purim"

Dodging the draft will be more difficult than those from the Vietnam era. College and Canada will not be options. In December 2001, Canada and the U.S. signed a "smart border declaration," which could be used to keep would-be draft dodgers in. Signed by Canada's minister of foreign affairs, John Manley, and U.S. Homeland Security director, Tom Ridge, the declaration involves a 30-point plan which implements, among other things, a "pre-clearance agreement" of people entering and departing each country.

assuring that your children will fight the shem god's wars of hoodlum haba the jew world odour

 Reforms aimed at making the draft more equitable along gender and class lines also eliminates higher education as a shelter. Underclassmen would only be able to postpone service until the end of their current semester. Seniors would have until the end of the academic year.

Even those voters who currently support US actions abroad may still object to this move, knowing their own children or grandchildren will not have a say about whether to fight. Not that it should make a difference, but this plan, among other things, eliminates higher education as a shelter and includes women in the draft.

The public has a right to air their opinions about such an important decision.


Who gives them this right?



The sham of the shem's scam

Ash-Sham in Syriac means "goodness"


KABALAH...(48E 42N)...On the Caspian Sea where the Caucasus Mountains meet the sea, in the Shirvan province is the capital Ash-Shamakha, near the famous port of Darband. In the mountains near Darband was the ancient fortress of Kabalah, on a hill, near the current Soviet border. north of the port of Baku. Location of a great castle called Kal'ah Taj. The remains of a mighty castle (kal'ah), a 'mother of castles' situated on the great Tarum River that flowed from the mountains of Tarum in northern Persia. Like Samiran, its site remains unidentified. On its walls were lions of gold. The ancient fortress of Kabalah near Darband is more than once mentioned in the campaigns of Timur. Le Strange, G...."The Lands of the Eastern Caliphate"...1966

ASH SHAMAKHA....(49E..41N)...(Shemakha)..."Beyond the Kur River (Araxes), along the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus Range is the Shirvan Province with its capital of Ash-Shamakha, site of the fountain of life.. Foot of the mountains. Beautiful gardens. In the mountains of Darband was the fortress of Kabalah, on a hill." (Le Strange; 1966..pg 179)...

The Kingdom of Sham, or al-Sham as known to the Arab historians, spread from Damascus to Susa in Elam and North to the Caucasus Mountains......It's capital in 700 BC was Calah (near the present site of Nimrud)......Sham in Arabic evidently means Sun

In Hebrew, the word for sun is:shemesh, sheh'-mesh; from an unused root mean. to be brilliant; the sun; by impl. the east; fig. a ray, i.e. (arch.) a notched battlement:-- + east side (-ward), sun ([rising]), + west (-ward), window.

The following account comes from the Royal Archives of Assyria and dates from the seventh century BCE. The speaker is the Emperor Ashurnasirpal (883-859 BCE) displaying his royal power. The feast was held to commemorate the inauguration of his new palace ( "The Palace Of Juniper") in the capital city of Calah. The New Assyrian Empire, though short, was one that combined various cultures into a unique culture.


624 AD....."In 624 AD, a Moslem invasion weakened the Kingdom of Shambhala."(Roerich: 1974..pg 753) (Geoffrey Hopkins: 1985..pg 60)...

624 AD..(Arabic Historians)......"The Great Battle of Badr took place two years after the Hijra in 624 AD. This was the first battle that the believers ever engaged in with the disbelievers, and it is, by far, the most famous and most renown, becuase of the several extraordinary events that occured during it. Rasoolullah (saws) had encouraged the Muslims to oppose the Quraish caravan which was returning to Mecca from Sham." ......At this battle the pagan army from Sham consisted of 950 warriors.........

They went to Wad! al Qura where they tarried a while and then proceeded northward until they reached Adhri'at near the frontier of al Sham,

in 624 C.E., a non-Indic religion will arise in Mecca. Because of a lack of unity among the brahmans?people and laxity in following correctly the injunctions of their Vedic scriptures, many will accept this religion when its leaders threaten an invasion. To prevent this danger, Manjushri Yashas united the people of Shambhala into a single "vajra-caste" by conferring upon them the Kalachakra empowerment. By his act, the king became the First Kalki ?the First Holder of the Caste. ........... As the founding of Islam dates from 622 C.E., two years before Kalachakra? predicted date, most scholars identify the non-Indic religion with that faith. Descriptions of the religion elsewhere in the Kalachakra texts as having the slaughter of cattle while reciting the name of its god, circumcision, veiled women, and prayer facing its holy land five times a day reinforce their conclusion.

In 624 AD the Sassian Shah Yazdigird is defeated by the Arabs at the battle of Nahavand...In Iran, the great Sassanian dynasty collapsed in the 7th century under the Arab onslaught...."in the era of the Mlecchas, the starting year of the Kalacakra chronology is the first year of the Hijra, calculated from the year 624 AD."..(Roerich:1949...pg 753)....

624 AD...'the Emperor Heraclkes captures the Persian residence of Ganzaca (Ganjak) with its cosmic throne room." (Sacral Kingship: 1959..pg 484)...

Click Here for Map of Damascus and Calah in 600 BC...




Damascus, Syria.....has the reputation of being the oldest city in the world though there are no actual records of when Damascus was founded - as records were not kept by its early inhabitants. More recent discoveries suggest that Damascus was first settled ca. 6,000 B.C. but some discoveries suggest that it is older than 8,000 B.C. but we don't know exactly who ruled Damascus at that time. An old story says that its name "Sham" was derived from "Shem" the eldest son of Noah because he chose to live there after the flood.


Damascus (Arab. Dimisk es-Sham, or simply es-Sham), the EYE OF THE EAST or the pearl of the East for the Arabs, is now the capital of Syria. The city stands 2267 feet above sea level and enjoys a very mild climate, owing to the Barada, which runs through it and to its numerous fountains or springs. It is surrounded by the groves and gardens of the Ghouta which stretch about ten miles south and east and include twenty-nine villages, the inhabitants of which are devoted to fruit culture (oranges, lemons, etc. especially plums and apricots).

Shâm (Shem) is the Syriac name of the elder son of Noah. His name is in Arabic is Sam. After The Flood, Sham decided to live in the land which is today called Damascus. Sham became the name of a land that includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. Some geographers refer to this land (Bilad al-Sham) as the Great Syria.

n Hebrew, the word for sun is:.......shemesh, sheh'-mesh; from an unused root mean. to be brilliant; the sun; by impl. the east; fig. a ray, i.e. (arch.) a notched battlement:-- + east side (-ward), sun ([rising]), + west (-ward), window.

Historically, pagan Babylon worshipped the sun as a deity, and pagan Rome also worshipped the invincible sun. The Roman Catholic Church, with the assistance of Caesar (Constantine), changed the day of worship from Sabbath to the Sun Day and commonly uses images and symbols of the sun.

a tablet from the early 9th century B.C. which depicts the  Babylonian sun-god Shamash seated on the right, holding emblems of his authority, a staff and ring, and the king with two attendants on the left. In the center, on an altar, is a large 4-point sun image, with additional small wavy rays between the points.

The Assyrian Calendar begins with the first recorded year of the "beginning of civilization" (shooraya d'mdeetanayoota) as seen through the eyes of the ancient Bet-Nahranaye (Mesopotamians). These ancient inhabitants of Assyria, Babylon, and Sumer believed that civilization was a "gift from the gods" and it was marked from the time "kingship was lowered from heaven."

based on the research findings of their contemporary archaeologists the first construction of the city of Ashur's temple during the Uruk Period took place around 4750 B.C. This date was then recorded as the beginning of "civilization" in Mesopotamia.

The shem sham of Talmud Bavli
The Baal Shem Tov often accomplished miracles during his prayers. One Shabbos morning, the Baal Shem Tov repeated the verse, "Sham is the horse for salvation" (Tehillim 33:17) over and over again.
These particular descendants of Shem wanted to make a name for themselves instead of glorifying God. There is a play on words in the Hebrew with respect to the word name in this section of Scripture. The builders, the descendants of Shem, (Hebrew sham) wanted to make a name (Hebrew sham) for themselves. Instead of making a name, they will end up scattered and the name of their city (verse 9) will be Babel (confusion). The fact that they wanted to make a name for themselves will be contrasted to the account of Abraham in the next chapter—where God Himself makes a name for Abraham.
Talmud Bavli the Oral Tradition of Mishnah Torah of Quabalah of the shem sham god's
Everyone who has reached this page is undoubtedly familiar with these verses from the first chapter of Bereshit. So, why - you may ask - is the term SHaMaYM not translated with the familiar "heaven" or "sky"? Consider that our sages saw in this word as in so many Torah words a multitude of hidden meanings which a single translation will forever lose. Torah sparkles in her seventy faces in the form of the tagin (crowns) of its Hebrew letters.

In the case of SHaMaYM, there are several hidden sub-phrase possibilities: SHaM-YaM (there is sea), SHeM-YaM (name: sea) or SHe-MaYM (that water...). What a different perspective this draws of "heaven"! Our sages took the letter implications of SHaMaYM further but suffice it to notice for now how Hebrew words gain an inner meaning which may be of no consequence in modern Hebrew usage, which however has GREAT meaning in Lashon HaKodesh (the Holy Tongue) of Torah.

This inner meaning of the words in Torah is not only derived via "sub-phrases". Each individual letter reverberates with unique associations and their constellation within a word add a special aura to the meaning of each word. Many insightful books have been written about the special significance of Hebrew letters. To give but one example, consider the word SHaLOM (peace). The root letters shin_lamed_mem speak of perfect completion and wholeness. On the achetypal level, Kabbalah views the letter Shin as representing ESH (fire) whereas the letter Mem stands for Mayim (water). The middle letter Lamed means "learning" but equally suggests melamed (teaching). The letter Vav means hook and literally hooks together and unites the primordial opposites FIRE and WATER in perfect harmony that we may learn from their peaceful co-existence and teach this message. As such the word SHaLOM embodies the quintessence of peace.

Based on the above consider for a moment, if you will, the deeper significance of the Hebrew word for "name" SHeM (Shin-Mem). What's in a name? Well, in Hebrew the very name contains the great dichotomy of life represented primodially by Fire_Esh_(Shin) and Water_Mayim_(MeM) brought together under a single roof. Giving a name thus represents the ability to behold this dynamic duality of life within the object in question. This is why bestowing names to G_d's creatures was such a co-creative task for Adam.

Similarly, SHaM (Shin_Mem with a different vocalization), the word for "there" contains the notion that you can only say SHaM there if you also have an awareness of here.

Lashon Hakodesh is viewed as the holy repository of the collective intelligence and consciousness, the cumulative wisdom of bnei Yisrael throughout the ages coupling Jewish minds over the centuries into a collective timeless super mind.

Kabbalists have always believed that Torah is the living incarnation of divine wisdom - eternally emitting the pulse of creative intelligence in form of the eyn sof or, the infinite light, bringing forth ever new light. With its letters and crowns, Torah directly embodies this divine power in our universe: according to Kabbalah not merely as symbols but rather as actual vessels. It is this unique persective which explains in part the inherent letter/number relationship. The focus of the following texts is in fact this peculiar characteristic of Hebrew letters. The letter-quality expresses divine immanence whereas its numeric-quantity represents divine transcendence.

Before embarking on our project, let us take note of a Hebrew root which represents this contradictory QUALITY-QUANITY relationship within each letter. The letters samekh_pe_resh (SFR) shed light on this reality. [Remember that the letter Pe can be rendered as "P" and as "F"] This group of letters forms on one hand the root for many words associated with writing/telling such as SeFeR (book), SoFeR (scribe), SaPeR (tell), SiFRiah (library), SiFRut (literature) - and on the other hand the root for words associated with counting such as SeFeR (ledger) SiFRah (digit), miSPaR (number) liSPoR (to count), SiFRur (numbering).

You may be already familiar with the first line of the Sefer Yetzirah which clearly invokes this paradoxical relationship "...And He created His universe with three books (SeRaFim), with text (SeFeR), with number (SeFaR), and with communication (SiPuR)." (trans A. Kaplan)

Thus numeric value and letter form a sphere (note: SFeRe) of a cipher which fuse together into a single SeFiRaH (emanation) radiating congruent communication with the billiance of a "SaFiRe". Within this sphere, these two components are SePaRate and form an internal SFaR (border). As you can see, these root letters give expression to the entire concept. You may recall how the letters of the root for Kabbalah fulfilled the same function.

Indeed, this delicate paradoxical relationship creates a mental hurdle. Perhaps, an analogy to the properties of light will help to cross this obstacle. Depending on circumstances, light can take on the characteristics of either particle or wave. While we know this "impossibility" to be true and accept this perplexing fact, it is virtually impossible to visualize HOW this can be! (Unless you are a gaon of a physicist.)

As we contemplete letter/number relationship in Hebrew, we must avoid one frequently drawn - albeit incorrect - conclusion regarding the gematria considerations. Even some well know Torah Scholars have expressed their belief that gematria interpretations are "ingenious (super-imposed) afterthoughts" of the proper text. To such skeptic, Torah interpretations which make use of the numeric dimensions of the words in Torah are not viewed as being inherent but rather post-factum. Therefore, they appear inherently suspect - possibly dangerous and, at best, only of limited value.

To me, it is more a matter of being fine-tuned into a particular frequency of Torah. To a person who is tone-deaf, the glorious sounds of a great symphony will forever remain hidden. Until we had the appropriate instruments, we only saw a very limited spectrum of light waves whereas the infra / ultra frequencies were beyond perception. Obviously, their existence did not depend on human awareness. I think of the numeric aspects of Torah as being in a realm of elusive frequency. Our chokhamim never doubted its existence, yet justifyably they entered it with greatest caution and cirumspection.

Due to the esoteric nature of this "inner geometry" of words and phrases, it is by all means conceivable to arrive at entirely incorrect conclusions if one were to not also bear in mind the overt meaning of Torah. Throughout the ages, Kabbalists have advised and cautioned to always keep the overt text clearly in mind. Proper gematria interpretations MUST NOT and CANNOT contradict the simple meaning of the story.

The mere fact that gematria elucidations could easily get on the wrong track (if not cross-checked) do not render them any more suspect or invalid than any other D'var Torah of the overt text. The risk of contradictory readings extends well beyond the realm of numbers. It is an inherent characteristic of the Hebrew language. Even the surface level of each story presents possibilities for incongruent readings. Consider the many possibilities of interpreting the Akedat Yitzkhak (Binding of Isaac). Could one arrive at an interpretation of this story that would be entirely un-jewish ?

Divrei Torah using gematria elucidations must be congruent and bring out the vibrant reality and deep truth to the surface. While it would be false to perceive such interpretations as fortuitous coincidences, it is inconceivable to attribute these secret, subtle frequencies to the individual human, intentional design. Granted, there are some quantitative aspects that may very well reflect human design intention such as the fact that the Ten Commandments always occupy 26 lines in a Sefer Torah. [26 is the gematria (numeric value) of the Tetragrammaton: yud-hey-vav-hey.]

Neither this introduction nor any of the texts should be taken as an attempt to explain naturally arising questions about the HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN. Certainly, a few texts such as these cannot suffice to fully demonstrate the astonishingly consistent numeric dimension that permeates Torah to its very letter. Gaining an appreciation of this fascinating face of Torah does not prove anything. A definitive explanation of these underpinnings of this reality may always elude us, but as with the paradox of light - we may behold its forceful presence, even if we cannot fully fathom its origin.

Finally, it must be said that our approach to learning Torah must be balanced. Gematria perspectives by themselves are indeed only of limited value if they are not part of a greater purpose. As esoteric as the numeric aspects of Torah can be, a great antidode to "going off the deeep end" is the regular practice of layning (chanting) Torah not to mention the performance of its mitzvot (commandments). With this in mind, enjoy the following texts.



Talmud Bavli the Oral tradition of Mishnah Torah, of the fables of the shem's of the hoodlum haba sham, Adam was like the shem god, both Man and woman of the tetragramatron god


... The Torah says that Adam ... could not find an ezer knegdo, a helper against him, ... a helper to engage in dialogue with him, so that he could realize his true spiritual potential ... In the Midrash we find that ... Adam was both male and female ... God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep, and He then took flesh from his side and formed ... a woman. ... God fissioned this single being into two separate ones ... the attraction between a ... male ... and a woman is the desire to reunite that which was split apart. ... only through marriage (with dialog) can the unification occur. ...



.. Torah scholars are impervious to the fire of Gehinnom. (see Nefesh HaChaim 4:17) ... Beis HaLevi (Derush section 13) elaborates: Gehinnom could conceivably be for either of two purposes: (a) to punish a person for the evil he performed in his lifetime; or (b) to cleanse his soul of sins ... In truth, Gehinnom serves both these purposes. Most persons are in Gehinnom for a maximum of twelve months and then merit entrance into the World to Come ... Nimos asked R' Meir if every person who descends to Gehinnom ascends from it to Gan Eden; R' Meir answered ... But if a person ... is entirely evil ... there is no part of him that would remain to enter Gan Eden, Therefore, he never ascends from Gehinnom. ...". (From Talmud Bavli / Tractate Chagigah, The Gemara, The ArtScroll Series / Schottenstein Edition, Mesorah Publications Ltd. (1999) 15b 1,5)


You to can become a semi god in the Hoodlum haba, for at least three and one half years, that is.....


"... a non-Jew who studies the details of the seven Noahide laws, which are incumbent on him, deserves the honors due a Kohen Gadol (Sanhedrin 59a). The study of the seven Noahide laws may lead him to study most of the precepts of the Torah (Meiri to Sanhedrin 59a; see Responsa, Rama section 10). ...

... Noahide Laws - the seven commandments given to Noah and his sons, which are binding upon all gentiles. These laws include the obligation to have a body of civil law, and the prohibitions against idolatry, immorality, bloodshed, blasphemy, stealing and robbing, and eating limbs from a live animal. ...". (From Talmud Bavli / Tractate Chagigah, The Gemara, The ArtScroll Series / Schottenstein Edition, Mesorah Publications Ltd. (1999) 13a 3)



What is Bnei Noach?
by Dr. James D. Tabor

Briefly, just what is B'nai Noah?

Most simply put, B'nai Noah, or "children of Noah," is the Talmudic way of referring to all humankind


Operation Talmud Bavli Universal Rainbow of the yoke of satan's little vision of his laws of the Hoodlum haba of the self made god's the shems of the Oral tradition sham of Mishnah Torah Quabalah and the WALL and the Military Street of this seventy weeks before Moshaich ben Perdition the false Christ is "REVEALED"


Behind the wall, what Israel has termed the "Philadelphia Corridor", a no-man's land between Rafah and Egypt, formed from the rubble of demolished Palestinian homes and watched over by Israeli sniper towers. (Ronald de Hommel)

Overview: Rafah and the "Philadelphia corridor"

The official Israeli government Cabinet Communique of 16 May 2004 recorded that
"IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon briefed ministers on the atrocious terror attack on the Hatuel family, on the events in the Zeitoun neighborhood and the Philadelphia corridor, and on the IDF operations in those areas."[1]
It was left to other media to report the details. Voice of America reported that:
"The head of Israel's army, General Moshe Ya'alon, told the cabinet it might be necessary to destroy hundreds of Palestinian homes in the Rafah refugee camp in order to improve security."[2]
The "Philadelphia corridor" — also referred to by Israel as the "Philadelphi Road" or "Pink Area" — is Israel's term for a strip of land between Rafah, on the border of Gaza, and Egypt that the state has been in the process of structurally and
ethnically cleansing since the beginning of the Second Palestinian Intifada.

In a 16 May 2004 Washington Post article, Molly Moore wrote:
"During the same 31/2-year period, Israeli military bulldozers have crushed 1,218 houses along the northern edge of the border between Gaza and Egypt, pushing back the city of Rafah and the adjacent refugee camp. A mile-long swath of broken concrete, splintered wood and twisted metal is all that remains of what Azizah Abu Anzah and others say was a close-knit community built by families and neighbors who gathered here a half-century ago in a cluster of U.N. tents."[3]

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) reports that 12,600 Palestinians in Rafah — 14% of the population of 90,638 registered refugees — have been made homeless since the beginning of the Intifada.[4]

Since the beginning of May 2004, Israel has dramatically increased its program of structural and ethnic cleansing of Rafah. UNRWA reported on May 10th that:
"The destruction in the first 10 days of May brings the total number of people to lose their homes in the Gaza Strip to 17,594. The majority of the demolitions this month have taken place in Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, where 11,215 people had already been made homeless by demolitions since the start of the current strife, and in the region of the Kissufim Road, where a Palestinian attack on May 2 left an Israeli mother and her four children dead."[5]
While Israel claims that its military operations in Rafah are motivated by "security reasons", numerous reports from human rights organisations paint a picture of arbitrary shootings of residents, including children, and nightly firing at border homes from Israeli watchtowers. Three internationals — Rachel Corrie (peace activist, US), Tom Hurndall (photographer, UK), and James Miller (cameraman, UK) — have been killed by Israeli troops in Rafah.

Israel's current military operations in Rafah are no different, with multiple reports of grave human rights violations reported in the media and by local and international human rights organisations. "Operation Rainbow" coincided with the release of a new report on the Israeli practice of home demolition by human rights organisation Amnesty International, which concluded that, "The grounds invoked by Israel to justify the destruction are overly broad and based on discriminatory policies and practices," adding, "According to Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, 'extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly' is a grave breach, and hence, a war crime."[6]

This article examines the various claims Israel has made about the ongoing "Operation Rainbow" and attempts to uncover some of the realities behind Israel's distortions of what is happening in Rafah.

Israel's rationale for "Operation Rainbow"

A map of Gaza, showing Rafah at bottom left. (UNRWA)
Over this last weekend alone, Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem reports that "the IDF destroyed 116 houses [in Rafah], leaving 198 families (1,160 people) homeless."[7]

Both IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon[1] and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz stated on 16 May 2004 that it is Israel's intention to demolish "hundreds of buildings" in Rafah "as part of the plan to widen the Philadelphi Route. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon commented that the houses have already been marked in aerial photos."[8]

The Christian Science Monitor reported on 17 May 2004 that:
The idea is to widen the Philadelphia Corridor to about 500 yards, from its current width of about 250 yards, according to Arye Eldad, a far-right coalition legislator who serves on the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.[22]
While these statements were widely reported and certainly available to journalists covering the region, much subsequent and current coverage of the events in Rafah has focused on later Israeli claims with no reference to these statements. In an 18 May 2004 document on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' (MFA) website, Israel's more recent rationale suggested that demolitions would be carried out on a different basis:
"One such security measure is the demolition of structures that pose a real security risk to Israeli forces. When terrorists fire from within civilian structures or activate roadside charges from trees and fields, military necessity dictates the demolition of these locations. Under International Law, these structures are considered legitimate military targets. Therefore, in the midst of combat, when dictated by operational necessity, Israeli security forces may lawfully destroy structures used by terrorists."[9]

defined definition: any Goy against their vision of the shem god sham of Hoodlum haba are determined to be anti-Shem god's, or anti-Shemite's or anti Semites and they ain't wif us so'uns they musted be aginst us......

Another MFA document adds another reason for building demolition:
"A further instance necessitating the demolition of buildings is the use made by terrorist groups of civilian buildings in order to conceal openings of tunnels used to smuggle arms, explosives and terrorists from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. Similarly, buildings in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are used for the manufacturing and concealment of rockets, mortars, weapons and explosive devices to be used against Israel. The demolition of these structures is often the only way to combat this threat."[10]

and rocks........

While this all sounds perfectly reasonable on the surface and is worded to suggest Israel will only demolish homes in accordance with the doctrine of "military necessity" that it is permitted to exercise under international law, (Universal Noahide Laws)  Ya'alon and Mofaz's earlier statements make clear that the demolitions were very consciously premeditated, a fact unmentioned in today's New York Times' main report on events in Rafah:
"...Israeli forces demolished more than 80 houses last week in what the Army said was a search for weapons smuggling tunnels under an Israeli-patrolled zone and across the border with Egypt."[11];
and in today's BBC News report, which is similarly forgetful:
"Israeli forces entered Rafah refugee camp on Tuesday to attack militants and find and destroy tunnels used to smuggle weapons."[12]
In addition to Israel's misrepresentation of its overall premise for "Operation Rainbow" — which is merely a continuation of the occupation's ongoing construction of a security buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt at the expense of the rights and lives of the indigenous, legal residents of Rafah — several other aspects of the operation have been distorted by Israel.

Israel's claim that it does not target Palestinian civilians with heavy weapons

Israel claims:
"In this context, Israel adopts measures in order to ensure that only terrorists and the structures they use are targeted. Furthermore, though permissible under the laws of armed conflict, Israel refrains whenever possible from attacking terrorist targets from the air or with artillery, in order to minimize collateral damage, a policy which entails risking the lives of Israeli soldiers. The death of 13 soldiers in ground operations in the Gaza Strip in early May 2004 is an example of the heavy price Israel pays for its commitment to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties."[10]
Of course, all of this sounds perfectly reasonable. Sadly, events on the ground tell a radically different story. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) in Gaza has reported the following incidents during "Operation Rainbow":

13 May 2004


They are preparing to collapse the global economy, Just in time for the Exod-US of the SAYERS of the "Robber" who saith "Let My Children Come to Pharoah"


Is The Fed Expecting

From Robt McHugh's Monetary forecast of 5-30-4
and Richard Russell today
"Let me just say from the outset that the Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that we've never seen before without a crisis - $155 billion over the past 4 weeks, a $2.0 trillion annualized pace, a 22.2 percent annualized rate of growth!!! There must be a crisis of historic proportions coming, and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is making sure that there is enough liquidity in place to protect our nation's fragile financial system. The amazing thing is, the Fed's actions mean they know what is about to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event. What could it be?"
"One can draw no other conclusion except that the Fed is acting irresponsibly in its managing the money supply, in fulfilling its duty to "maintain a stable currency." I reject the notion that the Fed is acting irresponsibly. No, something is up, bigger than we have ever seen in the history of the United States. Let me ramble. Perhaps they simply see the ominous technical landscape we have been warning about in recent issues, and are attempting to pull out all the stops to avert the predicted crash. The recent rally in just about everything is similar to 2003's market behavior when the Fed pumped massive amounts of liquidity into the system during the first half of the year. This time seems different. The amount of liquidity is too large. The Fed is deflating the value of the monetary base by a fifth! Why are they willing to do this? Wisdom says something bad is up - big time."
and YES Michael Keynes is part of the Talmudic Hoodlumhaba and the "secret Qabalah Gematrie so called Bible Codes" of the Oral Tradition of the Pharisees the Chabad Lubavitch shem god's of this satanis shem sham



Posted: June 1, 2004
1:06 AM Eastern
by NWV Staff Writer
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Former Maryland State Senator Tim Ferguson is warning "the Federal Reserve is planning to destroy the U.S. economy by printing the U.S. dollar in exponentially riskier quantities until it blows off the charts and crashes, and by easing credit and rates until the average individual and corporate debt loads are so enormous that the resulting massive distortions in the economy suddenly bring on an economic heart attack, leaving no possibility of a short or even medium-term recovery."

Senator Ferguson went on to say in his recent piece published in Usury, Inc:

"That great criminal enterprise - the Federal Reserve - has accomplished step #1, trashing and ending the dollar system, culminating a multi-year, massive, insane inflation of money supply and credit....corporations such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Farmer Mac, FHA, GM, Ford, and GE (which are actually banks), worked hand-in-hand with the Bank Cartel on this sickening, twisted game, switching from pumping credit cards and cars (which have gone to zero percent financing 12 months ago) to a last-ditch horrendous push into mortgage lending.

"This insane lending will destroy the lending institutions themselves, as Ford and GM are well aware, but the elite do not care, as after this collapse, there will only be one corporation in the world, and they are all pulling together to put everyone as deep into debt as possible, to assure than no American state or corporation or region will survive when the debt mountain suffocates all life.

"This is why so many CEOs are bailing out with insane profits from questionable practices which would normally ruin their career for life, as they have raped their corporation (the latest is Grasso of the New York Stock Exchange); but they know the game is over, and it is now or never - this is their last chance to make millions and move to an island, for insiders are able to see that the economy is literally going to hell, and it will not climb out of hell in their lifetimes.

"The two great props of the deathly-sick US economy - housing and cars - are gone forever, and can no longer be used to cover up the rapidly worsening fundamentals. Indeed, many are recognizing that these two alone - especially artificially low mortgage rates - have postponed a deep crash which should have occurred 2 or 3 years ago. Sadly, this extension has not been helpful, but has served a very useful purpose for the money elite, namely, greatly deepening private and corporate debt loads, exploding red ink in state and local budgets to dangerous levels, emptying pensions, creating a fatally large and exploding US budget and trade deficit, moving millions of jobs thousands of miles away, and expanding the dollar and derivatives mountain to ensure a global panic. This has been carefully coordinated worldwide from the headquarters of all world central banks, in Basel, Switzerland."

Harvey Gordin of El Dorado Gold, a 30-year veteran of Wall Street recently warned, "Americans aren't listening to the warning signs. The debt owed by United States of America is about to spiral out of control, and there's really nothing anyone can do about it. Alan Greenspan has just warned lawmakers that the Social Security system – which currently enjoys a budget surplus that it donates to the country's general fund – will become over subscribed and begin operating in the red by the year 2008. Consequently, the influence of the Social Security surplus won't even help for much longer."


The Federal Reserve Banking system is not part of the federal government. It is a privately owned and locally controlled consortium of banks. The privately owned Federal Reserve receives no funding from Congress and issues Class A stock to a limited number of powerful families and individuals, many of them foreigners who don't live in the United States.

Historically, there has been great opposition to this private cartel of bankers:

"Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are U.S. government institutions. They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the U.S. for the benefit of themselves and their foreign and domestic swindlers and rich and predatory money lenders." Chairman Louis T. McFadden, House Banking and Currency Committee, June 10, 1932.

On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, conspiracy, fraud, unlawful conversion, and treason.

President Andrew Jackson, who in his first Annual Message to Congress recommended eliminating the Electoral College, undertook one of his most decisive battles which centered around the Second Bank of the United States. The Bank was a private corporation, but virtually a Government-sponsored monopoly. Immediately upon launching the first salvo, the Bank threw its power against him. Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, acting as attorneys for the Bank, led the battle in Congress. Jackson vetoed the recharter bill, charging the Bank with undue economic privilege. His views won overwhelming approval from the American voters at the time: in 1832, Jackson polled more than 56% of the popular vote and almost five times as many electoral votes as Henry Clay.

Two decades ago, current Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] (re-elected 1997), while serving his first terms in Congress (1976-1984), began cranking up the dialogue once again on the central bank:

"Strictly speaking, it probably is not necessary for the federal government to tax anyone directly, it could simply print the money it needs. However, that would be too bold a stroke, for it would then be obvious to all what kind of counterfeiting operation the government is running. The present system of combing taxation and inflation is akin to watering the milk: too much water and the people catch on."

According to President Bush, the economy is enjoying historic growth and "her job engine is 'running strong." Bush has been crisscrossing the country in recent months assuring the American people that America is on the right track for building a strong economy and that more jobs are being created as a result of his tax cut packages.

During his campaigning, Presidential hopeful John Kerry, has been promising a plan to secure America's economic future and ensure that workers "can achieve the American dream in our changing economy by rolling back Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can invest in education and health care." He also promises to create an economy that will generate 10 million jobs in his first term as President.

Americans might be somewhat confused by such opposite views on the same subject. Old timers who have lived through many booms and busts, suggest that it's a good idea for Americans to remember history. Back in 1928, leading economists were confident in their predictions about the economy and the stock market:

"I cannot help but raise a dissenting voice to statements that we are living in a fool's paradise, and that prosperity in this country must necessarily diminish and recede in the near future." - E. H. H. Simmons, President, New York Stock Exchange, January 12, 1928

"There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash." - Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist, New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929

"We feel that fundamentally Wall Street is sound, and that for people who can afford to pay for them outright, good stocks are cheap at these prices." - Goodbody and Company market-letter quoted in The New York Times, Friday, October 25, 1929

On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed. Two months later, the government sought to reassure the American people: "I see nothing in the present situation that is either menacing or warrants pessimism... I have every confidence that there will be a revival of activity in the spring, and that during this coming year the country will make steady progress." - Andrew W. Mellon, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury December 31, 1929

By 1933 when FDR was inaugurated, the 'Great Depression' had taken its toll and the banking system in America had all but ceased to function. Depositors saw $140 billion dollars disappear when their banks failed. Roosevelt then closed all the banks in the United States for three days - a "bank holiday." Following these cataclysmic events, banks eventually reopened with strict limits on withdrawals.

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See their plan of satan's hoodlum haha haba at 

The Protocols Today. Dispute this, Liars !




The Balance of Man, Part One: The Emperor's New Dialect

by Niki Friedrich Raapana
January 4, 2003

What's the biggest lie ever told? The biggest lie in the history of the modern world is the theory of communism. Why? Because their very premise is that logic no longer exists.

According to the theorists who created the new political ideology, man advanced past the limiting restrictions for formal argument and debate, and he threw away the rules for logic. Truth was replaced by their big lie in 1848. Their big lie about capitalism was based on a whole new British "scientific philosophy" designed purposefully to destroy logic. It was created by the Imperialists to stop the impossible debate against the too logical Americans.

The British could never win an argument against our republicans. The American truth was always too simple and direct. It's why the British aristocracy calls US Americans "vulgar." We were too bloody logical, and our founder's most reasonable and logical arguments beat the imperialist's rapist, Free-Trade policies in the court of American public opinion.

The United States of America is entirely founded on reason and logic. (1) Our US founders were clear, precise, and simply too logical in their premises and their conclusions. Their easily understood argument can be summarized as this: A- there is obviously a natural law to the universe, B- man is obviously naturally a part of the universe, therefore C- man's natural state is to live under the natural laws of the universe.

This is how our founders arrived at the masterful conclusion that "all men are created equal." This is how they arrived at the conclusion, "government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed." This is the logic they used to write the Bill of Rights. Imperialists could never successfully argue against the FACTS of the American argument. So they set about destroying the very foundation for the American's logical, free system. Communism was designed to ELIMINATE logic from the world of reasonable men, and the big lie is that the entire world must bow down before a dumb theory of NO-REASON.

Henry D. Aiken, Professor of Philosophy at Harvard explains the communists' theory of no-reason in his Introduction to the Age of Ideology commentary, (2)

"...Beginning with Kant, the very conception of the philosophical enterprise that had prevailed since the time of Aristotle underwent a profound sea-change, with the consequence that the meanings of even such basic terms of the traditional philosophical vocabulary as 'metaphysics' and 'logic' were altered beyond recognition... Much of the obscurity that pervades nineteenth-century philosophical writing is directly related to this fact." (3)

The communist lie says the American's logical system of government robs humanity of its natural existence. The big lie says the united American "union" of free and independent states cannot compare to the communist-socialist ideology of no-reason. The big lie explains why they can claim that only united peasant, "union" workers, living under their totalitarian, global government can achieve true individual, human happiness. (4)

The big lie says the United States of America represents Imperialist colonial subjugation policies perfected by the global Empires. The big lie says American's individual liberty is best represented by international corporate (Imperial) capitalist policies. The BIG lie is that the Bill of Rights was designed to impose the American "will" on ANY other nation.

The biggest and most horrible lie ever told, in the history of humankind, is Marx's theory of communism. The lie says it appeared in "opposition" to capitalism, it arose from man's inherent need for natural evolution into a more advanced civil society. The frank truth is: the "theory of communism" was introduced by the British Empire to stop the American economic system from taking hold in Germany, or anywhere else in the world.(5)

The big, twisted lie is not the American truth. It's never been our truth. But, the lie is on everyone's lips, and no one is allowed to speak the truth about the British or the Zionists ever again. Breaking the gag order against reason and logic is a hate crime. Reasonable attempts to discuss the theory of NO-reason are unpatriotic, and practically terrorist acts.

In the good old days, to be a "good" American meant the Brits didn't like you. US patriots argued brilliantly against imperial monarchists. Our founders left us scathingly brutal, logical discourses on the absolute absurdity of the monarchist's position. American patriots were openly defiant in the fat faces of Imperial authority. It was a code of honor in the new Republic to scorn British hereditary titles and ranks. Thomas Paine made American history resound with his outflanking of British scholars with his masterful sense of fun. How did we Americans forget the one thing that identified a "well-bred" Yank?

Well, after 150 years of pure drivel, we fell for the big lie. We were so busy building a free country that we didn't notice how pervasive the lie had become. We fell for Engel's new idea for a more "civil society," and we allowed Marxism to replace reasoned debate with a more "moral dialogue." (6) We allowed them to slip into our country to teach us and our children their "new" politically correct speech (a confusing and often "illogical" ideology).

Now, after 150 years of "constant conflict," the American founder's pure logic has been replaced with the Hegelian dialectical synthesis. Ever heard of that? I took a class in logic and critical thinking at CSUC in 1982. I do remember wondering several times why logic wasn't required prior to graduating from high school... but I really don't remember the Hegelian dialectic "theory" being stressed as REALLY important to ALL Americans. (7)

I was never taught how Marx used Hegel's attack on logic to create the opposite "flow" called communism, nor that the "solution" was the Third Way, called communitarianism. I just wasn't taught how painstakingly the global elite, "social scientists" designed it. Communism was manufactured to overcome world-wide individual and national freedom.

Communism was created to "balance" the global Imperialist's incredible losses. The whole "ideology" (and the term ideology itself) was a counter-attack against the reasonable (and working) free American economic system of protected property and trade rights. How is it possible that most Americans are only taught the communist-socialist "party line?" (7a)

I didn't know that Friedrich Engels was a such sly devil. Nobody told me that he was a wealthy German-born, British-bred, aristocratic-elitist, Little Manchester factory owner who wrote all the original drafts; Marx only modified them. Engels wrote everything first. For some dumb reason I thought they were collaborators. But I don't feel that stupid anymore. It's never emphasized that Engels was a rich man who spoon fed the no-reason ideology to the poor, suffering Marx, who was hired to write the imperialist manifesto with proper revolutionary lingo. Is it an important historical fact for Americans to know that two or three (the reported #'s vary) of Karl Marx's children died from malnutrition while he was working for Friedrich Engels? (8)

Engels and his wealthy cronies in British manufacturing used Karl Marx to muddy up the difference between Imperialist "rapist" economics and the logical American's idea of protecting national trade, a style of "capitalism." As Aiken explains, "It is capitalism, according to Marx, and not the love of power, which breeds imperialism and war." (9) Yet the United States of America was not engaging ANYBODY in imperialism and war, that was what the imperialists were doing. The American founders insisted the only way to survive as a free country was to stay out of foreign internal affairs. The American system was free enterprise, NOT imperialist "free trade".

The "new" American system spurred ENORMOUS successes in small business, agriculture, industry and manufacturing. The US promotion of new business ventures and protected copyrights and patents prompted amazing and wonderful inventions, and everything was further protected under strong national tariffs. American success was easily understood by every nation in the world suffering under British Imperialist's "free trade" policies. (10)

The Imperialists hated Americans. Their scholars could not give up their love for fallacious reasoning even after we beat the pants off them TWICE. Their constant and frequent ad hominum attacks against the American "character" were banal. In 1841, Friedrich Engels, (lover of mankind) wrote: "It is the German (emigrants) in the cities who have taught the Americans their deplorable contempt for our nation. The German merchant makes a point of honor to discard his Germanness and become a complete Yankee ape... When he returns to Germany he acts the Yankee more than ever." [boldface mine] (11)

The British Imperialists with global "interests" had failed to defeat the vulgar Yanks again in the War of 1812. The British were looking for new ways to stop the mad Yankee virus based on the logical rights of individual freedom. It was most definitely spreading. (12)

By 1834, things had become really ugly out there. Those horrible German republicans were under the tutelage of German-American economist-philosopher Friedrich List (1830 US Counsel to France and three German cities). With List, they had successfully "created a national union of German manufacturing interests by lowering tariffs between principalities and erecting tariff barriers against the British dumping of cheap exports." (13)

From our very inception (as the first colonial people in the history of British Imperialist rule to use LOGIC to declare ourselves free men), we were committed to honor the right of all people, everywhere in the world, to declare themselves free from imperialist rulers. The American "promotion" and exporting of "freedom" was not performed in the tradition of Imperialists who use guns and violence to "convince" people to adopt Free Trade. Our founders explained the unreasonableness of Free Trade as practiced by the Imperialists. (14)

We did NOT plan to go around the world "freeing" people. We just honored individual liberty for all mankind. We merely respected the rights of all men to declare themselves free from foreigners who mess up local production and trade. It was THAT simple.

The Imperialists' new problems began when the U.S. founders further removed their country from the European Free Trade Wars, and then promised the rest of the Western Hemisphere that they recognized everyone's sovereign, NATIONAL rights to self-determination. In 1821, all the Spanish colonies in Latin America Declared their Independence from Spain, and they "borrowed" their "right" to do it on the American's format. The imperialists wanted assurances from the U.S., but the U.S. gave their assurances to the national sovereignity of legitimate nations.

In 1823 Patriot U.S. President James Monroe told the Imperialist world, "Our policy in regard to Europe, which was adopted at an early stage of the wars which have so long agitated that quarter of the globe, nevertheless remains the same, which is, not to interfere in the internal concerns of any of its powers." (15)

We were an isolationist country for reasons of self-preservation. Wars devastate and destroy entire nations and civilizations. The Americans wanted to survive and trade as free men, from a free country. Monroe's speech to the U.S. Congress explains the simple US foreign policy, and the U.S. American's only legitimate reason for engaging in war.

Our US President not only refused to make pacts with Great Britain and Russia to commit American troops to meddle in the affairs of Spain, Portugal or (anyone's "rebellious" colonies), but the U.S. policy was to carefully recognize new governments who overthrew the imperialists. He vowed the U.S. only makes war when, "...our rights are invaded or seriously menaced." (16) (Notice Monroe did NOT say "interests;" he said "rights.")

President Monroe explained the difference between free U.S. foreign policy and European imperialists' "... the defense of our own, which has been achieved by the loss of so much blood and treasure, and matured by the wisdom of their most enlightened citizens, and under which we have enjoyed unexampled felicity, this whole nation is devoted." (17)

It didn't phase my dad one bit when President Reagan called the Somozan National Guardsmen planning a counter-coup against the Sandinistas, "freedom fighters," and my dad and I had our last "good" family political discussion back in 1984. I did an independent study in government research at UMass under Howard Ziff, and had just produced a documentary about American economic policy in Central America.

In spite of our national involvement in genocidal maniac wars, in bizarre wars that make absolutely NO sense to a reasonable American (raised to understand the founding logic for our isolationist policy), my father, and many other foolish "patriots" like him, persist in believing the LIE. My dad thinks that the CIA interventionist "policies" designed to undermine foreign "leftist" nationalist governments are actually dedicated to furthering the original (and reasonable) American system of supporting legitimate nationalists! (18)

Now, in 2003, after all the new laws and programs passed since the 9-11 massacres, my father continues to believe it. He still believes that his beloved 82nd Airborne (and the current US government) are still the representatives of "freedom and justice for all." The current US foreign policy is so far removed from what Hamilton, Washington, JQ Adams, Monroe, McKinley, Clay and Lincoln had in mind, it's hard to imagine how my dad and the rest of our new well-trained military elites are able to justify their "new" beliefs. In what does my father actually "believe" in? Freedom? Justice? What part of the War on Terror exemplifies American ideas of freedom or justice? Does the military activity at Guantanamo Bay represent justice to him? Is stealing oil a justifiable reason for war?

What part of the USA Patriot Act would our 1787 Continental Congress pass? Our founding fathers were extremely familiar with terrorism. They knew what the British terrorist soldiers did to Americans and what the British-trained Indians were doing to the American and Canadian settlements on the north and western borders. Americans hated the British for their inhumane and bloody tactics against civilians. The Americans WROTE the Bill of Rights in RESPONSE to British terrorism. They most certainly didn't create a British styled totalitarian police state to "protect American's safety."

Do my dad and his buddies in the 82nd know what part of the 2002 Homeland Security Act was designed by the British-Fabian-Zionist "Senior Advisor" in the White House since 1976? (19) Lucky for the lie that the Americans don't pay any attention to the loyalties of the people who surround their presidents. Americans simply aren't aware that they have "special" advisors who use No-Reason to justify their total dishonoring of every American patriot, soldier, and politician who ever fought for the American free way of life.

Thanks to the success of the lie, we can all be certain to get more than "ample" proof that the American founders were really just capitalist pigs. The lie is so huge now, and so unreasonable, that the liars can say our American property rights and affluent lifestyles are the REASON for war, terrorism, suffering, and poverty directly caused by Imperialist's raping and pillaging the globe for centuries. How logical and sound is THAT argument?

In 1791, Thomas Paine wrote a treatise called The Rights of Man. Paine argued that freedom and justice exist only under constitutional governments "arising out of society." Paine thrashed the British Imperial aristocracy and their claim to benevolent rule. He openly taunted a British scholar, Mr. Edmund Burke, to produce a constitution written by and for the English people, as opposed to a top-down English version of a constitution.

Paine discounted the British constitution as a fake, mocking it as a history of hereditists' claims to power and a Parliamentary code of ethics for colonial rulers. He ridiculed all European Monarchists for supporting a system of government that invites total fools and clinically insane heirs to be rulers, simply to maintain a "superior" family blood line. (20)

Thomas Paine's writings are said to have spurred the outmanned and outgunned American revolutionaries to stay in the fight against the powerful and deadly British Military forces.

The American colonials successfully revolted against the Imperial English Monarchy via armed rebellion. After they won, their constitution was created to protect them from the many people left in the world (and in America) who supported monarchical rule. But, just because the upstart American commoners won their silly revolution didn't mean the ruling families of London, Paris, Vienna or Boston gave up their fundamental belief system, or became enlightened and suddenly adhered to the principles of liberty and justice for all.

The American Revolution in 1776 did not change the aristocratic mind-set one iota. The international ruling elites of the 18th century were raised and educated to believe they were "born" gifted in the arts of governing stupid peasants, workers, and tribal people. Their ruling principle was in their "superior Anglo-Saxon breeding." Birthright was all the proof they needed to show why all the lowly people must be governed by them. (21)

Our founders were perfectly clear about what they considered to be man's natural rights. The aristocratic ideal of birthright was wiped out of the law by the Americans when they threw off the yoke of British Imperialism by cutting the British heirs out of the American Will. They eliminated forever a foreigner's "right" to control American lives, production, trade, land, or resources. The Americans didn't sever the head of their ruling monarch; they didn't digress into anarchy and chaos.. what they did was "enlightening." Once the war was over, they simply fired the King and dismissed all of his useless colonial rulers.

The American Revolution was the ultimate struggle between the producers of goods and the superior Imperialists who benevolently steal all the goods away from the producers. It wasn't empty political rhetoric about "equality and liberty" that prompted good American men to fight the British; it was the daily thievery of goods and nepotism practiced by the British ruling "nabobs." The Americans did not recognize the "right" to benevolently steal. Americans of the 18th century knew exactly WHO the enemies of individual freedom are.

The enemies of freedom were the pro-monarchists representing "old money." Our enemies were the British Imperial agents assigned to direct the American colonies. The local lords, i.e.: appointed governors who gave prized land to their Imperialist friends, and the Hessian Army with it's "superior training;" these were most definitely "the bad guys."

It wasn't that hard for even the most uneducated American immigrant to see how patently unfair the British Royal ideology was to the hard working pioneers doing all the work. The founders didn't hate the ruling families enough to guillotine them. They insisted on assurances that the ruling elites could no longer steal America's wealth under hereditary law. They just wanted to keep the profits from the sweat of their own hands and labor.

When the American Thomas Paine successfully attacked the very foundation of inequality in the monarchical system of government, he opened Pandora's Box. When American colonials went on to defeat the British, and won their freedom... all hell broke loose.

Racism, class issues, and colonialism bathed in the ideology of family superiority. The ruling families of Europe were attached to the ruling monarchies as soldiers, bankers, lawyers and clergy for centuries before our puny American revolution. Several American families during the Revolution had very, very strong ties to the international ruling elites, and many were only living in America to perform their "family" duties to Mother England.

Assigned to America as bankers, overseers, merchants, and tax collectors for the King, the American aristocracy was about to lose everything to the commoners. So many of the Imperialist families had received huge western land grants from the English King, and the stupid colonials were clamoring for a more fair distribution of American soil, telling the new federal government to "open up the western lands" for immigrants and settlers.

No matter what kind of limited educations they had, the American colonials understood one important "fact" of life: What did Gerald O'Hara admonish his daughter in "Gone With the Wind" to never forget? And what did she fall back on when she lost her slaves and all the family's slave wealth? "It's the land, Katie Scarlet, it's the land." Controlling private land was a primary motivator for the 1776, 90% landowner American population. When a man controls his property he has all the potential of becoming self-sufficient. (22)

The British Imperialists and our own American aristocrats were facing financial ruin.

(The esteemed and revered?) American author Anton Chaitkin tells a lively story about the families "well-connected" to the Royals after the American Revolution. His thoroughly documented treatise, "Treason in America," spells out all the families, their businesses, and the organizations they founded. Chaitkin painstakingly leads us to a whole group of these pro-British folks who lived in the Northeast, families with interests in the Dutch and British East India Companies, and in the Chinese Opium Trade. He explains why, by the year 1801, our U.S. Vice-president was the traitor Aaron Burr, and our U.S. Treasury Secretary was a wealthy foreign, international, Swiss banker named Albert Gallatin (1761-1849). (23)

As a direct consequence of the American "idea" of individual liberty, (and the globalist's governing "idea" of using the military to control Free Trade zones), British colonialism was severely diminished. Free Trade was "proven" by the American upstart scholars and elected politicians to be part of the European Imperialist's design to rule the world. (24)

One of the first things the United States government did was to stop the flood of English exports into the states. The British game was to require its "subjects" to purchase only British controlled goods, and only through British merchants. Americans severed the Free Trade contracts, and then took it one step further by creating and distributing their OWN money, which took them right out of the European banking nightmare behind the throne.

Then they set about building a free country, based on the principles of individual liberty.

Our local bank financed local infrastructure for producers to move their goods to local markets. Strong tariffs protected the local industries from loss to cheap foreign slave labor flourishing under the phony Imperialist umbrella of free trade.

British Free Trade was so successful in the Middle East it almost wiped India's industry out of existence. Free Trade in Africa destroyed every tribe on the continent. Free Opium Trade with China was defended with British guns and warships. Free Trade introduced Asia, South, Central, and North America to genocide and puppet governments. The only Western Anglo-dominated arena that protected mostly white (or gutsy brown) lower-class commoners engaged in open markets (and real free trade) was the USA. (25)

Germany, Japan, Russia and even Canada and Australia were looking into the American system as a way to get THEIR OWN countries out of the Free Trade fiasco perpetrated by the global imperialist merchants. No reasonable man committed to his love of home and hearth could have accepted Imperialist's logic for why his children must stay slaves. (26)

In 1844 Friedrich Engels wrote the Condition of the Working Class, and then Karl Marx wrote an attack on Friedrich Lists' book, The National System of Political Economy. Anton Chaitkin explains the long unpublished ("ugly" ) draft where Herr Marx called List "a plagiarist, a corrupt defender of special interests (German manufacturers), a liar." (27)

Marx uses ad hominum to accuse List of attacking his enemies and not their arguments, calling Friedrich List "a German philistine* who ....... casts aspersions on the English and French economists and retails gossip about them." (28)

For the good of mankind, the American Union simply could not be allowed to exist. It's not a "conspiracy theory," it's just what British merchants called American economics. (29)

There were so many ongoing international plots and domestic plans against the fledgling U.S. government that the U.S. Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, a mere eight years after ten states ratified the U.S. Constitution in 1789. (30) And Thomas Paine was not the only American revolutionary who did not trust the monarchists. Many founding Americans argued bitterly, until death, against the appointments of men with ties to the international elites. But the commoners lost in 1801; there's been in an ongoing "class war" between free American commoners and U.S. Imperial Monarchists ever since.

*(Philistine- n- 1. a member of a non-Semetic people who lived in southwestern Palestine from c. 1200 B.C. on: they repratedly warred with the Israelites for control of the country. a- 1. of the ancient Philistines 2. smugly conventional, lacking in cuture, etc.) 

Americans had to shoot at the British again, in the Second War of Independence of 1812, because their Army kept control of our forts (and ran British trained Indian warriors), and the British Navy wouldn't stop Trade embargoes or kidnapping our American sailors for slaves on their merchant ships. Aristocratic merchants waited with baited breath as the British Imperial Army burned the American Capital to the ground. But those pesky Americans did it all over again, and this time, those low-bred, inferior, mongrel Yanks defeated the Imperial British Navy! They went and shot up the Imperialist power to impose Free Trade. (31)

What a nightmare for the globalist merchants, how they must have wept.

The British goal, which openly continued throughout the 19th century, was to dominate the seas and all land based manufacturing by controlling international trade routes. All of our American colonial business, manufacturing, agriculture, and Trade had been totally controlled by the ruling American oligarchic families. They had a hard time giving it up.

Plus, the American resistance to Imperial oligarchic rule was an inspiration to every British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French colony the world. The growth of the American system of self-governance was under attack from its very inception, especially from those persons who had the most to lose if colonial laborers all decided to set themselves free. No other colony could be allowed to copy the American's success.

The American ideals of individual liberty had the power to destroy the Imperialist world. Something HAD to be done to stop this madness, before the young freedom virus infected every colony across the globe guided by benevolent masters. Where would aristocrats get their money if the slaves in Africa, India or South Carolina declared themselves FREE?

The Americans' idea that societies have the "Right" to get together and write a binding contract for a specific system of representative democratic government was untenable. To even suggest that an overthrown monarchical government is required to abide by a newly founded "free" nation's constitution, (i.e.: a federal constitution established via a state and national voting procedure), was considered a most ridiculous and dangerous ideology. (32)

The British ruling elites insist common-born people cannot govern themselves. The English constitution "grants" them certain individual rights, whereas the American constitution "recognizes" that the common man has clear, individual, inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The American Constitution eliminated the Monarchy; the British Constitution masks the source of power with fancy language. (33)

So, in the 19th century, the British Imperial Navy changed its course, and was well into making "friends" with lovely indigenous peoples who begged to languish under British Colonial Rule (once they accepted it as inevitable). The British Navy was no longer a bully terrorizing world populations, they were "civilized" mapmakers creating safe depth maps for future Free Trading in every port visited by the well armed British Navy ships.

Accompanying the peacekeeping farce were a new breed of elite British scientists (the most famous being Charles Darwin), whose "government job" was to catalog all the indigenous plants, geology, sea life, and natural resources where his ship visited. (34)

By 1900, the British Navy and British scientists had inventoried all the available world's wealth, and in 1924 the British successfully introduced the world to their social theory, called Fabian socialism. They crafted a wonderful illusion of themselves as kind hearted masters, as devoted social scientists promoting social equity. They also created a brand new science "of man" that would eventually give them power over every inch of the planet, with complete power over every human and natural resource worth extracting.

What is the term environmentalism, and where did it originate? It all started with a well publicized "theory" presented to the world by an English naturalist named Darwin. His theory of evolution became the basis for the British-European-elitist, Anglo-Saxon belief in white racial superiority over indigenous brown and black people in Africa, South and North America, Australia, and anywhere else where the local people weren't white. (35) White Supremacy and anti-Semitism in the United States are both variations of this theory.

The "science" of Anthropology was created for Americans by Albert Gallatin in 1836, (installed in Washington under the Jefferson administration, Gallatin stayed in power until his death). His scientific studies of inferior tribal people paved the way to social sciences, was the way inside for The National Institute for the Promotion of Science in 1840, which paved the way in 1844 for the Smithsonian Institute and Conservationism (borrowed from the British term "Conservator," used by them to manage forests and Free Trade in India).

The new "American" science of anthropology culminated in the First Eugenics Congress in London in 1912 (where Charles Darwin's son Leonard was the chair), and in the Second Eugenics Congress in New York in 1921 (attended by Gifford Pinchot, founder of the U.S. Forest Service). Herr Adolph Hitler was a celebrated speaker at the Third. (36)

British "natural sciences" opened the door to turn the American Western states into National Forests in 1905, and finally shut down the promise of "40 acres and a mule." Conservation became the umbrella for all the new sciences created by the naturalists, and many more "conservation" plans were passed in the U.S. throughout the 20th century.

When a globalist Conference "suggested" stronger land management regulations, the U.S. passed the Federal Land Management Act of 1975. Now, all our present Environmental Protections and Endangered Species Acts completely supersede our Constitutional Law.

Think this is all just too unbelievable? Consider where they're going with it, then consider two major contributing factors to our success as a free nation: agriculture and industry.

The latest in this series of new sciences introduced to Americans by the British scientific elites is their undefinable scientific theory of "sustainable development." (37)

The Balance of Man, Part Two: The Emperor's New Laws

by Niki Friedrich Raapana, January 4, 2003

The new term "sustainable development" was introduced at the UN by The Brandt Commission, at Rio, in 1992, and they gave us a lovely definition that tells us absolutely nothing about what it actually means. (37a) The new term defines an international program to implement a new legal system of ensuring social justice via government sponsored and funded corporate development. It effectively destroys ALL local control and management of our American education, agriculture, trade and industry. Sustainable development puts us under the suffocating yoke of benevolent rulers, only this time, Imperialist "scientists" are the rulers... and this time... our revolutionary American government is fully complicit.

Sustainable development has been delivered to Americans by self-promoted elites who are all "accredited" global environmental scientists committed to the creation of a "New World Order." President Bush didn't make up the term New World Order back in 1991 in his infamous State of the Union Address. The New World Order is the stated goal of the International Socialist Party and the intellectual elites who brought us the Bolsheviks. (39)

Sustainable Development is brought to us by the same "breed" of scientists who brought us eugenics. Eugenics is a lovely Victorian theory used by anthropologists to "prove" the American Indians were less developed "savages," totally without a history or a culture worth saving or respecting. The elite British and American Eugenics Congress happily provided Hitler with the "science" to fuel his racism. Eugenics is the "final solution." (40)


of the master race shem god's of the Talmudic Sofiet hoodlum haba

Friedrich Engels praised the works of Henry Lewis Morgan's Researches in the "Lines of Human Progress from Savagery through Barbarism to Civilization," and Chaitkin explains how Marxists adapted the theory of human progress (with American Indians in Middle Barbarism), and eventually led us full circle to the "return to Mother Earth" movement. (41)

Gore's Gia

UN Local Agenda 21 is the globalist's plan to implement sustainable development, and it includes turning 50% of America into wilderness reserves for animals and plants, with any development of land and natural resources under strict control of the natural scientists. (42)

Local Agenda 21 is a blueprint for the biggest land grab the world has ever seen. It's not only rebuilding all our urban areas into visions of "more livable communities," it's not only assuming dictatorial environmental policies that drive small farmers off their farms, and it's not only a programme claiming control over all the natural resources ON the land (including humans). It's also, and most importantly, a plan to balance our people's laws.

Balancing the Fifth Amendment, via a U.S. Wildlands Act, was "suggested" by socialist environmentalists at the United Nation's Earth Summit at Rio, in 1992. And that wasn't the only thing the socialists "suggested" at Rio. They asked for "better enforcement." (43)

But the UN globalists know free Americans won't go for a globalist "balancing" of their beloved "rights," so they designed a softer, easier way to convince Americans that they all agreed to comply. The Balancing Act will never be put on a ballot before American voters.

The UN Earth Summit at Rio in '92 put out an "urgent call" to all member nations, and politely suggested all governments create "local" sustainable development committees and councils in order to further inter-agency partnership goals laid out in Agenda 21. (44)

That's why, in 1993, our beloved President Clinton established the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). The U.S. Department of Agriculture immediately jumped on the sustainable development bandwagon, and rewrote their mission statement to that effect. By 1999, the entire United States was under some sort of new land management programme, and thousands of Americans are feeling the sting of the new ruler's whips cracking down on their formerly free backs. Free Americans don't quite remember proper slave-like behaviors, so Local Agenda 21 is here to teach us how. (45)

Throughout the early 90's, stories circulated about people losing their property under wacko new legislation designed to protect land from American farmers and industry. (45a) Regardless of the stated purposes for the "new laws," Americans complained about how often their protected land mysteriously ended up in the hands of corporate developers. The Property Rights "movement" has been ridiculed and denigrated by the new scientists as an example of American's greed and selfishness. Property rights are a serious, ongoing issue, and it's the one completely avoided by the mainstream press (unless it's to be ridiculed).

By 1995, Al Gore's Reinventing Citizenship Project provided a brilliant "adaptation" for a more modern colonial system designed by British scholars. It will successfully change the basic structure of the free American political system, once and for all. (46)

Local Agenda 21 is the culmination of over two centuries of hard work by the Imperialists and represents many arranged marriages and unimaginable billions in Swiss francs and British pounds used to fund the grants that enticed every sector of American government.

Today we are faced with a whole new interpretation of what the American idea of freedom means, and it's amazingly similar to the 226 year old Imperialist argument put forth by the "greatest" Western writers of the 18th century (like Edmund Burke). (47)

Two centuries after the American revolution, Americans have been duped into believing in the very system they overthrew in 1776. The American's Declaration of Independence, The Constitutional Convention of 1787, and the resulting Constitution of the United States with the First Ten Amendments in 1791, have all been successfully balanced and rewritten to define a new British global empire of free trade, called "The Third Way." (48)

The Third Way is based on an obscure philosophy called communitarianism, and its modern roots are in the socialist Fabian Society of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. (49) The Fabian Society was created in England in 1884 to "further the goals of international socialism through propaganda and infiltration," as opposed to violent socialist revolutions. Early members of the Society include authors H.G.Wells and Bertrand Russell. (50) H.G. Wells is explicit, in his non-fiction and fiction both, describing what all nationalist societies must do in order to achieve a Fabian-socialist, utopian vision of world peace and justice. From its inception, the Fabian Society has insisted national constitutions must be balanced against socialist "equity" laws. The Society seeks to govern EVERYONE in the world under their version of an International "Criminal" Court. The Fabian Society's 2002-2003 first listed priority is simply stated as: "Globalization and the new world order." (51)

The Fabians merged with the socialist Labour Party in 1900, and by 1997 they had placed 200 MPs in the British government, including PM Tony Blair. Throughout the 1990's President Clinton, (Rhodes Scholar and Oxford alumni), openly endorsed Blair's Fabian Third Way Agenda. Tony Blair claims he learned the term from Bill Clinton. (52)

In October, 2002, ex-President William Jefferson Clinton spoke before the British Labor Party's "Third Way" Forum. Clinton praised British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a good friend, and said his two years of schooling at Oxford were two of the best years of his life. Clinton represented the free US's New Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the innovative Democratic political party that helped him ascend to the presidency in 1992.

How many Americans were told that Clinton's "new American democrats" are aligned with an international socialist programme designed by Imperial British "scholars" of the 21st century? And how many Americans know what communitarianism is?

In 1994, Clinton applauded Dr. Etzioni and the Department of Education's program to help create "a new communitarian vision for America." (53) What program was that?

Since 1979, Amitai Etzioni, a celebrated Third Way "thinker," (currently the Director of the obscure Communitarian Studies Program at George Washington University in DC), has been a Senior White House staff advisor to U.S. Presidents Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush Jr. Mike Allen of the Washington Post identifies 11 communitarian thinkers in Bush White House. (54)

Fabian Socialism and The Democratic Leadership Council both embrace the global ideal of a world-wide communitarian government. When Americans voted for Bill Clinton, they were voting for communitarianism; they were actually voting away their protection against the global elites, voting away freedom clearly outlined under the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights. An admitted liar and exposed sexual predator, Clinton spoke before the British Labor Party about his personal commitment to American family "values." (55)

Communitarian-Third Way thinkers have perfected bullshit in a way that would make any con-man proud, especially the phony Texan in the White House, whose phony father sold himself to American voters using an unbelievable Texas oilfield rags-to-riches story. (56)

It was most unsettling to learn the truth about the Bush family and the facts surrounding Grandpa Prescott Bush's indictments in 1945 for Trading with the Nazis in W.W.II. The family tie to "big oil" (in the Bush's Carlyle cartel) includes the Ben laden family, and Jeb Bush's neat little New American Century group is endorsed by Dr. Amitai Et zioni. (57)

Why do reporters steer clear of Amitai Etzioni and the whole Communitarian Network? How many law schools has Etzioni taught communitarian law to in the past decade? What is his "new moral dialogue," and how does it differ from open, free, public debate? What is Etzioni's current tie to Israeli Zionists, and why is the United States creating a new legal council to incorporate Judaic Law into U.S. law schools (endorsed by 3 U.S. Supreme Court Justices)? (58) (Do they use a Babylonian Talmud or the original Jeruselem Talmud?)

The U.S. Constitution is not based on the Seven Noachide Laws. (58a) Why does the current U.S. President congratulate their efforts and encourage their study of innovative ways of "returning" us to ancient Jewish values, supporting as acceptable the balancing of our constitution against the 2000 year old Talmudic system of law? And what Imperial country "left" the Zionist-Fabian-soldier Dr. Etzioni to fight for Palestine in 1949? (59)

Innovative new communitarian laws are now taught in every law school in the United States. It's no secret to the ruling American scientific elites, and it's not part of any conspiracy theory, other than the one George Washington talked about back in 1796. (59a)

President Washington warned us in his farewell address about how we must "resist with care the innovation upon its [U.S. constitutional] principles, however specious the pretexts." (Specious means "appearing just, fair or proper without really being so.") (60)

Since the revolution, Anti-Federalist supporters of Great Britain and European colonialism (and their Viennese financiers) have barely concealed their ongoing attempts to undermine and put an end to the radical new form of American constitutional government, a fact that promoted passage of the still unchallenged Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. (61)

Innovative, Third Way communtarian laws seek to "balance" the unfettered "rights" of U.S. citizens. Citing UN sponsored "legal" precedents, they justify national democratic governments overturning their constitutional laws in favor of global "social justice." (62)

Local Agenda 21 is the big UN LIE. It's the British Imperialist's "scientific" blueprint for the biggest land grab (under the biggest lie) the world has ever seen. (63)

Today, the modern Fabian middle-left is the final piece of the "dialectic." Using the Hegelian theory, they pit one true and reasonable ideology against a no-reason false ideology and come up with a false ideology that incorporates the most fascist elements of no-reason. The Third Way is the communitarian balancing of the constant resolution of the opposite "forces" of capitalist materialism and communist collectivism. (64)

In the Hegelian dialectic, A is capitalism, B is communism, and C is communitarianism.

In otherwords, A - is power inherent in the people (thesis) B - is power inherent in the state (antithesis) C - is power inherent in the community (synthesis).

Did you have a hard time understanding dialectic materialism (if you tried to study it at all)? Did anyone ever bother to explain to you what part modern environmentalism plays in the Hegelian dialectic? Are you having hard time understanding what it has to do with it now? You're not alone if you say Hegel, Marx or Engels confuse you. In fact, if you can say they confuse you, then that means you actually GOT IT! Get it? Why does everyone assume Americans are too stupid to understand a simple ABC formula? If A and B exist, therefore C exists. What's SO hard about that? We're not that "dumbed down," are we? No, we're not. We can all grasp a simple ABC Modus Ponens algebraic formula passed down from Aristotle, the "father" of logic, fully intact, to our founders fathers. (65) American patriots USED Modus Ponens to declare man's natural rights!

It's not the FORMULA that's confusing, it's the SEMANTICS of the new Hegelian dialectic formula we don't understand. Their WORDS don't make any sense to us. Why? Because some silly British and German "philosophers" eliminated reason and then made up all the "new" words so that we'd become confused, feel stupid, and just quit asking, "What in God's name are you TALKING about?"

The narrators and "teachers" of the philosophy of NO-Reason assure us there are MANY flaws to all the "theories," but don't worry, we're the experts, trust us, it's all okay because Hegel and Marx were just so brilliant nobody could understand them. (66)

Now, in the 21st century, the "extreme" and often "violent" clashes of differences between capitalism and communism makes moderate socialism the "perfect" solution. It gives British and international socialists a solution to a big, unsolvable problem. They even get to be our heroes! Due to centuries of painstaking work, diligently performed by selfless humanitarians like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, we've been "presented" with ta da! a new middle political ground. We are presented with an unarguable (because it's unreasonable) global answer to the conflict between the Lenin/Stalin/Blair/Castro internationalists, and the Mussolini/Hitler/Bush/Sharon/Mao nationalists. (67)

The Third Way even brings the Mother Church back into the political system. How lovely. The Third Way is the middle-Left's answer to all our unsung prayers. (68)

It's never described this way, but I have come to call it the "totalitarian middle," because several of the new communitarian law enforcement "laws" are undeniably frightening. The USA Patriot Act of 2001 and the Homeland Security Act of 2002 are arguably much more powerful than the Nuremberg Laws and the "racial purity" Acts passed by the Nazis in 1934-35. (35) In the U.S., the Ninth District Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down a 3-Judge decision that interprets the Second Amendment as being written with a communitarian clause, backing up Etzioni's Fabian assertion that the 2nd Amendment only supports community militias (like the Mossad) "as opposed to individual gun-slingers." (69)

Then there's this whole DARPA and Total Information Awareness business, a big part of the Fabian's communitarian-sustainable development plan (and all new U.S. Anti-Terrorist legislation). The FBI now helps "volunteers" and appointed community councils to work with the Pentagon on identifying possible "terrorists." The FBI and the CIA teach them how to gather citizen's data, in order to utilize crime-mapping technologies and identify all the local resident's skills and abilities. It's all necessary to fulfill the expected community capacity during "emergencies." The DARPA database is a Hitlerite's wetdream. (70)

Is it surprising that the Bush administration is appointing convicted criminals to support the most powerful law enforcement agency in the history of the world, when we can all easily access and read the rosters of the Carslyle Group and The Project for A New American Century? Why are all the big oil companies so interested in developing partnerships and information networks that share data and mapping technology under WTO's Free Trade? (71)

Why has it been okay for top US government officials to leave office to become private partners in oil based technology firms that seek rights to U.S. government contracts worth billions? (67) Is this our beloved American system? Our founding fathers were very clear about the purpose and the logic behind the U.S. Constitution. (72)

There's not one historical document that calls us international police or a communitarian nation. Not one. What we have are a lot of warnings from Hamilton and Washington to be ever vigilant in preserving our unique individual freedom, because of the many plots underway from the beginning, with so many different ones designed to take it all away.

Dare we forget why Hamilton was murdered in a duel by the traitor Aaron Burr, or why Hamilton and J.Q. Adams got more and more "argumentative" in their later years? Why do "modern" American texbooks leave out the details surrounding WHO Benedict Arnold really, how he was "related" to Burr, and where and how he died? (73)

Is it merely a coincidence that all of our murdered presidents were men of vision who had strong federalist views that included protecting the young free Union from dissolving into European colonial city-states? It appears none of the good guys were ever allowed to live. By the 1960's, they weren't even allowed close; Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was murdered as he ran on a platform that called for blacks and whites to unite in peace. (What's the odds Attorney Caroline Kennedy will step to the plate for our floundering republic, use her untarnished American reputation to defend America in our Constitutional Courts and legally take back our rights under our original U.S. Nationalist principles?)

Is it merely a coincidence that the term "conspiracy theory" appeared on the U.S. scene in 1987, about the same time the globalists were finalizing plans for Local Agenda 21? The British "scholars" are all over patriotic America's "fascination" with the conspiracy theory, and they're putting together the definitive, scholarly work on this "new phenomena." (74)

The conspiracy theory is used to discount every author or American scholar attempting to research and document American history from a Federalist perspective. Brilliant works by American authors are all ridiculed and discounted by British "scholars" from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia, and by the rest of those esteemed and revered colleges that control American thought. (75)

The educated elites write and publish American history books, and, not surprisingly, they all gloss-over the very real threats to our nation posed by the pro-Imperialist Americans throughout our entire 226 year history. Americans should question the ruse that says British trained "scholars" are the only legitimate source for American history. It's a lie.

We should insist that we, the victors, write our OWN history. What victorious nation allows the loser nation to rewrite the victor's account of the battles? What idiocy is that?

The lines between America and Great Britain have been SO successfully blurred that we elected a British trained Rhodes Scholar to two presidential terms. Bill Clinton was trained in the elite Oxford setting that brought the World unaccountable troubles and disasters. He ran on a socialist-British platform, and within a year of his election he signed the order and established the path for implementing the globalist's Local Agenda 21 across our country.

Wait a minute, you say? Bill Clinton did NOT run as a British-socialist? How dare I slander our beloved ex-president? What do I have to back up this ludicrous claim? Well, there's a lot of ways to find out more about Bill Clinton, and Al Gore, and George W. Bush, more than what we see on the TV or can read in our newspapers and magazines. The strange thing is that these boys don't hide their imperialist-globalist affiliations, nor do they shroud their treasonous activities in anything but transparent film. (76)

Peel back ONE layer of the crap you're being fed by the "national" media, and use your deliberately dumbed-down American education to look at the organizations they belong to. (77)

Read their goals and the mission statements of their affiliates. Look up all the NEW words they use in their missions and goals... you'll find many of their scientific terms have NO DEFINITION. Then, go read up on some of their exact new "programmes," and scan the verbiage and see how it all sounds like just so much scientific-jargon-gobble-de-goop. At first it may not make any sense (it is a NO-reason conspiracy "theory", after all), but eventually you'll get a lovely, almost poetic ringing in your ears after the same words pop up over and over.

Sustainable: NO legal DEFINITION. Livability: NO legal DEFINITION. Quality of life: NO legal DEFINITION. Social justice: NO legal DEFINITION. Community: NO legal DEFINITION. Community police: Friendlier COPS. Noise: NO legal DEFINITION, crime problems, NO legal DEFINITION.

The proponents of UN sponsored environmental planning, across America, ALL admit they have no legal definition for any of these terms. At most they'll say: "It's evolving."

Yet, and here's the kicker, these exact terms are used in major American Initiatives (Al Gore's Building Livable Communities Initiative), Presidential decrees (President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development), and local police mission statements (such as Seattle Police Department's #1 Goal: to increase livability by reducing fear). COPS' Municipal Revised Noise Ordinances are being implemented across local America (Designed for coopertaive neighbors to be trained hand out the "tickets," Seattle's Revision was tabled in 2001 after it was pushed on a Post-WTO-N30, too-aware public; it had no clear way to gage noise levels). (73)

From the United Nations to the White House, through our federal and state legislatures, down to county and municipal government, we are told to meekly submit to hundreds of new laws that restrict our freedoms, and yet they can't give us ONE good definition for any the terms that define the "principles" and terms they use in their laws? (79)

And if we dare to act like frank, American, low-bred Yanks, and outright demand our globalist scholarly "leaders" give us definitions of terms that they CANNOT DEFINE, WE!!?? are called the wacko conspiracy theorists?? How convenient for them.

Educated and credible American historians and scholars are being lumped in with the "alien theorists" (who believe in all kinds of bizarre accounts of abductions, sightings, and underground tunnels in Denver). In Wisconsin, Americans who arrived to testify in public hearings on their state MEPHA law, (a new medical emergency legislation that gives the state power to declare martial law, passed in most states), were insulted and told to sit in the part of the room reserved for "those who believe in Blackhawk helicopters." (80)

Hundreds of American political groups are identified by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as "terrorist" and militia wackos, and while some are obviously insane people (and who most interestingly endorse the global eugenicist's original platform), others, like the tax resisters are only trying to get to the bottom of the bogus tax laws, asking why the IRS is a private collection agency representing the private corporate entity called the Federal Reserve. (81)

I've been so impressed with We The People Foundation's tax law work, I admire Bob Schultz for his wit and dedication, and I'm horrified the ADL slandered his good name. (82) He couldn't believe anybody called him a terrorist for driving to D.C. to petition the US Congress, and he said he doesn't know who the ADL is, but he's sure as heck gonna find out. Does the Jewish ADL website that identifies American tax resisters as terrorists represent the "social justice" we can expect after we balance our constitution against Judaic Talmudic laws?

Why did Vanity Fair run a story about "possible" connections between right wing militias and Muslim "hot spots" in South America. No hard evidence, just a possibility. (83)

Why isn't one mainstream American magazine or newspaper writing a series on what's happening in America under the United Nations Sustainable Development Programme? Why aren't Pulitzer Prize winning, American investigative journalists uncovering and explaining the activities of Etzioni and his Communitarian Network, or what's up with the Fabian Society's Third Way partnership with Blair, Clinton, Sharon and Bush Jr.?

Why aren't the appointments of "the old-boy Reagan-Bush-CIA network," to TOP Homeland Security positions, BIGGER news? Is it "news" that the "pardoned" John Poindexter went straight into the private sector developing the software program to run DARPA's anti-terrorist mapping systems? Is the reason he's been appointed, (being reported to us as: he's "passionate about it" ) what the mainstream press is allowed to pass off as good old-fashioned American, Chicago Trib' style investigative journalism? (84)

It's all news in the American alternative press.. but they're just wackos who believe in Blackhawk helicopters, right? (Blackhawk helicopters DO exist, btw, so do Apaches.. it's a far stretch to include belief in their existence as part of a conspiracy theory. Scholarly experts all seem to posses quite vivid, distorted imaginations. Must be in the "breeding.")

While I'm on this conspiracy theory vein, I have to ask: What is URBAN warfare?

Does it have anything to do with URBAN re-development? Are the other nice American snipers at the URBAN Warfare training school in Tacoma, WA, in a partnership with the sweet Homeland Security and our international covert-action heroes in the CIA? (85)

Is there an inter-agency partnership between the Tom Clancy "styled" CIA agents and the Seattle DOJ-FBI office? Do the nice FBI agents who direct the super-nice Seattle Police Department's Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) also work with their equally nice citizen-based "volunteers"in the nice Neighborhood Watch Program? (86)

Who's IN that big-huge inter-agency partnership of public and private developers? Who paid all the big, FAT grants under Housing and URBAN Development's super-duper nice crime-mapping for DOJ-Weed & Seed Program? What IS homeland security? (87)

Will urban snipers be necessarily used to further sustainable development, if "preventing crime and terrorism" are a major part of the world-wide rebuilding sustainable and livable communities goals? How much "authority" does the Homeland Security Act give snipers? Does the Pentagon have access to all our private data gathered in the Seattle Community Mapping, Planning and Analysis for Safety Strategies (COMPASS) programme? (88)

Is it news that the government is gathering ALL our private data, and balancing the Bill of Rights against the needs of the community, for the international "common good?" Does it help John and the Pentagon that there's NO EXACT DEFINITION for terrorist? (89)

Does it help us --- the U.S.-- that there IS a definition for "The Common Good?" (90)

Isn't it time WE remembered who WE are, and where WE came from?

This country was founded on INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY for the COMMON MAN, not, not, NOT on COMMUNITY VALUES for the common good. The Former Soviet Union was based on protecting the common good. Communist China is based on protecting the common good.

The United States Constitution is absolutely NOT based on a vague "theory" of global social equity and justice. Our system of government does not designate appointed councils to teach us ancient Babylonian religions or give license to pass off Masonic alchemy as science... (91)

With all this new balancing of man's rights, is it prudent to follow Thomas Paine's lead?

Shall we ask the globalists to produce this new American Constitution that arose from our informed, free society? Can the globalists PROVE their new laws are NOT arbitrary? (92)

Let's MAKE them produce a legal document that gives them the RIGHT, and our express permission, to balance any part of our original contract with our subservient government.

The reality is, the globalists don't have one, and we do. So let's use it. If the U.S. Supreme Court will not uphold the constitution then at least we will finally know why.

We are about to lose our freedom to openly committed insane people. We are about to live under a government that REFUTES logic. The new world government is designed to hurt a rational brain. The only way to stop the pain is to figure out the dialectic using Aristotle for a guide. The Third Way is the communists' final solution to the conflict of Reason against No-More-Reason.

Now, thanks to Darwin, Kant, Fichte, Comte, Spencer, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Marx, Engels, Wilson, TR, Pinchot, Gallatin, Harriman, Dulles, Burr, Arnold, Rhodes, Wells, Blair, Etzioni, Putnam, Kelling, Cisernos, Clinton, Cheney, Bush and many others, the US is synthesized into a new rule under more morally superior leaders who operate under the false ideology of a more moral NO-Reason. (93)

We're going to allow our entire country to be "rebuilt" by the global social scientists who are going to eradicate poverty by the year 2020? (89) Now our government can assert that we are "willing" to give up our Bill of Rights to "help fight terrorism?" Now we're happy to have a whole new system of government that gives legal powers to unelected "local" councils who operate as Soviets? We're that ready to be conscripted? (94)

There is NO American constitution at the community government level. The more-moral group in charge of everybody now cannot be bothered with free elections or committees who question their every move. "Some sacrifices need to be made for the greater good," our Seattle community government officials tell us. "It's a livability issue," they explain.

"Nationalism must be ended," is their network's mantra. (95) And you're all right. I agree with all my critics. No matter how many times I tried to "explain my problem," it didn't make ANY sense. Now, thank God, I finally understand that it was NEVER supposed to. I guarantee you most of our esteemed US public officials haven't got a clue that they're pawns in the Hegelian dialectic, any more than I did when I first started asking questions. I guess the difference between me and the new more nervous, complicit, communitarian Hegelian pawns is I just thought my questions deserved answers, and so I answered them.

Come on America! Stop communitarian laws. The country you save may be your own. God Bless America, land of the FREE and the home of the brave. Let's PLAY BALL!-- with the globalists! We lost the first three games, but we can still TAKE the series!

We're up. Who's at bat? Who's on deck? Anybody on first? Do we have a coach?

"Give me liberty or give me death," said one hundred million pawns.

"Okay," said Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, "we can do that."

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95. Involuntary Resettlements Act, IMF links

96. Quote Etzioni.


And guess who warned us 2000 years ago, that's right, the Spirit of All Prophecy, Jesus who is Christ


Matthew 24

1: And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
2: And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
3: And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
4: And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5: For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ and shall deceive many.
6: And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: 

the Talmudic War on terror (anti-shem god's)

for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.

hey did you not know these things are come to pass

9: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

No not the shem's who hate him, but his saints who stand firm in Testimony, these are they who were beheaded by HJR 104, Publik Law 102-14 because they gave witness of the TRUE IAM, Jesus the Christ


10: And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

For the fear of the jews...see their queen of heaven esther

11: And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Judeo Churchizionity and the rabid chassidic Chabad Pharisee's

12: And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

because they worship satan

13: But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

and given eternal life in the Kingdom of the Creator, let these have their useless flesh kingdom to their flesh god, Moshiach ben Perdition

14: And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

sixth trumpet angel

15: When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

Moshiach of their Hoodlum haba and Noahide communitarian's

16: Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

Jerusalem that great whore and her king's of the earth pimps

17: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:
18: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
19: And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
20: But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
21: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

THAT ONE DAY of the LORD's Wrath

22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Who are these...why they are the elect who the Lord elected for this time

23: Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

as they have

25: Behold, I have told you before.
26: Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

 their secret chamber of hewn stone on the temple mount

27: For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
28: For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
29: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
30: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
31: And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


 7th Trumpet


32: Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:
33: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

knock knock, who's there

34: Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

very soon

35: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
36: But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

week, month, year?

37: But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
38: For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
39: And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


40: Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
41: Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

seventh trump

42: Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
43: But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

I have a guard...the WORD

44: Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.
45: Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?
46: Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.
47: Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.
48: But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming;
49: And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;
50: The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of,
51: And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Beware of the leaven of these chabad Pharisee's



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